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Neck Pro - Overdoor Cervical Traction

NeckPro™ Overdoor Cervical Traction Simple, Easy, Effective and Portable. NeckPro™ is an effective, over-the-door cervical traction unit used for the relief of neck pain. The NeckPro™ provides incremental amounts of tension through a unique ratcheting device without having to dismantle or reassemble the unit. NeckPro™ Features • Easy setup for home use • Portable, with no cumbersome weights, water bags or pulleys • Quick release tab to reset NeckPro for future exercises or for other users • No assembly required • Two bracket sizes available to fit most door widths 3.8 cm (1.5”) and 4.4 cm CODE TAB 231

DESCRIPTION NeckPro™ Overdoor Cervical Traction System Includes: Neckpro Assembly, Door Bracket 3.8 cm (1.5”), Instructions, Head Halter



Couches & Traction

Supplied with the following accessories: 1 x Neckpro™ Assembly Door Bracket 3.8cm (1.5”) 1 x Instructions 1 x Head Halter

Physio Needs Concise Buyer’s Guide: 14th Edition


Overdoor Cervical Traction

Traction Overdoor Traction Unit An inexpensive but very effective system for cervical traction. A graduated bag filled with water shows the amount of traction force applied. This unit can be used on any type of door. CODE TAB 230

DESCRIPTION Overdoor Traction Kit, complete

OPTIONAL EXTRAS TAB 230A Head Halter TAB 230B Water Bag

Couches & Traction


Product supplied may differ from illustration


Physio Needs Concise Buyer’s Guide: 14th Edition

YNEEDS-2.Couches & Traction



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TractionStraps Mobilization Physio-Med Standard Mobilization Strap

SUP 450/460

To facilitate comfortable, controlled and localized mobilization forces of large extremity joints, Physio-Med Mobilization Straps let the clinician use his or her own leverage, while freeing the hands for specific treatment application. CODE SUP 460 SUP 450

DESCRIPTION 3.5m fixation belt - Black 2.5m fixation belt - Black

Positex® Mobilization Extremity Strap Set To facilitate comfortable, controlled and localized mobilization forces of large extremity joints, Positex® Mobilization Straps let the clinician use his or her own leverage, while freeing the hands for specific treatment application. Each strap is available individually, or in a complete set of all three straps.

502T Traction Table



Friction free rolling top traction table, ideal for both lumbar and cervical traction (sitting or lying) including all harnesses, masts and a spreader bar. Available with or without an electronic traction unit. Features: unique lifetime guarantee, easy operation, all masts and harnesses, hoist accessible, low running costs, high density fire retardant foam, hardwearing anti-microbial vinyl, able to lift 225kg from its lowest height, full choice of accessories and colours.

standard sPecification

Couches & Traction

• Either electric or hydraulic height adjustment available. • Able to lift up to 225kg (35 stone) from its lowest height. • Rolling top with a full 20cm (8”) travel. • Breathing hole and plug fitted as standard • Cervical, thoracic and pelvic masts and harnesses supplied as standard. • Backrest adjustment by gas strut mechanism. • Backrest angle adjustable from -30º to + 85º vertical. • Hoist clearance of 13cm (5”). • Adjustable foot for uneven floors. • Fully washable/ fire retardant Ambla vinyl available in a range of colours. • Couch goes horizontal for patient recovery in emergency situations. • Robust retractable castors for excellent mobility and safety. • CE marked in conformity with MDD 93/42/EEC Annex IX Class 1. • Electrical standard IEC601 part 1.


standard options • Flexion stool. • Tru-Trac traction machine (for details see data sheet). • Battery backup (electric version only).

DESCRIPTION Complete Strap Set Comprises A Mobilization Extremity Strap B Patient Stabilizer Strap C Joint Distraction Cup

The Positex® Extremity Mobilization Strap™ (A) allows the application of traction while the patient is secured with the Positex® Patient Stabilizer Strap™ (B) and with a Mobilization 63 31 31 70 Strap for fixation around the pelvis.

502t dimensions

The Positex® Mobilization Length closed: 196 cm (77”) Width: Extremity 63 cm (25”)Strap



46 cm (18”) approx is placed the waist of the clinician and used to apply to 95around cm (37”) approx lateral traction easily and in a controlled manner (see photo Model 502T Electric above). The Mobilization Strap adjusts for length with one Model 502T Hydraulic hand and releases by the push of a button. The durable woven-nylon Model 502T package* strap features a removable vinyl-covered foam pad machine which makes it suitable for comfortable pelvic *(Including Traction andalso flexion stool) 502T stabilization of the patient.

Packed and dimensions CODEWeights DESCRIPTION for SUP shiPPing 471 The Positex® Mobilization Extremity Strap Packed Weight: 98 Kgs Shipping Dimensions: 210 x 66 x 64 cm

The Positex® delivery PromisePatient Distraction Cup Our normal service is 7traction – 10 days forces, from receipt of order; however you joint is delivery used to apply especially to the ifknee have a specific requirement we will The always endeavour to meet it. of padded vinyl during mobilization. Cuff is constructed

with an adjustable Velcro® closure, and an adjustable foot

for your stirrup. Peace of mind

Our unique guarantee is for a LIFETIME on the mechanism and UNCONDITIONAL CODE DESCRIPTION for 3 years on all components.. This even applies to accidental damage. We will SUP The is Positex® not quibble. The 473 only exclusion damage to Patient upholstery.

Distraction Cup

All of our products are CE marked. We are an ISO9001 audited company. Should you require any help concerning the most suitable product for your needs, we would be delighted to discuss it with you.

The Positex® Patient Stabilizer Strap attaches easily to the edge of the treatment table via a vinylcoated “J” hook, and is used to secure the patient while performing mobilization procedures. The stabilization pad consists of a heavy flat bar, padded with foam and covered with vinyl. The strong, woven-nylon strap adjusts for length with one hand and features a push-to-release buckle. CODE SUP 472

DESCRIPTION The Positex® Patient Stabilizer Strap

Physio Needs Concise Buyer’s Guide: 14th Edition


VINYL Upholstery

All coverings are vinyl and washable, being fire retardant to BS 7176, BS 5852 part 2 (crib 5) and display excellent levels of wear. Most include patented anti microbial technology proved effective in inhibiting the growth of E-Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), and all are suitable for cleaning and disinfecting with NaDCC based products. Note: Unless specified WADI will be supplied.

Standard hard Wearing leather grain - Stain reSiStant and faSt drying










mulled Wine


neW colourS - Brighten up or Stand out

apple mint



cool Blue

non Slip - grippy, more comfortaBle




plinth 2000 ltd. Wetheringsett Manor Wetheringsett Stowmarket Suffolk IP14 5PP United Kingdom

t: +44 (0)1449 767887 f: +44 (0)1449 766122 e:

Physio Needs Concise Buyer’s Guide: 14th Edition



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