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The Merger Pi Kappa Phi merges Foundation and Voluntary Dues Fundraising Appeals

There's something new under Pi Kappa Phi's sun. The 1940s. A decade of extremes. WWII. Zoot suits. The "A" Bomb. Bobby sox. The United Nations and US0s. Take 1948 for instance. Where were you? Gandhi was being assassinated, Truman was beating Dewey, and the first TV western series was beginning on NBC (Hopalong Cassidy). A legend left us when George Herman Ruth - the "Babe" - died. Maybe you were in college, or had just left, or were considering going. Maybe you hadn't even been born yet. But if you'd been in Detroit in the summer of 1948, In retrospect, Pi Kappa Phi's Voluntary Dues attending Pi Kappa Phi's 22nd Supreme Chapter, you Program has been important to the operational could boast being "present at the creation." It was there requirements of the Fraternity. No, that's not exactly the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation was initially conceived. true. The Voluntary Dues Program has been super That particular decision didn't make many (if any) important. Alumni dollars have helped pave the way for headlines just then. But the influence of the birthing of the Fraternity to make progress in and meet challenges the concept of our Foundation has had a profound effect and opportunities for chapter service, management, and on the lives of hundreds, thousands, of Pi Kappa Phi operational requirements. Undergraduate fees simply members, and friends of the Fraternity, too. cannot be expected to meet those demands entirely, to But this isn't a story of "how" our Foundation got expect them to do so would be folly. Such action might started, much less what its been doing in the 38 years well price Pi Kappa Phi out of the market place on since. Still, the events through those years have shaped campus after campus. and molded the Foundation into the significant entity it Foundation campaigns have been designed to meet is today. wholly different needs: educational, scholastic, Intervening years, along with name and policy leadership. And the Internal Revenue Service has changes, have resulted in the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation specific ways for those dollars to be spent. Failing to becoming a more dynamic organization, through which abide by those specifics could easily mean loss of the the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity has been better able to Foundation's status as an organization under the IRS' accomplish its educational and charitable objectives. 501(c) (3) provisions. More specifically, tax deductJust what does the Foundation actually do? It prov- ibility as a feature of alumni contributions would be ides the necessary funding - mostly through alumni lost. contributions - for the Fraternity to provide financial Loss of tax deductibility would mean that contriassistance, stimulate academic improvement, maintain butions now received in the form of bequests, insurance, Pi Kapp college, develop leadership qualities and cash, and stocks might well be turned elsewhere. individual character; all of which enhance Pi Kappa Phi Valuable resources would be lost for all time. Fraternity members' entrance into a free enterprise system of objectives would be difficult to meet. Perhaps government. impossible. Not a bad decision back there in '48. Matter of fact, How does this recent decision to merge the a very, very good decision. campaigns of the Fraternity and Foundation affect most Now there's something new under Pi Kappa Phi's members? First, members will be asked to singularly sun. We've done something new about something old. support Pi Kappa Phi through the Pi Kappa Phi (If being 38 is old). Foundation's annual campaign, thus eliminating the In recent months, the decision has been made to need for parallel programs - hopefully also eliminating merge the Voluntary Dues Program with the the age-old confusion that has been with us for so long. Foundation's annual campaign for funds. Officers of the Secondly, Pi Kappa Phi alumni will now be Fraternity's National Council and Trustees of the Pi encouraged to support the Fraternity with contributions Kappa Phi Foundation have hammered out a policy that which will be tax deductible. Because of that special means alumni dollars will now go even further to keep feature, the Fraternity benefits right along with the Pi Kappa Phi a first-class organization. alumnus. In short, the decks have been cleared for all future Over time, more than one alumnus has sent a letter annual fund raising efforts to be handled through the to our Charlotte offices - or phoned, or both - to auspices of one Pi Kappa Phi entity: express uneasiness and sometimes downright hostility about the confusion which has persisted when our Foundation and the Fraternity have canvassed alumni for funds.

The Pi Kappa Phi Foundation

"Aren't all ..iumni dollars put into one pot? Why should I give to the Voluntary Dues Program and then turn around and write another check for the Foundation? Pi Kappa Phi is Pi Kappa Phi. Why two campaigns? You confuse me to the point I wonder if I should give at all. My college hits me hard enough with all sorts of programs. I had hoped I wouldn't get the same treatment from my Fraternity." Lifted from an alumnus' letter some time ago, those thoughts may reflect the thinking of more alumni than we know. But beginning this fall, 1986, many of those arguments will be resolved. And for the record, no, the money doesn't all go into one big pot. Never has. In connection with the news of the merged campaigns, Pi Kappa Phi is pleased to announce a program recognizing alumni who reach certain cumulative giving levels with their gifts to the Pi Kappa Phi foundation. Pi Kappa Phi intends to honor these Brothers, who help keep our Fraternity first-class, with membership in special Giving Clubs. All previous gifts to the annual programs will be credited toward membership in these Clubs (gifts to special funds will not be included). Alumni wishing to know their current level of lifetime giving - or the balance remaining to a specific Giving Club - may contact our Charlotte offices. Clubs have been established at the following levels:

Foundation Club $5000 + Executive Director's Club $2500 - 4,999 Lamplighter's Club $1,000 - 2,499 Gold Star Club $500 - 999 Chevron Club $250 - 499 Crossed Sword Club $100 - 249 Pi Kappa Phi is proud of its past. But it doesn't live in it. It lives in 1986, recognizing the contributions of time, money, and energy made over the years for its benefit, building on the experiences those years created, and looking toward tomorrow - and the next day - to keep our Fraternity the finest experience it can possibly be. Our Foundation's program will do much more than raise money because in Pi Kappa Phi, what we promote is a product of what we believe. Pi Kappa Phi's objectives are to promote the best fraternal experience possible, to foster and nurture a shared commitment by alumni and undergraduates toward the successful achievement of those objectives and, lastly, to gamer financial support to enable Pi Kappa Phi not only to sustain its educational programs but also to advance them for generations to come.

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"...There appear to be four central causes of stress: change, unpredictability, lack of control, and conflict."

"The stressful feeling has been described by comparing the body to a taut rubberband about to be tom apart."

An Anti-Stress Survival Kit By Perry W. Buffington, Ph.D. A new term is making its debut in psychological circles and gaining momentum in public media as well. Although the expression, "technostress," is a recent invention, "stress" is by no means a new phenomenon. Stress' harmful symptoms have not changed. Most people assume that stress is an emotion. Not so. As a result of daily demands, stress is a generalized body response. If unabated, stress becomes a silent, invisible killer. Fortunately, stressful reactions can be restrained. The trick is to recognize the degree of stress to which you are subjecting yourself, and resolve it. Knowledge and management are preventive words. Researchers have documented human characteristics which identify a person's "stressed-out quotient." Take the following test and see how many apply to you.

Do you... (1) Finish another's sentence before they do? (2) (3)

(4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15)

Move, walk, or eat rapidly? Prefer summaries instead of perusing the total document? Become easily angered in slow lines or traffic? Generally feel impatient? Find yourself unaware of details? Do two or more things simultaneously? Feel guilty if you relax or vacation? Evaluate your worth quantitatively using tangibles like your salary, athletic game scores, number of employees, or grades as a measure? Schedule more and more activities into less and less time? Think about other things while talking to someone? Exhibit nervous gestures (e.g., grinding your teeth, clenching your fists, or drumming your fingers)? Continue to assume more and more responsibility? Explosively accentuate "key" words in ordinary speech when there is no reason to do so? Work hurredly even though the deadline is not pressing?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, then claim your "A" for 'Type A" behavior. This is one of the few times when an "A" leads to "F" for failure--heart failure. 'Type B" people, those who exhibit the opposite of the above 15 points, are much less likely to have heart problems. In fact, "A's" tend to have twice the rate of heart disease as their 'Type B" colleagues. The stressful feeling has been described by comparing the body to a taut rubber-band about to be torn apart. Actually this description is fairly accurate of one of the three stages of stress: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion. The first phase, alarm, of this general adaption syndrome prepares you to deal with the identified (and sometimes unidentified) stressor. During the mobilization, adrenal cortical hormones are secreted into the bloodstream. As a result, some bodily processes are increased, and others are slowed thereby concentrating the body's resources.

Symptoms of this phase include headaches, fatigue, fever, muscle soreness, diarrhea, nausea, and appetite decrease. The body is more vulnerable, and alarm is usually short-lived. The second phase, resistance, occurs when the body begins to bounce back. This resilience results in normal body functioning and vigor. You are now capable of dealing with a "specific" stressor - the one which caused the alarm reaction. However, there is one side effect. you are now less resistant to other stressors while you resolve the one specific, previous problem. For instance, if you were placed in an extremely cold environment, you would become resistant to the lowered temperature, but more susceptible to infection. If the stressor continues, then the third phase kicks in. Exhaustion wears the body down; earlier alarm symptoms reappear. The body's resources are exhausted, and the stress hormones are totally expended. If a method of quelling the

stressor is not found, disease, organ failure, and/or a complete collapse results. The cause of stress is now physiologically resolved. Overall, there appear to be four central causes of stress: change, unpredictability, lack of control, and conflict. Change, whether positive or negative, may be a stressor. However, changes which involve negative or undesirable consequences are more likely to precipitate a physical illness. Change creates hassles which psychologists define as any irritating, frustrating, nagging, or distressing indicent occurring in everyday activities. To explain, a major change, as in the death of a spouse, creates "shock waves," "ripples" or "hassles" requiring a person to deal with countless little tasks with which they are unfamiliar. The lone partner now has to prepare all meals, to do laundry, or to fix a leaky faucet for the first time. In general, people who suffer from or who have a tendency to look for frequent hassles tend to have the poorest health. Humans and white rats have one thing in common--they both hate unpredictable situations. For instance, rats were taught to press a button which would then sound a warning alarm before a shock was to be administered. In other words, by pressing they were able to "predict" when the shock would come. The rats preferred "informed" shocks even when the precdicted shocks were longer and stronger than unpredicted ones. Unpredictability was not desired, was apparently very harmful, and produced more "rat race" reactions. The third general stressor arises from feelings of lack of control. Like white rats, humans prefer to think that they are masters of their situation. A recent study demonstrated this point by comparing two opposite nursing home environments. One facility allowed residents to make decisions concerning their welfare. The other facility did not allow residents to make even the most routine decisions. In the constricted atmosphere (as compared to a freer decision style) residents were less alert and much less involved in planned therapeutic activities. The most astounding observation was that the death rate, which ultimately defines the length of stay, was much higher in the non-free home.

The final area concerns conflict. Psychological conflict occurs when you must choose between two (or more) equally attractive goals or actions. The cause of conflict is not easy to resolve because of the "no lose" or "no win" nature of the problem. To resolve conflict, don't be too hasty with major decisions. Do a pilot study on alternative plans. For instance, try out a new town for a few days if you're contemplating a move. Don't know if you should go or return to college? Sit in on a few days of classes before you officially enroll. Changing careers? Volunteer your services for a few days to see if the atmosphere is right. Finally, when you do make a decision, stick with it. Recognition is the key to stress management. The first step in resolving tension is to make as few additional changes as possible. Remember change can be stressing so do not overwhelm yourself with new procedures, or the problem will be exacerbated. One essential change is to include rest and relaxation daily. An exercise regimen, or perhaps meditation, is also indicated. It is important to consider if in fact the stressors can be changed. If so, are the efforts required worth the end result? Search for alternatives; seek all available information. Sometimes a stressor is still viable because you overlooked some small detail. Finally, to resolve harmful stressors, be prepared to adopt a new life style incorporating "Type B" behaviors (remember do the opposite of the 15-point test). Recognition, prevention, and management are the keys to coping effectively with stress. Recognize' both internal and external stressors. Prevent their reoccurrence by searching for solutions and seeking alternatives. Manage stress with rest, relaxation, and exercise. There is a time to deal with stress, and there is also a time to leave worries and concerns at the office. Remember, resolve only one stressor at a time otherwise you'll be spinning your wheels before you know it and compounding both problems. A self-tailored anti-stress survival kit demands that m give yourself permission to reduce stress, plan an attack, and then DO IT!

About the Author Dr. Perry Wayne Buffington, a past Pi Kappa Phi National Council member of two terms, and a member of Gamma Kappa chapter at Georgia Southern College, is now Vice-President of Research of American Wellness Systems, Inc. As a noted psychologist, author, and speaker, he will be discussed "stress survival" and the psychology of leadership. Each Pi Kapp in attendance was able to complete a comprehensive health risk assessment questionaire, and will receive a confidential health profile after Pi Kapp College as a service of Dr. Buffington's company and the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation.

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Dr. John C. Howard, right, Mu-196, is given his shingle by Eta alumnus George W. Williams on the anniversary of his initiation into Pi Kappa Phi.

Ralph 0. Howard,left, Upsilon-264, was presented his award by John Slater, a Kappa alumnus and fellow Golden Legionaire.

GOLDEN LEGION Alpha College of Charleston

Xi Roanoke College

Chi Stetson University

Alpha Lambda Mississippi

John Robert Walton, Jr. Alexarder Mary,* Moore, Jr. Ernest Lukere Godshalk, Jr. Fronds Mnkler Ryon, Jr. Carey Thomas Durant Harry Chovin Anderson

Walker Randolph Carter, Jr. Frederick Adams Exlme Burt Cleveland Home, Jr Robert Marvin Driscoll

Carroll Paul Ezell Carl Milton Hillbert John Liotord Hughes

James Thomas Brookshire Robert Clarence Helms Jerome Shaw John TIMS Hill Golde Rice Henry James Albert Canfield

Beta Presbyterian College Charles Louis Anderson Harvey Fronds Blalock William StlIwoll Royall, Jr.

Gamma UC-Berkeley Harvey Howard Edmonds John Clark Mackey

In a double presentation, Marion W.Luckey, left, Lambda-244 and Holcombe M. Verdery, Jr., lota-313 received there shingles for 50 years in Pi Kappa Phi.

Delta Furman University Julian Pelham Hopkins John Albert Southern

Epsilon Davidson University Joel Richard Howie Robert Joseph Terry Robert AJIred Burgess Paul Stockton Cooper Samuel Mills Hemphill Richard Harold Lindsey George Donnell Davidson, Jr. Octavious McRae Lovington Samuel Pickney Stowe, Jr Janes Lonsdale Hunter

PI Oglethorpe University William Homy Reynolds

Rho Washington & Lee Thomas Burke Coningham Stanley J. Nastri Alphonse Joseph Sherman Charles Koren Lotus Edward Archibald Tumville

Sigma University of South Carolina John Canon Couto,Jr. Benjamin Fishburne

Tau North Carolina State Moses Jesse Barber James Elmer Barwick Wyliom Butikin Chalk Thad Gold Yelton

Stacy Watson Borneo. Jr. Manning Cfilion Croucti, Jr. Thomas Koger Fletcher, Jr. Venable Vermont

Upsilon Illinois

LeRoy Glen Parham Carta Lloyd Connell

Iota Georgia Tech Wiliam Lanier Rooney Charles Read Simon& Holcombe M. Verdory,..k. William Merritt Pepe,Jr. Maim Charles McFee Robert Samuel Holt Robert Keil Howell, Jr. Archie Reese HookaJi.

Lambda University of Georgia Frank Knox Story Oscar Donis McRae Richard Foster Harris Callord Cheatham Chappell, Jr.

Mu Duke University Joseph B Ford, Jr. Joseph Andrew Pell, Jr. Thomas Howard Timberlake Robert Bruce Wyman Guy Hampton EJdor,Jr. Stephen Frank Horne William Campbell McLain,Jr. Wiliam Luther Rhodes, Jr. John Cooper Howard Edward Wier Joyner

Clare Jensen,left, of Alpha Theta presented Richard F. Harris, Lambda-256, with his Golden Legion in Houston,Texas.

Wilmer Ford Watts Lary William Cooper Robert gin Stripling Edward Lamar Turner,Jr. Dan Fred Prescott Samuel Fleetwood Larnley

Zeta Wofford College

Eta Emory University

John Clark Mackey,left, Gamma -288 received his Golden Legion Certificate recently in Phoenix, Arizona from Wendell Bray an alumnus of Alpha Upsilon Chapter.

Omicron University of Alabama

Borden Etowne Con Miles H. Thomas Roy Theodore Nilsen Ralph Orson Howard Julius Schooner. Chalets Russell Men. Judson Philip Mason George Wiliam Barry Frederick Henry Beinoff Robert Wilson Burgett John Gordon Carson Arthur Modem Cheney Howond Monroe Cheney Wilbert Frederick Doak Fritz Herman Each Robert William Elich Herold Edward Herring John Uoyd Howie.Jr, Christian Leslie Larson George Alfred Leech Alfred Henry Potschke Walter Phill Schindel Ray Elmer McCormick Raymond Frank Meydrech Robert Fredrick. Miller Geroge Dormer Robinson Jerry Peck Millard EAven Rada Louis George H. Goebel Douglas Eugene Rosebrook Ralph Arnold Rudd Wilson J. Seldon Howard J. Goss Bartel Edward Johnson

Psi Cornell University Dm lakt Webster Crittenden

Omega Purdue University Fronds Ware Adslt Robert Jasper Seybold Oar Julian McDonaN George Patterson Humfeld Richard Burns Fitts Howard John Homoyor John McVVharter Lyles James Henry Nicholas Frederick William Winter

Alpha Alpha Mercer University

Alpha Mu Penn State George Ellwood Butterfield Dell Henderson Shearer Ralph Sherrick Leighny

Alpha XI Polytechnic University Frank Max.Eigner William Fronds Seewagen Helmut Cad Neuman Harry Richard Weber Cart Joseph Hecker Allen Graham Hegarty Robert William Schroeder Douglas Leichton Keys,Jr.

Fred Harper

Alpha Gamma University of Oklahoma Collie Fitch James,Jr. James Paul Johnson Charles Henry Bradley,Jr. Maurice Touch Easier. Jr Thomas Perry Ewing

Alpha Omicron lowa State Frank Joseph Michalek Edward Ernest Paine William George Nechanicky Forret Charles Hill

Alpha Rho West Virginia

Alpha Epsilon University of Florida

Jess Oliver Park, Jr. Thomas Charles McGuire

William Bradford Roman Arthur Reginald Boole, Jr. Thomas Blav Simpson Guy Dwracott Wood, Jr. Edson Ralph Wosdt Idus Quentin Wicker Frank Walter Rivers, Jr. John Francis Le Baron Hebb John D. Kcidighter Romero Mitchel Sealey

Alpha Sigma Tennessee

Alpha Zeta Oregon State Marion Nicholas Sigovldi

Joseph Clinton Wow George A Leslie

Alpha Eta Samford University Edward Lone Nichols,Jr.

Alpha Theta Michigan State University Robert Seaton lleppinstall Jarvey Adam Leich Wilfred Converse Cope Clinton Milord DOVOMI Robert Minton Meader Harold George C,reyes J. Lay째 Littlefield Ned Allen Madinson William Cloyd Smith Robert Stevens Trembalh

James Hayden Hardison Wiri S. Howon Willard Donald Richardson Aaron Bums Reed Roy Barry Cecil

Alpha Tau Rensselaer Jarvey Adam Lelch Wilfred Converse Cops ClinlvaWiland Demeritt Robert Whitton Meader Willaim Francis Burkart Earle Blair Fox, Jr.

Alpha Upsilon Drexel Winfield AltsIght Scott Robert Crawtord McFarland Edward David McDonakf Raymond Joseph Cannon, Jr. Joseph Frank Jones

Robert M. Driscoll, center, Xi-195,was presented his shingle by his son Robert M. Driscoll, Jr., an initiate of Beta Upsilon Chapter.

Alpha Phi 1.I.T. John Frederick Sturgeon Joseph Louis Kuticka Roy thrice Burman Raymond Alexander Dodge Jerome Bernard Dirkers Robert Nickel

Alpha Iota Auburn University James Thomas Durden James Grover Eubanks William Bancroft Ott Jr. William Cooper Moore Thomas Jefferson Bogue

The men listed and pictured on this page have been honored as distinguished citizens of Pi Kappa Phi. They represent the maturity of their chapter and their Fraternity. Each of them has been remembered on the 50th anniversary of their being initiated into Pi Kappa Phi. This recognition is in the form of a handsome shingle and the designation of Golden Legion. Many shingles were presented in person by another member of Pi Kappa Phi. The intent is for all to be so presented. Some, due to various reasons, were mailed. Here the Fraternity is pleased to again acknowledge these beloved members.

Robert Stripling, Omicron-244, was honored by Michael Stephens, right, and Steve Terp, left, of Alpha Epsilon Chapter.

At a prestigious gathering of Pi Kappa Phi alumni, Kenneth Rabe,center, of Upsilon received his honor from Golden Legionaires, A. Sidney Heriong, right, of Alpha Epsilon and Dr. Joe Hendrickson of Omega Chapter.

Burt C. Home,Jr., left, Xi-199, stands with presentor Ralph 0. Mueller, Epsilon Alpha-56 upon receiving his Golden Legion shingle.

Left to right: front row, Ralph Williams, Omicron, Edward Turner, Jr., Omicron,James Watts, Omicron;second row, Leo Williams, Omicron, Alton Turner, Omicron, W.F. Watts,Omicron; rear row,James Jackson, Omicron, Lamar Smith, Omicron, and Gene Williams, Omicron, were all present for Edward Turner's Golden Legion presentation. A dinner presentation was made by Brother James Watts.

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Alpha Rho at West Virginia sees success; Years of work pay off The Alpha Rho Chapter has had a somewhat unique past. Like so many chapters it has had it's share of difficulties. Alpha Rho began in May of 1930 through the efforts of Brother A. Pelzer Wegener. However, the chapter only remained on the campus of West Virginia University for a period of nine years. As time passed there were continual efforts, by a small number of alumni, to bring Alpha Rho back to life. Finally, after much perserverence, their dreams became a reality in November of 1978. The rechartering event occurred in the very same location, with the same menu, as did the original chartering. The chapter again started out strong,

but within a period of five years that chapter ran into the same difficulties it had experienced in 1930. This time, however, the charter was not withdrawn by the national organization, instead the chapter was reorganized. Three and a half years have passed since that reorganization, and the men of Alpha Rho are very proud to say that they are an integral part of the thriving fraternity world at W.V.U. Success did not come to the chapter over night, rather it was a slow but rewarding process. The reorganization had left the chapter with a core of ten brothers and five associates. "Core Fifteen", as it was called, pulled together and set out to

The men of Alpha Rho Chapter,ready to bring a lasting strength to the West Virginia campus. become a fraternity which they could be extremely proud of. Alpha Rho is now the strongest it has ever been in it's history. Forty-five brothers will return to West Virginia this fall. They will continue to improve their and qualitatively both membership, quantitatively. It is difficult to determine exactly what made the chapter's reorganization so successful. It is undoubtedly the result of a combination of various factors. The one

that is most readily identifiable is the fact that the rebuilding process was done carefully, rather than hastily. The chapter had a few lean semesters, but never did it sacrifice quality for quantity. This combined with strong leadership, and plenty of organization carried the Alpha Rho chapter through it's difficult past. The future is bright for Alpha Rho, and it is certain that they will continue to prosper as long as they never forget the difficult time behind them.

Kappa Chapter at Chapel Hill, continues to "mean much" to many as it looks forward to 75th anniversary in 1989 As Brother Thomas Wolfe, Kappa 30, said in a letter to his father, "It (joining Pi Kappa Phi) is one of the best things I have ever done. It will "mean much." As Kappa alumni from all over the country prepare for Kappa's 75th anniversary in 1989, these words ring ever so true. For years the Brothers of Kappa Chapter at the University of North Carolina have built a tradition that has indeed "meant much" to many since Brother Wolfe's days at Chapel Hill. As Kappa approaches this milestone event in its history, the alumni of the chapter have much to maintain their pride. The chapter continues to set standards by

which many other fraternities on campus are measured. Current active membership is at one of the highest points ever and success in many aspects of the chapter have further enchanced Kappa's reputation. The chapter recently finished its most successful fundraising years ever. Over $5500 was raised for the annual PUSH-athon, which received publicity in the local press. However, this sum of money only partically reflects Kappa's efforts in PUSH, as the groundwork was laid, with the help of Tau Chapter at NC State, for soliciting firms in the Research Triangle Park for a major renovation of the handicapped facilities at Butner, North Carolina. Hope-

fully next year will see this project materialize, giving Pi Kappa Phi and PUSH much recognition. In addition to PUSH, Kappa's 10th Annual Burn-Out partyraised $9000 for the North Carolina Burn Center. The party, having been started ten years ago to raise money after the third floor of the house burned down, has grown into one of the largest fraternity parties in the southeast, with three bands and the annual Hawaiian Tropic bikini contest, this year's party drew 10,000 to 12,000 people. The soul of Kappa Chapter, however, remains their cook of 28 years, Grace Franklin, affectionately known as "Miss

Kappa Chapter at their spring formal after a busy and successful year at Chapel Hill

legend in the Grace." Somewhat of a Chapel Hill area, "Miss Grace" has appeared in various newspaper articles and television segments spotlighting her devotion to Pi Kappa Phi. That devotion is matched only by that of brothers and alumni of Kappa, who return to Chapel Hill to see her. Kappa is a chapter that is steeped with tradition, yet one that does not live in the past. The fraternity is as youthful and enthusiastic as it was in the days of Brother Wolfe; and as long as that spirit remains, Kappa will continue to "mean much" to the young men who enter its midst.

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Radford looks to Pi Kappa Phi for leaders; and finds them!

The Delta Phi chapter of Pi Kappa Phi continues to distinguish itself as a fraternity of leadership and excellence at Radford University. Delta Phi is actively involved in providing leadership for nearly every area of student life at Radford. In fact, of this brotherhood with 50 men, 42% are active campus leaders. The President, Vice-President, and Treasurer of the Student Government Association are all brothers of Pi Kapp. In addition Pi Kapps serve on the Campus Judicial Board and as the President and Radford of the officers Executive University Student Alumni Association. Pi Kapps at Radford are involved with the school newspaper, Thq Tartars, as well as the University's programming organization, "Student Life", where 8 of 14 Executive Council members are brothers. The men of Delta Phi are also heavily involved in Radford's Inter-Fraternity Council. Their brothers currently hold 3 of

the 5 Executive Council positions, through which they provide leadership for the entire fraternity system at Radford University. But while many members of Delta Phi are recognized for their leadership campus wide, each brother also places a great deal of importance on the progress and development of his fraternity. Many brothers who hold positions on campus also provide leadership through positions within the brotherhood. Their commitment to Pi Kappa Phi strengthens the fraternity and results in a well-organized, highly motivated, and successful group This year Delta Phi continued to lead the campus in recruiting quality new members with 24 new initiates so far. In addition, the brothers have demonstrated a definite commitment to helping their community. For example, the brotherhood responded to a tragic flood in the nearby city of Roanoke by spending the follow-

ing weekend helping the citizens clean, reorganize, and repair their damaged businesses and communities. The brothers also participated in many local service projects such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association Superdance and a Litter-thon of Radford. held throughout 0 Delta Phi also held its annual Push-athon this spring, pushing a wheelchair along the 45 mile route between Radford and Roanoke this year's Push-a-thon was a great success, raising over $1500 for Pi Kappa Phi's national philanthropy project. The extensive involvement and enthusiasm of the Delta Phi Chapter has translated into a very positive image and position for our fraternity dn campus. The strength of their brotherhood and their distinctive commitment to excellence demonstrated that Pi Kappa Phi is truly "a fraternity of leaders"at Radford University!

Pi Kappa Phi Charters U.C.-San Diego as Zeta Beta Chapter Nestled in the plush hills of La Jolla, California, just north of San Diego, is the campus of the University of California -San Diego. Only a short walk from stunning cliffs that overlook the Pacific -.Ocean, the campus has just recently become the home of the strongest new chapter of Pi Kappa Phi, Zeta Beta Chapter.

U.C. - San Diego University of California-San The Diego is one of the newest of the nine schools which comprise the UC system. This past year it celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary. UCSD ranks tenth in the nation and first among public institutions in the percentage of graduates who go on to earn a Ph.D. In recent studies, UCSD consistently ranks with Ivy League schools such as Harvard and Yale in undergraduate programs. One of the features which sets UCSD apart from major universities in the United States is its family of small colleges; Revelle, John Muir, Third and Earl Warren. The division of UCSD's campus community into small undergraduate colleges was purposeful, and not a chance event. Patterned after the Oxford-Cambridge system, planners were convinced that students would learn more and find greater fulfillment in their personal lives when they are joined academically and socially with a relatively small group of fellow students and faculty. Thus, UCSD is a series of semi-autonomous undergraduate colleges, each with its own faculty, residand facilities academic and ential distinctive educational philosophy.

The men of Zeta Beta Chapter at UCSD - bringing a new fire to the Southwest

Zeta Beta from Colonization to Chartering Upon receiving permission from the university and the UCSD Interfratemity Council, Leadership Consultant Jay Barrow was sent to form a colony at UCSD. Ultimate importance was placed upon expanding at UCSD as it is hoped that success will breed more success in the southwest and west coast. After 30 days of diligence on behalf of Pi Kappa Phi staff members Jay Barrow and Peter Duguid, a colony of 34 men was born at UCSD December 3, 1985. Along with the colony a housing corporation was formed to serve the new group as an advisory structure from the San Diego area Pi Kappa Phi alumni. Raymond Terhune, an alumnus of Alpha Zeta Chapter at Oregon State and member of the Zeta Beta Housing Corporation Board of Directors, said of Zeta Beta Chapter, They are very dedicated, hard working and display a maturity that I do not recall in myself or we were my contemporaries when undergraduates." He added,"It has been a real pleasure associating with them and reassuring to !mow that young men of this calibre are in our fraternity." The colony progressed in the months that followed Barrow's departure. With the new year came high hopes and aspirations. Setting a goal of meeting their chartering requirements by the end of the school year and hoping for a late spring chartering, they set out with much enthusiasm to

Zeta Beta Chapter. The beautiful UCSD campus overlooking LaJolla Bay, north of San Diego, California, home of present. cross section of our population at UCSD. reach each requirement. The future looks bright for Zeta Beta are as of Many student them recognized Under the leadership of Archon, Keith Chapter Advisor Gunnar Schalin, Chapter. includes roster Their on campus. leaders colony Rundle, Zeta Beta initiate #1, the of Upsilon Chapter at Illinois, alumnus an student resident participants, government made great strives in involvement in the could not be happier. "Working with this and hall committee advisors, residence proof showed community and socially and group of young men has been so athletic leaders." She concludes, 'The leadof their strength with two succesful rushes, ership it seems whatever I give they rewarding, the into they bring experience bringing their numbers to 54 men. .double," say Gunnar who was . back. pay in the reflect will certainly fraternity Following a late February visit by Advisor. Also recruited Chapter as recruited Beta Chapter." of Zeta quality Director of Communications, Scott Evans, advisor was Hugh as scholarship serve to May banquet, the chartering at Present the group was reported as developing professor of is Pates Hugh Pates. UCSD of dignitaries many 25, 1986, were tremendously. A spring chartering would and was not a UCSD at psychology Pi area San Diego of a as number well as be no problem if the list of requirements member of Pi Kappa Phi. Dr. Pates, thanks Kappa Phi alumni. The Chartering Officer were met. Early in the spring, the Zeta Beta Chapter, is Zetqa Beta initiate to was National event the over residing requirements were met and and the Pi with 32A. # along Jaffee David President Kappa Phi National Council approved the Congratulations to the men of Assistant Chartering Officer and new Area chartering of Zeta Beta chapter at UCSD. Beta Chapter at UCSD! Zeta an Ryder, Steve X, for Area Governor From colony to chapter in six months! Berkeley. at Chapter Gamma of alumnus Truly an outstanding feat. Jane Hett "Without the past, and the contributions Chartering teams from both Gamma MacDonald, Assistant Resident Dean at made thereto, there would be no present, Nu Epsilon and UC-Berkeley at Chapter UCSD's Revelle College, explains,"The likewise there would be no future" as also were State Chapter at Sacramento men of Pi Kappa Phi represent a good

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The Spears Brothers of Sigma Chapter


The Honorable,Adrain A.Spears,excited about the future and "retirement.

Adrian A. Spears: the Bench One morning, a man awoke to find the first floor of his house flooded with the waters of a constant downpour of rain. Soon, he found himself on the second floor of his home in an effort to escape the water. At that point, realizing that he was in a dangerous situation, he began. to thereafter, a pray. In a short time helicopter hovered over near the upstairs window, and the pilot called out to him asking if he needed some help. "No," the man answered,"the good Lord will help me. You go help someone else." In the meantime, the water was still rising, forcing the man to go to his roof to escape the onslaught, at which time another helicopter hovered near the pilot asking if he needed help. Again the man gave the same response. "No, I'm sure the good Lord is going to help me. You go help somebody else." When the water had reached his neck, a rescue boat came by and offered help but it was refused also with the same response. Well, as fate would have it, the waters continued to rise, and the man drowned and went to heaven. When he arived there, he sought ow the Lord and promptly asked why no help had been sent to him when he prayed so fervently for it, to which the Lord replied, "What do you mean no help? I sent you two helicopters and a safety boat." Now, you know there are some people that just dont realize that the Lord helps those who help themselves. -Judge Adrian Spears-

The story, often told by the Honorable Adrian A. Spears, former Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court of Western Texas, is typical of the practical view on life that he holds. An initiate of Sigma Chapter at the University of South Carolina, Brother

Richard Splittorf from Rho Chapter As the new Eastern Advertising Manager for America's leading food and entertaining magazine, Bon Appetit, Pi Kapp alumnus Richard Splittorf feels, as many others do, that a strong liberal arts background is important to anyone entering the job market. 'The liberal arts, combined with a healthy knowledge of business and economics can be very valuable to those corning out of school, especially in the advertising business," said Brother Splittorf. A graduate of Washington & Lee University in 1972 and an initiate of Rho Chapter, Brother Splittorf started his career selling advertising space for a Richmond, Virginia newspaper. Upon the advice of a close friend, he moved west where he joined Knapp Communications in

Dr. Monroe K.Spears, retiring after 46 years as an English Professor

Monroe K. Spears: the Book

Spears is now retired from the bench but is still busy as a corporate executive, consultant and lawyer. Judge Spears was practicaly born to be a lawyer. His father and two older brothers were lawyers. Before entering the University of South Carolina for his law degree he did his undergraduate work at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Moving to San Antonio, Texas to practice law, he was admitted to the Texas Bar Asociation in 1937 and practiced in that capacity until his appointment by President John F. Kennedy to District Judge in 1961. Becoming Chief Judge in 1962, he continued his judicial service as such until his retirement in 1982 at the age of 72. Judge Spears' decisions in cases that came before him had a considerable impact on the citizenry of Texas and the nation. He was honored by the San Antonio Bar Association, who placed a portrait of the judge in the U.S. District Court Building there. While he misses the excitement of the courtroom, he said, "I'm excited about the new career that I have embarked upon and the new friends I've made in connection with it." A proud member and supporter of Pi Kappa Phi, Judge Spears continues his Fraternity experience as he was recently inducted into the Sigma Chapter Hall of Fame at the chapter's 75th Anniversary celebration. The honor given to Sigma alumni who have brought recognition to the chapter and Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, was given for the first time to Judge Spears and two other Hall of Fame inductees. You would think that after a successful career as a lawyer and then judge, he would want to take a proper retirement but he claims, "I am very happy in my present work. Actually I'm having a

In his 46 years as a college English professor, Dr. Monroe Spears has taught almost everybody who is anybody in the world of poetry. Some of those students, including poet James Dickey, came to pay tribute to Spears on the occasion of his retirement from Rice University this Spring Dr. Spears, an initiate of Sigma Chapter at the University of South Carolina and brother of Judge Adrian Spears is also a source of pride for Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and especially Sigma Chapter where both these "brothers" were initiated. An interesting note, and surely a source of pride for the elder Adrian Spears at the time, was signing brother Monroe's initiation card as he was Archon of the chapter at Monroe's 1934 initiation. The phrase "a gentleman and a scholar" might well have been coined for Dr. Spears who has held the endowed Libby Shearn Moody Professor of English Chair at Rice University since 1964. Considered one of the nation's most distinguished literary critics, he has written or edited seven books including The Poetry of W.II. Auden and a collection of his own work: The Levitator and Other Poems. A Rockefeller Fellow in 1956 and a Suggenheim Fellow in 1965-66 and again in 1972-73, he taught at Vanderbilt University and the University of the South before going to Rice. While teaching at the University of the South, he edited the prestigious literary magazine, Sewanee Review, for nine years. He also conducted seminars in literature and and criticism for the National

Endowment for the Humanities. But above all else he has been a dedicated teacher "who touches the minds, hearts and lives of his students,"says Alan Grob, Chairman of the English Department at Rice. Dr. Spears is the kind of teacher who makes it a point to know a lot more about his students than just their names. In a Rice poetry class attended by a visitor, Spears introduced each student and talked about his or her special interests, ranging from one who wanted to write poetry to and stories to another who was "a fme actor". An animated, caring professor who obviously enjoys what he's doing, Dr. the poems he Spears not only knows reads and discusses but also many of the poets who wrote them. He talks of the material in the kind of graphic detail that helps student remember it. A native of South Carolina, he grew up in a family "consisting of lawyers on both sides, and it never occured to me to be anything else." But he always loved literature and reading and writing poetry. The young man's interest in literature continued through high school, but it was a professor at the University of South Carolina "who really turned me on," recalls Dr. Spears. "I think in many ways, it's the most satisfying of all careers," he says. "You get a chance to do what you like doing - I like to read and talk and write about literature - and get paid for it."

ball, and I must confess I use the word work very loosely." He adds, I am keeping busy both mentally and physically, and that is the important thing." Judge Spears' attitude toward life is very pleasant and offers a great perspect-

ive,"When I'm asked whether I have any regrets about career decisions I've made over the years, my answer is that I'm too busy counting my blessings and too excited about the future to spend my time second guessing the past."

1978, in advertising sales for Architectural Digest. He has since moved up through the Knapp organization serving as Western Advertising Manager for Bon Appetit before heading back to the East and New York City to his present position. Originally from Connecticut, Brother Splittorf was happy to return to the area. Now residing in Wilton, Connecticut, he and his wife Carol Ann, a graduate of the University of Southern California and member of Alpha Phi Sorority, are still just settling in from the move from Los Angelos. 'The advertising business," he says, "is seeing a tremendous amount of change. While it is a pressure business for all involved, magazines are seeing tough times due to regulation and other industry forces. For those looking forward to a career in advertising, he adds,"For an undergraduate looking into advertising I would strongly suggest getting an internship between your junior and senior years in the area you would anticipate a career in," explaining, "you may find that it directs you to the area you really want a career in." Brother Splittorf looks back fondly on his days with Rho Chapter at Washington

& Lee. "While it was not the biggest or the fanciest fraternity house, I chose Pi Kappa Phi, at the time, because it was a good bunch of guys that I felt would be enjoyable to spend four years with." He remembers it as a "home away from home" as he came from the northeast to Washington & Lee located in Lexington, Virginia. He feels that the fraternity experience can be a tremendous benefit to its members. "Being in a people-oriented business, the experience I gained from interacting with the other guys in the Chapter gave me a chance to learn, interact, and get along with others in all types of situations." He adds, 'That is not an opportunity afforded everyone." Brother Splittorf has felt the lifelong connection to Pi Kappa Phi as he keeps in touch with many of his brothers from Rho Chapter. His 1983 wedding party had members of Pi Kappa Phi serving as groomsmen. "All along since leaving school I have been in contact with Rho brothers and we have helped each other out along the line." In conclusion he says, "I would do it all over again the same way if I were given the chance."

Richard Splittorf with Bon Appetit Magazine in New York city.

-takenfrom a Houston Post story by Elizabeth BenneU-

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Pi Kappa Phi Achieves Internal Growth: PLUS FIVE program update

Photos from Pi Kappa Phi Country ..

. _






Implementing a strong Rush theme were the men of Beta Delta Chapter at Drake University. The Red-Hot RUSH netted them there strongest rsuh in many years. _



'..0 $


Twenty-seven chapters won this attractive satin banner for "Recruitment Excellence" by initiating five more men than in their previous two-year average. The Fraternity overall posted a 21% gain in pledgings to Pi Kappa Phi, and an impressive 19% increase in initiations. The Fraternity has never has such a one-year increase, and much of the credit can be given to the following PLUS FIVE winners!

... ., ltr ,"



%.4 IL 4

Area I

The men of Alpha Rho Chapter at West Virginia University following their successful PUSH Project ata local mall.

Area II

. L


, ,-

1. ,, *

,. r,


,t ■

2 it

a a

a a Is


a A ° 4 *a■ a


14 ir* *

;■4 so a t'


Beta Iota Chapter at the University of Toledo has a tradition of Song Competition championships,continued their tradition this year with this entry .




.1... LI,

*.if ,r


Wofford - Zeta South Carolina - Sigma Western Carolina - Gamma Epsilon UNC-Wilmington - Gamma Theta Lander - Gamma Rho Appalachian State - Delta Zeta UNC-Charlotte - Delta Lambda Elon College - Epsilon Alpha USC-Spartanburg h - Epsilon Lambda

Area III Tampa - Beta Lambda Georgia Southern - Gamma Kappa LaGrange - Gamma Nu Georgia Southwestern - Gamma Xi Southern Tech - Epsilon Kappa


A „ , c---

Penn State - Alpha Mu Villanova - Epsilon Omicron

Area IV

Louisville - Beta Gamma Bowling Green State - Delta Sigma


Area V

Omicron Chapter of the University of Alabama at a flagpole dedication in memory of brothers, S. Frank Fleming, William Albert Ware, B.D. Calhoun and Gregory Lance Frazier. The pole was donated by brothers John and Tracy McGuire.

Auburn - Alpha Iota Christian Brothers - Epsilon Sigma

Area VII McNeese State - Beta Mu Oklahoma State - Gamma Upsilon Central Arkansas - Epsilon Zeta

,z. lc.

Area IX —

West Virginia - Alpha Rho West Virginia Tech - Gamma Zeta Clinch Valley - Epsilon Epsilon


•0 ; .

Area X California-Berkeley - Gamma

Red Cross Volunteers from Gamma Nu Chapter at LaGrange College on "UnDisaster Day". Left to Right are Phil Dodson, Eddie Rowan, Perrin Alford and Bob Aiken

Because of the program's popularity and success, it will be extended for the 1986-87 school year. All chapters will be given the opportunity to participate in the PLUS FIVE Recruitment Excellence Program. Participants must file a Recruitment Action Plan with the Administrative Office, and will receive recruitment information customized for their chapter situation and help from the Fraternity Administrative Staff. Details are in the mail to all Vice-Archons.

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Annual Appeal

For Your Support Alpha Charleston A. C. Lesemann C. W. Gould D. L. Lee J. F. Reynolds T. F. Mosimann, Ur. G. A. Nelson A. A. Kroeg,111 J. E. Burgers J. R. Walton, Jr. W. B. Jones, Jr. A. L. Heston Z. W. Grareing G.C. Rogers,Jr. R. M. Barnett, Jr. J. B. Echvards 8.0. Jenrings, Jr. T. W. Tucker J. B. Allen A. R. Cracker B. W.Covington. III R S. Clifton, Jr. W. L. Runyon,Jr. E.G. Boineau, 111 E. C. Heifers W. S. Gaud, Ill H. W.Freeman,Jr. G. F. McConnell N. P. Fuller R. W. Marlowe E. L. Frierson D. Ravenel, Jr H. S. Hasty D. H.Jaffee W. P. Luhn, Jr. S. E. Chandler T. N. Dangerfield S. J. Boykin D. kn. Pease G. A. Catterton J. C. Hassell H. F. Davis, III D. P. Wooded C. A. Bfilten. III T. N. Moos R. M. Barber E. C. Weldrcp L. A. Westbrook, III M. T. Finch, Jr. L. Mason

Your continued support of the Voluntary Dues Annual Appeal has been the key to the continued success of Pi Kappa Phi.. Your contributions, totaling more than $97,000 this past year, have reassured the growth and development of the Fraternity and provided a positive fraternal experience for over 5200 student members.

A. E. Sprague L. J. Olson R. L Leslie M. W. Ritchie O.T. Lab D. H. O'Reer R. S. Easley C. W. Waker,Jr S. F. Shepard S. S. Ryder D. L Scruggs C. A. Babarorich S. J. Clark T. E. Sanger D. N. Wired P. J. Casale R. L Kutik D. J. &ashen D. W. Halligan M.H. Plank J. B. Tempin S. B. Lifson A. M Mc0Jeeney J. B. Magoon Delta Furman G. L. Rascr J H. Young B. H. Clary S. W. Mann J. Towler

J. C.Shower G. W. Williams J. H. Carter S. L Laird, Jr. F. P. Bracewell S. J. Westbrook H. G. Tebo R. J. Noland J. F. Vidtery, Jr. P. S. Hipp J. M. Farrtrough

A.J. Jones,Jr. N. F. Magruder J. D. Worsham J. Y. Bassett 0. R. McCollum J. R. Cathie L J. Braswel W.G. Wilks, Jr. R. P. Hunt J. A. Campbell J. M. Taylor, Jr.

0.0. Dodson,Jr. Iota W. N. Scott George Tech. D. F. McAlister 0. E. Stepp,Jr. C. E. Denton A. W. Daughtfidge W. E. Dminocit J. B. Fisher, Jr. T. L. Kennedy D. C. McLeod J. H. Nunez 1.0. Couch J. M. Moore R. N. Watson H. E. Reeves R. C. White Rowland, Jr H. S. W.D. Early R. L Reeves P. D. Amen C. M Thompson J. B. Little, Jr. J. C. Allen W. K. Rollins R. J. McCamy B.0. Jolly, Jr. Whitley F. J. W. W. Gunter, 11 W. R. Walter 5.6. Jenkins, Jr. S. P. Cottraux W.S. Babcock L. H. Ellis P. E. Berg A. B. Alexander, Jr. B. P. Grant, III M. W. Rogers, Jr. D. B. Bullard

P. R. Alison R. H. Bryan 5.1. Norman,Jr. E. B. Claxton N. D. King M. B. Jones W. H. Daniel D. E. Reds C. R. Spooner, Jr. T. R. Wood J. G. Clements, Jr. L N. Preiss D. V. Freeman G. C. Turner W. K. Gibbons M. A. Harp J. K. Shedd W. B. Kelly Mu Duke M. I. Pickens J. S. Boone W. R. Pitts S. C. Brawley, Jr. W Martens W. B. Snow F. C Rozzelle J H Brownlee

H P Fulmer J. I. kinnor H. H. Montgomery, Jr. W H Badgers

R. K. Holzwcrth

D. W. Doyle G. P. Move,Jr. Judge J. Turk S. M.Turk J. P. Charlton T. H. Nicholson. jr. J. R. Wilson L C. Claiborne Dr. H. B. Hahn, Jr. D. W. Owen W. D. Keister 0.5 Ferguson D.J. Kerr J. Gosman R. M. Denis S. L. Day R. E. Mentzinger, W.H. Deletion E.J. Von Odin P. R. Dotson B. T. Store Dr. P. C. Caldwell T. L Palmer L. N. Fairbanks, III E.J. Bennett E. L. Corson, II St A. Moore D. Wooldidge J. R. Barley J. A. Councilor, Ill A.0. Woody, III R. G. Gray J. W. Wade,Jr. M K. Bast J. S. Stump, Jr. P.J. PurcNa J. P. Redrafite, Jr. D. F. Woody M D. Klein S. T. Bast R. E. Ferris R. L. Tice T. J. Hubsch M. D. Edge! C. R. Ogilvie A. S. DeMott, Ill D. A. Eanigh M. W. Fleshman B. D. Unger M C. McGough K. R. Sullivan C. T. Via R. A. Phelan M A. Wing R. K. Harris L. S. Peregoff D M Williams

S. Y. Guinn R. J. Mian, Jr. R. H. Overby Y. M. Lim R M. Lentz

D.0. Nichols T. M. Hearne T. P. Ballard, Jr. J. A. Feather,Jr. C. S. Steed, Ill J. E. Barwick K W. Sibley C. F. Latham S. A. Spear W. D. Walace S. B. Devane J. B. Nylon,Jr. J. C. Muller, Jr. J. H. Gunn, Jr. D. B. Coleman J. N. Shepherd,jr. G. W. Steed H. H. Moore H. L. Robinson E. C. Hunt,Jr. J. T. McGuire H. K. Sledge, III R. H. Smith S. D. Seymore, Jr. M. C. Lux E. W. avant, III J. C. Ware A. E Anthony. Jr. J. A. Avrett R. C. Curie D.J. Jones T. A. Karam L. H. Nelson, Ill W. D. Carrpbell J. B. Renfroe J. H.Johnson, III J. L. Dover J. H. Hardage R. G. Burdette J. E. Paul, Jr. L Johnson, Jr. D. B. Barker R. B. Metcalf R. E. Carlson,Jr. D. A. McOuaig,Jr. C. M. Myers G. F. Rchard E W &nal W. D. Debardoleben III ' ' ' J. C. Johnson R. T. McGuire C. C. Painter, Jr. J. F. Fravel A. G. Fuller D. E. Kelley W. L. Reams A. L. Evans PI C. N. Hunphrey Oglethorpe V. H. Agreda J. M. McConnaughey A. F. Laird, Jr. M. J. Noland W.J. Rhodes, Jr. V. M. Dubose J. B. Frazer D. D. Harts째. J. B. Della J. D. Eudy,Jr. H. L Srrith L. T. Fanny S. E. Eladtwell, Jr. D. C. Smith M B. Eubanks M. L. Collins J. C. Heist T. R. Overton C. V. Sutcliffe F. A. Coigns, Jr. L. J. Ptacek, Jr. Rho Washington & Lee

M. T. Bartholomew G. P. Brock K St Gitbon J. H. Wamsley L. W. Menzimer J. C. Brown F. W.Teegarden,Jr R. C. Reed E. J. Ullemeyer R. M. Riggs W. E. Haselwood S. N. Perkins A E. Hauck Dr. J. Ondnis F. A. Hauslein E. L Feicht J. Grayson, Ill D. F. Mulvihill I. G. Shively C.J. Steinicko, F. E. Waters, Jr. F. L. Ketcham S. N. Baker R. E. Turner E. A. Turvillo W. A. Hasfurther G. F. McInerney P. S. Presta D. G. McCausland R. H. Patchen K. B. VandeWater K. J. Rabe M. K. Cisney W.J. Ted R. C. Petrey R. S. Watts R. A. Searfoss,Jr. F. H. Beinhoff L. L Nettleton, Jr. J. G. Carson F. R. Landrigan F. H. Elich TA. Hollis C. L. Larsen R. E. Hoes G. A. Leech H. E. Stine, Jr. R. E. McCormick D. D. Bate R. E. Crabb W. M. Greene C. R. Manch R. D. Ballantine J. P. Mason C. D. Machell R.0. Howard W. G. Loeffler, Jr. Schoeler,Jr. J. W.J. Crater, Jr. B. B. Cox W. J. Fidler, Jr M. H.Thomas R. W. Hoover H. K. Mattson E. P. Garretson, Jr. J. N. Seldon J. D. Wallace A. R. Moore H. W. Manley Dr, E. W. Shearturn, Ill H. A. Rifle* F. W. Marlow,Jr. M. H. Squires, Jr. J. E. Pohlman B.0 Beckman U. A. Scheid C. A. Bowlus L C. Prucha D. M. Ward.Jr. G. M. Dowd R. J. Spitted J. L Johnson R. L. Jackson J. O. Roeser W. A. Wallace P. B. Phinney T. L. McCort n W. H. O'Donnell M. J Spellman Dr. J. Pottenger H. G. Klotz Sigma R. C. Keley USG-Columbia T. F. Wizen H. D. twee D. C. West W. R. Bishop N. D. Hall, Jr. J. L Jennings W. G. Sargent L C. Borland, Jr. E. J. Ade J. B. Martin I. L Roy,Jr. W. B. Gabb

R B. Atkins R. S. Jordan J U Vantioy C. F. O'Kelly R Dick Ill G T. Waddei, T W. Borland P. B. Brownell J M. King J. A. Pell, Jr. D. W. Crane H. L. Dillard W.J. Edwards Omicron J. T. Then E C. Haskel, Jr. C. H. Taylor Alabama L. H. Warren, Jr. B. Mahon, Jr. G. F. Blalock R. S. Walthall W. A. Boyd, Jr. P. V. Kirkman,Jr S. P. Faucet G. W. Braun W. M. Carson A. H. Bynum,Jr. J. W.Sewel R P. HOOSOf F. W. William Jr. W. W. Dodson, J. M. Counts, Sr. G. W. Butcher, III M W. Fore, Jr. F. C. Frostick, Jr. N. S. Mogan C. H. Davenport T. C. Stoudmayor C. R. Myers R. C. WIliams C. F. Kent M E. Prillaman D. C. Ullman R. T. Dunn H. W. Howard J. W. Ussery J. D. Sparks, Jr. C. S. Roach P. W. Fekas G. R. Bennett, Jr. C. B. Wnn. III 0.0. Brockman,Jr. W. H. Funk G. A. Bishopric K. C. Harrison R. St Pryor. Jr. G. P. Oren L. M. Hudnall W. H. Pope R. F. Prather D. B. Ingram J. C. Hunt J. SA Nelson H. P. Raymond,Jr. A. Watts P. B. Cleaveland B. p, Boll. Jr. N. G. Gibson E. W. Collins Epsilon F. C. Hodge W. B. Rdden McConnell J. W. A. W.Fleshman, Jr. J. E. Kirfdand, Jr. W.S. Hicks Davidson L. B. Wlkerson W. C. Galling, Jr. J. G. Loudermilk P.O. Morgan BETA G.T. Costic E. L. Turner, Jr. J. R. Pain E. T. Buck C. R. Serenbetz Presbyterian J. R. White, III D. L Merril C. P. Johnston T. W. Killian S. S. Roberts B. B. Mathis C. F. Clark, Jr. R C. Grady C. V. Weaver. Jr. T. B. Sayre J. F. Winters N. A. Bertoloth L. D. Clifton Cook P. H. Lassiter MB. J. A. Womack Young P. J. J. W.Turner G. M. Benda J. P.Turner D. C. Hunter F. L Mangum,Jr. T. H. Grafton C. H. Paulsen D. K. Gill R. T. Lowrance P. A. Sparrow F S, Curds J. K. Roberts, Jr. G. D. Ross, Jr. T. M. Garrou A. J. Graham, Jr. C. W. Wheeler, St. MS. mcsua J. Bringt, Jr. J. E. Cunningham R. F. Clayton J. W. Denny, Jr. M. W. Thigpen R A. Hall F. R. Stailworth O.J. Pardue,Jr. G. M. Esposito Jr. Brooks, Branch P. S. Knox, Jr. R. W. R. E. G. C. Adams S. L Brent L. W. Miler LB. Davis W. P. Mb D. E. Wwren F. B. Pinson, Jr. T. V. Gilbert, Jr. W. D. Fuqua B. M. Jewett J E. Boyd N. F. Fowler J. C. McCaskill W. H. Davis R. D.Jones 0. H. Tonpkins W. L. Knox M. H. Winston J. G. Frarrpton E.0. Dandy H. E. Duke,Jr. H. Yelvettrat Jr. C. L Rick, Jr. G. H. Kinch R. N. Bek F. Barker, Jr. G. D. P. Curry A D Guggoir St r. McLaugNin S. M. Hines J. W. Steenbergen J. C. Cassady M. B. Roberson E. St Combs A. L Hagler R T. Peters, Jr. E. F. MacLeod L. T. Hawley J. H. Doster P. T. Eaton G. W. Allen W. P. Yekerton M. C. Mason R. E.Cartledge J. T. OKelley, T. Lowndes,Jr. R.T. Moore R. J. Terry J. P. Ballard M. J. Bea.sley, Jr. C. H. Clover, Jr. J. Luciani J. M. Naughton, H. V. Hendrick J. H. Broughton D. L Gurganus Atkinson S. E. S. L Cole C. A. McArthur,4 J. P. Loader K. L Murphy U.0. Matthews J. C. Bernstein D. C. Brooks, Jr R. N. Hadley L. J. Parrigin, Jr. P. W. Timberlake C. E. Wse J. B. White D. E. Kincaid J. W. Benkert R a Gentry E B. HUllief, Jr. S. G. McGregor A. A Spews G. R. Cowart A Roberts E. Leak J. C. Ratliff C. E. J. V. Harrby S. R. Todd G. H. Hall, Jr. Nu R. R Janson H. MoNey D Alexander, Ill H. R. Bannister, Jr. W. W. Fischer, Jr C. H. Clark V. L. Weatherspoon, Jr Nebraska W.H. Clayton,jr. C. F. Brix,itens T. C. Middleton, Jr. S. B. Cartledge, Jr. W.J. DuBose M. R. Gorham C D. Rhodes, Jr. J. H Rtiiett J. V. Salvo, Jr. G. B Timmerman, Jr Fitzgerald P. J. G. D. Driver J. T Dewberry S R. Knox R 0.Southwell D. R. Mito F. E. Guinn W. G. Sutton I. W. Hodge G. W firiburn W. E. Price, II D. C. Austin J. E. Bell, Jr. J. B. Tucker W. K. McCandless G. V. Rouse Lambda N M. McMllan J. F. Oliver W. E. Cullum J. M. Blasius R. he McCandless 94 T. F. Christian, Jr. 0. J H. Vernon J. R. Ritter, Jr. Dr. J. Hammett R. A. Brannan K. R. Catchpel W. B. Pebworth P C Wnstead C. C. Goodwin, Ill J. W.Pager CrHara, Jr. B. J. C. E. Sutter VanDerhoff I. Padgen B. C. H. M. Escue R. P. Wilson R. R Rigby. Jr R. L Shepherd H. C. Henderson R. A. Perish Foster, Jr. W. A K L Childs E. A. Vaughan R. C Lake, Jr. J. D. Lee H. L Znnecker J. D. 13onewitz R. H. Granny J. D. King S. D. Jabaley J. H. George R. H. Perkins K. W. Pruden R A. Diturio J. G. Pryor AG. MIUM01, Jr. R. L. Gunter J. J. Hall J. P. Brenton H. J. Bradley C. E. Darlington Zeta H. C. Bean, Jr. D. W. Easom, Jr G. Gunn. Jr. J. C. Luhn Duncan W. L G. P , w,10,0V P. Watford A A. Smith W. Bobo J. W.Parker R. Plan R. F. Wino H. R. Ingram, Jr. R. G. Owens,Jr. R H. Moore.. H. C. Woods " W. C.,711Y1 W.A Brown M. E. Groover,Jr. E. R. Hahn, Jr.D. K Maths C. F. Reames W.0.0ebardelalx.n, Jr, J L. Marcy L. G. Znnecker, Jr. T. G. Covington J. P. Adams,Jr R. S. Owings E. C. Dykes, Ill G.T. Fairaloth S. G. Mtchell G F. Spatz Bouldri J L. Mlle J. L. J. H. West J. M. Tenpletpn J. R. Stokes B. K. McDonald,Jr. J. V. Matthews Rowe M Stained 8. J. R. Lee C. M A G. Medln,Jr, C. H. Chiles C. E. Beard A T. Sheets G W. Ellard F. A. Massey J. R Owings H. W. Mason J. R. Munn J. R.Jacobs T . L. Nelson .. R. E K.nos . L.A. Kidd W.A. Bed MD.Covington, Sr. J. S. Flynn F. W. King L. D. Ingidd E. C. Sanders U. W. Luckey M. A. Owings E L Fender R. C. Mm G. E. Woman,Jr. J. A. Corzine Yffilson Antovel W. R. J. T. R. Crider D. O. Rains T. M.Jackson J. T. Robbins, Jr. T. C. Mlle J. G. Pritchett, Jr. R. F. Halls, Jr. C. D. West, Jr. C. L Harrelson, Ill T. C. Legere Jr J. G. Scharf, III E. J. Bert J. P. Sulsana J. S. Bradbury A. P. Evans B. L. Montague S. K. Owings J. A. Guretzky J. M. Adams Gamma F. I. Brownley, Jr W. M.Conner F. L. Bradfield, Jr. T. M. Myers,Jr. J. S. Christol S. R Olivier J. E. Fargason Calffornla-Berkeley J. H. Crouch J. R. Kinchen Conti L. J. K. P. Hockstra F. E. Recupido J. G. Fkrtchinson T. W. Grouch J. A. Reynolds W. M. Schroeder W. J. Wesslund G. O. Corcoran J. E. Wlson,Jr. F. W. Thomas G. C. Bissell K. J. Fat S. W.Provost, Jr. S. E. Hamilton U.Nahai O.T. Fekel W. R. Kern J. E Pease A. J. Appleby, III R. S. Taylor A. L. Todd, Jr. T. T. Bomar E. B. CrOuinn W. F. Lane W. B. Evins, Jr. R. R. Brace R. E. Morrell D. L. Ochsner J. C. Mcnt9cmerY J. H. Wheeler A. L Cf000 J. A. CrDaniel W. D. Rhodes, Ill McLeod, Jr. A. L Reese E. O. Harp, Jr. j r, W. J. w. cook, W. R. GfirrleS J. C. Pruitt, Jr. J. M. Brown, Jr. XI S. M. Slade J. F. Dean W. M &nettle, Jr, W. L. Alen,Jr. R. A. Montgomery M. S. Teal Roanoke I. W. Lang, Jr. R. H. Steuben J. A. Womack,4. J.M.Jones D. W. Reynolds D. L. Stokes P. M. Kriskern D. G. Baker Jr. J. N. Downer T. E. Batton W. T. Paulk, Jr. E. E. Heblon, ,Schots W. K.' L. G. Muse F. L. Langston C. F. Corey R. G. McCurdy R F. Berry R. F. Baenvald R. S. Harrower 0. M Hyatt J. W. Alford R. P. Cornish T. K. Hannah P. D. Carter, Jr T. P.,klian A A.Imm C. M. Hefner J. F. Peck J. W. Hawkins M S. Connelly G. Fasano. Jr. J. L. May, Ill R J. Ashworth S. W. Levi nder R. F. Tanen A. W.Sullenger M.C. Burton R. H. Swelgin F. E. Robinson J. C. Mosher R B. Hyatt R R Wlbanks R. G. Tuck J. L. Switzer, Jr J. A. Hanson W. H.Til, Jr. MI. S. Wood J. T. Johnson N. H. Mechem N. r. CrOUth J. D. Rice T.J. Stafford, II E. V. Caldwell, II W. A. Clark, Jr G. C. Griffin T. W. Dalton, Jr S. J. Norgard J. H. Belcher M T. &danger F. H. Ewald J. W. Washrna. III T. P. Tappy C. F. Vannice R. C. Field J. T. Brewer G. H. Ramsey J. R. Lockhart, Jr. F, Ochanowcz, III Kapps C. L. Emerson D. J. Ulmer W. P. Tice D. G. Curry, Jr. M. H. Barrett North Carolina H. H. Edmonds Eta M. W. Huggins H. L. Kennett W. T. Bishop, Jr T. R. Jackson, Jr A. L Edgar Emory Dr. W. J. Epperson M Muller, Jr. W. L. Abbott R. L. Patrick, Jr. W. L. Harris N. L Arrighi W. H. Pickens, Jr. T. B. Henderson R M. Newman L. E. McDaniel H. B. Brand N. B. Weatheral E.. H. Sanders R C. Lake, Ill J. m. Groom C. P. Caldwell, Jr R. H. Cofer, 11 K. K. Mode W. R. Reud 0. K. Kuns C. M Horan R N. Hightower C. L. Lemon F. E. Thomas, Ill B. A. Whitmire R. T. Overstreet D. J. Dayton L. R Wood Judge D. F. 째Flaherty P. C. Wench W. L. Hatcher F. M. WIliams C. A. Jackson, Jr H. L. Merritt kt D. Horvath, II P. J. Ross R. W. Irvin, Jr. R J. Holliday W. E. Bobbin W. N. Newsom J. G. Seiler R. J. Sullivan, Jr. Bwrison J. E. R. A. Kasey, Jr. W. H. NeSmith,4. J. A. Vann, Jr. B. F. Simms G. A. Lineer J. T. Beavers D. R. Petterson J. W. McEwen B. C. Moore E. C. Bruce,Jr. H. R. Ross Tin) W. C. Caldwell W. E. Mann, Jr. W. S. Hodges P. C. wirriesh J. P. Stiles, Sr. C. H. VanNatter NC State T. H. /vicLaugNin, III H. I. Johnson R. M. Perland, Ill A. N. Daniel, Jr. G.T. Cook M. H. Oakes Huirphrys S. D. J. W. Fleishman J. G. Baler C. E. Wood J. C. Nelson R. A. Segel WIliams A. N. Greene W. H. B. W. Lidde W. S. Drage W.0. Fowler J. S. Wood J. F. Meagher G. M. Harrell R. J. Wright W.T. Lawrence,Jr. W. M.Johnson,Jr. a M. Tolbert J. F. Puett J. D. Mean J. W. Halstead, Jr. D. A. Andrews Co W. F. Smith, III C. R. Savage J. P. Kinlock J. W.Cannon,Jr E. F. Seagle

J. A. Southern E. M. Colvin W. M. McMillan

M. G. Keiser A. F. Perkins F. E. Fuchs L. A. Morris, Jr. D. C. Boy, Jr. J. B. Wthers, Jr. D. C. Johnston L. P. Miller, Jr. J H. Gordy J. B. Boy J. B. Rernage W.F. Bennett

Upsilon Illbols

P. P. Depasguale

W. F. Perkins E Schmalenberger

G. E. Hester

N. D. Shepard 0. Baia,Jr. J. T.Johnson R. F. Christensen J. A. Gauer E. P. Reek A. J. VanderBurg J. G. Schalin M. L larchman S. E. Mumford R.J. Regnier S. D. Trahey J. A. Rowot R.J. Bogdanoft LA. Munson R. Anighy P. A. Dowd S. A. Krolidd T. J. Pemberton J. P. Beckwith, Jr.

B. E. Frank T. E. Doebele A. A. Konsky D. L. Meyer Phi Tulsa P. B. Havenstrite L M. Lowry C. F. Burns E. T. Tingley Chl Stetson H. E. Turner C. B. Garnsey, Jr. T. M. Baker E. B. Henderson

J. S. Carlton G B. Clark, Jr. C. T. Welshinger E. A. Ulmer J. E Hutchison C. S. Boothe J. H. Griffin A. D. Carroll W. M. Davis

J. W. Harvard D. C. McNamara W. E. Ray J. K Snellings R. W. Mansur J. C. Inman F. W. Brown, Jr. R. D. Cooper I. J. Groir A. S. Gilbert

G. L Patterson T. F. Pattillo C. L Ivey C. A. Garrett J. F. Lawson J. L. Young E. W. Murphy,Jr. C. F. Granger W. H. Chasten F. P. Showalter T. M. Wrenn R. J. Williams R. V. Ginn M. B. Lawrence S. S. Gyskiewicz, Jr. J. G. Hayden E. H. Culver G. R. Retter I. M. Southward A. N. Morris, III L. W. Anderson R. M. Tinsley A. E. Grindle, Jr. W. D. Key C. S. Nfilliams, Jr. D. G. VinceM T. M. Cash, Jr. R. A. Miler K. D. Panouses B. L. Rogers G. S. Mater Pal Cornell S. W. Dodge H. S. Lewis H. S. Brown E. L. Lehr L. A. WIliams N. E Scott PT. Pratt A. S. Ritz F. H. White, Jr. E. S. R&M W. S. Magalhaes H. J. Marquart W. E. Stevenson A. C. Taylor,Jr. A. George,Jr. G. T. Barber W.A Dunham,Jr. W. K. Mayhew R. B. Secor H. W. Such D. H. Perkins D. L Dana

J. F. Storey J. H. Angus R. T. Harbeck L. G. Thayer P. Haas C. E. Role F. W. Thorne J. R. Wlson W. G. Schmeelk S. G. Milks Dr. G. F. Heinrich J. S. Kirk W.J. Zygmunt R. B. Ramage G. R. Fisher R. A Bcchan K. E. Kely M.J. %eta D. J. Mazeika J. H. Green D. A. Kazarian F. A. Sharer E. N. Bose J. J. Zbehlik

Omega Purdue L. P. Lang R. B. Holmes E. B. McCormick F. L. McDonald B. F. Telkamp J. A. Timmons, Sr. D. J. Hendridtson H.0. Meyer P. C. Swafford F. W.Carl C. R. Nelson W.C. Pritchard H. B. Anderson W. H. Higgins, III D.J. Kimmel H. G. Riggs A. W. Ginther F. E. Rector G. G. Fassnacht G. L. Nord R. J. Goitres' C. W. Myers H. R. Johnson, Jr. W.L Norrington R. E. Thomson B. A. McCandless R. K. Kthcen C. L. Sailer F. W. Adsit J. G. Swinney T. F. Miler P. A. Porter J. Masline ft. E. Honer W.L Swager J. W. Badger R. B. Olson A E. Reynolds R. B. Carson T. R. Brown J. A. Sudduth J.0. Lafolette S. Gullicksen D. C. Swager C. F. Thornton E. W. Lines R. H. Lowe G. C. Frederick R. A. Ret W. R. Brown J D. Jackson D. M. Davis W.C. Hit AG. Kirchner, Jr. H. C. Srrith, Jr. E. K. Henry W. C. Bradshaw J. L. Weaver D. E. Haselwood D. C. Seeley J. T. Venard A. Matsoo W.G. Schoch J. P. Pop H. M. Flanagan R.J. Eyer J. M. O'Reilly K. L. Kraus J. F. Coffel J. R. Dienhart J. C. Hall M. H. 째haver D. R. Davis D. R. Victoria, Jr. W.G. Kanouse W. G. Hercules

G. L Hanson Dr. J. E. Lovell C. B. Hall F. J. Flackleman C. P. Smith L M. Finnegan R. J. Rowan J. R Berton St C. Allion M. S. Tyrrell M. K. Wilson R. M. title R. E. HE E. CYDrobinak E. E. Goeke, II W. D. Peace, Jr. R K. Price C. Duke G. L Ouisno, 11 D. Sterenfold W. M. McNichols S. R. Timmons K. W. Wickizer S. K. Moore B. R. Halley D. P. Davidson J. S. Dinsmore J. T. Sevens C. L. Hertelenoy T. J. Beal J. F. McKenzie G. L. Robertson D. R. Leininger D. L. Mitzner A. G. Pixdom J. S. Bohner K. A. Sutton D. E. Behler N. T. He ntschel R. E. Nelson Alpha Alpha Mercer H. E. Rhodes W. G. Pruner L. S. Ughtner R. U. Hardern J. T. Cash L. C. Caner A. F. Martin, Ill R. D. Higgins, Jr. H. L. Hamrnadt J. C. Gavin, Jr. C. R. Melton R. L. Bennett, Jr. H. S. Houston R. E. Swift S. T. Carter J. W. Megan A. J. McGill W. L. Slagle J. P. Kelley Alpha Beta Tulane

B. H. Giffin,Jr. S. 0. Hubbard J. N. Davis B. E. Herlong R. C. Tylander E. A. Sundy, Sr. W.J. Taylor, Jr. G. N. Howe F. S. Gilbert, Jr. T. B. Simpson G. D. Wood,Jr. F. W. Rivers H. E. Fry, Jr. E. P. Owen, Ill F. C. Davant R. D. Tylander C. L. Parker R. H.'loss L. E. Davis,Jr A. H. Edwards, II A. G. Writers W.L Bailey J. E. Palmer W.F. McCall, Jr. W.E. Combs G. D. Johnson, Jr. J. S. Crown, Jr. B. F. Overton F. K. Mtchell W. M. Gillespie T. M. Fitzgerald C. M. Ramsey D. A. Martinez D.J. Riordan R N. Scott M. E. Harrison C. W. Lapradd W.J. Lewis P. M. Eppele H. W. Pettengil, Jr. H. I. Cross R. O. Austin, Jr. E. F. Cobb H. C. Harrison N.T. Palliser W. F. Seiko P. C. Bart R. C. Barlett B. G. McIntyre R. J. Paterno C. A. Stewart H. Graves, Jr. D.0.Charland S. H. Barker D. W. Henn S. B. Myers, Jr. R. K Cacciatore R W. McMullen, II W.T. Woodward J. J. Powers S. A. Saxon D. R. Whiteman J. D. Howell

R. T. Olsen W.A. Post W. L. Strickland J. R. Kelly

J. G. Scott R. L. James MT.Woodward,Jr. G. R. Harrison B. A. Evans. Sr. C. L. Brown W. A. Howard G. W. Marsh C. E. Richards

G. E. Johnson, Jr.

Alpha Gamma Oklahoma B. T. Dawson B. A. McElyea E. H. Skinner C. T. McClure R. Thornburg E. P. Hugill, Jr. M. E. Metcalfe L. M. Stone C. T. Huddle T. R. Moore C. P. Tate R. D. Fagin W. G. Dunnington V. B. Stansell R. C. Dunnington

G. W. Strain R. W. Hoffman R. J. Ogban J. C.Jordan S. R. Baldwin L M. Besenfelder C. L Haying S. M. Malowney W. H. Pullin C. C. Haddodi, Jr, B. E. Holly J. K. Morris M. F. Symonds E. W. Wolfe F. W. Sechowski, Jr. M. Oliver, Jr. H. E. WNte,Jr. D. L. Taylor B. K. Morris L. D. Gall D. E. Holeman MT. Wiseley H. L. Gasaway

D.J. Werner J. P. McGrel J. H. Boll J. A. Grady G. T. Ryan R. D. Snyder D. A. Wison R. W. Lowder A. B. Stackpole J. A. Weiss R. M. Haldow

R. D. Marlin G. W. Cotton C. Hill J. C. Vignetti G. A. Manhiessen J. Zoltek, Jr.

C. G. Hudspeth D. L. Rondo, Jr. D. A. Gffichell G. C. Wegendt M. E. Timms M Thorn

A. E. Luer R. L. Sullivan T. E. Horvath S. A. Browning D. W. Moore J. H. Fiske!! M. P. McGee M. L. CYDonnell W. P. Keyes C. S. Popikas J. Y. VVilson G. A Leonard D. A. Dvornik PT.Cumnings D. Hocking M. Davis K. J. Mier H. C. Rohrbaugh J. F. Catalani, Jr. OW.Riemer

Alpha Delta Washington

F. 0. Brass, Jr. M B. Varney M. J. Taschke

G. C. Aden P. E. Terzick F. 0. Wollaston J. C, Robertson A. A. Price C. A. Hedreen C. A. Porter T. C. Scheffor W. L. Porter E. R. Allison J. A. Gaguo R. M. Snider

B. M. Clark D. it. Budney

D. Nicholls W. C. Waara D. W. Parker H. J. Novak W.C. Avery

D. D. McBain T. P. Aitchison L. A. Messer J. R. Pedesen J. J. Dailey R J. Hansen M. D. Kinkade W. L. Buell R. C. Bun

J. Blakeway T. G. Frick S J. Gratis

Alpha Epsilon Florida J. 0. Bode,Jr. A. S. Hartong, Jr. H. Frazier A. M. Conaway T. E Anderson C. J. Thomas R. F. Chantliss H. C. Swoope G. S. Coulter C. R. Lee, Jr. A C. Mann

Mph. Zeta Oregon State H. E. Conklin E. F. Fischer L. A. Horton H. R. Kallander N. W. Ruhmann T. H. Hammond G. M. Reid M.C. Wilbur W. S. Alldredge C. C. Ekstrand J. C.'Now S. R. Kelley A. L. Douglas J. C. Ross,Jr. N. B. Flynn L. C. Porter M. D. Knorr J. W. Steward K. M. Hawke, Jr. E. D. Barton G. W. Bunco J. W. Moore R. L. Nondlander N. D. Logan R. E. Curtis J. N. Wilson G. I. Grimes C. G. Estes G. L. Enyeart R. C.Terhune S. L. Goforth R. J. Elfers T. D. Patterson D. P. Perrin F. W. Raw J. T. Reviglio G. L. Snith

R. F. Jewell

R. D. Manning W. W.Thomas R. G.Thompson,Jr. R Colonna D. J. Desilvis J. T. Fenstermather L. J. Kurkoski

R. W.Saunders N. A. Sandvik G. S. Minn G. A. Domesse T.J. Langton, Ill C. R. Hartsough M. Sherry J. M. Cantor C. B. Hampton R. J. Herbage K. W. Dotter T. K. Herbage G. H. KucNer M.G. Herbage R. L. Chambers M. W. Meyer P. C. Meyer W. W.Carter J. A. Wagner D. H. Vawter A. L Amort D. Pynes D. P. Redmond E. K Shimciima Alpha Eta Samford J. C. Lee

J. W. Miree S. W. Hell J. G. Cuninghame, Jr. E. B. Bruce J. W. Vaughn W. C. Davis, Jr. H. B. Goodwin S. W.Jones J. Set E. L. Nichols, Jr. D. E. Nolen S. A. Wade T. D. Michell J. E. Haynes J. H. Hall W. C. Cofield H. P. Brindley, Jr. R. G. Evans, III W. W. Nilson H. J. Yeadde, III J. L Daley D. K. Brower C. W. Still J. E. Purvis J. R. Bell R. E. Greene G. R. Mtchell M. M. Miles, III W. W. Dison, Jr A. G. Sizemore G. T. Simmons L. E. Cartledge, Jr. H. M. Owens

M. F. Seals Alpha Theta IA lc Moen State G. S. McIntyre W.C. Proctor A. G. Spears E. P. Wets 0.J. Schuster A. C. Morley K. A. Sprague A. J. Morse

K. A. Bellinger R. B. McCall E. C. Brewster J. L. Horde,Jr. J. F. Sterling J. N. Wortman R. S. Hoppinstall R. J. Griewe R. S. Trerrbath C. L. Jensen G. E McKay W.J. RtcNe M A. Morse R. R. Casavant R.J. Zimmerman F. H. McDavid C. W. Bonny R. L. Yadiels R. A. Bogart Jr. W. De Maagd R. G. Ewen W. M. Cleary J. F. Stott W. I. Larson C. Rettke J. D. Griffith G. F. WWda B. T. Lessien B. FL Connelly

B. Coinsanti J. A. McCormack J. L. Phillips D. E. Sabrosky D. M. Joy T. D. Aylward L. S. Cobb J. C. Kohler J. T. Schultz K. G. Adams 0.5. Mecelli E. J. Kolemainen A. W. Perlingiere D. D Yanachik M. J. YanacNk L C. Pal,Jr. A. C. Chubb G. G. Peterson F. L. Woodard K. D. Kruger A. R. Sage R. M. Wittman C. C. Luthy

T. H. Bird H. A. tondo, III D. M. Rafferty M. J. Behan D. K. Meyers P. W. Duguid S. E. Evans N.0. Obermeyer M J. Burzych B. Grier Alpha Iota Auburn J. T. Russell M. K. Wilkins L. D. Judkins F. A. Maddox, Sr. J. N. Crum J. P. Lynch, Jr. M. S. Caley J. A. Summerlin, Jr. J. M. Hamilton C. C. Workman,Jr. F. W. Hurt E. C. Rushing W. L. Not, Jr. G. J. Coleman

M. D. Harris J. R. Haley J. W. William W. S. Couch H. Dicus, Jr. E. N Henderson . L. C. Pharo, Jr.

F. H. Hawthorne J. A. Perdue R. L. Ferrell P. T. Persons W. B. Smith D. G. Parmer

W. F. Ford TW. Euler A. T. Cullen F. W. Carroll W.T. Kirkland J. H. Hendry W. E. Colburn B. S. Reed B. C. Home R. C. Ward W. G. Amos G. D. Mtchell G. E. Bruner, Jr. N. D. McClure, IV J. R. Payne P. M. Smith, Jr. N. C. Porter, Jr. H. H. Hartwell B. K. Kennedy J. G. Lovell, Jr. W. B. Smith J. 0. Christiansen, Jr. J. E. Owens,Jr.

S. W.Irby R. S. Travers G. M. Patterson J. E. Kirkendall, Jr. W. W.Jones, Jr. J. D. Wolsoncrori ay W. S.Taylor K. B. Morton, Jr. J. D. Flanagan, Jr. J. W.Forehand, Jr. R. B. Propst G. N. Tobia R. C. Watson D. B. Hutchins J. E. Parker J. E.Johnson R. W. Lawson P. J. Warrisley G.D. Fontaine G. S. Badtwell Alpha Kappa Michigan W. W. Rowley H. Olson D. C. Green H. A. Pullen J. M. Gibson H. C. Hotchkiss E. W. Kock T. B. Newman, Jr J. H. Tabb R. F. Gray W. B. Hopson 0.L. Casey T.J. Rosati J. W.Stephens 0. R. Layman H. L Brinkley, Jr. J. G. Tucker

Alpha Lambda Mlealselppl

TB.Newman J.H. Tabb RR Gray W.B. Hopson 01.Casey TJ. Roseti J.W. Stephens O.R. Layman Ht. Brinkley J.G. Tucker Alpha Mu Penn State R. M Addnson R. B. Grains, Sr J. M. Alter E. W. Murphy R.. Keith,' J. F. Kiesor, Sr

R. E. Peterson E. C. Peterson E. C. Muller P. M. Borg G.G. Turner A. R Yokes D. G. Jones C. H. Case, Jr. J. P. Lonberger J. D. Brisbane

W. C. Brookmyer

1.8. Grube W. R. Walker J. B. Robinson, Ill W. E. Lord

R. M Smith L. M. Knorr R F. Bush R R Jones A. P. Wagner C. C. Curley, Jr. P. L. Davis, Jr. W. C. Gwinner J. H. Ressler R. E. testier B. E. McIntyre F. E. Warner J. P. McCarthy E. R. Yeager R. E. Plymyer K. N. Flodin R. E.Thornton R. W. Boyd W. Mow,Jr. R. B. Craine, Jr. D. B. Wood R. C. Austin D. R. Fischer R. C. Heim W. F. &Joy J W. Bellwoar J. G. Schmucker, III W. Simon, Ill G. K. Fetkenhour L. Garber M. P. Ranc, Jr. R. J. Kleinert J. H. VVIlliamson L. S. Fry, Jr. S. G. Krepps H. M. Moat

E. B. Holtman, Jr. L. J. Shue K. W.Zohner D. K. Reichard G. H. Schaffner W.J. Vernon, Jr. J. E. Schuler T. A. Burns W. E. Johnson J. D. Benedetti R. L. Healy

Page 9

J. F. Kieser, Jr. D. R. Forbes D. A. Kearney R. P. Kebert T. J. Yaws D. S. Mizell K L Sharer R. G. Fidler R. J. Hoppes J. T. Hertz°II M. B. Trull W. F. Tinsley J. F. Fisher F. J. Lynn, Ill M. A. Garda* J. F. Hickey TI. Kraybill B. H. Lehman HG. MoeNer R.J. Parks A. G. Keham S. J. Redden H. N. 13arfoot, Ill S. J. Ciaio T. J. Robinson T. Sherry W.C. Rakcwich C. R. Butler M. D. Berger E. J. Cavalier C. Arnold K C. Waimea M. J. McLaugNin H. V. Gedney, Ill D. S. Hisey D. P. Wham S. B. Letendre B. T. Gearhart P. K. Rudoy J. P. Lod J. Errant° • DS.Caste l° T. J. Bair J. R. Heller B. R. Foster G. M. WIliams S. E. Caddis J. P. Marx R. K. Rayer S. D. Myers W. W. Lawrence R. A. Sandala D.J. Farineli D. W. Mecidey Alpha Nu Ohio State J. H. Haas R. C. Newhouse E. R. Shekel W. P. Ansley L. E. Miler K D. Weber C. A. Stickel H. H. Henrie J. S. Kovic J. L. Miler C. D. Hablitzel L. C. Chadwick Alpha XI P.I.N.Y.

L. Mores R.0. Brown E. E. Paine W. G. Nechanicky B. D. Foot V. H. Uprrier C. Schram, Jr. R M. Kottman R. K. McKean W. R. Moore E. J. Haman W.J. Rickert G. D. Love W. F. Wells J. R Carson F. L Goetsch J E. Legg, Jr. J. W. Coons D. W. Brandt K. R. Hock J. P. Heth W. C. Fritz 0.J. Lee J. D. McCully W. W. Chmolar C.J Rehman,Jr. KJ. Bader H. D. Osborne M. N. Menefee T. J. Hickey J. R. Veeder J. J. Veak W.S. Rosenberger P.a Dyad( S. E. Fritz T. J. Filiziolta N. M. Carver J.0. Sanderson G C. Ruedy I R. Bateman W. R Madden H. M. Lanan K A. Bergstrom F. M. Parrish, III J D. Crawford J. B. Moon J. M. O'Neil J. J. Parrish D. R. Stark B. L. Croucher T. S. Raines L S. Carlson S. R Anderson T. J. Tort H. D. Dirk.sen M. R. Stewart C. P. VanZle D. K. Lithe S. K. Tait P. V. Hal D. L. Brodkey J. G. Greiman Alpha PI U. of the South D. Gilchrist, Jr. J.C. Ritman J.A. Johnston Alpha Rho W. VIrginia

F. A. Bandre J. J. Peirce, Jr. G. L. Graf, Jr. W. K. Sheppard E. B. Fox,Jr. W. K. Sloes R.0. Wagner W.J. Cooney. Jr. Baldwin W. H. S. J. Costa. Jr L. F. Muller, Jr. R. L. Drayer W. G. Hit D. R. Wary K. G. Pratt E. J. Dimond L.0. Albre, Jr. R. D. Austin W. A. Roberts W. V. Davies G. L. McCauslan R. L. Sullivan M.C. Beveridge E. W. Langschwagor F. R. Bold J. S. Cohick G. D. Cock J. J. Perfetli on R. J. Lys P. R. Earley G. J. Hoffer J. P. Mooney E. r. Stacey J. Buhsmer, Jr. . M Cahill, Jr S. Guarino BL. F. G. Pickles T. L. Hill Rusanowsky N. P. R. E. Imbrogno H. K. Hidden M. R. Longo D. R. Seyler J. Mttura D. B. dobson T.J. Maggio R. J. Andrews B. Stone E. J. Caloceri nos M. D. Oliveto W. A. Rapetski F. J. McMahon F. D. Popp J. D. LaRocca M. J. Bzdcazar G. A Fortunato R. W. Bevendge,Jr. Alpha Phl W. B. Hankinson H.J. Zimmer I.I.T. R. J. Bouchard C. L Cusell W. A. Brown J. F. Hurriston B. T. Span J. K Morison A. T. Kelly, Ill H. F. Perlet, Jr. K. E. Kuffner C. A. Schnacke I E. B. Nagel M. B. Stevens M. E. Hession G. J aiehla D. Dropkin A.J. Jungels G. W. Kildand, Jr. R. Nickel R. E. Huh A. F. Bujan K. J. Water W. Dargel M. Brien Cr J. M. G. E. Hoff H. W. Peterson, Jr. A. E. Mchyeta,Jr. C. H. Dustin, III J. V. Roach J. M. Bernstein McCarthy D. G. Snyder A. S. J. L. Pottenger R. J. Krchgessner J. P. Sachs T. K. Hood D. E Holding R Z. Hark G. A. Buettner R. E. Hawkins R. E. Belke Trela C. T. E. A. Donkers G. Mass J. C. Woodling E Rebula R. W. Wolfe J. Keough D. H. Benton P. R. Turgeon L. A. Strobe D. M. Peter R. J. Allen, Ill G. Howell, Jr. W.J. Plichta J. M. Rose K. J. Peterson S. H. Kaitz D. R. Larson R. G. Sidelko B. W. Seiwell A. G. Derr J. W. McMahon E. W. Bisone J. T. Higgins W. M. Dirks E. A. Kaschirts B. A.Johnson D. M. Guzaisky G. Muszalski R. L. Peterson L J. Powell E. W. King J. A. Cunningham F. W. Widlak B. W. Lamacchia D. C. Dirocco R. B. Stevens A. T. Anderson P. W. Wagner S. C. Lehner D. A. Tanner J. B. Deleo K. G. Wohlers K. M. Munoz K. L. Slepicka S. A. Tobiason J. E Ddozal W. A. Steflancin R. W. Hughes J. B. Tesoro L. J. Mance C. A. Cuberson K.0. Yost Safran M. B. Adair P. L. M. K. Ross E. B. Deiter D. S. Baran T. R. Thompson M. L Wegand M. L. Villringer B. C. Cdona Alpha Upsilon R. H. Millman Drexel P. J. Schnit P. A. Racicot L J. Had G. C. Cathay E. C. Wegmann J. A. Kopaz J. McNutt Alpha Chi S. A. Wlson, Sr. Miami S. A. Snith W. L. Stillwaggon R. H. Dougherty, Jr. N. P. Wendelboe F. N. Holley, ill H. Coleman,Jr. W. D. Thomson W. P. Fitzgerald. Jr. W.C. Feldmeyer,Jr. A. W. Tunnel. Jr. hit C. Hopkins J. k Bader R. S. Buchanan W. L. McFadden P. E. Hodgman J. F. Rittenhouse

J. C. Wilson, Jr. P. F. Fisher V. A. Carrougher E. R Srrith C. F. Poster H. G. Marts A. E. Munzer G. P. Addridge B. J. Minetti R. L. Harper H. H. Meyer R. bard H. F. Dieter H. D. Griffin L. N. Rowley, Jr. B. J. Lutz W.J. Troeler, Jr. T. G. Williams C. D. Behringer G. W. Nadel J. F. Bootle J. B. Arbuckle H. G. Kmpel P. E Farley W. E. Eisele R. J. Laughner R. E. Nugent J. E. Ryder H. S. Gartner C. W. Huber G.Alders J. B. Michael L. B. Everett G. C. Davidson, It F. M. Eigner D. A. Deskins C. J. Hecker J. C. Marano, Sr. V. W. Fendrich J. C. Marano. Jr. 0.Jensen W. B. Russell J. G. Anderson A. Taylor C. C. Bunker, Jr. N. G. Evans A. B. Steele J. Smellie A.0. Hansen Alpha Sigma C. a Morn Tennessee J. E. Morrissey J. E. Conover E. H.Zwingle W. J. Griffin K. McPherson H. E. Lerneur R. C. McKelvey A. G. Carter J. F. Stellner F. X. Schindler S. W. Steele J. A. Mete C. E. Rollins R D. Dalziel J. C. Adkins A. R. Muller A. B. Reed M. A. Ebertin R. B. Cecil F. J. Esposito E. S. Byrd R. P. Brady G. A. Sleek) P. J. Hauth J. E.Jones, Jr. H. W. Nindel J. E. Steffner G. R. Goias J. Tombras J. E. McCooey 0. R. Johnson B. Jatzen J. S. Tobias, Jr. R E ODonollue, Jr. A. W. Hatcher J. H. Riper H. B. Simmons R. J. Magg T. E. Earl S. C. Har azim R. E. Gbson,Jr. W.1. Roney,Jr T. H. Banks J. E. Flaherty R. H. Smith P. W. Dillon F. M. Pugh F. M. Herbert, Ill J. T. Cogddl F. C. Hetzer L. D. Harmic H. A. Backofen, Ill D. E. Robinson R. T. Currie P. W. Combs C. M. Gray J. LaRosa R Demand) D. P. Everhart M. Pilo R. C Send W. J. Prinzivalli P. H. Jernigan J. T. Rymer C. L. Stehle D. B. Spalding J. Didonato R. M. Heath T. G. May D. E. Hughes R. Non 14. D. Jorsz R. D. Srucona D. E. House L. T. Destefano W. C. Mays, Jr J. P. Crosson S. A. Moon J. F. Burns K. R. Schneeberger P. M Tierney J. A. Scutherland S. A Honer A. P. Nelson, Jr. S. M. Bertone R. C. Pemberton J. J. Plunkett G. D. Hollins R J. Koerner M. D. Allan G. H. Scheibner B. J. Elowsky Alpha Omicron Iowa State W. F. Kuehne T. M. Shultz W.C. Dom H. L. Whitney J. S. Brown G. J. Kunau J. G. Duncan K. M. Johnson C. W. Files P. M. Muller R. H. Brandau

Alpha Tau Ronssolaer J. A. Peartree R. Y. Atlee R. H. Blackford W. K. Graves M. H. Pretschker B. R. Brown A. R. Gnoiser G J. Mucher J. S. Haverstidt R. J. Fuchs N. F. Nelson W. A. McAuley

R. J. Cannon, Jr. J. A. Haislip, Jr. G. S. Merritt E. R. KieN R. L. Davrs E. M. Simon J. W. Simmons, II 0. M. Hckanson G. C. Hess, Jr. H. D. Heaps, Jr. R. J. Baldwin R. E. Lake T. A. Laroo W. C. Calkins, Jr. H. Cowles R. E. Anderson C. W.Ca nelssen, Jr. W. W. Deardf,Jr. C. S. Kuntz R R. Tomo J. F. Kelley, Jr. D. M. Hilegas G. F. Koliel F. H. Steiger J. A. Steer E. H. Kissirnon P. Brewington J. N. Marshal N. E. Grade, Jr. A. D. Henderson J. M. Hudson E. J. Kulas E. C. Neuman J. V. Reynolds 0. C. Mher, Jr. F. G. Nuenighoff S. R. Penis G. F. Meyers, Jr. D. C. Craft A. P. Lannutti R. k Mosher B. D. Rocuskie F. M. Winton R N. Mensch F. W. Schmehl J. F. Serafin D. K. Dement J. S. Hernias R. P. McCafferty D. L. Schey K. J. Dirkes J. D. Knoll, Jr. T. C. Bock W. P. Carey W. W. Lovell R. E. Klesius J. R. Nyce W. L. Shute L. J. Cicarlo R. H. Griffin D. A. Parsons M. W. Sellers E.G. Lowe D. W. Kulp

Alpha Psi Indiana W. D. Day, Jr. R. W. Hater J. E. Kelsey J. C. VVilliarrts H. 0. Thursby G. L. Allen D. E. Brennan W. M. Runty G. D. Barnes C. V. Martin W. G. Murray C. J. Blackerby J. A. Eshleman A. J. Frame J. D. Dowen W. R. Barnard R. S.Timmons E. M. McCain P. AA. Summers J. R. Fhicluiegle W. G. Timmons R. A. Wingler J. Patterson D. C. Gibson R. L. Stutz C. A. Aichele S. E. Evenbeck D. W. HuHman B. G. Polley R. B. Read J. A. Reilly C. R. Downey T. R Brown M. D. Schlichte J. D. Lingenfelter C. L. Seely P. k Wickland J. M. Leonard R. T. Gnall J. L. Barker J. F. Lou D. E. Rose J. M Hayden S. W. Srrith K. L. McDonald K. L. Woodrick J. E. Kaufman J. A. Hargis R. A. Sparks S. R Sanders J. Goldstone T. E. Baker P. J. Ripka Alpha Omeg• Oregon S. W. Holmes N. S. Weikel T. V. Vandawark

F. L. Streimer G. a Lissy C. W. Neff D. D. Lasselle S. C. Lynch S. W. Sinkleman J. L. Shute Beta Alpha N.J.I.T. W. Oakenell J. VanBrookhavon C. F. Wheeler J. R. Albright L. A. KorriNak D. C. Linske J. S. Urban R. F. Kroh J. B. Snodgrass, Jr. E. F. Moran, Jr. A. P. Brown D. A. WIliams, Jr. R. J. VanDergrift R. M. Fechillas R. S. Pribula R. A. Mason E. K. Wilson, Jr. E J. Kiebaur, Jr. D. E. Bruce R. Spinelli J. V. Lavery R. J. Doudera F. Becker, Jr. P. J. Orban J. A. Stiles K. McCranor G. R. Hospoder J. P. Zengota S. DePalma D. R VanHouten F. J. Czysz T. J. Hans J. A. Krucher J. P. Brogan L. Fisher J. J. Mashed A. E. Krurrins L R. Mceli A. V. Mangone C. G. Mdgley R C. Deloore R. P. Szkodny W. McCabe H. P. Karnes J. F. Lee, Jr. R. M. Labinsky J. Pugliesi P. Bamburak N. Adams R. Pedersen D. White P. J. Hazzard M. A. Lang M. J. Schulzki R. A. Burger Beta Beta Florida South G. C. Bingham, Jr. G G. Peterson F. Halter W. M. Fraser, Jr. D. L. Carroll, Jr. D. P. Brown L W. Carter C. M. Koch R. K. Carol K. S. Waterer, Jr. R. J. Chapin C.J. Evans T. A. Scharfenstein W. W. Dicks J. D. Davis W. H. Beckman G. B. Baker D. R.L. Robertson J. M.Thompson S. L. Cavanah G. D. Kelly, Jr. R. W. Bruce, Jr. D. R. Jones B. W. Sears J. R. Turnbull D. C. Morton Beta Gamma Lou levies E. Richardson D. F. Bloomer C. H. Scherer, Jr. C. M. Hauenstein, III S. E. Harper, Jr. W. D. Robb B. T. Hund J. T. Cook W. L Dewitt C. Y. Coghlan H. M. Zmmerman,Jr R. E. Drabs W. H. Brown, to. J. R. Weber J. A. Koshowa J. L. Paddock, Jr. P. T. Nethery L. A. Hayse Bate Delta Drake B. P. Duncan D. A. Soars R. D. Howell K. R Miler D. R. Dunham W. D. McConaughy G. A. Oldham H. E. Pewit* P. H. Gilman P. D. Try D. B. Walter W. D. Barber H. I. Smith, Jr B. N. Swanson K. J. Piller R. A. CI0110 H. J. Winegar G. Y. Sugiyama R. H. Doyle, IV R S. Paul N. D. Rowland M. D. Hoary J. A. Parsons H M. Brand, Jr. D. E. Hogan J. D. Hornbrock J. Batialt G. E. Meyer A. J. Goldsmith J. G. Howard, III K. K. Galan J. D. Muller B. Paul J. C. Gick J. F. Vertautz R. N. Raskin J. D. Rosen T. D. Frank M. J. Cohen D. B. Rashes

Beta Epsilon Missouri R. M. Persyn G. C. WIliamson F. B. Boyd, Jr. J. T. Boyd W. T. Richards L. A. Harrah J. B. Wade L. G. Trudell J. L. Lichtenberg D. C. Carter D. L. Borgschulte M. A. Castellano S. R. Lauer S. G. Whipple S. L. Orscheln D. D. Roberts R. J. Baker M. B. Smith C. B. Liss nor J. E. Deutschmann W. J Gleason, Ill M. B. Stephens J. J. Studio' K. L. Fellhoelter F. J. Willing J. D. Copeland Beta Eta Florida State

R. H. Anson,Jr. A. H. Dowd R. M. Tucker R. T. Gagnon G. J. Cooper T. C. Keator, II W. Manning J. S. Mimine M. J. Norton J. C. Kelly W. E. Tucker, III Beta Mu Mo N.... E. M Potratz J. A. Green P. A. Tucker R. L. Romero P. A. Brown M. E. Leleauz s. N. Guidry R. B. Smith C. B. Smith S. H. Nelson C. M. Adnan

Beta Theta Arizona R. T. Gilbert C. E. Doleuw, Jr. A. W. Vance, Jr. J. F. Rice Beta Iota Tolsido J. B. Guinan J. J. Connors,Jr. A. B. Mungons R. S. KuNman R. W. Schiller R. G. Smalley,Jr. R. D. Conley W. G. Frederick R N. Lindner W. C. O'Shea L. A. Talmage G. H. Hershman C. T. Kahle P. C. Simon G. K. Dunaway J. L Eisen mann D. D. McEwen R. E. Kagy J. W. White,Jr. M. E. Anderson C. D. Stahl R. H. King T, N. Szymanski R. P. Papa T. A. ramsdell C. A. Myers R. S. Meyer D. R. Dumas M. E. Meyer B. G. Zeiher

D. W. DeColaines, Ill J. C. Win K. L. Pals J. L. Earley S. R. McCord J. T. White C. L. Norman R. C. Williams P. D. Walls G. G. Brermeale

S. M. Shackelford R. A. Viguerie

F. D. Wieser,Jr H. G. Neil, Jr. lemons , J. M.' G. R Whitlodt Dehiese M A.

Beta PI Eisitern Michigan R. H. Falk C. V. Taylor Beta Sigma Northern Illinois D. D. Atkins R. C. Huika D. P. Drew Bets Tau Valdosta C. P. Adams J. W. Eicher R. B. Thomas P. L. Adams H. H. witlord J. T. Brooks W. V. Settle, Ill R. P. Maley W. R. Maxwell T. E. Nelson H. S. Singletary J. M. Dowd M. A. Waddell G. Bridsong J. M. Fulp Beta Upsilon Virginia D. B. Kimball, Jr. J. B. Browning F. J. Higgins S. S. Applegate W. H. Brinkman W. M. Ewald H. W. Hughes P. E. Buppert, Jr. B. J. Ewald G. B. Roberts R D. Schneider D. L. Namay T. Freeman J. D. Looster W. J. Watson, Ill J. D. McLaughlin, Jr. D. T. Smith R. J. Guber B. A. Busceni A. W. Dykers, III S.S. Moore C. L. Nesbit, Jr. G. F. Shipp A. G. Straw S. A. Fedder G. M. Lagus S. P. Nesbit B. L. Block G. A. Dickson D. W. Rogerson T. B. Taylor M. E. Kanavoe R. M. Paschal D. R. Elsasser C. S. McDonald C. E. ?Alder, III D. J. Sullivan, Jr. E. A. Boling J. C. Grizzle S. L. Ritchie J. B. Yount, Ill Beta Phi E. Carolina

R. B. Donaldson D. R. Ward D. E. Perkins R. F. Watson J. B. Whitley C. B. Doss, Jr. P. J. Philips J. W. Baldwin D. R. Ferguson D. C. Code,Jr. J. B. Patton T. K. Rake D. A. Smith

W. H. Lewis, Jr. D. W. McLawhan F. F. Ramseur, III R. D. Scott C. E. Brock, Jr. C. D. Darden D. C. Frazier R. R. Siegfried I. T. Yopp, Ill D. R. Barbour J. G.Culp J. M. Burt E. S. Banks,Jr. G. A. Jewell J. M. Terry, Jr.. F. D. Judson D. M. Brown G. W. Harris J. F. Hallow, Jr. R E. Hackney, Jr. J. W. Harwood R A. Brewster W. C. Ealy J. R. Forshaw T. A. Hart, Jr. S. T. Hicks, 11 W. L. Bullodt Sit T. Aides B. A. Mullis

G. H. Looper T. E assonnetto S. J. Knit J. R. Crosby G. Walton J. A. Gallagher D. E. CYNeal R. A. Myers W. G. Birch G. W. Bolder R. M. Griffin, Jr. J. K. Neve

Bete Chi E. Texas State

Beta Pei Tonnes... Wesleyan

Beta Kappa Georgia State

Beta Lambda Tampa

J. L. Poole R. D. Beisedter, Jr. S. B. Pendergraft

Bets Nu Houston

Beta XI Central Michigan B. M. Eaton B. A. McCray D. M. Valerio R. P. Gillis C. Kamochos T. E. Taylor K. W. Saith L. Almerico B. R. Nittse G. M. Carter S. J Thatcher R. C. Lukas E. E. Cheosoman, Jr. D. E. Gappison G. G. Fernandez Beta Omicron B. Stilwell, Jr. N.W. State C. L Delk W. J. Green, Jr. P. Rochette,Jr. P. A. Kalmes P. G. Durham, Jr. J. M. Lloyd S. W. West W. R. Mock, Jr. J. C. Pehior M.J. O'Farrell J. G. Ode n L. J. Leslie G. P. Fink R. B. Boersma G. W. Hollingsworth A. Bachman J. W. Newman,Jr. C. W. MacMdlin J. E. Newman F. M. Ryll, Jr. C. M. Wilson L. A. Bodiford R. F. Brown R. N. Clark R. M. Blom N. D. Stoddard D. L Ulloa H. E. McCall, Jr. D. P. Stewart, II J. L. Wright S. M. Wilson,Jr. T. E. Williams C. B. Reisinger D. V. Allen J. D. Bultman M. B. Vasquez D. Dunbar L. W. Sandburg R. L. Sargent J. M. Holler M. W. Waters C. D. New P. M. Daugherty N. H. Beaver D. T. Prior J. B. Newman S. A. McNeece G. K. Vaughn J. D. Backer R. 0. Glisson

R. L. Wilburn, Jr. L. C. Edmonds T. F. Wright, Jr. B. C. Hayden R. K. Langley W. F. Avera J. T. Geraghty C. D. Brewer J. H. Parrish M. N. Chesson J. G. Damron H. C. Boone

Beta Omega E. Tenn. State B. C. Brown R. H. Blair E. W. Smith R. R. Palmer B. T. Williams R. V. Lembinski J. S. Jones F. D. Kabool,Jr. M. B. Claman W. R. Mayes,Jr R. G. YackaN n R. K. Younger M. A Swartz Gamma Alpha Livingston J. W. Carter S. Garnett, Jr. B. C. Wager W. P. Taylor H. E. Penis J. B. Gary T. J. Hoffman H. W. Bloom, Jr. M. Smith P. Mtchell M. F. Modonald K. D. Bullock B. A. Collins R. C. Maske D. K. Lake W. N. Presley, Jr.


Gamma Beta Old Dominlon D. L. Dixon , Jr. :n.: . . Aago, C,B : .A wH; L.A W.G Bright Jr.

T. L Bach.. C. E. Brady, Ill E. H. by D. M. Midget' A. M. Wider, Jr. T. J. WIliams R G. Howard P. V. Shebalin J. E. Britton, III J. C. VanCleve, Ill W. W. Ridgely C. Mackenzie J. E. Prillaman P. C. Davenport,Jr, J. M. Bednarek W. P. Wilcox Gamma Gamma Troy D. L. Bozeman K. M. Robinson M. Landers S. R. Muer C. A. VIckers, Jr. D.0, Batchelor, Jr. S. L. Calton L. S. Turrin M L. Dawkins,Jr. J a Hartert D D. Duncan S.a Sauggs J. C. Dankewich Gamma D.h. Memphis W. T. Siebert S E. Vazquez R. A. Mullin J D. Saban T. H. Appleton, Jr. S. L Cox H. W. Bow R. Franklin J. M. Ray G. A. VanAsek T. L. Carter D. L. Everson P. B. Wood J. E. Younger T. F. Lynch P. C. Brown U. E. Oyler, Jr. H. H. Groves C. L Hall, II R Cal D. T. Lamont D. C. George D. E. Laffiteau Gamma Epsilon Witetwn Carolina L Y. Ramsey R. L. Crawford T. V. Hayworth W. F. Willis W. H. Upchrsch,Jr. R. D. McKenzie L. Adams D. C. Turner W. M. Feistier D. C. Brown M. C. Davos, Jr. T. F. Perkins J H. Petty J. 0. Craft, Jr. R. B. Shaver B J. Kalet G. F. Leonard, Jr. S. C. Davis, Jr W. L. Laden

Gamma Omicron • Bethel D. W. Maris

Gernm• Zeta Wait Virginia Tech P. R. Oneacre J. P. Mann D. R. Legg C. W. Hutzler D. L. Hirneisen W. S. Kocher D. L Prinzbach R. E. Isom J. C. Harris M.C. Paterno D. F. Mallessann S. A. Kraycar G. D. Culotta G. A. Franz,Jr. D. E. Skaggs C. A. Ridtenbach E. D. Bauer R. K. Freeman L. J. Sigafoos D. M. Jones II A.. DA. C

Gamm• Pi NW State

T. L. Childers C. A. May K. A. Vining, Jr. R. L. Rebel R. C. Barr, Jr. iheasis tacki sa ya J..H 0..L

G H. Rlson Gomm. Rho Lander J. T. Lusk S. L. Byrd B. C. Young J. H.Turner F. A. Neil, Jr. J. A. Cabri G. M. Chaney K. W.Sherard S. F. Sherard, III E. L. Price, Jr. R. W. Craft J. McCoy G.C. Stafford J. B. Jenkins C. M. Watson, Jr.


S. M. Moore J. R Lemrnert, Jr. T. W. Miler D. L Holt W. G. Conrad, Jr. R S. Smith C. W. Volt P. A. Mattox, Jr. S. A. Katz D. C. Edwards H. R. Sanders, Ill L. T. Kdman,Jr. M. B. Sulivan T.J. Sakach Gamma Eta

Athens H. B. Lewis WJ. Kelly D. H. Litton, IV T. S. Reinke R. W. Slaybaugh, II J. P. McClendon, Jr C. D. Howell Gamma Theta NC.WilmIngton W. B. Kirby O. K. Wale, Jr. G. W. Chadwick W. E. Dalton J. M. Corcoran J M. Pollard, Jr. J. H. Farber H. C. Merritt, Jr. W. T. Zoph,Jr. J. M. Sondey J. C. Piner L.. M. A Wails L. H. Harris D. C. Myers Gamma iota LSU J. L. Lanaux F. E. Holiman Gamma Kappa Georgia Southern J. F. Riggs M. W. Nesnith S. S. Bishop R M. Berry J. W. Odom,Jr. R. S. Sapcugh, Jr. J. B. Graham M. L Parrish K. C. Penn M. W. Miller D. M. Newell G. Aspinwall S. D. Rawlins M. L. Wolfe G. R. Power,Jr. D. S. Pettephir Gamma Lambda M lasourl-Rolle P. K. Schemer M. R. Schnetler J. M. Ingram M. P. Goia, Jr. R. A. Mosher R. Bentzinger G. L Hale R.J. Mullin, II W. H. Coalson R. D. Picolet E. S. Horns J. M. Gioia W.J. Stein M J. Hoffmann T. W. Laventure R. C. Simpson R A. Schmedake

Gamma Sigma Armstrong J. R. King P. k Kaluzne. Jr. D. A. Leonard C. J. Zittrouor R. E. Tucker. Jr. E. A. Haynes J. E. Carter, Jr.

Gamma Tau North Texas R M. Williams T. W. Russell Gamma Upsilon Oklahoma State T. V. Gish J. W. Faust J. L. Kruska C. J. Rogers Walker G. W. W A. Standridge J. A elley H.. HEloowms L B. K. W. Wellzhoimer B. S. Richards P. W. Perdue Gamma Phi S. Alabama L H. Green C. N. Doggett° D, T. Jackson M. E. Rainwaters D. S. Ram J. R. Rose S. F. White R. C. Healy J. G. VanDenvood K. E. Webb J. T. Nil J. S. CYNeill G. L Chastang J. W. Greene P.J. Langenbach M. B. Woods niampter SW'.'llitiC.vKaae Gamma Chi Jacksonville U. annEcvhegy Sty comb L. v S. L P M. Pit Broward R M. C.cutt D. H. Zavan Gamma Psi Augusta M. E. Weed F. Damieno J, s. Dean B. A. Keel JM..013.HtpAimithn. J. T. Lusk S. L. Byrd B. C. Young J. H. Turner F. A. Ned, Jr. Gamma Omegs Montevallo R. V. Wheahon D. C. Bennett D. E Wgginton R. J. McGhee T. G. Srritherman R. E. Howard,.1. H. W.Jones M. G fusee,

Gamma illu Dierigtaintipth. Belmont Abbey Col. v G. A Picks J. T. Farrell G. F. Kusic J. R Cottingham, II Gomm. Nu LaGrange Col. H. E. Stoats, 11 C. H. Robinson R. D. Sirrs D. A. Long C. W. Everstine C. W. Bassett R. L. FFIIT J. D. Snyder S. M. Angel Gamma XI GA Southwestern D. W. Suppes W. L. Finney arly Foiggger L. Be H. J. B. Pond B. E Wet, III H. H. Vaughn, Jr. A. W. Howard B. H. Hamrick P. Lee M. W. Hall J G. Broadhurst N. D. Suggs J. B. Cdston M. R. Todd D. G. Wallis B. J. Marino B. C. Andrews,Jr.


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D.Ita PI Wright St.

R. A. Prowitt B. K Rockwell D. W. Strewn B. A. Hollingworth L. A. Koppe S. Fabozzi R. E Waugh B. M. Morris n C.. DA.. T J. S. Wlson, III Brown K. C. Carpenter Delta Gamma Kronenbergor Nebraska-Omaha W. R. M. E. Jones J. A. Martin D. C. Dvorak T. J. Waypa K A. Liesche, Jr. D. H. Ehrlich Rho Delta B. F. Burks Southern Calif. K Darn W. M. Gile J. R. Hotchluss M. E. Cherney R. E. Corber i P. B. Androws D. F. Grad, III E. A. Lang, III ur nes R.. KL. TBaut J E. J. Hogan, III J. J. McMenamin Delta Delta C. M. Sarture, 11 N.E. State R. K. Dukes C. L. Anderson J. M Kluft K. M Lotosky H. IL.AkEwiefran a B. J. Hendnckson S. A. Moser G. D. Lykins G. A. Herig M. H. Ratliff P. E. Kimmel J. Prewitt J. M. Springer G. D. Lay Delta Sigma S. D. Whitaker Bowling Green State Delta Epsilon C.L. Anderson Jacksonville KM.Lotosky B.J. Hendrickson H. G. Wlkins H. D. Barham, Jr. S.A. Moser GA. Hang R. D. Masters R. Y. Owen Delta Tau T. D. Kendrick James Madison U. F.0. Holland C. W.Jones B. D. Baldwin J. H. Young, Jr. B. Hauptman R. A. Stewart J. P. Keilsohn J. L Davis C. E. Kelly T. Gann M. W. Moroney Delta Zeta W. S. Rector Appalachian W.J. Heath A. D. Conner a R. Gannon M. R. Evans D. A. Vaughn R. K. Alldredge F. W.Price S. E. Dicks M. F. Christopher C. L. Negaard M. H. Allison P. A. Tucker D. S. Owen D. D. Hill R. G. Ouellette G.0. Lane, III G. G. Davidson J. S. Apisidas J. A. Raines, Jr. W. B. Krkconnell, Jr. dlilarrs Hw R. 0w..W H J. D. Harvey W. G. Lyall G. J. Proctor A J. Cuickenton M.. MJ.TMorrcisietti D J. L. Payne C. W. Hayes Delta Upsilon R L Thomas U. of Pittsburgh G. M. Baldwin Dolt. Eta Morehead T. F. Redmon N. Hawkins S. 0. Wallace L. Kring G. L G D. H. Wiliam. J. G. Bennett K R Unger D. L. Greene

T. P. Atone K. G. CougNin K. E Rosenbaum, Jr B. W. Fankhauser R. Kincaid

Delta lots Middlis IN State

D•Ita Chi Kane.. St.

M. D. Snyder K. A. Meek S. C. Hill M. Richter J M. Goulds L. C. Bowker Nitta Kappa D. H. George Pembroke J. L. Moister K. Reeve. ' C,J. Bennett, Jr. G. A, Bondman D. J. Elliott D G Lee W. R Coppedge, Jr. ' ' R. E. Wec,ers J. A. Schugart Delta Lambda NC-Charlotto Delta Pal

M. L. Potts K. W. Walden S. L. Gass C. P. Hanley

M. E. Ashley G. N. Smith H.J. Harkey, II C. A. Marus C. P. Cannon F. C. Proctor, Jr S. R. Merck M. E. Callaghan W. L Dawkins T. L Rogers E. G. Smith J. H. Kitchell W. L. Herford B. N. Boyd W. C. Jackson, Jr R. D. Holley D. S. Higgins o. R. G. Pope

Delta Beta N. Georgia

G. H, Freeman, Ill B. A. Mesden C. D. Tatum

W. A. Tew D. W. Nicholson V. C. Eilenfiold M. R Pickett V. D. Irvin C. E. Mitchell

J. G. Graham, Ill tsonr, Jr, haembe Rci, C. J. Sc

Thillats H

R. R. Castona, Jr. G. S. Rogers

M, H. Sutton D B. A Hill, Jr. C. A. Cecchini R P. Moultrie croll, Ill wirAgo w..Ba p.. E T

Delta Phi Redford Col.


C. W. Little W. D. Rau B. A Nash W.J. Ryan L. R Head R. M. Bailey J. D. Moose M. E. Hall, III J. M. Crag B. J. Eastridge

D. L. Walker B. W. Pope P. J. Rodgers T.0. Nicholson, Jr. B. L. Toth U. G. Matherly. Jr. T. J. Persia C. L Samples A. H. Bright W. E. GOMM,

H. E. Simon C.J. Rusbasan K. Ywasevich J. A. Maochi L. E. He/pain

d rat elithaoM . H D

Texas-Arlington H. G Bel, Ill B. L Jacobe W. T. Smell M. F. Jacobs Delta Omega Texas A&M

E. G. Chaffin, Jr. ers jce Ro;Ita JM..HZ..w S. A. Pirkle J. R. Suggs Jr. J. A. Guess E. R Nbods,Jr. R. C. Game Delta Omicron Nicholls St. D. A. Champagne M.C. Garrard R. S. Hebert M. L. Gravels J. J. Olin J. D. Entre R. J. Bellanger

Epsilon Epsilon Clinch Valley Col. R:HH.. Sa T jr. Darby, A. D. Wallace E. M. Henry D. M. Donathan Epsilon Zeta U. of Central AR J. L. Bearden K. D. Crissler Epsilon Eta Winthrop Col. D. L. Agerton M..JA..SPLarson T J. A. Mahoney Epsilon Theta Sultan Hail L. S. DePalma D. M. Tower R. C. Knott P. E. Gerrie D. B. Hunter W. P. Freeman eab lnot llon. pcso . N E

W. M. Julian K. A. Lamm R. J. King M. L. Lineback J. A Shaw I. G. Lands D. B. Craft J. T. Fore M. K. Miler H. Y. Ingram Epsilon Kappa Southern Tech. J. A. Ransom M. L Hubsky G. P. Chinni L. E. Bell R. G. Cole,Jr. J. R. Barrow F. E. Johnston ..Jeflcrds. to,j,. WS..Ts Weathers.

R. L Brown M. L. Trotter D. 1st Patel Epsilon Lambda USC-Spartanburg W.S. Weathers,Jr. RL Brown

M.L. Trotter D.M. Patel Epsilon Mu Bradley B. Boillotat J. A. Luebke.' VI:Ton LaarI 13.- L. Ch 0 W. Furling, Ill wner A::rieiw iH h: p B. J. Hynes J. K Craton F.J. McCue B. G. Magnate Epsilon No Calif. St.-Sacramonto R. E Langboin M.J. Glazier K. A. Spannuth K. R. Ericson J. K &akin C. B. Schumacher S. E. Valor S. M. Warda Epsilon Xi LaSan. Col. E. J. Jesko D. W. Give), J. M. Coulson B W. Driscoll J. D. Alfredo P. J. Jesko R. Tekei J. N. Oswald Epsilon Omicron Vildnova

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G. N. Dunn L. W. Wright T. D. Kitching, II

P.J. Biombetti T. Pis:Sone . T. V. Garrehs

Epsilon Alpha Eion Col.

Epsilon Pi VA Commonwoulth

sirmscmh:asnn H B. W. C. G. Jeragan B. E. Waders, Jr.

T.0 6.. Butler, D. C. Melds Epsilon Rho Lenoir-Rhyne

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Delta XI N. Alabama

J. L. Hurst D. M. Smith,Jr. D. C. Weaver

A. L Blakely

Epsilon Sigma Epsilon Beta Grand Valley St. Col. Christian Brothers T. R. Lukomski J. H. Beyerlein S.J. Gilbert R. D. Ikerd A. L. Letson D. A. Cummings

M. C. Craven G. D. Solberg J. S. Terry

Epsilon Gamma Longwood Col.

N.J. Goiia V. J. Thompson, 11

K. F. Moore B. P. Gorman E. R. S. McAra D. C. Sisco, II J. P. Thomas n ankkie, Rtry W.s A. W D

Epsilon Upsilon Georgia College B. L Dodd° G. A. Brown C. A. Morgan

G. C. Slack B. A. Cofer

Epsilon Phi U. of Al•bama-Birmingharn

Epsilon Tau St. Joseph'.

J. S. McCarty Epsilon Delta Aubum.Montgom•ry T. R. Mullis G. Jackson. Jr.

Page 10

Welcome! New Leadership Consultants The coming year should be exciting for Pi Kappa Phi. Never before has it scheduled so agrressively toward expansion and recolonization as well as making sure each chapter receives the type of support that it needs through chapter visitation by leadership consultants. The man-power for this aggressive year will be provided by Pi Kappa Phi's new Leadership Consultants. Wally Wahlfeldt, a graduate of the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana and initiate of Upsilon Chapter expects to apply his talents to a number of targeted expansion sites. A speech communication major, Brother Wahlfeldt was Archon of Upsilon while there. An OakLawn, Illinois native, he explains why he wanted to be a Leadership Consultant, "I feel very proud to have been asked to join the Administrative Staff and hope to give back to the Fraternity as much as it has given me." the joins IV Camp Thomas Administrative staff from Georgia Southern College's Gamma Kappa Chapter. A marketing graduate, he served Gamma Kappa as its Historian, Secretary, and Archon. Calling his home Jacksonville, Florida, Brother Camp is an avid golfer. Kenneth Kaiser, from Delta Sigma Chapter at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio also joins the Administrative Staff as a proven leader. A prime mover in the formation of the nationally known "Never Again" campaign against drunk driving, Brother Kaiser brings great experience to the Leadership Consultant position. He is a native of Wauseon, Ohio.

Executive VicePresident of Pi Kappa Phi Properties, Inc. Named Joseph A. Brady has been named as successor to Gary Leonard as Executive Vice-President of Pi Kappa Phi Properties, Inc. Brother Brady, a graduate of Villanova University and initiate of Epsilon Omicron Chapter, will serve the Fraternity as an executive staff member as well as his responsibilities with Properties. A Norristown, Pennsylvania native, Brother Brady graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. While at Villanova he was elected as President of the Northeast Interfraternity Council in addition to being President of the Villanova IFC. He brings a wealth of experience as result of this experience and Pi Kappa Phi welcomes him.

The dedication ceremonies of the Administrative Office, November 22, 1975 in Charlotte, North

Carolina. Ted Scharfenstein, then National President

delivered the address. Over 300 Pi Kapps were in attendance at the dedication.

The funding of the Administrative Office By Durward W.Owen This article is one of a series of historical perspectives, written by Durward W. Owen, Executive Director of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. As Executive Director since 1959, Durward Owen has provided strong administrative leadership as well as progressive ideas to Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. His series of historical essays provide a first person account of the growth and direction that the Fraternity has undergone and taken in the past 27 years. In November, 1972, the National Council was meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, at an airport motel. Early on the agenda that Saturday was the subject of a permanant Administrative Office for Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. Based upon the documentation I had provided, the Council agreed to the continued location of the Administrative Office in Charlotte, North Carolina, and for the Fraternity to proceed developing a program whereby a permanent building would be constructed. Previously we had been residing in a frame home converted for office purposes. As part of the conversation the possible funding of such was discussed. This definitely offered the magnitude of being a separate subject for a later date after the groundwork had been prepared for the Council's consideration. The meeting ended late in the afternoon and the Council members and I had been invited to Phil Tappy's house for dinner. Phil was National Secretary for the Fraternity residing in Atlanta, and working for Eastman Kodak. I drove a station wagon and Elmer Jost was seated in the front seat with me. Jack Steward and Ted Scharfenstein were in the back seat. As we were driving along, Elmer Jost again brought up the subject of funding a new Administrative Office. His proposal was that we send letters to all alumni

asking for a $20 contribution from every alumnus, numbering approximately 22,000 at that time. I believed I had some feeling for fundraising and proceeded to "lecture" Elmer on the fact that to raise large funds you did not do so by letters to all the alumni of the Fraternity. Elmer quickly indicated that if I were so smart how would I suggest that we do it. I said, "Elmer, if you will give the Fraternity $250 to build a Headquarter's building, I will give the Fraternity $250." (Inferring that the way you raise money was eyeball to eyeball and by one who was giving to ask the other to give.) Elmer didn't hesitate. He said, "Durward, if you will give $250, I am worth a lot more than you are; I will give $2,000." I said, "Elmer, I wasn't kidding." Elmer said, "Neither was I." And he proceeded to pull out his checkbook and write a check for $2,000. I looked in the mirror to Ted Scharfenstein in the back seat and said, "Ted, how much are you going to give." He said, "I will match your $250." By this time Jack Steward was very uncomfortable and he did not wait for me to ask the question, he simply said, "Durward, you can count me in for $250 also." If you will add that up you will note that as of that moment I had raised $2,750; $2,000 of which was in my hand. We were rather excited about what we had accomplished already and so when we got to Tappy's house Ted Scharfenstein and I asked John Wilson if he would come into another room and talk just for a minute. John agreed to do so and I proceeded to tell John exactly what had transpired in the wagon driving to Phil's house. John Wilson said that he concurred in what we were doing, and how we were doing it, and in fact he would give me a check for $500 plus more later. He proceeded to write a check for $500 and by

Goodbye and Good luck

Wally Wahlfeldt

Gary Leonard

Thomas Camp IV

Kenneth Kaiser

Peter Duguid

Joseph Brady

Jay Barrow

Each year the Pi Kappa Phi Administrative Staff says goodbye to a number of fine men who have given of their time and talents as an Administrative Staff member. This year the staff will greatly miss the employment of three who have served their Fraternity well. Leaving to return to school for his MBA at the University of North CarolinaChapel Hill is Gary Leonard. Gary, an initiate of Alpha Epsilon Chapter at the University of Florida, served the Fraternity for three years. After spending one year as a Leadership Consultant he then moved into the position of Executive VicePresident of Pi Kappa Phi Properties. His contributions to both Pi Kappa Phi Properties, Inc., and to the Fraternity resulted in the advancement of professionalism in both areas. Peter Duguid is also returning to school, he to Michigan State University. Pete served Pi Kappa Phi as a Leadership Consultant for one year and a half, and as Director of Membership for an additional year. An initiate of Alpha Theta Chapter at Michigan State University, Pete played a major part in the reorganization and subsequent success at that chapter. As a member of the Administrative Staff he has

now I had $2,500 in hand and $750 was pledged. Ted, John, and I returned to the den and quickly grabbed Robert Lee Bennett. John Wilson and I went with Bob to another room and once again repeated the story up to that point. Bob didn't hesitate but indicated that he would pledge $3,000, to be paid when he "got his relief check". If you add that up you will see that I now had $2,500 in cash plus $3,750 pledged. continued procedure This same throughout the evening until every person there including Jerry Matthews, a staff member, had made either a financial contribution or a pledge. In other words, in two hours time we had raised $7,000. I had written on 3x5 cards the pledges and contributions being made that evening and made it a practice for three or four months following this to always have those cards, along with blank ones, in my pocket. At the appropriate moment most alumni I met were told the same story repeated above, and the adendum of where we stood at that point. Within two months I raised $22,000 with which we purchased two acres of land on 1-77. The same story was continued, resulting in a total of $56,000 being raised in less than one year's time. It should be noted that this was done without tax exemption for money being donated. The smallest gift was $6.60 from Al Brown of Beta Alpha Chapter at Newark; $7,500 from Elmer Jost and his estate was the largest. All this goes to show that if you ask for a reasonable cause people will contribute, if you ask for it appropriately and timely. As part of the archives of the Fraternity, we now have 27, 3x5 cards with people's names and the amount contributed on them. I believe this to be one of my better stories regarding my employment experiences with the Fraternity.

contributed greatly to the Fraternity's expansion efforts over the past two years. An initiate of Epsilon Kappa Chapter at Southern Tech, Jay Barrow is leaving the Administrative Staff after a year and one half as a Leadership Consultant. Jay, who is returning to Southern Tech for his second degree, also contrituted to the success of the Fraternity's expansion efforts over the past year and one half. A consummate professional, Jay, upon receipt of his second degree, will join his father in the farm machinery business.

Serving Pi Kappa Phi for another year Remaining on staff for their second year are Leadership Consultants J. Bernie Magoon, Stuart Volker, and Richard Pope. The experience gained from a year "on the road" will greatly enhance the Administrative Staffs Leadership Consultant program. Brother Magoon is an initiate of Gamma Chapter at the University of California - Berkeley, Brother Volker is an initiate of Epsilon Nu Chapter at Sacramento State and Brother Pope is an initiate of Beta Eta Chapter at Florida State. Each of them expect to provide fuel to this year's aggressive expansion and recolonization schedule.

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Did you know? Fraternity Facts and Figures *In 1985, there were 5618 undergraduate chapters and 350 colonies in the United States. There were 300,000 undergraduate members and 100,000 initiates. The total number of living alumni members is nearly 4 million. *Fraternity alumni members have an average income of $73,000 and 94% are college graduates according to a study by the Greek Magazine Advertising Group, Inc. The group's readership survey indicated that 9 out of 10 read all or parts of their fraternity's magazine (you must be one of the nine) . . . average age is 46.2 years . . . 72.9% are married . . . more than 85% have bank credit cards . . . and 53.4% own three or more cars. Powerful demographics! *The average fraternity has 81,451 initiates- since founding. The largest, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, has 201,000 initiates. Pi Kappa Phi is 26th in size with 49,202 initiates.

*Pi Kappa Phi has 105 active undergraduate chapters while the average fraternity has 97 chapters. The largest fraternity in number of chapters is Tau Kappa Epsilon with 275. Pi Kappa Phi ranks 17th in size. *Since 1968, the last year with completed figures for all chapters, the average fraternity has grown in number of chapters at a rate of 16%. Pi Kappa Phi with an 84% growth rate (57 to 105) is number one. *Pi Kappa Phi chapters initiate 81.4% of their pledges while the average fraternity initiates 79.4%. *Sigma Chi has an annual budget of $1,976,000.00 while the average national fraternity operates on an annual budget of $638,834.00. The Pi Kappa Phi annual operating budget of $550,000.00 ranks 19th of all fraternities. *Student members of Pi Kappa Phi pay $130.00 for initiation; $30.00 as a pledge

fee; and $20.00 per year for three years. This constitutes a total four-year cost of membership for an undergraduate of $220.00. The average four-year cost of all fraternities is $226.00. *Students pay 77% of the cost of operating Pi Kappa Phi while in the avzrage fraternity 53% of the cost is paid by students with alumni contributing 47%. *You have done it again! The annual giving of Pi Kappa Phi alumni has set with $98,476.00, an another record increase of $11,286.00 over the previous year. *In 1974 the Fraternity purchased two acres of land on 1-77 for $22,000 and in 1975 constructed an Administrative Office at a cost of $152,000. Then in the early additional 17 acres of 1980's an surrounding undeveloped land was purchased for approximately $75,000. This which constitutes the total package Administrative Office of Pi Kappa Phi is located in a growing and valuable section Carolina. The North Charlotte, of surrounding property, including Pi Kappa Phi, is now of considerably greater value then when purchased. In order to make better use of this valuable asset the Fraternity may have to relocate and make use of the resulting cash gains.

Another Record Year for Pi Kappa Phi: and all Fraternities Pi Kappa Phi 1985-86



Pi Kappa Phi 1984-85

Kappt PIFii Alumni Givhag Top Twenties Top 20 Chapters # of Contributors to Annual Appeal 1. Alpha Epsilon-Florida 2. Omicron-Alabama 3. Alpha Mu-Penn State 4. Omega-Purdue 5. Iota-Georgia 6. Alpha Upsilon-Drexel 7. Alpha Tau-Rensselaer 8. Kappa-UNC Chapel Hill 9. Xi-Roanoke 10. Upsilon-Illinois 11. Alpha Xi-PU 12. Alpha Omicron-Iowa St. 13. Lambda-Georgia 14. Alpha Iota-Auburn 15. Alpha Theta-Michigan St. 16. Alpha Zeta-Oregon St. 17. Gamma-Berkeley 18. Alpha Phi-IIT 19. Sigma-South Carolina 20. Beta Alpha-NJIT

132 124 121 116 104 104 94 94 86 81 74 73 71 70 69 68 57 56 56 55



All National Fraternity Average


Top 20 States $ to Annual Appeal 19.5




Average Chapter Size

Initiates for year

Pledges for year

Average Number of pledges per chapter

Average number of initiates per chapter

The Pi Kappa Phi Administrative Staff 1986 - 87

Serving Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity from the Administrative Office in Charlotte, North Carolina are: Front Row (seated, left to right),Wally Wahlfeldt, Leadership Consultant, Scott E. Evans, Director of Communications, Durward W. Owen, Executive Director. Standing from left to right, Bernie Magoon, Leadership Consultant, Thomas Camp, Leadership Consultant, Glenn Dickson, Assistant Executive Director, Joseph Brady, Executive Vice-President of Pi Kappa Phi Properties, Richard Pope, Leadership Consultant, Stuart Volker, Leadership Consultant

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Florida Georgia North Carolina California Virginia Alabama South Carolina Texas Pennsylvania New Jersey Illinois New York Tennessee Ohio Maryland Michigan Indiana Oklahoma Oregon Massachussetts

$ 10,764 8,705 7,165 6,265 5,294 5,196 5,080 4,705 4,079 4,051 3,390 3,325 2,855 2,092 2,073 1,990 1,847 1,460 1,420 1,380

Top 20 Chapters, Alumni Giving to Annual Appeal in $ 1. Alpha Epsilon-Florida $ 4,435 3,885 2. Omicron-Alabama 2,935 3. Iota-Georgia Tech 2,907 4. Omega-Purdue 2,869 State Mu-Penn Alpha 5. 2,765 6. Alpha Upsilon-Drexel 7. Kappa-UNC Chapel Hill 2,458 2,400 8. Alpha Tau-Rensselaer 2,250 9. Xi-Roanoke 10. Alpha Zeta-Oregon State 2,210 2,175 11. Upsilon-Illinois 12. Alpha Omicron-Iowa St. 2,165 2,146 13. Alpha Iota-Auburn 1,990 14. Lambda-Georgia 1,834 15. Alpha Xi-PU 16. Alpha Theta-Michigan St. 1,735 1,670 17. Mu-Duke 1,670 18. Alpha Psi-Indiana 1,631 19. Beta Alpha-NJIT 1,615 20. Gamma-Berkeley

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Chapter Box Scores Student Members Including Assoc.

Total Chapter Initiates

Alpha-Charleston Beta-Presbyterian Gamma-Berkeley Delta-Furman Zeta-Wofford iota-Georgia Tech Kappa-UNC-Chapel Hill Lambda-Georgia Nu-Nebraska-Lincoln Xi-Roanoke College Omicron-Alabama Rho-Washington Fa Lee Sigma-USC-Columbia Tau-NC State Upsilon-Illinois Chi-Stetson Psi-Cornell Omega-Purdue

62 33 69 53 34 47 82 72 71 35 110 49 78 53 47 47 0 79

734 605 905 403 655 1038 881 1011 499 804 1434 794 815 775 777 1009 668 1192

Alpha Alpha-Mercer Alpha Epsilon-Florida Alpha Zeta-Oregon State Alpha Eta-Samford Alpha Theta-Michigan State Alpha Iota-Auburn Alpha Mu-Penn State Alpha Xi-Polytechnic Univ. Alpha Omicron-Iowa State Alpha Rho-West Virginia Tech Alpha Sigma-Tennessee Alpha Tau-Rensselaer Alpha Upsilon-Drexel Alpha Phi-IIT Alpha Psi-Indiana

28 175 69 50 90 57 56 15 30 50 44 75 106 49 33

344 1464 801 738 928 1200 1038 628 644 188 723 897 1054 693 506

Beta Alpha-NJIT Beta Beta-Florida Southern Beta Gamma-Louisville Beta Delta-Drake Beta Epsilon-Missouri-Columbia Beta Eta-Florida State Beta Iota-Toledo Beta Kappa-Georgia State Beta Lambda-Tampa Beta Mu-McNeese Beta Tau-Valdosta State Beta Upsilon-Virginia Beta Phi-East Carolina Beta Chi-East Texas State Beta Omega-East Tennessee

56 26 41 64 44 41 48 20 17 27 45 64 42 15 53

529 440 234 573 333 674 359 343 514 246 409 430 463 285 275

Gamma Alpha-Livingston Gamma Beta-Old Dominion Gamma Gamma-Troy State Gamma Delta-Memphis State Gamma Epsilon-Western Carolina Gamma Zeta-West Virginia Tech Gamma Theta-UNC-Wilmington Gamma Kappa-Georgia Southern Gamma Lambda-Missouri-Rolla Gamma Mu-Belmont Abbey Gamma Nu-LaGrange Gamma Xi-Georgia Southwestern Gamma Rho-Lander Gamma Upsilon-Oklahoma State Gamma Phi-South Alabama Gamma Psi-Augusta Gamma Omega-Montevallo

35 58 61 28 55 92 49 60 24 33 40 34 33 64 27 20 29

392 267 519 315 364 406 271 321 137 161 231 301 229 295 140 136 220

48 31 21 53 77 98 14 31 76 41 101 28 52 43 24

196 321 104 243 321 345 139 136 343 120 252 93 198 144 87


Delta Alpha-Virginia Tech Delta Beta-North Georgia Delta Gamma-Nebraska-Omaha Delta Delta-Northeast Missouri Delta Epsilon-Jacksonville State Delta Zeta-Appalachian State Delta Eta-Morehead Delta Kappa-Pembroke Delta Lambda-UNC-Charlotte Delta Sigma-Bowling Green Delta Tau-James Madison Delta Upsilon-Pittsburgh Delta Phi-Radford Delta Chi-Kansas State Delta Omega-Texas A&M Epsilon Alpha-Elon College Epsilon Beta-Grand Valley Epsilon Gamma-Longwood Epsilon Delta-Auburn -Montgomery Epsilon Epsilon-Clinch Valley Epsilon Zeta-Centril Arkansas Epsilon Eta-Winthrop College Epsilon Theta-Seton Hall Epsilon lota-UNC-Greensboro Epsilon Kappa-Southern Tech Epsilon Lam bda-USC-Spartan burg Epsilon Mu-Bradley Epsilon Nu-Sacramento State Epsilon Xi-LaSalle Epsilon Omicron-Villanova Epsilon Pi-VCU Epsilon Rho-Lenoir-Rhyne Epsilon Sigma-Christian Brothers Epsilon Tau- St. Joseph's Epsilon Upsilon-Georgia College Epsilon Phi-UAB Epsilon Chi-Denver Epsilon Psi-Slippery Rock Epsilon Omega-Texas Tech

44 30 55 47 31 11 20 38 68 46 18 54 74 64 92 23 59 70 35 42 19 26 55 38

136 93 131 112 102 71 91 88 134 81 66 91 135 107 174 55 94 94 72 62 24 34 73 40

Zeta Beta-Cal-San Diego Mu AC-Duke Alpha Kappa AC-Michigan Clemson AC North Dakota AC UT-Austin AC North Florida AC South Florida AC George Mason AC Shippensburg AC St. Leo AC Methodist AC

52 37 35 40 43 33 7

32 896 103 .0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 66

19 39 0

Contributed to PUSH $

555.37 2,011.00 1,248.44 640.00 527.21 5,572.08

Tin ID1 c-rEippn. Utno


2,000.00 2,549.50 400.00 1,200.00 186.00 10,111.42

1,217.50 1,000.00 1,000.00

2,500.00 4,200.00 5,040.26 1,000.00 2,127.40

Top 10 Chapters, # of Initiates this year 58 1. Alpha Epsilon - Florida 48 2. Sigma - South Carolina 45 3. Epsilon Omicron - Villanova 42 4. Alpha Theta - Michigan State 36 5. Delta Zeta - Appalachian St. 36 6. Epsilon Rho - Lenoir Rhyne 7. Delta Lambda - UNC Charlotte 33 33 8. Delta Tau - James Madison 31 Elon Alpha 9. Epsilon 30 10. Alpha Rho - West Virginia Gamma Theta - UNC-Wilmington 30


200.00 981.18

Top 10 Chapters, Total Initiates

300.00 300.00 1,000.00 218.36 500.00 26.50 1,639.93 454.55 154.05 50.00 1,544.62

1. Alpha Epsilon - Florida 2. Omicron - Alabama 3. Alpha Iota - Auburn 4. Omega - Purdue 5. Alpha Upsilon - Drexel 6. Iota - Georgia Tech 7. Alpha Mu - Penn State 8. Lambda - Georgia 9. Chi - Stetson 10. Alpha Theta - Michigan State

1464 1434 1200 1192 1054 1038 1038 1011 1009 928

418.00 2,000.00 68.10 500.00 1,000.69 630.00 400.00

Top 10 Chapters, # of Undergraduate Members 1985-86

1,100.00 1,000.00 2,911.00 143.45 250.00 2,078.58 1,019.38 1,000.00

1,028.76 35.00

1,000.00 405.00

1. Alpha Epsilon - Florida 2. Omicron - Alabama 3. Alpha Upsilon - Drexel 4. Delta Tau - James Madison 5. Delta Zeta - Appalachian St. 6. Epsilon Omicron - Villanova 7. Alpha Theta - Michigan State 8. Kappa - UNC - Chapel Hill 9. Omega - Purdue 10. Sigma - South Carolina

175 110 106 101 98 92 90 82 79 78

200.00 100.00 3,430.00 1,553.00 301.00 1,544.04 1,068.42 5,335.00 500.00 1,234.58 6,002.20 500.00 100.00 1,412.07 775.00 283.56 310.00 3,193.51 52.00 1,230.00 1,109.74


Top 10 Chapters, # Pledged this year 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10

Alpha Epsilon - Florida Delta Zeta - Appalachian St. Alpha Theta - Michigan State Gamma Kappa - GA Southern Sigma - South Carolina Delta Lambda - UNC- Charlotte Nu - Nebraska Beta Delta - Drake Alpha - Charleston Delta Espilon - Jacksonville St.

62 55 51 48 47 47 46 46 44 44

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( Pi Kappa Phi Forum) Ralph S. Leightty, Major, AUS (Retired), M.Ed., Alpha Mu 141 - (to the men of Beta Gamma Chapter)

"Unjustified procrastination, in the young a vice, in the elderly an indulgence, delayed my expression of appreciation to you for presenting to me the Pi Kappa Phi Golden Legion certificate. Your kind attention to a very senior brother moved me more than you might guess. The cake, too, was most thoughtful. As you know, I returned it to you because it was apparent that you could tolerate the calories better than I. Beta Gamma is an impressive group. Obviously the chapter will do very well."

James R. Crandall, Alpha Zeta 205 "I feel I must express my appreciation for your most understanding note of January

15th. Besides the note; may I say that this to me is what Pi Kappa Phi is all about. Brother helping Brother over life's rough spots, be they in the college years or in life's declining years."

David R. Baker, Alpha Epsilon 1035 -

"Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I enjoyed the article entitled "Legal Pitfalls" in the summer 1986 issue of the Star and Lamp. I have never seen a more readable and complete summary of general law of interest to college students."

Jacques D. Frere, Delta Omicron 51 -(To Edward Bennett,PUSH Board member) "Dear Brother Ed, I would like to make a contribution to project PUSH. As a student I worked very hard raising money for this worthwhile cause and now, as an alumnus, I still feel the need to make a donation. Let's keep up the good work."

When James McKelvey, the present PUSH the over took Director, Executive administrative reins of PUSH, he did so on the understanding that his tenure would only be an interim until a fulltime Executive Director could be recruited. That interim will end in December, so the recruitment is beginning now. The position of PUSH Executive Director is an excellent opportunity for someone who already has some career experience and is ready to tackle a new challenge. Over the past decade, PUSH has grown from an idea with neither budget nor staff into an organization that employs six fulltime people and has just approved an $850,000 operating budget for 1986-87. The Executive Director is responsible to the PUSH Board for the smooth and effective operation of all facets of the program. From the PUSH Office in Morganton, North Carolina (an hour and a half drive from Charlotte, towards the mountains) the PUSH project reaches out across the nation placing adaptive equipment in institutions for the mentally retarded, supporting research on environmental impact studies, coordinating the fundraising efforts of hundreds of Pi Kappa Phi undergraduates, and soliciting corporate and foundation donations. PUSH is a licensed foster care provider in North Carolina, specializing in difficult-to-place children with various kinds of handicaps. PUSH Individualized Care Services (PICS) has its own fulltime director who is responsible to the PUSH Executive Director for the supervision of three case managers, 20 foster families, and 35 clients. While the position is open to anyone regardless of age or sex, it could be an ideal opportunity for the person ready for a career change. The type of person who's already been successful in one career and now would like the opportunity to serve others in a second career. The individual selected must be an able administrator and one who is comfortable in dealing with people at the Executive level, including presidents of corporations, leaders of foundations and philanthropic organizations, educators and leaders in the mental health field The Executive Director of PUSH must be an administrator, communicator, designer, organizer, motivator, salesman, caregiver, learner and teacher.

Personal Requirements for the PUSH Administrator 1.

Minimum of three to five years experience functioning in an administrative/leadership capacity with involvement in finances, public relations, sales and/or

fundraising and day-to-day administrative decision making of a successful organization. Particular knowledge of mental health or other service related field would be helpful. Must have at least a bachelor's degree An effective communicator in person and in various media on a range of topics to a diversity of audiences. PUSH is mainly a vision and a concept, and the PUSH Executive Director must be able to spark enthusiasm about PUSH's programs in corporate leaders, mental health professionals, community service agents and undergraduates. A "quick-study" whose curiosity will lead to a ready grasp of the many facets of PUSH, such as design, research, service provision, and plans for growth. A person who is self motivated enough to work a flexible schedule, without constant supervision in order to meet the goals set by the PUSH Board of Directors. This schedule will include local and national travel and will not conform to the average "9 to 5" workday. While membership in Pi Kappa Phi is not a requirement, preference will be given to members.





Eilleen Stevens, Founder of C.H.U.C.K. (Committee to Halt Useless College Killings) to Durward Owen "Bravo! Your special report on "Legal Pitfalls", Pi Kappa Phi's no-nonsense approach to the vital issues facing greeks today, is to be commended. Being aware of the issues and addressing them "before a problem arises" is the best deterrent we have. Keep up the good work."

Todd Nethery, 2Lt., Beta Gamma 182 "I want to take the time to thank you and all the staff for the support and guidance

you offered us at Beta Gamma over the past years. Without your help, we could not have made it."

Gerald Matthews, Alpha Eta 306, Executive Vice-President, Illinpis Association of Realtors (to Durward Owen)-

my "The latest edition of the Star and Lamp was interesting from an alumnus with n. As time moves on chapters are created, chapters are suspended, and chapperspectiv. ters die. Only the eames seem to change and of the information contained in the last Star and Lamp some were surprises, others were not. As time passes also it is interesting to know that many of the graduates involved on the national level are less familiar to me. That is why it was nice seeing an article from Bernie Jones. The history of PUSH took me back to those early years with Tom Sayre. Last month I was at a seminar for CEO's who are dealers for IBM. In the back of the material for one of the topics on sales people working with clients was article by "Buff" Buffington. Of course, it was by Dr. Perry Wayne Buffington and sounded lofty. However, knowing "Buff' the article took on less of an authoritative bearing, but more of some random ideas very open to criticism and discussion. It certainly looks as though things are going very well for the Fraternity."

Ray E. McCormick - Upsilon 244 (to Durward Owen)"I want to thank you and the National Council of Pi Kappa Phi for the recognition

shingle you sent me, commemorating my 50 years as a member of Pi Kappa Phi. able to It has been a most interesting 50 years, and I am thnakful I have been Fraternity. the of being well and growth the to way participate in some small success Again many thanks to you personally and I extend my sincere wish for the ahead." years the of your work and also the fraternity in

A special letter with a message given in a way that only a House "Mom" can give it

"Mom" Fehring helping out with Gamma

The Rewards Salary information is available through James McKelvey or Durward Owen at the Pi Kappa Phi Administrative Office. Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health Insurance. Vacation and Holiday Benefits The satisfaction of doing a good thing and doing it well.


2. 3. 4.

If you think that you might be the person we are looking for or know someone else who is, write or call: James B. McKelvey, Executive Director of PUSH PUSH P.O. Box 1972 Morganton, NC 28655 (704) 438-4351

nom In

P.O. Box 1972. Morganton, NC,28655,(704)438-4351

Upsilon's homecoming float. She has been housemother for the Oklahoma State Chapter for 5 years

Dear Mr. Owen, I am the Housemother at the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma and I thoroughly enjoy reading the Star and Lamp publications. Your spring 1986 issue that arrived recently was especially meaningful since it listed one of "my young men" as one of the nine Pi Kapp Scholars of the future. He is Scott Moses and we are all proud of his accomplishments. A number of other OSU Pi Kapps have received this coveted recognition in the past. I also found the article written by William H. Stemper, Jr. to be most informative and I feel should be read by every Pi Kapp. The young men here at OSU are have also participated in the Pi Kappa Phi national PUSH project since I've been here at the Fraternity they have even got "Mom" to ride in the wheel chair one memorable night while they were raising funds for PUSH. My congratulations to you Mr. Owen for your efforts and contributions in making this a most worthy project for all

Pi Kappa. I feel regret and compassion for the Cornell chapter that has been closed and for other difficulties encountered by other chapters. May I ask if Housemothers or house directors are mandatory in all Pi Kappa Phi houses? The 34 greek houses at OSU are all supervised and I like to feel that these young men and womee appreciate our efforts on their behalf - Just as we learn to care and be concerned about them - but never interfering in their personal lives. Being a Fraternity Housemom is quite an experience and never dull! Whatever I may contribute to this group, I get twice as much in return as these young men add sunshine to my golden years!! May Pi Kappa Phi continue to prosper - grow - achieve academically and become the best greek organization on all of its college campuses.

Sincerely, "Mom" Eleanor Feluing

Page 14

By Durward W. Owen Executive Director



death "Oh, Death could be triumphant - death in battle, death in love, death, proud were it if glorious be could peril, in and p in friendshi gaunt death, lean, lonely, tender, loving and heroic death, who bent seal to touch his chosen son with mercy, love and pity, and put the died!" he of honor on him when of North 'The Web and the Rock," by Brother Thomas Wolfe, Kappa '18, Univeristy Carolina - Chapel Hill. Used by permission of the publishers, Harper and Brothers. ALPHA IOTA



26 29 58 65 84 142 227

Dr. Jarnes B. Watson Meant Hoyt Cook

125 154

BETA John D.(Yaryan James E Ferguson Arthur W.Grafton

63 73



58 132

floliard Paul Dans Mimi O. Gibbs

588 234

4 138 219 231 233 232 339

Bernard M. Lipscomb John F. Bozard Charles Eugene Howard

EPSILON W.P. Walker Conley Clark Laster, III

311 591

Howard Simpson Wimbish, Jr. Dan F. Holler

Oswald Clinton Thigpen Rupert Ingram Howard N. Haygood Luther Otis Swint Ralph Spence Carroll, Jr.

6 32 50 63 223

ALPHA LAMBDA Dr. F. A. Latham RsthardAlbertMiller James T. Brookshire Robert C. Holmes

16 51 61 63



DELTA 37 104 242

James Henry Fowles, Jr. Huger Sinkler Kng Earl Clay Cuthbert B. Prevost Maxey Ctrsence Harrelson, Jr. James Edward Swofford Rode Leon Salley, Jr.

Oils Avery Barnes Theodore A. Rathje Bede' Edward Jonson Robert William Elich John L. Howie, Jr. Herold E Hefting Ronald W.Scheck


ALPHA NU 29 45 57 73 95

Marvin Henry Gring

Adam Hamm,Jr. Lawrence Sidney Wells Harry C. Wirls Daniel Urso Gerald W. Sibley

PHI ZETA 76 136 157 183 231 606

Furman Reeves Gressette George Simmons Thomas Loon 10ng Albert Vennont Joseph D. Parker Jonathan Randolph Lido

ETA 105 220 223

Cecil Erwin Clausier Moyce H. Sikes C. M. Knight


25 41 56

Vvinfrod August& Setur George M. Dill Howard C. Humphrey

577 911 41 46 79 97 119

Huger t Van Palm. Bradley Wray Raymord Robert Parker Mason Jas, Thomas Owens Gerald A Murray Th_glow Purdy David Wilmot Dusinberte


Kett Dobbs Barnett Albert Chancier Watson, Jr. Leighton Vviridvop Mitchell Hugh B. WiNiarns J. S. Peters Lloyd K. Williams Archie Robert Lewis Frank Rhodes Monvornory Rev. T. A. Fry, Jr.


'157 352 362 389 436 485 574 960

Harrison Franklin &melon George Griffin Finch Monroe A. Butler Jobn Bowers Walter H Lor, J. Uewellyn Jenkins Kilban Wilace F. Martin Clifford C. Chappell Neal Ashe James P. Joe, Robert L Bourne W. Birdsong William David Shaw John Everett Cash,Jr. Reed Eugene Burchell

10 37 234 796

Thomas Joshua Swain Joh, E. Dempster,Jr. Robert E. Greenfield, Jr. William F. Goeg

32 60 117 164 178 219 238


NU 58


Leo Ruben Beattie Albert Paul Johnson

107 110

Nervy E. Weingar nor Walter S. G Carel


55 304 35 218 242 641


101 217

Donald William Pafter son Everett J. Robinson Louis S. Ankh


Joseph Townsend Van Voorhis



27 193 206 208 216 252 319 320 333


Pad Lovern Morton John Barnes Whyman John Moore Smith Bober t J. Seybold R Fowles Munro Sheldon B. Swann,Jr.

ALPHA ALPHA 21 58 170 322

Clay Olbon \Wham Pollard Jeer Thomas Jefferson H oilman,Jr Mark Jell,ey Yoakum


Merlin A/Ired Besse


Homer D Hammon& Chester B Emitt

ALPHA DELTA 5 81 156 208 254 289 337

On. Vivian Retired Damerell Neil Harrison Murray Leo Fralk Sulkosky Deloss Seeley Warren E. Vadm. Roland M. Payne James Albert Goosman

6 36 218

Fred L. Cunningham Robert Gray Whitfield James C. Smith

ALPHA TAU 7 65 215

Dr. Norman White Clifford H. Tyler Robert Pada Sheehan

ALPHA UPSILON 127 226 463

George B. Sprawls, Ill Robert W. Evans V. D Powell

ALPHA PHI 36 57 158

J. F. Surgeon John R Gerhardt Arnold M. Mullen

BETA DELTA Bracftord G Fort



James Dayton Smith


Gerald Grady Keck


Frederick A. LeSueur Robert Ellis Sdiolze Floyd E. VAIliams Morris V. Cummings John K. Seamy


Steven Prescott Griffiths


Kenn Michael Keane


James Eddie Sprayberry,


XI 606 612

Donald George Thompson Chart& W Bondurant, Jr

Hewitt Hartz Brice H. L. Carroll Robert Wiliam Morris Sidney Franklin Fleming

PI 88

Johi R. Brinson

RHO 8 39 205 236

Mark R Briggs Edward G. Goman


OMICRON 170 982 1128

79 195

Beverly Andrew Davis, Jr George S. Farrar Charles H Pluhl Herbert N Ham ric, Jr.

49 137

Dr. Joseph Cissa Carroll Sam B. Hogan


Joe Wlson Dake


Delmar F Toglm


Elton Leo Hager George F. Hophms William Emory Wellman Nod Allen Martinson

Each year there are a few phone calls that can completely change the outlook of the day. Usually a Chapter Advisor makes the call and informs me of the death of one of the undergraduate members of his chapter. Although the call is filled with only sketchy details as to the circumstances ,, of the young man's death, the effect is felt deeply. Most of the time I had never even met the young man that died. Yet still I am moved. What is of particular worry to me is my first reaction to such a death is to make sure that the Fraternity is not liable. I suppose that is the danger of being a CEO in these litigious times. I had four such calls this year. I was told each were fine young men in their chapter and proud members of Pi Kappa Phi. I can not help but think of the chapters these young men come from and the effect that was felt from the passing on of their brother upon the chapter. More importantly I wonder how the young man's family is dealing with the grief caused by the death of their son. He may have been their only son. He may have been the first man in his family to go to college. As a parent myself one of my largest fears, greater than my own imminent death, is that one of my children should meet with an untimely calling. I just do not know how 1 would handle it. I can imagine the shock, the anguish, and possibly imagine the anger but I really can not know exactly what would be felt. One young man died from cancer. His death, I'm sure, was devastating to his family and friends but the anguish is different when it can be prepared for. The loss is felt. The others all met their deaths through senseless accidents. The loss of a brother, a son, or a friend to an incident whether caused by the deceased or caused by another evokes anger in my mind. Some of the accidents, whether directly or indirectly, were a result of alcohol which evokes even more anger in my mind. What an absurd reason to die! As a younger man, I remember how invincible I felt. The reality of death was something that others dealt with. The feeling that "nothing can touch me", and the risks I took as a result of that feeling, as often expressed in the reckless use of alcohol, live on in my memory today and scare me. To think that I may not have been here to raise a family and be blessed with the wonderful wife and beautiful friendships I have nearly makes me physically ill. To think I may have thrown it all away because I was not connected with the reality of how fragile life is. It is a tremendous web that we all make, each of us a strand connecting another part together. Each of us the other strands, intersupporting connected in these moments we call life. Although we treasure those whom we are directly in touch with, we are no less affected by those in other pans of the "web". The web is constantly tested and duress is put upon the rest of the web at the loss of any one part of it. Yet many of us continue to go on ignoring the reality of how fragile the web that we all weave in life actually is, ignoring it in defiance for the cheap thrill involved with the insidious overconsumption of alcohol. How many dreaded phone calls will I recieve next year, informing me of alcohol related tragedies? Looking toward the fall with thousands of young men returning to campuses I can not realistically expect that I will receive none. The senseless slaughter will continue as long as we allow it to continue. Prayer can undoubtedly help; but unless we make the changes necessary in what we expect of ourselves and our undergraduates my phone will ring. I hope that it is not you who has to make the call.


A B Seam



Andrew Ralston Woodard

Charles Gray K. Memory,Jr.

DELTA GAMMA Joseph Imen Rysuom


"/ was young then and all youth is cruel!" Thomas Wolfe

Ridiard Phillip Beck

A Postscript was written on The preceeding Wednesday, July 9. My phone rang on Saturday, July 12 to inform me that a Brother from a midwestern chapter had drowned the evening before. A number of chapter members had been swimming and were drinking excessively. 1/ow many of these dreaded calls will I receive as a result of alcohol misuse?

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ThE star andjomp -FOUNDERSSimon Fogarty

Andrew A. Kroeg, Jr.

L. Harry Mixson The Star and Lamp,an Educational Publication 1986, Vol LXXII, No.3 Durward W. Owen...Editor-in-Chief Scott E. Evans Managing Editor Tim Ribar Official Photographer Office Manager Nancy Perdue CONTIBUTING WRITERS James McKelvey Glenn Dickson Perry W. Buffington Jeff Michael Joe Freeman Tom McCormick

e there is a Will There is a way

P.O. Box 240526, Charlotte, NC 28224 7017 Nations Ford Rd., Charlotte, NC 28210 Founded at the College of Charleston, SC December 10, 1904

changes of POSTMASTER: Send address to the Administrative Office, P.O. Box 240526, Charlotte, NC, 28224. Telephone Number(704)523-6000. THE STAR AND LAMP OF PI KAPPA PHI (issn 0038-9854) is published quarterly by Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, 7017 Nations Ford Rd, Charlotte, NC 28210 in the months of February, May, August, and November. The Life Subscription is $15 and is the only form of subscription. Publications Office, 7017 Nations Ford Rd., Charlotte, NC 28210. Second Class Postage paid at Charlotte, North Carolina.

e think you recognize the value of what Pi Kappa Phi is doing. Exciting opportunities to enrich young lives have always existed in Pi Kappa Phi. We'd like to continue those opportunities. Wouldn't you? Proper planning may show you how you can meet your obligations and also make a significant bequest to support the Fraternity's future service. The Pi Kappa Phi Foundation can send you a free brochure on wills and bequests. The brochure tells you why you need a will, what information you will need to draft one, and how to update your present will. Pi Kappa Phi wants to see you conserve your estate in the best possible way, to benefit your family and possibly your Fraternity. And where there's a will, there's a way. P. 0. Box 240526 Charlotte, NC 28224



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Epsilon Eta Zeta

P.O. Box 1947, Tuscaloosa, AL 35486 P.O. Box 40, University Center, Birmingham, AL 35294 P.0. Box 8991, Appalachian State Univ., Boone, NC 28608 530 Bigglo Drive, Auburn, AL 36849 AUM-I85 Campus, Montgomery, AL 36193 30910 Augusta College, 2500 Walton Way, Augusta, GA P.O. Box 42, Belmont, NC 28012 43403 OH Bowling Green State Univershy, Bowling Green, 1213 W. Main Street, Box 419,Peoria, IL 61606 2908 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94704 P.O. Box 12665, LaJolla, CA 92037 P.O. Box 255826,Sacramento, CA 95865 UCA Box 504, Conway, AR 72032 Box 1900-Stern Student Ctr., Clg. of Charleston,SC 29424 S-145,650 East Parkway South, South Memphis, TN 38104 Box 1005-Clinch Valley College, Wise, VA 24293 2203 S. Josephine, Denver, CO 80210 1236-34th Street, Apt. 106, Des Moines, IA 50311

3405 Powelton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19104 27834 1506E1 East 4th Street, P.O. Box 1423, Greenville, NC

Box 19120 A - ETSU, Johnson City, TN 37614 Box W - E.T. Station, Commerce, TX 75428 P.O. Box 1206. Elon College. Elon College, NC 27244 11 Fraternity Row, Gainesville, FL 32603 Box 4861, Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL 33802 423 W. College Avenue, Tallahassee, FL 32301 Furman University-Box 28569, Greenville, SC 29613 930 Milledge, Athens, GA 30609 Georgia College - CPO 3108, Milledgeville, GA 31061 Box 12343 - Landrum Center. Statesboro, GA 30460 P.0. Box 411, Americus, GA 31709 P.O. Box 707, Univ. Plaza-Georgia State, Atlanta, GA 30303 G.T. Box 32715, Atlanta, GA 30332 P.O. Box 272, Allendale, MI 49401 306 E. Gregory Drive, Champaign, IL 61820 3333 S. Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL 60616 402 Park Street, Bloomington, IN 47401 407 Welch Avenue, Ames, IA 50010 P.O. Box 602-Jacksonville St. Univ., Jacksonville, AL 36265 P.0. Box L-211, JMU, Harrisonburg, VA 22807 1716 Fairchild, Manhattan, KS 66502 709 Vernon Street, Box 819, LaGrange, GA 30240 Box 6191, Lander College, Greenwood,SC 29646 L.S.C. Box 692, Philadelphia, PA 19141 L.R.C. Box 8420, Hickory, NC 28603 P.O. Box PA, Livingston, AL 35470 Box 1140 - Longwood College, Friamville, VA 23901 Room 12-Student Or., U. of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292 P.O. Box 708-MSU, Lake Charles, LA 70605 3841 Spottswood Avenue, Memphis, TN 38111 Mercer University - Box 112, Macon, GA 31207 131 Bogue Street, E. Lansing, MI 48823 500 Rollins, Columbia, MO 65201 1704 Pine Street, Rolla, MO 65401 Drawer K-University of Montevallo, Montevallo, AL 35115 Box 1247 UPO, Morehead, KY 40351 425 University Terrace, Lincoln, NE 68508 P.O. Box 128, Univ. of Nebraska-Omaha, Omaha, NE 68182 249 King Blvd.. Newark, NJ 07102 216 Finley Golf Course Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Cone University Center, UNCC Station, Charlotte. NC 28223 1625 Spring Garden Street, Greensboro, NC 27403 LINCW,P.O. Box 597, Wilmington, NC 28403 2401 W. Fraternity Court, Raleigh, NC 27606 815S. Davis, Kirksville, MO 63501 Box 5165 - North Georgia College, Dahlonega, GA 30597 Oklahoma State Univ., 703 University, Stillwater, OK 74074 4011 Hampton Blvd., Norfolk, VA 23508 2111 Harrison NW,Corvallis, OR 97330 P.O. Box 349, Pembroke State Univ., Pembroke, NC 28372 409 E. Fairmont Avenue, State College, PA 16801 31643 Semple Street, Oakland, PA 15213 Box 631,333 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 Presbyterian College - Box 1069, Clinton, SC 29325 330 N. Grant Street, W. Lafayette, IN 47937 815 Tyler Avenue, Radford, VA 24141 49 Second Avenue, Troy, NY 12180 Box 168, Roanoke College, Salem, VA 24153 P.O. Box 230,5600 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131 S.U. Box 2474, Birmingham, AL 35229 B-Dougherly Std Ctr, 400 S. Orange. S. Orange, NJ 07079 Rm 105, Univ Union, SRU,Slippery Rock, PA 16057 Stetson, Box 82413, DeLand, FL 32720 P.O. Box U-1208, USA, Mobile, AL 36688 University of SC, Box 85128, Columbia, SC 29225 Student Affairs Ofc, USC-Spartanburg, Spartanburg, SC 29303 1112 Clay Street, Marietta, GA 30060 401 W Kennedy Bid, U of Tampa-Box 2786, Tampa, FL 33606 1828 Fraternity Park, Knoxville, TN 37916 P.O. Box 1483, College Station, TX 77841 2612-26th, Lubbock,TX 79406 P.O. Box 2478, Toledo, OH 43606 610 N. Three Notch Street, Troy, AL 36081 Box 89 - Valdosta College, Valdosta. GA 31698 215 Dougherty Hall, Room 215, Villanova. PA 19085 510 Rugby Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903 21 South Pine Street, Richmond, VA 23220 1101 Redbud Road, Blacksburg, VA 24061 Washington & Lee-Lock Drawer 903, Lexington, VA 24450 P.O. Box 1173, Cullowhee, NC 28723 641 Fayette Pike, Montgomery, WV 25136 591 Spruce Street, Morgantown, WV 26505 P.O. Box 5030-WGS, Rock Hill, SC 29733 P.O. Box 1237, Wolford College,Spartanburg, SC 29301







President-David Jaffee Charles Towne Properties, Inc. P. O. Box 991 Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Trust Investment-Stephen DePalma P.0. Box 259 Matawan, NJ 07747

Area: James A. Krucher, 3 Burgh Ave., Clifton, NJ I 07011 Dr. Arthur J. Ouickenton,401 Meadowview Dr., II Boone, NC 28607 Ronald J. deValinger,457 Reese St., Americus, III GA 31709 Mark Jacobs,2625 Meridian St., Apt. 1102, IV Indianapolis, IN 46208 Frank D. Havard,212 S. Fulton St., Mobile, AL V 36606 William M. Ojile, Jr.,6103 Vine, No. E-29, VI Lincoln, NE 68505 Vacant VII Dr. Frank M. Parrish, 7742 S. Harrison Circle, VIII Littleton, CO 80122 Glenn Aspinwal1,725 Sir Walter, Virginia IX Beach, VA 23452 Steven S. Ryder,018 Stanford Court, Irvine, CA X 92715

Vice-President-Judge James Turk Box 611 Radford, VA 24141 Treasurer-Stephen DePalma P. 0. Box 259 Matawan, NJ 07747 Secretary-Phillip M.Summers Vincennes University 1002 N. First Vincennes, IN 47591 Chaplain-Thomas H.Sayre P.0. Box 393 Morganton, NC 28655 Chancellor-Nathan Hightower 709 Ponce DeLeon Blvd. Belleair, FL 33516 Member-at-Large-Jerry T. Brewer Dean of Student Life USC-Russell House Columbia, SC 29208

Education-Dr. Warren Robb 1812 Cedar Elm West Arlington. TX 76012 Ritual & Insignia - Glenn McConnell 27 Bainbridge Drive Charleston, SC 29407 Nomination-Lonnie Strickland, Ill 1 Old Northriver Point Tuscaloosa, AL 35406-1011 Alumnl-Charles A. Rowland, IV P. 0. Box 6375 Athens, GA 30604 Expansion-Clay Edmonds 1951 Carr Avenue Mernphis, TN 38104 PUSH-Ed Bennett 4110 Monticello Drive Charlotte, NC 28226

ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Executive Director -- Durward W.Owen Assistant Executive Director -- Glenn Dickson Director of Communications -- Scott E. Evans Executive Vice-President of Properties -- Joseph A. Brady PUSH Administrator -- James McKelvey Leadership Consultants -- J. Bernie Magoon, Stuart Volker, Richard Pope, Torrrny Camp, Ken Kaiser, Wally Wahlfeldt

ASSOCIATE CHAPTERS % Graham Foreman,4624 D. Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301 % Ted Newman, 1712 Pace Street ST, Durham, NC 27705 P.0. Box 2186, Clemson,SC 29632 P.0. Box 2343 - St. Leo College, St. Leo, FL 33574 P.O. Box 7338, Texas Union, Program Office $1 15, Austin. TX 78713 PA 17257 % Jim Ramsey, 208 Wright Hall, Shippensburg St. Univ., Shippensburg, 58202 Student Org. Ctr., Memorial Union, Box 8136, Univ. Sta., Grand Forks, ND 3909 Michigan Union, 530 State Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109 4400 University Drive, SUB I. Rpp,305, Fairfax, VA 22030 91:, J. Richard Rust, 7339 Sandy Bluff Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32211 % Tim Moore, 13801 North 37th Avenue #906, Tampa, FL 33613

Methodist Duke Clemson St. Leo Univ. Texas-Austin Shippensburg North Dakota Michigan-Ann Arbor George Mason North Florida South Florida

ALUMNI CHAPTERS AND ASSOCIATIONS Alpha Gulf Coast Alumni Alpha Eta Alumni Assoc. Alpha Upsilon Alumni Assoc. Alpha Zeta Alumni Assoc. Americus Alumni Corp. Beta Alumni Assoc. Beta Phi Alumni Assoc. Charleston Alumni Assoc. Beta Kappa Alumni Assoc Delta Omicron Alumni Asso. Des Moines Alumni Chapter Detroit Area Alumni Assoc. East TN Alumni Assoc. Gamma Alpha Alumni Assoc. Texas Area Alumni Assoc. Ithaca Alumni Assoc. Memphis Alumni Assoc. Mountaineer Alumni Assoc. Norcal Alumni Association North Jersey Alumni Assoc. Omega Alumni Assoc. Psi Alumni Assoc. Seattle Alumni Assoc. West VA Alumni Assoc. Wilmington Alumni Assoc. Zeta Alumni Assoc. Metropkox Alumni Asses. Epsilon Iota Sacramento Valley Alum As

Pi Kappa Phi Foundation Ted A. Scharlenstein Addison Gilbert Hospital 298 Washington Street Gloucester, MA 01980

Frank Havard Jerry Gallup& Fred H. Schmehl Ted Langton Ronald L. Chaffin J. M. Templeton William W.Campbell Alan Homes, Jr. Paul J. Phillips Kirk J. Deleliece John S. Kirk Bill Lawton Larry Henderson Joe Alexander Steven O'Neal David F. Dunn David Everson Rick W. Price Robert S. Kuhlman Aivars Krumins John H. Anglin, Jr. William F. Newell Duane D. McBain Michael C. Paterno Lee Pearson Connie Max Snipes Mark Fehmer BenjarNn Hunter, Jr. Pete Kilowski

212 S. Fulton St., Mobile, AL 36606 P.0. Box 55302, Birmingham, AL 35255 39 N. Wyomissing, Shillington, PA 19607 992 NW Ironwood Dr., Corvallis, OR 97333 3145 While Rd. NE, Conyers, GA 30207 2611 Sheffield Dr., Gastonia, NC 28054 2720 Hayden St., Greensboro, NC 27207 2362 Parsonnage Rd., Charleston. SC 29407 312 Ridgedale Dr., Silver Creek GA 30173 P.0. Box 98, Larose, LA 70373 1C Beechwood, Greenbrier Est, Cumning,IA 50061 525 E. University, Rochester, MI 480063 946 Maynard, Knoxville, TN 37917 P.O. Box 53, Livingston, AL 35470 10860 Fondren No. 14, Houston, TX 77096 623N. Barks St., Allentown, PA 18104 7331 Hollorn Ln., Memphis, TN 38115 69 Siedgelield Cir., Wilkesboro, NC 28697 5405 Carlton No. 201, Oakland, CA 94618 318 Delaware Ave., Union, NJ 07083 RR 4, Box 168, Warsaw, IN 46580 5304 Pender Ct., Alexandria, VA 22304 2366 Eastlake E, Areis Bldg., Seattle, WA 98104 1315 Martha Rd. S., Charleston, WV 25303 3617 Sirbey Smith, Wilmington, NC 28403 Rt. 12, Box 376,Spartanburg, SC 29332 10702 St. Canyon, Dallas, TX 75230 900 Englewood St., Greensboro, NC 27403 250 Cadillac Dr., Sacramento, CA 95825

Pi Kappa Phi Properties, Inc. Travis Julian Suite 1350, JMB Property 875 N. Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60611


The Star and Lamp (ISSN 0038-9854) PI KAPPA PHI P. 0. Box 240526 Charlotte, N. C. 28224

Changes in address should be forwarded promptly to the Administrative Office, P.O. Box 240526, Charlotte, NC, 28224. Telephone Number(704)523-6000.

ADDRESS CHANGE? If your son is not a student and no longer lives at home, please notify the Pi Kappa Phi Administrative Office, P.O. Box 240526, Charlotte, NC,28224.


Second Class Postage Paid at Charlotte, N.C.


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