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Pi Phi was the first time I really belonged to something with such strongly rooted, shared values and connections. Our goals are community-driven, and bringing together people who care for others is one of the most important things we can do. We instill an early commitment to developing other women and deeply valuing friendships. That community of support around you means something and manifests throughout your life. Because of those experiences, I don’t think I’ll ever look at a woman and see anything but infinite potential.”


with gratitude


Pi Beta Phi calls on every member to pledge themselves to the ideals and goals of our organization—the driving forces behind our sisterhood which propel us into the future as strong, confident leaders. As with any force, energy is required to keep that forward momentum, and the energy that sustains our sisterhood comes from the lifelong loyal support of donors to Pi Beta Phi Foundation.

In the Fraternity’s mission, we are called to promote friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential and enrich lives through community service. In turn, the mission of our Foundation is to enable the Fraternity to realize its mission and ensure the future of our sisterhood. These goals provide a roadmap for the progress we make as a sisterhood, and we’ve made immense progress along that road in the last fiscal year.

Throughout the 2022 fiscal year, donors to our Foundation supported Pi Phis, our sisterhood and our communities in many impactful ways. To illustrate that impact, we compiled this report to reflect on our accomplishments and provide inspiration for all we can accomplish over the next year—and beyond.

Please join us in celebrating the power of Pi Beta Phi. The stories that follow are true demonstrations of the Lifelong Commitment and Sincere Friendship exhibited by our members every day. This is our collective impact, and we hope you find Pi Phi Pride within these pages.

We are eternally grateful for the dedicated support of every Pi Phi and friend who gives of their time, talent and treasure to help us fulfill our missions and ensure our sisterhood continues to thrive for years to come.

In Pi Beta Phi,


Kansas Beta President, Pi Beta Phi Foundation

Board of Trustees


Michigan Gamma Executive Director, Pi Beta Phi Foundation

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Making an Impact in Communities Across North America

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Pi Phi is the anchor that enables me to be the best I can be, through leadership, growth and giving back. My support is a demonstrative way to stand tall and say how important Pi Phi is to me. I love our direction and vision of what we want to be for young women—a premier organization. But to accomplish this, we have to create a culture where the Pi Phi experience is sustainable. Giving back is a perfect way to plant those seeds for the next generation.”

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fiscal year 2021-2022


Over the next 20 pages, you’ll read the story of these numbers—the impact, connection and Pi Phi Pride brought to life through your investment. We recognize that financial transparency is an important factor for many as they consider nonprofit organizations and make charitable gifts. Below, we have highlighted Pi Beta Phi Foundation preliminary financials for the July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022, fiscal year. In addition to this impact report, the Foundation annually releases our audited financials and 990 on our website and through Guidestar.







EVENTS & WORKSHOPS PRINTING TRAVEL ALL OTHER EXPENSES 818,190 13,819 160,400 9,571 308,004




HERITAGE - HOLT HOUSE HOUSING SCHOLARSHIPS LITERACY GRANTS 201,009 27,646 32,200 14,699 308,867 251,100 651,499 5,858,394 6,941,937 18,521,871 1,639,715 3,909,774

The Foundation has prepared this presentation based on information available at the time of reporting. The financial information included in this presentation is preliminary, unaudited and subject to revision upon completion of our audit process. Anticipated audit results will be made public in December 2022.

I believe in the power of Pi Phi, in its mission and its focus on changing the world through women in leadership. The Foundation’s only purpose is the success of Pi Phi’s mission. That gives me total confidence that my investment in the Foundation will have stellar returns.”

IMPACT REPORT 2021–2022 | 7

fiscal year 2021-2022


Gifts to the Friendship Fund—the single most impactful way our Foundation fulfills the promise we make to every sister—support each of our programmatic areas, cover critical operational expenses that enable our programs and ensure more Pi Phis are inspired to give to help Pi Phi meet additional needs not covered by designated funds alone. With your support to the Friendship Fund, scholarship funds are managed, awards are made, investments are carefully managed to maximize resources, new donors are inspired to support our mission, Local Impact Grants are administered to literacy programs in your communities, donors are thanked for their contributions and so much more. Foundation donors help ensure we can support the Fraternity’s commitment to build Friends and Leaders for Life, even at times when those challenges seem particularly great.

Pi Phi has introduced me to my lifelong best friends and some of the strongest, most inspiring women I know. Every day, I am grateful to be part of a sisterhood with such strong values. Being a Pi Phi means being my best self and living my life to the fullest extent with my sisters by my side supporting me.”
IMPACT REPORT 2021–2022 | 9


Leadership development is a cornerstone of the Pi Beta Phi member experience. The Fraternity’s commitment to this mission was evidenced by the programs and events offered this past year. With the COVID-19 pandemic still inhibiting our ability to gather in-person, Pi Phi hosted a second virtual College Weekend series to train our newest collegiate officers and Alumnae Advisory Committee (AAC) members. Sessions ran from January to early March and were offered for all Executive Council positions, with additional programming for all Director-level officers and AAC members. This training equipped all Pi Phi leaders with the skills needed to succeed in their individual chapters and beyond. Virtual College Weekend included a keynote from Tianna Soto which helped Chapter Leadership Team and AAC members explore their personal identities, celebrate their journeys and feel confident in their unique strengths. Attendees found inspiration in Tianna’s message and were better equipped to leverage their personal identities to strengthen their leadership capabilities.

Additionally, Foundation support for the Leadership Development Consultant (LDC) program continued to provide encouragement and stability for chapter leaders when it was needed most. Tennessee Gamma CAROLINE AYERS is serving as a Resident Leadership Development Consultant supporting the recently reestablished Connecticut Gamma Chapter at Quinnipiac University for the 2022-2023 academic year. In this report last year, Caroline reflected on how Pi Beta Phi’s leadership development programming enriched her collegiate experience, including affording her the opportunity to attend College Weekend while serving as Chapter President. Caroline’s development has been impacted by the generosity and support of many Pi Phis, and now she hopes to pay it forward. “This year, in my role as an LDC, I hope to make connections that last a lifetime and leave a positive impact on the Fraternity,” she says.

fiscal year 2021-2022

It’s hard to describe how powerful it is to have so many strong women come together to learn how to be better leaders and how to serve our communities well. Even through the pandemic, Pi Phi made it a point to stay true to our value of Personal and Intellectual Growth through virtual webinars. I learned how to be resilient in tough times, which has helped me not only as a chapter leader but as a friend, sister, daughter and student. I knew I would grow in college, but I had no idea the potential Pi Phi would cultivate in me to help me accomplish things I didn’t even know I wanted.”

Equipping Pi Phis to be confident leaders is at the core of our organization. The leaders of tomorrow are Pi Phis today, and their development is made possible through grants from our Foundation, funded by donors like you. Every sister and every gift make an endless impact. Whether you’re an Evelyn Peters Kyle Society member or a contributor of $18.67 on Pi Phi Giving Day, your enthusiastic support of our Foundation ensures we can continue to build Friends and Leaders for Life through Pi Phi leadership development programming.

IMPACT REPORT 2021–2022 | 11


Pi Phis can only continue to strive toward their academic goals if they can continue their education. The generous support of donors to our Foundation made it possible for 116 collegiate and alumnae sisters to do just that for the 2021-2022 academic year. Your Foundation awarded $251,100 in need-based undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships and Alumnae Continuing Education (ACE) scholarships. This support empowered Pi Phis of all ages and from all backgrounds to pursue their academic goals with the peace of mind that their sisters were supporting them every step of the way. At a time when the affordability of higher education can present steep financial challenges, it’s heartening to know we can help alleviate that burden through scholarships and fellowships for our fellow Pi Phis.

Arkansas Alpha FRANCES MATHIS shared her gratitude to all sisters and friends of Pi Beta Phi Foundation after she received the Arkansas Alpha Scholarship for the 20222023 academic year. Frances says it’s the heartfelt support of her sisters that empowers her to achieve her goals, and her message encapsulates the true embodiment of Sincere Friendship expressed when donors support our Foundation and our sisterhood. “From the bottom of my heart, thank you for believing in me and my fellow Pi Phi sisters. You inspire us to push forward no matter what we face because we know we have sisters who have confidence in us. Since joining our sisterhood, there has not been one second that I have doubted my capabilities simply because of the support I receive from Pi Phi.”

Because of your kind and generous contribution to the Pi Beta Phi scholarship program, young students like me are able to afford and continue our education. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have for me.”
IMPACT REPORT 2021–2022 | 13


Pi Beta Phi’s continued commitment to literacy spans 110 years and has touched the lives of millions. Since our partnership with First Book® began in 2007, our sisterhood has donated more than 3.5 million books to children and helped build a lifelong love of reading in communities across North America. Ongoing literacy programs continue to increase our impact.

The 2022 Fraternity Day of Service Signature Events benefited more than 500 recipient groups in Nashville, Tennessee, Los Angeles and many communities across Michigan. The events in Los Angeles and Lansing, Michigan, pivoted to virtual distributions and saw immense success in the online marketplace utilized by recipients. All books were claimed within days of registration opening, and recipients shared their gratitude for the support of their students and communities.

Nicole Fiamengo, an educator in the Los Angeles United Public School District, shared the impact made by Pi Phi’s continued commitment to literacy. “My school serves an overwhelming number of students living in poverty. So many of my students do not have homes with their own books, except those that they ‘check out’ of my library weekly, and many of those books I received through your donation are in the homes and hands of my students. Thank you again, and from one Panhellenic sister— Delta Delta Delta—to another, thank you for the inadvertent Panhellenic love. I’m always so proud of the philanthropic work organizations like ours silently and steadily put out into the world, many times not even acknowledged or known by society.”

In addition to our impact made through Fraternity Day of Service, Pi Phis continue to contribute to their local communities through programming including Champions are Readers® and other Read > Lead > Achieve® initiatives. Thanks to the fundraising efforts and nominations of our chapters and alumnae clubs, our Foundation awarded $80,149 in Local Impact Grants to 33 organizations across North America this fiscal year.

While Pi Phi’s support of literacy initiatives can be quantified, it’s the intangible impact that makes all the difference. The look on a child’s face when they open a new book; the excitement expressed by educators who strive every day to empower a new generation of readers and leaders— that’s what your support makes possible.

IMPACT REPORT 2021–2022 | 15
I am at a loss for words. I am so extremely grateful for this amazing donation to me and my [family] during this difficult time. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! We appreciate it so much!”
- Anonymous collegiate EHT Fund grant recipent who was impacted by Hurricane Ida “


Pi Beta Phi sisters and friends continue to show care and compassion for one another in times of need through emergency grants from the Emma Harper Turner Fund. The grants provide a necessary lifeline to alumnae and collegians impacted by sudden financial crises. In the last fiscal year, grants totaling $28,600 were given to 10 Pi Phis who faced unanticipated challenges created by job loss, illness, natural disaster, continued impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic or other unexpected life circumstances.

Your support of our Foundation and the Emma Harper Turner Fund lessened the burden for Kansas Beta LINA SATTARIN as she battled stage II Hodgkin’s lymphoma during her junior year at Kansas State University. With the unexpected physical, emotional and financial toll taken, she turned to her sisters for support. Lina was selected to receive an Emma Harper Turner Fund collegian grant, and the financial support she received helped lessen the stress of her educational expenses and tuition. “Once I received the grant, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders,” she says. “I knew it would lessen the burden on my mother, who was balancing all the new expenses on top of everything else.” For Lina, support from our Foundation ensured she didn’t have to choose between receiving the treatment she needed and attending Kansas State.

Lina shared her healing journey in the Spring issue of The Arrow and expressed her sincere gratitude to the sisters who supported her along the way. Hers is only one story of the immense impact we can have as a sisterhood—your support continues to change the lives of our sisters in the greatest need.

IMPACT REPORT 2021–2022 | 17

BUILDING A PLACE TO CALL HOME fiscal year 2021-2022

Our Foundation continues to partner with individual chapters to raise funds for both major and minor facility renovation projects to ensure the housing experience in Pi Phi is premier and sustainable for generations to come. Chapters are eligible to receive Foundation grants from designated chapter-specific funds to cover qualified educational expenses and improvements associated with the projects, such as technology upgrades and study room expansions. One option for chapters to sustain these projects is through a Chapter House Improvement Program (CHIP), which was recently established for Montana Alpha.

When MARLA BATTLE SCHROEDER spoke with her fellow Montana Alpha alumnae, she noticed a shared sentiment of wanting to support the chapter, but not knowing where to start. This shared passion inspired Marla to lead the charge in establishing a CHIP Fund through our Foundation, which allows alumnae to make tax-deductible contributions to fund qualified educational projects and expenses within the chapter house. Marla says, “My sisters have helped push me further than I thought possible; they believed in me and supported me when times were rough. I realize that everyone is at different stages of their career and financial journey, but I encourage all my sisters to contribute what they can for the future of our Pi Phi homes. Even a small commitment is symbolic and will go a long way in building the sense of community and sisterhood we experienced as collegians.”

I knew when I walked into the chapter house that it was something special. For me, the chapter house was my home.”
IMPACT REPORT 2021–2022 | 19

fiscal year 2021-2022


The history of Pi Beta Phi lives in many places, but no place holds more of our heritage than Holt House in Monmouth, Illinois. Our founding home stands as a place for all Pi Phis to celebrate our shared history and honor the beginnings of the Fraternity. Foundation funding supports the expenses for ongoing maintenance, upkeep and daily operations associated with the preservation of this historic home. At the end of their year, the 20212022 LDC class visited Holt House and received a tour from Holt House curator DENISE TURNBULL , Illinois Alpha. Reflecting on her experience, Senior Leadership Development Consultant TORI VASQUEZ , California Epsilon, shared, “Visiting Holt House as an LDC class was the perfect way to cap off our year together because it reminded us of where it all began. Seeing our Fraternity’s heritage on display created an overwhelming sense of gratitude for not only our founders, but our volunteers and staff who work to uphold it. I’m so glad we have a place like this to reconnect to our heritage and see how far we have come as an organization. Visiting Holt House is one of my favorite Pi Phi memories and I cannot wait to visit again in the future!”

Holt House is not only a connection to our past, but also to our future. When one walks through the door and heads up the staircase, the magic begins. Imagine those young women as they came to the house that April evening. They held onto the banister as they climbed to the second-floor room shared by ADA BRUEN GRIER and LIBBIE BROOK GADDIS. How aweinspiring it is that we’re still able to hold the same banister and stand in that bedroom today.”

— FRAN DESIMONE BECQUE, NEW YORK ALPHA Fraternity Historian and Archivist

IMPACT REPORT 2021–2022 | 21


Every year, Pi Phi chapters and alumnae clubs uphold our sisterhood’s commitment to Philanthropic Service to Others through their financial support of Pi Beta Phi Foundation. In 2021, still facing challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, many chapters and clubs had to re-envision or adapt their fundraising and philanthropy events. Whether pivoting to a new fundraising platform or adapting traditional events to a virtual or socially distanced format, members were eager to continue their philanthropic efforts. Despite the challenges, our chapters and alumnae clubs collectively raised $634,896.37 for our Foundation. We are proud of the commitment our Pi Phi chapters and clubs dedicate to bettering the lives of others through philanthropic service.

Giving back to Pi Phi has been integral to helping our sisterhood strengthen and grow. Without the financial support of our fearless leaders, at all levels, our club wouldn’t receive the same level of support and opportunity. By giving back, we’re striving to keep our sisterhood alive for generations past, present and future.”
IMPACT REPORT 2021–2022 | 23

thank you to our donors


Pi Beta Phi Foundation thanks every club and chapter who made gifts between January 1 and December 31, 2021. Your gifts are changing lives, impacting our communities and making the mission of the Fraternity possible. Together, you are ensuring the future of our sisterhood.

Alumnae Clubs

Albuquerque, New Mexico, Alumnae Club

Alpharetta, Georgia, Alumnae Club

Amelia Island, Florida, Alumnae Club

Arlington Heights, Illinois, Alumnae Club

Arrowhead-West Phoenix, Arizona, Alumnae Club

Athens Area Alumnae Club

Atlanta, Georgia, Alumnae Club

Augusta, Georgia, Alumnae Club

Aurora, Colorado, Alumnae Club

Austin, Texas, Alumnae Club

Baltimore, Maryland, Alumnae Club

Bay Area, Texas, Alumnae Club

Bellevue-Eastside, Washington, Alumnae Club

Birmingham, Alabama, Alumnae Club

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Alumnae Club

Bloomington, Indiana, Alumnae Club

Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, Alumnae Club

Boca Raton, Florida, Alumnae Club

Bostonian, Massachusetts, Alumnae Club

Boulder, Colorado, Alumnae Club

Brevard County, Florida, Alumnae Club

Casper, Wyoming, Alumnae Club

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Alumnae Club

Charlotte, North Carolina, Alumnae Club

Chesapeake, Maryland, Alumnae Club

Chicago Windy City, Illinois, Alumnae Club

Clearwater, Florida, Alumnae Club

Cleveland East, Ohio, Alumnae Club

Cleveland West, Ohio, Alumnae Club

Colorado Rocky Mountain Alumnae Club

Colorado Springs, Colorado, Alumnae Club

Columbia, Missouri, Alumnae Club

Columbia, South Carolina, Alumnae Club

Conejo Valley, California, Alumnae Club

Contra Costa, California, Alumnae Club

Corpus Christi, Texas, Alumnae Club

Corvallis, Oregon, Alumnae Club

Cypress Creek-NW Houston, Texas, Alumnae Club

Dallas, Texas, Alumnae Club

Dayton, Ohio, Alumnae Club

DeLand, Florida, Alumnae Club

Denver, Colorado, Alumnae Club

Des Moines, Iowa, Alumnae Club

Duncan, Oklahoma, Alumnae Club

East Texas Alumnae Club

Edmond, Oklahoma, Alumnae Club

Edmonton, Alberta, Alumnae Club

Fort Myers Area, Florida, Alumnae Club

Fort Worth, Texas, Alumnae Club

Galesburg, Illinois, Alumnae Club

Glen Ellyn-Wheaton, Illinois, Alumnae Club

Grand Junction, Colorado, Alumnae Club

Greater Kansas City Alumnae Club

Greater Orlando Area, Florida, Alumnae Club

Greenville, South Carolina, Alumnae Club

Harrisburg-Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Alumnae Club

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Alumnae Club

Honolulu, Hawaii, Alumnae Club

Hot Springs, Arkansas, Alumnae Club

Houston, Texas, Alumnae Club

Indianapolis, Indiana, Alumnae Club

Indianola, Iowa, Alumnae Club

Jackson Metro, Mississippi, Alumnae Club

Jefferson County, Colorado, Alumnae Club

Katy-West Houston, Texas, Alumnae Club

L.A.-Santa Monica, California, Alumnae Club

La Jolla, California, Alumnae Club

Lake County, Illinois, Alumnae Club

Lake Oswego-Dunthorpe, Oregon, Alumnae Club

Lake Shore, Illinois, Alumnae Club

Las Vegas, Nevada, Alumnae Club

Lexington, Kentucky, Alumnae Club

Long Beach, California, Alumnae Club

Louisiana Northshore Alumnae Club

Louisville, Kentucky, Alumnae Club

Lowcountry, South Carolina, Alumnae Club

Manchester Area, Connecticut, Alumnae Club

Marin County, California, Alumnae Club

Maryland-District Of Columbia Suburban Alumnae Club

Memphis, Tennessee, Alumnae Club

Midland, Texas, Alumnae Club

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Alumnae Club

Minneapolis, Minnesota, Alumnae Club

Mississippi Gulf Coast Alumnae Club

Montgomery, Alabama, Alumnae Club

Muncie, Indiana, Alumnae Club

Naperville Area, Illinois, Alumnae Club

Nashville, Tennessee, Alumnae Club

Nations Capital-District Of Columbia Alumnae Club

New Haven, Connecticut, Alumnae Club

North San Diego, California, Alumnae Club

Northern New Jersey Alumnae Club

Northern Virginia Alumnae Club

Northwest Arkansas Alumnae Club

New York, City-Manhattan, New York, Alumnae Club

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Alumnae Club

Omaha, Nebraska, Alumnae Club

Palm Springs-Desert Cities, California, Alumnae Club

Palo Alto, California, Alumnae Club

Pasadena, California, Alumnae Club

Pensacola, Florida, Alumnae Club

Peoria, Illinois, Alumnae Club

Philadelphia-Main Line, Pennsylvania, Alumnae Club

Phoenix, Arizona, Alumnae Club

Piedmont Area, North Carolina, Alumnae Club

Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts, Alumnae Club

Portland, Oregon, Alumnae Club


Reno, Nevada, Alumnae Club

Richardson-Plano, Texas, Alumnae Club

Richmond Area, Kentucky, Alumnae Club

Richmond, Virginia, Alumnae Club

Rochester, New York, Alumnae Club

Sacramento, California, Alumnae Club

San Antonio, Texas, Alumnae Club

San Francisco, California, Alumnae Club

San Jose, California, Alumnae Club

San Juan, Colorado, Alumnae Club

Sandhills, North Carolina, Alumnae Club

Sarasota-Manatee, Florida, Alumnae Club

Seattle, Washington, Alumnae Club

Shreveport, Louisiana, Alumnae Club

Skagit-Camano, Washington, Alumnae Club

South Bay, California, Alumnae Club

South Coast, California, Alumnae Club

South Orange County, California, Alumnae Club

Southern Fairfield County, Connecticut, Alumnae Club

Southern Illinois Alumnae Club

Southlake Area, Texas, Alumnae Club

Springfield, Missouri, Alumnae Club

St. Louis, Missouri, Alumnae Club

St. Paul, Minnesota, Alumnae Club

St. Petersburg, Florida, Alumnae Club

Tampa, Florida, Alumnae Club

Texarkana, Arkansas-Texas, Alumnae Club

Tidewater of Virginia Alumnae Club Toronto, Ontario, Alumnae Club

Tucson, Arizona, Alumnae Club

Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Alumnae Club

Tyler, Texas, Alumnae Club

Valley of the Moon, California, Alumnae Club

Vancouver, British Columbia, Alumnae Club

Wenatchee, Washington, Alumnae Club

Wichita Falls, Texas, Alumnae Club


Alabama Alpha Alabama Beta

Alberta Alpha

Arizona Alpha

Arizona Beta

Arizona Gamma

Arkansas Alpha

California Beta

California Delta

California Epsilon

California Kappa

California Omicron

California Zeta

Colorado Alpha Colorado Delta Colorado Gamma

Connecticut Alpha Connecticut Beta D.C. Alpha Delaware Alpha Florida Alpha Florida Beta Florida Epsilon Florida Eta

Georgia Alpha Georgia Beta Illinois Beta-Delta Illinois Theta Indiana Beta Indiana Delta Indiana Epsilon Indiana Gamma Indiana Zeta Iowa Beta Iowa Gamma Iowa Zeta

Kansas Alpha Kansas Beta Kentucky Alpha Louisiana Beta Maine Alpha Michigan Alpha Michigan Beta Michigan Gamma Minnesota Alpha Missouri Alpha Montana Alpha Nevada Alpha

New Mexico Alpha North Carolina Delta Ohio Iota Ohio Lambda Ohio Theta Oklahoma Beta Ontario Gamma Oregon Alpha Pennsylvania Eta South Carolina Alpha South Carolina Beta Tennessee Delta Texas Delta Texas Epsilon Texas Eta Texas Gamma Texas Zeta

Virginia Epsilon Virginia Gamma Virginia Iota Virginia Theta

Virginia Zeta Washington Alpha Washington Beta West Virginia Alpha Wisconsin Alpha Wisconsin Delta

IMPACT REPORT 2021–2022 | 25

thank you to our donors


Pi Beta Phi Foundation thanks every donor who made gifts between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022. Your gifts are changing lives, impacting our communities and making the mission of the Fraternity possible. Together, you are ensuring the future of our sisterhood.

Donors who made gifts in fiscal year 2021–2022 are listed on the following pages.

Alabama Alpha

Birmingham-Southern College


Celia Ann Mills Saterbak


Cindy Dye Boning Hope Kirby Patton


Divya Desai

Joan Jolly Huckaby Betty Price Hughes Jo Ann Chapman McFarland Cathy Montero Miller Ann Arnold Moses

Jan Hall Robinson Charlotte Woodard Schipman Betty Owens Snoddy Becky Thomas Roxanne Guthrie Wilke

Alabama Beta University of Alabama


Jamie Rachelle Burke

Anne Smith Conkin Mary Wingard Keathley


Keeley Shaye Himmelreich Camille Dunkin Yeldell


Hannah Rose Doherty

Patti Davis Ruccio

Gloria Murray Smith Richie Starnes Wright


Virginia Walsh Allgood Jessie Lynne Ashton Mary Todd Tate Davis Sue Carol Cleverdon Dixon Jan Ruffin Hatchett Peggy Sepper Hendricks

Terri McRae Holley

Virginia Wheeler Johnson Mary-Ellen Wyatt King Isabel Herbert Lawrence Elizabeth Anne Lederle

Sally Wright Lewis Sara West McCullough Elizabeth Wilkinson Messerly Martha Conger Mullen Amber Johnston Murphy Ashlyn Isom Myer

Joy Morris Nelson Beth Wheeler Parrish

Judith Lanier Payne

Kerry Nabers Sharpe Jamie Cleverdon Shew Mary-Keeley McAllister Smith Sid Quarles Weatherly Libba Barr West Bitsy Flowers Youngblood

Alabama Gamma

Auburn University

ARROW SOCIETY Kathy Wager Sprague


Mary Beth Rhyne Dykes Jill Lanman Schneider


Karin Daniel Frye Jennifer Scott Wahlen


Susan Brasfield Batson Cheryl Jones Putman


Cindi Shuford Akins

Paula Huffstutler Allen Ann Mitchler Boswell

Diana Dillard Brewer

Elizabeth Fonde Brown

Patricia Lord Chandler Jean Renoll Cockrell Alicia Murray Conn

Laura Hood Dever Cathy Newton Dillon Betty Emens Efird Kelsey Guyan Elizabeth McDonald Knight Cyndi Herbert McGill Pam Perry McKee Kristin Neely Susan Dubeau Powell Katherine Owen Sechrist Stephanie Haughwout Sherling Kathy Hartzog Timmons Ann Stalnaker Tiner Durelle Lamb Tuggle Susan Hill Vann Julie Hegwood Walton Carol Crane Wells Michelle Collins Woods

Alberta Alpha University of Alberta



Karen Reilly Krista Searle


Candace Turner Dressler Bethan Mary Rose Franklyn Leanne Heuchert Marnie Rae Lee Elizabeth Weir Toor Nicky Rianne Vranas

Arizona Alpha University of Arizona


Heather Henricks Lenkin Pam Joy Turbeville

EVELYN PETERS KYLE SOCIETY Susan Butterfly-Ebert Anne Busch Hills Jane Landreth Russell



Mary Morns Holman


Jill Deramus Dean

Jill Gordon Ganem


Maryannette Corneveaux Bednar Nancy Denton Bradley Merilyn Matts Cartier* Donna DiDio Cochran Cynthia Crowell Cotton Tara Abbott Davis Marlo T. Donato

Avery Keener Econome Karen Dobson Evans Caroline Daly Fief

Virginia Parks Hupp

Tony Sonka Kasznel Kara Kindermann Kennedy

Kathi Caldwell Kleinman

Boo Greeley Kurtin

Jaime Lewis Marquez Debby Gibson Marvel Kelly Martin McLaughlin

Marcia Perry Nix

Megan Chow-Romero Osbrink Klaire Kaufman Pirtle

Susan Stiles Rhuart

Suzanne Barrett Robert Sandra D. Rutherford

Pam Morris Samuels Patience Rood Sanford Andrea Lecours Stoker Amy Wasserman Tatro Janet Lynch Vehring Gwendolyn Weiner Sharon Fielder Woods Jeri Denslow Worthington Nancy Rehling Wright

Arizona Beta

Arizona State University


Sally Minning Shoemaker


Terry Zoller Cross

Leslie Willard Dunsworth


Sally Grayson Cullum

Amy Strickland Dreller

Diane Marks Hileman

Laurie Godber Hill


Romy Skaper


Emily Elizabeth Carney Susan Lynne Germer

Mary Suzanne Hackstedde

Susan Cohenour Johnson Christa Meszaros Lakon Pat Wermes Philips Carol White Poore Julie Samson Ross Gioia Mariani Ryan Alexandra Pace Schneider

Arizona Gamma Northern Arizona University


Jennifer Wolfe Brooks Abby Barenholtz Fenzel Sarah Holl LaReau Wendy Owens Kate Ewy Perkins Mercedes Zamora

Arkansas Alpha

University of Arkansas


Pat McMahen Anthony Mandy Boreing Dillard


Laura Olmstead Durmon Kelly Pace Eichler Madalyn Marchman Jones


Lila Henslee Dickey Annette Pearson Gean Elizabeth Busby Machen Kathryn Norris May Lynn Newman Audrey Miller Pennings Ann Trieschmann Spikes Natalie McCollum Wilks

CARNATION SOCIETY Elizabeth Moore Bundy Brenda Heck Crouch Marjorie Tedford Dudley Deborah Johnson Edwards Misty McIlroy Hawkins Jodie Taylor Hickman Valerie Ford Kellam Kara Baltz Mikles

Maggie Pate Nimocks Becky Norwood Norris


Jenessa Dyer Bailey Libby Sterquell Bunn Suzanne Williams Cantrell Caroline Jane Dalby Corie Young Hollingsworth Janna Riley Knight Peggy Taylor Marshall Jane Parkin McMullin Leslie Faulk Shanks Robin Cobb Shea


Arrow Society $10,000 or more Crest Society $5,000–9,999

Loyalty Society $2,500–4,999 Evelyn Peters Kyle Society $1,000–2,499 Carnation Society $500–999 Trustee Society $250–499 Friends Society $1–249


Josephine Cure Abrams Judith Caudill Atkinson Judith Herndon Atwood Morgan Maxwell Bennett Penelope Dix Bernard Rayanne Heien Coker Alice Hudgens Cooner Dorris Karcher Deislinger June West Duke Tracy Mentgen England Julia Gantt Gibson Paula Jay Glidewell Laura Lenahan Greer Julia Elizabeth Hohn Mary Goff Jackson Mary White Joiner Michele St. Onge Langston Leslie Jo Ligon Allison Dyke Pickell Lisa Edwards Powell Martha Luin Rutherford Kristen Wright Saffa Sharon McDonald Schaaf Carolyn Scruggs Deborah Boyd Sharp Betty Hemphill Warner Camilla Nabholz Williamson Becky Brewer Wilson Sara Ivey Wilson Margaret Cates Wojcik

Arkansas Beta

University of Arkansas-Little Rock



Charleen Meyer Copeland


Teresa Hastings Hauser Valerie Weaver McNeese

California Alpha

Stanford University


Dana Morton Emery


Lauren Gray Koenig

ANNUAL GIVING 2021–2022 | 27
* Deceased


Jae Kennedy

Virginia Wardlaw Pearce

Rebecca Marie Tabb

California Beta

University of California, Berkeley


Patricia Berry Conklin

Susan Reynolds Gould


Babette Barmann Harding


Susan Magee Brandt Susan Straubel Champion

Muriel McCarthy Harris Lenora Daly Hart

Alison Beaumont Hoeven Mary Ann McCrary Thomas

California Delta

University of California, Los Angeles


Barbara Anderson Blake


Karen Shelton Chevalier


Gayle Etienne

TRUSTEE SOCIETY Jeannine Amestoy MacKinnon


Kelly Bryant Bladow

Mary Ellen Brininger Blanton* Shirley Fleming Bowen Barbara Handorf Braly Susan Gausman Brown LynnDee Moore Conley

Julie Giers Cook

Melody Williams Dapp Kristen Fuller Dixon Deborah Gabbert Dowis Audrey Urban Finci Ann Ellen Forkey

Joan Little Forsyth

Kathryn Daugherty Genson Jane Bony Heiserman

Carolyn Clewley Hodges

Johann Wertz Jonas

Karen Kerns Lewis

Patricia Pann McDean

Wendy Minichiello

MarKay Hannum Neumann

Ruth Neel Noble

Cristol Barrett O’Loughlin

Suzy Montgomery Orb Tara Holtzmuller Plansky

Miriam Sheetz

Martha Touchstone Tuffli Nancy McIntosh Wilke

California Epsilon

San Diego State University


CARNATION SOCIETY Sally Vranicar Cannon


Sharon Culver Considine Marian E. Lofgren


Leslie Armstrong Anido Tracy Blitvich Baker

Kelly Anne Barnes

Margaret Tamer Bitar Christy Dodds Bruce Jo Price Buehner

Molly Schneider Canales Dianne Gustafson Connor Susie McArthur Coordt Jan Edwards Darcy Virginia Hett Eschner Susan Clare Foster Sandra Kimble Huff Andi Anderson Mariani Laura Welch McDermott Susan Hemphill Mitgang Janet Wilson Mulder Kristina Kiernan Shahoian Elizabeth Ann Sherman Sheryl Lynne Smith Colby Lin Windes Cathy Rice Zemlick

California Eta

University of California, Irvine

LOYALTY SOCIETY Toni Martinovich


Marie Baldazo Andreasen Diane M. Bielman Ellen Wintroub Feigal Jenny Bilek Klein

Christina Nguyen Pham Michelle Drouse Woodhouse

CARNATION SOCIETY Cecelia Kennedy Assaf


Daphney Rose Rivera Bitanga Yvonne Anderson Hoover Jeannette Busek Pisano Wendi Littell Tovey


Emily David Fajardo Tina Briski Fellers Dorothy Logan Flynn Amy Nelson Frelinger Tammi Jameson Harrington Katie McCormick Shreve Michelle Provost Stream Barbara Susan Whitney

California Gamma

University of Southern California

LOYALTY SOCIETY Margo Wilton Lesser


Barbie Ann Blake


Carolyn Choboian Chaikovsky Julie Surrell Dewey Lisa Donlon York


Betsy Grether Childrey Lisa Bernhardson del Rey Jenna Greene Sandra Smith Guyer Maureen Kris Halikis Mikie Burke Hay Kim Mullen Hebert Teri Jamieson Hoops Michelle Laub Jacobson Patricia Marie McNamara Jane Hodges Preston Jan Ellen Scheifly-Sprague Martha Strout Tylicki Min Brown Wells

California Iota

California State University-Chico



Stacy de Boom-Howard Linda Ausonio Grier

California Kappa

University of California, San Diego


Beth Seidelhuber Sordi

TRUSTEE SOCIETY Becky Krajewski VanRiper


Jazmine Loraine Armijo Felisa Matteucci Lawson Nicole Cote Posner Robin Shinzato Wittenberg


California Lambda

Univeristy of California, Riverside


Anitra Eder Bishop


Dianelle Meis Amin Elissa Rachel Greene Cheri Flynn McGuire Judy Krupnick Seligman Michelle Tavarez

California Mu

Pepperdine University

CARNATION SOCIETY Sylvia Rueda Franson

FRIENDS SOCIETY Jeena Titus Shamsen Charlotte Wurth

California Nu

Loyola Marymount University

LOYALTY SOCIETY Elizabeth Goold Kahf


Stefanie Michiko Fujinami Rainey Lynch

California Omicron

Chapman University


Katie Clifford

California Theta

University of California, Davis


Valerie Jean Uyeda


Sandy Pickel Barger Lisa Stephenson Locklear


Heather Danine Bays Kathy Wells Haugen Stacy Rayburn Roque Dawn Carper Savage Devry Boughner Vorwerk Reagan Solt Wade Jennifer Aroline Walwark

California Zeta

University of California, Santa Barbara


Marion Swanson Oster Winnie Coyne Reitnouer


Mary Romano Bechtel Jennifer Hinchman Berman Kristin Vopicka Childress Rosanne Robertson Easton Bonnie Poore Goodin Gretchen Lauppe Jones Barbara Knox Joyce Marilyn Lee Schneider Kathryn Hilly Maskell Paula Biles Murphy Dina Tilkian Phillips Suzanne Belsey Schultz Hillary Cox Simon Fay Tysell Terrell Lynn Sillman Wegner Shirley Cornelius Wilson

Colorado Alpha

University of Colorado


Lisa Gamel Scott


Heidi Dake Keogh

LOYALTY SOCIETY Maria Barkman Black


Anne Sexton Fox Jill Sullivan Holzbeierlein Carol-Ann Crundwell Olson Missy Ingham Pixton


Catherine Slaughter Antle Jane Kay Barr Mary Hatchell Barwick Susan D. Biddle

Kay Knittle Brock Emme Brooks Olivia Carson Crawford Jensy Marie Halet Gayle Gowdy Hamer Leslie Boylan Herz Julie Danos Hill

Jonnie Miller Hoffman Susanne Phillips Keeley Ann Hamilton Keetch Sena Zahra Kunzel

Stella Louise Martens Alex McArtor

Katherine Cornum Plimpton

Wendy Hall Read

Donna Beavor Rennick Isabella Grace Schaffer Jeanetta Wittemyer Schmidt

Teva Faith Shonfeld Abbey Shulze Angela Hardie Singell

Ginger Larson Sisco Amy Nobles Stearns

Karen Condon Stewart Jade Trejo Andrea Andrews Ventris Janet Shellabarger Williams Nancy Ehrenberg Zavoluk

Colorado Beta Denver University


Diane Malloy Lighthall


Linda Noel Ibsen Cissy Whetsel Smucker


Linda Schissel


Linda Murphy Marshall


Lizbeth Johnston Anderson Cheryl A. Christie Wendy Stephens Cullen Jeanne Naughton Cunningham Carolyn Haynes Edlund Nanette Crosby Kimbrough* Connie Squires Kindsvater Vickye Morris Madewell Louise McLaughlin Malnati Jo Ann Sutton Maynard Abby Sanders Mintz Luella Pretti Tammariello Diane McClintock Watson Kathy Mauel Wright

Colorado Delta

Colorado School of Mines

EVELYN PETERS KYLE SOCIETY Shaughnessey Miller Winkelhake


Suzette Thompson Farrar Leah Hooten


Olivia Harren Bommarito Sarah Ghiazza Gilmore


Leslie Hamilton Graham Arielle Nicole Steers

Colorado Epsilon

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs


Kristen Renae Brandenburg Tiffany Flint Caron

Sam Marie Chapman Joanna Thorp Mathias

ANNUAL GIVING 2021–2022 | 29


Ashley Zimmerman Athey

Mya Renee Austin

Vanessa Rae Brinkman

Rebecca Anne Bruner Kayla Lyn Cox

Amber Dawn Dolezal Courtney Hammock

Lauren Hoerl Nicole Marie Johnson

Katie Elizabeth King Andrea Jean Miller Katelyn Marie Osborne Maren Nissen Richards Laney Kay Spaide Sarah Elizabeth Willis

Colorado Gamma

Colorado State University



Danielle Flower Mohn


Carolyn Hodges Driver


Carol Wakefield Blatnick

Elisabeth Jane Braun

Pat Walters Devers

Judy Illeman Gaukel Lyl Coxe Harvin

Christiana Langley Holladay Deborah Correa McDermott

Kathy Fossceco Phillips Allison Pine

Patti Phelps Rae Mary Ann Husbands Seymour Janine Fredrickson Townsend Cynthia Schwab Walker

Connecticut Alpha

University of Connecticut


Sally Jasch Gifford


Erica Delaney Meaney Christine E. Miller


Alexis M. Coleman

Calista Sargent Hannigan Barbara P. Rua


Brina Medin Abrahams

Michelle M. Altomare

Jenna Verheyen Bach Kathy Wasiele Bach

Linda Roscoe Bissell

Susan Duttweiler Congiu Leslie Finnegan Conn Jill Southworth Craft Sandra Moir D’Attilio Sarah Stolfi Deane Jean Turner Eckland Heidi Barkentin Famiglietti Elena Malia Foldeak Marcia Zawilnski Giza Carolyn J. Hartigan-Smith Ayallah Jeddah

Barbara Franklin Johnson Christine Toth Justice Claudia Wickun Kavan Missy Hatteyer Korduner Patricia Tremallo Lucash Erika Bates Mackey Natalee Ohayon Martin

Suzanne Arlene Mobarak Arline Krois Morrissey

Avery Moses

Barbara Olcott Murphy Carol Lawrence Neis Melanie Zmija O’Rourke Jennifer Schilt Perfetti

Amanda Phillips Julie Norton Richard Nancy McFarland Sampson Pamela Wilson Senk Diane Pokallus Soderstrom Elettra Dematteo Sorrentino Laurie Dailey Spruill Alyson Manasewich Stephens Marilyn Young Tarasuk Anne Elizabeth Varrone-Lederle Liz Schaefer Wicke Isabella Wiliams Williams Susan Ciotti Wivell Debra Zimbler

Connecticut Beta

Yale University



Ginna Marie Doyle Rebekah Heiser Hanley Joy Kim Michelle Louise Treille

Connecticut Gamma

Quinnipiac University



Rachel Nicole Shute

D.C. Alpha

George Washington University

EVELYN PETERS KYLE SOCIETY Marjorie Lyman Miller Alissa Rose Turnipseed


Katrina Valdes Bishop Jane Combellack Fennessey Barbara S. Harvey

Frances Cogswell Keller Dawn Detwiler Palmer Betty Colburn Steere Kyle Zimmer

Delaware Alpha

University of Delaware


Shannon Rose Fredericks Nicolette Lynn Kothe Caroline Struebing Lascek

Florida Alpha

Stetson University

FRIENDS SOCIETY Sharlene Stockard Branham Susan Perry Brockway Amanda Keiper Buel Lauren Maria Eliopoulos Amne Harrington Carolyn E. Keating Donna Dollens Kelley Francesca Mikela King-Cesare Jean Donnelly Maclay Stacey Wexler Paul Phyllis Ratliffe Hannah Jordyn Russo Janet White Stebbins

Florida Beta

Florida State University

EVELYN PETERS KYLE SOCIETY Demory Schwarzbauer Boeneke Linda Grizzard Owens

CARNATION SOCIETY Janet Courchene Little

TRUSTEE SOCIETY Mary Brumleve Albanese Lisa LaRey Bradford Victoria Bonomo Britton Pamela Robinson Farless Kristy Langley Jenkins Anne Anderson McKnight Melinda Hand Powell

FRIENDS SOCIETY Kathleen Hunt Alford Kinley Osborne Belcher


Teresa W. Coates

Martha Ashby Ellinor

Susan Respess Green

Jessica Hanson Hanna Kimberly Moehling Harders Babs McLellan Herman Trish McLellan Hill

Mary Watson Inman Ann George Johnson Beverly Polson Kenyon Amanda Dorothy Klemm Carlyn Donath Langell Noel Doepke Liles

Donna Reid Menendez Janice Houser Moody

Tami Satterfield Myers Candi Eileen Obrentz Sarah Dunlap Petersen Mary Harmening Pitman Barbara Eissey Porcher

Cindy Stringfield Provencher

Lynn Carter Richardson Betty Thornton Robinson Peggy Bramblet Scarce

Kathryn Alvarez Smith Nan Chamberlain Smith Harper Whitten Spencer Cathy Unger Tolton

Florida Delta

University of Florida


JoAnn Young Ford


Allie Rogers Haft


Holly Jordan Battle Kim Tokash Carlson Jennifer Serafin Coxen Terri Walch Fekete Kathy Kelly Modesitt Leslie King O’Neal Claudia Behrens Porter

Florida Epsilon

University of Central Florida


Chantel Hagner Lanier


Casey Keller Schaefer Barbi Wilson Stiles


Julie Hayes Boniec Crystal Perkins Harms

Rebecca Montress Hritz Rebecca Brannen Lasse Neela Maihudin Cindy Corday Pajak Elie Peek-Harris

Anna Fernandez Philbrick Gretchen R. Schumacher Karen Pruitt Wallace Melissa Dantes Weaver Andrea Steinemann Wikstrom

Florida Gamma Rollins College

CARNATION SOCIETY Toni Perzia Everett Jane Thompson Hughes


FRIENDS SOCIETY Elizabeth Welsh Ahnell Suzanne LeClere Barley Susan Gregory Blakely Carol Welch Whitehead

Florida Zeta

University of Tampa

FRIENDS SOCIETY Dana Catherine Reilly

Georgia Alpha University of Georgia

ARROW SOCIETY Mildred Matthews Dillard* Vaneesa Williams Little Lisa Nicole Masters Marcia Shurley


Peggy Batson Ballard Deborah Ann Healy Pam Anderson Jessup Raleigh Elizabeth Noland

LOYALTY SOCIETY Elizabeth Boswell Belcher Nancy McElmurray Chunka Laura Hauck Covington Nancy Logan Gasho-Fromm Adele French Hamilton Leslie Dotson Jaggers Sally Hogsette Patton Susan Carol Waltman Kimberly Ross Wurst


Kelli Barnes Adams Courtney Celeste Atkinson Lori Keller Austin Barbara Snead Beasley Lynn Aldridge Carswell Mary Teaster Cochran Medie Rood Crockett Corry McPherson Crowe Millie Cullom Downs Jessica Charron Fang


Arrow Society $10,000 or more Crest Society $5,000–9,999

Loyalty Society $2,500–4,999

Evelyn Peters Kyle Society $1,000–2,499

Carnation Society $500–999

Trustee Society $250–499

Friends Society $1–249

Candi Parks Gershuni Jennifer Hirsekorn Haislip Georgia Williams Hatcher Sis McLemore Henry Amy Graham Hobbs Bonnie Smith Holley Beth Suttle Hunger Amy Bader Keirle Katie Allison Little Matilda Kroell Lynch Peggy Claire Malone Pennee Few McCoy Bitsy Urvan Montgomery Doreen Lynn Mueller Erin Elizabeth Orem Nancy Tuck Parkerson Carolyn Kelly Poling Pamela Ludlow Robinson Ashleigh Johnson Waits Ann Marie Gokee Walsh Diane Carlson White Mary Gwin Wood


Liz Anne Greer Allen Mary Rood Bagwell Molly Sue Balderach Janine Patterson Bethel Karen Schwab Bobbitt

Laura Allen Bouldin Joan Todd Duncan Judy Ellis Hibbs Alli Maddox Jill Francis Michaels Martha Creel Niehoff Robin Morgan Patterson Marilyn White Picciano Vanessa McNeil Powell Kathleen Cooney Rainwater Janet Beazley Scraper

Susan Elizabeth Teaster Tricia Barry Vondle Heather Cheshire Whitlock Linda Laack Wise


Harriett Stephenson Berman Mary Beth Jordan Cary Elizabeth Grace Doherty Deborah Waller Douches

Sandra Gabriel Hanna Lisa Gipson Jarvis Jean Ann Kerr Kendra Chastain Leffingwell

ANNUAL GIVING 2021–2022 | 31
* Deceased

Missy Cooper Madden

Lauren Mengel Sanders

Katherine Lane Strate

Daly Jackson Turnbull

Mary Grothjahn Van Horn Maureen Frances Waindle


Jean Roth Adams-Martin Beth Dyer Anderson

Kathy Bart Autry

Melissa Manson Bailey Angela Mangold Baker Sharon Sarama Brinkman Wendy Putman Brooks

Suzanne Webb Brunson Marie Dabbs Capito Sarah Fiester Dalessandro

Margaret Beckwith Derby Lori Miller Farrell

Heather Hammond Filgate Ruth Etheridge Gardner

Alexis Grigg

Rachelle Wade Haddock Mindy Ayn Harbeson

Hunter Blair Harrell

Sally Shapard Hill

Carolyn Jane Woodhouse Hooper Tina Fox Hough

Catherine Heuer Jinks

Kay Kenimer

Sara McClendon Knight Shirley Elaine McDaniel Nicole Nazarenus

Felicia Nicholson Parker Whitney Akin Slider Gena Latimer Smith

Carrie Pennington Sparks Meredith Paige Stone Rachel Whatley Terrell Anna Warner Turley Serena Stillwell Verner Virginia Smith Weaver Julia Burdell Wolfe

Georgia Beta Emory University


Annie Elizabeth Herold

Idaho Alpha University of Idaho


Kathryn Skok Whistler Mary Kay Neufeld Yuditsky


Carmen Mendez Achabal Phyllis Schulz Acock* Barbara Brooks Bennigson Ellen Ryan Boley

Doris Gissel Brannan Judy Ellsworth Cunningham

Peggy Lou Horn Faylor Lisa Harberd Grover Virginia Symms Kleweno Norma McRae Kopel Sherrie Pendley Liebsack Tomi Goul McGee Alta Humphreys Pierson Leslie Pierose Scantling Colleen Sparks

Illinois Alpha Monmouth College


Mary Grable McLeod


Denise Pierce Turnbull


Amanda Lehmann Jefferson Jeanne Gittings Robeson


Annie Axup

Jennifer Lauer Bevington Maddie Christine Blaesing Debby A. Blatzer

Judith Sluka Butcher

Joan Chatfield Ealy

Jeanie Egmon Mary Ann Galusha Eiserman Morgan Jean Enburg Martha Muirhead Felmley Liese Krauspe Gavin Sally Meaker Guth Merrill Brown Kasper Dorothy Galloway Katalinich Patty Baird Link Deb Jackowniak Scarlett Rosemary Lai Sheeler Katina Harper Truman Korine Steinke Wawrzynski

Illinois Beta-Delta

Knox College




Laurel J. Andrew Diana Woodward Dean Kathy St. Cyr Hubbell Tanya Frank Jones


Linda Sheely Fischer Judy Waggoner Lambert Mary McNamara McArdle Sandra Moe Millan Pam Toteno Prugh Marilyn Veith Roberts Janice Renee Rockin Karen Sawyer Silver Cara Ballard Sutcliffe Judith Gleason Valentine Peggy Gamble Vogelsinger

Illinois Epsilon Northwestern University

EVELYN PETERS KYLE SOCIETY Betty Lou Olson Bukowski* Brenda McClure Mallett

Giving to Pi Beta Phi Foundation is important to me because the scholarships I received allowed me to pursue an education without the burden of student loan debt. I believe in women supporting women and giving to our Foundation has allowed me to do that.”


Becky J. Brown


Katie Braun

Jane Riley Sackrison Mary Kahlenberg Schroeder Lea Evenson Sund


Kimberly Ann Binder Daphne Veronica Davis-Racker Marilyn Dewey-Davis

Jill Borland Flynn

Bonnie Burst Freeland Roberta Phillips Gaspar Margaret Glauber Horn

Judith Weed Lindner Leslia Pelton Morrison Bonnie Horschke Murray

Jane Davis Price

Elaine Borland Purnell

Merry Sowden Schroeder Frances E. Smith

Joy Ann Weidenmiller Sweet

Gina Maria Tabachki

Loren Kalish West

Marcia Smith Wilder Lesley Hay Wilson

Carol Wood Barbara Lammers Zust

Illinois Eta

Millikin University


Mary Jane Buchele Johnson


Jean Kolb Hubbard Barbara Witzeman McCoy Jean Nees Tulin


Ashley Hallowell Karth Nancy McClelland Lynch


Jacquelyn Dunkel Sward


Lynn Hewing Deters

Judith Hutton Domescik Anne Heinle Edsall

Julie Bowen Frank Kathleen Daschler Gholson

Julie Livergood Gwaltney

Sydney McReynolds Gyuran

Tara Lane Harvel-Rozum

Suzanne Gill Kriz

Elizabeth Ebert Laughlin

Mary McRoberts

Debbie Simpson Moritz

Marilyn Leffelman Morrison Sharon Skidmore Mueller

Catherine O’Dea Pallardy Gretchen Greider Schade Stephanie Nicole Schroeder Jeanne Gross Schwarz Martha Kopp Sefton Cynthia Heneghan Slovacek Carol Beem Smith Lyn Ryerson Stengel

Mary Suter Tilton

Jean Jones Trofimuk Amanda Meehling Victoria Alice Logan Von der Mehden Susan Pollock Wormley

Illinois Iota

Illinois State University

EVELYN PETERS KYLE SOCIETY Jill Jensen Meynen Angie Killian Underwood


Jennifer Lawson Cavins Melissa Barnes Dickstein Judith Bogdanski Epcke Tracy Knust Formea Kristen Massey Jones Maddie Kathryn Ryan Gina Manci Shaffer

Illinois Kappa

University of Chicago

FRIENDS SOCIETY Carmen Joy Thiedeman

Illinois Theta

Bradley University


Elizabeth Lang Hoelzer* Phyllis Schafer Tabor*


Jeanne Krouse Bliss Kathryn Kakenmaster Kinne Mary Foster McPhie Cheri Raber Patterson Phyllis M. Sharp


Laura Judd Fulton Barbara Rolfe Sterling Nancy C. Trogman


Fran Winkle Busse Sheila A. Consaul Linda Janson Dahlsgaard Lindsay Daudelin Kathryn Dorene Davini Barbara A. Green Mary Floridis Hilton Joanne Morris Louden

Gayle Erwin McDowell

Lesa Rosenthal Moskowitz

Bobbie Lay Nack Margaret Merlo Ott Karen Helfrich Pratt Lauren Donohue Ramel Jeri Price Simak Ruthe Chapman Utt

Illinois Zeta

University of Illinois


Diana Shorb Eyre

Mary Jo Florio Garrison Jane Thiem Hill

Nancy Lohuis Magee Kelly Zudycki Perry Eileen Norcross Rauschert


Mary Mitch Mullendore Cynthia Swanson


Kellie Kinsella Casey

Martha Bliss Ehlers

Barbara Clayton Koch Gail Furnall McClain Wilma J. Smelcer


Julie Roloff Ahearn

Sharon Parker Algeo

Elaine Anderson Andrews Debra Stoldt Beck Ruth Hawkins Bein Debbie Hopwood Berg

Barbra Hendricks Bukovac

Cindy Horn Burkert

Kristin Callaway Chapman

Monica Hoy Decker

Theresa Hutchison Denton

Joan Scott DeVries

Ashley A. Dye Hoffman

Connie Tazewell Eby Barbara Witty Erickson

Gayle McCullough Fazzini

Pamela Pollard Fencl

Joan Groth Fenstermaker

Julie Freischlag

Heidi Luhrsen Gagnon

Jean Pigott Gilkison

Kathleen Healy Gray

Michele Mailloux Haggerty

Elana Lee Hanson

Melissa M. Hayne Loretto

Alison Veit Heafitz

Amy Boeckelman Hohulin

Amy Jo Huisinga

Nancy Rankin Jeckel

Stefanie Martinez Koenig

Jessica Vilcek Kowalkowski

Karin Polson Kramer

ANNUAL GIVING 2021–2022 | 33

Lauren Dupuis Kubes

Judith Solon Kuhlman

Karenna Roselyn Lange

Verelle Murphy Leaton

Sarah Britt Lee

Linda Weist LeJeune Sarah Laven Magnesen Judy Powell Marti

Debbie Gentry McWard Joanne Wiedow Nault Elizabeth Bridwell O’Connell Heather Murray Ohmer Jamie Krukewitt Pawlak

Carolyn Clark Richards Suzanne Karbarz Rovner

Vicki Miller Rubenstein Tammie Beckwith Schallmo Lindsey Grumish Schiesser

Annie Rakoczy Schuster

Mary Von Fossen Sheridan

Mary Hitchcock Smith

Kathleen Sarah Spaulding* Carolyn Dzik Stenner

Jeanne Klier Storch

Beth Torres

Christine Mangieri Vujovich

Nancy Turnbull Walters

Bonnie Hinds Wellman Ann Whiteley Wisnosky

Margaret Pool Wuerfel Colleen Casserly Zambole

Indiana Alpha

Franklin College


Melissa Sue Bockhold-Hack Marty Mohr McCarty Jenny Miller Pratt


Linda Hicks Beeler Nora Lowe Brems Jeannine Swain Bricker

Donna Calvin Browne Kahlie Mae Cannon Jane Totten Galin

Claudia Heritier Greenwell Jade Danielle Hill

Rebecca Smith Jones

Susan Vaught Kirkland Kimberle Smith Menz Cynthia Winters Nowka Betty Reed Packard Voris

Indiana Beta

Indiana University


Marcia Mendenhall Brown*


Patti Root Bash

Jill Grossman

Susan Crane Kyle


TRUSTEE SOCIETY Meghan Elizabeth Broderick Ann Conner Cox Kathy Lybrook Durkott


Frances Hubbard Applegate D’Lee Long Bartholome Vickie Moore Beebe Marjo Hunt Biddinger Susie Crouch Bornt Karen Fitton Caverly Mary Briggs Grady* Melissa Ruple Keyes Martha Firestone Miner Kay Gillett Moody

Shirley King Myers* Heidi Ernst Ogden Susan Sheehan Oldham Margaret Benoit Powers Kathy Hauser Pratt Beatriz Rey Richter Rebecca Hood Roller Angela Bailey Sajdyk Lisa Clausen Schmidt Judy Chapline Simic Terry James Taylor Kathy Johnson Thurston Gale Lorenc Wiik

Indiana Delta Purdue University


Cindy Kralis Georgas Genevieve Giles


Jan Kincaid Clifford Betty Moody Hunter


Rachael Rouprich Schuler



Christine Anwander Calzolano Madonna Dienhart Flemming Alexis LeeAnn Karwoski Marlee Shepherd Anna Kathryn Tyrolt


Roz Arbuckle Ila Reeve Badger

Luann Detamore Boots Jane Flint Boxell Judy Kay Brandau Terilyn Krill Brennan Mary Butterfield Abbi Clock-Rudy Jolee Schmidt Clodfelter Terri Rhodes Coke Gracie Marie Collins Melissa Wright Cowlin Barbara Boggess Davis* Pam Sprowl Diehl Caroline Hunter Eckler Pat Rudy Fleet

Deborah Forster Gantert Maret Feltner Garard Katherine Ross Goodyear Ann McCormick Harmon Tina Hochstetter Jandris Marsha Jepson Jay Kamalani Kekoolani Kay Black Kelly Darcy Poelstra Knott Susie Marie Maley Martha Sherman Malsbary Patricia Brede Mangino Nancy Ditmars McAfee Sheryl Leicht Moody Abby Drone Murphy Kristin Noer Olson Emily Katherine Otten Gabbi Pancheri Elysia Paullo Megan Anne Prince Karen King Reynolds Sarah Morrow Riopelle Shannon O’Donnell Ross Angie Giunta Rossi Julia C. Saalfrank Marianne Grove Schafer Cynthia Speckner Schepman Melanie Ann Schlegelmilch Ann Abbott Smith Elizabeth Minnich Stoddart Suzanne M. Stone Annika Svendsen Beth Moore Tatro Mallory Toth Jean Huestis Wagner Melinda Miller Whalen Lyn Glendening Wible

Indiana Epsilon

DePauw University


Marilyn Wiegand Pecsok*


Suzanne Charbonneau Sanger Mary Petticrew Smalling Barbara Ehni Van Luven



Grace Ellen Anshutz

Caroline Majers Backer

Mary Winkler Brennan

Carol Grall Carpenter

Nancy Ford Charles

Amy Perkins Copaken Marletta Farrier Darnall

Patricia Crays Dixon

Betty Sue Ross Drake

Judy Clingan Farrand

Sibley Smith Frye

Mary Carolyn Beasley Gilbert Mary Grady

Mary Jane Murray Hall

Donna Walker Hawk

Marybelle Ferguson Hoenig

Joan Fraley Hoffman

Annie W. John

Jessica Schneider Kessler

Molly Rorschach Krumme Gibson

Amy Beth Hilgendorf Lumsden

Nancy Rehm McCloskey

Joyce Downs Menk*

Jane Heineman Molden

Martha Weddell Nicholson

Anne Gibbs Nostrand

Mary Simmons Pauley

Jeanne DeCosted Pittman

Betsy Myers Plymate

Patti L. Ross-Polito

Peg Steffen Sant’Ambrogio

Jill Anne Stephens-Hynes

Lynn Downing Underwood Mary Lou Van Buren

Indiana Eta

Indiana University- Purdue University at Fort Wayne


Dee Dee Kallmyer Beights

Cheryl Hillenburg

Amy Whitehouse Lazoff

Indiana Gamma

Butler University


Kourtney Nicole Maray Frechette


Jill Mackey Carrel

Jennifer Rosa Case

Margy Harm Moorhead

Jessi Bevan Nill


Lisa Lahman Carmin


Ginny Stevenson Mendoza

Maggie Ann Skeffington


Lynn Jacobs Abrams

Cindy Lee Adkins

Pat Crook Bennett

Susan Morrow Boecher

Mary Margaret Bower Hannah Muehlbauer Brenner Meredith Watkins Burkett Marcie Pearish Cole

Patsy Hadley Fielder

Jackie Jasek Gardiner

Kristi Geiger

Jessica Harbison Weaver

Nora Kariolich Harris

Beth Weir Johnston

Leslie Ann King

Susan Dehner Kucer

Becky Hatten Mackey

Lisbeth Steinmetz McDowell

Ellen Ferringer Milburn

Chelle Human Miller

Lynn Zaleski Miller

Virginia Hauser Miller

Susan Weaver Pleasant Amie Elizabeth Slevin

Carol Turbeville Trittschuh Susan Ebbinghaus Warsaw Charlotte Carr Watson Erin Chapel Yeager

Indiana Theta

Valparaiso University



Gretchen Stahl Foran Amanda Rychtanek Hanus


Miranda Buiter Rachel Lea Dykhuis

Indiana Zeta

Ball State University


Kay Cross Baker Gail Cox Vonderheide


Mary Ann Fisher Olinger


Christy Burns Beardsley Marsha Oberhoulser Burkhalter Rebekah Lockwood Cherian Victoria Smith Dittrich Julie Broyles Ensinger Jessica Lohse Hair Ruth Miller Hart Jane Harrigan Horn Charlene Markovich Kamanaroff


Arrow Society $10,000 or more

Crest Society $5,000–9,999

Loyalty Society $2,500–4,999

Evelyn Peters Kyle Society $1,000–2,499

Carnation Society $500–999

Trustee Society $250–499

Friends Society $1–249

Nancee Moore Kinghorn Linda Marsh Koser Carolee Atkinson Kramer Shirley Thompson Lahmann Deborah Welsh Loughrey Kiera Helm Matel Marlene Koenig Pratt Ginny Myers Shaffer Pam Zakula Smith Michel Lyn Starkey Lori MacDonald Tranberg Adra Heider Wheeler

Iowa Alpha

Iowa Wesleyan University

TRUSTEE SOCIETY Laurie Teresa Hoskins


Emma Hollingsworth Bachmann Dorothy Morgan Landgren Jan Harbert Loftus Ann Hoelzen McEvoy Nancy Krieck Paul

Iowa Beta Simpson College


Juli Holmes Willeman


Doris Kitzman Andrews Brooke Leigh Avila Keri Bodensteiner Dorothy Newman Burnett Michele Marie Demayo Ardene Kildal Downing Kay J Hill Fellinger

Flora Kitzman Alissa Raeann McKinney Francie Pyburn Metzger Angela Van Buren Pankoff Annie Davenport Points Ginger Boltinghouse Rierden Brittany Lynn Robb Ruth Ann Roberts Lauren Faye Schemmel Judy Caskey Schultz Shelly K Stork Stephanie Fagen Stouder Jill Stroebele Struyk

ANNUAL GIVING 2021–2022 | 35
* Deceased

Meridith Sayler Swoyer

Virginia Fairbank Tarrant

Iowa Eta

Drake University


Heather Donovan Van Ningen


Missy A. Reams


Julie Ann Schneider Filean Amanda Colette Schmoldt


Jennifer Vanderploeg Hewitt Tina Wojtysiak Johns Andrea Conroy Jones

Amy Aileen Weed

Iowa Gamma

Iowa State University


Anne Paule Hall


Dody Intveld Boat Doris Schnekloth Dittmer Jenn Plagman-Galvin Ann Wear Wiley


Brenda Kathleen Mann


Nancy Bukowski Lincoln Roberta Nauman Lucey Leigh Thiedeman


Patricia Taylor Augustine Karey Downing Bishop Sally Faner Bornmueller

Amy Marie Becker Brown Tracey Anne Cosgrove Alex Lohnert Davis

Susan Eisele Davis Rhea Brown Dixon

Sue Rosien Dostal

Elizabeth Ann Hankens Garberding Carolyn Steger Hansen Sue Isaacson Harmon Helen Hyde Harryman

Katherine Jensen Hoover Elizabeth Clark Horne Elizabeth Van Buren Kiss

Andrea Hefty Lindquist

Sally Olsen Lundell

Patricia Bukowski May Jennifer Mealiff McLellan

Jeanne Ausman Mercer Barbara Chapman O’Brien

Ellen Olmsted Oppenheimer Beverly Greiner Rutten Carolyn Lawler Saladino Jennifer Hansen Smith Michelle Dix Smith Mary Larson Stitt Dee Hamilton Talbott Qwynn Madelyn Watts Kaitlynn Wulfekuhle

Iowa Zeta

Uniersity of Iowa


Kara Damm Bryan Kris Woods Olson Ann Rettie


Yasmin Susan Choudhury Susan Janis Pabst



Kristin Loupee Beckman Mary Ann Bramhall-Lambert Morgan Commet Marilynn Cook Crider Karlen Sutton Fellows Christine Martinson Lemke Erin Pipkin Leuschke Sally Echternacht Madden Jane Fieselmann Milleman Amy Favor Moorman Lucia Guild Otto Madeleine Willard Paolucci Melissa Kaye Polich Gail Ganske Ross Sherrill Beckwith Snyder Stacie VerBrugge Treinen Judy Oehrle Van Handel Anne Wheaton Wanzenberg Colleen Wilcox

Susan Amend Woody Bryn Wilkinson Wulf Jane Redenbaugh Young

Kansas Alpha University of Kansas

ARROW SOCIETY Adrienne Hiscox Mitchell*


Diane J. Klepper Margot Kral-Hasty Nelson Adelaide Cobb Ward*


Connie Stuart Grimes Kate Blatherwick Pickert


Dinah Swinehart Brock Betsy Shankland Gill Bonnie Beaird McGinley


Nancy Hanks Alexander Barbara Butler Catherine Ellen Chase Tasha Perason Cook Judith Bowlus Cronin Virginia Schubert Curran Kathleen Kane Donoghue Jan Ritchie Dorian Joanna Miranda Glaze Irene Zey Glennon

Diane Childers Green Camille Storey Heeb Jo Scholes Hill Sue Harper Ice Gul Sumer Jendrisak Betty Burke Kane Janet Heck Kittlaus Lois Alberg Lander Debby Miller Maxon Sara Williams McDonough Emily Johnston Ogden Heather Paxton Connie Cerne Rishworth Suzanne McCarthy Sawyers Lindsay Lewis Schertzer Marilyn Miller Smith Dawn Heffington Sonntag Beth A. Stockton Annie Thompson Linda Tate Woodsmall-DeBruce

Kansas Beta

Kansas State University


Ann Nicolay Erickson Susan Hansen Stannard Melanie Merrill Thompson


Sara Inelle Doornbos-Williams Jolene Kay Johnson

Katherine Horridge Smith Diane Ruth Stafford Cindy Rice Svec Lisa Guengerich Way Marla Neelly Wulf

CARNATION SOCIETY Ann Tollefson Crampton Karen Corn Patterson


Polly Green Ellis

Judy Weltsch Klote Julie Killion Nestler



Sara Susan Benignus

Kaye Koon Billings*

Mary Beth Brooks Boyd

Susan Ingold Brooks

Harriet Holt Cloud

Sheila Uhland Condren Lou Ann McKinnon Dunn

Kay Scholten Fiser

Diane Luthi Fleming

Kim Green Freeman Chris Christine Giza Kristen Svec Hildebrand Adrienne Evans Hyle Taylor Svec Kaunley

Lucia Schafer Lindh Barbara Roe Luhrs Gail Cardinal Lusk

Melissa Conrad McClarty

Penny Heyl Moss

Vega Kay O’Brien

Susanne Little Peterson

Jan Chandler Randle

Jean Maxwell Scott

Janice Graham Shaffer Ginger Woolley Siebert

Carol Cook Stiffler

Rae Rankin Stover

Debbie Knierim Stubblefield Jane Sheetz Thielen

Jennifer Kunkel Valentine

Amy Jo Ridder Westerman

Marty Reynolds White Mary Sue Snider Whitney Mary Ann Atzenweiler Woodcock

Kentucky Alpha

University of Louisville


Maggie Ibrahim-Taney


Dana Gayle Gahafer Edie Kathleen Smith


Marian Antoinette Ahl

Rachel Ann Armstrong Alexis Kay Colabianchi

Brieanna Hodskins Criscione

Candy Reynolds Depp

Jenna Scott Dye

Brooke Logan Shields Ann Matilda Moon Windchy Sandy Marr Wright

Kentucky Beta

University of Kentucky


Rae Wohlhueter Maier


Katie Melissa Bosworth


Kimberly Sisk Crowe Eileen O’Neil Grigutis Sue Nofsinger Rees


Jean Wells Addleton Cindy Sondergelt Bloch Brittney Jenkens Bolyard

Linda Begley Collier Karen Lee Emberton Hedy Pottorff George Marci Azbill Hicks

Nancy Barnes Moore

Vanda Marcum O’Reilly

Betsy Everett Rees Edi Falknor Theriot Becky Nekervis Walker Rebecca Elizabeth Woods

Kentucky Gamma

Eastern Kentucky University



Nicole Svenson Blodgett Deborah Bunch Croucher Molly Tharp Edington Shelia Smith Gustafson Katie Elizabeth Mock Mary Cecilia Scialdone Murk Claire Montgomery Ramsay

Louisiana Alpha

Tulane University-Newcomb College



Mary Brown Allen

Mary Cassilly Hopkins Katherine Steinmayer McLean

Harriet Davis Parham

Josephine Sanditz Elizabeth Reynolds Tschiemer

Louisiana Beta

Louisiana State University


Liz Ann Beatty

Carol M. Calkins

Judy Walker Gibbs Gayle Gillum Macdiarmid

TRUSTEE SOCIETY Britney Myshrall Piner Sheli Milam Sams

FRIENDS SOCIETY Elizabeth Thomas Airey Jane Crider Armstrong

Margaret Quam Bonifant Joffa Lyn Braymer Melanie Haase Cacioppo

Abby Applegate Conley Lois Bumgarner De Satterlee

Samantha Elizabeth Eldridge Julie Anise Gauthier

Patricia Reitzell Godfrey Patsy Del Green Brenda White Haley Anita Joy Hilliard Suzette Hubbell Dr. Leigh Ann Johnston Kathy Rogers Mayeux Kara Kessler McCoy Rosemary Fleming McCullough Kim Andrea Perret Tommy Collier Simmons Sarabeth Ohl Sowan

Mary Burke Sutton Chanelle DuBourg Thibaut Debra Ann Warner

Anna Roberts Welles Maureen Butcher Whitehead

Maine Alpha

University of Maine

CARNATION SOCIETY Marianne Schmidt Hamlin


Dale Briggs Boyle Cornelia Proctor Jenness Roberta Wyer Morrill Jeanine Wortman Post Rachel Boucher Smalley Martha McWilliams Weishahn

Maryland Beta

University of Maryland

ARROW SOCIETY Trudy Hartzell Clark


Lura Jane Powell Mary Rakow Tanner Rena Rodeman Thorsen Anita Tracy

TRUSTEE SOCIETY Adell Nestor Eckenrode


Georgia Coburn Brennan Lisa Suzanne Colaianne Janice Peairs Coursey Kathy Kelly Ebey Sherry Absher Ginnett Gretchen Beaton Jankovitz Marge Duncan Locker

Traci Martin Provost

Carol Rafter Rogers Carol O’Bryon Rogich

ANNUAL GIVING 2021–2022 | 37

Giving to our Foundation is a way I can leave a legacy to something that’s such an important and significant part of my life. I’d like for future Pi Phis to know there was someone who believed this sisterhood was so important that she wanted to ensure they could have these opportunities and experiences, too. I don’t think there will ever be a time in the future when women won’t need other women. We were founded on friendship and support; we needed it then and we need it now.”


Regina Markey Shackelford

Kim Warren Shedleski

Mary Jarrell Smith

Patricia Mann Smith

Julie Helm Sturges

Susan Roth Wright

Maryland Gamma

Johns Hopkins University


Emily Karcher

Devon Macera

Massachusetts Alpha Boston University


Elaine Mecca Madden

Nancy McCormack Provost

Terri McCully Putnam

Joyce Malian Zurnacian

Massachusetts Beta

University of Massachusetts


Wendy Labreche Pratt


Maureen Austin

Ann Jordan Bruhn

Leslie Wilcox Dallenbach

Elizabeth Bamford Keepper

Nancy Unger Lekberg

Eileen Dorgas McCoy

Cecile Felipe Oswald

Sarah Bonner Roberts

Christine Kazimieruk Saltus

Marilynn Kolazyk Shields

Nan Richardson Sullivan Brenda Jean Swithenbank Carole Filipek Wojcik Susan Lemanis Wolf

Massachusetts Gamma Massachusetts Institute of Technology

FRIENDS SOCIETY Karen Anne Nilsson

Michigan Alpha Hillsdale College


Amanda Reid Austin Ashley Marie Pieper


Penny Ann Proctor


Janet Roberge Lucas


Jennifer Vaughn Barkway

Lee Belf

Deborah Johnson Bowen

Ann Mould Bowers

Susan George Brass

Susan Bruch

Anna Seipel Burge

Mary Bennett Carlton

Mary Shibley Chapin

Dianne Burket Chewning

Susan Hoey Cisco Amy Vogt Clausing

Amanda Proctor Cole

Marcia Jannasch Coman

Amy Fraraccio Davey Ariel Rose Denney Anne Terski Ellis Claire Freier Jaclyn Goodfellow-Olmsted Jane Maurer Gordon Debbie Lynn Haines Jennifer Nixon Haman Erin Brooks Hindman Karla Seybert Ives Carol Merchant Kent Jessica Donda Ledbetter Becky Smith McCabe Lynda Breyer Miller Amanda Konarske Morrison Alyssa Morrin Nutile Kristina Klatt Rozek Pattie Rawitzer Shelton Thelma Mullin Sim Taylor Aline Steyer Mary Misevich Stine Sharon Sluka Veno Alison Konarske Vermilya Kayla Renee Wilson

Michigan Beta

University of Michigan

EVELYN PETERS KYLE SOCIETY Janet Wickham Gregory Audrey Sullivan Jacob


Catherine Roosevelt McCluskey


Ann Marie Goodnight Bochnowski Pene Harrison


Sue Belanger MacGuidwin Catherine Wartinbee Townsend


Jan L. Anderson

Jennifer Gilbertson Bartleman

Simone Becque

Sara Jane Beis

Cynthia Ward Blair

Karen Taylor Boylan

Victoria Nunneley Cunningham Elizabeth Irwin Denis

Nancy Duffey Edwards Betsy Wagman Gaidos

Patrice Ridgway Gallagher Elizabeth Shaw Gescheidle Debbie deFrances Hannigan

Margaret Smith Holzmann

Jan Susan Jablonski

Joellen Palazzolo Killion

Patricia Thomas Moore

Melissa Denning Perez

Janet Phlegar

Jill Brouwer Powell

Ramona Marshall Raybin

Gail Gibiser Sanderson

Peggie Schiller

Suzanne Marie Smulsky

Natalie Erin Stenman

Mary Huetteman Stone

Heather Hove Taylor

Marilyn Amos Wildes

Janet Stewart Wilson Helen Yu Elizabeth Rountree Zaebst

Michigan Delta

Albion College


Susan Jean Lane


Carol Becker Edwards Sarah Kinyon Epskamp Anne Rigby Haley Jane Gronback Vander Ven

Michigan Epsilon

Western Michigan University


Christina Hall Finkler

Michigan Gamma

Michigan State University


Bunny A. Hultman

Nancy Doerner Latta


Lynn Seeber Wentzel Hallee Winnie


Judith Larwood Hegg


Ruth Henderson Graham

Jackie Rush Harbour Gayle Badley Mimnaugh


Nancy Huff Allen Pam Duggan Blake Rosanne Cornillie Bloomer

Jill Barrett Burnside Jean Hess Clark Stephanie Holderness Davidson Amy Carolin Ebbing

Marilyn Marston Englesbe Dorann Gould Fleming Marci Michelle Flowers

Julia Furtaw

Judith Meyer Grischke

Susan McDowell Hathaway Melissa Hanson Howell Irene Barnes Jankowsky

Olivia Anne Kennedy Heather Maxwell Lossing Kathy Aho Lytle

Rebekah Billington McMullan Alicia Johnson McNeely Stacey Lane Mills

Cassidy Anne Nieves Jessica Wojno Osborne Judith Louise Reich Melissa Forshey Schwind Deb Hawkins Susi Barbara Hall Terepin* Ann Taylor Tommelein Cynthia Benezette Werner Lynda Wolfinger Woodson

Minnesota Alpha University of Minnesota


Amy Elizabeth Dahl

Jill Ingvalson Fischer Anna Haag Sabiston


Wende Robinson Kotouc


Shannon Fenlon Mather


Kari Erickson Gill

Jana Penk Kieper

Jane Moening Kleinsasser

Becky Schwartz Knutson Alisa Brooks Rudlang Kelly Wellner Schuna Joan Velie Semmer

Susie Elling Shuler Andrea B. Walling


Arrow Society $10,000 or more Crest Society $5,000–9,999

Loyalty Society $2,500–4,999

Evelyn Peters Kyle Society $1,000–2,499 Carnation Society $500–999

Trustee Society $250–499

Friends Society $1–249


Teresa Mary Battaglia Sharon Battis

Susan Mogck Block Roxann R. Goertz

Mary Ellen Locken Olson Jessica Olson Perez Allison O’Neill Tunheim


Barbara Tennis Gehring Kari Nestaval Singleton Wendy Jo Wildung


Marlyse Ferguson Burton Darcy Rae Dahl

Kelly Huston Flaherty Bridget O’Keefe Gidley Jane-Anne Kirt Hill Karen Huebscher Kane Shelley Seestedt Page Colleen Murphy Penwell Lesli Kravetz Rubin Carolyn Lamothe Tatum

Mississippi Alpha

University of Southern Mississippi

EVELYN PETERS KYLE SOCIETY Faye Cardwell Hollingsworth


Kaela Barnicle

Rachel Elizabeth Benefield-Pfaff Sandie Fowler Dellacroce Myra Gilmore Dickson

Katrina Farris Dotson

Mary Kay Loflin Drury

Catherine Amanda Hill Virginia Caroline Hollingsworth C.J. Smith Patton

Louan Ferrell Pevey

Donna Margaret Schmidt-Wright

Cynthia Lacy Stephens

Alexis Tymkiw Stoner

Janet Slade Taylor

Jane Perkinson Wayland

Evelyn Hill Wilber

Mandy Michelle Witcher

ANNUAL GIVING 2021–2022 | 39
* Deceased

Mississippi Beta University of Mississippi


Nancy Stasiak Carden Jamie Latture Collier Honey Henderson Owens Tate Russell Beth Williston Webb


Gail Thompson Collins Mary McPhaul Hoagland Gena Milliken Jennings


Gwen O’Neal Anderson Anonymous Sheri Parker Bankston Nancy Sissell Bridges Leah Ann Hurley

Elizabeth Spiller McLaughlin Sharon Iupe Moseley


Sharron Marshall Alexander Wendy Reynolds Beard

Lynne Johnson Durham Emory McGinnis Eison Kendall Shiffler Guinn

Jennye Wilson Heidelberg Marlene Westfaul Holmes Antoinette Terrell James Megan Fahrmeier Kelley Cindi Mabrey Livingston Janet Smith Meeks Suzanne Skipton Shelton Janet Dubuisson Williams


Allison Fletcher Baker Debbie Bean Campbell Shelley Ann Cary Melzana McMillan Fuller Kara Giessner Garces Ginny Blazick Gilbert Jennifer McRae Gordon Becky Flemmons Herren Peggy McClure Lyons Susan Hadley Maynor

Mary Virginia Wilson Merithew Ida Marie Iupe Miller Cindy Vermilya Trammell


Karlie Guta

Tina Tomlinson Theodore


Sarah Brooke Gober Bishop Ashley Eley Cannady

Carol Ann Middlebrook Carter Natalie Ruth Comer Lisa Ann Compton

Cathy Filson Cooper Angie Pinion Crawford

Erin Dawson Ruth Conway Fly Carli Elena Glenn Cheryl Caffey Hayward Katie Becker Hoffman Suzanne Malone Lesley Gunn Miller Olivia Holland Minahan Heather Sansone Rosado Catherine Conlon Sanders Susie Miller Sneed Nancy Magee Speed Nellani Star Sullivan Madeline Joy Tackeberry Cia Stewart Tompkins Jennifer Moss Weathersby Pam Connor Webb

Mississippi Gamma

Mississippi State University

TRUSTEE SOCIETY Jordan Dodson Westerfield


Caitlin Rose Lesley Mary Katherine McGowan Mary Kate Katherine McGowan Lindsey Martie Scheetz

Missouri Alpha University of Missouri


Dee Danford Acuff Anne O’Connell Albrecht Kara Kessinger Brittingham Julie McKittrick Engelbrecht Amy McGregor Jurgensmeyer Susan Consalus Miller

Gretchen Dawn Stockdale

Lisa Beliles Walsh Paige Schroeder Yost


Lynne Stevenson Davis Markie Cook Rankin


Becky Bihr Brown

Annie Elizabeth Jurgensmeyer Kristin Buhl Sheehan Cheryl Bartlett Stephens


Joanne Hunt Hook Michelle Gampper Maxwell Elizabeth Transou Solberg Kristy Lynn Weber Mary Guinan Wilson


Charlotte Wornall Kirk Margaret Burfeind Minear Rochelle Bartel Stringer


Catherine Ann Allen Allison Buhl Dodge Toni O’Connor Elliott Carol Haddenhorst Goldenhersh Barbara Hemphill Katey Newell Hobbs Betsy West McCune Melissa Azar Nagus


Cindy Crawford Black Libby Gilkison Cannon Michelle Wiltz Clemovich Betty Ann Cortelyou Candice Towns Culivan Rea McLelland Dochtermann Merry Greene Gnaegy Katie Ingels Gusewelle Jean Welsh Honan Jan Jeans Hooten Trudy O’Connor Iannucilli Pat Wright Langdon* Janet Feist LeLacheur Lucy Brown Peterson Kathleen Moore Pinnell Karen Consalus Price

Sue Kingsley Robinson Lisa Matlock Roszell Mary Unger Roy Kristin Rugen Kalie Pagel Russo Katharine Kessinger Snapp Dee Hartley Troester

Nancy Zemany West Trela Edwards White Valerie Kountzman Whitney Janice Walters Wiley

Missouri Beta

Washington University


Jayme Lawson Durkee Susan Bernadette Promes


June Thursby Siegerist


Lise Byars-George Eileen Bechtold Carlson Lora Howard Collier Carolyn Metzger Harmon Susan Lynn Harris Kay Hammond Hazel Mara Kelley

Mary Alice Pieske Long Katherine Bevill Lupo

ANNUAL GIVING 2021–2022 | 41

Stephanie Anne Marshall

Melanie Rueter Newbill

Sue Marshall Reed

Vandarra Robbins

Carol Weston Roberts Mary Eastham Vasconcelles Terry McIlvaney Whittemore

Missouri Gamma

Drury University


Caitlin Pierce Kissee Marla Helms Storm


Saunny Burks Lynch Karen Diesing White


Jo Ann Playter Bray Roxanne Edelman Campbell Jo-Alice Nichols Davis

Martha Harrison Fay La Trisia Kinney Heard

Cindi Arnett Hemm

Allison Scott Jackson Cynthia Lais

Susan Marcum Pingelton Kathy Blumfelder Schmieg

Stephanie Anne Shadwick

Wendy Brown Smith Meleah Lynn Spencer Samantha A. Williams

Montana Alpha

Montana State University

ARROW SOCIETY Marla Battle Schroeder


Jamie Feist Daniels Korinne Hague Rice


Patricia Kelley Nicholls


Kay Irene Barsness Deane Lacey Reid Grant Maurine Hager Jones

Mary Holekamp Van Winkle


Laura Lockwood Asbell

Margie Davis Barnes

Lisa Bender

Cynthia Jean Chauner-Niendorf Tyre Conrey Concagh

Pam Lammers deCalesta

Gail Rodenberg Dugan

Deborah Rathert Fisher

Carol O’Connell Foote

Nicole Jones Galloway Linda Warnecke Henderson Rainey Peuse Kellogg Jean Meuli Kunz Marilyn McCollum Lewis Audrey Shaw Melone Georgann Lindvig Reel Kim Schulke

Jill Hanley Vail Jane Butler vonBirgelen

Nebraska Beta University of Nebraska

ARROW SOCIETY Gina Garrison Jones


Mary Ann Behlen Hruska Ann McDaniel Stinson Karen Sulley Thorn


TRUSTEE SOCIETY Lyndsey Redding Howe Kristine Kluck Sobering


Jan S. Amundson Brenda Butler Nancy Hemphill Dawson Alicia Kelley Dittenber Karen Wade Dolan Janice Shrader Falk Mary Shonsey Focht Michele Drew Gleason Jennifer Krajicek Haase Laura Slatinsky Hale Catherine Cleveland Heckmann Amee Onken Hoiekvam Melissa Sue Huffman Susan Rentz Johnson Sarah Steinmeyer Krause Gail Overholt Krenzer Sonja Barton Loar Pamela Nelson Luedke Nancy Mossman McConnell Glenda Luff Nelson

Patricia Rolfs O’Brien

Tanya Marie Rodecker-Wendt Desiree Luckey Rohling Maureen Jenelle Sherlock Audra Sue Willett

Jacqueline Haun Wilson Lori Pasonault Zagorski

Nebraska Gamma

Creighton University


Denise Barry Margie Borges

Alexandria Sutton Ganzermiller Nicola Caldecott Lodes Kate Malloy Maddock

Nevada Alpha University of Nevada


Elisabeth Mayer Garcia

TRUSTEE SOCIETY Heidi Dankel Bible


Myram Borders Megan Nenzel Brown Cheryl Guio Eikelberger Sheila Dwyer Erdos Winnie Tam Fukuda Suzanne Stoker Jensen Catherine Regan Kelly Cassandra Senner Frances Batt Thiercof Leslie Kraemer Todd

New Jersey Alpha Princeton University


FRIENDS SOCIETY Remy Aileen Makiko Fisher

New Mexico Alpha University of New Mexico


Julia Buckingham Edelmann Shannon Kimbrough Luce Sonnet Goodenough McKinnon Shannon Rainosek-Hurley

TRUSTEE SOCIETY Belle Harrison Fair


Alex Doyle Beach Barbara Brown Caton Mary Ellen Caughren Jessica M. Chavez

Martha Tedrow Conway Penny Cross Elkins Alexandra Roark Gaskin Paula Holland Grieves Jan Holland Hickey

Laura Justus Esther Larsen Katherine Luce Betty Jo Block Marder Patsy Lee Nesbitt Carrie Young Ortiz Cheryl Lynn Paterson Joan Weeks Perry


Constance Rabe Schreiber

Elisabeth Peirce Schultz

Gina Szabo

Sara Lynn Wheeler

Michel Roessler Young

New Mexico Beta

New Mexico State University


Sharon Abeyta-Levey Bimi Lane Huebner

Janet Jones Jenkins Tamara Hayes Joslin Susan McFerron Laird

Heather Wilson Miller Lisa Rede Roman


Catherine Ann Crichton-Reed


Kim Dawn Archuleta Sandy Janssen Cook

Catherine Crane D’Anna Cristina Moody Lenko

Susan Jones Milden

Marjie Mitchell Prisco Catherine Zelkowski

New York Alpha

Syracuse University


Fran DeSimone Becque Katie Wallis Goetzmann Margaret Steele Harvey


Elizabeth Levy Gula


Christine Marie Corrigan Susie Quinlan Hackett Phebe Baner Novakovic


Jody Morse Al-Saigh Adrienne Saulnier Becker Mary-Lynne Miller Bird Mary Lahey Dybas

Carolyn Rogers Ellis

Susan Christian Fraley

Gina B. Gutman

Courtney Leonard Kuhn

Patricia Dunn Moriarty

Gay Johnston Place

Geraldine Kufta Ripton

Lisa D. Sisterhenm

Victoria Rogers Smith

Joyce Lippincott Smith

Jane Frye Sorenson

Nina Rayfield Tate Sherilyn Faircloth Van Orden Katie Elizabeth Walpole

New York Delta Cornell University


CARNATION SOCIETY Betsy Daniels Graseck

TRUSTEE SOCIETY Marj Bock Klar Dorinda Larkin McNamara


Carolyn Carlson Blake Elisabeth Kaplan Boas Patty Bahr Breslin

Nancy McConnell Davidian Susan Kuschner Ende-Feinberg Janet Hoffsis Hayes

Barbara Jones Jenkins

Emily Preston Kimball Laurel Mackie Kruke Anne Markley Mays Sydney Clark Menger Sue Peery Moore Mishtu Mukherjee* Susan Hills Murphy Sumee Oh Carol Edlund Pierce Lynette Turner Prosser Laura Dake Roche Ellen Patricia Roche Carolyn Hill Rogers Rebecca Lindsley Shuford Marjorie Nelson Smart Tracy Furner Stein Lynn Waddell Tyre Cecelia Anne Vitullo Michelle Langas Woodley

New York Epsilon

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


CARNATION SOCIETY Terri Anderson Quick


Allyson Lara Bower-Willner Jessica Wiggs Brunty Yvette Ruiz Hober MaryJo Sorrentino Kerrigan Robin M. Vogel

New York Eta

New York University

LOYALTY SOCIETY Kathleen Meriano

TRUSTEE SOCIETY Kristin Rachel Zemke


Arrow Society $10,000 or more

Crest Society $5,000–9,999

Loyalty Society $2,500–4,999

Evelyn Peters Kyle Society $1,000–2,499

Carnation Society $500–999

Trustee Society $250–499

Friends Society $1–249


Cindy Kim Vivian Long Shah Gabriella Lyn Tutson

New York Gamma

St. Lawrence University


Kathleen Wytrych Gray



Joann Page Brown Christina Marie Carfagno-Buck Catherine Savage Crandell Anastasia Shakliks Croteau Sharon Lee Czernecki Sharon Dibble Halpin Barbara Direnga Hart Kristine Zagrobelny Klincewicz Susan Gertrude Lane

Sylvia Ryan Miller Barbara Beyer Plokhooy Kelly Gaydusek Prendergast Lorraine E. Sloma-Konicki Patricia Conly Tufenkjian

New York Zeta

Colgate University


Debbie Sun Wang


Nikki Truman Harding Lindsay Youker Levy

North Carolina Alpha

University of North Carolina


Cheryl Brown Sykes


Lee Harris Ballenger Joday Litton Blevins Lavinia Price Boyd

Natalie Mayo Deak Charlotte Winstead Dunlap Kay Boortz Farrell Judith Albergotti Hines Harriet T. Holderness

ANNUAL GIVING 2021–2022 | 43
* Deceased

Carolyn Kingsley Holmes

Sarah Jane Nicholson Inglis

Ginger Vann King

Megan Blankemeyer List

Mary Preyer Oglesby

Anne Townsend Overman Chan Poyner Pike

Gretchen Spangler Rotondo Alicia Middleton Stephens

North Carolina Beta

Duke University


Carol Inge Warren


Mary Alice Classen Tinari


Renie Lilly McCutchen

Laurie Anne Williams


Mary Mead Hamill


Jennifer Dunston Bohannon Lynnsay Anne Buehler

Betsy Strawn Bullard

Jan Lee Warne Cacheris

Myrna Pope Cummings Sarah Crittenden D’Alonzo Andrea Hammerschmidt Felkins Julia Caudle Fields

Betsy Jett Gaske

Katie Mason Jones Lauren Starr Kremers Elizabeth Ann Leep Jennifer McCracken New Ruth Goodrich Partlow Capie Allyn Polk

Nancy Joyce Rawlings Janice Medley Sherman Mary Rhamstine Spain

Patricia Peyton Truitt Karen Collins West Libby Downes Wilson

North Carolina Delta

North Carolina State University


Nix Lynn Kramer


Lisa Michelle Jeffries


Lauren Elizabeth Garlinghouse

Abby Mae Montanus

Abby Lynn Palamountain

Riley Anne Pittman

Hannah Grace Polizzi Nikki Taylor

North Carolina Gamma Wake Forest University


FRIENDS SOCIETY Elaine Ortoleva Youngblood

North Dakota Alpha University of North Dakota

EVELYN PETERS KYLE SOCIETY Lacie Drogen Baumgartner Sandi Boschee Bishop




Margaret Sophia Aker Renee Lean Atkinson Marlene Thompson Bang Elizabeth Sorum Carpenter Patricia Brown Dockter Virginia Kiesau Eelkema Deanna Olsen Farnam Sara Gay Garland Sandra Fleischfresser Glass Jayne Mosser Harkins Jackie Hoge Huber Andrea Erickson Johnson Christie Pearl Lane Gloria Quesnel Lesher Pat Gronowski Mackowiak Kathleen Christensen McCardle Pamela Midboe-Penn Jean Bjerke Pederson* Kimberly Johnson Rustad Jackie Gumeringer Subart Karen Mund Ury

Nova Scotia Alpha

Dalhousie University

FRIENDS SOCIETY Mary Macdonald Orphey

Ohio Alpha Ohio University


Jane McNeill George Terre McFillen Hall Sharon McCloy Jacob




Carolyn Colbert Alison Kimberly Suzanne Anderson Kathleen Anderson Baines Meagan Marie Brown Eileen Wagner Fowler Carol Downing Green Muffy Clutter Hirselj Jeannine Gottfried Hissong Johanna Bayly Howe Janice Basilone Hundt Shani Alge Hursh Julie Sabatino Jennison Pamela Ann Koehler Lisa Lenartowicz McCabe Tamara Spangler McDonald Michele McCray Meehan Patricia Nolan Noonan Pamela Jeanne Pierce Kathy Keefe Pottschmidt Linda Masucci Rossman Peggy Sheard Sayers Melissa Dates Schmidt Anne Laskowski Schwing Jane Sembric Nancy Arthur Smetts Sara Thornhill Soller Terri Morris Stagi Pamela Titley Switlik Heidi Reddert Yurkiw Marjorie Cornish Ziska

Ohio Beta

The Ohio State University


Ruth Dunlap Will


Pamela Parker Gartin Amanda Jo Sulc Diane Strock Vanden Dorpel


Rhoma Van De Mark Berlin Nancy Kuyper Lashutka


Joan Hullfish Bailey

Susan Marie Basinger Sue Allison Brady Kathryn Joslin Braun Sonia Phipps Brokaw Nancy Gibson Clayton Kathy Drenan Cole Kathleen Cooper Kendrick Christine Broyles Costas Sonya McCoy Dahl Joanne Dilley Dannemiller Donna Whisman Denney Laurie Ann Dowley Megan Alexandra Duerk Susanne Yates Earlabaugh Lindsey Farnham Ein


Many of us don’t realize our Foundation supports every part of the Pi Phi member experience. Just a little bit from each of us will make a big difference for Pi Phi. Whatever amount you are able to give is multiplied by the collective support from other sisters and donors. You, along with your sisters, are giving back to an organization that has been a life changer for all of us.”


Kathryn Baker Emrick

Sandra Hull Ferguson

Molly Maidlow Frantz

Jacqueline Groeschen Terri Fyock Haddock JoAnn Grill Hagopian

Susan Conway Himes Mary Folsom Keller Donna Sell Kohlhepp Lori Alicia Leduc Brittany Sitz Martell Kay Cottingham McCormick Jane Jackson O’Shaughnessy Carol Bloom Pearson Nancy Shuman Pickard Sandra Lynn Pond Suzanne Schiff Reid Susan Logan Rentz Judith Morrison Robinson Janet Rader Rote Cindy Smith Schneible Joan Sherfel

Margaret Willman Shimp Patricia Blackburn Slaman Marilyn Dickey Smith Betty Jo Dean Stevens Maureen Licursi Taylor Barbie Oliver Tootle Julie Sabroff Willoughby Nancy Pfeifer Winters Pat Ford Wray

Ohio Delta

Ohio Wesleyan University


Betsy Baldwin Whitney


Susan Williams Bauer Mary Ellen Schill Bennett Margaret Dodd Chatlain Vicki Rosenberger Cichocki Betsy Strother Davis Elaine Weed Davis

Helen Evans Fernald

Maryjane Miller Hotaling Cheryl Lynn Houk Jane Anderson Johns Marcy Metivier Pearson Carolyn Strecker Sharp Cameron Adams Soroko Adelaide Grimm Thompson Martha Becker Valen

Ohio Epsilon

University of Toledo


Karen Anne Gunther Anne Oehler Palmer



Alexis Baker Pickrell Carolyn Lake Yenrick


Teresa Hochreiter Brittain Jacqueline Bassett Cummings Angela Ligibel Dandar Lois R. Gerwin-Hoover Ashley Citraro Gibson Jen Gray-Catera Cathleen Duszynski Heidelberg Barb Bertke Holdcroft

Patricia Stephens Horne Marty Bruce Kupsky

Bonnie Little

Barbara Woodham Lochen Ella Meade Lockshin

Rebecca Angelbeck Muellers Claudia Grover Multer

Patricia Westcott Novak Belinda Guzman Russell Gina Johnson Skolmowski Connie Pierce Tracy

Ohio Eta

Denison University

LOYALTY SOCIETY Leisa Ebeling Lowrey


Dana Hart

CARNATION SOCIETY Allyson Smith Aldrich


Karin Schlassa Barnes Valerie Siegel Bertoglio Carolyn Stanton Calnan Elizabeth Williams Daugherty Barbara Braeutigam Denison Lucinda Lee Evans Meg Reading Goetz Martha Griffin-Weis Laura Clough Redmond Teri Kirk Rolph Holly Williams Thomas

Ohio Iota

University of Dayton


Patricia Burke

FRIENDS SOCIETY Sara Beuerlein Nations

Ohio Kappa

University of Cincinnati

CARNATION SOCIETY Bethany Johnson Soper

FRIENDS SOCIETY Chelsea Madeline Courtney Rebecca Marie Sites

ANNUAL GIVING 2021–2022 | 45

Ohio Lambda

Case Western Reserve University


Aquene Rose Kimmel Angel Bai Tang

Ohio Theta

Bowling Green State University


Lori Ann Franklin


Tiffany Mitchell Senn


Marisa Joanne Abbott Pamela Buxton Bretz

Shelley Fletcher Chovan Andrea Gaspardino Kovachy Chrissie Marias Lammers Ashley Boarts Lewis Jessica Bradburn Loucks

Deborah Dunn Ross Karen Lynn Stewart

Ohio Zeta

Miami University


Kim OBrien


Tally Smith Witmer


Marcia Korfhage Lockman


Robin Howse Anstaett Amy Allison Bartter Kathleen Toomey Famiglietti Susan Hofstetter Courtney Rollauer Izquierdo Mary Ann Rudyk Jermann Eleanor Sweeney Mallory Cindi Green Munday Megan Lynn Murphy Carolyn Sawin Osborne

Pamela Lee Perry Kelly Carson Raies Jeanie Grimm Vickroy Heather Glatt Winsby Sara Tjoflat Wyatt

Oklahoma Alpha

University of Oklahoma


Lou Ann Montgomery Carter

Sally Rahe Thomas


Carol Elizabeth Blakey Betty Staggs Huckabay

Peggy Bookhout Sisson Myra Gungoll Ward Sally Sewell Wightman


Cindy Simmons Schaefer Betty Huff Seay Missy Berry Simmons


Susan Davis Brody Holly Kinkade Hemphill Denise Reed Hensley Kristen Rains Hillis Jane Lake Porter Sally Brittain Saunders


Renee Adams

Sissy Phillips Austin Joan Smith Borden Annie Elizabeth Bradshaw

Abby Elise Cain

Allison Grace Cain

Peggy Steward Cain Karen Smith Carlson Bets Bernhard Carrico

Katy Monroe Civins Stefani Scott Connel

Stephanie Adams Davis Cathy Sayre Davis Dee Ann Whitnah Gastineau Sarah Helin Gross Roberta Akin Haus

Carol Rodgers Hewitt Joan Ellet Hogge Ann Bingaman Jacobs Nancy Clabaugh Laughbaum Bette Burke MacKellar Terry Reid Magill Ruth Hutton McGrail Kris Ratcliff McKnight Julie Newton McLaughlin Cirrelda Barnard Mills Cynthia Ruff O’Connor Kathy Machel Quigley

Jenny Lanier Schafer Criss Holloway Scruggs Anna Marie Hughes Sellers Mary Pat Abbott Sharon Cynthia Parker Smith Ann Forrester Suydam Linda Schmidt Thompson Sheri Reinauer Waugh Mary Kirk Wenger Kathy Ann Wilson-Gold


Arrow Society $10,000 or more

Crest Society $5,000–9,999

Loyalty Society $2,500–4,999

Evelyn Peters Kyle Society $1,000–2,499

Carnation Society $500–999

Trustee Society $250–499

Friends Society $1–249

Oklahoma Beta

Oklahoma State University


Jennifer Johnson Allen Martha Posey Burke Julie Polk Connelly Betty Small Crow Nancy Payne Ellis Melanie Fentriss Hanebaum Sherry Wilson Healey Kathy May Kempf Shelly Hamm Lambertz Janice Worthington Lisko Haley Cosner Merritt Carol Edwards Owens Barbie Edwards Paige Jan Turner Polk Michel Thompson Julie Pick Vaughn


Brooke Marie Bollenbach Aulena Scearce Gibson Jamie Janota Matlock Lela Bennett Sullivan Kaci Shipley Trojan Staci Moss Wekenborg


Nancy Allison Jay Cathryn Bruns Render


Jenifer Rolston Bartley Jane Fitzpatrick Boudreau Leslie Anne Buford Stacey Ford Butterfield Susan Edwards Cuellar Barbara Gabriel George Carla Gaither Jeffrey Robin Hrabe Offill Lynn Ridge Peacher Dee Rippetoe Richardson Beverly Cregg Schafer Sue White Shellabarger Mary Loy Tatum Sue Schedler Winterringer


Erin Hoffman Cambern Courtney Risner Earnest Mary Sue Thomas Hill*

ANNUAL GIVING 2021–2022 | 47
* Deceased

Jill Whitney Long

Jo Ann Minor Roderick

Angie Anderson Vaughan


Rachel Greeson Harper Cat Wills Thompson


Amy Holloman Adams Connie Graves Alexander Gladeen Burris Allred Karen Brewer Anderson Julia Brock Auer Sarah Coley Blackledge Jolie Janae Britt

Colette Denney Buxton Frances Davis Carlton Christine Hieger Carter Hayley Zimmerman Creecy Andrea Hood Davis

Donna Coffman Dawson Kari Pitman DeLier

Jane Leonard Earnest

Kimberly Kerrigan Ferguson

Jennifer Reid Grigsby Kay Smith Guleke

Lynda McFarlane Haller Katherine Ruby Haney

Judith Finn Haynie Tara Condry Landgraf Cecilia Reinauer Larsen Linda West Ligon

Janet Terrill Main Dana Downing McElroy Trina Russo Medley Betty Gail Mitchell Jeannine Blevins O’Bannon Leslie Paris

Linda Burrows Priest Mary Washington Reneau Anne Larason Schneider Shannon Strain Schultheis Gerre Leffler Schwert Kerry O’Keefe Shepard

Christina Gray Staufenberger Britt Edith Taylor

Marilyn Short Thompson Heather Roth Webb Cheryl Hoppe West

Ontario Alpha University of Toronto


Ontario Beta Western University

FRIENDS SOCIETY Lorna McKinney Goshman Melissa Holden

Ontario Gamma University of Guelph



Amanda Caitlin Cruise Laura Caeris Duncan

Oregon Alpha University of Oregon

EVELYN PETERS KYLE SOCIETY Maja Tanaka Berge Kim Barger Durand

TRUSTEE SOCIETY Joann Morrison Maletis Whitney Willis Visger


Beth Waggoner Aust Mikayla Rose Ballard Pam Stout Borgman Linda Beardsley Brawner Weronika Natalia Budak Nancy Leaverton Caughlan Shelley Arnold Cockburn Lisa Critchlow

Jackie Robertson DeKoning Sue A. Devoe

Wendy Meyer Dopp Donna Lory Draper Marcia Cook Gartrell Amy Becher Gish Jan Allen Halverson

Mary Lund Herman Clara Hollin-Allen Marilyn Turner Link Jennifer Wright LoPrete Barbara Gilmore McCoy Helen Brunell Mineau Barbi Monroe Nelp Janet Johnson Niklaus Linda Maletis Poggi Cherie Collier Rice Anna Brunell Schep Bridget Weitman Sitton Julie Lung Sorenson Marisa Strauss Stribling Julia Tucker Susan Hubbard Vidos

Oregon Beta

Oregon State University


Trena Stewart Becker Schabahn Straughan Day Kaye Bailey Loughmiller


Barbara McGrew Bergreen Mary Bell Fox Blackstone Alison Burcham Debra Ward Burks Jane Ackerman Fairbanks Kami Smith Hammerschmith Marianne McMillan McClenaghan Mary Lou Edlefsen McCormick Amaryllis Swanson McSwain Jane Connell Melhuish Jeannie Marie Mikulic Amy Hathaway Nobel Susan Hufford Poole Shirley Damon Portouw Debra Holm Ritchey Sue Ramis Thompson Marsha Holbrooke Winters

Oregon Delta

Portland State University

EVELYN PETERS KYLE SOCIETY Michele Wilding Eichermueller

I leaned on my sisters for emotional support and was able to grow through a tough chapter in my life. Having a group of friends who are there to send a positive note your way or make you laugh when life gets hard is one of my favorite things about Pi Phi.” — HAILEY LAUBSCHER, WISCONSIN ALPHA “

Oregon Gamma

Willamette University


Kellee A. Casebeer


Susie Weber Baker

Julie Ellen Branford Colleen Spelman Nistler Sande Elisabeth Schweier


Paula Ann Emerick Carolyn Much Reil

TRUSTEE SOCIETY Barbra Boyen Littrell


Sue Andresen

Stephanie Fields Bentley Amy Stager Bullard

Leslie Lee Dailey Karen Schweppe Dyck Debbie Fischer Faulkner Dianne Slater Gregoire Victoria Hull Hazelrig Elinor O. Lindquist Thea Christensen O’Leary Priscilla Doupe Palanuk Myrna Hoy Royal Catherine Christensen Siri Marian Hauke Thom Sharon J. Usher Olga Honchariw Vose Marie Metke Westom

Pennsylvania Beta

Bucknell University

ARROW SOCIETY Carol Malesardi Litwak



Fannie Wood Brown* Joann Golightly Brown* Sharon Lee Burley

Michelle Rivlin Gee Susan Williams Gessner Colleen Leahy Hawkins

Lisa Patty Carol Rheam Tevis

Pennsylvania Epsilon

Pennsylvania State University


Fran Pileggi Cardaci


Michelle Stewart Baker Carleen Louise Duque Christine Petri Hadlow Kaye Hower Krum

Lynette Jones Larson Ruth Good Maiolo Abbey Marie Moehler Carol Longaker Shuttleworth Janice Strickler

Pennsylvania Eta

Lafayette College



Kristin Anderson Yasmeen Khaleel Miller Betsy Hughes Phillips Mary Beth Sfraga Kate Gordon Taylor

Pennsylvania Gamma

Dickinson College



TRUSTEE SOCIETY Elizabeth Grazioli Carberry


Janet Cashman Barth Rebecca Simmons Davies Karen Neely Faryniak Barbara Lynn Faulkner Susan Greenawalt Frey Heather Geist Nancy Toher Hawkins Judith Northam Oppasser Audrey Owens Judith Elder Rogers Marge Edwards Sentiwany Mary Beth Wood

Pennsylvania Iota

University of Pennsylvania


FRIENDS SOCIETY Michele Tereschuk Pelley

Pennsylvania Kappa

Lehigh University

FRIENDS SOCIETY Brooke Catherine Hunstein Jennifer Dickensheets Tillinghast

Pennsylvania Theta

Villanova University


FRIENDS SOCIETY Katherine Cimei Meghan Farley Elizabeth Morgan Lindsey Elizabeth Pohl Emily Beck Wood

Pennsylvania Zeta

Washington & Jefferson College



Nancy Killen Bryant Bethany Sage Curtis Gabrielle Nicole Feldman Sarah Elizabeth Iaquinta Sandra Weigel Kokal Susan Jonnatti Maxwell Carol Obringer Verbick

South Carolina Alpha

University of South Carolina

CREST SOCIETY Joanne Flowers Duncan

LOYALTY SOCIETY Sarah R. Mullis Sharon Edwards Schachter

EVELYN PETERS KYLE SOCIETY Mardy Lynn Kramer Stephanie Adair Vickery Mary Collar Wall Patricia Parler Wyman


FRIENDS SOCIETY Elizabeth Bowe Anders Anita Soltis Dickerson Julia Hydrick DuBois Anne McNeely Forest Tatum Leigh Greene LeAnn Jeanette Haga Jo Anne Green Henry Susanne Hathaway Hite

Laura Weyrick Hughes Sue Carol Hungate Sue Anne Irwin Jamie Young McCulloch Ruth Henderson McIntyre Sarah Mae Moore

Michele Ann Munyon Sara Najjar-Wilson Katie Rolin

ANNUAL GIVING 2021–2022 | 49

Glenn Millsap Rose McFaddin Jennifer Brooke Shehan

South Carolina Beta

Clemson University


Melissa Phillips Fritz

Paige Ramsden Peterson


Nelly Welsch


Judy Jaworski Mettke


Ellen Pruit Adams

Laura Johnson Albaneze Wynn Glotfelty Byrne

Julia Hoffman Eveker

Toy Skipper Glennon Beth Ann Viering Grant

Margaret Lewis Harned

Pamela Muse Kipreos

Tali Moore Martin

Audrey Cecile McDonald

Renee Krans Rountree

Sharon Richey Vicars

Liz Grabka Vigrass Emily Moorman Zinaich

South Dakota Alpha University of South Dakota


Patrice Harvey Graham Nell Williams Luce

Carol McKee Phillips Amy Lorenzen Southerland


Marilyn Hine Wagner


Tracy Warren Gawryk Linda McCahren Graham Alison Jeanette Pilgrim


Marlyce Eiesland Buch

Faith Bowen Bury

Lily Christian

Mary Lynn Collins

Jacquelyn Evenson DeVries

Rachel Rickenbach Edelen

Judy Ogden Fabian

Jacqualyn Gist Fuller

Paula Worster Hansen

Deb Bangasser Hansen

Tanya Marie Harris

Kristine Ellen Heine

Mary Jo Dunker Kelly

Nancy Anderson Kjellsen

Joni Ellis Lambert

Janet Fahrni Mehlhoff

Sabra Ann Millett

Heather Francis Oldford Sarah Smith Schumacher

Beverly Beatty Schwartz Heather Marie Taylor Katey Ann Ulrich Jeanne Thorne Weiland Sarah Hirsch Wittmuss

Tennessee Alpha

University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

CARNATION SOCIETY Barbara Bittner Hakkio


Susan Compton Carpenter Susan Loose Chester

Karen Scealf McKinney-Wilson

Donna Broom Morgan Laura Craig Mullinax Barbara Dalton Warner Ann Martin Woody

Tennessee Beta

Vanderbilt University


Fiona Cherry Meredith Katherine Morrill Dorothy Goodson Snowden


TRUSTEE SOCIETY Suzie Straight Harris


Dianne Phillips Albrecht Linda Rogers Buermann Alice Harris Byars Margot Steenland Cater Aliya Haque Coher

Betty Pirtle Daugherty

Jackie LaPan Edgerton Michelle Pickholz Eickelbeck

Virginia Bland Fry

Catherine Turner Graves

Sally Jo Hale

Susan Trafton Hamer

Julie Boring Harrell

Judy Wood Moeller

Winnie Duncan Nofsinger

Elizabeth Craig Parkinson

Lauren Gilmer Rigby

Randall Sears Rosenberg Jolyn West Scheirman

Bonnie Anne Seay

Amy Anderson Sergent Beth Elizabeth Silcox Linda Leckie Sinsar

Kara Danielle Toister Margaret Corbin Vaughan Cox Nancy Williamson Wasson Barbara Gwartney West Carolyn Close White Evelyn Barnett Wright Carolyn Fisher Yun

Tennessee Delta University of Memphis

CARNATION SOCIETY Sylvia Thayer Ganoung


Lindsay Diane Bell Mary Lu Pendergrast Meixell Pam Crowder Petersen


Sandra Galtelli Brantley Elizabeth Melton Darke Cissa Flanigen Glenn Melissa Thompson Harrison Allison Elizabeth Holden Lacey Thron Lindsey Beverly Mayer Mankey Nanette Longworth Miller Phyllis Crews Moore Joan Poston Nash Kate Schwie Perrine Nancy Jo Weeks Polley Leslie Ramsey Stacks Joanne Sullivan

Tennessee Gamma University of Tennessee


Janet Pierce Davis Kelley Golden Janice Dorsey Hixson Kathy Swinea Nevill


TRUSTEE SOCIETY Anne DeBrocke Leonard


Julia Anne Arnold Caroline Virginia Ayers Yvonne Smejkal Ayers Jeanie Beauchamp Vada Stanley Bogart Phyllis Myers Bostick Ariel Elizabeth Brassil Jacqueline Whitney Buckles Tami Foster Constantine Rene Lisa Gregg April Palmer Hardwick

Mary Ellen Giles Herbert Paula Davis Leachman


Maggie Young Lucy

Bonnie Wilkinson Mark Anne Greever Nolan

Christina Harrison Ohmer

Mary Susan Overend Martha Setzer Payne

Tracy Anne Pesut

Charlotte Smith Petty

Aline Gray Roberts

Betty Lopez Smithgall Meredith Hatsell Stice Rachael Luella White Lisa Russell Wilhite Brenda Napier Wilt

Texas Alpha

University of Texas


Alinda Hill Wikert


Mimi Campbell Cole Mary Pat Zachry Stumberg


Carolyn Scanio Brown

Ginger Coolidge Kelley Suzanne Harris Smith


Trudie Elmore Abbott EmmaClaire Alsept-Ellis

Susan Murray Andrews Camille Webb Atwood Cecilia Haas Barnes Dee Dee Williams Brown Jan Carroll Burroughs Marty Mahaffey Butler Mary Ann Elliott Callender Cam Glauser Canion

Mary Hurst Chaffin Gretchen Dennard Chrane Evans Pipkin Christ Kaki Ferris Cole Claire Squibb Curtin Dee Schuepbach Davis Berkeley Holmes Downie Jenny Arnold Elkins

Mynan Crockett Feldman Kathryn Peninger Hayden

Judy Holmes Hutchison Olive Musgrave Kleberg Fanelle Logue Laughlin Tina Gerth Lyons

Margeaux Lynn Mallick Quay Williams McCall Lynn Jameson McFarland Deborah Kyle McGee

Julie Ann Nelson

Virginia Lawhon Park Elizabeth Ann Phy Lynda Landreth Shropshire Ginny Tannebring Cristia Guess Thomas Mary Lib Vick Thornhill Ruth Winterringer Toler Suzanne Smith Waller Sidney Howell Wilkins

Texas Beta

Southern Methodist University

CREST SOCIETY Ana Mancebo Miller


Mary Lou Iglehart Bookhout Ann Warmack Brookshire Frances Shields Foster Celia Niessen Hunt Lisa Bucher Kennedy


Arrow Society $10,000 or more

Crest Society $5,000–9,999

Loyalty Society $2,500–4,999

Evelyn Peters Kyle Society $1,000–2,499

Carnation Society $500–999

Trustee Society $250–499

Friends Society $1–249

Ann Weaver McDonald D’Ann Dublin Riemer


Julie Carney Josephine Hamilton Hudson Gail Webb Natale Alice Heldenfels Sallee


Ashley Bailey Jackson Regan Cumming Landreth Mary Rose Massey Sam Whitelock Mauldin Emily Russell Tarr


Peggy Seay Allison Mimi Hawkins Blankenship Duffy Pitts Bloemendal Mary Parrott Broussard Gayl Ware Carlberg Cherie Moller Carrabba Jeriann Hill Crawford Marjorie Lucas Currey Laura Laker Doramus Edie Brown Harrington Tricia Buddendorf Harrison Marion Madison Harrison Cathy Bass Hawes Frances Jordan Hearn-Rigney

I first decided to give to our Foundation because of the good work our Fraternity was doing through all our programs. And the fact that our sisterhood— and supporting our sisterhood—was so important to me. Within Pi Phi, everyone is so caring. Everyone is looking out for one another—for their welfare, their education and so much more. When you think about all the good we do with the Friendship Fund, you can see how our Foundation is looking after every sister.”

ANNUAL GIVING 2021–2022 | 51
* Deceased

Cheryl Wright Henry Daniela Therese Hernandez

Joanne G. Hoppe

Dianne Jopling

Betty Keith Sabra Kirkpatrick Missie Brooks Lanham Alice Eshleman Layton Kellie Dragon Lea Kelly Meadows Lodge Haley Jackson Manley Donna Dwelle Marcum Jackie Wendt Martin June Neighbors McAllister Ellen Oliver McDonough Irene Ingram Parsons Dana Sloan Perlman Aeramy Paulseen Porter Rebel Lea Robertson

Susan Elizabeth Salch Lisabeth Michie Scar Pam Schrom Shudes Karla Silas Slade Babs Hartung Smith

Suzanne Gerum Stiles

Janet Myers Taliaferro Betty Olmsted Taylor Sooz Benson Todd Martha Stockley Uhlhorn

Lisa Marie Utasi

Jennifer Johnson Wenzel Ann Greenwood White Jennifer Gapasin Yguico

Texas Delta

Texas Christian University


Sharon Jett


Paula Stroud Brockway Sally Hewell Brown Nancy Almand Crim Carolyn Pavletich Lesh Lauren Tatum Matocha Kim Gatlin Thomas



Peggy Timmons Bergmann Kay Keasler Casper

Alicia Harris Clark

Elizabeth Robinson Day Lynn Beall Forner

Edwina Eargle Fulton Kay Michele Means Harbison Mary Kemmerer Landers

Dawn Bowman Lenzie Margie Young Lilly

Valerie Neal Leigh Mossman Pauling Carolyn Behr Presnall

Amelia Wenzel Reintjes Susan Steele Roach Cissy Laird Thompson Camilla Hightower Viator

Texas Epsilon

University of North Texas

ARROW SOCIETY Kathy Kontor Dougherty

LOYALTY SOCIETY Paula Pace Shepherd

EVELYN PETERS KYLE SOCIETY Linda Roberts Jinneman Sharon Ann Malone Melanie Beck Metzger

CARNATION SOCIETY Jennifer Howry Fadden


Brandon Moyers Cantrell Celia Bennett Entwistle Emily Gross Gorman Sarah Delafosse Harris Brenda Foster Huffman Kim Lotz Kamin Shae Scala Moore Scarlett Perritt

Texas Eta

Texas A&M University

TRUSTEE SOCIETY Laura Carrell Curran Angie Read Gill Stephanie Sneed Langenstein


Michelle Allain Hayes Renee Batterson Laurie Rankin Carl Shelley Rolleg Eastland Bree Klein Griffin Robin Gruen Monica Barrera Humphries Gretchen Kelley Molly Kathleen Lancaster Jacqueline Stubbs Lewis Candyce Crossman Marek Shirley Watson Thomas

Texas Gamma Texas Tech University

ARROW SOCIETY Katie Atkinson Heck

EVELYN PETERS KYLE SOCIETY Sharlotte Jeffcoat Hyde Jo Anne Craver Murdock Betsy Beese Sheridan Chris Mills Verity


Lynne Lancaster Quinn Carrie Brooks Wilkin


Tracy Gilbreath Fenter Helen Sisco Glass Lesley Cole Hedlund Patty Smith Horridge


Sadie Elizabeth Boyles Lou Neely Briley Ava Katheryn Cashiola Amy Cook Rebecca Madole Cornell Shalee Rae Dane Emma Elizabeth Davis Bailey Garland Dietzmann Sharon English Eatherly Marilyn Stonecipher Finer-Collins Sandy Harris Frey Patti Allison Gervey Ashley Allcorn Glass Jenifer Jones Goudeau Sharon Ford Graves Jo Anne Dobbs Hale Alexandra Grace Heard Kaki Gilbreath John Maggie Snider Kahn Sue Peterson Kimbrough Janice Harrod Ledbetter Shelby Elizabeth McDonald Barbara A. McDougal Kendall Grace McGalin Elecive Blair Mellott Martha Kline Montgomery Grace KayAnn Ohmart Kay Holmes O’Jibway Suzanne Easley Patty Beverly Hamlett Perry Tracy Case Pickelman Robin Crawford Ray Maurisa Young Riley Noel Sparkman Rivenes Kate Siegel

Annette Cochran Simon Shirley Stephens Spillman Barbara Owen Thomson Ceci S. Hensley Westmoreland Haley Nicole Wright

Texas Zeta

Baylor University

TRUSTEE SOCIETY Kelsey Nicole Knorr Reagan Nichole Robbins


Lisa Solberg Dow Alli Coats Fithian Kimberly Bright Henderson Judy Locy Wright


Utah Alpha University of Utah


Ann Marie Varanakis


Peggy Eble Baczuk Anamarie Enderlin Bailey Michael Bettin


Kathie Erickson Bridges Margo Christena Fery Krissy Baese Helbling Ashlee Kate Janovak Maria Alberico Morgan Sunny Henderson Reinhold Anne Nate Walker

Vermont Alpha

Middlebury College


Joan Tolley Bassett Helen Dickey Curtis Carolyn Bennett Jackson

Vermont Beta University of Vermont


Judson Niver Allardt Sandra Waugh Lutz Pauline Harrison Millar


Michele Litwack Bell Mary Kay McGuire Conte Beth Nakamaru Eberl Anne Trask Forcier Heather Hitchcock Gabso Dorothy Varney Hill Sarah Humphrey Jaynes Louise King Kester Leslie Caroline Lucchina Lisa Sartorelli Merski Jeanne Newmeyer Michael Beth Ann Nutter-Gamache Laura Olsen Osborne Bonnie Borton Paz Jane Compagna Reggio Janet Ledbury Rueter Kathy Towle Sue Kay Weiss Sharon Louise White

Virginia Alpha

Randolph-Macon Woman’s College


Belmore Hicks Bridgford

Virginia Delta Old Dominion University


Kim Spangler Curtis Elizabeth Martel Monroe Dara Cattani Weiss


Jill Zahratka Archer Toni Cerino Carol McKinley Dudley Michele Robinson Gagliardi Lindsey Germono Glodt Gabriela Maria Grant Karen Ackerman Higgins Jennifer Boretsky Keenan Karen McNeela Martin Anastasia Hamilton Meenach

Virginia Epsilon University of Virginia


TRUSTEE SOCIETY Susy Rivello Ledgerwood


Karen Gilmore Anderson Kel-Ann Sheldon Eyler Amy Feldkamp Gakenheimer Kate Rechter Kamber Sandy Rogowski Lizza Mary Christie McIntyre Elizabeth Kraemer Mettler Laurel Shultz Quinn Michele Weiner Sternberg Emily Lewis Wilkinson

Virginia Eta University of Richmond

EVELYN PETERS KYLE SOCIETY Donna Butterworth Jennifer Windell Hazelton

CARNATION SOCIETY Daria Michelle Luddy Kimberly Horan Rose


Dana Hasten Attlan Wendy Macewen Browning Kathleen Keegan Carpenter Daniella Cortez Cavenagh Kerry Horan Crum Lori Poveromo Haight Ashley Sullivan Hinkle Bridget Boland Kimmel Meredith Coogan Marconi Mimi Carr Mudd Jennifer Elizabeth Nelson Alexis Pope Porter

Beth Gleason Seeber Judith Crowell von Seldeneck

Virginia Gamma

College of William & Mary


Twyla Willey Kulp Patricia Wade Temple


Kathy Burke Dictor Bobbie Wells Lester Margaret Pontius MacKimm Judy Bretana Williamson


Teresa Boykin Anstey Frances Jones Aylor Pat Sanderlin Burton

Jo Lynne Stancil DeMary Amy Orange Finzi

Diane Goodman Gambardella Claire O’Grince Gardner Marguerite Corso Gould Lisa Leonor Grable Geordie Paulus Grant Katherine Binswanger Grubb Carrie Tepper Major Susan King McGrail Eftink Nancy Kidd Payne

Eva Clorisa Phillips Mary Liz Smith Sadler Patricia King Sell

Virginia Iota

George Mason University


Grace Elizabeth Bonnewell Katelyn Elizabeth Waddle

Virginia Theta

Washington & Lee University


Melissa Malone Colvin Christina Lynn Lowry

Jennifer Leigh Mandeville


Allie Harvey Griffin


Suzanne Blum Alford

Rebecca Guynn Langford

Jennifer Shaker Lee

Julia Lauren Miglets-Nelson Bree Melton Muehlbauer

Amanda McConnell Penitz

Sadie Laurel Pruett

Laura A. Purcell

Anna Parris Walker Jenna Elise Walls

ANNUAL GIVING 2021–2022 | 53

Virginia Zeta

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University


Amy Catherine Dailey

Amy Shuart Gingrich

Danielle Melisa Thorsen


Greer Horne


Amy Haugh Dodds


Carla Hall Cuilik Deidre Mae Fitzgerald Deborah Long Gawrylowicz Amy Messner Heffernan Claire Jarvie

Rosemary Hildbold Lloyd Barbara Crable McCay

Holly Means Mariah Raskin

Margaret Baker Russell

Jan Symons Smith

Cara Marie Stombock Mary Lenhart Sutterluety Carrie Rustad Taylor Rachael Tully Caity Elizabeth Warren Kristin Schmidt Wight

Washington Alpha University of Washington


Sandra McCracken Jacobsen Margaret A. Sundberg Kim Kimmy Tomczak


Linda Knutzen Barbo Judy Strang Curran Andrea Ringstad Smith


Kristina Johnson Alm Pauline Simpson Anderson Karen Powell Booth Patricia L. Bostrom

Kay Buckley Brown Louise Henry Bryson Usha Nayudu Burns Lynn Sibold Coker Marilyn McCormack Dimmer Monica Bianchi Fery Nancy Reynolds Hensel Barb Lynn Larson Larkin Libby Kopec Opsahl

Patricia Ivy Parker Ann Hamilton Pebbles Caroline Olson Pettit* Sandra Law Ramstad Janice Ohlson Richards Smith Ann Arneil Sonn Nancy Tremblay Young Susan Johnston Zehnder

Washington Beta

Washington State University


Jessica Manning Hooper Jamie Osgard Huizinga


Susie Blake Lane Kristen Russell Newell


Annette LaLonde Balcom Therese E. Bleck

Katrina Hargrave Borth Jeanne Hathaway Franke

Jennifer Johnston Georges Jennifer Lamotte Gerety Susan Nash Howard Mary Drumhiller Hult Cynthia Smith Klaveano Linda Baker Lester

Holly Barker Love Gillian Reed Moore Kaye Buchanan Patton

Casey Edgar Peppes

Marty Peterson Libby Jane Thomas Sara Goodenough Vadset Denise Didier Wimett Stacey Zachau

Washington Gamma

University of Puget Sound

LOYALTY SOCIETY Jill Klabzuba Ahrens


Whittnee Cox La Chapelle

Betsy Campbell Stone

Joanie Platt Welch


Carla Riffe Gebhardt


Patty Carlson Baeta Christine Matson Bandettini Janice Tryon Berg

Susan Bona Evie Schell Cartwright Andrea Koeneke Dikeou Emma Dory Donohew Peg E. Greiwe Marilyn Vukovich Kokich Sallie Howe Parr

Barbara Sue Roe-Trochim Luellen Clymo Smith Taylor Harrison-Sherman Weingartner Christine Lindeman Wilson

West Virginia Alpha

West Virginia University


Michele Kirk

Emily Ralston Lambright Jennifer Gleske Rockwell


Michelle Dawn Baldwin

Joyce Heidenreich Davidson Nancy McNary Douglas

When I first joined Pi Phi, I was riddled with doubt and insecurities. Leaving home and starting fresh among thousands of other students wasn’t easy, but in finding my place in Pi Phi, I was graciously encompassed in a warm and embracing new home.” — LILY CHAILOSKY, FLORIDA BETA “

Monica Dublin Ferguson

Kailyn Gray Forbes

Barbara Geuting Forma

Lori Berardi Gemondo

Jenn Waggoner Grimes

Maggie Harrington Hazlett

Ashley Elizabeth Herdman Whitney Hall Jaffe

Monique Lynch

Traci Massey Maddox

Katie Francis Moore

Susan Ball Orders Renee Rosiek Lourdes Yamileth Sandoval

Emily Welch Schneider Marci Carol Schnur

Moey Irish Schwendener Myrah Erickson Scott Dana Sharp Stringer

West Virginia Gamma

Bethany College


Bobbi Boyd Bragan


Nancy Heilman Ferrari Dawn Wilkins


Joyce Rogers King Diane McVey Lohr

Wisconsin Alpha University of Wisconsin


Kerry Jane Bryan Laurie Renny Reich Brenda Balkunas Wirth


Lynn Van Vleet Morrison


Kelly Eggers Antonson Mary Ellen Demet Blanchett Ruth Nolte Bloland Missy Strehl Brooks

Melissa Edmunds Johnson

Lori B. Klein

Mary Kay Bauman Larson

Jennifer M. Olson

Therese Pick

Jamie Nicole Smith

M.E. Gjertson Stroud

Julie England Tillison Barbara Breuch Weaver

Wisconsin Beta Beloit College

EVELYN PETERS KYLE SOCIETY Bobbie Bliss Pittman Virginia Rector Uehling


Harriet Early Cornyn Diane Curtis Dalenberg Cynthia Tindall Denny Phyllis Burkhardt Doescher Cherie Martin George Barbara Youngren Haenggi Kay Hasegawa Hirasuna George Ann Lowe Lillie Karin Hertel McGinnis Madelyn Larsen Miles Cynthia Parks Milford Barbara Herrin Rolander Ann Elizabeth Kennedy Wentworth

Wisconsin Delta

Marquette University


Heather Lee Bunting Kathryn Glavin Jennifer Lane Stock

Wisconsin Gamma

Lawrence University



Mary Wilder Perry


Sandra Karlson Alton Beverly Hart Branson Kay Landon Finke Barbara Kloehn Gresik Elizabeth Aldrich Mac Kenzie Sue Dresser Marshall Caroline Chmiel McOlash Anita Lonnes Nolen Debbie Ansink Russell Joann Brown Wheaton Nancy Ryan Wright Lois Hovorka Yeager

Wyoming Alpha

University of Wyoming



Nannette Jahn Argabrite Brea Lynn Bell Carolyn Mortimer Carollo Virginia Wells Cranston


Arrow Society $10,000 or more

Crest Society $5,000–9,999

Loyalty Society $2,500–4,999

Evelyn Peters Kyle Society $1,000–2,499

Carnation Society $500–999

Trustee Society $250–499

Friends Society $1–249

Catherine Graham Emmett Josette Gidon Firriolo Laura Owens Fitzgerald Edna Walsh Geise Mary Thorson Gullikson Kim Jones Hollm Gwendolyn Gregory Hurst Anne Siren Levig

Mary Lee Herman Niethold Sarah McGlynn Nohlgren Kay J Kepler Schroeder Vicki Petsch Wilson Lucie Johnson Wisehart

Friends of Pi Phi


Albrecht Family Foundation Anderson, Poole & Couche Attorney Client Trust Account


Benevity Community Impact Fund Daily Record & Observer LLC

Edward Jones Estate of Marilyn W Pecsok Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Bruce Gibbs Heritage Houston Pi Beta Phi Foundation Jack G. Brown Trust Kappa Sigma Kevin and Paige Yost Charitable Fund Ken Love

Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust

National Financial Services LLC National Philanthropic Trust Oklahoma City Community Foundation Omaha Community Foundation Phyllis J Whitney Rev Trust Lauren McDermott Powelson Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc. Schwab Charitable Fund Simon & Louise Henderson Foundation Stephens Inc TD Ameritrade Clearing TW Gamel Family GST Trust Vanguard Charitable YourCause Corporate Employee Giving Programs

ANNUAL GIVING 2021–2022 | 55


Dallas Foundation

Flowers Family Foundation Sign of The Arrow


John D. Shurley

Merrill Lynch

Morgan Stanley Marguerite and Gene Witter CAF America

Vanguard UBS Financial Services, Inc.

Janice Kincaid Clifford Family Foundation Anonymous

Richard Hankins Magnolia Rental & Sales, Inc ImpactAccess Caterpillar Foundation


AmazonSmile Ameriprise Financial Bank of America Kim Bratton

Central Carolina Community Foundation

Charles Schwab Chenstein O’Malleysven Foundation Chipotle Mexican Grill

Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta Community Foundation of NCW Dayton Foundation Shawn Eagleburger Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

Holmes Family Charitable Fund LPL Financial John McKelvey Merrill Charitable Foundation Phillip Owens Par Caterers Of Phoenix LLC

Pearl Family Foundation, Inc. Pi Beta Phi Foundation of Oklahoma City Raymond James RBC Wealth Management Robert W. Baird & Co. Incorporated Stifel

Thrivent Mutual Funds

UBS Financial Services Inc UW Madison Panhellic ASN Teri and Harold Winnie


Cannon Building Services, Inc

Dante Capitano

Daniel Caserto Mike Clifford CoBank

Coconino Gridiron Club Comcast Corporaton

Denver Foundation Greek Spirit, Inc Michael B. Johnston Maine Community Foundation Sue Meindl National Christian Foundation Indiana Carla Nimocks Northrop Grumman Sheila Nye Cynthia Ohrt Ellen Olson Randall E. Paulson Pershing LLC Kim Sherman Sigma Nu Christine Starzyk U.S. Charitable Gift Trust UBS Donor-Advised Fund Wilkin Family Fund Of Southwest Community Foundation Douglas Wilkins Bonnie and Michael Zumbo


American National Insurance Co Amica Companies Foundation Bank of America Employee Giving Belex Management Services Blenz Bowls Scott Bratton BrightFunds Peggy M. Brock Campus Cooks Sheri Cavaney Chicago Community Foundation Denise and Patrick Corrigan Giving Fund Digital Pix Edward Engler Dawn Feldman Florida Wheel Distributors LLC Greater Houston Community Foundation Hillsdale College Kenia Johansen Dale and Barbara Koch Ellen Kropp Livemore Giving Fund Ann Loveless

Jeanne McClung Mestal Foundation Cammie Minniear Network For Good Karla Ohrt Oh-So Cycle Holly Polston Wendi Powell Allie Colloton Quicke Scott D. Rieth

Robert Berlin Management Account San Diego Foundation Joanna Sell Sendero Business Services, L. P. Jeff Southerland

Taco Mama Tuscaloosa Samuel J. Tanaglia Melissa Yost


Kim Adler Ajian Sushi LLC Allianz Liffe Insurance Co Allstate Matching Gifts Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Phi Alpha Sigma Alpha Jeffrey B. Anger Ruth Argent Carol Armstrong Ayco Charitable Foundation Mackenzie Baker Brandi Barber Stacy Barber Maralyn and Donald Barker Gina Barrette Traci Barrientos Barbara Bazant Jiorjette Beach Martha Beach Charles C. Beatty Tisha Beck Diane Becker Fran and Dan Becque Satenik Bennen Stephanie Berberich Gaby Berberich Cordell Berge Bergen County United Way Sharon Beville BJ’s Restuarants, Inc. Blackledge & Associates Maris Blechner Bobamania LLC Amy Borchers

Alan Brackett Lissa Bradford David Bratton Megan Bratton Katherine and John Buehler Belinda Burton California Pizza Kitchen Chris Carrel Blake Casebeer CHARITYVEST INC. Cherie B. Clancy Keith Cobbs Pam Coggins

Angela and Francesco Colabianchi Community Foundation for Southwest Washington Mary Conroy

June S. Cook Cornell University University Madison Correia Daniel M. Courtney


Victoria Paige Davis Dedurbug LLC

Alicia Delaney

Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity

Delta Zeta

Emilia DeMarco

Dimmer Family Foundation Michael Dinnen Amy DiVincenzo

Deborah Doll

Don and Martha Tuffli Family Trust Melanie Dowd

John D. Doyle

Robin S. Dudley Lizabeth and Craig Eldridge

Jack Engledow

Genna and Jon Evans Susan E. Fiaschetti

Fingerprints-Michelson Family First Community Foundation

Partnership of Pennsylvania

Sonya Fletcher Jamie Ford

Chris Forrest Cecelia Frelich

Friends Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity

Friends Midlands Jennifer Frobish

Frontstream G Randall Andrews Investments Jon Gallas

GKTN Lessee LLC Marsha Grady GRB Company Greek Spirit, Inc. Gloria J. Grove

Cindy Hails

Sarah Hall Jasmin Hallowell Carri Harris Gwen Harvey Jamie Hewitt Zachary Hill Charles Hodge Raymonde Hoelscher Sonya Harrell Hoener Kate Hogan Ned and Kay Holmes Houston Trust Company Melissa Hower Debra Hughes Betty Huizinga Ralph Hull William Hunter Kassidy Grace Hyatt

Michelle Isrow

J Cromer Mashburn Family Foundation

Alexandra James Cathy Johannsen

Tava D. Jones Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta Sorority Rosemarie Karcher

Tim Karth Gregory Katz Becca Cooper Kehner Laurie Kendall Tama Klosek Amy Klostermann Rhiannon Knaggs Sullivan Lisa Kotlarz

Emily Kuryla Robert Lansburgh Joanna Lansburgh Kathleen and Donald Larsen Andrew Ledbetter Chiew Lee Erica Lelle James R. Liner TG Livak Sarah Lugar Annie Lund Karen and Jim Maier-Ebetino Christopher Mallozzi Julie Malmquist Paige Jackson and Michael Manley Cheri Marsh

Jenna Martin-Pendry Harvey J. Mashinter* Elizabeth A. Mauden Maureen Syring Revocable Living Trust Carrie Maynard Allen James N. McCauley Jamie McCune Maeve McCune Robert McDonough Patsy McFillen Steve McLeroy Janet M. McLeroy Meredith Meegan Jessica Menden Merck Foundation Allison Meyer Dana L. Meyers Jordan Michael Frances Mitchelson Doug Morris Michelle Moser Motor Jill and Tom Murtaugh Emmaline Nabors

Amy L. Nickel

On-Camera Audiences, Inc

One Table Restuarant Operation OneHope Julie Orben Meghan Paden Park Boutique

Tracy Pasternak

Patricia and Albert C Buehler Jr Foundation

Juanita Pavlovic

PBC Capital Markets, LLC

Deanne M. Perry Phi Delta Theta Phi Sigma Sigma

Allison Phillips

Pi Beta Phi Fraternity Headquarters

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ANNUAL GIVING 2021–2022 | 57

LIFETIME GIVING thank you to our donors

Pi Beta Phi Foundation is pleased to recognize the following donors who have made cumulative lifetime gifts totaling $1,867 or more as of June 30, 2022. Cumulative giving recognition includes planned gift commitments where the donor has quantified the gift to the Foundation. The sisters and friends listed here are leaders in giving and we are honored to recognize their generous support of Pi Beta Phi.


$1,000,000 OR MORE

Trudy Hartzell Clark, Maryland Beta

Jan Kincaid Clifford^, Indiana Delta

Philly Edmunds Dake*, New York Delta

Betty Blades Lofton, Indiana Gamma

Adrienne Hiscox Mitchell*, Kansas Alpha

Kim OBrien, Ohio Zeta

Sally Minning Shoemaker, Arizona Beta

Marianne Reid Wild*, Kansas Alpha


Pi Beta Phi Fraternity



Barbara Beardmore Adams*, Texas Alpha

Sissy Phillips Austin, Oklahoma Alpha

Diane Burkhart*, Arizona Alpha Elizabeth Hamann*, Vermont Alpha

Marilyn Wiegand Pecsok*, Indiana Epsilon

Kathy Wager Sprague, Alabama Gamma

Aileen Aylsworth Welgan*, Alberta Alpha

Juli Holmes Willeman^, Iowa Beta


Arkansas Alpha


Barbara Adams Marital Trust



Jennifer Johnson Allen, Oklahoma Beta

Anonymous*, Missouri Alpha Anonymous^, Wisconsin Gamma

Jeanne Krouse Bliss, Illinois Theta

Bobbi Boyd Bragan^, West Virginia Gamma

Susan Bruch, Michigan Alpha

Patricia Rose Carlton, Arkansas Alpha

Mandy Boreing Dillard, Arkansas Alpha

Marlese Lowe Gourley, Missouri Alpha

Joanne Hunt Hook, Missouri Alpha

Mary Jane Buchele Johnson^, Illinois Eta

Evelyn Peters Kyle*, Illinois Alpha

Susan Kyle^, Indiana Beta Shelly Hamm Lambertz, Oklahoma Beta

Diane Malloy Lighthall, Colorado Beta

Rae Wohlhueter Maier^, Kentucky Beta

Mary Grable McLeod^, Illinois Alpha

Kathy Swinea Nevill, Tennessee Gamma

Penny Ann Proctor, Michigan Alpha


Dallas, Texas^

Nashville, Tennessee^ St. Louis, Missouri^


Alabama Beta^

Arizona Alpha^

Arizona Beta Florida Beta

Louisiana Beta

Mississippi Beta

Missouri Alpha Oklahoma Alpha Oklahoma Beta^

Texas Delta Texas Eta


Exemption Walker Family

Mandy and Bill Dillard

Marilyn W Pecsok Estate



Anne O’Connell Albrecht, Missouri Alpha Anonymous, Mississippi Beta

Margaret Paterson Becker, Minnesota Alpha

Diane M. Bielman^, California Eta

Barbara Anderson Blake^, California Delta

Barbie Ann Blake, California Gamma

Donna Butterworth, Virginia Eta

Lou Ann Montgomery Carter, Oklahoma Alpha

Kellee A. Casebeer, Oregon Gamma

Jane E. Compton*, Kansas Beta

Julie Polk Connelly, Oklahoma Beta

Kathy Kontor Dougherty, Texas Epsilon Maxine Kruth Elkington*, Missouri Beta

Jean Esden*, Indiana Beta

Florence Isert Gans*, Kentucky Alpha

Patricia Rand Glenn, Arkansas Alpha

Melanie Fentriss Hanebaum, Oklahoma Beta

Donna Helble*, Iowa Beta

Sally Roney Hoglund, Kansas Alpha

Mary Ann Hruska, Nebraska Beta

Dorothy Nelsen Hunter*, Nebraska Beta

Lucile Jennings*, Virginia Gamma

Heidi Dake Keogh^, Colorado Alpha

Kathi Caldwell Kleinman, Arizona Alpha

Heather Henricks Lenkin, Arizona Alpha

Carolyn Pavletich Lesh^, Texas Delta

Toni Martinovich^, California Eta

Ellen Ferringer Milburn, Indiana Gamma Ana Mancebo Miller, Texas Beta

Karen O’Brien Pfluger, Texas Gamma

Bobbie Bliss Pittman, Wisconsin Beta

Celia Ann Mills Saterbak, Alabama Alpha

Lisa Gamel Scott^, Colorado Alpha Beth Seidelhuber Sordi, California Kappa

Elsie Lantz St. Cyr*, Missouri Beta

Mary Rakow Tanner, Maryland Beta

Emily Russell Tarr^, Texas Beta


Mary Loy Tatum^, Oklahoma Beta

Chris Mills Verity^, Texas Gamma

Debbie Sun Wang, New York Zeta

Carol Inge Warren^, North Carolina Beta

Elizabeth Montgomery Wilson, Texas Beta


Greater Kansas City^ Houston, Texas^ Northern Virginia^ Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Alabama Gamma California Alpha California Beta California Gamma California Kappa California Nu California Theta California Zeta Colorado Alpha Colorado Gamma Florida Delta Florida Epsilon Georgia Alpha^ Illinois Kappa Illinois Zeta Indiana Beta Iowa Gamma^ Kansas Alpha^ Kansas Beta^ Mississippi Alpha Mississippi Gamma Nebraska Gamma North Carolina Alpha Ohio Alpha Ohio Beta Oregon Alpha Tennessee Beta Tennessee Delta Texas Alpha Texas Beta Texas Gamma^ Texas Zeta Virginia Epsilon Washington Alpha Wisconsin Alpha


Adams 1999 CRUT

Albrecht Family Foundation Anonymous Donald Arnold Charles and Nancy Cobb

Jack & Adele Mason Family Foundation, Inc.

Kansas Alpha Chapter Housing Corporation

Oklahoma City Community Foundation Saint Louis Community Foundation

Transportation Media, Inc. WePay Wilbur and Hilda Glenn Family Foundation

SYMPHONY CIRCLE $50,000–99,999

Dee Danford Acuff, Missouri Alpha

Catherine Gessler Allen, Arkansas Alpha Anonymous^, Arkansas Beta Anonymous, Colorado Gamma Marianna Kistler Beach*, Kansas Beta

Betty Hogan Bechtel, California Beta Mildred Matthews Dillard*, Georgia Alpha

Amy Morrison Dobbins, Kansas Beta

Shirley Gayda Dora*, Indiana Delta Candace Turner Dressler, Alberta Alpha

Joanne Flowers Duncan, South Carolina Alpha

Mary Beth Rhyne Dykes, Alabama Gamma

Nancy Payne Ellis, Oklahoma Beta

Julie McKittrick Engelbrecht, Missouri Alpha

Malinda Berry Fischer, Oklahoma Beta

Corinne Hammond Gray*, Nebraska Beta

Terre McFillen Hall, Ohio Alpha

Amanda Rychtanek Hanus, Indiana Theta

Dickie Dixon Hardee*, Indiana Epsilon

Marybeth Lyles Higuera, Indiana Delta Elizabeth Lang Hoelzer*, Illinois Theta

Betty Staggs Huckabay^, Oklahoma Alpha

Bimi Lane Huebner, New Mexico Beta

Mimi Myer Hurst, Arkansas Alpha

Gene Chambers Jones, Arkansas Alpha

Gina Garrison Jones, Nebraska Beta

Madalyn Marchman Jones^, Arkansas Alpha

Marnie Rae Lee, Alberta Alpha

Sarah Goodner Leffen, Texas Delta Jo Marie Lilly, Texas Alpha

Janice Worthington Lisko, Oklahoma Beta

Kathryn Gile Lynn*, Arkansas Alpha

Lisa Nicole Masters, Georgia Alpha

Susan Consalus Miller, Missouri Alpha

Sarah R. Mullis^, South Carolina Alpha

Honey Henderson Owens, Mississippi Beta

Ann Dudgeon Phy, Texas Alpha

Wendy Labreche Pratt, Massachusetts Beta

Ruth Trinkle Read*, Kansas Beta

Josephine Miller Rudicel*, Indiana Beta Deb Jackowniak Scarlett, Illinois Alpha

Sharon McDonald Schaaf, Arkansas Alpha

Jean Wirths Scott*, Pennsylvania Beta Christian Overton Snowden, Texas Beta Karen Sulley Thorn, Nebraska Beta Kim Kimmy Tomczak, Washington Alpha Ann Gordon Trammell, Texas Alpha Pam Joy Turbeville, Arizona Alpha Lisa Beliles Walsh, Missouri Alpha

Lucy Baker Warner*, Indiana Zeta Beth Williston Webb, Mississippi Beta Joanie Platt Welch^, Washington Gamma Elizabeth Winbigler*, Illinois Alpha Catherine Hauser Woodson, Alabama Beta

Carrie Annette Ziemak*, Massachusetts Beta


Phoenix, Arizona^ San Antonio, Texas^


Arizona Gamma California Epsilon California Eta California Mu Colorado Delta D.C. Alpha Florida Alpha Illinois Epsilon Indiana Epsilon Indiana Gamma Iowa Zeta Kentucky Beta Louisiana Alpha Michigan Beta Michigan Gamma Minnesota Alpha Montana Alpha Nebraska Beta New York Delta New York Eta

North Carolina Delta Ohio Iota Ohio Kappa Oregon Gamma Pennsylvania Gamma South Dakota Alpha Tennessee Gamma Texas Epsilon Virginia Eta Virginia Zeta Washington Beta West Virginia Alpha


Communities Foundation of Oklahoma Charles Davidson* Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Drown Joanie and Jon Dyer Fondren Foundation

LIFETIME GIVING 2021–2022 | 59
^ 20 (+) Years Of Consecutive Giving * Deceased

Gene and Jerry Jones Family Foundation

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

Houston Pi Beta Phi Foundation

Jane E. Compton Trust

Janice Kincaid Clifford Family Foundation

Kansas Foundation 4

Pi Beta Phi Foundation of Oklahoma City

Ross and Marianna Beach Foundation S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

Sign of The Arrow

Simon & Louise Henderson Foundation

TW Gamel Family GST Trust

Charles B. Whiteside

YourCause Corporate Employee Giving Programs



Ruth Collins Altshuler*, Texas Beta

Peggy Batson Ballard, Georgia Alpha

Tanya Phillips Barnes, Arkansas Alpha

Beth van Maanen Beatty*, Texas Gamma

Fran DeSimone Becque^, New York Alpha

Helen Good Bensche*, Connecticut Alpha

Daphney Rose Rivera Bitanga, California Eta

Angela Nance Bostelman, Mississippi Beta

Joyce Wherritt Bowers*, Utah Alpha

Ann Warmack Brookshire^, Texas Beta

Marcia Mendenhall Brown*, Indiana Beta

Martha Posey Burke, Oklahoma Beta

Debbie Louk Campbell, Kansas Beta

Betsy Harris Cantlie*, New York Gamma

Nancy Stasiak Carden, Mississippi Beta

Virginia Carr Carter, Texas Gamma

Jennifer Sheffield Crain, Arkansas Alpha

Elizabeth Yarbrough Cross, Arkansas Alpha

Janet Howe Daniels, Kansas Beta

Beverly A. Dildine*, Indiana Alpha

Kathleen Howe Doyle, Kansas Beta

Jane Brazelton Dudgeon*, Texas Zeta

Maurine Stuart Dulin*, Virginia Gamma

Lou Ann McKinnon Dunn, Kansas Beta

Martha Bowman Ebeling*, Ohio Delta

Anita Martin Farmer*, California Beta

Jill Ingvalson Fischer, Minnesota Alpha

Donna Brown Fitzgerald, Michigan Beta

JoAnn Young Ford, Florida Delta

Lorraine Hegvold Freeberg, Minnesota Alpha

Karin Daniel Frye, Alabama Gamma

Janet Goode Gard*, Wisconsin Gamma

Kristi Lyn Gavalier, Georgia Alpha

Judy Walker Gibbs, Louisiana Beta

Kelley Golden, Tennessee Gamma

Gwendolyn Switzer Groves*, Michigan Beta

Pamela Williams Hallin, Arkansas Alpha

Nancy Hitchcock Harvey*, Michigan Alpha

Anne Busch Hills^, Arizona Alpha

Bunny A. Hultman^, Michigan Gamma

Lesley Whitehead Jaggers, Kansas Beta

Sharon Jett, Texas Delta

Kirstin Swindler Johnson, Arkansas Alpha

Catherine Cox Jones*, Arkansas Alpha

Karen Hickman Jones, Arkansas Alpha

Rebecca Smith Jones, Indiana Alpha

Sue Ralston Justice, Oklahoma Beta

Lauren Campbell Keeler, Kentucky Beta

Charline Sage Ketcherside*, New Mexico Alpha

Caitlin Pierce Kissee, Missouri Gamma

Barbara McReynolds LaMaster, Kentucky Beta

Sharon Vaughn Lapin, Washington Alpha

Nancy Doerner Latta, Michigan Gamma

Peggy Wilson Lawrence, Tennessee Gamma

Michele Fishbaugh Lehman, Indiana Delta

Margo Wilton Lesser, California Gamma

Carolyn Helman Lichtenberg*, Ohio Alpha

Kittye Sue Little, Oklahoma Alpha

Vaneesa Williams Little, Georgia Alpha

Leisa Ebeling Lowrey^, Ohio Eta

Bette Burke MacKellar^, Oklahoma Alpha

Peggy Claire Malone, Georgia Alpha

Joyce Johnson Mammel*, Nebraska Beta

Ruth Henderson McIntyre^, South Carolina Alpha

Margy Harm Moorhead, Indiana Gamma

Bette McGehee Morris, Texas Gamma

Marion Swanson Oster, California Zeta

Ann Hall Patten, Missouri Alpha

Missy Ingham Pixton, Colorado Alpha

Emilie Pope Plake*, Missouri Beta

Jan Turner Polk^, Oklahoma Beta

Kathy Morrisey Porter, Minnesota Alpha

Julia Tucker Rasmussen*, Texas Alpha

Myra De Palma Reimer*, Pennsylvania Gamma

Nancy Carlock Rogers, Texas Gamma

Jane Landreth Russell^, Arizona Alpha Tate Russell, Mississippi Beta

Anna Haag Sabiston, Minnesota Alpha

Sharon Edwards Schachter, South Carolina Alpha

Jane Wight Scharlach, Texas Gamma

Jill Lanman Schneider^, Alabama Gamma

Ann Crigger Shaw, Arkansas Alpha

Paula Pace Shepherd, Texas Epsilon

Maye Wymore Sibley*, Missouri Alpha

Katy Weaver Smith, Texas Gamma

Lori Swart Sporer, Kansas Beta

Gretchen Dawn Stockdale, Missouri Alpha

Cindy Rice Svec, Kansas Beta

Melanie Merrill Thompson, Kansas Beta

Michel Thompson, Oklahoma Beta

Gwendolyn Weiner, Arizona Alpha

Marty Reynolds White, Kansas Beta

Cappy Ware Whiteside, Arkansas Alpha

Sally Sewell Wightman^, Oklahoma Alpha

Paige Schroeder Yost, Missouri Alpha


Colorado Springs, Colorado Fort Worth, Texas^ Pasadena, California^

Philadelphia-Main Line, Pennsylvania Richardson-Plano, Texas^


Alabama Alpha Alberta Alpha California Delta California Lambda Colorado Epsilon Connecticut Alpha Illinois Eta Illinois Theta Indiana Delta Indiana Zeta Iowa Beta

Kentucky Alpha Maryland Gamma Massachusetts Gamma Michigan Alpha Missouri Beta Missouri Gamma Nevada Alpha New Mexico Alpha North Carolina Beta

North Dakota Alpha Ohio Epsilon Ohio Theta Ohio Zeta Ontario Beta Pennsylvania Epsilon Pennsylvania Eta Pennsylvania Theta South Carolina Alpha South Carolina Beta Utah Alpha Vermont Beta Virginia Delta Virginia Gamma


Virginia Theta

Washington Gamma

Wisconsin Delta


Arrow Foundation of The Northern Virginia

Virgil Boucher*

California Community Foundation

Daily Record & Observer LLC

Dennis J Heid Memorial Scholarship Foundation

Edith and Harry Darby Foundation Edward Jones

EOS Foundation

Jill and Frank Fertitta Foundation 14 Heritage Mr. John Houston H. Phil Howe

Sherry and Randy McCaslin Pat Miller

Pennsylvania Beta Chapter House Corporation

Roy and Christine Sturgis Charitable Trust

Ruth C. And Charles S. Sharp Foundation

S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

Stephens Inc

University of Colorado Foundation

University of Missouri

Ed Warmack*



Sharon Abeyta-Levey, New Mexico Beta

Jill Klabzuba Ahrens, Washington Gamma

Maggie Strum Allesee, Florida Beta

Susan Murray Andrews, Texas Alpha

Pat McMahen Anthony, Arkansas Alpha

Lucy Gray Arnold, Texas Alpha

Jenessa Dyer Bailey, Arkansas Alpha

Kay Cross Baker, Indiana Zeta

Deborah Davis Bankston, Arkansas Alpha Anne Chestnut Bartlett*, Michigan Gamma

Patti Root Bash, Indiana Beta

Carol Dempsey Beazley, Mississippi Beta

Shirley Simmons Benson, Indiana Delta

Maja Tanaka Berge, Oregon Alpha

Maureen Day Bernard*, Oregon Alpha

Barbara Bass Berry*, Oklahoma Alpha

Oriana Rebecca Bertucci, Ontario Gamma

Cindy Crawford Black, Missouri Alpha

Merida Watson Blackwell, Texas Alpha

Sandy Jean Blain, Arizona Beta

Carolyn Eberly Blaney*, West Virginia Alpha

MaryCook Nabors Blanshard, Arkansas Alpha

Anne Taylor Blatherwick, Kansas Alpha

Dody Intveld Boat^, Iowa Gamma

Jill Plummer Bock, Missouri Alpha

Marilyn J. Boren-Sweeney*, California Gamma

Hannah Brenner, Indiana Gamma

Kara Kessinger Brittingham, Missouri Alpha

Paula Stroud Brockway, Texas Delta

Tracie Erwin Brooks, Texas Gamma

Sally Hewell Brown^, Texas Delta

Edi Mitten Burns, Iowa Zeta

Barbara Sherow Busche*, Indiana Gamma

Susan Butterfly-Ebert, Arizona Alpha

Georgann Vandenberg Byrd, Kansas Alpha

Anne Hall Calvert, Indiana Delta

Judy Wells Canon, Colorado Alpha

Lynne Dozer Cerrone, Indiana Delta

Karen Shelton Chevalier^, California Delta

Marnie Gardner Christiansen*, Michigan Beta

Kathi Hobbs Chulick, Missouri Alpha

Jordan Clark, Alabama Beta

Lyn Arnot Clark, Texas Alpha

Maureen O’Sullivan Clayton, Georgia Alpha

Kiki Comeau Cohlmia, Kansas Beta

Harriet Moltz Cole, Texas Gamma

Jamie Latture Collier, Mississippi Beta

Gail Thompson Collins, Mississippi Beta

Karen Kennedy Compton, Arkansas Alpha

Kara Rawls Cook, Mississippi Beta

Charleen Meyer Copeland, Arkansas Beta

Angie Pinion Crawford, Mississippi Beta

Terry Zoller Cross, Arizona Beta

Betty Small Crow, Oklahoma Beta

Darcy A. Culkin, Illinois Epsilon

Amy Elizabeth Dahl, Minnesota Alpha

Cathy Birch Daniel, California Eta

Lisa Erwin Darnell, Texas Gamma

Patricia Wolfe Davis*, Wisconsin Alpha

Mari Lou Psihogios Diamond, Oregon Alpha

Lynn Kreps Dillard, Arkansas Alpha

Nancy Bywater Dornfeld, Colorado Alpha

Amy Strickland Dreller, Arizona Beta

Mary Schwarz Dudley*, Arkansas Alpha

Carol Winn Dunaway, Arkansas Alpha

Kim Barger Durand, Oregon Alpha

Judith Kay Dutcher, Minnesota Alpha

Natalie Wilkins Dyenson, Iowa Zeta

When I first ran home to Pi Phi after getting my invitation on Bid Day, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as soon as I got there and was welcomed by all my new sisters, I started to feel like I was really home.”
LIFETIME GIVING 2021–2022 | 61
“ ^ 20 (+) Years Of Consecutive Giving * Deceased

Marjorie Deetz Early*, Wisconsin Gamma

Jeanie Egmon, Illinois Alpha

Kelly Pace Eichler, Arkansas Alpha

Emory McGinnis Eison, Mississippi Beta

Jenny Arnold Elkins, Texas Alpha

Evelyn Semenza English*, Nevada Alpha

Ann Nicolay Erickson, Kansas Beta

Kimberly DuBois Ertz, Missouri Alpha

Patricia Samson Everson*, Colorado Alpha

Janice Shrader Falk, Nebraska Beta

Suzette Thompson Farrar^, Colorado Delta

Joan Groth Fenstermaker^, Illinois Zeta

Mary Dale Trabue Fitzgerald, Tennessee Beta

Margaret Bernheisel Fleming*, Ohio Beta

Madonna Dienhart Flemming, Indiana Delta

Marilyn Simpson Ford*, Nebraska Beta

Marcia Foster*, Maryland Beta

Susan Landreth Fry, Texas Delta

Jackie Jasek Gardiner, Indiana Gamma

Annette Pearson Gean, Arkansas Alpha

Cindy Kralis Georgas, Indiana Delta

Bridget O’Keefe Gidley, Minnesota Alpha

Jennie Malouf Gilchrist, Texas Alpha

Amy Shuart Gingrich, Virginia Zeta

Joy Vanasse Goodenough*, Washington Beta

Robin Hewitt Gosling, Georgia Alpha

Carol Latture Graham, Mississippi Beta

Janet Wickham Gregory, Michigan Beta

Eileen O’Neil Grigutis, Kentucky Beta

Marion Dobbins Griscom, Tennessee Alpha

Jill Grossman, Indiana Beta

Mary Fell Grundhoefer, Indiana Delta

Jensey Fulbright Hale, Arkansas Alpha

Mary Ellen Beneke Hale, Indiana Gamma

Anne Paule Hall, Iowa Gamma

Beth Rush Hammack, Mississippi Beta

Kathy Stasiak Hankins, Mississippi Beta

Dana Hart, Ohio Eta

Carla Hashley, Michigan Epsilon

Misty McIlroy Hawkins, Arkansas Alpha

Kay Hammond Hazel, Missouri Beta

Jennifer Windell Hazelton, Virginia Eta

Sherry Wilson Healey, Oklahoma Beta

Deborah Ann Healy, Georgia Alpha

Katie Atkinson Heck, Texas Gamma

Michelle St. Columbia Hedberg, Arkansas Alpha

Jo Scholes Hill, Kansas Alpha

Katey Newell Hobbs, Missouri Alpha

Cynthia McShan Hoffman, Texas Gamma

Jonnie Miller Hoffman, Colorado Alpha

Sarah Maddox Hogan, Oklahoma Alpha

Julianna Hawn Holt, Texas Gamma

Kasey Brooks Holwerda, Oregon Alpha

Jane Wallace Hoskins, Texas Gamma

Margaret A. Hukill*, Wisconsin Alpha

Leah Ann Hurley, Mississippi Beta

Sharlotte Jeffcoat Hyde, Texas Gamma

Sue Ann White Hyde, Oklahoma Alpha

Linda Noel Ibsen^, Colorado Beta

Joanie Pruitt Ireland*, Michigan Beta

Sandra McCracken Jacobsen^, Washington Alpha

Leslie Dotson Jaggers, Georgia Alpha

Katherine Jana Jemsek, Florida Epsilon

Pam Anderson Jessup, Georgia Alpha

Jolene Kay Johnson, Kansas Beta

Mary White Joiner, Arkansas Alpha

Maurine Hager Jones^, Montana Alpha

Nancy Barclay Jones, Missouri Alpha

Kim Hiett Jordan, Wisconsin Gamma

Amy McGregor Jurgensmeyer, Missouri Alpha

Amy Bader Keirle, Georgia Alpha

Kathy May Kempf, Oklahoma Beta

Kay Kenimer, Georgia Alpha

Wende Robinson Kotouc, Minnesota Alpha

Carolyn Ottinger Kovener*, Iowa Alpha

Dorothy B. Krug*, Maryland Alpha

Susan McFerron Laird, New Mexico Beta

Virginia Middleton Landreth*, Texas Alpha

Susan Jean Lane, Michigan Delta

Stephanie Sneed Langenstein, Texas Eta

Brenda LaRoche, Arkansas Alpha

Nancy Jennings Klein Lawson, Texas Gamma

Nicoletta Polychron Lawson, Arkansas Alpha

Ann Allison Leach*, Kansas Beta

Cynthia Lynn Leaphart, South Carolina Beta

Mimi Schmidt Ledyard-Brown*, Indiana Delta

Sherrie Pendley Liebsack, Idaho Alpha

Erin Palla Lindsey, California Kappa

Tiffany Ward Lindsey, Arkansas Alpha

Carol Malesardi Litwak, Pennsylvania Beta

Muff Moore London, Texas Gamma

Diane Davis Lord, Arkansas Beta

Margy Liebers Lovelette, Pennsylvania Eta

Lura Merrill Lovell*, Iowa Gamma

Shannon Kimbrough Luce, New Mexico Alpha

Fredna Barton Mahaffey, Texas Beta

Christina L. McCall*, New York Gamma

Jennifer Schueck McCarty, Arkansas Alpha

Thomas and Phyllis Hahn McCasland, Oklahoma Alpha

Barbara Witzeman McCoy, Illinois Eta

Nancy E. McCroskey*, Kansas Beta

Margaret Milam McDermott*, Texas Alpha

Ann Weaver McDonald, Texas Beta

Patsy Barton McDonald, Arkansas Alpha

Anne Chew Melbye, California Beta

Kathleen Meriano, New York Eta

Haley Cosner Merritt, Oklahoma Beta

Heather Wilson Miller, New Mexico Beta

Julia Peck Mobley, Arkansas Alpha

Alison Hennig Moore*, Florida Gamma

Doreen Lynn Mueller^, Georgia Alpha

Mary Cooke Mulier, Minnesota Alpha

Jo Anne Craver Murdock, Texas Gamma

MarKay Hannum Neumann, California Delta

Lura Gard Newhouse, California Gamma

Jeanne Novas-Busano, Indiana Delta

Julie Ternes Oakhill, Arkansas Alpha

Jeanne O’Hare, Minnesota Alpha

Mary Ann Fisher Olinger, Indiana Zeta

Gertrude Scanlon Ortiz*, Wyoming Alpha

Carol Edwards Owens, Oklahoma Beta

Barbie Edwards Paige, Oklahoma Beta

Nancy Parker, Mississippi Beta

Michaela Morrison Parrillo, Illinois Theta

Sally Hogsette Patton, Georgia Alpha

Audrey Miller Pennings, Arkansas Alpha

Sara Wolfe Perrini, Texas Beta

Kate Blatherwick Pickert, Kansas Alpha

Margaret Little Piles, Arkansas Alpha

Lisa Fischer Pottenger, Missouri Alpha

Betty Sponsel Pratt, Indiana Beta

Judith Grundy Presswood, Texas Gamma

Karen Consalus Price, Missouri Alpha

Patty Shelton Pyle, Arkansas Alpha

Diane Prettie Quirk*, Michigan Beta

Markie Cook Rankin, Missouri Alpha

Eileen Norcross Rauschert, Illinois Zeta

Missy A. Reams, Iowa Eta

Lu Ann Browning Redman*, Texas Beta

Grace Neuhaus Richards*, Texas Beta

Tina Lynn Rivard, Pennsylvania Theta

Robin McPherson Rohrback, Florida Beta

Christie Radford Roller, Georgia Alpha

Lisa Rede Roman, New Mexico Beta

Lois Huston Ross, Indiana Delta

Ann Bodenhamer Rosso, Arkansas Alpha

Liz Hoover Rotan, Texas Beta

Janice Lowe Sappington, Missouri Alpha

Beverly Cregg Schafer, Oklahoma Beta

Amy Sonner Schemenauer, Missouri Alpha

Beth Bond Schmid, Texas Gamma

Marla Battle Schroeder, Montana Alpha


Morgan Riley Sexton, Kentucky Gamma

Vivian Long Shah, New York Eta

Kristin Buhl Sheehan, Missouri Alpha

Betsy Beese Sheridan, Texas Gamma

Sarah Catherine Shoaf, North Carolina Gamma

Cosette Fidler Shrader, Wyoming Alpha

Marcia Shurley, Georgia Alpha

Missy Berry Simmons, Oklahoma Alpha

Romy Skaper^, Arizona Beta

Jacqueline Hjermstad Smith, Minnesota Alpha

Shirley Segars Smith*, Texas Beta

Susan Mitchell Smith, Missouri Alpha

Suzanne Smith, Texas Gamma

Suzanne Lowe Snepp*, Indiana Delta

Dorothy Goodson Snowden, Tennessee Beta

Amy Lorenzen Southerland, South Dakota Alpha

Nancy Nienhueser Southworth, Missouri Alpha

Susan Hansen Stannard, Kansas Beta

Janet Ryan Stegall, Arkansas Alpha

Cheryl Bartlett Stephens, Missouri Alpha

Ann McDaniel Stinson, Nebraska Beta

Nancy S. Strine, South Carolina Alpha

Judith Friend Strohm, Iowa Gamma

Margaret A. Sundberg^, Washington Alpha

Susan Linebarger Overton Sutton, Arkansas Alpha

Phyllis Schafer Tabor*, Illinois Theta

Terry Dallmeyer Tackett, Missouri Alpha

Joanne Church Taylor, California Beta

Sue Hackleman Taylor*, Oklahoma Beta

Patricia Wade Temple, Virginia Gamma

Martina Moss Thomas, Arkansas Alpha

Sally Rahe Thomas, Oklahoma Alpha

Mary Alice Classen Tinari, North Carolina Beta

Lucinda Thornton Trabue*, Tennessee Beta

Anita Tracy, Maryland Beta

Ruth Trout*, Pennsylvania Gamma

Leslie Bryles Truemper, Arkansas Alpha

Karen Brooks Turner*, Oregon Beta

Virginia Rector Uehling^, Wisconsin Beta

Angie Killian Underwood^, Illinois Iota

Donna Lindsey Vanier, Kansas Alpha

Julie Pick Vaughn, Oklahoma Beta

Stephanie Adair Vickery^, South Carolina Alpha

Gail Cox Vonderheide, Indiana Zeta

Ashleigh Johnson Waits, Georgia Alpha

Becky Nekervis Walker, Kentucky Beta

Alexandra Wyatt Wallace, Texas Alpha

Linda Malouf Walter, Texas Gamma

Veda Ward, Pennsylvania Beta

Stacey Nicole Warren, Kansas Alpha

Carol Schnabel Weber*, Wisconsin Alpha

Kristy Lynn Weber, Missouri Alpha

Suzanne Walker Rogers Weber*, West Virginia Alpha

Anna Evans Webster*, Missouri Alpha

Carol Crane Wells, Alabama Gamma

Nelly Welsch, South Carolina Beta

Donna Draper Welter*, Indiana Gamma

Katie Lanham Wessels, Texas Gamma

Amy Louise Wheatley*, Wyoming Alpha

Sue Trammell Whitfield*, Texas Alpha

Alinda Hill Wikert, Texas Alpha

Sharon Stremmel Wilemon, Texas Gamma

Ann Wear Wiley, Iowa Gamma

Ruth Dunlap Will^, Ohio Beta

Becky Williams, Arkansas Alpha

Jane Thomas McGehee Wilson, Arkansas Alpha

Jane Wilson*, Illinois Beta-Delta

Sherri Zillgitt Wilson, Texas Alpha

Hallee Winnie, Michigan Gamma

Nancy Morsbach Winter, Kansas Alpha

Tally Smith Witmer^, Ohio Zeta

Betsy Bender Witt, Arizona Alpha

Anne Wileman Workman, Oklahoma Alpha

Marla Neelly Wulf, Kansas Beta

Camille Dunkin Yeldell, Alabama Beta

Linda Lake Young, Oklahoma Alpha

Carolyn Thompson Zachritz, Oklahoma Alpha

Kathryn Branch Zwetzig, Colorado Alpha


Arlington Heights, Illinois^ Atlanta, Georgia Austin, Texas Bellevue-Eastside, Washington Boca Raton, Florida

Cleveland East, Ohio^

Cypress Creek-NW Houston, Texas^ Denver, Colorado Hinsdale, Illinois Indianapolis, Indiana^

Katy-West Houston, Texas^

La Jolla, California^

Lake Shore, Illinois^

Long Beach, California^ Minneapolis, Minnesota^ Naples, Florida^ New Orleans, Louisiana New York City-Manhattan, New York

Northern New Jersey Omaha, Nebraska^ Peoria, Illinois Richmond, Virginia^

San Mateo County, California Seattle, Washington^ South Bay, California^

South Coast, California^ Southern Fairfield County, Connecticut Stillwater, Oklahoma^ Tucson, Arizona^ Tulsa, Oklahoma Wichita, Kansas


California Omicron California Xi Connecticut Beta Connecticut Gamma Delaware Alpha Idaho Alpha Illinois Alpha Illinois Beta-Delta Illinois Iota Indiana Alpha Indiana Theta Kentucky Gamma Maine Alpha New Jersey Alpha New Mexico Beta New York Alpha New York Epsilon North Carolina Gamma Ohio Eta Ohio Lambda Ontario Alpha Ontario Gamma Pennsylvania Beta Pennsylvania Kappa Pennsylvania Zeta Virginia Iota



Associated Students of Stanford University Student Organization Fund

Bank of America Matching Gifts C. Philip Bartlett

Benjamin F. Edwards & Company Bentson Foundation

Bottomline Technologies Barbara Bromberg* Eugene M. Busche* Jane and Ian Campbell CBT Nuggets

Chenstein O’Malleysven Foundation Communities Foundation of Texas Community Foundation For Greater Atlanta Shawn Eagleburger Harry G. Ebeling* Mike and Andrea Ferris

Flowers Family Foundation Foundation 5 Fraternity Housing Corporation Molly M. Gathright GE Foundation William George

LIFETIME GIVING 2021–2022 | 63
^ 20 (+) Years Of Consecutive Giving * Deceased

I really do have everything to thank Pi Phi for—friends, professional life, family—and what better way to give back to something that has given me everything than to support our sisterhood as an alumna. I hope my financial support helps members see that alumnae care about the Pi Phi experience well beyond their time in the chapter. Donating to our Foundation shows I care in a way that words can’t express.”

Georgia Alpha Chapter Housing Corporation

Bruce Gibbs

Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund

Rita and David Hankins

Michael D. Hood

Jack G. Brown Trust

Jenny and Jim Elkins Family Fund

Paul Lawrence* Leo Daniel Foundation Ken Love

Margaret and Leon Walker Fund Marketing Arm Dr. and Mrs. Mauldin

Robert McDonough Mediasauce

Merrill Charitable Foundation

Nancy H. Harvey Delaration of Trust

Nebraska Gamma Chapter Housing Corporation

Marguerite* and Robert OBrien* Ohio Alpha Chapter Housing Corporation

Phyllis J Whitney Rev Trust Lauren McDermott Powelson William E. Reimer, Jr.* James Remington Repco

Robert S. Holmes Nongrantor Charitable Lead Trust Tamara and John Roberts William Schomburg Shannon Brooks State Farm Insurance Curtis Shipley

John B. Sneed, III Patti Sneed Dr. Bill Spears

Robert F. Spears Mike Stinson

Sweeney Family Trust

The Warner Family Trust Lillian Trabue USA Funds Matching Gifts Program Walker Family Trust

Robert C. Weber

Wichita Community Foundation Julie and Chris Wisbrock



Becky Prendergast Abbott, Texas Alpha

Karen Phillips Abney, Arkansas Alpha Gay Batistich Abuel-Saud, California Beta

Adrienne Zimmerman Adam*, Arizona Alpha Claire Roberts Adams, Alabama Beta Nell Emery Adams, Tennessee Beta

Susan Huncilman Adamson, Indiana Delta

Cathy Addy, Kansas Beta

Joseph J. Jaroschak Foundation, Inc.

Gilbert Joyce* Kappa Sigma Kevin and Paige Yost Charitable Fund Kimberly-Clark Foundation Cathy Koffler Savina Kralis Kellie and Trevor Lavy

Cindy Lee Adkins^, Indiana Gamma Gay Edgar Ahlgrim*, Michigan Alpha Mary Lou Black Ahmann*, Kansas Beta

Beverly Whitson Akers*, Idaho Alpha

Mary Brumleve Albanese^, Florida Beta

Susan Fread Albrecht*, Indiana Delta

Allyson Smith Aldrich, Ohio Eta

Sharron Marshall Alexander, Mississippi Beta


Judson Niver Allardt, Vermont Beta

Carole Marple Allen, Indiana Delta

Martha LeBuhn Allen*, Iowa Gamma

Nancy Huff Allen, Michigan Gamma

Beth Mahaffey Anderson, Texas Beta

Elizabeth Brookhart Anderson, Iowa Gamma

Emmy Lou Garwig Anderson, Wisconsin Alpha

Erika Anderson, North Dakota Alpha

Gwen O’Neal Anderson, Mississippi Beta

Helena DeNiro Anderson, Ohio Alpha

Jean Gair Anderson*, California Beta

Karen Brewer Anderson^, Oklahoma Beta

Liz Murphy Anderson, California Beta

Pat Emens Anderson, South Carolina Alpha

Susan Diebel Anderson, Oregon Alpha

Marie Baldazo Andreasen, California Eta

Laurel J. Andrew, Illinois Beta-Delta

Rhonda Dickerson Anglim, Ohio Beta

Anonymous*, Oregon Beta

Michele Anthony, Arkansas Alpha

Jane Wills Armel, Ohio Alpha

Joanie MaGirl Arnold*, Texas Beta

Rachel Hope Arnold, Arkansas Alpha

LaDonna Hopper Aronoff, Arizona Alpha

Caroline Jones Ascher, Tennessee Beta

Barb Whitaker Asplund, California Theta

Cecelia Kennedy Assaf, California Eta

Ellen Colley Atkins, Oklahoma Alpha

Courtney Celeste Atkinson, Georgia Alpha

Pauletta Youngblood Atwood, Georgia Alpha

Lorna Merrill Auerbach, Colorado Beta

Beth Waggoner Aust, Oregon Alpha

Amanda Reid Austin, Michigan Alpha

Patricia Wise Austin*, Missouri Alpha

Phoebe Follmer Bacon, Pennsylvania Beta

Kelly Swan Bahlburg, Oregon Beta

Lindsey Murphy Bahr, Ohio Iota

Brenda McCampbell Bailey, Florida Beta

Ginny Hathoot Bailey, Oklahoma Beta

Kae Major Bains, Oklahoma Beta

Susan Martell Baird, Pennsylvania Beta

Susan Garrett Baker, Texas Alpha

Susie Weber Baker, Oregon Gamma

Marilyn Noeske Baldwin, Minnesota Alpha

Marga Larson Bales, Virginia Gamma

Carol Chiles Ballard, Texas Alpha

Barbara DeVry Balsley, Illinois Zeta

Amy Richter Bankhead, Louisiana Alpha

Sheri Parker Bankston, Mississippi Beta

Jane Veatch Barber*, Kansas Alpha

Linda Knutzen Barbo, Washington Alpha

Bruce Blanks Bardwell, Louisiana Beta

Suzanne LeClere Barley, Florida Gamma

Karin Schlassa Barnes, Ohio Eta

Mary Elizabeth Lasher Barnette*, Ohio Alpha

Stephanie Louk Barnow, Kansas Beta

Dorie Townsell Seikel Barrett*, Oklahoma Beta

Jenifer Rolston Bartley, Oklahoma Beta

Amy Allison Bartter, Ohio Zeta

Catherine Burch Bass, Texas Beta

Ramona Seeligson Bass, Texas Alpha

Abbey White Bates, Texas Gamma

Susan Brasfield Batson, Alabama Gamma

Mary Cendana Batto, New York Epsilon

Helene Higgins Bauer*, Missouri Beta

Lesley Danz Bauer, Colorado Alpha

Sallie Kinman Baum, Arkansas Alpha

Lacie Drogen Baumgartner, North Dakota Alpha

Ethel Reiss Bean, Iowa Beta

Wendy Reynolds Beard, Mississippi Beta

Barbara Snead Beasley, Georgia Alpha

Betty Beck Beatty*, Indiana Gamma

Carolyn Sargent Beatty, Montana Alpha

Cherie Brambilla Beatty, Oregon Beta

Liz Ann Beatty, Louisiana Beta

Donna Huskey Beckett, Missouri Alpha

Peggy Pattillo Beckham*, Texas Alpha

Janie Mayes Beeler, Texas Alpha

Ruth Hawkins Bein, Illinois Zeta

Elizabeth Boswell Belcher, Georgia Alpha

Lindsay Diane Bell, Tennessee Delta

Whitney Nicole Beller, Nebraska Gamma

Ruth Hansen Bengtsen*, Michigan Gamma

Elizabeth Bennett, Oklahoma Beta

Janet Thornton Bennett, Indiana Delta

Kim Robertson Bennett, Arkansas Alpha

Morgan Maxwell Bennett, Arkansas Alpha

Nancy Lake Benson, Colorado Alpha

Helen Hawks Benton, Texas Gamma

Beryl Longino Bentsen*, Texas Alpha

Debbie Hopwood Berg, Illinois Zeta

Peggy Timmons Bergmann, Texas Delta

Peg Mathers Berguin*, Nebraska Beta

Rhoma Van De Mark Berlin, Ohio Beta

Penelope Dix Bernard, Arkansas Alpha

Janet Sanborn Best*, Virginia Alpha

Janine Patterson Bethel, Georgia Alpha

Michael Bettin, Utah Alpha

Barbara Beauchamp Bickley, Tennessee Delta

Judy Howard Billings, Kansas Alpha

Kimberly Ann Binder, Illinois Epsilon

Barbara Lee Binns*, Ohio Alpha

Mary-Lynne Miller Bird, New York Alpha

Anitra Eder Bishop, California Lambda

Robyn Facinelli Bishop, Wisconsin Beta

Sandi Boschee Bishop, North Dakota Alpha

Linda Roscoe Bissell, Connecticut Alpha

Maria Barkman Black, Colorado Alpha

Sarah Coley Blackledge, Oklahoma Beta

Carol Elizabeth Blakey, Oklahoma Alpha

Ginny Murphy Blankenbaker, Indiana Delta

Nell Blatherwick, California Gamma

Jeanne Forney Bleakley*, Missouri Alpha

Cindy Sondergelt Bloch, Kentucky Beta

Nancy Hupp Blossom, Missouri Alpha

Carrie-Mae MacNair Blount*, Maryland Alpha

Ann Marie Goodnight Bochnowski^, Michigan Beta

Melissa Sue Bockhold-Hack, Indiana Alpha

Margo Harris Bodishbaugh, Arkansas Alpha

Demory Schwarzbauer Boeneke, Florida Beta

Lollie Ruble Bohannon, Georgia Alpha

Brooke Marie Bollenbach, Oklahoma Beta

Dorothy Wiggins Bolt*, Georgia Alpha

Lynne Tyrrell Campbell Bonham, Texas Alpha

Mary Lou Iglehart Bookhout, Texas Beta

Tanya Wood Boone, Arkansas Alpha

Luann Detamore Boots, Indiana Delta

Mary-Pat Borgess, Ohio Epsilon

Pam Stout Borgman, Oregon Alpha

Haise Roe Borgmann, Virginia Epsilon

Susie Crouch Bornt^, Indiana Beta

Katie Melissa Bosworth, Kentucky Beta

Julie Ann Bourk-Suchman*, Kansas Beta

Cynthia Arnold Bowen, Kentucky Beta

Sally Shipley Bowers*, North Carolina Alpha

Grace Pfile Bowles*, Oklahoma Alpha

Jan Ward Bowmer*, Oklahoma Alpha

Kathy Potts Boyett, Texas Gamma

Dotty Perry Bracken, Montana Alpha

Kay Cromb Brada, Kansas Alpha

Ashley Bradbury, California Kappa

Lisa LaRey Bradford, Florida Beta

Claudia Green Bradley, Texas Gamma

Diane Dickens Bradshaw, Missouri Alpha

Marianne Dunstan Brady, Tennessee Beta

LIFETIME GIVING 2021–2022 | 65
^ 20 (+) Years Of Consecutive Giving * Deceased

Carolyn Berry Bragg, Alabama Beta

Judy Kay Brandau, Indiana Delta

Sharlene Stockard Branham, Florida Alpha

Katie Braun, Illinois Epsilon

Linda Beardsley Brawner, Oregon Alpha

Lisa Faulkner Breau, Arkansas Alpha

Caton Metzler Bredar, Illinois Beta-Delta

Mara Wood Breech*, Illinois Epsilon

Deb Wind Brekken, Ohio Zeta

Patricia Robl Brennan, Minnesota Alpha

Jacqueline Timmons Brewer*, Kansas Beta

Kathleen Kilburn Brewer, Indiana Gamma

Peggy Cutler Brewer*, Indiana Delta

Nancy Sissell Bridges, Mississippi Beta

Belmore Hicks Bridgford^, Virginia Alpha

Jean Davis Brigham*, Vermont Beta

Mary Breed Brink*, Kansas Alpha

Victoria Bonomo Britton, Florida Beta

Betty Bietsch Brizendine*, Pennsylvania Gamma

Kay Knittle Brock^, Colorado Alpha

Susan Perry Brockway, Florida Alpha

Susan Davis Brody, Oklahoma Alpha

Sonia Phipps Brokaw, Ohio Beta

Andrea Anthony Brooks, Arkansas Alpha

Brie Vaughn Brooks, Texas Gamma

Katy Mendelsohn Brooks, Arkansas Alpha

Liz Jordan Brooks, Arizona Alpha

Susan Cathey Broome, Texas Gamma

Ann Williams Brown*, Ohio Beta

Becky Bihr Brown, Missouri Alpha

Carolyn Scanio Brown, Texas Alpha

Leigh Ann Roscher Brown, Missouri Alpha

Patty Davisson Brown, Kansas Beta

Suzanne Sentney Brown, Kansas Alpha

Denise Dean Browning, Indiana Delta

Christy Dodds Bruce, California Epsilon

Kara Damm Bryan, Iowa Zeta

Nancy Jess Buchanan, Missouri Alpha

Patricia Holmes Buehler Blankenship*, Illinois Epsilon

Jo Price Buehner, California Epsilon

Linda Rogers Buermann, Tennessee Beta

Janet Daggett O’Neil Buese*, California Delta

Mary Ansley Buffington, Louisiana Beta

Claire Williams Buhl, Missouri Alpha

Betty Lou Olson Bukowski*, Illinois Epsilon

Dorothy King Bull*, Indiana Beta

Amy Stager Bullard, Oregon Gamma

Kristy Baumgarn Bures, Nebraska Gamma

Jamie Rachelle Burke, Alabama Beta

Rebecca Thornton Burkholder, Ohio Alpha

Pamela Ri Burkley, Minnesota Alpha

Donna Stavreff Burns*, Ohio Beta

Brianne Faulkner Bush, Arkansas Alpha

Laura Isabel Bushnell, California Alpha

Brenda Butler, Nebraska Beta

Jennifer Allen Butler, Mississippi Beta

Eleanor Grimes Butt*, Texas Alpha

Stacey Ford Butterfield, Oklahoma Beta

Colette Denney Buxton, Oklahoma Beta

Patricia Bird Byrd, Texas Alpha

Wynn Glotfelty Byrne, South Carolina Beta

Jane Enns Cables*, Kansas Beta

Camille Case Calhoun, Iowa Zeta

Mary Secrest Calhoun*, Georgia Alpha

Carol M. Calkins, Louisiana Beta

Joanna Brudvik Callaghan, California Lambda

June Bunger Cameron, Texas Gamma

Muriel Lerch Cameron, California Gamma

Debbie Bean Campbell, Mississippi Beta

Susan Baker Campbell, Kansas Alpha

Cam Glauser Canion, Texas Alpha

Charlotte Hoffer Canning, Indiana Delta

Elizabeth Grazioli Carberry, Pennsylvania Gamma

Fran Pileggi Cardaci, Pennsylvania Epsilon

Marion Isberg Cargill, Wyoming Alpha

Lisa Lahman Carmin, Indiana Gamma

Julie Carney, Texas Beta

Carolyn Mortimer Carollo^, Wyoming Alpha

Tiffany Flint Caron, Colorado Epsilon

Elizabeth Sorum Carpenter, North Dakota Alpha

Mary Redman Carpenter*, Florida Alpha

Jill Mackey Carrel, Indiana Gamma

Julie Herron Carson, Georgia Alpha

Lynn Aldridge Carswell, Georgia Alpha

Brittany Bruns Carter, Kansas Beta

Nicole Ann Carter-Forsythe*, California Delta

Mary Beth Jordan Cary, Georgia Alpha

Kellie Kinsella Casey, Illinois Zeta

Terri Jones Cash, Arkansas Alpha

Denise Koval Cashman, Nevada Alpha

Anita Crozat Cassilly*, Louisiana Alpha

Margaret Lord Castendyck*, Illinois Beta-Delta

Patty Price Castle*, Oklahoma Alpha

Lucile Ramsey Cavanaugh, Washington Beta

Barb Baebler Cecil, Indiana Delta

Mary Anne Riddick Cesario, Colorado Beta

Carolyn Choboian Chaikovsky, California Gamma

Elaine Buckinger Chandler, Oregon Gamma

Cyndi Fogg Chase, Colorado Alpha

Nancy Gray Cheek*, Oklahoma Alpha

Dianne Burket Chewning, Michigan Alpha

Sue Throckmorton Chicone, Florida Epsilon

Allene Chiesman*, South Dakota Alpha

Virginia Thomson Child*, Wyoming Alpha

Jeanne Struwe Chisholm*, Virginia Gamma

Bessie Fisher Chisum*, Mississippi Beta

Yasmin Susan Choudhury, Iowa Zeta

Betty Daugherty Chrisman, Tennessee Beta

Mary Ellen Clark Christensen*, Illinois Epsilon

Nancy McElmurray Chunka, Georgia Alpha

Alicia Harris Clark, Texas Delta

Kathy Jo Clark, Tennessee Alpha

Mary Wimberly Clark*, South Carolina Alpha

Reatha Huey Clark, Mississippi Beta

Gretchen Spear Clatworthy*, New Mexico Alpha

Mary Hicks Clausen*, Arizona Alpha

Janet Uhlenhake Clay, Oregon Alpha

Mitzi Walch Cleaver*, Missouri Alpha

Judith Robinson Clem, Arkansas Alpha

Athelia Sweet Clingan*, Kansas Beta

Melissa Morris Cobb, Texas Alpha

Orpha O’Rourke Coenen*, Indiana Delta

Misti Pollard Coker, Arkansas Alpha

Rayanne Heien Coker, Arkansas Alpha

Elaine Reichman Cole, Missouri Alpha

Mimi Campbell Cole, Texas Alpha

Alexis M. Coleman, Connecticut Alpha

Esther Keim Coleman*, Pennsylvania Beta

Melissa Malone Colvin, Virginia Theta

Barbara Hrosenchik Colwell*, Connecticut Alpha

Leslie Margaret Cone, Colorado Gamma

Anne Smith Conkin, Alabama Beta

Patricia Berry Conklin, California Beta

Jeanne Eldridge Conly, Connecticut Alpha

Sheila A. Consaul, Illinois Theta

Sharon Culver Considine, California Epsilon

Lynn Devaul Constan, Pennsylvania Beta

Mary Kay McGuire Conte, Vermont Beta

Sandra L. Cook, Colorado Alpha


Sandy Janssen Cook, New Mexico Beta

Wendie Murfee Cook, Texas Gamma

Martha Cook Cooley, Arkansas Alpha

Alice Hudgens Cooner, Arkansas Alpha

Cathy Filson Cooper, Mississippi Beta

Kimberly Brooke Cooper, Oregon Alpha

Margaret Johnson Corkett*, California Gamma

Ashley Holmes Corley, Tennessee Beta

Jo Cormack, Massachusetts Beta

Christine Marie Corrigan, New York Alpha

Betty Ann Cortelyou, Missouri Alpha

Sharon Gustavel Costlow, Indiana Zeta

Laura Hauck Covington, Georgia Alpha

Frankie Walker Cowan, Georgia Alpha

Ann Conner Cox, Indiana Beta

Jill Southworth Craft^, Connecticut Alpha

Tamra Brown Craig, Indiana Delta

Ann Tollefson Crampton, Kansas Beta

Cathy Cravens Crass, Arkansas Alpha

Lynn Lambert Creekmore, Arkansas Alpha

Emily Smith Creswell*, Arizona Alpha

Catherine Ann Crichton-Reed, New Mexico Beta

Nancy Almand Crim, Texas Delta

Nancy Dial Crisler*, Texas Beta

Medie Rood Crockett, Georgia Alpha

Judith Bowlus Cronin, Kansas Alpha

Ann Vaneaton Crosby, Arkansas Alpha

Patricia Wilson Cross*, Nevada Alpha

Brenda Heck Crouch, Arkansas Alpha

Laura Ruth Crouse, Illinois Beta-Delta

Corry McPherson Crowe, Georgia Alpha

Kimberly Sisk Crowe, Kentucky Beta

Margaret Purcell Crum, South Carolina Alpha

Susan Edwards Cuellar, Oklahoma Beta

Sally Grayson Cullum, Arizona Beta

Brittney Lee Culp, Texas Gamma

Janet Jinkins Culp, Texas Delta

Jo Ellen Priest Culver, Oklahoma Beta

Candace Cuniberti, New York Delta

Jeanne Naughton Cunningham, Colorado Beta

Laura Carrell Curran, Texas Eta

Cynthia Bichimer Currie, Michigan Gamma

Janet Fowler Curtis, Missouri Alpha

Kim Spangler Curtis, Virginia Delta

Amy Catherine Dailey, Virginia Zeta

Janice Dempsey Dailey*, Michigan Gamma

Ann Blair Dalby, Kansas Alpha

Caroline Jane Dalby, Arkansas Alpha

Jamie Feist Daniels, Montana Alpha

Elizabeth Melton Darke, Tennessee Delta

Lindsay Daudelin, Illinois Theta

Mary Chambliss Daugherty, Arkansas Alpha

Darlene Marie Daum Papano, Ohio Beta

Pam Vogel DaValle, Indiana Delta

Loris Miller Davidson*, Ohio Zeta

Margaret Sullivan Davies*, Indiana Gamma

Cyndie Cadenhead Davis, Texas Gamma

Janet Pierce Davis, Tennessee Gamma

Lynne Stevenson Davis, Missouri Alpha

Sara Mathis Davis, Arkansas Alpha

Dorothy Tisch Dawley*, Michigan Beta

Donna Coffman Dawson, Oklahoma Beta

Dorothy Day*, Maine Alpha

Schabahn Straughan Day, Oregon Beta

Natalie Mayo Deak, North Carolina Alpha

Joann Grzywacz Dealey, Texas Gamma

Diana Woodward Dean, Illinois Beta-Delta

Jill Deramus Dean, Arizona Alpha

Peggy Noble Deane*, California Delta

Kathleen Piccillo Deardorff, Indiana Delta

Nancy McMillan Dedman, Texas Beta

Carla Mullendore Dehmlow, Michigan Beta

Patti Swann Del Valle, New Mexico Alpha

Eugenie Steinhauer deLuise*, Colorado Alpha

Paula Rupe Dennard*, Texas Beta

Jennifer Lee Dennis, Texas Delta

Julie Surrell Dewey, California Gamma

Martha Evans Dexheimer, Illinois Eta

Marnette Robertson Dhooghe, Arkansas Alpha

Monica Diaz-Greco, Ontario Alpha

Lila Henslee Dickey, Arkansas Alpha

Carrie Remmel Dickinson*, Arkansas Alpha

Nancy Fawn Wilkerson Diehl*, Tennessee Beta

Pam Sprowl Diehl, Indiana Delta

Katie Rice Dimitrova, Arkansas Alpha

Marilyn McCormack Dimmer, Washington Alpha

Alicia Kelley Dittenber, Nebraska Beta

Doris Schnekloth Dittmer, Iowa Gamma

Linda Oakeson Dobry, Nebraska Beta

Allison Buhl Dodge, Missouri Alpha

Marilyn Tupper Doe, California Beta

Sarah Shoemake Doles, Missouri Alpha

Jean Orr Donaldson*, Oklahoma Beta

Sara Inelle Doornbos-Williams, Kansas Beta

Genny Hobbs Doramus, Arkansas Alpha

Joie Hageman Dougherty, Minnesota Alpha

Melanie Walker Dowell, Mississippi Beta

Marjorie Redman Downie*, California Delta

Millie Cullom Downs, Georgia Alpha

Carole Gungoll Drake, Oklahoma Alpha

Donna Lory Draper, Oregon Alpha

Kelly Campbell Draveling, Missouri Alpha

Carolyn Hodges Driver, Colorado Gamma

Julia Hydrick DuBois, South Carolina Alpha

Carol McKinley Dudley, Virginia Delta

Marjorie Tedford Dudley, Arkansas Alpha

Gail Rodenberg Dugan^, Montana Alpha

Joan Todd Duncan, Georgia Alpha

Sally Fletcher Duncan, Indiana Epsilon

Sarah Schmidgall Duncan, Indiana Delta

Beverly Bettis Dunn*, Kansas Beta

Joanne Northam Dunn*, Illinois Zeta

Leslie Willard Dunsworth, Arizona Beta

Carleen Louise Duque, Pennsylvania Epsilon

Lynne Johnson Durham, Mississippi Beta

Jayme Lawson Durkee, Missouri Beta

Kathy Lybrook Durkott, Indiana Beta

Laura Olmstead Durmon, Arkansas Alpha

Debbie Walker Duszak, West Virginia Alpha

Kim Knight Dutton, Arkansas Alpha

Ashley A. Dye Hoffman, Illinois Zeta

Joan Chatfield Ealy, Illinois Alpha

Jane Leonard Earnest, Oklahoma Beta

Betsy Wright Earthman*, Texas Gamma

Camille Thornton Easley, Arkansas Alpha

Nan Ellen Dickinson East, Arkansas Alpha

Adell Nestor Eckenrode, Maryland Beta

Julia Buckingham Edelmann, New Mexico Alpha

Pepper Wallace Edens, Texas Gamma

Cassie Cunningham Edenton, Tennessee Alpha

Marilyn Wewers Edison, Tennessee Delta

C.A. Eckel Edwards, Arkansas Alpha

Martha Bliss Ehlers^, Illinois Zeta

Michele Wilding Eichermueller, Oregon Delta

Jane Sullivan Elam, Texas Gamma

Clara Hanson Elia*, Nevada Alpha

Beverly Sinclair Elliott*, California Delta

Toni O’Connor Elliott, Missouri Alpha

Karen Lee Emberton, Kentucky Beta

Paula Ann Emerick, Oregon Gamma

Dana Morton Emery, California Alpha

Kathryn Baker Emrick, Ohio Beta

Sarah Kinyon Epskamp, Michigan Delta

Mary Close Erbe*, New York Alpha

LIFETIME GIVING 2021–2022 | 67
^ 20 (+) Years Of Consecutive Giving * Deceased

Heather Erickson, Connecticut Beta

Suzy Stone Erstine, Arkansas Alpha

Myrna Robertson Estes, Oregon Alpha

Sandra Street Estess, Texas Alpha

Heather Marie Estrella, California Iota

Gayle Etienne, California Delta

Letty Staebler Evans, Kansas Beta

Toni Perzia Everett, Florida Gamma

Diana Shorb Eyre, Illinois Zeta

Judy Ogden Fabian, South Dakota Alpha

Jennifer Howry Fadden, Texas Epsilon

Jan Ogozalek Faiks, Florida Beta

Jean Fair*, Illinois Zeta

Nancy Wood Fair*, Virginia Alpha

Janet Kauffman Faist, Nebraska Beta

Kelly Flanagan Fandel, Minnesota Alpha

Pamela Robinson Farless, Florida Beta

Penelope Sue Farthing, Indiana Delta

Karen Neely Faryniak^, Pennsylvania Gamma

Debbie Fischer Faulkner^, Oregon Gamma

Jacqueline Ellenberger Faulkner, Missouri Alpha

Sheila Allen Faulkner, Tennessee Delta

Barbara Lee Fay, Illinois Beta-Delta

Evelyn Long Fay*, Ohio Delta

Ellen Wintroub Feigal, California Eta

Sally Kuhnmuench Feist, Missouri Alpha

Allison Felter, Missouri Alpha

Nancy Davis Fennegan, North Carolina Alpha

Tracy Gilbreath Fenter, Texas Gamma

Laura Lovell Ferguson, Georgia Alpha

Michelle Miller Fernald, Arkansas Alpha

Nancy Heilman Ferrari^, West Virginia Gamma

Barbara Fowler Ferry, Missouri Alpha

Caroline Daly Fief, Arizona Alpha

Julie Ann Schneider Filean^, Iowa Eta

Nancy Crouch Finley, Tennessee Gamma

Barbara Jones Fisher, Missouri Alpha

Remy Aileen Makiko Fisher, New Jersey Alpha

Lindsey Nessler Flaherty, Indiana Delta

Pat Rudy Fleet, Indiana Delta

Carol Penland Fleming, Texas Gamma

Ann Collins Florsheim, Texas Delta

Barbara Jones Foote, Connecticut Alpha

Gretchen Stahl Foran, Indiana Theta

Anne Trask Forcier, Vermont Beta

Helen Herr Ford, Pennsylvania Gamma

Debbie Gosney Forshee, Oklahoma Beta

Carolyn Comin Forsyth, Indiana Delta

Frances Shields Foster, Texas Beta

Julie Bowen Frank, Illinois Eta

Lori Ann Franklin, Ohio Theta

Virginia Hoover Franklin*, Ohio Alpha

Catherine Dunavant Fraser, Arizona Beta

Jennifer Canterbury Frazier, Arkansas Alpha

Kate Erwin Frazier, Mississippi Beta

Kourtney Nicole Maray Frechette, Indiana Gamma

Claire Freier, Michigan Alpha

Sandy Harris Frey, Texas Gamma

Melissa Phillips Fritz, South Carolina Beta

Barbara Varner Frizell, Kansas Alpha

Elizabeth Barber Frost*, Wisconsin Beta

Virginia Bland Fry, Tennessee Beta

Linda Barnhill Fryer, Texas Gamma

Margaret Inglis Fuchs*, Indiana Beta

Lucia Fishel Force, Mississippi Alpha

Melzana McMillan Fuller, Mississippi Beta

Cindy Willman Fulp, Missouri Alpha

Edwina Eargle Fulton, Texas Delta

Laura Judd Fulton^, Illinois Theta

Jeannine Van Wagenen Funk, Nevada Alpha

Esther Conger Gabel*, Kansas Alpha

Mary Lou Van Burg Gallagher*, Nebraska Beta

Paula Herbert Gamer, Minnesota Alpha

Jill Gordon Ganem, Arizona Alpha

Elizabeth Ann Hankens Garberding, Iowa Gamma

Cindy Maddox Garbs, Texas Gamma

Kara Giessner Garces, Mississippi Beta

Elisabeth Mayer Garcia, Nevada Alpha

Judith Hill Gardere, Arizona Alpha

Charline Highberger Gardner*, Colorado Beta

Allece Locke Garrard*, Oklahoma Alpha

Margaret Proctor Garrecht*, Iowa Gamma

Elizabeth Davenport Garrels, Iowa Alpha

Jo Montgomery Garrett*, Colorado Beta

Mary Jo Florio Garrison, Illinois Zeta

Pamela Parker Gartin, Ohio Beta

Marcia Cook Gartrell, Oregon Alpha

Nancy Logan Gasho-Fromm, Georgia Alpha

Dee Ann Whitnah Gastineau, Oklahoma Alpha

Tracy Warren Gawryk, South Dakota Alpha

Barbara Tennis Gehring, Minnesota Alpha

Caroline Klohs Geiger, Minnesota Alpha

Sally Organ Pierce Geitz*, Indiana Epsilon

Barbara Gabriel George, Oklahoma Beta

Jane McNeill George, Ohio Alpha

Samantha Pacaccio George, Arkansas Alpha

Missy Gerber, Oregon Alpha

Candi Parks Gershuni, Georgia Alpha

Susan Williams Gessner^, Pennsylvania Beta

Marian Hough Gibbs*, Virginia Gamma

Kay Woody Gibert, Texas Gamma

Aulena Scearce Gibson, Oklahoma Beta

Melanie McClure Gibson, Arkansas Alpha

Stacy Reynard Gibson, Arkansas Alpha

Jane Forster Giddings, California Alpha

Carly Miller Giesbrecht, Alberta Alpha

Sally Jasch Gifford, Connecticut Alpha

Genevieve Giles, Indiana Delta

Nancy Kirwin Giles*, California Epsilon

Kari Erickson Gill, Minnesota Alpha

Kristie Callahan Gill, California Theta

Mary Ellen Van Eaton Gillespie*, Arkansas Alpha

Sarah Ghiazza Gilmore, Colorado Delta

Karen Kincannon Glaser, Indiana Delta

Marie Doyle Glaser, Oregon Alpha

Joanna Miranda Glaze, Kansas Alpha

Toy Skipper Glennon, South Carolina Beta

Jan Murphy Glunt, Indiana Delta

Merry Greene Gnaegy, Missouri Alpha

Jane Bagley Goddard*, Ohio Alpha

Roxann R. Goertz, Minnesota Alpha

Katie Wallis Goetzmann, New York Alpha

Mildred Raikes Goldberg*, West Virginia Beta

Karen Alderton Goldblatt, Michigan Gamma

Carol Haddenhorst Goldenhersh, Missouri Alpha

Stephanie Gibson Gonce, Oklahoma Alpha

Eunice Erb Goodan*, California Alpha

Gloria Sloan Gooder*, Arizona Alpha

Dorsey Skillern Gordon, Indiana Beta

Mary Rogers Gordon, Missouri Alpha

Lorna McKinney Goshman^, Ontario Beta

Alice Gill Goshorn, Indiana Alpha

Elizabeth Ekaitis Gough, Indiana Delta

Barbara Sharp Gould, Missouri Beta

Susan Reynolds Gould, California Beta

Laura Hope Gowan, Arkansas Alpha

Pamela Schumacher Gradinger, Arizona Alpha

Mary Briggs Grady*, Indiana Beta

Laurie Crane Graham, Indiana Delta

Patrice Harvey Graham, South Dakota Alpha

Ruth Henderson Graham, Michigan Gamma

Dorothy Henry Granberry*, North Carolina Beta

Lacey Reid Grant, Montana Alpha

Betsy Daniels Graseck, New York Delta

Linda Richey Graves, Oklahoma Beta

Kathleen Wytrych Gray, New York Gamma

Roma Luttrell Gray*, Virginia Alpha

Barbara A. Green, Illinois Theta

Carol Downing Green, Ohio Alpha

Elizabeth Polanka Green, Indiana Delta

Cynthia Houston Greenhaw, Mississippi Beta

Debbie Hunt Greenwood, Oklahoma Beta

Sharon Loomis Greig, Oregon Alpha

Allie Harvey Griffin, Virginia Theta

Jean Parker Griffith*, Arizona Alpha

Connie Stuart Grimes, Kansas Alpha

Vicki Williams Grimm, Texas Gamma

Cynthia H. Grossman, Texas Beta

Jane Jericho Guerrini, Texas Gamma

Kendall Shiffler Guinn, Mississippi Beta

Elizabeth Levy Gula^, New York Alpha

Kay Smith Guleke, Oklahoma Beta

Ann Johnson Gunn, Louisiana Beta

Karen Anne Gunther^, Ohio Epsilon

Margaret Garner Gustin*, Missouri Alpha

Marilyn Messner Haayen*, Ohio Beta

Susie Quinlan Hackett, New York Alpha

Allie Rogers Haft, Florida Delta

Barbara King Hageman*, Kansas Beta

Tracy M. Hagemann, Missouri Gamma

Patsy Mathis Hagerty, Texas Gamma

Suzanne Sears Hagino, Texas Beta

JoAnn Grill Hagopian, Ohio Beta

Betty Anderson Haisten, Arkansas Alpha

Barbara Bittner Hakkio, Tennessee Alpha

Jo Anne Dobbs Hale, Texas Gamma

Laura Slatinsky Hale, Nebraska Beta

Betty Bailey Hall*, Oklahoma Alpha

Jean Challinor Hall, Kansas Alpha

Kathy Welch Hall, Kentucky Alpha

Jan Allen Halverson, Oregon Alpha

Mary Mead Hamill, North Carolina Beta

Adele French Hamilton, Georgia Alpha

Jane Garten Hamilton, Illinois Epsilon

Joey Blume Hamilton*, Indiana Zeta

Toni Post Hamilton, Georgia Alpha

Marianne Schmidt Hamlin, Maine Alpha

Dru Ann Mobley Hammer, Oklahoma Beta

Starr Smith Hancock, Oklahoma Alpha

Jill Elizabeth Hanna, Texas Beta

Sandra Gabriel Hanna, Georgia Alpha

Wendy Joanne Hannum, California Delta

Carolyn Smith Hansen*, Maryland Beta

Carolyn Steger Hansen, Iowa Gamma

Diane Elliott Hansen, New York Delta

Marilyn Miller Hansen, Texas Gamma

Ann Miller Hanson, Tennessee Beta

Marilynn Smith Hanson, Missouri Alpha

Jackie Rush Harbour, Michigan Gamma

Babette Barmann Harding, California Beta

Jacquelyn Jones Hardy, Arkansas Alpha

Charlotte Stuart Harker, Iowa Gamma

Jane Bienfang Harlow, Oklahoma Alpha

Carolyn Metzger Harmon, Missouri Beta

Julie Boring Harrell^, Tennessee Beta

Barbara McNiven Harrer, Montana Alpha

Amne Harrington, Florida Alpha

Anne Gilleland Harris, Michigan Beta

Gina Tamborella Harris, Missouri Alpha

Jen Mahon Harris, Arizona Alpha

Suzie Straight Harris, Tennessee Beta

Joanne Eggeman Harrison, Missouri Alpha

Melissa Thompson Harrison, Tennessee Delta

LIFETIME GIVING 2021–2022 | 69
^ 20 (+) Years Of Consecutive Giving * Deceased

Paula Putnam Harrison*, New York Delta

Tricia Buddendorf Harrison, Texas Beta

Beverly Brynjolfson Hart*, North Dakota Alpha

Marcia McLeese Harter, Utah Alpha

Dawn Clark Hartmann, Mississippi Beta

Sheryl Sandlin Harton, Arkansas Alpha

Margaret Steele Harvey, New York Alpha

Georgia Williams Hatcher, Georgia Alpha

Pamela Bentsen Havens, Texas Beta

Marilyn Field Hawkrigg, Ontario Alpha

Mary Martin Hayes, Florida Gamma

Laura Dobbs Hays, Oklahoma Alpha

Alison Veit Heafitz, Illinois Zeta

Marian G. Heard*, Tennessee Gamma

Frances Jordan Hearn-Rigney, Texas Beta

Constance Cornick Heckert, Missouri Alpha

Leesa Nickels Hedge, Texas Gamma

Jackie Cramer Hegman*, Indiana Delta

Jane Bony Heiserman, California Delta

Barbara Rieck Heminger*, Ohio Zeta

Ann Douglas Henagan*, Alabama Beta

Jane Bell Henderson, Arkansas Alpha

Sally Sohngen Henderson*, Ohio Zeta

Amy McCabe Henry, Indiana Delta

Cheryl Wright Henry, Texas Beta

Megan Henry, Arkansas Alpha

Nancy Jenkins Henry, North Carolina Alpha

Denise Reed Hensley, Oklahoma Alpha

Danielle Christine Hentges, Oklahoma Beta

Mary Ellen Giles Herbert, Tennessee Gamma

Nell Dumas Herff*, Texas Alpha

Joyce Hergenhan, New York Alpha

Becky Flemmons Herren, Mississippi Beta

Leanne Heuchert, Alberta Alpha

Jennifer Vanderploeg Hewitt^, Iowa Eta

Kathryn Buck Hewitt*, Missouri Beta

Suzanne Burchard Hewitt*, Washington Beta

Karen Townsend Hickey, Georgia Alpha

Gladys Crandall Hickman, Texas Gamma

Mary Jean Petroski Higgins, Minnesota Alpha

Jane Thiem Hill, Illinois Zeta

Laurie Godber Hill, Arizona Beta

Mary James Hill, Oklahoma Beta

Mary Sue Thomas Hill*, Oklahoma Beta

Sally Shapard Hill, Georgia Alpha

Tricia Ray Hill, Alabama Gamma

Lynda Park Hillier, Oklahoma Beta

Kristen Rains Hillis, Oklahoma Alpha

Mary Joy Davison Hinton, Texas Alpha

Roberta Green Hinton*, Texas Beta

Janice Dorsey Hixson, Tennessee Gamma

Mary McPhaul Hoagland, Mississippi Beta

Gretchen Riggs Hoenecke, Michigan Beta

Jana Boardman Hoffman, Texas Gamma

Linda Moore Hoffman, Missouri Alpha

Amee Onken Hoiekvam^, Nebraska Beta

Susan Rusk Holland, Illinois Beta-Delta

Bonnie Smith Holley, Georgia Alpha

Corie Young Hollingsworth, Arkansas Alpha

Faye Cardwell Hollingsworth, Mississippi Alpha

Jacque Nelson Holloway, Iowa Zeta

Mary Hargraves Hollowell, Arkansas Alpha

Mary Morns Holman, Arizona Alpha

Marlene Westfaul Holmes, Mississippi Beta

Beth Muzzy Holmquist, North Carolina Beta

Peggy Mathews Holst, Indiana Delta

Bernadine Shore Holt*, Washington Beta

Sarah “Pene” Oesterling Holt*, Oregon Alpha

Jill Sullivan Holzbeierlein, Colorado Alpha

Carol Solberg Hood, Missouri Alpha

Jessica Manning Hooper^, Washington Beta

Teri Jamieson Hoops, California Gamma

Jan Jeans Hooten^, Missouri Alpha

Leah Hooten, Colorado Delta

Julie Talley Hooton, Michigan Alpha

Mary Katharyn Howell Hope, Mississippi Beta

Greer Horne, Virginia Zeta

Patricia Stephens Horne, Ohio Epsilon

Margaret Walker Horning*, Nebraska Beta

Laurie Teresa Hoskins, Iowa Alpha

Maryjane Miller Hotaling^, Ohio Delta

Julie Vanlandingham Hough, Missouri Alpha

Denise Houser, Minnesota Alpha

Amy Ritchey Howell, Arkansas Alpha

Barbara Johnston Howell*, Washington Alpha

Marian Epperson Howell*, Colorado Alpha

Marijean Herring Howell, Mississippi Beta

Jean Kolb Hubbard, Illinois Eta

Kathy St. Cyr Hubbell^, Illinois Beta-Delta

Ann Beane Hudson, Arkansas Alpha

Brenda Foster Huffman, Texas Epsilon

Hope Wilson Huffman*, Texas Alpha

Jane Thompson Hughes, Florida Gamma

Jamie Osgard Huizinga, Washington Beta

Patty Slater Hummel, Missouri Alpha

Lynn Gay Heatley Humphries, Ohio Beta

Sue Carol Hungate, South Carolina Alpha

Beth Suttle Hunger, Georgia Alpha

Celia Niessen Hunt^, Texas Beta

Betty Moody Hunter, Indiana Delta

Virginia Parks Hupp, Arizona Alpha

Frances Hallam Hurt, Texas Beta

Nonnie Wagner Hussa*, Colorado Alpha

Janie Shover Hutchison, Colorado Gamma

Judy Holmes Hutchison, Texas Alpha

Betty Prather Hyde*, Florida Beta

Vera Church Hyman, South Carolina Alpha

Maggie Ibrahim-Taney, Kentucky Alpha

Sue Sayre Ieuter*, Colorado Alpha

Leslie Duckworth Ince, Texas Gamma

Mary Duckworth Ince, Texas Gamma

Gale Dillon Inglee, Colorado Alpha

Debra Leedy Irish, Ohio Delta

Sally Stahlhuth Irwin, Colorado Alpha

Jeri Lynn Isbell, Kentucky Gamma

Julie Skylstad Isom, Texas Gamma

Polly Smith Iten*, New York Gamma

Karla Seybert Ives, Michigan Alpha

Mary Ann McDowell Jacklin*, Oklahoma Alpha

Kim Dunne Jackson, Kansas Alpha

Audrey Sullivan Jacob, Michigan Beta

Sharon McCloy Jacob, Ohio Alpha

Jan Davis Jacobsen, Oregon Alpha

Michelle Laub Jacobson, California Gamma

Susan Parry Jacques, Oklahoma Beta

Anna Marie Jain-Bakst, Indiana Delta

Antoinette Terrell James, Mississippi Beta

Jennifer Hare James, Arkansas Alpha

Sally Lusk James, Missouri Alpha

Teena Davis James, Utah Alpha

Ashlee Kate Janovak, Utah Alpha

Piper Bickerstaff Jansen, Arkansas Alpha

Marsha Jepson Jay, Indiana Delta

Nancy Allison Jay, Oklahoma Beta

Nancy Rankin Jeckel, Illinois Zeta

Carla Gaither Jeffrey, Oklahoma Beta

Janet Jones Jenkins, New Mexico Beta

Kristy Langley Jenkins, Florida Beta

Emily Agee Jennings, Missouri Alpha

Gena Milliken Jennings, Mississippi Beta

Linda Holmgren Jensen, Virginia Delta

Linda Roberts Jinneman, Texas Epsilon

Jane Anderson Johns, Ohio Delta


Alice Weber Johnson*, Missouri Beta

Jane Horner Johnson, Arkansas Alpha

Kathryn Paynter Johnson, Oklahoma Alpha

Mary Jo Craige Johnson, Colorado Beta

Melissa Edmunds Johnson, Wisconsin Alpha

Nancy Christman Johnson*, Michigan Alpha

Sarah Brown Johnson*, Michigan Beta

Susan Mangum Johnson, Texas Gamma

Jacque Bankston Johnston, Alabama Gamma

Beth Board Jones, Oklahoma Alpha

Carole Cooke Jones*, Washington Beta

Martha Whitfield Jones, Arkansas Alpha

Martha Perkins Jones*, Florida Alpha

Pamela Hamm Jones, Arkansas Alpha

Sally Rowe Jones*, Kansas Alpha

Tanya Frank Jones, Illinois Beta-Delta

Fay J. Joseph*, Michigan Alpha

Tamara Hayes Joslin, New Mexico Beta

Lane Williams Joyce, Missouri Alpha

Karen Post Juncker-Albert, Indiana Delta

Dabney Gump Jungerman, Arkansas Alpha

Annie Elizabeth Jurgensmeyer, Missouri Alpha

Martha Kaiser Justice, Texas Gamma

Elizabeth Goold Kahf, California Nu

Betty Rhodes Kalber, Nebraska Beta

Betty Burke Kane, Kansas Alpha

Rebecca Bailey Kane, Arkansas Alpha

Carol Hurley Kaplan, Arkansas Alpha

Beeba Holden Karpick*, Indiana Delta

Ashley Hallowell Karth, Illinois Eta

Susan Tennant Kartzke, Arkansas Alpha

Patricia Price Kaspar*, California Delta

Tony Sonka Kasznel, Arizona Alpha

Linda Narramore Katz, Arizona Beta

Debby A. Kay^, New York Gamma

Mary Wingard Keathley, Alabama Beta

Ruth Morris Keesling*, Colorado Alpha

Beverly Lake Keith, California Delta

Valerie Ford Kellam, Arkansas Alpha

Ginger Coolidge Kelley, Texas Alpha

Megan Fahrmeier Kelley, Mississippi Beta

Rainey Peuse Kellogg, Montana Alpha

Shannon Kelly, New York Epsilon

Louise Rosser Kemp*, Oklahoma Alpha

Jenifer Serafin Kennedy, Colorado Alpha

Lisa Bucher Kennedy, Texas Beta

Sarah Kenan Kennedy, North Carolina Alpha

Sondra McCormac Kent, Indiana Delta

Maggie McCullough Kernan, Indiana Delta

Susan Kern-Jones, Arkansas Alpha

Jean Ann Kerr^, Georgia Alpha

Julie Purcell Kerr, Michigan Gamma DeAnna Lyn Ketterer, Tennessee Gamma

Jana Penk Kieper, Minnesota Alpha

Joellen Palazzolo Killion, Michigan Beta

Sara Hart Kimball*, Oregon Beta

Peggy Stanford Kimbell, Texas Alpha

Lauren Young Kimbrough, Arkansas Alpha

Angela Loe Kincade, Arkansas Alpha

Ann Underwood Kindred, Kansas Alpha

Karen Hook King, Texas Gamma

Robin Cypert King, Oklahoma Beta

Jane Hartley Kingston, Minnesota Alpha

Kathryn Kakenmaster Kinne, Illinois Theta

Malinda Rutledge Kirchner, Arkansas Alpha

Charlotte Wornall Kirk, Missouri Alpha

Sally Webb Kish, Iowa Zeta

Elizabeth Van Buren Kiss, Iowa Gamma

Linda Hink Kissler, Oklahoma Beta

Judy Clem Klaas, Alabama Alpha

Jenny Bilek Klein, California Eta

Paula Garvey Klein, Colorado Alpha

Diane J. Klepper, Kansas Alpha

Dixie Terrell Kline, Arkansas Alpha

Susan Britt Klopp, Georgia Alpha

Judy Weltsch Klote, Kansas Beta

Jane Hagen Knapp, Washington Gamma

Anne Nester Knight, Missouri Alpha

Janna Riley Knight, Arkansas Alpha

Vicki Borman Knight, Arkansas Alpha

Becky Schwartz Knutson, Minnesota Alpha

Barbara Clayton Koch, Illinois Zeta

Lauren Gray Koenig, California Alpha

Monique Ponsot Kofoid, Indiana Delta

Marilyn Vukovich Kokich, Washington Gamma

Sandra Portz Kolb, Washington Gamma

Norma McRae Kopel, Idaho Alpha

Patricia Rose Korbel, North Carolina Beta

Missy Hatteyer Korduner, Connecticut Alpha

Marion Enggas Kreamer*, Kansas Alpha

Bev Wood Krieger*, Texas Gamma

Suzanne Gill Kriz, Illinois Eta

Molly Rorschach Krumme Gibson, Indiana Epsilon

Twyla Willey Kulp, Virginia Gamma

Emily Robinson Kunde*, Colorado Gamma

Jean Meuli Kunz, Montana Alpha

Chris Anderson Kurtz, Ohio Delta

Whittnee Cox La Chapelle, Washington Gamma

Doris Merrill Laatsch*, Missouri Alpha

Leslie Kralis LaBarge, Indiana Delta

Brenda Latch Laguarta, Arkansas Alpha

Bonnilu Lair, Florida Beta

Being able to meet and learn from other successful women helped set the stage for what I wanted in my career and the person I wanted to become. I don’t think I would be where I am now if Pi Phi hadn’t afforded me with those opportunities.”
LIFETIME GIVING 2021–2022 | 71
^ 20 (+) Years Of Consecutive Giving * Deceased

Cynthia Lais, Missouri Gamma

Marjorie Lytle Lake*, Virginia Gamma

Lois Haworth Lamb, Missouri Alpha

Susan Glenn Lampe, Missouri Alpha

Shelby Elizabeth Lance, Georgia Alpha

Nicolle Morrow Landress, Mississippi Beta

Montana Taylor Lang, Missouri Alpha

Sally Shield Lange, Indiana Epsilon

Joyce Buckles Langford, Indiana Delta

Chantel Hagner Lanier, Florida Epsilon

Jane Bickley Lankford, Missouri Alpha

Donna Alford Lansing, Ontario Beta

Ashley Scott Larkin, Louisiana Alpha

Tracie Smith Larkin, Missouri Alpha

Phyllis Augustin Larsen, Indiana Gamma

Rebecca Brannen Lasse, Florida Epsilon

Charlotte Beach Laterzo, Indiana Zeta

Janie Law, Texas Beta

Dee Schneider Lawrence*, Ohio Beta

Toni Bowlin Laws, Arkansas Alpha

Laura Alexander Leach, Louisiana Beta

Susy Rivello Ledgerwood, Virginia Epsilon

Grace Hartman Leighton*, Illinois Zeta

Janet Feist LeLacheur, Missouri Alpha

Bobbie Wells Lester, Virginia Gamma

Dorothy Bell Lester*, Colorado Alpha

Lindsay Youker Levy, New York Zeta

Ann Rector Lewis, Texas Alpha

Ashley Boarts Lewis, Ohio Theta

Julie Johnson Lewis, Oklahoma Beta

Kelsey Jensen Lewis, Oregon Alpha

Carolyn Chappell Light, Texas Beta

Lila Smith Lightfoot*, New York Delta

Linda Walker Ligon*, Texas Alpha

Noel Doepke Liles, Florida Beta

Dorothy Dunlap Limbaugh, Missouri Alpha

Erin Machelle Lindsey, California Mu

Janet Courchene Little, Florida Beta

Lucille Caudill Little*, Ohio Beta

Melissa Holder Little, Arkansas Alpha

Cindi Mabrey Livingston, Mississippi Beta

Lourdes Maria Llopiz, Florida Epsilon

Marcia Korfhage Lockman, Ohio Zeta

Susan E. Lombardi, Nevada Alpha

Jill Whitney Long, Oklahoma Beta

Joan Hampton Long, Oklahoma Alpha

Julie Avins Long, California Epsilon

Marion Garrison LoPrete*, Ohio Delta

Kaye Bailey Loughmiller, Oregon Beta

Ann Barlow Loveless, Arkansas Alpha

Luana Davis Lovenguth, West Virginia Alpha

Nan Jordan Lowery, Georgia Alpha

Christina Lynn Lowry, Virginia Theta

Patricia Tremallo Lucash, Connecticut Alpha

Nell Williams Luce, South Dakota Alpha

Roberta Nauman Lucey, Iowa Gamma

Lynn Dowling Lucurell, Washington Alpha

Rena Pifer Lude*, Michigan Alpha

Dorothy Standifer Ludlum*, Oklahoma Alpha

Barbara Roe Luhrs, Kansas Beta

Matilda Kroell Lynch, Georgia Alpha

Nancy McClelland Lynch, Illinois Eta

Saunny Burks Lynch, Missouri Gamma

Peggy McClure Lyons, Mississippi Beta

Cindy Hickerson Macconnie, Illinois Theta

Gayle Gillum Macdiarmid, Louisiana Beta

Mary Anne Hicky MacDonald, Arkansas Alpha

Robin Greenway MacGillivray, California Gamma

Elizabeth Busby Machen, Arkansas Alpha

Margaret Pontius MacKimm, Virginia Gamma

Kim Hale Mackin, Kentucky Gamma

Pat Gronowski Mackowiak, North Dakota Alpha

Harriet Morris Maclay, Arkansas Alpha

Barb Arlene MacNeill, Pennsylvania Kappa

Linda Miller Magee, Missouri Alpha

Marguerite Holman Magee*, Tennessee Beta

Nancy Lohuis Magee^, Illinois Zeta

Sarah Laven Magnesen, Illinois Zeta

Sue Ann Magness, Oklahoma Alpha

Leslie Magnus, New Jersey Alpha

Ann Gabelman Mahurin, Missouri Alpha

Lauren Schmidt Maier, Oregon Alpha

Brenda McClure Mallett, Illinois Epsilon

Lea Anne Berry Mallot, Missouri Alpha

Sharon Ann Malone, Texas Epsilon

Leslie Anne Malouf, Texas Gamma

Martha Sherman Malsbary^, Indiana Delta

Jennifer Leigh Mandeville, Virginia Theta

Bobbie Schow Mangham, Georgia Alpha

Brenda Kathleen Mann, Iowa Gamma

Libby Jennings Manning, Oklahoma Alpha

Marjorie Ellis Manning, Arizona Beta

Barbara Worden Manny*, Ohio Epsilon

Susan Kelley Marker*, Washington Beta

Janet Warden Markway, Missouri Alpha

Doreen Demond Marshall*, California Delta

Leslie Marshall, Connecticut Alpha

Peggy Taylor Marshall, Arkansas Alpha

Dorothy Will Marston, Iowa Gamma

Betty Waller Martin, Texas Gamma

Jackie Wendt Martin, Texas Beta

Margaret Gerig Martin*, Arkansas Alpha Sue Thomas Martin, Arkansas Alpha

Mallory Paige Martinez, New Mexico Alpha

Ann Seidenglanz Mason*, Oklahoma Alpha

Scott Hammans Mason, Arkansas Alpha

Lori Page Massey, Arkansas Alpha

Shannon Fenlon Mather, Minnesota Alpha

Jamie Janota Matlock, Oklahoma Beta

Lauren Tatum Matocha, Texas Delta

Suzann Wilson Matthews, Virginia Gamma

Anita Maurras, Arkansas Alpha

Sugie Gribble Maxfield*, Virginia Alpha

Debby Miller Maxon, Kansas Alpha

Michelle Gampper Maxwell, Missouri Alpha

Susan Jonnatti Maxwell, Pennsylvania Zeta

Kathryn Norris May, Arkansas Alpha

Penny White Mayer, Nevada Alpha

Cindy Stallings Mayfield, Texas Gamma

Joyce Palmatary Mays, Oklahoma Alpha

Ann Parks McAllister, Tennessee Alpha

Connie McArthur, Utah Alpha

Meredith Miller McBee, Texas Gamma

Cleta Bode McCann, Nebraska Beta

Beth Dunlop McCarter, Missouri Alpha

Marty Mohr McCarty, Indiana Alpha

Barbara Crable McCay, Virginia Zeta

Gail Furnall McClain, Illinois Zeta

Leslie McCloy, Iowa Gamma

Chantel McCollum, Arkansas Alpha

Nancy Mossman McConnell, Nebraska Beta

Pennee Few McCoy, Georgia Alpha

Betsy West McCune, Missouri Alpha

Renie Lilly McCutchen, North Carolina Beta

Sandy Luc McDonell, Michigan Gamma

MaryMargaret McDonough*, Maryland Beta

Sara Williams McDonough, Kansas Alpha

Barbara A. McDougal, Texas Gamma

Dana Downing McElroy, Oklahoma Beta

Rosine Blount McFaddin*, Texas Alpha

Allison Brown McGeough, Ohio Zeta

Bonnie Beaird McGinley, Kansas Alpha

Karin Hertel McGinnis, Wisconsin Beta

Dorothy Gibb McGowan*, Iowa Gamma

Mary Christie McIntyre, Virginia Epsilon

Joan Hueber McKee, Indiana Zeta

Carolyn Tenney McKelvey*, Illinois Eta

Ann Gehret McKinney, Tennessee Beta

Valerie Berger McKinney, Indiana Delta

Sonnet Goodenough McKinnon, New Mexico Alpha

Anne Anderson McKnight, Florida Beta

Margaret Elizabeth McLarty, Arkansas Alpha


Elizabeth Spiller McLaughlin, Mississippi Beta

Linda Hamilton McLaughlin*, Maryland Alpha

Beth Butler McLean, Georgia Alpha

Katherine Steinmayer McLean, Louisiana Alpha

Betty Delano McLelland, Illinois Epsilon

Mary Fenn McMillan, Manitoba Alpha

Ruby Porter McNeese*, Oklahoma Alpha

Valerie Weaver McNeese, Arkansas Beta

Mary Foster McPhie, Illinois Theta

Mary Myers McVay, Minnesota Alpha

Debbie Gentry McWard, Illinois Zeta

Elizabeth Trice Meacham, Arkansas Alpha

Erica Delaney Meaney, Connecticut Alpha

Holly Means, Virginia Zeta

Lori K. Megown, Missouri Alpha

Pat Hutcherson Meharry, Georgia Alpha

Janet Fahrni Mehlhoff, South Dakota Alpha

Jo Ellen Coate Meier, California Beta

Mary Jane Keller Meier*, Michigan Alpha

Mary Lu Pendergrast Meixell, Tennessee Delta

Jane Connell Melhuish, Oregon Beta

Merry Humphrey Melonas, Oregon Alpha

Leslie Fletcher Mendenhall, Texas Gamma

Evelyn West Menz, Arkansas Alpha

Julie Geiger Shannon Mercer*, Kentucky Beta

Renee Ross Mercer, Iowa Zeta

Frances Wilson Merker*, Missouri Gamma

Ellie Moore Merrick*, Illinois Beta-Delta

Lynn Mueller Merrill*, Indiana Delta

Lorwen Williams Merriman*, Texas Alpha

Betty Wetmore Metcalf, Illinois Beta-Delta

Judy Jaworski Mettke, South Carolina Beta

Melanie Beck Metzger, Texas Epsilon

Jill Jensen Meynen^, Illinois Iota

Erika Breedlove Michalski, Missouri Alpha

Eleanor Inness Mieth*, Illinois Beta

Caroline Ward Miguelez, New York Eta

Christine E. Miller, Connecticut Alpha

Cynthia Hillis Miller, California Theta

Genie Betts Miller, Virginia Alpha

Kelli Nicholson Miller, Arkansas Alpha

Lisa Hornibrook Miller, Arkansas Alpha

Liz Hickman Miller, Texas Gamma

Marjorie Lyman Miller, D.C. Alpha

Cirrelda Barnard Mills, Oklahoma Alpha

Lori Webb Milner, Texas Gamma

Gayle Badley Mimnaugh, Michigan Gamma

Bridget Leahy Miner, Arkansas Alpha

Corinne Clark Mitchell*, Indiana Delta

Joyce Lindgren Mitchell*, Iowa Gamma

Karen Schumacher Mize, Kansas Beta

Barbara Weatherwax Mohar*, Colorado Beta

Danielle Flower Mohn, Colorado Gamma

Barbara Tremble Molinaro, Arkansas Alpha

Chrissie Travers Mollenkopf, Texas Beta

Elizabeth Martel Monroe, Virginia Delta

Bitsy Urvan Montgomery, Georgia Alpha

Sherry Anderson Montgomery, Indiana Beta

Theresa Guzzardo Montgomery, Missouri Alpha

Jane Peterson Mooneyham, Colorado Alpha

Pamela Moore, Missouri Alpha

Sue Peery Moore, New York Delta

Julie Buck Moorehead, Indiana Delta

Jane Dills Morgan, Arkansas Alpha

Maria Alberico Morgan, Utah Alpha

Patricia Dunn Moriarty, New York Alpha

Meredith Katherine Morrill, Tennessee Beta

Dorothy Brazel Morris*, Ohio Alpha

Edna Katherine Morris, South Carolina Alpha

Sally Murphy Morris, Wisconsin Alpha

Debbie Gold Morrison, Arkansas Alpha

Ellie Smith Morrison, Texas Beta

Leslia Pelton Morrison, Illinois Epsilon

Carole Higgins Morton, Mississippi Beta

Sharon Iupe Moseley, Mississippi Beta

Jennifer Torbett Mosle, California Alpha

Sandy Mowry, Vermont Beta

Phoebe Storm Mueller, Oklahoma Alpha

Margaret E. Mulkern*, Massachusetts Beta

Mary Mitch Mullendore, Illinois Zeta

Meg L. Muller, Wyoming Alpha

Karin Hellman Muncie, Indiana Delta

Martha Elizabeth Murphy, Minnesota Alpha

Betty Jane Mowry Myers*, Indiana Beta

Tami Satterfield Myers, Florida Beta

Dana Newman Nagel, Texas Alpha

Sara Najjar-Wilson, South Carolina Alpha

Gail Webb Natale, Texas Beta

Carolyn Chenault Neal, Texas Gamma

Margy Easterday Nebesio, Indiana Delta

Jennifer Elizabeth Nelson, Virginia Eta

Margot Kral-Hasty Nelson, Kansas Alpha

Marty Williams Nelson, Missouri Alpha

Wendy Nelson, Oregon Alpha

Aggie Ann Nestor, Maryland Beta

Jeanne Runyon Newberry, Virginia Delta

Janey Pearson Newell, Arkansas Alpha

Lana Lott Nicholos, Georgia Alpha

Pat Seeber Nicholson*, California Zeta

Jessi Bevan Nill, Indiana Gamma

Anne Geary Nissen, California Zeta

Marcia Perry Nix, Arizona Alpha

Kyle Loveless Noble, Arkansas Alpha

Ruth Neel Noble, California Delta

Betty Schlesinger Noe*, Louisiana Beta

Raleigh Elizabeth Noland, Georgia Alpha

Nancy Butler Noll, Ohio Epsilon

Patricia Adams Nordgren*, Kansas Beta

Trude Steele Norman, Oklahoma Alpha

Becky Norwood Norris, Arkansas Alpha

Cynthia DeSimone North, Minnesota Alpha

Patricia Myers Norton, Kansas Beta

Cathy Hickman Norwood, Texas Gamma

Phebe Baner Novakovic^, New York Alpha

Lacy Stanfill Nowlen, Arkansas Alpha

Virginia Erhardt Noyes*, Indiana Delta

Frances Tanquary Nutten*, California Gamma

Diane Campbell O’Byrne, Missouri Alpha

Anne Travis O’Connell*, Missouri Beta

Trish Dwyer O’Donnell, California Gamma

Jenna Jones Oesch, Missouri Alpha

Robin Hrabe Offill, Oklahoma Beta

Linda Ward O’Hara, Kansas Alpha

Kay Holmes O’Jibway, Texas Gamma

Jennifer Auer O’Keefe, Missouri Alpha

Brenda Martini O’Loughlin, Colorado Alpha

Barbara Sands Olsen*, Illinois Zeta

Carol-Ann Crundwell Olson, Colorado Alpha

Keri Youngberg Olson, Minnesota Alpha

Kris Woods Olson, Iowa Zeta

Kristin Noer Olson, Indiana Delta

Nancy Nichols Olson*, Illinois Zeta

Angela Wellborn O’Neill, Alabama Gamma

Judy Granger Opfer, Missouri Beta

Suzy Montgomery Orb, California Delta

Erin Elizabeth Orem, Georgia Alpha

Ann McMullen O’Rourke*, Indiana Delta

Rowena Simpson Osborn*, Texas Alpha

Dot Jordan O’Sullivan, Kansas Alpha

Margaret Merlo Ott, Illinois Theta

Carol Christensen Oukrop, North Dakota Alpha

Anne Townsend Overman, North Carolina Alpha

Carolyn Brahm Owens, Ohio Beta

LIFETIME GIVING 2021–2022 | 73
^ 20 (+) Years Of Consecutive Giving * Deceased

Linda Grizzard Owens, Florida Beta

Susan Janis Pabst, Iowa Zeta

Catherine O’Dea Pallardy, Illinois Eta

Anne Oehler Palmer, Ohio Epsilon

Hattie Wallace Park*, Texas Alpha

Risa Alexander Parker, Oklahoma Beta

Nancy Tuck Parkerson, Georgia Alpha

Joyce Lillibridge Parks*, Indiana Gamma

Cheri Raber Patterson, Illinois Theta

Hope Kirby Patton^, Alabama Alpha

Michele Dupriest Patton, Virginia Gamma

Leigh Mossman Pauling, Texas Delta

Patricia Sumner Paulson, California Beta

Cheryl Ann Payne, Louisiana Beta

Lindsay Glaser Payne, Minnesota Alpha

Lynn Ridge Peacher, Oklahoma Beta

Mary Kaye Etheridge Peacock, Florida Beta

Christina Pechin, Indiana Delta

Virginia Howenstine Peine*, Kansas Beta

Michele Tereschuk Pelley, Pennsylvania Iota

Betsy McClure Penny, Missouri Alpha

Jane Mars Perkins, Missouri Alpha

Shirlee Dillard Perkins, Oregon Alpha

Kate Schwie Perrine^, Tennessee Delta

Beverly Hamlett Perry, Texas Gamma

Jane Novinger Perry, Missouri Alpha

Kelly Zudycki Perry, Illinois Zeta

Marilyn Taylor Perry, New York Alpha

Pamela Lee Perry, Ohio Zeta

Kelly Williams Peterson, Missouri Alpha

Nan Olin Peterson, Michigan Gamma

Paige Ramsden Peterson, South Carolina Beta

Terry Petrone, Tennessee Beta

Jill Nicole Pettit, Arkansas Alpha

Christina Nguyen Pham, California Eta

Christie Bridges Phelan, Arkansas Alpha

Carol McKee Phillips, South Dakota Alpha

Laurie Paravati Phillips, New York Delta

Shannon Cloyes Phillips, Oklahoma Beta

Leisha Scott Phipps, Texas Zeta

Jan Rymer Pickens, Texas Beta

Ashley Marie Pieper, Michigan Alpha

Norma Myers Pierce*, Kansas Beta

Jacqueline Pike-Brody, Indiana Delta

Alison Jeanette Pilgrim, South Dakota Alpha

Britney Myshrall Piner, Louisiana Beta

Kay Murray Pirrong, Wisconsin Gamma

Jeannette Busek Pisano, California Eta

Jenn Plagman-Galvin, Iowa Gamma

Cheryl Altherr Planalp, Indiana Delta

Carolyn Kelly Poling, Georgia Alpha

Carol White Poore, Arizona Beta

Jane Lake Porter, Oklahoma Alpha

Cathy Boynton Powell, Missouri Alpha

Cindy Marion Powell, New York Delta

Jill Brouwer Powell, Michigan Beta

Lura Jane Powell, Maryland Beta

Fawn Freeland Powers, Utah Alpha

Margaret Benoit Powers, Indiana Beta

Jenny Miller Pratt, Indiana Alpha

Karen Helfrich Pratt, Illinois Theta

Jean Lindstaedt Prendergast*, Indiana Gamma

Linda Burrows Priest, Oklahoma Beta

Cindy Stringfield Provencher, Florida Beta

Kathryn Pryor, Arkansas Alpha

Sabra Hansen Qua*, Kentucky Alpha

Ann Louise Morrison Qualls, Indiana Delta

Peggy Proffitt Quattlebaum*, Kansas Beta

Terri Anderson Quick, New York Epsilon

Laurel Shultz Quinn, Virginia Epsilon

Lynne Lancaster Quinn, Texas Gamma

Shannon Rainosek-Hurley, New Mexico Alpha

Liz Rainwater, Arkansas Alpha

Tracy Rubick Ramsey, Missouri Alpha

Jan Chandler Randle, Kansas Beta

Valerie Vandaveer Randolph*, Oklahoma Alpha

Mary Lou Cain Rasco, Arkansas Alpha

Lynn Moll Rassieur, Louisiana Alpha

Mary McKeon Rath, South Dakota Alpha

Andrea Dalton Rau, Missouri Alpha

Nan Culpepper Ray*, Texas Epsilon

Nancy Johnston Records*, Oklahoma Alpha

Vanessa Ann Redman, Texas Eta

Laura Clough Redmond, Ohio Eta

Alice Jean Reed, Georgia Alpha

Lucy Broeking Reed*, Indiana Delta

Debra Darnell Rees, Louisiana Alpha

Sue Nofsinger Rees, Kentucky Beta

Jane Compagna Reggio, Vermont Beta

Helen Sowash Reichert*, Ohio Alpha

Travis Daniel Reichman*, Missouri Alpha

Lisa Hughes Reid, Oklahoma Alpha

Suzanne Schiff Reid, Ohio Beta

Carolyn Much Reil, Oregon Gamma

Karen Reilly, Alberta Alpha

Juanita Winbigler Reinhard*, Illinois Alpha

Winnie Coyne Reitnouer^, California Zeta

Jean Jensen Remington*, New York Delta

Cathryn Bruns Render, Oklahoma Beta

Ann Rettie, Iowa Zeta

Karen King Reynolds, Indiana Delta

Sha Carson Reynolds, Arkansas Alpha

Beverly Klunk Rhodenbaugh, Ohio Beta

Suzanne Acuff Rhodes, Missouri Alpha

Beth Stuckey Rice, Arkansas Alpha

Debby Coburn Rice, Oregon Alpha

Erin Monnig Rice, Iowa Gamma

Korinne Hague Rice, Montana Alpha

Renae Richards-Charney, New Mexico Beta

Carole Lynn Richardson, Mississippi Alpha

Dee Rippetoe Richardson, Oklahoma Beta

Verna Hooper Richardson, Oklahoma Beta

D’Ann Dublin Riemer, Texas Beta

Kitty Black Rinehart*, Virginia Alpha

Sara McIlhenny Ringle, New Mexico Alpha

Geraldine Kufta Ripton, New York Alpha

Jane Overly Risk*, Missouri Beta

Suzanne Barrett Robert, Arizona Alpha

Dawne Jacobs Roberts, Florida Beta

Mary Simpson Roberts*, Arkansas Alpha

Sarah Bonner Roberts, Massachusetts Beta

Suellen South Roberts, Arkansas Alpha

Jeanne Gittings Robeson, Illinois Alpha

Jeanne Busenbark Robins*, Indiana Delta

Christy Cason Robinson, Tennessee Gamma

Cynthia Dean Robinson, Tennessee Beta

Pamela Ludlow Robinson, Georgia Alpha

Sue Kingsley Robinson, Missouri Alpha

Rosemary Powell Robnett, Missouri Alpha

Ellen Patricia Roche, New York Delta

Jo Ann Minor Roderick^, Oklahoma Beta

Elizabeth Landram Roepke, Arizona Alpha

Janna Scott Roeseler, Texas Beta

Susan Hart Rogerson, Arkansas Alpha

Joanna Roller, Georgia Alpha

Catherine Roosevelt McCluskey, Michigan Beta

Renee Rosiek, West Virginia Alpha

Shannon O’Donnell Ross^, Indiana Delta

Kim Brooks Rosson, Arkansas Alpha

Lisa Matlock Roszell, Missouri Alpha

Melanie Milam Roth, Louisiana Alpha

Barb Wall Roux, Georgia Alpha

Marilyn Smith Rowell, Alabama Alpha

Clara Sterling Rowland, Arkansas Alpha

Ann Huddleston Rozema, Kansas Beta

Hally Bell Rubsamen*, Missouri Alpha

Alisa Brooks Rudlang, Minnesota Alpha

Anne Potter Russ, Missouri Alpha

Janet North Russell, Texas Gamma

Vanessa Brown Russell, Arkansas Alpha

Callie Joe Rutherford, Mississippi Beta

Sandra D. Rutherford, Arizona Alpha


Angela McBride Ryan, Arkansas Alpha

Gioia Mariani Ryan, Arizona Beta

Mim Wendell Ryan*, Michigan Beta

Lucille McCrillis Ryland*, Colorado Beta

Jackie Andrea Sabol, Indiana Gamma

Jane Riley Sackrison, Illinois Epsilon

Letitia Wood Sadler*, Louisiana Alpha

Mary Liz Smith Sadler, Virginia Gamma

Elizabeth Robbins Salata, Illinois Iota

Susan Elizabeth Salch, Texas Beta

Alice Heldenfels Sallee, Texas Beta

Shirley Smith Samis, Oklahoma Alpha

Joan Bothwell Sample, Washington Beta

Patricia Peterson Sander, Minnesota Alpha

Anne McElheny Sanders, Texas Gamma

Catherine Conlon Sanders, Mississippi Beta

Lauren Mengel Sanders, Georgia Alpha

Patience Rood Sanford, Arizona Alpha

Geraldine Hanny Sargent*, Washington Alpha

Carol Jones Saunders, Pennsylvania Gamma

Sally Brittain Saunders, Oklahoma Alpha

Ardath Kleinhans Saxbe*, Ohio Beta

Alice Sayre*, Iowa Beta

Cindy Simmons Schaefer, Oklahoma Alpha

Patricia Schaefer*, New Mexico Alpha

Carol Kuehn Scheerbaum, Nebraska Beta

Jean Schepers, Texas Gamma

Jennifer Fancher Schiffman, Colorado Alpha

Melissa Dates Schmidt, Ohio Alpha

Mary Traylor Schnirring*, Illinois Zeta

Jo Anthony Schofield*, Pennsylvania Beta

Lisa Colket Schrimsher, Texas Gamma

Mary Kahlenberg Schroeder, Illinois Epsilon

Rachael Rouprich Schuler, Indiana Delta

Sally Reddig Schulze, Texas Beta

Connie Miller Schuster, Nebraska Beta

Sandra M. Schwan, Arkansas Alpha

Jeanne Gross Schwarz, Illinois Eta

Sande Elisabeth Schweier^, Oregon Gamma

Jane Miller Bell Scott, Colorado Alpha

Mary Jane Gomez Scott, Connecticut Alpha

Janet Beazley Scraper, Georgia Alpha

Mary Jane Chandler Seamans*, Illinois Zeta

Krista Searle, Alberta Alpha

Betty Huff Seay, Oklahoma Alpha

Cindi Morrison Seibels, Mississippi Beta

Bebe Clemens Selig, Texas Alpha

Judy Krupnick Seligman, California Lambda

Katie Anne Sellers, Arkansas Alpha

Joan Velie Semmer, Minnesota Alpha

Barbara Berry Sewell*, Oklahoma Alpha

Karen Ski Seykowski, Indiana Theta

Lois Stovall Shackelford, Georgia Alpha

Ginny Myers Shaffer, Indiana Zeta

Leslie Faulk Shanks, Arkansas Alpha

Jane Vance Shankwiler*, Oklahoma Alpha

Betty Lou Nelson Shannon*, Missouri Gamma

Carolyn Strecker Sharp^, Ohio Delta

Deborah Boyd Sharp, Arkansas Alpha

Phyllis M. Sharp, Illinois Theta

Robin Cobb Shea, Arkansas Alpha

Pamela Sheehan-Ryan, Minnesota Alpha

Sue White Shellabarger, Oklahoma Beta

Suzanne Skipton Shelton, Mississippi Beta

Betty Rossell Sheneberger*, Illinois Alpha

Sheila Graham Sherman, Illinois Theta

Ethel Butcher Shogren*, Iowa Gamma

Katie McCormick Shreve, California Eta

Susie Elling Shuler, Minnesota Alpha

Andrea Armstrong Shultz, Virginia Eta

Nancy Ridgeway Shuma, California Gamma

Jamie Shuster, North Carolina Alpha

Carol Longaker Shuttleworth, Pennsylvania Epsilon

Mary Horton Sidwell, Missouri Gamma

June Thursby Siegerist, Missouri Beta

Susan Rountree Silk, California Gamma

Jeri Price Simak^, Illinois Theta

Judy Fingerle Simmons, Louisiana Beta

Ann Little Simon, Indiana Delta

Anna Marie Simpson, Arkansas Alpha

Louise Bunger Simpson, California Epsilon

Peggy Bookhout Sisson, Oklahoma Alpha

Penny Ray Sisson, Mississippi Beta

Lisa D. Sisterhenm, New York Alpha

Janet Skidmore Skinner*, Minnesota Alpha

Judy Pitblado Skoglund, Minnesota Alpha

Carolyn Kunze Slapnicka, Oregon Alpha

Mary Petticrew Smalling^, Indiana Epsilon

Sarah Jones Smart, Arkansas Alpha

Wilma J. Smelcer, Illinois Zeta

Carrie Westbrook Smith, Mississippi Beta

Elinor Duschl Smith, Arkansas Alpha

Ethel Gillespie Smith*, Indiana Delta

Frances E. Smith, Illinois Epsilon

Gloria Murray Smith, Alabama Beta

Helen Elsner Smith, Missouri Beta

Katherine Horridge Smith, Kansas Beta

Kathryn Cash Smith, Arkansas Alpha

Luellen Clymo Smith^, Washington Gamma

Margaret Taylor Smith*, North Carolina Beta

Marietta Irving Smith, Arkansas Alpha

Mary Lee Welch Smith, Arkansas Alpha

Nan Chamberlain Smith^, Florida Beta

Susan Haddenhorst Smith, Missouri Alpha

Suzanne Harris Smith, Texas Alpha

Tia Hoppin Smith, Colorado Alpha

Rosalie Cousins Smithers*, Missouri Alpha

Rosemary Leitz Smithson, Missouri Alpha

Sarah Hayes Smith-Williams, Arkansas Alpha

Marilyn Schafer Smitson, Indiana Delta

Pi Phi gave me so much, and I feel I need to give back so Pi Phi can help others.
It’s a way to say thank you for everything this sisterhood has given me.”
LIFETIME GIVING 2021–2022 | 75
^ 20 (+) Years Of Consecutive Giving * Deceased

Cissy Whetsel Smucker, Colorado Beta

Marilyn Beckmann Smythe, Michigan Gamma

Sarah Severson Snow, North Dakota Alpha

Jean Dunbar Socolowski*, Indiana Beta

Elizabeth Transou Solberg, Missouri Alpha

Ellen Poole Solich, Mississippi Alpha

Bethany Johnson Soper, Ohio Kappa

Shirley Ruxton Soper, California Beta

Carol Nylander Sorenson*, Montana Alpha

Jane Frye Sorenson, New York Alpha

Julie Lung Sorenson, Oregon Alpha

Joanne Keepers Soukup*, Illinois Zeta

Helen Morrison Soutter, North Carolina Alpha

Victoria Bergin Spannaus, Michigan Gamma

Beth Winfree Sparks, Tennessee Gamma

Phyllis Fazzari Speer, Massachusetts Alpha

Tess South Spencer, Ohio Alpha

Ann Trieschmann Spikes, Arkansas Alpha

Shirley Stephens Spillman, Texas Gamma

Diane Ruth Stafford, Kansas Beta

Gwen Connelley Stafford, Texas Gamma

Anne Maxwell Stage, Georgia Alpha

Carol Townsend Stahl*, New Mexico Alpha

Lisa Schuerman Stallings, Indiana Delta

Ashlea Watson Stanfill, Alabama Gamma

Ruth Granger Stauffer*, Kansas Alpha

Amy Nobles Stearns, Colorado Alpha

Betty West Stedman*, Texas Alpha

Alberta Hill Steele*, California Beta

Charlotte Smith Steele, Arkansas Alpha

Betty Colburn Steere, D.C. Alpha

Catherine Dedek Steffen, New York Delta

Sandy Casstevens Steinbach, Texas Gamma

Kathleen Hackim Stengel, California Delta

Rachel Cohen Stephens, Missouri Alpha

Krista White Stephenson, Texas Gamma

Barbara Rolfe Sterling, Illinois Theta

Alex Meyer Sternstein, Georgia Alpha

Betty Jo Dean Stevens, Ohio Beta

Jennifer Malone Stevenson, Texas Alpha

Judy Cutler Stickney*, Colorado Gamma

Barbara Esgen Stieren*, Texas Alpha

Amy Stieren-Smiley, Texas Zeta

Barbi Wilson Stiles, Florida Epsilon

Gena Odell Still*, Texas Gamma

Mary Stephenson Stilson*, Iowa Zeta

Elizabeth Minnich Stoddart, Indiana Delta

Betsy Campbell Stone, Washington Gamma

Shirley Barham Stone, Kansas Beta

Stephanie Fagen Stouder, Iowa Beta

Amanda Strickland Stout, Louisiana Beta

Margaret Hartman Strader*, Missouri Alpha

Stephanie Ann Strahl-Hargens, Indiana Delta

Janet Martin Strang*, Indiana Delta

Jill Stroebele Struyk, Iowa Beta

Dorothy Davis Stuck*, Arkansas Alpha

Norma Anderson Stuckey*, Kansas Alpha

Sherry Lockhart Stucky, Indiana Delta

Maurita Estes Stueck*, Missouri Beta

Mary Pat Zachry Stumberg, Texas Alpha

Amanda Jo Sulc, Ohio Beta

Lela Bennett Sullivan, Oklahoma Beta

Pauline Gill Sullivan*, Texas Alpha

Joan Workman Summerwill*, Iowa Zeta

Leah Beth Faulk Sutton, Arkansas Alpha

Cynthia Swanson, Illinois Zeta

Jane Bon Swanton*, Wyoming Alpha

Carla Fitzgerald Swenson, Texas Alpha

Cheryl Brown Sykes, North Carolina Alpha

Gina Maria Tabachki, Illinois Epsilon

Katie Hilliard Tacito, Arkansas Alpha

Dee Hamilton Talbott, Iowa Gamma

Betty Olmsted Taylor, Texas Beta

Heather Hove Taylor, Michigan Beta

Kathryn Taylor^, Pennsylvania Eta

Linda Myers Taylor, Ohio Beta

Stacia Lynn Taylor, Ohio Alpha

Mari Redei Tenkhoff, Missouri Alpha

Edie Barry Terreson, Florida Beta

Connie Schipman Terry, Alabama Alpha

Mary Grace Walsh Theodore, Indiana Zeta

Leigh Thiedeman, Iowa Gamma

Dorothy Shallenberger Thoeny*, Nebraska Beta

Kim Gatlin Thomas, Texas Delta

Marianne Hays Thomas*, California Beta

Marjorie Stewart Thomas*, Florida Beta

Mary Ann McCrary Thomas, California Beta

Pam Roach Thomas, Texas Delta

Shawn Manes Thomason, Missouri Alpha

Cat Wills Thompson, Oklahoma Beta

Elaine Bizzell Thompson*, Texas Alpha

Jane Oderkirk Thompson*, Indiana Delta

Kimberly Holt Thompson, Indiana Delta

Margaret Robinson Thompson*, Nebraska Beta

Marilyn Short Thompson, Oklahoma Beta

Wendy Ann Thompson, Georgia Alpha

Dorothy Coleman Thorman*, Illinois Epsilon

Danielle Melisa Thorsen, Virginia Zeta

Rena Rodeman Thorsen, Maryland Beta

Mary Leavitt Tiffany, California Alpha

Elizabeth Loveless Tilbury, Arkansas Alpha

Patty Neal Todderud, Indiana Delta

Cindy McDermott Tolbert, Indiana Delta

Susanne Riley Tom, Idaho Alpha

Barbie Oliver Tootle, Ohio Beta

Beth Torres^, Illinois Zeta

Julie Zook Toth, Texas Zeta

Lisa Doll Tovar, Connecticut Alpha

Wendi Littell Tovey, California Eta

Louise Mailander Towns*, Texas Alpha

Catherine Wartinbee Townsend, Michigan Beta

Doris Howell Townsend*, South Dakota Alpha

Judy Edwards Trammel, Arkansas Alpha

Ann Classen Treadwell, Colorado Alpha

Deanne Trent, Pennsylvania Zeta

Sara Whitsitt Trevino, Texas Gamma

Judy Edwards Trice, Arkansas Alpha

Tamara Morrison Tricoli, Oklahoma Beta

Carol Turbeville Trittschuh, Indiana Gamma

Nancy C. Trogman, Illinois Theta

Kaci Shipley Trojan, Oklahoma Beta

Carolyn Jones Trumbo, Arkansas Alpha

Edwina Hearn Tucker, Indiana Gamma

Marjorie Sommer Tucker*, Florida Gamma

Jean Nees Tulin, Illinois Eta

Kate Elledge Turley*, Texas Alpha

Denise Pierce Turnbull^, Illinois Alpha

Brooke Diane Turner, Montana Alpha

Suzanne Whitmore Turner, Arkansas Alpha

Alissa Rose Turnipseed, D.C. Alpha

Jane Houchens Tuten, Tennessee Beta

Jacquline Wilson Tutton, Iowa Zeta

Susan Faulkner Tynes, Arkansas Alpha

Lynn Waddell Tyre, New York Delta

Marjorie Uhalde, Nevada Alpha

Nan Black Ulle*, Virginia Alpha

Kimberly Anne Utlaut, Missouri Alpha

Valerie Jean Uyeda, California Theta

Mary Grothjahn Van Horn, Georgia Alpha

Barbara Ehni Van Luven, Indiana Epsilon

Heather Donovan Van Ningen, Iowa Eta

Mary Holekamp Van Winkle, Montana Alpha


Mary Lynn Thomas Van Wyck, Arkansas Alpha

Diane Strock Vanden Dorpel, Ohio Beta

Louise Kelch Vandivier*, Indiana Alpha

Mary Holcomb Vanlandingham, Oklahoma Beta

Ann Marie Varanakis, Utah Alpha

Angie Anderson Vaughan, Oklahoma Beta

Lillian Malley Vernon*, Massachusetts Alpha

Kathleen Brooks Verschoyle, Texas Beta

Karla Kaplan Vevle*, Minnesota Alpha

Jeanie Grimm Vickroy, Ohio Zeta

Jacqueline Basham Vietti, Kansas Beta

Kathlyn Kremer Vilendrer, Minnesota Alpha

Brenda Smart Viner, Arizona Alpha

Terra Drotar Vinet, Arkansas Alpha

Laura Beth Holden Vogel, Arkansas Alpha

Robin M. Vogel, New York Epsilon

Lynn Merrick Vogelsinger, Illinois Zeta

Tricia Barry Vondle, Georgia Alpha

Stacy Angelus Vucenich, Minnesota Alpha

Sara Wareham Waggoner*, Wisconsin Alpha

Judi Buck Wagner, Washington Alpha

Jennifer Scott Wahlen, Alabama Gamma

Susan Sayles Waldeck, Illinois Theta

Lori Trumbull Waldrop, Indiana Delta

Bobby Sanford Walker, Nevada Alpha

Marguerite Merritt Walker, Massachusetts Beta

Robin Becknell Walker, Texas Gamma

Susan Robinson Walker, Arkansas Alpha

Mary Collar Wall, South Carolina Alpha

Joan Edington Wallace*, Tennessee Gamma

Helen-Louise Duckett Waller, Virginia Alpha

Margaret Conn Walsh, Virginia Gamma

Rosalyn Johnson Walters, Indiana Zeta

Susan Carol Waltman, Georgia Alpha

Anne Wheaton Wanzenberg, Iowa Zeta

Beth Coxon Ward, Indiana Delta

Myra Gungoll Ward, Oklahoma Alpha

Nancy Halvorson Ward, California Epsilon

Jane Porter Warmack*, Iowa Gamma

Lisa Guengerich Way, Kansas Beta

Sara Lee Weaver-Wescott, Missouri Alpha

Erica Bales Webb, Missouri Alpha

Heather Haugland Webb, Arizona Alpha

Margaret Brickey Weber*, California Zeta

Ann Denker Webster, Arkansas Alpha

Marjorie Kelly Webster*, California Beta

Sarah Snodsmith Weddell, Colorado Alpha

Elizabeth Horridge Weigel, Kansas Beta

Margery Laing Weil*, Nebraska Beta

Mary Bloodworth Weinberg, South Carolina Alpha

Jo Pietras Weiner, Texas Beta

Anne Moore Weitz*, North Carolina Alpha

Staci Moss Wekenborg, Oklahoma Beta

Jane Alford Welch, Louisiana Beta

Roberta Hays Welch, New Mexico Alpha

Lynn Seeber Wentzel, Michigan Gamma

Jennifer Johnson Wenzel, Texas Beta

Jean Sheldon Werner, Ohio Alpha

Linda Tschudy Werner, Indiana Epsilon

Barbara Benton Wescoe*, Kansas Alpha

Judith Coon Wessar, Indiana Delta

Caitlin Simpson West, Arkansas Alpha

Elaine Haley West, Mississippi Beta

Megan Vanlandingham Westlake, Arkansas Alpha

Patricia Pope Whaley, Texas Alpha

Betty Schaefer Wheeler*, Washington Alpha

Susan Cooper Whisnant, Arkansas Alpha

Kathryn Skok Whistler, Idaho Alpha

Marie Gruetzemacher Whitacre, Missouri Alpha

Dela Wright White*, Texas Alpha

Diane Carlson White, Georgia Alpha

Jane Beaver White, Illinois Epsilon

Karen Diesing White, Missouri Gamma

Tracy Beaufort Whitehead, California Delta

Betty Shields Whitmer, Indiana Delta

Betty Riddle Whitmire*, Florida Beta

Barbara Susan Whitney, California Eta

Betsy Baldwin Whitney, Ohio Delta

Jane McMicken Whitney*, Washington Beta

Jane Gordon Whitsitt, Texas Gamma

Terry McIlvaney Whittemore, Missouri Beta

Elizabeth Rost Wiens, Minnesota Alpha

Julie Katherine Wightman Taylor, Texas Beta

Gale Lorenc Wiik, Indiana Beta

Patsy Wahlstrom Wilber, Oregon Alpha

Wendy Jo Wildung, Minnesota Alpha

Dawn Wilkins, West Virginia Gamma

Natalie McCollum Wilks, Arkansas Alpha

Kathleen Hinkle Will, Arizona Alpha

Michelle Murrell Willbanks, California Eta

Joann Rich Willey*, Nevada Alpha

Jane McQueen Williams*, Missouri Alpha

Janet Dubuisson Williams, Mississippi Beta

Janet Shellabarger Williams, Colorado Alpha

Linda Williams*, Arkansas Alpha

Becky Brewer Wilson, Arkansas Alpha

Mary Guinan Wilson, Missouri Alpha

Nancy Field Wilson*, Missouri Beta

Pi Phi has given me the opportunity to make lifelong friendships as well as growing professionally, spiritually, and academically. This scholarship is a huge relief for my family, and it will allow me to dedicate my time to Pi Phi and my academics without the stress of a financial burden. Thank you so very much for your generosity as this scholarship means so much to me.”

LIFETIME GIVING 2021–2022 | 77

Vicki Petsch Wilson, Wyoming Alpha

Jean Rogers Winchell, Texas Alpha

Helen Dyer Wingo*, Missouri Gamma

Shaughnessey Miller Winkelhake, Colorado Delta

Sue Schedler Winterringer, Oklahoma Beta

MacKenzie Winters, Alabama Beta

Suzanne Allen Wion, Oklahoma Alpha

Brenda Balkunas Wirth, Wisconsin Alpha

Linda Laack Wise, Georgia Alpha

Polly Townsend Wise*, Oklahoma Alpha

Taylor Nicole Wise, Florida Epsilon

Lucie Johnson Wisehart, Wyoming Alpha

Ginny Gaines Wiseman, Arkansas Alpha

Mary Moulton Witte*, Ohio Beta

Jane C. Witter, Nevada Alpha

Barb Haddenhorst Woehle, Missouri Alpha

Elizabeth Hicks Wogan, Mississippi Beta

Valera Hume Wolf*, Indiana Gamma

Kimberly Forman Wolfe, Arkansas Alpha

Shirley Kofford Wolfenbarger, Missouri Alpha

Kelly Wolff, Washington Gamma

Mary Gwin Wood, Georgia Alpha

Michelle Drouse Woodhouse, California Eta

Carrie Klockow Woodruff, Indiana Delta

Jennifer Brown Woods, Missouri Alpha

Lynda Wolfinger Woodson, Michigan Gamma

Jacqueline Smith Woodward, Missouri Alpha

Gay Bagby Woosley, Missouri Alpha

Suzanne Zachry Word, Texas Alpha

Kathryn Stevenson Wright*, California Gamma

Richie Starnes Wright, Alabama Beta

Tanya Reed Wright, Arkansas Alpha

Kimberly Ross Wurst, Georgia Alpha

Lee E. Wyma, Kentucky Beta

Patricia Parler Wyman, South Carolina Alpha

Jeanne Thoburn Wyss*, Oklahoma Beta

Debbie Eikerman Yantis, Missouri Alpha

Darlene Yaplee, California Theta

Carolyn Lake Yenrick, Ohio Epsilon

Jennifer Gapasin Yguico, Texas Beta

Mary Lou Lang York, Washington Beta

Barbara Laird Young*, Ohio Zeta

Elisabeth Long Young, Kentucky Alpha

Jane Redenbaugh Young^, Iowa Zeta

Nanette Conlon Young, Colorado Alpha

Regina Richardson Young, Arkansas Alpha

Janet Farrington Youngberg, New Mexico Alpha

Mary Kay Neufeld Yuditsky, Idaho Alpha

Carolyn Fisher Yun, Tennessee Beta

Donna Beth Yurdin, Iowa Gamma

Carolyn Dinner Zecca-Ferris, Arizona Alpha

Elaine Peavy Zediker, Arkansas Alpha

Courtney Carter Zeiser, Arkansas Alpha

Kristin Rachel Zemke, New York Eta

Ivy Walker Zepeda, Texas Gamma

Julie Arnold Zimmer, Missouri Alpha

Suzanne Verner Zug, Texas Beta


Akron, Ohio

Albuquerque, New Mexico^ Alpharetta, Georgia^ Amarillo, Texas^ Ann Arbor, Michigan Arlington, Texas

Arrowhead-West Phoenix, Arizona^ Aurora, Colorado Bakersfield, California Baltimore, Maryland Bartlesville, Oklahoma Baton Rouge, Louisiana Bay Area, Texas Birmingham, Alabama Bloomfield Hills, Michigan^ Bloomington, Indiana^ Bostonian, Massachusetts Boulder, Colorado Brazos Valley, Texas Brevard County, Florida^ Broward County, Florida Calgary, Alberta Casper, Wyoming Cedar Rapids, Iowa Central Orange County, California Champaign-Urbana, Illinois Charlotte, North Carolina^ Chattanooga, Tennessee Chesapeake, Maryland^ Chicago West Suburban, Illinois Chicago Windy City, Illinois Cincinnati, Ohio Clearwater, Florida^ Cleveland West, Ohio^ Colorado Rocky Mountain Columbia, Missouri Columbia, South Carolina Columbus, Ohio Conejo Valley, California^ Conroe-The Woodlands, Texas Contra Costa, California^ Corpus Christi, Texas Dayton, Ohio^ Decatur, Illinois Del Sol North, California Des Moines, Iowa Duncan, Oklahoma East Fort Bend County, Texas Edmond, Oklahoma^

Edmonton, Alberta Evergreen, Colorado Fort Collins, Colorado Fort Myers Area, Florida^ Galesburg, Illinois Glen Ellyn-Wheaton, Illinois Glendale-La Canada, California Greater Orlando Area, Florida Greater Princeton Area, New Jersey Greenville, South Carolina Harrisburg-Carlisle, Pennsylvania Hartford, Connecticut Hidalgo County, Texas Highlands Ranch, Colorado Hill Country, Texas Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Honolulu, Hawaii^ Hot Springs, Arkansas^ Hutchinson, Kansas Indian River County, Florida Indianapolis-S. Suburban, Indiana Indianola, Iowa

Jackson Metro, Mississippi Jefferson County, Colorado^ Knoxville, Tennessee L.A.-Santa Monica, California La Canada, California Lafayette, Indiana Lake County, Illinois Lake Oswego-Dunthorpe, Oregon^ Las Vegas, Nevada Lawrence, Kansas^ Little Rock, Arkansas Louisiana Northshore Louisville, Kentucky Lowcountry, South Carolina Madison, Wisconsin Manchester Area, Connecticut^ Marin County, California Maryland-District Of Columbia Suburban McKinney Area, Texas Memphis, Tennessee Midland, Texas Milwaukee, Wisconsin Mississippi Gulf Coast Monmouth, Illinois Muncie, Indiana^ Nations Capital-District Of Columbia New Haven, Connecticut Norman, Oklahoma North Carolina Triangle North San Diego, California^ North Woodward, Michigan Northwest Arkansas Palm Beach County, Florida Palm Springs-Desert Cities, California^ Palo Alto, California Piedmont Area, North Carolina Portland, Oregon^ Potomac Falls, Virginia Reno, Nevada Richmond Area, Kentucky


Sacramento, California

San Diego, California^

San Fernando Valley, California

San Francisco, California San Jose, California^

Sandhills, North Carolina Sarasota-Manatee, Florida Savannah, Georgia Schenectady, New York

South Orange County, California^ Southlake Area, Texas Spokane, Washington Springfield, Missouri St. Paul, Minnesota^ Texarkana, Arkansas-Texas Tidewater of Virginia Toledo, Ohio Toronto, Ontario Tyler, Texas

Valley of the Moon, California^

Vancouver, British Columbia

Ventura County, California Waco, Texas

Washington, District Of Columbia Westchester County, New York Whittier Area, California Winnipeg Area, Manitoba Yakima, Washington


Arkansas Beta Florida Eta

Florida Zeta

Georgia Beta Michigan Epsilon Wyoming Alpha


1867 Foundation, Inc.

1st Employment Staffing Allstate Matching Gifts

AmazonSmile American Campus Communities OP LP

Katherine Anthony Arizona Community Foundation Arrowmont

Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values

William Ault

AXA Equitable Life Insurance Bank of America Employee Giving Banta Publications

Big D Industries, Inc.

Biz Library

Black & Decker Matching Gifts

Hazel Blain*

Blatherwick Family Fund Anne and Gerald Blatherwick Boat Foundation Inc

Michael T. Bond

Charles Boothby* Kevin and Haise Borgmann Randy and Polly Bradley

Jim Brizzee Christiana Broun* Butler University CAF America

Wendy Campana Jane and Dennis Carroll Caterpillar Foundation Central Carolina Community Foundation Teri Chadwick Charles Schwab Chattahoochee Pools, Inc. Chemical Ban Fiona Cherry Chipotle Mexican Grill Christmas Village Philip Cianciotto

Mike Clifford College Fresh Inc. Carl M. Collier

Columbus Foundation Community Foundation of Abilene Community Foundation Community Foundation For Southern Arizona Community Foundation of NCW Confidence Foundation

Charles and Rosemary Conlon Robin Corry

Walter L. Crandall Mary Lou and Bill Cravens Sylvie Crum

CSL Management LLC Dallas Foundation Dayton Foundation

Dell Employee Matching Gift Program Denise and Patrick Corrigan Giving Fund

Denver Foundation Remmel T. Dickinson Dickinson College Accounts Payable Digital Pix Robert Dunn John S. Durmon, D.D.S. Ebert LeBlanc Family Foundation Inc. Dennis and Anne Eike Eloise McLennan Estate Eventbrite John Fenley Frank Dunlap Foundation

Mary Beth Freeman

G MERCH R. James Gesell GoodSearch

Greater Houston Community Foundation William K. Greenhaw

Jonathan Gregory R. Daniel Grossman

Scott Gunnison

H. English and Ermine Cater Robinson Foundation

Richard Hankins John Hanlon

Blake Hart

Hegman Family Foundation

Henry Schaefer Family Foundation Elizabeth and Walter Hickman T. Scott Hickman

Sonya Harrell Hoener

Holmes Family Charitable Fund Scott and Dawna Holtz HSRE Oxford Owner LLC Frederic E. Ieuter

Illegal Petes Inc ImpactAccess Inc., Inc.

Hale and Sally Irwin Joenic Steel

John & Linda O’Hara Charitable Fund

Glen Jones Kansas Beta Chapter Housing Corporation Katherine Ann Greene Foundation Kendra Scott Design, Inc. Ketchum, Inc.

Kintzinger Family Foundation Inc Kathleen and Michael Klema Amy Klostermann

John Larson Gary J. Lehman

Adam Levinson LF Sportswear, Inc.

Library For All Celia M. Little Long Family Foundation Lowell A. Weber Revocable Trust Magnolia Rental & Sales, Inc Mammel Family Foundation Mark H Kuntz Family Credit Mary Kay Family Foundation McBride Distributing Co., Inc. John McKelvey

Sue Meindl

Stephen Menzies Mestal Foundation

Microsoft Matching Gifts MJ Insurance

Monsanto Matching Gifts Fund

James M. Moody

Robert Morton Kenneth Murney

National Philanthropic Trust Network For Good

New York Alpha Chapter House Corp. Nicholas R Rasmussen and Julia S Tucker Charitable Fund A. Wyckliff Nisbet, Jr. Northrop Grumman

Northwestern Mutual Foundation Omaha Community Foundation On Your Mark, LLC

Oregon Community Foundation Roy Overcast Phillip Owens Jack Padovano Jenifer and Larry Page Panhellenic Council

LIFETIME GIVING 2021–2022 | 79

Par Caterers Of Phoenix LLC

Pearl Family Foundation, Inc.

Pershing LLC


Pi Beta Phi Boutique

Pi Beta Phi Mothers Club

Pi Kappa Alpha

Janice and Albert Picardi

Ursula and Louis Pofi

Porter County Community Foundation D. and Sophie Pratas

Premier Company

Purdue University

Raymond James Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund

Razoo Foundation Red Frog Events

Tiffany and Brian Reddick

Robert W. Baird & Co. Incorporated

Tyler Rollins

Alan Rolph

William Royal David A. Russell

Ruth and Vernon Taylor Foundation

Barbara Rutledge

Lisa and Chris Ryan

San Diego Foundation

Mrs. W. Kent Scofield

Scripps Howard Foundation

Seattle Foundation

Kim Sherman John D. Shurley

April Shy

April and Craig Shy

Sigma Chi

Sigma Nu

Southern California Area Council Sterling Realty Organization Stifel

Lloyd and Norma Swart Swig Foundation

Pat and Bill Tedford

Texas Alpha HC

Thomas Aquinas, Inc. Trek Advancement TRUiST

Union Pacific United Student Aid Funds, Inc.

United Technologies Charity Trust Account

United Way of Greater Philadelphia & Southern New Jersey

Univeristy of Cincinnati University of Illinois University of Virginia University Tees, Inc.

Scott Wallace Heather & Deron Webb

March Wells

Wells Fargo Community Support

Wells Fargo Wealth Management

Williams Jones

Winn-Dunaway Family Foundation Teri and Harold Winnie Leisa Winters

Marguerite and Gene Witter

Judy and Bob Wood Sherri W. Yates

George Zournas & Family


thank you to our donors


The Marianne Reid Wild Society honors sisters and friends who have made planned gifts to Pi Beta Phi Foundation. The following donors have made planned gifts as of June 30, 2022. Planned gifts leave an incredible legacy and are critical to the future Pi Beta Phi.

It is with great respect and sisterly love that we acknowledge these six Pi Phis who made their final gift to Pi Beta Phi in 2021–2022.

Betty Lou Olson Bukowski* Illinois Epsilon

Mildred Matthews Dillard* Georgia Alpha

Barbara Beardmore Adams* Texas Alpha

Jody Morse Al-Saigh New York Alpha

Pat Emens Anderson South Carolina Alpha Anonymous Arkansas Beta Anonymous Mississippi Beta Anonymous* Missouri Alpha Anonymous* Oregon Beta

Jessie Lynne Ashton Alabama Beta

Sissy Phillips Austin Oklahoma Alpha

Rita Ostrowski Baikauskas Alabama Gamma

Christine Jacoby Balderston Colorado Gamma

Patsy Cox Barab Indiana Gamma

Anne Chestnut Bartlett* Michigan Gamma

Patti Root Bash Indiana Beta

Fran DeSimone Becque New York Alpha

Maja Tanaka Berge Oregon Alpha

Elizabeth Lang Hoelzer* Illinois Theta

Adrienne Hiscox Mitchell* Kansas Alpha

Peggy Timmons Bergmann Texas Delta

Diane M. Bielman California Eta

Daphney Rose Rivera Bitanga California Eta

Barbara Anderson Blake California Delta

Barbie Ann Blake California Gamma

Jeanne Krouse Bliss Illinois Theta

Demory Schwarzbauer Boeneke Florida Beta

Marilyn J. Boren-Sweeney* California Gamma

Ann Marie Boyden* Utah Alpha

Lisa LaRey Bradford Florida Beta

Rick and Roberta Boyd Bragan West Virginia Gamma

Hannah Muehlbauer Brenner Indiana Gamma

Kathie Erickson Bridges Utah Alpha

Belmore Hicks Bridgford Virginia Alpha

Lina M. Brown* Colorado Beta

Marcia Mendenhall Brown* Indiana Beta

Marilyn Wiegand Pecsok* Indiana Epsilon

Phyllis Schafer Tabor* Illinois Theta

Sally Hewell Brown Texas Delta

Susan Bruch Michigan Alpha

Cynthia Stafford Burley* Ohio Delta

Donna Butterworth Virginia Eta

Julie Carney Texas Beta

Kellee A. Casebeer Oregon Gamma

Anita Crozat Cassilly* Louisiana Alpha

Toni Cerino Virginia Delta

Clare Buie Chaney Texas Alpha

Cheryl A. Christie Colorado Beta

Kathi Hobbs Chulick Missouri Alpha

Trudy Hartzell Clark Maryland Beta

Jan Kincaid Clifford Indiana Delta

Paula Nothstein Collins Michigan Beta

Jane E. Compton* Kansas Beta

Sheila A. Consaul Illinois Theta

* Deceased

— TORI VASQUEZ, CALIFORNIA EPSILON Senior Leadership Development Consultant 2022-2023

Mary Ellen Copner

Washington Alpha

Margaret Johnson Corkett* California Gamma

Philly Edmunds Dake* New York Delta

Mari Lou Psihogios Diamond Oregon Alpha

Beverly A. Dildine* Indiana Alpha

Candace Turner Dressler Alberta Alpha

Martha Bowman Ebeling* Ohio Delta

Carol Daugherty Egan Illinois Beta-Delta

Maxine Kruth Elkington* Missouri Beta

Jean Esden* Indiana Beta

Patricia Samson Everson* Colorado Alpha

Diana Shorb Eyre Illinois Zeta

Suzette Thompson Farrar Colorado Delta

Margaret Bernheisel Fleming* Ohio Beta

Marilyn Simpson Ford* Nebraska Beta

Ann Ellen Forkey California Delta

Margaret Inglis Fuchs* Indiana Beta

Jeannine Van Wagenen Funk Nevada Alpha

Florence Isert Gans* Kentucky Alpha

Janet Goode Gard* Wisconsin Gamma

Charline Highberger Gardner* Colorado Beta

Candi Parks Gershuni Georgia Alpha

Mildred Raikes Goldberg* West Virginia Beta

Gwendolyn Switzer Groves* Michigan Beta

Anne Paule Hall Iowa Gamma

Betty Bailey Hall* Oklahoma Alpha

Terre McFillen Hall Ohio Alpha

Deb Halpin Maine Alpha

Courtney Hammock Colorado Epsilon

Amanda Rychtanek Hanus Indiana Theta

Jessica Harbison Weaver Indiana Gamma

Carrie Randolph Harrison Virginia Gamma

Nancy Hitchcock Harvey* Michigan Alpha

Carla Hashley Michigan Epsilon

Jean Anne Shelton Hattler Oklahoma Beta

Jennifer Windell Hazelton Virginia Eta

Donna Helble* Iowa Beta

Anne Busch Hills Arizona Alpha

Katey Newell Hobbs Missouri Alpha

Mary Morns Holman Arizona Alpha

Laurie Teresa Hoskins Iowa Alpha

Janice Grow Howsmon West Virginia Alpha

Betty Staggs Huckabay Oklahoma Alpha

Lynn Partleton Hudy Wisconsin Alpha

Bimi Lane Huebner New Mexico Beta

Margaret A. Hukill* Wisconsin Alpha

Dorothy Nelsen Hunter* Nebraska Beta

Sharlotte Jeffcoat Hyde Texas Gamma

Joanie Pruitt Ireland* Michigan Beta

Leslie Dotson Jaggers Georgia Alpha

Jackie M. Jasek Indiana Gamma

This position provides ample opportunities to grow as a servant leader and advance the values of Pi Beta Phi. Additionally, serving a second year on the team offers a unique opportunity to strengthen my mentorship skills. I greatly benefited from the second-year LDCs that served during my first year who inspired me to apply for the program again!”

Marj Brown Jensen* Iowa Gamma

Sharon Jett Texas Delta

Mary Jane Buchele Johnson Illinois Eta

Mary Lou Harris Johnson California Gamma

Carole Cooke Jones* Washington Beta

Madalyn Marchman Jones Arkansas Alpha

Mary Jo Dunker Kelly South Dakota Alpha

Charline Sage Ketcherside* New Mexico Alpha

Caitlin Pierce Kissee Missouri Gamma

Kathi Caldwell Kleinman Arizona Alpha

Carolyn Ottinger Kovener* Iowa Alpha

Dorothy B. Krug* Maryland Alpha

Ann Kuga Idaho Alpha

Evelyn Peters Kyle* Illinois Alpha

Mimi Schmidt Ledyard-Brown* Indiana Delta

Marnie Rae Lee Alberta Alpha

Anne Siren Levig Wyoming Alpha

Carolyn Helman Lichtenberg* Ohio Alpha

Janice Worthington Lisko Oklahoma Beta

Kittye Sue Little Oklahoma Alpha

Leisa Ebeling Lowrey Ohio Eta

Shannon Kimbrough Luce New Mexico Alpha

Rae Wohlhueter Maier Kentucky Beta

Peggy Claire Malone Georgia Alpha

Suzanne Malone Mississippi Beta

Jennifer Leigh Mandeville Virginia Theta


Toni Martinovich California Eta

Marcella Morton Mashinter* Washington Gamma

Ann McClenahan South Dakota Alpha

Nancy E. McCroskey* Kansas Beta

Ruth Henderson McIntyre South Carolina Alpha

Mary Grable McLeod Illinois Alpha

Frances Wilson Merker* Missouri Gamma

Ellen Ferringer Milburn Indiana Gamma

Ana Mancebo Miller Texas Beta

Jo Anne Craver Murdock Texas Gamma

Kathy Swinea Nevill Tennessee Gamma

Shala Nicely Illinois Zeta

Catherine M. Oberto California Beta Kim OBrien Ohio Zeta

Audrey Miller Pennings Arkansas Alpha

Ann Dudgeon Phy Texas Alpha

Bobbie Bliss Pittman Wisconsin Beta

Jenn Plagman-Galvin Iowa Gamma

Emilie Pope Plake* Missouri Beta

Wendy Labreche Pratt Massachusetts Beta

Karen Consalus Price Missouri Alpha

Penny Ann Proctor Michigan Alpha

Darra Campbell Rayndon Alabama Alpha

Missy A. Reams Iowa Eta

Myra De Palma Reimer* Pennsylvania Gamma

Kitty Black Rinehart* Virginia Alpha

Tina Lynn Rivard Pennsylvania Theta

Karma Stephens Roberts Oregon Alpha

Pamela Falk Robertson North Dakota Alpha

Robin McPherson Rohrback Florida Beta

Josephine Miller Rudicel* Indiana Beta

Jane Landreth Russell Arizona Alpha

Deb Jackowniak Scarlett Illinois Alpha

Jean Wirths Scott* Pennsylvania Beta

Lisa Gamel Scott Colorado Alpha

Paula Pace Shepherd Texas Epsilon

Sally Minning Shoemaker Arizona Beta

Romy Skaper Arizona Beta

Katherine Horridge Smith Kansas Beta

Kathryn Alvarez Smith Florida Beta

Beth Seidelhuber Sordi California Kappa

Phyllis Fazzari Speer Massachusetts Alpha

Tess South Spencer Ohio Alpha

Kathy Wager Sprague Alabama Gamma

Elsie Lantz St. Cyr* Missouri Beta

Barbara Huse Stackpole* Massachusetts Alpha

Evelyn Petersen Stevens Indiana Gamma

Judith Friend Strohm Iowa Gamma

Phyllis Carter Stucker* Indiana Gamma

Phyllis Schafer Tabor Illinois Theta

Mary Rakow Tanner Maryland Beta

Emily Russell Tarr Texas Beta


Mary Loy Tatum

Oklahoma Beta

Kim Gatlin Thomas Texas Delta

Karen Sulley Thorn Nebraska Beta

Mary Alice Classen Tinari North Carolina Beta

Sooz Benson Todd Texas Beta

Krista Camden Tolsdorf Louisiana Alpha

Kim Kimmy Tomczak Washington Alpha

Edwina Hearn Tucker Indiana Gamma

Dick* and Jane Houchens Tuten Tennessee Beta

Nan Black Ulle* Virginia Alpha

Chris Mills Verity Texas Gamma

Becky Nekervis Walker Kentucky Beta

Debbie Sun Wang New York Zeta

Lucy Baker Warner* Indiana Zeta

Carol Inge Warren North Carolina Beta

Susan Ebbinghaus Warsaw Indiana Gamma

Carol Schnabel Weber* Wisconsin Alpha

Suzanne Walker Rogers Weber* West Virginia Alpha

Joanie Platt Welch Washington Gamma

Sally Sewell Wightman Oklahoma Alpha

Marianne Reid Wild* Kansas Alpha

Ann Wear Wiley Iowa Gamma

Juli Holmes Willeman Iowa Beta

Tally Smith Witmer Ohio Zeta

Mary Moulton Witte* Ohio Beta

Carolyn Thompson Zachritz Oklahoma Alpha

Carrie Annette Ziemak* Massachusetts Beta

Veronica Renee Zukowski California Iota


Donald Arnold Barbara Bromberg* Eugene M. Busche* Shawn Eagleburger Paul Lawrence*


EVELYN PETERS KYLE SOCIETY thank you to our donors

Pi Beta Phi wishes to thank the following donors who have made gifts of $1,000 or more during the last fiscal year, July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022. You make a difference for every Pi Phi by supporting leadership development, scholarships, reading initiatives, housing, heritage and grants for sisters in need. Thank you for your loyalty, leadership and Lifelong Commitment to Pi Beta Phi!

Sharon Abeyta-Levey New Mexico Beta

Dee Danford Acuff Missouri Alpha

Kelli Barnes Adams Georgia Alpha

Jill Klabzuba Ahrens Washington Gamma

Anne O’Connell Albrecht Missouri Alpha

Sharron Marshall Alexander Mississippi Beta

Jennifer Johnson Allen Oklahoma Beta

Gwen O’Neal Anderson Mississippi Beta

Marie Baldazo Andreasen California Eta

Pat McMahen Anthony Arkansas Alpha

Courtney Celeste Atkinson Georgia Alpha

Amanda Reid Austin Michigan Alpha

Lori Keller Austin Georgia Alpha

Kay Cross Baker Indiana Zeta

Susan Weber Baker Oregon Gamma

Peggy Batson Ballard Georgia Alpha

Sheri Parker Bankston Mississippi Beta

Jenifer Rolston Bartley Oklahoma Beta

Patti Root Bash Indiana Beta

Mary Cendana Batto New York Epsilon

Lacie Drogen Baumgartner North Dakota Alpha

Wendy Reynolds Beard Mississippi Beta

Barbara Snead Beasley Georgia Alpha

Liz Ann Beatty Louisiana Beta

Trena Stewart Becker Oregon Beta

Fran DeSimone Becque New York Alpha

Elizabeth Boswell Belcher Georgia Alpha

Maja Tanaka Berge Oregon Alpha

Oriana Rebecca Bertucci Ontario Gamma

Diane M. Bielman California Eta

Sandi Boschee Bishop North Dakota Alpha

Maria Barkman Black Colorado Alpha

Barbie Ann Blake California Gamma

Barbara Anderson Blake California Delta

Carol Elizabeth Blakey Oklahoma Alpha

Jeanne Krouse Bliss Illinois Theta

Dody Intveld Boat Iowa Gamma

Demory Schwarzbauer Boeneke Florida Beta

Mary Lou Iglehart Bookhout Texas Beta

Jane Fitzpatrick Boudreau Oklahoma Beta

Rick and Roberta Boyd Bragan West Virginia Gamma

Julie Ellen Branford Oregon Gamma Kim Bratton

Caton Metzler Bredar Illinois Beta-Delta

Nancy Sissell Bridges Mississippi Beta

Kara Kessinger Brittingham Missouri Alpha

Paula Stroud Brockway Texas Delta

Ann Warmack Brookshire Texas Beta

Sally Hewell Brown Texas Delta

Becky Bihr Brown Missouri Alpha

Marcia Mendenhall Brown* Indiana Beta

Kerry Jane Bryan Wisconsin Alpha

Kara Damm Bryan Iowa Zeta

Leslie Anne Buford Oklahoma Beta

Betty Lou Olson Bukowski* Illinois Epsilon

Jamie Rachelle Burke Alabama Beta

Martha Posey Burke Oklahoma Beta

Stacey Ford Butterfield Oklahoma Beta

Susan Butterfly-Ebert Arizona Alpha

Donna Butterworth Virginia Eta


Carol M. Calkins

Louisiana Beta

Erin Hoffman Cambern Oklahoma Beta

Nancy Stasiak Carden Mississippi Beta

Jill Mackey Carrel Indiana Gamma

Lynn Aldridge Carswell Georgia Alpha

Lou Ann Montgomery Carter Oklahoma Alpha

Jennifer Rosa Case Indiana Gamma

Kellee A. Casebeer Oregon Gamma

Fiona Cherry Tennessee Beta

Karen Shelton Chevalier California Delta

Nancy McElmurray Chunka Georgia Alpha

Trudy Hartzell Clark Maryland Beta

Jan Kincaid Clifford Indiana Delta

Mary Teaster Cochran Georgia Alpha

Jamie Latture Collier Mississippi Beta

Gail Thompson Collins Mississippi Beta

Melissa Malone Colvin Virginia Theta

Anne Smith Conkin Alabama Beta

Julie Polk Connelly Oklahoma Beta

Charleen Meyer Copeland Arkansas Beta

Laura Hauck Covington Georgia Alpha

Ann Tollefson Crampton Kansas Beta

Catherine Ann Crichton-Reed New Mexico Beta

Nancy Almand Crim Texas Delta

Medie Rood Crockett Georgia Alpha

Terry Zoller Cross Arizona Beta

Betty Small Crow Oklahoma Beta

Corry McPherson Crowe Georgia Alpha

Susan Edwards Cuellar Oklahoma Beta

Candace Cuniberti New York Delta

Amy Elizabeth Dahl Minnesota Alpha

Amy Catherine Dailey Virginia Zeta

Jamie Feist Daniels Montana Alpha

Lynne Stevenson Davis Missouri Alpha

Janet Pierce Davis Tennessee Gamma

Schabahn Straughan Day Oregon Beta

Lila Henslee Dickey Arkansas Alpha

Mandy Boreing Dillard Arkansas Alpha

Mildred Matthews Dillard* Georgia Alpha

Doris Schnekloth Dittmer Iowa Gamma

Sara Inelle Doornbos-Williams Kansas Beta

Kathy Kontor Dougherty Texas Epsilon

Millie Cullom Downs Georgia Alpha

Joan Todd Duncan Georgia Alpha

Joanne Flowers Duncan South Carolina Alpha

Leslie Willard Dunsworth Arizona Beta

Kim Barger Durand Oregon Alpha

Lynne Johnson Durham Mississippi Beta

Jayme Lawson Durkee Missouri Beta

Laura Olmstead Durmon Arkansas Alpha

Mary Beth Rhyne Dykes Alabama Gamma

Shawn Eagleburger

Julia Buckingham Edelmann New Mexico Alpha

Michele Wilding Eichermueller Oregon Delta

Kelly Pace Eichler Arkansas Alpha

Emory McGinnis Eison Mississippi Beta

Nancy Payne Ellis Oklahoma Beta

Dana Morton Emery California Alpha

Julie McKittrick Engelbrecht Missouri Alpha

Ann Nicolay Erickson Kansas Beta

Heather Marie Estrella California Iota

Gayle Etienne California Delta

Diana Shorb Eyre Illinois Zeta

Jessica Charron Fang Georgia Alpha

Ellen Wintroub Feigal California Eta

Jill Ingvalson Fischer Minnesota Alpha

JoAnn Young Ford Florida Delta

Frances Shields Foster Texas Beta

Lori Ann Franklin Ohio Theta

Kourtney Nicole Maray Frechette Indiana Gamma

Melissa Phillips Fritz South Carolina Beta

Karin Daniel Frye Alabama Gamma

Elisabeth Mayer Garcia Nevada Alpha

Mary Jo Florio Garrison Illinois Zeta

Nancy Logan Gasho-Fromm Georgia Alpha

Annette Pearson Gean Arkansas Alpha

Cindy Kralis Georgas Indiana Delta

Barbara Gabriel George Oklahoma Beta

* Deceased

Jane McNeill George Ohio Alpha

Candi Parks Gershuni Georgia Alpha

Judy Walker Gibbs Louisiana Beta

Bruce Gibbs

Aulena Scearce Gibson Oklahoma Beta

Sally Jasch Gifford Connecticut Alpha

Genevieve Giles Indiana Delta

Kari Erickson Gill Minnesota Alpha

Amy Shuart Gingrich Virginia Zeta

Katie Wallis Goetzmann New York Alpha

Kelley Golden Tennessee Gamma

Patrice Harvey Graham South Dakota Alpha

Janet Wickham Gregory Michigan Beta

Jill Grossman Indiana Beta

Kendall Shiffler Guinn Mississippi Beta

Karen Anne Gunther Ohio Epsilon

Jennifer Hirsekorn Haislip Georgia Alpha

Teresa McFillen Hall Ohio Alpha

Anne Paule Hall Iowa Gamma

Adele French Hamilton Georgia Alpha

Melanie Fentriss Hanebaum Oklahoma Beta

Richard Hankins

Amanda Rychtanek Indiana Theta

Dana Hart Ohio Eta

Margaret Steele Harvey New York Alpha

Georgia Williams Hatcher Georgia Alpha

Jennifer Windell Hazelton Virginia Eta

Sherry Wilson Healey Oklahoma Beta

Deborah Ann Healy Georgia Alpha

Katie Atkinson Heck Texas Gamma

Jennye Wilson Heidelberg Mississippi Beta

Sis McLemore Henry Georgia Alpha

Jane Thiem Hill Illinois Zeta

Anne Busch Hills Arizona Alpha

Janice Dorsey Hixson Tennessee Gamma

Mary McPhaul Hoagland Mississippi Beta

Amy Graham Hobbs Georgia Alpha

Elizabeth Lang Hoelzer* Illinois Theta

Bonnie Smith Holley Georgia Alpha

Faye Cardwell Hollingsworth Mississippi Alpha

Mary Morns Holman Arizona Alpha

Marlene Westfaul Holmes Mississippi Beta

Joanne Hunt Hook Missouri Alpha

Jessica Manning Hooper Washington Beta Greer Horne Virginia Zeta

Mary Ann Behlen Hruska Nebraska Beta

Jean Kolb Hubbard Illinois Eta

Betty Staggs Huckabay Oklahoma Alpha

Bimi Lane Huebner New Mexico Beta

Jamie Osgard Huizinga Washington Beta

Bunny A. Hultman Michigan Gamma

Beth Suttle Hunger Georgia Alpha

Celia Niessen Hunt Texas Beta

Betty Moody Hunter Indiana Delta

Leah Ann Hurley Mississippi Beta

Sharlotte Jeffcoat Hyde Texas Gamma

Linda Noel Ibsen Colorado Beta

Sharon McCloy Jacob Ohio Alpha

Audrey Sullivan Jacob Michigan Beta

Sandra McCracken Jacobsen Washington Alpha

Leslie Dotson Jaggers Georgia Alpha

Antoinette Terrell James Mississippi Beta

Nancy Allison Jay Oklahoma Beta

Carla Gaither Jeffrey Oklahoma Beta

Janet Jones Jenkins New Mexico Beta

Pam Anderson Jessup Georgia Alpha

Sharon Jett Texas Delta

Linda Roberts Jinneman Texas Epsilon

Jolene Kay Johnson Kansas Beta

Mary Jane Buchele Johnson Illinois Eta

Madalyn Marchman Jones Arkansas Alpha

Gina Garrison Jones Nebraska Beta

Tamara Hayes Joslin New Mexico Beta

Annie Elizabeth Jurgensmeyer Missouri Alpha

Amy McGregor Jurgensmeyer Missouri Alpha

Elizabeth Goold Kahf California Nu

Mary Wingard Keathley Alabama Beta

Amy Bader Keirle Georgia Alpha

Megan Fahrmeier Kelley Mississippi Beta


Kathy May Kempf Oklahoma Beta

Lisa Bucher Kennedy Texas Beta

Heidi Dake Keogh Colorado Alpha

Jana Penk Kieper Minnesota Alpha

Kathryn Kakenmaster Kinne Illinois Theta

Caitlin Pierce Kissee Missouri Gamma

Jenny Bilek Klein California Eta

Jane Moening Kleinsasser Minnesota Alpha

Diane J. Klepper Kansas Alpha

Becky Schwartz Knutson Minnesota Alpha

Wende Robinson Kotouc Minnesota Alpha

Nix Lynn Kramer North Carolina Delta

Mardy Lynn Kramer South Carolina Alpha

Twyla Willey Kulp Virginia Gamma

Susan Crane Kyle Indiana Beta

Whittnee Cox La Chapelle Washington Gamma

Susan McFerron Laird New Mexico Beta

Shelly Hamm Lambertz Oklahoma Beta

Susan Jean Lane Michigan Delta

Chantel Hagner Lanier Florida Epsilon

Ashley Scott Larkin Louisiana Alpha

Nancy Doerner Latta Michigan Gamma

Heather Henricks Lenkin Arizona Alpha

Carolyn Pavletich Lesh Texas Delta

Margo Wilton Lesser California Gamma

Diane Malloy Lighthall Colorado Beta

Janice Worthington Lisko Oklahoma Beta

Katie Allison Little Georgia Alpha

Vaneesa Williams Little Georgia Alpha

Carol Malesardi Litwak Pennsylvania Beta

Cindi Mabrey Livingston Mississippi Beta

Kaye Bailey Loughmiller Oregon Beta

Ken Love

Margy Liebers Lovelette Pennsylvania Eta

Leisa Ebeling Lowrey Ohio Eta

Shannon Kimbrough Luce New Mexico Alpha

Nell Williams Luce South Dakota Alpha

Matilda Kroell Lynch Georgia Alpha

Gayle Gillum Macdiarmid Louisiana Beta

Elizabeth Busby Arkansas Alpha

Nancy Lohuis Magee Illinois Zeta

Leslie Magnus New Jersey Alpha

Rae Wohlhueter Maier Kentucky Beta

Brenda McClure Mallett Illinois Epsilon

Sharon Ann Malone Texas Epsilon

Peggy Claire Malone Georgia Alpha

Toni Martinovich California Eta

Lisa Nicole Masters Georgia Alpha

Shannon Fenlon Mather Minnesota Alpha

Jamie Janota Matlock Oklahoma Beta

Lauren Tatum Matocha Texas Delta

Michelle Gampper Maxwell Missouri Alpha

I truly believe that Pi Phi develops confident women leaders, and I hope that every young woman has the same opportunity in the future.”
* Deceased

Kathryn Norris May Arkansas Alpha

Susan Hadley Maynor Mississippi Beta

Pennee Few McCoy Georgia Alpha

Barbara Witzeman McCoy Illinois Eta

Ann Weaver McDonald Texas Beta

John McKelvey

Sonnet Goodenough McKinnon New Mexico Alpha

Elizabeth Spiller McLaughlin Mississippi Beta

Mary Grable McLeod Illinois Alpha

Mary Foster McPhie Illinois Theta

Janet Smith Meeks Mississippi Beta

Kathleen Meriano New York Eta

Haley Cosner Merritt Oklahoma Beta

Melanie Beck Metzger Texas Epsilon

Jill Jensen Meynen Illinois Iota

Heather Wilson Miller New Mexico Beta

Marjorie Lyman Miller D.C. Alpha

Ana Mancebo Miller Texas Beta

Susan Consalus Miller Missouri Alpha

Adrienne Hiscox Mitchell* Kansas Alpha

Bitsy Urvan Montgomery Georgia Alpha

Margy Harm Moorhead Indiana Gamma

Meredith Katherine Morrill Tennessee Beta

Sharon Iupe Moseley Mississippi Beta

Doreen Lynn Mueller Georgia Alpha

Sarah R. Mullis South Carolina Alpha

Jo Anne Craver Murdock Texas Gamma

Margot Kral-Hasty Nelson Kansas Alpha

Kathy Swinea Nevill Tennessee Gamma

Lynn Louise Newman Arkansas Alpha

Jessi Bevan Nill Indiana Gamma

Colleen Spelman Nistler Oregon Gamma

Raleigh Elizabeth Noland Georgia Alpha

Kim OBrien Ohio Zeta

Robin Hrabe Offill Oklahoma Beta

Kris Woods Olson Iowa Zeta

Erin Elizabeth Orem Georgia Alpha

Marion Swanson Oster California Zeta

Linda Grizzard Owens Florida Beta

Carol Edwards Owens Oklahoma Beta

Honey Henderson Owens Mississippi Beta

Phillip Owens

Barbie Edwards Paige Oklahoma Beta

Anne Oehler Palmer Ohio Epsilon

Nancy Tuck Parkerson Georgia Alpha

Cheri Raber Patterson Illinois Theta

Sally Hogsette Patton Georgia Alpha

Lynn Ridge Peacher Oklahoma Beta

Marilyn Wiegand Pecsok* Indiana Epsilon

Audrey Miller Pennings Arkansas Alpha

Kelly Zudycki Perry Illinois Zeta

Paige Ramsden Peterson South Carolina Beta

Christina Nguyen Pham California Eta

Carol McKee Phillips South Dakota Alpha

Marilyn White Picciano Georgia Alpha

Ashley Marie Pieper Michigan Alpha

Bobbie Bliss Pittman Wisconsin Beta

Jenn Plagman-Galvin Iowa Gamma

Carolyn Kelly Poling Georgia Alpha

Jan Turner Polk Oklahoma Beta

Lura Jane Powell Maryland Beta

Lauren Powelson

Wendy Labreche Pratt Massachusetts Beta

Susan Bernadette Promes Missouri Beta

Shannon Rainosek-Hurley New Mexico Alpha

Markie Cook Rankin Missouri Alpha

Eileen Norcross Rauschert Illinois Zeta

Laurie Renny Reich Wisconsin Alpha

Winnie Coyne Reitnouer California Zeta

Cathryn Bruns Render Oklahoma Beta

Ann Rettie Iowa Zeta

Korinne Hague Rice Montana Alpha

Dee Rippetoe Richardson Oklahoma Beta

D’Ann Dublin Riemer Texas Beta

Tina Lynn Rivard Pennsylvania Theta

Pamela Ludlow Robinson Georgia Alpha

Lisa Rede Roman New Mexico Beta

Alisa Brooks Rudlang Minnesota Alpha


Jane Landreth Russell

Arizona Alpha

Tate Russell Mississippi Beta

Anna Haag Sabiston Minnesota Alpha

Celia Ann Mills Saterbak Alabama Alpha

Carol Jones Saunders Pennsylvania Gamma

Sharon Edwards Schachter South Carolina Alpha

Beverly Cregg Schafer Oklahoma Beta

Jill Lanman Schneider Alabama Gamma

Marla Battle Schroeder Montana Alpha

Rachael Rouprich Schuler Indiana Delta

Kelly Wellner Schuna Minnesota Alpha

Sande Elisabeth Schweier Oregon Gamma

Lisa Gamel Scott Colorado Alpha

Joan Velie Semmer Minnesota Alpha

Morgan Riley Sexton Kentucky Gamma

Karen Ski Johnson Seykowski Indiana Theta

Phyllis M. Sharp Illinois Theta

Kristin Buhl Sheehan Missouri Alpha

Sue White Shellabarger Oklahoma Beta

Suzanne Skipton Shelton Mississippi Beta

Paula Pace Shepherd Texas Epsilon

Betsy Beese Sheridan Texas Gamma

Sarah Catherine Shoaf North Carolina Gamma

Sally Minning Shoemaker Arizona Beta

Cosette Fidler Shrader Wyoming Alpha

Susie Elling Shuler Minnesota Alpha

Marcia Shurley Georgia Alpha

John D. Shurley

Peggy Bookhout Sisson Oklahoma Alpha

Katherine Horridge Smith Kansas Beta

Cissy Whetsel Smucker Colorado Beta

Dorothy Goodson Snowden Tennessee Beta

Elizabeth Transou Solberg Missouri Alpha

Beth Seidelhuber Sordi California Kappa

Amy Lorenzen Southerland South Dakota Alpha

Ann Trieschmann Spikes Arkansas Alpha

Kathy Wager Sprague Alabama Gamma

Diane Ruth Stafford Kansas Beta

Susan Hansen Stannard Kansas Beta

Cheryl Bartlett Stephens Missouri Alpha

Ann McDaniel Stinson Nebraska Beta

Gretchen Dawn Stockdale Missouri Alpha

Betsy Campbell Stone Washington Gamma

Marla Helms Storm Missouri Gamma

Lela Bennett Sullivan Oklahoma Beta

Margaret A. Sundberg Washington Alpha

Cindy Rice Svec Kansas Beta

Cheryl Brown Sykes North Carolina Alpha

Phyllis Schafer Tabor* Illinois Theta

Mary Rakow Tanner Maryland Beta

Mary Loy Tatum Oklahoma Beta

Patricia Wade Temple Virginia Gamma

Kim Gatlin Thomas Texas Delta

Sally Rahe Thomas Oklahoma Alpha

Melanie Merrill Thompson Kansas Beta

Michel Thompson Oklahoma Beta

Karen Sulley Thorn Nebraska Beta

Danielle Melisa Thorsen Virginia Zeta

Rena Rodeman Thorsen Maryland Beta

Mary Alice Classen Tinari North Carolina Beta

Kim Kimmy Tomczak Washington Alpha

Anita Tracy Maryland Beta Deanne Trent Pennsylvania Zeta

Jean Nees Tulin Illinois Eta

Pam Joy Turbeville Arizona Alpha

Alissa Rose Turnipseed D.C. Alpha

Ginger Rector Uehling Wisconsin Beta

Angie Killian Underwood Illinois Iota

Valerie Jean Uyeda California Theta

Heather Donovan Van Ningen Iowa Eta

Julie Pick Vaughn Oklahoma Beta

Chris Mills Verity Texas Gamma

Stephanie Adair Vickery South Carolina Alpha

Gail Cox Vonderheide Indiana Zeta

Jennifer Scott Wahlen Alabama Gamma

Ashleigh Johnson Waits Georgia Alpha

Mary Collar Wall South Carolina Alpha

Andrea B. Walling Minnesota Alpha


Ann Marie Gokee Walsh Georgia Alpha

Lisa Beliles Walsh Missouri Alpha

Susan Carol Waltman Georgia Alpha

Debbie Sun Wang New York Zeta

Nancy Halvorson Ward California Epsilon

Veda Ward Pennsylvania Beta

Myra Gungoll Ward Oklahoma Alpha

Adelaide Cobb Ward* Kansas Alpha

Carol Inge Warren North Carolina Beta

Lisa Guengerich Way Kansas Beta

Beth Williston Webb Mississippi Beta

Kristy Lynn Weber Missouri Alpha

Staci Moss Wekenborg Oklahoma Beta

Joanie Platt Welch Washington Gamma

Carol Crane Wells Alabama Gamma

Lynn Seeber Wentzel Michigan Gamma

Diane Carlson White Georgia Alpha

Betsy Baldwin Whitney Ohio Delta

Sally Sewell Wightman Oklahoma Alpha

Alinda Hill Wikert Texas Alpha

Ann Wear Wiley Iowa Gamma

Natalie McCollum Wilks Arkansas Alpha

Ruth Dunlap Will Ohio Beta

Juli Holmes Willeman Iowa Beta

Janet Dubuisson Williams Mississippi Beta

Mary Guinan Wilson Missouri Alpha

Shaughnessey Miller Winkelhake Colorado Delta

Hallee Winnie Michigan Gamma

Teri and Harold Winnie

Sue Schedler Winterringer Oklahoma Beta

Brenda Balkunas Wirth Wisconsin Alpha

Tally Smith Witmer Ohio Zeta

Marguerite and Gene Witter

Mary Gwin Wood Georgia Alpha

Michelle Drouse Woodhouse California Eta

Marla Neelly Wulf Kansas Beta

Kimberly Ross Wurst Georgia Alpha

Patricia Parler Wyman South Carolina Alpha

Paige Schroeder Yost Missouri Alpha

Anonymous Arkansas Beta

Anonymous Colorado Gamma

Anonymous Mississippi Beta Anonymous Wisconsin Gamma

pi beta phi foundation


Because Pi Beta Phi Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity, your gifts not only ensure future generations of women benefit from the support of sincere friends and the inspiration to achieve their goals, but may provide a tax benefit.


Make a gift by mail at 1154 Town and Country Commons Drive, Town and Country, Missouri 63017, over the phone at (636) 256-1357 or online at give.pibetaphi.org


Setting up a monthly donation to Pi Beta Phi is a gift that keeps giving. Your loyal donations matter to us—no matter the size.


Evelyn Peters Kyle Society members—donors who have made annual gifts of $1,000 or more are essential to ensuring the future of our sisterhood.


Make your donation even more powerful by checking with your employer to see if they offer a gift matching program.


Celebrate the sisters who have made an impact on your life through their love, support and friendship by sending a virtual wine carnation with a gift to Pi Beta Phi Foundation.


Those who choose to include Pi Phi in their estate plans set up our sisterhood for future success. When Pi Phi is notified of this decision, we are able to honor your intentions and celebrate the legacy you will leave behind.


Strengthen your leadership skills and ensure the future of our sisterhood by sharing your time as a volunteer for Pi Beta Phi Foundation.


Make an impact together by inviting a sister to give back with you—any kind of support is welcomed and cherished by Pi Beta Phi.

For more ways to give, visit pibetaphi.org/giving


thank you to our


Service to our sisterhood is an opportunity for every Pi Phi to live their Lifelong Commitment. From supporting essential programs to providing stewardship and development insights, volunteers for our Foundation enrich the organization while seizing leadership development opportunities. These members make an impact, and our sisterhood is all the better for it.

Board of Trustees


Cindy Rice Svec, Kansas Beta

Vice President - Finance

Mary Jane Buchele Johnson, Illinois Eta

Vice President - Development

Terre McFillen Hall, Ohio Alpha


Wendy Labreche Pratt, Massachusetts Beta


Donna Butterworth, Virginia Eta

Gina Garrison Jones, Nebraska Beta

Leslie Magnus, New Jersey Alpha

Kathleen Meriano, New York Eta Ex-Officio

Grand Vice President Alumnae, Greer Horne, Virginia Zeta

FHC President, Brenda Balkunas Wirth, Wisconsin Alpha

Foundation President Emerita

Ann Dudgeon Phy, Texas Alpha

Governance and Nominations Committee


Wendy Labreche Pratt, Massachusetts Beta

Committee Members

Mary Jane Buchele Johnson, Illinois Eta

Janice Worthington Lisko, Oklahoma Beta

Kathleen Meriano, New York Eta

Rena Rodeman Thorsen, Maryland Beta

Investment Committee

Supervising Trustee

Mary Jane Buchele Johnson, Illinois Eta


Danielle Melisa Thorsen, Virginia Zeta

Committee Members

Donna Butterworth, Virginia Eta

Gina Garrison Jones, Nebraska Beta

Jennifer Windell Hazelton, Virginia Eta

Jill Lanman Schneider, Alabama Gamma

Beth Seidelhuber Sordi, California Kappa

Cindy Rice Svec, Kansas Beta

Whitney Willis Visger, Oregon Alpha

Finance Committee

Supervising Trustee

Mary Jane Buchele Johnson, Illinois Eta Chair

Donna Butterworth, Virginia Eta

Committee Members

Ann Warmack Brookshire, Texas Beta

Trudy Hartzell Clark, Maryland Beta

Leslie Magnus, New Jersey Alpha

Kathleen Meriano, New York Eta

Kim OBrien, Ohio Zeta

Jill Lanman Schneider, Alabama Gamma

Kathy Wager Sprague, Alabama Gamma

Cindy Rice Svec, Kansas Beta

Development Committee

Supervising Trustee/Chair

Terre McFillen Hall, Ohio Alpha

Committee Members

Kellee A. Casebeer, Oregon Gamma

Betty Staggs Huckabay, Oklahoma Alpha

Bimi Lane Huebner, New Mexico Beta

Leisa Ebeling Lowrey, Ohio Eta

Leslie Magnus, New Jersey Alpha

Kathleen Meriano, New York Eta

Wendy Labreche Pratt, Massachusetts Beta

Cheryl Brown Sykes, North Carolina Alpha

Kim Kimmy Tomczak, Washington Alpha

Stewardship Committee

Supervising Trustee

Terre McFillen Hall, Ohio Alpha Chair

Gina Garrison Jones, Nebraska Beta

Committee Members

Grace Ellen Anshutz, Indiana Epsilon

Jamie Rachelle Burke, Alabama Beta

Donna Butterworth, Virginia Eta

Cathy Filson Cooper, Mississippi Beta

Janet Wickham Gregory, Michigan Beta

Brittany Nicole Head, Indiana Gamma

Laurie Teresa Hoskins, Iowa Alpha

Chantel Hagner Lanier, Florida Epsilon

Ruth Henderson McIntyre, South Carolina Alpha

Doreen Lynn Mueller, Georgia Alpha

Leigh Mossman Pauling, Texas Delta

Claire Montgomery Ramsay, Kentucky Gamma

Krista Searle, Alberta Alpha

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IMPACT REPORT 2021–2022 | 93

Sally Minning Shoemaker, Arizona Beta

Kathy Wager Sprague, Alabama Gamma

Sally Sewell Wightman, Oklahoma Alpha

Kristin Rachel Zemke, New York Eta

Emma Harper Turner Fund Committee

Supervising Trustee

Leslie Magnus, New Jersey Alpha Chair

Michael Bettin, Utah Alpha Committee Members

Sarah North Deschenes, New Jersey Alpha

Amy Shuart Gingrich, Virginia Zeta

Jennifer Reid Grigsby, Oklahoma Beta

Nancy S. Strine, South Carolina Alpha

Undergraduate Scholarship Committee

Supervising Trustee

Gina Garrison Jones, Nebraska Beta Chair

Sharon Jett, Texas Delta Committee Members

Susie Weber Baker, Oregon Gamma

Lindsay Michelle Dick, Oklahoma Beta

Karen Lee Emberton, Kentucky Beta

Carly Miller Giesbrecht, Alberta Alpha

Marj Bock Klar, New York Delta

Mary Cecilia Scialdone Murk, Kentucky Gamma

Kristi Comes Nihiser, Ohio Epsilon

Mary Ann Fisher Olinger, Indiana Zeta

Beth Wheeler Parrish, Alabama Beta

Katie Qualls Fay, Oklahoma Alpha

Erin Bryant Rice, Virginia Zeta

Amanda Lambros Robinson, New York Epsilon

Lori Swart Sporer, Kansas Beta

Kate Gordon Taylor, Pennsylvania Eta

Taylor Marie Viti, Indiana Gamma

Graduate Fellowship Committee

Supervising Trustee

Gina Garrison Jones, Nebraska Beta Chair

Amanda Caitlin Cruise, Ontario Gamma Committee Members

Julie Carney, Texas Beta

Sam Marie Chapman, Colorado Epsilon

Mary Alice Classen Tinari, North Carolina Beta

Alumnae Continuing Education Scholarship Committee

Supervising Trustee

Gina Garrison Jones, Nebraska Beta Chair

Annie Bures Cowden, Texas Beta Committee Members

Mary Grable McLeod, Illinois Alpha

Lucy Brown Peterson, Missouri Alpha

Sign of the Arrow Committee

Supervising Trustee/Chair

Gina Garrison Jones, Nebraska Beta Committee Members

Ann Flachmann Babington, Indiana Epsilon

Tracy Shaver Holtzman, North Carolina Beta

When my term on the Emma Harper Turner Fund Committee was complete, I realized I could not stop volunteering for our Foundation for two reasons— I love what our Foundation does for Pi Phi and I love the staff and other volunteers so incredibly much that not having regular interaction with them would create too much of a void in my life. I reached out to the staff and said I wanted to continue volunteering.”

— KELLEE CASEBEER, OREGON GAMMA Foundation Development Committee member “


1154 Town and Country Commons Drive

Town and Country, Missouri 63017 (636) 256-1357


Executive Director

Hallee Winnie, Michigan Gamma

Director of Advancement

Jill Mackey Carrel, Indiana Gamma

Director of Operations and Programs

Betsy West McCune, Missouri Alpha

Director of Finance and Administration

Kim Sherman

For a full list of Pi Beta Phi staff, visit pibetaphi.org/staff

Individual Giving Officer

Mary Showman Carpenter, Kansas Alpha

Development and Engagement Manager

Emily Karcher, Maryland Gamma

Development and Engagement Manager

Megan Schwedtmann

Operations and Programs Manager

Mary Beth Unger Roy, Missouri Alpha

To view Pi Beta Phi Foundation’s Guidestar profile, visit guidestar.org/profile/43-1542735

IMPACT REPORT 2021–2022 | 95