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Cover story: For two exciting days in February, the Pickering College community gathered in Egan House to cheer for alumna Olympic figure skater Gabby Daleman ’16 as she realized her dream of competing at Sochi. PC’s legendary school spirit was featured on the newscasts of CBC Television, CBC Radio, CTV Barrie and on the front pages of both the Newmarket Era and the Aurora Banner newspapers.

“Don’t agonize about success and failure.

Just do what you must do as well as you possibly can. In the process you may eventually transcend triumph and disaster.” –Andreas Kluth


Head Shots I

n the following pages of The Pillars you will see many things about the successes of Pickering people – Olympians, Hollywood entertainers, debators, builders, musicians, academics and leaders. The issue makes one incredibly proud to be a part of our community, because our people, past and present, are achieving success in all walks of life. In so doing, they are changing the world. But how does one actually go out and “be successful” or even really define what success means to them? Students in our Global Leadership Program are asked to become “agents of courageous, ethical and positive change, true to Quaker values.” That, indeed, is a noble aspiration. But it could also be a little intimidating; with the expectation that everyone must be a world changer. While there is no doubt that this aspiration will be a valuable contribution to our world, defining success in more humble terms is equally important. In 1905, Bessie Stanley won a contest with her response to the question, “What constitutes success?” Her unpretentious answer included the following: “…(he) who has gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of little children; who has filled his niche and accomplished his task; who has left the world better than he found it, whether by an improved poppy, a perfect poem, or a rescued soul;…” What an elegant expression. What a simple reminder that success can, and perhaps should, be measured by the small, personal, compassionate actions by which we come to be known over a lifetime. And the reassuring thing is, every one of us is capable of doing that. I also heard a quotation attributed to Martin Luther King Jr. not too long ago, which also captures, for me, the deeper and more important meaning of success as well as how we go about achieving it. He said, “If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.’ ”

Small things, done with care, done well, done for others. Imagine if everyone in the world approached each day like that? Finally, I often find myself encouraging others with the words of Viktor Frankl, a man who survived the horrors of concentration camps and through his suffering came to articulate the nature of survival, meaning, purpose and…success. His words resonate for any human being: “Don’t aim at success – the more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it. For success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended sideeffect of one’s personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself or as the byproduct of one’s surrender to a person other than oneself. Happiness must happen, and the same holds for success: you have to let it happen by not caring about it. I want you to listen to what your conscience commands you to do and go on to carry it out to the best of your knowledge. Then you will live to see that in the long run – in the long run, I say! – success will follow you precisely because you had forgotten to think of it.” I believe our job at Pickering College is to help prepare the next generation of leaders, just as we have for 172 years. Our job is to help young people aspire to live fulfilling, meaningful, happy lives and make an impact on the world around them. Yes indeed, we want them to be successful. But, most importantly, we want them to know that committing to a cause greater than themselves and reaching out to touch the soul of even one other person will be the most successful thing they can ever do. –Peter Sturrup, Headmaster


STRONGER. HIGHER, FASTER, PC’S OLYMPIC CONNECTIONS SPAN THE LAST CENTURY PICKERING COLLEGE HAS A SURPRISING NUMBER OF OLYMPIC CONNECTIONS! HERE ARE A FEW OF THE WAYS WE ARE CONNECTED: ALUMNA GABRIELLE DALEMAN ’16 SKATES FOR CANADA IN SOCHI This past February, the Pickering College community, along with the media and local dignitaries, cheered on alumna Gabby Daleman ’16 as she represented Canada in Women’s Figure Skating at her first Olympic Games. Gabby got her start in figure skating at Pickering College, where she was a student from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. Her father and conditioning coach, Michael Daleman, is a Senior School teacher here. Gabby does her strength and conditioning training at PC. At just 16 years old, Gabby was the youngest athlete on Team Canada at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. A few weeks before she competed in Sochi, the Town of Newmarket threw her an official send-off party. During an interview with CTV Barrie she thanked both the Town of Newmarket and Pickering College for their support. When the big day arrived, excitement abounded at PC as Gabby took to the ice. Decked out in red and white for a special Olympic Spirit Day, our students erupted into deafening cheers as soon as Gabby stepped onto the ice. When the live TSN broadcast mentioned that all of Pickering College was gathered to watch Gabby skate, the crowd went wild! After a thrilling Short Program skate, as Gabby waited for her marks, she waved at the camera and said, “Hi PC!” There was near pandemonium in Egan House. Gabby placed 19th overall and advanced to the Ladies Free Program. The next day, we gathered again in Egan House and held our collective breath as Gabby competed for a medal. In the end, she placed a very respectable 17th overall in the world. “I have never felt so much excitement in the school as when we were all watching Gabby skate,” said Peter Sturrup. “The gym was electric with energy and the shouts of encouragement for Gabby were deafening. We are so proud of her.” 6

SENIOR SCHOOL TEACHER GRAHAM BIRT’S VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE IN SOCHI “I was incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to serve the Canadian Team in Sochi and to witness some of the magic of the Olympics firsthand. I have now had the honour of working on behalf of Team Canada at four Olympic Games (Beijing, Vancouver, London and Sochi) and two Pan American Games (Rio de Janeiro and Guadalajara). My role in Sochi was primarily as a support person for Canadian athletes. When each team arrived at the various Athletes Villages, I would deliver a 15-minute orientation session, during which I would cover procedures, access to services and other logistical pieces. Although speaking in front of groups of people is a regular part of my role at Pickering, this was clearly a very different audience! As an Olympic Team staff member, one of the core principles is that we are not to be visible “fans” of the athletes – ones who seek autographs or pictures, or who ask about their competitions. It is important for the athletes to have a distraction-free environment and we aimed to create that space for them in every sense. The basic premise (and challenge) of this is that I was forced to “play it cool” with anyone from Sidney Crosby to Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. In each of my Olympic experiences, I was reminded of the fact that our athletes are genuinely kind and considerate people. Russia was an outstanding host and almost everyone we met was incredibly friendly and hospitable. The language barrier was evident, but locals were appreciative when we, as foreigners, made an attempt at speaking in their language. Russians who didn’t speak any English would still often manage to proclaim “Canada! Hockey! Wayne Gretzky!” as they passed us on the street in our Team Canada clothing. Although the success stories of athletes in Sochi were well documented, the unique moments that don’t necessarily involve medals are often the most inspiring. Canadian cross-country ski coach Justin Wadsworth, without really considering anything else, came to the aid of a Russian skier who had broken a ski in order to allow him to finish the race with dignity. Indian luger Shiva Keshavan

has overcome any obstacle created by the fact that there are no luge tracks in India by training on a modified sled on Himalayan highways. Swiss gold medallist cross-country skier Dario Cologna waited for over half an hour at the finish line in order to shake the hands of the last two finishers – one being the only athlete in Sochi from the country of Nepal and the other being Peru’s first-ever Winter Olympian. In my opinion, stories like these take the meaning of Olympism to an entirely different level.”

JOY OF EFFORT Tait McKenzie’s Joy of Effort medallion was used in the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden, as the bronze medal. Mackenzie (1867-1938) was a Canadian-born sculptor, doctor, soldier, physical educator and athlete. His love of athletics reached its peak while attending McGill University and participating in gymnastics, boxing, football, and track and field. Athletics inspired him to capture the physical and emotional effort of athletes in figures, busts and medallions. One of these medallions, the Joy of Effort, is displayed in Rogers House. A replica is inlaid in the cornerstone of Egan House. PC PARENT WAS CANADA’S FLAG BEARER, HURDLER AND LATER A MEMBER OF THE IOC Jim Worrall, (father of PC Alumnus Brian Worrall ’69), participated in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin as a hurdler and served as Canada’s flag bearer in the opening ceremony. He became president of the Canadian Olympic Association and later was an International Olympic Committee (IOC) member, becoming the first Canadian to be elected to the executive board. He served as the go-between for the IOC and the organizing committee for the Montreal Olympic Games in 1976 and provided input to Lord Killanin for

the boycott of the Moscow Olympic Games in 1980. Later he went on to overhaul the Olympic Charter, as requested by Juan Antonio Samaranch. Jim stayed in touch with Pickering College and there was a hurdles race named after him in our historic Quaker Relays. BLACKSTOCK CARRIES ON PASSION FOR ATHLETICS Dr. C. Reginald (Blackie) Blackstock, (father of Brian Blackstock, ’56 and Richard (Dick) Blackstock ’63) became great friends with Jim Worrall. Blackie was a significant presence in Pickering College life from 1928 to 1959, becoming the first person at a school in Canada to hold the position of Director of Physical Education, starting the Quaker Relays, as well as coaching many sports and championship teams. After leaving Pickering, Blackie continued to advocate for excellence in sport and fitness, and worked tirelessly to bring the 1976 Olympics to Montreal, alongside Jim Worrall. PC OLYMPIAN WITNESSED HISTORY IN 1936 BERLIN In the same Olympics which saw Jim Worrall compete as a hurdler, PC student Edward Gibson Mack ’38 was a member of an exhibition cricket team. Mack, along with Peter Marsh, Pierre Lactot ’36, Gaston Mongeau ’37 and faculty member Bernie Hodgetts, had been authorized by the Overseas Education League to recruit a delegation to attend the 1936 Olympic Games. Although Mack called it an experience of a lifetime, his Olympic moment was overshadowed by the Nazi Party’s racism towards African-American athletes and a general atmosphere of fear and oppression. With speeches delivered by Adolf Hitler, and visits by Joseph Goebbels and Hermann Göring, he witnessed pre-war history in the making. His living quarters consisted of army barracks fitted with bunk beds, and mattresses and pillows stuffed with straw. Edward Mack went on to serve as a Board Member at Pickering College from 1986 to 1991. FORMER FACULTY MEMBER WINS SILVER IN OLYMPIC HOCKEY Former faculty member Bob Forhan won a silver medal with the Canadian Olympic Hockey Team at the 1960 Olympic Winter Games at Squaw Valley, California. He also was a member of the 1964 Olympic team which placed fourth at the Games in 7

GUIDING PRINCIPLES NUR Innsbruck, Austria. Bob taught at Pickering for several years and then went on to serve as Mayor of Newmarket (1970 to 1996) and later as Chair of York Region.


PC GRADUATE COMPETES IN BOBSLED David Veale ’68 competed in the 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria in four-man Bobsled. OLYMPIC TORCH TRAVELS PAST PICKERING COLLEGE It was an exciting day when the Olympic Torch travelled past PC in December 2009. The school gathered on Bayview Avenue to cheer the relay members on and watch the handoff of the torch.

BRONZE MEDALIST JOANNIE ROCHETTE VISITS PC Students from JK to Grade 12 learned about Joannie Rochette’s journey to the 2010 Winter Olympics and some of the challenges she had to overcome. Joannie stressed the importance of having achievable goals. She spoke about community, confidence, responsibility and respect – many of the values of Pickering College. In sharing her story she emphasized the lessons learned from failure as well as success. Ms. Rochette is a six-time Canadian Champion, World Silver Medalist and in the 2010 Winter Olympics she captured the bronze medal. PC PROVIDES FACILITY FOR TRAINING OLYMPIANS In 2013, two members of the Canadian Bobsleigh Team trained on Memorial Field and took some time to teach the students about the discipline and rigour of high-level sport training. One of the athletes, James McNaughton, made it on to the Olympic team and raced in both the two-man bobsleigh and as brakeman on the four-man bobsleigh in Sochi 2014. Did we miss an Olympic connection? If so, please contact Anna Cook, Alumni/Parent Relations. We would love to hear from you!



s an only child of a single parent, Adam Bradley ’98 spent a lot of time accompanying his father to his work. At a young age, Adam was exposed to the world of lights and cameras, planting a seed that would be nurtured and grow into a life lived in the bright lights of Hollywood. Adam’s first introduction to theatre and storytelling was in drama class with Mr. Gessie. Having caught the acting bug, Adam starred in many productions. However, in his last year he branched out to write, edit and direct a play that won accolades at the Independent School’s Drama Festival. He was awarded the Harry M. Beer Drama Award and the Howarth Fine Arts Award at his graduation. After working for a year as a production assistant in Toronto, Adam decided to take the plunge and relocate to Los Angeles to start a career in film. Supported and encouraged by his father, Adam worked hard at creating solid business relationships and quickly worked his way up at Warner Bros. He then moved on to Dreamworks and is now working at Paramount in the physical feature production department. His department is responsible for overseeing the creation and logistics of making a film, a job that Adam loves. His strong connection to Pickering College, and the friends he made here, continues to this day. His ’brothers’ from PC are still a large part of his life. Devastated by the news that brother Tatsuhiro Ono ’97 had perished in the Japanese tsunami, Adam travelled from Los Angeles to join his classmates to mourn the loss of their good friend at a memorial service held here at PC in 2011. When Adam returned to Toronto in 2013 for the wedding of his best friend, Mike Barbuto ’00, he spoke with PC’s film class. Anna Cook took the opportunity to ask him a few questions: Can you tell me a bit about your experience here at PC? What stands out in your memory? The sense of community. I attended Pickering during a time where there was a strong influence of students from overseas. I had friends from Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean, in addition to Canadians such as myself. Attending a small school, such as Pickering College, there were enough


cultural differences that would have certainly justified us not to get along. But it was the sense of community that allowed us to be one in the same and develop bonds that many of us still keep alive today. Do you still have friends from PC? In a funny twist of fate, two of my closest friends in California are also PC alum. I have also found that, whether it’s via social media or fellow PC alum traveling through town, that bond is still there. In fact just a few months ago I had the opportunity to reconnect with an old PC boy who was in Los Angeles from Korea on business. We were really close back when we were students. So much so that I stayed with his family in Seoul when I travelled to Korea during the summer of 1997. Now in our thirties, we picked up where we left off. Was there anyone here at PC who had a positive influence in your life? The first few names that come to mind are Albert Wierenga, Dean Gessie, Peter Sturrup and Katherine Boyd. Most of what I learned from Mr. Wierenga occurred outside of the Biology classroom. I had him as a softball coach and often interacted with him at lunch or in the halls. He was somebody who knew how to challenge a stubborn – and at times lazy – teenager to step up and be a leader.

in Newmarket, she had an open door policy with all of her students and was more than happy to help us develop a strong argument. Was there a lesson learned or experience that you took away from PC that applies to today? I live in a town that’s very easy to lose yourself in. Insecurity and self-doubt prey on many young souls that venture out to Hollywood. There were certainly lots of lessons, in terms of academics, that were learned while at Pickering. But the two things that developed for me that I consider guiding principles today are integrity and self-respect. My father played a big role in planting those ideals and Pickering knew how to nourish and grow them. What risks have you taken or sacrifices have you made to get you where you are today? Were they worth it? I suppose I took a risk in moving to California. I knew only one person and wasn’t entirely sure what I was jumping into. But at 20 years old, there wasn’t much to lose. As far as sacrifices go, my chosen industry and ambitions demand a lot of my time. As a result, I’ve missed out on a lot family stuff. Was it worth it? Time will tell. I’m still working on those “ends” that justify the “means.”

I only had Mr. Gessie for two classes (Drama and Philosophy), but he was somebody who encouraged me to develop a “voice.” As Morning Meeting broke up one day, Mr. Gessie pulled me aside to explain that he was volunteering me to speak at an upcoming speech-writing contest in honour of United Nations day. I guess he sensed that I’d be good at such a thing before I even knew I was capable.

How do you judge success? The idea of success can be a very engineered thing. It is largely a reflection of what you consider a high priority. For me, having a positive and lasting impact on something you’re passionate about is on the path to peace and contentment. Don’t get me wrong, I strive for that strong position within my chosen career and the wealth that accompanies it. But influencing something you care about for the better can have a longer shelf life than yourself. The other stuff is just somebody else’s tax burden when you’re no longer here.

Mr. Sturrup had become Headmaster as my second year (Grade 10) began. As a result I never had a direct teacher/student relationship with him, but he too was an encouraging presence. Much like Mr. Gessie, he encouraged me to have a voice and, oddly enough, he seemed to trust me just enough to make mistakes but hold myself accountable for them.

What advice would you have for any students today who are graduating? Embrace the next decade of your life. Be adventurous, experience as much as you can and don’t be in too much of a hurry. To quote Ferris Bueller “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Mrs. Boyd had much the same influence as the other faculty members I mentioned. More honorary faculty, as she still practiced law

Also, be courageous enough to quote Ferris Bueller … and not feel weird about it!


STUDENT LIFE “THE PATH FOR GLOBAL LEADERSHIP” BY BELINDA NYAMRUNDA Winner of the Global Leadership Personal Essay Competition Grade 12 I don’t think the world would look any different if I was in charge. Liars, deceivers and falsifiers would still exist. Society would still be divided according to status quo and the Third World countries would still face their pre-existing problems. If I was in charge, I would do a lot differently. At a bigger picture, the world might not look any different but, at a smaller scope, I would not let liars tear the dreams and ambitions of the African youth. I would not let the poor think they are any less then the rich and I would condemn people of the developing countries to think “the world was destined to be different”. If I was in charge, I would inform society how important education is to a girl child, and I would make sure girls all over the world have access to education. So much effort and encouragement is provided for boys to keep collecting certificates from educational institutes but society has turned a blind eye and deaf ear on female children. Instead of telling girls, “You can have ambition, but not too much, you should be successful but not too successful. Otherwise, you will threaten the man” (according to Chimamanda Adichie), we should tell girls, “Yes, you can be fearless, dauntless yet still selfless”.

GLOBAL LEADERSHIP PERSONAL ESSAY COMPETITION WINNERS ANNOUNCED The Global Leadership Program and the Joshua Weinzweig Creative Writing Program have partnered to create the Global Leadership Personal Essay Competition. This year, winners include: Darragh Dzisiak (Grade 9); Summer Weldon (Grade 10); and Belinda Nyamrunda (Grade 12). JOSHUA WEINZWEIG MEMORIAL LITERARY AND POETRY AWARDS ANNOUNCED The winners of the Joshua Weinzweig Memorial Literary Award: Darragh Dzisiak (Grade 9); Summer Weldon (Grade 10); June Gleed (Grade 11).

If I had a voice that would be heard in the most remote areas of the world, I would raise a call of help to the hundreds of girls that are sold as brides to the Boko Haram for 12 dollars. In fact, I would call for a civilized discussion with the Boko Haram and hear their opinion. I would visit and explain how harmful female genital mutilation is to the societies that practice it. I would ask for help in abolishing this crime against women because the struggle against FGM must reach the communities where electricity remains a dream, where Wikipedia and Google haven’t come to existence yet, where people think books are simply decorations and toys of the white man, where school is not even a remote option. These are societies that don’t understand the fancy scholarly articles on the abolishment of FGM. If I had the power, the world would be a fair place for people with and without HIV/ AIDS. People say pretty hurts, but I think stigmatization hurts. I would let society talk about it and learn to see the person that is hidden behind that dreadful disease. If I was in charge, I would plead with parents to let their male children explore what is suitable for them instead of forcing them to be too bold and manly. Every child is different – the heart, the mind and the soul. How will children follow their hearts at age 18 when all their lives, their brains have been memory sticks being fed what society expects of them? I don’t mean on a moral level but rather being aggressive and tough, because they are men. I would encourage the First World countries to form relationships with the Third World countries, and remove the words “first” and “third” from their names, maybe. Why are people from different nations with the same mental ability, physical ability and social ability being graded as first and third? How will equality prevail if there is a rank? The people in developing countries need more beyond the money. They need strategic innovation, ideas and to be introduced to 21st century concepts like integrative thinking and design thinking. If I was in charge, I would encourage people to push beyond their limits, stepping out of their comfort zones and believing in themselves. I would tell the children who are afraid to raise their hands in English class because they are shy to do so – “we are all change makers.” The power to make change is within each and every body. It is a matter of making the decision.

The winners of the Joshua Weinzweig Poetry Award: You Don’t Know What That Does To A Girl by Emma Mantle (Grade 9); Momentary Bliss by Summer Weldon (Grade 10); The Blowing Wind by Katie Hopkinson (Grade 11); Whispering Waves by Aleksa MacDonald (Grade 12).

There is not anything wrong with how the world looks but there is everything wrong with how we perceive it. If I was in charge, I would ask people to appreciate others more, spread love (a universal language), say thank you, discuss rather than fight and to get to know a person rather than judge each other from looks as they can be deceiving. Let us treat others the way we wish to be treated. Humanity is not in dire straits.


STUDENT LIFE MARCH BREAK BUILDING A SCHOOL IN GHANA A team of 19 Pickering College students travelled to Ghana to build a school for children without access to education. This volunteer trip was in conjunction with Me to We, a sister organization of Torontobased Free the Children. In addition to providing community service, the Pickering College students had the opportunity to become absorbed in cultural activities and evening leadership modules. It was an experience that profoundly changed each and every student, as was demonstrated by the emotional presentation they gave at Morning Meeting upon their return.

YAO SPEARHEADS FUNDRAISER IN SUPPORT OF TYPHOON-RAVAGED PHILIPPINES When the Philippines was hit by Typhoon Haiyan, Ms. Gionet, Assistant Head, Academics, challenged students to organize and find a way to support the Filipino people. In just four days, the Youth Action Organization (YAO) team built and sold blunt wooden balisongs (a traditional Filipino knife that is often used for cooking and farming, as well as performing the art of “flipping”). In addition, they created bracelets and pins, both involving the sun knot which is representative of the sun on the Filipino flag. In just three weeks, the students greatly exceeded their goal, raising a total of $3,022 when matched by the Canadian government.

GRADE 10 TEAM EARNS A $5000 GRANT FOR THE NEWMARKET FOOD PANTRY Pickering College has been a part of the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) for nine years. Qualifying schools can earn a $5000 grant from the Toskan Casale Foundation in support of a local social service charity. Each year PC’s Grade 10 students work groups to try to convince a panel of judges that their charity is most deserving of the grant. The winning team this year was Carlos Avila Mandujano and Sumana Gupta who together won the grant for the Newmarket Food Pantry.

PC STANDS TOGETHER AGAINST BULLYING ON PINK SHIRT DAY Over 400 staff and students stood together in their pink T-shirts to create a visual of togetherness, showing that the best way to end bullying is to never let it in. This year Mr. Ryan Corkum, Associate Faculty, gave a powerful speech about his personal experiences with bullying.

COFFEE HOUSE FUNDRAISER A SUCCESS The 2014 annual Coffee House fundraiser was a resounding success! Representatives from the student body, faculty and staff showed off their many talents for the noble cause of raising funds for two Kenyan students to attend boarding school through The Small Project. Youth Action Organization (YAO), Student Committee and Social Committee came together to run the show. As a result, this year’s organizers were able to leverage from a broader pool of talent. Beautiful ballads, duets and group acts, interpretive dance, martial arts, rock bands and even juggling left the audience mesmerized. In the end, the students exceeded their goal, raising $1640. COUNT ME IN CONFERENCE The Grade 10 students traveled to the Sony Centre in Toronto to attend the worldrenowned Count Me In conference. Shane Feldman founded this amazing organization which aims to inspire today’s youth to get involved in their communities and help solve the problems our world is currently facing. Just a few years after its founding, the student-based organization has grown and now hosts conferences all over the country and is known world-wide.



DEBATE TEAM HAS A TERRIFIC YEAR Hart House Tournament: Pickering College’s Debate team helped to mark Canada’s bicentennial of the War of 1812 by participating in the University of Toronto’s annual Hart House High School Debate Tournament. This year, the Tournament collaborated with Pickering College alumnus Brian Purdy ’56 and the Great Debate for the competition. Purdy has made it his mission to further student discussion and debate on the question of who actually won the war, working with schools and other organizations to draw attention to this crucial period in Canada’s history. Winter Fulford: Our senior team, Grant Kavanagh and Ali ShouridehZiabari, faced gruelling interrogation in cross examination-style debate, finishing in the middle of the pack. Our junior team, Leilah Mouna and Margaret Montgomery, made history for PC. As a team they placed second out of the 20 participating CIS schools. Leilah, as an individual debater, placed first overall. Spring Fulford: In the Junior Division (parliamentary debate), the PC team again placed 2nd overall – an incredible achievement for such a novice team. The Junior Division competitors were: Leilah Mouna, Margaret Montgomery, Sterling Mancuso, Charles Hsieh, Alisha Popatia and Caroline Phillips. We are immensely proud to be ranked so high amongst our peer schools in this intellectual arena.

MATH CONTEST ACHIEVEMENTS Twenty-one PC students took part in Canadian Intermediate and Senior Math Contests. Twelve students scored above the contest average, with six finishing in the top 25 per cent. In the Intermediate contest, Patrick Prochazka,


Kevin Tan and Mandy Coleman earned a Certificate of Distinction for their achievement. In the Senior-level contest, Betty Lu, Ben Qiu and Cynthia Zhang earned this recognition. Ten students in Grades 6-8 took part in the AMC8 Math Contest. Approximately 150,000 students from around the world participated in this contest. We had three students achieve above average scores– Nupur Krishnan, Kayla Lucchese and Patrick Prochazka. Patrick’s score earned him a place on the honour roll as he placed in the top two per cent.

PC STUDENT JOINS TEAM ONTARIO FOR CANADIAN JUNIOR NATIONAL SPEECH CHAMPIONSHIPS AND SELECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN FORUM FOR YOUNG CANADIANS Grade 9 student Sterling Mancuso competed in The Canadian Junior National Speech Championships, hosted by West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver. He was part of Team Ontario, an honour he earned at a provincial-level tournament. Sterling reached the finals in three out of the four speaking categories, placing eighth overall in Canada.

In the Grade 9 Pascal contest, Iman Nooristani and Patrick Prochazka finished in the top 25 per cent. In the Grade 10 Cayley contest, Johnny Zhang, Emily Zhang, Show Chen and Kevin Tan finished in the top 25 per cent. In the Grade 11 Fermat contest, Ada Wang, Vivian Xin, Sara Sun, Betty Lu and Alba Lu finished in the top 25 per cent.

He also participated in Forum for Young Canadians, a week-long program that immerses Canadian students in the exciting world of national politics and public affairs. While in Ottawa, Sterling was able to put what he has learned about Canadian politics into practice by running as a candidate in a mock election and by tackling a Cabinet meeting simulation.

In the Grade 9 Fryer contest, Patrick Prochazka was our top finisher, earning him a place on the honour roll. In the Grade 10 Galois contest, our top finishers were Snow Chen and Mandy Coleman. In the Grade 11 Hypatia contest, our certificate winners included Vivian Xin, Joe Li and Alba Lu. In the Grade 12 Euclid contest, our certificate winners were Ben Qiu and Aisling Qiu who both finished in the top 25 per cent.

KIN LAB DAYS The Grade 12 Exercise Science class travelled to the University of Waterloo to learn more about the Kinesiology program. Participating in labs ranging from “Neurological Inquiries,” where the participants got to examine real human brains, to “Cardiovascular Health,” students were able to extend their learning of the curriculum. The highlight of the afternoon was touring the Anatomy Lab,

STUDENT LIFE where some of the students examined cadavers, even holding human hearts in their hands. This was an excellent complement to the Anatomy and Physiology Unit they had just completed. PICKERING COLLEGE WELCOMES LEADERS-IN-RESIDENCE

We were very fortunate to have Rex Taylor, retired teacher, social entrepreneur and activist, with us for the day as a Leader-In-Residence. Rex updated the Junior School on the two Kenyan students they sponsor for boarding school in Kenya, taught the Senior School about the importance of taking risks and spent time with seven different classes. A real highlight was the problem-solving session he did with the Grade 11 and 12 Leadership students, as well as discussions about sport as a means for gender equality and activities in cultural fluency.

Pickering College welcomed Daniele Zanotti, CEO of York Region United Way, as Leader-In-Residence. Daniele spoke at Morning Meeting, emphasizing the importance of the idea of care in building community. Over the course of the day, he worked with Senior School classes, leading debates and exploring case studies. A highlight was when he spoke with Grade 2 students about their community involvement. Daniele commented on how impressed he was with all the PC students and how excited he was for these young people to have an impact on their community.

DESIGN CHALLENGE TEACHES GRADE 7 STUDENTS TO SINK OR SWIM Pickering College’s Grade 7 students attempted to solve a real-life design challenge: “How would you design a device to transport two students from one end of a pool to another?” The students planned then implemented what they learned about the form and function of structures by constructing a life-size version of their proposed design … and then subjecting it to a speed and weight challenge at a local pool. It was a great learning experience! SCIENTISTS IN SCHOOLS Our Grade 2 students had the opportunity to participate in an educational program provided by Scientists in Schools. The students participated in a half-day program called “MOVE IT – Simple Machines Are Fun.“ The students were able to discover how simple machines make things move and make tasks easier, as well as make a milk carton car, a model of a screw and a mini lever.

PICKERING COLLEGE CELEBRATES LA FRANCOPHONIE Grade 11 French students hosted a schoolwide Morning Meeting themed “La Francophonie.” The meeting kicked off with some French music and a visit from Bonhomme Carnaval. Grade 5 students

showed off the flags of some of the French speaking countries around the world. The meeting concluded with a number of PC community members sharing why they chose to continue learning French while others spoke about why they regret not learning it.

PRIMARY STUDENTS’ TRIP TO THE SUGAR BUSH PC’s Primary students learned about the running of the sap and the process necessary to convert the sap into maple syrup at Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area. They explored both the pioneer method and the modern day method and had a tasty treat to enjoy as they walked through the sugar bush.


STUDENT LIFE in Thornhill and the 2014 Ursula Lehming Scarboro Skate Competition in Scarborough. Skaters competed in solos, dance, and team elements. One of our skaters, Moira Boland, Grade 2, skated her first-ever solo at Frolics and did very well. This year the team won a remarkable 14 medals over the four competitions.

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS Over the winter, the drama co-curricular club worked tirelessly to prepare the musical, Little Shop of Horrors. The cast and crew devoted many hours to making this musical possible. With its humour, great songs, talented actors, strange plot twists and incredible props, the resulting production blew the roof off the Joseph McCulley Meeting Room.

PRIMARY STUDENTS ARE MOVIN’ IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION! The Primary students worked hard to prepare for their mini-musical presentation, Movin’ In The Right Direction!, by Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse. PC’s youngest students sang a total of seven inspirational songs about the importance of making good choices and being positive leaders. Working on this project has allowed for many enlightening discussions about our own Pickering College values and that special light that shines within each one of us.

JUNIOR SCHOOL DRAMA CLUB PRESENTS THE END OF THE RAINBOW The Junior School Drama Club delighted an audience of parents, friends and students when they performed The


PICKERING COLLEGE STUDENTS WINNERS AT BRIDGE FILM FESTIVAL Two Pickering College student films have won awards at the Bridge Film Festival in Brooklyn, New York. The Bridge Film Festival is an international Quaker schools festival. These films were produced by students in the Grade 12 Communications Technology class. Two other PC student films were selected as finalists: End of the Rainbow, by Geoff Bamber. Congratulations to the students on their great performance! HILLTOP SKATING CLUB HAS FUN AT FROLICS 2014 Congratulations to members of our Hilltop Skating Club of Newmarket team! They did well at all four of the competition they entered this year. Skaters competed at KIS 2013 Competition in Keswick, the 2014 Frolics on Ice Competition in East Gwillimbury, the 2014 FUN Competition

Award Winners: Best Narrative Award - I Didn’t Mean This to Happen - Michael Kelly, Eddy Larcombe Best New Media Award - It Doesn’t Take Much - Trish Riswick, Brendan Fitzgerald, Nick LaValle Finalists: Public Service Announcement - Make a Difference - Meagan Fitzgerald, Rob Prittie Documentary - Dreams - Adam Wang

SENIOR SCHOOL MUSIC STUDENTS PERFORM AT COUNTRY TOY TEA Our Senior School vocal music students and guitar ensemble performed at the ninth annual Country Toy Tea, held in King City in December. Under the direction of teachers Paul Mason and Heather Suters, our students wowed a crowd of 400 ladies, including some current and past PC parents. This event collects gifts and raises funds to help families and individuals living in York Region shelters during the holiday season.


STUDENTS REPRESENT PC AT GLOBAL IDEAS INSTITUTE SYMPOSIUM AT THE MUNK SCHOOL OF GLOBAL AFFAIRS Since the beginning of the school year, five Pickering College students have participated in the Global Ideas Institute Mentorship Program, which is a partnership with the University of Toronto’s Asian Institute and The Munk School of Global Affairs, in cooperation with University Toronto School. The team of students includes: June Gleed, Ali Shourideh-Ziabari, Nicola Shaw, Grant Kavanagh and Belinda Nyamrunda. The program provided an opportunity for top high school students to work together with University of Toronto professors and graduate mentors throughout the year on a “real-world” problem, culminating in a one-day symposium where students presented their findings, analysis and potential solutions to “scaling up” food distribution in Rajastan, India. Students were also given the option of designing and building a new cookstove, as many of the women in India are suffering from health problems due to smoke inhalation when they cook. GAIN, an NGO working in India, was curious to hear how our high school students proposed to tackle the complex problem. Our team decided to ‘scale up’ the food distribution system through the existing community centres in India. They rebranded the entire program, naming it “The Food Tree Foundation,” with the local centres who would work with Indian women renamed “Growing Centres” to keep with the tree theme. To

express the goal of their foundation, they created the tagline “Hope, Health, Happiness” which was posted with their tree logo in green, the colour of happiness, growth and maternity in India in order to appeal to the local target market, the mothers in the region. The team also created a viable and detailed business plan that circumvented the issues of poor employment practices by leveraging government programs that are in place but are presently underutilized in India. The Pickering College team was the only group of students who designed not one, but two working prototypes for the cookstove. The team used an embedded video in their presentation to show how it worked and then included a second prototype with their poster display so that they could answer questions. Their intention was to have their new “Food Tree Foundation” distribute and work with the mothers in order to ensure the cookstoves were implemented effectively. Our students were excellent ambassadors for our school and their willingness to take a risk, be creative, empathetic and innovative in trying to solve a problem such as malnutrition that is so critical to the developing world. The expert panel of professors said they were in awe of what “a group of high school students could do when given the chance.”



CAIS CONNECT THE DOTS LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Two PC students, Amber Gocool and Joe Li, attended the CAIS Leadership Conference in Vancouver, with Ms. Julia Hunt, Director of Global Leadership. The theme of the conference was Connect the Dots and the purpose was for the students from independent schools from across Canada to connect with each other and share ideas. The students cannot wait to implement some of the things learned, to make PC a stronger and more spirited community.

FIRST ANNUAL CHANGEMAKERS CONFERENCE The Grade 11 and 12 Global Leadership class, with the help of Mme. Andrea Cleland, Senior School teacher, put together the very first PC Changemakers Conference for Grades 7, 8 and 9. The five guest speakers talked about leadership and perseverance through hard times. The students then had an opportunity to talk during break-out sessions about global issues and how they could make a difference. The day concluded with the students working on their digital Global Leadership portfolios, which consists of three main categories: Experience, Lead and Act. The conference was very well received and the students were inspired to create their own stories of change-making.


MORAL COURAGE SYMPOSIUM A few students from Grades 9 and 10 travelled to the Bishop Strachan School to participate in the Moral Courage Symposium, featuring guest speaker Irshad Manji. Irshad Manji is a Canadian author, professor and the founder and director of the Moral Courage Project at the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service at New York University. She spoke about asking the hard questions and not being afraid of offending someone when asking them. In smaller groups, students spoke of diversity and how to ensure that all the students feel free to express their culture in a school environment.

STUDENT LIFE ARTS NIGHT 2014 WAS A HUGE SUCCESS! The PC community gathered together to celebrate the accomplishments of the Pickering College Arts Department. CHOP FM kicked off the night by hosting a live broadcast of the event, featuring interviews with many of the students involved in the show. Visual and Media Art were on display in the Meeting Room and the foyer, and the chosen pieces were meant to give the guests a wellrounded insight into the diverse topics and outcomes the discipline encompasses. As the patrons toured the art work, they were serenaded by Charles Hseih on his violin. Guests were also treated to the debut performance of the Residential Show Choir, a new initiative for our boarding students.

The Grade 9/10 Drama class shared their performance of The Mystery, an original play by Alanna Miller, directed by Caroline Phillips. The audience was treated to a number of films by the Communication Technology students. Documentaries and dramatic and comedic films were entertaining and thought-provoking and, in the end, the audience cast votes for a number of awards. Best Film: Wrong Washroom by Brendan Fitzgerald and Eddy Larcombe Best Actor: Brendan Fitzgerald Best Actress: Trisha Riswick The Best Filmmaker of the Year award was presented to Brendan Fitzgerald for his outstanding commitment to the art of film production throughout the 2013-14 school year.

HONOURING TIM BEERS In honour of Tim Beers, who left Pickering College at the end of the 2013-14 school year, a portion of Arts Night was dedicated to recognizing his contributions to PC, most notably the award-winning Communications Technology program and the success of CHOP FM. Alumni returned and sent fond messages to be read on Arts Night, wishing Mr. Beers well in his new teaching position with the Halifax Grammar School where he will set up the school’s first Media Arts program. This is a return to his roots for Mr. Beers, a native Nova Scotian.


KUDOS GRADE 3 STUDENT EARNS THREE MEDALS AT KARATE TOURNAMENT Austin McInnis participated at the Watson’s Family Karate Tournament in February. Austin was awarded medals in the following Karate disciplines: 1st Place (Gold Medal) Forms/Katas; 2nd Place (Silver Medal) Sparring; and 3rd Place (Bronze Medal) Weapons. GRADE 5 STUDENT COMPETES IN GYMNASTICS PROVINCIAL QUALIFIER Phillip Carson c o m p e t e d in the MAG First Provincial Qualifier, at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga. He had a great day, receiving 3rd on Floor & Pommel, 4th on Rings, Parallel Bars & High Bar, 6th on Vault and received 3rd all around.

GRADE 9 STUDENT WINS GOLD IN PROVINCIAL BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT Matthew Sochaniwskyj, who plays for York South Silver Knights (YSSK) Under15 captured gold in Division 4 (out of 13 divisions) at the Ontario Basketball Association provincial championships in Burlington. The final score over Belleville Spirits was 63-54. YSSK fought hard and maintained their composure throughout the tournament remaining undefeated to win the gold medal!


GRADE 10 STUDENT WINS ARIZONA EQUESTRIAN COMPETITION Over the March break, Ashley Jeppesen flew to Scottsdale Arizona and competed in the Carousel Charity Horse Show and won The Junior Country Pleasure Championship with Harlem’s Midnight Lace. She also won the Overall Juvenile High Points Award for Horse and Rider for the whole show. In addition to riding and competing with Gloria at Nighswander Equestrian Centre in Aurora, Ashley will now also be joining Robb and Betsy Wallen of Wallen West Stables competition team in Temecula, California. Ashley will travel back and forth to further her training and this summer she focussed on the Pacific Coast US Horse Show Circuit.

GRADE 12 STUDENT COMPETES FOR POLO Ashley Emerson was Captain of a Canadian team which competed in the United States Polo Association’s Women’s Interscholastic/Intercollegiate North East Regional playoffs at Cornell University where she has won the title twice before. This was Ashley’s final year to compete in the interscholastic program however she hopes to continue at the collegiate level in the coming years. Ashley has been invited to play all over the world and has been featured in a number of magazines and newspapers. She mostly plays for charity events such as Polo for Heart or Polo for the Cure.

A GROUP EFFORT Pickering College students, faculty and staff worked together to create a beautiful mosaic picture of the iconic Pillars, which was unveiled at Commencement in June. The contributing artists include: Ms. Ria Angelo, Carlos Avila, Ms. Kim Bartlett, Mr. Tim Beers, Camilo Beltran, Ms. Gina Benvie, Ms. Kim Bilous, Mr. Graham Birt, Ms. Noeline Burk, Mandy Coleman, Vanessa Chiu, Mr. Ryan Corkum, Mr. Chris Coyne, George Cui, Alex Cumiskey, Mr. Marc DelaBastide, Teddy Ding, Ms. Janet Downer, Sumana Gupta, Alexis Egi, Bosco Eizaguirre, Cat Elliot, Ms. Catherine Farquhar, Brendan Fitzgerald, Alex Floyd, Ms. Shelley Frank, Chantelle Fresco, Ms. Chantal Gionet, Mr. Dean Gessie, Eddie Han, Helen Han, Natasha Hannan, Victoria Hannan, Danny Hernandez, Mr. Tamer Higazi, Katie Hopkinson, Katharina Hoss, Charles Hseih, Lester Hu, Chester Hu, Jessie Hu, Matt Hundert, Laura Jenkins, Mr. Ian Johnston, Sam Kelln, Mr. George Keltika, Ahkina Kim, Emilio Lamuno, Marianna Lamuno, Avery Lee, Hannah Lee, Joe Li, Betty Lu, Dr. Wei Ping Lu, Gabi Macias, Nico Macias, Sean Malins-Umansky, Emma Mantle, Ms. Laura Mason, Ms. Erin Matthews, Ms. Lisa Maunder, Ms. Renee Merrick, Leilah Mouna, Chris Nam, Iman Nooristani, Sarah Nowlan, Shannon Pang, Julie Pedersen, Michela Prefontaine, Aisling Qiu, Ben Qiu, Gloria Resendiz, Mr. John Robertson, Martin Roodenberg, Nicola Shaw, Nicole Shouldice, Ms. Alana Simon, Ms. Kim Smith, Brent Snow, Sydney Stevenson, Mr. Peter Sturrup, Samantha Tan, Kayla Timbers, Leila Totochian, Nadine Vessio, Summer Weldon, Ms. Nicky Wood, Catherine Wong, Sam Wu, Daisy Xing, Jack Xue, Lucinda Yang, Alex Yazdani, July Yu, Cynthia Zhang, Joey Zhang, Rachel Zhang, Tarrow Zhou.


HITTING THE SLOPES! The boarding students had a great time on their weekly ski trip to Mt. St. Louis Moonstone in February. The weather finally gave our skiers and snowboarders a break and the temperature was actually seasonal!

FEASTING AND WATCHING JOUSTING AT MEDIEVAL TIMES Our boarders stepped back to a time with epic battles, jousting tournaments, royal feasts and knights when they went on a trip to Medieval Times.

SPENDING THE WEEKEND AT BLUE MOUNTAIN VILLAGE On the long weekend in February, the students and chaperones left PC for a threenight stay in the Blue Mountain Village.

EXPLORING THE RIDES AT CANADA’S WONDERLAND In May, our boarding students had a great time exploring Canada’s Wonderland. VOLUNTEERING WITH SLICE THE ICE Some of our boarding students volunteered at Slice the Ice, a charity event held at the old Maple Leaf Gardens. The event raised money for the Neonatal department of Shaare Zedek Hospital. BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS AT SKYZONE Our boarding students competed in head-to-head group matches to determine the ultimate trampoline dodge ball champion.



JUNIOR GIRLS VOLLEYBALL TEAM The Junior Girls Volleyball team had a particularly exciting winter season. After finishing 2nd overall, they headed into the Championships ready to play their hearts out. It was this type of determination that allowed them to come back from a two set deficit, and to win the tie-breaker for the gold medal. EQUESTRIAN TEAM The Pickering College Equestrian team participated in their second equestrian horse show this year. The riders were divided into three divisions Entry, Novice and Open. Our team achieved many personal best performances and earned several ribbons. We came home with the overall Champion in each division and we were the overall team point winner for the day. GOLF TEAM Pickering College had two teams competing in the CISAA golf league this year. The Girls’ Team consisting of June Gleed and Grace Hilton played extremely well in the regular season, winning both tournaments. It was a competitive championship tournament, and they managed to place 3rd overall. The Senior Boys’ Team consisting of Matt Yustin, Mark Sochaniwskyj, James Quinn-Rabot, Sean MalinsUmansky and Redmond Gole did well in


the regular season, but didn’t quite make a spot in the championship round. James and Mark attended the championships as individual players and played a consistent round of golf to finish the season. Congratulations to Grace, James and Sean for winning a coaches award this year. JUNIOR GIRLS SOCCER TEAM The Junior Girls Soccer team had a challenging season, but made it to the playoffs. They played The York School in the semi-final and won in overtime. They went on to play the undefeated Lakefield College School in the finals … and won! The team pulled together with determination and focus, and had a lot of fun. SENIOR HOCKEY TEAM The Senior Hockey team had a successful season, making the playoffs for the first time in many years. After winning the first playoff round against Holy Trinity School, they advanced to the semi-finals. They played hard but ultimately lost a close semi-final game to Toronto French School.

SNOWBOARD AND ALPINE SKI TEAM On the slopes, Snowboard and Alpine Ski battled chilly weather all season to compete. In Snowboarding Alex Cumiskey won a silver medal at the CISAA Finals. The U14 Alpine Ski team placed third overall with the help of a 4th place finish by Celine Barratt and an 8th place finish by Vanessa Gardner. The Level 1B Boys team placed 4th overall, with Michael Sud finishing 6th and Carter Eby in 7th. The Level 2B Boys team placed 5th with veteran skier James Quinn-Rabot placing 5th. CURLING TEAM The Curling team, made up of Boarding students who had never before played the game, showed dedication and true perseverance throughout their season. Often playing against teams with years of experience Jessie Hu, Lucinda Yang, Ryan Forde and Vicky Liu improved with every game, took risks and tried something new. They should be applauded for pushing their boundaries and going out of their comfort zones.

CONGRATULATIONS, GRADE 8 GRADUATES! GRADE 8 STUDENT AWARDS Katelyn Beswick: Student Council Chair, French Award, Steward Award, Rogers Cane, Valedictorian Nicole Cannon: Athlete Award Lauren Cinq-Mars: Community Service Hamza Kara: Music Award Nupur Krishnan: Academics - Female James MacDougall: Rourke Drama Award Daniel Mason: Community Service, Steward Award Madeline Philp: Steward Award Patrick Prochazka: Gauss Mathematics Award, Canadian Scholastic Achievement Challenge - National Champion, Academics - Male Jenna Skurnac: Good Friend Award, On June 11, we celebrated the achievements of our Grade 8 students, as they graduated from the Junior School to the Senior School. The students received their diplomas and a number of awards were presented for academic achievement, athletic achievement, school involvement and more. Following the ceremony there was a dinner and dance.

Steward Award Dalton Slind: Davis Orthodontics Community Service Award Vanessa Zykova: Visual Arts Award


Zoe Sun: Listening

Katie Baz: Acceptance Sam Walker: Community

Dylan Powell: Responsibility

Kiara Simon: Concern for Others

Five Senior Kindergarten students graduated this year at a ceremony held on June 10. Family, friends and staff listened as each student shared their fondest memory of their time in Kindergarten and what they wanted to be when they grow up. Headmaster Peter Sturrup presented each student with a PC Guiding Value Award, followed by their diploma and a PC teddy bear.



This year’s graduating class included students from ten different countries, including Canada, Barbados, South Korea, Mexico, Tanzania, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. They had a fantastic year and we are so proud that over 80 per cent of our graduates achieved the distinction of Ontario Scholar. We wish them all the best and know that they will represent the vision of Pickering College well into the future. All of our graduates were accepted into the post-secondary institutions of their choice in Canada, the United States and in Scotland. In total, the Class of 2014 was offered over $560,500 in scholarships.


GRADE 12 COMMENCEMENT AWARD WINNERS 1. MARTIN ROODENBURG Valedictorian, Music Award 2. ALEXANDER FLOYD Widdrington Award, The Garratt Cane Award, Student Committee Chair, Harry M. Beer Award 1






3. GRACE HILTON The Zetzl Family Science Award, Science Subject Award, Modern Languages Subject Award, College Scholar, The Governor General’s Medallion, French Book Award 4. MICHAELA PREFONTAINE Howarth Fine Arts Award, The Good Friend Award, University of Toronto National Book Award, Fine Arts Subject Award 5. FERNANDO CASANOVA Widdrington Award, Canadian and World Studies Subject Award 6. BELINDALUCY NYAMRUNDA Widdrington Award, Boarder Cup 7. BEN QIU Widdrington Award, Mathematics Subject Award




8. CYNTHIA ZHANG Widdrington Award, Technology Subject Award 9. NICOLA SHAW Joshua Weinzweig Memorial Literary Award, English Subject Award 10. CATHERINE ELLIOTT The Lt. Governor’s Community Volunteer Award



12 11. BRENDAN FITZGERALD Widdrington Award 12. NICOLAS MACIAS Humanities Subject Award 13. MICHAEL GAUTIER The Four Pillars Award 13. ALYSSA BLACK The Four Pillars Award


14. JESSICA MCTAMNEY K-12 Graduate 14. EMMA PITTERS-FISHER K-12 Graduate


15. SEIJA ROY The Newmarket Historical Society Prize 16. EMILY NUNN Athlete of the Year 15



17. ISAAC HAMBROCK Music Award





red Little will tell you, he was never one for school. “I was like a Tom Sawyer or a Huckleberry Finn – I wanted to get out of there,” he says with a chuckle. Considered one of Canada’s best-known impressionists, the Pickering College alumnus could imitate over 200 cartoon characters, celebrities, politicians and movie stars. His love of impressions began during childhood when he and his younger brothers, Rich (the well-known impressionist and voice actor) and Chris, would spend their free time scrounging bottles around the neighbourhood so that they could cash them in for movie admission. “Movies were only 10 or 12 cents then, so if we had a milk bottle – that was five cents – we were halfway there! It usually took us a couple of hours, the three of us.” The hours Fred spent in front of the silver screen sparked a passion in him that profoundly influenced his life and future career.

honed his craft. By the time he was 15, he was performing his impressions in church basements and for Cub Scout groups in Ottawa, as a Cub Scout and eventual Cub Master, himself.

each other. They knew all about you if you didn’t get your satisfactory week,” says Fred (explaining that boarding students who achieved a “satisfactory week” were allowed to go off campus on the weekends. Naturally, Fred went to the movies!).

“I think Fred is my nearest rival.”

When Fred graduated he, like most new high school graduates, wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life. He was hired on at CBC-TV in Toronto as a stagehand with, coincidently, fellow PC alumnus Brian Purdy ’56. This first job would prove to be a “stepping stone” for the careers of both men.

– Rich Little, Canadian-American impressionist and voice actor (and brother to Fred)

Having acquired a taste for performing, school was not a great priority for Fred. As a “war brat” he experienced 10 school moves between Ottawa and Halifax, because his father was a surgeon on a convoy ship with the Royal Canadian Navy. He credits his mother as being the driving force behind his coming to Pickering College, because she was determined for Fred to get a high school education.

Fred and Brian knew each other at PC but didn’t become close friends until they worked together at the CBC. In 1958, the pair took the trip of a lifetime together in Brian’s brand new ’58 Ford, driving over 5,000 miles following Route 66. They went to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, through the Rocky Mountains, into the Dakotas, across the Midwest via Chicago and back to Toronto.

FRED LITTLE COULD PERFORM OVER 200 IMPRESSIONS OF PEOPLE AND CARTOON CHARACTERS, INCLUDING: POLITICIANS: Pierre Trudeau, Joe Clark, Jean Chretien, Brian Mulroney, John Diefenbaker, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, George Bush; CARTOON CHARACTERS: Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Popeye, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, Tweety Bird, Bugs Bunny, Kermit the Frog, Grover, Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster, Miss Piggy, Count Dracula; FAMOUS PEOPLE: Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne, Jack Benny, Jack Nicholson, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Clark Gable, Laurel and Hardy, Jack Lemmon, Vincent Price, Clint Eastwood, Star Wars characters, Archie and Edith Bunker, Julia Child, Charlie Chaplin, W.C. Fields

“The three of us went to an awful lot of movies,” Fred explains. “Sometimes we’d see a movie and we’d come home and re-enact it in what we called “Sherwood Forest” – the vacant lot behind our house. We’d swing from the trees for Tarzan movies and for sword fighting movies we’d make swords and have sword fights and chase each other. We even got on the neighbourhood garage roof tops! By the time someone would phone the police, we were long gone.” Fred’s impressions began with imitating the sounds and behaviour of barnyard animals, while on family car trips when he was young. From there, he moved on to movie stars and cartoon characters as he

“It was a great adventure,” beams Fred as he remembers back to that time. “Brian and I, we slept in the car. We put down some plywood with foam and saved an awful lot of money, I’ll tell you.”

When he arrived at Pickering in the fall of 1952, much to his surprise, Fred actually began to like school when he switched from the academic stream to business. It was a course of study that would serve him well in running Fred Little Entertainment, his future business. “I enjoyed Pickering because it was different from high school and everyone knew

That trip cemented their life-long friendship and now, over fifty-five years later, Fred and Brian still call and try to see one another whenever they can. Fred eventually left CBC to join a new station in Ottawa, CJOH-TV. There, he helped to get the station going from the very beginning, as he worked behind the scenes delivering programming to viewers with the hope that one day he would be in front of the camera.


Through the 1960s and early 1970s, Fred appeared along with his brother Rich on some of the most popular television shows, including The Merv Griffin Show, The David Frost Show, The Tonight Show and later, Evening at the Improv in Santa Monica, California. But his proudest achievement was being selected out of 1000 auditions to appear on Ted Mack’s Original Amateur Hour at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York City, in 1968.

Fred had always loved working with children and spent many happy summers at five different camps, both as a camper and as a counsellor. After CJOH, he began working at a group home for troubled kids in Ottawa and later the Royal Ottawa Hospital, looking after mentally ill children. Though he admits it was a tough job, he found it was very rewarding. He used his cartoon voices to keep the children amused and happy while he worked with them.

“It’s like hearing myself in stereo.”

“I have a pretty good temperament and had the cartoon characters and silly stuff I could use to calm them down,” he says.

– Mel Blanc, American voice actor, comedian and Fred’s mentor

“That was a big thrill! It was the biggest amateur television show in the United States. I was doing Gary Cooper from High Noon looking for a deputy to help him catch the bad guys and some of

While working in Ottawa, Fred kept his hand in the entertainment industry by performing and doing recorded work, including the voices of The Flintstones and The Jetsons on Peter Pan® Records. Fred was also the originator of the Cedric Sneer voice in The Racoons television special and records, as well as lesser known

a simpler life at their summer camp in New Brunswick. Located on a little cove opposite a lighthouse, the family made it into a permanent home and Fred still resides there today. In New Brunswick, Fred continued to work full-time in the health care field, providing care to seniors in their homes as a home support worker, in addition to continuing to perform at events, shows and parties around the Maritimes on evenings and weekends. He had developed both a show that was geared for adults as well as an act for children that included many beloved characters and puppets. Some of his best-known impressions are the characters of Sesame Street as well as Mel Blanc’s cartoon characters. “I had a stage … well it was a plywood wall, with three sections. I was seen with the Sesame Street puppets, which was a little different. I communicated with children in the audience and they communicated

THIS OCTOBER MARKS THE 60TH ANNIVERSARY OF HURRICANE HAZEL. Fred was a boarding student at PC when the storm lashed Newmarket. It was a day he’ll never forget: “I never had Keith McLaren for a teacher, but thought he was a really nice man. I remember once when Hurricane Hazel was blowing outside and we were all told to keep in the school. I had written a letter home and I wanted to mail it. I was walking down in front of the school on the sidewalk and then I hear a voice – he must have been in the library – “Little! Get back in this school right now!!” There was Keith McLaren, waving his fist at me. I made an about turn and went back in the school…and I didn’t get my letter off. He was right and I was wrong – God bless him.”

them were cartoon characters, which is totally ridiculous but funny!” he chuckles. “I felt good about that because finally I was on an amateur show and it was the biggest one in North America.” As he did not want to move the United States, Fred went back to doing impressions for kids and adults at conventions and fairs, from Victoria to Halifax and beyond. Although his television aspirations did not “pan out” the way he had hoped (because of the time it took to be admitted to the acting union), he decided to use his talent for a greater purpose: connecting with kids and raising money for them on television shows in his community and across Canada.


cartoon characters like Barney the Bear and the Paw Paws.

“The most amazing cartoon voices you have ever heard.” – From Fred’s introduction on The Merv Griffin Show

Though living in Ottawa presented many opportunities for Fred to follow his passion for entertaining, his 19 years of work at the hospital had begun to take its toll. That’s when Fred, his wife Judy and son Robyn traded the city for

both with me and the puppets. It was a three-way conversation, so I knew exactly what was going on,” he explains. “I enjoyed doing it because I liked looking at the faces and could see how they were enjoying it and I got them to participate in the show as well.” Fred continued to work until just two years ago. Now he’s enjoying a quiet retirement by the sea. Though he no longer performs, he still slips into the voices of various characters with ease. Whether it’s Gregory Peck in Moby Dick, W.C. Fields, Ernie and Burt or Cookie Monster, the grandfather of two – and soon-to-be great-grandfather – continues to delight and entertain.







PC’s Strategic Plan Update

Headmaster Peter Sturrup and Chair of the Facilities Committee of the Board, Adam Floyd, proudly display the rendering of the Facilities Master Plan.


ickering College is on the threshold of a new phase in its remarkable history. Through the implementation of our strategic plan we continue to prepare our students to rise to the challenge of the unknown and very complex world that awaits them. This past year we launched our Global Leadership Program, in which all students, from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12, will learn to become entrepreneurial, innovative, global citizens who are critical thinkers, risktakers, strong communicators and creative problem-solvers. The vision of the Global Leadership Program is to inspire students to become agents of courageous, ethical and positive change in the world, true to Quaker values. AN IMPORTANT MILESTONE We have reached an important milestone in the implementation of our strategic plan. We are now moving forward to create an environment that supports our unique approach to

teaching and learning. This will be an environment where we can continue to inspire and equip our students by delivering a challenging and engaging program that reflects the continuous pursuit of academic excellence and one that purposefully nurtures and develops leadership, creativity and social responsibility in a manner that only Pickering College can do. SITE PLAN APPROVAL To that end, important work has begun on our $50-million Facilities Master Plan. This spring and summer we have: •Appointed Paul Hatton of PHA Project Management as our Project Manager. We have worked with PHA on both our Pillars restoration project and our Kitchen and Student Lounge expansion project. • Begun the Site Plan Application process. This includes completing a full site survey as well as numerous other consultant reports.

•Met with the representatives from the Town of Newmarket and York Region for a pre-submission meeting. •Appointed Quadrangle/Farrow Architects as architects for the project. Profis Communications has been engaged to help us develop the theme and look of our $50-million capital project, including a multi-million Capital Fundraising Campaign. The campaign will involve all members of the Pickering College community. More information will be available at the Welcome Barbecue on Tuesday, September 2, 2014. With this significant investment, we will sustain and build on the special strengths our community has identified: the personal and individual attention we provide our students; the safe, supportive and respectful environment; and the diverse cultures and experiences within our community, including leveraging the strengths of our international boarding program.


ALUMNI NEWS BRIAN PURDY ’56 and the MEDIAIMAGE Communications Group have received awards for the Laura Secord TV PSA entitled “COURAGE” including the Ava Digital Awards 2014 Platinum Award, Worldfest International Awards 2014 GOLD Award and the HERMES Creative Awards 2014 GOLD Award. In addition, MEDIAIMAGE Communications Group has been awarded their 2014 PLATINUM Award for Grimsby’s 200th anniversary re-enactment video from the War of 1812 entitled: “Engagement at the Forty” in the category of Video/Event. From 2012 to 2014, Canada marks the bicentennial of the War of 1812, a defining moment in our country’s history. Many events have occurred and are occurring across the country, including those organized by PC Alumnus Brian Purdy ’56, President of MEDIAIMAGE Communications Group. Brian has made it his mission to further student discussion on the outcome of the War of 1812, and it was debated at the prestigious Hart House High School Debate Tournament (see page 12). MONTY BOURKE ’68 has run away from retirement and accepted the position of Director of Corrections for the Government of the Northwest Territories, based in Yellowknife. He also welcomed his second grandson in May, Hunt Fraser Freeland Ballantyne Bourke, born in Whitehorse, Yukon.

RON VEITCH ’69 wrote to Charles Boyd: “We decided to retire and found everything we were looking for in town called Ridgetown. It’s a wonderful, friendly community and a campus of the University of Guelph lends some life to the town. An hour to my hometown of Windsor and less than that to London, provides us with some larger centres when we feel the need. We spent November in Sarasota and will be leaving at the end of January for a month in Italy. We have rented an apartment in Lucca and we’ll live like Italians and day trip out to Pisa and Florence and other Tuscan delights. You will remember my lifelong interest in art (helped along in the early days by Al Jewell) so I will be in my element.”

SCOTT FABRES ’86, GLENN STANT ’87 AND JEFF GRAHAM ’86 caught up in Toronto in 2013 when the Fabres family vacationed in Toronto. Scott Fabres resides in Trinidad.

CHUCK BARTON ’70 visited Pickering College in the spring with his son Charles and his friend.

DOUG WOLTERS ’88 launched his new website for his photography business, Doug Wolters Photography Studio. Check it out! CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 1989, ON YOUR 25TH ANNIVERSARY! THOMAS KIM ’89 is living in Toronto with his wife, Cristina and their three children, Sophie (age 12), Skylar (age 11), Syrus (age 2). Thomas owns and works at K.T. Web Printing since 2003. They print newspapers, magazines and flyers.

NICO SCHUHLE ’77 reconnected with Pickering College and met up with Charles Boyd this past Spring for dinner.

JAMES BROWN ’69: James had a wonderful visit to Tanzania in February - March 2014 on a medical mission and met with ADAM CAMENZULLI ’04 and put Adam in touch with a manufacturer to help him achieve his goal of replacing kerosene lanterns with solar lamps in remote villages. James continues to be very involved in the Sir John A celebration, and with Boys and Girls Clubs.


OSMAN KITCHELL ’85 welcomed a son, Casper.

PAOLO KERNAHAN ’89 is an executive film producer, writer and host with Idiom Productions which explores and highlights the beautiful and relatively unexplored country of Trinidad and Tobago. Idiom Productions has two videos available through Amazon, The Road Less Travelled and Bush Diary. Check out his company online at or on their Facebook page, Idiom Productions.

SAMUEL YEN ’89 lives with his family in Hong Kong. Samuel works at the Alibaba Group, which focuses on fostering the development of an open, collaborative and prosperous e-commerce ecosystem, as VP, Finance. QUINN ROSS ’94 and his wife welcomed baby girl Greyson in March.

MOHAMMED QUBOURI ’96 told Charles Boyd that he is “currently married and my wife and I are expecting our first baby girl next month, God willing. I work at a real estate company in Saudi Arabia. My position is VP of Business Development.”

ISABELLA PAYNE ’98 is engaged. The wedding will take place following the completion of her master’s degree.

a beautiful voice! Kara tells us she is working as a literacy teacher in Newmarket in a Grade 1/2 split and teaching Junior/ Intermediate instrumental music. SOO-NAM LEE ’05: “It’s been eight years since I graduated from PC and I regularly go on the PC website and check out what has changed. It’s amazing how the school has incorporated modern looks while maintaining the old classical look which I, along with everyone else, loved very much. I’ve been working as an architectural engineer at a general contracting company over a year, mainly involved in engineering and construction. I mostly deal with overseas projects in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Although I studied architectural design in university, the kind of job I have here is quite different. It’s nice that PC has big plans ahead and I’m looking forward to visiting PC again.”

THOMAS TAM ’95 with PETER LEE ’91 reunited after 22 years.

ADRIAN CHENG ’95 and his wife, Alice welcomed their little girl Joyce Cheng, in January 2014.

ALEX DAVIES ’96 sent in this update. “I will be going back to college for my ECE and then when that’s done, I’ll go back to university for the Child & Family Studies degree. I will then move back to Uganda and open/build an orphanage.”

MICHAEL BARBUTO ’00 wrote and stars in the film Happy Camp, a terrifying story that centers on a man who returns to the childhood town where his brother was abducted 20 years earlier. The film is available on Video on Demand through every major cable and satellite provider as well as Netflix, Xbox and Amazon.

JOFF ELLIOT ’00 married Karen Chiesa in September 2013. KARA PROST ’03 and the Alumni office reconnected recently when we discovered one of her recordings in the archive – what

NISA AHSAN ’06 has been travelling in Southeast Asia and Europe with NABILA JUTHA ’06.

RYAN MCCLUSKEY ’06 participated in his fifth Ride to Conquer Cancer in June. Ryan earned his 5th Gold Helmet. Congratulations Ryan! Ryan started riding and raising awareness in honour of his mother Mary McCluskey who passed away after a short four-month battle with cancer. Ryan would like to express his appreciation to family and friends for all their support over the years.



AVISH SOOD ’07 is the sponsorship sales coordinator for Toronto Pan American Games. He was recently featured in Generation Next.

TYLER SMITH ’08 is currently applying to the Canadian Air Force in hopes of becoming a Search and Rescue pilot. ZACHARY “OSE” OUSHALKAS ’09: After graduating with a bachelor of commerce degree from McGill University in May 2013, Zach enjoyed the summer backpacking through Europe with friends. Zach is continuing his education and just completed his first year of studies in the Juris Doctor (J.D.) program at the University of Ottawa. ALEX GILLESPIE ’09 will begin his master’s degree in International Relations in October 2014 at the London School of Economics. MINHEE SUNG ’11, JANE LEE ’10 and AMY PARk ’10 stopped for dinner at the ever-popular Main Garden restaurant on the Main Street of Newmarket, following a visit to PC this winter. SOPHIE ARMSTRONG ’12 will be continuing her studies in International Development in Australia next year.


SHANNON CUMISKEY ’12 was back in class at Pickering College as a student teacher placement from Queen’s University Concurrent Education Faculty. Shannon was assigned to Grade 7 teaching Science and Language Arts.

EMILIE BLENICH ’12 and LINDSAY FLOYD ’12 attended the 10th Annual Pickering College Spring Luncheon with their mothers Darlene Blenich and Debbie Floyd. Emilie has finished her second year of Kinesiology and Lindsay has finished her second year of Nursing. Both are attending Queen’s University.

ALYCIA HUBBARD ’12 was back in class at Pickering College as a student teacher placement from Queen’s University Concurrent Education Faculty. Alycia taught in the Grade 2 classroom and was part of the popular Science in the Classroom day.

PHILLIPA POWIS ’12 was back in class at Pickering College as a student teacher placement from Queen’s University Concurrent Education Faculty. Phillipa taught Grade 10 Canadian History, Grade 12 History and Politics.

RAINA MALLORY ’13 wrote to PC this winter with this message: “First off, I would like to extend a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone back at PC. The guidance, positive influence, and support in the PC family are indescribable. I know when I first got to Queen’s, the big buildings and thousands of students (and teachers) that I would never know, were very intimidating. It made me very homesick. The appreciation and respect I have for everyone back home could never be accurately put in to words, but I am trying my best. Thank you all for preparing me for the adventures and challenges to come and for making PC my home.”

ROB ’13 and RYAN ’10 PRITTIE attended the Daytona 400 race in Florida.

MEMO GONZALEZ ’15 visited CEDRIC HARTSTANG ’13 in Berlin, pictured here in front of the Brandenburger Tor. Cedric is currently attending Guelph University.

RILEY ’05 and MEG ’12 GEURTS with their parents Richard Geurts, Past PC Board of Directors and Corporation member, and Karen Whetstone, past PCA Chair and current PC Corporation member) enjoyed a family holiday together last winter.


The Senior Girls’ Volleyball Team travelled to Kingston in early January to compete in the Regiopolis Notre Dame Invitational Tournament. A number PC alumni currently studying at Queen’s University came to support the girls during their games, and many of them joined us for dinner and at a Queen’s varsity volleyball match the following day. Those in attendance included MAIREAD MULROY ’13, NATALIE MASON ’11, LINDSAY FLOYD ’12, NATASHA KRSTAJIC ’13, THOMAS HAGIAS ’12, KAYLI DEMIRLI ’13, TARRYN ANDREWS ’12, PHILIPPA POWIS ’12, COURTNEY DE SOUZA ’12, SHANNON CUMISKEY ’12 and MAREENA MALLORY ’13.

PASSINGS On behalf of Pickering College, our very deepest sympathy is extended to all the family members of our Pickering alumni, faculty, staff and friends who have passed away. Dinah Keludjian, mother of Alexandra Keludjian ’10, on February 14, 2014 Barry Muncaster ’59, on February 24, 2014 Erik Lithopoulos, father of Jaden ’13 and step-father of Clarence Naylor ’07, on March 3, 2014

JOIN US! NOVEMBER 21-22, 2014 FRIDAY 5:30 P.M. - 9:30 P.M. SATURDAY 10:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. HOLIDAY HOME TOUR TICKETS AND INFORMATION: PHONE: (905) 895-1700 EXT. 360 EMAIL: WEBSITE: A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket.

Allan Peter Gordon ’69, on April 13, 2014 Reta Clark, former staff, on April 24, 2014 Eric Bruce Morgan, son of Bruce Morgan ’65, on April 11, 2014 Hugh Davidson ’48, recipient of the Class of 1842 Award, on July 14, 2014




GUELPH REUNION Janet Downer met up with alumni for dinner in Guelph on March 21, 2014. In attendance were recent alumni Stephanie Duthie ’10, Apolline Gaignard ’10, Nicole Wolscht ’13, Kyle Foch ’13 and Jaden Lithopoulos ’13. Also joining the group was Gavin Winchester ’63. It was a small but lively gathering.

CLASS OF ’86 – GATHERING FOR DR. JOHNSON MAK ’86 A group of Dr. Johnson Mak’s Pickering College peers met at Hungry Brew Hops on Main Street, Newmarket, in May. Chris Campbell ’87 was the organizer and Charles Boyd represented Pickering College, along with other fellow past faculty including Hans Pape, Don McCuaig, and Rex Taylor. A couple of Johnson’s fellow grads attended the event including Chris Campbell ’87 and Max Lizzola ’87. Johnson lives in Melbourne Australia where he is doing excellent work in the field of AIDS research.

CHRISTMAS REUNION In December, many new alumni returned to Pickering College for the school’s annual Christmas Concert. It was a wonderful concert with both the Junior School and Senior School vocal choirs and instrumental bands performing. After the concert, there was an alumni reception in the Staff Lounge.

CLASS OF ’04 – 10TH ANNIVERSARY Class Representative Caleb Sturrup ’04 and Rob Elliott ’04 organized a 10th anniversary reunion for their class held at the Duke of York in Toronto.


HOCKEY DAY ON THE HILLTOP As in past years, it was a great day for hockey. Thanks to all for putting on their hockey gear and playing Canada’s favourite game. Players for Alumni: Daniel Blenich ’06, Jeff Verdone ’92, Ryan McCluskey ’06, Jay Rose ’84, Amir Ahsan ’06, Robert Desouza ’96, Robert Mueller ’06, and Peter-John Staudinger ’08. Players for Faculty and Staff: David Fiscaletti, Jay Fletcher, Ethan Bishop, James Cummings, Jason Smith, Marc delaBastide, Brian Drake and Ryan Weiss.


HONG KONG REUNION Peter Sturrup and Charles Boyd visited alumni in Hong Kong in December 2013. Charles Boyd reports: “The Headmaster and I had a brief but wonderful trip to Hong Kong in December. We endeavoured to make the most of our time by squeezing in as many people and events as possible in some eight days. At every opportunity the Headmaster made our plans for the future very real to a very interested and supportive group of alumni and current parents. A highlight of the trip was a dinner at the Hong Kong Yacht Club in which some 25 alumni and spouses, parents and prospective students attended, and saw a presentation of our long-range plans for Pickering College. We also had the opportunity to meet with Hong Kong business chambers and education agencies. We had an uplifting breakfast meeting on the last day of our trip in which a select group met and discussed ways and means of support for our school project. There is always a very positive atmosphere when we meet with the Hong Kong group. There is a love for the educational experience which Pickering College provided and the lasting friendships that were made here. Our Hong Kong grads meet on a regular basis and they keep the spirit of Pickering College alive and well in their native land. We are grateful to everyone for their MANY kindnesses during our visit, and would like to especially thank Albert Chang ’81, Wilson Leung ’79, Edward Lau ’81 and Barton Wong ’79.” DECADES REUNION ’GOOD OLD BOYS’ On May 10, a group of 60s & 70s alumni, the ”Good Old Boys,” met at Pickering College for a wonderful time of renewed friendships and great camaraderie. These included organizer Greg Dopulos ’68, Allen Shully ’68, Brian Worrall ’69, James Brown ’69, Malcolm MacNeil ’68, Bernie Hashmall ’70, Gary McLean ’68, Paul Wiseberg ’69, Bob Rickwood ’67 and Chris Bauer ’75, along with spouses and friends. Some travelled from a great distance and obviously felt the meeting of old friends, with the memories of pranks and laughter of yesteryear made the effort worthwhile. There is a sense of bonding at these events and one could sense the sheer pleasure the attendees felt as they joked and chatted, catching up on each other’s lives and feeling a strong sense of belonging even after as much as nearly 50 years away from the school. Headmaster Peter Sturrup addressed the group and emphasised the centrality of the Pickering College values which we still hold dear in the 21st century, as we “find the light” in every student, to prepare them for a leadership role in our world. We have a vision of sending our graduates out from the school, to make a difference for good at every level of society. Our students are rising to the challenge and they are proving themselves as excellent world citizens. Our alumni have every right to be proud to belong to an association of like-minded people whose goal is making everything and everyone, “greater, better and more beautiful” because of the PC contact. This is the Pickering way and we intend “to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” Our 1960s alumni parted ways making plans for next year’s reunion. We look forward to seeing them!



Please Support Pickering College’s Annual Giving campaign. Contact the Development Office: or (905) 895-1700 ext. 254 Charitable Registration #: 119092815RR0001

PICKERING COLLEGE Learning for Life. Creating the Future.

THREE CHEERS FOR OUR TALENTED PC VOLUNTEERS! Volunteering is the essence of Pickering’s community spirit. Thank you to all those who give their time and talent in support of the school’s many events and initiatives.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2013-2014 Charles Beer ’59 Christina Bianco Adam Floyd Ajit Khanna Jonathan Knaul ’87 Kelly Mason Mirella Morra Ian Proudfoot Linda Stevenson Roger Veale ’61 Stephen Widdrington ’83 CORPORATION MEMBERS 2013-2014 Dawn Beswick Brian Blackstock ’56 Angelica Blenich ’03 Charles Boyd Paul Clubbe ’61 Scott Cowling ’97 Janet Downer Karen Dubeau Beth Egan Beric Farmer Andrew Gordon ’02 Andrew Grant ’92 Beverly Jackson Christopher Lane Ailene MacDougall Blake Melnick ’81 Glenor Pitters William Prittie Brian Purdy ’56 Ed Richardson ’45 Edmund Rynard ’70 Jason Smith Norman Smith Peter Sturrup James Waters Karen Whetstone Jane Zavitz-Bond BOARD COMMITTTEES Development Committee Kim Bilous Ailene MacDougall Kelly Mason Facilities Committee Kevin Desforges Adam Floyd Chantal Gionet David Lehto Malcolm Mason

Nicole Murphy William Prittie Patrick Turner ’97 Mike Weiler Maria Wolscht Finance Committee Christina Bianco Christopher Lane Nicole Murphy Governance Committee Ajit Khanna Mirella Morra Karen Whetstone Human Resources Committee Shannon Kelly Peter Sturrup Roger Veale ’61 Risk Management Committee Jonathan Knaul ’87 Robert Martin Laura Mason PCA EXECUTIVE Kim Bilous Anna Cook Andie Desforges Alexander Floyd ’14 Donna Fordyce Chantal Gionet Blake Melnick ’81 Mirella Morra Linda Stevenson Karen Whetstone Maria Wolscht PC AMBASSADORS ADMISSION EVENTS Maurice Berleth ’15 Molly Berman ’15 Katelyn Beswick ’18 Meghan Beswick ’20 Julia Bianco ’19 Guillermo Carsolio ’15 Nadia Cerda Kadise ’16 Samuel Correa ’19 Adaora Dozie-Chukwuma Jenna Farmer ’20 Hannah Floyd ’17 Celeste Frank ’20 Debbie Funk Heike Funk ’11 Heinrich Funk Lottie Funk ’14 June Gleed ’15

Joanne Golding Gabriela Gonzalez Matthew Hundert ’16 Michelle Kelly Nicholas Kelly Ally Krstajic ’16 Andrew Larcombe Jane Larcombe Calvin Nunn ’15 Emily Nunn ’14 Madeline Philp ’18 Adam Starr ’16 Katherine Starr ’20 Margo Starr Kieran Stevenson ’20 Adilzhan Suleimanov Alejandra Valdes Mendieta ’12 WINTER CARNIVAL FEBRUARY 13, 2014 Amy Beth Andie Desforges Diane Farmer Donna Fordyce Jamie Frank Joanne Golding Kirsten Nicolson Krystie Robinson-Vincent Linda Stevenson GRAD TRANSITION EVENT FEBRUARY 19, 2014 Kayli Demirli ’13 Kyle Foch ’13 Taylor Foote ’13 Justin Frando ’13 Cedric Hartstang ’13 Muhammad Kara ’13 Katie MacPherson ’13 Alexander Mondrous ’13 Nicole Wolscht ’13 FORZA AMICI GALA APRIL 12, 2014 Mirella Morra, Co-chair Stephen Widdrington ’83, Co-chair Shari Allison-Perkovic Pamela Fabian Debbie Floyd Gaitree Gupta Susan Hundert Karen Kelln Kelly Mason Lori Pedersen Nicholo Plaza ’03 Krystie Robinson-Vincent Ellen Rosen

Margaret Saarimaki Lisa Shirriff Bozena Sochaniwskyj Mark Sochaniwskyj ’15 Linda Stevenson Kenneth Tan GRANDPARENT AND SPECIAL FRIEND DAY MAY 8, 2014 Ajit Khanna NEW PARENT MENTORS AND ORIENTATION MAY 21, 2014 Donna Fordyce, Parent Mentor Chair Joel Berger Dawn Beswick Diane Farmer Debbie Floyd Joanne Golding Gaitree Gupta Beverley Hagias Susan Hundert Lisa Jeppesen-Dhanjal Mirella Morra Nilgen Perez Krystie Robinson-Vincent Sandy Scherre Lisa Simmonds-Kim Alana Simon Danielle Visco Elizabeth Walker SPRING LUNCHEON MAY 22, 2014 Vanessa Carson, Chair Donna Fordyce Juli Prochazka Krystie Robinson-Vincent Ellen Rosen Sandy Scherre CLASS OF 2014 GRAD GIFT FUNDRAISING Diane and Brian FitzGerald, Parent Chairs Grace Hilton ’14, Student Chair Fernando Casanova Ochoa ’14 Isaac Hambrock ’14 Meghan Hannan ’14 Emma Pitters-Fisher ’14 German Pozdnyakov ’14 Trish Riswick ’14 Seija Roy ’14 Nicola Shaw ’14


VOLUNTEERS 15TH ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT JUNE 19, 2014 Kevin Desforges, Chair Joel Berger Kim Bilous Charles Boyd Noeline Burk Sarah Demarco Andie Desforges June Gleed ’15 Joanne Golding Adam Floyd Alexis Hamilton David Howard ’88 Thomas Kim David Lehto Sandra Liem Amanda Lupo ’05 Jamie MacDougall ’18 Sean Malins-Umansky ’17 Daniel Mason ’18 Malcolm Mason Erin Matthews Kumail Meghani Karen Meisel Jim Pedersen Lesley Redmond H. Romkema Alana Simon Dalton Slind ’18 Kim Smith Adam Stella ’16 Mitchell Stevenson Kevin Still Susan Strong Lisa Sturrup Peter Sturrup

CLASSROOM, PROGRAM AND CO-CURRICULAR SPEAKERS AND VOLUNTEERS Essam Aly Paul Clubbe ’61 Audrey Dehan-McRae Sagalina Doré Donna Fordyce Joanne Golding Lianne Hoogers George Keltika Elena Maris Matthew Robinson-Vincent Quinn Ross ’94 Philip Smith Charmaine van Schaik





he PCA is working hard to enhance our volunteer program at Pickering College. From providing training opportunities for volunteers and Chairs, to creating a new streamlined Volunteer Statement of Commitment that provides a framework and consistency to our programs, the PCA is dedicated to making each volunteer experience positive and worthwhile. This Winter and Spring season has been extremely busy with New Parent Welcome Reception and Mentoring, PC Golf Tournament, monthly Coffee Hours, Grade lunches, PCA Executive meeting, Parent Volunteer Thank You Reception, Junior and Senior School teacher/staff appreciation, and more.

9TH ANNUAL HOLIDAY HOME TOUR In November, the Pickering College Holiday Home Tour and Seasonal Boutique & Café took place. Six magnificent homes in Aurora, Newmarket and Stouffville were featured with each home having been decorated to unique themes chosen in collaboration by a team of York Region’s finest decorators, designers and florists. This event kicked off the holiday season in style with new ideas for decorating and a sensory journey of holiday sights, sounds and flavours from local businesses, restaurants, sponsors and more. Over 150 local businesses supported this year’s Holiday Home Tour and we are truly grateful for their generosity. We are proud to say that over the years, the Holiday Home Tour has supported a number of charities in our region, including the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, the Maternal Child Program at Southlake Regional Health Centre, Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity, Literacy Council York Simcoe and Women’s Centre of York Region. This year’s event raised over $70,000 for our school and for the Paediatric Oncology Clinic at Southlake Regional Health Centre. Thank you to all of our sponsors, supporters and event attendees.

Duncan Smith, Robert Doyle ’96 and Robert Desouza ’96 at the 15th Annual Golf Tournament

FORZA AMICI GALA In April, it was time for the Pickering College Gala! Guests at the Forza Amici Gala (translates to “Strength of Friends”) were greeted by red carpet, valet service and a lineup of Ferraris and Maseratis. This much-anticipated fundraising event, sponsored by GPI Inc., took place at Ferrari Maserati of Ontario in Vaughan and was sold out to a crowd of 220 guests, the very maximum the venue could hold. Inside, the Ferrari Maserati showroom was transformed into a modern and sophisticated event space complete with chevroninspired table design, beautiful floral centrepieces, an expansive auction, 55-inch screens featuring event sponsors and a DJ mixing in the centre of all the action. As Italian music was sung in the background during cocktails, guests sampled culinary delights by Canadian Executive Chefs Craig Harding from Campagnolo, Jonathan Gushue of Queen Margherita Pizza and Basilio Pesce of Porzia. Dinner “Primi Piatti” began with a Risotto alla Mantovana by Chef Rob Gentile from BUCA Osteria & Enoteca and ended with an authentic Tiramisu di Buca (“Dolci”). Each serving was paired with the finest red and white wines from regions of Italy. If that wasn’t enough … “wait staff” broke out into opera during the first course, surprising the attendees with beautiful, uplifting sounds. Dancers twirled on the dance floor, entertaining the crowd with their lifts and routines.

Finally, a live auction featured items such as the popular ‘Headmaster for a Day’ and a Ferrari race experience at Circuit Mont Tremblant. Over $125,000 was raised for Pickering College through this exceptional event and the generous support of our community.

ANNUAL SPRING LUNCHEON In May, the PCA hosted the 10th Annual Spring Luncheon with a beautiful event for 110 guests. Mothers whose children graduated 20 years ago; grandmothers, mothers and aunts of current students; along with teachers, staff and PC alumni attended the French-themed event. Every past chair of the Spring Luncheon was in attendance and we bid fond adieu to six Grad Moms whose last child will be graduating from Pickering this year. The Junior Glee Club and the Senior Show Choir both performed and ended their performance with a rousing rendition of Jerusalem.

15TH ANNUAL PICKERING COLLEGE GOLF TOURNAMENT The 15th Annual Golf Tournament, presented by Serpa BMW, capped the Pickering College event year with a beautiful day on the greens at Silver Lakes Golf and Conference Centre. For over 100 golfers, including alumni, parents, alumni parents, grandparents, sponsors, staff, school suppliers and friends, it was fun and friendly competition with proceeds going to the purchase of a new Zamboni for the PC arena (part of a two-year pledge by the golf committee). Newly-minted alumnus James Quinn-Rabot ’14, and his foursome of Mark Sochaniwsky ’15, Evan Lynch and Conner Michaud, were the top team. A highlight was the pre-dinner music provided by Pickering alumnus and guitar virtuoso David Howard ’86. Over $50,000 was raised for Pickering College, thanks to the support of presenting sponsor Serpa BMW and all the generous sponsors, golfers, auction item donors and volunteers. Special thanks to Kevin Desforges, Golf Tournament Chair, and his committee. PCA SPEAKER SERIES The PCA Speaker Series continued and featured a Pickering graduate and lawyer Quinn Ross ’94. Quinn put together a compelling and detailed presentation about our legal responsibilities as parents, and the possible legal ramifications of our children’s actions with regard to social media and hosting parties. We also had a seminar from York Regional Police Constable Karian Guimond, who spoke about “Parenting and Policing in the Social Media Sphere,” and covered the evolving world of social media and the key role parents play in guiding their children to use technology and social media in a responsible manner. She also provided a review of the Youth Criminal Justice Act and the Safe Schools Act.




EDITOR JESSIE-MAY ROWNTREE Director of Admission and Marketing CONTRIBUTORS KIM BARTLETT TIM BEERS KIM BILOUS GRAHAM BIRT ANNA COOK NAOMI CÔTÉ PC WELCOMES GRANDPARENTS AND SPECIAL FRIENDS Pickering College held another wonderful Grandparent and Special Friend afternoon in May. Preceding the Springfest concert, students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 invited their Grandparent/Special Friend for a visit to the school. Guests were treated to speeches by selected students from Grade 6 and introduced to PC’s new Grandparent Chair, Ajit Khanna. Mr. Khanna is excited about his new role and spoke of the exciting future of Pickering College with respect to the Strategic Plan and the Global Leadership Program. The highlight of the afternoon was, of course, when the students entered the Meeting Room, with their eyes lighting up as they spotted their Grandparent/Special Friend. Both students and Grandparents/Special Friends then had the opportunity to create a craft together led by the Junior School Art Council. PC is honoured to recognize the significant and very active role many Grandparents and Special Friends play in the lives of our students and to welcome these special members of our community to our school.






6:00 p.m.

Welcome BBQ

Wednesday, September 3

6:30 p.m.

Senior School Curriculum Night

Thursday, September 4

8:30 a.m.

Opening Meeting for Worship

Thursday, September 11

6:30 p.m.

Junior School Curriculum Night

Friday, September 26

3:00 p.m.

Fun Fair

Friday, October 3

10:00 a.m. Special Morning Meeting 10:30 a.m. 1940s Alumni “Joe’s Boys” Luncheon 4:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m. 7:00 p.m.

School Tours Alumni Reception Alumni Reunion Dinner*


Saturday, October 4 Tuesday, November 4

6:30 p.m.

Introduction to Middle School

Wednesday, November 5

6:30 p.m.

Introduction to Senior School

Tuesday, November 11

11:00 a.m. Remembrance Day Meeting for Worship

Friday, November 21 Saturday, November 22

5:00 p.m. Holiday Home Tour – A PCA event 10:00 a.m.

Tuesday, December 16

7:00 p.m.

Christmas Concert

Thursday, December 18

8:30 a.m.

Christmas Meeting for Worship

*Honouring Brian Blackstock ’56 with a “Fifth Pillar” Award



Tuesday, September 2





ADMISSION DATES FOR 2014-2015 OPEN HOUSE September 27 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. October 15

6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

January 10 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. ________________________________________


Pickering College prepares generations of learners and leaders.

Attend class, meet our teachers, join us for lunch! Registration required. September 26 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. October 27

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February 27 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. ________________________________________

INTRODUCTION TO SENIOR SCHOOL GRADES 9-12 November 5 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. ________________________________________


We focus on the whole child where students learn to excel, to develop character, to make friends and prepare for future endeavours and opportunities. It’s their community, and the experiences they have at school shape them as they become citizens of the world. At Pickering College, students, faculty and staff live the values that have guided our school since 1842 in a stimulating and collegial environment. And, with 100 international boarding students from more than 20 countries, our entire school community benefits from a global perspective. Diverse programming in small class settings allow students to excel academically with 100% of our graduates moving on to the post-secondary institute of their choice. And to ensure a well-rounded experience, students engage in a full-range of co-curricular activities like skating, filmmaking, soccer, music and equestrian.

January 20 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. ________________________________________

To learn more about the Pickering College experience, please contact our Admission Office or 905.895.1700 ext. 259 or toll-free at 1.877.895.1700 ext. 259.


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PICKERING COLLEGE Learning for Life. Creating the Future.

The Pillars (Summer 2014)  
The Pillars (Summer 2014)