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Modern Buddha by Renee Duan, Grade 12 acrylic on canvas Looking at the symbol of Buddha through the lens of a North American-educated Chinese girl.

Thank you to the Larice Family, parents of Damian, Grade 9, who created and donated the beautiful design of our 175th anniversary logo.




H A P P Y 1 7 5 TH P I C K E R I N G C O L L E G E !


t has been said that the history of Pickering College is the exemplification of the belief that “there is no growth without a struggle.”

In 1842, what was then known as West Lake Boarding School opened its doors for both boys and girls. This commitment to co-education was still a somewhat revolutionary approach, but one in which Quakers believed very strongly. For £12-10 per annum ($117.64 in 2017 dollars), board, tuition, pens, ink and papers were provided to young boys and girls. Students were admonished that those pupils “who are in the habit of chewing tobacco wholly abstain from a practice so unbecoming to youth.” In addition to their studies, boys were permitted to labour two hours per day and to receive payment for their work, while girls could also engage in “suitable employment.” Jessie H. Haines, the first teacher and first headmaster, when he was re-hired in 1843 “agreed to paint the Boys school inside and out at his own expense.” Since then, Pickering College has created a presence in Ontario education. Yet the school has seen more than its share of struggles. It has been temporarily closed on several occasions; has been located in three separate towns with two different names; and has twice suffered devastating fires that might have closed many other institutions. Despite all of those challenges, the school has persevered and with that perseverance, the heart and soul of what we do to change lives and inspire the youth of each successive generation grows stronger. I believe passionately that to do something big, to do something great, to have an influence or to make change in this world, we must take risks, overcome the obstacles in our path and, in the process, perhaps fail greatly. For it is through failure or challenge that we learn the most and grow the strongest. We all know it is fine to be successful; but it is the magnificent failures that appear in our legends and give us hope. Those who try, and fail, and pick themselves up, and try again, they are inspiring… they are the ones who stir our hearts and move us to tears. And they are often the ones who open the way, where no one has gone before. That helps to explain the history of Pickering College. Why have we been able to do this over the last 175 years? Well, from the earliest days of the Society of Friends, Quakers have maintained a consistent educational tradition, marked by a belief that “the object of education is to give every opportunity for the good principle in the soul to be heard.” In whatever era, in whatever generation, this guiding principle has been at the heart of a Pickering College approach to education. This was expressed in 1942, on the occasion of the school’s 100th anniversary, when then Headmaster Joe McCulley wrote,

“That the school has survived is due, not only to the labours of those who have been responsible for its destinies from time to time, but in large measure to the fact that throughout its history the school has been an expression of the fundamental Quaker faith in the infinite and eternal value of every human soul.”

To believe in every person; to see the potential in every child; to see goodness where others might see only differences or problems; to believe in the perfectibility of the human spirit, no matter the gender, the race, the culture or the religion; this is what Pickering College has done successfully since our founding. And I believe that approach gives our students hope, give our teachers purpose, gives our parents faith and gives our alumni meaning. These qualities have allowed our students to thrive and our school to continue. They have given our school and our community the strength to not only persevere, but to get out and lead the way. If the qualities that define success in the 21st century include courage, resiliency, creativity, compassion and determination, then one needs to look no further than this school and the work we do here. Expressed in a different way, those are the qualities that come from our Quaker founding. They are the qualities that have ensured the school keeps living up to its mission every day and they are the qualities that will support our ambitious vision for the next 175 years. –Peter Sturrup, Headmaster



CAMPUS MASTER PLAN At 175 years young, P ickering College continues to grow “better and more beautiful.” O

ur campuses’ history has been marked by many changes and improvements through the years as we see here and through the pages of this edition of The Pillars. We have grown (and continue to) from a small boarding school in West Lake,


1982 1842 West Lake School, near Picton, Ontario, is where the story begins. 1878 The school moved to Pickering, Ontario, under the care of Canada Yearly Meeting. The Quakers also provided the funding for the building of what would soon be known as Pickering College. This magnificent structure burned to the ground on New Year’s Eve 1905. Fortunately, not a single person was killed or injured. 1909 Pickering College re-opened in Newmarket, Ontario. The Rogers family, founders of Newmarket and for whom Rogers House is named, along with other leading


to a beautiful campus of buildings and fields in Newmarket. Today, we house the internationally-recognized Global Leadership Program. There is much to be proud of at Pickering College, as there has been for the past 175 years. Over the years, so many improvements have been incorporated into our current campus, in addition to those below, from Memorial Field and track to the baseball diamond, the addition of our radio station 102.7 CHOP FM and the renovation of the Learning Commons. Support from our school community, members of the


1931 Firth House was built and housed the “prep” or younger students. An addition was added in the late 1940s. 1966 Our beautiful Dining Hall opened, moving the kitchen and dining room out of the lower level of Rogers House. 1971 The Arena was built with the support

courts; and • Consideration of the use of Rogers House and other opportunities for residences once we are ready to replace New House.

Innovation and redesign the Front Entrance, and are confident that our community will respond once again, generously and with vision as it has for almost two centuries.

We are now embarking on the next stages of the Campus Master Plan, including:

The Town of Newmarket has approved the Front Entrance redesign, including all landscaping, social areas and tree planting. As of press time, the approval for the Centre for Creativity and Innovation is expected early in the fall.

Our new Strategic Plan will be presented at the Annual General Meeting in November, focussing on the Global Leadership Program, the next stages of the Campus Master Plan (including the development and use of lands at the south end of campus), financing and innovation. Stay tuned for more exciting information about next steps in September.

• Building the Centre for Creativity and Innovation on North field; • Redesigning the Front Entrance to increase efficiency, parking and traffic flow; • Replacing North field with an additional sports field and adding tennis


2003 Quakers, were very generous in their support of its construction. The Old Gym was added in 1927, thanks to a generous gift from Albert S. Rogers, the Chairman of the Board at the time. In 1933, Mr. Rogers left his 250-acre farm to the school in his will.

Facilities Committee, Board, Corporation, Strategic Plan volunteers as well as generous and consistent donors have made the improvements to our campus possible.


of Old Boys, while long-time teacher Eric Veale was acting Headmaster. “The Barn” as it is fondly known also has the reputation as “the best ice in Newmarket.” 1982 The Right Honourable Governor General Edward Schreyer opened New House as the new residence. Rogers House had suffered a disastrous fire in 1981, requiring a relocation of the boarding students and a full renovation of the building. A significant fundraising effort, including the sale of the farmlands beyond Memorial Field and a number of important pieces of art from the school’s collection was necessary during this time.


2011 2003 Our gymnasium, Egan House, opened after a successful fundraising campaign led by former Board Chair and volunteer extraordinaire Beth Egan. Now, Pickering College is able to host more indoor tournaments as part of the CAIS competitive family, as well as provide an excellent athletic experience for our students. 2007 The student lounge, new kitchen and servery were added to our school, to the delight of students and staff alike, after a very generous gift was dedicated to this purpose by Jim Spring ’47. Our “’40s Student Lounge” pays tribute to the wonderful 1940s alumni who have been and continue to be involved with

We look forward to reaching out to our community as we tender the work to build the Centre for Creativity and


2012 and supportive of Pickering College. 2011 The iconic four Pillars that grace the front of Rogers House were completely refurbished, and a new set of granite stairs was installed, ready for the next 100 years in Newmarket. This was the first stage of the Campus Master Plan that emerged from the last Pickering College Strategic Plan, and was fully funded by our community. 2012 Long-time teacher and alumni ambassador Charles Boyd chose to leave his beautiful Blue & Silver Farm to Pickering College in his will, and to encourage its use as a nature-learning centre while


2015 he continues to live there. The farm is an asset to every student who visits and the cornerstone of our exceptional Outdoor Education Program. 2015 The Dining Hall was expanded and renovated as the next stage of the Campus Master Plan. It was the first major project supported by the Light The Way capital campaign and was renamed as the Harry M. Beer Dining Hall. Like the renovation of the Pillars, our community invested to make this project a reality. And, coming in the fall of 2017, the anticipated ground breaking for the Centre for Creativity and Innovation... 7






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sat listening intently at Commencement to the valedictory address by Sterling Mancuso ’17. He is a world-class debater and public speaker who was chosen by his peers and his teachers for this role. I watched the faces of our graduates as they gave their attention to their classmate, now fellow alumnus. Full of potential and possibility of course, just as everyone likes to say about a graduating class. But there is really something special about this group of students who helped forge a new identity for Pickering College. They are the first Global Leadership Program graduates. Watching those graduates, and hearing of their accomplishments, fires my resolve even more regarding our need to achieve the bold and ambitious Campus Master Plan and Light The Way capital campaign fundraising goals. As alumni and families did before us in improving Pickering College, we can work together to give a fitting home to this ideal, with the space to welcome more students locally and from around the world. I am very pleased to announce that we now have raised over $5 million in cash and pledges for the Light The Way capital campaign, with some wonderful additional donors now in discussions about their investment in the future of our school. An alumnus whose generosity pushed us over the $5 million mark with a significant gift was clear in giving it that he understood the importance of the role he could play in making the next stages of the Plan happen—by giving others confidence about the tangible commitment of our community to this effort. We are more than halfway there—and the best is yet to come. You will be seeing a lot more about the campaign and activity on advancing the building of the Centre for Creativity and Innovation in this, our 175th year.

FOR THIS GENERATION OF GLOBAL LEADERS BUILDING THE CENTRE FOR CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION AT PICKERING COLLEGE Our Light The Way capital campaign helps to raise funds for the next phase of our ambitious Campus Master Plan. This phase brings the construction of the $30 million Centre for Creativity and Innovation as well as the redevelopment of our Front Entrance.


The Light The Way capital campaign fundraising goal Ontario is $10 millionNewmarket, of which we have already secured 16945 Bayview Avenue, Newmarket, ON, up Canada $5 million. We thank all who have stepped to L3Y 4X2 TEL (905) 895-1700 • 1-877-895-1700 • FAX (905) 895-9076 support this exciting and very important initiative for E-MAIL • WEB our students and the future of Pickering College.

We encourage everyone to join us and Light The Way for this and future generations of global leaders.


For more information on the Campus Master Plan and the Light The Way capital Ontario campaign, contact: Newmarket, Magdalena (Meg) Bodnar, Director, LightON, TheCanada Way L3Y 4X2 16945 Bayview Avenue, Newmarket, TEL (905) 895-1700 • 1-877-895-1700 • FAX (905) 895-9076 Capital Campaign at E-MAIL • WEB or 905.895.1700 ext. 254.

Thank you to everyone who has donated already, and we look forward to speaking with those of you who are considering your own investment in this important venture. Contact Magdalena (Meg) Bodnar for more information (see opposite page for her contact details) or contact me directly at



Learning for Life. Creating the Future.

16945 Bayview Avenue, Newmarket, ON, Canada L3Y 4X2 TEL (905) 895-1700 • 1-877-895-1700 • FAX (905) 895-9076 E-MAIL • WEB



JUNIOR SCHOOL PRODUCTION – A ROARING SUCCESS! On February 27 and 28, the Meeting Room was transformed into a jungle for the Primary and Junior performances of The Jungle Book. This was the culmination of over three months of rehearsals.

102.7 CHOP FM TO PARTNER WITH TOWN OF AURORA Bryce Osinga and Sterling Mancuso made a presentation to Aurora Town Council on behalf of 102.7 CHOP FM. The presentation gave Councillors some insight into the radio station and its programming, to connect with the town, to broadcast town events and community programs, as well as host regular on-air interviews with councillors to discuss town business.

GRADE 3 STUDENTS ARE RESEARCHERS, DESIGNERS AND ENGINEERS In April, students in Grades 1-3 participated in the FIRST LEGO League Junior Showcase event. FIRST LEGO League Junior works with experts in the field to create a challenge that relates to an important real world issue. This year teams learned about honey bees and why they are important. The team members worked together to design and build a model to show what they learned. They used LEGO simple machines with motors, and created a Show Me poster. The students presented their projects to team reviewers where they spoke about their projects and demonstrated their LEGO model. The students participated in a variety of science and technology activities.

GRADE 1 AND G.O.O.S The Grade 1 students are learning that it is important to take care of their environment. They noticed that students use too much paper and this paper ends up in the garbage can or the recycling bin. The children decided to use both sides of a piece of paper before discarding it as waste. This is called using G.O.O.S. paper (Good On One Side). The Grade 1 children felt so passionately about reducing this waste that they took action. They visited many classrooms in the Junior School to speak about using G.O.O.S. paper and the importance of reducing our waste to ensure a clean, healthy environment in the future!

Collaborative Design GLP DESIGN AND BUILD For two days at the end of March, the Grade 5 students engaged in a collaborative design and build challenge to construct programmable motorized LEGO robots. Drawing on the expertise of our fall elective participants, the students worked in teams to follow complex instructions and connect their decisions and actions to an environmental stewardship theme entitled “Animal Allies.”

CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: SIR WILLIAM MULOCK Sir William Mulock was a patron of Pickering College in the 1930s and 1940s. Sir Mulock was a politician and lawyer. As Postmaster General in Wilfrid Laurier’s government, he was responsible for introducing “penny” postage to the British Empire. He was appointed Chief Justice of Ontario and also served as Vice Chancellor of the University of Toronto.

Their favourite activities included the Dash Robot, coding, 3D printing and button making. The students had a blast and were thrilled to receive their certificates and awards!

CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: QUAKER ROOTS With land given by Joseph John Gurney, the Quaker boarding school started in Bloomfield, Ontario (near Picton), on the Bay of Quinte. The West Lake School was designed as a ‘select school’ (a Quaker school for Quaker children). Students included Samuel and Elias Rogers, descendants of Timothy Rogers and brothers who in later life became prominent Quakers, influential Toronto businessmen and strong supporters of the school. Enrolment even reached a maximum of 116 pupils in 1857, but maintaining both a strict ‘select’ Quaker ethos and a full enrolment proved impossible. School managment began to enroll non-Quaker pupils. By the 1850s, less than a third of the students came from Quaker homes. 10




his past year has meant a lot of firsts for Grade 11 boarding student Mehmet (M.Ali) Uysal. His first time at boarding school, leaving his home country of Turkey, experiencing the cold of a Canadian winter and being immersed in an English-speaking environment.

MIDDLE SCHOOL HACK FEST Middle School students participated in a programming competition, where, with the help of the Grade 10/11 Computer Science class, they spent an hour learning the basics of a programming language called Tynker. Working in groups, they designed and coded a game that was judged at the end of the day. Many students embraced the challenge, learning new skills quickly, collaborating well and demonstrating many creative ideas. Thank you to Senior School student judges Sophia Husein, Nupur Krishnan, Sean Malins-Umansky and Patrick Prochazka!

“It was a bit of a culture shock,” he explains. “It’s so different from my country and the education here is so good.”

JUNIOR AND MIDDLE SCHOOL SPELLING BEE RESULTS Congratulations to the Junior School Champion Sebastian Escalante and First Runner-Up Justin Huang and the Middle School Champion Pepa Prochazka and First Runner-Up Sasha Au Yong. Thanks to all of our participants and judges.

M.Ali has embraced living on campus and all that boarding life has to offer. From visits to local hangout spots on Main Street with friends to weekend excursions to Geneva Park, paintball and a Blue Jays game, M.Ali enjoys learning about Canada and the different cultures that make up his boarding family. His favourite subject in school is music, something that has always been a big part of his life. As the son of a pianist, M.Ali began playing piano at age three and taught himself guitar about five years ago. Back home in Turkey, he was part of a band that performed all over the country. Not only did the band earn quite a bit of money, it even had fans! At Pickering, M.Ali has jumped into the music program, taking part in the strings and guitar classes and as a valued member of the Jazz Band. “In music class we are learning everything, every note, and how to read the music sheet,” explaining that he has only learned to play by sight reading music since arriving at PC.

PC’S GOT TALENT The annual Junior and Middle School talent show featured a variety of performances and lots of enthusiastic support from the audience! Acts included singing and dancing, rapping, playing guitar, speed stacking cups and playing piano. Congratulations to the Junior School Student Committee for organizing this fun event and to the performers for putting on a great show!

CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: GEORGE FOX ‘Quaker’ was a nickname first applied to an itinerant preacher, George Fox (1624-1691), in 1650 by Mr. Justice Bennet. Fox bade the Justice to “tremble at the Word of the Lord.” Justice Bennet is said to have replied, “Then take this Quaker away!” 12

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS OF THE GRADE 6 NUTRITIONAL PRESENTATION Grade 6 students did a cross-curricular project for Language Arts and Health. The goal of the project was to come up with a healthy meal plan idea that was balanced and could be served to students, Kindergarten to Grade 8. The winning meal, served on April 25, included Israeli couscous, chicken and beef kebabs, Greek salad and fresh strawberries with chocolate dip. Well done Chris, Caylie, Hannah and Ava.

Looking to the future, M.Ali says he would like to have a career in music. He has already begun attending university open houses in Toronto and talking it over with his mother.

Mehmet (M.Ali) Uysal ,


THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF MUSIC “She said ‘you should go to some production school or something, maybe music production, and then you can do your masters in guitar or music’ – and I said, okay, why not!” 13

STUDENT LIFE GRADE 5 TRANSIT DESIGN Grade 5 students participated in an engineering presentation with guests from vivaNext and York Region transportation. Students learned about Newmarket’s Davis Drive reconstruction project and the design challenges of implementing bus rapidways. They also learned about the responsibilities of an engineer in designing and building safe structures, and worked in teams to construct a bridge to specifications and then tested its strength. GRADE 10 STUDENTS PRESENT AT ROTMAN SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Grade 10 students Michael Wang and Peter He recently pitched their solution to the future of China’s economy to an audience of experts from ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. The students were invited by Leader-in-Residence, Dr. Walid Hejazi, Associate Professor of International Business at Rotman. Despite having little more than an evening to prepare, Michael and Peter jumped at the opportunity and impressed both their host and the guests in attendance at the event with their presentation. READING BUDDIES EN FRANÇAIS The Grade 6 and 11 French classes began working together to practice their conversation skills and to learn from one another. They spoke en français about everything from their families to sports, and their favourite movies. After finding out what they had in common, they designed and created a colourful poster celebrating their commonalities. Bravo!

JUNIOR DEBATE CHAMPIONS Our Junior Debate Team won first place at the University of Toronto School (UTS) Junior Debate and Public Speaking Tournament. The team, consisting of students in Grades 8 and 9, proudly returned home with the Zommer’s Cup.

AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR LAWRENCE HILL On Friday, January 13, award-winning author Lawrence Hill treated PC students and teachers to some insight into his personal and professional experiences as a writer at the Newmarket Public Library. Mr. Hill is best known for his international best-seller The Book of Negroes and the 2016 Canada Reads Winner, The Illegal.



Noted PC alumnus John Meisel ’43 and his family came to Canada from Czechoslovakia in 1942, and John was welcomed as a student at Pickering College. He went on to be inducted into the Pickering College Class of 1842 in 1981 for distinguished service to Canada as a Professor of Political Science at Queen’s University and an advisor to federal and provincial governments, including as the Head of The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

Eric Veale ’31 was a close friend of Harry Beer. The two young men became the very first Tutors at Pickering College in the 1931-32 school year. Tutors have been known as Junior Masters, Assistant Faculty, and now, as Associate Faculty. They play essential supportive roles for our Boarding students, and support day students and faculty as coaches, tutors and supply teachers.

He served as the Hardy Professor of Political Science, and Head of the Department of Political Studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. He has been a Visiting Professor at Yale University and held for five years the Killam Award for study in depth of the Canadian political system. Now retired, he lives in Kingston. 14

“Innovation and creativity is incredibly important [in business] and one thing about innovation and creativity is the inability to predict it,” says Hejazi. “One of the things I really like about PC is the idea that critical thinking is a part of your curriculum, part of many of the deliverables you work on … that skill is incredibly important and actually drives a lot of the innovation that you see.”

ISOMA MIDDLE SCHOOL MATH CONTEST Middle School students Mathilda Lee, Kathy Wang, Phillip Carson and Krish Gupta competed in four events at the ISOMA (Independent Schools of Ontario Mathematics Association) Math Olympics hosted by the University of Toronto Schools (UTS). Students competed individually, as pairs/partners and then in the team relay which combined running with solving math questions.

Eric Veale left PC in the 1930s to pursue a business career and returned to Pickering College to teach in 1956. He also served as Assistant Headmaster and then Acting Headmaster in 1970 for Harry’s sabbatical. During that year, the Arena project began and he is remembered with the Eric Veale Memorial Arena Fund. Eric’s three sons—Roger ’61, David ’68 and Ron ’63—remain active alumni today. 15



n inquisitive student, dedicated athlete and a self-proclaimed “science nerd,” Alyssa Cork has always loved sciences and the exploration of the world around her. She lists biology, chemistry and kinesiology as her favourite subjects, and finds connecting the links between the three a key motivator. “All of my teachers have had made an amazingly positive impact on me. I improved so much in every subject, and it is because of their love of their subject and enthusiasm they exhibit on a daily basis,” she says. “I couldn’t have gotten this far without them.” BELL LET’S TALK DAY On Wednesday, January 25, staff and students at PC participated in the annual Bell initiative to raise awareness of mental health issues, spearheaded by Alyssa Cork and Nupur Krishnan.

Leadership CAIS LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Nupur Krishnan, Emma Kerswill, Emily Golding and Sophia Hussein represented Pickering College at the CAIS National Student Leadership Conference in Toronto. The conference provides student delegates with the opportunity to learn from and interact with like-minded participants from independent schools across Canada.

LEADER IN RESIDENCE CREATES A SONG WITH OUR STUDENTS When renowned historian, writer and musician Dr. Jason Wilson was our Leader In Residence, he collaborated with students in Writer’s Craft, Music and History to create a song. Dr. Wilson said, “You’ll remember that the idea for the song—The Great Depression—was provided by Ms. Bartlett and Mr. Thompson’s Grade 10 History class. The class thoughtfully listed what they felt were the salient points of the Depression with a particular emphasis on the Canadian context. Mr. Barbanchon’s Grade 10 Music class helped me to write the music. They picked up everything by ear and took direction very well. The group laid down a wicked groove, while Mr. Kupsch’s Grade 12 Writer’s Craft class provided the imaginative lyrics. Hope you had fun with this project!”

CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: FRED HAGAN Renowned Canadian artist, Fred Hagan, taught at Pickering College from 1941 to 1946. Fred was a graduate of the Ontario College of Art (OCA) under Franklin Carmichael and John Alfsen. After teaching at PC, he went on to teach lithography at OCA for almost four decades. Hagan’s career as a painter, lithographer, watercolourist, and art instructor spanned more than seven decades and inspired generations of emerging young artists. His work is displayed at the National Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario and many other important collections. Many of Hagan’s works hang in PC’s permanent art collection, including this portrait of C.R. “Blackie” Blackstock, PC’s head of athletics 1928-1958. 16

During her four years at Pickering College, she has been on the basketball team in Grade 9 and 10 and the softball team in Grades 11 and 12, taking on the roles of both captain and co-captain. She has also been a valuable member of the swim team since Grade 9 and captain the past two years. Representing PC at the OFSAA championships twice is her fondest memory. She loves sharing her knowledge about softball and swimming with her teammates and the energy and cooperation that team sports inspire. As Chair of YAO (Youth Action Organization) Alyssa had multiple opportunities to hone her public speaking skills while leading Morning Meetings, including the Bell “Let’s Talk” Day presentation to bring awareness to mental health issues. Being at an independent school gave her the chance to overcome her shyness and increase her self-confidence. Acting as a Pickering College ambassador, her best advice to prospective students would be “Don’t be afraid; put yourself out there! Get involved in as much as you can and enjoy every minute!”

Alyssa Cork,


QUIET LEADERSHIP Alyssa will attend the University of Western Ontario in the fall to study Medical Sciences, specializing in microbiology, pathology and immunology. With a keen interest in research and investigation, she wants to understand how and why diseases form with the hope of one day finding a cure.



SENIOR GIRLS’ VOLLEYBALL VOLUNTEERS WITH GIRLS INC. The Senior Girls’ Volleyball Team volunteered with Girls Inc. York Region for a session at Maple Leaf Public School in Newmarket, running a volleyball clinic for 19 girls ages 8-11 as a part of their after-school program. The organizers of the program commented on the PC girls’ organization, positivity and patience. They were outstanding role models for their young fans!

QUAKER YOUTH LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Leticia Rodrigues, Celeste Frank, Justin Kim and Zeynep Eren attended the annual Quaker Youth Leadership Conference in Brooklyn, New York. Hosted by Mary McDowell Friends School and Brooklyn Friends School, over 150 students gathered from around the United States to explore the theme of “Bridging Communities.” Attending workshops, student-led discussions, cultural visits and doing service work in the community, our students gained a greater appreciation for PC’s Quaker roots, what it means to be a Quaker and how that can positively influence your life and your community.

Social Advocacy

CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: JOSHUA WEINZWEIG Since 1995, Pickering College has presented the Joshua Weinzweig Memorial Literary Award to an accomplished young writer at Commencement. The award was established by the Weinzweig family in gratitude for the experience their son Joshua ’93 had at the school. Seeing the potential in our students, Daniel Weinzweig built on this award with Dean Gessie, then Head of English, and other faculty and staff to create an innovative and interesting program to encourage all young writers in the school. In 2004, the unique and powerful Joshua Weinzweig Creative Writing Program was born. Postcard Fiction, the Pickering College Review of Writing anthology, writer visits, the Global Leadership Essay, the Literary Café—these are just a few of the benefits of this program. Since it was established, Pickering College has solidified a reputation for turning out excellent communicators and exceptional writers, including many who have been recognized nationally, published and earning PhD and Master degrees in English and related disciplines.


CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: SCHOOL SONG CIRCA 1800s Here’s to our school forever dear

PICKERING COLLEGE PHILANTHROPY CHALLENGE: GRADE 10 STUDENTS IMPRESS WITH THEIR SOCIAL ADVOCACY SKILLS Grade 10 students were tasked with identifying and collaborating with a local social justice organization in order to advocate for and promote the vision and goals of this organization. Congratulations to Samuel Correa, Lexi Giorgi and Harper James, representing the Haddan Eby Endowment Fund for Camp Oochigeas, who were awarded first prize of $2,000; Lucas Tan, Keven Sun and Michael Wang speaking for Inn from the Cold, who were awarded second prize of $500; and Joshua Pitre, Aidan Cook and Leon Mathee, representing The Shop, earning third prize of $250 for their group.

PC AT MATH COMPETITION Our students at the Canadian Team Mathematics Competition had a great day at the University of Waterloo competing and meeting students from other schools. Overall, Pickering College scored in the top 10 of all competing schools, nearly 40 in total. We tied for 7th place with a score of 147 out of 200, and achieved a perfect score in the team relay event.

Here’s to her gray and blue, Here’s to our sons with a ringing cheer, Here’s to her daughters true, Here’s to the wisdom learned o her And the deeds for her we’ll do Come then and praise our student days CAPSTONE PITCHES DEMONSTRATED CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION Our Grade 12 students, the first graduating class from the Global Leadership Program, showed unbelievable innovation and creativity in the solutions they pitched for their global issues. For the first time, we had students coding live apps, consulting with the United Nations, drawing together advocacy campaigns with over 1,000 participants and creating resource-distribution programs that are ready for implementation. Our external pitch panel, comprised of professors from Rotman School of Management—University of Toronto and Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), a local councillor, a Board member from Facing History and our own Headmaster, were effusive in their praise of our school, our program and our students. Congratulations to our Capstone pitch finalists Sydney Stevenson, Sean Malins-Umansky, Minh Truong, and this year’s winner, Amy Kavanagh.

For Pickering, here’s to you On land and sea we’ll scattered be: In many lands we’ll roam, But let us hear when far and near, Thou call’st thy children home. The memory we have of thee Time never shall dissever From any heart until we part The school of life forever.

CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: DINING HALL Did you know that the original Dining Hall in Rogers House was on the lower level? It wasn’t until 1966 that the current Dining Hall was built. Long-time Pickering teacher and administrator Al Jewell designed and supervised its construction. 19



atrick Prochazka is excited for the new school year to begin. Entering Grade 12 in September, Patrick prepared for the role of Chair of the Senior School Student Committee by taking on progressively more challenging leadership opportunities, something he really enjoys. As co-captain of the debate team, captain of the math team, and former Blue House co-chair, Patrick says one of the most important lessons he has learned at PC is how to connect with people within the school’s close-knit community.


GRADE 9s IMPRESS WITH WORKING PROTOTYPES Our Grade 9 students have been learning about the concept of sustainability through practical research, prototyping and implementation. This year, for the first time, Grade 9 students submitted actual working prototypes to the Puma’s Den. Amazing! Thank you to our panel judges, Sarah Carlton ’19, staff member Nicole Murphy, Heward Lee ’78 and Aleem Jindani ’07, who provided our students with constructive feedback on their proposals, drawing from their real-world business experience.

CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: PC’S PIONEER ORIGINS Only two Ontario Independent Schools today can trace origins to the pioneer period before 1850. Upper Canada College began as the state-supported Royal Grammar School in 1829. Pickering College began as a Quaker boarding school in 1842 with no government support. No other schools of that time have survived.


MUSIC WORKSHOP WITH CHRISTIAN OVERTON Canadian composer, Christian Overton, created two pieces for our Pickering College ensemble and came in to work with the students at a special workshop. Overton conducted the ensemble through both pieces and provided useful feedback in preparing them for the Montreal Heritage Music Festival.

CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: BROADCASTING FROM THE HILLTOP On December 9, 1921, in a small room at Pickering College, a young alumnus named E.S. (Ted) Rogers tapped out a message in Morse code. This was a historic moment as he was the only Canadian to successfully compete in this first amateur trans-Atlantic radio competition, transmitting a signal across the Atlantic to Ardrossan, Scotland. Rogers went on to revolutionize the radio tube in 1925, allowing radios to operate from ordinary household electric current rather than batteries. His son, Ted Rogers Jr., is renowned for having established Canada’s largest communications and media empire—Rogers Communications. Since then, we have had many alumni make their mark in radio and media. In 2007, thanks to the generosity of the Waters family who owned and operated radio and television company CHUM Limited, Pickering College became home to radio station 102.7 CHOP-FM, which is a vibrant part of our academic program and community life. It is Canada’s only CRTC-licensed, student-operated radio station in a JK to Grade 12 school and we look forward to CHOP FM’s 10th anniversary celebrations this year.

“Holding leadership positions is one of the greatest ways to meet people and to actually get to grow with them,” he says. “I have formed pretty close friendships with people in other grades as a result.” Academically, Patrick recently discovered a love of philosophy which he found to be very “thought provoking.” He counts math and science among his favourite subjects and is grateful for the opportunities provided to him by the school. “One of the things that has influenced my life most is the option that Pickering College gave me to advance in courses beyond my grade level,” he says. “I thank Pickering most of all for pushing me forward in math and science, which has really opened up a whole new world for me.”

Patrick Prochazka,


CONNECTING THROUGH LEADERSHIP Outside of school, Patrick is involved in a number of pursuits including math and physics competitions. He volunteers as a teaching assistant, marking and critiquing the solutions of students practicing Grade 10 contest-level math. He also volunteers at the Chartwell Senior Home, where he spends time with senior citizens. Additionally, he makes time to play the violin. “It’s really different from all of the math and science and it’s something I really enjoy.” As for the future, Patrick is interested in biology, specifically molecular genetics, which he hopes to pursue in university. “It’s fascinating to me and I hope to one day do something in that field.” 21

STUDENT LIFE CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: THE HAROLD HAYDON MURAL Harold Haydon was the artist who painted the mural in the Old Gym. He was a friend of Taylor Statten, an employee of Taylor Statten Camp and the resident artist at Pickering College for the academic year of 1933-34. Since everyone is always curious to know about the mural, here is the explanation from Harold himself:

“It depicts the function of a gymnasium and of physical education in this energy-made world (which) is to sublimate the release of physical energy to the level of art and to help it serve the needs of a cooperative community. Its borders incorporate the evolution of both plant and animal life while the main portion shows on the right the development of physical education and the ideal of a society “inspired by concepts of brotherhood and cooperation.” On the left is the role of physical activity in North American daily life from its necessity in early pioneering days to its transformation into leisure time activities in the modern commercial world. Coupled with this history is depicted the ever present warning of how force and oppression can over-shadow and degenerate a healthy society. PC STUDENT DEBATES FOR CANADA IN AUSTRALIA Pickering College’s Sterling Mancuso, Grade 12, represented Canada at the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championship in Sydney, Australia, taking on 121 of the world’s best high school debaters. He placed 41st overall but was 12th in the debating category and qualified for the final rounds. “I think it’s safe to say that Sterling is one of the most impressive public speakers and debaters we’ve seen at Pickering College,” says Keith Kupsch, Senior School faculty and debate coach. “That we’ve now qualified a senior student to compete in the Worlds is certainly the brightest feather in our cap thus far.”

“Top centre is the beginning. The sun, primal source of energy, is surrounded by nine planets symbolic of the elements that in some creative flux form protoplasm. From this cosmic quasi-genesis between father sun and mother worlds begins an evolutionary parade of life forms. Invertebrate evolutions moves rightward from the image of the solar system while vertebrate evolution moves out to the left. The border, which frames the whole, begins with two cells in the lower left and traces the evolutionary development of plants.

GRADE 12 STUDENT NOW A PUBLISHED AUTHOR Minh Truong’s short story Gently, Into That Good-Night was recently shortlisted by the selection committee and published in the 2017 InCITE Anthology of Student Writing. Early in the academic year, the CITE Executive sends out a contest call inviting CIS Ontario schools to submit their three best student pieces across age groups and writing forms. Of those submissions, 15 students were shortlisted and invited to attend a student writing workshop, followed by the announcement of the winners. Minh’s short story earned a third-place finish in the Grade 11 and 12 category.

“The two large panels of the painting have social implications. That at the left describes a society over-shadowed by force and oppression, with agricultural and industrial workers laboring under the closed eyes of piety and the open eyes of business exploitation, while separated and supervised by armed force. Below the workers are degenerate physical types, one overly far, one with brain developed at the expense of body, and one with brain sacrificed to muscle. Basing this group is a prone figure of ideal man not called to consciousness in this social order. “The right panel describes a society inspired by concepts of brotherhood and cooperation, with the diversely conditioned figures of the first group united by common purpose, if not equals in capability, yet equal in intention. Below them are three figures of normal physical and mental development, while at the base the ideal awakens.” The Haydon mural was restored in 2008 by former faculty member Allan Bender, thanks to the generosity of the late Brian Blackstock ’56 (second from the left), pictured below with fellow alumni Ken Hill ’59, Richard Blackstock ’63 and Roger Veale ’61.

CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: THE POLIKON SOCIETY The Polikon Society formed in the early 1930s as an internal debating team—members would discuss prominent social and political issues of the time. It continued until the 1970s. Thanks to the persistence of Aidan Slind ’13, and the support of two teachers, Tamer Higazi and Sagalina Dore, the PC Polikon Society roared back to life in 2012. Pickering College is now a full-fledged member of the CIS Fulford Debate League with a junior team and a senior team, both of which have had spectacular showings in tough competitions. By 2017, Sterling Mancuso earned a place for PC at the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships.




Italy CULTURAL IMMERSION: ITALY Thirty-one Senior School students and three faculty members enjoyed some of Italy’s most picturesque and historic sites for an unforgettable March Break trip.


CULTURAL IMMERSION: INUVIK STUDENTS VISIT For one week, Pickering College hosted nine students and two chaperones from East Three School in Inuvik, Northwest Territories. The students were billeted with Pickering families and sat in on various classes. The students gave a presentation about life in the North in both Junior and Senior School Morning Meetings, taught a phys-ed class Dene games and visited Toronto’s Ripley’s Aquarium and saw a Toronto Raptors basketball game. We look forward to visiting them in Inuvik this winter when our students go on another Arctic expedition!

CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: THE MOVE TO PICKERING After the closure of West Lake School in 1865, the school reopened in the village of Pickering as the Friends Seminary in 1878. It was renamed Pickering College in 1880. The school was distinctive. The Quaker idea of ‘That of God Within’ required consideration of the equality of persons. Thus, an open entrance policy required no racial, religious, cultural or ethnic qualifications, or proven evidence of ability on admissions. Accepting pupils of all races and creeds was unique during this age. By the turn of the century, students of every race and culture from virtually all corners of the world were enrolled. Readiness to seek and to support the potential within every human being was the cornerstone of a modern educational revolution whose North American origin can be traced to what is now Pickering College.


Cuba CULTURAL IMMERSION: CUBA Seven students and two faculty headed to Cuba over March Break to participate in a Sport and Cultural immersion trip. Students were able to practice and improve their volleyball skills, do some community service at local schools, orphanages, and community projects, and learn about Cuban culture. The group brought several bags of donations for the school, orphanage and community theatre project that they visited, which were very well received by the Cubans who were so appreciative of everything that PC could contribute. The group had the opportunity to see different parts of Cuba, traveling to Zapata National Park and the Cave of Fish, an aboriginal village.

U.K. CULTURAL IMMERSION: BRIGHTON COLLEGE, UNITED KINGDOM Erin Falcon and Samantha McDougall attended Brighton College in the United Kingdom during March Break. “Although the school was bigger, I found Brighton College to be quite similar to Pickering College overall. They have “chapel” which is equivalent to our Morning Meeting, the classes themselves are organized in a similar manner and we both share the same core values and outlook on education,” says Samantha.

CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: FRIENDSHIP “Pickering is your house by the side of the road. The years we have spent here, for many of us, have been the happiest. The sharp corners have been slowly rounded. Our learning has not only been academic, for that is not the only purpose for which Pickering has been established. The group of boys who are here have come from all parts of Canada and the U.S. They have learned to work together, and in many cases have become fast friends, bonds that will never be broken. The years, the friendly years, we have spent at our second home have passed too quickly. Friendships and experiences are the beautiful things of life that are never forgotten. Pickering has left us many memories that are indelibly imprinted on our minds. That etching, after this year, will be Pickering and shall never be forgotten.” – R. Strouse, 1939


ATHLETICS PC MEDALS AT OFSAA Pickering College’s swim team achieved Gold and Silver in two events and placed in the top 10 in several others at the Ontario high school swimming championship, OFSAA. This year’s swim team is one of the largest Pickering College has ever had qualify for the provincial championship which took place in Windsor, March 7-8. Top 10 results at OFSAA: Brooklyn Wodehouse: GOLD Medal in Women Under 20 100m Breaststroke, 5th in Women Under 20 100m Individual Medley Vanessa Zykova: SILVER Medal in Women Under 20 200m Freestyle, 6th in Women Under 20 100m Backstroke

Alyssa Cork, Brooklyn Wodehouse, Vanessa Zykova, Zeynep Eren: 7th in Women Under 20 200m Medley Relay

Rosa Schafer: 8th in Women Open 100m Freestyle, 9th in Women Open 100m Backstroke “I am a very proud coach today after all of the success and hard work this team has shown over the season,” says Lindsey Rife, Senior School faculty and swim team coach. “We went to OFSAA, gave it our all, swam best times and bonded as a team. It truly was a pleasure to be this team’s coach.”

BOARDING LIFE SAMANTHA MURPHY SECURES “FULL-RIDE” UNIVERSITY SOCCER SCHOLARSHIP New graduate Samantha Murphy is heading to the University of Memphis this fall on a “full-ride” combined athletic and academic scholarship. The attacking midfielder/forward is a seasoned competitor, having developed her skills not only at Pickering College but with teams in Aurora, King City and, most recently, with the Toronto Blizzard Soccer Club. Memphis, a NCAA Division I school, was her first choice—her provisional offer (made two years ago) became official on National Signing Day in February. “One of the things they really strive for in Memphis is to have really good athletes, but they also really focus on academics, because it’s student before athlete,” she explains. In 2015-2016, the Memphis women’s soccer team achieved the highest GPA in NCAA Division I schools and currently ranks second for community service. “Samantha is that player that is going to outwork her opponent … with that mentality and work-rate she will make an immediate impact for us,” says Brooks Monaghan, coach of the Memphis Tigers women’s soccer team. “That’s obviously hard as a first year, but I believe she has what it takes.”

CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: MR. & MRS. FIRTH William P. Firth, M.S. and Ella (Rogers) Firth, B.A., daughter of Samuel Rogers, were Principals at Pickering College from 1892-1916, including through the transition from Pickering to Newmarket. Mrs. Firth graduated with a Bachelor of Arts at a time when post-secondary education for women was rare. When Pickering College reopened in 1892, it enjoyed great success and attendance grew rapidly. Students came from all over the Continent, as well as from Japan, Russia, China, Persia (Iran), Armenia, Australia, Central America and the West Indies. A large number of Jamaicans graduated from the school. Many local students attended both the preparatory, as well as the collegiate departments. In the early 1890s the attendance taxed the capacity of the building. Such was the success of the school in the late 1890s that an alumni event in 1894 gathered some 400 students from all over the world. 26

CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: JOE MCCULLEY AND “THE GREAT EXPERIMENT” In 1927, under new headmaster Joe McCulley, Pickering College instituted a new educational philosophy dubbed “The Great Experiment,” transforming the Quaker boarding school into a widely-renowned setting for modern progressive education. In an interview on the 1950s CBC television program Close-Up, Joe McCulley said that schooling must be “radical” to be education. He explained that “radical” for him meant a focus on the “root” of the word—to lead out of darkness through learning—and not through teaching. On that basis, he led “The Great Experiment.” Pickering College earned a reputation as one of the leading innovative and progressive schools in North America. 27

Class of























CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2017! On June 16, we celebrated the achievements of the Class of 2017, the very first students to graduate with the Global Leadership Diploma. This year’s class was from 15 different countries including Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, China, Curacao, Hong Kong, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, the United States, and Vietnam. They had a fantastic year with 89% achieving the distinction of Ontario Scholar. In addition to their Ontario Secondary School Diploma, 44 received their Global Leadership Diploma (blue cord) and 14 attained the Global Leadership Diploma with Distinction (silver cord). We wish them all the best and know they will represent the vision of Pickering College well into the future. All of our graduates were accepted into the post-secondary institutions of their choice in Canada, the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom and Japan. GRADE 12 COMMENCEMENT AWARD WINNERS 1. STERLING MANCUSO Valedictorian, The Howarth Fine Arts Award, The Governor General’s Bronze Medallion, The Widdrington Award, English Subject Award, Broadcaster of the Year Award, Steward Award 2. MARK BARRATT Steward Award, The Four Pillars Award 3. PAIGE BOSTON Modern Languages Subject Award 4. ALYSSA CORK The Zetzl Family Science Award, The Lt. Governor of Ontario’s Community Volunteer Award, The Widdrington Award, University of Toronto National Book Award 5. RENEE DUAN Visual Arts Subject Award 6. CARTER EBY Steward Award 7. CHRISTOPHER FARMER The Harry M. Beer Award–Drama 8. GARRETT FITZGERALD Student Committee Chair Award, The Widdrington Award, The Garratt Cane, Senior Music Award 9. HANNAH FLOYD The Widdrington Award, K-12 Graduate, Steward Award 10. AMISH GAUR Science Subject Award 11. EDUARDO PITA LECA The Four Pillars Award, Steward Award 12. AMY KAVANAGH The Widdrington Award, Humanities Subject Award, Steward Award 13. SERENA MACDONALD Athlete of the Year 14. SEAN MALINS-UMANSKY K-12 graduate 15. SAMANTHA MURPHY Steward Award 16. ALYSSA NUNN The Widdrington Award, The C.R. Blackstock Award, Steward Award 17. ISAAC SEOW Boarder Cup 18. SYDNEY STEVENSON The Good Friend Award, The Widdrington Award, Canadian and World Studies Subject Award, The Newmarket Historical Society’s Award, French Book Award, Steward Award 19. LEILA TOTONCHIAN Steward Award 20. MINH TRUONG The Joshua Weinzweig Memorial Literary Award, Technology Subject Award, Filmmaker of the Year Award 21. LAUREL XU Mathematics Subject Award 28


PROUD OF OUR KINDERGRADS Nine Senior Kindergarten students graduated this year at a ceremony on June 13. Family, friends and staff listened as each student shared their fondest memory of their time in Kindergarten and what they wanted to be when they grow up. Headmaster Peter Sturrup presented each student with a PC Guiding Value Award, followed by their diploma and a PC teddy bear.



On June 14, we celebrated the achievements of our Grade 8 students as they graduated from the Middle School to the Senior School. The students received their diplomas and a number of awards were presented for academic achievements, athletic achievements, school involvement and more. Following the ceremony there was a dinner and dance. GRADE 8 STUDENT AWARDS Sarah Asgari Valedictorian, Science Award, Athlete Award Ivan Arguelles Visual Arts Award Sydney Berger Community Service Award Phillip Carson Physical Education Award, Academics Award, Student Committee Chair Award, Good Friend Award, Gauss Mathematics Award

Julianna Cook Language Arts Award, Academics Award, The Rogers Cane



HAYLEY LIANG Concern For Others


EVA ROMKEMA Responsibility



Tyler Dhanjal Good Friend Award Jacob DiCarlo Instrumental Music Award, Math Award Humberto Abaroa Dorador Design & Innovation Award Grace Still Public Speaking & Debate Award Kathy Wang Rourke Drama Award

CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: FROM BOYS-ONLY TO CO-EDUCATION Co-education returned to Pickering College in 1992, after nearly seven decades as a boys-only school, with the admission of girls to the lower school. The following year, co-education was extended to the entire school. Firth House would no longer house male students—it became a female dormitory, with New House remaining for the boys. Jessica Trim ’94 was the first female graduate of Pickering College since 1917. 30









Thank You!

The 2017 Pickering College Golf Tournament raised over $80,000 in revenue, in addition to receiving generous gift-in-kind donations!


n behalf of Pickering College and the 2017 Pickering College Golf Tournament Committee, thank you to our supporters for their participation in the 18th Annual Pickering College Golf Tournament, sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Newmarket. It was a spectacular day, highlighted by sunshine, lots of House spirit, and fun features through the Pop Culture theme. Pickering College is a school that values its community and the spirit of community could not have been more evident on the course—the people truly are Pickering! The golf tournament is but one of the many events that draw the school community together to celebrate our great history and shared success. Proceeds from this year’s tournament will be directed towards the Light The Way capital campaign, specifically toward the front entrance redesign. At last year’s tournament, we introduced the Foster ’46 award in memory of alumnus Bruce Foster ’46. This year we could not be more pleased to recognize Paul Clubbe ’61 and Claude Gautier

the strong presence of our Pickering College alumni, and look forward to welcoming all participants again for the 2018 tournament.

as the 2017 recipients of the Foster ’46 recognition award. Paul and Claude cochaired the golf tournament for over a decade and were committed to the growth and overall success of this event. Congratulations and thank you both! Each year the committee endeavours to add new activities to the golf tournament to keep it fresh and exciting for our participants. This year we were thrilled to add the electronic auction system, Givergy. The Givergy system enabled us to invite the greater PC community to be part of this important fundraiser—and they were! Thank you to all of our bidders

for your immense support—the auction raised more than double the auction proceeds from last year’s tournament. Thank you to Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd. for sponsoring the Givergy electronic auction at golf. Also new this year was the House Spirit sponsorship. This sponsorship enhanced the sense of House rivalry by adding lively activities at each House camp. The games encouraged

Planning for the 19th Annual Pickering College Golf Tournament has already begun. Please contact Shelley Frank, Manager, and Special Events at sfrank@ if you would like to volunteer with the committee to plan the 2018 event, taking place on Thursday, June 21, 2018. Any comments or suggestions on this year’s golf tournament are welcome and appreciated. Many thanks for your participation this year and we look forward to seeing you next year!



The appointment of Taylor Statten as Director of Character Education at Pickering College in 1927 is now widely recognised as the naming of the first Guidance teacher in Canada. With experience as a medical officer during the Second World War, Statten went on to specialize as a child and adolescent psychiatrist, first as Director of Child Psychiatry at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, as a professor at McGill University and later with the University of Toronto Health Services. There, he was recognized as an Honourary Member in the Academy of Child Psychiatry.

Beginning in February 1933, each year the entire school was taken on an excursion to Limberlost Lodge in Muskoka for a week of skiing, tobogganing, snowshoeing and skating. These late winter outings, just weeks before spring examinations, served two purposes. One was to take advantage of the better winter weather for truly Canadian sports to the north and the other was to create a different and less formal community living experience for staff to get to know the boys and vice-versa. Crediting Pickering with inventing ‘Out-of-doors Education’ and calling it a ‘real’ Canadian school, Boston’s The Christian Science Monitor featured Pickering College on the front page of its education section under the banner headline, “Canadians Learning to Understand Canada.”

In 1980, he was inducted as an Honourary Member of the Order of Canada in recognition of outstanding achievement for his work with children. Taylor was the son of the founders of the Taylor Statten Camps in Algonquin Park (Ahmek and Wapomeo) and eventually became its director for many years, dedicating his life to the Ontario Camping Association.


a sense of camaraderie, laughter and fierce competition! Thank you to Counterpoint Engineering for supporting this new feature and to PC students for volunteering at the House camps to cheer on their House and facilitate the games. Congratulations to GOLD House, winners of this year’s golf House competition. Thanks to our supporters, students in GOLD House will enjoy a dress down day and ice cream treat this fall!

We would like to recognize and thank our lead sponsors: Mercedes-Benz Newmarket, Select Art Galleries, Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd., Counterpoint Engineering, SMC Project Realization & Management, St. Mary’s Cement, The LOOK Company, Avenue Auto Parts, Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Ltd., Meridian Brick, MIAD Information Systems and The Roman Group. A special thank you to our contest sponsors, hole sponsors, prize donors, players, guests, volunteers and to the PC Community who made this event such a success for Pickering College. We were delighted with



Kim Bilous took a drive up to Collingwood in March to visit with some alumni, including Don “Hutch” Hutcheson ’47. During their visit, Hutch shared this beautiful photo of he and his late wife (then girlfriend) Winnifred, taken at the Pickering College


Christmas party in 1946. What a privilege it is to know these fine alumni, and to learn of their lifelong friendships that started at Pickering!

Russel Berg ’48 came to visit Pickering for the first time in many years in April of this year. He was delighted to see the school thriving. Russel visited Hilltop Shop with some ideas about merchandise which the students and parents would like, and had a great visit with Laurie and Rosanna (pictured here). We’re looking forward to your next visit, Russel!



Ken Cornett ’66 (in Fort Ware, BC): “I have written several photo books—the last one was called Nisga’a Valley, was a photo story of the community, the First Nation and the wildlife in the area. Tony Drew ’53 came by to show us his letter sweater, which he still wears to this day! Don’t throw out your PC clothes and memorabilia, please consider donating them to the PC archives.

Charles Beer ’59 spent time with Mark Blades ’83 and with past parent Charles Blades in Barbados.

I am presently writing a book about building river boats— the design has been passed on orally but never written. I have been taking lots of panoramic photos with the most recent one going into the Elders

Centre—it is 2.5 feet by 8 feet, the largest one I have ever printed. I am also teaching adult education students, to develop study habits and work habits, much the same way that I was taught at Pickering. I give my students a weekly report card as like Pickering, and the students are working their hearts off—progressing very quickly with their reading and writing skills. I am forever grateful to Pickering College for guiding me to believe in myself, to understand how to learn and how to help others—in the years that I have been teaching, and it is about 40—I have taught the personal and communication skills I learned at Pickering College to my students. Thank you so much.”

CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: C.R. “BLACKIE” BLACKSTOCK C.R. “Blackie” Blackstock was a significant presence at Pickering College from 1928 to 1958, becoming the first person in Canada to hold the position of Director of Physical Education. It was during his tenure that Sports Day began as a way to challenge students physically through track and field events including sprinting, high jump and the grand finale of a relay race. Today, with a mixture of ages divided into four House teams, Sports Day truly brings out the spirit of community as older students compete and help their younger housemates with events geared to their age group, including games, potato sack and running races.



Anthony Jackson ’79 (far right) flew up from Georgia to spend time with PC buddies Adam Shully ’78, Mike Ramsey ’78, Brian Meharg ’78 and Heward Lee ’78. 1980s



Alumni ’90s Reunion in March Back: Joshua Yuen ’00, Danielle Lu ’96, Mark Chen ’96, Albert Ma ’96, Jean Yuen ’97 Front: Thomas Tam ’95, Charles Boyd, Hans Pape, Michael Lau ’94, Alan Tao ’95

Congratulations to Apolline Gaignard ’10 for being honoured by the Ontario Hostelry Institute with a “Top 30 Under 30” award, for her work at the Four Seasons Hotel as an Assistant Housekeeping Manager.


A big thank you to Isaiah Medina ’85 for being a gracious host and giving our students a personal tour of the United Nations headquarters in New York City, while they were attending the Quaker Youth Conference in February.

Jeff Graham ’86, Mike Bolt ’88, Paul Spagnolo’86, Keith Singer ’88, Carlos Vidal ’88 visited with “Lord Stanley.”

It was nice to see Alexander Zetzl ’05 back again at the Hilltop for the annual Science Morning Meeting and presentation of the Zetzl Family Science Award, pictured here with science faculty members Kim Smith and Lindsey Rife.

CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: HARRY BEER AND THE BEER BROTHERS Harry Beer graduated from Pickering College in 1931, and for the next nearly 60 years, remained a fundamental part of Pickering College life. Harry was hired first as a Tutor (Associate Faculty) in 1931-32 and then as French Master from 1938 – 1953, living here on campus with his wife Betty Beer, who also had an active role in school life. In 1953, the PC Board of Directors appointed him Headmaster, a position in which he served with distinction and honour until 1978. In 1983, Harry received the Class of 1842 Award in recognition of his service to Pickering College and to education. He passed away in 1987. In 2015, with the blessing and support of his sons, longtime board member Charles Beer ’59, David ’59 and Jim ’63, the expanded and renovated Harry M. Beer Dining Hall was dedicated in his honour. 36


Nico Macias ’14 met up with Kim Bartlett, Director of Teaching and Learning, in Boston for a visit, shortly before Nico came to speak at Senior School Morning Meeting about his experiences at Northeastern University.

The architect who designed Rogers House, John Lyle, also designed Union Station and The Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto.

ALUMNI PROFILE Jaden Lithopoulos ’13, a fourth-year mechanical engineering student at Guelph University, was a key speaker at PC’s Middle School Changemakers Conference. Jaden was invited to share his story and experiences of biking from Stouffville, Ontario to San Francisco in the summer of 2016. With the theme of “resilience,” Jaden couldn’t have been a better choice! Here is a portion of Jaden’s last blog about his trip: “I’ve taken a lot of time to reflect on this trip. Either riding through cornfields or towering mountains, the effect has been the same. Reflecting on myself, on science, how the world works, my passions. The time is there and your mind essentially runs through all aspects, almost like hitting a restart button on your laptop. You scrape away all that has been left with work, school and family. You also remember or even discover who you really are. It’s the same feeling whenever you spend any time to yourself, it’s just how you wish to do it. The other benefit of an adventurous approach, is that you really understand the world you live in, and start to facilitate a better understanding of people and the world around you. Every day you live in a little bubble, your experiences are with only a select few amount of people, so to go out, talk with people from so many different backgrounds, white collar, blue collar, retired, young, rich and poor, fortunate, or unfortunate—there is something to learn from each one, a palate of experiences to bring back home with you, and to apply to your understanding of how to live a fulfilling and happy life. People have made the exact mistakes we all made, or will make. Go! Learn the lessons they have, understand the regrets and successes they have. Take it as you will and think about what they had to share over miles and miles of open countryside. I still haven’t been able to cement in all the lessons I have learned, but at least it’s there, and now it’s up to me to finish the final lesson.”

CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: TRAILER CITY As the school embarked on the rebuilding of Rogers House after the fire in 1981, students were housed in what was affectionately termed “Trailer City” on South Field. This unique experience created even closer camaraderie between students and teachers. It was a historic occasion on Friday, March 18, 1983, when the students and teachers officially moved the residence from Rogers House into New House, leaving Rogers House as classroom and office spaces for the first time since its construction.

Jamie McTamney ’16 signed a commitment to play football at the University of Waterloo and got a scholarship! Well done, Jamie!



Thank You for Your Time and Talent Many thanks to our Alumni volunteers, who took time to be mentors or judges for our Global Leadership Program. For speaking to our Middle School students at the Changemakers Conference: Jaden Lithopoulos ’13 Michael Sud ’15 For judging the Grade 9 GLP projects on Puma’s Den on April 7 (see page 16): Heward Lee ’78 Aleem Jindani ’07 For judging the Grade 12 Capstone projects on May 5: Peter Dobbs ’87 Thomas Tam ’95 For mentoring and speaking to our Grade 12 students throughout their Capstone projects: Michael Soong ’92 Nick Pantaleo ’04 Stilina Anagnostakos ’13 Charly Coleman ’13 Kyle Foch ’13 Aidan Slind ’13 Nicholas Sopuch ’13 Fernando Casanova ’14 Isaac Hambrock ’14 Nico Macias ’14 Maurice Berleth ’15 Jessie Hu ’15 Joe Li ’15


CELEBRATING 175 YEARS:ROBERT E.K. ROURKE Robert E.K. Rourke was Headmaster from 1948 to 1953. A brilliant mathematician, Rourke was also a talented and dedicated advocate for musical theatre. He led many productions of Gilbert and Sullivan plays, leading Pickering College to become well known in Toronto and surrounding areas for the musicals. On leaving Pickering, Rourke became a noted mathematics professor at Queen’s University and author of a number of mathematics textbooks.

On behalf of Pickering College, our very deepest sympathy is extended to all the family members of our Pickering alumni, faculty, staff and friends who have passed away. Victor Koby ’44 September 21, 2016 John Avery ’49 February 11, 2017 Douglas Dobson ’53 February 27, 2017 Peter Green ’53 February 24, 2017 John Archibald ’59 February 23, 2017


CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: FRANZ JOHNSON In 1931 the Toronto Star Daily reported that “Pickering College today established a department of creative arts for the purpose of fostering and developing native Canadian talent. Six fellowships carrying sufficient cash value to allow the appointee to carry out creative work without consideration of its immediate monetary return will be awarded to candidates ... they will take up residence at Pickering College and will carry on their work during the school year in the school studios and shops.” A committee composed of leading Canadian artists, A.Y. Jackson, Arthur Lismer, Lawren Harris, and Peter Haworth, would select the fellows. Franz Johnson, an original member of the Group of Seven, gifted Pickering College with provincial panels for the Meeting Room during his tenure here. You can see them still today.

CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: TEMPORARY WAR HOSPITAL CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: THE CLASS OF 1842 The Class of 1842 Award was established in 1981. It is a special leaving class certificate conferred by the faculty recognizing an alumnus or faculty member for service, for achievement or for contribution to education. It is the highest school award. The first recipient was former Pickering College faculty member, diplomat and author John Wendell Holmes. There are now 33 members of the Class of 1842, and in October 2017, long-time teacher, coach and alumni ambassador Charles Boyd will be inducted. 38

CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: OUTDOOR EDUCATION & CONSERVATION In 1949 the Prep department started school camping for Grade 7 and 8 students to learn about conservation. From this success, the Department of Education recognized the value of such programs by establishing training courses in conservation teaching for elementary school teachers.

CELEBRATING 175 YEARS: THE FIFTH PILLAR The Fifth Pillar Award was established in 2005 to recognize volunteer commitment and devotion to Pickering College. Engraved with the names of the four pillars, Faith, Freedom, Friendship and Fun, this award honours loyal service to the school. Recipients have included former Headmaster Sheldon Clark for his work during the “Fire Years,” Board member and highly active alumnus Bruce Foster ’46, former Board Chair and Pickering booster Brian Blackstock ’56 (pictured below) and in 2016, former Board Chair and parent, and alumni parent volunteer, Beth Egan.

In 1917, without hesitation, the Quaker Society of Friends, who operated the school, heeded the call to help traumatically injured soldiers returning from the war. As explored in Terry Alderson’s book The Hospitals of Newmarket, Pickering College became Newmarket’s second hospital, and the first facility in Canada specifically for the treatment of “shell-shocked” soldiers. Pickering College played an essential role in Canada’s war effort, helping to rebuild shattered lives, and bring soldiers home to their families. In 1920, the hospital was closed. Pickering College reopened as a boys’ school under the tutelage of legendary Headmaster Joe McCulley in 1927. 39

Three Cheers for Our Talented PC Volunteers! Volunteering is the essence of Pickering’s community spirit. Thank you to all those who give their time and talent in support of the school’s many events and initiatives. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Kelly Mason, Chair Christina Bianco Beric Farmer Adam Floyd Ajit Khanna Jonathan Knaul ’87 Christopher Lane Ailene MacDougall Mirella Morra Patrick Turner ’97 Karen Whetstone CORPORATION MEMBERS Dawn Beswick Charles Boyd Paul Clubbe ’61 Julie Cochrane Janet Downer Karen Dubeau Beth Egan Andrew Gordon ’02 Martin Hambrock Beverly Jackson Daniel Nelson William Prittie Ian Proudfoot Brian Purdy ’56 Doug Reed ’58 Ed Richardson ’45 Edmund Rynard ’70 Darren Slind Jason Smith


Peter Sturrup Thomas Tam ’95 Roger Veale ’61 Ron Veitch ’69 James Waters Stephen Widdrington ’83 Jane Zavitz-Bond

Finance Christina Bianco, Chair Martin Hambrock Christopher Lane Kelly Mason Nicole Murphy Peter Sturrup

BOARD COMMITTEES Development Kelly Mason, Chair Kim Bilous Magdalena (Meg) Bodnar Jessie-May Rowntree Peter Sturrup Facilities Adam Floyd, Chair Stephen Barratt ’86 Chantal Belley ’05 Kevin Desforges Stephen Johnson David Lehto Dan MacDougall Malcolm Mason Nicole Murphy William Prittie Peter Sturrup Patrick Turner ’97 Michael Weiler

Governance Mirella Morra, Chair Ajit Khanna Kelly Mason Daniel Nelson Peter Sturrup Karen Whetstone Human Resources Ajit Khanna, Chair Janet Downer Andrew Gordon ’02 Shannon Kelly Mary Madigan-Lee Peter Sturrup Nominations Karen Whetstone, Chair Charles Beer ’59 Kelly Mason Mirella Morra Edmund Rynard ’70 Peter Sturrup

Partnerships Beric Farmer, Chair Julie Cochrane Ian Proudfoot Tara Roy-DiClemente Thomas Tam ’95 Risk Management Jonathan Knaul ’87, Chair Stephen Johnson Laura Mason Nicole Murphy Jessie-May Rowntree Peter Sturrup Ron Veitch ’69 Strategy Ailene MacDougall, Chair Charles Beer ’59 Karen Dubeau Beth Egan Barclay Morton Darren Slind

PCA CHAIR Donna Fordyce Linda Stevenson, Emeritus CHOP FM BOARD OF DIRECTORS James Waters, Chair Matthew Barbuto ’02 Marc delaBastide Stephanie Fillman ’09 Sarah Gardiner ’11 Ian Johnston Brian Purdy ’56 Peter Sturrup CHOP FM ADVISORY COUNCIL Alexander Au Yong Kim Bilous John Bordignon Noeline Burk Edward Elyahky ’07 Kait Finlay David Haydu Stephen Johnson Wally Lennox Brian Purdy ’56 Gareth Sturrup ’09 CHOP FM VOLUNTEER Frederick Little ’56

PC AMBASSADORS – ADMISSION EVENTS Sonia Alleyne Sarah Asgari ’21 Celine Barratt ’19 Julia Bianco ’19 Nicholas Borowski ’20 Nicole Caixeta Arruda ’18 Allyson Cannon ’20 Maria Correa ’23 Samuel Correa ’19 Andie Desforges Sydney Desforges ’21 Zeynep Eren ’19 Erin Falcon ’18 Jenna Farmer ’20 Hannah Floyd ’17 Celeste Frank ’20 Sebastian Franke ’19 Vanessa Gardner ’19 Clara Goncalves Costa ’17 Ava Gu ’23 Deborah Hamilton Mark Hamilton Gavin Howarth Jenna Husein ’21 Saniya Islambekova ’17 Michelle Joe-Ezigbo ’18 Yuki Kajiro Amy Kavanagh ’17 Emma Kerswill ’19 Danica Khanna ’23 Kenya Kimata ’19

Emma King ’20 Mariia Kovtun ’20 Alia Kulyabko ’18 Damian Larice ’20 Vivian Lee Diana Morris Craig Mtegwa ’17 Adam Murphy ’19 Samantha Murphy ’17 Shiori Ono ’13 Shannon Pang ’17 Cora Pataran ’24 Eduardo Pita Leca ’17 Leonardo Pita Leca ’17 Sunny Qiu ’19 Inaara Rajani ’19 Madeleine Rickman ’20 Elisheva Rosenberg ’23 Ruslan Ruban ’17 Rosa Schaefer ’19 Olesia Semicheva ’19 Danylo Sidorov ’19 Andrew Simpson Tracey Simpson Peem Sompoprungroch ’19 Katherine Starr ’20 Margo Starr Nicole Stella Sydney Stevenson ’17 Grace Still ’21 Maria Victoria Kadise Sucar Keitaro Tatematsu ’09 Anastasiia Teres ’18

Brooklyn Tobias ’23 Minh Truong ’17 Hinako Tsuchida ’19 Mehmet Uysal ’18 Alex Vasylets ’19 Kathy Wang ’21 Michael Wang ’19 Simon Warner Venicia Warner Tony Zhang ’18 LEARNING COMMONS TRIBUTE PROGRAM Kirsten Nicolson, Chair HILLTOP BOOKSTORE VOLUNTEERS Jay Bao ’20 Sebastian Caricari ’19 Renee Duan ’17 Vanessa Gardner ’19 Sophia Husein ’18 Nupur Krishnan ’18 Inaara Rajani ’19 Megan Robinson ’18 Jenna Skurnac ’18 Lili Strawbridge ’19 Sydney Uglow ’19 Laurel Xu ’17 HILLTOP SHOP VOLUNTEERS Julia Bianco ’19 Maya Dhanjal ’18


Emily Golding ’19 Emma Kerswill ’19 Jaimee Pedersen ’18 Madeline Philp ’18 Sunny Qiu ’19 Maaryah Salyani ’19 Jenna Skurnac ’18 Sydney Uglow ’19 INTERGUILD REPRESENTATIVE Susan Cooper DEVELOPMENT OFFICE VOLUNTEERS Eunice Lau ’17 Jeffrey Leung ’17 Weiping Lu Ricky Zhang ’17 ALUMNI FILM GUESTS Francis Coral-Mellon ’06 Nickolas Harper ’99 Adam Shully ’78 STAFF APPRECIATION COMMITTEE Sandra Scherre, Chair Donna Fordyce Sookhyun Ha Kellie McKay Nilgen Perez Ashley Powell Juli Prochazka Krystie Robinson-Vincent Ellen Rosen STAFF APPRECIATION VOLUNTEERS Kylah Adams Tara Borowski Vanessa Carson John Clune Susan Cooper


Nicole Cortese Audrey Dehan MacRae Donna Fordyce Violet Gal Ritu Gupta Sookhyun Ha Tiffany Houle Ellie Karkouti Eva Lara Vivian Lee Carla Liberta Kellie McKay Nitin Mendiratta Rob Merrick Mirella Morra Helen Pei Nilgen Perez Leigh Ann Pitre Ashley Powell Juli Prochazka Krista Robinson-Holt Krystie Robinson-Vincent Ellen Rosen Tara Roy-DiClemente Sandra Scherre Gail Simpson Daihong Wang Tammy Ward Lisa Yip GRADE REPS Nicole Cortese Pamela Fabian Diane Farmer Deana Ho-Yan Christie Ingram Nancy Kerswill Mukta Krishnan Carla Liberta Sara Mooney Linda Nunn Ashley Powell Krista Robinson-Holt

Krystie Robinson-Vincent Tara Roy-DiClemente Patricia Wietzes INTERNATIONAL PARENT REPS Ritu Gupta Sookhyun Ha Eva Lara Vivian Lee Diane Li Liza Moskaltcova Angela Standfuss April Sun GLOBAL LEADERSHIP PROGRAM VOLUNTEERS Stilianis Anagnostakos ’13 Kimberly Bartlett Maurice Berleth ’15 Noeline Burk Sarah Carlton ’19 Fernando Antonio Casanova Ochoa ’14 Claudia Chavez Gordon Chiu Charly Coleman ’13 Naomi Cote Chris Coyne Michael Daleman Peter Dobbs ’87 Gregory Dopulos ’68 Janet Downer Karen Dubeau June Gleed ’15 Kait Finlay Kyle Foch ’13 Stephanie Forgie Jamie Frank Josie Fung Gaitree Gupta Isaac Hambrock ’14 Martin Hambrock

Nickolas Harper ’99 Jessie Hu ’15 Aleem Jindani ’07 Stephen Johnson Keith Kupsch Myriam Lafrance Heward Lee ’78 Joe Li ’15 Jaden Lithopoulos ’13 Nico Macias ’14 Alexander Mazelow ’02 Sean McKay Isaias Medina ’85 Kumail Meghani Niall Mooney Tracy Moore Nicole Murphy Nicholas Pantaleo ’04 Helen Pei Jeff Rayman Krystie Robinson-Vincent Tara Roy-DiClemente Kaitlyn Scott ’18 Jenna Skurnac ’18 Tim and Diana Shaffter Lesley Shore Adam Shully ’78 Aidan Slind ’13 Michael Soong ’92 Nicholas Sopuch ’13 Peter Sturrup Michael Sud ’15 Hannah Sung Thomas Tam ’95 Carly Thompson ACADEMIC AND STUDENT COMMITTEE EVENTS, CLASSROOM, PROGRAM, CO-CURRICULAR SPEAKERS AND VOLUNTEERS Robert Beckett Kathleen Conners

Richard Goudie Kale Harvey Nancy Kerswill Nico Macias ’14 Dan Mideo Michael Pare Chris Robinson Peter Teloniatis FUN FAIR September 26, 2016 Julian Bolivar ’19 Nicholas Borowski ’20 Snezhana Bykova ’17 Allyson Cannon ’20 Sebastian Caricari ’19 Samuel Correa ’19 Yiqu Ding ’18 Fernanda Dominguez Lozano ’20 Shuyan Dong ’18 Renee Duan ’17 Jenna Farmer ’20 Celeste Frank ’20 Pamela Gardner Vanessa Gardner ’19 Galen Gole ’18 Lukas Goudie ’20 Jocelyn Hadden ’20 Deven Hansraj ’20 Solstice Hayat ’20 Ethan Howarth ’17 Daniel Jiang ’20 Michelle Joe-Ezigbo ’18 Emma Kerswill ’19 Ava Khansari ’20 Justin Kim ’19 Sanna Leis ’20 Joy Li ’19 Mathea MacRae ’22 Davit Manookian ’18 Alan Mao ’20 Mirella Morra Craig Mtegwa ’17

Vito Ng ’17 Shannon Pang ’17 Madeline Philp ’18 Carson Proctor ’19 Ruslan Ruban ’17 Margaret Saarimaki Tyler Somerville ’18 Katherine Starr ’20 Aiden Suen ’20 Amir Suleimanov ’20 Steven Sun ’17 Keven Sun ’19 Paula Tobias Minh Truong ’17 Jasmine Wang ’17 CIRCLE OF FRIENDS RECEPTION October 20, 2016 Snezhana Bykova ’17 Fernanda Dominguez Lozano ’20 Minh Truong ’17 PCA GHOST TOUR October 30, 2016 Allen Ai ’20 Sarah Asgari ’21 Celine Barratt ’19 Alp Batur ’18 Nicholas Borowski ’20 Paige Boston ’17 Allyson Cannon ’20 Julianna Cook ’21 Richard Cook Susan Cooper Andie Desforges Yiqu Ding ’18 Shuyan Dong ’18 Renee Duan ’17 Jenna Farmer ’20 Hannah Floyd ’17 Donna Fordyce Celeste Frank ’20

Anna Green ’21 Peter He ’19 Amy Kavanagh ’17 Vivian Lee Carla Liberta Serena MacDonald ’17 Sean Malins-Umansky ’17 Emma Mantle ’17 Alexandra McKay ’19 Karen Meisel Allison Montgomery ’17 Sandra Moore Anastasia Moskaltcova ’19 Berkay Onur ’18 Justin Park ’19 Julie Pedersen ’17 Leonardo Pita Leca ’17 Sufia Rahemtulla ’17 Rictol Ren ’18 Madeleine Rickman ’20 Nelson Squires ’20 Katherine Starr ’20 Veronica Stella ’19 Sydney Stevenson ’17 Linda Stevenson Timothy Tan ’18 Alex Vasylets ’19 Laurel Xu ’17 Kevin Zhang ’20 HILLTOP SKATING PROGRAM AND EVENT VOLUNTEERS Audrey Dehan MacRae Maria Di Mambro Toby Hatch Christie Ingram Joseph Jenkins Eva Lara Liza Moskaltcova Janet Proctor Ellen Rosen Gail Simpson Lisa Sturrup

Shelagh Tomkinson Tammy Ward HOLIDAY HOME TOUR COMMITTEE November 18 & 19, 2016 Donna Fordyce, Co-Chair Krystie Robinson-Vincent, Co-Chair Kim Barlow Pamela Byer Susan Cooper Christie Ingram Eva Lara Andrea McMullen Karen Meisel Lori Pedersen Laurie Philp Lisa Shirriff Nicole Stella HOLIDAY HOME TOUR VOLUNTEERS November 18 & 19, 2016 Sherry Barclay Garrett Barlow ’17 Kim Barlow Mark Barratt ’17 Alp Batur ’18 Katelyn Beswick ’18 Camila Bolivar ’16 Julian Bolivar ’19 Phyllis Brown-Stadnik Karen Burrows-Smith Snezhana Bykova ’17 Nicole Caixeta Arruda ’18 Julien Chretien ’18 Hyun Key Chung ’17 Julie Cochrane David Cooper Susan Cooper Anna Cumiskey ’19 Denise Cumiskey


Eleanor Cumiskey Shannon Cumiskey ’12 Lauren da Silva ’18 Judith Davidson Andie Desforges Sydney Desforges ’21 Maya Dhanjal ’18 Laurie DiCarlo Bei Ding Fernanda Dominguez Lozano ’20 Shuyan Dong ’18 Austin Douglas ’18 Robert Egan ’06 Jeanette Elson Zeynep Eren ’19 Olivia Fabian ’21 Pamela Fabian Erin Falcon ’18 Christopher Farmer ’17 Diane Farmer Jenna Farmer ’20 Garrett FitzGerald ’17 Tristan Fleury ’20 Hannah Floyd ’17 Harrison Frank ’24 Jamie Frank Christine Freek Pamela Gardner Vanessa Gardner ’19 Richard Geurts Riley Geurts ’05 Spencer Geurts ’07 Emily Golding ’19 Joanne Golding Benjamin Hagias ’18 Lisa Hambrock Martin Hambrock Tiffany Houle Jane Ireland Lisa Jeppesen-Dhanjal Hamza Kara ’18 Sandra Kaszuba Amy Kavanagh ’17 Emma Kerswill ’19


Nancy Kerswill Ava Khansari ’20 Thomas Kim Kenya Kimata ’19 Emma King ’20 Heather King Zachary King ’17 Austin Klein Mariia Kovtun ’20 Susan Lahey Damian Larice ’20 Penelope Lawson-Cameron Vivian Lee Holly Liu ’19 Serena MacDonald ’17 Sonya MacDonald Melinda Mantel Alan Mao ’20 Daniel Mason ’18 Kelly Mason Mary McClenaghan-Martin Carol McKnight Gloria McMullen Michaela Morra ’22 Mirella Morra Leticia Mortoza Nascimento Rodrigues ’18 Anastasia Moskaltcova ’19 Craig Mtegwa ’17 Shayna Nicholls ’15 Patricia Ollerenshaw Gina Papazian Justin Park ’19 Shannon Pecora Lori Pedersen Nilgen Perez Mara Pezzutto Laurie Philp Madeline Philp ’18 Eduardo Pita Leca ’17 Leonardo Pita Leca ’17 Nancy Prittie William Prittie Kathy Proudfoot

Sufia Rahemtulla ’17 Rictol Ren ’18 Tara Roy-DiClemente Rebecca Rupprecht Georgia Saarimaki ’22 Margaret Saarimaki Maaryah Salyani ’19 Kaitlyn Scott ’18 Vida Sernas Danylo Sidorov ’19 Kim Smith Matthew Sochaniwskyj ’17 Tyler Somerville ’18 Peem Sompoprungroch ’19 Katherine Starr ’20 Margo Starr Sydney Stevenson ’17 Grace Still ’21 Kevin Still Lisa Sturrup Bethany Suen ’19 Timothy Tan ’18 Minh Truong ’17 Hinako Tsuchida ’19 Mehmet Uysal ’18 Maria Vallance ’21 Rachel Vallance Nancy Verin Daihong Wang Kathy Wang ’21 Karen Whetstone Kirsten Yip ’19 Anson Yuen ’20 Joanna Zhang ’18 Ray Zhao ’18 Joshua Zhu ’18 We would also like to express our sincere thanks to the staff from: ADM Design Inc. Black Forest Garden Centre & Greenhouse Bower Interiors

Design Line Studio Inc. Flowers by Terry of Aurora Grand Entrance Design HJ Interior Design KleinHome / Aurora Paint & Decorating Lifestyle Interiors Luda Flower Salon Mid Valley Gardens Ltd. New Roots Garden Centre Seasons Floral Studio Simply Flowers Sweet Stems Floral Designs HOLIDAY HOME TOUR THANK YOU RECEPTION February 9, 2017 Fernanda Dominguez Lozano ’20 Eduardo Pita Leca ’17 Minh Truong ’17 WINTER CARNAVAL February 16, 2017 Susan Cooper Donna Fordyce Jamie Frank Violet Gal Ritu Gupta Tiffany Houle Eva Lara Vivian Lee Carla Liberta Ashley Powell Krystie Robinson-Vincent Ellen Rosen Gail Simpson Daihong Wang SPRING LUNCHEON May 3, 2017 Nilgen Perez, Chair Nicholas R. Borowski ’20 Nicole Caixeta Arruda ’18 Brenda Caricari

Anna Cook Donna Fordyce Adele Robinson Bo Sochaniwskyj Hinako Tsuchida ’19 Yvonne Woloszczuk GRANDPARENT & SPECIAL FRIEND DAY AND BOOK FAIR May 11, 2017 Colleen Sexsmith, Chair Aidan Cook ’19 Julianna Cook ’21 Susan Cooper Donna Fordyce Eva Lara Vivian Lee Carla Liberta Krystie Robinson-Vincent Nicholas Borowski ’20 Damian Larice ’20 Leticia Mortoza Nascimento Rodrigues ’18 Justin Park ’19 Joshua Pitre ’19 Peem Sompoprungroch ’19 Steven Sun ’17 Ingrid Tai ’18 Hinako Tsuchida ’19 ALUMNI TRANSITION EVENT May 17, 2017 Alexandra Egi ’16 Meagan FitzGerald ’13 Alexander Floyd ’14 Sumana Gupta ’16 Jacob Hagias ’15 Noelle Henry ’14 Lauren Jenkins ’16 Amanda McDougall ’15 Margaret Montgomery ’16 Andrew Murphy ’14 Sahand Norouzi-Farsangi ’15

Emily Perkovic ’16 Adam Pitters-Fisher ’16 Michela Prefontaine ’14 Sarah Ritchie ’15 Martin Roodenburg ’14 Seyed-Ali Shourideh-Ziabari ’15 Mark Sochaniwskyj ’15 Sydney Toye ’16 NEW FAMILY MENTORS AND ORIENTATION RECEPTION VOLUNTEERS May 31, 2017 Kellie McKay, Parent Mentor Chair Kylah Adams Allen Ai ’20 Ivan Arguelles Acebo ’21 Sarah Asgari ’21 Joel Berger Noeline Burk Anna Cook Julianna Cook ’21 Susan Cooper Nicole Cortese Audrey Dehan MacRae Laurie DiCarlo Janice Fleming-Gole Anna Green ’21 Deana Ho-Yan Lisa Jeppesen-Dhanjal Daniel Jiang ’20 Francine Johnson Nancy Kerswill Eva Lara Eunice Lau ’17 Ethan Liu ’20 Holly Liu ’19 Mirella Morra Krystie Robinson-Vincent Sandra Scherre Diane Sexsmith-Brosseau Janice Squires Margo Starr

Keer Sun ’19 Steven Sun ’17 Elizabeth Walker Patricia Wietzes Ricky Zhang ’17 CLASS OF 2017 GRAD GIFT FUNDRAISING Sean Malins-Umansky ’17 Sydney Stevenson ’17 18TH ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE June 22, 2017 Graeme Montgomery, Chair Joel Berger Charles Boyd Robert Desouza ’96 Corey DiCarlo Robert Doyle ’96 Adam Floyd Shelley Frank Stephen Gruhl Thomas Kim Malcolm Mason Ryan McCluskey ’06 Rob Merrick Jim Pedersen Rebeca Riojas-Ozturk Margo Starr Kevin Still Anton Udaltsov 18TH ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT VOLUNTEERS June 22, 2017 Elaine Barratt Meghan Beswick ’20 Magdalena (Meg) Bodnar Emily Borowski ’25 Nicholas Borowski ’20 Tara Borowski Loretta Brock Allyson Cannon ’20

Anna Cook Samuel Correa ’19 Tyler Dhanjal ’21 Jacob DiCarlo ’21 Laurie DiCarlo Erin Falcon ’18 Jenna Farmer ’20 Garrett FitzGerald ’17 Celeste Frank ’20 Harrison Frank ’24 Alexis Hamilton Ashley Johnson ’19 Paris Johnson ’20 Hamza Kara ’18 Ava Khansari ’20 Emma King ’20 Penelope Lawson-Cameron Sanna Leis ’20 Carla Liberta Kayla MacKay Daniel Mason ’18 Kumail Meghani Karen Meisel Patrick Milligan ’21 Adam Murphy ’19 Omar Ozturk ’21 Madeleine Rickman ’20 Grace Robinson ’20 H. Romkema Jason Smith Kim Smith Mia Smith ’25 Katherine Starr ’20 Sydney Stevenson ’17 Susan Strong Emily Strong-Randall ’20 Lisa Sturrup Peter Sturrup Sophia Townsend ’20 Ellen Wells


P I C K E R I N G DR. JOHNSON RETIRES At the end of June, Dr. Stephen Johnson, Assistant Head, Academics, retired from Pickering College and from teaching after 41 years in the profession. “Dr. J”, as he is affectionately known, has been a wonderful addition to the PC community these past three years. His breadth of experience, knowledge and passion for education have served our school well, including his contributions to the Global Leadership Program, to shaping our vision of Outdoor Education, and for his invaluable work in the design of our new Centre for Creativity and Innovation. He is joining his wife Deryn Lavell, former Head of Bishop Strachan School, in Bermuda where Ms. Lavell has been appointed Head of Saltus Grammar School. We wish him all the best in his retirement! Thank you, Dr. J! WELCOME MR. PEOTTO We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Patrick Peotto as Assistant Head, Academics. Mr. Peotto is coming to PC from Lower Canada College (LCC) in Montreal, where he has served as Assistant Head, Academics since 2005. Prior to that, Mr. Peotto was Headmaster of Albert College for five years, a K-12 boarding/day school in Belleville. He also has other administrative and teaching experience in both the public and independent systems, in Canada and internationally, and started his career as a lawyer. Coupled with 27 years of academic experience, Mr. Peotto also holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Law, and a Graduate Diploma in Education from McGill University. Please join us in welcoming Mr. Peotto to Pickering College!


Tuesday, September 5

6:00 p.m.

Welcome BBQ

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Senior School Curriculum Night

Thursday, September 7

8:30 a.m.

Opening Meeting

Thursday, September 14

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Junior and Middle School Curriculum Night

Friday, September 22

3:00 p.m.

Fun Fair

Thursday, October 19

9:45 a.m.

Alumni Morning Meeting

Friday, October 20

8:45 a.m. Fishing at The Franklin Club 11:00 a.m. ’40s Joe’s Boys Reunion

Saturday, October 21

8:30 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m.

Sunday, October 22

10:30 a.m. Alumni Morning Meeting 11:45 a.m. Alumni Reunion Weekend BBQ

Wednesday, November 1

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Thursday, November 9

10:45 a.m. Remembrance Day Meeting

Thursday, November 14

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Friday, November 17

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Saturday, November 18

Introduction to Senior School Volunteer Recognition Reception Annual General Meeting

13th Annual Holiday Home Tour Holiday Home Tour, Seasonal Boutique 10:00 a.m. and Café

Tuesday, December 19

6:30 p.m.

Christmas Concert

Thursday, December 21

8:30 a.m.

Christmas Morning Meeting

Friday, December 22 Monday, January 8, 2018 46

’60s Old Boys Reunion Alumni Basketball Game Alumni Soccer Game Reunion Weekend Reception 175th Anniversary Banquet and Class of 1842 Induction

Last day of classes before Christmas break 8:30 a.m.

Classes resume







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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17 | 5:00 P.M. – 9:30 P.M SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18 | 10:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. TICKETS: $40 Ontariowill be directed to a local charity. A portionNewmarket, of the proceeds


16945 Bayview Avenue, Newmarket, ON, Canada L3Y 4X2 TEL (905) 895-1700 • 1-877-895-1700 • FAX (905) 895-9076



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16945 Bayview Avenue, Newmarket, ON, Canada L3Y 4X2 TEL (905) 895-1700 • 1-877-895-1700 • FAX (905) 895-9076 E-MAIL • WEB



Pickering College’s Global Leadership Program strikes the ideal balance between challenging students to develop critical thinking and real-world life skills that can be applied to their university career and beyond. As a result of their studies, students develop valuable skills, including:

• advanced academic ability • time management and self-reliance • strong research and writing • critical thinking abilities • leadership and mentorship • dialogue, communication and presentation • design, invent and problem solve

All Pickering College students—from JK to Grade 12—benefit from an immersed program that prepares and inspires students to make a difference in the world as ethical, compassionate and values-based decision-makers. In today’s increasingly complex world, these values are at the core of our vision to develop leaders with the skills and the desire to make their world a better place.



Wednesday, October 18, 2017 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

November 3, 2017 December 8, 2017 January 26, 2018 (Junior & Middle School only)

Saturday, January 20, 2018 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

To register, please call 905.895.1700 ext. 259 or email

Meet students, staff, faculty and parents. Learn more about our specialized programming and go on a personal tour of our historic campus.


Visit us at

Your child can spend the morning at PC— attend class, meet our teachers and join us for lunch! Please note: Registration is required.

The Pillars (Summer 2017)  
The Pillars (Summer 2017)