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X-ray XR 4.0

XR 4.0 expert unit – X-ray physics for medical education

All of the relevant X-ray physics experiments for medicine and biology included in one single experiment system The didactic X-ray unit XR 4.0 can be used for laboratory experiments in the following fields:  X-ray dosimetry  Effects of contrast media  Radiography  Absorption of X-rays  Radiation damage  Computer Tomography

Features All of the relevant topics in the field of medicine and biology Mobile, portable, and no fixed installation Easy to use – brief training period Suitable for laboratory and demonstration experiments For your safety: full protection certificate No need to wear dosimeters during the experiments


Product Information

X-ray dosimetry Incidental X-radiation ionises the air molecules in the plate capacitor. The ion dose and the ion dose rate can be calculated based on the ionisation current and on the irradiated air mass.

Radiography The length and position of an invisible metal object can be determined with the aid of two X-ray images that are taken perpendicularly with regard to each other.

Effects of contrast media A blood vessel model that is not visible from the outside is visualised on a fluoroscent screen with the aid of a liquid contrast medium and X-rays.

Absorption of X-rays The absorption of X-rays is determined as a function of the absorber thickness and material.

Computer Tomography An object is rotated vertically and subjected to X-rays. An X-ray sensor records the resulting X-ray images (direct, digital imaging). A software program calculates the sectional images and creates a 3-dimensional reconstruction.

Products XRE 4.0 expert set (basic set) Areas of application: fundamental principles and use of X-rays, absorption, and irradiation experiments Core components: XR 4.0 expert unit (X-ray unit), tungsten tube (W), XR measure 4.0 software, optical bench with slides, TESS expert handbook, fluoroscent screen, USB cable, mains power cable + adapter, and much more.

XRE 4.0 expert set


XRI 4.0 X-ray imaging (upgrade set) Areas of application: fundamental principles of X-ray imaging, radiography, radiology, and non-destructive testing (NDT) Core components: camera, irradiation object, model blood vessel, implant model, external optical bench, and much more.

XRI 4.0 X-ray imaging - available as of February 2012


XRD 4.0 dosimetry and radiation damage (upgrade set) Areas of application: dosimetry, degradation, damage, and ionisation of air Core components: plate capacitor, 600 V power supply unit, DC measuring amplifier, camera, digital multimeter, and much more.

XRD 4.0 dosimetry and radiation damage - available as of February 2012


XRCT 4.0 Computer Tomography (upgrade set) Areas of application: 3-dimensional reconstruction, sectional images in the respective position, direct, and digital imaging Core components: direct, digital X-ray image sensor, vertical rotation unit, software package for computed tomography, and much more.

XRCT 4.0 Computer Tomography - available as of February 2012


XRW 4.0 wireless demonstration (upgrade set)

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XRW 4.0 wireless demonstration

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Areas of application: demonstration experiments (operation without a computer), eye-catching representation of measurement values/parameters Core components: digital large-scale display, Cobra4 Display-Connect, transmitter and receiver, and much more.

EN XR 4.0 expert unit –X-ray physics for medical education