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Executive summary

This impact report provides a summary of Pijar Foundation’s work throughout 2022, marking its first year of creating pathways to create a better future. This report presents the challenges, solutions, and expected outcomes within the foundation’s three main areas of focus: talent, innovation, and policy.

This report is intended to be shared with donors, government agencies, private organizations, other foundations/non-governmental organizations, communities, and the general public to highlight the foundation’s progress and vision for the future.

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largest economy

By 2030, Indonesia is expected to become the world’s 7


with approximately

280M population

and a digital economy worth 300B USD

The country will require an estimated

113M skilled workers to support this growth

is 75 and among the lowest in ASEAN


To foster stronger future talent and planet, all stakeholders including policymakers, academic institutions, NGOs, and business accelerators will need to prepare for substantial changes.

Through its strategic networks and initiatives, Pijar Foundation prepares individuals and organizations for futuretrends, opportunities, and challenges. Leveraging its expertise, the foundation actively paves pathways to enable Indonesia to thrive in the future.

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Yet, Indonesia’s Global Innovation Index rank

Welcoming message

We are inspired by the high-achieving individuals who continuously strive to elevate themselves and their innovative ideas, which are necessary for our collective success in the future. We also appreciate the support of the government, academic institutions, businesses, and countless organizations that champion these ideas to improve the well-being of people and the planet. Together, they form an ecosystem of strategic players and resources that drive our future forward.

At Pijar Foundation, we aim to serve as a vehicle to connect these strategic players and help them achieve their goals. By promoting collaborative actions among the public, private, and community sectors, we can close the talent, innovation, and policy gaps and embrace future trends, opportunities, and challenges together.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our strategic partners for supporting our events, projects, and programs throughout 2022. This report marks our first year of creating impact together, and we are excited to continue our issuedriven work and scale up our impact in the years and decades to come.

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Executive summary

Paving pathways to a better future

Welcoming message

Table of contents

Chapter 1 – Background

Chapter 2 – Talent

Chapter 3 – Innovation

Chapter 4 – Policy

Chapter 5 – Highlighted events

Our Leadership in 2022

Our Partners

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Acknowledgement Table of contents


A mission to build multiple pathways consisting of great ideas, strategic players, and resources to shape a better future for everyone.

Pijar in numbers

In 2022, Pijar Foundation made significant progress in its efforts to pave pathways to a better future. Our work encompasses various critical areas, including but not limited to education, employment, clean energy, waste management, future economy, and food security.









+ +



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About Pijar Foundation

Yayasan Pijar Masa Depan (Pijar Foundation) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating the acceleration of a future-fit landscape in the face of a rapidly shifting world and Indonesia’s ambitious goals, including Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and Net Zero Emissions 2060.

We recognize that changes require a catalytic environment. We, therefore, seek to foster change from all angles through shaping minds, markets, and policies. To that end, our programs focus on two thematic areas: Future Planet and Future Talent. Through our programs, we work to elevate human capital, generate innovative products, and promote collaborative governance among public, private, and community actors for the greater good.

Impact Report 2022 | 9 www.pijarfoundation.org Chapter 1: Background

We anticipate the needs of future talents and the planet in more effective and efficient ways

Core values



We promote inclusive collaboration to foster innovation and generate solutions for the common good

We scale up and scale out smart solutions to grow exponentially

10 | Impact Report 2022 www.pijarfoundation.org Chapter 1: Background
Impact Report 2022 | 11 www.pijarfoundation.org Chapter 1: Background Roadmap for the Future Planet and the Future Talent Inclusive, resilient, and competitive talents that can create impact together and Leave no one behind Better people and planet Close the education gap, achieve productmarket fit, and improve collaboration Support knowledge and skills adaptation, provide empowerment and connection, and strengthen collaborative governance Strategic Network 01 02 04 03 05


12 | Impact Report 2022 www.pijarfoundation.org Chapter 1: Background

Contribution towards SDGs

Our programs and initiatives are aligned with these United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):










Impact Report 2022 | 13 www.pijarfoundation.org Chapter 1: Background

Geographic outreach

Future Skills

Global Future Fellows

Global Future Builder


14 | Impact Report 2022 www.pijarfoundation.org Chapter 1: Background

Future Skills

Aceh | Bali | Banten | Bengkulu | Yogyakarta | DKI Jakarta | Gorontalo | Jambi | Jawa Barat | Jawa Tengah | Jawa Timur | Kalimantan Barat | Kalimantan Selatan | Kalimantan Tengah | Kalimantan Timur | Kalimantarn Utara | Kep. Bangka Belitung | Kep. Riau | Lampung | Maluku | Maluku Utara | NTB | NTT | Papua | Papua Barat | Riau | Sulawesi Barat | Sulawesi Selatan | Sulawesi Tengah | Sulawesi Tenggara | Sulawesi Utara | Sumatera Barat | Sumatera Selatan | Sumatera Utara

Global Future Fellows

Bali | DKI Jakarta | Yogyakarta | Makassar | Sumba Barat Daya | Sumbawa

Global Future Builder

Balikpapan | Bandar | Bandung | Buton Utara | Jembrana | Lampung | Lombok | Poliwali Mandar | Pontianak | Pulau Nasi | Samarinda | Sleman | Surabaya | Tana Toraja |


Banten | Bandung | DKI Jakarta | Yogyakarta | Malang | Semarang

Impact Report 2022 | 15 www.pijarfoundation.org Chapter 1: Background

Chapter 2 TALENT 2

Achieving education inclusivity requires a push to change, alongside collaboration of technology, education institutions, and multiple stakeholders.

The education gap

Despite investing in higher education degrees, many college and university graduates in Indonesia face challenges in securing employment. According to the August 2021 National Labor Force Survey, as much as 14% of the country’s total unemployed population are recent graduates. This can be attributed, in part, to the outdated curricula that formal education institutions still employ.

The lack of relevance of graduates’ skills to the current job market can make it challenging for them to find work that aligns with their degree. This situation presents a paradox, as the country is experiencing demographic growth and an emerging job market, yet a talent pipeline prepared for the demands of the workforce is still insufficient.

Impact Report 2022 | 17 www.pijarfoundation.org Chapter 2: Talent

Knowledge and skills adaptation

The future of work is constantly evolving, and as technology continues to advance, the job market demands new knowledge and skills. However, the availability of skilled talents remains a bottleneck in the talent pipeline. To bridge the gap between education and employment, we must ensure that talent preparation is keeping pace with the speed of technological advancement. This requires collaboration between educational institutions and industries, providing reskilling and upskilling opportunities to prepare students to compete in the labor market. These opportunities should be inclusive and accessible to all.

18 | Impact Report 2022 www.pijarfoundation.org Chapter 2: Talent

Providing an inclusive platform to prepare a resilient & competitive workforce

Future Skills is a platform designed to help close the education gap by providing students and professionals with access to lectures, webinars, mentorships, internships, and asynchronous classes focused on developing skills needed for the future. The platform offers programs covering a range of topics, including sociopreneurship, education, fintech, renewable energy, communication, and finance, all of which are designed and delivered by industry practitioners.

Through collaborations with partners from industry, government, educational institutions, NGOs, and communities, Future Skills works to prepare young talents in Indonesia with the competencies and capabilities needed to respond to the rapidly evolving job market.

Some of the platform’s flagship programs include Microsoft Berpijar (held in collaboration with Microsoft Indonesia), ASN Berpijar (held in

collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform), DBS Berpijar (held in collaboration with DBS Indonesia), and Connext Masterclass.

With a focus on delivering relevant and practical skills, Future Skills is helping to shape the future of Indonesia’s workforce.

“The Future Skills class is useful for those of you who want to know more about entrepreneurship, leadership, and environmental issues. My experience in taking the class was fun; I got a lot of knowledge about climate crisis and people-oriented leadership from the experts directly. Apart from that, you will also learn about teamwork because there are several team projects to create new ideas.”

Impact Report 2022 | 19 www.pijarfoundation.org Chapter 2: Talent








Cultivating collaborative networks and resources for innovation through incubation, acceleration, and funding mechanisms to drive impactful ideas and ventures.


Navigating the product-market-fit maze

Startups and innovators play a crucial role in driving structural improvement in the market, as they challenge the status quo, and bring new and betterfit products and services to the market. However, these ventures often face numerous obstacles in their quest for survival and success. Among these challenges is the daunting task of achieving productmarket fit. Unless a product or service aligns with the market needs and generates significant demand, it can be tough for startups to attract investors and customers.

Given the intense competition and constantly changing market landscape, the lack of understanding of the customer’s pain points and unmet needs can quickly drown startups and innovators. Therefore, the ability to identify the right problems and provide the right solutions, then deliver them to the right people at the right price, is critical but complex. Achieving product-market fit requires continuous customer feedback, experimentation, and an iterative approach to product development.

22 | Impact Report 2022 www.pijarfoundation.org Chapter 3: Innovation

Leveraging collaboration to empower and connect

Product-market-fit is not a single destination but rather a journey that requires continuous experimentation, iteration, and a deep understanding of customer needs. To increase their chances of success, startups and small initiatives need a collaborative and inclusive ecosystem of accelerators that help establish a strong foundation and create strategic partnerships.

While access to funding and resources is critical for startups, strategic networks are equally essential to stay informed about market trends and demands. Large corporations and state-owned enterprises (SOEs) can play a crucial role in fostering startups and small initiatives by providing resources and market access to help them reach their potential. In turn, startups and innovators can also benefit large corporations and SOEs by introducing innovative ideas that drive their supply chains and operations to be more efficient and sustainable.

Collaboration and knowledge-sharing between startups and large corporations can power the engine of growth and help build a more sustainable future. By creating mutually beneficial partnerships and leveraging their respective strengths, startups and large corporations can create value in their respective markets, drive innovation, and foster economic growth.

Impact Report 2022 | 23 www.pijarfoundation.org Chapter 3: Innovation
www.pijarfoundation.org 23 | Impact Report 2022

Creating lasting impact together through technology

As a strategic hub, Lestari connects innovators with corporate partners, industry experts, as well as the right mentors. Together with these key players, the program encourages innovators to create concrete impact in an ecosystem that fosters collaboration. Lestari is committed to maximizing the collaboration of the best ideas, innovations, and policies, in order to face future trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Through PLN Elevation, an accelerator program launched by Lestari and PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), the state-owned electricity company, Lestari encourages the young generation to innovate and create solutions for Indonesia’s future energy. The program selected startups that focus on the areas of asset and resource innovation, green energy ecosystem, and electric ecosystem. Within six months, the ten selected startups –Abarobotics, Amtiss, Astrobike, Automa, Bosrindo Energi Semesta, Circa, Cityplan, Katalin, Leastric, and myECO–received assistance, sandboxing opportunity in the PLN ecosystem, and funding to implement their innovative ideas.

24 | Impact Report 2022 Chapter 3: Innovation




1.45 Bn



“Automa wishes to support carbon footprint tracking in Indonesia. Joining Lestari through PLN Elevation gives us the opportunity to collaborate with other similar startups, learn more about developing policies, and position ourselves as a value-add for the PLN ecosystem and eventually the country.”

Eumir Bethbeder, CMO at Automa - PLN Elevation participant

Chapter 4 POLICY 4

Complex issues of today and tomorrow can only be solved by cross-sectoral collaboration.

The critical need for collaboration

To achieve Indonesia’s ambitious goals of Sustainable Development Goals 2030, Vision 2045, and Net Zero Goals by 2060, it is imperative that all stakeholders work together with a strong commitment. Despite sharing the same planet and facing common social and environmental issues, perception differences and structural problems of distrust and concentrated power among policy elites often hinder cooperation among public institutions that are meant to serve the interests of the people, leading to a sectoral ego that impedes effective policymaking. To overcome these challenges and promote collaboration, there is a pressing need for active, neutral, and diverse matchmaking platforms that bring together key Indonesian and global players to network, solve problems, and create impact together.

Impact Report 2022 | 27 www.pijarfoundation.org Chapter 4: Policy

Championing collaborative governance

Collaborative governance, which involves the government, private actors, and the community, is essential in achieving Indonesia’s sustainable and just goals, particularly in the policymaking process. By creating an enabling environment that fosters collaboration between and within sectors and generations, this approach generates synergies that benefit all parties.

The public sector gains additional resources and investment value, as well as guaranteed participation and ownership, while the private sector benefits from balanced inclusion between the producer and consumer chains, leading to long-term benefits. Finally, the community gains access to new skills, knowledge, and technology, making collaborative governance a win-win approach for all stakeholders.

28 | Impact Report 2022 www.pijarfoundation.org Chapter 4: Policy

Global Future X (GFX) is a dynamic platform that brings together diverse problem-solvers to design innovative policies for a sustainable future. We are dedicated to fostering collaboration between private and community sectors to optimize meaningful partnerships and #SolveTheFutureNow.

We are proud to pioneer this movement in Indonesia, a highly-diverse leader of the Global South. Our goal is to promote multi-sectoral collaboration, anticipate changes, and build a sustainable future.

At GFX, we focus on talent development and environmental issues to help Indonesia achieve its future ambitions. Our work addresses key issues such as energy transition, healthcare, and food security, while also tackling cross-cutting issues of gender inequality and education inclusion.

Global Future Fellows (GFF) is like a missing piece of the puzzle on Indonesia’s energy transition. The program brings people from different backgrounds together and also provides an opportunity for development by allowing participants to interact not only with high calibre speakers, but also like-minded individuals.

Impact Report 2022 | 29 www.pijarfoundation.org Chapter 4: Policy

Bringing everybody on Board

Global Future Builder (GFB) is a program that focuses on helping rural communities tackle problems in the areas of economics, environment, and education. Aiming to identify best practices that will feed policymaking, the program works by empowering these communities through project funding, mentoring, and assistance for ideas that can make a real

difference. Being part of the Pijar Foundation ecosystem, GFB is able to provide powerful resources and a network of strategic connections to help individuals and communities develop their skills, bring their ideas to fruition, and prepare themselves to make a bigger impact in society, all in a supportive and encouraging environment.

“Global Future Builder helps us accelerate the circular economy process in coastal communities around Balikpapan through the #TukarPakaiSampah program, where more than 100 fishermen exchange used cooking oil for biodiesel (BANA Diesel) that we have developed.

This program helps accelerate the energy transition in grassroots communities and create a sustainable prosperity for all.”

Impact Report 2022 | 31 www.pijarfoundation.org Chapter 4: Policy
Global Future Builder Grantee




69 GRANTEES www.pijarfoundation.org


| Impact Report www.pijarfoundation.org Chapter 5: Highlighted Event
Masterclass Solo, 15 December 2022
Opening Trial EBS Connext

Grand Launching of PLN Elevation

Jakarta, 12 September 2022

Impact Report 2022 | 35 www.pijarfoundation.org Chapter 5: Highlighted Event

Global Future Fellows:

Bali, September-October 2022

36 | Impact Report 2022 www.pijarfoundation.org Chapter 5: Highlighted Event
Safeguarding Indonesia’s Energy Transition

Our Leadership in 2022

Impact Report 2022 | 37 www.pijarfoundation.org Chapter 5: Highlighted Event

Our Partners

We would like to thank all our strategic partners (governments, academics, private sectors, communities, etc.) for their valued support, engagement, and contribution to the pathways that we have paved and are continuously paving together.

38 | Impact Report 2022 www.pijarfoundation.org


We are deeply grateful to the individuals who have helped us craft this impact report. Without their generous support, expertise, and guidance, this project would not have been possible.

+ Achmad Adhitya

+ Adelia Anjani Putri

+ Ageng Sajiwo

+ Ajeng Silvayanti

+ Aldiego Adhi Makayasa

+ Alfianda Karuza

+ Anisa Firdia Hanum

+ Arva Naufal

+ Aulia Pradipta Prabandaru

+ Brian Edityanto

+ Bulan Setiawan

+ Cazadira Fediva Tamzil

+ Cynthia Krisanti

+ Ellya Rizki Handayani

+ Ferro Ferizka

+ Fitra Ade Setiawan

+ Gabriella Anindyacitta S. B.

+ Gede Janaka Narayana

+ Gracea Kumala

+ Hanifa Rizka Putri

+ Hasintya Saraswati

+ Indira Zahra-Aridati

+ Indra Dwi Prasetyo

+ Leody Sarmanella

+ Leorede Thenu

+ Maria Monica Wijaya

+ Muhammad Fathahillah Zuhri

+ Muhammad Nabil Satria Faradis

+ Muhammad Rizky

+ Nadya Tedjasukmana

+ Naufal Musri

+ Nilam Hamiddani Syaiful

+ Pramusinto Nugroho Dewa

+ Rachmat Ogie Kurniawan

+ Ramadhanti Firmaningsih

+ Sayid Muhammad Azzahir

+ Shanaz Makrufa

+ Titus Aldi Nata Wijaya

+ Widya Priyahita Pudjibudojo

Impact Report 2022 | 39 www.pijarfoundation.org
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