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Graphic Art Collection Fall/Winter 2013

New Titles


New Titles

Yokai Museum The Art of Japanese Supernatural Beings from YUMOTO Koichi Collection Art / Japanese Culture Size: 257 x 182mm Pages: 288p (272 in Color) Bound: Softbound ISBN: 978-4-7562-4337-9 Release date: July 2013 Price: ¥2,800

Yokai are a class of supernatural monsters in Japanese folklore. Yokai have attracted the artists and have been a common theme in art works until these days because of their unique forms and their mysterious behaviors. This book is a visual collection of art works of Yokai in Japan since the Edo period (1603 - 1868). The works are not only paintings but also wood block prints, scrolls, ceramics, kimonos, children’s playthings such as board games, and more. All items that are featured in the book come from personal collections by Koichi Yumoto, who has the largest Yokai art collection in Japan.

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New Titles


New Titles

Katsuya Terada 10 Ten 10 Year Retrospective Art / Illustration & Design / Manga Size: 210 x 148mm Pages: 328p (64p in 4 Color + 264p in 2 Color) Bound: Softbound ISBN: 978-4-7562-4376-8 Release date: April 2013 Price: ¥2,300

Katsuya Terada is one of Japan’s most sought-after illustrators who is known as the character designer for the animated film, Blood: The Last Vampire. This book is a catalogue for his exhibition (held at Kyoto International Manga Museum, Japan / March 16 - June 30, 2 0 13 ) o f hi s w o r k s in t h e r e c e n t decade. The book contains most of the works featured in the exhibition such as mangas, illustrations, as well as preliminary sketches, production drawings, that are around 600 pieces. It will be an ultimate book for Terada’s fans and also a great reference book for illustrators and manga artists. *The author’s interview is included in the English jacket.

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New Titles


New Titles

Maija Isola art, fabric, marimekko Art / Design / Fashion Size: 210 x 148mm Pages: 160p (Full color) Bound: Softbound ISBN: 978-4-7562-4366-9 Release date: March 2013 Price: ¥2,400

Maija Isola (1927–2001) was the textile designer hired by Marimekko. Her most famous print, Unikko, has become the most recognizable icon of the Marimekko Company. Her early work was inspired by nature, a nd her f ir s t pr in t s wer e cr ea ted through a photographic process whereby actual plants were projected onto a screen. As she matured, her designs became bolder and less detailed, containing large areas of color. Her travels also played a role in her designs; she spent time in Yugoslavia, Italy and Algeria, incorporating stylistic elements from these varied cultures. These experiences gave her a vast palette from which to draw, and this range is clearly evident in her far-ranging designs. Most of the contents of this book are her textile works but also her lifestyle is featured. This is a valuable title for all sort of designers, textile lovers, those who are interested in Nor thern European designs, and by all means for Marimekko fans all over the world.

Marimekko shop, Piironki, on Fabian street in the center of Helsinki, 1964. Piironki specialized in interior fabrics. Photo: Design Museo

Right:Maalaisruusu, 1964 68

Contents Chapter 1: The beginning of Maija Isola’s legend Chapter 2: Work, Travel, Life / Sketchbook Chapter 3: Maija’s late years, and legacy

Related Title Color samples of Max ja Moritz (1968). The design is inspired by a darkly humorous German tale from 1865.

Colors For her new designs, Maija carried out test prints in original colors first and then in black and white. In this way, she obtained the desired screens and saw how colors with strong contrasts affected the patterns. According to the many color swatches, Maija experimented repeatedly before she found the ideal color combination. A great number of color tests were performed in the 1960s and 1970s. Sometimes up to fifty tests were done for one pattern. At that time color charts like Pantone did not exist, so Maija created her own color charts. She mixed the desired hue in gouache before painting. Then she showed it to Marimekko’s paint workshop. Maija had an amazing eye for color.

Katsuji Wakisaka Left:Max ja Moritz, 1968

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New Titles


New Titles

William Morris: Father of Modern Design and Pattern Textile, Book & Editorial Designs and More Art / Illustration & Design Size: 257 x 186mm Pages: 296p (Full Color) Bound: Softbound ISBN: 978-4-7562-4336-2 Release date: March 2013 Price: ÂĽ2,800

William Morris (1834 - 1896) was an English textile designer, artist, writer, and even a libertarian socialist. His flower patterns are well-known worldwide, but his other design works such as editorial and font design are also worth watching and appreciating. This book presents not only his textile patterns but also book design, font design, posters, stamps and various artworks including painting, all of which will become precious reference for desingers as well as for art lovers.

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George Barbier

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New Titles


New Titles

Traditional Japanese Stencil Patterns (with dVd) 1600 images of Ise Katagami from Isetan Mitsukoshi collection Japanese Culture / Clip Art / Design Size: 240 x 176mm Pages: 362p (4 Color / 2 Color) Bound: Softbound with plastic jacket + DVD-ROM + small booklet ISBN: 978-4-7562-4330-0 Release date: January 2013 Price: ¥3,600

This is a resource book of traditional Japanese stencil pat terns, named “Isekatagami”, which is said to be initially created 1000 years ago. The patterns are still used for kimono, obi and many other Japanese fabrics. Isetan M is t uko shi, a J a pa ne s e up - s c ale department store chain and a collector of those precious patterns’mocks, has generously decided to open their collection to public in book form with those patterns in JPEG and PNG format for use. This book will definitely be a precious resource for texitle and fashion p r o f e s s i o n a l s a s w e ll a s g r a p hi c designers. The accompanying booklet contains the designs of Furoshiki, Japanese wrapping fabric, with Isekatagami patterns on it.


New Titles


New Titles

MANGA The Pre-History of Japanese Comics Art / Japanese Culture Size: 210 x 148mm Pages: 280p (240 in color) Bound: Softbound ISBN: 978-4-7562-4357-7 Release date: March 2013 Price: ÂĽ2,800

The influence of manga on international comics had grown considerably over the past two decades. The origins of manga can be traced back to the Edo Period (1603 - 1868) of Japanese history, specifically to popular type of books using ukiyo-e, Japanese woodblock prints. These books contained humorous content and featured humans, fantastical creatures and even references to celebrities of the period. As literacy rose in Japan throughout the 18th Century (part of the Edo Period) a n d in t o t he 19 t h a nd e a r l y 2 0 t h Century (the Meiji Period), these kind of illustrated novels became popular and it is from here that we actually get the first recorded use of the term manga to describe a words-and-pictures based story. This book includes original works of manga dated from 17th to early 20th Century. It is a great source book for graphic designers as well as comic book artists, and also Japanese art lovers who can find some great works of well-known ukiyo-e artists such as Kuniyoshi Utagawa, Hokusai Katsushika, and Yoshitoshi Tsukioka. The book will present works in chronological order. * This book contains a small amount of artistic nudity.

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Hokusai Manga

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New Titles

Girly & Cute Graphics Design / Graphic Size: 306mm x 230mm Pages: 200p (Full Color) Bound: Hardbound ISBN: 978-4-7562-4313-3 Release date: January 2013 Price: ¥9,800

The girly image has been having unfailing power with great impact these days, which attract a broad range of audience. This is the third edition of our “Girly Graphics” series, featuring current advertisements, catalogues, posters, shop cards, direct mail and logos. The works will be classified by the image words such as “Glamorous & Poisonous”, “Sweet & Natural”, “Pop & Rock” and “Romantic & Fairy tale”. Color palette will be included on the front page of each chapter. Contents: Glamorous & Poisonous / Sweet & Natural / Pop & Rock / Romantic & Fairy tale / Logo & Mark


New Titles

Ornament and Initial : Beauty of Graphic Design, 17 - 20th Century Design / Graphic Size: 265 Ă— 190mm Pages: 362p (320 in Color) Bound: Softbound ISBN: 978-4-7562-4284-6 Release date: August 2013 Price: ÂĽ3,800

This enthusiastic selection of typographic fonts and styles, from 17th to early 20th century in Europe, traces the modern evolution of the printed letter, reproducing pages from exquisitely designed catalogs and books showing type. Also included are borders, ornaments, initial letters and decorations and many magnificent examples. This will be a valuable reference book for graphic designers and students studying design, and will be a completed edition of typography in Medieval and Modern European history. About the Author: Cees W. de Jong is a designer and publisher based in Laren, the Netherlands. He has published numerous books on design, architecture and art, and is now working as a design/publishing consultant and author. He has also published many books on graphic design. His books include Type: A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles 16281900 ( 2009 / 08 ) and Type: A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles 1901-1938 by Taschen America Llc (2010/3)


New Titles

Drawing and Handwriting Textures Ready-to-Use Frames and Background Patterns (with DVD-ROM) Clip Art / Design Size: 257 x 182mm Pages: 128p (Full color) Bound: Softbound + DVD-ROM ISBN: 978-4-7562-4388-1 Release date: August 2013 Price: 짜2,400

This book is a clip art collection, which is drawn by Yoko Kibamoto, an illustrator who is popular with her softly-colored touch and heartwarming illustrations. Most clip arts are not concrete things but abstract patterns - such as stripes, dots, scratches, etc. - so that users can turn the patterns into whatever they like, and can apply them in their works. The digital files are on the accompanied DVD-ROM in the format of JPEG and PNG (350dpi), all of which are suitable for professional use.

Retro Designs of Japan:

Ready-to-Use Lines, Frames and Background Patterns Clip Art / Design 257 x 182mm 128p (Full color) 978-4-7562-4335-5 April 2013

Softbound + DVD-ROM 짜2,800

This book is a collection of small motifs, lines and frames, which appeared on the print items in the period of Taisho and Showa (the early to mid 20th century). The objects in the book are elegant and useful for those who would love to have retro and vintage flavor.

Traditional Japanese Patterns and Motifs Art / Japanese Culture 210 x 148mm 192p (Full color) Softbound 978-4-7562-4424-6 August 2013 짜2,800

It is said that Japanese sense of beauty is condensed in Japanese traditional patterns. In this book, the patterns are classified into two groups ; patterns inspired from nature (plants, animals and phenomena) and abstract patterns (geometry, form, auspicious omens motifs).


New Titles

Tadanori Yokoo: Complete Book designs Art / Design / Graphic Size: 245 × 188mm Pages: 520p (Full color) Bound: Hardbound ISBN: 978-4-7562-4281-5 Release date: June 2013 Price: ¥8,800

Tadanori Yokoo, born in 1936, is one of the most successful and internationally recognized graphic designers and artists in Japan. This book is the first and only collection in which all of his book designs in past 55 years, that are around 900 pieces, will be included.

Mushroom Botanical Art Art / Illustration & Design 210 x 148mm 240p (Full Color) Softbound 978-4-7562-4258-7 September 2012 ¥2,200

This book is a collection of mushroom and fungi paintings by European and Japanese naturalists in the 18th to the 19th century. Beautiful color plate illustrations of each mushroom will attract both botanical art fans and mushroom lovers.


A Girl and Monsters’ Night Parade Art / Illustration & Design / Manga 257 x 182mm 80p (Full color) Hardbound 978-4-7562-4352-2 September 2013 ¥2,000

Sawaki Takeyasu is a Japanese game character designer and he used to work for CAPCOM. His representative works are Devil May Cry series, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron and Okami. Takeyasu has also been working as an illustrator/writer recently, and this book is his first picture book to be published. 17

Recent Titles

GENGA Otomo Katsuhiro Original Pictures Art / Illustration & Design / Manga Size: 364 x 257mm Pages: 256p (2&3 Special Colors) Bound: Softbound + booklet (16 Pages B/W) ISBN: 978-4-7562-4273-0 Release date: April 2012 Price: ¥4,800

Otomo Katsuhiro is one of the most respected and influential Japanese artists/storytellers in the history of modern comics. He has also worked extensively in animation including hugely successful adaptation of his own epic manga, “Akira,” which is widely considered to be a pinnacle of the form - a work of astonishing power and visionary scope, with unsurpassed artistry. The book contains full-size illustrations of almost all the works featured in the exhibition held in Tokyo in 2012, as well as preliminary sketches, production drawings, and the domestic advertising pieces that rarely seen outside of Japan.

Cool Japan Design Inspired Graphics of Japanese Manga, Animation and Game Art / Illustration & Design / Manga Size: 257 x 182mm Pages: 224p (Full Color) Bound: Softbound ISBN: 978-4-7562-4257-0 Release date: August 2012 Price: ¥3,600

COOL JAPAN - the Japanese pop cultures that make a strong impact to international interest, such as video games, manga, animation and so on. Originally, these contents were just for the limited fans. Growing the market, they have been improved to “welldesigned” graphics not only for the maniac but also for the general audience. This book features many kinds of book designs, shop tool designs, advertising designs, CD/DVD jacket designs, and novelty designs with Japanese manga, animation and video game characters.


Recent Titles

Katsuji Wakisaka: Japanese Textile Designer Marimekko, SOU SOU and 10,000 Postcards to His Wife Art / Illustration & Design Size: 210 x 148mm Pages: 192p (Full Color) Bound: Softbound ISBN: 978-4-7562-4268-6 Release date: August 2012 Price: 짜2,200

Katsuji Wakisaka, a Japanese textile designer, started his career as the first Japanese designer to work for Marimekko, the Finnish textile company, in 1968. Surrounded by the beautiful nature of Finland, he developed an aesthetic for organic shapes and bold colors. This is a title for designers, textile lovers and those who are interested in Finnish and modern Japanese designs. Even those who do not know Wakisaka will enjoy and be inspired by the book.

Fujiwo Ishimoto Works Textile and Ceramic Art / Design / Fashion Size: 220 x 148mm Pages: 192p (Full Color) Bound: Softbound ISBN: 978-4-7562-4301-0 Release date: December 2012 Price: 짜2,200

Fujiwo Ishimoto is a Japanese texitile and ceramic artist who has been living in Helsinki, Finland for over 40 years and known as a designer for Marimekko and Arabia. Inspired by traditional Asian art and culture but also by Finnish traditions and nature, Ishimoto has continued to reinvent himself. In total, he has made over 300 designs for Marimekko, and he also creates unique ceramic works in Arabia Art Department since 1989. Most of the contents are his textile and ceramic works but the photographs of his relative places and interviews are also included. 19

Recent Titles

Cats in Ukiyo-e Japanese Woodblock Print of UTAGAWA Kuniyoshi Art / Japanese Culture

Limited edition With Kuniyoshi cat print cotton towel produced by Yamamoto Jin Shoten, a long-established fabric item manufacturer in Kyoto. ISBN: 978-4-7562-4298-3 Price: ¥2,750

Size: 210 x 148mm Pages: 192p (Full Color) Bound: Softbound ISBN: 978-4-7562-4287-7 Release date: October 2012 Price: ¥2,200

Kuniyoshi Utagawa (1797-1892) was one of the great masters of the Japanese ukiyo-e style of woodblock prints and painting. The range of Kuniyoshi’s preferred subjects included many genres: landscapes, beautiful women, Kabuki actors, mythical animals, and cats. More than any other Japanese artist, Kuniyoshi depicted cats humorously and satirically, with great accuracy and careful observation. T his book is a collec tion of Kuniyoshi’s works that featured cats. It will attract ukiyo-e lovers and cat lovers, while it provides valuable inspiration to designers or illustrators.

Japanese Paper & Cloth Ready-to-Use Background Patterns Clip Art / Design 257 x 182mm 128p (Full Color) 978-4-7562-4219-8 July 2012

Softbound + DVD-ROM ¥2,800

This is a resource book including materials of Japanese paper and cloth patterns, all of which can be used for the background design. All data are on attached DVD-ROM with JPEG and PNG image.

Natural Style Materials Ready-to-Use Objects, Ornaments, and Background Patterns Clip Art / Design

257 x 182mm 128p (Full Color) Softbound + DVDROM 978-4-7562-4267-9 August 2012 ¥2,800

These days, eco-friendly and organic designed products/stores are in mode. This is a resource book including layout materials that will be useful for designs that give people natural and organic images. All data is on attached DVD-ROM with JPEG and PNG image.


Recent Titles

Shop Image Graphics in NY Food, Fashion, Living Design / Graphic / Shop Interior & Exterior Size: 306 x 230mm Pages: 192p (Full Color) Bound: Hardbound ISBN: 978-4-7562-4256-3 Release date: July 2012 Price: ¥9,800

New York City has been at the forefront of new trend in art and design and it is a place where artists and creatives from around the world gather. Many shops in NY like an artistic boutique, an organic cosmetic store, a contemporary café, etc., are full of cutting-edge original designs. Loosely grouped under the three categories of food, fashion and living, this book introduces retailers who have successfully created unified images that ex tend from store interior to graphic communications, such as shop cards, flyers, direct mails, menus, shopping bags and more.

60’s Fashion Style Art / Design / Fashion Size: 189 x 149mm Pages: 416p (Full Color) Bound: Softbound ISBN: 978-4-7562-4291-4 Release date: September 2012 Price: ¥2,400

Most people may think of 60’s fashion as hippie or Mod fashions. But 60’s fashion is actually much more complicated and varied. With carrying down of fancy and elegant style from 50’s, it’s developed with a variety of stylistic changes. This chunky book brings out retrospective 60’s fashion classified by items and scenes: hairstyle, knit wear, dress, bags, party style and more. Readers must reaffirm great tastes and spirit of 1960s when you turn the page, and the book will be a great source of ideas not only for readers’ fashion but also for graphic or textile designs. 21

Published Titles - Art / Japanese Culture

Best Seller

Hokusai Manga 304 x 210mm 696p (2&3 Special Colors) 978-4-7562-4069-9 ¥5,800


“Hokusai Manga” is one of the masterpieces by Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849 ) , a master of Ukiyo-e artist. He depicts ordinary people’s lives, animals, plants, landscapes and human figures to historical and supernatural, even demon and monsters, as if it were visual encyclopedia, which amount to 15 volumes.


decorative Japanese Painting 210 x 148mm 400p (200 in Color) 978-4-89444-898-8 ¥3,800


Rimpa, one of the major art movements of Japanese painting, was founded in Kyoto in the 17th century. A characteristic feature of Rimpa is its rich decorative style, such as backgrounds with gold leaf, based on the classical Yamato-e style. Simple natural subjects such as birds, flowers and plants were often used as motifs.

Mythical Beasts of Japan


210 x 148mm 392p (228 in Color) 978-4-89444-788-2 ¥3,800

210 x 148mm 400p (210 in Color) 978-4-89444-802-5 ¥3,800

From evil Creatures to Sacred Beings


This book features a variet y of Japanese mythical beasts, such as Karajishi (Chinese Lion), Kirin (Chinese Unicorn ) , Ryu ( Dragon ) and more. Most of featured works, mainly from 12th centur y to 19 th centur y, are painted by well-known artists including Hokusai and Kuniyoshi. Not only paintings but also curved motifs, decorative art collections are included. 22

Cherry Blossoms

Japanese erotic Art

Traditional Patterns in Japanese design Softbound

Shunga, a type of Ukiyo-e, which is made with the finest Japanese woodblock prints technique, and portrays the erotic expression between men and women with pleasures and pains, and the beauty of their body. This glorious volume features works from the Edo period, including the works by Ukiyo-e artists such as Utamaro and Hokusai.

210 x 148mm 400p (200 in Color) 978-4-89444-748-6 ¥3,800


Cherry blossoms are considered as national flower in Japan. They have been celebrated for many centuries and hold a very prominent position in Japanese culture. About 220 works dating from the 8th century through the 20th century are featured in the book including such ar tists as Hiroshige and Taikan Yokoyama.

Published Titles - Art / Japanese Culture

Best Seller

nobu’s Vegetarian Cookbook 267 x 218mm 176p (Full Color) 978-4-89444-905-3 ¥4,200

Sushi Hardbound

210 x 140mm 208p (Full Color) 978-4-7562-4134-4 ¥2,000

Katachi Softbound

151 x 105mm 480p (B/W) Softbound 978-4-7562-4157-3 ¥1,600

Renowned sushi chef Kazuo Nagayama’s own personal recipes are presented here with exquisitely photographed examples that provide a glimpse into the painstaking art that goes into making each piece that is sure to leave the reader salivating! Sushi is arranged by season reflecting the availability of the main ingredients while it includes thoughtful descriptions.

Katachi – a Japanese sacred geometry-, such as paper, wood, bamboo, fiber, clay, metal and stone. This book showcases about 600 pieces of the natural feeling and sense of beauty that Japanese people have been cultivating and passing on over the years. This is an anticipated reprint edition of Katachi (978-4-89444-462-1).

The Art of Japanese Wrapping Fabric



264 x 157mm 256p (240 in Color) 978-4-7562-4156-6 ¥2,800

225 x 165mm 288p (Full Color) 978-4-7562-4094-1 ¥3,800

nobu’s restaurants are known the world over for the quality of their ingredients and for the tecnique and originality with which the food is prepared and presented. Now, in this first cookbook by nobu to focus on vegetable dishes, the master chef shares his exper tise and deep knowledge of Japanese cuisine in sixty recipes that showcase vegetables in all their variety.



Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, which is frequently used to carry clothes, gifts and other goods and has been a part of daily lives in Japan through the ages. This book features about 150 pieces of furoshiki from the collection of such long-established manufacturers in Kyoto as Miyai, Okaju and etc.


In Japanese culture these graceful creations are often displayed in living rooms as symbols of the beauty of nature. People not only enjoy it s appearance but also appreciate the effort put into their creation. This book is a collection of exquisite photographs of bonsai grouped by month –featuring many seasonal examples of these miniature trees from January to December.

225 x 150mm 392p (Full Color) 978-4-89444-288-7 ¥3,800


A visual documentation of the art of Japanese sweets with descriptions of their intimate connection to the seasons from whence they were inspired. Awarded the Honourable Mention for Best Cookbook Design in Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2004.


Published Titles - Art / Japanese Culture


210 x 130mm 288p (Full Color) 978-4-89444-846-9 ¥2,800

Kimono and the Motifs of Japan


Classical Japanese Performing Art

History and Style


245 x 182mm 176p (Full Color) 978-4-7562-4145-0 ¥2,800


220 x 150mm 256p (Full Color) 978-4-89444-832-2 ¥2,800


The revised edition of Noh, published in 2004. With a 600-year history, it is the world’s oldest performing art and designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Beautifully photographed with selected thirty Noh stories among about 100-200 stories still performed in Japan today, this volume pursues the subtle, profound aesthetics and visionary qualities of Noh.

Developed in 8th century in Japan, kimono –a Japanese traditional garment- is still worn by all Japanese people on special occasions. Sachiko Ito, a fashion director introduces its t ypical st yles of each era and the types of kimono for various occasions.

As a long-waited new volume in the best selling “The Kimono and the Colors of Japan” serial books, this fifth volume serves as an encyclopedia of motifs on kimonos. Not only motifs on kimonos and sashes but also those on various kimono ornaments are presented. This is a “must” book for kimono fans, fashion lovers and those who are interested in Japanese culture.

Kimono and the Colors of Japan

Summer Kimonos and the Colors of Japan

Child Kimono and the Colors of Japan

264 x 157mm 232p (224 in Color) 978-4-89444-531-4 ¥2,800

264 x 157mm 240p (232 in Color) 978-4-89444-607-6 ¥2,800

264 x 157mm 240p (232 in Color) 978-4-89444-451-5 ¥2,800


This distinctive book features various delicate Japanese colors through the practices in kimono. Japanese sensitivity had created such traditional colors, consisting of 9 different colors in the classification of red, so in green, pink, blue, brown, purple, yellow, black & white, gold & silver respectively.



As the second to “Kimono and the Colors of Japan,” this book features motifs and colors depicted in summer kimonos and obis. Patterns of flowers and grasses, insects, fish and shellfish, and Western landscapes, in addition to daring colors and delicate embroider y, have been brought in these kimonos to the level of art.


As the third to “Kimono and the Colors of Japan,” this book features kimonos for children with various cute patterns and motifs from seasonal flowers, birds and traditional toys, etc. Not only patterns of kimonos but also seasonal rituals and toys for children are covered.

Published Titles - Art / Illustration & Design

George Barbier: Master of Art Deco

Best Seller

Fashion, Illustration and Graphic Design Size: 257 x 182mm Pages: 296p (288 in Color) Bound: Softbound ISBN: 978-4-7562-4144-3 Price: ¥2,800

George Barbier (1882–1932) is one of the great French illustrators of the early 20th century. He is famous for his elegant ar t deco works that were heavily influenced by orientalism and Parisian couture. Born in Nantes, France in 1882, he skyrocketed to fame and notoriety after his first exhibition in 1911. Known as one of “the knights of the bracelet” for his luxurious and glamorous lifestyle and work, George Barbier also received renown for costumes and set designs he did for theater, film, and ballet. This book is perfect for designers as well as a beautiful gift for someone special.

George Barbier Postcard Book

A Japanese Botanist's 17th Century Sketchbook: Spring Flowers

A Japanese Botanist's 17th Century Sketchbook: Autumn Flowers

160 x 120mm 16p + 24 Postcards (Full Color) Hardbound 978-4-7562-4204-4 ¥1,380

257 x 182mm 260p (160 in Color) Softbound 978-4-89444-836-0 February 2010 ¥2,800

257 x 182mm 242p (140 in Color) Softbound 978-4-89444-837-7 September 2010 ¥2,800

24 post cards and an essay about George Barbier in one book. Almost all illustrations are from the original book George Barbier: Master of Art Deco (ISBN: 978-4-7562-4144-3), however, 1 illustration is newly included.

Selection of flower sketches from “Soumoku Shasei” by Shigekata Kanoh, a Japanese illustrator in 17th century. Unlike completed painting, these works are rough and simple, which is what makes it so interesting tasteful. Beautiful flowers with Japanese traditional colors will attract botanical art fans and flower lovers. This book includes line drawings that have made newly by tracing those sketches, so that the readers can practice their own painting. It is pleasant to look and taste the beauty of these flowers, also useful for your own drawing and painting.


Published Titles - Art / Illustration & Design

Modern Patterns of Japan Sweet & Nostalgic

210 x 148mm 184p (Full Color) 978-4-89444-819-3 ¥2,000


This book presents a collection of patterns created by Yonagado, an artist who creates lovely and yet nostalgic patterns and products inspired by those items originally produced around the ’60s. The patterns of such items as kimonos for girls and boys, papers, packages and stationeries are colorfully presented in this single volume.

Isetatsu Collection

Traditional Patterns on Japanese Wood-Print Paper 210 x 148mm 192p (Full Color) 978-4-89444-770-7 ¥2,200


Since 1864, Isetatsu has been one of the most important manufacturers and retailers of the Edo-style Japanese traditional woodblock-printed paper. It has more than 1,000 original patterns not only in the traditional Edo style but also some that mix the old style with cutting-edge designs.

The Traditional Colors of Japan

Traditional Japanese Color Palette

Vintage Fabric from the States

210 x 148mm 192p (176 in Color) 978-4-89444-578-9 ¥2,800

210 x 148mm 192p (176 in Color) 978-4-89444-806-3 ¥2,800

148 x 210mm 216p (Full Color) 978-4-89444-488-1 ¥2,200


This book is a distinctive encyclopedia of Japanese traditional colors. The colors live on in paintings, crafts, textiles, literature and performing arts, playing a profound role in Japanese life and culture. This book presents 250 of traditional Japanese colors with photographs and explanation of their names and CMYK/RGB data.



This is a sister book of “The Traditional Colors of Japan”, and focuses on the beauty of Japanese traditional color combination. It explores the aesthetic of color combination in traditional Japanese art works, which constitute the exquisite world of color. About 100 examples of two, three or more color combinations in various fields are included.


The patterns of American fabrics in the late 19th to the 20th century are presented in this single volume. Each page presents one to six fabrics, so readers can enjoy the details of each pattern.

Published Titles - Art / Illustration & Design

Best Seller

Heroes & Heroines

Japanese Video Game + Animation Illustration 257 x 182mm 208p (192 in Color) 978-4-7562-4169-6 ¥2,800


Who are the hottest Japanese video game and animation heroes and heroines? This is a most updated collection by about 100 prominent character designers of video game and animation created in 2010 and 2011. The interviews with some of the designers are also included.

Girl, Illustrated

Japanese Manga, Anime and Video Game Characters 257 x 182mm 208p (192 in color) 978-4-7562-4008-8 ¥2,800


This is a provocative collection by 100 professional illustrators who rise above the throng in this subculture. It features 500 high quality works in the manga and anime st yles showing female characters in various enticing poses. Featured illustrators are all from Japan, such as mota, Akatsuki Kato, Gorobottu, redjuice, refeia, Nino, Masakichi and more.

Olle Eksell

Hervé Morvan

The Sixties by Kishin

The Genius of French Poster Art

308 x 236mm 400p (B/W) Hardbound 978-4-7562-4077-4 ¥7,800

210 x 148mm 268p (224 in color) 978-4-89444-840-7 ¥2,800

A collection of photographs in the ’60s of Japan by Kishin Shinoyama, at once a monograph on the artist but also an accurate portrayal of a time and place. About 400 b /w and some full color photographs are presented in this volume.

Hervé Morvan (1917-1980) is a great French poster artist and designer who became well-known for his advertising poster for Perrier in 1950. This collection contains around 280 of Morvan’s creations ranging from the advertising posters for kids, food/drink, household, fashion, travel, campaigns, alcohol, cigarette, film and music, and the greeting cards.

Swedish Graphic Designer Softbound

257 x 182mm 240p (224 in Color) 978-4-89444-547-5 ¥3,800


This book collects about 400 outstanding graphic design works of Olle Eksell, one of the most respected and distinguished Swedish graphic designer. Olle Eksell, who passed away in April 2007, is well known as a creator of Mazetti Cacao Eye, and contributed to advertising campaigns, book covers, drawings for picture books, packaging and textiles. 27

Published Titles - Design

The Art of Paper Folding for POP-UP

Best Seller

Size: 192 x 160mm Pages: 34p (30 Samples + 4) Bound: Hardbound ISBN: 978-4-89444-686-1 Price: 짜3,800

Following the first edition, this reprint edition is now available at a more reasonable price for broader audience. 30 pop-up sheets held together by two screws which not only hold the book together but are also easily removable, offer a feast of useful pop-ups that can be used as greeting cards, hangings, decorations or whatever your heart desires.

Best Seller

Paper & Cloth Ready-to-Use Background Patterns Size: 257 x 182mm Pages: 128p (Full Color) Bound: Softbound+DVD-ROM ISBN: 978-4-7562-4026-2 Price: 짜2,800

This volume includes more than 300 paper and cloths patterns, such as antique paper, craft paper, notebook, label, tag and ribbon, all of which are on the attached DVD. The data format is JPEG and PNG, which are useful for both graphic and web designs. All images and some examples using these patterns are shown in the book.


Published Titles - Design

More Graphic Simplicity 306 x 230mm 192p (Full Color) 978-4-7562-4076-7 ¥9,800


Concisely designed advertising that reflects a clear understanding of what elements are necessary and what elements are not, that conveys the concepts behind a product at a single glance, is extremely effective for the visual communication that takes place between the designer and the viewer.

Corporate Brochure Designs 306 x 230mm 224p (Full Color) 978-4-7562-4051-4 ¥12,000


Newest brochures and annual reports for enterprises and various facilities from many countries are presented in this single volume. Such practical information as size, format, table of contents, and the design concept of each work is also included. As a reference for those graphic works and trends of graphic design, this is a must-book for graphic designers.

New Eco-Style Graphics 257 x 182mm 192p (184 in Color) 978-4-7562-4057-6 ¥5,800


“Eco” is a worldwide interest and important key word when a company considers launching a new product or service these days. Focusing on successful graphic works for “eco” products and services as well as graphics using “eco” materials, this book shall be a “must” reference for the designers in need of a good idea for their next works.

Shop Image Graphics in Paris 306 x 230mm 192p (Full Color) 978-4-89444-704-2 ¥9,800


About 80 unique shops and restaurants in Paris are revealed through their oneof-the-kind designs. This book includes interior and exterior designs and such graphic tools as shop cards, flyers, direct mails, menus, shopping bags and more. The shops and restaurants range from a contemporary cafe or a hip restaurant to a rococo style stationery shop or a trendy boutique. 29

Published Titles - Design

Best Seller

New Encyclopedia of Paper-Folding Designs (with CD-ROM)

Package Form and Design

Encyclopedia of Paper-Folding Designs (with CD-ROM)

Smart Designs: Business Cards

280 x 216mm 240p (160 in Color) 978-4-89444-271-9 ¥7,800

280 x 216mm 240p (Full Color) 978-4-89444-591-8 ¥7,800

250 x 200mm 232p (Full Color) 978-4-7562-4003-3 ¥3,800




A special collection focusing on “folding” as a form of graphic expression. From direct mail pieces and cards we encounter everyday to products involving complex folding methods, the works are presented in photographs as they are effected by folding, with flat schematics (on CD-ROM) of their prefolded forms as reference.

This is the third title focusing on paper packaging in “Encyclopedia of Paper Folding Design” series. The 150 high quality works are all created by the industry professionals. The template files are included in PDF files on the accompanied CD-ROM.

To designers, a business card is an extremely difficult item in terms of that they need to express the originality and creativit y within a ver y small space. In other words, designers will enjoy it and condense his or her ideas and skills into a small piece of paper. This collection of business cards from various nations will encourage greater ideas when designing their works.

Beauty & Healthcare Package Design

Best Package & Wrapping Graphics

Hello! UK Graphics

286 x 230mm 160p (Full Color) 978-4-89444-729-5 ¥7,800

306 x 230mm 192p (Full Color) 978-4-89444-694-6 ¥9,800

297 x 210mm 224p (Full Color) 978-4-7562-4036-1 ¥3,800


This book will present pretty, attractive and fashionable selected highquality package designs by product category. You can see the beauty & healthcare industries as a treasury of the designs that catch women’s heart.



This book introduces many, exciting packages and wrapping examples categorized by industry. The photos of shop interior/exterior design are also included so that those photos would give readers ideas how a product package would harmonize the shop interior and exterior design.

Graphic Design in the UK since the 1980s Softbound

Hello ! UK Graphics introduces the designers who became “a histor y maker” from 1980, when Tomato and Neville Brody appeared, to the present with their superior works. Covering from the history of the UK graphic design through to the newly possible movement, this is a bible for the UK graphic lovers!

Exclusive for Asia

Attractive Design without Illustrations

Graphic Explanation in Design

Hot Local Design

306 x 230mm 192p (Full Color) Hardbound 978-4-7562-4358-4 ¥9,800

250 x 200mm 224p (Full Color) Softbound 978-4-7562-4300-3 ¥5,800

306 x 230mm 240p (Full Color) Hardbound 978-4-7562-4325-6 ¥14,000

Attractive Flyer Designs

Designs that Grab Women's Attention

Hot Local Designers Profiles

306 x 230mm 256p (Full Color) Hardbound 978-4-7562-4283-9 ¥12,000

250 x 200mm 224p (Full color) Softbound 978-4-7562-4406-2 ¥5,800

257 x 182mm 240p (Full color) Softbound 978-4-7562-4367-6 ¥5,800

Applied Typography 23

Peaceful and Soothing Graphics

Modern and Traditional: Japanesque Designs by Style

297 x 210mm 272p (248 in Color) Hardbound 978-4-7562-4349-2 ¥12,000

306 x 230mm 192p (Full Color) Hardbound 978-4-7562-4217-4 ¥9,800

306 x 230mm 224p (Full Color) Hardbound 978-4-7562-4266-2 ¥14,000

Promotional Tool Designs for Retails and Brands

Strategic Graphic Designs for Direct Mail

Take One for Free !

306 x 230mm 192p (Full Color) Hardbound 978-4-7562-4163-4 ¥9,800

306 x 230mm 192 Pages (Full Color) Hardbound 978-4-7562-4228-0 ¥9,800

306 x 230mm 192p (Full Color) Hardbound 978-4-7562-4005-7 ¥9,800

User-Friendly Diagrams

Calligraphy and Handwriting Logo Designs

Nihongo Logo

306 x 230mm 192p (184 in Color) Hardbound 978-4-7562-4047-7 ¥9,800

250 x 200mm 232p (24 in Color) Softbound 978-4-7562-4089-7 ¥5,800

250 x 200mm 232p (184 in Color) Softbound 978-4-7562-4013-2 ¥5,800


Exclusive for Asia

Advertising design with Illustration

Advertising design by Season

european Classical Ornaments & Frames

300 x 224mm 176p (Full Color) Softbound 978-4-7562-4334-8 ¥3,800

300 x 224mm 176p (Full Color) Softbound 978-4-7562-4179-5 ¥3,800

257 x 182mm 128p (Gold & Black color) Softbound 978-4-7562-4191-7 ¥2,800

Layout Style Series

Layout Style Series

Layout Style Series

By Hand

Japan Style

Natural Style

250 x 188mm 120p (Full Color) Softbound 978-4-7562-4373-7 ¥2,800

250 x 190mm 120p (112 in Color) Softbound 978-4-7562-4240-2 ¥2,800

250 x 190mm 120p (112 in Color) Softbound 978-4-7562-4241-9 ¥2,800

Layout Style Series

Layout Style Series

Cool & Stylish

Girly & Cute

Portfolio Creation

250 x 190mm 120p (112 in Color) Softbound 978-4-7562-4064-4 ¥2,800

250 x 190mm 120p (112 in Color) Softbound 978-4-7562-4063-7 ¥2,800

257 x 182mm 128p (Full Color) Softbound 978-4-7562-4072-9 ¥2,800

*Prices, specifications, release dates and artworks are subject to change whithout notice.

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