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Strong Start. Strong Finish. AT H E N S D E G R E E C O M P L E T I O N


Congratulations! You’re on your way! You have at least 30 hours of transferable college credits.

Next? A step up the ladder: Completing a career-defining Bachelor’s Degree.

Where? A place that brings it all together: Piedmont College in Athens.

A Piedmont College degree is an extra-strength career builder. How? It’s all about respect. The kind of deep

Finally, it is an elevated level of respect—in

respect that is earned over a history that

both the educational and professional worlds

spans all the way back to 1897. That is built

—that comes when learning outside the

on keeping programs up-to-the-minute with

classroom is seamlessly and directly linked to

today’s—and tomorrow’s—demands and

learning inside the classroom. In other words,

expectations. That is underpinned by our

Piedmont College is the definition of respect

teaching-loving, mentor-serving faculty. That is

that translates into success. Your success.

enforced by the view that work strengths and liberal arts knowledge are valuable partners.

Going to college in Athens is a ‘having-it-all’ decision. In some cases, “the best of both worlds” comes

Think about it this way. You can receive a

across as a cliché. In our case, it comes across

classic Piedmont College education in the

as a dose of reality. The Athens campus of

Classic City of Athens. On one hand that

Piedmont College, opened in 1996, gives you

means hallmarks like personal-size classes,

the chance to attend a small college (with all

reality-based majors, and a diploma that gets

the individual attention and academic focus

attention. On the other, it means a lively social

that implies) in a big-college town (with all the

scene (Anybody want to go for a pizza?), and

fun and activities that implies).

a wealth of music, theatre, art, and athletic events (See you at the concert!).


The right fit? That’s easy to fact check. As with any life-changing choice, if you’re thinking about completing your bachelor’s degree at Piedmont College in




Athens, it’s key to weigh the details. From big picture concerns such as location (close to home, close to work) and faculty quality (unmatched) to small make-life-easier perks like parking (ample and free) and access to coffee spots (including a great one right here on campus), see if the realities match your expectations.


More than 98.73% of Piedmont students receive financial aid.

Here are a few good starting points.


You have access to the Athens Transit System (so getting around town is easy).


Like all Piedmont College students, you have the opportunity to participate in outstanding programs like Travel Study and Maymester.


You will find a convenient mix of day and evening classes—depending primarily on the major.


Centrally located to classes and activities, the new Athens Campus Library offers the space, resources and support needed for academic success. Plus, you are free to use the library at the University of Georgia.


Things are always happening around here. Everything from honor societies, the Urban Garden Club, to charity walks downtown.


Many students have campus jobs— earning money and building resumes on the spot.

Listen up. You can trust the voices of experience.

P C I S N O T YO U R N O R M “ Our professors make themselves available. They lend a helping hand and actually look forward to student inquiries. That assures I will have the skills and knowledge I need to succeed. “ Malcom Faust ’20, Education

BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN What can I say? I wanted to become a nurse, and I wanted to stay in Athens. Piedmont was the clear choice. I’m totally confident in my education. And totally loving all that my hometown has to offer.

E X A C T LY W H AT I WA N T E D After my Associates Degree, I carefully considered where to finish my bachelor’s. I looked for a school where I would be seen and heard—where I would get smart advice. Piedmont Athens was the answer.

Adam Arlt ’17, Nursing

Jenny Vargas ’14, Criminal Justice

What you can study. Business Administration— Concentrations in:

Educational Studies


Nursing (BSN)




General Business

Leadership Studies (online-hybrid)





Criminal Justice


Sociology and Anthropology

Early Childhood Education

Middle Grades Education

When you're ready for your next big step, Piedmont offers some outstanding graduate programs.

General Psychology

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) Education Specialist (Ed.S.) Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) Master of Arts (M.A.) Master of Business (MBA) Certification Only Programs

How to make it happen... 1 Visit apply and complete our FREE online application. transcripts from 2 Request each college you have attended. Send to:

Piedmont College Undergraduate Admissions PO Box 10 Demorest GA 30535

your FAFSA 3 Complete and/or add Piedmont School code: 001588 to your current FAFSA.

Do it. 595 Prince Avenue | Athens, Georgia | 706-548-8505 |

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