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Interactive experimentation – made simple with interTESS

InterTESS – the interactive software for computer aided learning


interTESS is an interactive software to assist teachers und pupils with the set up, execution and evaluation of experiments when using the TESS experiment kits. The combination of computer supported learning, using the well-proven TESS setup, enables interTESS to offer:  More exciting experiments. Young people grow up with computers. With interTESS it is possible to combine the fascination of the computer, with the sciences.  Savings in valuable teaching time. The software assists pupils

Simple graphically supported guidance of the experiment. More than 300 interactive experiments in German (more than 450 in English) are available.

with the setup, process and evaluation. The teacher has more time to spend individually with the pupils.  Explanations which ensure maximal results in learning. interTESS guides the user through the experiment, detailed explanations aid comprehension.  Simple evaluation of results. Questions that can be answered with multiple choices, sketches or text ensure results. This can also be used for homework!  Minimal preparation due to the “Teacher function”. All questions have sample answers, which can only be called up by entering the teachers password.

Interactive features: Question and answer function, diagrams, sketches, additional information, password protection. interTESS is available in more than 10 languages, e.g. German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, …

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Product Information

Step for step through the experiment - Assists learning structured approach 1. Lesson: Choose from over 300 experiments. 2. Material: The software shows material needed. 3. Assembly: The setup is demonstrated by means of numerous pictures.

5. Results: Questions to check comprehension are answered using text,

Interactive sources create diagrams automatically.

sketches and multiple choice solutions.

6. Evaluation: Results can be printed or stored for each pupil individually.

Teacher function:  Standard answers and typical results are available for each experiment.

This can be shown after entering the teacher password.

 Additional information facilitates and shortens preparation time.  Evaluate your pupils’ achievement by comparing their results with the

interTESS standard answers.

Products interTess software, DVD 1 DVD, more than 300 experiments (in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Applied Sciences ) 10 languages (German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Arabian, Russian) System requirements: Window XP or higher, diverse Linux versions, MacOS X. Minimum Pentium III, 500 MHz, 64 MB RAM, DVD-ROM drive (for the installation), Monitor/Beamer at least high colour (16 bit), 800 x 600 dpi Software needed Adobe (Acrobat) Reader. Internet browser interTESS software, DVD, complete version with all experiments

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interTESS versions for the specific topics are also available - further information on


© 2010 - Copyright by PHYWE Systeme GmbH & Co. KG. Subject to technical change. Errors excepted. Please refer to our general terms and conditions.

4. Operation: Detailed guidance throughout the experiment.

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EN interTESS:Interactive experimentation - made simple with interTESS  

nterTESS is an interactive software to assist teachers und pupils with the set up, execution and evaluation of experiments when using the TE...

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