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Prsrt Std U.S. Postage PAID Madison, WI Permit No. 168

March/April 2021


Pamper your customer’s business with a policy from West Bend. Your customers gave their business what it needed to grow to the pride and joy it’s become. Now help them nurture it. An insurance policy from West Bend is the best way to keep it happy, healthy, and profitable. So wrap it in the cozy warmth of the Silver Lining®.



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Capitol Update ........................................................10 HR Snapshot Q&A .................................................14 Effective Networking In a Virtual World ............18 Past President's Scholarship Recipients ...............21

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Your New Hires: What's Their E&O Loss Prevention Culture? ...............................................22


7 Ideas for Finding New Sales Prospects ..............24 Education Section ............................................. 26-35

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Wisconsin’s CPIAs..................................................26


New CICs, CISRs, CISR Elites & CRMs ....... 32-34 What To Do When An Owner Retires .................36

We are a community of independent agents and other dedicated insurance professionals, working to promote and improve the independent agency channel. Our mission is to support the advancement and excellence of all independent agencies.

Educate. Advocate. Collaborate. Educate We are the premier association for insurance education in Wisconsin. Grow your knowledge and your bottom line, at our education sessions. Whether you want to pursue a CIC, CPIA, CISR or CRM designation, or just meet your bi-annual Wisconsin CE requirement, you have come to the right place. Advocate With lobbyists representing you in Madison and in Washington, D.C., PIA is looking out for your interests and promoting the independent agency channel within state and federal government. Our goal is a regulatory environment that allows your agency to grow and prosper.

(800) 261-7429


Collaborate PIA is a place for you to collaborate with, and learn from, other agents and many other professionals in the industry. Starting an agency? We’ve been there. Growing an agency? We’ve been there. Considering a new agency management system? PIA members have been there. Whether at our PIAW Winter GetAway event in Minocqua, Annual Convention, YPC Scholarship Golf Outing or dozens of other events, you can collaborate with other professionals who have “been there.”

6401 Odana Rd. Madison, WI 53719 MARCH/APRIL 21 3

From the

President Julie Ulset, CPIA - President, PIA of Wisconsin

Where Does PIA Revenue Come From? (Part 2) In the last issue of this magazine, I wrote about “where does PIAW revenue come from?” As I mentioned, a large portion comes from our education services, which are a huge part of who we are. We strive to make sure insurance professionals across Wisconsin have convenient access to the best professional education possible. Dues are the next item on my list of “where does PIAW revenue come from?” From the dues our members pay, PIAW pays a portion to PIA National. PIAW and PIA National are not just affiliated. We function as a team to promote independent agents and help them grow their businesses on every level. Finally, a third major source of income is E&O insurance commissions. We are the agent for Utica National E&O in Wisconsin. Our members who trust PIAW and Utica for their E&O coverage know that the policy is a great value, providing a lot of coverage and strong customer service that you may not get with other companies. So, what do your dues and E&O commissions pay for? Well, of course they pay for wages, rent, insurance, taxes, postage, telephones, a website and all the other things necessary to run the organization. However, they also pay for you to have a voice. In legislatures across America, PIA represents members' interests in state capitals and on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. to


ensure that lawmakers understand insurance agents' positions. PIA National works with carriers and industry organizations the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the National Council of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL), the Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development (ACORD) and others - to ensure that the concerns of independent agents are addressed. We keep members informed. PIA members receive concise, accurate and timely information needed to better manage their businesses. We provide tools for success. PIA National and PIAW offer a wide variety of programs to help members run their agencies, access markets, hire the best staff, find the best technology platforms for them, get legal guidance, and much more. You get a comprehensive network of professionals. Good agents know they are in a people business. Membership in PIA ensures that if an agent does not have the answer to a client's question, he/she will know someone who does. Just contact us! Please remember PIAW works for all of our members. Let us know if you have an idea or have questions about any of our benefits that we have to offer you. Any of our staff members or Board members would be happy to help you.



The resources you need for the stages that matter

Business Planning Guide addresses insurance agency start-up considerations from formation of the business entity to insurance licensing to budgeting and finance to branding

Growth Strategy Guide outlines agency automation, producer development and operational policies, procedures and workflows

Agency Continuity Guide includes templates for business continuity planning, disaster planning, and leadership training



Memos from

Madison Pete Hanson, CAE, CISR — Executive Director, PIA of Wisconsin

March-April 2021 PIA of Wisconsin was founded in 1949 by agents representing primarily mutual insurance companies and selling property and casualty products. The independent agents’ association of the day wouldn’t allow them to join, so they started their own association. Our association was called the Wisconsin Association of Mutual Insurance Agents, in the early years. Today, PIA agents represent stock and mutual companies of all sizes. They sell lines of insurance that hadn’t been contemplated 70 years ago, such as disability insurance and group health plans. As larger agencies diversify and smaller agencies specialize, their association needs to evolve, as well. So, for those members who have diversified or specialized into life, health and other employee benefits products, PIA of Wisconsin is responding by offering products specifically for you. A year ago, PIAW could not offer a Utica National E&O policy to agencies that were life & health focused. Now, Utica E&O is available to PIAW member agencies that specialize in employee benefits. If your agency is in that category, I encourage you to reach out to Heidi Hodel-Faris (hhodel@piaw.org or 608-2748188) to find out more. On the page opposite this column, is an ad for the first of a new series of education products from PIAW, called Life & Health


FOCUS. These webinars will dive deep into life & health subject areas and they will be FREE FOR PIAW MEMBERS. For non-members, they will have the same prices as other PIA webinars for CE. The Life & Health FOCUS webinars will be all original content, and they will be offered quarterly. The first topic we’re tackling is self-funded benefits, with local health insurance expert David Grunke, CHC, RHU, CHHC. This is a four-part series that will run every Tuesday morning in April. If you attend all four, you will learn the ins and outs of self-funded health plans and receive 9 CE, on us. Beyond this series, we plan to tackle voluntary benefits and strategies for cross-selling them in July. Stay tuned for more details on that. If you have an idea for a topic you would like us to cover in a Life & Health FOCUS webinar, please contact me and let me know (608-274-8188 or phanson@piaw.org). I would be glad to look into it. PIA of Wisconsin members voted in October of 2020 to allow independent agents in the life & health space to join our association as voting members. As a result, our Board of Directors decided to expand our offerings in this space. Since then, we’ve added 20 members in this new category and all PIAW members stand to benefit from our new education offerings. I hope you will take advantage!


Life & Health Tuesdays PIAW is pleased to present a 9-CE course of webinars that discusses the self-funding of employee benefits. The nine credits are broken out into four classes that can be taken as a whole package or as individual classes.




The Why, the What and the Who of Self-Funding 3 CE HOURS

APRIL 6 • 9AM–12PM

This interactive course covers the key points of Self-Funding/Self-Insurance.

FREE for PIA Members! $70 for Non-Members. Contact Heidi at 608-274-8188 to learn more about membership.

Learn about plan control, potential savings and risks, differences from traditional insurance, the players involved with a self-funded plan— and MUCH more!

Stop-Loss Insurance Coverage 2 CE HOURS

APRIL 13 • 9–11AM

Managing the Drug Benefit 2 CE HOURS

APRIL 20 • 9–11AM

Hear valuable industry expertise and best practices on how to use a datadriven approach to evaluate and monitor your Pharmacy Benefit Manager.

Care Management and Provider Networks 2 CE HOURS

APRIL 27 • 9–11AM

Explore the components of provider networks and the use of care management to control cost and care

Dive into the components of Stop-Loss Insurance within Self-Funded Employee

delivered. Study wide versus narrow provider networks, current trends in

Benefit Plans. Learn the ins and outs of

service pricing, as well as aspects of care management such as telehealth and acute case management.

this coverage, including the need, level and type, the various kinds of contracts, and the underwriting and claim payment process.


From the

Boardroom Ms. Ann Linstroth, CISR, PWCAM - Director, PIA of Wisconsin

ENGAGE 2021 2020 was an unprecedented year that greeted everyone with uncertainty, as we all adjusted to a new “normal.” It forced us to sacrifice many business and social gatherings, including the Annual Convention and Winter Get-Away events that we look forward to every year. ENGAGE 2021 During the pandemic, PIAW has been hard at work planning and preparing for the unveiling of our new brand launch which will take place at the Hyatt Regency in Green Bay, Wisconsin on September 29-30, 2021.

The annual trade show is being revamped with a focus on technology. The group outing on Wednesday night will be held at The Turn, with busses being shuttled every 30 minutes, backand-forth from the Hyatt.

You asked and we have listened. Our new convention will be called ENGAGE 2021 and is being designed and based on the survey feedback we received from our members, shareholders, and partners. ENGAGE 2021 will be a condensed version of our traditional convention that will host guest speakers addressing topics you asked for in your survey responses.

The Turn is an interactive gaming restaurant bar in Titletown where you can choose different interactive experiences including Topgolf, Zombie Dodgeball, Hockey Shots, Baseball Pitching, Carnival Classic. The Turn has implemented a Play-it-Safe protocol, so we can all enjoy a safe and secure environment with peace of mind.

WINTER GET- AWAY I attended the PIA Winter Get Away (WGA) last year, in beautiful Minocqua, WI for the first time. As I was making the long drive back home, I had time to reminisce about my experience. I had so much fun and made so many great new connections that I found myself really looking forward to the next year’s event! In fact, as I write this column, we should all be at the 2021 Winter Get-Away… instead of maintaining social distancing during a pandemic. It may be a year-long wait but we guarantee you it will be worth it, the next PIAW Winter Get-Away will be held in Minocqua, Wisconsin on February 2-4, 2022. We have outgrown our space at the Waters of Minocqua and will be moving the event to The Pointe Hotel and Suites on Lake Minocqua. This will allow us to move around freely while still maintaining social distancing protocols, if that is still “a thing.” The Pointe has an outdoor fire pit, indoor swimming pool with hot-tub, and is located right across the street from the Minocqua Yacht Club – a reputable, family-owned bar and restaurant. 8 MARCH/APRIL 21

Historically, we have chartered busses for local barhopping with the main event being at Sportsman Chalet in Eagle River, for the famous Chicken S#!t Bingo (CSB). In 2022, we will put a greater focus on the CSB with a private group outing at the Sportsman Chalet on February 3. After the Sportsman’s Chalet event, we will return to the hotel so we can get dressed for dinner and dancing at the Whitetail Inn, located in St. Germain. For those of you who attended the 2020 WGA you will delighted to know we have booked the same guitar player, Brian McLaughlin for the 2022 WGA. Did I mention that we have three seminars, totaling 10 CE credits, included in the registration fee? Anyone who tells you insurance is “boring” has never attended a Convention or Winter Get-Away event with PIA of Wisconsin. We look forward to seeing you all very soon, as we put some of the “old normal” back into our lives!

More is more. At EMC, we take a “more is more” approach when it comes to ensuring workplace safety, which is why EMC offers more loss control services than ever before. A safe work environment often leads to a more profitable business. And offering our loss control services at no additional cost to your clients often leads to a more profitable business for you, too.


©Copyright Employers Mutual Casualty Company 2021. All rights reserved.


C APITOL UPDATE PIAW Legislative Recap January marked the start of a new legislative session at the Wisconsin State Capitol, and it started off with quite a bang. With both houses of the Legislature already meeting several times over the first few months, it would seem promising that legislators are anxious to get to work on the legislation that was left unfinished due to the sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last spring. However, the political climate continues to be divided in Wisconsin, and this continues to play out publicly. In addition to the evident divide between Democratic Governor Tony Evers and the majority Republican Legislature, the Assembly and Senate’s disjointed efforts on COVID-19 relief bill 2021 Assembly Bill 1 (AB 1) were met by an eventual veto by the Governor. When AB 1 was introduced, PIA praised the inclusion of COVID-19 Civil Liability Protections for Small Businesses in both the Assembly and Senate versions of the bill. With the economy open, it is imperative that protections be put into place to ensure that employers, retail businesses, schools and other entities do not fall victim to predatory COVID-19 lawsuits. Though the controversial aspects of the legislation were initially amended out, they were eventually amended back in and were passed by both houses, ensuring the veto that later came by the Governor. Getting these protections in statute remains one of PIA’s highest legislative priorities of the session, and PIA is continuing to advocate for swift passage of this language in a new COVID-19 relief bill or standalone bill if necessary. In addition to working to ensure liability protections for Wisconsin small businesses, PIA has been working to protect small businesses from surprise taxation. In an unforeseen twist, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue declared federal Paycheck Protection Program loans as taxable. Though Congress passed a law declaring forgiven PPP loans to be exempt from federal 10 MARCH/APRIL 21

income tax, the State of Wisconsin opted not to overlook the anticipated over $400 million in tax revenue. PIA maintains the position that these funds were never meant for states to use to supplement their tax revenue, and that suffering small businesses should not be forced to bear this surprise burden. With a recent projection by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau anticipating a budget surplus of $1.76 billion, there is no excuse for Wisconsin to not remedy this and allow businesses the forgiven and untaxed relief they had the impression they were getting. Therefore, PIA worked individually as well as with a coalition of other small businesses organizations to make sure that this fix got to the Governor’s desk and signed. We are pleased to report that this bill, now 2021 Act 1, has been signed into law and small businesses will be free from this additional taxation. PIA is continuing to work hard every day to protect your agency’s interests. Continue to check our new legislative updates in the PIA Magazine as well as legislative updates posted to our blog at PIA.org. If you would be interested in receiving an emailed legislative update, please contact Natalie White at nwhite@piaw. org.

Natalie White - PIAW Communications Director

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Meet Natalie White PIA of Wisconsin has added a lobbyist to our staff! We are excited to announce the hiring of Natalie White as Communications Director. Natalie is your lobbyist in the Wisconsin State Capitol, looking out for your interests as an independent insurance agent and small business operator. She will help us grow our advocacy program and build our clout in Madison and she will also handle many marketing and communications functions at PIAW. Natalie grew up in Delafield, Wisconsin, as the oldest of five daughters. From a young age she was taught the importance of getting involved in the community, making your voice heard and taking an active part in government. This mindset is what later pushed her to study Political Science at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and take an internship with a local campaign committee. After her December 2016 graduation, Natalie decided to remain in Madison and immediately began working as a staff member in the Wisconsin Legislature. During her years at the Capitol, Natalie gained valuable knowledge of the inner workings of state government and the

Natalie attending a bill signing for a bill she worked on at the Capitol in 2018.

Legislature. This knowledge and skillset make her a valuable asset for PIAW members. In addition to her professional experience in the Capitol, Natalie remains involved in the Lake Country Community. For the past six years, Natalie has volunteered as a Co-Director of Alpha Moraine Day Camp, a Girl Scout camp in Southeastern Wisconsin. As a previous attendee of the camp, Natalie takes great pride in helping young girls continue to develop confidence and leadership skills. Despite the many obstacles that presented themselves in 2020, Natalie got married in November to her husband, Jack. Both proud UWMadison alumni, they continue to reside in the state’s capital where they enjoy exploring the many restaurants and activities the city has to offer. They hope to travel internationally in 2021 and beyond to Jack’s birthplace of New Zealand and also to tropical climates. As avid sports fans, they never miss an opportunity to cheer on the Badgers, Packers, Bucks and Brewers and love to tailgate for Badgers games with their parents on campus. We are pleased to welcome Natalie to the PIA family and we hope you will have a chance to welcome her, too!

Natalie and Jack attend a Fall 2019 Badger game.

Natalie and her fellow co-directors at Camp Pottawatomie Hills in East Troy. MARCH/APRIL 21 11

OCI Administrative

Actions Mark V. Afable - Commissioner of the Office of Insurance

Madison, WI—OCI has taken the following administrative actions. In many of these cases the respondent denied the allegations but consented to the action taken. Any forfeitures paid in these administrative actions are deposited in the Common School Fund which is administered by the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands. The earnings from this fund are distributed to all public K-12 schools in Wisconsin and are used by school libraries to purchase books. Copies of the administrative action orders may be viewed online at https://ociaccess.oci.wi.gov/OrderInfo/OrdInfo.oci. OCI is responsible for overseeing the operations and marketing of insurance companies and agents in Wisconsin. OCI encourages anyone with a question or a complaint regarding an insurance company or agent to contact the office at this toll-free telephone number: 1-800-236-8517.

December 2020

Allegations and Actions Against Agents

Dale Brumbaugh, 22879 Zion Pkwy., Oak Grove, MN 55005, had his application for an insurance license denied for 60 days. This action was taken based on allegations of having an administrative action taken by the State of Minnesota, failing to disclose the administrative action on a licensing application, and failing to report the administrative action while previously licensed. Daniel J. Burke, 29 Chelsea Pk., Pittsford, NY 14534, had his insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes. Shana Chism, 216 Ward St, Hot Springs, AR 71913, was ordered to pay a forfeiture of $500.00. This action was taken based on allegations of failing to timely disclose to OCI administrative actions taken by the states of South Dakota and California. Christopher Chung, 1078 S Starr Rd., Apache Junction, AZ 85119, was ordered to pay a forfeiture of $500.00. This action was taken based on allegations of failing to timely disclose to OCI administrative actions taken by the states of Louisiana, Washington, Virginia, and California. Joshua Davis, 2907 Webster St., Racine, WI 53403, had his application for an insurance license denied for 31 days. This action was taken based on allegations of having a criminal conviction that may be substantially related to insurance marketing. Marisha S. Davis, 5675 W Brown Deer Rd., Apt. 204, Brown Deer, WI 53223, had her insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes. Mark R. Devereux, 853 156th Ave., New Richmond, WI 54017, had his insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes. Franklin J. Ellefson, 3769 Glendale Ave., Green Bay, WI 54313, had his insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes. 12 MARCH/APRIL 21

Richard M. Faber, 1486 Navigator Way, Unit 19, Hobart, WI 54115, had his application for an insurance license denied for 31 days. This action was taken based on allegations of failing to disclose an administrative action taken by the State of Wisconsin on a licensing application despite a previous warning. Nathen K. Her, 10324 W Rae Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53225, had his insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes. Andrew R. Hoell, N50W15449 Honey Suckle Ln., Menomonee Falls, WI 53051, had his insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes. James J. Hrouda, 4330 Ridgeway Ave., Racine, WI 53405, had his insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes. Carlin J. Kaufman, 31340 Woodland Ave., Eau Claire, WI 54701, had his insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes. Wonjoon Kim, 919 N 17th St., Apt 307, Milwaukee, WI 53233, agreed to the issuance of a conditional, non-renewing license. This action was taken based on allegations of having limited employment authorization from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Scott A. Kindberg, 1505 W Veterans Pkwy., Marshfield, WI 54449, had his insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes. Michael J. Kroll, 4110 S Lake Dr., Apt. 233, Saint Francis, WI 53235, had his application for an insurance license denied for 30 days. This action was taken based on allegations of failing to disclose a deferred criminal prosecution on a licensing application.

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Single-entry, multiple-company interface (SEMCI) is like magic!


Acuity, long recognized as a leader in agency interface technology, is committed to supporting SEMCI in commercial lines. SEMCI drives efficiency in the quote and application process and allows you to choose how you want to do business with Acuity. Acuity currently partners with several of the leading commercial lines insurtechs. We are building, exploring partnerships, or expanding with numerous other independent agency technology solutions. And Acuity is on the forefront of integration technology, continually building the connections necessary to be ready to connect to new insurtechs as they emerge.

[Continued from page 12 - OCI Administrative Actions...] Thomas E. LaChance, 200 N 165th St., Brookfield, WI 53005, had his application for an insurance license denied. This action was taken based on allegations of having a previous insurance license revocation, failing to disclose an administrative action taken by the State of Tennessee on a licensing application, and having a history of delinquent tax warrants. Devonta Moore, 1826 Union St., Charlotte, NC 28205, was ordered to pay a forfeiture of $500.00. This action was taken based on allegations of failing to timely disclose to OCI administrative actions taken by the states of Louisiana, Virginia, and New York.

Sean Riemenapp, 2719 Tami Tr., Fitchburg, WI 53711, had his application for an insurance license denied. This action was taken based on allegations of having criminal convictions that may be substantially related to insurance marketing type conduct, failing to disclose criminal convictions on a licensing application, providing false information on an application form, and failing to respond promptly to inquiries from OCI. Michael E. Rivera, 725 W Lapham Blvd., Apt. 8, Milwaukee, WI 53204, had his insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes.

Matthew S. Perleberg, PO Box 487, Keshena, WI 54135, had his insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes.

Scott T. Rugotzke, 2918 Pine Lodge Rd., Eau Claire, WI 54701, had his insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes.

Mykelia L. Putman, 3939 Rosemeade Pkwy., Apt. 3315, Dallas, TX 75287, had her insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes.

Bernard J. Schlaeger III, 563 W Red Pine Cir., Dousman, WI 53118, had his insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes.

Colton M. Reidman, 311 Washington Ave., Fredonia, WI 53021, had his insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes.

Aaron W. Schlicht, 1431 E Sommers Dr., Oak Creek, WI 53154, had his insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes.

Jennifer A. Reilly, 4112 N Croatan Hwy., Kitty Hawk, NC 27949, was ordered to pay a forfeiture of $500.00. This action was taken based on allegations of failing to timely disclose to OCI administrative actions taken by the states of Idaho, West Virginia, and Louisiana.

Igor Shaykevich, 2307 W Club View Dr., Glendale, WI 53209, agreed to pay a forfeiture of $9,999.00. This action was taken based on allegations of using misleading advertisements and selling unsuitable annuities.

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Question: What are some typical examples of employee discipline? Are there any you recommend? Answer from Monica, SPHR, SHRM-CP: Discipline should reflect the severity of the behavior, attempt to correct it, and be applied consistently. You’ll want to consider how you addressed certain behaviors in the past and the precedent you want to set for the future. For instance, if you jump straight to a final warning when a certain employee is an hour late to work, but let another employee come in late regularly without so much as a written warning, you’re setting yourself up for trouble. We generally recommend progressive discipline. This means you start small and work your way up to termination. Progressive discipline often includes these steps: • • • •

Oral counseling/warning(s) Written warning(s) Final written warning Unpaid suspension—we generally don’t recommend this, as it’s likely to make the employee more disgruntled than they were before, and ultimately be more harmful than helpful, but you may find that it’s appropriate in some circumstances; be sure to keep reporting time pay in mind for non-exempt employees, depending on state law Termination

At each step, make your expectations clear, notify the employee of the consequences should they fail to improve (that they’ll be one step closer to termination), and document what actions you took. The warnings you give to the employee should stick to the facts, i.e., what infraction was observed, when it occurred, and what policy or policies was violated. Opinions about the infraction should be left out, as these are easily disputed. For example, “Yesterday, you arrived 20 minutes late in violation of our attendance policy” simply states the facts, whereas “You’re always tardy and can’t be trusted to arrive on time” is likely to get pushback.

Question: How do I determine whether a requested accommodation would be an undue hardship? Answer from Kyle, PHR: The basic definition of an undue hardship is an action that creates a significant difficulty or expense. There are no hard and fast rules governing what significant means, but the bar is intentionally set high in order to encourage employers to help those with disabilities fully engage in the workforce. The factors below are important to consider when making your determination: • • • • •


The nature and net cost of the accommodation, taking into consideration the availability of tax credits and deductions, as well as outside funding; The overall financial resources of the facility or facilities involved in the provision of the accommodation, the number of individuals employed at the facility, and the effect of the accommodation on expenses and resources; The overall financial resources of the covered entity, the overall size of the business of the covered entity with respect to the number of its employees, and the number, type, and location of its facilities; The type of operation or operations of the covered entity, including the composition, structure, and functions of the workforce, and the geographic separateness and administrative or fiscal relationship of the facility or facilities in question to the covered entity; and The impact of the accommodation upon the operation of the facility, including the impact on the ability of other employees to perform their duties and the impact on the facility’s ability to conduct business.

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Personal Umbrella

Commercial Auto

Professional Liability/E&O

Commercial Umbrella

Workers’ Compensation


Pay-As-You-Go options with over 200 payroll partners!

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On making compelling presentations On December 13, 2020, George Schultz celebrated his 100th birthday. In a New York Times op-ed piece, the former Secretary of Labor, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of State, and Director of the Office of Management and the Budget told 10 personal stories on the value of trust. Here is one of them: One day, as Secretary of State in the Reagan administration, I brought a draft foreign policy speech to the Oval Office for Reagan to review. He read the speech and said, “That’s fine,” but then began marking it up. In the margin on one page, he wrote “story.” I asked what he meant. “That’s the most important point,” he said. Adding a relevant story will “engage your readers. That way, you’ll appeal not only to their minds but to their emotions.” Telling a story, he made me understand, helps make your case in a way that no abstraction can: A story builds an emotional bond, and emotional bonds build trust. [Source: GrahamComm Newsline]


Thank You Supporting Members, We Couldn't Do It Without You! Each year those insurance companies that choose to support the Professional Insurance Agents of Wisconsin, make so many things possible. It is because of them that we can offer top-notch, affordable networking and education opportunities to our member agents. Be sure to say "Thank You" the next time you see staff from any of our supporting members.

Platinum Supporting Members

Gold Supporting Members Since 1896


Silver Supporting Members

To learn more about the value of PIAW sponsorships, call Executive Director, Pete Hanson at (608) 274-8188, email him at phanson@piaw.org or visit https://www.piaw.org/stay-connected/supporting-member/ 16 MARCH/APRIL 21

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Filling them up now so they won’t be hungry later.

Small detail. Big difference. You know as well as anyone that today’s cut corner can easily turn into tomorrow’s missing piece. With our forty years of experience in specialized coverage and policies developed alongside actual restaurant and bar owners, you can rest assured that your policyholders are protected against the unique risks they face every day. If you agree that details like these make a big difference, give us a call at 1-888-5-SOCIETY or visit societyinsurance.com.

They leave us speechless No matter what’s going on, pessimists always find something to complain about. Even when the sun is bright and warm, they are quick to remind us a storm is on its way. But, fortunately, the pessimists are overshadowed by millions of others, the optimists, who set the tone, even though every day demands more from them. We’re so lucky to have them. They roll-up their sleeves rather than folding-up their tents and stealing away. Their selfless acts of kindness and generosity can only leave us speechless, grateful, and even a little ashamed. And let’s be honest. A majority of them are women. [Source: GrahamComm Newsline] MARCH/APRIL 21 17

By: Jill J. Johnson, MBA

With the shift to our new virtual world, you have probably found it more difficult to build and sustain professional relationships. Yet, the virtual technologies we are all using have actually expanded our opportunities to network and build connections. We are no longer limited to connecting with those in our local community as we now have expanded opportunities to connect with people from around the world. It is possible to build relationships by using virtual experiences. The challenge is, how do you do it? Making Virtual Networking Connections Some social media efforts seem to be a complete waste of time. But social media now provides new opportunities to make connections with others. The key is how you use social media to build and sustain your relationships with others in your network. Finding people to connect with by searching the social media sites using keywords and company names is one way to identify new connections. An even better way is to take advantage of the various virtual meetings and events that you are already participating in and connect with those who are also participating in them. If you have two monitors on your computer, use one monitor to participate in the meeting and your other monitor as your search engine. If you don’t have two monitors, use your smartphone or tablet. Pay attention to the people you are resonating with or those who are making thought-provoking comments in your virtual meetings. On your other monitor or device, go to LinkedIn and see if you can find this person while you can still see their face in the meeting. You might be surprised at how difficult that can be, especially if they have a common name or have changed their appearance. By doing it while you’re still participating in the virtual meeting, you can double check that you have the right person before you send them a LinkedIn invitation. 18 MARCH/APRIL 21

When you send the invitation, be sure to personalize the connection message. Say something like, “Joe, I enjoyed your comments in the XYZ meeting today. I’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn to get to know you better.” The goal here is to establish an initial connection, not to make a sale or have them do something for you. You have to earn that right. Do not immediately reach out and try to sell them something once they accept your connection. Successful Approaches to Networking Virtually Once you’ve established a connection with someone, begin to explore the opportunities available to you to get to know that individual better. It is easier to do than you might think. The most effective way to stand out to a new contact is to engage with them on the social media platform. Start to regularly post comments on their social media post and when appropriate, share their post on your own social media profiles. Don’t just “like” something that they’ve posted. Likes, hearts, thumbs up and other reaction acknowledgments don’t make you stand out. These are just passive engagement reactions and do not get much notice. Active engagement that gets your name in front of your connection will make you stand out and connect in deeper ways. If your connection has shared something on social media that you find interesting, do your own post and tag them in it. Take a picture of you holding their book with a testimonial. Then post your testimonial on their book page on Amazon. The idea here is to stand out, especially if they are someone who has a very large social media following. Engagement is vital to building relationships. It requires energy and effort just as it does in the physical world. It is important to take this [Continued on page 19]

[Continued from page 18 - Effective Networking...] slowly. Nothing freaks someone out more on social media than the appearance of having a stalker or someone who is only connected to sell to them. Look for opportunities that are appropriate, but not every day, especially in the beginning. Taking Your Virtual Networking to The Next Level If the person you’re connecting with is someone that you would like to know better and the feeling is mutual, suggest setting up a telephone call or virtual meeting. That will allow for deeper communication beyond the written word. Explore opportunities that might be mutually beneficial or ask them if there is something specific that they need right now that you might be able to provide. For an author, it would be a testimonial. Or it might be making some endorsements on LinkedIn once you get a deeper understanding of their skills and strengths. Leverage the combination of interacting with them on social media platforms, phone calls, virtual conversations and email as a way to stay connected. This needs to be organic and it cannot be forced. Too many people today make an initial connection on social media or in a virtual meeting and then begin to bombard their contact with too many emails or too many asks. That is not building a relationship. That is pushing for a sale. Those who are successful at networking virtually are looking to expand their connections with those with whom they share mutual interests. Those mutual interests turn into opportunities. In the best of all worlds those opportunities are mutual, not one-sided.

Final Thoughts One thing is certain, virtual interactions are here to stay. Those who are most effective at networking in this “new normal” will bridge the gap between connections and relationships by strategically looking for opportunities to connect. Remember, networking is about building relationships, not making sales. It is vital to keep this key difference in mind as you begin to take steps to use virtual opportunities to make new connections. Sales or jobs may eventually flow from these relationships, but the primary goal in networking is to make a casual connection and build it into to a deeper relationship. Then, you take advantage of the virtual world to help you sustain and deepen that connection over a longer period of time. About the Author:

Jill J. Johnson, MBA, is the President and Founder of Johnson Consulting Services, a highly accomplished speaker, an award-winning management consultant, and author of the bestselling book Compounding Your Confidence. Jill helps her clients make critical business decisions and develop market-based strategic plans for turnarounds or growth. Her consulting work has impacted more than $4 billion worth of decisions. She has a proven track record of dealing with complex business issues and getting results. For more information on Jill J. Johnson, please visit www.jcs-usa.com.

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BWOInsurance.com MARCH/APRIL 21 19


Don’t just join a company, join a club. AAA is a membership-based organization; we’re a club, not just a company. This means we have an entirely different level of commitment to customers. All with an unbeatable combination of savings and security for customers. And the potential for success for you.

Learn more, contact me. Leo Plese (630) 328-7076 lmplese@autoclubgroup.aaa.com Insurance • Membership • Travel • Banking AAA Independent Agents are not employees of AAA The Auto Club Group; but, rather are independent contractors. Insurance underwritten by one of the following companies: Auto Club Insurance Association, MemberSelect Insurance Company, Auto Club Group Insurance Company, Auto Club Property-Casualty Insurance Company, Auto Club South Insurance Company, Auto Club Insurance Company of Florida, or non-affiliated insurance companies. ©2019 The Auto Club Group. All rights reserved. 19-IN-0147


Your new hires: what’s their E&O loss prevention culture? by Curtis M. Pearsall, CPCU, AIAF, CPIA President – Pearsall Associates, Inc. and Consultant to the Utica National E&O Program

Virtually every agency is dealing with the need to bring on new staff. This could be due to some staff retirements or staff that left the agency for one of many reasons. As new staff join your agency, there is definitely a need to provide them with training on such items as your agency system, your procedures, the carriers, and the details of the job responsibilities. Obviously, the goal is to get the new staff member up to speed as quickly as possible so they can begin to contribute. One area that may not get the attention it deserves is E&O loss prevention. If the new staff member has some insurance experience, it may be assumed that they understand what E&O is all about and what is necessary to minimize the potential for E&O claims to occur. Quite honestly, this is a dangerous assumption to make. Just because they worked in another agency does not mean that E&O was understood and valued to the level that your agency does. In addition, if they are a “rookie” in the business, there is a good chance they are completely unfamiliar with the concept of E&O and, thus, uneducated on the key issues that drive a strong E&O loss prevention culture. As your agency experiences the anticipated turnover, ensuring that these new hires get the proper E&O education and guidance becomes even more vital. Without question, your firm’s E&O loss prevention culture will be heavily influenced by the level of E&O training these new staff received upon joining your agency. Items to consider include: Provide an E&O overview. As new staff are brought on, it would be beneficial for the agency to dedicate some time on the subject of E&O and emphasize that by adhering to various best practices, E&O claims can be avoided. Depending on the size and structure of the agency, consider having each respective department manager (Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, Benefits, etc.) provide the new staff with the necessary information. It is suggested to provide the new staff with details of the expected procedures as it is possible that your agency has different expectations than the new staff’s prior employer. Then periodically (preferably monthly), meet with the new staff to give them a refresher on E&O overall or possibly specific issues such as documentation, managing workloads, exposure analysis, etc. While the issue of “document, document, document” has been part of the E&O loss prevention mantra for years, don’t assume your new staff fully understand the value of a high level of documentation. Share your agency’s expectations for documentation with the new staff. 22 MARCH/APRIL 21

[Continued on page 23]

[Continued from page 22 - Your New Hires...]

Contact your state association or E&O carrier. Both of these organizations probably have resources/ articles/educational seminars they can provide (some may be for a fee) to get the new employee “up to speed.” Add an E&O discussion in your agency staff meetings. The more your new staff hear about E&O loss prevention, the more they will understand it and be committed to the cause. In staff meetings, address issues such as the finer points of specific coverages or how to handle various inquiries from customers. Your agency system. Consistency is a key word when dealing with E&O. This means that there is a common way that various procedures are performed within the agency. Even if you hire a new employee that has knowledge of your agency system, it is important to understand that your agency might use the system differently than how the new staff member used the system at their previous employer. This is where having a written procedures manual that details the use of the system will play a vital role. Audit the work of the new staff. It is suggested to perform some extensive auditing of the new staff to determine if they are meeting the agency’s expectations. The quicker any issues are identified, the quicker that further training can be provided. Bottom line, dedicate time early on to provide your new employees with a solid overview of your E&O loss prevention culture. This will play a key role in ensuring a bright future for your agency.

Protect the Reputation and Assets You’ve Worked Hard to Build: Choose the Right Agents’ Errors and Omissions Program! Utica National and Agents Service Corporation can help. More than 10,000 agencies have placed their trust in Utica National over the last 50 years because they offer:

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Access to staff, including a claims team, who is dedicated 100% to Agents’ E&O Tailored levels of coverage based on your needs Risk management services that stay ahead of emerging issues to help you prevent claims A variety of ways to pay your premium without premium financing or interest charges

Invest a few minutes in the future security of your agency. Go to www.uticanational.com/eo to get started on an Easy Estimate, and then add and subtract coverages to get the

combination of protection and premium you need! Contact Heidi Hodel-Faris at PIA Wisconsin by phone at 608-274-8188 or via email at hhodel@piaw.org for more information.


7 Ideas for Finding New Sales Prospects Prospecting is crucial to business survival. To grow, your business will need to expand its customer base. But even loyal customers eventually use other “suppliers”, so you'll have to acquire new business to maintain the status quo. That means proactively expanding your sales prospects. Prospecting is crucial to business survival. To grow, your business will need to expand its customer base. But even loyal customers eventually use other “suppliers”, so you'll have to acquire new business to maintain the status quo. That means proactively expanding your sales prospects.

For example, if you insure churches, you might consider developing a program targeting florists. 5.

Do good deeds and inform prospects of your philanthropy. Entrepreneurial Charity and Environmentally Friendly (“green”) efforts are appealing to many segments of the economy today. Be sure to do things that appeal to these individuals and groups. For example, promote the civic activities of your staff, or send a group of employees to man a soup kitchen for an evening. If doing renovations to your office building, consider “green” materials and promote this in your grand re-opening announcement.


Advertise creatively. Consider special promotions, different media, or other new ways of getting your message out. If you aren't advertising already, now may be the time to start.


Try direct marketing. Direct mail / e-mail marketing using purchased lists or other sources are a convenient way to identify and obtain accurate, targeted sales leads for your business.

To get started, consider these seven ideas: 1.

List the firms that compete with your customers. Each company on that list is a potential new customer.


Solicit referrals. Offer discounts, freebies, or other incentives to happy customers who refer new business prospects. Remember to check state anti-rebating laws.



Seek out symbiotic partnerships. Prospect sharing with similar industries can provide benefits to both parties. For example, an alliance between your agency and an accounting firm lets each company recommend customers to the other and creates a more complete service offering. A word of caution: Before you enter this type of alliance, make sure that you can vouch for the other company. Otherwise, their mistakes could sully your good reputation. Look outside your primary niche. Think creatively about other markets that may need your agency’s services. There are often natural relationships between a variety of industries that can turn into business opportunities for your firm.


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(815) 489- 3275 


Now PIA members can sell the same great PIA cyber insurance coverage that many have already purchased for their own agency. PIA’s cyber insurance is the first cyber insurance program tailor-made for small and medium-sized businesses. The PIA enhanced cyber insurance policy covers both first- and third-party loss for the most common cyber risks such as social engineering, funds transfer fraud, ransomware, network interruption, data breach, network security, and media liability. In addition to the seven coverage parts, PIA members’ clients are provided with special PIA enhancements and reduced rates compared to ABAIS’s standard program for social engineering coverage. PIA members who sell the PIA cyber insurance receive 12.5% in sales commission. Getting started is easy. Start protecting your clients today. Need more information? Contact Heidi at hhodel@piaw.org or (800) 261-7429



Wisconsin’s CPIAs

The CPIA Program teaches practical and proven "before", "during", and "after" sale techniques. Michael Anderson, CIC,CRM,CPCU,ARM, CPIA Nick Arnoldy, CIC, CPIA Cheryl Atkins, CPIA Michelle Baker, CPIA Amy Belden, CPIA Crystal Benson, CIC, AINS, AIC, AIS, CPIA Thomas Black, CPIA Donald Bolier, CPIA Misty Bolier, CPIA Cassie Bornick, CIC, CPIA Christina Bossardet, CPIA, CIC Jon Bovee, CPIA, CIC, AU Deborah Bozikowski, CISR, AAI, AIS, CPIA Laurel Brinkman, CPIA Melissa Brown, CPIA Kendal Bruner, CPIA CIC Sherry Brushafer, CISR, CPIA Dan Burns, CIC, CPIA Cindy Burns, CIC, CPIA Thomas Budzisz, CPIA Bradley Butzke, CIC, CISR, CPIA James Candler, Jr., CISR, CPIA Christopher Carriveau, CIC, CPIA Michael Cayemberg, CPIA Kasey Childs, CISR, CPIA Ryan Christensen, CPIA Eric Christensen, CPIA Lori Cirves, CISR, CPIA Betty Clabough, CISR, CPIA Lynne Clark, CISR Elite, CPIA Steve Clements, CPIA Clint Collins, CPIA Jodi Cordes, CIC, CRM, CPIA Kim Dandrea, CPIA Randy Dauffenbach, CPIA, AAI, AIS Jaclyn DeLeon, CPIA Annette Dillon, CISR, CPIA Steve Edwards, CIC, CPIA Laura Foth, CISR Elite, CPIA, AINS Marty Franzkowiak, CPIA Cindy Frechette, CISR Elite, CPIA Paul Fredrickson, CPIA Nicholas Glaser, CIC, CPIA Jeffrey Glass, CPIA Cynthia Gross, CPIA


Ellen Gruhn, CPIA Michael Haeger, CISR, CPIA Erin Hale, CPIA Sandra Hardrath, CPIA, CIC, IIA, AAI Craig Hatch, CIC, AINS, CPIA Mark Heling, CIC, AIS, AU, CPIA James Herro, CPIA Kristine Hershey, CPIA Heidi Hodel-Faris, CIC, CPIA Nancy Howard, CISR, CPIA Doreen Janssen, CPIA David Jenkel, CISR, CPIA Craig Jorgenson, CPIA Linda Kempen, CISR, CPIA Wayne Kiefer, CPIA Linda Kindl, CISR Elite, CPIA Kevin Klestinski, CIC,CPCU,AIS,AU,ASLI, CPIA John Klinzing, CIC, CPIA Alex Klitzka, CPIA Jennifer Knutson, CISR, CPIA Lacey Koenigsfeld, CISR Elite, CPIA Barbara Koepke-Eron, CISR, CPIA Ramona Kord, CISR, CPIA Lisa Koss, CIC, CPIA Shannon Kraut, CIC, CISR, CPIA Chase Kruser, CPIA Dennis Kuhnke, CIC, CPIA Meghann Kuhns, CPIA Charles Laird, CPIA Marcia Leibfried, CIC, CISR, CPIA Debra Leitz, CISR, CPIA Michelle Loeffelholz, CPIA Brian MacGillis, CPIA Kevin Malovrh, CIC, CPIA Sue Marotz, CISR, CPIA Eric Martin, CIC, CPIA Scott Maurer, CPIA Pamela McKay, CPIA Michelle Meggers, CISR, CPIA Dirk Milestone, CPIA Sara Mohrbacher, AINS, CPIA Tara Mondloch, CPIA Kashif Motlani, CIC, CISR, CPIA Ryan Mulder, CPIA Donna Murphy, CPIA, AAI Amanda Mussehl, CISR, CPIA Jeffry Natzke, CPIA

Cynthia Navit, CIC, CPIA Dennis Neary, Jr., CPIA Donna Nelson, CISR, CPIA Heidi Nienow, CPIA Diana O'Brien, CISR Elite, CPIA Tracy Oestreich, CIC, CPIA, AU, CPIW Michael Osborne, CPIA Michael Paroubek, CPIA Jacob Pintens, CPIA Nicole Quint, CISR, CPIA Maria Ramirez Cervantes, CISR, CPIA Michelle Rank, CISR, CPIA Mary Richter, CPIA, CISR Sarah Riehle, CISR, CPIA Kimberly Riek, CISR, CPIA Daniel Scheider, CIC, CPIA, CRIS Joseph Scheurell, CPIA, LUTCF Brenda Schrank, CISR, CPIA Stephanie Schuldies, CPIA Melinda Seefeldt, CISR Elite, CPIA Andy Seils, CPIA Kristine Smith, CIC, CISR, CPIA Thomas Sowinski, CIC, CPIA Bradley Sowinski, CPIA, AIC, AIS Andrew Spaeth, CPIA Kelly Stephan, CPIA Sheri Stewart, CISR, CPIA Melissa Stitz, CPIA Luke Strupp, CPIA Shannon Suber, CISR Elite, CPIA Carol Tachon, CPIA Tracie Templin, CIC, CISR, CPIA Boyd Thiel, LUTCF, CPIA Josh Timm, CIC, CPIA Joshua Troxel, CPIA Julie Ulset, CPIA David Vanden Oever, CPIA, CIC Aaron Weidenbaum, CISR, CPIA Daniel Wiegman, CPIA Mark Wiske, CPIA Daniel Wolfgram, CPIA, AINS Melissa Wucherer, CISR, CPIA Nancy Wuenne, CPIA Kyle Zdroik, CPIA Bradley Zellmer, CISR, CPIA Megan Zimmerman, CISR, CPIA Ruth Zimmerman, CPIA


2021 CPIA Live Webinars The PIA of Wisconsin is a proud sponsor of the Certified Professional Insurance Agent (CPIA) professional designation program. These three, one-day workshops teach practical "before", "during", and "after" sale techniques for producers, sales managers, account managers and company marketing representatives. Participants leave with ideas that will produce increased sales results immediately. In fact, they are guaranteed: Implement the principles covered in these sessions and experience a 20% increase in personal production within six months, or your registration fee will be refunded!

No Test. Approved for 7 Wisconsin CE credits each. Utica approved. All states are welcome and most approved for 7 CE. While it is not required, it is recommended courses are taken in order.

CPIA 1 - Position for Success

CPIA 2 - Implement for Success

CPIA 3 - Sustain Success

During this program, participants are encouraged to focus on internal and external factors affecting the development of effective business development plans. Factors discussed include a review of the state of the insurance marketplace; analysis of competitive pressures; necessary insurance carrier underwriting criteria; and consumer expectations and understanding.

During this session participants will be provided with specific tools for analyzing consumer needs; will learn to utilize risk identification techniques to gather pertinent prospect information; will develop skills necessary to assimilate information gathered into a customized protection program; and will participate in exercises designed to promote effective delivery of proven solutions.

This program focuses on fulfilling the implied promises contained in the insuring agreement. Students will review methods of providing evidence of insurance coverage; will discuss policies and procedures for controlling E&O including policy review and delivery, endorse-ments, claimsprocessing, and handling of client complaints. This course includes a review of the Professional Expectations; the Law of Agency; and Legal and Ethical Standards.

WI CE Course # 65338

CPIA 1 August 5

WI CE Course # 65340

CPIA 2 September 9

WI CE Course # 65339

CPIA 3 April 1 / October 7

More Details and Registration at PIAW.ORG ______________________________________________________________________ CPIA is a part of the AIMS Society, a national organization dedicated to providing interactive marketing and sales training, ongoing resources and networking opportunities to insurance professionals. www.aimssociety.org.



CIC Live Webinars Approved for 16 Wisconsin CE Credits Each Anyone Can Attend No Exam or Proctor Required for CE Instructor Led April 21-22, 2021

June 9- 10, 2021

Commercial Property

Agency Management (includes 3 Ethics and Utica Approved)

CIC Graduate Ruble Webinars Exciting update option for CICs, CRMs, and CISRs! 16 WI CE

May 19-20, 2021

October 21-22, 2021 / Green Bay

CISR Live Webinars Anyone Can Attend 7 WI CE Each - No Exam or Proctor Required for CE Instructor Led March 10 March 16

Personal Residential Commercial Casualty II

May 14 May 26

April 7 April 28

Personal Lines Miscellaneous Commercial Casualty 1

June 16 Life & Health Essentials June 23 Elements of Risk Management July 14


Agency Operations Personal Auto

Commercial Property

Visit the education tab at PIAW.org for schedules and registration.

Sharpen your skills with a CIC designation.

Become the expert your clients, agency, and career depend on.



Impact Credibility Respect

Register at www.piaw.org or call 1-800-261-7429



Gives You the Credit You Deserve! The following PIAW education classes are approved for the Utica premium credit. • Any CIC Update • CIC Agency Management • CISR Agency Operations • CPIA • Select PIAW Webinars Register online and view the complete Education schedule at piaw.org Please contact Heidi Hodel-Faris, CIC, CPIA, Insurance and Member Services Director at hhodel@piaw.org or 1-800-261-7429 to find out how you can benefit from Utica’s E&O Loss Control Program.



New Topics Added! 1 and 3 WI CE Credits. Live. No Test. No Proctor. Visit the Education tab at piaw.org for a complete list of topics, descriptions, webinar demo and registration. Several approved for Utica credit. Ethics is offered each month. Fee per Webinar: $55 PIAW Member, $70 Non-Member. Includes WI CE fees.

March 2021 Webinar Schedule TITLE & WI CE




Chris Amrhein’s “Adventures in Aging” Financially Surviving Retirement 3 WI CE # 6000061267



Chris Amrhein, CIC

The Small or Hobby Farm: Properly Identifying & Insuring the Risk 3 WI CE # 6000060208



Sam Bennett, CIC, AFIS, CRIS, CPIA

Is This Stuff For Real? Understanding & Insuring Emerging Risks 3 WI CE # 6000080265



Steve Lyon CIC, CPCU, ARM

An Hour with Cathy: Additional Insured Endorsements for Contractors 1 WI CE # 6000082723



Catherine Trischan, CPCU, CRM, CIC, ARM, AU, AAI, CRIS, MLIS

The Evolution of Ethics in Insurance 3 WI ETHICS CE # 6000082722



Corey Wilkins

Cyber – Evolution, Exposures, Incidents & Insurance 3 WI CE # 6000082637



Catherine Trischan, CPCU, CRM, CIC, ARM, AU, AAI, CRIS, MLIS

Commercial Property – Direct vs Indirect Damage 3 WI CE # 6000080287



Robin Federici, CIC, AAI, ARM, AINS, AIS, CPIW

An Hour with Nicole: Personal Umbrella Issues & Answers 1 WI CE # 6000082636



Nicole Broch, CIC, CISR, PLCS

Commercial Insurance Coverages, Court Cases & Chaos 3 WI CE # 6000082635



Terry Tadlock, CIC, CPCU, CRIS

An Hour with Kevin: Drones – Insuring Innovators, Enthusiasts & Idiots 1 WI CE # 6000058123



Kevin Amrhein, CIC< CPIA

Nailed It: Understanding Insurance Requirements in Construction Contracts 3 WI CE # 6000082634



Catherine Trischan, CPCU, CRM, CIC, ARM, AU, AAI, CRIS, MLIS

Personal Lines Clients and Their New Normal 3 WI CE # 6000080286



Nicole Broch, CIC, CISR, PLCS

Register online at piaw.org or call 1-800-261-7429. Contact Brenda for in-house webinar opportunities. bsteinbach@piaw.org



New Topics Added! 1 and 3 WI CE Credits. Live. No Test. No Proctor. Visit the Education tab at piaw.org for a complete list of topics, descriptions, webinar demo and registration. Several approved for Utica credit. Ethics is offered each month. Fee per Webinar: $55 PIAW Member, $70 Non-Member. Includes WI CE fees.

April 2021 Webinar Schedule TITLE & WI CE




Flood Insurance and the NFIP 3 WI CE # 6000059679 FEMA Approved



Robin Federici, CIC, AAI, ARM, AINS, AIS, CPIW

An Hour with Cathy: Three Commercial Property Insurance Problems and How to Fix Them 1 WI CE # 6000087962



Catherine Trischan, CPCU, CRM, CIC, ARM, AU, AAI, CRIS, MLIS

Dead or Alive: The Many Functions of Life Insurance 3 WI CE # 6000058105



Corey Wilkins

Chris Amrhein’s “Adventures in Aging” Understanding Social Security & Medicare 3 WI CE # 6000059682



Chris Amrhein, CIC

Insuring Commercial Transportation Exposures: The Business Auto and Motor Coverage Forms 3 WI CE # 6000068375



Sam Bennett, CIC, AFIS, CRIS, CPIA

An Hour with Nicole: Homeowners Loss Settlement Issues 1 WI CE # 6000081983



Nicole Broch, CIC, CISR, PLCS

Personal Lines Coverage Concerns: Annoying But Important 3 WI CE # 6000080480



Scott Treen, CIC

Homeowners in Real Life: Tales of Claims & Coverage 3 WI CE # 6000080508



Nicole Broch, CIC, CISR, PLCS

Coverage Problems Your Contractors Hateand How to Solve Them 3 WI CE # 6000060207



Catherine Trischan, CPCU, CRM, CIC, ARM, AU, AAI, CRIS, MLIS

Culture, Ethics and E&O: The Right Way to Run an Agency 3 WI ETHICS CE # 6000059631 Utica Approved



Terry Tadlock, CIC, CPCU, CRIS

An Hour with Cathy: Truly Awful CGL Endorsement 1 WI CE # 6000087979



Catherine Trischan, CPCU, CRM, CIC, ARM, AU, AAI, CRIS, MLIS

Insurance Jeopardy! Testing Your Knowledge of Personal & Commercial Lines 3 WI CE # 6000080506



Steve Lyon, CIC, CPCU, ARM

Exposures that Prove Why ALL Employers Need EPL Coverage 3 WI CE # 6000060206



Catherine Trischan, CPCU, CRM, CIC, ARM, AU, AAI, CRIS, MLIS

Register online at piaw.org or call 1-800-261-7429. Contact Brenda for in-house webinar opportunities. bsteinbach@piaw.org



Gain a Competitive advantaGe With a Professional Designation

Insert Your Name Here CIC, CRM, CPIA, CISR Elite, CISR

Those who have the CIC designation earn 30% more than those without the designation!

Implement the principles covered in the CPIA sessions and experience a 20% increase in personal production within six months.

p i a w. o r g


The Certified Insurance Counselors (CIC) Program has been the insurance industry’s premier, proven source for practical, real-world education since 1969. For insurance professionals everywhere, the 16 hour Institutes represent a thoroughly rewarding learning experience, led by accomplished insurance and risk management speakers. Are you ready to challenge yourself?

Kristen Beach, CIC, CISR USI Insurance Services Brookfield, WI

Nicholas Glaser, CIC, CPIA The Horton Group Waukesha, WI

Eric Martin, CIC, CPIA Community Ins. & Associates LLC Stevens Point, WI

Brandon Birrenkott, CIC, AIC,AIS,ARM,MBA Sentry Insurance Stevens Point, WI

Adam Hampton, CIC TRICOR, INC. Lancaster, WI

Kashif Motlani, CISR, CPIA, CIC AAA Wisconsin Madison, WI

Brad Hawes, CIC AAA Wisconsin Madison, WI

Jessie Reed, CIC, CISR, AIC Hausmann-Johnson Insurance Inc. Madison, WI

Paul Herrick, CIC, AU, AIS, AINS TRICOR, INC. Madison, WI

Kurtis Rupnow, CIC, CISR Vizance, Inc. Hartland, WI

Denise Humphrey, CIC, CISR CM Solutions Insurance Agency Merrill, WI

Andrew Thompson, CIC Associated Financial Group, LLC Kimberly, WI

Jacob Keyes, CIC, CISR M3 Insurance, Inc. Madison, WI

David Vanden Oever, CPIA, CIC Ansay & Associates LLC Appleton, WI

Lisa Koss, CIC, CPIA Johnson Insurance Mount Pleasant, WI

Terri Westenberg, CIC Society Insurance Fond du Lac, WI

Kevin Brown, CIC Sentry Insurance Stevens Point, WI Jon Cappel, CRM, CIC The Horton Group Waukesha, WI Kori Cumley, CIC, CISR Elite, SBCS EMC Insurance Companies Brookfield, WI Sara Endres, CIC, CISR Rural Mutual Insurance Madison, WI Irina Ertl, CIC, CISR Johannesen-Farrar Insurance Delavan, WI 32 MARCH/APRIL 21

The CISR Program empowers outstanding individuals to provide exceptional customer service. Join the many thousands of insurance professionals who have already experienced the benefits.

Maxwell Anderson, CISR Insurance Associates of America LLC New Berlin, WI

Stephanie Jones, CISR M3 Insurance, Inc. Madison, WI

Matthew Rohde, CISR, AINS Acuity Sheboygan, WI

Heather Behling, CISR R & R Insurance Services, Inc. Waukesha, WI

Joann Lietha, CISR Holden Insurance Agency Superior, WI

Wendy Senger, CISR Don-Rick, Inc. Baraboo, WI

Tracy Boeing, CISR Ansay & Associates LLC Appleton, WI

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By: Al Diamond, Agency Consulting Group

WHAT TO DO WHEN AN OWNER RETIRES Whether an owner is the sole proprietor and agent or the President of a multi-location insurance corporation, a retirement is a life-changing occurrence both for the retiree and for the business, and, if the retirement is not planned and prepared for, both the retiree and the business could find themselves in critical positions, floundering to achieve a balance from which each can continue their respective life cycle. Retirement should never be a spur-of-the-moment decision, even if the temptation is frequent when carriers, customers, or employees push an owner’s “buttons” once too often. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, yield to the temptation and just throw in the towel. That does not mean that you are not ready for retirement, it simply means that in the ‘heat of battle’ you are never actually prepared for retirement. A successful prepared retirement, whether it involves selling a business to an outside party or internally perpetuating it, will always yield better results to the retiree, the new (or remaining) owners, the agency, and its clients. PREPARING FOR RETIREMENT 1. Plan for perpetuation – or your perpetuation plan simply becomes the sale of the agency. If you are a partner in a firm and do not plan for perpetuation, you are at the mercy of the remaining owners. The Plan, in this case, is a Buy-Sell Agreement or a Stockholders’ Agreement that includes provisions of how to establish a price and other provisions for the terms of any retirement stock buy-back. 2. Make sure that you are not indispensable – very few agents are so skilled (or have employees so unskilled) that others could not assume their duties. I know of no agencies that fell apart when owners went on vacation, regardless of its duration. However, some agents make themselves indispensable by not telling others what they do (in general or for specific clients). In this way, if a client calls regarding some question on his insurance, no one understands the management of the account but the key producer/ owner, requiring a call to that person, wherever (s)he is. This is generally a foolish position in which some agents place themselves. 3. Pick your successors – this could involve an internal perpetuation plan or a decision to sell to someone outside the agency. In most cases, it is best to tell your successor and prepare them, as well. Whether you have a date in mind (i.e. in two years, when I reach 65 years old, or when we achieve $X revenue) or are creating a Succession Plan (i.e. If something happens to me, I want you to own the agency.), talking it over with you chosen successor will let you know if your Plan coincides with that of the expected successor. I know of two agencies that recently experienced a sudden change in perpetuation plan. In one case, the chosen successor decided that the agency was going in the wrong direction and he could not wait to assume control until the agency owner retired. He left, rather than waiting. In the other case, the agency owner 36 MARCH/APRIL 21

presumed that his chosen successor knew his intention. Being a very poor communicator, he never expressed his expectation and was surprised when the young man took another opportunity. AS RETIREMENT APPROACHES If you want to achieve a strong value for your business, do not stop investing in the future and promoting growth as you approach your retirement. The value of an agency is determined by its FUTURE earnings potential; that future earnings potential is (at least partially) determined by its recent historical growth and profit path. If the new owner is already a part of the agency, the historical growth and profit is very important, since he will, most likely, continue the agency’s operation. Even if the new owner is another agency, it will base its value potential on the growth and profit recently achieved more than on its “hope” for enhanced growth and profit once it assumes control. If the new owner will simply buy the book of business and manage it in his own operation, the selling agent’s operations is less important, but the size and profit of his book of business is still a key issue in its potential value. So, one of the keys to financial success in retirement is NOT to stop progressing the agency as your retirement nears. Sometimes this is very difficult since an owner’s first indication that retirement should be considered is often a growing feeling of boredom and indifference to the agency. If you feel yourself falling into this trap, consider giving some of the decision-making authority and responsibility to your successors before your actual retirement date. Planning for retirement by off-loading operational responsibilities permits the agency to feel the impact of the new owners before they actually take control. In many ways it is a test to determine if they are ready for management responsibilities. The retiring owner is still there to provide guidance and leadership, but must slowly step out of the way to let the new owners control the future of the agency. This is a very delicate process. The old owners are almost always ‘controller’ personalities and want the agency managed in the way it is most comfortable for them. If the new owners want to take the agency in a different direction, they must understand the difference between their assumption of leadership and management and their assumption of ownership. Management authority is given. Leadership is earned. Ownership is paid for. The retiring owner should gradually yield management responsibilities to the new owners. If the retiring owner is following the process, any time a management decision is to be made, he will yield the decision to the new owners (with some input, if requested). [Continued on page 37]

[Continued from page 36 - What To Do...] Leadership is achieved by the new owners depending on HOW they manage the agency while the retiring owner is still in place. Asking questions and considering the retiring owner’s opinion is a sign of strength. The retiring owner assumes the position of counselor while still owning the agency. The employees, companies, and customers realize that the new and old owners are in partnership through the transition. This is a very healthy approach. When the retirement date finally arrives, the transition is a natural one and the only change that takes place at that time is the ownership of stock. Unfortunately, some management, leadership, and ownership transitions are made poorly by either the retiring owner or incoming owners, and this inevitably leads to stress, anxiety and crisis.

the chance to make any while the retiring owner is still in place.

CRISES TO BE AVOIDED 1. The owner can’t/won’t give up control – the ego drive of owners is legendary. Some owners find it difficult to yield control of their agencies to others, even if they understand the logic of management succession. If control is held until the ownership change takes place, the new owner will have potential crises arise quickly as employees, clients, and carriers provide challenges testing the owner’s resolve and decision-making skills. This has been done thousands of times as businesses transition, but can be avoided with transitionary management sharing before ownership changes. 2.

The owner gives up those management functions that he does not like anyway but continues to be the decision-maker and arbiter of any problems. In this scenario, the new owner is never given the chance to show his leadership skills until after the ownership changes. Neither the new owner nor the old owner can be convinced that the decisions of the new owner are sound if he is not given


If changes to the organization are not made gradually through a transition process – young or new owners have a tendency to change many things quickly after the ownership changes. This “change everything syndrome” causes uncertainty in the organization and many changes made at once are less likely to succeed than changes made slowly, one-at-a-time.


The final crisis is when retiring owners try to “rule from the grave”. This term has been applied literally to owners who, upon their deaths, leave detailed instructions and conditions to the transition of their agencies. When an owner retires he cannot presume to assure continued employment for his staff, continued relationships with his carriers, or even guarantee that customers are treated the same way. These are the prerogatives of the new owners. If the retiring owner has chosen wisely, the new owners will care for the employees, clients, and carrier relationships as well as the old owner – but probably differently. However, some changes are natural when ownership and management changes occur, personnel may change, clients who were close to the retiring owner, but not to the agency, may leave, and carrier relationships will change according to the personality of the new owner. These changes are natural and should be expected.

The key to a successful retirement is to prepare oneself, prepare the organization and prepare the successor sufficiently that the transition is anti-climactic. If this occurs, no transition crises will occur and the organization will continue on its created course.

Solving Problems Makes Us Attorneys; Anticipating Them, Makes Us a Partner. Our attorneys have extensive experience in the unique legal needs of insurance agencies. We have represented hundreds of agencies, agents and brokers in all aspects of their business. Agency Ownership & Operations • CSR & Producer Employment • Appearances Before OCI • Drafting Contracts • Mergers & Acquisitions • Perpetuation & Succession • E&O Consultations


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[Continued from page 13 - OCI Administrative Actions...] Michael Shillin, 19062 62nd Ave., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729, had his insurance license summarily suspended. This action was taken based on allegations of committing insurance fraud.

Linda L. Tougas, 450 Main St., Lino Lakes, MN 55014, had her insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes.

Jerome Sorensen, 500 Hill Ave., Star Prairie, WI 54026, had his insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes.

Terrance R. Williams, 302 Nautilus Dr., Apt. 305, Madison, WI 53705, had his insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes.

Nicholas J. Stopar, 114 E Paradise Dr., Apt. 217, West Bend, WI 53095, had his insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes.

Karie Yang, aka Pai Yang, 1306 Morris Ave., Green Bay, WI 54304, had her insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes.

Angela Tolbert, c/o Alorica Customer Care, LLC, 301 N Adams St., Ste. 200, Green Bay, WI 54301, had her insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes.

Veelaphong Yang, 3334 White Oaks Ln., Woodbury, MN 55125, had his insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes.

Roberto Torres, 2345 Donegan Pl., Orlando, FL 32826, had his insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes.

Kerri L. Zergoski, PO Box 186, Springfield, WI 53176, had her insurance license revoked. This action was taken based on allegations of owing delinquent Wisconsin taxes.

January 2021 Darlene Mosbaugh, 75443 Schmenski Rd., Glidden, WI 54527, had her insurance license suspended for 60 days and was ordered to pay a forfeiture of $1,000.00. These actions were taken based on allegations of failing to promptly respond to OCI information requests, violating the terms of a previous Stipulation and Order, and demonstrating a lack of trustworthiness and competence. Vijaya Bhaskar R. Puli, 549 Burnt Sienna Dr., Middleton, WI 53562, had his insurance license summarily suspended and agreed to the revocation of his insurance license. These actions were taken based on allegations of failing to have a valid work visa for employment in the insurance field and submitting duplicate licensing applications containing incomplete and inaccurate information.

surrender his insurance license. These actions were taken based on allegations of falsifying insurance records. Blaine Sprague, E5455 Hannu Rd., Ironwood, MI 49938, had his insurance license summarily suspended and was ordered to cease and desist doing the business of insurance. These actions were taken based on allegations of submitting health insurance applications without consumer knowledge or authorization. Addis A. Zewdie, 4820 N 90th St., Milwaukee, WI 53225, had her application for an insurance license denied. This action was taken based on allegations of failing to disclose administrative actions taken by the states of Wisconsin, Idaho, South Carolina, and Washington on a licensing application.

Michael Shillin, 19062 62nd Ave., Chippewa Falls, WI 54729, agreed to pay a forfeiture of $5,000.00 and agreed to permanently


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