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10 Most Useful Properties Of Ionic Liquids -Ionic liquids have high thermal storage capabilities so Ionic liquids are used as thermal storage elements in solar thermal energy systems. In earlier days, Nitrate salts were used for this but their inefficient freezing temperatures made Ionic liquids more preferable & now Ionic liquids are widely used in solar systems. -Due to high evaporation stability, Ionic liquids evaporate at much lower rates compared to water. In future, Ionic liquids are likely to replace water as electrolyte in metal-air batteries. -When pharmaceutically active cations are combined with pharmaceutically active anions, it forms dual active ion liquid, which delivers action of two drugs combined. -In paints and nanomaterials, Ionic liquids are used as dispersion agents due to their dispersion capabilities. -Some research experiments have shown possibilities of Ionic liquids to be useful in reactions that produces required energy upto a level that it can replace artificial photosynthesis used to produce carbon based useful chemicals. -In many applications of mechanical and chemical processing, Ionic liquids are used as industrial solvents. Especially Ionic liquids are much useful in solvating cellulose to useful concentrations. -Recently, some researchers have patented new electrolytes that are supposed to work without any additional solvents or water. This ILs will prolong life of batteries and solar cells as they say. -Algae produces high-energy molecules such as starch and lipids which are highly useful in producing biodiesel, Ethenol and other biofuels. Ionic liquids are proven and used to destroy cell walls of algaes with just fraction of energy. This might be useful to reduce cost of current harvesting and extraction process. - Due to its properties like low vapor pressure, stability at high temperatures and solvation capabilities, Ionic liquids are also used in gas storage and handling operations. -Ionic liquids are identified to have specificity required to separate similar compounds from each other such as separating polymers from plastic waste. That's why ILs are also used in waste recycling process.

Documented by - Tatvachintan Pharmaceuticals Tatvachintan is a globally recognized, integrated pharmaceutical company with core competencies in the development and manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Cetrimide, Phase Transfer Catalysts (PTC),Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QUATS), Quaternary Phosphonium Compounds, Pyridinium Salts and Glymes.

10 most important properties of ionic liquids  

-Ionic liquids have high thermal storage capabilities so Ionic liquids are used as thermal storage elements in solar thermal energy systems....

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