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38th Supreme Chapter in Historic Valley Forge The modern and the historic will meet the week of August 15th as Pi Kappa P!J.~ celebrates 76 years of brotherhood 'at the 38th Supreme Chapter .meeting in Valley . Forge, Pennsylvania. _A week of activities highlight the convention for students, alumni, and their wives. The headquarters for the National Convention will be the Stouffer's in Valley Forge. This modern hotel has complete convention facilities as well as a swimming pool, golf

course, and tennis courts. Room requests should be sent directly to the Stouffers. A reservation form is printed on the back page for y<;>ur convenience. Another highlight of the week will be the second annual Founders' Race. This 10,000 meter run was inaugurated at the 75th Anniversary in Charleston. The race will begin at 7:00a.m. on Tuesday,Aug.18th. Both men and women are invited to participate. Trophies will be


12:00 . 5:00 1:00. 5:00 8 :00

Registration National Council Meeting Leadership Seminar Alpha Upsilon Open House


9:00 . 12 :00 9 :00 . 1:00 9 :00 - 5 :00 10 :00 - 1 :00 1 :00- 5 :00 4: 00 . 5:00 6 :00 7:00 - 9 :00 9:30 - 10 :30

Pi Kappa Phi Properties Executive Committee National Council Meeting Registration Leadership Semin ar Area Govern or's Council Pi Kappa Phi Properties - Board of Directors Meeting Pi Kappa Phi Properties- Membership Meeting Alumni Familiarization Ladies Familiarization Cash Bar Reception Banquet Model initiation Ladies Program


7:00- 9 :00 9 :00 - 10:30 9:00 -12:00 10 :30- 12:00 12:00 - 2:00 2:00- 3:00 2 :00 - 5:00 3 :00- 4: 00 4:00 - 5:00 5 :00 6:00

Founders' Breakfast First Supreme Chapter Ladies Program Committees Lunch at Valley Forge Park Committees Ladies Program Student Round table Alumni Roundtable Second Supreme Chapter Tennis, Golf, etc. Atlantic City Activity


7 :00 9:00 - 10: 30 9 :00 - 5: 00 10: 30 - 12:00 12: 00- 2:00 2 :00 - 3 :30 3: 30. 5: 00 5 :00 6 :00

Founders' Race Committees Ladies Program Third Supreme Chapter Lunch (on your own) Committee Fourth Supreme Chapter Tennis, Golf, etc. Racetrack


9 :00 -10:00 10:00. 12 :00 12 :00 2:00

Committees Fifth Supreme Chapter Awards Luncheon National Council

awarded to the winners. Alpha Upsilon Chapter ':at Drexel University is the host chapter and will be sponsoiing an open house at the chapter house on Saturday, August 15th. Additionally, they will perform a model initiation. It will give all alumni a chance to relive their vows to the fraternity. Once again this Supreme Chapter will recognize those brothers who have excelled in their various careers through the Pi Kappa Phi Hall of Fame. This year Jim Edwards, former Governor of South Carolina as well .as being the newly appointed Secretary of Energy , will

be appointed . along with Wally Butts . past head football coach at the University of Georgia. Of course, the evening hours are filled wtith many planned activities including a trip to Atlantic City and the local racetrack. Time will also be allotted for you to sightsee historic Philadelphia. We look forward to your presence in Philadelphia. Husbands bring ypur wives and together experience a Pi Kappa Phi Supreme Chapter.

Alpha Upsilon Chapter at Drexel University will be the host chapter. They will host an open house on Saturday night.


offers exciting ladies program Pi Kappa Phi is appreciative of the women in our fraternity brother's life and have planned accordingly for this Supreme Chapter. Philadelphia offers an exciting range of activities for the ladies. Monday promises a tour of the Valley Forge State Park and the famous Longwood Gardens . On Tuesday is a trip to the Independence Hall Historical Area and The

Experience history at Valley Forge It is fitting that in the 76th year of the founding of our fraternity we should convene in historic Valley Forge, a setting rich in tradition and significance. Valley Forge and surrounding Philadelphia offer a diverse range of interesting sites from a revolutionary war soldier manning his cannon to the ultramodem casinos of Atlantic City. Philadelphia offers the old and the new. Philadelphia--home of Benjamin Franklin, the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and Valley Forge. Philadelphia--home of the Phillies, Eagles, and 76'ers--a city caught up in the enthusiasm of its champions. For the golfer, the Stouffer's Valley Forge has an eighteen hole course along with complete tennis facilities. Philadelphia awaits you--as do we--at the 38th Supreme Chapter.

Gallery--a five level indoor shopping mall. Special time is given for you to explore all that historic Philadelphia offers from the small curio shops to the grandeur of Independence Hall. These special moments will be shared by you, other ladies, as well as your favorite Pi Kapp. Have you attended a Supreme Chapter? It promises a week of enjoyment.


ThE star and Lamp OF PI KAPPA PHI

P. 0. Box 240526, Charlotte, N.C. 28224 7111 Nations Ford Road, Charlotte, N.C. 28210 Founded at the College of Charleston, S.C. December 10, 1904

Simon Fogarty

-FOUNDERSAndrew A. Kroeg, Jr. L. Harry Mixson

The Star and Lamp An Educational Publication 1981, Vol. LXVII No.1 Durward W. Owan Mark E. Timmes

Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor

Changes in address should be reported promptly to the Administrative Office, P. 0. Box 240526, Charlotte, N.C. 28224. Telephone Number (704) 523-6000. THE STAR AND LAMP OF PI KAPPA PHI (ISSN 0038-9854) is published quarterly by the National Council of the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, 7111 Nations Ford Road, Charlotte, N.C. 28210 in the months of February, May, August, and November. The Life subscription is $15 and is the only form of subscription . Publications Office, 7111 Nations Ford Road, Charlotte, N.C. 28210. Second class postage paid at Charlotte, N.C.

DIRECTORY PI KAPPA PHI P. 0 . Box 240526 7111 Nations Ford Road Charlotte, N.C. 28210 Charlotte, N.C. 28224 Founded at the College of Charleston, S.C.- December 10, 1904 -FOUNDERSANDREW A. KROEG, JR.


Nominating- Ted A. Sc:harfensteln Addison Gilbert Hospital 298 Washington Street Gloucester, MA 01920


Prnldtnt - A. J. Strlcklend, Ill Box 4555

Un lvtnlty, AL 35486 Alumni - Jamn A. Krucher 3 Burgh Avenue

Vk:e·President- David JaffH 1407 Ashley


Clifton , NJ 07011


Ch•rleston, SC 29407 Futurt Polley - Or. John Means Will iam Penn Annex , Box 1936 Ph116delph 1e, PA 19106

Tr..surer- William D. Fuqua P. 0 . Box 2162

Augusta, GA 30903 Ex~sion-




Henry Groves

1989 Cordes Rood

Sioux Cl tv . lA 51104

XI. Jack Austin , 3833 N. Wllliamette Blvd., Portland , OR 97217 XII. Rusty Patrick, Cottage 16, 1124 W. Carson Stteet, Torrence, CA 90502 XIII. Larry Ph ife r, 2216 Anderson Drive, Raleigh, NC 27608 XIV . Hugh Queener, 1404 Sutters Mill Lane,

Montgomery, AL 36106

Project P.U.S.H.- Phil Toppy 4800 Rockvltw Ct.

Cherlotte, NC 28211

Mt. Holly, NJ 08060 Are1 Govemor1 Council - Steve OePtlme 399 Bartha Ro.d Toms River, NJ 08763

Chlnctllor- Judge Jamtl Turk Box811

Pflatlne, IL 60067 IX . Jeff A. Wrisley , Box 741 , Pentwtter, Ml 49449 X. Tom Tott, 3627 Cheyenne Blvd.,

XV . Mark Landers, 2139 Bowen Or. ,

Germantown, TN 38138 Chaplain - Walter K. Shepptrd 29 Rldoewav Street

VIII . Travis Julien, 800 E. Northwnt Hwy.,

Knoxville, TN 37919

500 N. Highland Memphis, TN 38111

Stc,.tary - William L. Finney


Redford, VA 24141

XVI. VACANT XVII. John M. Casper, 9206 W. 112th Terrace ,

Overlend Park, KS 86210 XVII I. Jay Kruske, 1928 NW 42nd Strtet, OklahomaCitv.OK 73118 XIX. StevenS. Miller, 7947 Grow Line, No. 197,

Houston , TX 77040 XX . Same as XII XXI. Richard Folger, 2034 Kansington Ct.,

Lilburn, GA 30247

Each day the headlines are seemingly more graphic: "Youth Dies in Alcohol Related Auto Accident; Fraternity Pledge Dies of Alcohol Poisoning." We are living in a world where alcohol use and even abuse are socially acceptable. Fifty percent · of all highway fatalities are alcohol related. States have responded to these and other statistics by rru.smg the drinking age from eighteen to nineteen, or even twenty-one. Colleges and universities are strictly enforcing rigorous laws concerning alcohol use. Fraternity rush is becoming a dry event. Some chapters are even carding at the door during social functions. There has been much debate concerning these actions. Both sides have strong arguments. One fact is undeniable: Students are going to drink regardless of any rules which may be passed.

" . I am increasingly disturbed when I see the terrific social pressures brought to bear which force people to drink to be a part of everything else in the Greek system . This really can be quite incompatible with what the fraternity system hopes to promote . . . it probably will result in the eventual demise of the system or at least will change it so that no longer will the constructive persons interested in the positive things in life be attracted to us. We will have a series of drinking clubs ... " Several other fraternities have taken a stand in this area. It is time for Pi Kappa Phi to do the same. We are falling far short of the ideals set by our founders by failing to do so. What do you think?

What are the implications for our undergraduate chapters? I believe Dr. Louis E. Smith, past national president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity said it best:

Yours in Pi Kappa Phi,


National President

P.. t Pr•ldent - Phil Tappy 4800 Rockvlew Ct.


Charlotte, NC 28211

Arta: I. Steve DePalma, P. 0 . Box 269


1149 Green Tree L.lne Norborth, PA 19072

Education- Or. Warren Robb 1812 Cedar Elm Welt Arlington, TX 76012

Columbia, SC 29205

Ritual & Insignia- Glenn McConnell 27 Bllnbrldge Drive Charleston, SC 27407

Alabama Appalach ian Stttt Armstrong State Auburn Auburn at Montgomery Augusta Belmont Abbly Bowling Green State California-Berkeley Clntrtl ArkanUIS Charleston Clinch Valley Cornell Drake DreXII East Carolina East Tennessee East Tuas Elon Florida Floridl Southern Floridl State Georgia Georgia Southern Georgll Southwestern Gaorg1a State Georgia Tech Grand Valley Greensboro Illinois Illinois Tech Indiana Iowa State Jac:ksonv1lle State Jtmes Mldison Kan~as State LaGrange Lander Livings ton Longwood McNeese Memphis State Mercer Michigan State Missouri -Columbia Missouri-Rolla MOf'ltlvallo Morehead Nabrtska·Omaha


The Pi Kappa Phi Foundation is dedicated to providing financial as istance and encouragement to young men who desire an education but are without sufficient funds. The Foundation is a tax exempt organization operated by a volu nteer Board of Trustees who are members of your Fraternity. The young men who will be leaders in our nation in the future are on the campuses of our colleges right now; some of them need our assistance and support. An investment in a young man's college education will help to prepare him better, both for good citizenship and for tomorrow's responsibilities. The inclusion of the following clause in your will (or your designation of the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation in your life insurance policy as a beneficiary) will insure that you will be a part of some young man's future: "I give, devise, and bequeath to the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation the sum of _ _ _ _ Dollars." (or otherwise describe the gift if it consists ofreal estate, securities, or personal property). DO IT TODAY

For additional information regarding the Foundation, write Pi Kappa Phi Foundation, P.O. Box 240526, Charlotte, NC 28224.


Presbyterian Purdue Radford Renneloor Roanoke Si:lmford Seton Hall Stetson South Alabamt South Carolina Southern California Southern Tech Tampa Tennessee Tennessee Wesleyan Texas A & M Texas-Arlington Toledo Troy State Valdosta State Virginia


930 Milledge Ave., Athens. GA 30601

Landrum Cen ter , Box 12343, Statesboro, GA 30458 Box 413, Georgla~thwenern, Americus, GA 31709 P. 0. Box 707 , Ga. State Unlv., Unlv. Plaza , GA 30303 831 Techwood Drive , NW, Atlanta, GA 30313 c/o Warren Pefley , 24 Martlnle Drive, Allendale, Ml49401 2101 Spring Garden St., Greensboro, NC 27403 306 E. Gregory, Champaign, IL 61820 333 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago, I L 60616 723 E. 10th Street, Bloomington, IN 47401 407 Welch Ave., Ames, lA 50010 204 W. College Street, Jac:ksonvilla, AL 3626ir P. 0. Box 4173 , James Madison Univ ., Harrisonburg, VA 28801 1716 Fairchild, Manhattan, KS 66502 LaGrange College, LaGrange, GA 30240 P. 0 . Box 270, Lander Colleoe, Greenwood, SC 29646 Box M, Livingston, AL 35470 Longwood College, Box 1140, Farmville, VA 23901 McNee~e Unlv., Box 708 , leke Charles, LA 70609 3841 Spottswood Ave., Memphis, TN 38111 Box 112, Mercer Unlv., Macon, GA 31207 121 Whltehills Dr ., E. Lansing, Ml 48823 908 Curtis Avenue, Columbia , MO 65201 1704 Pine, Rolla, MO 65401 Ora'Ntr K, Unlv. of Montevallo , Montevallo, AL 35115 Box 1247, Un lv. P.O., Morehead, KV 40351 c/o Michael Cherney , t 1659 Douglas, Omaha, NE 68164 249 High Street, Newark, NJ 07102 Box 1233, Nicholls State Unlv. , Thibodaux, LA 70301 Box 5595, Unlv. of N. Alabama, Florence, AL 35630 216 Finley Golf Course Ad .: Chapel Hill , NC 27514 University Center, UNC·C, Charlotte , NC 28223 4629 Middlesex Rd ., Wilmington, NC 28405 2401 W. Fraternity Ct., Raleigh, NC 27607 815 South Oav1s, Kl rksv•lle, MO 63501 Box 5165, N. Georgia College, Dahlonega, GA 30533 Box 3684, Na tchitoches, LA 71457 1714 Chautauga, Norman, OK 73069 703 University, Stillwater, OK 74074 1516 Colonial Ave ., Norfolk, VA 23517· 2111 Harrison, Corvallis, OR 97330 409 E. Fairmont. State Coih1ge, PA 16801 316 . C Semple Street, Oakland, PA 15213 c:/o PINY, Box 631, 333 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NV 11 201 Presbyterian College, Clinton, SC 29325 330 N. Grant St., W. Lafayette, IN 47906 1018 Calhoun Stree t , Radford, VA 24 141 49 2nd Street, Troy, NY 12180 219 Mtrkat Street, Salem, VA 24153 Box 2474, Samford Unlv., Birmingham, AL 35209 B. Dougherty Stude nt Ctr., 400 S. Orange Aw ., S. Orange, NJ 07079 1241 Stetson, Deland, FL 32720 P. 0. Box U· 1208, Univ. of S. Alabama, Mobile, AL 36688 USC, Box 85111, Columbia, SC 29226 668 W. 28 th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007 1112 Clay St reet, Marietta, GA 30060 Box 2786, Tampa , F l 33806 1828 Fraternity Park, Knoxville, TN 37916 P. 0. Box 322, Tennessee Wesleyan, Athens, TN 37303 1601 Holleman, No. 192 Sevilla, College Station, TX 77840 c/o Mark Jacobs, 305 Lampe Street, Apt. A, Arlington, TX 76010 5857 E. Heights, Toledo, OH 43613 610 N. Three Notch St., Troy, AL 36081 Box 89, Valdosta State College, Valdosta , GA 31601 510 Rugby Road , Charlottesville, VA 22903 1101 Redbud Road, Blacksburg, VA 24060 Lock Drawer 903 , Lexington, VA 24450 P. 0 . Box 1173, Cullowhee , NC 28723 Box 30, Western Kentucky Univ., Bowling Green , KV 42101 641 Fayette Pika, Montgomery, WV 26136 914·1 Pierpont Houl8, 445 Oakland St., Morgantown, WV 26505




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Washington & let Western Carolina Wenern Kentucky Wen VIrginia Tach West VIrginia Unlv Winthrop Wofford Wright State

Gamma Epsilon Del ta Nu Gamma Zeta Alpha Rho Epsilon Ete Zeta Delta Pi


255 S. Collage St., Aubum , AL 36830



Delta Lambda GammaThete

312 University Ave., Tuscaloosa, AL 35407 Box 81, Workman Hall, Boone, NC 28607 P. 0 . Box 14575, Savannah, GA 31406





Exteutlvt Director- Durward W. Owen Aulsttnt Executive Director- A. Nathan Hightower Director of Development- J. Ernest Johnson Director of Communications- Mark E. Tlmmes Administrative Steff- Cr1lg Biehl, Clay Edmonds, Steve Smith, Andrew Towson



Beta Delta Alpha Upsilon Bota Phi Beta Omega Beta Chi Epsi lon Alpha Alpha Epsilon Beta Beta Beta Eta Lambda Gemma Kappa Gamma XI Beta Kappa Epsilon Beta Epsilon Iota Upsilon Alpha Phi Alpha Psi Alpha Omicron Delta Epsilon Delta Tau Delta Chi Gamma Nu Gamma Rho Gamma Alpha Epsilon Gamma Beta Mu Gamma Oeltl Alpha Alpha Alpha Theta Seta Epsilon Gamma Lambda Gamma Omega Delta Eta Delta Gamma Beta Alpha Delta Omicron Delta XI

XXV. Mike Terry , 216 Plymouth Drive , Matthews, NC 28105

c/o Auburn at Montgomery , Montgomery, AL 36193 c:/o Dir. ot Studen t Affairs, 2500 Walton Way, Augusta, GA 30904 Belmont Abbey, Belmont, NC 28012 626 Elm St., Bowling Green, OH 43402 2908 Channing Way , Berkeley, CA 94704 Box 604, Unlv. of Central Ark ., Conway, AR 72032 Box 1826, Stern Student Center, Chtrleston, SC 29401 Box 140, CVC, Wise, VA 24293 722 University Ave., Ithaca, NY .14861 1236 34th Street, Des Moines, lA 50311 3405 Powelton Avenue, Ph1ladelph1a, PA 19104 803 Hooker Road, Greenvllla, NC 27834 519 W. Plno, Johnson City, TN 37601 East Commerce Stl .. Box W, Commerce TX 76428 7222 Whitsett Park Rd., Whitsett, NC 27377 11 Fraternity Row, Gainesville, FL 32601 Box 4861 , Florida Southern College , Lakeland, F L 33802 423 W. College Ave., Tallahassee, FL 32301




Lexington, KY 40502 XX IV. Tom Sabetta, 2227 Count Turf Drive, Owensboro. KY 42301


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Nicholls State N. Alabama North Carolina North Carollna-C North Carollna-W North Carolina State N.E. Missouri North Georgia N.W. State Lou1slana Oklahoma Oklahoma State Old Dominion Oregon State Penn State Pittsburgh

Have you ever invested in a young man's college education? It is an investment in which you can take pride. Here is your opportunity.

Matawan, NJ 07747 II. Will iam F. Newell , 193 Delmont Ave ., Warminster, PA 18974 Ill. Richard C. Flora, 1305 Jefferson Ave., Apt . 4 , Clifton Forge, VA 24422 IV . Jerry T. Brevvtr, 3233 M ic:hlg~n St.,

Trun lnves1m1nt- John Delmler



XX II. Perry M. Grent, 608 Eric Drive, Birm ingham, AL 35210 XXIII. Charles A. Rowlend , 211 Irvine R01d,




P. 0 . Box 6030 , W.C.S., Rock Hill. SC 29733

Wofford College, Spartanburg , SC 29301 c/o Mark Jones, 3228 Lindale Ave. , Dayton , OH 45414


Delaware Furman Sacramento State Univ. of Misslulppl Univ. of Oregon USC · Spertanbu rg

PI Kappa Phi Foundation Ronald Krebs, Chairman 120 South Central Avenue St . louis, Missoun 63105


314 Wyoming Road, Newark., DE 19711 Star & Lamp Club, Box 28265, Furman Univ., Greenville, SC 296 13 P. 0 . Box 255826, Sacramento, CA 95825 P. 0 . Drawer 8017, University, MS 38677 761 E. 11th Street, Eugene, OR 97401 c:/o Student Affairs Office, USC·S, Spartanburg, SC 29303

Pi Kappa Phi Properties , Inc: . Kelley Bergstrom, President Suite 3804, 875 No ~th Michigan Avenue Ch icago, Illinois 60611


for a challenge between students and professors, although such classes are more cost efficient.

(THE PI KAPPA PHI FOUNDATION) Walk a mile in their shoes By Marshall Pickens Mu34 There is an old Indian saying that generally advises, "To truly understand your brother you must walk a mile in his shoes." Alumni often ask me "What is it like for today's college students?" or "How is campus life different today from my era?" To answer these questions I invite you to join me as we seek to understand some of the challenges facing today's younger brothers by Walking A Mile In Their Shoes. The following chart and discussion lists a wide range of ways in which being a college student today is vastly different than 20, 30, 40, and 50 years ago. In general, while colleges have made dramatic advances in size and teaching materials, there has been a corrollary retreat in other aspects of college services. Across from each area of difference we have answered the question - "Does Pi Kappa Phi help our young brothers compensate for these negative changes in college life?"

One of the most distressing aspects of the growth of many campuses is the corresponding loss of opportunity for campus leadership roles and involvement. The number of positions of campus leadership has remained relatively stable while the student population has sky rocketed, thus reducing the overall percentage of leaders in any student body. As the college grows, it is natural that many of today's students are living in small "student cities" of 30,000 or more students. With such large numbers of students it is impossible to meet, know or understand more than a very limited percentage of fellow students. Joining Pi Kappa Phi involves today's student in a very small, personal, and friendly organization. Fellow members are brothers.


Most of America's colleges were originally founded by religious organizations to teach higher education in a setting which stressed spirituality, morality路,,and character development. UnfortUnately, many of America's colleges and universities have abandoned not only their close religious ties, but have also declined to stress spirituality, morality, and character development. Much of the loss of emphasis on these issues came about during the turbulent days of the late 1960's and early 1970's, when colleges also abandoned the role of In Loco Parentis where federal regulations had prompted this change in relationship. Guidance in these areas during college had once come from the college administration, from professors , from active alumni, and from fellow students. Today, many college professors and administrators do not become involved in spirituality, morality, and character development. Pi Kappa Phi does become involved. As a fraternity we stress these issues in all aspects of fraternity life. Further, our active Pi Kappa Phi alumni are involved in guiding students in these areas. Of course, the quality of fellow Pi Kappa Phi students also heightens this effort.


The cost of a college education, like everything of value, has risen dramatically over the years. It is not uncommon for a student to incurr expenses of nearly $10,000 each year for tuition, room and board, travel expenses, etc. Thus, a four year education can cost nearly $40,000. (Some schools charge "only" $20,000, and state schools can be half of this cost.) The government has made millions of dollars available for scholarships, but much of these funds are targeted for low income families. Scholarships based upon academic excellence are available, but these are limited to a very small percentage of students. The Pi Kappa Phi Foundation has been granting scholarships for two decades. Although our scholarships have been limited, future plans call for a dramatic increase in the amount of scholarships awarded by the Foundation.


The differences listed above can be categorized in four ways: The Size and Corresponding Impersonality of Many Schools The Lack of Guidance in Matters of Character, Morality, and Spirituality The Dramatic Increase in the Cost of College The Equally Dramatic Increase in Competition for Top Career Positions


More than half of the colleges where Pi Kappa Phi has chapters have enrollments over 10,000 students, several have over 30,000 students. The sheer size of such a student body gives rises to an impersonal relationship between students and faculty, between students and administration, between students and alumni, and between students and other students. Some classes are now so large as to contain several hundred students, or even to be taught by television. These large classes cannot provide

During the past twenty years, a phenomenal number of students - the baby boom generation - graduated from college. This influx of educated young adults has given rise to fierce competition for better jobs. As a general rule, most companies have stopped recruiting on college campuses. Today the companies are able to sit back and wait for the top student to come to them. This competition, and the general increase in technology in many fields, has created a greater demand for advanced degrees - particularly the M.B.A. This requires further schooling, at further cost. Finally, very few colleges have successful career planning programs. Colleges by and large are in the degree giving business, not the career development business. Thus, most college graduates are delivered to the business world without a clear career path to follow. Some young men have their career path set, or course, but most graduates end up with a career based solely upon the first job they were able to find. The Pi Kappa Phi Foundation is undertaking an exciting program of career development, career internship programs, and career planning. More information on these programs will be given in future issues of the STAR AND LAMP. All of the above is indicative of the challenges facing today's students. Pi Kappa Phi and the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation play a major role in all of the above. We urge you to join us in our work.



Pi Kapp Scholars for 1981 The brothers we know so well . . . but hardly know, are those who attend all the meetings and functions, volunteer for projects, pay dues on time, and yet they have an extra dimension ... scholarship. These brothers don't openly talk about their academic excellel).ce and they quietly go about the earning of above-average grades. These high-achievers are the brothers we play ball with, eat with, double-date with, and work with on fraternity and school projects. The something special, their scholarship, is annually recognized with the Pi Kapp SchQlar Award. Only nine of these awards are given to recognize scholarship, in combi-

nation with service to fraternity, community, and employer. The 1981 recipients are listed be~ow. The men who are the "brains" and "egg-heads" are an essential part of the fraternity. They usually distinguish themselves in their careers, professionally, and in private life. They are "broadspectrum" people who ex cell in many areas beyond academics. These scholars have learned to do more than earn grades . . . they have learned how to apply their talents in service. They are the brothers we know so well!

also served on various other college committees including the Educational Policy & Curriculum Committee and the Admissions Committee. He is a Peer Counselor for the English Club and is in the John B. Minor Pre-Legal Society. In addition to all his activities he works twenty hours per week in the university's Admissions Office.

dent Dean of Engineering. He was Alpha Lambda Delta, Blue Key, also Pre-Junior Class Vice-President. Alpha Chi, and Psi Chi Psychology He has been recognized by Tau Honor Society. He has served Psi Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society â&#x20AC;˘ Chi as Vice-President, Alpha Chi and Phi Kappa Phi National Honor as Vice-President and Blue Key Society. He carries a 3.93 GP A out as Treasurer. He is also a section leader for the Jazz Ensemble, and of a possible 4.0. involved in the Music Guild and in the Academic Integrity & Judicial Boards. He is a Veterans Administration Volunteer and has participated in Pi Kappa Phi's annual service project "Green-Up." Additionally, he works four hours a week in the Student Activities Office and is a Psychology Department Student Assistant.

Jay A. Hargis

Jay is a senior at Alpha Psi Chapter at the University of Indiana with a 3.84 Grade Point Average out of a possible 4.0. He has served the chapter as both Secretary and Archon. He is very involved in the fraternity intramural program, participating in all major sports. Additional Jay finds time to be a Big Brother to a fatherless child.

James E. Boyette, Jr.

Jim is a senior at Alpha Epsilon Chapter at the University of Florida. He has maintained a 3.8 Grade Point Average out of a possible 4.0 with numerous activities. He served as the chapter's Scholarship Chairman, on the IFC Scholarship Committee and was active with the St. Augustine Church. He has been recogni,zed by acceptance in Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Pi Tau Sigma Honor Society for Mechanical Engineers, and Tau Beta Pi the National Engineering Honor Society. He has also served Tau Beta Pi as a Committee Chairman. He is currently a co-op student working full time every other quarter with Florida Power and Light as a Transformer Land Manager.

David Lee Ewigman

David hails from Delta Delta Chapter at Northeast Missouri State where he is a senior carrying a 3.49 Grade Point Average. He has served the chapter in various capacities including the offices of Chaplian, Warden, Secretary, and Treasurer . He has been recognized by membership in the Blue Key Honor Fraternity. He is also a member of Phi Beta Lambda Future Business Leaders Society. He recently won first place in the Muscular Dystrophy Dance Marathon. In addition to his activities he is a real estate salesman during the semester.

Robert J. Leadley, Jr.

Robert is a very involved junior at Alpha Theta Chapter at Michigan State University. He has served the chapter as Social Chairman and on various committees. He has been recognized by membership in Gold Key National Honor Society and is a participant in the Tower Guard, an honor society which reads to blind students. He is also a member of the Michigan State Junior Varsity Basketball Team. In community activities he works with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of East Lansing and is a high school basketball official. He also is a volunteer orderly in a local hospital four hours a week. He carries a 3.59 Grade Point Average of a possible 4.0.

Arthur Lee Coleman

Art is a senior at Beta Upsilon Chapter at the University of Virginia. He has maintained a 3.63 Grade Point Average out of a possible 4.0. He has been very active in the Student Council serving as Chairman of the Communications Committee and Co-chairman of the Academics Committee. He has served on the Student Council Legislative Committee, Admissions Committee and the Ad-Hoc Committee on Minority Affairs. He has

John R. Frye

John is from Alpha Upsilon Chapter at Drexel University and has served the chapter as Secretary and President. He also served as Chairman of the Alumni - Parents Day. In Student Government he has served on the Student's Allocations Committee and as a Stu-

Richard J. Milan, Jr.

Richard is a senior at Xi Chapter at Roanoke College carrying a 3.89 Grade Point Average out of a possible 4.0. He is a member of

Jay Morris

Jay is a senior at Alpha Gamma Chapter at the University of Oklahoma carrying a 3.63 Grade Point Average. He has served the chapter as Archon, Vice-Archon, Chaplain, and Steward. He has been recognized by membership in the American Institution of Chemical Engineers, and Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society. He served as Judging Chairman of the Engineering Open House and on the Student Advisory Board. Additionally, he- interns full time during the summer with engineering firms and is a¡. tutor eight hours a week.

William M. Ojile, Jr.

Bill has been a very active participant for Delta Gamma Chapter at the University of Nebraska Omaha. He has served Pi Kappa Phi as Social Chairman, Treasurer, Vice-Archon and Archon. He was voted the outstanding pledge by the Interfraternity Council and also serves as the IFC's Athletic Director. In Student Government he is a Student Senator, Budget Committee Chairman, and a member of the Committee on Registration Procedures and the University Adjudicary Committee. He has been recognized by membership in Omicron Ddta Kappa .and the National Asso :iation of Accountants. He is a March of Dimes volunteer and a volunteer for the Retarded Citizens Association. Additionally, he works twenty hours a week as the assistant to the treasurer of a corporation.



Edwards new Secretary of Energy James B. Edwards, Alpha, has been appointed Secretary of Energy by President Reagan. Previously, he served as governor of the state of South Carolina from 1975 to 1979. The 53-year-old Edwards has become a staunch supporter of nuclear power. While governor, South Carolina became one of the leading states in relying on nuclear energy. Forty percent of the state receives its power from four nuclear reactors and a fifth is about to start operations. Edwards as seen at the opening banquet of the 37th Supreme Chapter at Charleston, South Carolina.

Edwards was the first Republican governor since Reconstruction. Previously, he was an oral surgeon.

Andrew Offutt, science fiction writer Andrew Offutt, an initiate of Beta Gamma Chapter, University of Louisville, is a prolific science fiction writer living in Haldeman, Kentucky. Some of his current works include: The Eyes of Sarsis (with Richard Lyon), King Dragon, Conan the Mercenary as well as numerous short stories, novels, and novelettes. He is proudest of the "Swords Against Darkness," an anthology series of new fantasy stories by various writers which he edited. In addition he has served as president of the Science Fiction Writers of America, an organization composed of science fiction writers in twelve countries. Scheduled for 1981 release from Berkley and Pocket Books, respectively are: The Lady of the

Snowmist Mirror.






Your voluntary dues contribution helps maintain the many student and alumni programs supported by the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. We thank those alumni who have already contributed and encourage other alumni to join them in doing the same. HELP KEEP PI KAPPA PHI ON TOP WITH YOUR SUPPORT.





D 0

$25 $76


Olher $ - - - -



In order to maintain the integrity of Pi Kappa Phi the National Council in its meeting on January 24, 1981, suspended the charter of two chapters: The 1981 Officers and Directors of the National Interfraternity Conference .. from left to right, Front Row: Director William E. Berry, Alpha Tau Omega; Vice-President David C. Bland, Jr., Phi Gamma Delta; President James H. Mclaughlin, Zeta Psi; Treasurer Sidney H. Guller, Sigma Alpha Mu; Secretary J. Glenn Hahn, Alpha Kappa Lambda. Back Row: Director Harold A. Thomas, Jr., Theta Xi; Director Clay Myers, Lambda Chi Alpha; Director and Member-at-Large on the Executive Committee Rodney Williams, Tau Kappa Epsilon; Past President George M. Mills, Alpha Chi Rho; Director Philip H. Cohen, Alpha Epsilon Pi, and Director Ben E. Covington, Pi Kappa Phi. Absent when the photo was taken were Director Bates Block, Chi Phi, and Director Edwin L. Heminger, Delta Tau Delta.

Delta Kappa Delta Nu

Pembroke State Methodist College

for violation of minimum chapter standards.

Ward named new AWAA exec

Letson ''Man of the Year'' cluster of strong assets he represents, "H. Brandt Ayers, editor and publisher of The Star, said in announcing Letson's selection. "His professional leadership of the hospital from a small, marginal cityowned facility to the central health delivery system in Northeast Alabama is obvious to any motorist who sees the towers rising." Letson received his A.B. degree from Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina, and his M.B.A. degree from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and also a master's in Health Administration. Austin Letson

Austin Letson, (Davidson '62), president of Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center, has been named "Man of the Year" by The Anniston Star, a daily in Anniston, Alabama. "The selection was based on a

Other recent honors bestowed upon Letson was his appointment by Alabama Governor Fob James to serve on the State Health Planning and Development Agency, and presently serving as the Chairman of the Board of the Alabama Hospital Association with main offices in Montgomery, Alabama.


ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS Alpha Sigma Chapter University of Tennessee 50th Anniversary April 24- 26, 1981 Contact: Douglas Gregory 1828 Fraternity Park Knoxville, TN 37916

*** Alpha Tau Chapter Rensselaer Polytech 50th Anniversary April11, 1981 Contact: 50th Anniversary Committee 49 Second Street Troy, NY 12180

*** Beta Upsilon Chapter University of Virginia 20th Anniversary March 28, 1981


Contact: John Tandler 20th Anniversary Committee 510 Rugby Road Charlottesville, VA 22903

Randal H. Ward has been named Executive Vice President of the Automotive Wholesalers' Association of Alabama, effective January 1, 1981. He succeeds James 0. Yeaman, CAE, who is leaving the AWAA staff to form his own association management firm.

candidate for a M.S. Degree in Personnel Management from the same institution.

Ward, 26, is a native of Dadeville, Alabama. He holds a B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice from Troy State University and is a

While at Troy State University, Ward lettered in football and was a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity.



Student interns aid administrative office by Jeff Meister, Delta Chi The intern program at the Ad- extremely valuable to the intern. ministrative Office adds a new dimension to the fraternity ex- The program was initially started perience. Internship gives the stu- by Henry Groves in 1977 and dent member an inside look at the has been developed by the staff over the past three years. Up to administrative end of our fraternity. During his visit to the this time there have been about office, the intern will have a chance fifty participants in the program. to contribute to the entire Ad- The interns are selected from ministrative Office operation. He recommendations by alumni and will gain more indepth knowledge staff based on their individual about the fraternity's programs involvement with the respective and subsidiaries such as P.U.S.H., chapters. Internship can provide C.A.R. (Continuing Alumni Re- insight to future advisors, area lations), Pi Kappa Phi Properties, governors, committee members, and Pi Kappa Phi Foundation. and staff within the fraternity. The intern will also be able to consult with staff members on The major benefits are not limited chapter operations. In addition to the intern. The fraternity also to the fraternity related benefits, realizes a great value from the the intern experiences a profes- program. Conferences with staff sional business office environment. provide direct contacts with stuThe many experiences during his dent viewpoints on administrative week-long visit make the program matters. The interns make meaning-

Community SeiVice Award winner

Intern Jeff Meister examines a model ofthe P.U.S.H. unit with National Vice-President David Jaffee.

ful contributions to the fraternity through evaluation of programs, conferences with staff, and working on publications and communications. Of course, the intern enjoys other necessary jobs such as stuffing envelopes and moving boxes, which is also a major part

of the operations at the office. The real value to Pi Kappa Phi comes from the advise and suggestions offered by the interns during and following their visit. Internship has become a very successful program of student involvement within Pi Kappa Phi.

Play Units for the Severely Handicapped

Charlotte fund raiser During the weekend of September 27 and 28,1980, the Administrative Office of Pi Kappa Phi conducted a fund raiser in Charlotte, North Carolina for the benefit of raising funds for the Fraternity's National Project, P.U.S.H. On Saturday, September 27, a wheelchair was pushed through the city for a trek of approximately 14 miles. Money was collected at all major intersections for a grand total of $900. Many thanks need to be extended to Beta Phi, Gamma Mu, and Delta Lambda chapters for helping us in this very worthwhile cause.

Gamma Alpha's award winning delegation with Executive Director Durward W. Owen.

Success can only be measured in terms of accomplishments. These accomplishments need n'o t be feats of financial wizardry which can fade or completely disappear. The truly successful man leaves behind him a seed which will grow. He gives of himself so others may benefit from his wisdom, hard work and aspirations. The successful man provides a service to his fellow human beings with the hope that their life will have more meaning. The successful chapter, like the successful man, must include in their program a plan for the unselfish giving to others. They must look outward! The fraternity world is at times condemned as being selfish, greedy, and unwanted. Many are viewed as a destructive force rather than a constructive source from which good does flow.

Then, on Sunday, September 28, was Carowinds Day! After the distribution of $2 discount coupons to local chapters and alumni, Carowinds gave $1 to Project P.U.S.H. for every coupon turned in to their cash-flow system. And the band "ALABAMA," which is headed up by a Delta Epsilon alumnus from Jacksonville State University - Randy Owen - per-

Members of Delta Lambda Chapter assisted in the street collections during the PUSHathon.

formed an excellent benefit concert for the Project in the Paladium of Carowinds. All proceeds from this concert were donated to the Project which made for a very good weekend.

To fight this image, we should go out of our way to provide what services we can for our charities. Through their contribution to Project P.U.S.H., all of our chapters do participate in a charitable cause. Most chapters continue in their philanthropic endeavors by volunteering their available manpower in support of various community and service oriented projects. This year's winner of the Service Award participated in no less than 16 projects in addition to their major effort for P.U.S.H. They conducted a Golf Tournament, participated in flood relief, collected toys for underpriviledged children, cleaned yards for the elderly, helped a Boy Scout troop and organized a Blood Drive for the Red Cross. A wise man once said, "The service we provide for others is but the rent we pay for the space we occupy on this earth." The Service Award winner for this past year has certainly paid their rent many times over. It gave us great pleasure to present the Service Award to a chapter that has certainly let charity reign - Gamma Alpha of Livingston University in Livingston, Alabama.

The PUSH started in downtown Charlotte led by members of Beta Phi (East Carolina), Gamma Mu (Belmont Abbey) and Delta Lambda (UNC-Charlotte) .

,, _ PAG E 7

pter. ters ALPHA College of Charleston

IOTA Georgia Institute of Technology

No Report Submitted

Total Membership 85 Total Initiates 935

BETA Presbyterian College

Total Membership 16 Total Initiates 520 This year has been a very fortunate one for Beta Chapter as we received support from many sources during our rebuilding efforts. Beta Chapter would like to welcome our newly initiated brothers : Blair Bollinger, Chip Porter, Randy Parsons, Pete Tourtellot, and Whit Whitaker. We wish to give our greatest thanks to Ben W. Covington for his hever ending support of his chapter; especially during our fall rush . Due to his help and others not yet mentioned our membership was more than doubled. We also give our appreciation to Dr. Wayne Buffington, our new Chapter Advisor. He has helped us in ways too many to mention. He has certainly been a welcome addition to our chapter. We would like to thank our alumni also for their support during homecoming. Last but not least we express our sincere thanks for the moral support given by the Administrative Office and all the other chapters in the state . Beta Chapter celebrated its 73rd anniversary on December 10, 1980. We wish all other chapters a successful spring semester.

GAMMA University of California - Berkeley

Total Membership 73 Total Initiates 759 Gamma Chapter is having a great year. With an outstanding p ledge class and a large number of returning brothers , the house began the year with a retreat . Not only were the chapter's strong and weak points discussed, but we were able to set goals which have guided our path throughout the year. With a greater awareness of each brother's individual concerns and interests, we have created a more academic atmosphere and a house with fewer personal problems. On the other hand, our better understanding of fraternal relations, has led to some great parties, a Project P.U.S.H. ping-pong tournament and a variety of fra ternity and community activities. Over the Christmas break the house hopes to finish a spa that was begun this summer by Rich Rappaport and John Martorano. Many brothers are spending their vacation in Berkeley working on the spa. Not only will the hot tub be helpful during spring rush, it will be the center of many social activities for the rest of the year.

ZETA Wofford College

Total Membership 39 Total Initiates 600 The brothers of Zeta Chapter have initiated a Little Sister program this year and it seems to be working very well. They helped the brothers and pledges in making our Homecoming float a success. Also, they cheered the members of Pi Kappa Phi on to the championship of Wofford's intramural football in which we defeated the KA's. In the area of fund raising the chapter has set a goal of $500.00 plus for Project P.U.S.H. We plan to raise one mile of pennies. In closing, the brothers of Zeta Chapter would like to wish all Pi Kapps a very happy and prosperous New Year.

The first quarter of the new Georgia Tech school year ended with Iota initiating 10 of the finest young men this chapter has seen in quite awhile. All of this came after one of the most different rush periods this chapter has been through . A joint decision by the Institute's Dean of Students and I FC established a "dry rush" due to the state drinking age being increased to 19. The immediate result was fewer rushees going through, yet the quality was markedly better . As fall quarter rolled along, the brothers met in the Oconee National Forest in Middle Georgia for a retreat, being joined by many alumni before returning to the city. Saturday morning saw a discussion on rush while the afternoon featured a more open, less restricted conversation. The retreat appeared to be such a success that another has already been tentatively scheduled to precede winter rush, the first week of January . Further demonstrating the strength of our chapter, however, was the fact that about 10 of our little sisters attended the retreat and had their own sessions across the lake. Iota Chapter points with pride to the fact that our little sister program is one of lhe largest and best organized programs on this 路 school's campus . These ladies consistently help with rush, parties and even charitable drives on their own initiative. In addition to their Thanksgiving food collection in conjunction with the Salvation Army for a needy Atlanta family, the brothers were very involved with the I FC's Leukemia funds collection drive. We led all fraternities in collection of money after the Tech-Navy football game. All these other charity collections, however, were mainly a prelude to the major efforts in the works for Project P.U.S.H. Currently the brothers are discussing the possibility of a P.U.S.H. week in the city of Atlanta with Mayor Maynard Jackson . It is hoped that Beta Kappa (Georgia State) and our little brother chapter (Southern Tech) will involve themselves, too. Our plans include massive roadblocking, a balloon ascension, a mile of pennies and to cap it all off, a P.U.S .H.-athon to Lambda Chapter (University of Georgia) in Athens. On campus, the plans include movies for cha rity, a benefit concert and a professional sports ticket sale to help meet our goal. The working capital needed to get these expectations off the ground has already been raised for us by the efforts of our aforementioned active little sisters. Iota cl early realizes the importance of Pi Kappa Phi's national project, and we are hard at work to surpass our pledge.

KAPPA University of North Carolina

Total Membership 68 Total Initiates 716 Kappa Chapter is ending the fall semester with nineteen new initiates and hopes for a very effective spring rush . The chapter is active on campus with two members of the golf team, an executive advisor to the President of the Student Body, a Morehead Scholar, a member of the fencing team, a member of the Navy ROTC color guard, and participation in various other activities. The brothers are also very active in t he intramurals program. Kappa Chapter is working closely with the alumni in an effort to have a room constructed on the back of the chapter house. The room will provide additional area needed for dining and social functions . The brothers of Kappa Chapter are also making efforts to develop a closer brother-alumni relationship . Spring elections have already taken place and the new officers have hopefu I plans for the

upcom ing semester.

LAMBDA University of Georgia

Total Membership 24 Total Initiates 899 Lambda Chapter at the University of Georgia has had a very rewarding, enjoyable and exciting fall quarter. Thanks to our outstanding alumnus of the year, Leroy Langston, our house has taken on a complete new look. An addition to the side of the house was completed late last spring. This new room was funded and supervised completely by Mr. Langston and has given the chapter room to expand and display our trophies, and provides us with a quiet place to study. This new addition has also given the house a larger and more uniform look. The exterior of the house was painted white and the addition of new black shutters has improved our house and looks one hundred percent. Several of our more recent alumni got together this summer to do some work on the interior of the house. Lambda would like to thank young alumni Marty Jones, Tommy Wood, Randy Brown, and Walter Pickens who spent several days retiling our kitchen floor . The tile for the new floor was paid for by Marty Jones and Archon Wells Wheeler's father, Mr. Carlton Wheeler, an alumnus of Iota Chapter at Georgia Tech. Despite a slow rush this fall, Lambda pledged seven fine men . As part of their pledge class project, brothers and pledges alike are working towards the cleaning and reopening of our "pit" so that it may once again be used for social activities. Many thanks again goes to Leroy Langston for funding and supervising the addition of newly built stairs to the pit. Our annual homecoming Parent-Alumni Banquet was a success again this year and Lambda wishes to congratulate Leroy Langston who received this year's award for outstanding alumnus. Leroy's hard work and dedication in all that he has done for Lambda is invaluable. The chapter would also like to congratulate Brother Bill Rhyne who received this year's award for most outstanding undergraduate brother. Bill is a fine brother and the contributions and enthusiasm he sparks within the chapter are truly appreciated. The brothers are planning a chapter retreat at the end of this quarter. We hope this will be a good time for all of us to be together and formulate some ideas and goals for winter quarter. We are anticipating our best winter rush ever and we feel this retreat wi II spark a new enthussiasm t hroughout the chapter. The chapter was saddened by the sudden death of Brother Cal Prescott late last spring. Cal was a fine brother and admired by all. Lambda feels a great loss at his passing.

XI Roanoke

Total Membership 31 Total Initiates 741 Xi Chapter is having one of its best years ever. We are proud of our chapter's scholastic record which is the best of all Roanoke College Fraternities. Everyone has done well, out some brothers deserve special recognition for their outstanding accomplishments. They are : John Foster, a former Archon and member of Blue Key as well as being named to Who ' s Who; Doug Haas, a new brother, won the Outstanding Achievement Award for Chemistry as well as being the President of the Society of Physics Students; another brother with a right to be proud is Pete Johnson who won the 1980 Outstanding Analytical Chemist Award; Geof Makar is another brother who is a member of Blue Key; Rick Milan is also an outstanding brother who is not only a member of Blue Key but Treasurer, as well as being the Psi Chi VicePresident, Alpha Chi Vice-President, Senior Scholar for Psychology, a member of the

National Register of Outstanding College Graduates and named to Who's Who; finally, Bob Patane is a Blue Key, a member of Alpha Ch i, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Tri Beta, and also on the National Dean's List. Xi Chapter also had the honor of having one of its brothers picked for the All-American Lacrosse Team. The brotherhood now numbers 27 with 4 new pledges. These new pledges will be going through a new brotherhood thanks to the efforts of Chaplain Steve Quinn and the knowledge brought back from Pi Kapp College by our delegates. Unfortunately, this year was also marked by the death of a local alumni, Brother Robert B. Moose, more commonly known by his nickname, Brother Moose, or just "the Moose." He always could be seen around the house. He was someone who could always be counted on . We will all miss him.

OMICRON University of Alabama

Total Membership 102 Total Initiates 1264 The Omicron Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi, located on the University of Alabama Campus, is proud tQ announce the installation of a P.U.S.H. unit at Partlow State School and Hospital, also located near the University. The diligent Pi Kapps worked day and night to raise this money and through alumni donations and donations around the campus our P.U.S.H. unit was put to use. This unit consists of many handeye and muscle coordinating devices to help those people who are mentally or physically handicapped. Dwayne Hamilton (Archon at the time of installation), Jeff Spivey (P.U.S.H. Chairman for the undergraduate chapter), and Tom Sayre (P.U.S.H. Designer) were interviewed on a local television station, explaining what the play unit was about and how it would benefit the people at the institution. The Pi Kapps at Omicron and their alumni are very proud of this accomplishment. Throughout the years the alumni programs of every chapter have helped with growth and inspiration of Pi Kappa Ph i. Without these significant supporters a chapter would have a hard time keeping its head above water. Our alumni program is growing larger each and every day. Our main alumni chapter is located in Birmingham consisting of 50 very active members and others in Montgomery and Mobile. Huntsville and Gadsden are starting an Omicron Alumni Chapter to benefit many brothers who live in those surrounding areas. All in all the efforts and influence of our alumni programs are increasing rapidly. This fall semester we have taken a pledge class of 30 prospective brothers. Each member has been gaining interest in Pi Kappa Phi greatly. They have organized a football team and have played other fraternity pledge teams. These games are very competitive and usually the winner receives some gratuities for his athletic debut. So far they have won $550 that goes toward their semester project. We are shooting for the All Sports Trophy this year as has been done in the past. Many events are dominated by our athletic brothers and pledges. Events range from football and basketball to golf and track. There is a wide variety of events so that all brothers and pledges can take part. Concerning football three brothers played on the All Star Football Team for the campus. They were Chris Simmons, Eric Simmons, and Babur Kilic. This team was coached by Brother Larry Dicks who was assisted by Brother Carry Cogburn. Right now we are on our way to win soccer and basketball and by winning these two sections, hopefully we can bring home that all important trophy. A plaque was presented to the chapter by the campus Homecoming Committee for placing first in the lawn decorations. All fraternities competed against each other as well as sororities to see who could depict the theme of Homecoming the best (this year the theme at U. of A.


was "All That Jazz"). Our display consisted of a Jazz Funeral . Alumni turnout for this year's Homecoming, as always, was fantastic. New officer elections were held by 'the chapter. Each newly elected member on the Executive Council enjoyed a beautiful and delicious steak dinner and the chance to lead their fraternity during a full semester. The new officers are : Archon Chris Sanders; Vice-Archon Gary Steed; Treasurer Charles Richard; Secretary Lee Brent; Warden Jeff Spivey; Historian Matt Lux ; Chaplain Alan Watts. Brother Babur N . Kilic was Omicron's "top" scholar for the 1979-80 school year. He was recognized by the chapter for his scholastic excellence. Babur is in Pre-Med, majoring in mathematics, and plans to advance his studies on the graduate level at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. This year Pi Kappa Phi, Omicron Chapter, as well as nationwide, has started off on an ultra "high," and will continue to strive for excellence. We are proud to announce our achievements and will continue to keep going strong.

Total Membership 45 Total Initiates 713 The fall semester for Upsilon Chapter has been quite encouraging. Membership has increased dramatically . Upsilon's pledge class undertook the arduous task of refinishing the walls of our foyer. It is a beautiful and welcome restoration. Our intramural basketball team has lost only once in our fall semester "warm-up" league. A championship is on the horizon of possibility next spring. Upsilon Chapter sponsored a film this semester in order to raise money for Project P.U.S.H. A substantial sum was produced as a direct result of a concentrated advertising campaign by all house members. We hope to continue the trend in following semesters. Next semester's officers indicate a promising blend of fresh new ideas and experienced wisdom, as three new initiates and four seasoned veterans took the oath of office. Enthusiasm

Greetings from the undergraduates of Omega Chapter. We are in the process of wrapping up a busy fall semester and planning for an eventful spring. Earlier this semester we initiated our Spring 1980 pledge class. Brother Dan Leinenger, with help of graduate Brothers lrton Sparkman and Jim Barker coordinated one of the finer rituals seen in recent times. The Weenie Bowl trophy came a few yards away from being permanently retired by Omega this year . The rival fraternity won by a safety in a controversial game. Two of our major social events this semester were the pledge dance and our Christmas party for underpriviledged children. All who attended the pledge dance agreed that an excellent time was had; Brother John McKenzie deserves thanks for setting it all up. The smorgasbord at the Sheraton was most complimented. We rounded out the semester by pairing with Gamma Phi Beta Sorority to host our annual Christmas party for the underpriviledged. Brother Greg Robertson was in charge of coordinating activities and Brother John Verduce was in charge of buying the toys for the children, a chore Mr. Verduce enjoyed thoroughly. Now if we could just convince him to surrender the Chutes & Ladders game . Next fall begins our 60th year on the Purdue campus . In celebration we are planning a gala Homecoming/Founders' Day weekend that all alumni who are able to travel should plan on attending. We hope to publish our final plans sometime in February or early March . Spring will be a busy time for the Omega Chapter . We are already planning for Spring Rush; U-Sing; Mom's Weekend; and the Grand Prix.

ALPHA ALPHA Mercer No Report Submitted

The delegates of Alpha Epsilon Chapter are seen with National President Lonnie Strickland (left) and the awards they received at Pi Kapp College this past su.mmer.

RHO Washington & Lee No Report Submitted SIGMA University of South Carolina No Report Submitted TAU North Carolina State

Total Membership 43 Total Initiates 687 Tau Chapter is nearing the end of a very successful fall 1980 semester. Rush was most successful in that we pledged 13 young men . This large pledge class helped us to fill our 40 man house for the first time in several years . Our goal is to continue this growth in the com ing years . Six Pi Kapps will be leaving our chapter fo llowing December graduation . They are : Don James, Marty Robbins, Ronnie Grady, Bill Stammetti , Ab Johnson, and Lee Mashburn . These men have been hard workers for Tau Chapter since their initiation . We are in the process of planning our P.U.S.H. fund raising project for the spring. The project we are planning will involve much good publicity for Tau Chapter and Pi Kappa Phi, in addition to aiding the severely handicapped . Tau Chapter again participated in theN . C. State University lntergraternity Council Food Drive, which benefits underpriviledge families in the Raleigh area. Pi Kappa Phi participated in all intramural sports at State this fall and is looking forward to the spring sports season. The house has taken on a new look this fall with the addition of new carpet in both the TV room and the upstairs hallway. In addition, we have new furniture in our TV room, purchased through our furniture fund. Tau Chapter is anxiously awaiting the spring semester, which will include Rose Ball, Beach Weekend, Greek Week, and Parents' Day. Hopes are to duplicate the sl1ccessful rush of the fall semester in order to keep Tau Chapter growing into the 1980's. Congratulations to Brother Greg Miller for election to the office of Treasurer of the N.C. State University Interfraternity Council for the coming year.

UPSILON University of lllinois

for Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity is reaching new heights at Upsilon Chapter. Such enthusiasm will serve as a constructive influence for all who come in contact with the Upsilon Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity.

CHI Stetson

ALPHA GAMMA University of Oklahoma

Total Membership 39 Total Initiates 377 The day was January tenth nineteen eighty when Alpha Gamma, with just seven remaining members, had its first chapter meeting after a complete reorganization . With the invaluable

presence constantly enhances the beautification of the house. Homecoming was extra special this year with the renewed tradition of the homecoming parade. Alpha Gamma's float entry with the Alpha Phi's took a third place. Being from a University with such a superior football team, it is hard to find other chapters to challenge us with skin bets. But, fortunately there were a few brave souls that accepted such a challenge . Kappa Chapter at the University of North Carolina took a hard defeat from the Sooners 41 - 7, and the new skin will be hung on our wall of champions. Also to accept au r challenge was the brave Beta Eta Chapter at Florida State. Among other sports au r annual pledge - member football game was held and once again the members dominated the field with a whopping victory of 33 - 0 . After this embarrassing defeat the associates had to regain their composure by beating the Sigma Nu pledge class 14 - 2. Alpha Gamma is in the process of establishing its first annual chug-a-lug for charity in which all proceeds will go towards P.U.S.H. This event will take place in February of 1981, the exact date has not yet been decided. Also, coming up in May of 1981 is the tenth anniversary of our recharter. This shall be an eventful occasion and I hope all our alumni will participate in the exciting festivities planned for this semester.

ALPHA EPSILON University of Florida

Total Membership 95 Total Initiates 1139 The Alpha Epsilon delegation attending Pi Kapp College found the experience very rewarding and enjoyed meeting Pi Kapps from all over the country. Fortunately, thus far the new school year has been very prosperous and rewarding for the men of Alpha Epsilon. We are preparing to initiate thirty-three fine associate members. Highlighting Homecoming '80 was the induction of Ben Hill Griffin, Jr. into the Alpha Epsilon Hall of Fame. A warm congratulations to a very deserving alumnus. Again we are doing well in sports, finishing in second place in football after a close loss to a rival fraternity in the championship. Our newly elected officers are: Archon, Steve Popikas; Vice-Archon, Craig Morrison; Treasurer, Henry M iyares; Secretary, George Stanley; Warden, Doug Rainey; Chaplain, Bill Keyes; Historian, Skip Dvornik. We are

No Report Submitted PSI Com ell

Total Membership 25 Total Initiates 608 Psi Chapter has increased its activities in all areas this year, with high enthusiasm and a desire for greater visibility on campus. The mood of determination to improve the chapter in all respects was exemplified by the intensity of au r week-long work session on the physical appearance of the chapter house. Stretching the normal small budget by using highly laborintensive techniques, we made striking improvements on the common areas of the house. Several dozen square feet of woodwork were hand-sanded, repaired, and refinished. Whether painting, wallpapering, fixing the old, or building the new, brothers invested hundreds of man-hours in the future of the chapter . Led by quarterback, and Archon, Mike Piotrowski, we won our division and the first playoff game in intramural football. In intramural soccer, we finished in a tie for first in the division but were edged out of a playoff spot. Overall, this fall saw our best intramural sports showing in years. Social Chairman Marty Heslin has brought new life to the social calendar with a number of large and successful parties. All brothers are amazed at the sophomore's natural skill at the job, with seniors especially pleased at the prospect of an excellent conclusion for their college years. All social events have been well coordinated with rush by Vice-Archon Gayle Chase. This year's rush, critically important to the survival of the chapter, looks very promising . The expa nsion of all these 路chapter activities notwithstanding, the brothers have had enough time to raise the chapter's campus ranking in fraternity academics.

OMEGA Purdue University

Total Membership 55 Total Initiates 1066

The pledges of Alpha Iota Chapter at Auburn University carry the pledge class float during the annual "Wreck Tech" Parade held annually during the Auburn/Georgia Tech football game weekend. help of Vernon Stansell and Dave Rittenhouse, Alpha Gamma began 1980 with a fresh new outlook towards their climb back to the prestigious position once held at the University of Oklahoma. They began by improving their scholastic standing from 17th the previous semester to an outstanding 4th, along with their spirited pledges leading the Greek world as the highest scholastic pledge class on campus . The fall semester began with the initiation of eight new members : Mike Scichowski, Brian Morris, Mark Savage, Ken McNeil, Allen Salazar, Steve Clark, John Steward, and Tod Robertson. Complementing the initiation, they obtained nineteen hard working men for their next associate class. On September 13 they celebrated the 6th anniversary of their house. The commemoration began with the raising of the new letters, followed by a champagne breakfast. That evening, they topped it off with a successful champagne party with the alumni. The enthusiastic alumni also began reorganization with the election of new officers: President Charlie Rogers; Vice-President - Jeff Seal; Secretary and Treasurer - Mike Pullin and Ross Longley; Legal Counsel - Craig Rainey; Chapter Advisor - Bob Holley. Their hard work has included establishing a scholarship for the most outstanding associate, making house improvements, and the beginning of an alumni composite . The little sis program is on the move with the initiation of five wonderful young ladies who are overly active in every aspect. Their

confident that they will continue to make the great strides that previous Executive Councils have made. We continue to be actively involved in campus organizations. Currently we have two members serving on the Interfraternity Executive Council. They are: President, Neil Contess; and Treasurer, Henry Miyares. Recently Skip Dvornik was elected Student Senate VicePresident. Other Pi Kapps in the Senate in clude Gary Leonard and Jim Ingham. In addition Brian Duffy holds the position of Traffic Court Justice for the University. Winter quarter promises to be very productive. On January 30 we will be having our Roseball. Of great importance will be the Area Conclave which is to be held in Gainesvill e on February 13 - 15. We are looking forward to hosting this event and hope to see many of the brothers from our nearby chapters. We will be having our annual P.U.S.H. Campaign February 2 - 6 . Due to previous success we will continue with our "Mile of Pennies" concept. A special thanks goes to Tom Sayre, Designer of the project, who will be in Gainesville to help promote our fund raising efforts. Finally we would like to congratulate our Past Archon, Mike O'Donnell, on his appointment to the Governor's Staff in Tallahassee. We wish all the chapters good luck and hope they have a very productive New Year.

ALPHA ZETA Oregon State


No Report Submitted ALPHA ETA Samford University Total Membership 74 Total Initiates 631 Alpha Eta opened the 1980- 81 year with a successful rush culminating with a ride on the Riverboat Richard E. Montgomery down the Alabama River . Our rush program was carefully directed by Bryan Owens and Richard Smith, with a host of others to see that we would have the best possible rush we could have. When the time came to pick up bids, the chapter welcomed 24 new associates to the fraternity. As rush ended, our spring associates were nearing the end of their trial membership. On Friday, November 8, initiation took place increasing the number of brothers to 50, by the addition of the ten initiates. This year's composite will be one of our largest ever with the total number of all members reaching 74. Pi Kappa Phi is now the largest fraternity on campus at Samford. lntramurals have always played an extremely important role in chapter involvement on campus. The overall championship is a goal that we strive for, and is usually obtained through hard work and dedication. Those who have had a great deal to do with our success this fall are Greg Revels, Steve Eubanks, Ricky Beason, and Larry Anthony. In the alumni scene, we began a traditional "Annual Student Chapter vs Alumni football game," which was followed by a cookout. The students blasted the "oldies" 42 - 6, but were no match against the alumni at the cookout . We were extremely pleased with the turnout with over thirty alumni and their families attending. Also, a new housing committee was formed by the alumni with Rick Stephens as President. We hope to be of any help we can, with the new committee, and will work hand in hand with them. As spring approaches, we anxiously await all challenges with enthusiasm, and wish all the chapters of Pi Kappa Phi a strong and prosperous season.

ALPHA. THETA Michigan State University Total Membership 24 Total Initiates 773 Fall term at Michigan State University was characterized by change. Elections yielded three officers who were new to the Executive Committee, and other new brothers have also influenced the chapter house . The officers for winter, 1981 are : D. Keith Meyers, Archon; Charles Kalomeris, Vice-Archon; Craig Tyrrell, Treasurer; Jeffrey Burger, Secretary; Mark Piotrowski, Historian; David Cornfield, Warden;

some way by the house include Project Head Start and the Big Brothers of America. A sorority president kidnap, voluntarily agreed upon in advance by all but two Michigan State sororities, will colle~t food for the needy at Christmas time by requiring a basketfull of canned goods and other non-perishables as ransom for each of the kidnapped presidents. Those sororities not participating will be sending over food in advance, so this promises to be a very successfu I endeavor. As for the Big Brothers program, one member of the house, Robert Leadly, has taken a little brother and other brothers are looking into the possibi Iity . Obviously this member of the house is carrying brotherhood beyond the fraternity and the rest of the house congratulates him for his efforts. Another brother to be congratulated for his achievements is Michael Balian. At the recent Michigan State University Interfraternity Council elections Mike ran for the office of VicePresident of Internal Affairs and won the office . Mike's involvement in the governing body of Michigan State University fraternities can only help the house in the future, and the entire brotherhood is proud of his accomplishment. Alumni contact has continued to go well at Alpha Theta, as last fall's homecoming was a very successful event. Dinner was served at the Michigan State University Club, where the featured speaker was Durward Owen. A career day planned for January 31 also promises to bring several "alumni back to the chapter house to speak about their vocations and the job rna rket in genera I. The year's calendar also includes Snowball on February 21, which includes an alumni vs actives basketball game, a Valentine's dance on Saturday, February 14, and Roseball on May 16. Dates for other events have not yet been determined . As with all chapters of Pi Kappa Phi, we at Alpha Theta are always glad to meet and entertain alumni from other chapters, so please do not feel that you need a special invitation to come and visit us .

ALPHA IOTA Auburn University Total Membership 48 Total Initiates 1073 This fall Alpha Iota got off to a very good start with an excellent pledge class. They have represented Pi Kappa Phi very well . The pledges made a great float for the annual Wreck Tech Parade. We were all very proud of the float. Homecoming was on November 8 against Southern Mississippi and a number of alumni stopped by the house to visit . We always welcome visits from our alumni. November 24 will be Founders' Day. We all look forward to this annual event. Our annual publication of the Greek Belles was recently released . The Greek Belles is a booklet with the pictures of all the sorority pledge classes. They will be sold to all sororities, fraternities, and around campus. Proceeds will

Fall term here at Penn State has proven to be a rewarding but hectic time for the brothers at Pi Kapp. With the initiation of seventeen new brothers and the welcoming of five associate members, we found ourselves well over house capacity and are now one of the three largest fraternities on campus. Pi Kapp is well represented in J.F.C. this year with six brothers involved including Archon Ken Wierman, who is now the presi dent of the J.F.C. membership committee . Now with th路e onset of winter term, our chapter finds itself in the middle of a major fund raising drive, the J.F .C . Dance Marathon. The dance marathon is the largest college fund raiser in the country. It benefits the Four Diamonds fund, a cancer research organization. Pi Kappa Phi has placed in the top three for the past seven years and plans to use our large brotherhood to our advantage to continue this tradition in 1981 . At this year's homecoming Pi Kapp went all out. With the hiring of a band and a caterer and the renting of a circus tent to accomodate everyone, about 150 brothers and alumni reminisced about old times and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Our big sister program is once again in full swing. Before now we were lacking active big sisters, but we are now excited about our twelve enthusiastic big sister pledges.

ALPHA XI P.I.N.Y. Total Membership 9 Total Initiates 604 Things are looking up at Alpha Xi Chapter. Our once prominent chapter will soon regain its respected position . In the wake of our unfortunate expu lsions we are now ready to rebuild . Repairs on the house have begun and progress is steady. We just initiated two fine brothers and an alumnus initiate - Carlos Dai'Orso, Justin Goldberg, and Michael Levin ton, respectively. Our revised recruiting program is underway . With the knowledge gained at Pi Kapp College and with the help of our dedicated chapter advisor, Michael Carlisle, we expect to meet and exceed chapter standards. Ain't no stoppin' us now .

ALPHA OMICRON Iowa State Total Membership 39 Total Initiates 577 And so another year at Alpha Omicron begins. Work week and rush week went very well, as the house now has twelve new associates, not to mention the twenty-eight returning actives. The pledge class project for this year (replacing the ceiling in the dining room) shou ld be a great improvement as it will compliment the new dining room furniture. Alpha Omicron is expecting another new arrival to the house. The stork may have a bit of trouble delivering this one, as the expected arrival is a two hundred cubic foot walk-in freezer. During the course of the summer, Alpha Omicron sent three delegates to Pi Kapp College. It was an experience which no Pi Kapp should miss. Alpha Omicron would like to thank the brothers from Delta Chi Chapter for a rousing time, and wishes them better luck next time as Kansas State lost 31 - 7 to Iowa State. The whole affair made for a great Homecoming.

ALPHA RHO West Virginia University Total Membership 34 To tal Initiates 1 03

The brothers of Beta Phi Chapter at East Carolina pose with Tom Sayre (P.U.S.H. Designer) and Executive Director Durward Owen. The brothers assisted in the Charlotte PUSH-a-thon in the fall. Mark Tomboulian, Chaplain; and Robert Lead ley, Head of Social Committee. The brothers at Alpha Theta Chapter all hope that the energy present in the membership can be channe led into raising large sums of money in the upcoming Project P.U.S.H. program . Rose sales on February 21 and May 9 along with canister collections are expected to bring good returns. A bill sponsored by Rep . Alice Tomboulian was passed by the Michigan State Legislature recognizing the P.U.S.H . Program in general and Alpha Theta's past contributions in particular. Several brothers including Henry Londo have been lobbying corporate donations at conventions such as the 4-H convention in Detroit, Michigan, and the response has been favorable. Other charitable organizations supported in

go to our national project, P.U .S.H. Plans have been completed for the February 20 Greeks vs Jocks Basketball Game. This is the second year of the game that matches the best fraternity basketball players against selected varsity football players. Proceeds from the game also go to Project P.U.S.H. We are all looking forward to continuing a fine year, accomplishing all of our goals, and making Alpha Iota the best chapter possible.

ALPHAMU Penn State University Total Membership 62 Total Initiates 916

As the semester here at W.V .U. began, the brothers were ready to make this semester one of the best in Alpha Rho's two year history . The semester started out with a retreat to plan for rush and for setting some goals for this semester. It was held in mountains around Morgantown ; a perfect setting to get together and talk about Fraternity and brotherhood. Rush for us this semester was very successfu l . We took ten associates, and on December 4, these fine young men went active. As associates, they were active in the fraternity and we have high hopes for them in the coming semesters. In the area of sports, this chapter was very active. The brothers were out there every Saturday rooting for the Mountaineers and their new coach . Some of the football spirit must have rubbed off, for our intramural football team finished with a record of 3 and 5. Not a winning season, but the improvement over the previous seasons is staggering. Alpha Rho has continued its excellent

record in the area of community service. Again this semester the brothers donated blood to the area blood bank. We also raked leaves at a neighborhood church and went out to a local softball field to clean it up . This semester has produced a housing committee that just won 't quit. The search for a house has intensified greatly and several prospective sites have been found, but nothing is definite yet. The search will continue, however, until something is found. In the I. F .C. department, Alpha Rho has done well indeed. We captured first place in the

Congratulations to Brother Bob Hood of Beta Phi Chapter at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carilina, and his bride Linda Crouse. Linda was an early Rose of Pi Kappa Phi and a sister of Alpha Phi. fraternity division of Greek sing and finished respectably in overall Greek week. One of our brothers was elected as J.F.C. vice-president and we are all very proud of him. Plans are now in the making for hosting an area conclave next semester. Although no definite plans have been set, they are in the making and everyone here is very excited about the idea . 1n conclusion, this semester has been a very good one for Alpha Rho and things are looking good for next semester. Alpha Rho is alive and kick in' .

ALPHA SIGMA University of Tennessee Total Membership 61 Total Initiates 611 The past few months have been filled with accomplishments at Alpha Sigma. Just as in 1979, the chapter's size has nearly doubled . The addition of these new brothers at the end of fall quarter has filled the house with new, enthusiastic members and as a result, the chapter's activiti es and attitude have benefited greatly . Aside from a very successful rush, the highlight of fall quarter was Homecoming, 1980; the chapter entered all the major events doing very well in each. In addition, the newly chartered alumni chapter met and discussed future plans . Among their chief aims was ensuring that fellow alumni turned out in massive numbers for the upcoming 50th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of Alpha Sigma on April 24, 1981 . As a special service project for fall quarter, the chapter hosted a party for students from the Tennessee School for the Deaf on Halloween night. Both Pi Kapps and the children seemed to enjoy the many varied activities and the good food - the party was quite a success. Alpha Sigma was also pleased to note that Archon Doug Hughes was selected as the outstanding junior student in UT's College of Business. Now, Alpha Sigma's attention turns to its 50th Anniversary Celebration on April 24th. The celebration will include many differ.ent activities ranging from a fine banquet to a mock initiation . We hope that all our alumni brothers will make a concerted effort to at,end.

ALPHA TAU Rennselear Polytechnic Institute Total Membership 61 Total Initiates 774 The brothers of Alpha Tau would like to thank Mr. Doug Wil es for his services to the chapter and have named him Mr. Alpha Tau for 1980 at Founders' Day this year. We also have named Miss Joan Murphy as Rose Queen for the chapter. Rush has had a good start this year under the guiding hand of Vice-Archon Rick Schuett, with a fall class of 15 pledges. We are also planning a spring pledge class to keep Alpha Tau one of the top fraternities on campus. The Castle became a little spooky this Octo~er (more than a little judging from the screams on the tours!) . We sponsored a haunted



house to raise money for P.U.S.H. We made over $500 in two nights. This is sure to be repeated next year. Looking forward to spring semester we have the fiftieth anniversary of our chartering as Alpha Tau of Pi Kappa Phi. More information on this will be forthcoming in the Alpha Taux, our alumni newsletter. The brothers at Alpha Tau are planning on making the next fifty even better than the first fifty.

ALPHA UPSILON Drexel University Total Membership 57 Total Initiates 899 Beginning with the replanting and landscaping of the fron t lawn this summer, tti~ past few terms have been very active and rewarding for the men of Alpha Upsilon . Fall t erm got off to an excellent start with the Pi Kapps running away with th e campus Greek Week activities and brother Harry Christman being elected Interfraternity Greek God. In IF sports, our football team had an impressive year, going all the way to the semi-finals. We are looking forward to a strong basketball team and, of course, our champion ship softball team promises to be stronger than ever this year. Since the house got off to such a winning start at the beginning of the term, brotherhood enthusiasm has been at an all time high. This mood was reflected in both our involvement in school and within the fraternity itself. We now have four brothers serving on the student council and brother Mike lmms was recently elected to the IF Council . Our annual Parents - Alumni Day was held on November 17 and with the addition of 15 strong pledges and an outstanding turnout from the alumni, parents, and brothers, this year's Parents Alumni Day was one of the most successful in recent years. Also . in November, we held our annual Founders' Day I Roseball semiformal. Chapter awards were given out and went to Mike lmms, John Frye, Bob Thorp, Lou Guarino, and Harry Christman. Probably the most rewarding experience of the term came when Alpha Upsilon participated in the Seton Hall chartering in New Jersey. Thanks are in order to Chapter Advisor Bob Austin for the organization and help he gave us in preparation for the initiation. This winter we are looking forward to initiating our little brother chapter in Delaware. In the spring we are again holding our annual Pi Kapp Fund Raising Show. Each year the brothers get together and put on a variety show with skits from the entire Greek Community. The proceeds are donated to Children's Hospital in Philadelphia. This year we hope to top our $1,000 donation of last year. The brothers of Alpha Upsilon would also like to invite all area chapters to the conclave

of Treasurer Russel Millman. With a combination of collecting overdue debts and tight control of money flow, our chapter has gone from a deficit to a small surplus. With a larger than normal second semester rush, we hope to stay in good shape. In early October, our annual house retreat was held at the Morton Arboritum in Lisle, Illinois. A closer brotherhood and motivation were the two main points stressed. This year's annual Founders' Day Celebration was one of our chapter's best ever. Instead of just having a dinner, we decided to have a dinner/dance. The dinner/dance went over so well, we have decided to make it an annual event. We have also decided to have a Rose Ball this year set for some time in early April. We hope for a larger alumni turnout than at this year's Founders' Day . Alpha Phi invites all alumni to come down to the house for dinner and a visit any time. A Pi Kappa Phi alumnus is ALWAYS welcome .

ALPHA PHI lllinois Institute of Technology Total Membership 43 Total Initiates 601 This semester marked our 601 st initiation at Alpha Phi. After much fighting with the school housing office, the school has finally agreed to let students out of their housing contracts. This means a larger than ever spring rush here at

liT . This semester's financial situation has taken a turn from last semester's, thanks to the work

BETA IOTA of Toledo


Total Membership 21 Total Initiates 287 This 19BO - B1 school year, Beta Iota Chapter at the University of Toledo has continued to strive for excellence on campus. Several community service projects have been undertaken since the past summer, including

ALPHA PSI Indiana University Total Membership 53 Total Initiates 406 We at the Alpha Psi Chapter started the semester off by moving Into a new house located at 723 East Tenth Street. We will use this residence until we find a permanent solution to our housing problem . Rush was successful this semester. We ended the fall semester with 16 pledges, which is our largest number since the fall of 1977. Furthermore, our intramural football team captured the I FC preseason tournament and completed the season by finishing first in the Cream Division. In addition, our little sisters offered support throughout the semester. We thank them for their help in building a Homecoming lawn display and throwing an excellent Halloween Party. Rose Ball 19BO was held on December 6 for us and we would like to congratulate Miss Edna Winey, the 1980 Alpha Psi Rose Queen. One of our goals for this year was to initiate a philanthropic program for the future. We got off to a good start by sponsoring a Big Brothers - Big Sisters Christmas party for underprivileged children. New officers for the spring semester are Kent Wierks, Archon; Bill Shepp, Vice-Archon; Dan Holt, Treasurer; Mike Howard, Secretary; Ron Kreutzburger, Warden; Marty Fender, Historian; and David Kays, House Manager. The ladies of Sigma Kappa will be paired with us for I.U. Sing in February. Our bike riders have started to prepare for "The World's Greatest College Weekend," the Little 500. We are looking forward to another good year. Finally, we would like to thank Henry Groves for h is excellent presentation at our retreat and say hello to all brothers .

The brothers and associate members at Gamma Xi - Georgia Southwestern are shown outside the cabin used for their Winter 1981 retreat. The retreat gave the members a chance to plan for the coming year as well as a time to reflect on the philosophy of their Fraternity. we are holding in the winter. We hope everyone will be able to attend as it promises to be a real good time.

pledges to the Pi Kappa Phi family. We are certain that these men will be an asset and indeed a contributing factor to the success of the Beta Alpha Chapter. Our housing facilities have greatly improved during the summer and this semester as a result of the combined efforts of all the brothers. Beta Alpha received the honor of being chosen the big brother chapter to an associate chapter at Seton Hall University. They were initiated on November 14 with help from Alpha Upsilon Chapter thus starting the Epsilon Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi.

BETA ALPHA New Jersey Institute of Technology Total Membership 39 Total Initiates 449 The Beta Alpha Chapter is on the move after our annual summer retreat where we set our goals for the coming year . A visit from staff member Mike Willis brought new insight to the brothers concerning potential problems and/or successes which Beta Alpha might encounter this upcoming year . He made many helpful suggestions which led to a progressive and productive state of mind within the chapter. A successful rush brought fifteen new

The brothers of Beta Iota Chapter in Toledo are shown with famous actress Mitzi Gaynor during the Toledo Symphony Orchestra auction. The brothers assisted the Toledo Symphony in its fund raising activities.

BETA BETA Florida Southern College Total Membership 22 Total Initiates 389 The Beta Beta Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi has had a very successful semester with the accomplishment of many major projects, the largest of which being the redecoration of the chapter house . New tile, carpet, blinds, and furniture have been installed in both the TV room and the chapter room. Other new additions include a bumper pool table and a service bar. Special thanks from Beta Beta to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Larson for their help in the decorating. In October the Pi Kapps teamed with the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority for their annual haunted house. Over $200 was raised, all of which was donated to UNICEF. This semester's officers are: Archon - Jeff Larson; Vice-Archon- Lee Clemmer; TreasurerJack Bates; Secretary - Phil ller; Warden - Jeff Rothwell; Historian - Dwayne Quill; and Chaplain- Brad Cluxton. Fall rush went smoothly, and we benefited both with the men's rush and the little sister's rush. We picked up three pledges who are certain to be an asset to the house. Along with this we selected fifteen new little sisters. This semester's sweetheart is Lisa Conser. Beta Beta is looking forward to another great spring rush, too . At Pi Kapp College this summer, Beta Beta received the "Plus 5 Award." This award goes to chapters that surpass their previous spring rush by five or more pledges . Keeping with tradition, the Pi Kapps are enjoying another winning intramural season. We have made it to the playoffs in both volleyball and football, and placed second in football . Pi Kapps are proud to excel academically also. The Beta Beta Chapter for the last two straight semesters have held the highest grade point average of all the fraternities on campus . They also show their diversity in extracurricular activities. Bill Ross and Chuck Vilushis are on the Supreme Court with Bill as Chief Justice. Men's Judicial Board Members include Jeff Larson and Chuck Vilushis. On Interfraternity Council are Jeff Rothwell, John Clark, and Jeff Larson.

BETA DELTA Drake University No Report Submitted

an auction to raise money for the Toledo Symphony Orchestra. Although our chapter did not actually organize this function, the brothers served as assistant auctioneers and runners during the course of the evening. The auction was highlighted by the appearance of the well-known entertainer Mitzi Gaynor, who presented a few personal keepsakes to be auctioned off. In addition, the brothers of Beta Iota were fortunate enough to be photographed with her for the local newspaper, the Toledo Blade. The entire fund raising campaign for the orchestra culminated in the annual Sapphire Ball a few weeks later. Once again, Beta Iota participated in the actual auction, serving alongside other Greek men and women as cashiers, waiters, display personnel, and runners for the bid board. In the near future, Beta Iota has planned to sponsor a country and western night and a rock-a-thon at a local nightclub and discotheque, where cover charges from each would be collected for Project P.U.S.H.

BETA KAPPA Georgia State University No Report Submitted

BETA LAMBDA University of Tampa Total Membership 30 Total Initiates 469 This year has started out well for Beta Lambda at the University of Tampa. Athletically we dominated the football field, going thru the season undefeated . On the floor hockey court we suffered ' one loss but came back to win in the championship with a predominantly pledge oriented team. The Pi Kapp tug-of-war team pulled their way to a first place fraternity and a second place overall. This year we doubled our donation to the United Way auction during Oktoberfest. That's three years in a row that Pi Kapps have been the leading contributor at Oktoberfest. We also sponsored the Bloodmobile in October. Our five day drive also was doubled from the previous year, and was ten percent higher than the national average. Our second day for Project P.U.S.H. is scheduled for January. In October we raised $465 in an afternoon. This time, with the addition of 13 new neophytes and the experience gained last time, we should raise $1,500. With the help of John Wolfe, one of our alumni, we will try to purchase a house this semester.

BETA EPSILON Univ. of Missouri - Columbia

BETAMU McNeese State University

No Report Submitted

Total Membership 23 Total Initiates 181

BETA ETA Florida State No Report Submitted

The brothers of Beta Mu Chapter are pleased to announce their celebration of the Silver Anniversary of this chapter . The events


started in mid-October and continued through the 30th of November. Sunday, October 19, 1980, the anniversary celebration was kicked off with a gumbo luncheon featuring several alumni and wives at the house. Later that evening, the celebration became more formal with a champagne social held at the McNeese Alumni Center. November 30, 1980, marked the 26th celebration of Founders' Day for Beta Mu Chapter. Again, many alumni and wives, along with the brothers and dates, turned out for the event. Mel and Eleanor Metcalfe were our guests, with Mel using his magic and "Silver Tongue" to entertain us. Mel Metcalfe was awarded the "Purple Helmet Award" for outstanding service to Beta Mu Chapter, and Patrick Richard, of Lake Charles, received "Associate Member of the Semester, Fall 1980," at the Founders' Day Banquet . Beta Mu Chapter is on record for being the first chapter to make a contribution for the 1980 - 81 school year for Project P.U .S.H . in the amount of $300. We are also proud of the extremely successful Fall Raffle in which we raised over $400. Beta Mu Chapter again took second place in the float competition small division of the homecoming parade, netting us $50. We are proud to be members of our fraternity. Show your pride and attend the functions of the fraternity.

BETA OMICRON Northwest State (LA) No Report Submitted BETA TAU Valdosta No Report Submitted BETA UPSILON University of Virginia

our House Mother. During the few weeks that she has been with us, campus housing has taken care of may problems which they have long ignored. The fall 1980 pledge class consisted of 13, 12 of whom were initiated. Some have majors which require them to maintain a superior grade point average. We feel that they will greatly benefit our chapter academically .

BETA PSI Tennessee Wesleyan

No Report Submitted GAMMA EPSILON Western Carolina No Report Submitted GAMMA ZETA West Virginia Tech

Total Membership 38 Total Initiates 342

No Report Submitted BETA OMEGA East Tennessee State No Report Submitted GAMMA ALPHA Livingston University

Total Membership 42 Total Initiates 276 Gamma Alpha began the fall quarter 1980 successfully rushing and pledging twenty associate members <\t what was described by Livingston University Vice-President James P. • Homer as "the best rush party that I have ever seen ." The party, now known as a "Barn Bust," included a country band composed of brothers of the fraternity, food provided by the "Little Sisters," and fellowship that everybody helped in . After being awarded many awards during the summer at Pi Kapp College, Gamma Alpha started right back where we left off last year . During the fall quarter we have promoted and run a Red Cross Blood Drive, provided Thanksgiving turkeys for a local nursing home, sponsored the county-wide Toys-for-Tots program, and provided and distributed Christmas fruit baskets for the elderly in the county.

The Gamma Zeta Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi at West Virginia Tech has had a good semester this fall. We went all out for homecoming with everyone having a good time. One of our White Diamonds, Miss Tammy Taylor, was crowned "Miss Golden Bear" for 1980 - 81 . Our house was decorated as an igloo which won us first place in the house decoration competition for the second year in a row. Many alumni visited us at homecoming, and we received the award for having the most alumni at the football game . Gamma Zeta was proud to welcome the Alabama Band on campus on November 13. Pi Kapps crowded around tl;le front of the stage tb ··enjoy the concert, while Brother Randy Owen, a member of the band, posed for a few pictures with the Greek letters on. Our house shaped up a little this semester. Through alumni contributions, our eaves were replaced, and new double paned windows were installed . We are looking forward to a prosperous new spring semester. In particular, we await the fifteenth annual Oil Drum Regatta down the nine mile stretch of the Kanawha River. The date for this event has been set for Saturday, April 25. We hope that other nearby chapters can come and join us in the festivities.

No Report Submitted BETA PHI East Carolina University

GAMMA LAMBDA University of Missouri - Rolla

Total Membership 52 Total Initiates 326 Fall of 1980 - 81 school year has been a most prosperous and productive one for the Beta Ph i. Chapter. Betterment of · the chapter ·has be.en derived through quality and quantity . With the aid of an excellent member education program, 22 new brothers have been initiated to the Beta Phi Chapter this fallll With plans for winter rush already well under way, we are looking forward to another large addition to the chapter. Spring semester will be a busy one for the Beta Phi Chapter. The brothers are anxiously awaiting Rose Ball weekend, January 23 and 24, at the Armada Inn at Nags Head, North Carolina. Then on Valentine's Day, February 14, Beta Phi will celebrate Founders' Day at the Ramada Inn in Greenville, North Carolina. We are looking forward to seeing all our fantastic alumni again. Congratulations are in order for the Pi Kapp soccer team as they finished second in the all campus soccer program. The Pi Kapp bowl ing and handball teams also did well as they qualified for the playoffs. The brothers were shocked and saddened at the sudden death of brother Mark Wayne Moore who died tragically this summer in a car accident. Mark will I ive on in the hearts of the brothers through fond and lasting memories of his dedication and loyalty to Pi Kappa Phi . Congratulations to brother L. Clay Edmonds who is graduating from East Carolina this December with an Accounting degree. Clay 's contribution to the Beta Phi Chapter over the past three years have been immeasurable and have not gone unnoticed as Clay will again be working for the Administrative Office in Charlotte after graduation. Again, congratulations to Clay - we brothers are sorry to see you go.

BETA CHI East Texas State University

Total Membership 35 Total Initiates 240 We are extremely proud of our standing on campus. Extracurricular activities from our chapter include the president of I FC, the president of the United Students Association, the school mascot, and the editor of the school newspaper. In addition, five of our members are student senators. We are pleased to announce the arrival of

ball games at the house all helped to attract rushees and proved that alcohol was not the only way to share fraternity . The most Important element of our rush was one-to-one contact. This proved to be instrumental in our pledge class of 29, the largest on campus. We also initiated two pledges from spring quarter . This brings our total membership to 74 brothers and pledges. Founders' Day this year was held December 5 and 6. National Treasurer Bill Fuqua was our guest speaker this year . The broth ers would like to thank Bill Fuqua and all of our dedicated alumni for making the weekend a success. For those alumni that could not make it, we look forward to seeing you at our alumni weekend in Atlanta in February. We would like to thank Brad Wilson, who has helped us get in contact with alumni who had not been located in some time. Our community projects this quarter have included the placing of containers around town to collect money for the Reading is Fundamental (R .I.F .) Project here in Statesboro . Our fall quarter pledges also collected money at local shopping centers for the High Hope Center, a local center for retarded children . Project P.U.S.H. activities are also underway . Our second annual basketball marathon is planned for winter quarter. We plan to better our $1,000 contribution of last year. Also we are working at our Christmas P.U.S.H. Project, with each brother and pledge giving up one Christmas gift and donating the money to Project P.U.S.H. This project alone should raise over $1,000. On the sports scene this fall, the flag football team had a fine 7- 4 record, barely missing the playoffs. The highlight of the season was a hard earned victory over Kappa Sigma, 7 - 6. The victory was the first over the snappers in our history, led by a fired up veteran Kevin Stowell and a team that was not to be denied victory this year. Pi Kappa Phi also competed in the Great American Smoke-Out Road Race for the third year in a row. Brother Mike Perry was the victor in the one-mile race, with a number of other brothers taking home trophies fo"r placing in their age group. We are looking forward to a great winter quarter this year at G.S.C. with another productive rush program and continued excellence in intramurals.

No Report Submitted

GAMMAMU Belmont Abbey College

Total Membership 15 Total Initiates 105 Brother Owen is shown wearing a Pi Kappa Phi hat during the performance.

GAMMA THETA UNC-Wilmington The brothers of Gamma Zeta Chapter at West Virginia Tech were proud to welcome Brother Randy Owen and Alabama. The band was playing in concert at the school.

We at Gamma A pha are well represented with campus leaders this year . We have among our ranks three SGA Senators, two Blue Key Honor Fraternity members, three Interfraternity Council members, one Cheerleader, two varsity football player starters, and n umerous varsity baseball players. Activities for the quarter have included some great parties including Holloween, Christmas, and Alumni . Homecoming 1980 was very successful starting with an alumni party and ending w ith our second annual Alumni -Active football game. Last year the alumni won the game but this year the actives sought and gained revenge by winning the close, hard fought game. The end of the quarter saw Gamma Alpha bring into our midst nine new brothers. We welcome all of these new men into the sacred friendship that we al l know and share.

GAMMA BETA Old Dominion University No Report Submitted GAMMA GAMMA Troy State No Report Submitted GAMMA DELTA Memphis State

Total Membership 14 Total Initiates 194 We at Gamma Theta Chapter wish to begin the letter by expressing our gratitude to the Administrative Office for its cooperation and help last semester. It was a banner semester for pledges and initiates. Our softball team won the I FC championship with a 12 - 8 victory over Tau Kappa Epsilon. However, we were defeated by them in the IFC football championship 13 -8. With a returning basketball team that lost only one game last year, we are pleased with our sports efforts. We would like to close by saying what a special time we had at Pi Kapp Coll ege and what it meant to us. We're looking forward to the Supreme Chapter meeting this summer and to a successful spring rush.

GAMMA KAPPA Georgia Southern College

Total Membership 70 Total Initiates 200 Fall quarter has been one of tremendous growth and advancement for Gamma Kappa Chapter here at Georgia Southern College . Forty-three brothers returned here in September to face a fall rush that was to be a non-alcohol event. Despite never having been faced with this type of rush, the Pi Kapps here at G .S.C. proved that we are the most dynamic fraternity on campus. Activities including cookouts, a roller-skating party with the rushees, a dance with the new freshman coeds and Monday night foot-

The loss of a house has not hindered the activities of Gamma Mu Chapter at Belmont Abbey College. We continue to thrive with a strongly bonded brotherhood and a dedicated pledge class. Among our functions this year have been (so far), several fund raising fu nctions with profits going to P.U.S .H., heavily attended parties at the school's student center and participation in the Charlotte Pusha-thon. Our goals for the remainder of this semester are continued social functions in various available places, a Gong Show, and the recruitment of the campus' finest men to strengthen and enhance the Gamma Mu Chapter as we prepare to work toward a new house.

GAMMANU LaGrange College No Report Submitted GAMMA XI Georgia Southwestern

Total Membership 17 Total Initiates 209 The Gamma Xi Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi has made tremendous strides this quarter toward returning our chapter to its rightful status on the Georgia Southwestern campus . Accomplishments for this quarter alone are numerous, and activities have been in high gear, since our most successful rush in over four years. Our tremendous success in rush was due to many factors. It was du e in part to the efforts of two of our distinguished alumni who were the key that opened the door for our accomplishments. Ben Hamrick and Sparky Reeves renewed our vitality and were a terrific help in teaching the undergraduate brothers valuable lessons in rushing techniques. Our successful rush has been due also to the efforts of our new faculty advisor, Ronald deValinger, an


alumnus of Gamma Nu Chapter. His support and help is greatly appreciated . We also rece;ved tremendous help from our Little Sister organization and our newly incorporated Sponsorship Organization, but the thing that really brought it all together was the com bined efforts put forth by the brotherhood, working as a group on a carefully planned and well executed rush technique. This plan was, by the way, designed by alumni brothers Reeves and Hamrick, along with deValinger. Our accomplishments have been great. We increased our membership by over 120%. We introduced a new alumni Big Brothers program and a new Little Sister Sponsorship program. We held several successful fund raising activities, made many improvements on our house and supported the G.S.W. Alumni Phonathon Program by raising over $1 ,200

alumni chapter. The aim of the alumni organization is to keep the spirit and togetherness of Pi Kappa Phi going beyond the college years. Alumni brothers David Dorondo, Steve Knapp, Danny Brown, and Jack O'Quinn have been in the forefront of this worthwhile effort. We are all looking forward to the fruition of this goal.

GAMMA UPSILON Oklahoma State

Total Membership 47 Total Initiates 193 The past semester has been a very successful one at Gamma Upsilon. On August 15,

for the fraternity activities. The house is located in a rural area less than three miles from campus. Founders' Day was special for Gamma Phi this year. The tenth anniversary of our local chapter was commemorated together with the annual Founders' Day celebration on January 17, 1981, ten years from the birth of Gamma Phi . The members of Gamma Phi organized and participated in many service projects during the quarter. In late November, members went on a food drive to collect food for needy families for Thanksgiving. Brothers also participated in Cornerstone, a project to provide companionship to children from broken homes. A group effort was made in a recent Red Cross Blood Drive on campus to give as much blood as possible. There was an eighty percent turnout, ranking us among the top givers of all the fraternities and sororities on campus. In order to raise funds for cancer research, Gamma Phi ran a booth in a carniva l for the American Cancer Society . We also sponsored a Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation course given by the American Heart Association at the University of South Alabama. The present president of Gamma Phi has been on a local radio talk show this past quarter to discuss and publicize the P.U.S.H. Project, and was invited by the program to do this again in January. Plans have also been finalized for a project in which a local radio personality will be kidnapped and held for ransom in a local mall until the public reaches a goal of $1,000 in donations to P.U.S.H. Brothers of the chapter hold the four following major offices in the Student Government Association: Junior Senator, Election Rules Committee, Social and Entertainment Committee Chairman, and President Protempore of the Senate. Gamma Phi would like to give a special thanks to the local alumni for their help and support during the past quarter.

GAMMA PSI Augusta College Mrs. Eileen Stevens, founder of C.H.U.C.K. (Committee to Halt Useless College Killings). receives a National Council resolution of appreciation from National Vice-President David Jaffee. Mrs. Stevens spoke at the fraternity's biannual leadership school Pi Kapp College this summer. for the school. We held two community service projects, a successful sorority social, and an alumni appreciation night. We have greatly improved our relations with the college through our activities and have raised our overall grade point average. We are planning to do more than just say we are improving. We plan to do this by winning the "William B. King" Award this year, which is given to the best all around fraternity on campus. Points are given on activities at the college, participation in sports, community service, etc. At present we are leading in points awarded. We are expecting to stay in first place by the end of the quarter. This will be accomplished through our 60% participation in two special campus activities and through our special participation in a Mock Disaster Drill held by the local hospital. We have done many more things this quarter but we realize that we still have some tough times ahead . With our accomplishments, though, we carry also many goals yet to be fulfilled. These are our major concern in the future.

GAMMA RHO Lander College No Report Submitted GAMMA SIGMA Armstrong State

Total Membership 22 Total Initiates 136 Gamma Sigma Chapter is playing a major leadership role on the Armstrong State College campus during the 1980 - 81 school year as four brothers are in major leadership positions in the Student Government Association (SGA). Jim Aliffi, who is chapter archon, is also serving as SGA Vice-President; Robert Tucker, as SGA Secretary; David Gaskin, as Senator representing the School of Arts and Sciences; and David Coggins, as at large representative on the SGA Finance Committee. Several other brothers are serving on student/ facu lty committees. Gamma Sigma has been assisting the Savannah Civic Center during the last few months as ushers at major events held at the center. The Pi Kapp jersey has been seen by the public at events such as the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, concerts by John Denver and the Oak Ridge Boys, and professional boxing matches involving Muhammed Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran. The brothers have been assisting several alumni of Gamma Sigma in organizing an

six members of our chapter traveled to Salem, Virginia, to attend Pi Kapp College. While there Gamma Upsilon received four awards: Plus Five (initiating five more than the previous year), Theron Houser Award (most improved chapter of Pi Kappa Phi), Management Award (greatest ratio of initiates to members for 1979 . 80) and the Master "Chapter Award. Gamma Upsilon was pleased to have our chapter rose, Miss Jennie Galloway, selected as 1980 Pi Kappa Phi National Rose. She was chosen from the local rose queens of the other chapters across the country. Jennie was selected on the basis of beauty, GPA, and extracurricular activities. She was flown to Roanoke, Virginia, in August to receive her award at Pi Kapp College. Jennie is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority at OSU. She was Gamma Upsilon's little sister's president in 1979. The fall semester of 1980 got off to a good start. A successful summer rush program provided the house with eighteen fall associates. For the first time in a long while the house has the pleasant problem of mild overcrowding. There are forty people living in the house which was built to accomodate thirty-six. Four are living in the basement. Little sisters are active in the house this year. For the first time the little sisters have anonymous big brothers from whom they receive gifts. There are thirty-two active little sisters this semester. The brothers have made many house improvements the past year . Included are a redecorated dining room and foyer, new curtains in the living room and new tile and paint in the kitchen. Future improvements may include new dining room chairs and a chandelier for the foyer. Gamma Upsilon has pledged $1 ,000 to Project P.U.S.H. this year. Our first money raiser was participation in the OSU Walk Jog-A-Then. Future activities may include a tennis tournament with Alpha Chi Omega sorority.

GAMMA PHI University of South Alabama

Total Membership 24 Total Initiates 98 Fall quarter for the brothers of Gamma Phi was a time of new beginning. After the loss of the fraternity house due to excessive damage by Hurricane Frederick in September, 1979, a new house was finally found after a year of searching. The house was well worth waiting for. The large, country house sits on forty acres. Enthusiasm was overwhelming as the brothers joined to make the house a home for several lucky brothers and the headquarters

Total Membership 10 Total Initiates 101 The fall quarter of 1980 has been one of changes for the chapter and its members. Our brothers have attempted to attain a more visual image for the chapter by our participation in our school's activities. We have shown our strength by having the brothers be more active in the Student Government with one brother becoming a senator, another on Student Union, and still another on the Student Judicial Committee. We have helped our image in the com-

Total Membership 47 Total Initiates 146 The brothers of Gamma Omega began the fall semester fired up and successful. Sports came on the scene first as Gamma Omega makes an attempt to win the all-sports trophy again this year with a first place finish in volleyball and a third in football. The big news came in November when nineteen men pledged, leading the campus in both quality and quantity. With this pledge class Gamma Omega is by far the top chapter on campus. Founders' Day was celebrated with a reception at the President's Mansion and dinner in the Montevallo Room . A big crowd attended which included Durward Owen, and several of our original founding brothers. All the brothers would like to thank Durward for taki("lg the time to come and speak at our banquet. Gamma Omega is proud to have many brothers involved in campus leadership positions. Brother Glen Gray was named 1981 Gold College Night Leader for homecoming, which is the highest student honor at Montevallo. Mike Doss, the newly elected Archon, serves in an official capacity for the university as a host for visiting dignitaries and guests. Mike has also been selected for Omicron Delta Kappa, an honorary leadership fraternity. Brother "Martin Gaines is presently serving his second term as I FC President, and has just completed his internship at the Administrative Office in Charlotte. Brother Steve Gilbert has just recently completed a campus music service that will provide music entertainment for the school. Steve planned, developed and has staffed the program completely on his own . Brother Gilbert also is recognized for his academic excellence. Gamma Omega is looking forward to an excellent spring semester. In February an open bidding period will begin and Gamma Omega hopes to pick up severa l pledges that will put the chapter closer to its goal of fifty men. Rose Ball has been planned for late spring, with Gulf Shores, Alabama the proposed location. Softball is a big spring sport and Montevallo and the other Alabama chapters travel to Livingston to play in the annual Pi Kappa Phi State Softball Tournament. The tournament provides an excellent opportunity for the brothers to become more familiar with other chapters. Gamma Omega will also make a firm commitment to provide a large donation for Project P.U .S.H. It will be a good spring in the valley I

DELTA ALPHA Virginia Tech

Total Membership 32

Henry Groves (right) leads the delegates of Pi Kapp College in cheers, yells, and other noise. Henry currently serves as Chairman of the fraternity's Expansion Committee. munity by working with our local Junior Women's League with their attic sale. This sale helped raise many thousands for the community and our assistance helped to make the affair a success. Also, our helping to restore Sacred Heart, a beautiful old church in the community, has brought both unity to the brotherhood and praise to our chapter from the community. On the other side, the loss of our new chapter house brought to a climax the history of our chapter always having a house. But with the problems of the house behind us we will begin to grow again. We no longer will depend on our house to bring and get members. Our brotherhood will now be stronger and more united as we all work together to fulfill our goal of getting enough members to return to our first house.

GAMMA OMEGA University of Montevallo

Total Initiates 133 This fall has been an especially busy one for Delta Alpha . For us the quarter began a few days before registration in order to make sure everything was set for our first annual Refrigerator Rental. Due to extensive planning and little university interference, the program was quite a success. All in all we rented 280 refrigerators this year and are hoping to expand that number next year . If any chapters would be interested in starting their own refrigerator rental program, write to us and we'll give you all the necessary information. With the help of our Housing Corporation and the refrigerator rental proceeds, we have been making repairs on our house. Thus far we have replaced all the flooring and are now recarpeting the rooms. Many of these repairs are in preparation for our 1Oth Anniversary this spring. Besides getting the house in shape, we are planning a huge Alumni â&#x20AC;˘ Brother


Banquet Weekend to celebrate the occasion. Sch clastics have always been stressed at our chapter and last spring we did not go unrewarded. Delta Alpha was ranked Number Two out of 31 fraternities on campus.

DELTA BETA North Georgia College

Total Membership 33 Total Initiates 231 The brothers and little sisters of Delta Beta are back with ambitions of turning fall quarter into the most exciting time the chapter has seen in a long while. Our major point focus is our annual western show "The Red Dog Saloon" during Gold Rush Days in Dahlonega. Red Dog is our major fund raiser for the year and a great time to take donations for Project P.U .S. H. This year the chapter collected over $450 for P.U.S.H. and the show was covered on national TV. Since this is the chapter's tenth year of brothe'r hood, plans are being made to build the chapter a lodge, something we have been needing for a long time. The chapter is also having a mini Rose Ball to bring many of the alumni back to the chapter. The chapter is very proud to announce that brother Hank Holcomb and brother Bill Pope, both charter brothers, have returned to North Georgia College as members of the faculty.

DELTA GAMMA University of Nebraska- Omaha No Report Submitted DELTA DELTA Northeast Missouri State

Total Membership 48 To tal Initiates 126 "Steady growth" is the term for Delta Delta Chapter this past semester . Growth not only in membership, but also in activity and the

Brother Jim Killian of Epsilon Delta Chapter of Auburn University at Montgomery was recently elected President of the Student Association. adjustment to larger-chapter status. We have converted to a two-party treasurer system; the bookkeeper holding a one-year term, spring to spring. We have initiated 13 of 14 fine pledges this fall, holding the other till second term. Under the steady guidance of retiring Archon Donald Dickerson, Delta Delta is proud of its brand new Little Sis program, the improvements to the house, and the successful Homecoming activities, with high alumni participation. We are looking forward to a successful spring semester under our new Archon, Dennis Hampton, as we plan a big P.U.S.H. project, and a fruitful rush. Delta Delta was a Plus 5 chapter this past year, as well as being eligible for Champion Master Chapter. This was not received though, due to an oversight in mailing a check in the midst of confusion over financial problems at the end of the year. However, we plan to try again, and include a contribution that will put us into the President's Club I Greetings and best wishes to our brother chapters in this, the Finest of Fraternities.

DELTA EPSILON Jacksonville State University

Total Membership 58 Total Initiates 193 The fall semester for Delta Epsilon Chapter has been a very busy one. The chapter pledged 33 men after a great rush and have au r eyes on initiating at least 18 in order to be a Plus Five Chapter. Currently we have 21 pledges . The chapter has been working hard on

its goals and objectives this fall. An executive council retreat was held in November to summarize and revise our current goals. Also , a committee was established to work on our constitution and bylaws. Our target date for completion of this was January 12, 1981. Field Secretary Andy Towson visited our chapter in November and had numerous helpful . hints to improve our current position. Our five biggest problems were defined and analyzed as Andy talked with each officer individually and Mr. McSpadden, our chapter advisor. The chapter would like to thank Andy for his concern and dedication. Activities prevailed this fall. Delta Epsilon raised over $100 for Cerebral Palsy at a roadblock in two hours. Homecoming saw many alumni and some we haven't seen in years. Founders' Day was a huge success. Brother AI Summerlin was our speaker from Alpha Iota Chapter at Auburn. He has recently received his Golden Legion Award for 50 years of service to Pi Kappa Phi. Thank you Brother Summerlin for the inspiration and dedication you showed us. Next semester the chapter has planned a retreat in February and the Rose Baii 'Formal will be on March 6 - 7 in Atlanta. Our annual Luau will be in April. A golf tournament is also being planned for Project P.U .S. H. In closing the chapter would like to thank our chapter advisor, Mr . Clyde J. McSpadden, for his continuetJ support of the active chapter and the alumni and housing corporation. We owe it all to him. Remember "If I have stood tall, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants I"

us. We have two brothers who are graduating this December, John Moser and Roger Riddell. We would like to wish these brothers the best of luck.


Total Membership 53 Total Initiates 172 It has always been a standard joke with the Administrative Office that every spring Delta Lambda's are looking for a house. Well, we surprised everyone this year (including ourselves) and found one. With the help of Brother Frank Miller, Chapter Advisor Bill Kincaid and Alumni Mark Ashley, Chuck Bohler and Richard Nantz, we found a terrific three bed-

and urged.

DELTA XI University of North Alabama

Total Membership 40 Total Initiates 84 The third annual Barnbust Rush Week this fall was capped by a bid night which netted Delta Xi Chapter twelve new pledges and raised au r chapter size above forty men for only the second time in our history . The chapter is losing several men to graduation this spring, howl!ver, so plans are already underway for a major recruitment push during the spring and summer semesters. Delta Xi has always done well with open -sty le rush used in the spring term.

DELTA ZETA Appalachian State

Total Membership 64 Total Initiates 190 What a semester this has been for the brothers of Delta Zetal The chapter returned from the summer break as Greek Week Champions for 1980. This was a victory for the chapter. Rush was productive this semester; the result was eighteen new brothers. Delta Zeta Chapter is now the largest fraternity on the Appalachian State campus. The chapter is also involved in worthy service projects. Delta Zeta has already contributed over $150 to the Jill King fund. This fund is to raise money to help pay the medical bills incurred by a daughter of a professor at A.S.U. We are to co-sponsor a "mile of pennies" for the fund with a sorority on campus. The brothers plan to go to the Morganton Center to give a Christmas party for the children. This is where the first P.U .S.H. unit was located. Also, Delta Zeta plans to sponsor a needy family for the holidays . The chapter was honored to host the Area XXV conclave this year. Mike Terry did a great job running the conclave which proved to be very productive for the chapters in our area . Brother Pat Coyne did an excellent job in heading up Delta Zeta's sponsoring of the band Nantucket. The concert was a great time for all and was one of the best fund raising projects for the chapter. So, as the snow begins to fall on the North Carolina mountains, we invite all the chapters to come see us if they plan to go skiing. We will show them how Delta Zeta keeps our reputation as "the BEST."

DELTA ETA Morehead State University

Total Membership 16 Total Initiates 93 The Delta Eta Chapter has been working very hard this semester to rebuild and improve our financial stability. Work projects this semester included working at the MSU printing services and working in harvesting and stripping tobacco. We would like to thank Dave Miller, Larry Oney, and Bill Bently for these opportunities. We had an excellent pledge class this semester. We initiated five new members : Keith Cecil, Bill Harrison, Steve Quillen, Gary Slone, and Bobby Spencer. We are looking forward to a great pledge class next semester. We are working for twenty good pledges. Homecoming this semester was a great success. We were extremely pleased with the amount of alumni participation we received. The Third Annual Balloon Race was launched at half-time of the Homecoming game. Eighteen alumni attended the weekend's events and everyone had a great time . The new officers for spring '81 are: Bill Bently, Archon; Alan Gessel, Vice-Archon ; Keith Cecil, Treasurer; Ken Unger, Warden; Bill Harrison, Chaplain; and Jackie Stidham, Historian . Dave "Boom" Miller was voted as the outstanding alumni for 1980. The chapter really appreciates all the help he is constantly giving

Del,egates at Pi Kapp College play with the "earth ball" during recreation time at the fraternity's leadership school. room house and were able to finance it. The house sits behind a beautiful lake and it is equipped to handle such sports as basketball, football, and softball. Surrounded by three acres of woods, we are indeed anticipating many woodseys . Please make an effort to drop by and party with us in our new location whenever it is convenient as we are proud of the house and would love to show it offl We have also just initiated eleven super guys in the Pi pledge class, a figure we expect to double with spring semester's pledge class. Our social schedule is in full swing for the spring and, with the excitement of the house, we are looking forward to a great semester!

DELTANU Western Kentucky University

Total Membership 15 Total Initiates 70 Delta Nu Chapter began the semester with a retreat under the direction of alumnus Larry Davis aimed at making the fall 1980 a great semester. Goals were set with definite improvements made with a 40% increase in membership, 100% increase in fund raising, and a 300 % increase in alumni donations . Contact between alumni and actives improved 60%. The chapter is continuously looking for a house and hope to have one when the brothers return in the fall of 1981 . Plans are underway to develop an alumni foundation to raise money for housing possibilities and to create better communication with the alumni. Purdue Pi Kapps, Omega Chapter, visited Western in September and helped Delta Nu raise money for Project P.U.S.H. by helping with a car wash . Homecoming proved to be a huge success with numerous alumni returning to Western. Those attending included Larry Davis, Mike Meffert, Donn Sapp, Jim Grove, Bruce Masden, Morris Ricketts, Harold Ricketts, Dave Holt, Tim Smith, Fred Price, Paul Stamp, Roger Miller, Glenn Floyd, Scott Shields, and Mike Cowles. Officers for the spring semester are : Archon, Carl Tatum; Vice-Archon, Dan Smith ; Treasurer, Doug Wilke; Secretary, Bruce Sloan; Warden, Mike Walters; Historian, Chris Kirtley; and Chaplain, Bill Shouse. We are happy to announce that Tim McGill will return to Bowling Green in April and would like to meet as many Pi Kapps as possible while visiting . Randall Edwards has requested that alumni contact him by mail so that he can make arrangements to re-acquaint himself with the alumni. The Edwards will be returning from Germany during July 1981. The active brothers have worked hard so that Delta Nu can grow and prosper. Alumni support and active involvement is welcomed

Delta Xi recently reinstated their longlost Little Sister program by selecting twenty new girls for the honor. The quality of their selections .is shown by the fact that one of them was selected to UNA's Homecoming Court this year. Speaking of Homecoming, Pi Kapps finished second in the campus float competition this year. An alumni meeting preceded the football game and a dinner-dance followed . The chapter appreciates all the alumni who attended the festivities. Delta Xi has a new brother and a new chapter advisor. The initiation of Dr. Clark Mueller, a political science professor at UNA, filled both. Dr. Mueller has already shown the eagerness and drive long needed by Delta Xi Chapter. We welcome him. The chapter's future plans include a March 17 Roseball in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, a spring Natchez Trace party in April, a Valentine's Day sale of P.U.S.H. carnations, and attendance at the Alabama State Pi Kappa Phi softball tournament in April. The fall semester has been good, and we expect spring and summer to be great.

DELTA OMICRON Nicholls State University No Report Submitted DELTA PI Wright State University No Report Submitted DELTA RHO University of Southern California No Report Submitted DELTA SIGMA Bowling Green No Report Submitted DELTA TAU James Madison University

Total Membership 59 Total Initiates 91 The brothers of Delta Tau welcomed each other back from summer vacation with excitement of getting a new semester under way. The brothers parted on a high note in May after taking first in the annual Greek sing event with "America" as their theme, and also happy about a successful P.U.S.H. project in which the chapter raised $500.00.


The first week of classes our chapter ra ised $400.00 as we threw a mixer in the student union open to everyone on campus. The brothers also raised money with a unique beer can coll ecti ng idea. A local beer distributor paid us for each pound of aluminum we collected. Every Saturday morning the brothers would gather to collect the cans. A service project we were proud to do was helping a local church fill in dirt around the foundation of its building. In early October the brothers gathered for their semester overnight retreat in which we discussed ways to better our fraternity. The brotherhood also enjoyed a nice dinner, a football game, and just being together at the retreat . The Delta Tau Chapter meets for a retreat every semester. With money from fund raising project.s our chapter purchased a much needed beer cooler and made a new bar. The bar is one of the finest looking on the James Madison campus. In late October the brotherhood enjoyed a wine and cheese party at the fraternity house. The party, held every semester, is for brothers, associate members, little sisters, and administration members of the university. D!!lta Tau started the tradition of this type of party on campus which has been incorporated by other Greek organizations at James Madison. Delta Tau entered a float in the homecoming parade, with a gold mine theme. Delta Tau was once again represented well on campus in athletics as we placed second in a campus wide softball tournament. Also the brothers were runner-up in I FC tennis which we had won the previous semester. A party for the entire Greek organization, held every fall semester at James Madison called "Beginnings," was once again staged in front of Pi Kapp house. The party officially kicks off the start of rush for eight fraternities on campus. Two brothers, Mike Holbert and Kirk Salpini were inducted into Gamma Gamma, the Greek honor society on campus . Currently Delta Tau has three members in Gamma Gam ma. On December 1 we held our elections which saw seven new brothers elected to office. The brothers of Delta Tau are most proud of their nine member pledge class which was initiated on December 6. With the new brothers our fraternity now has 59 members. To end the semester the brothers gathered at the house for dinner and then went to our Founders' Day dance on December 13 to celebrate the start of Pi Kappa Phi.

DELTA UPSILON University of Pittsburgh No Report Submitted DELTA PHI Radford University

Total Membership 40 Total Initiates 86 The brothers of the Delta Phi Chapter ended their search for a fraternity house as they moved into their first fraternity house in June 1980. Prior to this house, the chapter was forced to meet in a tiny room located in the basement of a dormitory . Even though the house can only accommodate 11 brothers, the chapter feels that it will serve as a better central meeting place for the brothers in a more congenial atmosphere. The Delta Phi Chapter opened the 1980 81 school year with the founding of Radford University's first Homecoming formal for the alumni of the university . Approximately 400 alumni attended the formal, but the chapter made little profits from the event. The chapter also held its own alumni weekend at the same time. Most of our alumni members attended such festivities as a cocktail evening, horseshoe tournament, and, of course, the Homecoming formal. Also during the weekend, the Delta Phi Building Corporation held a meeting to discuss the direction of the fraternity house. For the second consecutive year, the Delta Phi Chapter was awarded the Radford University President's Cup, which is designed to recognize the most outstanding organization on campus who has been exceptionally active in the community as well as campus activities . Also for the third year in a row, the chapter will offer the John D. Westberg Scholarship in the amount of $500. The scholarship is awarded each year to the applicant possessing the highest academic achievement at the university, excluding the brothers of our chapter. Recruitment for the chapter has been successful this fall as the chapter acquired ten new associate members. The Delta Phi Chapter would also like to congratulate Dr. Steven K. Pontius, chairman of the geography department and one of two advisors to our chapter, who was initiated into Pi Kappa Phi

this December. Pontius has served as an advisor to the chapter since its founding in May 1978.

DELTA CHI Kansas State University

Total Membership 38 Total Initiates 60 The brothers of the De lta Chi Chapter at Kansas State have finally proven that you can have quality and quantity when it comes to recruitment . Over the past summer we signed 18 men who are all top-notch, Pi Kapp material. Our success over the summer ranked us No. 1 out of 25 fraternities at Kansas State on a member to new member basis (chapter growth). We were also recognized for being a Plus 5 Award winning chapter at Pi Kapp College. This large chapter growth did present a certain amount of "growing pains" due to the necessary reorganization process we ex perienced this fall. These pains were all eliminated through effective leadership and a constant flow of communication between the Executive Council and the brotherhqod. Our plans are to continue this emphasis on re-

ship Honorary and was also its Vice-President. Steven Fishel, Michael Smith, and Rodney Barbee were in Pi Gamma Mu Social Science Honorary with Rodney Barbee as its VicePresident. Michael Smith and Steven Fishel were in Phi Alpha Theta History Honorary. Steven Fishel was in his third honor society, Sigma Delta Tau English Honorary, as a charter member. We have brothers active in campus organi zations and committees. Brian Johnson, Administrative ~ssistant, and John Reaves, Senator, were Student Government members. Student Union Board (entertainment) memberÂŁ were David Graham, films chairman; John Reaves, Publ ic Affairs Chairman; and John Ledford. Orientation counselors were David Graham and John Reaves. Bruce Piner, Jeff Swart, and Tim Kerns were in the Emanons Jazz Ensemble. Bruce Piner served as President of the MENC (music). Michael Smith served on an accreditation committee for the school. Mark Hollan, Rodney Barbee, and Mark Smith were in the Society for the Advancement of Management. Brian Johnson was an Athletic Trainer. We did well in rush bringing in eight associates (largest group on campus). We are assisting the school with an escort system .

Several members of the National Council were in attendance at Pi Kapp College this past summer to share in the learning experiance of the undergraduate brothers. cruitment and chapter growth throughout the spring and summer with hopes of a 60 man strong membership by fall 1981 . Heading towards the end of this semester the brothers were caught up in the before finals blues. The only thing that could pull us out of this depression was the fall retreat and annual associate show. During the retreat the direction for the chapter for the next semester was set. Ending things on a light note with the associate show, everyone had a chance to relax, laugh a little and get that "Delta Chi Spirit" flowing again . Delta Chi is also proud to announce that Archon Jeff Meister participated in the internship program with the Administrative Office in January. We hope that he will bring back some valuable information to help keep our chapter moving along.

We were put in charge of a Pro-Greek campaign for the spring. Our Housing Corporation and Alumni Association were officially organized with the Housing Corporat ion being mcorporated recently. Quickly, they found a new house which we just obtained. We are excited about the new house and already see the house as a recruitment tool. We enjoyed a successful fall and look towards the spring with optimism and much success in recruitment and fund raising for P.U.S .H.

EPSILON BETA Grand Valley State

Total Membership 29 Total Initiates 29

While still getting settled in our new home, the brothers of the Delta Psi Chapter at the University of Texas at Arlington recently welcomed visiting brothers from Texas A & M University. Our visiting brothers had a change of scenery from Bryan-College Station while spending the weekend here in Arlington. This year has been an active one so far with the celebration of Founders' Day, along with the initiation of nine new brothers and two alumni, as well as the initiation of nine new little sisters .

The Pi Kapps took an active role on Grand Valley's campus fall term . The school print shop was taken over by Pi Kapps. Of a staff of eight, six were Pi Kapps. The Student Senate heard the Pi Kapp voice of Ken Fitzhugh, Senator and member of the campus porgramming committee . The student newspaper was monitored tightly by Warren Pefley and Bob Boda, Epsilon Beta's immediate Past Archon and Present Archon. Sophomore Mike "Scurve" Heath earned a position on the varsity wrestling squad. (Last year "Scurve" went to the NAIA tournaments. ) Tyrone Potter, A I Letson, and Mark Forte (recent Epsilon Beta initiates) all have their own shows on the school radio station . We, at Epsi lon Beta, are going through a rebuilding period. The loss of charter members to resignations and poor rushes have caused us to reevaluate our purpose and our programs.

DELTA OMEGA Texas A & M University

EPSILON GAMMA Longwood College

No Report Submitted

Total Membership 47 Total Initiates 45

DELTA PSI University of Texas - Arlington

Total Membership 23 Total Initiates 35


Total Membership 28 Total Initiates 31 The Epsilon Alpha Chapter had a great fall semester. We had the highest accumulative GPA among fraternities at Elon with a 2 .92. We have brothers in four honor societies . John Reaves was in Omicron Delta Kappa Leader-

On September 29, 1980, Epsilon Gamma ce lebrated its first full year as a chartered fraternity . We have come a long way in just one year. The semester began with a recruitment program geared toward a personal touch. Th is proved very profitable by bringing in fifteen pledges. Also, a first for us are alumni, having seven at the end of last year. We wou ld also like to congratulate Brian Gomes, a charter member,

who transfered to the associate chapter at the University of South Florida. By October, the brothers had s elected little sisters. Many thanks to all of them for their help and care. Fund raising was a key for us as the pledges raffled off a color TV, while the brothers raffled $100 worth of gasoline . November 21 brought the initiation of the twelve men in our Gamma pledge class bringing the tota l of brothers on campus to 47, which is the largest on campus. Epsilon â&#x20AC;˘ Gamma also has the highest GPA of all the fraternities. We are also in second p lace for the AllSports Trophy after the first semester. Epsilon Gamma is now looking forward to next semester with some expectations: our largest pledge class, sponsoring the school's rugby tournament for the f irst time, a spring retreat, and hosting the Area Ill Conclave.

EPSILON DELTA Auburn University at Montgomery

Total Membership 34 Total Initiates 26 On Wednesday, December 10, our beloved Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity was 76 years old. On Thursday, December 11, the brothers of Epsilon Delta celebrated their first Founders' Day as a chapter of Pi Kappa Phi. We were truly honored to have Brother Frank Hawthorne as our guest speaker. Brother Hawthorne has accomplished much in his lifetime as a Pi Kapp. A graduate of Auburn University in 1946, he attended Vanderbilt University from 1943 - 44 and received his LI .B from the University of Alabama in 1949. While at Auburn he served as Archon of the Alpha Iota Chapter. He also served as President of the I FC and the Pre-Law Society. Brother Hawthorne is currently a law partner of Balch, Bingham, Baker, Hawthorne, Williams and Ward, Birm ingham and Montgomery. At the local level he has served in numerous civic organizations . Among his many outstanding achievements as a Pi Kapp, the most notable are his positions held in the national fraternity. He was a Council member from 1954 - 64 serving as National Historian, Chancellor, and Treasurer. He has also served as President of Pi Kappa Phi Properties, Inc. from 1966 - 70.


Total Membership 29 Total Initiates 22 The chapter opened the fall semester with a very successful rush in what was our first full semester as an initiated chapter. Since this was our first pledge class we were extremely anxious about it, but all came off as p lanned. We ended up with 13 new brothers and 2 alumni on our ro ll s, which puts us well on the way to our goa ls. The whole weekend was a great success as we had several alumni and two transfers return to their home chapter to lend a hand. We would like to thank them for their support as we ll as the brothers at Beta Omega. On November 8 the brothers and Little Sisters spent the day down in Scott County in the Jefferson National Forest cutting firewood for Mountain Empire O lder Citizens, Inc . The day consisted of hauling and loading the wood into a 10-ton coal truck which carried it back to the group's headquarters in Wise. Once there the wood was cut into usable lengths, split, and stacked. This wood was collected for use by area older citizens as a supplement to thei r heating systems. Communication w ith their Emergency Services Director has brought it to our attention that some of the firewood that we cut has already been used to heat some homes in this area. Our Little Sisters organization has also been active in helping those in the community who are not totally capable of helping themselves. They have sponsored a Halloween party and a Christmas party for underprivileged children in this area. In May of 1981 the chapter will suffer the loss of George L. Hawpe, a professor here at CVC who served as faculty and chapter advisor for us both as a local fraternity and as a chapter of Pi Kappa Phi. Brother George will be leaving us to seek employment elsewhere and our thoughts and prayers go with him. As a token of our appreciation the brothers presented him with a Pi Kappa Phi pocket watch and we wish him well in his journeys.

EPSILON ZETA University of Central Arkansas No Report Submitted


EPSILON ETA Winthrop College

Total Membership 18 Total Initiates 17 This fall the Epsilon Eta Chapter came back to the Winthrop campus with a one hundred percent return of all its active brothers. Lead by the careful planning of ViceArchon Randy Elliott, the chapter started off the semester with the most successfu I rush of any fraternity on campus. Due to a college rule which prohibits the pledging of first semester freshmen, only seven of the interested men were allowed to be initiated; however, five other members ofthe first rush are awaiting spring semester so that they also may become brothers. In addition to these, a late semester rush proved equally successfu I and bids were sent out to another ten prospective brothers. Our first fund raising project was held with the cooperation of a local Datsun dealership who supplied the facilities and materials for a successful car wash. The chapter then made its annual contribution to P.U.S.H. with a Mellow-Yellow chugging contest which was co-sponsored by the local Coca-Cola bottling company . This event took place at Winthrop's annual Halloween Happening and quickly emerged as the most popular event of the evening. Much credit should be given to Brother Bill Russell for his endless effort on this project and the Coca-Cola Company who provided the 10 oz. bottles of Mellow-Yellow for the contestants, along with prizes for the winners, refreshments for the spectators, and free advertisement. None of the brothers will soon forget our cookout - mixer with the Delta Zeta Sorority who is the largest Greek organization on the Winthrop campus . With a sisterhood of well over sixty members, they outnumber us two to one, but as usual the Pi Kapps rose to the occasion and proved once again "More is not always Better." At any rate, there are a lot of smiling Delta Zetas on the Winthrop campus, not to mention a few grinning Pi Kapps. Several brothers also came up with the idea of having a social with the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, This was the first time ever at Winthrop that two fraternities had come together for such an event. We felt that on a campus with such a small Greek community,

made some new friends, and enjoyed a night of good beer and great conversation. The chapter ran down the semester with two important service projects. The brothers donated blood in the name of Pi Kappa Phi, at a school sponsored Red Cross Bloodmobile, and the pledges called past donors asking for their support. The brothers also donated three canned food products each to the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority who asked all other Greek organizations to do the same. The canned goods were used to help the needy in the Rock Hill area. The semester was capped off with our first annual Founders' Day gathering. Brothers and alumni gathered for a drop-in with guest speakers Jerry Brewer, Area Governor, and Russ Palmer, our Chapter Advisor. The evening was highlighted by the presentation of the Pi Kapp of the Year Award to the well-deserving Brother Bill Russell.

EPSILON THETA Seton Hall University

members pledged, our membership almost doubled. The experience of taking part in a fraternity rush for the first time provided a great deal of experience for everyone in our young chapter. As arrangements stand now, we will be chartered on January 29, 30, and 31. National President Lonnie Strickland will be the chartering officer. These recent developments have motivated our chapter very much. We will be the Epsilon Kappa Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi. We approached the management of a nearby shopping mall about donating the coins collected from the fountains to Project P.U.S.H . They agreed to do so and now we have about six hundred pounds of pennies and silver money to count. It's an idea worth trying . As our status of Associate Chapter is drawing to a close, we would like to thank David Long, Steve Wrenn (our Chapter Advisor), and all the brothers at our big brother chapter, Iota, for their immeasurable help and guidance.


Total Membership 25 Total Initiates 25 On Friday, November 14, 1980, the Epsilon Theta Chapter was . chartered. The Administrative Office was represented by Pat Farley and â&#x20AC;˘ Mark Timmes . Our chartering officers were Walter Sheppard and Bill Newell. The initiation was conducted by teams from N.J.I.T. and Drexel. It was held at the N.J.I.T. Alumni Center. To help defray the costs a turkey shoot was held. On the next day, November 15, 1980, our chartering banquet was held at the Kingston Restaurant in Union, NJ . The weekend was closed with a Mass celebrated by our Brother Father Catone. The brothers of Epsilon Theta would like to thank ail who helped make our chartering possible, especially our advisor Jim Krucher.

SOUTHERN TECH ASSOCIATE CHAPTER Southern Tech At this point, chartering is almost upon us. This past fall has been a time of growth for our chapter both in terms of membership and experience. Fall rush was very competitive this

The. Associate Chapter at USC-S is proud to say that we, in any and all competitive group competitions, take first place . The enthusiasm of the brothers is true and consistent in all activities that we are involved in. Furthermore, our effort in the P.U.S .H. project was more than successful, it was overwhelmingly complete with generosity. Our recent activity was a banner contest in which all groups were asked to compete. The Associate Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi at USC-S took first place. We are now and always working hard to achieve greater membership and more savings to earn our charter which we will see in the near future.

KAPPA PHI ASSOCIATE CHAPTER Sacramento State The members and associate members of the Sacramento State Associate Chapter have enjoyed a prosperous fall semester. We have seen the addition of 8 pledges, our most recent only three days ago, boosting membership and spirits tremendously. We are looking forward

an event such as this would work to tlie ad-

year since this was the first ti me open rush

to a successful and big

vantage of both organizations. All the brothers

was permitted.

personal contacts.

Fortunately, with

the new

Children of Alumni receive scholarships! The first annual Pi Kappa Phi Foundation "Alumni Scholarships" have recently been granted to two very fine students and offspring of Pi Kappa Phi alumni.

Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa and Phi Lambda Upsilon, all honorary societies, Mark won the Department of Chemistry Award for Academic Excellence in Chemistry, Undergraduate Research Grant Award and the 1976 State of Connecticut Scholar Award. He furthermore served on the McCollum Hall Senate, and Chairman of the Integrated Humanities Program.


This semester has seen the colony win the trophy for the Most Creative Float of the Homecoming parade. A great group of Little Sisters has been helping the group accomplish its goals also. The members are pushing to double our membership and accomplish our goal of chartering. We have a group of guys with a lot of spirit and who are willing to put in the needed hard work. We had a very nice Founders' Day Banquet held on December 7 and we would like to express our thanks once again to all the area alumni who could make it to this event. We hope for chartering next semester so this chapter can join the brotherhood of Pi Kappa Phi.

STAR AND LAMP CLUB Furman University Homecoming 1980 was celebrated at Furman University the weekend of November 7 - 9. The local chapter of Pi Kappa Phi, the Star and Lamp Club, participated in a full weekend with the brothers, alumni brothers, and rush girls joining together to make Homecoming 1980 an event to remember. The traditional float building began early Friday night and lasted into the early morning hours of Saturday. The Furman Paladins played Davidson College on Saturday afternoon. The Pi Kappa Phi float theme was "Vegematic the Cats." This year, as in the past, the Pi Kapps were among the top three finalists. (This year taking the 3rd place prize.) After the game on Saturday, a brother/ alumni party was hosted by alumnus Rick Robertson at his home in Greenville. The traditional brother/alumni football game was played on Sunday morning with the alumni defeating the brothers for the third stra ight year. Elections were held during the first week in November. The new officers are: Archon, Marshall Bettendorf; Vice-A rchon, Jim Greene; Treasurer, Dan Buckley; Secretary, Stu Kersey; Warden, Charles Brunson; Historian , Dave Brockman; Soc ial Chairman, Marty Fitzgerald; Chaplain, Ti m McGraw; and Athletic Director, Rich Yovanovich . Two brothers have been added as a result of the fall rush. The winter rush of freshmen began in January. The Furman Pi Kapp goal for 1981 has been set at 30 pledges.

rush, stressing

State University) is also a Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society graduate. Miss Moore graduated from the University of Iowa with honors and a 3.6 1 4.0 grade point average and a B.S. in Philosophy. She was a National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist and won the University Merit Scholarship for freshmen students. Employment activities dominate Miss Moore's background, having

assisted her Senator in the State of Iowa Senate, been an usher and tour guide for the Iowa Center of the Arts, and worked at the Lipid Research Clinic and the University Department of Radiology. Miss Moore has also studied piano, ballet and modem dance, and is quite an outdoorsperson. For more information regarding the alumni scholarships write the Director of Development, P. 0. Box 240526, Charlotte, NC 28224.

In high school Mark earned eleven varsity letters, was an All-American wrestler, and an Eagle Scout Award recipient. Mark is now enrolled in the University of Iowa Law School.

Biehl joins staff

James Boling

James Mark Boling, son of alumnus James R. Boling (Nu Chapter - University of Nebraska) graduated first in his class of over 5,000 graduates in May, 1980 at the University of Kansas. He had completed a triple major in Chemistry, Philosophy, and Biochemistry with a 3.9/4.0 average. A member of Phi Beta Kappa,

Craig Biehl, California '80, joins the Administrative Office staff for the remainder of the 1980 81 school year as a Chapter Consultant. Craig served Gamma Chapter as Vice-Archon for three terms. Ginevera Moore

Miss Ginevera Moore, daughter of alumnus member Wayne R. Moore (Alpha Omicron Chapter - Iowa

Craig replaces Mike Willis, Florida '80, who returned to Gainesville and is working with an accounting firm located there.

PI KAPPA PHI NECKTIES These handsome ties are 60% silk in navy blue with the coat of arms in royal blue and gold. Each tie is individually boxed for your convenience. To order send $15.00 per tie to: PI KAPPA PHI FRATERNITY P. 0. Box 240526 Charlotte, NC 28224

The Star and Lamp (ISSN 0038·9854)

Second Class Postage Paid at Charlotte, N.C.

PI KAPPA PHI P. 0. Box 240526 Charlotte, N. C. 28224

STOUFFERS VALLEY FORGE Site of 1981 Supreme Chapter Valley Forge, Pennsylvania





Seturd1y, August 14 - Wedntsday , August 19, 1981

(Mall , with r•glstratlon fee , to Admin istrative Office , P. 0 . Box 240526, Cha rlotte, NC 28224 .)

(Mall to : Reservttiom Manage r, Stouffe r's V1lley Forge, 480 N. Gulth Road , King of Prussl1, PA 194061

Plcue rcscrve accomodat.ions AS

Nam e


"' Single $4 4.00


• Dou blc $4 4.00

City - - - - - - -




$ 100.00

Arrivo, Dal.o - - - - - - - - - - Depart , Date - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Othcn to Jharo room nrc: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Reaervat.lo ru he ld untl16 p.m. - guaranteed with one nlgh t 's dcpoJilonly. Ratcado n otlnclude 61i\ttal.e sales Lax. • Rates ror all rooms except suites nrc the 111mc regard less or occu pancy.

Chapt<r _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Adw•"---------------------------------Telephone Number -------------Would serve on o committee if asked - - - - - - - - Will Anive


RegiJLration rcc Included $ - - - - - - - - (RegiJtraUon rcc $70.00 for alumnus and $40.00 tor wife.)

It wife to att.cnd, her name IJ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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