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For many of you, this year is going to be one of the most difficult stops along your journey and for others this year will fly by without a second thought. In 365 days so much can be accomplished or if you choose, the days will fade into months and you will be counting down the seconds until 2012. For every one person in the world there are 365 days, 525,000 minutes and an astonishing 31,556,926 seconds in every year; what you choose to do with those precious minutes is up to you. Currently the world population stands at an astounding 7 billion people. Stop and look around you; now imagine being crammed in a room with 7 billion different faces, 6,700 different languages and 7 billion different routines. As hectic as it may sound, this is the world we live in. Sometime it may seem easy to lose yourself in a world so large and all encompassing, but remember you are your own person and the way you spend your day does in fact matter. In this issue of the View we will place you in a room with 7 billion people, show you your final resting spot, explore the realms of stress and take you into one person’s daily routine. Above all, we will provide each and every one of our unique readers with something that will help get them through one more day.





TUCO spent months having record low attendance at planning this year’s courtwarming or prom? Homecoming dance. Girls Homecoming is a safe, spent days getting ready and supervised, student-funded shopping for that perfect dress. event where students can come Boys spent hours wracking their together to show school spirit brains to come up with a creative and have a good time. Why way to ask a girl. Yet after only would we discourage this? 30 minutes, We Is it worth having most people acknowledge had already some record low attendance at that left the people take it dance. What far, and we Courtwarming or Prom? too happened? are willing to This year compromise. administration decided to crack We solemnly swear to refrain down on “grinding” like never from “droppin’ low, and to keep a before. But why? maximum of two appendages on That is just how our the floor at all times. Ladies, keep generation dances. The View your head above your waist, and doesn’t want to start a Footloose guys don’t get handsey. debate, but that is almost what Plain and simple, the powers this is turning into. Every that be need to reevaluate their generation has their own trends, plan if they want anyone to ever and every preceding generation go to another school dance. hates them. Come on, lighten up. But is it worth it? Is it worth Everybody’s cutting foot loose.

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ThiN One’s For the Ladiesby IDA PATTON The battle of the sexes has been going on since the first caveman discovered he had more body hair than his female counterpart. Well boys, you definitely won that one. Since that day on, they have thought they owned God’s green earth. They reason they are stronger, smarter and better at just about everything that involves a ball. Men are cocky by nature it is just the way things are. . . .Well boys, I’m going to let you onto a well-known secret; girls are better than boys. No it is not an opinion, it is a well-known fact. We allowed you to take control of the world for a little while and look what happened. Don’t say we are being unfair, we are only doing what we think is right. We are re-claiming the throne and we are starting with music. It is no shock to me that women have re-claimed the music throne over the last few years. In any genre that you fancy you will find a female front-runner. If country’s your thing, Taylor Swift is there to tell you about her broken heart and if your more of a rap fan Nikki Manaj is there to provide all three of her personalities for you. This phenomenon is easily traced throughout history. We found the first cave and being the self-sacrificing creatures that we are, we gave it to our men and what did they do? They called in the man-cave. And then we found a rock and started pounding out some pretty great beats, so we gave you the ‘drum,’ for holiday and you decided you could play it better than us. Woo.. what a surprise. Millions of years later Janis Joplin came around and belted her

heart out. Joplin did her thing and she did it well, but the trend of female excellence stopped for a while. Although some women stood out, Madonna, Britney Spears and the Spice Girls, most of them hid in the back behind a pack of cavemen. And let’s be honest for a second, “Hit Me Baby One More Time?” Really Britney? The world hungered for something more than mediocrity. And thus, Lady Gaga was born. I can say without a doubt, that unless you have been living under a very large rock for the last five years, you have heard of Lady Gaga. From her strange manner of dress to her unique lyrics and voice, she is the epitome of female success. It is not just Lady Gaga; Taylor Swift and Nikki Manaj that are being heard. The long list of newfound female excellence includes; Beyoncé, the amazing Adele and Katy Perry. The lady’s stole the show at the VMA’s and at many other music award shows, but they also secured their self’s a spot on our iPods. What you may not know about these divas is that they are taking over the world, of music that is. These are the ladies that are universally known and loved by almost everyone. Personally, I can’t get enough Adele or Lady Gaga. They are original, they are fearless and they are amazing role models for any girl out there who wants to be anything more than average.

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fo c u s



Decision Dilemmas

A couple weeks ago I went on a field trip. There was a part on this trip where all 50 plus students were in a room and we had the opportunity to stand and ask a question. I had a couple of questions but didn’t want to be the first to ask. Not because I’m shy….which I am, in all honesty, but because there’s always someone else willing to go first. Right? This situation has probably happened to most students at South. Maybe you’ve been in a situation where you don’t act right away because you figure someone else will. I know I have tons of these incidents; the one I described previously was just the first one to come to mind. So why do people wait for someone else to act? Besides maybe having an aversion to attention. As always, psychology never disappoints. The psychological term for people being less likely to take action or feel the need to act when in a large group of people is called diffusion of responsibility.

b y S P E NC E R O N

Tax for Stacks Stacks S

ince the start of government, the issue of taxes has been the hot-topic. Even today, our capitalist country has a complex and often incomprehensible tax system.   However, the most important question is how to separate those who have a higher income from those who do not and how are today’s decisions going to affect our generation tomorrow? For the past few weeks Obama, along with many other Democratic officials, have proposed a bill that will affect the margin of the current tax bracket.  The new bill calls for high income individuals to pay a higher tax percentage.  With a large margin already in place between low and high income groups, the real issue lies with those of high income.  Many high income individuals choose to invest money into certain programs which the government chooses to tax at a low rate.     Ben Andersen (12) blames a variety of people, but even larger society as a whole, for the issues.     “No one pays attention to what really needs to be done.  Everyone at Capitol Hill needs to take a good, hard look at what’s going on,” said Andersen. The real issue resides with tax brackets and separating American society into social classes.  Some people are always going to make more money than others. Many agree that 10 percent of $10,000 is a lot more to pay than 10 percent of $1,000,000. More than

4 |

Diffusion of responsibility is rarely, if ever, a good thing because if no one feels the need to act, things are less likely to get done. Imagine if John Hancock practiced diffusion. Would the Declaration of Independence ever have been signed? What if Harry Potter decided other wizards could defeat Voldemort? And what will society come to if no one takes the first step in recognizing we need to do something about overpopulation now? Alright, I don’t mean to get ahead of myself, but hopefully you see the point I’m making. So the next time you’re in a group, whether for a project, sport, or even for a school dance, just know this: it’s okay to take responsibility once in a while. You can’t wait on the world; you have to put things in motion. Who knows? Maybe next time I’ll stand and ask my question without hesitating.

A G o v e r n m e n t B i l l P ro p o s e s Ta x e s F o r t h e H i g h I n c o m e b ra c ke t

35 percent of an individual’s income also representatives and officials are going to translates to a lot of time and money being offer lip service in order to acquire power, taken away. and the American people need to be aware However, in a true and fair capitalist of the truth, which is that everyone is economy, taxes would going to pay money, and a lot of it. be paid at the same However different the We won’t be able to opinions of Andersen and percentage by every individual or family. Allred, both agree that “We are a capitalist pay these taxes back our generation is getting country.  You should overshadowed with deficit, and not be disadvantaged neither of them are too excited at the rate we’re for doing well financially,” about paying back money. says Andersen, who “We won’t be able to pay going into debT. personally would agree these taxes back at the rate with a flat rate tax proposal. we’re going into debt,” Others, like Stephanie Allred (11), like says Andersen. the idea of a tax margin change. She says The government also truly reflects the the gap would actually be more fair because general population of its country.  If the the wealth of the country is held by a small government shows it has no problem over percent of the population. spending, then the citizens will embody the “People who can’t even pay their taxes idea and over spend as well. now would see no change at a flat rate tax,” “The government is leading the says Allred. people with a bad influence, and a lot Another issue is how this bill would of uneducated people will follow the affect our generation and future generations government’s example,” says Allred. to come.  No single group of people is Separation of class is not a form of at fault for the federal deficit, but the business or economics, but a way to government has obviously over spent separate the people, who are the same according to their budget, and Americans people that need to work together in order have pushed overspending in general. to distinguish and accomplish a common “I think it’s going to get worse. We really purpose. The government should make need to cut things like defense spending, a choice that is objectively good for the which we don’t ever use,” says Allred. country as a whole. Presidential candidates, senators, Read more about taxes and the Occupy Wall Street

movement at

al a 1. Heaven is for Re y Laur oken b r o b rp n Bu dd U To by 6. brand 2. The Help by Hillen ey by hael V tt ke oc St 7. Mic Kathryn Evens d Paul by r Fire (Kane a of ne h ro Th ic e Th R 3. ife tolen L s #2) 8. A S ugard Chronicles Serie D t by Jaycee by Rick Riordan ay Die e 17 D gument Ar h l T na igi . Or 9 e Th 4. oreno nes Mike M ame of Thro by Glenn Beck G ain e t mes 10. Th e R. R. Mar 5. The Hunger Ga g r o e s by G om by Suzanne Collin noble.c esand

e: barn


True Life by BLAKE RESER

I eat, sleep, breathe & live for

Obsession: the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, When most people think about being obsessed, it’s usually over material things: sports, food and members of the opposite sex. As for me, if you have ever seen me around school you can probably tell I am not obsessed with makeup and hair products, I’m always in sweats and my hair is just thrown up. I don’t have a typical obsession. My obsession revolves around a music artist with a bit of a different twist: Nikki Minaj. Born in Saint James, Onika, Tanya Minaj (her real name) moved to New York City when she was five. She was in drama and performing art classes throughout high school. She knew she would pursue music after school. At first it wasn’t easy, according to, but in 2007 Minaj got her first signing with Young Money. Her first CD was out by 2008. I have to admit, when she first came out I had never heard any of her music. The first song I did hear from her was “Bed Rock”. Minaj only has about 26 seconds of singing in the song, but the part she did sing, got me hooked.

Nikki Minaj

. . . .Unlike most artists, Minaj has her own style. For example, at the Music Festival held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Sept. 24, 2011 she wore a really ‘loud’ dress. It was pink and poofy under her hips. Instead of having just simple shoes Minaj went with red boots that made her stand out. What Minaj wears on the red carpet and on album covers shows how fun of a person she is. Seeing her dress how she likes shows us a more personal side of her. Most artists have a stylist who controls their outfits—not Minaj. The main reason I am completely obsessed with Minaj is because of her style of music. Think of how many times you have heard a woman rap and it actually sound good. It’s very rare. The song, ‘Where Dem Girls At”, probably has the best rap by Minaj and in a weird way you can understand everything she is saying; unlike most male rappers who speak gibberish. Minaj is expecting her next album release around the holidays. I personally think this album will be just as good as “Pink Friday” which came out in earlier this year, and I can’t wait to check it out.


Best Sellers of2011

Gets Rave Reviews


The best-selling story of a kidnapped young woman and the bond she shares with her son bred from her captor.


hile walking through Barnes and Noble about a month ago, I was looking for a light, casual read. Something I could pick up during that last 15 minutes of class when no one’s doing anything, or when I’m having a slow night at work. My eyes landed on a white paperback, with colorful crayon written letters spelling one word: “Room”. After reading the back, I knew immediately this wasn’t the “light read” I was looking for, but I also knew I had to have it. The novel, written by Emma Donoghue, is told from the perspective of five year old Jack, who lives in a room with his mother. He was born and raised in the room, and knows nothing of the outside world. His mother was captured from her college campus two years prior to his birth by “Old Nick,” who is actually his father. Ma and Jack are never allowed to leave the room. They do have a TV but everything Jack sees on it, he believes is just in the TV world and he and his mom are the only two real things, other than Old Nick when he comes in the night to bring them food. During these night visits Ma’s bed creaks while Jack’s supposed to be asleep in the wardrobe. He always wonders what those creaks are. If being held captive against her will for seven years wasn’t enough already, the desperation for Ma to escape is growing each day, as she finds out Old Nick has lost his job and is bringing less and less food each week. In an attempt to flee, she explains to innocent-minded Jack that there is a real world outside of room, and they need to get out. He thinks she’s playing a joke on him at first but begins to believe her when she persists. Together, they formulate an escape plan. I don’t want to give too much else away because the book is phenomenal and I highly recommend it to people looking for a story they will be sucked into. This book had me enticed from page one. It became clear as to why “Room” is a national best-seller. It captures you the same way Jacks mother was captured-only willingly. My favorite part is that it’s from Jack’s perspective. It adds an innocent element to make everything a little less gruesome and shows kidnapping from a viewpoint not many people would think of. This being said, it does have its share of scary parts including numerous rape references, uncomfortable descriptions of breast feeding (Jack still feeds from his mother) and sickening to the stomach accounts of vomit and feces. The only thing I didn’t like about the book was the ending. It didn’t stand up to the rest of the book. Overall I give “Room” four out of five stars and will offer my copy to anyone willing to be thrown into a world nearly none of us could understand, without this piece of literary excellence. | 5


How does sleep deprivation affect teens?

Sleepyon the SOUTH SIDE Everyone has had the conversation with their parents about how late they can stay up at night, but how much sleep should teens really be getting? “Adolescents need about 8.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep per night, but many do not get it. Because of early school start times on top of schedules packed with school, homework, friends and activities, they are typically chronically sleep deprived,” says Mary L. Gavin, MD in a study of teen sleep patterns on Despite the fact that teens should be getting 8.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep a night, the average teen at South gets around eight hours, assuming they go to bed right at their bed time, according to a View survey. On the weekend, the average South student gets around seven hours of sleep, and that is if they have no obligations the next morning. Seventy-nine percent of South students go to bed after midnight on the weekend. Teen’s sleep patterns are also very scattered when they stay with friends. Because teens tend to get hardly any sleep at all when with friends, it can be harder to get to sleep on weekdays. “I hate waking up early for school on the weekdays, and with soccer and homework I usually have to stay up late,” said Adam Weatherly (11). “Sleep deprivation can add


up over time for teens and cause them to lose attention span during the day, as well as decrease in short-term memory, delayed reactions and response time and inconsistent performance in school and in sports,” says Gavin. “Over half of asleep-behind-the-wheel car accidents are caused by teen drivers.” South students generally feel tired during the day from odd sleep patterns as well. “I normally feel really tired throughout both the weekdays and weekends. I always just want to go lie down and sleep,” said Katie Blechinger (10). This is a feeling that is shared by many students; 71 percent of South students feel drowsy on a regular basis. Josh Hunt (11), thinks that grades in many first hour classes suffer due to the increased sleepiness from students. “It’s horrible having Trig first block. I’m always exhausted and it’s really hard to pay attention,” said Hunt. High school students who regularly score C, D or F on school tests and assignments get, on average, half an hour less sleep per night than students who regularly get A and B grades says the Better Health Channel government website. Sleep is obviously very important for a high school student.

What are Your Rights?

by JESSICA FREEMAN Top 4 rights most teenagers MAY not know about

1. Students who are on school grounds

can be searched by administrators at anytime when on school property. They have to have reasonable suspicion in the first place., which means they have to have specific reasons to justify their search. As for an officer, they can only search if they have probable cause. Probable cause is a reasonable belief that a person has committed a crime.

Getting Pulled Over

“If you are pulled over and an officer wants to search you, you can say no unless they have probable cause,” said Officer Westrich. “But they can not ask you unless they have reasonable suspicion in the first place.”

3. When getting pulled over at a stop light,

Traffic Stop STOP

remain calm. Keep your hands on the steering wheel and show no movement. Second, have all of your papers ready to go such as; registration, drivers license and proof of insurance, when officer approaches your window. Passengers in the car with you also have the same right as you do.. They do not have to talk to the officer either and can refuse a search. Also it is a law a cop can only detain you 15-20 minutes in a “The 4th amendment is what traffic stop. protects each and everyone.” Officer Westrich



f yo


de Island teenag ers

6 |

“In all searches I am there with Coach Carr, but we have different roles and I will not search until there is probable cause.” Officer Westrich

It always helps the situation. Second, you do not have to give the police officer all of your information. All that is needed is what is on your drivers license. When asked more info. than needed you can simply say, I am going to remain silent. And last, you do not have to let cops search your car whenever. They have to have probable cause to even ask.

Officer Westrich



got less than 6 1/2 hours of sleep on school nights


lacked by at least 10 hours of sleep per week

ding to a s cor tud Ac



2. First, start off talking to the cop politely.

Party Situations went to bed after 11 p.m.

School Rights

“It is up to the officer on how they determine the outcome on a party.” Officer Westrich


First off, you do not have to let a cop in if they knock on your door, unless they have a warrant signed by the judge. Also you do not have to agree to go to the police station if the police want to question you. If you are at a party and a cop knocks, you do not even have to answer. The cops cannot come into your home just because you have a party, unless welcomed in, or if they see alcohol and underage drinkers. Officers may come right in if a fight breaks out. in order to maintain safety.

“You are protected the same way under the constitution as an adult.”


Even after cutting funds, South still manages to keep things fair


ew paint brushes, new player jerseys. New tennis balls, new tracing paper. Each year, South reloads the supplies needed by teachers and coaches. However, there are some departments or subjects that require more funding than others. A certain amount of funding is set aside for each specific department. After that, each department is allowed to buy what is needed for their class or sport. It is common to hear that the Sports often have an unfair advantage over the Arts, but that is not the case at South. “You say equal funding. It’s almost impossible to be equal because it can’t always be equal. So what we look for is not exactly equal funding but adequate funding as we go through,” said Dr. Dale Longenecker, principal. Whether it is from the district or a fundraiser, South’s money goes to many different places for many different reasons. For example, art teachers at South are given about $400 per student from the district for class supplies, according to Laura Lenhert, art.    “Park Hill School District has not specifically cut the Arts, we have cut them like everyone else. We cut them 15 percent across the board. Everybody just bleeds together. The arts typically get cut


South is Saving


just because they are so very expensive,” said Longenecker.    Between adding up the district funded money and the art fees provided by the students, art teachers have enough to buy all the essentials for their class. Though many times, enough just is not enough.     “I’m always picking things up here and there, We all are,” said Lenhert.    Art teachers are not alone in expenses. South coaches often spend personal money to keep their teams safe and productive. However, success can come at a cost. Many coaches have learned to use money sparingly, and on the rare occasion, dish out some personal money.     “If I’m spending my own money, it’s usually my fault,” said Coach Glynis Chambers, tennis.    Much like the art classes, sports teams also go through a lot of money for equipment, uniforms and all the things needed to be one of South’s successful athletic teams.    “A new wrestling mat can cost up to

$10,000, so we haven’t had a new mat in a while,” said Coach Chris Reuscher, wrestling.   Coaches have learned to go through things sparingly, as they may not get new uniforms and equipment until the ones they have are worn out. “We have to do alot of fundraising to pay for new uniforms and equipment,” said Diana Hunter (9).      The major issue is that sometimes, there just is not enough money to go around.

Musical n fo r ma t i o n : I

Leads: Richard Powell (J.Pierpont Finch) Kaelyn Whitt (Rosemary Pilkington) Will Peak (J.B.Biggley) PJ Anderson (Bud Frump) Taylor Anderson (Hedy LaRue) Mr. Bratt (Brody Smith)


  

 

 




Dates: November 10,11 and 12 Time: 6:30 p.m. Place: Park Hill South Auditorium Tickets: $6



South theatre department knows how to succeed when it comes to business on the stage


Anderson mentioned the strong talent in this group of actors, Repeating lines, rehearsing choreography and building the set are including Richard Powell (12), Kaelyn Whitt (12) and Will Peak (11). just some of the things that go into the annual musical. This year, Anderson said that “there is a spot for each person to shine” even the seven Tony award-winning musical, “How to Succeed in Business with nearly 40 cast members and only 20 speaking parts. Without Really Trying”, is coming to South’s stage. who plays J. Pierrepont Finch, said rehearsals for J. Pierrepont Finch is a window washer with dreams “there is a thePowell, musical were coming along well, especially for being one to make it big in business, and when he comes across a book that can get him there, everything changes. With spot for of the larger shows put on by South. The process of casting, rehearsing and setting up has the help of his new found cheat sheet, Finch makes his each person been a lengthy one. Casting began back in early September way to the top of the World Wide Wicket Company “without really trying”. That is, until his plans go awry to shine.” and the crew has until November to perfect it. With just a little way to go, rehearsing continues every week and he is forced to lean on his own wits to keep him to get ready for the final production. at the top. “How to Succeed…” will be performed in the Park Hill South Taylor Anderson (12) plays Miss Hedy LaRue and said this year’s auditorium Nov. 10-12 at 6:30 p.m Be sure to get tickets early! play is different than anything theatre has done before. She said she feels the comedy in this show will attract more people. | 7


very eight seconds a baby is born in the United States.. This particular second marks the 6,968,171,080th baby to enter the world.     “The country should address [overpopulation] as a problem so more people know about it,” said Kaetlyn Bledsoe (10).     Though most acknowledge overpopulation is an issue, most do not deem it as pressing. According to as of Oct. 13, the world population stands at just under 7 billion people when, in 2000, the population was just over 6 billion.  If these trends continue, by 2021 the world population could be well over 8 billion.     Even with these weighty statistics, the question still stands: why should one care?  If society does not start caring now, the future looks bleak.  The best way to stop a crisis is to avoid it. With depleting resources and a growing number of people, a crisis is around the corner.     The Insider, a non-profit organization, states between now and 2020, the oil supply will fall below international standards.  This will undoubtedly cause a disruption in American lifestyle.       “We’re reaching the breaking point and won’t be able to take much more,” said Shyanne Johnson (12).     Aside from resources, overpopulation is also affecting the quality of life for people throughout the world.   As more people are born into poverty, the rich to poor ratio becomes more skewed.  As the gap grows people around the world get anxious because they want to live the quality of life those with money have.  This is the main reason rebellions, like in Egypt, and protests, such as in the U.S. on Wall Street, are taking place.     “Overpopulation doesn’t contribute as much to global warming as it does to poverty,” said Joe Richey (12).  Richey has been researching overpopulation for his philosophy project. Thankfully, it’s not too late.  Even the little things South students do, such as recycling, can help relieve some of the planet’s stress.  Just think about it. states paper takes up 30 percent of space in American landfills. That space could be used for the rising world population.       Overpopulation is no longer something to put on the back burner.  The planet is only so big and while branching out to other worlds may seem like a good idea, Aditya Joshi (11) comments it is not exactly plausible.     “Very few places can sustain the type of life we’ve been living,” Joshi said. “It’s about preserving our world rather than moving to others.”

A few other unorthodox cremation methods

ars Teddybe

s ork w e Fir

es ston Gem

Throughout life everyone has a few big decisions to make: where to go to college, if and when to get married and have children and when and what to do when they retire. One big decision that many people overlook, or leave to their family, is how to dispose of your remains after you’re gone. There’s traditional grave burial, cremation, donating your body to science plus a few other options. With the world’s population growing every day, living space is becoming limited, leading many people to wonder if the amount of space used for cemeteries is wasted land. According to, 2.2 million acres of land were lost to cemeteries between 1997 and 2001 alone. These statistics, along with conservation reports about depletion of the ozone layer have inspired a new company called ‘The Spirit Tree’ which offers a “green” way to exit the world. “I think it’s a cool idea, depending on your beliefs,” said Haley Barr (12). The company provides a seed like container that is actually a biodegradable two piece urn that grows into a living memorial in the form of a tree. Essentially, you fill the urn and then “impregnate” the ashes with your choice of tree seed and plant the tree anywhere you feel suitable.

Designed by Kylie Vandeven

The idea has been widely accepted by people around the world and even South’s community. “It’s a great memorial method while also helping sustain our environment,” said Clayton Wells (12). Barr said a few of the biggest benefits of ‘The Spirit Tree’ would be helping contribute to restoration of the ozone layer by planting more trees and using less space for cemeteries. Because of his beliefs on the afterlife, Keagon Franklin (9) is not keen on ‘The Spirit Tree’ philosophy. “I think [the spirit trees] are really weird,” said Franklin. “I don’t want to be reincarnated into a tree. I’d rather have a tombstone with my whole body.” There is no right or wrong way to leave the world, but knowing the options you have is important for you and your loved ones’ departure. “I would rather have my family look out their front window and see a tree in my remembrance,” Wells said, “instead of driving to some cemetery and looking at a tombstone with 100 others surrounding.” Hopefully no students or staff have to make a decision regarding the death of a loved one, or their own anytime soon; however, it is good to remember that the decision is a big one and should be discussed with the family of whoever is deciding.

l i fe





love drama. Well, let me take that back. I enjoy watching drama unfold in front of me because it is amazing to see how dumb the girls in our grade can be. Yes, I’m blaming the girls—don’t get mad at me for making an honest evaluation. I don’t see guys whispering about each other in the hallways, or talking about each other as soon as they get up to go to the snack bar during lunch. Like guy drama? I mean, just making that sentence doesn’t even sound right to me. Let’s just look at the past couple of weeks. I want everyone reading this to think of all the drama you have been exposed to. “I don’t see guys Now, think of the people whispering about in particular who started the drama, each other in the or the main person involved. A: they’re hallways...” all girls. B: it could possibly be the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard. Everyone knows what I’m talking about, but what most people don’t realize is that if one person, just one person, would have humbled themselves, it never would have escalated into the extra dumb drama I have to hear about every day. I’m not saying guys don’t get upset or don’t have feelings. I will say guys don’t let personal issues get in the way of business. It’s simple to me. If you don’t like someone, just tell them. Don’t be rude about it. Who says you have to say ‘hi’ if you don’t really like them? No one is requiring you to talk to me, and I’m not required to talk to you. What’s wrong with being civil? The worst part of drama, is when some loud, obnoxious girl is talking about it. I put in my two cents, but then all of a sudden it’s not my business. I get it.. It’s okay for you to talk about something as loud as you want, but when I think you’re wrong, it’s a secret all of a sudden. That makes about as much sense as the whole idea of drama anyway. Girls, you do whatever you feel necessary, I’m just giving you the guy point of view. That’s it, straight up. #broh’n

On the one subject we might not be so“gifted”at: DRAMA

Girlsby:the Gifted Gender MALANA BRADFORD


thatawkwardmoment when the person who always starts the drama is complaining about how much they hate drama. That’s right; this article is about drama, rumors and those petty little arguments that turn into way bigger deals than they should have been in the first place. Let’s be honest ladies, we’ve all been in our fair share of dramatic situations; and when boys get involved and feelings are on the line, everything intensifies. The real question is: why does it have to be a large part of everyday high school world? Why do we all care so much about who “I’m probably with this weekend? that girl “hooked up” with the majority of Who made a remark about someone else’s body type? Who allegedly boys on this...” cheated on who? I’m probably with the majority of boys on this one when I say let’s just cut it out. However, I only say majority because there are plenty of boys out there who LOVE to stir up the dramatic potions that we “witches” are brewing and watch it play out. From the wise words of Tina Fey in “Mean Girls,” ‘you all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it okay for guys to call you sluts and whores.’ Boys, you know who you are; girls can create enough rumors for a lifetime without any of your help, so please stay out of it. Now, back to the females. Can we all just take a second to think about what’s going on? Is it going to matter in five years? No. In fact, it won’t even matter in a month, so stop stressing. Whether it’s a fight with your boyfriend, your best friend or some girl who called you a name over Twitter, you have two options: be the bigger person, or if that doesn’t work, confront the issue head-on with the other person involved—and only that person. Talk about it and try to agree to disagree. If not for yourself, do it for everyone else around you. After all, nobody likes (or wants to be) the “Ronnie and Sammie” of the group.

their own kind of music They Got the Beat South Juniors arebycreating DELANEY IRELAND


or those jamming out to dubstep, blaring crazy remixes or mixing your own beats, Nathan Goldberg (11) and Andrew Houston (11) are giving you a run for their money.    “We make electronic music… specializing in trance with mild dubstep influence,” said Goldberg.     Goldberg and Houston go by the name Tokarev, hoping to eventually conceal their identities and create music by an alter ego. The name Tokarev came from a Soviet Russian manufacturer in World War II, by the name of Fedor Tokarev.      Getting inspiration from Daft Punk, Goldberg and Houston have created over 50 complete songs and two albums. Goldberg even does his own cover art.     “We’ve only come out with two albums… [but] we sell them.” said Houston. If interested in buying an album for | 10

$5, just talk to Goldberg or Houston. Along with selling their albums for others to enjoy, Tokarev also has its own Facebook fan page. Anyone can like them at    “We’ve been [making music] since ninth grade. It’s been a long time,” said Houston Goldberg and Houston have been friends since seventh grade after sharing an art class together. They have been producing music together since ninth grade, and have remained good friends during it all.     Growing up, Goldberg was influenced by music mainly from his family. His parents are both musicians and taught him what he needed to know.     “My dad is a professional musician. My mom was a flute player, but it was my brother that got me into it,” said Goldberg.     Houston, on the other hand, grew up with no musical influence. Goldberg quickly

taught him the way.    “I nourished him with the musical fountain of knowledge,” said Goldberg.     Those who have heard the music produced by Goldberg and Houston know just how great it is.     “I think they’re really good,” said Janessa Samples (11). “They can definitely go somewhere someday.” listen to Tokarev’s music via

streaming tracks at or like them on Facebook at

Your Hometown University.

Go Pirates!

“I fell in love with Park because it is a beautiful campus with awesome people from around the world.” | Miki Katuwal, Senior (Jhapa, Nepal) “i love going to all our schools sPorting events and being around the friends I have made since I have been here” | Jon LaHue, Junior (Kansas City, Mo.)

Park is a Great Value.

Park University was founded in 1875, and is private four-year, non profit, liberal arts institution.

Park University has been recognized as a “best value” by Parents & Colleges, and “one of the least expensive private schools” by U.S. News & World Report. The U.S. Department of Education says Park’s tuition is the “lowest net price” among private universities in Missouri. Park University also offers generous financial aid opportunities and historically has provided more than $7 million in institutional scholarships annually.

Campus Location. The 700-acre, flagship Parkville Campus rests high above the scenic Missouri River, less than a mile from historic Parkville, and 10 minutes from downtown Kansas City. Park also operates 40 campus centers in 21 states.

Visit Campus!

(go to for details) November 19, 2011 January 7, 2012 February 18, 2012 March 24, 2012 March 31, 2012 April 14, 2012 May 5, 2012 May 19, 2012

Students. The Parkville Campus enrolls approximately 2,000 undergraduates, representing 50 states and 105 countries. The student-to-faculty ratio is 12:1. Park’s global annual enrollment exceeds 23,000 students. Academics. Students pursue more than 50 majors university-wide. Many innovative minors, certificate and graduate programs are also available. Park University offers special academic programs in global proficiency, internships and cooperative education, and a Degree with Honors program. Dedicated professors provide personal attention and prepare you for lifelong learning. Student Life. Park University’s high-energy campus is bustling with student organizations and activities. Student Life coordinates student activities, student clubs and organizations, student orientation, student leadership programs,


intramural sports and the Pirate Fitness Center. There are three residence halls available on campus: Chesnut, Dearing and Copley Quad. A thriving residence life program lets you live with your friends and create a living space that is uniquely yours. Athletics. Park University participates in the NAIA and is a member of the American Midwest Conference and Mid-America Men’s Volleyball Intercollegiate Conference West Division. Park University athletics programs include: • Baseball • Basketball • Cross Country • Golf (women’s) • Soccer • Softball • Track and field • Volleyball Study Abroad We provide Park University students with the opportunity to experience firsthand the incomparable value of an international education. Through Park University’s programs, you can study abroad for a week, month, semester or year in more than 30 countries.

Park has no out-of-state tuition!

Park University | 8700 N.W. River Park Drive | Parkville, MO

Visit to enroll for Parkville Campus daytime classes, get more info about Park University or schedule a campus visit. Or call us at (816) 746-2560.

Park University ad.indd 1

9/29/11 4:38 PM

l i fe

a scare beyond the view staff presents a special two-page halloween fright fest


The History Behind the Scare


s the day becomes night, children are getting their costumes secured and procrastinated parents make a mad dash for those last bags of candy. Porch lights turn on as the moment has arrived. It is time for trick-or-treating, the best part of Halloween. But ever wonder what brought on this devious holiday? Halloween began long ago with a Celtic culture in Ireland, Britain and Northern Europe called the Druids. Its roots came from the Druid festival called Samhain. Samhain is a harvest festival that lasted for three days, in which Druids would honor the dead, celebrate the year’s end and the beginning of a new year. It consisted of bonfires and practices based off superstition, according to Druids also believed spirits would roam at night to disturb the living. So the Druids would dress in ghoulish costumes and parade loudly. By being destructive they hoped to scare off spirits. This is thought to be how Halloween costumes originated. “Halloween is my favorite. You can dress up as something interesting with people thinking you look stupid.” said

Samuel Morgan (12). There are many ideas on how trick-or-treating came about. One was that during the time of “no time” (the three days of Samhain) children would go house to house asking for food or treats and those who did not would get a very nasty trick. Another theory is that poor people would go to rich houses, asking for “soul cakes” in exchange for prayers for their deceased love ones. “I love being able to get free candy from random strangers,” said Mary Bahl (11). So the Catholic Church decided to take over these three days and named them as All Hallows Eve (Halloween), All Hallows (All Saints Day) and All Souls Day (The Mexican Day of the Dead) to try to convert the Druids to Christianity. It was not until Christianity came did the Christian Devil ever become associated with Halloween. There was nothing that related to the devil or Satan, or Earth-based religions. At the end of the day, people can believe what they choose.


FIVE Frightening Films

12 |


Available to watch Instantly this weekend on Netflix

go to for a review of “paranormal activity 3” and other scary movies


Created by Hannah Woodson (12)


Created by Lauren Thetford (11)

four easy costumes from your closet



Daddy Long Legs Cupcakes


Ingredients: 1 Frosted Chocolate Cupcake Chocolate sprinkles Black Lace Licorice Two pieces of eye-type candy


2. Cat

Instructions: -Cover with Chocolate sprinkles -Press eyes into place -Cut eight 4-inch pieces of licorice -Bend and press into cupcake Peeking Monster Cupcake Ingredients. 1 Frosted Chocolate Cupcake Fifteen Candy Corn 2 pieces of eye-type candy

football player

Instructions: -Place Candy Corn in the frosting -Press eyes into place



log on to for a delicious apple pie recipe


Created by Hannah Brown (10)

Mitch Henderson (9) and Shaefer Schuetz (9)

FreshmAn | 13


F RE!…or better yet, five L


All five varsity girls’golf players individually qualified for Sectionals this year

ed by captains Kelli Mulligan (12) and Elizabeth Brown (12), varsity girls’ golf not only exceled as a group, but individually throughout their season. At one match this year, South received its best ever combined team score— a total of only 375 strokes between all competing members. Along with setting new records, the team collectively took first place at Conference. Individually at Conference, Lindsey Gile (11) took first place, followed by Mulligan in second. Sydney Sanders (10) and Savannah Kutz (11) also placed at the match, and were recognized as First Team All-Conference. Brown placed as a First Team alternate. “I set my personal record at Conference this year with only 85 strokes, and the other girls met their goals too. We all performed extremely well and deserved to win Conference,” said Gile. In order to qualify as a team for Sectionals, a school must place first or second at Districts. South did not place photo by ELIZABETH BROWN this year, however, if a player scored 114 strokes or lower, they could individually qualify. individual,” said

“It’s really hard for all members to individually qualify, and it’s something to be really proud of,” said Brown. All five South golfers achieved 114 or below, and every member qualified to compete at Sectionals. This is a major accomplishment for the team, and has never happened before at South. The girls went on to compete at Sectionals, but unfortunately none of them qualified to move on to State. Reflecting on this year’s season, Sanders said, “All of the girls were really close this year. We’re a small team and it’s nice that we were all encouraging each other.” Now that the season is over, the sophomore and junior members have set goals for next year, and are hoping to advance even farther in the future. “I’ve set personal and team goals for my senior year. I really like that golf can be a team sport, but also Gile. “It’s my game.”

on SEDLER Sidelines



John Sedler takes

over asVarsity Basketball coach

14 |

district website photo

There is a new man behind the clipboard on the South sidelines. Assistant Principal John Sedler is taking over the duties of boys’ head basketball coach. Sedler hopes to build on the success of recent seasons, where South has won Conference and District titles. Sedler said he was at one time the Athletic Director of both Park Hill and South, so he knows how manage multiple responsibilites. It also gave him valuable coaching experience. “It’s very exciting,” said Sedler. “We have a great group of kids which will make this transition very easy.” Though practices have not started yet, Sedler has already made preseason changes including new plays and a new conditioning routine. Players seem to be welcoming the change. “It feels good. It’s a fresh start. He’s got new ideas to bring to the court,” said returning player, Jamir Brown (12). Sedler has his work cut out for him. South has no returning letterman players, so this year’s team is full of new faces. “We don’t have talent we did last year, so were going to have to step it up,” said Dylan Huber (12). Players are ready for the challenge, and are optimistic about the new season. “He has faith in us,” Brown said. “We don’t want to let him down.”

Pitch T H E Pond ACROSS

An update on the beginning of the 2011-2012 English Premier League Season

Manchester City Manchester United Man City is taking care of business thus far, and are currently in first place in the EPL. They hope to finally be able to replace their cross-town rivals Manchester United as League Champions.

Manchester United is starting the season in top form, as usual, and are in second place. Led by coach, Sir Alex Ferguson and Captain Wayne Rooney, the Red Devils will hope to defend their title.

by DANNY KERWIN improved,” said Saunders. Although the two clubs from Manchester have celebrated success thus far into the season, two big surprises come from Newcastle United and Arsenal, for very different reasons. Newcastle came into the year with low expectations but has surprised everyone, with 19 points (5-4-0). “Newcastle is playing out of their mind right now,” said Heath Turner (11). “It’s great to see one of the smaller market teams being competitive with the giants.” Arsenal on the other hand, started the season off slowly, but are now in seventh. The Gunners currently have 13 points after finishing fourth last season. One possibility for Arsenal’s early struggles could be the losses of Nasri and Cesc Fabregas. “Arsenal’s still loaded, but they lost a lot of talent off of last year’s team,” said Alex Weatherly (11). The season is very young, but one thing is for sure: The powers of United, City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal will deliver great moments on the pitch along with the rest of the league for fans all over the world in the coming months.



Newcastle is the surprise of the 2011 season. Last year they finished 12th, but with a finally healthy roster, have taken this year by storm. Newcastle is currently in fourth place.

Arsenal, a usual power has had a dreadful start to the season. They have already dropped down to tenth in the standings. Arsenal will have to turn things around if they want to be a relevant this season.

PANTHER SUCCESS SIDELINED BY INJURY by JON HOLDEN High School athletes face hardships, difficulties and commitments. Whether it is practice, film sessions, a walk through or a game, student athletes sacrifice a majority of their time, subjecting themselves to a “higher standard” to play a sport they are passionate about. But the one thing athletes cannot control, and hate the most, are injuries. Injuries are one of the keys to killing a team in the long run. They require an adjustment for remaining players on the team, like the varsity football team. “It’s difficult,” said Kaleb Land (12). “You have to treat the new kid just like the kid he is replacing. You have to yell at him and turn him into a Friday night player.” South football has a young team. This is fine for future years, but at this point, it has a makes things difficult. “It really throws off your team chemistry. You want to be successful, but injuries make it difficult to do that,” said

Jamar Mozee, football coach. If the football team were to play a game right now they would be missing seven starters that they had in the game against Park HIll. Not making excuses for the Panthers and the Panther faithful, but it could expain the recent change in results on the field. “It does affect success,” said Mark Simcox, head football coach. “You are required to replace a player.” Some fans think it is as simple as replacing a player but that is never the case. That requires replacing a player with another, so someone can play previous spot and it just goes down the line. One player can affect about five or six others. Past years’ success might not be met by this year’s varsity team, and injuries may be to blame. Catch the Panthers in their final regular season game tonight at Fort Osage and read our live tweets from the game @PHSVIEW

w w w. get yo u r g r i f f o n . c o m


Get your Griff On at Missouri Western State University – small classes, awesome professors, great residence halls and a beautiful campus! Ask about our $1,500 A+ Scholarship! Call us 800-662-7041 St. Joseph, Mo. The university for you!

Western is an equal opportunity institution.


fter two months of the English Premiere League season, there have been some great goals, great saves and great surprises Many soccer fans picked Manchester United to repeat as champion of the greatest league in the world after taking the crown in the 2010-2011 season and United has delivered. “Man. United had some great summer signings. If anything, they’re better than they were last year,” said Andrew Saunders (11). But along with the strong start from one Manchester club, one across town has has exceded the excitement across the pond. Manchester City is first atop the table ahead of United at 25 points (eight wins, one draw and no losses). “Man. City has really surprised me this year,” said Logan Thomas (11). “They definitely got a lot better.” City brought in Argentine striker Sergio Aguero and French mid-fielder Samir Nasri in the off-season and looks better than ever. Aguero is currently tied for the league lead in goals with Man. United striker Wayne Rooney who has also found the back of the net nine times already this season. “I didn’t think it was possible, but Rooney’s much

Got a smart phone? Check us out! | 15

What I Like Right Now


ST @ SD the


A recent addition to phsview. com, Sports Talk at the Sports Desk is a fun sports talk video show series hosted by Jon Holden and myself, so if you have yet to take a look, I’d suggest you visit us soon.


I was waiting on this game to come out since the release of FIFA 11. The FIFA series has taken over Madden as the number one sports game series in the world, and I’m proud to say I helped contribute to that. Not to mention, I’m ridiculously dirty at this game.

Snapbacks These were something recently added to the list. I used to only wear fitted hats, but I finally gave in and bought a snapback. The snapbacks are nice because you can adjust them when needed, and not to mention they have a little throwback swag.

My Kicks

Shoes are the center point of one’s style. They set the tone of the outfit. Great shoes are something everyone notices—guys and girls. For me, I always have to look fresh in a pair of Nikes..

I <3 Boobies Bracelet

iPod Touch

These have gotten really popular over the past year or two. Look on my left wrist every day, and you’ll see mine. One great thing about these is the dollar paid goes straight towards breast cancer research.

Although these aren’t as new, they’re still amazing. Having social networking, the Internet, music and so much more in the palm of your hand is extremely convenient. I don’t go anywhere without mine.

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