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the Earth soup



I’m breaking. I feel. My soul is Thousands of atoms in song. Its energy is Millions of strands, shapes and bubbles, centuries long. It’s wisdoms, of understanding far away so close. It’s a spiritual sickness So sacredly painful. It hurts. It hurts inside your chest, then it bursts. It shatters, breaks and spills all around you. Then it gathers. It gathers and then you reach. The new naked is young. Innocent Basic The body, mind and heart shields it with experience It is.

African heritage is the past customs, cultures and ideas of African societies. This African heritage is the shared heritage of all South Africans, no matter what their background.

To live your life to die A mental decision To slowly Die Feel Dead Be In death In your dreams In your decisions It’s pretending, you are. Dead.

Red My hands Spasm The jerk In my heart All the veins Around my eyes Inside my head Throbbing For the same reason Pretending like fish Wanting, waiting To be eaten

Suspended On a winter day In a cold room A puddle of ice cream Sogs the cone Then trickles Down the steps Making ice drops On every step Only to suspend Timelessly in the middle In the air Like frozen raindrops In an ice cave Forgotten

Kay Baby Your skin Like sweat On chilled glass So shattered Yet so smooth With a touch Or a wipe The water dissolves Still With my fingerprints Dry The heartbeat of sound Banging on the locked door Of your head The rhythm of lust Panging through the secrets Of your heart Scabs of trust Break off your eyes No longer stinging But instead melting Through your waste Through your want

Lesson from the sun I’ve buried pieces of my rays everywhere They’re not all out here In the sunshine During the day in the sky Fragments get trapped and caught In between broken glass In between cracks in rocks You must find them You must find the fire That dwells inside the hard earth Which you walk Be barefoot in the evening And let sharp stones Wedge in between your toes Invisible pieces Of the world in its mystified spectrum Will travel Forming a path to your soul The light which you also walk on Is indeed the way Forget not where it comes from It’s further than you will know It’s beyond physical understanding

Watching Liars A woman again Watching Liars in the street Lonely Pondering Still so open Dehydrating slowly

Things start Then they stop Then your heart stops Then it starts again So rapidly Making you unable To be able To start again To believe in it That it hasn’t gone It’s still right here In your face

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Human Beings


Wounded Dawn Souly I partake In needful solitude To relieve my mind To clear the clouds Softly I hear whispers Blood seeping through Dry rocky cracks Sweat stained mountain tops Dew swept pebbles Doves flying Wings sighing Crying My universe is tired Morning is broken in pieces I need to clear the dawn Before the rays of light Make the splinters glitter Maybe I need to share my world

Jacob Zuma’s penis!

Doctors linked to drugs theft


Infesting myself With cruel demented lust Puss Where my body mounted Puss As my breasts erupted Grime Under my fingernails Making its way to my teeth Then sniffing it back With the mucus That goes down my throat Marinating in my filth With traces of birds droppings Under my arms The comfort of my flesh made satin Flaking like a brides veil At my heels Between my toes are alleys All riddled with hospital waste fumes And the like The sewer which is my blood The drain which is my soul

Tell Malema !!

If there is no bread give them cake!

As fit as a first lady Anti-Aids drug is part of a booming trade

Teenage mother We never talk We never speak I spend time with you When you’re asleep We never smile We never chat I’ve never even Patted your back Funny how life is How tears and fears Can rule for years I dream of you To share with you My life my friends To make amends

With childhood ends Adoration Angelic expression But bores instead Understanding and compassion We never talk We never speak But instead I watch you sleep I love you more When I’m away Because that’s when I pretend To be complete With bonded cords

I scream and cry At the same time I laugh and sneer With words that scare

But the only time My heart shall break Is when you didn’t See my soul shake I keep it hidden away But for you it peeps So I shut my eyes All day I cannot look I cannot speak I’m only safe When you’re asleep

Microwave the news

The colour of time (Mythical Birth Experience)

Burn Flames theMadness

How do you feel about blood?

Was love so sure? Was love so tried That all was left Was fossils intertwined Marble tinged with red Oak beaded instead With eyes That tigers lost In triumph past And hidden in molten rock Was love so tired That all was left For falling autumn leaves Was to be caught By an almost dry tear Placed conveniently On a barken tree To stick so perfectly As wind would let it As sun would allow it As shelter would have it Was love so aimless

That it was like An arrow Without a target A seed That was not planted

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is a vegetarian.

Yet still summer dies

I long for the night I love the way the night smells It tempts and entices me As I lie on my bed It’s alive, it touches my face And embraces my senses Reaches through me Pulling at my lust My pain my ache My passion and my love It wants to grab my heart It wants to take me away The cool feel Caresses me within Makes love to my skin Turning my insides into cold fire It lets me breathe It makes me want to live I long for the night The pleasure it can give

Still Placenta Sometimes I’d get confused Between you and the angel Who am I supposed to love more You by my side You living with me Others completely separated Either everything Or nothing less futile Than what’s hardened Fragments of liquid floating Of substance mattering Believe it or not We’re still made up of the same thing Who’s still there? Who’s gone where? Don’t we all dissolve?

Preciously Seconds fall away Unappreciated Harmlessly Minutes gather Mistaken and misidentified As hours Age Plead And ache for solitude For days forgotten Remembered only through The hope of tomorrow Distantly breathing There first To catch most of the sorrow


Cry tonia Urgently stretching Like denim skin Maddening Pleasantly tasting Quietness Awaiting evaporation Clearing sterile vapours Infinitely natural Volatile Like an experiment In tubular brittleness Eventually transparent Tragically Granulating Making minds permeable Skin translucent Existence jubilant Castrating lump waste Leaving instead Feathered space

Abstract heart Hollow Soul A white parachute Holds its shape in the sky Feathering down Exaggerated No man to save No hero to honour Solo it descends As we watch An empty parachute We watch this wasted hope As our eyes glue us to this Unnecessary vacancy Literally? Is this what we are?

I felt nothing today

Who will be next? Our teachers

The traders? Administrators? How much is blood worth?

And see that it was me

Humble Roots

Roots Roots

Earth sent technolog y


Art Sarah Prior Music Portishead Nosana Sondiyazi