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New Titles / Art

The World of Mucha A Journey to Two Fairylands: Paris and Czech Author: Hiroshi Unno Size: 257 x 186mm Pages: 352p (Full Color) Bound: Softbound Language: J/E bilingual ISBN: 978-4-7562-4789-6 Release Date: April 1, 2017 Price: $39.95

A collection of Mucha’s romantic art, including 370 decorative paintings and his masterpiece, the ‘Slav Epic’ Alfons Mucha (1860-1939) was a Czech graphic designer and decorative artist best known for his distinctive Art Nouveau style. He produced many illustrations, advertisements, postcards, packages and paintings throughout his life. This book is the very best collection of Mucha’s characteristic works, covering his entire career, from his beginnings in Paris to his final days in Czech after four years in the United States. His most representative works are featured, not only in the field of fine art but also in editorial design and graphic design. As a special feature, this book introduces more typography and package design works compared to other publications on Mucha’s work. And, of course, Mucha’s masterpiece the ‘Slav Epic’ is also covered in detail, along with an interpretation and its historical background.

ネスレ社のヴィクトリア女王在位60周年へのオマージュ Poster for ‘Australian PAvilion at the Paris Exhibition n1900’

女性の四季を追うシリーズでは3度目である。それぞれの微妙なちがいをたどるのも面白い。草花の描き方が自然となり、日本の 花鳥画のタッチも感じられる。女性の表情がクールになっているのは、同じテーマを求められるミュシャがちょっとうんざりしている のだろうか。 文:コンスタンチン・マルジャーノフ / 1929-30年 / ペン、インク、水彩、リトグラフ / 7900×3050mm / 所蔵:堺市アルフォンス・ミュシャ館



ネスレ社のヴィクトリア女王在位60周年へのオマージュ Poster for ‘Australian PAvilion at the Paris Exhibition n1900’

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George Barbier

『ラ・プリュム』誌のギャラリー「サロン・デ・サン」でミュシャ展が開かれた。400 点近くのミュシャのポスターやスケッ

チが出された。恥じらうように口元を隠した少女が、 ピンクのハートと3つの輪による神秘的な記号のカードを見せている。


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1894 年、パリの弁護士エドモン・ブノワ=レヴィにより結成され、映写機で美術作品をスライドで映し、大衆に普及す る活動をした。映写機にもたれた女神が会員に解説している。彼女の黒髪がアーチを埋めつくしている。 文:コンスタンチン・マルジャーノフ / 1929-30年 / ペン、インク、水彩、リトグラフ / 7900×3050mm / 所蔵:堺市アルフォンス・ミュシャ館

シャの作品の不思議な世界にいざなっている。 072

文:コンスタンチン・マルジャーノフ / 1929-30年 / ペン、インク、水彩、リトグラフ / 7900×3050mm / 所蔵:堺市アルフォンス・ミュシャ館




New Titles / Art

Alain Grée

Works by the French Illustrator from the 1960s-70s Author: Alain Grée Size: 257 x 182mm Pages: 224p (Full Color) Bound: Softbound Language: Japanese, some English ISBN: 978-4-7562-4748-3 Release Date: May 1, 2017 Price: $39.95

The world’s first collection of designs and illustrations by Alain Grée Born in 1936, Alain Grée is a French illustrator, author and graphic designer. He has released more than 300 children books since the late 1950s, when colorful and visually attractive educational books were rare. His educational books for children, often known as the PILOU series or the Achille et Bergamote series, have been translated into more than 20 languages and widely read all over the world. His colorful, cheerful illustrations have also been used in school textbooks, as well as in advertising posters. This is the very first art collection title introducing his beautiful illustrations selected mainly from his work during the 1960s and 1970s. More than 200 art works are showcased, some of which are only available today in antique books. In addition, this title features Grée’s original paintings, rough sketches and interviews.

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Erik Bruun 978-4-7562-4663-9

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New Titles / Japanese Art

Something Wicked from Japan Ghosts, Demons & Yokai in Ukiyo-e Masterpieces Supervisor: Ei Nakau Size: 228 x 182mm Pages: 240p (Full Color) Bound: Softbound Language: J/E bilingual ISBN: 978-4-7562-4810-7 Release Date: July 1, 2017 Price: $29.95

Ghosts, demons, yokai... This is the nightmarish collection of supernatural beings from Japanese folklore as portrayed in ukiyo-e masterpieces! Japanese folklore is a goldmine of terrifying supernatural yokai monsters, demons, and phantoms. A large number of ukiyo-e woodblock printings created in Edo period (1603-1868) depict these monstrous beings in the illustrations of popular folk tales and horror stories. This book contains 70 yurei (ghosts), oni (demons), kaijin (sorcerers) and yokai (supernatural monsters) with a basic introduction to each creature’s story in J/E bilingual text. These phantoms and monsters are described vividly in 120 ukiyo-e art pieces, all created by great masters such as Hokusai, Hiroshige, Kuniyoshi and so on, giving readers a clear and terrifying image of what such supernatural figures might look like. These images have been passed down through the years, and many art genres in Japan today, including manga and games, are heavily influenced by them. 妖 狐

Related Title



The Fox of Osakabe Specters (yōkai)


於佐壁狐は、姫路城の守護神である刑 部大明神 の正体として知られていますが、一方では、天守閣 にすむ妖狐とも言われ、宮本武蔵によって退治され たことが伝わっています。

Yokai Museum 978-4-7562-4337-9

The Fox of Osakabe is known as the true form of Osakabe Daimyojin, the guardian deity of Himeji Castle, but conflictingly is also said to be a mischievous fox spirit living in the castle tower who was defeated by Musashi Miyamoto.

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New Titles / Art

Erotica in Japanese Contemporary Art Ⅱ

Contemporary Art, Hyperrealism, Photography and Steampunk Size: 257 x 186mm Pages: 320p (Full Color) Bound: Softbound Language: J/E bilingual ISBN: 978-4-7562-4753-7 Release Date: May 1, 2017 Price: $55.00

The most comprehensive and up-todate collection of Erotica & Fantasy in Contemporary Japanese Art, featuring the mesmerizing work of 47 artists Following the great success of Japanese Erotica in Contemporary Art, this second volume showcases even more cuttingedge underground artwork by 47 Japanese artists. New categories such as ‘Fetish Photography’, ‘Steampunk’, ‘Hyperrealism’, and ‘Decadence Photography’, introduce the latest preoccupations of Japanese erotic and fantasy artists, pushing the limits of the first volume by presenting ever more surreal, grotesque and gothic themes – while retaining an uncanny beauty. Gorgeously designed and comprehensive in scope, Erotica in Japanese Contemporary Art II is an essential addition to the collections of erotic art fans around the world.

Related Title

Japanese Erotica in Contemporary Art 978-4-7562-4495-6

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New Titles / Art, Gardening


The 300th Anniversary of his Birth Size: 296 x 227mm Pages: 328p (Full Color) Bound: Softbound Language: Japanese, some English ISBN: 978-4-907243-06-7 Release Date: April 1, 2017 Price: $85.00 Publisher: Nikkei Inc. etc.

A collection of scroll paintings by the Japanese master, Jakuchu, celebrating the artist’s tercentenary This is the official exhibition catalog of Jakuchu:The 300th Anniversary of his Birth, an exhibition held at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, 22 April - 24 May 2016 in commemoration of the tercentenary of the artist, Ito Jakuchu (1716-1800). Jakuchu was active in Kyoto during the 18th century, tirelessly producing artworks until his death at the age of 85. He painted many beautiful and vivid images of animals and plants using a delicate painting style, as well as ink paintings with spontaneous brushstrokes and humorous expressions. With a foreword in English by art historian and general supervisor for this exhibition, Nobuo Tsuji , and art collector Joe D. Price, whose collection was also exhibited at the venue, this title also includes an index of each work in English.

Bonsai, Reprint Edition Bonsai is the art of growing miniature potted trees. It is a true art form that requires special techniques such as pruning, wiring, fertilizing and watering. This is a collection of exquisite photographs of bonsai trees. Arranged by month, this reprint edition features many seasonal examples of these exquisite miniature trees throughout the year, now in a more compact and economical format. Author: Kunio Kobayashi 210 x 152mm 288p (Full Color) Softbound J/E bilingual June 1, 2017 978-4-7562-4829-9 $39.95


New Titles / Comic Art

The Art of Shichigoro Author: shichigoro-shingo Size: 220 x 182mm Pages: 192p (Full Color) Bound: Softbound Language: J/E bilingual ISBN: 978-4-7562-4877-0 Release Date: June 1, 2017 Price: $29.95

This is the first collection of shichigoro-shingo’s digital paintings, encompassing both his personal and commercial works shichigoro-shingo, an emerging young artist based in Tokyo, has already been gaining a reputation worldwide for his illustration work. In 2015, he attracted attention for eyecatching contributions to a TV commercial for Tokyo Mode Gakuen, a design school in Japan, and also held a solo exhibition in Russia. Other recent work includes cover art for CLARKESWORLD MAGAZINE (nominated for the Chesley Award 2016 for Best Cover Illustration) and a brand new Sci-Fi short story collection by Caroline M. Yoachim (Fairwood Press) in the U.S. He has also collaborated with Australian apparel company Black Milk Clothing. Characteristic of his paintings are distinctive combinations of textures - iron rust and skin, wire and black hair, bolts and fur. His work shows us the beauty in the organic and the inorganic coming together as one. These gorgeously detailed illustrations are sure to inspire readers’ imaginations.


New Titles / Comic Art

CANNABIS WORKS 2 Tatsuyuki Tanaka Art Book Author: Tatsuyuki Tanaka Size: 182 x 257mm Pages: 160p (Full Color) Bound: Hardbound Language: J/E bilingual ISBN: 978-4-8354-5359-0 Release Date: April 1, 2017 Price: $39.95 Publisher: inc


Tatsuyuki Tanaka a.k.a. CANNABIS’s long-awaited 2nd art book! CANNABIS WORKS 2 (‘CW2’) is Tatsuyuki Tanaka’s second art collection, and first in 13 years. Tanaka, also works under the name of CANNABIS, is a sought-after Japanese animator and illustrator, who worked for the legendary animation AKIRA. CW2 collects much of his work from 2003 to 2016, and showcases his recent illustrations for books, magazines and record covers, as well as key art for the Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2015. In addition to those works, it features weapon designs for a Japanese movie GANTZ, character designs for a short film A FAREWELL TO WEAPONS, from Katsuhiro Otomo’s film collection SHORT PEACE, and other illustrations for TV animations and video games.Unpublished illustrations and sketches are also included, such as a 22-page silent manga called VISITOR, which is created exclusively for CW2. A treasured book for anime and comic fans, or art lovers seeking for fresh inspiration. About the author: Tatsuyuki Tanaka (CANNABIS) - Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1965, a Japanese animation director and illustrator. He is known for the animation movie AKIRA (key animator), animated TV series Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water (image board artist), video game Linda (character designer under the name of CANNABIS), OVA ETERNAL FAMILY (storyboard artist and key animator), CM TEMPTATION for NIKE’s Lebron James Chamber of Fear campaign (animator), music video for a Japanese artist Utada’s FLUXIMATION ‘#12 Wonder Bout ’ (director and key animator) .


New Titles / Comic Art

The Art of Posuka Demizu Author: Posuka Demizu Size: 220 x 182mm Pages: 192p (Full color) Bound: Softbound Language: J/E bilingual ISBN: 978-4-7562-4876-3 Release Date: July 10, 2017 Price: $29.95

The long-awaited debut collection of illustrations by Posuka Demizu, the up-and-coming manga artist Posuka Demizu is a rising star among manga artists whose new title, The Promised Neverland, created with coauthor Kaiu Shirai, is currently running in the manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump in Japan. This first collection of Posuka’s work features outstanding art works from his career so far, along with new illustrations created especially for this edition. Readers will appreciate seeing Posuka’s vibrant characters and compositions rendered in his characteristically precise style, gathered together for the first time in a single volume.


New Titles / Comic Art

MOMENTARY: The Art of Ilya Kuvshinov Author: Ilya Kuvshinov Size: 195 x 188mm Pages: 192p (176 in color) Bound: Softbound Language: J/E bilingual ISBN: 978-4-7562-4875-6 Release Date: April 1, 2017 Price: $29.95

The first collection of works by the Japanbased Russian illustrator, Ilya Kuvshinov Ilya Kuvshinov is a Russian illustrator with a significant social media following. On Instagram alone, more than 700,000 followers from all over the world eagerly await his latest posts! In this first book collection of his work, readers can see a fascinating combination of cute girls with large, manga-influenced eyes and soulful Japanese landscape illustrations.


Backlist / Japanese Art

Cats in Ukiyo-e

Japanese Woodblock Print of UTAGAWA Kuniyoshi Size: 210 x 148mm Pages: 192p (Full color) Bound: Softbound Language: J/E bilingual ISBN: 978-4-7562-4287-7 Price: $29.95

Kuniyoshi Utagawa (1797-1892) was one of the great masters of the Japanese ukiyo-e style of woodblock prints and painting. Born in 1797 to a silk-dyer, he helped his father’s business as a pattern designer. His drawing talent from an early age attracted the attention of the famous print master Toyokuni Utagawa, and Kuniyoshi became one of his apprentices in 1811. The range of Kuniyoshi’s preferred subjects included many genres: landscapes, beautiful women, Kabuki actors, mythical animals, and cats. More than any other Japanese artist, Kuniyoshi depicted cats humorously and satirically, with great accuracy and careful observation. This book is a collection of Kuniyoshi’s works that featured cats. It will attract ukiyo-e lovers, cat lovers, and also provides valuable inspiration to designers or illustrators.

Little cat bookmark is attached!


Best Seller

Backlist / Japanese Art

Cats by Kuniyoshi Suprise! by Kuniyoshi Ukiyo-e Paper Book Size: 257 x 182mm Pages: 152p (60 removable sheets + 32p) (Full Color + Back Side 1C) Bound: Softbound Language: J/E bilingual ISBN: 978-4-7562-4669-1(Cats), 978-4-7562-4689-9(Surprise!) Price: $29.95 each Publisher: Daifukushorin

In old Tokyo, known as “Edo” during the early modern period, fashion snaps and entertainment magazines came in the form of Ukiyo-e, or “pictures of the floating world”. Cats by Kuniyoshi and Surprise! by Kuniyoshi, showcase some of the most famous woodblock prints by the outstanding Ukiyo-e master, UTAGAWA Kuniyoshi (1792-1892). In both titles, each of the 60 prints can be removed easily, offering today’s readers a fun and authentic way to appreciate Ukiyo-e. The simple, yet unique, design printed on the back side of each page offers even more creative ideas.

Reversible design

Cats by Kuniyoshi

Suprise! by Kuniyoshi

Yokai Museum

The Art of Japanese Supernatural Beings from YUMOTO Koichi Collection

Yokai are a class of supernatural monsters in Japanese folklore. Yokai have attracted artists and have been a common theme in artworks until the present day because of their unique forms and their mysterious behaviors. This book is a visual collection of art works of Yokai in Japan since the Edo period (1603-1868). 257 x 182mm 288p (272 in Color) Softbound J/E bilingual 978-4-7562-4337-9 $39.95


Backlist / Japanese Art, Erotica

Hokusai Manga Size: 304 x 210mm Pages: 696p (2&3 Special Colors) Bound: Softbound Language: J/E bilingual ISBN: 978-4-7562-4069-9 Price: $59.00

Best Seller

Hokusai Manga is one of the masterpieces by Hokusai Katsushika (1760-1849), a master of Ukiyo-e artist. He depicts ordinary people’s lives, animals, plants, landscapes and human figures, as well as historical and even supernatural demons and monsters, as if it were a visual 15-volume encyclopedia. This book selects pieces from each volume, and compiled them into one charming book.


The Pre-History of Japanese Comics

This title features foundational works of manga dating from the 17th to the early 20th century and presented in chronological order. It is a great resource for graphic designers and comic book artists. Japanese art lovers will also find some great works by wellknown ukiyo-e artists such as Kuniyoshi Utagawa, Hokusai Katsushika and so on. 210 x 148mm 280p (240 in Color) Softbound Japanese, some English 978-4-7562-4357-7 $39.95


Aesthetics of Japanese Erotic Art by Ukiyo-e Masters

This big book of 592 pages features various Shunga works by masters of Ukiyo-e artists such as Hokusai Katsushika, Utamaro Kitagawa, Kuniyoshi Utagawa, Kiyonaga Torii and others. This title also includes columns and interviews by Japanese Shunga specialists, which bring new insights to overseas readers. 304 x 210mm 592p (Full Color) Softbound J/E bilingual 978-4-7562-4368-3 $74.00


Backlist / Art, Fashion, Erotica


Beauty of Japanese Modernity in 1910s & 20s

This book introduces colorful and dynamic patterns of Meisen kimono, categorized by pattern and motif, that are very much different from authentic kimono patterns in former periods. Excellent book for kimono lovers and also will be a great reference for fashion and graphic designers. 210 x 148mm 272p (Full Color) Softbound Japanese, some English 978-4-7562-4635-6 $39.95

Creativity is Born Issey Miyake & Reality Lab.

Focusing on Miyake’s innovative fashion brand, “132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE”, and Miyake’s extended project of interior lighting products, IN-EI, this 112-page bilingual (J/E) guide introduces Miyake’s work in an accessible, portable format.

297 x 224mm 112p (Full Color) Softbound J/E bilingual 978-4-7562-4792-6 $39.95

Japanese Erotica in Contemporary Art Paintings, Illustrations, Dolls and more

This title is a comprehensive art collection of contemporary erotic arts in Japan covering more than 50 great and up-and-coming artists in various fields, such as illustration, doll, contemporary art, comic/anime and so on. Bilingual (JPN/ENG) overview exposition of the latest Japanese erotic art is also included. 257 x 186mm 320p (Full Color) Softbound J/E bilingual 978-4-7562-4495-6 $55.00


Dreaming Girls

Shunga, a type of Ukiyo-e, portrays erotic expression between men and women with pleasures and pains, and the beauty of their bodies. This book features works from the Edo period, including Utamaro and Hokusai.

Macoto Takahashi (1934-) is a prominent artist well known for his illustration of gorgeous girls. The style of his illustrations is influenced by Art Deco, and they are typical of Japanese manga drawings that are popular today.

210 x 148mm 400p (210 in Color) Softbound J/E bilingual 978-4-89444-802-5 $39.95

297 x 210mm 208p (Full Color) Softbound Japanese, some English 978-4-7562-4380-5 $39.95

Japanese Erotic Art

Art Collection of Macoto Takahashi


Backlist / Food, Design Best Seller

nobu’s Vegetarian Cookbook Nobu is one of the world’s most recognized Japanese restaurants, known for its new style Japanese cuisine. In this first cookbook by nobu to focus on vegetable dishes, the master chef shares his expertise and deep knowledge of Japanese cuisine in sixty recipes that showcase vegetables in all their variety. 267 x 218mm 176p (Full Color) Hardbound English 978-4-89444-905-3 $39.95

Sushi Sushi is known both as an internationallybeloved delicacy and a Japanese treasure. Renowned sushi chef Kazuo Nagayama’s own personal recipes are presented here with exquisitely photographed painstaking art. Sushi is arranged by season reflecting the availability of the main ingredients.

210 x 140mm 208p (Full Color) Softbound J/E bilingual 978-4-7562-4134-4 $29.95

Traditional Japanese Patterns and Motifs Many motifs in use today in Japan originated in Asian countries. However, they have been adapted to Japanese tastes over a long period of history. The traditional motifs presented in this book offer a host of inspiring designs and an insight into a long-sustained, living tradition at the core of Japanese culture. 210 x 148mm 196p (176 in Color) Softbound J/E bilingual 978-4-7562-4424-6 $34.00


Traditional Japanese Color Palette

The Traditional Colors of Japan

This is a companion to The Traditional Colors of Japan, and focuses on the beauty of Japanese traditional color combinations. It explores the aesthetics of color combination in traditional Japanese art works.

This book is a distinctive encyclopedia of Japanese traditional colors. This book presents 250 Japanese colors from paintings, crafts, textiles and performing arts, and explanations of their names and CMYK/RGB data.

210 x 148mm 192p (176 in Color) Softbound Japanese, some English 978-4-7562-4114-6 $34.00

210 x 148mm 192p (176 in Color) Softbound Japanese, some English 978-4-7562-4100-9 $34.00

Backlist / Craft & Hobby

The Art of Paper Folding for POP-UP

Best Seller

30 removable sheets for greeting cards, ornaments, and more Size: 192 x 162mm Pages: 30 POP-UP cards + 4p Bound: Hardbound Language: J/E bilingual ISBN: 978-4-89444-686-1 Price: $39.95

Thirty pop-up sheets held together by two screws which not only hold the book together in a visually unique package but are also easily removable, offer a feast of useful pop-ups that can be used as greeting cards, hangings, decorations, or whatever your heart desires. Miyuki Yoshida, a professional paper engineer, created thirty sheets in a way that allows people to find their own way of enjoying the book. Each pop-up sheet is intricately designed using simple colors. This title also offers a growing number of paper-craft enthusiasts a font of inspiriting folding and cutting ideas.

More Designs of Paper Folding for POP-UP

Samples and Templates for Cards and Crafts Size: 190 x 162mm Pages: 15 POP-UP cards + 12p + DVD-ROM Bound: Hardbound Language: J/E bilingual ISBN: 978-4-7562-4465-9 Price: $29.95

As the follow-up title of The Art of Paper Folding for POP-UP, this new project contains more familiar pop-up objects such as flowers, grass, bubbles and even animals with simple cutting, folding and gluing techniques. The 15 pop-up works and their templates available in the attached DVD-ROM stimulate readers’ creativity.


Backlist / Art, Design

George Barbier: Master of Art Deco

Fashion, Illustration and Graphic Design Size: 257 x 182mm Pages: 296p (Full Color) Bound: Softbound Language: Japanese, some English ISBN: 978-4-7562-4144-3 Price: $42.00

George Barbier is one of the great French illustrators. He is famous for his elegant art deco works, which were influenced by orientalism and Parisian couture. With critical essays on such topics as coloration and composition, this volume is a complete compendium of Barbier’s work. This valuable reference book is categorized by Barbier’s major projects in fashion, book illustration, theater art, and editorial design and is perfect for illustrators and graphic designers as well as a beautiful gift for someone very special.

William Morris: Father of Modern Design and Pattern Texitile, Book & Editorial Designs and More Size: 257 x 186mm Pages: 296p (Full Color) Bound: Softbound Language: Japanese, some English ISBN: 978-4-7562-4336-2 Price: $39.95

William Morris was an English textile designer and an artist. His flower patterns are well-known worldwide, but his other design works, such as editorial and font design are also worth seeing. This book presents not only his textile patterns but also book design, font design, posters, stamps and various artworks including painting, all of which will become precious reference for desingers as well as for art lovers.


Best Seller

Backlist / Design

Avant-Garde Graphics in Russia Posters, Book Design, Children Books, Typography and more Size: 257 x 186mm Pages: 320p (Full Color) Bound: Softbound Language: Japanese, some English ISBN: 978-4-7562-4612-7 Price: $39.95

This title is a definitive graphic art collection of Russian avant-garde. Contents are widely varied in the fields of editorial design, book design, children’s books, typography, pattern graphics, poster creation, fashion and textiles and so on. In addition, energetic and dynamic works are shown in a stylish layout at every turn of the page – with a mixture of sophisticated book design by Reiko Harajo, a renowned book designer. About 300 works in total are shown in this title accompanied by some columns.

Erik Bruun

Finnish Graphic Designer

Erik Bruun is an active graphic designer in Finland who won international respect for his wide variety of works. This is the one-and-only treasured book which introduces a number of his works from his long career. 257 x 182mm 224p (Full color) + Supplementary Poster Softbound Japanese, some English 978-4-7562-4663-9 $39.95

Maija Isola

art, fabric, marimekko

Maija Isola (1927–2001) was the textile designer hired by Marimekko. Her most famous print, Unikko, has become the most recognizable icon of the Marimekko Company. Most of the contents of this book are her textile works, but her lifestyle is also featured. 210 x 148mm 160p (Full Color) Softbound English 978-4-7562-4366-9 $39.95


Backlist / Comic Art


A Retrospective of Beloved and New Works by James Jean Size: 305 x 225mm Pages: 288p (Full Color) + Supplementary Poster Bound: Softbound Language: J/E bilingual ISBN: 978-4-7562-4713-1 Price: $45.00

Best Seller

Born in 1978 as a Taiwanese-American, James Jean became one of the talented artists/illustrators creating both commercial works and fine art gallery works. He contributed numerous works of cover art for American comics and he also did a creative collaborative project with PRADA in 2007. This title is the long-awaited art collection of James Jean covering most of his career. To celebrate the first release in Japan, endorsements are presented in bilingual text by Takashi Murakami (contemporary artist) and Guillermo del Toro (film director). The book comes with a dust jacket which folds out into a stunning poster (556 x 837 mm) .

The reverse side of the dust jacket.


Backlist / Comic Art


OTOMO KATSUHIRO X GRAPHIC DESIGN Size: 364 x 257mm Pages: 176p (Full color) + Supplementary Poster Bound: Softbound Language: J/E bilingual ISBN: 978-4-7562-4447-5 Price: $69.00

Otomo Katsuhiro is one of the most respected and influential Japanese artists/storytellers in the history of modern comics and animation. His representative work, Akira, boasts astonishing power and visionary scope, with unsurpassed artistry. This book exclusively features more than 130 posters, all of which use Otomo’s great illustration works.

KATSUYA TERADA 10 Ten 10 Year Retrospective

Katsuya Terada is one of Japan’s most soughtafter illustrators who is known as the character designer for the animated film, Blood: The Last Vampire. This book showcases 600 of his works in the recent decade, which consist of mangas, illustrations, as well as preliminary sketches, and production drawings. 210 x 148mm 328p (64p in 4 Color + 264p in 2 Color) Softbound Japanese, some English 978-4-7562-4376-8 $39.95

雪広うたこ Yu kih iro U t a k o Profile

m a i l @ 7 7 x 1 6 . com


m i el el a t t e

h t t p : / / 7 7 x 1 6 . com


漫画媒体中心に、その他小説の挿画やキャラクターデザインなどイラス トの場でも活動しています。おもな作品に漫画「魔界王子devils and realist /原作:高殿 円」 、アニメ「うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪」シリー ズコミカライズ、キャラクターデザイン「B-project」など。


色彩の楽しさが伝わるようなカラーリングと、コンセプトに合わせた彩 色で企画の意図を明確に伝えられるよう努力することを心がけています。

Most Updated Boys Illustrations from Japanese Comics and Games

Most of my work focuses on the manga medium, but I am also active in the field of illustration, creating artwork for novels and pr oduc i ng c ha r a c te r de si gns, for e xa mpl e . M y ma j or e ffor ts i nc l ude the ma nga ve r si ons of Makai Oj i de vi l s and r e al i st (or i gi na l wor k by Ta ka dono M a doka ) a nd U ta no Pr i nc e -sama ♪ (ma nga ve r si on), a nd c omi c i l l ustr a ti ons a nd c ha r a c te r de si gn for B-pr oj e c t. I try to ensure that the fun of coloring comes across in my drawings, and that coloring complements and clearly c ommuni c a te s the i nte nt of the pr oj e c t.

This title is the most updated art collection of ‘beautiful boys’ all of which are the great favorite of Fujoshi or Yaoi girls. All art works are showcased by 79 artists with bilingual profiles. Some are actually sought-after illustrations from popular online game titled Touken Ranbu or Vocaloid™ PV.

COMIC it vol.1 表紙イラスト / KADOKAWA アスキー・メディアワークス

「φの方石 -白幽堂魔石奇譚-」 (著:新田周右)/ カバーイラスト / メディアワークス文庫 / KADOKAWA アスキーメディアワークス

「うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪マジLOVE2000%」 / 3巻カバーイラスト 作画:雪広うたこ 原作:紅ノ月 歌音・ブロッコリー キャラクターデザイン原案:倉花千夏 キャラクターデザイン・総作画監督:森 光恵 監修: うた☆プリ2製作委員会 KADOKAWA アスキー・メディアワークス ©UTA☆PRI-2 PROJECT


「B-project」 / キービジュアル / MAGES. ©B-project


257 x 182mm 192p (Full Color) Softbound J/E bilingual 978-4-7562-4722-3 $29.95


Backlist / Comic Art, Animation, Game

More Heroes and Heroines

Japanese Video Game + Animation Illustration

Following PIE’s former bestseller Heroes and Heroines, this is the most trendy and updated art collection of more than 50 prominent Japanese character deisngers in the field of video game and animation. This is the musthave book for Japanese video game & anime lovers, as well as cosplay enthusiasts. 257 x 182mm 208p (Full Color) Softbound J/E bilingual 978-4-7562-4585-4 $29.95

The Art of Grasshopper Manufacture Complete Collection of SUDA51: A Great Video Game Designer in Japan

This is the one-and-only title of complete art works created by Grasshopper Manufacture, a Japanese video game developer of successful games such as Lollipop Chainsaw, Killer 7, No More Heroes, directed by SUDA51. 257 x 182mm 224pp (192 in Color) Softbound J/E bilingual 978-4-7562-4586-1 $39.95


The World Beyond Your Imagination

Yoshitaka Amano is a multi-talented Japanese artist who is well known for his massively successful character designs of the Final Fantasy series. This title displays more than 250 of Amano’s entire works from the beginning of his career. 297 x 225mm 224p (Full Color) Softbound Japanese, some English and Chinese 978-4-7562-4604-2 $49.95

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Cover Art from Cats in Ukiyo-e Designed by Kakinokihara Masahiro (10 inc) & Ishiguro Jun (FRASCO)

PIE International 2017 Spring/Summer catalog [US, Canada]  
PIE International 2017 Spring/Summer catalog [US, Canada]