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"Awesome" Epsilon University of Florida



An inspiring success story, the Alpha Epsilon Chapter at the University of Florida has indeed made "awesome" progress in the last nine years. Troubled times in the early 70s almost caused the demise of the chapter. But in 1973 with only seven members, "A.E." began rebuilding. Armed with a great sense of pride and a powerful desire to again be number one, the A.E. Pi Kapps have grown in an unprecedented manner. This year alone, they pledged fifty-five new men for a total membership of 140. They placed first in intramural


football and track, are ranked fourth in scholarship (out of thirty fraternities), and raised over $8,000 for Pi Kappa Phi's national service project P.U.S.H. Pictured here are the men of Alpha Epsilon in front of their house holding the prestigious Buddy McKay Fraternal Excellence Award. This award recognizes the most outstanding fraternities on the University of Florida campus. This marks the second year in a row the Pi Kapps have earned this award. Congratulations "Awesome" Epsilon!



Foundation welcomes Jones EDWIN LEE JONES, JR. JOINS BOARD OF TRUSTEES .. . He's been called the "diamond in the rough," — we call him Brother Jones. An initiate of Mu Chapter, Duke University, World War II abruptly interupted his academic career in 1942. Enlisting in the Marine Corps, Brother Jones fought on Iwo Jima and in Guadalcanal. Coming home a lieutenant, he went back to the books. He -graduated in January 1948 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering . . . that afternoon he went to work for J. A. Jones Construction Company. By the time he was thirty, he was a director of J. A. Jones, the Bank of Commerce, Jones-Brown Realty, Poplar Apartments, Inc., Highlands Hotel Company and Belvedere Hosiery Mills. In the ensuing years he became president of J. A. Jones. A leader in both his hometown and the international community, he is a quiet man with a wide range of business and political experience. He and his wife Lucille raised five children. They reside in Charlotte and are members of the Opera Association and the Methodist Church. The Foundation is indeed fortunate to have this man of great knowledge and insight as a manager of the fraternity's trust.


tow• WINTER 1982

Thanks Brothers $22,165.00 IN CONTRIBUTIONS IN 1981 . .. One hundred eighty-two alumni gave an average of $121.78 to bring financial aid and other services to young Pi Kapps. We would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to the alumni who are making it possible for the Foundation to accomplish its purposes and realize its potential. These alumni will be listed in the next STAR AND LAMP.



WITHOUT YOU — WE CAN'T DO IT . . . When the Foundation calls on you during its annual appeal, please consider the importance of the Fraternity experience and remember that your contribution is improving the quality of that experience for our younger brothers.

Officials pledge $100,000 plus challenge membership

Thirty years ago this August a very exciting part of our great fraternity was born. The Pi Kappa Phi Foundation was first named the Devereux D. Rice Memorial Foundatior) in memory of Brother Rice who passed away shortly after serving as National President. In its young life the Foundation has weathered well the turbulent years and changing times. It began with only a $1,000 contribution outright and a $5.00 commitment from every initiation fee. It was nourished and cared for by many great alumni. The Foundation continually worked hard to prove its worth. It loaned over $35,000 to chapters for housing improvements and gave thousands more in student scholarships and awards. Unfortunately, it was viewed much like a new kid on the block. Even with a tax exempt status the financial support to the Foundation has been slow in building a necessary capital endowment. Fortunately, it is now beginning to experience a higher passage in life. A healthy passage into maturity. In 1981 alone the Foundation's endowment has earned a 242% return on its fund raising investment, resulting in a 33% increase in its total assets. In 1982 it will assist at least 30 young brothers in meeting their educational expenses. It will recognize, award and pay tribute to those deserving students demonstrating outstanding performance in scholastics, leadership and service. It will improve the quality and success of every chapter through partial sponsorship of Pi Kapp College and regional leadership conclaves. It will in essence develop the total Pi Kapp. A life so young, but proud to have accomplished so much. An amazing ability for growth and prosperity just now seeing its potential. To the Founders do we owe our wonderful Pi Kappa Phi and what it means to each of us. To the Foundation will we owe much of its promising future. The Pi Kappa Phi Foundation — "Brothers helping Brothers."

Pi Kappa Phi Foundation Statement of Policy

Members of the National Council, Foundation Trustees, Properties and P.U.S.H. Board of Directors have collectively pledged in excess of $100,000 to the continuing growth of the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation. The Foundation itself has been challenged by changing times to meet the needs of its undergraduate brotherhood. Eight all-important goals for the 80s are being pursued and expanded on: 1. Scholarships and loans 2. Pi Kapp College 3. Regional leadership conclaves 4. Chapter Consultant support 5. Career planning and placement programs 6. Educational libraries and materials 7. Awards and incentives 8. Graduate Fellowships To meet the challenge of the 80s the Foundation must rely on the alumni of our Fraternity. Some active alumni have seen the need and have already pledged their commitment. Meet the challenge yourself. Make a gift today to your Pi Kappa Phi Foundation!

Your Endowment Investment When a contribution is made to the Foundation, the funds are invested in several ways. The following pie chart shows the breakdown of the Foundation's endowment:

To maintain and promote the highest possible standards of ethical conduct in soliciting contributions for Pi Kappa Phi's educational, leadership, and scholastic programs, the Foundation hereby adopts this Statement of Policy on February 12, 1982. The Foundation's policy is to keep overhead costs, fund raising and administrative expenses at the lowest possible percent of working capital. The Foundation will furnish a complete audit to any member who so requests. The Foundation will not sell or exchange with any other agency or commercial enterprise the names or information of its contributors without their expressed consent. All records are kept in strict confidence. The Foundation will not pay for commissions, percentages, or finders fees to anyone, including Foundation staff or other hired agents, for the acquisition of new sponsors or contributors. The Foundation Board of Trustees shall not receive remuneration for their services, but may be reimbursed for their reasonable, related expenses in the performance of their Foundation duties. The Foundation, its volunteers, or employed agents refuse to engage in dubious fund raising tactics, conduct misleading campaigns or events, utilize high pressure techniques, nor pay for or make use of insincere endorsements. The Foundation, above all, will seek financial support through demonstrating the highest degree of integrity, pride, and belief in the purpose and objectives of Pi Kappa Phi. (As of 12/31/81)


ThE star and tamp PHI P. 0. Box 240526, Charlotte, NC 28224 7111 Nations Ford Road, Charlotte, NC 28210 Founded at the College of Charleston, SC December 10, 1904

Simon Fogarty

—FOUNDERS— Andrew A. Kroeg, Jr. L. Harry Mixson

The Star and Lamp An Education Publication 1982 Vol LXVI II No. 1 Durward W. Owen Steven W. Smith Tim Ribar


Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor Official Photographer

Changes in address should be reported promptly to the Administrative Office, P.O. Box 240526, Charlotte, NC 28224. Telephone Number (704) 523-6000. THE STAR AND LAMP OF PI KAPPA PHI (ISSN 0038-9854) is published quarterly by the National Council of the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, 7111 Nations Ford Road, Charlotte, NC 28210 in the months of February, May, August, and November. The Life subscription is $15 and is the only form of subscription. Publications Office, 7111 Nations Ford Road, Charlotte, NC 28210. Second class postage paid at Charlotte, NC.


Dear Brother Durward: During 1981 it was my privilege to drive to Troy for the 50th Anniversary of Alpha Tau Chapter. It was a grand weekend and one that I will long remember. How pleasant it was to meet many new, and some who seemed to be so very young, friends and to make the acquaintance of Lonnie Strickland, our National President. Fifty years ago at the installation of Alpha Tau it was my pleasure to shake the hand of A. Pelzer Wagener, Supreme Archon. However to be again with Bill Bruder, "Jap" Peartree and Guy Yaple was probably the highlight of the event for me. To have been honored as one of the original initiates of Alpha Tau was indeed a "heady" experience. In my remarks I stated that a line of the Rensselaer Alma Mater and the motto of our fraternity are so very true: Here's to the friends we've made at Dear Old RPI — nothing shall separate us. Among my records and papers I found the following, where it came from, I can't remember. May I share it with you? "I AM A FRATERNITY BADGE" On my face are graven many mystic names and symbols. My brightly cut bevels catch the eye. My curiously fashioned scrollwork captivates the imagination. Varied colors are skillfully combined to enhance the beauty of my design. Adorned with rich jewels I glorify the sentiment I so beautifully express. I am worn over the heart as a token of cherished association. I am a Fraternity Badge. I carry you into the realm of memory, into the glories of yesterday. I bring you dreams of past years and old time friends. I gladden the hearts of many people and open new vistas of social relationships. As a symbol of Love I plight the troths of youth. Cherished

DIRECTORY PI KAPPA PHI P. 0. Box 240526 7111 Nations Ford Road Charlotte, N.C. 28224 Charlotte, N.C. 28210 Founded at the College of Charleston, S.C. — December 10, 1904



President — A. J Strickland, III Box 4555 University, AL 35486

Trust Investment — John P. 0. Box 59-2037 AMP Miami, FL 33159

Vice.President — David .5f fee 738 St, Andrews Boulevard, Charleston, SC 29407

Education — Dr. Warren Robb 1812 Cedar Elm West Arlington. TX 76012

Treasurer — John Casper P 0. Box 59-2037 AMP Miami, FL 33159

Ritual & Insignia — Glenn McConnell 27 Bainbridge Drive Charleston, SC 27407

Secretary — William L. Finney 1989 Cordes Road Germantown, TN 38138

Nominating Committee — Phil Tappy 4800 Rockview Ct. Charlotte, NC 28211 Alumni — Walter Sheppard 29 Flidgeway Street Mt. Holly, NJ 08060

Chancellor — Judge James Turk Box 611 Radford, VA 24141

Future Policy — Dr. John Means William Penn Annex, Box 1936 Philadelphia, PA 19105

Dear Brother Durward, I enjoyed the last issue of the Star & Lamp and to know that Pi Kappa Phi has adopted the bell as the outward symbol of the fraternity. However, I think "peal" is the better term to use for Pi Kapps ringing the bell - except to mourn the loss of a brother when the bell would be "tolled." As a Presbyterian minister (and editor) I have had a lot of experience with church bells and we use "peal" for the loud joyful ringing associated with gladness and victory. "Toll" means to ring "with long, measured strokes" and connotates death or defeat. . . . but not that it makes that much difference to anyone else. Anyway, I was glad to read of Beta's upcoming anniversary and hope to get down for the celebration since I spent more years with Beta than Zeta and Eta combined. Fraternally, Zeb C. Williams Zeta, Wofford College,'51


lon• WITH A

Have you ever invested in a young man's college education? It is an investment in which you can take pride. Here is your opportunity. The Pi Kappa Phi Foundation is dedicated to providing financial assistance and encouragement to young men who desire an education but are without sufficient funds. The Foundation is a tax exempt organization operated by a volunteer Board of Trustees who are members of your Fraternity. The young men who will be leaders in our nation in the future are on the campuses of our colleges right now;some of them need our assistance and support. An investment in a young man's college education will help to prepare him better, both for good citizenship and for tomorrow's responsibilities. The inclusion of the following clause in your will (or your designation of the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation in your life insurance policy as a beneficiary) will insure that you will be a part of some young man's future: "I give, devise, and bequeath to the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation the sum of Dollars." (or otherwise describe the gift if it consists of real estate,securities, or personal property). DO IT TODAY For additional information regarding the Foundation, write the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation, P.O. Box 240526, Charlotte, NC 28224.


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I. Richard Flora, 1305 Jefferson Ave. Apt. 4, Clifton Forge, VA 24422 II. Jerry T. Brewer,922 Texas St., Columbia, SC 29201 III. Ronald J. deValinger, 301 Wildwood Circle, Americus, GA 31709 IV. Jeffrey A. Wrisley, 1600 Packard, Apt. A-3, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 V. Harry E. Caldwell, P. 0. Box 20608 Birmingham, AL 35216 VI. Herndon S. Hasty, 9420 Moody Park, Overland Park, 1(5 66212 VII Steve S. Miller, 7947 Grow Lane No. 197, Houston, TX 77040 VIII Frank M. Parrish, 7742 S. Harrison Circle, Littleton, CO 80122 IX Jack Austin, 3833 N. Willamette Blvd., Portland, OR 97217 X Sonny 013robinak, 1700 S. Amphlett Blvd. 100, San Mateo. CA 94402

ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Executive Director — Durward VV. Owen Executive Vice.Prasident Properties — J. Ernest Johnson Director of Development Pro** PUSH. — Robert F. Inman Foundation — Michael L. O'Donnell 3920 Braxton Drive Director of Communications — Steven W. Smith Charlotte, NC 28211 Chapter Consultants — Glenn Aspinwall, Glenn A. Dickson, L. Clay Edmonds, C. Steven Popikas Area Governors Council — Harry E. Caldwell, Jr P. 0. Box 20608 Birmingham, AL 35216 Expansion — Henry Groves 500 N. Highland Memphis. TN 38122

and treasured my magic continues all through life. I am a Fraternity Badge.



Chaplain — P. Wayne Buffington Route 3, The Settlers. APIs 8 Clinton. SC 29325

Mamber•at-Large — William Ewald P 0. Box 866, American City Bldg Columbia, MD 21044

Robert E. Bergman Alpha Tau, Rensselaer '31



Past President — Phil Tappy 4800 Rockview Ct. Charlotte, NC 28211

Sincerely and fraternally,


Omicron Delta Zeta Gamma Sigma Alpha Into Epsilon Delta Gamma Psi Gamma Mu Delta Sigma Epsilon Mu Gamma Epsilon No Epsilon Zeta Alpha Epsilon EtssilOn Psi Beta Delta Alpha Upsilon Beta Phi Beta Omega Beta Chi Epsilon Alpha Alpha Epsilon Beta Beta Beta Eta Lambda Gamma KaPPo Gamma Xi Beta Kappa Iota Epsilon Beta Epsilon Iota Upsilon Alpha Phi Alpha Psi Alpha Omicron Delta Epsilon Delta Tau Delta Chi Gamma No Gamma Rho Gamma Alpha Epsilon Gamma Beta Mu Gamma Delta Alpha Alpha Alpha Theta Beta Epsilon Gamma Lambda Gamma Omega Delta Eta Delta Gamma Beta Alpha Delta Omicron Delta Xi Kappa Delta Lambda Gamma Theta Tau Delta Delta Delta Beta Alpha Gamma Gamma Upsilon Gamma Beta Alpha Zeta Alpha Mu Delta Upsilon Alpha Xi Beta Omega Delta Phi Alpha Tau Xi Alpha Eta Epsilon Theta Chi Gamma Phi Sigma Epsilon Lambda Delta Rho Epsilon Kappa Beta Lambda Alpha Sigma Beta Psi Delta Omega Delta Psi Beta Iota Gamma Gamma Beta Tau Bet. Upsilon Delta Alpha Rho Gamma Epsilon Delta No Gamma Zeta Alpha Rho Epsilon Eta Zeta Delta Pi



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ASSOCIATE CHAPTERS Delaware Univ. of Kansas LaSalle College Univ. of Louisville Univ. of Oregon Univ. of San Francisco

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Pi Kappa Phl Foundation Ronald Krebs, Chairman 120 South Central Avenue St. Louis. Missouri 63105 MEMBER COLLEGE FRATERNITY EDITORS ASSOCIATION

PI Kappa Phi Properties, Inc. David Lane, President Lewis, Mitchell & Moore 8320 Old Courthouse Road Vienna, VA 22180



From Alumnus initiate to National President

The Star & Lamp recently asked National President Lonnie Strickland a few questions regarding his involvement in Pi Kappa Phi and his hopes for the future of the Fraternity. Lonnie is currently the Professor of Managerial Strategy in the Graduate School of Business at the University of Alabama and is now in his tenth year as an officer on the Pi Kappa Phi National Council. S & L: Lonnie, many of our members don't realize that you are an alumnus initiate, i.e. you became a member of the fraternity after you had graduated from college and did not have the undergraduate experience that many of our members enjoy. Just how did you become involved with Pi Kappa Phi? Strickland: I had been teaching at the University of Alabama and I remember I had two Pi Kapps in one of my classes. Apparently they were in need of a faculty advisor, so they had invited me

Ted and I had a chance to talk fraternity for a bit and he said he would like for me to get involved a little bit more in the fraternity. He suggested that I come up to Pi Kapp College that summer and do a special training session for the treasurers. So that summer of 1971 I went to Pi Kapp College and that's when I first met Durward Owen. From meeting Durward and his asking me, "Gee, would you like to get even more involved with the fraternity?" I said I certainly would be happy to serve in any way I could so that set the stage for the next summer. In June of 1972 I was invited to the Administrative Office staff retreat. I met all of the staff and also John Wilson who was a former National Council member. We talked fraternity day and night for three days and after that I became convinced that Pi Kappa Phi was really an outstanding organization. Later that summer in August at Supreme Chapter I was very flattered to be elected National Treasurer.

"The issues that we grapple with are the same issues that a lot of chapters are facing. That being finances." over to the chapter. They continued to have me over to the chapter again and again. Slowly but surely I got to know the men in the house. One day they asked me if I would like to be a Pi Kappa Phi. I had not been in a fraternity as an undergraduate and I really regretted that. So this seemed like a tremendous opportunity to get to know a lot of first class young men. So I went to talk to a person in town about whether I should do it or not. My concern was with the lifetime commitment side of it. And I didn't know if I wanted to be a Pi Kapp or a Sigma Chi or an SAE or what. It just so happened that the person I chose to talk to was Emmett Dendy. Emmett said I would be making an outstanding decision to become a Pi Kappa Phi. Little did I know how much he was involved with the fraternity. (Emmett Dendy was later recognized as Mr. Pi Kappa Phi in 1979 for his many contributions to Pi Kappa Phi.) So with Emmett's advice, I became a member and I have never regretted it. I was initiated on May 10, 1970, and it was really a fantastic experience. I remember it very well.

S&L: From that point, how did you get so involved on the national level of the fraternity? Strickland: Well, I was working there with Omicron and we had a Founders' Day celebration. The speaker for the event was Ted Scharfenstein who at that time was the National Vice-President.

S&L: You have been on the National Council ever since 1972 and now you are in your second term as National President. In that time you have seen the fraternity grow in many ways. Since 1970 over 40 chapters have been chartered. Do you have any thoughts as to why Pi Kappa Phi has enjoyed that growth? Strickland: Pi Kappa Phi is a unique fraternity. I think we have been blessed with real leadership, as good as you can find. On the National Council we have had excellent people through all these years. People like John Wilson, Ron Krebs, Phil Tappy and Ted Scharfenstein. More importantly, we have had a whole cadre of Area Governors, Chapter Advisors and staff who were really hustling for their fraternity. It was a tremendous opportunity to see those new chapters come in one after another during that time. S&L: What do you see as Pi Kappa Phi's greatest strength and conversely, its greatest weakness at this point? Strickland: I would say the greatest strength of the fraternity lies in its brothers. We have outstanding people in the fraternity. In fact, I am sometimes amazed that I have been involved as much and as long as I have been. I attribute my involvement solely to the enjoyment of working with the people I have had a chance to work with. I can go to any region in the country and point to people who are so

dedicated to the ideal of the fraternity and are willing, in the most unselfish manner, to give their time and their energy as well as their money to foster an ideal that we all share in. The greatest weakness of the fraternity, I think, lies in our inability to recognize and identify additional Pi Kapps who have all the talents that are necessary and to get them involved in the fraternity world, particularly the expansion process. I would see that to be our greatest weakness and I would take personal responsibility that we have not done as good a job in our alumni relations efforts as we should have. S&L: As you have traveled around and seen some of our chapters, you get a chance to talk with many undergraduates. What message do you have for them as they seek to be strong and successful chapters? Strickland: I have had an opportunity to visit many chapters. I always carry around with me a chapter listing from the Star & Lamp and when I am in a town with a chapter I make a point of stopping by to visit with as many brothers as I can. I find that the successful chapters are chapters that have a real sense of where they are going. They have a real plan of what they hope to

S&L: What are the significant issues that the fraternity and the National Council are currently facing? Strickland: The issues that we grapple with now are the same issues that a lot of chapters are facing. That being finances. How do you provide the same level of service year after year on a fixed income? Just as the chapter grapples with the issue of keeping he chapter solvent, we have to think about preinitiation and initiation fees. What we are trying to do is provide more and more services for our ever-increasing group on the same amount of money. That is a difficult process. S&L: And there is certain to be more and more discussion on this problem. Strickland: That's right! Let me throw out some thoughts to the membership. Just how are we going to continue dealing with the problem of inflation and rising costs. Should we increase the initiation fee? Pre-initiation fee? Or should we move as other fraternities have to a concept of an annual dues or assessment? Right now, I see a need for us to give strong consideration to a system of annual dues. For one thing, this would assist our chapters in rush because we could keep our pre-initiation and initiation fees at the same level and still provide additional services to

"...I became convinced that Pi Kappa Phi was really an outstanding organization." achieve as a fraternity. Those chapters, we have a lot of them, are the ones that will traditionally have a good alumni relations program, have a good membership recruitment program, and generally have their act together. On the other hand, some of our chapters don't distinguish themselves. I can remember one in particular that when I went to see them, the chapter blamed everything wrong with the chapter on me. They said that because I wasn't, or the Administrative Office wasn't, doing their job, then the chapter couldn't do its job. That struck me just wrong. The materials and the framing were all there. It was just that the brothers simply were using the Administrative Office and the National Council as an excuse for not working.

the chapters that would be funded through these dues. Also, the annual dues concept would lead directly into our voluntary dues program that is sent to all alumni. I don't know of any organization that doesn't have some concept of annual dues. S&L: In a related area, with respect to finances, our Pi Kappa Phi Foundation has been busy working to improve its programing and endowment. A vitally important area, as this endowment will dictate just how Pi Kappa Phi can increase and improve many of its services to students and alumni. What role do you see for the Foundation in the future of Pi Kappa Phi? Strickland: There are two items in our fraternity that I see as being the future. Continued Next Page



Thinking, being, earning! by Dr. Warren Robb National Education Chairman


A sign of the times for Pi Kappa Phi is that the brothers who apply for the Pi Kapp Scholar Award are all Technical and Business majors. Some years ago the awards went to those majoring in the Liberal Arts. In many ways the new Pi Kapp Scholar is in a "liberating" career path towards achievement in science and business. Research about people who are "successful" indicates that they have a vision about themselves. It is a type of "coming attractions" movie where they think about where they will be in the future. These thinkers are then able to "bet' what they visualize because they have practiced their becoming thousands of times in focused thoughts. Finally these successful people earn achievement. It is all part of the destiny for which they have been practicing. The Pi Kapp Scholar Award recognizes those brothers who are very good at

Thinking, Being, and Earning. Not only are the Awardees very good academically, they have all served as officers and committee workers in the fraternity and in organizations to benefit their universities and communities. Their visions, what they are and what they represent in Pi Kappa Phi, are the future of our fraternity.

This year six Pi Kappa Phi members from around the country have been chosen as Pi Kapp Scholars. Each will receive a monetary award and a plaque honoring him for his scholastic achievement. Congratulations to the following Pi Kapps: Pi Kapp Scholar Michael E. West comes from the Delta Tau Chapter at James Madison University where he graduated this past December with a double major in Accounting/Management. Mike earned a 3.8 grade average in his business classes and a 3.5 overall. In addition to hard work in the

classroom, Mike has also been active in his chapter and other campus activities. Mike held the offices of Archon and Treasurer and served as IFC representative. He has been a member of the James Madison University varsity swim and diving team for four years and was named "Most Valuable Diver" for three years. A student at the Georgia Institute of Technology and a member of the Iota Chapter, Robert P. Spretnak is a deserving Pi Kapp Scholar. Bob has a 3.7 GPA in his senior year in Industrial Management. He hopes to continue his studies in graduate school in the field of industrial relations. In the Iota Chapter Bob has held the positions of ViceArchon and Historian. On campus he served on Student Government and has also worked with the school's yearbook and newspaper as a writer and editor. Sid Trant has been on the Dean's list each semester he has been at the University of Alabama and has a cum-

ulative grade point of 2.85 on a 3M scale. On campus, Sid is involved in various honoraries, the Pre-Law Association, and the Alabama Political Union. He has served as Historian and as Secretary in the Omicron Chapter. Pi Kapp Scholar Sid Trant is a junior. Ralph Mueller came to Elon College on a Rotary - International Scholarship from his homeland, Germany. He found the college and the fraternity system to his liking and benefit as he has maintained a 3.9 GPA and has been very active within the Epsilon Alpha Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi. Ralph is a junior and has already been Archon of his chapter and has served as an intern with Pi Kappa Phi Administrative Office. A mathematics major, Pi Kapp Scholar Ralph Mueller plans to continue his studies and work in the computer science field. A senior at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Richard Stephan is a 1981-82 Pi Kapp Scholar from the Beta Alpha Chapter. Rick will graduate in May 1982 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. His current cumulative GPA is 3.59. Rick has served his chapter in numerous ways including the offices of Chaplain and Historian. Pi Kapp Scholar Joseph W. Hoch is a senior at the Illinois Institute of Technology and a member of the Alpha Phi Chapter. An Electrical Engineering major, Joe has maintained a 3.65 cumulative average and has been on the Dean's list every semester. Joe is a General Motors Scholar and a member of several honorary societies. In his chapter he has served as Archon, Secretary, Warden, and IFC representative.

fi Michael E. West

Robert P. Spretnak

Sid J. Trant

Ralph 0. Mueller

Richard H.Stephan

Joseph Hoch

"Lonnie Strickland" continued

One is certainly the Foundation. If we don't get our Foundation into a posture of being able to assist the Fraternity more in educational programs and other ways we are going to find ourselves in a less than ideal position with the other national fraternities. Our Foundation's assets are considerably less than other national fraternities of a comparable or even smaller size. Our Foundation is working diligently and senses the need for correcting this deficiency. I feel confident that we are going to be successful. S&L: You said Pi Kappa Phi's future is two items. Strickland: Yes, the Foundation is one and the other is our national project, P.U.S.H. Since I have been a Pi Kappa Phi, P.U.S.H. has been to me probably the best representation of what I think brotherhood is all about. To me if you want to see brotherhood, if you want to know what brotherhood is, then watch a group of our brothers working and raising money for P.U.S.H. and then go to a site that has a P.U.S.H. unit and watch those children play and learn on that unit. Then ask yourself what is brotherhood. It is an unbelievable experience. A humbling experience. Makes you want to get up earlier in the morning to go to work. We are so lucky to have Tom Sayre. I see P.U.S.H. moving into areas that we have not even dreamed of. S&L: Do you have any special hopes or thoughts for Pi Kappa Phi as it moves into its fourth quarter century of existence?


Strickland: Pi Kappa Phi has been the fastest growing fraternity in the country. We are blessed with outstanding professional leadership with Durward Owen and the entire staff. We consistently have had excellent people working for and with the fraternity. It would be my hope that as we move into this next 25 years that we continue expanding and spreading Pi Kappa Phi by reaching top quality undergraduates at first rate academic institutions. This past year we have had excellent progress moving onto such reputable campuses as Bradley University, University of Kansas, California State University Sacramento, LaSalle College and now Villanova University. Another point I would like to make concerns Pi Kapp College. I think Pi Kapp College is one of the real strengths of the fraternity. Not many fraternities have anything comparable to Pi Kapp College. An excellent leadership training experience. I wonder at times whether we ought to have Pi Kapp College for two consecutive years and then have Supreme Chapter each third year. Change our way of doing business so we can have more Pi Kapp Colleges. I see that as something we should be thinking of. S&L: Do you have any final thoughts? Strickland: I would like to challenge our alumni. What I challenge the alumni to do is to go visit a chapter closest to their home and get to meet the brothers. You won't meet any finer individuals. Outstanding men. You'll be glad you did. That would be my challenge to the alumni.

"Brothers helping brothers"

SCHOLARSHIPS KNOW SOMEONE WHO CAN USE $1,000 ... All undergraduate and graduate school brothers are eligible for this $1,000 Founders' Award. Applications have been sent to all chapters and are available from the Administrative Office. Deadline is June 1, 1982.

CALLING ALL SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF PI KAPP ALUMNI... Two $500 scholarships will be awarded to assist children of Pi Kappa Phi alumni who are enrolled in colleges or universities. Call or write the Administrative Office for applications. Deadline is June 1, 1982.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE WAS AWARDED TO DESERVING BROTHERS ... Seventeen student members have received cash awards in scholarships or loans to assist with their educational expenses. The recipients have demonstrated excellence in academic performance, leadership, and service to their chapters and communities.

NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS ... For scholarships and loans from the Foundation's General Financial Assistance Fund. Applications will be for the '82 summer and fall terms. A maximum of $500 may be awarded. Contact Michael O'Donnell, Director of Development, for applications and/or more information: P. 0. Box 240526, Charlotte, NC 28224.


Of tests and techniques

Finals are approaching! Are you students ready? Take a moment and review your test-taking skills. This information and practical article can be helpful to anyone who takes tests. This article is reprinted from "Sky," Delta Airline's in-flight magazine. The author,

By Perry W. Buffington, Ph.D.

Test, quiz and exam all seem like four-letter words to many of us. Since the average American takes literally thousands of them between first grade and first job, an understanding of how they work and how scores can be improved is offered. "You will have one hour to complete this test. All answers must be marked on the answer sheet. Make no marks on the test booklet. Using a number two pencil, place your name . Ready? Begin." And they're off! Each test-taker working at a different pace; each using a different technique; and all wishing they were somewhere else. Ours is a test-taking culture. Based on the sociological concept of cornpetition, examinations are used to grant privileges and entrance into educational and professional programs. In twelve years of your elementary and secondary education, a conservative estimate of weekly quizzes that you completed is approximately 2,600; college mid-term and final examinations over a four-year period account for another one hundred; and each year of advanced professional training adds another 25 major exams. But classroom examinations represent only a small segment of testing experience. Each year, school systems throughout the United States administer more than two million standardized tests in addition to regular classroom tests. The total number of tests administered by business, government, industry and clinics is astronomical. People tend to take tests on command, but they really don't understand them. How can scores be improved? Read on. All tests — whether they are simple classroom quizzes, tests for driver's licensure or statistically oriented aptitude tests — have one major point in common: A test is a sample of behavior at one point in time. As a result, scores change from one test administration to the next. A long-held myth about testing has forced most people to conclude that scores are forever. This is simply not true. There are numerous reported cases of intelligence quotients (I.Q.'s) fluctuating as much as 30 or 40 points between tests. Another source of score variance is a result of the test-taker's unfamiliarity with specific types of tests. There are two lategories: maximal and typical perfor-

Dr. Wayne Buffington, is a contributing editor to "Sky" magazine and also a Professor of Psychology at Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina. Dr. Buffington, Gamma Kappa Chapter Georgia Southern, is currently serving Pi Kappa Phi as National Chaplain.

mance tests. Maximal tests attempt to ascertain an accurate measure of an individual's best possible performance. This type includes intelligence, academic or classroom (achievement) tests, and aptitude tests. Of these three, the intelligence tests are both the most widely knbwn and the least understood. It's amazing how so much confusion over two little letters, 1/13th of the alphabet, has proliferated since the testing movement began in the early 1900s. The I.Q. tests (approximately 350 available on the market today) can be traced to the "Binet-Simon" or "Measuring Scale of Intelligence" which appeared in 1905 and consisted of 30 assorted tests. Similar to today's tests, these included memory, reasoning, judgment, attention and visual discrimination tasks. The test was conceived by Alfred Binet, a French psychologist, who was asked to develop a procedure to predict which children in the Paris schools were unable to learn in a classroom setting. The term intelligence quotient (I.Q.), as we know it, was suggested in 1912 by Stern, who proposed dividing the BinetSimon score by the person's chronological age. When this figure was multiplied by one hundred, the concept "I.Q." was born. Little did Stern know that this short-cut approach would create such controversy. Since that time, a procedure to effectively distinguish children who would profit from classroom studies has been greatly contaminated by public misunderstanding. In general, the populace desires the I.Q. to do more than it is capable of doing. It is best used as a predictor of school success. Intellectual measures are designed to assess global mental skills, the ability to adapt in new situations, and to learn academically. With this in mind, the average I.Q. range is between 90 and 109. The following is an estimate of the I.Q.s of some famous men: Johann Wolfgang Goethe, 210; Isaac Newton and Voltaire, 190 Leonardo da Vinci and Rene Descartes, 180; Immanuel Kant, 175; Martin Luther, 170; Samuel Johnson, 165; Benjamin Franklin, 160, Rembrandt, 155; Abraham Lincoln, 150; Napoleon Bonaparte, 145; George Washington, 140; and U. S. Grant, 130. (For some reason, data on this nature is not easily available vis-a-vis famous women.) Another maximal performance test is an admissions test, technically a form of aptitude testing. These tests are designed to measure, the degree of skill a person can demonstrate when at-

tempting to perform to the limit of one's ability. People easily allow these tests to intimidate and to generate a great deal of tension, but this tension is greatly reduced by "familiarity." If you have taken one of these tests before, chances are your score will go up. If you are taking an admissions test soon, ask your friends about the test and check your local bookstore for manuals designed to prepare you for specific tests. Typical performance tests do not promote as much anxiety as maximal performance tests. These former psychometrics assess interests, personality traits, attitudes and other similar characteristics. There is little preparation needed to take these tests, and no "right" or "wrong" answers. Interest tests are statistically pure and are used by counselors to help individuals with educational and vocational planning. Personality inventories are designed to measure the continuum between "normal" and "abnormal" behavior. The area of personality testing is quite complex. As a result, personality tests should be administered and interpreted only by highly trained individuals in psychological, medical and educational fields. Finally, attitudinal tests ascertain how someone will react to other individuals, programs or events. Such tests are not used as regularly as other typical performance tests. One new area of testing involves the evaluation of a person's cognitive or thought style. This includes the individual's mental approach to problemsolving. For instance, some students' cognitive style suggests they are reflective; others appear impulsive; some work independently; and others enjoy a great deal of interaction. By evaluating the cognitive style, training programs can be tailored to individual needs. In other words, it makes locating the square peg for the square hole much more precise. Although there are different types of tests, techniques to improve scores are similar. (1) When it is possible to prepare for a test, do so. If anything, research has shown that "overlearning" the material reduces anxiety and obviously raises scores. Consistent studying over a period of time is much more effective than cramming the night before a test. Preparation also involves asking friends who have taken similar tests and checking bookstores for aids in studying. For instance, books currently on the market


which raise scores on particular tests do not do so by divulging knowledge, but by giving you familiarity with the items and test format. (2) Show up on time, but not early for the exam. If you must get to the exam early, stand alone, away from the crowd. This will help you to avoid getting contaminated by others' anxiety. If you pay attention to others' worries, your anxiety level will increase, too. (3) Know in advance if the test has a correction formula. That means, for example, for every four items you answer incorrectly, one right one is deducted from your total score. This is an attempt to correct for guessing. (4) Eliminate alternatives. If the item is a four-choice, multiple-choice test, the odds are one in four that you could guess the right one. If you can eliminate any two of the four, your odds are 5050. If you cannot eliminate any one of the alternatives, if you have no idea, and if there is no correction for guessing, then pick the longest answer and proceed on to the next. Test authors have a tendency to make the correct answer the longest. (5) Read directions carefully. Many points are lost because people don't understand what they are required to do. If you have not finished reading the directions, or don't understand them, ask the proctor for assistance. That's what they are paid for. (6) Pace yourself so that you are able to complete as many items as possible. (7) If the test is multiple choice, requiring you to read a "stem" and then select one correct response from four alternatives, attempt to answer the question before you read the possible choices. After you formulate your answer, match your ideas to the possibilities. Pick the one most similar to your answer. By doing this, you are utilizing not only recognition, but recall as well. (8) If the test requires you to read long passages and then answer questions about the reading, read the questions first. By doing this, you will know what you are looking for as you read and be in a much better position to answer the questions correctly. If the test is timed, this technique also increases your speed and efficiency. (9) Skip items you are unsure of. If you've seen the material before, but can't remember the answer immediately, chances are your brain will be searching for and retrieving the information while you are working on other items. When the answer comes to you, go back and mark it. (10) Do not change your answers on multiple-choice tests unless you are very uncertain about your initial answer. Research has shown that only when you have strong doubts is your second answer more likely to be correct. (11) Read the questions carefully. On essay tests, note key words such as compare, contrast, discuss, evaluate, analyze, define and describe. Do what the question asks, and avoid circumlocution. If you are unsure of a response to an essay question, it will come across as wordiness. Be direct; make your point and support it. On multiple-choice tests, look out for negative disclaimers like, "Which of the following could not be " As you read the question, underline the key words. This will re-check your thinking. (12) Test authors have a tendency to make one of two parallel statements the correct answer. For instance, if two of the four choices have major differences in wording and if the other two are almost identical in structure and wording, chances are, one of the parallel statements is right. Probably, the longest one of the two will get you points. (13) There is some evidence that if you are slightly cool you will do better on a test. Informal observations certainly support this point. For instance, if you are too warm, you may become too comfortable, sleepy and lose your focus. (14) Re-check your work. Make clerical corrections only. (15) Finally, ask to see your test and scores. By reviewing a test, you become test-wise. Tests are necessary to describe levels of knowledge and to assist in making placement decisions. They are capable of motivating via feedback. So it is important to develop a healthy, positive attitude toward examinations. As classroom tests are mastered, they serve as "trial runs" for other, more difficult life tests.


AREA III Ronald J. deValinger 301 Wildwood Circle Americus, GA 31709

Your Pi Kappa Phi Area Governors

Ron is an initiate of the Gamma Nu Chapter at LaGrange College where he graduated in 1971. He is now the Director of Admissions at Georgia Southwestern College where he is also actively involved with our Gamma Xi Chapter there. Ron has always been very active with the fraternity having attended two Supreme Chapters, several conclaves and Was recently instrumental in a reorganization of the Alpha Alpha Chapter at Mercer University. Ron lives in Americus, Georgia. AREA IV Jeffrey A. Wrisley 1600 Packard, Apt. A-3 Ann Arbor, MI 48104 Having been very active in his work as Area Governor, Jeff has been recognized as Area Governor of the Year for the past two years. He has studied at Michigan State University, Indiana University and now at the University of Michigan where he is currently working towards his PhD in International Finance. Jeff became a member of the fraternity through the Alpha Theta Chapter at Michigan State and remains active with their alumni housing board.

Pi Kappa Phi is now divided into ten areas in which each is represented by an Area Governor. The duties of an Area Governor are primarily to serve as a liaison between the National Council, the Administrative Office and the chapters within his area. He assists chapters in problem situations and helps organize a yearly conclave. The fraternity is fortunate to have ten men serving as Area Governors who have a long history of dedicated involvement to Pi Kappa Phi. The Star & Lamp would like to recognize our Area Governors:

and 1980 respectively. He now works for USC as Director of Student Media, advising the campus newspaper, yearbook, other publications, and radio station. While a student member with the Sigma Chapter, he held the offices of Warden, Treasurer, and Chaplain and served on the IFC executive cabinet for three years. Jerry and his wife Marsha reside in Columbia, South Carolina.

AREA I Richard Flora 1305 Jefferson Ave., Apt. 4 Clifton Forge, VA 24422 Richard Flora is an initiate of the Xi Chapter at Roanoke College. He attended Roanoke in 1958-59 and again from 1969-71 and earned a B.A. in Political Science. Dick has been active in the alumni association for his Xi Chapter. Formerly in the Real Estate business, Dick is now the City Manager for Clifton Forge, Virginia, where he now lives. AREA II Jerry T. Brewer 922 Texas Street Columbia,SC 29201 Jerry graduated from the University of South Carolina with a B.A. degree in Political Science and an M.Ed in Student Personnel Services in 1978

Harry is the Chairman of the Area Governors' Council which meets at Supreme Chapter and Pi Kapp College to discuss strategies for each Area Governor to follow. An initiate of the Omicron Chapter at the University of Alabama, Harry graduated with a degree in Accounting in 1974. He spent four years as a C.P.A. with Arthur Young and Co. and then studied at Harvard University Graduate School of Business where he earned an M.B.A. with distinction being in the top 10% of his class. Harry currently has his own business, Caldwell & Till Associates, and is primarily involved in management consulting in the Southeastern United States. Harry has kept very active with the fraternity and comes from a family of Pi Kapps where three of his brothers are also members.

Do you know a prospective Pi Kapp? Share the Pi Kapp experience! Do you know a young man who will be entering college this fall? Take a few moments and help Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity by filling out this form and returning to: PI KAPPA PHI ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE P. 0. Box 240526 Charlotte, NC 28224

Name(s) College(s)(he)(they) will attend Home Address (es) Submitted by. Chapter & Year. Address:

AREA VII Steven S. Miller 7947 Grow Lane, No. 197 Houston, TX 77040 Steve Miller is a graduate of McNeese State University and an initiate of the Beta Mu Chapter there. Steve earned a B. A. in Business Administration in '75 and also an MBA in '79, both from McNeese. As an undergrad he served as Archon, Warden, Treasurer and IFC representative. Steve is now a Senior Sales Representative with Emory Worldwide in Houston, Texas, where he and his wife, Diane, now reside. AREA VIII Frank M. Parrish 7742 S. Harrison Circle Littleton, CO 80122 Currently Area VIII has no Pi Kappa Phi chapters and the other two western areas only have a few chapters. Pi Kappa Phi's future plans include greater expansion into these areas so the current Area Governor system was set up to help coordinate these efforts more efficiently. Frank Parrish is an initiate of the Alpha Omicron Chapter at Iowa State University where he was very active, holding the office of Archon for two terms. After graduation in 1965 he went to work for the fraternity as a field secretary. He later continued his studies in Student Personnel and Higher Education Administration at Indiana University. He worked for several years as the Chairman of the Division of Continuing Education at Indiana University — Northwest Campus. Frank, his wife and son now live in Denver, Colorado where Frank is the Director of Summer Session, Interterm and Continuing Education at the University of Denver.

AREA V Harry E. Caldwell, Jr. P. 0. Box 20608 Birmingham, AL 35216

Help Wanted - RUSH

Thanks for sharing Pi Kappa Phi!

wife and their two children now live near Kansas City, Missouri where he is an account executive with KYYS Radio/ Taft Broadcasting there.

AREA IX Jack Austin 3833 N. Wilamette Blvd. Portland, OR 97217 Jack has always been very involved with his Alpha Zeta Chapter at Oregon State University. While a student he held the offices of Archon and Treasurer for two terms each and as an alumnus he has held all the offices of the chapter's alumni association. Jack is a leasing consultant with Johnstown Properties where he leases property at three major shopping centers and two office buildings. Jack also holds an active Oregon Real Estate License. AREA X Sonny O'Drobinak 1700 S. Amphlett Blvd., No. 100 San Mateo, CA 94402

AREA VI Herndon S. Hasty 9420 Moody Park Overland Park, KS 66212 Herndon is an initiate of the Alpha Chapter at the College of Charleston where he graduated in 1973. After graduation he worked for the College of Charleston as the Director of Student Activities for six years working closely with the fraternity system. Herndon, his

Sonny O'Drobinak was very active with the Omega Chapter while a student at Purdue University. He held the office of Archon, Chaplain, and House Manager. After graduation in 1973, Sonny went to work for the fraternity as a field secretary for two years. He now enjoys living in California where he works in property management with Triton Financial Corp. Sonny is active in a whole range of outdoor activities from scuba diving to backpacking.




Merit Citation Award Recipients John Wilson

Every two years in conjunction with Supreme Chapter, the National Council of Pi Kappa Phi has the honor of selecting the recipients of the Merit Citation Award. This award goes to a very select group of brothers who have shown great loyalty, dedication, and unselfishness in working with their fraternity. In all, only 108 brothers have received the award since it was first given in 1934. This year seven individuals have been awarded the Merit Citation Award for their outstanding service to Pi Kappa Phi. John Cullum Wilson was initiated into Eta Chapter at Emory University in 1926. While keeping involved with a busy career as Executive Vice-President of the American Red Cross, he has always had time for Pi Kappa Phi. He has served the National Fraternity unselfishly as National Treasurer, National Vice-President, and as a Trustee to the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation. In 1977, he was extended the fraternity's highest honor, being named Mr. Pi Kappa Phi for that year. It is fitting that John Wilson be recognized for his meritorious service to Pi Kappa Phi with the Merit Citation Award. The success of many chapters over a period of time is often due to the continuous contributions of concerned alumni. Some chapters are fortunate to have alumni benefactors who keep coming back to share their physical and financial resources. The Lambda Chapter at the University of Georgia is lucky to have such an alumnus. Floyd Leroy Langston, Lambda '50, has financed and supervised numerous renovations and additions to the Lambda Chapter house. Readily providing both labor and materials to the chapter, Leroy has been an inspiration to all the members of the Lambda Chapter. A perfect example of an alumnus who gives back to his chapter to insure that a positive fraternity experience continues, Leroy Langston is a deserving recipient of the Merit Citation Award.

Ernest Stanhope DeLaney, Jr., Mu Duke University '38, for several years has been active with the alumni in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. He has served as a legal advisor to the relocation of the Administrative Office to Charlotte and for the purchasing of the various headquarters buildings in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has served two terms as National Chancellor for Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. Since going off the National Council, he has continued to serve as legal advisor both to the Administrative Office and the National Council. For his invaluable service, Ernest DeLaney receives the Merit Citation Award. Earl Drais Layman is an alumnus initiate (1958) of Alpha Iota Chapter at Auburn University. There he served as Chapter Advisor for several years. Upon relocating to Knoxville, Tennessee, he became Chapter Advisor for Alpha Sigma Chapter and served in that capacity during some very tumultuous years. The stability he offered was the success factor for the continued survival and current success of that chapter. He later moved to Seattle, Washington, and while there was instrumental in the reactivation of Alpha Delta Chapter following which he'served as Chapter Advisor for that group. During the difficult years of the early 70s, the chapter charter was lost; but Earl continued his efforts and has been instrumental in frequent alumni meetings in Seattle, Washington, maintaining a high degree of interest level on the part of alumni in that area. We show our appreciation to Earl Layman with the Merit Citation Award. Every chapter goes through cycles with good years and not so good years. Some, unfortunately, go through such troubled times that the chapter's very existence is threatened. When the Alpha Tau Chapter at Rensselaer Polytechnic had that problem in the early 70s, they were fortunate to have Gordon Barnes Wright, Alpha Tau '55, who virtually

Ernest DeLaney, Jr.

saved the chapter from a very difficult time. He served as Chapter Advisor for several years and now serves on the Alumni Housing Corporation. Gordon Wright's constant concern and effort for his chapter has made him one of the key individuals in making Alpha Tau the successful chapter it is today and has also made him a Merit Citation Award recipient. James Burton Beal, Jr., Gamma Omega '72, has been the Chapter Advisor of Gamma Omega Chapter since it was chartered in 1971. He has maintained a constant level of activity that has helped the chapter grow and prosper. He has also been in charge of that chapter's total housing arrangements for that entire period of time. Jim Beal has single-handedly directed the efforts of the alumni association of that chapter. Through his efforts, funds were borrowed from the Omicron Club for the initial purchase of the present chapter home. He has been instrumental in the

Birds of a feather... In 1943 two Pi Kapps stopped in front of their Officers' Club for a picture which later became the cover for the STAR AND LAMP (above). First Lieutenant Cornelius (Corky) Smith (left) and First Lieutenant Robert Peters were then stationed in the Southwest Pacific. Lieutenant Smith was a flying officer and Lieutenant Peters was a ground officer in the same group squadron. Nearly forty years later the 80th Fighter Squadron, known as the "Headhunters" had a reunion at Cocoa Beach, Florida. Corky Smith and "Salty" Peters posed for a newer, but similar picture. Both now retired Air Force Colonels, Smith lives in Columbia, South Carolina, and Peters lives in Indian Harbor Beach, Florida.

Leroy Langston

Earl Layman

chapter's continued survival and success on his campus and becomes the first Merit Citation Award recipient from Gamma Omega. Few alumni of any fraternity can claim the extent of involvement in their fraternity as this Merit Citation Award recipient. Pi Kappa Phi is honored to recognize Theodore Anthony Scharfenstein, Jr., Beta Beta '58, for his numerour activities and contributions. After graduating from Florida Southern he went to work for Pi Kappa Phi as a field secretary and eventually became Assistant Executive Director. Through the years he has served in many capacities including Chapter Advisor, Area Governor, National Vice-President and National President. He has been Pi Kappa Phi's representative to the National Interfraternity Conference and has participated in the chartering of fifteen Pi Kapp Chapters. Ted has most recently been serving his fraternity as a Trustee to the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation.





Pi Kapp Expansion / Reorganizations

Pi Kappa Phi growth includes new chapters at (1) Bradley University, (2) California State at Sacramento, and (3) LaSalle College. Reorganizations have been conducted at (4) Mercer University, (5) Bowling Green State University, and (6) Grand Valley State College. Expansion locations include former Pi Kapp chapter sites at the (7) University of Mississippi and the (8) University of Louisville. Other schools new to Pi Kappa Phi include (9) Villanova University, (10) Frostburg State, and (11) George Washington University.

75th Anniversary Rose Garden Some of you might remember that during the 75th anniversary celebration of Pi Kappa Phi at the Supreme Chapter in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1979, a "Memorial Rose Garden" of seventyfive red roses was presented to the College of Charleston. Well, due to various problems in finding an appropriate location for the garden, it never materialized. Until now! We now have a location that will be both attractive and visible on the Charleston campus. Soon, Pi Kappa Phi will have three gifts on the campus representing each of the three twentyfive year periods of the Fraternity's existence since 1904. In 1929, the memorial gate was presented. In 1954, a six foot face clock was presented. Now, "representing" 1979 a bed of seventy-five red roses will adorn the College of Charleston and commemorate Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity's seventy-five years. More information and pictures to follow in future issues of the STAR AND LAMP.

Attention Alumni Associations! Pi Kappa Phi National Fraternity grows in membership in two ways. The first is to grow internally, i.e. the size of a chapter grows larger. The second is to create new chapters through the expansion process. The National Council and the Administrative Office are dedicated to both forms of growth for Pi Kappa Phi. This year has turned out to be a very busy one in both areas. Occasionally chapters will decline in size and quality to the extent that the very existence of the chapter is at stake. If the conditions are appropriate, the Administrative Office will move in to "reorganize" the chapter and in a sense, start over with mostly, if not all, new members. This year, reorganizations have been conducted at the Alpha Alpha Chapter, Mercer University (Macon, GA);

the Delta Sigma Chapter, Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH); and the Epsilon Beta Chapter, Grand Valley State College (Allendale, MI). Expansion locations include two chapters that folded years ago. The Beta Gamma Chapter at the University of Louisville, inactive since 1966, may once again become active as a group there currently holds "colony" status. Also, a group of students at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) are now associated with Pi Kappa Phi and hope to reactivate the Alpha Lambda Chapter there, inactive since 1949. Other expansion locations, new to Pi Kappa Phi, include Villanova University where an outstanding group of sixty, that's right, sixty, have become associate members. Frostburg State is

our newest colony and our first ever in the state of Maryland. Finally, an interest group is developing at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and hopefully will soon become a colony. To say the least, it has been an active year, and we haven't even mentioned the chapters that have been chartered this year. Welcome to our newest chapters — Epsilon Mu - Bradley University; Epsilon Nu — California State University at Sacramento; and Epsilon Xi - LaSalle College. There will be more news on these charterings, colonies, and reorganizations in future STAR AND LAMP issues. Hopefully these new groups will have successful, exciting stories to tell as they grow in the Pi Kapp experience.

We know you're out there! Sometimes formally, often informally, our alumni get together as associations! The STAR AND LAMP would like to provide more coverage of various alumni associations and special alumni gatherings. All known alumni associations (or housing corporations, as the case may be) will be sent an informational form to be returned so we will be better able to report on your activities. Many alumni groups are very active in various ways and it would be a benefit to all alumni associations to share this information. If you have, or are starting, an alumni association, alumni chapter, or housing corporation, let us hear from you. Write: STAR AND LAMP Steven W. Smith, Managing Editor P. 0. Box 240526 Charlotte, NC 28224


On January 22 - 23, 1982, the National Council met in Charlotte for one of their four yearly meetings. Gathered at one end of the conference room is (from left) Dr. Bill Ewald, Member-atLarge; Dr. Wayne Buffington, National Chaplain; David Jaffee, National Vice-President; Dr. Lonnie Strickland, National President; Bill Finney, National Secretary; Jack Casper, National Treasurer; and the Honorable Judge Jim Turk, National Chancellor.

Welcome Glenn Aspinwall

The 39th Supreme Chapter will be held at the Mobile Hilton in Mobile, Alabama, on August 13 - 17, 1983. Mark your "long term" planning calendars now and be sure to attend this most important Pi Kappa Phi event.

Glenn Aspinwall, Gamma Kappa Chapter - Georgia Southern, joined the Administrative Office staff in January of this year. Glenn graduated from Georgia Southern in 1981 with a B.S. degree in marketing. Very active in his chapter, he has served as Vice-Archon, Secretary and Historian. Glenn has been quickly, and successfully, indoctrinated into life as a Chapter Consultant. He has already completed a reorganization of the Delta Sigma Chapter at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green; Ohio, and has done an outstanding job of recruiting at Villanova University where we now have a sixty man colony. Glenn is from Waycross, Georgia.


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Not since the invention of the letter bomb has the Postal Service been used with such intimidating effect. In the last two years direct-mail expert Richard Viguerie has raised more than $20 million for conservative candidates and causes and helped purge the Senate of four of its most powerful Democrats. Now, with congressional elections only 10 months away, the onetime oil company clerk and his right-wing clients—including the National Conservative Political Action Committee(NCPAC)and Jesse Helms' Congressional Club—are mobilizing for another assault. Among those targeted for political extinction are Ted Kennedy, Senate Minority Leader Robert Byrd and House Majority Leader Jim Wright. Most of the money raised for Viguerie's clients will be used to discredit such candidates; there is no legal limit on this kind of independent spending, as there is on direct contributions to politicians. A fundamentalist and a Catholic who inveighs as strenuously against premarital sex as against Communism, the Texas-born Viguerie, 48, put together his first fund-raising list in 1964. He copied by hand the names and addresses of the 12,500 people who had given $50 or more to Barry Goldwater's presidential campaign. Conservatives, he believes, had no choice but to turn to the mails."We couldn't get our candidates on the evening news or our issues talked about," Viguerie says. "It was like the tree that fell in the forest. If no one heard it, it didn't make any noise." Through successive elections, he enlarged that first list into a computer-collated roster of 4.5 million potential contributors. Operating out of headquarters in Falls Church, Va., he plans to double his list by 1984 and pour the donations into a massive conservative media blitz. Though his life seems securely anchored in suburban affluence—he, his wife Elaine and their three children have lived for six years in comfortable McLean, Va.—Viguerie envisions himself in the forefront of a revolution being fought with 20-cent stamps. "I think the conservative movement is where it is today because of a handful of people," he says. "Take away an Adams, a Jefferson or a Washington, and you wouldn't have had that first revolution." 0




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"A $5,000 mailing brings In $20,000,and you put that Into a bigger mailing," says Viguerie. Behind him:a sample letter. Photograph by Robert Sherbow

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ALPHA College of Charleston Robert Droste, Archon Recently, Alpha participated in the little brother • big brother program with a sorority on campus. We had a cookout and played outdoor games with the children for most of the afternoon. At Alpha we have enjoyed one of our best rush programs ever. At the College of Charleston 96 rushees accepted bids to the seven fraternities and Alpha pledged 22 mem. bers. This program was headed up by David Reeder who did an excellent job. Also, our alumni helped out tremendously in this rush.

BETA Presbyterian College Troy Dukes, Archon Since starting school in August, the men of Beta have been very active, working for the benefit of the chapter and the fraternity. Several brothers arrived early to prepare the house for fall rush, which was a great success. We pledged 21 men this semester. All of our pledges completed pledge education before the end of the semester. In November, Beta, with the help of Gamma Xi and under the guidance and direction of the National Chaplain, revitalized Alpha Alpha Chapter at Mercer. While there, the chapter welcomed alumnus members Dr. D. 0. Rains, Mr. Rene Garay, and Mr. H. H. Whitaker. Dr. Rains and Mr. Garay are professors of the college and Mr. Whitaker is the father of one of our brothers. As the fall semester comes to a close, we at Beta are turning our attention towards spring rush and our 75th Anniversary Celebration, which will be March 5 and 6, 1982. The weekend plans call for a banquet, bands, model initiation, and many other events for chapter members and alumni.

Nu in the final game. The Zeta members are in the process of raising money to refurbish the house. New speakers and furniture have already been Purchased. Zeta pledged 13 new members this semester and look forward to an even better spring rush.

IOTA Georgia Insititute of Technology Greg Copeland, Archon The brothers of Iota Chapter began this fall quarter by committing themselves to excellence. In a year when many fraternities at Georgia Tech saw their pledge total drop, Pi Kappa Phi pledged 25 of the campus' best young men who quickly proved themselves to be the rowdiest pledge class at football games and the revitalizers of our athletic program. Scholastically, the fraternity was named "Most Improved Scholarship" for two of three quarters last year and the new goal is to consistently maintain such lofty ranks, On the intramural, the brothers enjoyed their best quarter in several years in football. The team's youth point towards an optimistic future. The new sport, innertube water polo, was also a source of Iota pride as the brothers slaughtered their archrival 10-0. The most important activity fall quarter,

Due to a successful summer and fall rush, we pledged 26 and initiated 20 new men. The addition of these new brothers has paved the way for a lot of significant changes. We went undefeated in football this fall and became President's League Champs. We also became the overall Fraternity Champs by beating the Governor's League Champs, Lambda Chi Alpha, 14 • 8. We came in second in tennis and also made it to the play-offs in soccer. The house continues to improve in appearance thanks to the financial support of alumnus Leroy Langston. With the many improvements he has provided, the house has become a more pleasant and enjoyable place to live. This fall was highlighted by our many after-the-game parties at which we toasted the Bulldog's many victories. Other memorable parties include our Halloween and Christmas parties given by our dynamite Little Sisters. We face the New Year enthusiastically and ready for another successful quarter here at Georgia.

XI Roanoke College John Kelly, Archon The brothers of Xi Chapter are proud to announce our largest pledge class since 1978.

GAMMA University of California • Berkeley Chris Nelson, Archon With no pretense of humility, we at Gamma believe our chapter has earned a position of unprecedented strength. Yet reaching a new .pinnacle In campus and area prestige has not bred complacency among the brothers, One of the distinguishing features of our chapter is a subtle but constant hunger to improve. Not only is Pi Kappa Phi — Gamma the largest of over forty neighboring fraternities, but we are rapidly gaining the reputation as the best house on campus as well. And for good reasons — our current programs in brotherhood, phi• lanthropy, scholarship and recreation evoke an image of excellence. We are eighty men in Berkeley proud to wear the letters Pi Kappa Phi. Fall rush provided a good illustration of the aggressive new thrust to which our chapter has committed itself. With an already filled house the focus of rush inevitably turned to quality. We adopted a new bidding procedure which requires a completely positive vote before a bid can be extended. The 23 new associate members we selected formed the largest pledge class on campus. The caliber of the group speaks for itself. Like rush, our social events reached new peaks this fall. An exceptional budget permitted the brotherhood to emphasize class in our functions. An incredible party for PUSH., our Founders' Day formal, a luau (with Polynesian dances, twenty tons of sand and three sororities), many exchanges, and the inevitable brotherhood keggers made our social calendar look like a Chinese roadmap. Winter term looks similarly promising ... We have brought plenty of credit to our fraternity by the high standards of scholarship we have attained. The last available rankins show us as seventh in the Greek system. Individually, six brothers scored straight A's: George Ganz, Mitch Stevko, Troy Cardenas, Mike Glantz, Eric Hoel, and former Archon Van McNeilly who completed 21. units of math and physics with a 4.1. Since the basic aspects of Pi Kapp living are so strong this year, we have set our sights higher than ever. We have on the docket for March a bold new PUSH,adventure. Gamma's first P.U.S.H.-a-thon will roll a wheelchair from Berkeley to the state capital in Sacramento. The 80-mile journey requires total brotherhood commitment. Our goal is to raise a record amount of funding for PUSH. through per-mile sponsorship while having a good time. In closing, we'd just like to remind our fellow Pi Kapps that distance in miles does not mean distance in spirit. Go west, young man, and stop In Berkeley — we look to have our brothers visit.

ZETA Wofford College Chip Stockman, Archon The Pi Kapps of Zeta Chapter have been very active this semester with such things as PUSH., college intramurals, and fund raising for house improvements. Zeta's goal for Project PUSH. is $250. We hope to exceed or even double this goal. In intramural football, the defending champion Pi Kapps placed third overall, defeating Sigma

Gamma Chapter members Rick Rappaport (left) and Mike McOueeny "pose" for a picture during their visit to the Administrative Office in Charlotte, North Carolina. The two camped out on the front steps of the Administrative Office when in route to Supreme Chapter last summer,

Candidates Forum with a local radio station prior to Virginia's General Election. Fifteen local and statewide candidates were reprosented at the forum. This event allowed the voters to meet the candidates on a more personal level. Xi Brother Honorable James C. Turk is now Chief Justice of the U. S. District Court in the Western District of Virginia. Brother Turk 1491 now resides in Radford, VA, The Virginia and West Virginia chapters met at Xi Chapter the weekend of January 22-23. We discussed mutual problems and assets of our chapters. We at Xi have planned an aggressive informal rush program for our spring semester.

our efforts, mentally and physically handicapped children at Partlow will benefit for years to come. This past semester has been a busy one, we have confronted many challenges and set many lofty goals for the future. We have worked to improve not one, but all aspects of our brotherhood, ranging from the pledge program to our social life. As in the past, we have met all challenges head-on and continually strive to be number one here at Alabama.

RHO Washington and Lee No Report Submitted

OMICRON University of Alabama Gary Steed, Archon

SIGMA University of South Carolina Charles Wright, Archon

Shortly before the fall semester got underway here at Alabama, Omicron's delegation of brothers proudly returned from the 38th Supreme Chapter meeting in Philadelphia with four awards. They are: President's Club, Champion Master Chapter, Plus Five Award, and a special recognition award for winning the All-Sports Championship and the Scholarship Award at Alabama. This, along with the addition of four new brothers, helped Omicron begin the fall with pride and high expectations of being number one in all areas. Highlighting this fall was Homecoming, which is always a very special time at Alabama and at Omicron. The outstanding turnout of alumni showed us how proud they are to be members of Pi Kappa Phi. We are especially proud of four of our alumni who, at Supreme Chapter, were elected to national offices of the fraternity. They are: Dr. A. J. Strickland, III, who was re-elected as National President; Travis Julian, elected as a member to the Board of Directors of Pi Kappa Phi Properties; Harry Caldwell, selected as Area Governor of Area V; and Nathan Hightower, named Area Govetnor of Area III. Omicron salutes these men and wish them the best in the coming years. We would also like to congratulate Dr. Darryl Webb, an alumnus initiate, who has been chosen as the new Assistant Dean for Student Services at the College of Commerce and Business Administration here at Alabama. Politically this semester Omicron has excelled with members serving on the Freshman Forum, on the Mayor's Advisory Council, as an executive advisor to the SGA vice-president, as a representative on the Communication Student Council and as chairman of the Student Committee on Instructional Media. Three brothers have been certified to run for SGA Senate seats and they have wide campus support and should do very well. Congratulations are also in order for brothers John McGuire, Allen Watts, and John Phillips. John McGuire did a great job as quad jamboree chairman for the SGA Homecoming Committee in both '80 and '81. Allen was accepted into the Engineering Honorary Tau

The 1981 fall semester has been both successful and productive; successful in that we have become more cohesive as a unit and productive in that we are still growing! The activation of 13 new brothers has contributed to this prosperity. Highlights of last semester included the sixth annual alumni reunion, Ileld on Homecoming night at Seawalls, which accomodated over 140 brothers, alumni, and dates, as well as a welcomed appearance from Durward Owen. Also, Founders' Day festivities provided excellent entertainment for all those who attended. Furthermore, Pi Kappa Phi's presentation of "Cockfest," a large pep rally for the Homecoming game featuring recognition of football players, skits, and fireworks, proved to be an astounding success. Over 5,000 people attended — one of the largest crowds ever. As far as sports are concerned, Pi Kappa Phi has faired very well. After a formidable football season Pi Kapp achieved a play-off berth for the first time in over a decade, but suffered a heartbreaking 7 - 6 defeat against the number one team. Play-off fever resulted once again and the volleyball team reached the semifinals. Also, capturing first place in the Sigma Nu 500 bicycle race received considerable campus attention and raised chapter pride. Regarding house improvements, new furnituft and a new jukebox have been purchased for the lounge, enhancing Pi Kapp's .-image. Installation and construction of a new bar has been proposed as well as an air conditioner unit for the lounge. Plans for spring rush and Rose Ball are underway.

TAU North Carolina State No Report Submitted UPSILON University of Illinois Paul Bruckner, Archon Upsilon Chapter at the University of Illinois has been very busy this past semester

of course, is Homecoming. The annual Homecoming formal was a big success for the brothers, dates, alumni and wives. The chapter was also active in the IPC's annual leukemia drive. Our total money raised exceeded last year's sum. However, the leukemia drive serves only as a warm-up for the P.U.S.H. activities in the spring. Iota Chapter has again come to realize that when you set your sights on excellence, only then can excellence result.

KAPPA UNC-Chapel Hill Robert C. Johnson, Jr., Archon Kappa Chapter is enjoying an active year filled with many fine rush and social functions. After the recent initiation of 16 new brothers in December, a successful spring rush resulted in eight new pledges. We're sure that these young men will be a great addition to the Kappa Chapter. With the inclusion of the associate members our chapter continues to be strong in campus activities. Members participate with the varsity swim team, the golf team, varsity cheerleaders, Tarheel football squad, and school newspaper. We also remain strong in intramurals by reaching the finals in football and volleyball; the semi-finals in soccer; and the I M Champions in tennis. We were honored recently by the visit of the charming National Rose Queen, Miss Susan Payne. After showing an interesting slide show on Project PUSH.,Susan remained for a brother-rushee cocktail party. The chapter was also excited last semester when our wonderful cook, Miss Grace Franklin, celebrated her 24th anniversary. "Miss Grace" received well.deserved recognition through two newspaper features and a local television newscast. Finally, we would like to invite our alumni to feel free to visit the house anytime.

LAMBDA University of Georgia Brad Rogers, Archon Lambda Chapter at the University of Georgia has had a rewarding fall quarter.

In October Xi Chapter co-sponsored a Candidates Forum with a local radio station prior to Virginia's general elections. This feat was accomplished under Roanoke College's new formalized fall rush program. We at Xi Chapter can now issue bids as many times a year as we wish. This will greatly help our house; the Greek system doubled in size this fall! This fall we were awarded the Academic Challenge Plaque. This plaque is awarded to the fraternity on campus which has the highest overall GPA each year. In October Xi Chapter co-sponsored a

Beta Pi and John Phillips was accepted into Phi Beta Kappa and into dental school at U.A.B. We have completed alumni and brother donation drives and held the first annual Run for PUSH. 10K and two mile road races on December 12. These events mark the completion of Omicron's obligations on the $10,000 PUSH. unit that was donated in the fall of '79 to Partlow State School. We can take pride in knowing that through

With visiting brothers from the following chapters: Purdue University (Omega), Iowa State (Alpha Omicron), Illinois Institute of Technology (Alpha Phi), Indiana University (Alpha Psi), and Northeast Missouri State (Delta Delta). We also had the associate members of the Bradley University colony. We would again like to thank these men for sharing their ideas and time with as this semester. Project PUSH. has been, and always will be, a major concern of the brothers of

PAGE 11 Upsilon. This year's events for raising money included a Road Rally and a movie. Other ideas are currently in the planning as we want to contribute as much as possible. Homecoming this year was an event to remember as a large contingent of alumni came to show their support for Upsilon and Pi Kappa Phi. These men have a great deal of interest in the chapter and we do appreciate

intramurals, Baptist Student Union officers, and honor fraternities. The cumulative grade point average of the group leads all fraternities on campus with a 3.19. The revitalization has been well-received on campus. Other fraternities have been supportive and helpful. Hopefully, this renewed interest in Pi Kappa Phi on Mercer's campus will be sustained.

it) To continue with Upsilon's traditions, we now have five new initiates and we hope to add a few more to our ranks as the semester draws to a close. Again, thanks to all those who helped Upsilon and the brotherhood grow again this semester!

CHI Stetson Dean IIollis, Archon Although the semester is beginning to come to an end, the brothers of Chi Chapter are continuing to keep the spirit of Pi Kappa Phi high by staying busy. Some of the events that the brothers have already done are the running of two casino nights for the DeLand Rotary Club, participating in a haunted house for the local Headstart Program, and having our annual Christmas sing at Duvall Home (for the mentally handicapped). Spring can only mean one thing for Chi Chapter — our second annual P.U.S.H. Cracker Field Day. Last year we raised over $1,200. During this festival, which included events such as pig mud wrestling, a car demolition, basketball, a dunking booth and two bands! With the news of Project P.U.S.H. spreading and this being our second field day, everyone involved agrees that there is no limit to the amount of money that can be raised. The brothers have won the football and the volleyball championships. Amazingly, this was the ninth consecutive undefeated season in volleyball!! We are currently making plans to install a lighted bell atop the stone fountain recently built in front of our house. This is one of the many projects that the brothers are undertaking to improve the beauty and quality of our house. Recently, the brothers of Chi Chapter were fortunate enough to have Past National President Phil Tappy speak to us on rush tactics and P.U.S.H. His talk was very informative and should prove very helpful to our chapter in the future.

ALPHA GAMMA University of Oklahoma Leslie Grail, Archon As the school year progressed through the fall, we, the Alpha Gamma Chapter, are proud of fifteen new associates who are both enthusiastic and hardworking toward future membership. Also, it has been our privilege to initiate five new brothers into our loyal order. It was a new experience for all of us this year as we shared the initiation with the Gamma Upsilon Chapter at Oklahoma State. In addition, we have rushed ten beautiful ladies as prospective Little Sisters. They too are both enterprising and enthusiastic. Keeping in touch with the alumni of the Alpha Gamma Chapter has been of utmost importance recently in these times of growth

year gaining 22 new pledges through rush. Our efforts ranked us ninth of 29 on the Oregon State campus. The Alpha Zeta Chapter would like to welcome three new members to our ranks. Initiated on October 23, 1981, were Dana Collins, Ken Shimojima and Lance Smalley. This brings our membership to 51. With our new members and pledges and the help of a fresh batch of officers, we are looking forward lox fantastic year.

ALPHA ETA Samford University Larry Anthony, Archon Alpha Eta had a very successful fall semester this year. It began with the initiation of three new brothers and an impressive rush, led by David Clark, that concluded with 27 of 27 bids being accepted. This fall Alpha Eta was honored to host the Area V Conclave. The strong turnout, which included Durward Owen, enabled the participants to enjoy all of the fraternal experiences that conclave can be. One of the major events experienced by our brothers included the planning of housing improvements. With the aid of our Chapter

ALPHA MU Penn State University No Report Submitted ALPHA XI P.I.N.Y.

ALPHA OMICRON Iowa State Todd Settle, Archon School started early this year due to Iowa State's change from quarters to semesters. Therefore, rush week ran from August 21 to August 24, and work week started August 17. But we got the house ready for rush and pledged six men. We have since added three more pledges and our in-house membership is now twenty. We hope to fill the house by the end of winter, replacing the brothers who graduated last year. Recent house improvements include a new roof on the corner annex house, repainted bathrooms, and a new washer and dryer. In addition, the pledge class painted the corner

No Report Submitted OMEGA Purdue University Gregory Robertson, Archon

ALPHA ALPHA Mercer Mark Clark, Archon Alpha Alpha Chapter has undergone a recent revitalization. Field Secretary Glenn Dickson, upon a routine visit, found the chapter floundering with only five active brothers. He contacted the Administrative Office to report his findings and was given permission to establish a revitalization. Given the names of several potentially interested students by Jan Berry, Director of Student Development, Glenn set up a meeting with fifteen to twenty interested men. He was joined by Mike O'Donnell, Director of Development, and Ronald deValinger, Director of Admissions at Georgia Southwestern and graduate of Gamma Na at LaGrange. As a result of this meeting, fifteen men were pledged. Officers were elected and they began an accelerated pledge education program under the guidance of Ron deValinger, who visited weekly. A week after this reorganization, five more men were pledged to the chapter for a total of twenty men. Pledge education commenced for a five week period culminating in initiation, November 14, 1981. A reception was held in Mercer's Trustee's Dining Room the afternoon of initiation. Guests were Ronald deValinger; Dr. Wayne Buffington, National Chaplain; initiating teams from Presbyterian and Georgia Southwestern; Chapter Advisors Al McGill and Ronny Williams; area alumni; and Mercer University administrators and faculty. Nineteen neophytes were initiated that evening. Since initiation, three bids have been extended and accepted, with things looking promising for a fairly large pledge class beginning winter quarter. The new brotherhood has a diversity of talents and interests with brothers holding positions in Student Government, school newspaper, resident advisors, head residents, assistant director of women's

we at Alpha Sigma Chapter are anxiously awaiting the start of a successful 78th year!

No Report Submitted

PSI Cornell

Omega Chpater is currently heavily engaged in our rush program, now working toward a pledge class of at least 25. A good set of rush functions, in conjunction with a brother information program are helping us all understand what we are doing and why we are doing it, so as to improve the rush effort. A big help could come from our alumni in sending information on possible rushees to the chapter. Also in the works is' a new scholarship program. With past problems in scholarship, we have found that we need more concentrated work in this area in an attempt to make it into the top 10 (of 45) fraternities on campus. As always, Project P.U.S.H. is our event of the year. Last year our P.U.S.H.-a-thon around the Engineering Mall raised over $1,500. This year's goal has been set at $2,000, a goal we feel that we can reach much faster and much easier than last year. Last year's P.U.S.H.a-thon not only yielded a good financial outcome, but spread our name all through the campus and in the city as well. Omega alumni can help by sending fund raising ideas, contacting those whom you know in the area to help, and even come by and participate in the event. We all get a good feeling from the work put into the event and we hope to have some alumni use the event as an opportunity to become reinvolved with your chapter. Lastly, we can't emphasize enough the importance of our alumni. We've been working hard to improve our chapter in size, scholastics, popularity around campus, and, mostly, quality of the membership. To achieve these things, however, we need the aid and support of our alumni. We need involvement from alumni to be successful.

Deaf. The evening, an annual event for the chapter, was quite a success with a good time had by all. We ended our busy fall quarter with a Founders' Day Dinner on December 5, honoring the fraternity's 77th Anniversary, and

ALPHA TAU Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Brewster I,a Macchia, Archon The 1981-1982 school year has been an excellent one so far for Alpha Tau. We rank in the top five fraternities in membership on the Rensselaer campus. One of our most significant advances this year has occurred in the formation of an integrated Alumni RelatiOns program. This was possible in part due to the success of our fiftieth anniversary celebration last April, but mainly through the efforts of alumni who have again taken an active interest in the chapter. Operations at the Castle are running smoothly. Maintenance and remodeling remain a high priority. The first floor of the house is again in excellent condition. The RP1 Column Club held their induction ceremonies and a reception here recently. In attendance were President Low, Deans Westerdahl and Thompson and many other distinguished members of the corm munity. All were extremely impressed with the care of the Castle and also with our hospitality. One event this year stands out among all others. We're referring, of course, to the Haunted House. The Haunted House started as an idea to raise money for the national charity Project P.U.S.H. What it has evolved into has exceeded any of our wildest dreams. Our Haunted House is the most elaborate, large scale community project undertaken by any campus group. For a low fee visitors were treated to a show tour featuring over 20 live characters and a technical special effects team of 30. Despite lines that exceeded three hours of waiting outside, not one person felt it wasn't worth it. Many local merchants aided with supplies, and we received media coverage in the area newspapers, on radio, and on television. The TV crew mentioned it was "the best" Haunted House they had ever seen, The Haunted House also served another purpose. In addition to raising nearly $1,000 from our events, it snake us realize just was we can accomplish as a brotherhood. The co• operation and teamwork of all 46 undergraduate members and 14 pledges was required. As our Associate Dean of Students said, "Please extend my congratulations to the brothers of "The Castle" for raising money in your fraternity's P.U.S.H. program. In addition, you can have satisfaction in conducting service projects which many brothers of the fraternity enjoy."

ALPHA UPSILON Drexel University Bob Inzbrogno, Archon

Alpha Epsilon, University of Florida, Pi Kapps pose for a victory picture after winning the campus intramural football championship,

and prosperity. As has been our annual tradition, Homecoming was the day when alumni

and membership shared in house activities and fellowship. On that day, November 21, a brunch, meeting, and party took place along with the rival football game between the Sooners and Nebraska.

ALPHA EPSILON University of Florida Craig Morrison, Archon The Alpha Epsilon brothers attending the 38th Supreme Chapter found the experience vory rewarding and upon returning to Florida they enthusiastically conveyed the events to the rest of the brothers. Fall rush was outstanding and we just recently initiated 31 new brothers. We also are proud to announce the names of three alumnus initiates: Bruce Kensky, Frank Brass, and Phil Carry. We celebrated a tremendous Homecoming which was the largest in many years. The alumni present were briefed on the status of the chapter's fund raising drive to raise $100,000 for house repairs. Leading this project is Mark Timmes, past Archon and past Director of Communications. Many alumni were impressed by the IFC Top 5 Scholarship banner which we proudly display (awarded to only 5 of the 30 fraternities on campus). During the Homecoming '81 ceremony, Douglas B. Leigh was inducted into the Alpha Epsilon Hall of Fame, A new award, the Mr. Alpha Epsilon Award, was presented to Charles Rowe (posthumously) and Morris V. Cummings. This award is given annually to that alumnus, who through his personal commitment to Alpha Epsilon, has exemplified the true spirit of fraternity. We are very active in campus organizations. This fall Neil Contess served as President of the Interfraternity Executive Council along with another Pi Kapp, IFC Treasurer Henry Miyares. Gary Leonard is the newly elected IFC secretary. Jim Ingham is chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee in the Student Senate and other Pi Kapp Senators are Jim Boyette and Mike Trantalange. The Supervisor of Elections for student government is Billy Keyes and Alfredo Hernandez holds the position of traffic Court Justice for the University. We are very competitive in intramural sports and our teams have brought home charm pionship trophies in both Track and Football. Three Pi Kapps, Mark Thurn, Mike Wehrell, and Paul Enrico were starters on the IFC all-star team which was coached by Pi Kapp Skip Dvornik. The chapter is looking forward to an exciting second semester and is already preparing for the annual P.U.S.H. campaign under the enthusiastic leadership of a newly appointed chairman. Other points of interest on service include our chaperoning mentally handicapped children to see the Harlem Globetrotters and donating blood to several brothers of Florida's Delta Tau Delta chapter who were severely injured in an automobile accident. We are hoping for a great rush and a productive New Year and we wish the same to all other chapters.

ALPHA ZETA Oregon State Dennis Redmond, Archon Alpha Zeta started off the 1981 school

Advisor, George

Blanks, and Steve Dan,y,

these needed improvements were carried out. In sports Alpha Eta continued to show their superiority in intramural competition. First place finishes in football and tennis, second place finishes in 3 on 3 basketball, and third place finishes in volleyball, enabled our chapter to gain an early edge in our fight to win our second straight intramural Chumpionship Award. On November 21, 1981, a big day of events occurred in our chapter. The day began with an open house and the annual alumni football game. These events were topped off with the Star and Lamp Banquet at which our new officers were announced. We were especially honored by the presence of Ernie Johnson at all the activities of our Alumni Day. In scholastics the Pi Kapps at Samford University are moving up drastically. This continues to be a top priority as we move into the spring semester, along with an award winning Step-Sing Show. But perhaps the most important plans of our spring activities include a P.U.S.H. project that definitely has promise. A final event occurred on November 26, 1981, in which the Alpha Eta Chapter presented John Howard Perdue, Jr. with a Golden Legion Certificate. This symbolized his extreme loyalty to the chapter over the past fifty years.

house as their house Improvement project.

Another project being planned is a new sign/ planter for the front yard. Several alumni have returned to visit this fall, and we welcome all who come. After this semester we will have three new alumni. As they leave, we wish them the best of luck in their new careers.

ALPHA RHO West Virginia University Ed Neese, Archon

Fall term has been an eventfull one for the Michigan State Pi Kapps. Rush started off in the right direction bringing seven new brothers and one alumnus initiate into the brotherhood. On the sports scene we ended the volleyball season (with the Delta Delta Delta Sorority) with a win/loss record of three to three. In bowling this year our award winning team took third in the small house league. P.U.S.H. is off to an excellent start this year. So far we have collected over $100 in donations and hope to do better next term. In addition, we bid a sad farewell to Mark Kleppinger and Keith Meyers who graduate this term. They will always remain with us in the spirit of our brotherhood. The best wishes for success and good luck guys! We wish to thank all who came to Homecoming. The entire event was a smashing success and everyone had fun. Remember to drop by any time you are in the neighborhood — our door is always open.

The brothers at West Virginia University send their best to all alumni and brothers everywhere. A lot has happened this fall. First, we would like to ask all brothers to say a prayer for Brother Lawrence F. Oneacre (Alpha Rho, 2) who recently passed away in his hometown of New Martinsville, West Virginia. He is sadly missed by all the brothers here at WVU. Turning to some brighter news, let it be known that Alpha Rho NOW HAS A HOUSE! Thanks to the hard work of alumnus brothers Pat Farley and Bill Coleman, housing director, as well as many others, this chapter will be able to move into the two-story building this summer. It is located on the downtown campus. We invite all brothers to visit us at the Pi Kappa Phi house next fall. Homecoming was especially good to the brothers at West Virginia this fall. Our chapter sweetheart, Sandy Yarish, a music major from Carmichaels, Pennsylvania, was chosen as the 1981 WVU Homecoming Queen at special pre-game ceremonies before the student body. Newly elected Archon Edward Neese was Sandy's escort. Initiated into the chapter on December 3, 1981 were: David Edward, Jay Moreno, Tom Moreno (Jay's fattier), and Sean Cunningham. Our third annual P.U.S.H.-a-short will be even bigger this year. On April 24, 1982, the brothers along with many volunteers will push a wheelchair around the parameter of the Mountaineer Mall in Morgantown. Brother Gary Thompson is spearheading the chapter's efforts and said that cooperation from the Mall people is tremendous, A large P.U.S.H. booth will be set up in the Mall. We raised funds for the unit placed last year at the Colin Anderson Center in Parkersbury, West Virginia. It is performing well and is presently being evaluated. Alpha Rho will continue to be a President's Club Chapter. In conclusion, we wish all other chapters and brothers everywhere continued successes and Godspeed.

ALPHA IOTA Auburn University Jint Grant, Archon

ALPHA SIGMA University of Tennessee Claude S. Harvey, III, Archon

We started fall 1981 with hopes of a good year. Two Pi Kappa Phi national representatives came for a visit and helped us get organized for a good rush. These two representatives were Glenn Dickson and Mike O'Donnell. They were very inspiring and we had the best rush in over five years. We pledged 29 associate

Fall quarter at Alpha Sigma started out well with a successful rush and another fine pledge class. Our house is full of brothers and more are waiting to move in. The highlight of fall quarter was Homecoming 1981. We joined forces with the Alpha Xi Delta Sorority to enter all the major events and we did well. A good alumni turnout resulted with Steve Kirkpatrick being named alumni chapter president. Alpha Sigma hosted, along with the Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority, a Halloween party for the children from Tennessee School for the

ALPHA THETA Michigan State University Jeff Broom, Archon

members. On our Founders' Day we were lucky enough to have our Area Governor and National President present. Or, Strickland gave an inspiring speech and also returned our charter which had been in escrow,

The 38th Supreme Chapter was hosted by the brotherhood of Alpha Upsilon Chapter and continuing on the "psych" brought on by the Convention, we proceeded to win Drexel'. fah Greek Week. This "psych" and the fine work of all the brotherhood especially Scott Kurz, our Vice-Archon, yielding the finest rush in years, netting 30 pledges. Our presence on the Interfraternity Association has been strongly felt by the fact that three members of our house have served as officers. At our annual Rose Ball various awards were given out — the John W. Deimler Award for Brother of the Year is shared this year by Bob Thorp and Mike !aims; the Service Award was won by Phil Earley in recognition of his services to our chapter; Marc Longo won the Scholarship Award for Engineering and Science; Nick Vane won the Scholarship Award for Business; and the Athlete of the Year Award was presented to Paul Berenato. In addition Mike linms and Bob Thorp have been accepted by Who's Who Among American University and College Students. We feel that we can continue to be a dominating force both on Drexel's campus and within the Interfraternity Association.

ALPHA PHI Illinois Institute of Technology Nebil Tanzi, Archon Here at Alpha Phi we are getting set for a semester of initiations. First we have 10 of our own pledges to initiate, then we travel downstate to participate, along with the University of Illinois, in the initiating of the new chapter at Bradley. At our Founders' Day banquet we honored an alumnus of ours, Ceaser Bratta, in recognition of this chapter's appreciation for his service and dedication to us. This year's Rose Ball is being held in Chicago's Pick Congress Hotel. We are hoping for a large alumni turnout. This chapter is proud to have one of its members as the new Interfraternity Council President, Russell Millman. Last semester Russell was the I FC Treasurer, along with Peter Schmit as Sports Chairman.

ALPHA PSI Indiana University Steve Sanders, Archon Rose Ball 1981 was held December 5, 1981, for us and we would like to congratulate Miss Jennifer Hessong of the Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority as the 1981 Alpha Psi Rose Queen. We would like to give thanks to all of our graduating seniors, In the past few years they have made tremendous contributions to our chapter. May they be successful in whatever they do in the future. They are: Dave Keyes, Marty Fender, Steve Boone, and Chris Smith. The brothers would like to thank Clay Edmonds, Traveling Chapter Consultant, for

his advice and comments about our chapter during his visit on December 4 and 5. The mighty Pi Kapp's Bike Machine is in need of funds for this spring's bike team. We need to purchase new track bikes and various tools, so donations would be greatly appreciated. The team started official team practice following Christmas break with Gary Ashton as coach once again this year. Several brothers were able to keep up ties with the brothers at the Upsilon Chapter at

the University of Illinois — thanks again for the hospitality.

PAGE 12 BETA ALPHA New Jersey Institute of Technology Richard Stephan, Archon Beta Alpha is strong and growing, making our presence known among our brother fraternities. Beta Alpha participated in two street cleanups (no mean feat in Newark), N,J.I,T.'s alumni phon-a-thon, and won the award for most blood donations during the IFC blood drive. In sports Beta Alpha took home five out of seven trophies in the bowling league, won second place in both the basketball and softball leagues and the Greek Olympics. Also, for the first time in many years, were actually a solid contender in the football league. Over the summer we arranged a softball game with a local radio station from which we raised over $600 to be donated to Project P.U.S.H. Twenty-six brothers returned this fall and an enthusiastic rush yielded ten pledges. Under the advice of Field Secretary Glenn Dickson our pledge education committee is working hard on updating our program in order to teach our associate members more effectively. Beta Alpha's success has also been due to the diverse campus activities of our individual brothers. We have members involved in the student senate, school radio station, ski team, swim team, baseball team, pistol team, IFC, and most of the honor societies on campus. The chapter has been growing for three years, with the most Outstanding attribute being the continuing enthusiasm of participation shown by the brothers. We're not peaking, we're on the way UPI

our second annual Caribbean Party, and our spring Rose Ball Banquet.

as Student Government President and his and Sparky's election as Inceptors.

BETA IOTA University of Toledo Rick King, Archon

BETA LAMBDA University of Tampa Glenn Taylor, Archon

Beta Iota Chapter has just completed one of the best quarters ever here at the University of Toledo. Fall quarter brought us one of the largest pledge classes on campus, ten young men, all determined to become leaders of this chapter. They all have completed their pledge training and have proven themselves to be true Pi Kapp material. We have scheduled an activation for February and are hoping that the entire class will be able to join our

This has been an exciting semester for the Beta Lambda Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi. We began the semester by winning our third consecutive Lite-Beer Tug-o-War, an annual event which has been running only three years. The brothers then helped the University by helping pour beers on the alumni bus for the Tampa Bay Bucs • Chicago Bears homecoming game. On November 14 all of the brotherhood participated in a fund raiser for PUSH. The net result was $397. In October we held our annual alumni basketball game with the local and state alumni. The alumni won by a substantial amount and a good time was had by all. Once again, Pi Kappa Phi sponsored the Blood Mobile which turned out to be a great success and was our final donation to the community for the semester.

ranks then. Also in the fall we undertook the task of raising money for Project PUSH. This year the brothers chose to take part in a Skate-athon. The brothers and our Little Sister Organization sought out pledges for each hour we would roller skate, with a planned skating period of six hours. On Veteran's Day, November 11, we had a great time skating the six

Chapter received thirty-five new pledges. The brothers are also proud of their new chapter officers. Beta Tau has pledged $1,000 to PUSH. this year. At the end of fall quarter we had in excess of $700. Beta Tau is setting new standards and horizons. The Founders' Day celebration went over well. Mr. Rubin Yancy, an attorney and past Archon of Alpha Alpha Chapter (Mercer .52), provided a very moving and enlightening speech at our annual Founders' Day dinner. On January 27 the chapter put on our 23rd annual Miss Valdosta State College Pageant (a franchise of the Miss Amprica Pageant). On February 13 Beta Tau hosted the Area Conclave. We, the proud brothers of Pi Kappa Phi at VSC, hope and pray that with the guidance of Almighty God, our future will be as successful as our past quarter.

BETA UPSILON University of Virginia Kevin hunger, Archon The Beta Upsilon Chapter began the 1981 -

BETA PHI East Carolina University Mat/ Perry, Archon The Beta Phi Chapter is working for, and enjoying, a very productive fall semester. We have already raised over $800 toward Project PUSH. and are well on our way to our yearly goal of $1,500. Our brotherhood recently conducted an intensive fund raiser of collecting, cutting, splitting, and selling many loads of firewood to town residents. This successful project will be a sure regular event in the future. The Beta Phi Chapter is excelling in sports this year. We are in the lead in the campus points standings for the Chancellor's Cup for Intramural Sports. Our chapter's alumni association is in the process of blossoming and working toward new long range goals. Beta Phi is proud of this semester and is in the process of extensive planning for an even more successful spring semester.

BETA CHI East Texas State University No Report Submitted

The Pi Kappa Phi Bell begins to make its appearance

BETA PSI Tennessee Wesleyan No Report Submitted BETA OMEGA East Tennessee State No Report Submitted

BETA BETA Florida Southern College Scott Alan Brockman, Archon

GAMMA ALPHA Livingston University Mike McDonald, Archon

With a strong spring rush of eleven pledges and only one graduating senior, Pi Kapp is on its way to becoming the largest and strongest fraternity on campus. Beta Beta is also very active. Two of our most active brothers head campus organizations. To help close the gap between alumni and active members, an Alumni-Active football game Was held. Because of its success, an Alumni-Active softball game is planned for early spring. In intramurals, our volleyball team finished the regular season with a 7 • 3 record before losing in the playoffs and finishing in fifth place. Pi Kapp finished strong in cross country by taking third place out of eleven entries. In football we finished fourth, placing three members on the All-Star Team, Dr. Carl Brown, former Beta Beta Archon and now a renown member of FSC's teaching staff, has been chosen as new Chapter Advisor. He replaces Dr. John Cook who served flawlessly for more than seventeen years.

The brothers of Gamma Alpha Chapter, Livingston University, ended last year with a second place finish in All Sports Competition and maintained the highest scholastic average for the third straight year. Our momentum continued into the new school year with a very successful rush. At our second annual "Barn Bust," we pledged 23 fine mon. With 20 active brothers returning this fall and 23 new pledges, we feel that this should be a successful year for us if we can keep the momentum going. Homecoming activities were enjoyed by many this year as approximately 40 alumni and 15 former Little Sisters returned for the festivities. We were pleased to have Carole Blount, a new Little Sister, chosen as Homecoming Queen. Open House was quite successful during Homecoming weekend as many neighbors and parents came by to visit. The Third Annual Alumni/Active Football Game ended 24-19 in favor of the alumni, making the record two wins for the alumni and one for the actives. The pledge class held the annual stew supper during Homecoming and a shrimp boil two weeks later for fund raising projects. Some civic projects this quarter were "Toys for Tots," fruit baskets for the elderly, turkeys for the nursing home, and Christmas trees for area hospitals. We also held a blood drive for the Red Cross.

Little did the members at Alpha Omicron Chapter, Iowa State, realize that the bell would become a national symbol after having one on their front lawn for several years. This bell has since been destroyed but the brothers are actively searching for another.

BETA DELTA Drake University Robert Levine, Archon This year was "sparked off" by adding twenty-two more men to Our brotherhood. These twenty-two pledges were the largest pledge class in the Drake Greek system. Once again Beta Delta was very active in Des Moines charities, doing work for the Planned Parenthood's yearly book sale (plus a yearly event); trick or treating with our neighbors, the Delta Gamma Sorority, for the Iowa Society for the Blind. In sports we were again strong in intromurals with a third place showing in all football and receiving second place in an all Greek basketball tourney. Spring is our strongest part of the year with soccer, swimming and softball. We also had a good showing in Sweetheart Sing la traditional Greek song and dance

GAMMA BETA Old Dominion University Steven Ray, Archon

After Supreme Chapter last summer, the brothers of Gamma Chapter, California Berkeley, promptly mounted a bell over their front door.

Members of the Delta Upsilon Chapter, Pittsburgh, gather around their new bell after its debut appearance at one of Pitt's football games.

act). Here at Beta Delta we are very excited about the upcoming semester and we feel that the Beta Delta brotherhood will continue to be the best Greek chapter on the Drake campus and continue Pi Kapp excellence.

BETA EPSILON Univ. of Missouri - Columbia Jay Stuthel, Archon Beta Epsilon moved into its new residence over the summer. It quickly became a comfortable home for fourteen Pi Kapps. The house is a 16-room, 3-bath, brick building that feels much more like a fraternity house than did our old one. The new year has started well. The chapter finished eighth on campus in athletics. This year we are trying for first place in scholarship. We have a good chance, too, given the fact that more than half of our actives had a GPA last semester of 3.4 or better. Many of the pledges should do as well. We have one P.U.S.H, project going now. Each brother is working at a local restaurant for two hours before the semester is over doing after-hours cleaning. We should make about $500 just from this project alone. We've also reserved a concession stand for next year's football games to help raise money. Our rush program is going well. We have been rushing at the rate of about one every three weeks or so. At this rate, we should soon be near or at our former strength. The entire chapter is excited about our prospects for the next few years.

BETA ETA Florida State Gordon Taylor, Archon Fall semester at Beta Eta began with a successful rush which brought us seven new pledges. Our education program looks very good this year. Some of the guest speakers at the pledge class meetings included faculty advisor for the I FC, Beta Eta Housing Corporation President Frank Ryll, Florida State Supreme Court Justice Judge Alan Sundberg, and other Florida State University speakers. Homecoming was very successful this year. A party was held at our new Chapter Advisor's home with Chuck Cutujar serving as host. Alumni and actives had a great time singing Pi Kapp songs, both old and new. Special thanks to Chuck. Athletics are going well for Beta Eta this fall. We just missed the playoffs for intramural soccer. The chances for winning a spring semester sport are look very good. Among some of the upcoming events for Beta Eta include spring rush, Founders' Day,

The brothers, friends, and housemothers of the Beta Chi Chapter, East Texas State, gather around their hugh bell — so large they must haul it around on a wagon.

hours. Besides being one of the highlights of the quarter, we raised over $500 for Project PUSH. Our main goals for this year, however, have been to expand our membership and to raise the funds and locate a house for our chapter.

BETA KAPPA Georgia State Bob Woodruff, Archon The Beta Kappa Chapter at Georgia State has been busy the past few months. In December eight new brothers were initiated into the chapter. The new officers were elected in January. The chapter finished the floor hockey season with a 2-3-1 record, while the basketball team has advanced to the playoffs with a 4-1 record at present. Richie Horne and Mark Maimone were recently named IFC All-Stars in football and volleyball, respectively. The chapter also won the Delta Gamma Anchor Splash by taking first place in attendance, spirit, philanthropy, and overall. The Rose Ball is tentatively scheduled for May 15 but a definite location has not been chosen. Area alumni, be looking for your invitation and more information in the mail. Other highlights include Mark Croney's retiring

BETA MU McNeese State University Buck Calhoun, Archon We here at Beta Mu are proud to announce that the fall of '81 has been a very productive semester all the way around. We have associated eleven now brothers into our realm as well as had two associates from last spring. A very successful fund raiser for the Amen. can Heart Fund, along with the opening of a new housing corporation, has kept the chapter busy all semester long. Looking now toward the spring semester, all Pi Kapps' thoughts turn to Rose Ball. This year our most prestigious formal will be held in the Parra Ballroom on the McNeese campus in mid-April. This year we are looking forward to the biggest turnout this chapter has seen in quite a number of years. Chapter elections were held on November 15, 1981. These officers will probably be among the best leaders that this chapter has had in its history. Dr. Joe Cash is entering his ninth year of service to the chapter and is doing a wonderful job as Chapter Advisor.

BETA TAU Valdosta State Jeff Sexton, Archon Fall rush was a great success. Beta Tau

82 school year with the initiation of 19 new brothers, 16 of whom took up residence in the fraternity house. Two weeks later rush began and after five weeks of intensive rushing, 16 young men pledged the house. The new pledge class is composed of an excellent group of students whose diversity is revealed by their varied interests and talents. Both the brothers and pledges are expecting a rewarding pledge program. The chapter is already planning for the annual spring flagpole sit (the house's big fund raiser, This year, as in past, the brothers and pledges will be sitting on a platform at the summit of a thirty-foot flagpole to raise funds for Madison House, a local charity. This activity has proved to be extremely popular with the community as well as the student body. The fraternity is also planning for a Project PUSH. fund raiser some time next semester. The chapter has been busy improving the physical condition of the house inside and out. Renovations continue on the attic/gameroom, which has become a long-term project that brothers take part in during their free time. Extensive landscaping has also been done outside with the installation of a beautiful new "city-approved" sidewalk. Altogether, the Beta Upsilon Chapter has had a very productive semester and hopes to see equal enthusiasm next semester.

The fall semester at Old Dominion University was a very promising period for Gamma Bett.Chapter. Our pledge class gave unselfishly to the brotherhood and to as to allow them to complete their many projects and to prepare for Exam Week, the brothers postponed the December initiation until the weekend of January 22, 1982. This year Founders' Day was a huge success. There was a complete turnout by all active brothers and pledges. There was also a good showing of alumni from the area. We dined on roast beef and then partied with the band "Fussion" at Larua and Ervin's in Norfolk. The entire brotherhood is looking forward to our move into a new chapter house. We see this move as a sign of our new position and feel that we can only get better. The house will provide shelter for at least twelve brothers and will play an important role in our spring rush program. It will also mark us as one of the top fraternities on campus. Our intramural sports program reached an all-time high this year. Behind the offensive attack of Joe Lennartz, Steve Belechak and Roger Aarington, our football team was the surprise of the Greek division. Our team made it to the Quarter Finals in the playoffs before being defeated. Our softball team was also impressive and while our record was not time greatest we were a force that could not be dealt with lightly. The best part of our sports program was our fan support. We always had twenty to thirty people in the stands cheering on the teams. The fraternity also sponsored a three-on-three basketball tournament in the fall. Ten teams came out for the event and everyone had a good time. This semester was very successful and marks a turning point in our history, Pi Kappa Phi will become a force at Old Dominion Uni• versity.

GAMMA GAMMA Troy State University Doug Lee, Archon Troy State's Gamma Gamma Chapter had a very successful fall '81 quarter beginning with an excellent rush. Eight rush parties of various themes were held during the first two weeks of school producing thirty-three pledges. Homecoming weekend, as usual was a lot of fun despite the fact that it was cold and rainy. We lost the game but the parties were overwhelming victories. We also had one of the best alumni turnouts ever. More than seventy alumni showed up for the homecoming weekend. Our quarterly brothers' retreat was held at Lake Grant near Opelika, Alabama, at a brother's lake house. A cookout, a fishing tournament, and hunting highlighted the weekend. Also, many goals were decided upon and set for the future. For the second time in two years, our ever-impressive intramural football team won the Greek League Championship. Last year, in winning the overall intramural championship, we became the first Greek team to ever accomplish this. And once again, our pledges defeated the Delta Chi pledges in the tradi.

PAGE 13 tional pledge football game that we hold with their fraternity near the end of every fall quarter. We ended the quarter by winning $2,500 in the Miller Reclamation Drive. The reclamation is held every quarter and sponsored by the Miller Company. Competing against other Greeks, we have won the Miller drive four consecutive times. All the brothers are looking forward to an equally successful winter quarter.

GAMMA DELTA Memphis State Mark F. Brown, Archon Starting the fall semester with only 15 actives, rush was the main objective. The brothers went out and made it a very successful rush with the signing of seven associates. This is the largest pledge class at Gamma Delta since fall 1978. The Gamma Delta Chapter helped to raise over $3,000 for the crippled children's fund through St. Jude's Hospital. Plans are being made to raise money for P.U.S.H, in the spring. The Pi Kapps have dominated intramurals making the playoffs in every sport. They swept 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in tennis singles while finishing 2nd in the tug-o-vvar, softball and football.

is a convenience and an asset to recruitment. The chapter gives special thanks to their housing corporation through whose efforts the plans have become a reality. The housing corporation has also been very busy. They have completed the purchase of the building and lot adjoining the present chapter house. The purchase effectively doubles the chapter's housing capacity.

GAMMA MU Belmont Abbey College No Report Submitted GAMMA NU LaGrange College David Wiley, Archon Gamma Nu started off fall quarter by

GAMMA RHO Lander College Danny Tommie, Archon Keeping busy has been no problem for the members of the Gamma Rho Chapter. We have been active not only within the chapter, but in the school and community as well. As a chapter we have been growing rapidly. Since the end of the 1981 Spring Semester, we have initiated 15 new brothers and three alumni. We are trying to grow even more by having rush parties and pledging as many new men as we can. We are hoping to go against the odds and have a large spring rush. In the school, Pi Kapps dominate the Senate by holding 20 out of 28 seats which enables us to cover all committees within the Senate. In November we hold a basketball marathon

No Report Submitted GAMMA ZETA West Virginia Tech No Report Submitted All-American honors as a varsity cheerleader were earned by Greg Geols of Northeast Missouri State University. Greg is a member of the Delta Delta Chapter.

We, the brothers of Gamma Theta Chapter, have had another successful semester of brotherhood. We had a successful rush this past semester initiating seven more outstanding brothers. We also held a Roman Toga Party with the proceeds of $232 going to Project PUSH. Our chapter just recently celebrated Founders' Day and many alumni attended. A good time was had by all. Having just finished one of our finest semesters, we are looking forward to an even more rewarding semester this spring.

GAMMA LAMBDA University of Missouri. Rolla Randy Picolet, Archon The brothers of Gamma Lambda are proud of their strides in 1981. The past year has seen success in fund raising, membership and scholarship. Pushing hard for PUSH., the brothers raised $450 in their first annual Haunted House. The engineering handiwork made the Haunted House a technical delight. Profits from the event were split between PUSH. and the chapter's local charity, Gingerbread House (a home for severely handicapped children). (Gamma Lambda welcomes correspondence pertaining to the Haunted House, offering their experience to any one interested in a similar project.) Also for PUSH. the brothers are collecting $ .05 on each bottle of soda purchased through the chapter's soda machine. The year was studded with recruitment events such as parties, summer outings, and various informal get-togethers. At the University of Missouri Gamma Lambda boasts the highest average GPA for the fall of 1980 and second highest for spring of '81. In turn the chapter has maintained the highest overall grade point average for the '80-81 school year. Commanding the grades battle, the brothers rec. ognize Craig Simpson who exemplifies scholastic achievement. Craig has maintained a perfect GPA for four semester and belongs to numerous honor societies. The chapter's physical plant has received extra attention over the past few years. The improvements are obvious. During the summer of '81, phase I was completed of a two part kitchen remodeling plan. The new kitchen

Our relationship with our fellow chapters has provided our brothers with the inspiration and togetherness that proves true brotherhood to each of us. Our pledge class, while small, is an enthusiastic and energetic crew providing theis support to our rush events just after their own pledging. They will be a valuable addition to both the chapter and our fraternity. Our alumni have provided support and advice to help us make the decisions that help us grow. Their presence strengthens our unity and their friendship we cherish. The chapter has moved ahead with the inevitable change that marks our times. While still a small chapter, our size does not limit our togetherness and unity that makes us unique and ourselves. To all our brothers everywhere, the Gamma Psi Chapter is growing and strengthening our fraternity, making each one of us number one.

The fall semester for she Gamma Omega Chapter has been a remarkable one. In the school's first ever early rush, we were once again number one in pledges re• ceived and percentage of bids given and accepted. We finished rush with twenty topquality men. With the money donated by the alumni, we recently remodeled our house. We held an open house and the campus and faculty were both amazed at how good our house looked. We celebrated our Founders' Day December 5. Lonnie Strickland was the guest speaker. Howard Leake and Emmett Dendy, both former Mr, Pi Kappa Phi's, were also present.

DELTA ALPHA Virginia Tech Mark Georgallis, Archon The outlook for the Delta Alpha Chapter going into 1981 is full of enthusiasm. Already the brothers are preparing for Project PUSH. John Stackpole, our PUSH. Chairman, brainstormed the idea of a Bahamas Night as our fund raiser. The unique point about the Bahamas Night is that every couple will come to the dance with their suitcases ready for a fun-filled stay in the Bahamas, except that only one lucky couple will leave that night to make their dreams a reality. Two on-campus winter rush dates will be scheduled during the first week of rush at the Squires Student Center. To kick off winter quarter, a retreat is planned for the first weekend back from break at Lake Gaston. Financially, the chapter is doing well. Our refrigerator rental program this fall generated $2,500 which will be used for rush and other emergencies. The alumni donations of ap• proximately $800 were spent on a new console color TV and a vacuum cleaner. The black and white TV that was replaced will be used as a prize for a money making project. The Housing Corporation, headed by Jeff Rhodehamel, which met on the Sunday of Homecoming, cleared up some misunderstandings and decided to reinitiate the annual alumni dues program which will increase the Housing Corporation's balance each year. Don Norwood, Housing Treasurer, reported a current balance of $475.97. The meeting was adjourned for a mad rush for doughnuts and orange juice.

GAMMA KAPPA Georgia Southern College Tim Terry, Archon The Gamma Kappa Chapter had a very successful and satisfying fall quarter. Ten new pledges were added with five more spring quarter pledges being initiated into the brotherhood. All the brothers are pleased with the hard work and efforts of the newly initiated brothers and new pledges that have kept Gamma Kappa one of the leading fraternities at Georgia Southern College, Pi Kappa Phi also received recognition in the community by participating in various civic activities including canned goods for the needy and helping the Annual Tootsie Roll, Donation Drive held by The Knights of Columbus which benefits retarded children. This year's Founders' Day Weekend was a tremendous success under the direction of Brother Danny Jones. P. Wayne Buffington, our own initiate of Gamma Kappa, spoke to a crowd of 130, enlightening everyone on his duties as National Chaplain and the functions of the Administrative Office. Gamma Kappa Properties, a corporation designed to accelerate the building date of our house in new Greek Village, was established with the help of many alumni in attendance. Also, alumni relations were improved greatly during the alumni gettogether held along with the brothers last August in Atlanta. Lambda Chapter held their retreat here in Statesboro and both chapters enjoyed the exchange of ideas and thoughts over the weekend. In helping to maintain our image of a quality fraternity among the other Greeks, Gamma Kappa Chapter participated in a multi-fraternity social here on campus. Gamma Kappa is pleased to announce the addition of Brother Glenn Aspinwall to the Administrative Office in Charlotte. Gamma Kappa once again commanded a berth in intramural football playoffs and finished among the top four teams. The spreading enthusiasm shown by the brothers and more and more of the alumni will undoubtedly help spur the members of Gamma Kappa Chapter to strive for excellence in all areas.

GAMMA PSI Augusta College Tony Perrotto, Archon

GAMMA OMEGA University of Montevallo James Shannon, Archon

GAMMA EPSILON Western Carolina

GAMMA THETA UNC.Wilmington Richard Babb, Archon

Our chapter is the only one on campus to have hosted a national convention.

An unusual PUSH. project, members of the Delta Eta Chapter, Morehead State, release hundreds of helium-filled balloons in a halftime spectacle at Homecoming. Each balloon is "sponsored" by an individual who has been solicited fo- contributions. raising money for Project PUSH. Our 24hoar rocking chair "Rock-a-thon" was a big success, raising over $400. Chapter Advisor Gordon Manor, Sammy Thrower and Kenneth Boggs of Beta Tau Chapter served as time keeper in the cold early morning hours. Their help was most appreciated. This quarter rush was also highly successful with Gamma Na pledging ten associate members. We would like to thank Chapter Advisors Gordon Manor and Seale Hipp for their help and encouragement. The brothers and pledges were invited to a "bull session" by alumni Sammy Thrower, Walt Davis, Lane Williams, Ronnie Ferguson, Luke Hill and Gordon Manor. We discussed our weak and strong points and areas needing improvement. Also discussed was our theme for our Homecoming display. Sammy and Lane helped coach our intramural football team. For his hard work Sammy was voted AllStar Coach by the other teams, Gamma Nu looks forward to more involvement by our alumni. To top off the quarter, Little Sister Jane Wheeler was crowned Homecoming Queen and our Sweetheart Carole Quade was first runner up. Both ladies were representatives of our chapter.

GAMMA XI Georgia Southwestern David Sanders, Archon Gamma Xi Chapter recently participated in the Third Annual Disaster Drill held at the local hospital. Brothers, Pledges and Little Sisters simulated a mock disaster within the hospital by acting as patients and victims. The Gamma Xi Chapter also participated in the Mayor's Motorcade, a citywide campaign to raise gifts for children in the West Central Hospital in Macon. Many gifts were collected and donated to the city for this worthwhile project. A successful fund raising campaign was also completed fall quarter. Raffle tickets were sold with the prize being a dinner for two at a popular restaurant in town.

in order to raise money for PUSH. Local merchants, students and residents of the community helped sponsor the 20-hour fund raiser for the handicapped. During the past fall semester, Chuck Watson attended school in Nottingham, England, as an exchange student. He was welcomed there and made many new friends. Chuck had hopes of starting a chapter at Trent Polytechnic which would make Pi Kappa Phi an international fraternity. Chuck wrote the Administrative Office for information to give to the interested students there. We will not see the results for a while, but let's keep our fingers crossed. Once again, Gamma Rho has been keeping busy but there is always more to do. We are trying to get new members and promote scholarship among the brothers.

GAMMA PHI University of South Alabama Greg Lollard, Archon This fall will be a busy time for the brothers of the Gamma Phi Chapter, We plan to undertake an all out effort to raise money for PUSH. In November we were visited by Steve Popikas, Chapter Consultant, who gave us much helpful guidance. The input of our chapter alumni, like Frank Havard and Tom Peterson, was also appreciated. With their ideas we are developing a program to make us more visible on campus which includes heavy participation in school sponsored events like Greek Week and intramurals. Other important news includes our getting a house located on campus. This was made possible through the efforts of Ray Hartwell, Greg Leffard, and Philip Davis, Last, we are proud to announce that the 39th Supreme Chapter will be held in Mobile. It will be held at the Mobile Hilton and Gamma Phi will be the host. The fact that this will be the second time we have hosted the notional convention is a source of great pride to us (the 31st Supreme Chapter was in Mobile).

During the summer three brothers, Phillip Barnard, Mark Hall, and Gene Lanschwager attended the 38th Supreme Chapter. These brothers were able to pick up some valuable information by serving on several committees. Upon returning, they presented the bell which was selected by the Ritual and insignia Committee as Pi Kappa Phi's outward symbol. The bell was given to our chapter by Phillip E. Barnard, Sr., father of Phillip Barnard. The bell will ring loud and clear at Delta Alpha.

DELTA BETA North Georgia College Rich Barr, Archon Although the year is young, Delta Beta Chapter is already on the move. Our annual "Red Dog Saloon" old west show helped us meet our goal for Project PUSH. The brothers also played the local Jaycees in a Donkey basketball game with the proceeds going to Project PUSH. Brothers Jason Crow, Will Garner and Bill Butler received two year Army ROTC Scholarships. Competition for the scholarships is rigid, as well as nationwide, and these three brothers are excellent examples of the academic achievements that keep Delta Beta brothers in the upper ranks of the academic scale at NGC. Kerry Marsh received an Army ROTC Scholarship for one year. Being a military college, NGC is different from other schools. The military dominates a large portion of a Delta Beta brother's life. The highest award given by NGC to an ROTC cadet was bestowed upon Brothers Kerry Marsh, Andy Townsend, Bill Butler and Roy Fishel. The Distinguished Military Student Award is given to cadets who are seniors and in the very top of their class. Pi Kappa Phi had more cadets receive the DMS than any other fraternity on campus. This year has seen more Pi Kappa Phi brothers in leadership positions, throughout the corps of cadets, than in recent years. More Pi Kappa Phi members are now in positions of responsibility than are any members of other fraternities. This high visibility helps to promote the good name of Pi Kappa Phi on campus at NGC and is extremely useful during rush. Fall rush witnessed a low turnout of rushees but Delta Beta Chapter pledged three of the best rushees out of the group. The new pledges are doing exceptionally well. Finally, the brothers devoted a recent weekend to collecting alumnium and tin cans for recycling. The project got off to a good start and more collection trips are planned for the future.

DELTA GAMMA University of Nebraska • Omaha Michael Cherney, Archon We have experienced tremendous growth this past semester, not so much in numbers as in brotherhood and accomplishment of chapter goals. Enthusiasm has inspired all the actives to work harder to once again make Delta Gamma a Champion Master Chapter. Some of our accomplishments this past fall include: winning the Homecoming float competition, making the University playoffs in both football and hockey, and sponsoring a child in the World Vision Hunger Campaign. In addition, over half our chapter traveled to Kansas State in October and were guests of Delta Chi Chapter for a weekend of football and fun. Nebraska won, sorry guyst I Preparation has begun to honor our alumni with a tenth anniversary celebration in March. Delta Gamma will be tell years old on March 18, 1982. Finally, we would like to recognize David Terwey. In May David became our seventy-third initiate but, more importantly, the last of the three Terwey brothers to be initiated into Delta Gamma Chapter.

DELTA DELTA Northeast Missouri State Illarle Schell, Archon Delta Delta Chapter started off the fall semester by scraping and painting the house. Gallons of paint were purchased by Brother Don Wyngarden. The house took on a fresh new look, A "Bull Session" will be held twice each semester. During this session problems are aired and solved, goals are set and actions taken to accomplish these goals. We recently initiated eight fine brothers with various backgrounds. Greg Geels and Rich Smith were nominated for All-American Cheerleaders and Greg won a place on the All-American squad. Rich continues to entertain the crowd at basketball games as the Bo!Idol). Delta Delta remains high in scholastics at NMSU, ranking second on the campus. In sports we had high hopes for our softball team but the rains canceled the tournament. Our volleyball teams also performed well. Our sports teams had us in first place in the All-Sports Trophy race. We also took a road trip to the University of Illinois to visit the Upsilon Chapter. We had a great time. This semester we also plan a substantial donation to PUSH. Our spring semester should be another good one for the Delta Delta Chapter with the 10th anniversary Rose Ball, Bull Sessions, Scholastics and Sports keeping us busy. We would again like to invite all our alumni back anytime and especially to Rose Ball.

DELTA EPSILON Jacksonville State University Jerry Scott, Archon This year the Delta Epsilon Chapter is celebrating the 10th anniversary of colonization. Ten years ago, in May of 1971, a small group of men came together to found the chapter we proudly refer to today as Delta Epsilon. A corn• memoration of this special occasion is planned at our annual Alumni - Founders' Day Banquet. Speakers for the night will include Sanford

University Alumnus Jerry Gallops, who is a known authority on Pi Kappa Phi National History; and chartering member Dean Buttram, Jr., who is our Chapter Authority on the "escapades and events" surrounding the 1971 colonizing. This event is significant in Delta Epsilon's history. We feel fortunate in being able to celebrate ten years since colonization,. The beginning of every fall semester brings with it an abundance of hard work. Delta Epsilon is fortunate this fall to have an abundance of high spirits and has been rewarded thus far with a successful semester. Recruitment efforts this fall gave us close to 30 pledges. Delta Epsilon is assured continued growth and brotherhood through the work and leadership of these future initiates. Homecoming this year was also a big sac' cess. Several outstanding brothers and little sisters were honored during homecoming week activities by being elected to positions of campus prestige. Future activities include a road race and possible golf tournament for PUSH., along with various other fund raisers for community service. The Rose Ball this year is planned for Joe Wheeler State Park; and everyone is eagerly awaiting Delta Epsilon's fourth annual "luau."

DELTA ZETA Appalachian State Marty Stadler, Archon The Delta Zeta Chapter began fall Semester with 38 active brothers. We now have 42 actives and four pledges. The four pledges will be initiated on the first open weekend of spring semester. We are planning several rush functions for the second week of spring semester. We hope to have 30 pledges for the spring semester. Delta Zeta's fall fund raiser was a Jamaican Hurricane Jam. The concert featured Sunfire, a steel drum band. The chapter raised over $250 with the concert. A spring concert is still on the drawing board. Look for results in the next STAR AND LAMP. This year Delta Zeta's Rose Queen, Susan Payne, was selected as Pi Kappa IThi's National Rose, This is the second time in the short history of our chapter that our entry has won. Susan is also the advisor for our Little Sister Organization. Our annual Rose Ball was held at Sugar Mountain Lodge. The Fantastic Shakers provided the entertainment. Congratulations to alumnus Doug Thompson for finishing first place at our Second Annual N. G. C. Races. The chapter was saddened by the recent death of our 1980 Rose Queen, Lisa Posey.

DELTA ETA Morehead State University William A. Bentley, Archon The brothers of Delta Eta Chapter are proud to report that our membership is growing. We expect eight to ten pledges for this semester and will rush continuously through May. We are having a great year with PUSH. This fall we had our fourth annual "Balloon Race." We released 625 balloons at the Homecoming football game. The winning balloon's owner received a trophy; his balloon having been returned from Grand Rapids, Michigan. We

PAGE 14 hope to surpass the $725 donation from last year. Our finances are now under control. We have almost paid off the debt from the last house. We are now planning for the future by looking into several housing options. We also would like to mention two outstanding alumni, David "Boom" Miller and Tommy Davis, who are helping us through many helpful and useful suggestions for money making projects (PUSH. and our house fund). They have shared their feelings toward broth. erhood and are helping bring us closer together. We are preparing for our local Founders' Day activities which will end with a dinner, It has always been an exciting event. We are all looking forward to improving our alumni relations by having good participation at the event.

DELTA LAMBDA UNC-Charlotte Jon D. Barber, Archon We hope that 1981 has been as prosperous for everyone as it has for our chapter. This semester started off with a bang for Delta Lambda Chapter. We received two prestigious awards at the Supreme Chapter. One was the "Master Chapter" award and the other was the "Plus Five" award. We are indeed very grateful to receive these awards. We are also glad to say that we have initiated a select group of seventeen hard working new members. This now pushes our membership up to a healthy 73. In September we were happy to get re. acquainted with some old faces at our annual Brother-Alumni Formal. This in the words of Chapter Advisor Bill Kincaid was the most well-attended reunion of all Delta Lambda brothers! Unfortunately though, we must add this sad note. In the annual "Trash Bowl" between alumni and brothers, the current members were abused 48 .24, Fund raising for Project P.US.H, has also gone very well. Various activities from ad campaigns to car washes have aided us in working towards our goals for P.US.H, this year. Hopefully, we will exceed this mark many times over. Finally, speaking of fund raising, we of Delta Lambda would like to extend our wholehearted appreciation to National PUSH. Chairman, Brother Phil Tappy, who spoke at our Founders' Day formal. His speech was nothing less than fantastic and he filled us all with both enjoyment and inspiration.

DELTA SIGMA Bowling Green Thomas Krach, Archon The Delta Sigma Chapter is currently in the process of rebuilding our membership with a strong rush including dorm storming and non. alcoholic rush parties. We are searching for a new residence we can call home. We are also sponsoring other projects this spring with all proceeds going to PUSH, In February we will be trying to win our third All-Campus running meet in the last four years.

DELTA TAU James Madison University Paul Monzella, Archon The Delta Tau Chapter began the year with a successful freshman mixer held in the Campus Center ballroom. Also, this year the fraternity began what we hope to'see become a tradition by compiling a fraternity calendar featuring little sisters and popular girls on campus. One of these was given to each male freshman at registration in order to let him get a look at Pi Kappa Phi from the start. Several of the brothers participated in the annual campus wheelchair races which help raise money for a local boys' home. We also participated in Logan's Run, an annual fund raiser in its seventh year which helps to raise money for the local hospital in Harrisonburg. We raised $285 at a very successful "Project PUSH. Night" at J.M.'s, a popular gathering

In addition, there is a change in the type of ownership that was experienced in the last house. The new Pi Kapp house is owned by Radford University and is the first house in a series of Special Interest Greek Housing. All six fraternities and sororities applied for the house, but Pi Kappa Phi was unanimously chosen to occupy the house. The new house has eleven rooms, two full baths, and storage rooms, Presently there are nine brothers residing in the house. The entire chapter has indeed worked hard to develop the house to its fullest potential. Moreover, the hard work put out by the chapter has been very successful in fulfilling the needs of the chapter. The Delta Chi Chapter has entered into an agreement with Radford University to pledge $1,000 to the Lucas Hall Fund, Lucas Hall, the newly remodeled alumni center, has accomoda. tions for visiting alumni and alumni officers. The payment of the money will take place over a three.year period. As a result of the donation, Pi Kappa Phi will have one office named after it. Additionally, the donation also puts the chapter in the Executor's Club, the highest recognition for donations. We are very glad to be a part of Radford's effort to better alumni relations because we believe that our past is just as important as our future.

DELTA CHI Kansas State University Jim Couldie, Archon The Delta Chi Chapter's membership is at

DELTA OMEGA Texas A Sr M University Ricky Kidd, Archon We have had a very successful semester. We initiated seven, which is our largest pledge class ever. At Our Founders' Day Banquet Steve Mormon was named Outstanding Pledge, Mark Munsell was named Outstanding Pi Kapp, and Jeff Dutton received the award for highest GPR. We began work on our PUSH. project and already have thirty cans in place. We are plan• nine another P.U.S.H..a.thon to Navasota. We enjoyed Steve Popikas' visit. We plan to work on his recommendations. David Belknap, our Warden, deserves congratulations on earning and receiving his ring (after 148 hours). Andy Cates has revived our Little Sister organization while still finding time to anchor the A & M wrestling team. And special congratulations to Wayne Schneider who was voted Most Inspirational Brother by the associate members. In closing, the brothers would like to extend a very heartfelt thanks to Dr. Wade Birch, our advisor, for his willing help and support,

EPSILON ALPHA Elon College Ralph Mueller, Archon The fall of 1981

DELTA PI Wright State University Dana Lakin, Archon This has been a rebuilding year for our chapter. We have successfully built ourselves back up financially after being devastated by an earlier money making project. We are also learning how to overcome the recruitment problems that face a small school. We held the Great Pi Kappa Phi Pool Shootout to raise money internally and we plan to advance this idea and formulate a campus playoff within the Greek system. We participated in Winter Daze and May Daze to raise money. At this moment we have devised a plan to build a permanent booth so that during these events we can create a greater visual effect. We also participated in the school's Greek Olympics and placed second in a field of six. We are selling advertisements in the freshman year. book to raise money. We sold handmade Christmas Ornaments on contract as a fund raiser for Project PUSH. This spring we will work in elementary schools to help people become aware of the dangers of heart disease. We have new associate members this fall and many others are interested in becoming members. We are setting up special recruitment stations, making special flyers, and making ourselves more visible on campus, Many of our money making projects have doubled as recruitment activities. We have also held a special rush party and use our other social activities as recruitment tools. Our chapter GPA is on the rise and the broth. ers have taken a sincere interest in keeping it that way. We have a new Chapter Advisor and have finally started a housing corporation. We have a new spirit of brotherhood within us.

DELTA RHO University of Southern California No Report Submitted

for spring. Also this spring the chapter is planning to have its first annual Rose Ball. (Take note brothers!) In addition, our main emphasis will be on our PUSH,project.

EPSILON ZETA University of Central Arkansas

EPSILON ETA Winthrop College John King, Archon Our biggest goal since chartering has been reached. Last semester the brothers of the Epsilon Eta Chapter acquired a house. With the fantastic help of alumnus Noel Fuller (Alpha), we are very proud to have our own house which is located one block from the Winthrop College campus. It was a great thrill to return this semester and have a house. We are constantly working on house improvements and additions. Some of these are: refinishing the floors, adding furniture and increasing the number of brothers living in the house. Another achievement at our chapter has been Little Sisters. At the beginning of the semester the chapter decided to choose little sisters. Fund raisers were very important again this semester. Some of the fund raisers were car washes, raffles and our famous "Teddy Tales" where the brothers read bedtime stories to girls on campus. Throughout the entire semester we are always in search of new ideas for fund raisers and other events. Some of the events at Epsilon Eta this semester have been a Parent Day at the house with a great turnout, a birthday party for our 84 year old next door neighbor, many gatherings at the house and, as usual, jersey day and tie day. This semester, as with every semester, we are striving for better scholastics in the chapter, along with better administrative relations and constant search for increased membership.

DELTA XI University of North Alabama Barry Rickard, Archon

No Report Submitted

looking strong. The chapter set aside certain days for house improvements and the results were profitable. The chapter room was paneled and a new ceiling put up. The front porch was painted. The addition of a bell is scheduled

No Report Submitted

No Report Submitted

DELTA OMICRON Nicholls State University

our third. The biggest reward came to the chapter when we captured the intramural football championship. The team looked strong throughout the season with offense executing well, scoring almost at will. The team remained undefeated throughout the season. The final game proved to be no problem; the title was claimed by a 52 - 0 scoring romp. In other intramurals, the softball team made it to the semi-finals and our presence was known on the volleyball court. The spring semester will begin with basketball. The chapter's team is

was a very successful

DELTA NU Western Kentucky University

This past semester Delta Xi had a good fall rush. We got fifteen great pledges. The highlight of rush week was a luau held at our house. All of our guests had a fantastic time. One hundred dollars was raised for Project P.US.H, during the summer. The pledges are having a Record Raffle to raise additional money for P.U.S.H. In the spring another project, Dime Daze, will be executed to raise money for PUSH. In intramurals, our football team had a gfeat season. We had an exciting win over Sigma Chi whom we hadn't beaten in five years. Our basketball team is off to a great start, At G,U.N.A. Bash (Greeks at U.N,A.), we did fairly well. The week was highlighted with a standing ovation for our Gospel Quartet on talent night and a third place trophy for our part in Skit Night. It looks like next year will be busy. There is much anticipation of spring initiation and our 100th brother. Our new Executive Council is looking forward to the new year. Plans are just about finalized for Spring Step Sing and other events. Roseball plans have been finalized already for the weekend of April 2 - 3. We're shooting for a winning year at Delta Xi this year.

rather eventful for Epsilon Epsilon, The semester began with the chapter and little sisters going on a raft trip down the French Broad in North Carolina. Most everyone rode in one•man inflatable canoes which adciad to the excitement level. The trip's end saw most fatigued but anticipating the spring trip, which will be

An exciting weekend excursion, members and friends of Epsilon Epsilon Chapter, Clinch Valley, raft down the French Broad River in North Carolina. place for students. The brothers also gave a Halloween party to the children in the hospital. Other service activities included buying a needy family a Thanksgiving dinner, cleaning up the lake on campus, and helping a disabled couple by cutting the firewood they would need for the winter. Our chapter tried something new this terries. ter by having a "Brotherhood Week." This was very successful in boosting the morale of the brothers and making us all think about what PI Kapp is all about. Our semester retreat was a campout. Tents and equipment were obtained from the campus Army ROTC. A good time was had by all. Plans were discussed for the coining semester and goals were set which we hopefully will achieve in the near future. One program which was set up was our "Alumni Super Club." This is an alumni club which is attainable for membership by donating $100 to the fraternity. The alumnus' name is then put on a plaque to register his contribution. As our alumni grow, we hope to be able to extend this to donations of $500 or more. The brothers of Delta Tau have also sponsored several events just for having fun and promoting Pi Kappa Phi. One of these was a cookout after one of our home football games. We were very fortunate this year to have sponsored Vicky Pulliam, this year's Miss Virginia, on our Homecoming float. Our annual Parents' Weekend was a success in letting the parents of brothers get together and meet other brothers as well as other parents. Our major fund raiser this year involved our sponsoring of the Robbin Thompson Band in a concert on campus. This year has been very eventful for the brothers of Delta Tau Chapter and we hope to keep up the activity in the coming semester.

DELTA UPSILON University of Pittsburgh Randy O'Bruba, Archon The brothers of Delta Upsilon Chapter have enthusiastically embraced and promoted the Bell as the new symbol of the Fraternity and a great way to sound the call of Brotherhood and Spirit. We acquired our own bell, an authentic 300 pound early 1900s steam locomotive bell. The letters of the fraternity are brightly in. scribed on one side and the school insignia on the other. It rests on an appropriately decorated portable stand. We started the tradition this year of taking the bell to football games and ringing it after touchdowns to promote school spirit. The bell is unmistakably identified with us and will be taken along to any public event we participate in to ring the message of Pi Kappa Phi. The Pi Kapp Bell has been a great unifying force at this chapter.

DELTA PHI Radford University Cliff Sc/somber, Archon The Delta Phi Chapter has moved! The new house is located at 815 Tyler Avenue,

semester for Epsilon Alpha Chapter. We pledged eight and initiated seven new broth. ers. At Homecoming, which we combined with the celebration of Founders' Day, our chapter had a good turnout for the pig picking where parents, alumni, little sisters and brothers were present. On that Saturday night a formal dinner was held at Bakatsias Restaurant in Burlington, North Carolina. Since the last two semesters we have had good representation in campus activities. Among other things, Pi Kapps were elected to positions in the Curriculum Committee, the Student Union Board, I nterfraternity Council and one brother as senator. We are also represented in Honor Societies such as Omicron Delta Kappa, Beta Beta Beta and Pi Gamma Mu. As the highest honor scholastically, two brothers became members in Alpha Chi. For the second time, Epsilon Alpha Chapter received the highest grade point average award from among all Greek Organizations on campus.

Tim Blackwell attempts to block a pass during a Delta Lambda Chapter, UNCC, intramural football game. an all-time high of 45 members. This was due to one of our better summer recruitment efforts. This associate class is a dynamic group who are all dedicated to the fraternity's growth. Carey Sudduth, Jeff Meister and Craig Williams made up the full delegation to last summer's Supreme Chapter. We were pleased that the bell was adopted as the public symbol as we already had a bell. Our associate class has made plans to have it mounted in front of the chapter house. One of the more significant events was being manned as the Big Brother Chapter to the University of Kansas Colony. We plan on initiating them sometime next semester. Project P.U.S.H, remains on our priority list after having pledged $1,000 for this year's contribution. We plan on attaining this through the "Mile of Pennies" campaign and through our traditional red rose sale on Valentine's Day. House renovation continues. The exterior has been repainted. We anticipate new dining room furniture. In addition, our bathrooms are scheduled to be renovated and our carpeting will also be replaced thanks to is generous donation by the Bunce Corporation. Except for Founders' Day, the road trip made by the Delta Gamma Chapter to K' State was the major social event of the semester. Despite all the fun, many ideas were exchanged on how each chapter could improve.

DELTA PSI University of Texas - Arlington Sean O'Neill, Archon The Delta Psi Chapter is proud to announce its events for chapter and national Founders' Day. Chapter day was November 21, 1981 at the fraternity house. Barbecue and a complete supper was graciously 'donated by our alumni. Our national Founders' Day was December 11, 1981, at Homesteads Barbecue. Guest speaker was the Honorable General Hutison.

EPSILON BETA Grand Valley State No Report Submitted EPSILON GAMMA Longwood College No Report Submitted EPSILON DELTA Auburn University at Montgomery Michael Eplon, Archon The Epsilon Delta Chapter has completed a very eventful fall quarter. Rush began in late August and continued through October. Recruitment socials consisted of a Keg Party, a Hawaiian Luau, and a Space Invaders Party. When rush was completed, Epsilon Delta had pledged 14 associate members. These young men are making fantastic Pi Kapps. Later in the quarter, the chapter held a "pledge swap" with Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority and a "Preppy Party" with Delta Zeta Sorority. The chapter also participated in Greek Week during November. December 10 marked the 77th anniversary of our beloved fraternity and Epsilon Delta held its annual celebration. The parents of the associate members were invited to share in this event. Projects this quarter included a Rock-n• Roll.a.Thon with half of the proceeds going to the AUM Speech and Hearing Clinic and half going to PUSH. We also held a work project to benefit the pledge class and a Christmas project in coordination with Montgomery Youth Services. Winter quarter events include rush parties and the Rose Ball. This event will mark the second anniversary of the Epsilon Delta Chapter,

EPSILON EPSILON Clinch Valley College Ray Russ, Archon The fall semester here at CVC has been

EPSILON THETA Seton Hall University Mike Festa, Archon We celebrated our first anniversary on NoverrItier 14, 1981, with a party at Beta Alpha's house. We have also graduated our first two alumni at Seton Hall. Our annual Turkey Shoot was a success at Seton Hall again this year. This is one way we raise funds. We also had a chapter camping trip in upstate New York. Brother John "Dirt" Feeny put on a spectacular fire display for the entire campsite. The Pi Kapps have left their mark in Florida, New York. A great time was had by all and we plan on doing it again. After two years, our chapter was admitted into the IFC.

EPSILON IOTA UNC-Greensboro Barry Maness, Archon Epsilon Iota had enjoyed a very successful semester this fall. We had the second largest pledge class out of seven fraternities at UNC-G. Our membership education program has been the most successful in our brief history. PUSH. has also received a lot of attention this semester. In order to better understand its significance, our chapter visited a PUSH. unit in Butner, North Carolina. We were surprised to learn that this was the first such trip ever taken by a Pi Kapp chapter. The inspire. tion the brotherhood received has proven invaluable. We would highly recommend such a trip for any chapter that is having trouble motivating its members for P.U.S.H. Also, in relation to service activities, we helped man a bank of telephones for the Jerry Lewis Telethon. Area alumni received our first successful alumni publication recently. Included in it was an invitation to our Founders' Day Dinner which included a special reception for alumni. This event was sponsored by our Little Sister organization. We had a chapter retreat on the weekend of January 9-10. The emphasis of this retreat was RUSH and P.U.S.H. We feel sure that this will prepare us for our best spring semester ever!

EPSILON KAPPA Southern Technical Institute Tobin McTyre, Archon The brothers of Epsilon Kappa Chapter mounted their first fall rush campaign with careful planning. We were not disappointed as we came in third on campus with eleven pledges. On November 1 Southern Tech held its fall bathtub race. Our tub did not finish the race due to mechanical problems but we are looking forward to the spring race. Hopefully our tub will be in better condition for that race. Last year we collected $1,010.00 for P.US.H. We are now making plans to top that amount. We will have it work day soon in which we donate our time to professors to do yardwork and home repairs for them. We will ask them for donations to P.HS.H, to help us meet our goal. Other ideas are still in the planning stages.

PAGE 15 The associate chapter is very proud of the eighteen now pledges we recruited this semester. One of the main focus points has been to relieve the financial burden of the chapter. We successfully undertook our first fund raiser — a free car wash. Money was collected from donations and pledges. We are also planning a fund raiser for Project P.U.S.H, during the spring semester. We finished fifth overall in Bradley's Greek Week this fall. Our chapter has been involved in intramural sports participating in softball, football, basketball and volleyball. We would like to thank our Chapter Advisor Randy Schubert (Upsilon) for helping us with the trials and tribulations of developing our colony. We are very strong on Bradley's campus, where all work hard toward brotherhood and chartering. We would like to extend an Invitation to any brother to visit us at our home in Peoria.

Roses, including a Hawaiian party, hayrides, and picnics. Throughout these events, the brothers have also developed a scholarship program. The fraternity has continued to make sure strides in realizing our goal of chartering this coming spring.

SACRAMENTO STATE ASSOCIATE CHAPTER Darryl Delgado, Archon The entire fall 1981 semester for the colony at California State University Sacramento was geared towards our February 27 chartering date. Preparation for chartering began with a retreat consisting of the returning five active and four associate members. This retreat proved to be the key for it strengthened the Winds of brotherhood among the existing members and aided in producing the most successful rush results our colony has ever experienced. The feeling of brotherhood, although our group has been together only a short period of time, has truly been captured within the colony. The involvement in our own social activities, as well as in other Greek functions, has brought us awards for greatest percentage of attendance among all Greek societies on campus. The activities of Homecoming and the mini-Greek week also have proven to be a growing experience. We are looking forward to upholding the reputation of the fraternity and creating a substantial impact on the present Greek life on campus,


The Bradley Pi Kapps gather together prior to a hayride with one of the campus sororities.

EPSILON LAMBDA USC-Spartanburg Reggie Sheehan, Archon The Epsilon Lambda Chapter has quickly established itself as the leading student organization of the University of South Carolina at Spartanburg. The most active organization on campus, Pi Kappa Phi is forging the way to. ward the strengthening of the campus and the direction of its future development. The men which comprise the Epsilon Lambda Chapter have many accomplishments to their credit and are leaders in virtually every student-related organization on campus including the Student Government Association, campus publications, Student Affairs Committee, Entertainment and Activities Corn• mittee, SC State Student Legislature, Legislative Club and the USCS Political Science Club. Community service has been a priority to us. We assumed sponsorship of a blood program

to bring much needed blood to the children of the National Hemophilia Foundation. The annual Pi Kappa Phi "Blood Mansion" haunted house raised over $1,300 for charities, including Project P.U.S.H., and other chapter operations. Our annual "Rock-a-thon," occuring at major malls and merchandising centers in the Piedmont, will again be responsible for a very successful contribution to our national project. Recognizing our important role as the first Greek Fraternity chartered at USCS, our brothers have pledged themselves to the academic enrichment of our members and associates, as well as other students needing assistance. A tutoring lab program is in the works. Other academic.related activities include working with Student Affairs officials in order to raise funding for scholarships for deserving students. Alumni development in our area is contin• uing with the valuable assistance, work, and direction of our Chapter Advisor Caleb Jennings. A past Area Governor, "Kit" has proven

himself the single-most valuable asset of our chapter. Without his guidance and support, none of our successes would have been as meaningful. Alumni "get-togethers" from this time forward promise to be the most constructive to date. We are pleased to have "adopted" Mr. Andrew Alexander Kroeg, Ill, atone of our own. In conclusion, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to Area Governor Jerry Brewer, National Vice-President David Jaffee, and especially to National Chaplain Wayne Buffington for the invaluable assistance and support they have extended to us. We regard ourselves as extremely fortunate to have such esteemed and dedicated Pi Kappa Phi officials in our area.

BRADLEY ASSOCIATE CHAPTER Brad La Valley, Archon The brothers have been working hard to establish Pi Kappa Phi on Bradley's campus.

We would like to offer our special appreciation and thanks to Rick Bohner and Bill Vernon for spending their precious time as Chapter Advisors. They have given their support and advice, both unselfishly and wholeheartily. We fell they truly exemplify the characteristics of a Pi Kappa Phi brother. The Associate Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi has made another important step in becoming a full member of the Greek community at the University of Delaware. The brotherhood has acquired colony status from the University after, presenting an information brochure to the administration. The Pi Kapps are the newest faces at the Greek scene here at Delaware. This past fall the brothers continued their distribution of P.U.S.H, cans to merchants on Newark's main street and continued their cleanup efforts at White Clay Creek. The brotherhood has also continued their work with their local service organization, the Terry Children's Psychiatric Center which benefits mentally disturbed children. Pi Kapps participated in the Greek's Council of Fraternity Presidents collection for Red Cross, raising the most money collected per active chapter brother. In addition, the fraternity will field volleyball and basketball intramural teams. One challenging project has been building up alumni support from the local area via newsletters and a scheduled Founders' Day celebration. The brothers have had numerous social projects with the Little Sisters, the Society of the

STAR AND LAMP CLUB Furman Jeff Nelson, Archon Our main fall project has been the renovation of Old Textile Hall, one of Greenville's most historic buildings. The site has been transformed from an outdated eyesore to a useful exhibition center. The building will serve as a party location for all of Furman and the chapter has already held one event in the Hall. The annual Casino Nine was a great success — over 400 students attended and $400 was raised with a portion of these funds being donated to P.U.S.H. Nine new brothers were initiated last year and the chapter is hoping to greatly increase the number of new brothers this year. A fall pledge class has already been formed. The Intramural football team has had its best season In three years and the rest of the sports year seems to be quite promising.

BIRTHDAYS, GRADUATION, FATHER'S DAY... Play Units for the Severely Handicapped

on the move new avenues of service, support in the mental health field, the placement of more units . . Project P.U.S.H. is definitely on the move. As fast as we can keep up with it! Having been licensed as a foster care service agency, P.U.S.H. is providing an alternative to life-long institutionalization of retarded individuals. P.U.S.H. has now provided the needed vehicle for getting kids out of the institution and into a therapeutic foster home. Giving a retarded person a real home, with foster parents trained to care for him or her, is indeed perpetuating the brotherhood of service to our fellowman. Thomas Sayre, Director and Designer of P.U.S.H., has been appointed to a national project committee of the National Association for Retarded Citizens (NARC). NARC has been given a multimillion dollar grant for a multi-year project which will research and design biological environments. Sayre's appointment on this prestigious committee is evidence of P.U.S.H.'s credibility and progress in its work for the severely and profoundly handicapped population. P.U.S.H. has received over fifty requests for units. We only wish we had the resources to meet the need. The next unit to be placed has been purchased by the Northern Indiana State Hospital (NISH)in South Bend, Indiana. A recent survey of Deans and Fraternity Advisors (at campuses of Pi Kappa Phi chapters) has revealed that Project P.U.S.H. is receiving a high degree of visibility and increased support each year. An overwhelming majority of respondents rated their knowledge of P.U.S.H. as good. The majority also rated the Pi Kappa Phi chapter on their campus as good in the area of community service. The P.U.S.H. Board of Directors has elected a new Board Chairman. Bob Inman (Omicron), a news anchorman with WBTV in Charlotte, North Carolina, replaces Phil Tappy (Lambda) who will remain on the Board. A note of interest: Bobby Jones, P.U.S.H. Honorary Chairman, has been named to his fourth NBA All-Star Game in five years. Bobby continues to provide a great source of pride and inspiration to our undergraduate chapters. Keep looking for new P.U.S.H. developments. We appreciate your support!

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The Star and Lamp (ISSN 0038-9854) PI KAPPA PHI P. 0. Box 240526 Charlotte, N. C. 28224

Second Class Postage Paid at Charlotte, N.C.

Pi Kappa Phi at its best!

PI KAPP COLLEGE National Leadership School, August 8-12,1982 Is your chapter going to be there?






„et At Pi Kapp College you will be able to meet, and exchange ideas, with Pi Kapps from all over the country!

It is indeed an exceptional fraternity experience! Practical education in numerour areas, brotherhood, and fun will all be yours at Pi Kapp College this summer on August 8 - 12. Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia, will again provide an ideal location and accommodations for the "college." Each chapter has been sent registration materials and is expected to send four (4) delegates. Generally, chapters send their Archon, Vice-Archon, Treasurer and a rising sophomore or other outstanding young member of the chapter. No chapter will want to miss out on the valuable experience that Pi Kapp College can provide its delegates and consequently the whole chapter. Make sure your chapter is represented by a full delegation. The Pi Kapp College curriculum is extensive and varied. Topics cover various chapter operations and individual skills. Some of the Subjects are:

Management by Objectives Legal Liabilities Financial Management Recruitment Member Education Ritual Alumni Relations Social Planning Fund Raising P.U.S.H.

One of the more memorable fraternity experiences you will ever have!

Pi Kappa Phi Foundation Singing And the Whole Realm of Subjects that compose the fraternity Experience For further information on Pi Kapp College call (704) 523-6000 or write the Administrative Office, P. 0. Box 240526, Charlotte, NC 28224.

Activities — structured and unstructured!


"Awesome" Epsilon University of Florida OF PI KAPPA PHI AN EDUCATIONAL PUBLICATION WINTER 1982