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december 16, 2011 Vol.14:Issue 5

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The Will to Be Different Grown-Up Christmas List



LETTER FROM THE EDITOR There are so many awe inspiring moments in life. Along with the beauty of this world we face tragedy, anger and sorrow and all of the other emotions that fall into the broad spectrum of human emotion. We are easily provoked, oftentimes without just cause, but why? We take things so seriously when in the end, most things do not matter. Most of our actions, do not affect the global consciousness or change the world the slightest bit. We simply breathe and die. The words we say and the words we write have no long lasting impressions on future generations; they are looked at as mistakes that they are bound to repeat. I know I am coming across as cynical, but next time you’re sitting in third period stressing about an upcoming exam, consider the following; live for the moment. If you prefer stress accept it, if you prefer living life on the edge, do it. Remember this is your life, not your parent’s and not your friend’s. So live it up. In this issue of the view we will take you into the pain of getting your first tattoo (4), allow you the experience the excitement behind graduation (9) and put you behind a protest (10). Enjoy these parts of life that make up your daily existence.

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Only a Hippopotamus Will Do


Be thankful for what you have to give , not receive

t’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder and Christmas music is playing on every other radio station. But what is the true meaning of the giving season? We live in a society where the focus is I. What do I want, what do I need, I should pepper spray this woman at WalMart on Black Friday. But with everything that is going on in the world today, the focus should not be on what you think you need, but on the needs of others. The holidays are the season of giving. It is the opportunity to show others you care. Like a very wise elf once said, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” Thank you, Will Ferrell. Maybe cheer isn’t your thing. That doesn’t mean

you should not give. When you give someone a gift, it creates a psychological bond with that person, and when you see that gift give joy to that person, your body releases endorphins, making you feel better. So even if you’re selfish, you can still get something out of the deal. This is the time of year to not only be cheerful and giving, but also thankful. Be content with what you have, and don’t wish for more. Don’t let not getting the one gift you really wanted ruin your holiday, but be thankful for the friends and family that care about you enough to get you anything at all. This holiday season, don’t demand a hippopotamus for Christmas.. be happy wishing for only your two front teeth..


FALL 2011 highlights “It was a really great feeling having all of us qualify for sectionals. I was really proud of the team.” -Sydney Sanders

“I’m really glad that we got the opportunity to see Rachel’s challenge and watch it effect the school” -Hannah Woodson

AUGUST first day of school

“It was nerve wracking and exciting, but it got definitely got better as the days went on.” -Maddison Hawkins

Rachel’s Challenge Assembly



girls golf qualifies 5 for sectionals

“It was really fun getting to watch the other guys skits, and I really appreciate for everybody that voted or me!” -Luke Ravenscraft

boys swim places 4th at state



22nd kayelyn whitt and anna schaeffer make all-state choir


park hill vs. park hill south game

“It was historic. Getting to charge the field afterwards was awesome.” -Mason Homoly

“It’s such a big honor and I’m so excited to see what this whole experience holds for me.” -Anna Schaeffer

“Everybody did their part and we did great.” -Chase Riekhof | 3





Students endure the pain of getting tattoos


ack in the day, if someone were to have a piercing or tattoo where people can visually notice them, they were looked at in a wrong way. Now because it is so common it has started to show personality. But many complain that when you actually do get a tattoo it is more painful than expected. “I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into on my first tattoo since I had never known what it would be like,” said Avery Russell [12]. “But then when I got it on my hip it of course hurt, but I would have to say my neck hurt worse”. The thing with a tattoo is making sure that is exactly what you want because there is no turning back after it is done. However, this has not stopped Russell from wanting more and getting more. “I just wanted more after I got the first one and I thought I really wanted it, but after I end up getting the second one, I end up hating it,” said Russell. “So just make sure you really want it before you get it.” Russell was not the only one who has put the pain aside to really get what she wanted. Sophie Pyle [12] also has two tattoos but has a very different view on the outcome. “It feels more like a burning sensation than actually hurting,” said Pyle. “I actually would rather get a tattoo than a shot from the doctors just because it’s a way different feeling and it has become very addicting.”

Some say when getting a tattoo it hurts worse getting the outline than actually getting the color filled in. The outline is what goes on first. The artist uses many different needles on different parts of the tattoo. For example, if someone were to get a flower with coloring, they would use either a single three liner, seven needle liner or a fourteen needle liner for the outlining. But when using color they would use either a six shading needle or a mag shading needle. The pain could be much different depending on what kind of needle was used. Also depending on where the tattoo would also determine how much pain would be caused. “It hurt worse on my lower back because they did so much shading and coloring.” said Pyle. “And when I got it on my ribs I just kind of sat there and took the pain.” With more and more teenagers getting tattoos in today’s society, it has become part of this generation. The age for getting one has still been the same (18), but that has not changed the minds of some South students when getting one at a younger age. Remember if some decide to paint up their body; don’t judge because it takes a lot of mental preperation and courage.

>>log on to to read Delaney Ireland’s story on piercings

5. 3. 1. 2. 4. ss Gue Who?

Send in your guesses to, the winner will receive a prize SCAN HERE

to guess which tattoo belongs to who

4 |


M i ss Anderson S ophi e Py le M i ss J ones J ohn Blank J essi c a Freem an M i ss O’D onnell

E r i c a Welc h M alana Brad f o rd S ophi e M oo d y M rs. D i sselh o f f Li ndsy Ku r zdo r f e r Bre t t Rou nk l e s


  

 

 





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spotlight Dear Santa,

✳✳HIV/AIDS cure ✳✳time machine ✳✳hug ✳✳heartfelt message Love, Park Hill South



UP Christmas List by KEVIN BRIODY

What would you give to the world for Christmas?

ost teenagers remember when they were young, waking up on Christmas morning seeing colorful gifts of all shapes and sizes underneath your tree.

back and change things that happened,” said Ryan. Many people view Christmas as a holiday to get gifts and celebrate; however, this view is not shared by everyone. “I think the holiday is always supposed to be about giving, and not Jessica Ecton, (9), remembers one such time quite well. “I remember receiving,” said Erika Stark (10). “I also think there is a little bit of karma I’d always be the first one awake in my family and I would be so involved though. If you are a good gift giver, and you are very heartfelt excited. It’s my favorite time of the year,” and sincere in the gifts you give, chances are said Ecton. you will receive the same kind of love from “I THINK THE HOLIDAY IS ALWAYS But what if you could give back to friends the world for all those good experiences SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT GIVING and relatives.” you had a child? What if you could give Stark said she believes that everyone AND NOT RECEIVING.” the world a gift from yourself, whether has the ability to give gifts, no matter what it be abstract or something tangible? background, financial situation or condition. “If I had one Christmas wish to give to the world, I would wish to “Whether it’s a hug or whether it’s a three hundred dollar game cure HIV/Aids,” said Ashley Timmerman (11). “Twenty-five million system,” Stark said, “the gift is about the heartfelt message behind it, people die yearly to HIV in Africa alone. If I could give anything to the not just the item.” world, I would want [AIDS] cured.” Others, like Sean Ryan (11) had a technology gift to give to the world. “I would want to give the world a time machine, so we could go

read more holiday stories online at

How-To: Make an Ornament Wreath including:

Unwind the hook part of the hanger


-Use a color scheme (i.e:blue & silver, red & green,silver & gold) -Hot glue ornament hooks to the actual ornament to stablize and secure them -Hobby Lobby and Dollar General have cheap ornaments for sale

String ornaments of your choice onto the hanger

After the hanger is full, re-secure the hook and hang completed wreath

6 |


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to watch a how-to video for creating this wreath

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Western is an equal opportunity institution.

Pull a wire coat hanger into a circle

top holiday movies seasonal recipes christmas music overdose w w w. get yo u r g r i f f o n . c o m

1 2 3 4




LEGOS Alarm Clock Magazine Subscription Putting Green

Xbox Games

Coffee & Mug

Hoodies Sports Gear

Maid Service

Flat bill


Curling / Flat Iron Dress Up Clothes

Mani/Pedi set


Hat,gloves, scarf set Boot Slippers


Grill Tools



Electric Shaver

Brother Boyfriend


Robotic Vacuum

Stuffed Animal

Sister Girlfriend

Merry Birthday by MEGAN MCMULLEN

For some students winter holidays coincide with their birthdays

wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy.. birthday?

    Two of the most anticipated holidays are birthdays and Christmas, but what happens when they occur around the same time? Many South students are celebrating more than just one holiday this December.      “Sometimes I can’t think of what I want [for my birthday] because of just getting Christmas presents,” said Hope Mayo (9).     Whether it is their Sweet Sixteen or they are becoming an adult, it is not easy having a birthday during the holiday season.     Rhett DeLay (10) has been celebrating double holidays since the day he was born. That day was Dec. 25, otherwise known as Christmas. From birthday parties getting replaced by family get-togethers to

combined presents, DeLay said there are many pros and cons to having a holiday birthday.     “One year my great grandparents forgot my birthday,” said DeLay, “It gets confusing because my dad’s birthday is on Christmas Eve and my other great grandma has her birthday on Christmas too.”     It can be difficult to find ways to celebrate birthdays during the holiday season. Friends are often out of town with their families and the weather can be unpredictable.      “You could celebrate on your half birthday instead. Some years I ask to get my [birthday] presents on a different day,” said Joey Dunn (11).       It is common to hear that since a person’s birthday is around the holidays, they automatically receive more presents. However, Mayo said that they receive just as many presents as anyone else, only their birthday and Christmas presents come around the same time.     So if you hear a “birthmas” carol being sung this holiday season, it is more than likely going to one of these many South students. Take a moment to wish them a merry Christmas and a happy birthday. Separately, of course.


to view a howto video on gift wrapping | 7

F You

resher than


A Look Behind the Scenes of Our Daily Lunch by JAKE WICKERSHAM

I was more than pleased with what I saw.


ver since second grade, I have eaten lunch at school. I would give the school my money and take my food and I always wondered if the lunch was worth my money. After doing a little bit of behind the scenes work I found out that I really was getting my money’s worth. On Nov. 30, I arrived at school at 6:45 a.m. and went back to the kitchen where our school’s lunch is prepared every day. I was more than pleased with what I saw. The food we always wonder how it is prepared is made fresh every morning. The rolls that come with our chicken nuggets are made fresh every morning straight from dough, the salads hand-tossed daily and the yogurt parfaits put together with fresh strawberries every morning. So whenever you see the lunch ladies during lunch or breakfast, be sure to give them a big thank you for making a delicious lunch possible for us every day. SCAN HERE

8 |

to see more behind the scenes photos

Overcoming Obstacles

Students talk about dealing with personal struggles they face every day of their lives



ach and every person is different in their very own way. It would be boring if everyone was the same. There are struggles everybody goes through each day; little or big. Some struggles include not getting enough sleep, not studying for a big test or even not getting along with teachers. However, some students have struggles they have been dealing with since birth that are not typical of high school students. One such student is Zac Ricketts (11), who has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, also known as OCD. “I just deal with my OCD so I do not have to worry about things, sometimes I try to ignore it but then it just makes me worry even more,” said Ricketts. Ricketts has a daily struggle of making sure everything is exactly how he wants it to be multiple times or else it will bother him until it is just right. “I basically do things in threes,” Ricketts said. “I make sure my car is locked and the

lights are turned off many times. Also, if people are around my personal stuff, I have to put it back exactly the way it was at first. I even have to match at all times, if my left sock has an R on it, then I cannot wear it on that foot since it is my left foot.” Another student who has his own struggle to deal with is Ethan Osbourn (9).

“I DO NOT LET IT TAKE OVER MY LIFE. I JUST GOT USED TO IT AND LEARNED HOW TO TAKE CARE OF MYSELF.” Osbourn has ADD and ADHD which he said keeps him from paying attention. One way Osbourn deals with this is by always having to do something with his hands, sitting still is not in the cards for him. “One time I was in ISS and I got really irritated with my bangs because they were in my face, so I went up to the teacher and


to follow @phsview on Twitter! asked for some scissors,” Osbourn said. “I sat down at my desk and just cut my bangs right off. I felt really relieved after. I just had to do it; it was bothering me way too much.” Terrence Carver III (11) has been dealing with his Type I Diabetes since he was six years old. He said his Diabetes is an inconvenience to him at times when he has to take shots or medicines. Driving is another struggle because sometimes his reaction time is not what it needs to be; therefore, he cannot drive. “I do not let it take over my life. I just got used to it and learned how to take care of myself,” said Carver. Struggles are a part of life, some more severe than others, but that is what makes people unique. Some can be prevented by just getting more sleep, studying for a test or just being the bigger person. Others may require medicine or finding another way to cope. Either way, it is the way a person faces obstacles that really matters.


GRADUATES 2011-2012

“I’m working full time the semester I have off and that money will help pay for college. I’ll start at Northwest in the fall.” - Brenna Toliver

“I just wanna get out of here. ” - Daniel Prothero

“Later, South. Peace!” - Savannah Eller | 9

fo c u s


For more info on Occupy KC




; f an




WO Emma Sulivan

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t en SPORTS: NBA lockou

There have also been reports of police running down a line of protesters with cans of pepper spray during times of peaceful protest. “When I first heard about this, I just had to giggle. I thought it was a joke, but even now I think both the protest and the brutality are absurd,” said Megan Skyrme (12). While the protest takes place on Wall Street, some think this is the wrong place to focus. “They should be directing this at the government. They want Barack Obama to change things, yet they’re on Wall Street,” said Matt McCance (11). “It really just makes no sense to me.” But Beka Noble, (12), is an avid supporter of the Occupy movement. She said that she would like to see a return to the ideals our forefathers had and that attending Occupy Kansas City had positive effects on her. “It made me feel like an American Citizen for the first time and encouraged my political views,” said Noble. But, regardless of what South students think, the protest on Wall Street continues.

er s


he Occupy Wall Street Movement started Sept.1 1, 2011 in Zuccotti Park. Protesters insist that they are the 99 percent referring to the growing difference between the average American and the ever-expanding wealth of the top 1 percent of America’s richest citizens. Their official goal to reach in this protest is that they demand that Barack Obama ordain a Presidential Commission tasked with ending the influence money has over our representatives in Washington. This also comes along with a list of demands that include student loan debt forgiveness, spurring China to end currency manipulation and one-year freezes on foreclosures. “These outrageous demands come from an age of people that are used to handouts. When they don’t get those, they decide to whine and cry like babies,” said Clover Ross (11). photo by Beka Noble With this protest came a wave of both police and protester brutality. There have been reports of men raping women within the confines of the park.

l or ient ation

Why Should I Care? by MAX X BE S HE ARS

t th

en te



Y: O

cc u

py K

ans as

C it y s t a y s p e a c e f u l ; O c



C nt

10 |


d YC py N

ph ot o

pr i

photo by Beka Noble




ot .



b e ka no bl


photo by Beka Noble


photo by Beka Noble photo by Beka Noble

Your Hometown University.

Go Pirates!

“I fell in love with Park because it is a beautiful campus with awesome people from around the world.” | Miki Katuwal, Senior (Jhapa, Nepal) “i love going to all our schools sPorting events and being around the friends I have made since I have been here” | Jon LaHue, Junior (Kansas City, Mo.)

Park is a Great Value.

Park University was founded in 1875, and is private four-year, non profit, liberal arts institution.

Park University has been recognized as a “best value” by Parents & Colleges, and “one of the least expensive private schools” by U.S. News & World Report. The U.S. Department of Education says Park’s tuition is the “lowest net price” among private universities in Missouri. Park University also offers generous financial aid opportunities and historically has provided more than $7 million in institutional scholarships annually.

Campus Location. The 700-acre, flagship Parkville Campus rests high above the scenic Missouri River, less than a mile from historic Parkville, and 10 minutes from downtown Kansas City. Park also operates 40 campus centers in 21 states.

Visit Campus!

(go to for details) November 19, 2011 January 7, 2012 February 18, 2012 March 24, 2012 March 31, 2012 April 14, 2012 May 5, 2012 May 19, 2012

Students. The Parkville Campus enrolls approximately 2,000 undergraduates, representing 50 states and 105 countries. The student-to-faculty ratio is 12:1. Park’s global annual enrollment exceeds 23,000 students. Academics. Students pursue more than 50 majors university-wide. Many innovative minors, certificate and graduate programs are also available. Park University offers special academic programs in global proficiency, internships and cooperative education, and a Degree with Honors program. Dedicated professors provide personal attention and prepare you for lifelong learning. Student Life. Park University’s high-energy campus is bustling with student organizations and activities. Student Life coordinates student activities, student clubs and organizations, student orientation, student leadership programs,


intramural sports and the Pirate Fitness Center. There are three residence halls available on campus: Chesnut, Dearing and Copley Quad. A thriving residence life program lets you live with your friends and create a living space that is uniquely yours. Athletics. Park University participates in the NAIA and is a member of the American Midwest Conference and Mid-America Men’s Volleyball Intercollegiate Conference West Division. Park University athletics programs include: • Baseball • Basketball • Cross Country • Golf (women’s) • Soccer • Softball • Track and field • Volleyball Study Abroad We provide Park University students with the opportunity to experience firsthand the incomparable value of an international education. Through Park University’s programs, you can study abroad for a week, month, semester or year in more than 30 countries.

Park has no out-of-state tuition!

Park University | 8700 N.W. River Park Drive | Parkville, MO

Visit to enroll for Parkville Campus daytime classes, get more info about Park University or schedule a campus visit. Or call us at (816) 746-2560.

Park University ad.indd 1 | 11 9/29/11 4:38 PM

Designed by Kylie Vandeven


or those of you who were in the Park Hill School District last year, are aware of the amount of snow days the district called for. If you don’t remember that, you may remember all the shoveling you had to do when the snow storms hit. “I love snow days, I love being able to lie around all day, but I don’t like having to shovel the driveway at seven in the morning so my dad can go to work!” said Natalie Hinton. (12) In the past three years Kansas City has had 30 or more inches of snow, causing high schools to cancel school. Last year the South had to cancel school a total of eight days and in the end students had to make up all their snow days, leading them to stay in school the longer than usual, since June 1. That’s the side of snow days students don’t usually think about, having to make them up. For some reason throughout the hall at South there has been a lot of talk about this year being one of the worst winters Kansas City has had. “Oh, I’ve heard a lot of different theories about how we are supposed to have some horrible winter and hey, I’m all for it cause I’m a senior and don’t have to make them up!” said Hinton. Although Hinton has a valid point about seniors not having to make them up she may be completely wrong about the winter forecast for Kansas City.

by Blake Reser

Bryan Busby (Chief Meteorologist for KMBC9 news) had one main thing to say about what the winter holds for the metro area. “I don’t suspect anything too notable. I think we will see about average snow, (which is about 20”) a few ice events and temperatures a little above the seasonal average,” Busby said in an e-mail. Gary Lezak has also forecasted an ice storm in his video winter forecast on NBC Action News. The last time Kansas City had an ice storm was in 2002, which greatly affected many citizens. Frozen tree limbs crashed on power lines and ripped through houses, leaving around 400,000 homes and businesses without power, according to NBC news. “Snow storm or ice storm, I’ll take either one because I like to just stay home and play Call of Duty on my days off,” said Blake Youngdahl (10). The winter seems unpredictable for the 2011-2012 winters but Joel Nicholas says, “Most viewers take the forecast for winter with a grain of salt and then use that salt on their icy sidewalks. They like hearing our best idea of what’s coming up but know it can all change! One of the hardest things to predict, in all of weathercasting, is who will get how much snow…especially in a viewing area as geographically large as this one.”

KANSAS CITY SNOWFALL Snowfall for the greater Kansas City area by month accoridng to

Dec 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 12 |


15.1 2.9









totals 12.4in 34.3in 36.4in

snow ranking over the last 123 years

21st 3rd 2nd

This winter is in line for first place for the snowiest winter on record. see what Jon Holden has to say at

Photos by Jake Wickersham









300 200

Calories burned per hour while doing some of your favorite winter activities. To calculate these activites for your specific weight, visit


Making Snow Angels

Building Snowmen

Snowball Fights

Ice Skating


Shoveling Snow

Some of the best parts of winter are the feasts that comes along with the cold days. Although the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatos may be tempting, try eating healthier this year without losing any of that holiday taste.

corn on the cob 77 cals

half chicken breast 193 cals

8 oz of apple cider 125 cals slice of pumpkin pie 241 cals 3/4 cup of mashed potatoes 130 cals | 13

fo c u s

Mindful Meditation Humbling Holidays by ELIZABETH WILLIAMS

The holidays are a time of joy: laughing with family and friends, cooking and exchanging gifts.

Despite the happy atmosphere every year I, along with numerous others, find myself wondering the same question: What gifts should I buy?! It’s not uncommon for family or friends to tell you that they don’t care what you give them for the holidays. No, in fact, they don’t care if you even give them anything. All they really want is to see is your bright smiling face. To that, I say pssh. Everyone wants something, it’s just a matter of finding that something. To me, it has become increasingly apparent that I’m not the only one who puts stock in finding and buying that perfect gift. If you don’t believe me, let us review what happened on Black Friday. A California woman pepper-sprayed fellow Wal-Mart shoppers to get an X-Box, then turned herself into the authorities. West Virginia: a customer had a heart attack while shopping. South Carolina: a woman was shot by two men attempting to rob her handbag, thankfully she lived. So, what does psychology have to do with Black Friday, shopping and the holidays? A lot, actually. But for now, let’s narrow down the psychology to one term: illusion of control. In psychology, Illusion

Women for Profitable




Use W

14 |

of Control is basically people believing they can influence outcomes, even though they can’t. In this specific instance, people believe, to the extent of braving potential physical harm, that they can control their loved ones’ reactions to their gifts by choosing the perfect one. This is not true. No matter what gift you get for someone, the perfect one, a horrible one, money.. there are only two possible outcomes: they’ll like it or they won’t. Even if you think you’ve chosen the perfect gift for someone, that may not be the case. And, if you think you can control how someone will react to the gift you get them, that’s not true, either. You are not him or her and you can’t predict their reactions to things. However, you should know, at least somewhat, what type of person you are getting the gift for. If they hate cats, don’t get them a kitty clock and if they love sports, maybe you shouldn’t buy them an art set. Of course, I can’t give you the perfect gift advice but I can tell you now that submitting to the Illusion of control is not good. As we’ve seen with Black Friday, it can sometimes lead to worst-case scenarios.


to read a news story about the Black Friday Pepper Spray incident

Women’s role in advertising has changed through history

omen’s appearances have always been used to portray social “normalities” in advertisements. Women are used as cultural icons in advertising, symbolizing glamour, peace and home life. “It is a marketing technique,” said Teddy Olson (12), “but I don’t agree with it morally.” In the 1950s women were expected to fit specific gender roles as the cleaning, cooking or child-bearing sex machines stated womeninads. com. They had to be fashionable while doing daily chores. “[Women] usually have to change to fit a social norm.” said Andre Shaver, (11) Centuries ago women could have voluptuous bodies and it was considered beautiful. Having these bodies meant fertile and wholesome women. Being skinny then meant that you were too poor to eat. But as time passed, the ideal woman changed. From the early to mid-20th century, women were considered beautiful if they had fair skin and a full curvy figure. The idea of tan skin was not appealing at all. It meant that the person spent too much time outside or was in the working class. “It’s what men see in women. What they call beautiful, but it might not be beautiful at all,” said Kerri Thirkell (12). Years passed and women gradually became slimmer and darker skinned. Society accepted this image as the norm and other women copied it over time to be considered beautiful. But beauty was not in the reach of all women.


“It put others down because they didn’t look like the women on TV. This is what you have to look like or you’re no good,” said Thirkell. Because of commercials or billboards that say if someone does not look this way, they are not beautiful, women really started to worry about their weight and image around others that they may have wanted to impress. “[I think] it is very disrespectful to women,” said Shaver. “If they were selling a women’s bra, then yeah it is fine. But a car? Not so much.” Women are dressed down in commercials, barely wearing anything, exposing their slim bodies to other women who may not have that same figure. “Women are not used as equally as men are in commercials. They need privacy of their private parts as well,” said Thirkell. “Women are portrayed as things to be used, not as human beings.” Women are being used in advertisement in a manner that not everyone agrees with. This was and still is creating a huge stir in the female population of what is considered beautiful and what is not.

As time passed, the ideal woman changed.

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The male and female perspective on everything dating-related. This issue: JEALOUSY by JON HOL DEN

Girls: The Gifted Gender

Women’s logic and reasoning has always fascinated me to a point that I sometimes take a step back and ask myself, “what in the hell goes through their minds?”

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Why is it okay for a girl to text a girl, but if a guy texts a girl, it has to mean something? Jealousy can and will kill a relationship if it gets out of hand. Tip for women:: don’t text in front of another guy because all that shows is how uninterested you are. But if the situation happens to present itself, girls please don’t be mad if he happens to be texting an attractive woman. Chances are, it’s for a legitimate reason. what gives you a right to be upset at me texting another girl anyway? I personally don’t care if you text another guy, just save it for when I’m not around. If you do it in front of me, I’ll ask, simply because it’s annoying. Jealousy goes much farther than just simple text messages. I don’t know how many times I haven’t been invited to a party that my girlfriend has been invited to. For some reason “it’s not her place to invite me” and then she goes on to say that her friends invited her and not the person having the party. So my question is simple: what’s the difference between me and you?

The only difference is that someone doesn’t want the other person around at a certain time. I’m referring to anybody who becomes extremely jealous. Why do you become jealous of your significant other? Why does someone worry if their girlfriend will hook up with someone else when you’re not around? Is it because your girlfriend is actually going to do something like that? Or is it because you would do something like that? Maybe your girl wants to hang out with her friends, so let her. I’m not saying don’t care. It’s okay to be naturally worried but there’s no need to get angry because she went to see her friends. It’s fair to do what you want with your friends. You need to find a balance, and if you do decide to leave your girl for a night or two, when you get back, let her know the reason why you’re there In the first place. Don’t take jealousy as something that’s bad. You should take it as a compliment. It’s obviously showing how important you are to someone somewhere. Just sayin’. #broh’n

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New winter fashions for 2011 Oversized Hoodie

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Leggings Skinny Jeans Buckled Ankle Boots

Hannah Turner (12)

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Alex Martin (12)


Relationships are often colored with hues of red and pink, and accompanied by smiles and kisses. But what happens when jealousy rears its ugly little green head? More than likely the smiles and kisses will be replaced with accusing questions and arguments.

As a female, I’ll admit I’ve been jealous a time or 200, but I also know

for a fact we are not the only envious gender. Boys and girls alike get jealous whenever they are dating someone, plain and simple. “As a female, I’ll admit I’ve been

jealous a time or 200...” The envious turmoil, at least for our generation, is being caused mostly by technology. Say your boyfriend texted another girl or you happened upon some Facebook messages; that’s grounds for an argument between the couple and possibly some less-than -friendly words spoken to the “other girl..” There’s something wrong with all this though. It was just a text message. When did sending one simple text message to the opposite gender become cheating? Oh wait, that’s right. It isn’t If you suspect it’s more than a simple text, then by all means do what you need to do. But in my opinion, people get jealous for one of two reasons: they are insecure, or they don’t trust their partner because they don’t trust themselves. In either case, you have a big problem, if you can’t trust yourself to be faithful, how can you expect someone else to be? The answer is you can’t. After all, jealously is directly related to faithfulness, so as long as you are, trust your boyfriend or girlfriend to be, too.. until they give you a legitimate reason not to be. The jealousy will subside and the questions and arguments will happily return to the smiles and kisses you began with. | 15


w i nners WINTER Winter athletes show off their skills on ice and snow uring the winter season, a whole D new world of sports opens up to everyone. For the students at South, a winter sport does not just include anything schoolrelated.  In fact, a number of students take various visits to the ice rink and Snow Creek for their winter break. For Emily Orvos (11), these winter trips started at the age of 11, right before the 2006 Winter Olympics, when Orvos started her figure skating career. “I was watching the U.S. sectionals and regionals and tried it.  I ended up falling in love with it,” said Orvos. Line Creek, the local hockey and figure skating rink, is a place for her to go after school as a year-round sport.  There, she said she gains a sense of freedom and catharsis. “It’s something hard to describe,” she said. “When you get on the ice you’re free.  It’s just you, your skates and the ice.” Not only does the ice serve as a soothing place for Orvos to calm down, but it also brought out her personality to others. “Before skating I was quiet and

shy. After I started, I came out of my shell and became more confident.  It gave me a passion, even though it’s frustrating because of the falls,” said Orvos. Trevor Brown (12) started his own winter sport obsession at the age of 8.  As a “different and fun” sport, Brown said he thinks snowboarding knows no boundaries. “It should be one of the sports that if people want to do it, they can.  It’s open to people who want to try,” said Brown. Brown also said he sees the sport as a bonding experience and a new way to make friends.  In fact, some of his best memories are of snowboarding at Copper Mountain, Co. where the snow is the best. Most of his experiences run in the family, with his brother Trey Brown (10), and since they started boarding, trips reoccur almost every year. “The terrain park isn’t intimidating either,” said Brown. The parks feature pocket parks for people who want to start small, and to build up to where they want to be.  Small parks are a

battle of the

SCAN HERE for the full Bowl Breakdown

16 |


Orange Bowl


Oklahoma State shouldn’t even be here. They belong in the BCS national championship, aside of being screwed over and having to play Stanford. Oklahoma State will dominate on both sides of the ball. Having a 28-year-old quarterback seems a little weird, but regardless, we can all agree he is fun to watch.


way to open up boarding to everyone. Although Missouri does not have the best hot spots for winter sporting, most people start small at places like Line Creek and the local slopes, Snow Creek. When South sports open up, most people are immersed in school activities, but even more visit the mountains in Colorado, go to extra-curricular activities and accomplish a lot more than others may



Tostitos Fiesta Bowl


Rose Bowl Game presented by Vizio

Wisconsin is a good football team. Don’t get me wrong, they’re solid, but you can’t deny the overwhelming Oregon offense that simply refuses to be stopped. The high-paced and powerful offenses will face-off and should make for an exciting match-up. This will be one of the better games of the BCS bowls. I take Oregon by 1.

BCS Championship

This is the game of the century.. Part Two. The two best teams in the country are facing off for the national championship. The game of the century is now re-running, with some controversy whether it should have been Oklahoma State and not Alabama are still being talked about. I personally agree with this statement because ‘Bama had their shot. But this game will be one great game which, in the end, is what the viewers want.

The match-up is Clemson and West Virginia. At #23, WVU hasn’t really seen an offense like Clemson just yet. I understand WVU has a good record but the caliber of play hasn’t been the same as Clemson’s. I take Clemson by 7.

All-State Sugar Bowl

Michigan, with the recent lack of success the past couple of seasons, should be thankful that they’re in any major bowl game. They should also be thankful that they’re playing Virginia Tech, the most overrated team and most undeserving team to be in the BCS bowls. If Michigan loses to VA Tech, either Michigan is really bad or I’m just a bad sportscaster.. which I don’t think I am.



watch the latest episode of SportsTalk at the Sports Desk


by the numbers

People who watched the 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Number of people that watched Super Bowl XLV

Average attendance at an NBA game in 2010-11

Total number of MLB tickets sold in 2011

Attendance at the 2011 BCS Championship game

Number of people who watched the World Cup Final in 2010

that is Sports are bigger than ever, but is that a bad or good thing?



hat do your Sundays revolve around? Are they filled with worship or housework, or do the plans include sitting back and watching football all day? What each person does is their own business, but the business of sports is taking over as one of the biggest societal moneymakers and attention-grabbers ever seen. Just a mere hundred years ago, it seemed the United States, along with the rest of the world, revolved around religion and politics. However, these may no longer be the important things to today’s society. This year, Super Bowl XLV recorded an all-time high for any program in the history of television with 111 million viewers. The Super Bowl is just one prime example of Americans’ love of sporting events. The annual NFL championship game is celebrated by millions with parties and it draws cries to say it should be a national holiday. A national sports holiday? Have sports really become that big? “I don’t think they’ve grown out of hand,” said Emma Hagedorn (12). “People enjoy sports. They give them a chance to represent their school or team for pride.” Hagedorn has a point. People do enjoy sports, so much that some franchises make billions every year off merchandise, ticket and advertising sales. This large revenue that franchises make allows them to pay their athletes unbelievable salaries. But why are athletes paid so much to play a simple game, while policemen and fire fighters

make less to risk their lives for the betterment of others? “You have to consider the money the organization makes,” said Katie Jones, science. “They’re given a gift and put in a lot of time to get to where they’re at.” Hagedorn also said athletes are just using their gift to market themselves and make money. Sports have made even bigger headlines in recent news with the Penn State and Syracuse scandals, along with Missouri coach Gary Pinkel’s DWI in November. Although they’re in the national spotlight, should athletes and coaches have to be extra cautious and be held accountable to set an example for fans? “So many people watch these athletes on TV and look up to them. The attention is on them. Kids want to grow up and be the next them,” said Austin Dorrell (11). It seems more than ever athletes have been held more accountable for their actions due to their fame. “They don’t want the attention, but if they’re making that much money for entertaining, they need to be held accountable,” said Jones. Athletes and coaches are becoming bigger celebrities. Watching the game is as much a social event as anything else, and team merchandise sales are at an all-time high. Fans practically worship these teams and players. Although some may not like it, sports are slowly taking over the world’s attention, and it looks like they aren’t leaving any time soon. | 17



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19 18 |





evolution of


As South students grow up and change, so do the clothes they wear by EMILY ORVOS


hink back to the ‘90s. Little girls were running around in turtleneck sweaters, overalls and velcro light-up tennis shoes. Parents adored dressing up their daughters in frilly, ornate attire. “I used to wear matchy-matchy outfits my mom by EMILY JACKSON picked out,” said Trish Hyatt (12). As young girls grew into pre-teens and matured a little, so did their style. The early 2000s were full of more girly-girl styles. Denim skirts, distressed jeans and tank tops became popular. Limited Too, Aeropostale and \ Hollister clothes were all early

do you know your brands?







photo credits=LAUREN POWERS

middle school students were wearing, according to South students. “I used to wear graphic shirts that had the store name across the front,” said Morgan McKellar (11). “It’s funny I used to wear those because it’s not my style now at all.” Sure enough, fashion has changed even since the mid-2000s. Now, high school students are sporting skinny jeans, leggings and “cute shirts,” according to McKellar. Teenage girls have grown out of Limited Too and into Forever 21 and American Eagle. Many students said that they would rather wear sweats than “dress up” for school. Sara Vineyard (12) said that sweats are easier in the mornings if she wakes up late, and they are more comfortable. Raven Jennings (10) said, “I don’t dress to impress. I usually wear what I want, which is sweats or jeans and a hoodie.” Despite the comfort factor, there are students who disagree. Carley Eslick (11) prefers to wear nicer clothes to school. “I feel gross in sweats,” said Eslick. Others, like Erika Stark (10), agree with Eslick, but have different reasons for wearing the clothes she wears. “I feel like you can express yourself through clothes,” said Stark. Stark describes her style as “urban sophisticated,” and likes to wear Urban Outfitters, Pac Sun and Delias clothes. Whether it is leggings and a sweatshirt, a frilly skirt or a pair of velcro light-up tennis shoes, the girls at South are decked out in a variety of different styles.

get this for under $100 look by EMILY JACKSON

Candy Ice Earrings


H&M Blazer


B. Apple Bottoms D. Forever 21 F. True Religion

A. American Eagle C. Hollister Co. E. Miss Me

TopShop Blazer


$53 Visit to read Jessica Hayes’ story about an up-and-coming designer at South, plus watch Lauren Powers and Karson Lenger’s video about South Style.

Baby Phat Skirt


Charlotte Russe Cami


Charlotte Russe Shoe


Claire’s Earrings


Christian Louboutin Shoe


TOTAL = $897

Forever 21 Skirt


TOTAL = $93.45 | 19

dome sweet dome

Many South athletes turn to the latest craze during their sport’s offseason: indoor soccer by CHAD BREWSTER


Package by Spenser Brayer, Chad Brewster, Isaac Brizendine, Cody Shopper and Luke Becker

all sports have come to an end, and spring sports do not start for a couple of months. Although winter sports are getting under way, many South students are left without a sport to play during their offseason. Some turn to weight training, while others decide to spend those precious months off relaxing. Yet others find different ways to stay busy. A new phenomenon taking over South during the winter is Indoor Soccer, a variation of soccer played indoors on a turf field. The Indoor Soccer League plays at the KC Soccer Dome in North Kansas City. There are five South teams that will play in the C-League division of the league, which starts in early January. One indoor team hoping to make an impact this season is Qlimax FC. The reigning C-League Indoor Soccer League Champions, Qlimax is full of talent and power. Andrew Saunders (11) plays forward for Qlimax, as well as for South. Saunders thinks that Qlimax has the ability to repeat as champions. “We are returning some big players from last season, like Marc DeJesus and Zac Ricketts,” said Saunders, “We are also adding some impact players, such as Dillon Kitner. We will easily make the top three, although we are hoping for first.” One team looking to overthrow Qlimax is Wet ‘N Playful. Wet ‘N Playful is a new team comprised of many South soccer Varsity players, including Nick Smith (11). Smith believes that the key to success is to relax and not take it too seriously. “There are always good teams from Park Hill, plus Qlimax will be tough,” said Smith, “We just need to be well conditioned, quick and relaxed.” Dirty Mike Over Everything (DMOE) looks to be a dark horse in the indoor soccer league.

Austin Miller (10) plays football and baseball for South, but will play forward for DMOE this winter. Miller says the plan is to “be bigger and more physical than the other team.” “We have some secret weapons, so we should be a force this year,” said Miller, “I’m not worried about Qlimax at all.” Da Biznezz is another new team hoping to win it all. Alex Howe (12) plays football and baseball. for South. Howe said he plans to beat everyone in his way of a championship. “I don’t want to give up any goals,” Howe said, “But as a team, we plan to be victorious.” The Dirty Dozen is a young team full of potential. Forward Ty Seiwert (10) plays soccer for South. He believes that his team can play with the best of them. “We have a lot of soccer experience,” Seiwert said. “If we can play defense and be unselfish, we will succeed.” With lots of experience and plenty of ability, this year’s Indoor Soccer League looks to be competitive and fun to watch. Experienced players will have to play their best to fend off young motivated teams. When South students come to watch these teams play, maybe they will decide to get off the couch, get in shape and play some soccer.

“We plan to be victorious.”





20 |

Projected Record: 8-0 With many South varsity soccer players, Wet ‘N Playful will win the league with their great amount of experience and skill.

Projected Record: 7-1 The defending champs will make their way back to the championship, but fall short as they don’t have the skill to compete with Wet ‘N Playful.


Projected Record 4-4


Projected Record 2-6

Dirty Mike Over Everything will play with strength and intensity that will help them win some games, but a lack of soccer experience will hurt them in the long run.


The Dirty Dozen will have trouble winning games in such a competitive league. With a few South soccer players on the roster, a couple of victories will be a successful season for this team.


Projected Record 1-7 Da Biznezz is a very big and strong team but have hardly any soccer skill or experience. They will muscle out one win, but multiple wins will be tough.


>>Visit to read why these players play soccer and watch practice clips

New Season



Players who had barely stepped foot on the Varsity court are now taking lead roles on the higher-level team

ith no returning lettermen and only about 40 total points scored by the returning Varsity players, the South boys’ basketball team has to face this upcoming season with younger players and less Varsity experience. Players who have barely stepped foot on the Varsity court are now having to take lead roles on the higher level team “Just as the program is transitioning, the players now have to transition from supporting players to key players,” said new head coach John Sedler. The Varsity team this year only has five upperclassmen, meaning that the sophomores are the majority, and they will have to adjust fast if they want to compete. However, the sophomore players are not the youngest out there. Allen Hyatt, freshman, will also be playing Varsity. “It’s fun playing with the older guys, playing at their higher skill level has made me a better athlete, too,” Hyatt said. Hyatt is a 6’4” center, and has been playing basketball since second grade. “Alan is a sponge as far as coaching goes. He listens to the advice we give him and implements it on the court,” said Varsity assistant coach Tracy Mangels.

Not only have the players changed, but this year the head coach has changed, too. Sedler took the reigns and is now the head coach of the boys’ Varsity basketball team. “The players this year love basketball and they love South. It doesn’t matter who the coach is, they’re still going to try to do their best,” Sedler said. Parker Mayo, sophomore, said that Sedler still delivered the same coaching message as their former coach, Anthony Perry. “Overall it’s not too different. Sedler knows what he’s doing. He’s pretty well equipped to coach us,” said Mayo. Varsity and JV play their next home game today, Dec. 16, starting at 5:30 p.m against Winnetonka.

“Just as the program is transitioning, the players now have to transition from supporting players to key players.”

upcoming home games Winnetonka Var/JV Fri 12/6 5:30pm/7:00pm Liberty Var/JV Wed 1/4 5:30pm/7:00pm Raytown Var/JV Fri 1/6 5:30pm/7:00pm Park Hill Var/JV Fri 1/27 5:30pm/7:00pm Fort Osage Var/JV Tues 1/31 5:30pm/7:00pm Raytown South Var/JV Fri 2/10 5:30pm/7:00pm Belton Var/JV Tues 2/14 5:30pm/7:00pm


Go to to find out more about Panther Boys’ Basketball

changes for a | 21

behind the scenes of

Big Cat



Without a key school organization there would not be a Big Cat competition

hen December rolls around, many students look forward to the biggest event of the entire school year: Big Cat. Big Cat is a show put on by senior boys, who represent a club. The boys do skits about anything they want and see who the best is. They can pick some of their friends to perform with them. STUCO sponsors Big Cat, and does a lot to prepare. The Big Cat committee members set up lights, create advertisements, and have to set up a voting system. Without STUCO, the show would never even happen. Sarah Mathews (Science) is the STUCO sponsor for Big Cat. “As sponsor I just make sure that we are following school rules,” Mathews said. “Big Cat candidates take care of all the details, they organize everything, they plan it and they do the contacts,” Mathews said. . . .Mathews expects this year’s show to be a great one, considering the high quality and variety of this year’s contestants. . . .“We have a lot of candidates, so I think we’ll have a really good candidate pool. So hopefully it will be really funny. I look for it to be funny and creative,” she said. Barrett Hudson (Senior), had aspirations to perform in Big Cat, but decided against it because of stage fright. “I saw the last show, and had lots of ideas,” Hudson said. While Hudson may not want to perform as a Big Cat, he still wants to attend it. “It should be fun. I’ve heard good things,” Hudson said. Many students attended Big Cat, on Dec. 7 to see senior Luke Ravenscraft crowned as Big Cat 2011.


“I look for it to be funny and creative.”

big cat attendance by grade

22 |

Go to PHSview. com for more info. including a web story and photo slideshow with audio



celebrating the





t’s that time of year again. Whether you’re Although Clark said she has not yet found celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza, the pickle, she is determined to win the ‘Pickle everyone feels the same way. People get Present’ this year. together with family to celebrate the holidays Nick Griffith’s, sophomore, favorite holiday and eat delicious foods. Christmastime always tradition is hanging out with family at his brings out the best in grandparent’s house and “On Christmas, people. There are many watching movies. ‘Santa’ hides a pickle Cherished traditions are different and unique ornament on the tree practiced every year that traditions celebrated around the world and in and whoever finds it resemble who and what the community. are. Whether it is first gets the ‘Pickle individuals Abby Clark, making sugar cookies in the Present’.” freshman, said her shapes of snowmen, sending favorite part of Christmas is seeing her family. Christmas cards or having Chinese food on “On Christmas we go to Oklahoma and Christmas day, students love and cherish the Kansas and visit our family,” she said. practices that express who they are. She travels with her brothers and her sister. The tradition Clayton Hockensmith, Her favorite Christmas food is sugar cookies. freshman, anticipates every year is making “On Christmas, ‘Santa’ hides a pickle puppy chow with his family. At Christmastime, ornament on the tree and whoever finds it first he and his family gather in the kitchen to gets the ‘Pickle Present’,” Clark said. make puppy chow. This is his favorite tradition

because this is the one time every year he gets his favorite food. He said, “It brings our family together.” Autumn Templin, sophomore, said she loves “waking up, opening presents, and then watching Christmas movies” with her family. Traditions give individuals and families the ability to express ourselves at the most beloved time of year. Christmastime is a time for joy and giving, whether you are starting a new tradition or continuing a long-lived tradition that’s been passed down for generations.

Visit for video and story coverage of Christmas on the River

puppy chow Ingredients real squares 9 cups crispy rice ce tter 1/2 cup peanut bu ocolate chips 1 cup semi-sweet ch rs’ sugar 1.5 cups confectione

olate, add Directions heat, melt the choc w lo er ov an ep uc 1. In a sa ix until smooth ated peanut butter and m real and stir until co ce d ad , at he m fro coated 2. Remove e plastic bag. Add rg la a to in r ga su t container 3. Pour powdered ted. Store in airtigh oa l-c el w til un e ak cereal and sh

Photo by LEAH BARNHART | 23

What I WANT for Christmas Mohop Interchangeable Sandals by ELIZABETH BROWN

Fuzzy Socks

I know summer is a long way off but these are worth the wait. I change my mind all the time on what I like so these are perfect. $80

This is always the best part of my Christmas. My mom has a knack for getting me to open this before any other gift so I can wear them for the rest of day as I lounge around. $5

Chalkboard Paint

Lens Mug

I’ve had this urge to redo my entire room for about a week now and while brainstorming on colors, I came across “chalkboard paint”. I think this will look great as an accent wall, especially after it’s written all over. $ 20- 30

A friend showed me one of these a while ago and, being the photo junkie I am, I’m absolutely in love with this. It’s clever and cute. $30

College Necessities

As I get older, I’ve realized I’ve gotten away from circling everything in the “Toys R Us” magazine and more into the practical gifts. I told my family that this year, shampoo and conditioner, tooth paste, etc. for college would be much more useful instead of random things I really don’t want or need. $2-10

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