CARES Act Economic Stabilization & Recovery Programs

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2020 CARES Act Economic Stabilization & Recovery Programs

Pierce County Economic Development Department

Introduction Pandemic Hits – Mobilization In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused unprecedented economic challenges to our business community. In response, the Pierce County Economic Development Department pivoted and mobilized to provide numerous business stabilization and recovery programs. In March, the Pierce County Council enacted the first program designed to assist businesses with monies from the general fund to create the Emergency Small Business Relief Loan. In May, the Pierce County Council began allocating additional funding through the Federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act that would ultimately provide $46.5 million in business aid and recovery programs.

Vital Support – Businesses Saved

During very challenging economic times these programs provided vital supplies and funding to businesses allowing them to continue to operate or re-open. Many businesses have expressed their appreciation for this much needed support. Additionally, many positive stories about the programs have added to the County's business-friendly image. Ultimately, these factors will contribute to business retention during the pandemic and beyond.

2020 CARES Report

“I would like to compliment Pierce County and their response to the COVID pandemic. The resources, supplies, and funding programs have been very useful to us during a time when we our business is trying to navigate this pandemic while dealing with significant revenue losses. The programs that have been developed are addressing some needs of small businesses in useful ways.� - Comfort Inn & Suites Downtown Tacoma

2020 CARES Report

Total CARES Spend


2020 CARES Report

CARES Response Timeline

National Public Health Emergency Declared

Jan. 31

PPE Distribution Occurs at 10 Sites throughout Pierce County

Gov. Inslee Issues "Stay at Home" order

PPE (Masks and Thermometers) is ordered

Mar. 24

Feb. Mar. 23 29

Mar. May 25 7

Small Bus. Relief Loan Ordinance is passed Gov. Inslee Declares State of Emergency

2020 CARES Report

May 14

May 28

Jun. 2

Jun. 10

Jun. 13

All PPE is received at Secured Warehouse

Council Adopts Ordinance Allocating CARES Funding

Rent and Mortgage Assistance Ordinance Adopted

First Adaptation Grant Application Received

First Loan Application Received

First Restaurant Rally Application Received

Youth and Young Adult Internship Program Begins

Jun. Aug. 6 15

Aug. 15

Sep. Oct. 14 9

Fresh Express Food Deliveries Begin Adaptation Grant Ordinance Adopted

First Rent and Mortgage Assist. Application Received

First Rollback Grant Application Received

Oct. Nov. 20 12

Restaurant Rally Ordinance Adopted

Nov. 21

Dec. 31

CARES Funding Programs Completed

Main Street Rollback Grant Ordinance Adopted

Common Criteria

Small Business Brick & Mortar Business Located in Pierce County Revenue loss of at least 25% due to COVID-19 pandemic 2020 CARES Report

COVID-19 Business Impact Survey Over 1,400 business leaders representing businesses across all sectors located throughout Pierce County completed the survey. Businesses were asked:

“What programs or services would most help your business recover?�






Personal Protective Equipment

Shop local programs, consumer confidence campaign


2020 CARES Report

Small Business Relief Loan/Grant

$7.126M Program began March 2020 The Pierce County Council enacted the COVID-19 Emergency Small Business Relief Loan Program to keep businesses located in Pierce County in operation and protect jobs threatened by the pandemic. This program started out using general funds and was for unincorporated businesses only. It was replaced by CARES funding and the loan program was expanded to all businesses in the County with 20 or fewer employees. Over seven different pivots were made to reflect marketplace needs including moving to a forgivable loan and then conversion to a grant program. 2020 CARES Report

Small Business Relief Loan/Grant



Number of Loans/Grants

Real Estate & Property Management 1%

Education Services 1%

Business Type Social Services 1%

Information Technology 0.4%

Professional Services 7% Maintenance Services 3%

Total $ Funded

Personal Services 19%

Accomodation & Food Services 19%

Medical & Dental 10%

Recreation 7%

Services Wholesale Trade 8% 1% Transportation & Logistics 1% 2020 CARES Report

Agriculture 0.1%

Retail 11%




Average Grant Amount

Business Location All other areas in Pierce County 12%

Gig Harbor 8%

University Place 4%

Lakewood 9%

Construction & Building Repair 7% Manufacturing 3%

Non-Profit 2%

Fife Bonney Lake 1% 3%

Tacoma 43%

Puyallup 17%

Sumner 3%

Small Business Relief Loan/Grant Business Size (FTE)

Years in Business

1-5: 36% 0-5: 63%

6-10: 23%

6-10: 24%

11-20: 23%

11-15: 8%

21-30: 9%

15-20: 5%

31-50: 7% 51-100: 2%

2020 CARES Report

Small Business Relief Loan/Grant

38% Minority Owned



Women Owned

Veteran Owned

“This support helps us continue our mission “enriching lives through the art form of musical theater!” This funding is an investment for years to come to help us through a difficult time for the arts.” - Tacoma Musical Playhouse 2020 CARES Report

Adaptation Grant

$3.456M Program began June 2020 The Pierce County Council passed an Emergency Ordinance providing partial funding assistance to businesses and non-profit organizations to help offset costs associated with complying with COVID-19 operational requirements.

2020 CARES Report

Adaptation Grant


3.456 M Total $ Funded

Number of Grants

Business Location Bonney Lake Fife 3% 2%

Social Services 4%

Education Services 3% Maintenance Services 2%

Personal Services 15%

Accomodation & Food Service 17%

Recreation 6%

Wholesale Trade 0%

Retail 6%

Real Estate & Transportation Property & Logistics Management 1% 1% 2020 CARES Report

Average Reimbursement Amount

Applications Approved

Business Type

Professional Services 4%



Medical & Dental 19% Non-Profit 11%

Agriculture 2% Construction & Building Repair 5% Information Technology 1% Manufacturing 3%

University Place 4%

All other areas in Pierce County 11%

Tacoma 46%

Gig Harbor 9%

Lakewood 7%

Puyallup 15%

Sumner 3%

Adaptation Grant Business Size (FTE) 1-5: 31% 6-10: 24%

1-5: 27% 6-10: 19%

11-20: 18%

11-20: 24%

21-50: 14%

21-30: 11%

51-100: 7%

2020 CARES Report

Years in Business

31-50: 11%

101-250: 4%

51-100: 6%

250 & Over: 2%

101 & Over: 2%

Adaptation Grant

32% Minority Owned

40% Women Owned

7% Veteran Owned

“On behalf of our therapists, we are extremely appreciative at being a participant in the PC Adaptation Grant. With our grant we were able to purchase COVID-19 PPE supplies, equipment and staff training…the Adaptation Grant helped us to reopen and resume taking patients on a limited schedule. This was of huge benefit to our staff and patients from the Gig Harbor community.” - Best Body Moves 2020 CARES Report

Commercial Rent & Mortgage Assistance

$16.876M Program began August 2020 The Pierce County Council passed an Emergency Ordinance to protect jobs threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic by providing limited aid to businesses whose operations are significantly restricted by the Safe Start Reopening Plan in the form of commercial rent and mortgage payment assistance. 2020 CARES Report

Commercial Rent & Mortgage Assistance

1,301 Grants

Business Type Social Services 0.5%

Total $ Funded

Average Grant Amount

Bonney Lake Fife 3% 1% University Place 3%

Accomodation & Food Service 33% Personal Services 20%


Business Location

Transportation & Logistics 1% Wholesale Trade 0.4%

Real Estate & Property Management 1%

2020 CARES Report


Applications Approved

Retail 12%

Recreation 7%

Professional Services 3%


Agriculture 0.2%

Construction & Building Repair Information Medical & 1% Technology Dental 0.1% Education 14% Maintenance Services 1% Non-Profit Manufacturing Services 1% 2% 3%

All other areas in Pierce County 12%

Tacoma 47%

Gig Harbor 9% Lakewood 10% Puyallup 13%

Sumner 2%

Commercial Rent & Mortgage Assistance

Business Size (FTE) 1-5: 47% 6-10: 27%

1-5: 38% 6-10: 22%

11-20: 16%

11-20: 25%

21-50: 9%

21-30: 9%

51-100: 1%

31-50: 5%

101-250: .4%

51-100: 1%

250 & Over: .2%

2020 CARES Report

Years in Business

101 & Over: .5%

Commercial Rent & Mortgage Assistance

44% Minority Owned

51% Women Owned

9% Veteran Owned

“I just want to say thank you SO much to all Pierce Co [sic] has done for small businesses during this crazy and unpredictable time. I appreciate the various ways they have helped businesses - providing them with loans, rent help, PPE, and ongoing emails with information. It means so much to have the support and it has made a difference in me being able to keep going!!!� - Barrett Family Dental

2020 CARES Report

Restaurant Rally

$6.691M Program began October/November 2020 The Pierce County Council passed an Emergency Ordinance to establish the Pierce County Restaurant Rally Program designed to encourage patronage at full-service restaurants and keep local restaurants in business.

2020 CARES Report

Restaurant Rally


6.691M Total $ Funded

Number of Grants

Vegan 0.4% Seafood 3%

Restaurant Type

Bonney Lake Fife 1% 2%

Thai 5%

University Place 3%

All other areas in Pierce County 13%

American/Pizza/ Burgers 49% Mexican 12%

2020 CARES Report


Business Location

Vietnamese 4%

Other 15%

Japanese 4%


Hospitality Partners

Gig Harbor 10%

Lakewood 6%

Puyallup 14% Tacoma 49% Sumner 2%

Italian 6% Indian 1%

Chinese 1%

Restaurant Rally Business Size – Max Capacity

Years in Business

1-5: 33% 0-50: 13%

6-10: 20%

51-100: 35%

11-20: 28%

101-200: 33%

21-30: 7%

201-300: 15%

31-50: 10%

Over 300: 4%

2020 CARES Report

51-100: 2%

Restaurant Rally

32% Minority Owned



Women Owned

Veteran Owned

“I went to Galanga Thai in Tacoma for a take-out order, and they were doing frantic business. Absolutely insane. I ended up chatting briefly with the manager, who told me it was the busiest day they’ve had at that restaurant, ever. The waits were really long, but people were safely distanced and hanging out outside, so no issues there. The manager pointed at the Restaurant Rally sign at their point of sale, and he told me it was working maybe a little *too* well. But he said he was really thankful for the program and that it really helped his bottom line when things have been tough.� - Travel Tacoma - Mt. Rainier 2020 CARES Report

$10K Business Rollback Relief Grant

$4.13M Program began November 2020 The Pierce County Council passed an emergency ordinance to provide financial support to main street retail, arts and culture businesses and other qualifying businesses impacted by recently modified COVID-19 restrictions. 2020 CARES Report

$10K Business Rollback Relief Grant


Number of Grants

4.13M Total $ Funded

Targeted Industry Support

Recreation Fitness 21% Recreation Arts/Culture 12% 2020 CARES Report

Bonney Lake Fife 3% 1% University Place 3%

Accomodation & Food Service 45%

0-5 Employees

Business Location

Business Type

Retail 22%


All other areas in Pierce County 12%

Tacoma 47%

Gig Harbor 9% Lakewood 10%

Puyallup 13%

Sumner 2%

$10K Business Rollback Relief Grant Business Size (FTE)

Years in Business 1-5: 43%

0-5: 63% 6-10: 20% 11-15: 10% 15-20: 7%

6-10: 20% 11-20: 22% 21-30: 6% 31-50: 5% 51-100: 4% 101 & Over: .2%

2020 CARES Report

$10K Business Rollback Relief Grant

31% Minority Owned

56% Women Owned

13% Veteran Owned

“Thank you for all your hard work in helping small businesses like mine survive theses challenging times. Your dedication and efforts are greatly appreciated.� - Pilates Bodies in Motion 2020 CARES Report

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

$5.538 M Program began May 2020 The Pierce County Council allocated funding to provide free PPE to county businesses to help them comply with COVID-19 workplace safety practices and protect employees and customers. We distributed disposable masks, thermometers, air filters, and hand sanitizer. 2020 CARES Report

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

9,800 Number of Requests

5.538M 152,000 Total $ Spent

Number of Employees Represented


Number of Masks Distributed

“I can attribute much of the reason that we’re still standing today to your support. Pierce County was the first to lend me a hand and seemingly simple things like masks and thermometers have been critical to our reopening. Please know that everything you’ve done and continue to do for us is important and so very appreciated!” - Grit City Wellness 2020 CARES Report

Farm Business Support Programs

$1M Programs began May 2020 Supported the farm industry by linking them with underserved food deserts throughout the county. This offered much needed income for small farms, prevented food going to waste, and provided food to communities in need.

2020 CARES Report

Farm Business Support Programs



Food Distribution Site Visits

Semi-Trailer Loads of Produce to EFN

“It is with great pleasure I write this letter to commend you and your efforts in reaching out to our community of Asian Pacific People to share your fresh goods of eggs, vegetables and fruits. It is especially helpful and time important for what our families are going through these hard times of COVID19.” - Asia Pacific Cultural Center

200,000 11,364 Pieces of PPE

Produce/Protein Boxes Delivered

“The Fresh Express program has brought the farm extensive unplanned income. As a result, we were able to raise everyone’s wages well above minimum wage which is the standard for field work. As a direct result of this program, we will be issuing bonus checks of significant amount to all employees.” - Four Elements Organic Farm

2020 CARES Report

Workforce Programs

$1.53M Programs began September 2020 Connected youth and young adults impacted by program closures due to the pandemic with businesses needing support personnel. The program created paid internships and job skill training. We were also able to support technical and vocational training through funding to local schools. 2020 CARES Report

Workforce Programs


Number of Students that Received Financial Aid



10,000 Hours Served



“The Pierce County region has seen unprecedented challenges in supporting families and children in 2020; amid childcare facility closures, economic hardship, shifts in learning routines, and so much more. Through a series of creative partnerships, Goodwill and WorkForce Central enlisted Pierce County youth to provide staff support to local childcare providers. In return, parents and caregivers can continue or return to work, the local economy remains active, small businesses are supported, and youth are discovering career pathways available to them.� - WorkForce 2020 CARES Report


CARES Program Outreach A combination of paid media and earned media were key to getting the word out about the CARES Economic Stabilization and Recovery Programs. In addition, the Economic Development Department partnered with many local organizations including minority business associations, cities, chambers of commerce, and the EDB to reach as many businesses as possible

2020 CARES Report



CARES Programs Paid Media Campaign By selecting a diverse range of paid media in both small and large outlets, community members were reached through print, online, and radio sponsored segments.

2020 CARES Report

Restaurant Rally Paid Media Campaigns Restaurant Rally Program Partners coordinated the CARES funded Media Campaigns for the November 2020 promotion. The paid campaigns included media outlets and online promotion of the website

244K 4.9M Page Views November 1-22

2020 CARES Report


49K Clicks

CARES Programs Earned & Social Media Top local news outlets such as KING5, Q13 Fox, and Tacoma News Tribune covered the various CARES programs offered. Social media posts were crucial to helping spread the word about CARES programs in 2020.

Notable Coverage Links KING5 - Pierce County unveils restaurant rescue plan to discount meals 30% using CARES Act funding


Earned Media Pieces

Q13 Fox - Pierce County investing millions in relief to businesses Tacoma News Tribune – Pierce County businesses can get free masks, thermometers to help deal with COVID-19 Q13 Fox - Pierce County Council extends CARES Act relief to support Restaurant Rally restaurants, local food banks

2020 CARES Report

207K Social Impressions Paid & Earned

COVID-19 Updates & Information From the outset of the pandemic, the Economic Development Department was proactive in our efforts to keep businesses informed regarding community resources, new operating guidelines, and CARES programs. New COVID-19 specific pages were created on the department website and updates were sent weekly to thousands of business subscribers.

2020 CARES Report

COVID-19 Updates: Web Pages & Emails

127.8K Page Views


Emails Sent Avg. Email Open Rate 45%

2020 CARES Report

A Bigger Umbrella…

When faced with the economic crisis that the COVID-19 pandemic presented, it quickly became obvious that we needed a bigger umbrella! Lessons learned: • • • • • • • • • • • •

2020 CARES Report

Be nimble, flexible, and quick to respond to marketplace needs Best laid ordinances and plans require pivots Amazing team that believes in the mission Communications and data are essential Listen to customers and be responsive Understand supply chains and outside influences Goal – how to get to yes, create tools to help Entrepreneurial and customer service focused Deadlines motivate Partnerships matter (internal and external) Most business owners are deeply invested in their companies Chance favors the prepared mind