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Electrotherapy Combination Therapy - Chattanooga


Combination electrotherapy and ultrasound The unique modularity found in the Intelect Advanced Therapy System allows for easy customisation.

Intelect® Advanced Combo Features • More than 25 clinical waveforms • 2 independent electrotherapy channels • High resolution colour display of all screens • Over 200 Clinical Protocols • Over 100 User-defined protocol slots • Over 10 Quick-Link Indications for quick parameter retrieval • Impressive clinical library which includes full colour graphic anatomical and pathological libraries on vibrant LCD screen • Constant current/constant voltage modes • Surface EMG and EMG plus stim (optional) • Documentation of treatment outcomes with Patient Data Cards • Sequencing to direct a designated therapeutic course without having to modify the unit • 1 & 3 MHz ultrasound frequencies • Pulsed & Continuous Modes (10%, 20%, 50% & 100%) • Variable Duty Cycles (16Hz, 48Hz & 100Hz) • Newly redesigned ultrasound heads for improved ERA during treatment • BNR <6:1


Fax: 08448 730 100

• Ergonomically designed sound heads in 1cm², 2cm², 5cm² & 10cm² sizes • Sound head coupling features with both visual & audio feedback • Head warming option on sound heads for patient comfort • 3 year warranty All units include as standard: Patient data card, 5cm² applicator, Nylatex wrap, 6 x 8cm carbon electrodes and sponges (x4), Dura-Stick Plus 5cm round electrodes (x4), ultrasound gel and user manual. The Intelect Advanced Colour Combo + EMG also includes sEMG and sEMG+ electrical stimulation module and intravaginal probe. Additional components that can be added to the Combo base now or later with a simple upgrade include: EMG, 2 additional channels of stimulation, laser therapy, vacuum and battery.

INFORMATION For more information on the optional modules, please see pages 486 to 487.

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cha2762cc cha2752cc cha2772Mc cha2771 cha2767 cha2766 cha2770 cha2785 cha2774 cha27469 cha27465 cha27333 cha27334 cha27335 cha27336 cha79967 cha79970 cha27468 cha2775 cha77725


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CHA 2778


cha27478 cha2774 cha79968 cha79970 cha27333 cha27334 cha27335 cha27336 cha27467 cha2775

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107 cha2776 cha27333 cha27334 cha27335 cha27336 cha27478 cha27467 cha2775

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Intelect RPW



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Electrotherapy ordering information Part Number

IntelectÂŽ RPW Shockwave

CHA2082 CHA2073 CHA2074

cha28700 cha-28699 cha-28736 cha-17638 cha-28724 cha-28737 cha-28738 cha-28739 cha4248 cha27465 cha-28668

cha28725 cha28726


cha28728 cha28729 cha28730 cha-28740 cha-28741

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Mindray DP-6900 Ultrasound Imaging TRANSPORT AND OPERATION CASE


DP-6900 Portable Ultrasound Imaging System DP-6900 Portable Ultrasound Imaging System

The DP6900 Digital Ultrasound Imaging System introduces revolutionary standards for portable Ultrasound, it uses digital technology to produce high quality images and the ergonomic design makes clinical examination easier.

• 10'' non-interlaced monitor • 256 Frame CINE loop • 115 Image Storage

A comprehensive measurement and calculation software package ensures a wide range of clinical applications including: Musculo-skeletal, Obstetric, Needle Guiding. Features • Fully portable • Digital Beamforming • Two Transducer Connectors • Multi Frequency Transducers • TSI (Tissue Specific Imaging)

• Measurement & Calculation • Needle Guide Facility • Image Processing Function • 2 USB Ports The DP6900 is supplied with either a Linear or a Convex transducer as standard. DP6900 DP6900 Ultrasound Scanner £5200.00 dp6900 with Linear Transducer £5200.00 09 142 142 8549 8549 DP6900 Ultrasound Scanner with Convex Tranducer £199.00 09 142 142 8531 8531 Transport & Operation Case

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Tel: 08448 730 035



Ultrasound Imaging

Mindray DP-6900 Measurement & Calculation Software

Orthopaedic Patient Assessment

Picture Clarity

Biofeedback/Activity of the muscles

Image Enhancement

Picture Storage

Musculoskeletal Scanning

Tissue Harmonic Imaging

Cine Loop

Muscle tears/ damaged structure

Blood vessel/ flow review

Needle Guiding

Colour Doppler

8 / 10 *400Mb Memory 1500


Time Gain Compensation USB Ports Mains/Battery

Filing & managing images

Power Doppler

Tissue Specific Imaging





10” CRT


DP7000 DP7000 09 09 143 143 4265 4265 DP7003 DP7003 DP7005 DP7005 09 09 143 143 4315 4315 09 09 143 143 4323 4323

75L38EA 35C20EA 75L60EA 35C50EA 75L53EA 65EL60EA

Linear array transducer Micro Convex array transducer Linear array transducer Convex array transducer Linear array transducer Interectal Linear array transducer

£1970.00 £1970.00 £1970.00 £1970.00 £1970.00 £1970.00

5.0/7.5/10.0MHz 2.5/3.5/6.0MHz 5.0/7.5/10.0MHz 2.0/3.5/6.0MHz 5.0/7.5/8.5/10.0MHz 5.0/6.5/7.5/8.5MHz

Accessories DP2209 dp2209 09 142 142 8531 09 8531 09 142 143 4281 09 4281 09 142 143 4331 09 4331

£515.00 £199.00 £1970.00 £250.00

UMT-100 Mobile Trolley Transport/Operation Bag Dicom 3.0 80G Storage Drive

Technical Specification General Descriptions


Imaging mode:

B, 2B, 4B, B+M, M

Storage media:

Grey scale:


On board 400Mb and two USB ports for external storage (optional 80Gb storage module)


10'' Non-interlaced


Panoramic zoom in real-time and frozen conditions

Transducer frequency:

2 ~ 10MHz up to 6 frequencies

Transducer connector:

2 Standard 2 (Optional)


Digital Beam Forming (DBF) Dynamic Frequency Scan (DFS) Tissue Speciality Imaging (TSI) Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)

1500-frame cine loop memory


Distance, circumference, area, volume, angle, foetal growth curve


Distance, time, velocity, heart rate (2 cycles)

Software packages:

Abdomen, gynaecology, obstetrics, small parts, cardiology, IVF, peripheral vessels, orthopaedics, urology, interventional

Up to 302mm (depending on transducers) Others

Image Processing Pre-processing:

Permanent storage up to 90 frame images

Cine Loop: Measurement & Calculation

Dynamic Receiving Focus (DRF)

Scanning Depth (mm):

Built-in image archive:

Peripheral port:

Dynamic range

S-video 1

Frame average

VGA output 1

Scanning angle

USB port 2

Acoustic power


Image rotation at 90º intervals

Ethernet port DICOM 3.0* optional

8-segment TGC adjustment


Video output 1

Image enhancement

IP (Image Process)

Power supply:


High resolution/High frame rate selected


255mm(w) x 410mm(l) x 330mm(h)

Gray map

Net weight:


R Correction Rejection Left-right reverse Up-down reverse


Fax: 08448 730 100

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10% 50Hx/60Hz



Mindray M5 Ultrasound Imaging


M5 M5

The M5 is our flagship Diagnostic scanner. Weighing only 6kg and coming in a laptop style case, the M5 is ergonomically designed as a fast and easy-to-use machine for operators of different backgrounds. Built with a tough yet lightweight magnesium alloy case and featuring a high resolution 15-inch TFT ‘wide view’ screen, the M5 is ready to conduct examinations virtually anywhere, boosting its application to more places such as ambulances, gymnasiums, operating rooms or field work. Standard Configuration • iBeam (Spatial Compounding Imaging) • Directional Power Doppler Flow Imaging • THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging) for ultrasound • Measurement & calculation software packages • iTouch™ intelligent image optimisation • Linear Array transducer 7L4S • Colour Doppler Flow Imaging • Power Doppler Flow Imaging • Battery & Travelling Case

Special Imaging Features • Trapezoid imaging for linear transducers • Steer scanning for linear transducers • Tissue Specific Imaging (TSI) • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI) • iTouch (one key optimisation of images) • iClear (Adaptive Speckle Supression) • iBeam (spatial compounding imaging) • iScape (Extended imaging) The MS is supplied with either a Linear or a Convex transducer as standard. DP5000 M5 Ultrasound Scanner £15995.00 dp5000 with Linear Transducer 09 142 142 8598 8598 M5 Ultrasound Scanner £15995.00 09 with Convex Tranducer

• Trapezoidal Imaging • Pulse Wave Doppler • 15" TFT monitor • 80G hard disk • USB ports • HPRF Physio Needs Concise Buyer’s Guide: 14th Edition

Tel: 08448 730 035


Ultrasound Imaging

Mindray M5


Measurement & Calculation Software

Orthopaedic Patient Assessment

Picture Clarity

10 / 10

Biofeedback/Activity of the muscles

Image Enhancement

Picture Storage

160 Gig Memory

Musculoskeletal Scanning

Tissue Harmonic Imaging

Cine Loop

Muscle tears/ damaged structure

Blood vessel/ flow review

Needle Guiding

Colour Doppler


Colour Frames

Time Gain Compensation



USB Ports Mains/Battery

Filing & managing images


Power Doppler 15” TFT Flat Panel


Tissue Specific Imaging Transducers DP5006 DP5006 DP5007 DP5007 09 143 4380 09 4380 09 143 4398 09 4398 DP5015 DP5015

3C5s 7L4s L14-6s 7L6s 6C2S

Convex array transducer Linear array transducer Linear array transducer Linear array transducer Micro Convex array transducer

£2340.00 £2340.00 £2350.00 £2350.00 £2760.00

2.5/3.5/5.0/H5.0/H6.0MHz 5.0/7.5/10.0MHz 8.0/10.0/12.0MHz 5.0/7.5/10.0MHz


09 143 143 4349 4349 dp5003 DP5003 09 143 143 4356 4356 09 143 143 4364 4364 09 143 143 4372 4372 DP5012 DP5012 DP5013 DP5013 DP5020 DP5020

£525.00 £310.00 £310.00 £175.00 £150.00 £1850.00 £620.00 £550.00

Footswitch iDock module V/A module Hand Carry Bag Extending Transducer Connector iScape Panoramic module DICOM 3.0 7 UMT200 Multi Purpose Trolley

Technical Specification General Descriptions


Imaging mode

B, Dual B, Quad B B+M, M, CDFI (Colour Doppler Flow Imaging, Colour)

Storage media

On board 80 GB memory and USB export

Power (Power Doppler Flow Imaging & Directional Power Doppler)


Panoramic zoom in real-time and frozen conditions

Built-in image archive

Permanent storage

Cine Loop

AVI, DCM & CIN Formats Max 1200 Frames

Still Images

BMP, JPG, DCM & FRM Formats

PW (Pulse and Wave Doppler) CW (Continuous Wave Doppler) Optional Display

15'' Full Colour medical monitor

Transducer frequency

2.0 ~ 12MHz

Transducer connector

1 (standard) 3 with expansion port (Optional)

Scanning angle

From 40° to 120° (depending on transducers)

Scanning Depth (mm)

From 21.6 to 300mm (depending on transducers)

Image Processing iTouch: Automatic image optimisation iScape: Extended imaging* iClear: Adaptive speckle supression iBeam: Spatial compounding images

Measurement & Calculation B-mode:

Trace Length, Ratio, B Profile, B Histogram M-mode:

Distance, time, slope, heart rate


Velocity, Acceleration, Resistance index, Spectrum trace, Heart rate

Software packages

OB, GYN, Cardiac, Peripheral vascular, Small parts, Urology and Orthopeadics

Others Peripheral port

Video output 1 VGA output 1

TSI - Tissue Specific Imaging THI - Tissue Harmonic Imaging

S Video 1

Q click: Quick adjustment of parameters displayed on screen

Ethernet 1 (optional)

USB port 2 DICOM 3.0* optional

8-segment TGC adjustment


Depth, Distance, Angle, Area, Volume, Cross Line, Parallel Line,

Fax: 08448 730 100

Power supply



75mm x 361mm x 357mm(h)

Net weight

Less Than 6kg

Physio Needs Concise Buyer’s Guide: 14th Edition

10% 50Hx/60Hz




Omega Low Level Laser Equipment healing through light Physio Needs Concise Buyerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Guide: 14th Edition


About Omega Laser Systems Ltd Omega Laser Systems is a Low Level Laser specialist with more than 20 years of research, development and manufacturing experience in this field, underpinned by a sound working relationship with centres of clinical and research excellence. Omega equipment is used on a truly worldwide basis, facilitated by our international network of distribution agents, and our latest products have had USA FDA clearance, are fully licensed for Canada and have all relevant European certification for medical use. Although we work hard to maintain the highest quality of equipment manufacturing, it is probably our level of after-sales customer support which sets us apart in the field, and of which we are most proud. We believe it’s key to ensure that a laser system fits the clinician’s needs to enable them to employ it effectively, so we advise on appropriate tailored systems, train one-to-one with each direct purchase and support new customers as they build confidence in using the equipment. Our sales and technical staff look forward to dealing with any enquiry relating to low level laser therapy.

Low Level Laser Therapy In brief, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) primarily stimulates the body’s cellular response to damage. In soft tissue injuries, for example, LLLT rapidly increases the proliferation of growth factor cells (i.e. macrophages, fibroblasts and mast cells in particular) and is therefore widely used to accelerate tissue repair and mobilise chronic conditions. With appropriate protocols it can also effectively block pain message signals through nociceptor suppression, stimulate acupuncture and trigger points and increase endorphin release. There is a large body of research to be found on the clinical effects of low level laser. Our website at lists a selection of key research papers and there are a number of publications giving excellent overviews of research and treatment – call us for recommendations on books to consider.

Clinical Fields & Applications n Pain relief and management including neuralgia n Wound healing including ulceration treatment n Physiotherapy including tendinopathy treatment n Podiatry including verruca and plantar fasciitis treatments n Smoking cessation through non-needle acupuncture n Dermatology including acne and eczema treatment n Rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis treatments n Cosmetic applications including reduction of scarring and skin regeneration n Maxiofacial and dental applications including TMJ n Veterinary applications from specialist equine to small animal practices

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“This is an exciting time in the low level laser field with much research underway and new developments coming though all the time. The adoption of photobiostimulation, either as an alternative or adjunct to more traditional approaches, is increasing as people appreciate the effectiveness of this non-invasive and drug-free option. In addition to the established applications of pain-relief and wound-healing which are pertinent across diverse fields from physiotherapy and podiatry to dermatology, dentistry and veterinary applications, Low Level Laser Therapy is also now being used successfully in areas such as trigger point stimulation and non-needle acupuncture, most notably perhaps for smoking cessation. Our aim is to enable this work by developing our equipment to meet the needs of the growing range of researchers and clinicians who are discovering the benefits of LLLT. We would therefore welcome your input, as part of our product research and development process.” Jessica Nelson General Manager

Our Products 116

An Omega Laser System comprises a control unit plus one or more of a range of interchangeable probes. Omega provides user manuals and introductory product guidance with each control unit purchased and refresher or more specialised training is available through our public or tailored in-house courses. Our lasers are Gallium Aluminium Arsenide Lasers (GaAlAs) together with superluminous LEDs in our multi-wavelength probes. Omega’s systems featured here are all classified as 3B Lasers and are certified to EC 13485 standard for medical use. In addition to this professional range, we also offer a limited number of home-use devices – contact us if you would like details on these. All products are supplied with a one year parts and labour warranty including the first annual service.

LASER GOGGLES - Laser safety goggles are recommended when using laser equipment and the standard goggles that Omega offers are manufactured to relevant standards EN207 and EN208 and are comfortable to wear even over regular spectacles where necessary. For facial treatment, smaller client versions can be sourced as required.

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Control Units The Control Unit manages the power to the probes and is used to set the treatment times and pulsing frequencies. All Omega Laser control unit models feature: n Straightforward menu system for ease of use

n Automatic repeat treatment time remembering the dose per point for you

n Automatic probe recognition avoiding wavelength errors

n Total treatment time record aiding accurate recording

n Energy density calculation for simple setting

n Precise laser beam tester vital for invisible wavelengths

n Nine pulsing frequency options to refine treatments

n Emission ready alert showing the equipment is fully set for treatment

n Multi-pulse mode avoiding repeated resetting within treatment

n Full probe range compatibility for flexibility of use

The Omega Excel Ease of use for clinicians guided the development of the Excel Laser Unit which features a combination of flexibility and automation in a compact and functional design which has proved popular and enduring. The Excel is Omegaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s basic control unit, but it still boasts the core functionality and flexibility of the other models including all of the features listed above. It is designed primarily for use in the department or clinic, but is light, at 1.58 kilos, and comes with its own padded carry case, making it easily transported by hand for multi-site use if so required. It is available in smooth wipe-clean white. CODE: OME 03

Omega Control Units - Technical Specifications EXCEL



145 x 200 x 280mm

140 x 125 x 220mm

190 x 300 x 260mm


1.58 kilos

3.02 kilos

3.54 kilos

Pulsing Frequencies












Mains Only

Rechargeable Metal Nickel Hydryde 4.1 Ah

Battery Life


Single Probe: 10 hours, Cluster Probe: 4 hours

Acupunture Point Finder










Body Colour Carry Case

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Omega Xp Models With a high performance rechargeable battery built into each of the two Xp models, these base units are capable of extensive treatment time without the need for separate battery packs, nearby power sockets or extension cables whilst in treatment position. The Xp models also include an acupuncture point finder, which gives a continuous electronic reading indicating when an acupuncture point has been located. The micro-current facility used to identify such points can also locate and measure trigger points, making it an invaluable tool for physical therapists. This feature utilises a purpose-designed hand probe and acupuncture probe tip, both of which are included at no additional cost with either Xp System.

The Omega Xp Clinic


This latest control unit from Omega Laser Systems is designed to sit comfortably in today’s modern clinic. It comes in a softly curved moulded casing to complement the contemporary clinic aesthetic but is solidly built for durability under heavy clinic usage. If your use is exclusively in one clinic then this is the top specification model for your needs. With an Xp Clinic based system, probes can also be supplied in the new white style for a consistent look. CODE: OME 01

The Omega Xp Mobile This portable Xp model has been designed for those on the move. The Xp Mobile is more traditionally manufactured in steel for robustness. It is lighter, more compact and is usable in its padded carry case, leaving the clinician’s hands free for treatment. The market leading battery really comes into its own in the Xp Mobile, making this unit ideal for mobile users whether it’s for domiciliary medical use, on-the-spot sports injury treatment or treating animals in the field. When used in the clinic, the separate stand provided positions the unit with complete stability and visibility on any flat surface. CODE: OME 02

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OME 04 OME 10

OME 08 OME 07 OME 06 OME 09 OME 12 OME 11

OME 16 OME 14 OME 13

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Electrotherapy Invisible Infra-Red Light Probes

Allowing deeper penetration than the red light probes, the 820nm single infra-red light probes are available in powers between 50 and 200mW. The higher powers simply deliver the required energy more quickly but the lower powers are more economical in terms of initial outlay. Infra-red 5-diode cluster probes with articulated heads and autoclavable bezels are also now available. These apply an 820nm wavelength beam on each of 5 points at once, being ideal for situations where treatment time is at a premium.

The infra-red light at 820 nanometers (nm) provides a penetrative, highly effective wavelength for soft tissue and sports injuries, pain relief, acupuncture point stimulation and smoking cessation.


These probes encourage fast resolution of musculoskeletal injuries and substantial relief for arthritic, herpetic, neuralgic and neuropathic pain. An infra-red is the probe of choice for treatment of verrucae and general stimulation of immune system response. Needle-free, non-invasive acupuncture and trigger point stimulation with these probes can be used in the treatment of a range of conditions from tendinitis to tinnitus. Cosmetic clinics also report success using these probes as the key tool for reduction of scarring, eye bags and wrinkles.

Finally, Omega manufactures a super-pulsed single probe with a 915nm wavelength. This is particularly effective for mobilising healing for chronic injuries through its more aggressive light delivery. Osteoblasts have been shown to be particularly responsive to this part of the spectrum. Consequently this probe is ideal for fracture treatment and is often referred to as the “bone probe”. The 915nm probe has a different body shape, but the rest of the single probes, of either wavelength, can each be used with any of specialist autoclavable tips, including the acupuncture tip.

Multi-Wavelength Cluster Probes Omega’s multi-wavelength cluster probes incorporate specific wavelength combinations to address key cell types in the different stages of healing. Although the diodes emit at lower powers in these probes, the synergistic effect of the wavelength combinations show enhanced results by comparison with single wavelength use alone. Increasingly, the most effective protocols for musculoskeletal applications in particular are found to involve the use of a multi-wavelength probe in serial combination with a purely infra-red wavelength probe. A multi-wavelength probe is therefore indispensable for optimal treatment. As detailed above, we offer three multi-wavelength probes, each utilizing 5 or 6 different wavelengths, with combinations of between 20 to 60 diodes in each. The smaller cluster is more suitable for areas such as hands or feet and the larger versions allow improved coverage for extensive treatment areas. All have articulated heads for convenience and clinician comfort in treatment.

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Physio Needs Concise Buyerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Guide: 14th Edition


Chattanooga Stabilizer


Digi-Stim Multi-Stimulation 122


NeuroTrac Sports


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TPN 200 Plus

TPN200+ TPN 40 Replacement Electrodes

TPNex – Dual Channel TENS 123

TPN 400D Birth Assist



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PALS wanted to offer the best electrode in the world so they created MultiStick®, a reliable, long-lasting gel that adheres when and where it should time after time...after time PALS ValuTrode 1.1 PALS® Valu Trade ®

The PALS ValuTrode offers excellent quality & value for money. Fabric backing & stainless steel electrode leads give these electrodes a very long life span compared to other fabric backed electrodes. TPN040 5 x 5cm £5.15 2+ £2.85 1 TPN040 £2.65 100+ £2.35 10+ TPN035 £5.46 2+ £3.40 1+ TPN035 9 x 5cm £3.15 100+ £2.60 10+



2.2 PALS® TENS Trade Lite PALS TENS Trade Lite



TENS Trade Lite is specifically bulk packaged to give the best price. Packs of 4. £5.15 25+ 1+ TPN045 5 x 5cm TPN045 £1.35 100+ 50+ TPN046 £5.45 25+ 1+ TPN046 9 x 5cm £2.75 100+ 50+

£2.05 £1.20 £3.25 £2.25

PALS Platinum 3.3 PALS® Platinum ®

Features • Designed for all types of applications • Unique knitted stainless steel fabric and gel construction


• Ensures an even distribution while reducing current at edging


• Super long lasting knitted construction eliminates ‘edge curl’


TPN170 TPN170

5 x 5cm

TPN175 TPN175

5 x 9cm

TPN180 TPN180

3 x 5cm

TPN165 TPN165

3.2cm Diameter

TPN160 TPN160

5cm Diameter

1 10+ 1 10+ 1 10+ 1 10+ 1 10+

£6.19 £5.72 £7.23 £6.76 £5.98 £5.15 £7.23 £6.76 £7.02 £5.15

2+ 100+ 2+ 100+ 2+ 100+ 2+ 100+ 2+ 100+

£5.95 £5.15 £7.00 £6.19 £5.72 £4.68 £7.00 £6.19 £5.72 £4.68


4.4 PALS® PALS BlueBlue ®

• Has “legs”: Gel flows around hair and into the pores of the skin for better skin contact. Improves the gel-to-skin adhesion lowering skin resistance and providing increased stimulation comfort. TPN180

• PALS Blue resists dry out: Traditional blue gels require foil packaging as gel dries quickly after opening. PALS Blue is more robust and durable allowing convenient zip lock bag packaging.


• More comfortable and less skin redness when used in conjunction with stimulators that have an unbalanced waveform. TPN150 TPN150

5 x 5cm

TPN155 TPN 155

9 x 5cm

1 10+ 1 10+

£8.27 2+ £7.33 100+ £9.97 2+ £8.45 100+


£7.64 £7.02 £9.58 £8.32


Physio Needs Concise Buyer’s Guide: 14th Edition


Tel: 08448 730 035




Electrotherapy Clear Laser Gel 5 Litre

Ultrasound Gel 5 Litre CODE: ULS 15A

A hypoallergenic Ultrasound Gel available in 5 litre containers. Ultrasound Gel in a 5 litre container.

Increases electrode conductivity uniformly and consistently 8 Accoustically correct for the broad range of frequencies used 8 Completely Aqueous, will not stain clothing or damage transducers 8 Unique formula is hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic, non-sensitising and non-irritating 8 Does not contain formaldehyde

Rondo SAD Lamp

CODE: RONDO The Rondo is a new and stylish bright light therapy lamp for treatment of SAD. Its round and harmonic design creates a warm feeling of the sun and summer.

Rondo has a powerful 55 watt TC-2D fluorescent tube which disperses the light evenly throughout the entire lamp shade. The surface lumiosity is exceptionally low. That is why the light is so comfortable to eyes. Electronic ballast raises the light frequency up to 30.000 Hz resulting in a flicker free, effective and enjoyable light. Therapy distance 50 cm. The Rondo can also be wall mounted. Rondo Specifications 10000 lux: 250mm. 10’ Treatment Time: approx 1 hour Size: 12cm depth x 40 cm diameter 4.7’ depth x 15.7’ diameter Weight: 2.9 kg Bulb: 1x55W TC 2D florescent tube 3.5000K Case Material: Polycarbon/metal body Opaque UV protective, polycarbon glare shade Guarantee: 2 years Light therapy is the treatment of choice in NHS SAD Specialist Clinics. How will a Rondo SAD Light Box help me? A SAD Lightbox provides quantities of light not achievable by traditional lighting. They provide you with a supplement of light on those days when nature doesn’t deliver or when you’re stuck indoors. A SAD lightbox such as the Rondo will provide that supplement.


CLEAR ultrasound / Laser Gel 8 No Fragrance 8 No Color 8 Hypoallergenic 8 Bacteriostatic, 8 Non-irritating 8 Water soluble 8 No formaldehyde 8 Not a spermicide Our laser gel is accoustically correct for the broad range of wavelength frequencies

How often will I have to use a light? It varies from person to person but most SAD sufferers, especially during the darkest part of winter, use light therapy almost every day. Some people can skip two or three days whilst others notice SAD symptoms creeping back even after one day. There can also be days when it’s bright outside, even in winter, and if you can get out and make the most of it you might not need extra light therapy that day. As spring comes around and the days get consistently brighter, you’ll probably find you need to use your light less and less. How long do I use it for? A typical time for a Rondo would be around 1 hour, but see how you get on. After a few days, if your symptoms have improved, you could gradually cut down and see if you notice any difference. When’s the best time to use the Rondo light box? Most people find that light therapy in the mornings works best so, if you are just starting out, try this first. Try not to use your light late in the evening though (i.e. within 3 hours of going to bed) as you may find it difficult to get to sleep. If you have trouble waking up in the mornings then you should definitely use a light box first thing. Can children use light boxes? Although it’s not that common, some children get SAD and it’s perfectly safe for them to use a lightbox. It’s certainly not a problem to have a lightbox on whilst there are children in the same room or if they come and sit with you when you’re getting your light therapy. Can I wear glasses when I’m using a light? You can wear glasses or contact lenses and still use a lightbox or a light visor. On the other hand, sunglasses, photo-sensitive or tinted lenses will reduce the effectiveness of light therapy.

Light therapy is helpful for antepartum depression, according to the results of a randomized pilot study published in the March issue of the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 2004. INNOSOL Bright Light therapy lamps have been certified as medical devices by Det Norske Veritas CE 0434

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Physio Needs is a dedicated supplier to the Physiotherapy Profession, offering the most extensive range of equipment and products suitable f...