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Easy demonstration of measurements Wireless transfer of measurement values to a digital Demonstration Display With the Cobra4 Display Connect Set you can transfer completely independent from your location your measurements without difficulties to a Demonstration Display, so that it can be instantly followed by your classroom or auditorium. Just engage the sender unit of the Display Connect between any Cobra4 Sensor Unit and the Cobra4 Mobile Link and insert the receiver into the display. Both sender and receiver are supplied with power via the equipment in which they are connected. For saving the results during a series of measurements just press the start or stop button. The results will be saved in the data logger memory within the Mobile Link and can be instantly read.

Features Easy transfer of Cobra4 Mobile Link measurements to a digital Demonstration Display Transfer of measurements to several digital Demonstration Displays possible Use several sets simultaneously without interrupting each other via 5 selectable radio channels Easiest handling: after plug on it is ready to use Didactically demonstrative thanks to the always shown measurement unit The 56 mm high LED-Display is easily visible even at a greater distance


Product information

Technical Data Combination consisting of sender and receiver for radio-based communication between a Cobra4Mobile Link and a digital Demonstration Display with 5 switchable channels with a carrier frequency of 433 MHz: Transmission power: Operating distance: Power supply: Receiver: Connecting socket: Channel switching: Weight: Dimensions: Sender: Connecting socket: Channel switching: Weight: Dimensions:

10 mW withour obstacles ca. 30...40 m via Mobile-Link or rather digital Demonstration Display 9-pol Sub D plug via slide switch 50 g 43 x 21 x 112 mm 15-pol Sub D plug via Mobile-Link software 90 g 69 x 57 x 72 mm

Products Cobra4 Display-Connect TX, sender for the use of Cobra4 Mobile-Link with Demonstration Displays


Cobra4 Display-Connect RX, receiver for the use of Cobra4 Mobile-Link with Demonstration Displays


Cobra4 Display-Connect, set consisting of sender and receiver for the use of Cobra4 Mobile-Link with Demonstration Displays


Digital Demonstration Display, RS232-interface


Cobra4 Mobile-Link, incl. rechargeable batteries, SD memory card, USB wire and “measure” software


Basic Set consisting of Cobra4 Display-Connect and Demonstration Display Complete set for the wireless demonstration of measurements, which have been measured with the Cobra4 Mobile-Link. Each set is delivered in an appealing aluminum case and consists of 1 Cobra4 Display-Connect set, 1 Cobra4 Mobile-Link set, 1 quick charger, 1 digital Demonstration Display, 1 Cobra4 Weather Sensor-Unit, 1 Cobra4 manual. Cobra4 Display-Connect, Basic Set with digital Demonstration Display, Mobile-link, Weather Sensor delivered with manual in an aluminum case


Accessories For a comfortable stationary work with the Cobra4 Mobile Link you can use a support basis with an angle of inclination of ca. 30°. Support basis for Cobra4


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Easy Demonstration of Measurements: Wireless Transfer of Measurement Values to a Digital Demonstration Display With the Cobra4 Display Conn...