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Terre'Blanche's supporters have said that the murder is part of a larger

pattern of anti-white "farm murders" in South Africa

The AWB retracted earlier calls to avenge the murder

as Zuma appealed for peace

The two suspects appeared in court in Ventersdorp on 6 April 2010

amid racially charged scenes and were charged with murder, robbery

and for injuring the dignity of ET

by leaving his pants pulled down after killing him

Thousands attended ET’s funeral held at noon on 9 April 2010

at Ventersdorp Protestant Church

The murder took place amid a racial controversy in South Africa involving

the singing of which includes the lyrics “shoot the boer” ("Dubul' ibhunu")

Speculation that ET had sexually

harassed one or both of the accused was raised by some publications

ET was murdered on his farm villana ,

just outside Ventersdorp, on 3 April 2010. He was reportedly beaten to death while napping

With pipes and

panga (machetes),

by two black males (then aged 28 & 15) allegedly over a wage dispute

ET spent three years in prison for assaulting a black petrol station worker

and for the attempted murder of a black security guard in 1996

Following the end of apartheid ET & his supporters sought amnesty

for the storming of the World Trade Centre,

“the battle of Ventersdorp”, & other acts

Including threatening civil war to maintain white rule in SA in the 1980’s & 1990’s.

Amnesty was granted by the Truth & Reconciliation Commission South Africa

Transition to post apartheid democracy,

saw ET revising his stances as he urged his followers to push for an independent Afrikaner homeland, “Boerevolkstaat�

ET labelled in his lifetime

“white supremacist”, “nationalist”, and “racist”

Terre’Blanche loved by many

Hated by many more

Let us each take responsibility

for the part we’ve played in Apartheid