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6 A FITCHUATION 11 GOING FOR THE GOLD AGAIN volume fourteen | issue one september 16, 2011


september 16, 2011 Vol.14:Issue1



Spider-man kept our world safe from the Sandman and Batman defeated the Joker time and time again, but who did you keep the world safe from? Changing the world is not just something Superman can do. Each and every one of us is capable of changing the world we live in with a trail of words or even a simple smile. It all started with a line of ink across a piece of journal paper. The black ink of her pen left so much more than just words behind. Rachel Scott knew that long after her body left our world her spirit would continue to change the world. We all write every day whether it is a history report or a personal narrative, but how many of us can say we changed the world with less than thirty words? Rachel Scott did just that. “I have this theory that if one person can go out of their 3 way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction view staff editorial of the same,” wrote Scott. 4 She knew that someday she would be the one who 5 evoked a change in our world. It is clear that Rachel and i sur vived;south side edition the 12 other victims of Columbine died much too young, rubik’s cube master but what if there was a way to keep Rachel alive through 6 yourself? 7 “You may just start a chain reaction,” wrote Scott. potter por tal closed To me, Rachel is the ultimate superhero. She was brave a fitchuation and always stood up for what she believed in and never once did she walk past a villain without defeating it. 8 9 Rachel’s message will not be taken for granted. This remembering the unforgettable year at The View we want to not only better ourselves, but better the world, one article at a time. We want to not only 10 entertain but inform as well. 11 In this issue we will take you back to 9/11, fly you across chaos for the‘canes the globe to Italy, fill your heart with new found hope and going for the gold again relive past success and hope for new found glory. We will 12 keep Rachel’s words alive through the printing of our paper 14 by starting a chain reaction of knowledge and diversity, joy in joplin along with committing ourselves to excellence. noah’s wonderland The joker has been put to rest and the Sandman has rachel’s challenge been vanquished from our dreams; the only thing next to defend our world from is ignorance and cruelty. I think it is Head over to time for a new superhero, so why not let it be you? for videos,blogs and daily news Turn to page 14 for more on Rachel’s Callenge. 2 cover art by kylie vandeven






First DAYFix

idea South should emulate area schools by creating a kick-off event for the school year



upcoming school year. ou drag your body out of bed and punch your Blue Valley Northwest has its own tradition. Students insistent alarm clock. Wishing and praying for just come back to a “carnival” where every club and organizaone more minute of sleep. Well, you may as well have just tion gets its own booth. This makes it easier for kids to get gone back to sleep. It is not like you’re going to involved, and to learn the when and where of everymiss anything. thing. Every year it is the same thing Here at South, we over and over again. Teachers lecture Although it will take a little already have many new you about the fundamentals of their traditions starting. Just in classroom, bribing you with extra work, a kickoff event will be the last year we unveiled credit if you bring in a box of Kleenex the Victory Bell and gave you will probably never use. more than worth it with overout yearbooks at the end If you made it past the first week, flowing clubs and an invigorated of the year. So why not odds are you probably will not drop start another new tradiout. Congratulations on not failing. student body who may be less tion? A first day activity But shouldn’t your first days back would be a great way to at school be more than listenlikely to hit the snooze button welcome kids back after ing to teachers preach to you the summer. Not only would class syllabus? in the morning. students enjoy the activity, South needs an event to free stubut it would give them an dents from the dull haze that is the opportunity to get more involved with the school. first days back to school. Let’s be honest, no teacher wants Although it will take a little work, a kickoff event will to be the person assigning homework on the first day, and be more than worth it with overflowing clubs and an no student (or teacher, for that matter) is prepared to fully invigorated student body who may be less likely to hit the focus on anything academic after a summer of fun. South snooze button in the morning. South is one of the most needs something to help transition kids back into school. athletically and academically gifted schools in the area; we At Oak Park High School, students are greeted by a welcome back assembly. It’s nothing crazy, but just an easy just need to get students excited by starting off with a bang. way for kids to transition back into school. Students learn what has changed at the school, and what to expect for the


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Panthers Turn Purple Spencer On | 3

Backstage Business


Imagine settling down into a theater to watch the famous Romeo and Juliet, but there is no balcony. Perhaps you are watching The Hunchback of Musical runs Notre Dame, except he has no hunchback. Maybe November even The Nutcracker without its glittering sugar 10-12, 7 p.m. plum fairies. All of the memorable features from world famous plays were the works of stage and make up crews. “The actors are very talented, but without us.. there would be no play,” said stage crew member, Mack Trumble (11). From auditioning day to opening night, the curtain hides many things that make theater what it is. Many audience members are clueless to the daily struggles high school crews go through to put on a class act production. “Stage crew is probably the most nerve-wracking part of the production, other than being on stage. But, it’s the most fun you’ll ever have at the same time.” said crew member Jordan Fields (11). Last year’s play, “Fiddler on the Roof,” had many complications because of the large sets required. When any stage crew is transitioning between scenes, their goal is to move the sets “quickly and quietly” according to Fields.

What you missed over

Behind the scenes of what it takes to put on a South production

Not only was there the issue of quietness, stage crew also hadto deal with other factors that could have jeopardized the show. For example, Trumble shared a memory about when the bed, a major prop, broke two hours before show time due to actors jumping on it. Trumble worked for half an hour between scenes to get the bed ready in time. Another issue occurred when the large sets continued to get caught on the curtain. Equipped with knowledge from last year’s obstacles, the stage crew is hoping for smoother transitions and fewer repairs in this fall’s play, “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.” “Our goal for this year is to be well equipped, well prepared and one step ahead of the game at all times.” said Fields. Whether it is a missing shoe ora lost prop, South’s stage and makeup crew put the last few pieces together.. Each crew member puts time into the production every day after school for two weeks. South’s crews are the “tiny yet crucial” parts of theater.

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I Survived:

South Side Edition

by MALANA BRADFORD Students meet the grim reaper but don’t quite shake hands

Summer ! L

ife changing events her dad’s and now, whenever bad to happen. It wasn’t until happen every day. For Marino visits her father, a after that I thought, wow I some people it may be police escort or other adult could have died,” said Chacon. getting accepted to your must be present. Unlike Chacon and Marino, dream college, the birth of a Liz Chacon, (12), had her Drew Tryon (12), was not a life changing event more person close to death, but Kenny Chesney Concert July 30 child, or a new relationship blossoming; and for others the recently in a car wreck July in fact a life saver over the events may not be so happy. 30, 2010 with her boyfriend summer. He worked as a Alex Martin (12) Chacon lifeguard at Oceans of Fun and Red, White & Boom July 23 Death is something we will all eventually experience, but said, Martin passed a car on 9 saved six lives this year alone. a few South students have Highway, speeding., He went “Saving lives made me Kanrocksas Aug. 6 already come close. reconsider all my future A young survivor, Janet“Saving lives made me plans. I’m thinking about Marino (12) was only 10 years becoming an EMT now,” Sugarland Concert Aug. 7 old when she had her close reconsider all my said Tryon, “Every time I’m call with death. down, I think someone out “I was [at my dad’s house] there is thankful for me future plans...” Katy Perry Concert Aug. 17 for the weekend, and he was to pass a second car because I saved their life.” drinking. It was the night but the driver was turning Tryon pulled someone before my birthday party and into Please Stop and hit his who wasn’t breathing off the Amy Whinehouse Death July 23 he took a knife to my throat, truck. Alex’s truck then rolled bottom of the wave pool, and but he was so drunk he used about five times. had to help open another the not bladed edge. After, he “I was really calm,” said person’s airwave. Casey Anthony Trial July 5 called my mom to come pick Chacon. “I was thinking this “It was absolutely lifeme up,” said Marino. can’t be happening. My life changing,” said Tryon. goal was not to get in a wreck, Every survivor has Missouri River Flooding June/July Marino said her dad called her an uncontrollable child and then it happened.” something to be thankful for. and other explicit words Although the wreck could For these students the thanks not have lasted more than a goes to luck and fate. Someday Final Harry Potter Movie July 15 during the call to her mother. She said she was thinking, few seconds, Chacon said time we will all encounter the grave, “Oh my god, I’m going to die,” passed very slowly. but for now, “It’s just great to “During the wreck I was be living,” said Chacon. NFL Lockout Ends Aug. 24 and “I love my mom.” Marino’s mom got her from just like waiting for something

4 |

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Rememberingby HALLE thePONICK rubik’s Master

Friends and family share the life of their “Guardian Angel”, Hunter Oldson


hrough rapid twists and rotations, colors blur into each other, somehow aligning perfectly in their groups. Students would gather around to witness Hunter Oldson (class of 2014) complete a Rubik’s cube in record time. Hunter James Oldson, born February 29, 1996, passed away unexpectedly on July 6, 2011. Oldson was known around South for his ability to solve a Rubik’s cube in less than 17 seconds. A traditional Rubik’s cube is 3x3 but Oldson could solve bigger ones just as well. Classmate Keilyn Stevick (10) recalled the time he saw Oldson complete a 4x4 cube in under one minute.

to another hobby: storm chasing. After watching the movie “Twister” when he was younger, Hunter started researching all different types of weather and disasters. “He was obsessed with tornadoes and storms and was so passionate about it. I’m sure meteorology would have been his first choice in a career,”said Carson. Friends of Oldson’s remembered him as a loving, smart and happy-go-lucky person. “He was always bubbly and laughing with that goofy grin on his face,” said Moore. Carson said Moore was the first girl Hunter really liked. The two had been together since April. “My mind was blown that he Josh Priemer (10), Oldson’s best friend, could do that at 15,” said Stevick. Oldson had many other talents as well. At school, remembered promises they had made to each other. “I’m just trying to carry out the things he always he played the cello in Orchestra. According to told me to do,” said Priemer, “like getting better grades Oldson’s family, outside of school he liked to surf the and making big plans for the future.” internet, watch extreme sports and skateboard. His family remembered him as their passionate, Every day after school, Oldson would go to the skate park in Riverside or ride through the streets of intelligent “baby” with so much potential. “My mom calls him our guardian his neighborhood. He had been practicing the sport for about two years and taught himself many tricks angel now because she knows he’s during that time. He even tried teaching girlfriend watching over all of us,” said Carson. Vittoria Moore (10) how to skate. “It didn’t go well. He was helpful, but I almost fell “She got a tattoo of angel wings, and my dad and I got a Rubik’s cube on flat on my face,” said Moore. Learning was another of Oldson’s greatest our hearts in his memory.” passions. According to older brother Carson, Oldson Currently, the Oldson family is working on was fascinated with knowledge and wanted to learn establishing a program at South in Oldson’s memory. everything he could. Their main focus now is to educate students through “The internet was his library at his fingertips,” said their story. Carson. “He was a genius. You could go to him for any “Speak up,” said Carson. Just talk to someone, no information you ever needed.” matter what it is. Everyone needs to open up. This can Oldson’s love for knowledge and need to be prevented,” said Carson. understand how everything worked eventually led

The Shot Heard Around

t he

CLOCK Locations


-Country Club Plaza -Westport -Downtown -Business District -18th and Vine -Zona Rosa

-10 p.m. for youths 15 and under -11 p.m. for 16 and 17-year-olds.

1996 - 2011 Hunter James Oldson, 15, passed away unexpectedly July 6, 2011, at his home. He was born February 29, 1996, to Larry R. and Penny Ann (Meyer) Oldson. Hunter attended Park Hill South High School, where he played the cello in the orchestra. He was a puzzler extraordinary, skateboarder and trampoline expert. Hunter was very interested in meteorology and was a science wizard. He had a great zest for life and was a very caring individual. Survivors include his parents, Gus (Rusty) and Penny Oldson, of the home; a brother, Carson Oldson, of the home; paternal grandmother, Betty Lou Newman, Newport, NC; maternal grandmother, Casey Meyer, Dingmans Ferry, PA; and many aunts, uncles, cousins and extended family. Hunter was loved by all and will be greatly missed. A funeral service celebrating Hunter’s life will be held 2:00 p.m. Sunday, July 10, 2011, at the Meyers Northland Chapel in Parkville. Burial will follow at East Slope Cemetery in Riverside, MO. The family will receive friends from 2-4:00 p.m. Saturday at the funeral home. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions are suggested to the Park Hill School District, to help with various teen prevention programs. Published in KC Star on July 8, 2011



Whatever happened to not having to worry about the time when you are out having a good time with your friends? Whether it is going to a Friday night movie, eating out or simply walking around, everything may be about to change. A curfew change of 9 p.m. was enforced on Aug. 18 due to an act of violence on the Plaza that occurred on the night of Aug. 14, when three kids were shot. None of their injuries were life-threatening. The curfew will take place in five entertainment districts in the city: the Country Club Plaza, Westport, the Downtown Business District, 18th and Vine, and Zona Rosa. Students and teachers at South differ in their opinions on whether or not the curfew will have an effect. “[I think the curfew was] necessary, considering the situation that has been occurring over the past summer,” said Paul Distefano, math. Many students visit Zona Rosa and the downtown area often to shop or to go sightseeing. Some of these students do not

think the curfew will help anything. “If anything, kids will just start rebelling,” said Heather Fatino (12). Fatino said she feels that students will continue to do what they want even with the curfew; however, Distefano feels the curfew will be a beneficial change. “I think it will make a difference if people have the perception that it’s safe, and then they might be more inclined to go visit.” said Distefano. In fact, most stores close at 9 p.m “Sketchy people are always going to be down there no matter what,” said Olivia Ortiz (10). ”I would not go down there after 9 : 30 p.m. anyway.” Escapist Skateboarding owner Matthew Hefner said the curfew had not yet affected his sales. He feels that if anything it is “mostly on the weekends” that his business is slower than usual. Eventually, the curfew won’t be on students’ minds as much, but hopefully this change will do a better job in the long run even though it may upset some now. | 5

l i fe

The Fitchuation “Jersey


Jersey Shore Thursday Nights @ 9 PM


Potter Portal Closed

Shore” cast faces difficulties with name brand companies.

a situazione si è cacciato in una situazione più grande. If you are wondering what the heck that means, the cast of “Jersey Shore” is right there with you. During season four, the cast has jumped across the map to Italy to face what it is like to be ‘“real” Italians. But who knew they would be up against something way over their head? Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was recently offered money from the clothing brand Abercrombie and Fitch to stop wearing their products. “We understand that the show is for entertainment purposes, but believe this association is contrary to the aspirational nature of our brand, and may be distressing to many of our fans,” Abercrombie and Fitch told CNN news. As for Mike, he tweeted, “Looks like Abercrombie got themselves into a situation.” Keeley Shaye Hill, (10) said she can understand why Abercrombie would not want Mike wearing their clothes but doesn’t necessarily agree with this whole thing. “The Situation does not show real respect,” said Hill. Sorrentino may be disliked by more than just Hill. “He is very negative and people do not like his image he reflects,” said Kimberely Carter (12). Mike was not the only one being attacked. Nicole, “Snooki” Polizzi, has also discovered some issues. The brand Louis Vuitton sent her a Gucci bag purposefully so she would be representing the wrong brand according to CNN News. Cody Shopper, (11) predicted a negative outcome and finds the situation very humorous. “I think it’s comical, but I do think Louis Vuitton will lose business because of this.” It’s not every day one hears

Top 3 Ways you know that Harry Potter’s actor is getting too old: 6 |

of anti-endorsement being used. Usually it is flipped the other way and brands are paying celebrities to wear their clothes or represent their product. Carter thinks Abercrombie and Fitch has a good strategy, yet a cheap one. “Its low blow that you’re that desperate to beat out your competition that you would do that,” said Carter. But is anti-endorsement actually effective? Carter mentions that no business is so good people would miss out on another brand they could easily wear. “I would definitely take the money because you can buy other brands clothing with that money,” said Carter. “It doesn’t make a different because the episodes of the show will still have Mike and the cast wearing Abercrombie.” Hill thinks differently about anti-endorsement. “I would probably still wear their clothes anyway,” said Hill. With all this, the show is full of drama, on and off the camera. But if the show is having so much conflict with fans and the media, why would anyone still want to watch it? “It’s not a bad show at all,” said Shopper. “But it is a disgrace to Italians because they don’t really treat the women well, they drink on the job, and they use offensive language towards Italians.” Carter and Hill would agree that the drama makes watchers curious as to what is going to happen next. So stay tuned to MTV’s Jersey Shore and see what’s going to actually happen with Mike and Snooki, and see if anti-endorsement is effective.


New movie includes several scenes of Harry shouting at neighborhood kids to get off his lawn.


South students mourn the end of the Harry Potter series

ands raised, wizards poised, a lethal amount of magic W is released from adversaries of old. The end has come and the last curtain has drawn on the epic adventure of


Harry Potter… or has it? Everyone knows the story of Harry Potter, the boy who survived certain death on a yearly basis. Although the book series ended in 2007, the last movie (“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2”) hit theatres July 15. Still, not everyone at South has read the tale of Potter.  Even so, there are mixed feelings about the series ending. “I think it’s sad because we won’t get the thrill of a new book or movie,” said Erica Gomes (12). While some never had the drive to finish the books, or watch every movie, the fact that Harry Potter is huge cannot be denied.  According to, “Deathly Hallows Part 2” made a gross income of over $80 million in the U.S. on opening day. “I think most people love rooting for the underdog. ”said Barbara Kauble, library. “They like to see him be successful, which he ultimately was.” Although the book has closed on the seventh novel worldwide, there has been speculation about author J.K. Rowling writing more books into the series.  Not everyone feels that Rowling needs more books in the franchise. “I definitely think there’s something special about how she writes, but also think a great fantasy series will be written sometime in the future [by someone else],” said Zack Royle (11). Rowling has not officially stated she is going to write an extension of any kind to the novels; however, she may have plans of writing another book in general. For now, fans will have to make due with Rowling’s new website,  On the site, Rowling says readers will be able to experience the books like never before.  Entertainment Weekly reported the website will include in-depth profiles of characters and much more. “You can collect the coins from Gringotts, you can duel people and cast spells and make potions,” said Shelby Bessette (12). Bessette was one of the lucky first million in the world to be able to log on to Pottermore before it officially opens to everyone in October. Regardless of reaction to the website, some, including Royle, believe the books will carry on from generation to generation. “They’ll always be around,” Kauble said. “They’re timeless.”


Character’s trademark lightningbolt scar is now obscured by wrinkles.

3.Uses magic spell to convince store clerk to sell him beer and cigarettes.

source: david letterman’s “Top 10”

male and female perspective DOUBLE TAKE The on everything dating-related Girls:thebyMALANA Gifted Gender BROology101 byJON HOLDEN BRADFORD Let’s just imagine for one second here. You’re a good looking dude and you’re lucky enough to get a good looking girl to go out on a date with you. So you shower, check yourself out, get dressed, check yourself out, and finally check yourself out one last time. You pick her up take her to a restaurant of your choice and you guys are greeted, then seated. You’re having a great conversation and at this point your confidence is up and you’re feeling good. You happen to look up, and what do you see? Your ex-girlfriend and her family are literally walking in to the same restaurant as you. First off, that has got to suck; you must have the worst luck in the world. It’s completely natural to have a million thoughts in your mind. Do I get up and say something? Do I leave it alone? Do I wait for them to come to me? Do I ignore them completely and pretend they are someone you have never met? Or, do you take the classic sprint to the bathroom, and hide out until you think of a plan? There are a lot of options when in this predicament. Now, I’m not saying what you did, or what you will do is wrong. However, you can’t deny the awkwardness. So honestly, if you ask me, get out of there. Like, as fast as humanly possible. Odds are the girl you’re with probably knows the deal anyway, so I say you get up quickly and leave silently. But some will ask, “What does one do if the parents happen to see you leaving?” Well that’s easy. You speak to them. You become the charming, charismatic young man that her parents fell in love with in the first place. By that time you’re ready to leave and continue your date. Just take her somewhere else. Whatever you end up doing, try your best to avoid talking about what you had to go through. Honestly, that’s worse than your girl texting another guy while she’s with you. And if the girl must know about you two, avoid the truth. Lie and move on with your night. #broh’n

First dates are usually in some way awkward; at least they always seem to be for me. There is one first date scenario that thankfully has never happened to me, that I personally believe would be the absolute worst: running into an ex-boyfriend. Let’s set the scene: you’re at dinner with this new hottie you recently met and you want to make a good impression. You sit down, start talking and the previous worries you had go away. You even forget about your mom promising to embarrass you someway at the end of the night. All you can focus on is how well the date is going. He’s chatty, relaxed, speaks to the waiter in Italian and you find out he loves bird-watching almost as much as you do. Just when you think the night couldn’t go any better, you see a family walk by that is very familiar to you. Too familiar. At this point, all kinds of thoughts are racing through your head, what to say to your ex and his family (if anything), how to act if they should come up to you, and what to say to the new guy. Honestly, the only thing that would be going through my head at this time is something I can’t write in the school paper, but I would eventually realize I just needed to take a deep breath. It’s not a huge deal, he is an ex for a reason and I’m sure he would feel just as weird about it as you. So act like you don’t see him, sooner or later though he or his people-watching-nosey mother will see you and at that point act as surprised as you can. Wave hello and smile, or if they come to talk keep the conversation friendly, but not too friendly. Stay on small talk subjects, and introduce the new guy as exactly what he is, your date. After the conversation ends, I’m sure the new guy will be curious; at this point it’s up to you to decide how much you tell him. The guy will be impressed at how coolly you handled the situation, and realize you’re mature and respectful about relationships. I would guess everything after that will seem like a piece of cake, and ladies you might even bag yourself a little bird-watching, Italianspeaking, hot new boyfriend.

Casey Anthony: Innocent Or Guilty?

South students react to the outcome of the Casey Anthony trial



believe anything the lady was saying,” said and disposed of it. Anothony’s story seemed to n July 2008, Caylee Marie Anthony was Chloe Jones (12). change many times from not knowing where Anthony was soon arrested and charged reported missing in Orlando, Florida. Little did Caylee was, to her babysitter (who wasn’t even police know that this missing two-year-old girl with child neglect, and making false statements a real person) taking her. to the investigators. The first day of her trial would be the biggest media trial for the next Investigators soon asked for help from a Anthony’s lawyer opened her defense with three years. scientist from the University of Tennessee Born Aug. 9, 2005, she lived with her mom, the claim that Anthony’s daughter drowned in who took air samples from the trunk of Casey Anthony, and grandparents. On July 15, the family’s swimming pool on June 16, 2008, a Anthony’s car. The results of the samples show 2008 Caylee’s disappearance was reported by month before she was reported missing. that a decomposing human body had been kept her grandmother, Cindy Anthony. in the trunk at some point. “Casey lied about so many things I “I found out my granddaughter has been Once the evidence was collected, Anthony pretty much got to the point where was proven a ‘suspect,’ instead of a ‘person of taken, she has been missing,” Cindy Anthony I didn’t believe anything the lady was told a 911 dispatcher. “My daughter finally interest’ for the investigation. saying,” said Chloe Jones (12). admitted that she’s been missing . . There is Anthony had 10 imaginary people in a story “When Casey’s lawyer came on and said something wrong. I found my daughter’s car she changed multiple times, stole her mom’s ‘Caylee drowned,’ I almost wanted to laugh,” today, and it smells like there’s been a dead car, didn’t report Caylee missing for a month body in the damn car.” In the weeks to come said Lindsy Kurzdorfer (12), “Let’s get real, if she and got a tatoo which said ‘beautiful life’ after drowned then why was she thrown in a swamp multiple fingers pointed to a guilty verdict. police began a missing child investigation. with duck tap over her mouth? Any other As the search for Caylee continued, so Despite all this, Anthony was found not guilty did the curiosity of who was behind Caylee’s person would have just reported that of first degree murder of her daughter, Caylee. disappearance. Investigators became suspicious she drowned.” Because of double jeopardy, Anthony can never Anthony’s Lawyer went on to say that about the story and started to examine it. be tried for the murder of Caylee again, and the Anthony’s father was the one who found “Casey lied about so many things I pretty mystery is still unsolved. Caylee’s body in the backyard swimming pool much got to the point where I didn’t | 7



9/11 10 years later [7:58am]

flight 175 and flight 11 consecutively depart from boston to los angeles


deaths above impact



the north tower is hit by flight 11 with emergency services taking action only minutes following


flight 175 strikes the southern face of the south tower


the pentagon is hit on its western side at ground level by flight 77


the south tower of the world trade center collapses


hijacked flight 93 crashes in pennsylvania as crew and passengers try to regain control of the plane



2,819 total lives lost in 9/11attacks


north tower collapses in new york


world trade center building seven collapses


president george w. bush addresses the nation

( “


deaths below impact

3,05 1

approximate number of children who lost a parent



EMT lives lost


firefighter lives lost


lives lost at the pentagon




8 |

AND NO ONE WILL KEEP THAT LIGHT FROM SHINING. -president george w. bush, september 11, 2001

the towers collapsed nearly 1/4 of a mile reaching up to 120 mph

we have grown stronger as a country and now we have something to unite around, to build a cultural identity. america become more humble for the first time since WWII.”

maisie baldwin (12)

“‘Did they just say a plane flew into the World Trade Center?’” Evans remembered one of her students saying. “We were probably the first people in the building to know what happened just by fluke,” said Evans. Evans spent her day as Holden did. She sadid she felt that if she had not stopped their regular lesson that would have been a critical part of history that her students would have missed out on. Though teachers can recall the day exactly, memories are blurred for even the oldest students currently at South. At the time of the attacks, seniors were only in second grade. Austin Meyers (12) remembered coming home from school and seeing his mom crying in front of the television. “I was more shocked at my mom crying; that was the worst,” says Meyers, who was living in Switzerland at the time. Even with vague memories, the issue hit hard for Meyers. More than nine years after the attacks, Osama Bin Laden was found and killed. Meyers said he felt it was a good thing that Bin Laden died, claiming he thought he was “a horrible person.” As a debater, though, Meyers said he has done a lot of research on Bin Laden and thinks that his death will not have much of an effect. He feels that Bin Laden was just a figure head and his Al Queda followers will simply continue their practices. Whether or not Bin Laden’s death changes anything, most agree that there is a sense of peace brought back to the U.S. After hearing the news back in May, Holden said she thinks that Americans “can move forward now.”

>>watch personal stories of 9/11 at



udden gasps stopped Americans in their tracks. ‘A plane has hit the World Trade Center was the hectic message heard over so many broadcast stations. Reporters tried to explain what appeared to be happening as another plane crashed into the South tower. This week marked the 10th anniversary of the attacks against America. Students and teachers recall their memories of that tragic day. Jennifer Holden, communication arts, vividly remembers her experience of 9/11. Meredith Williams, foreign language, taught in the same pod as Holden. “[Williams] came in and she said ‘Have you heard what’s going on? The kids are saying that something’s happening in New York.. ’” recalled Holden. She turned on the television and both classes gathered together to watch. “If there’s one thing I regret, it’s that we were watching when the second tower fell… I’m not sure that we needed to see that,” said Holden. Classes were told to continue with their lessons, but that was a hard task for most. “By the next block we were doing our thing but it was what everyone was talking about,” said Holden. As a communication arts teacher, Holden felt that it was only right to tie in the current event as part of the lesson. “I think we would have been remiss if we hadn’t taken time to allow that to soak in,” said Holden. Shelly Evans, social studies, also saw the need to capture the opportunity to reflect on the mayhem. Evans’ class was playing a musical chairs review game and she had left her CD at home, so she used the radio.


safety precautions got out of hand, then we got under control. so, in a way, we fixed a lot of our country’s problems.”

luke breeding (12) | 9


Chaos for the ‘Canes by DANNY KERWIN W

hen Miami and Ohio State meet on the gridiron this year, it will be a match-up of traditional football powerhouses. It will also be a match-up of two of the biggest and most recent college sports scandals in NCAA history. According to a report released by Yahoo, between 2002 and 2011, former Miami booster and sports agent tycoon Nevin Shapiro gave Hurricane football and basketball players gifts including: money, cars, clothes, wedding rings and even on one occasion, paid for an abortion. The report also says former coaches, including new Missouri Men’s Basketball coach Frank Haith, knew about the violations. Shapiro is currently in jail for a $390 million fraud scheme. This is just another run-in with violations for The U, which has had the same problems in the ‘80s and ‘90s. The only difference this time is that there is a lot of talk about giving the Miami football program the ‘death penalty,’ which is a one or more year ban of a sports program handed down by the NCAA. “As a Miami fan, I do believe what they


Miami football is in limbo after Yahoo report reveals nine years of secrets

did was wrong,” said Ryan Rivero (11). “And for that, they deserve the death penalty. Eddie Sola (12) disagrees with Rivero, saying that the death penalty wouldn’t be fair to the current players at Miami. “Other teams have done wrong things, it’s not just them,” said Jamar Mozee, football coach. “They should be banned from bowl games at the most.”

“...sports agent tycoon Nevin Shapiro gave Hurricane football and basketball players gifts including money, cars, clothes, wedding rings and even on one occasion, paid for an abortion.” No matter what the opinion of the decision is, it is clear that this is a major violation. The report says that 73 former and current players were involved in some sort of exchange with Shapiro. Many current players in the NFL are avoiding the questions asked about whether or not they received money.


This raises another debate: should those former players be punished for their actions? “They should be,” said Mark Simcox, head football coach, “But I don’t know how you could. What they did wasn’t illegal, so you can’t fine them. It’s a strange situation.” In the off season, Miami hired new head coach Al Golden, an up-and-comer who took the job before the report came out. Now that everything has surfaced, Golden is making the most out of the opportunity. Many believe if Golden wants to leave, the University should grant his wish. “It isn’t fair to him,” said Dylan Worth (10), “he had no clue what was going on. They should let him go to a different school.” From a coach’s point of view, Mozee has a different take. “I’d seek outside help to make sure everything was going well. Those kids need someone outside of Miami to give them a better idea of what’s right and what’s wrong,” said Mozee. Although nothing has been handed down by the NCAA yet, there’s definitely a storm brewing in South Florida.

The Scandal BY THE NUMBERS Kansas City turns season around Sporting Success Sporting by KEVIN BRIODY


Years the scandal went on undiscovered

ewind history back to March 26. Sporting Kansas City players would be preparing to play a match in Chicago against their hated rival, Chicago Fire--a game that Sporting K.C. would turn out to lose, starting a streak of unsuccessful games as they traveled from city to city anticipating the finish of Livestrong Sporting Park. That streak lasted from March 26 to June 12, as Sporting Kansas City did not win a single game in the Major League Soccer season. Kansas City soccer fans felt as though Sporting Kansas City would be the joke of the MLS as they sat at the bottom of the Eastern conference. Yet, some fans, like Josh Hall (10), who play soccer for the junior Sporting KC soccer team, had hope. “I think they are getting used to the new stadium and vibe,” said Hall. “Team chemistry is getting better.” Team chemistry only improved once Sporting returned home. “Sporting K.C. had to play a lot of away games at the start of the season,” said Marc DeJesus, (11). “It must have been really tough for them, but once they came back to the new park they started doing a lot better”. Sporting K.C. stunned fans when they won their first game after a 10-game losing streak, defeating F.C. Dallas 4-1 on June 12. Sporting K.C. built on that momentum and went 13 straight games without a loss. “So many more South fans are interested in Sporting K.C. and soccer now that the team is doing better with the new stadium and all,” said Brian Kissee, (11). “I think that all the interest in Sporting will encourage more South students to go to South soccer games.” On August 6 Sporting K.C. went up 1-0 to the Seattle Sounders. Then, tragedy struck in the 59th minute when Captain Omar Bravo was sent off for a reckless tackle on Seattle Sounders midfielder Pat Noonan. Seattle would come back to win the game 2-1 over Sporting K.C., ending their 13-game unbeaten streak.

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Players given some sort of compensation

Coaches who knew about the scandal and said nothing

Sporting KC is currently tied for first place in the Eastern Conference, and is off to the playoffs with Kei Kamara and Omar Bravo as the lead scorers (eight goals) and Graham Zusi as the lead assister (six assists). Only the future will tell if this young Sporting KC team will be the next winner of the MLS cup. The season has been back and forth for the fans of soccer in Kansas City this year. Alex Weatherly, (11), could only describe the season in one word: “Incredible.”

Sporting Kansas City against FC Dallas at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park photo by HARRISON WHITE

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ast year, the fall sports season for South was successful by anyone’s standards, winning a total of eight conference championships. Coaches and students alike hope to repeat the performance.     “It’s great to set the bar high and build it higher,” said Dr. Dale Longenecker. Among the fall sports that won their respective conferences were boys’ and girls’ cross country, boys’ soccer, girls’ tennis, girls’ golf, volleyball, football and boys’ swim. Girls’ cross country has over 50 girls running this year, and around 15 are seniors.  Returning sectional qualifiers, Lizzy Jurries (11) and Hannah Carlson (12), are anticipated athletes, along with Dede O’toole (11), Lauren Blair (12), and Audrey Rothers (11). “We’re all in this together,” Coach Pamela Jurgensmeyer said. “Our chances at another conference championship are looking very good.” The boys’ soccer team has also been kicked into top gear as they strive for another conference win. Some freshmen have the possibility to move up to varsity and fulfill a new role for the team. “We can build each other up,” explained Tyler Easton (12), boys’ soccer captain.  “I’m really excited for the season to start. We have a really good team.” After last year, the girls’ tennis team

Power In Numbers

Who plays as who?

South aims for another year of conference championships

is also looking for some more conference championships.                “We have a really good team this year,” said Elise Henn (12), tennis player.  The team is looking forward to having Adele Royle (9), Sam Burford (12) and Marie Gehrke (11) play during the season. The boys’ swim team also has potential for another conference win this year.  The team is looking for a lot of state cuts and good team leadership from Daniel Day (12), Liam Huffman (11) and Jake Fisher (12). “We have a big freshman class, and a lot of them are talented.  They should make a big impact,” said Steven De La Piedra, head coach. On the court, the girls’ volleyball team has also had success in the past year.  This year’s young team is looking forward to working hard as a family.   “Conference is looking good, but we’re going for districts this year,” said Emma Hagedorn (12). The girls can look up to strong coaching and have grown as a team in order to rely on one another.  “It’s our goal to build on a culture of success; and every year we continue to improve on it,” said Longenecker. Overall, South is looking forward to another bright fall sports season.  From talented freshmen to experienced seniors, South’s athletes are working to achieve mutual success throughout the school.

man UNited: 12 Man City: 4 Chelsea: 8 Real MadriD: 6 Barcalona: 6 Inter Milan: 5

Viva la


When the United States made a run for the World Cup in 2010, the history and idea of soccer changed dramatically. Landon Donavan fought every minute of every game trying to keep the United States alive throughout the world competition. Although the US lost to Ghana in the end, the idea of American Soccer has changed for the better. Although we can thank team USA for representing our country well, there is a phenomenon that has electrified the United States yet again in the world of soccer. FIFA 2011 is a game which has doubled the selling of NCAA and Madden in the United States and has doubled the



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Going for Gold ...Again ...Again


From Nothing to Something combination throughout the world. “The popularity of the sport has definitely changed, especially after the world cup. It used to be that no one even cared but now my friends all just want to play,” said Mark Dejesus (11). Although just a video game; FIFA has spread its boundaries to the American youth and it hasn’t disappointed yet. “I enjoy the ability to control everything on the field,” said Chase Jones (11) “and the fact that all my friends play as well.” FIFA 2011 has improved the popularity of not only world soccer, but American youths’ participation the last few months. “I think it will continue to outsell both

by JON HOLDEN games for a long time because everyone loves playing and everyone loves playing each other,” said Dejesus (11). What seems to be so interesting about this game is that it is relatively hard to score, especially if you happen to be playing someone else. “[Scoring is] exciting, you get to rub it in your friend’s faces, it’s like getting a nuke in Call of Duty, especially if you’re playing Mark Dejesus,” said Matt Gillespie (11) The single idea that a video game has increased the popularity of a sport in a country seems a bit farfetched, but somehow, this video game, has managed to do just that. |


fo c u s

Joy in Joplin South reacts to the back to school effort in Joplin by JODI HALL

The hustle and bustle of back to school is always stressful. Wondering what supplies you need, what clothes you want to buy, or who is in your class seem like the only things that matter. However, it was a different story in Joplin this year. On May 22, an EF5 tornado with winds above 200 mph touched down in Joplin, Mo., killing 116 and causing nearly $1 to $3 billion in damages. The outcome of this tornado outbreak in Joplin proved to be the deadliest in America in almost 60 years. In the midst of all the tears and heartbreak in Joplin, there is still hope. Kids and teens were able to start school on time this year, and had an amazing 2,200 juniors and seniors show up for the first day of school. Which, by the way, is in a deserted wing in a shopping mall. “I could not teach in a mall. That would be impossible. I can’t imagine how distracting that would be,” said Kim Ebel, Social Studies. With the promise of education kept, both younger and older students relied heavily on donations to get their supplies and even clothing for the year to come. “They are absolutely strong for going back. I can’t imagine starting school without my stuff. It would be so disorganized,” said Ebel. The ongoing struggle to rebuild the community is ever present, but with every child clothed and

in a safe learning environment, it is becoming that much easier. Donations to teachers and kids from around the country are making a big difference and shows just how much Americans are willing to come together to help a town in need.

“It would be so hard to go back to school after that, I have nothing but respect for all the kids in Joplin,” said Morgan McKellar (11).

Students who have friends and family in Joplin had nothing but great things to say about the rebuilding effort and the kids who went back to school that first day. “My grandma said the kids there are really strong,” said Danielle Owen (11), whose grandparents live in Joplin. Kids and teachers at South agree that teaching or learning in an old mall would be “distracting” and “disorganized” but that did not stop the administrators and students from defying the odds to go back to school on time. “It helps us get away from our own little world where our own little troubles are just to be together,” Judy Gurley, Joplin High School teacher, told KSDK news. Although most would not see Joplin’s troubles as “little,” it is the attitudes of teachers and the commitment to education that are bringing Joplin up out of the ashes.

storm results

Deaths: 124

Buildings destroyed:

estimated 8,000

-$ 3 million

Survivors rescued: 9 (source:abc news)

social shut down “Facebook Law” attempts to limit teacher-student communication Email




hen most people think of Facebook, they think of communicating with friends by wall posts, pictures, messaging and statuses. You can communicate with anybody with just one click of a button. Bad news teachers, coaches and parents the days of communicating over Facebook may be in jeopardy. Missouri lawmakers passed the Amy Hestir Protection Act (SB54), a law that states, among other things, that “no teacher should maintain, or use a nonworkrelated Internet site which allows access with a current or former student.” Senator Jane Cunningham, wrote wrote the law, named for Amy Hestir, a woman that said she was sexually abused as a young girl by a teacher, said the point is to stop potential sexual predators. This law would have potential effects on teacher-student communication. Amanda DanneauRever (12) has been a student that contacted her yearbook adviser via social networking during the summer. “I had to contact my teacher for planning a yearbook camp we have every year before school starts,” said Danneau-Rever. “Throughout the year we use Facebook by making groups with the staff to remind them about meetings because that is the easiest way to get a hold of students.”

12 |

Lawmakers have tried to explain that public communication is okay, it’s just direct, private messaging between students and teachers that falls under the law. This could also potentially include text messages. Pam Jurgensmeyer, teacher and coach, said she has not used Facebook with students, but she contacts her athletes other ways. “I usually shoot a text to my cross country girls reminding them about what clothes they should bring for a meet the next day or what times they should be at cross country meets,” says Jurgensmeyer. The law has been criticized by teachers, students, parents and administrators as vague and attacking of appropriate communication.

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teachers are not allowed to friend them on Facebook. This part of the law has caused a lot of controversy with parents and teachers. Christina Thomas, teacher from the Ladue, Mo. School District sued her school district for this reason. She states in her class-action lawsuit with the ACLU that, “It is violating rights of citizens under the 1st and 14th amendments.” The Missouri State Teachers Association (MTSA) also filed a lawsuit claiming the law was unconstitutional, and on Aug. 26, Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem ruled against the law, calling it a “staggering prohibition of free speech rights.” This ruling put the law on hold until at least May, at which time it could be revisited. ACLU of Eastern Missouri In addition, Governor Jay Nixon added repealing the law to his special SB54 is violating rights of citizens under the 1st and 14th amendments. session, which started Sept. 6. On Sept. 12, the senate passed a revision to the law, Share 14 days ago disregarding the governor’s initial plan. Though SB54 was put on hold and may 31 people like this. potentially be repealed or amended, the “The first version of the law was very effects of this law still remain through school restrictive, but it was not very clear,” district policies. said Nicole Kirby, Park Hill Director of “Until the courts and the legislators make Communication Services. “It might have their decisions, we cannot predict how the affected the way we administer our law will affect Park Hill,” said Kirby. “We Blackboard and PowerSchool programs, not will be monitoring the situation so we can just the way our teachers use Facebook.” prepare. Hopefully, the legal process will Some districts have interpreted the law result in a law that has a little more clarity so strictly that students who have parents as for Missouri educators.”

N o a h ’ s

South Students affected by storms and flooding


orrential downfall pounded against the pavement as reporters scurried under their umbrellas knowing that this was going to be the storm of the century. It all started during the winter of 1992, with record levels of snow shortly followed by persistent storms over the states ordering the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. What the reporters did not know was that they were witnessing one of the worst floods known to the United States. According to, the flood was among the most costly and devastating to ever occur in the United States, with $15 billion in damages.   The cycle repeated itself this year. In early July, the Missouri River rose to 27 feet. Yet again, reporters and scientists were quick to predict a storm as bad, if not worse than the flood of 1993.     ”Naturally, people panicked,” said Fred Cook, employee at Bentley’s Guitar Studio.      Although their predictions were not accurate, the storm will go down in Missouri’s history.     ”We were told to prepare for the worst and pray for the best. To me, the story was overdone by the media. I didn’t believe it was going to come,” said Cook. South cross country runners were faced with a difficult dilemma due to the flooding. English Landing Park is where South’s cross country team usually meets to practice. This year they were forced to relocate to Eli Young Park for their distant runs and a trail near Line Creek for their time trials. “It’s a longer bus ride and we had no idea where we were going. We had to find a path two miles long,” said Hannah Carlson (12).



From sprinting to the finish line to running to the phone, the Parkville flooding kept everyone in shape. “We got calls about four to ten times a day asking if we were open, because the news stations said that all of Parkville was closed,” said Cook.     Emily Orvos (11) has been an employee of Aura Salon and Boutique for a year.  When the storms came, she said the salon had to remove all of their merchandise in fear that the storm’s water would reach their doors.     ”It was a huge hassle. We lost a month worth of profit. Luckily, we didn’t have to let anyone go,” said Orvos.     Parkville employees were not the only ones that were affected by the storm. Ryan Rancudo (12) was enjoying Parkville Days with his friend Grant Aaron when a police officer stopped them for walking into a restricted storm area.     ”We stepped over a police blockade that had been knocked over. A Police officer stopped us and had us wait by the car. He put us in ‘time out’ and wrote us citations,” said Rancudo.    The boys have court dates set for September. If they are found guilty they will each have to pay a minimum of $150 for entering flooded areas. After the river stopped rising, Missouri residents were hopeful that their storm season would finally come to an end, but Mother Nature had other plans for Kansas City. As empty buckets and truck beds filled with rain water, thunder boomed around houses as lightning rippled across the black skies. The storms left more than rain water behind. “When the storms hit, my neighbor’s backyard caught on fire,” said Andrew Magors (12).       The storms caused additional damage across the city and in neighborhoods like Magors’. “Three trees fell near my house and took down a power line. We were without power for two days,” said Magors. Magors said the experience turned out to be bonding experience for his household.

“When the storms hit, my neighbor’s backyard caught on fire,” said Andrew Magors (12).


“We played games under flashlight and talked,” said Magors. However, not everyone wanted to live in the dark. Brian Kissee (11) said he and his family could not be without electricity.    ”When our power went out, we bought a generator. It was a lot easier than being in the dark,” said Kissee.     Power outages were the least of Jake Parolin’s (11) troubles.  Parolin has a black 2008 Jeep Liberty which would ultimately end up as part of the damage to the Parkville area.     ”A tree fell on my car and cracked my windshield and my sunroof. It caused $7,000 worth of damages, but we had insurance and only had to pay $500,” said Parolin.    Today, the Missouri River has not yet receded from the summer’s storms. Residents are hopeful that fall will bring an end to the hectic weather patterns.  


Weather History

August - 2005 Katrina killed at least 1,836 people and caused at least $75 billion US in damages

March - 2006

Forty-four tornadoes touched down across Missouri on March 11–12

February-March - 2007

The 2007 tornado outbreak produced at least 31 tornadoes from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, killing 20 people in three states.

January-February - 2008

The worst winter in China in 50 years kills 129 people and causes 151.65 billion yuan in damages. | 13

fo c u s

creating a CHAIN REACTIO N

Link by link, Rachel’s Challenge brings pro-kindness campaign to South by ELIE QUIROZ with additional reporting by HARRISON WHITE



aise your hand if you would consider mission is to “exist to inspire, equip and Tears running down students’ faces yourself prejudiced.” empower every person to create a permanent throughout the assembly showed the impact A few brave souls raise their and positive culture change in their school, the presentation made on them. hands slowly into the air but overall, the business and community by starting a chain “This is going to completely change the auditorium remains still. reaction of kindness and compassion..” atmosphere of the school,” said Kevin “Prejudice is pre-judging someone. Who Speaker Adam Northam, a former Luton (12). in here can honestly admit that they have friend of Scott’s, brought Rachel and her Teachers leaving the assembly made a judgment about someone before even challenge into the hearts of South students. already had plans for how to implement meeting them?” Administrators had specific goals in mind Rachel’s challenges. Most hands shoot up this time, as for the assembly. “I want to make the environment more students let their emotions take over, giving “It is just about treating people right. comforting and inviting for my students,” in to the power of Rachel Joy Scott. Sometimes people lose sight of how to treat said Chris Reuscher, communication arts. “I started crying when they asked to think others,” said Assistant Principal John Carr. Following the assembly, students could about people we lost and I lost a friend over “We want to carry Rachel’s message on.” sign a banner to symbolically accept Rachel’s this summer,” said Valerie Stahl (10). “If I Challenge. 100 chosen leaders from had talked I would’ve sobbed.” “I have this theory that if one South went through additional South students were presented training during third block on how person can go out of their way to keep Rachel’s Challenge alive at with a new pro-kindness campaign on Sept. 1, launched with an assembly in including starting a Friends to show compassion then it will South, the auditorium viewed by the entire of Rachel club. student body in two shifts. “The training was so in-depth,” start a chain reaction of the Scott was the first person shot in said Michelle Estes (11). same .” – Rachel Joy Scott the Columbine High School massacre Students started off by sharing in 1999. Her death inspired her father, personal experiences they were Darrell Scott, to use her diary pages and In a multimedia presentation, Northam reminded of during the initial assembly. her words to make change for a more issued five challenges to the student body: They then got into smaller groups and compassionate, kinder nation. This is now eliminate prejudice, dream big, choose discussed how they wanted the school to known as Rachel’s Challenge. positive influences, speak with kindness and change, whether it was elimination of cliques According to, their perhaps most importantly, start your own or gender and racial discrimination. “chain reaction.” One way to make that change was the “I don’t think there is any establishment of the Friends of Rachel club, better feeling then to have a held Wednesdays after school, to include part in helping people feel better people who would not normally be included, about themselves,” Northam and to have a kinder environment at South. said to the audience. “We don’t want this to be on top for a He explained ties between year or six months. We want it to be on top Scott and Anne Frank, and how for three years or more,” Estes said. public figures like Chuck Norris The club has started to come up with have been affected by Scott in projects, school events and other ideas for the same way schools, teachers South, for this year and the years to come. and students will be at South. “Seeing this new challenge will change “We want to be able to help Park Hill South completely,” said Amber the kid sitting by himself in the Garrett (12). lunch room,” Carr said.

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Affirmative Attitude

t’s the end of the school day on a Friday afternoon. The weekend is just about to arrive and I walk out of the school and step onto the muddy, wet grass telling myself I should be careful so I won’t trip.. again. Now, let’s pause the scene there and take the time to think, positively for a moment. Let’s cut to the chase: we all know what’s going to happen; I used the word ‘trip’.  Obviously, I’m going to fall in the mud since it rained earlier.  Most would probably be thinking, ‘my life stinks’ or possibly, ‘why does this always happen to me?’  However, what if we all took the time to examine the situation in a positive way? When you look at things negatively, you tend to make a choice that leads you down the wrong path.  This is called self-fulfilling prophecy. Self-fulfilling prophecy is a psychology term that deals with how the outcome of your actions will turn out based on what you

Taking a look at how thinking positively can prove to be rewarding

think beforehand. Whether you believe in ‘prophecies’ or not, the fact is that thinking a course of action you take will turn out alright actually makes the outcome more positive than it normally would be.  Unfortunately, the reverse is true as well; if you don’t think you will get a part in the musical, then chances are your voice will crack in auditions and you probably won’t get the part you wanted. As cheesy as it sounds, believing in yourself actually goes a long way.  Not only that, but making things that would normally seem bad, and spinning them in to something good also goes a long way. Take 9/11 for example.  There are multiple stories about people not getting to work at the Towers on time that day for numerous reasons: their alarm didn’t go off, they got stuck in traffic, they couldn’t get a taxi.  Although they may have been angered that these inconveniences made them late to work, these things actually ended up saving their lives. So, the next time something doesn’t go your way, think about how lucky you may be because you tripped in the mud walking out of the school.  I know I was able to make a couple of fellow South students laugh.  Who knows? That may have been the only real smile they had that day.


Shabby Hattie’s Tea Room


 

Lunch Mon-Sat. 11:00-3:00 Breakfast Sat. 8-10:30

 

 





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15% off Full Tea 1/2 Desser� FREE (with purchase of ent�ee)

113 Main St�eet Parkville, Mo 64152


Submit your creative writing pieces or artwork for this year’s literary art magazine. Go to: First Submission Due Date is Sept. 30! | 15

w o n t righ

w hat I like after-school naps


After a long day at school, there is nothing better than coming home and climbing into your own bed. We all know how hard it is to fall asleep early at night and wake up early in the morning. When I take a nap after school, I always wake up in a better mood and am more motivated to get other work done. But be careful, if you sleep too long in the afternoon, you can easily get lazy or even have trouble falling asleep that night.

MOHAWKS Kudos to the football players who decided to shave their hair into mohawks to show their school spirit before the Park Hill vs. Park Hill South game. For those boys who can actually pull off the shaved look, I actually like this hairstyle. In some cases, the mohawk looks even better than their old haircut did.


water bottles

If you’re like me, you’re always thirsty. Water bottles like this offer a “greener” solution than regular plastic water bottles. Plus, the spill-proof cap is much safer in class. I refill it after every class and would recommend investing in one.

shoes colorful tennis

d own style, color an Everyone has their , uth So at lls ha the brand. Walking down ’s ke Ni k pin from you can see anything s tennis shoes. Shoes to lime green Adida popular way to have become a very nally, I really like rso Pe f. sel ur express yo t nobody else has. tha es on brightly colored the new styles. for g It’s always fun lookin

speck candyshell iphone cases Hundreds of students have iPhones these days. With our crazy student lives, we’re constantly running around and our phones take a beating. The case is hard plastic on the outside and soft gel on the inside, so you know you’re phone is safe. As someone who’s replaced numerous phone screens, I can honestly say that Candy Shell makes the strongest stylish cases.

Boys, you remember when this style became popular. Now you can see many girls wearing half-calves as well. I’m a fan of this style because it’s something new and different, unlike many of the other trends girls follow. And when I’m sitting in class, my legs aren’t quite as freezing as they usually are.

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