Piedmont Craftsmen's 2020 Annual Report

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PIEDMONT CRAFTSMEN STATE OF THE ORGANIZATION Annual Report for 2020 2020 marks Piedmont Craftsmen’s 57th Anniversary. It has been a most unusual year for the organization, Board, staff, our artists and supporters.

2020 IN REVIEW The twenty-one members of the Board of Directors met monthly to review financials, discuss ongoing special events, fundraising and future plans. The Board held a retreat in February, which focused on the coming year and beyond. The Board focused on needing to update our Strategic Plan, and discussed community development, fundraising, the website and social media. The Board and staff engaged in discussions about Community Development and Partnerships, Services to Exhibiting Members, and Marketing. From these conversations the Board agreed on improving our financial stability, redesigning of the website, serving the community through our educational and outreach programs, identifying annual staffing needs, developing alliances with other organizations and groups to achieve a more efficient and effective advancement of the mission, and embracing and employing cutting-edge technology. In March, everything changed and out of necessity, we shifted our efforts primarily to technology. Many of the plans that were discussed in February had to be placed on hold as the state and country closed down because of COVID-19. All Board and Committee meetings moved to a virtual platform. The Board’s focus moved from the long-range plan to short range goals to insure the health of the organization and the safety of the staff.

EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Piedmont Craftsmen’s mission is to promote the value of fine craft, and education is a key component to understanding its value. We meet our mission by including education in all of our programs. Piedmont Craftsmen’s educational programs are delivered to the community, to all age groups, by our professional artists and Education Director. In February, our Education Director, Nicole Uzzell meet with several groups of students at Clemmons Middle School. She engaged one hundred and six students and their teachers in discussions on fine crafts. Lectures at other schools were cancelled in March after the school district sent students home for the rest of the school year. We had received an Art in Education grant from the Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County for residencies in three high schools. These plans for late spring were also cancelled.

Additional plans for programs in the Gallery had to be canceled until restrictions were lifted by the Governor. The Artist 2 Artist series was designed as an educational alternative to inperson events. Three virtual discussions were presented in conjunction with an online auction in early October. The first conversation was Bryant Holsenbeck and Edwina Bringle discussing fiber and craft education. The second discussion was Robb Helmkamp and O’Neal Jones discussing the fine art of wood

working. The third Artist to Artist presentation was a panel discussion of women jewelers. The panel was led by Erica Stankwytch Bailey and included Annie Grimes Williams, Theresa Kwong and Tavia Brown.

FORM AND FLIGHT Kathleen Master & David Russell

EXHIBITIONS AND GALLERY Piedmont Craftsmen’s Gallery and monthly exhibitions offer greater visibility for all our exhibiting members. The year-round Gallery showcases, on average, the work of 200 Exhibiting Members in all media. Additionally, Piedmont Craftsmen has ongoing shows at Arbor Acres Methodist Retirement community, the WinstonSalem Symphony offices, Blue Rock Advisors, Hotel Indigo, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, and Wi-Fi Wine Bar & Shoppe. In 2020, we were prepared to host nine exhibits, but due to the pandemic our plans and those of our artists changed. The artists scheduled to show in 2020 decided to move their exhibitions to 2021. The New Members exhibit was extended into the summer and the annual theme show was installed for four months. Both exhibits were presented online catalog format. The catalogs can be found on our website’s exhibits page: https:// piedmontcraftsmen.org/gallery/exhibits/. The following exhibitions were presented in the Gallery in 2020: Form and Flight – an exhibit featuring glass artist David Russell and mixed media artist Kathleen Master. New Members - Piedmont Craftsmen welcomed the following new artists: Clay – Christina Bendo, Douglas Bringle, Ayla Mullen, and Wendy Wrenn Werstlein Jewelry – Debra Adelson, Hannah Long, Cindy Miller, and Hsiang-Ting Yen Mixed Media – Renee Calder, Marge Luttrell, Anne McLean, and Eric Moore Wood – Ian Herdell and Rob Herion Tension of Opposites – this year’s annual theme exhibition focused on opposing textures, colors, or surfaces and how that tension can influence mood, tactile experience and stylistic

expression. Artists in the show were: Marina Bosetti, Doug Bringle, Deborah Bryant, Lucy Clark, Emerald Estock, Glenna Fleiner, Mary Gunyuzlu, Ann Harwell, Robb Helmkamp, Ian Herdell, Rob Herion, Mana Hewitt, O’Neal Jones, Kathy King, Susan Webb Lee, Betti Pettinati-Longinotti, Barbara McFadyen, Jody Ochs, Sharron Parker, Penny Truitt, Steven Summerville, Lynne Sward, Penny Truitt, David Voorhees, Lori Warren and Ali Wieboldt.

THE 56th and 57TH ANNUAL CRAFTSMEN’S FAIR The Annual Piedmont Craftsmen’s Fair is where the artist’s creative vision comes to life as the work of the hand, and then comes full circle in the eyes and hands of the collector. The 2019 Fair featured the work of nearly 100 craft artists in all media. Close to 1000 members, sponsors and their guests attended the Friday evening Preview Night. Thanks to funding from Visit Winston-Salem, the Craftsmen’s Fair was advertised in communities 2

across the state and region, including Charlotte, Raleigh, and areas of South Carolina and Virginia. Of the 3450 visitors to the Fair, 53% were from Forsyth County and 47% were from outside of the county. In June, it became obvious that we would need to cancel the in-person November Craftsmen’s Fair and look for other ways to support our artists. This would represent the first time an in-person show was not held since 1963. The staff begin to research online virtual show platforms and found Booth Central. To explore the various features of this platform a one-day summer show was developed. Forty-two artists participated and over 400 guests signed in to shop. Based on the success of the summer show a November virtual Craftsmen’s Fair was developed. Sixty-three artists participated and over 1,475 guests shopped on either Friday or Saturday of this two-day event. Our sponsors for Piedmont Craftsmen’s 2020 Virtual Fair are: The Arts Council of WinstonSalem and Forsyth County, Bell Davis Pitt, Blue Rock Advisors, Visit Winston-Salem, Saybrook Capital, Butler & Burke, LLP CAPs, Hughes Metal Works, LLC, JDL Castle Corporation, Phoenix Packaging, Walters Robb Callahan & Pierce Architects, P.A., as well as numerous individuals and collectors. We are very grateful for their support this year.

EXHIBITING MEMBERS AND DONORS The organization’s Standards Committee selects new Exhibiting Members through our annual review process. In 2019, fourteen new exhibiting members were added to our roster of 370. This year, the 13 artists invited to participate in the object review at the Fair have had their application deferred to the 2021 Fair. Seven of these artists participated in the Virtual Fair. With much gratitude and thanks, we salute our supporters and donors. In a year that has been so difficult for so many, our donor base continues to

surprise us with their generosity and devotion to Piedmont Craftsmen. Without their commitment we would have closed our doors and been forced to lay off much of the staff. Of our 600 supporting donors, we are pleased to have 42 donors in the Benefactor, 1963 Society and Living Treasure levels, 64 donors in the Artists Advocate and Yearround Sustainer levels, and the remaining donors at the Collector and Guild Friend levels. Current Sponsors, Donors, and Exhibiting Members are listed on pages 4 - 7 of this report.

FUNDRAISING AND AUCTION Piedmont Craftsmen has been awarded several special grants in 2020. Several of these grants were only available because of the COVID-19 pandemic. A grant from the Winston-Salem Foundation for $18,000 that is restricted to underwriting the salary of our Development Director for a second year. A second grant from the Winston-Salem Foundation for $4,763 funded the purchase of two new laptop computers with software, upgrades to server for remote access while the staff works from home and photo equipment to produce high quality images of the artwork in the gallery for the online shop. A Payroll Protection Program loan enabled us to retain all the staff during the spring and summer months. This forgivable loan allowed Piedmont Craftsmen’s staff to continue building the new website. A $5,000 grant from Greater Winston-Salem and the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership assisted with paying for several months of contract labor including our bookkeeper, an IT technician and final payment to the website contractors. A grant from the NC Cares for Arts gave us a final boost in December. The award was to offset expenses from our business being disrupted because of COVID-19. 3

Over the past several years, collectors and artists have been gifting artwork to Piedmont Craftsmen. The work donated includes items that the organization has retained for its permanent collection and pieces that could be auctioned for fundraising. The first week of October, we held the Give Art Life Benefit Auction. All the work sold during the online auction. The event netted almost $3,400 to support our Education and Community Programs. Donations of artwork have been received this year from: Charlie and Melrose Buchanan, Lois Davis and the estate of Gail Citron.

SOCIAL MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY Technology continues to be an ever-expanding resource and challenge for the organization. Our website remains a major asset for the organization. Besides hosting our artists’ pages, the website has our calendar of events, program information, online shopping and much more. The website is also the portal to our email signup, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Website: Piedmont Craftsmen received a special grant from the Arts Council of WinstonSalem and Forsyth County in 2019 to cover some of the costs of redesigning our website. This was a massive project that the Marketing Committee started discussing in 2018. Work on the new website began in early January. Our lead designer, Chris Hayden was supported by an amazing team from Tayloe Gray. They produced a fresh design throughout the website and online shop. The website gives us the flexibility to change the content, images and expand or reduce what is needed on each page. The site was launched in October after ten months of design meetings, resizing thousands of images, rewriting content, countless hours on part of the staff and others, and some trial and error. The website showcases our almost 400

artists, archives, events and exhibitions in an easy to navigate format. The new site is also mobile and tablet friendly. Piedmont Craftsmen sends newsletters via email to a list of over 3100 individuals who wish to receive information from us regularly. Additionally, email newsletters are sent annually with information about exhibits, events, the Craftsmen’s Fair, and other activities. Over the past seven years, we have combed through our archives and selected many treasures and images that reflect our history to share with the world. The staff continues to scan photographs, slides, articles, and posters, which have been uploaded to Piedmont Craftsmen’s Flickr and Pinterest pages. Over 25,000 images on our Flickr account (www.flickr.com/photos/ piedmontcraftsmen) have been viewed over 3 million times. We have over 8,928 pins with 45 boards and over 3100 followers on Pinterest page (www.pinterest.com/piedmontcrftsmn/). More images continue to be added. Currently the majority of our archives are on these sites. Social Media: The staff is conscientiously posting activities and events on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and www.cityofthearts.com. Whether it’s to show new artwork in the gallery, invite people to join in for an event or thank a sponsor for their support, these social media platforms provide a format to communicate with our followers on their terms. Currently, close to 4,000 follow us on Facebook, and over 1,750 follow us on Instagram (@PiedmontCraftsmen). Our Instagram posts also appear at the bottom of our website’s homepage. We embrace social media to showcase all of our events, projects, the dedication and creativity of our artists and endorse the importance of their mastery. We started using boosted posts for major events, such as the Virtual Fair, as a means as an effective marketing tool for new audience 4

Rob Herion Member in Wood since 2020 reach. The success of the boosted posts will help promote the shop, online shop, and build audiences.


Piedmont Craftsmen is required to have a financial audit each year, since we receive funding from Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, The Winston-Salem Foundation, sometimes the NC Arts Council, donors and supporters. This year, like all years, Piedmont Craftsmen received a clean report. John Davis, CPA with Butler & Burke, oversaw the audit and reported their findings to the Board in February. A financial snapshot of 2019 and January – October 2020 is inserted with this annual report. An electronic copy of our 2019 audit is available upon request.

EXHIBITING MEMBERS ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS During the late summer the Exhibiting Member Services Committee arranged four virtual Roundtable Discussion with the artists. The discussion focused on these two questions and were sent to the artists with an invite to participate. Thirty-eight artists participated in the discussions. Our thanks to Janet Bealer,

Board Member and Exhibiting Artist, for reviewing eight hours of recordings and compiling the summary of the discussions below. 1. We have always had a significant focus on creating markets for the work of our artist members. For some time now, we have been aware of a cultural and generational shift in the way our existing and our potential future audience approach collecting and shopping for things that matter to them. The pandemic has made these changes even more apparent, and is forcing us to evolve. Are the models of the indoor craft fair and brick and mortar retail shops still viable? Where do you see things going, and what do you see as options for continuing to build new audiences?

2. Recent events have intensified our need to move forward with actions that will make us more inclusive, accessible, and diverse (culturally, racially, and generationally). In our effort to broaden our exhibiting membership and strengthen our cultural diversity as a guild, we will be exploring ways we can identify, appeal to, invite, and serve more artists of various backgrounds. What are some strategies we can put in place to remove the roadblocks (both genuine and perceived) that are preventing talented makers and artisans from applying for membership? From the roundtable discussions the following information was recorded: •

There is a general consensus that physical craft fairs – whether indoors or outdoors – and brick and mortar retail shops are still viable, but also that it is important to look at both online and physical options for the future.

There is interest in doing virtual fairs to 5

connect with customers during the pandemic, and they have the advantage of expanding our geographical reach. However, they are not the ideal solution, although they are evolving and becoming more successful as bugs are worked out. Many participants seemed to agree that once the pandemic is under control, the physical fairs will be viable again and should never be abandoned as a sales venue. Participants were glad to hear that the new PCI website will have a better setup for online sales. There was discussion about how the guild is unique in its ability to promote the high quality of the work of its members. In-person and online how-to events and mentoring programs for craftsmen could help them manage their businesses and understand how to navigate the digital environment. Several participants stated that the blind jurying process works like it’s supposed to. We want to keep high standards.

That said, a number of suggestions were given around the idea of educational outreach: • Curate some shows that are billed as a look at the culturally diverse world of art. Include some guest artists to round out the perspective. • At the fair, present an invitational college booth featuring a younger and ethnically diverse group. This could be juried to ensure the quality of work. • Sponsor graduating artists in a pop-up system that would allow five or six up-andcoming artists to share a double booth at no cost or for a discounted fee. • Offer a mentoring program to help prospective members understand what the jury process means. • Make a concerted effort to contact college art departments to promote PCI. • Offer a scholarship program to help emerging artists.

Education is seen as key to encouraging young people to enter the arts professionally. Images of work may not always show the work in all its excellence, and submitting professional-quality images of work to an image jury can be difficult for some applicants. A suggestion was to invited certain applicants to bypass the image jury and enter the object jury. Another hurdle for aspiring artists is gathering equipment for displaying work in an attractive and inviting way. More established artists might donate old booth displays, equipment, tools, etc., to a “store” that would be available to jury applicants and less experienced artists to borrow from to set up their displays at our Fair.

B. Jane Doub, President & CEO Exhibiting Member in Fibers

Christina Bendo Member in Clay since 2020 6

EXHIBITING MEMBERS CLAY Cynthia Aldrich Stanley Mace Andersen Sasha Bakaric Sheryl S. Baker Zan Barnes Lin Barnhardt Sandy & Ann Batton Marty Biernbaum Marina Bosetti Pam Brewer Douglas Bringle Edward Brinkman Ed Byers & Holden McCurry Chrissie Callejas Barbara Chadwick Aleta Chandler Trista Depp Chapman Garry Childs Lucy Clark Thomas Clarkson Herb Cohen Ed & Kate Coleman Christine Colombarini James Cornell Lou-Mitchell Courtney David Crane Doug Dacey Linda & Jim Dalton Dawn Enochs Karen Fincannon Jim Fineman Terry Gess Bruce Gholson & Samantha Henneke Diana Gillispie Amy Goldstein-Rice Kerry Gonzalez Becky Gray Nancy Green Mary Gunyuzlu Marilee Hall Michael Hamlin Michele Hastings & Jeff Brown Nancy Herman Nan Jacobsohn Cat Jarosz Nicholas Joerling Loretta A. Kaufman Steven Kelly Cathy Kiffney Christine Kosiba

CLAY (cont.)

Susan Kowalczyk Tyrone & Julie Larson Leah Leitson Becky Lloyd Diane Lublinski Lambeth Marshall Victoria Rose Martin Bob Meier Richard Montgomery Ayla Mullen Peg Morar Warren Moyer Terry Ostovar Terance Painter James & Shirl Parmentier Diane Peck Henry Pope & Mary Mikkelsen Ron Propst John Ransmeier Adrina Richard Jan Richardson Judy Robkin Peter Rose Amy Sanders Vincent Sansone Kristin Schoonover Kenneth B. and Galen Sedberry Joey Sheehan A. Todd Smith Eddie Smith Gay Smith Linda Whitt Smith Rachel Smith Bill Stewart Timothy Sullivan Steven Summerville Tom Suomalainen Joy Tanner Beth J. Tarkington Rikki Taylor Courtney Tomchik Kathy Triplett Penny Truitt Brad Tucker Ann Van Every David Voorhees Evelyn Ward Wendy Wrenn Werstlein Jim Whalen Dina Wilde-Ramsing Verna Witt Marie Wright


Sandy Adair Margaret Agner Wendy Allen Philis Alvic Janet Bealer Deborah Bryant Kathy Cooper Chery Cratty B. Jane Doub Steven W. Dunn Elsie Eagle Vicki Essig Carla & Greg Filippelli Jim Fineman Laura C Frazier Jane Frenke Laura Gaskin Judi Gaston Harriet Giles Carolyn Glazener Kate Groff John Gunther Bonny Hall Ann Harwell Mimi Hay Leslie Maddocks Hiatt Bryant Holsenbeck Neal Howard Florence W. Illman Beth Ross Johnson Judith Kidd Susan Webb Lee Diane Leshin Susan Levi-Goerlich Jerry Maxey Brenda McVey Tomi Melson Lisa Mergen Libby & Jim Mijanovich Lucy & Thomas Moore Rachel Nicholson Leslie Owens Addison Paige Sharron B. Parker Julia E. Pfaff Karen Poetzinger Nancy B. Prichard Shekina Rudoy Teresa Graham Salt Lynda Sanders & Beverly Dawson Tommye Scanlin 7

FIBER (cont.)

Alice Schlein Stephen Sidelinger Michael Smith Liz Spear Jenna Swearington Karen James Swing Patricia Taylor Pattiy Torno Mia Tyson Vicki Vipperman Jill Wagoner Kami Watson Kathleen Weir-West Joanna White


JEWELRY (NON-METAL) Debra Adelson Tim Garvin Wiwat Kamolpornwijit Kathy King Kathleen Master Susan Scribner-Reed Wendy Seaward Eleanor Wirth

LEATHER Diane Leshin Greg Pfaff



Syed Ahmad Paul Bendzunas Veronica & David Bennett Katherine Bernstein William & Katherine Bernstein John J. Geci Ronnie Hughes Dawn Hinesley Jones Jan Kransberger Robert Levin John Littleton & Kate Vogel Michael Mikula John Nygren Betti Pettinati-Longinotti David Russell Mark Russell, Jr. Marc Tickle Warner Whitfield David Wilson & Loretta Forde

Joseph Anderson Penny Atkinson-Potter & TJ Potter Erica Stankwytch Bailey Una Barrett Melissa Booth Tim Britton Tavia Brown Lucinda Brogden Ashley Buchanan Dempsy R. Calhoun Nell Chandler Megan Clark Ruthie Cohen Lisa Colby Jan Craft Jayne DeMarcay Molly Dingledine Kathleen Doyle & Tom Reardon

Eric Moore Members in Mixed Media since 2020



Ben Dyer Janet Fischer Glenna Maria Fleiner Rosario Garcia Judy Goskey Leigh Griffin Avery Groves Anne & Peter Hanson Janet Harriman Lynn Harrisberger John Hege Caryn Hetherston Mana Hewitt Lonni Hopkins Jean-Pierre & Carol Hsu Florence W. Illman Regina Imbsweiler Jennifer J. Jenkins Maggie Joynt Wiwat Kamolpornwijit Chuck & Andrea Kennington Tiara & Tai Kim Theresa Kwong Christina Lemon Kathy Lightcap Betty Helen Longhi Elizabeth Lyne Shirley Taylor Marriott Sandra McEwen Barbara McFadyen Barbara & Robert McLaughlin Lynn Hope McNees-Sams Melanie Miller Debbie Noiseux Louise Norrell Jody Ochs Debra Perry & Dana Marnell Courtney & Lee Peterson Susannah Ravenswing Rudy Rudisill Nancy Ryall Suzan Scribner-Reed Klaus Spies Theresa St. Romain Jackie Taylor G. Kenneth Thomas Kim Thompson Mary Timmer Emily Triplett Barbara & Rick Umbel


MIXED MEDIA (cont.) Kathleen Master Jennifer McCormick Anne McLean Marcia McDade McMann Teresa Merriman Eric Moore Martina A. Moore Patrick Robertson Julie Sewell Lynne Sward Debra Toth Janet Graven Tourtellot Louellen Vernon-White Melanie Walter

WOOD Ian Herdell Member in Wood since 2020



Roberto Vengoechea Luba Warrack Lori Warren Ali Wieboldt Annie Grimes Williams Marianna Womble Cynthia Wynn


Pei-Ling Becker Larry Blount Barbara Buckingham Renee Calder Ed Byers & Holden McCurry Kim Dills Emerald Estock Amy Flynn Marie-Helene L. Grabman Jane Jennings Lesley G. Keeble Nancy Kubale Susan Lightcap Marge Luttrell

Keith Allen James Edward Barnes Evan Berding Elia Bizzarri Larry Bohannon Brian Bortz Jim Carpenter Neil Carroll Matthew Comer Walt Cottingham Michael Creed Mark Ellis Larry Favorite David Finck Patrick Fullwood Jane Goco Frank A. Gourley, Jr. Jason Green Brain Guhman Charles Heath Robb Helmkamp Derek Hennigar Ian Herdell Rob Herion Alan Hollar Rodger Jacobs O'Neal Jones Ray Jones Robert Kopf Dale Lewis William Nash Steve Noggle Robert Patterson John Russell Winthrop Schwab

WOOD (cont.)

Jim Sockwell Mike Sorge Tom Wessells Bayley Wharton Alicia Williams John Wesley Williams Matt Zettl



Edward Bordett John Furches Linda F. Gourley Jan Havens Marsha Heatwole Lindsay M. Kromer Richard Mayberry Marcia McDade McMann Julia E. Pfaff Jay Pfeil Louellen Vernon-White Janet Warner Carol Weeks Ginger Jackson Williamson

Anne McClean Member in Mixed Media since 2020


Piedmont Craftsmen is deeply grateful to all our donors and sponsor in 2020.

Wendy Wrenn Werstlein Member in Clay since 2020

Gifts of $5000—up

Anonymous Arts Council of Winston-Salem & Forsyth County Henry & Elizabeth Booke Bob & Maureen Ihrie Robert Strickland Family Foundation

Gifts of $1,000—$4999

Anonymous Bill Benton Carey Benton-Jewett Blue Rock Advisors Frances Brenner Malcolm & Patty Brown M. Campbell Cawood Kelia D. Coffey Ruffin Collett Laura & Robert Dillard Debra Diz & Mark Chappell Noel “Skip”Dunn & Mia Celano Barry & Lynn Eisenberg Don & Robbin Flow Ken & Carolyn Glazener Sharon Hamilton & Larry Bohannon ∆ Charlotte Hanes Lynn Sharpe Hill DeWitt & Geoff Kierstead Keith & Ruth Kooken The Kurtz Family Foundation Adrienne Amos Livengood Gary Ljungquist Joseph P. Logan Tomi Melson ∆ Phoenix Packaging Ann Pullium Tom & Pam Skinner Annie Van Every ∆ Charles Watston Jim & Linda White

Gifts of $250 to $999 Anonymous John & Hannah Appel Lin & Mona Barnhardt ∆ ∆ Exhibiting Member

Gifts of $250 to $999 (cont.) Janet Bealer ∆ Bell Davis & Pitt PA Steve & Kim Berlin Sheila Brame Tim & Deb Britton Lucinda Brogden & Doug Easterling Michael & B.J. Buckland Butler & Burke, LLC CPAs Elaine Butler John & Molly Cain Coy Carpenter Shelby & Lee Chaden Thomas L. D’Alessio Larry & Linda Dekle Dek & Luci Driscoll Gail & Stephen Dula Linda Gitter James & Elizabeth Gledhill Bert & Fran Gordon Pam Pryor Grace & Ron Grace Mary Gunyuzlu ∆ F. Borden & Ann Hanes Dennis & Marge Hatchell Alix Hitchcok & Marshall Tyler Leslie A. Hollan Hughes Metal Works John & Pat Hunter Megan Ihrie Robbie & Dave Irvin JDL Castle Corp Tamison Jewett & Jim Greenstreet Robert Jolly & Lois Koufman Amber Koger Jeff Lindsay Mark & Cyndy Lively Lea & Randy Loftis Susan Mann Happy Martin John & Melinda McConnell Grace & John McKinnon John C. & Nora McLean

Cindy Miller Member in Jewelry since 2020 Gifts of $250 to $999 (cont.) Patti Moran Tog & Michael Newman Sharron Parker ∆ Patricia Pence-Sokoloff Mike & Amanda Phillips Nicholas & Lara Hanes Pierce David Piner & Ted Burcaw Tim Prout Marilyn Reavis Lynda Sanders ∆ Andrew Sachs Saybrook Capital Margaret Scales & Graydon Pleasants Betty L. Simpson Sandy & Bill Steele Judie Swain TW Garner Food Company Walter Robbs Callahan & Pierce Architects


Gifts of $250 to $999 (cont.) Laura Von Ahn James M. Walter William R. & Judy Watson Fredrick Wicker Ali Wieboldt ∆ Mona & Wallace Wu Sallie & Karl Yena

Gifts up to $249

Anonymous Martha Albertson Gayle Anderson & Carey Hedgpeth Stephanie J. Andrews Beth Bealle & Diane Spaugh Michael and Carolynn Berry Mary Beth Blackwell & Chris Chapman Art & Mindy Bloom Mary Bond Brigitte Brockmueller Stephan Brooks Faith & Willard Brown Rence & Barbara Callahan Genie Carr Rick & Jordan Carter Robert A. Cash Frank Conlon & Angela Bauer Shari & Wes Covitz Bill & Donna Cowden Jon & Sally Cowgill Anne Cullen Deborah Davis Jean Davis Ken & Vicki Davis Doris Deal Dede DeVries Rob DiBella B. Jane Doub ∆ Eric M. Drye Linda B. DuBose Chris Flory Dinny Forbes Erik Freeman Susan & David Friedman Cindy & John Geddie Lisa & Robert Gfeller Jayashree Gokhale Frank Gourley ∆ Constance Gray Mary Gunyuzlu ∆ Peter Hairston Donna Hamilton Elizabeth Hardin Charles & Susan Hauser

Gifts up to $249 (cont.)

Joseph C. & Susan J Hedgpeth Eugene Heise Rob Herion & Julie Stockler Mrs. Jackson H. House Emily Humphreys Laurie Hutchins Regina Imbsweiler ∆ Navada Ingle George Jacobs Dr. & Mrs. Francis M. James III Nan Harper Janeway Gair H. Jewell Sarah Norman Jones Warren Jones Frederick Jorgenson Peter & Elyse Jung Peter J. & Beth Juran Bob & Vicki Kopf ∆ Susan Web Lee ∆ Arthur S. Link III Sandra S. Linker Margot Lobree Regina & Noah Long Mary Lyles Kim Mann Sandra McEwen Trena McNabb Gayle G. & Wayne Meredith Robert E. & Cama Merritt Lea Metz & Melanie Gee Rodney & Marianne Meyer Julia Miley Cindy Miller ∆ Lynda M. Moss Nargish Murchison William Nash Dan & Robin Noakes Michael O’Brien & Tom Suomalainen ∆ Mrs. Ben Paden Mary Perkins Courtney & Lee Peterson ∆ Eve & Steve Rapp Penny Rothrock Ann Rudkin Mary Saintsing Rob & Pam Saunders Susan & Jerry Schwartz Judy Newton Scurry Fran & bob Seehausen Margaret L. Sharpe Michele & Barry Sigal Betty L. Simpson Jack & Mary Margaret Smith Richard Starbuck

Hsiang-Ting Yen Member in Jewelry since 2020

Doug Bringle Member in Clay since 2020

Gifts up to $249 (cont.)

Anna Steele Fanny Stronach Marcia Szewczyk & John Burkart Bob & Vicki Telford Kellon Tippett Elizabeth Treadway Mary Tribble Jack & Joy Van Zandt Roberto & June Vengoechea ∆ 11

Gifts up to $249 (cont.)

Charles & Erika von Isenburg Alan Watts Virgina Weiler Randy & Terri Welfare Margot B. Wharton Garry & Pamela Whitaker Joanna White ∆ Mary Lynn & John Wigodsky Jeff Worth & Susan Griffin Worth Mark Wright & Peggy Gheesling

In Memory

In Memory of Peter DeVries • • • • • • • • • • • •

Tim & Deb Britton Faith & Willard Brown Eric M. Drye B. Jane Doub John & Patricia Hunter Bob & Vicki Kopf Gary Ljungquist Regina & Noah Long Trena McNabb Tomi Melson Tom Suomalainen & Michael O’Brien Carl & Valerie von Isenburg

Debra Adelson Member in Jewelry since 2020

At the time of printing (December 31, 2020), Piedmont Craftsmen made every possible effort to ensure the accuracy of the names on these lists.

IN MEMORIAM Murray Johnston Exhibiting Member in Fiber since 1996

Mountains and sky, rocks, wood and water mingle to create an intriguing resource. We see, hear, touch, and taste the land that surrounds us. To pull out my abstracted memories and piece them into rhythms that evoke a response is my primary goal. Colors and natural images are a universal language and the conversations I have with these works are a constant, exhilarating challenge. Murray Johnston passed away on April 15, 2020 after a battle with cancer. She was an accomplished art quilter. Her work is found in museums, corporate, universities, governmental buildings and private collections. She was also a knowledgeable, loving owner and breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs.


2019 Craftsmen’s Fair Award Winners Dawson and Sanders Award of Excellence in Fiber

Kami Watson

Awards of Excellence

Linda Gourley

Kristin Schoonover Amy Flynn 13

FINANCIAL SNAPSHOT January—December 2019 Income Exhibiting Memberships Grants General Contributions Gallery/Shop Sales Craftsmen's Fair Fundraising Other Income

23,248 68,756 109,411 203,318 138,765 11,951 10,207

Total Income

% 4.11% 12.16% 19.34% 35.94% 24.53% 2.11% 1.80%


Expenses %

General & Administrative*



Educational Programs



Amount Paid to Artists



Gallery Expenses



Craftsmen's Fair





Fundraising & Development Total Expenses


* includes $19,438 in deprecation.


FINANCIAL SNAPSHOT January—October 2020

Income Exhibiting Memberships Grants* General Contributions Gallery/Shop Sales Craftsmen's Fair Fundraising Event Other Income Total Income

21,363 89880 97,938 77,916 9,800 3,295 1,238

% 7.09% 29.82% 32.49% 25.85% 3.25% 1.09% 0.41%


Expenses General & Administrative* Educational Programs Amount Paid to Artists Gallery Expenses Craftsmen's Fair Fundraising & Development Total Expenses

205,436 4,900 43,425 61,643 4,139 8,908

% 62.55% 1.49% 13.22% 18.77% 1.26% 2.71%


* includes $15,172 in deprecation & $57,618 covered by PPP Loan & grants.


2020 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Officers:

Tomi Melson*, Winston-Salem–Chair Linda Garboczi, Winston-Salem, 1st Vice Chair John Hunter, Winston-Salem–2nd Vice Chair Gary Ljungquist, PhD, Winston-Salem–Secretary Charles Watson Winston-Salem–Treasurer Kelia Coffey, Lewisville–Immediate Past Chair

Directors: Marvette Aldrich, Winston-Salem Janet Bealer*, Winston-Salem Dede DeVries, Kernersville Linda Garboczi, Winston-Salem Kerry Gonzalez*, Walnut Cove Mary Gunyuzlu*, Winston-Salem Sharon Hamilton, PhD, Winston-Salem Kate Hanley, Winston-Salem Chuck Heath*, Winston-Salem Maureen Ihire, Winston-Salem Amber Koger, Winston-Salem Andrew Sachs, Winston-Salem Tom Skinner, Pfafftown Judith Swain, Winston-Salem Erika von Isenburg, Rural Hall Annie Grimes Williams*, Winston-Salem

Staff: Jane Doub* – President & CEO Deborah Britton – Member Relations & Fair Director Nicole B. Uzzell – Education & Exhibits Director Gretchen Siebert – Operations Manager Chris Asuncion-Haynes – Gallery Director Molly Grace—Development Director Gayle Campbell– Bookkeeper

Ayla Mullen Member in Clay since 2020

Hannah Long Member in Jewelry since 2020

Gallery Staff: Sonja Broome Cadence Croucher Rici Jeaux Gatti Megan Johnson *Exhibiting Member

Marge Luttrell Member in Mixed Media since 2020

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