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TABLE OF CONTENTS Issue 3, Vol. 19 November 15, 2016

Letter From

the Editor The art of asking for it. This phrase is most commonly used to explain that a rape victim was ‘subtle’ or ‘hinting’ that they were giving consent. There is a threshold that is crossed when a person decides, “well, she is dressed this way, or acting this way, so she is obviously asking for me to pursue her.” So I wonder, what is that threshold? And is she REALLY asking for it? There are few certainties in life: we’re born, we grow up, we pay taxes, we die. However, there is one thing that will ALWAYS be certain: she was never asking for it. A woman’s actions and clothing have nothing to do with her sexual availability, ever. The cool thing about being an adult is, if I want something, I have the full capacity to ask for it. When I am leaving for school and would like my mom to make me breakfast, I don’t put on my “special egg costume” and dance around the room so my mother understands what I am asking for. I use my mouth and I ask for it, and same goes for this. When I wear a cute or revealing outfit I am not wearing it for anyone else but myself, I am not inviting a man or a woman to promptly take the clothing off of me and so on... I shouldn’t have to sit here and write a story explaining that, “she was asking for it” is never a valid reason to sexually abuse someone. Because if she was really asking for it, it would be called sex, not rape. What REALLY causes rape is the rapist. Women are fully aware that wearing a more revealing outfit could be a potential danger, but society should stop teaching women to reserve and protect themselves and start teaching people not to rape. In the wise words of Poet Anna Binkovitz, “Stop asking people’s clothing to have sex with you, and start asking people.”

Sincerely, Anna Preuss 16-17 Editor in Chief

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The Fight for our Freedom A Whole Lot of Spamalot Start a Chain Reaction While You Were Sleeping A Holiday to Die For Bouncing Back Into the Season Nifty Thrifty Flipside: Obama Battle of the Barns


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The View is published eight times during the regular school year as the student news publication of Park Hill South High School in Riverside, Mo. Opinions expressed here are that of the student journlaists and do not necessarily ref lect the opinions of the Park Hill School District. To access the eidtorial policies or to submit a letter to the editor, visit our website The View is a member of Nastional Scholastic Press Association and the Missouri Interscholastic Press Association and is printed by Osage Graphics in Olathe, Kan.




COUNTDOWN senior se·nior \ˈsē-nyər\

“We’re wrapping everything up. High school is almost over.” -Noah Anderson

a student in the final year of high school or college

by GRACE DIELEMAN “Senior year is the first time in your life where you don’t know where you’ll be a year from now,” says counselor Dr. Lora Ackerman. The class of 2017 is a third of the way through their last year of high school, and they are approaching college application season. “Coming in to senior year, you should have a list of seven-ish colleges that you are comfortable with. Knowing what kind of city you like, how far away from home you’d go, and the tuition fees are all things you need to take into consideration,” says Ackerman. Students have to work in a comparatively manner to be able to decide what college is the best fit. “I would like to find a college that’s really diverse and is in a big city. I’m ready for the experience,” senior Noah Anderson said. Despite the fact that 41 percent of high school students say they feel stressed for college, students like senior Mallory Michel and Anderson are in the 83 percent of students that say they are very excited. “I’m not stressed at all about college,” says Michel. “I know I’ll find the right college where I can pursue something I’ll enjoy and further my education and I hope to find out who I am while I’m there.” Although the counselors recommend that only



-Have a general idea of the type of college youy would like to attend -Visit colleges -Start working on college applications

-Visit colleges -Finalize your college list -Stay on track with grades -Complete applications -Know your deadlines -Ask for letters of recommendation -Take standardized tests

apply to three to five colleges, Michel has already applied to six out-of-state universities and been accepted. Whereas some seniors are undecided, some have only known a few colleges. “I guess my dad kind of brainwashed me into thinking that Mizzou was the only good college,” Taylor Ware, senior, says. “But now I’m understanding that there are other great colleges out there and I’ve applied to them.” Some seniors have been preparing for a while like they should be, and others are just scraping by. Some have had their heart set on one college their whole life, others are in the last stage and still have no idea where they would like to attend. Some want to stay close to home, and others would like to be 1000 miles away. South counselors and staff hope seniors will be able to choose a college that is right for them, and one that they can picture themselves at a year from now.

Winter -Follow up on applications -Send mid-year grade reports -Send in financial aid

Spring -Take any last minute standardized tests -Follow up on financial aid -Send final transcript -Send in a deposit -Pick a college -Complete enrollment -Send in letters of acceptance or rejection to colleges you applied to

Recognizing Their Fight for Our Freedom On this day we get to honor the land of the free and the home of the brave, but most importantly we thank those who have committed their lives to serve and protect. Under our f lag we celebrate freedoms that we take so much for granted. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were ideas first explored by America and America has done the most to support these ideals. Our f lag would not be the greatest symbol of freedom if it weren’t for the sacrifices made by its protectors. “If you look at a veteran, they have this wisdom that nobody else has. Nobody has experienced what they’ve experienced so they have better input on life decisions than anyone else, in my opinion,” said Alex Sobotka, senior. Veterans Day is very important not only to veterans but to people who plan on serving. While many South students plan on going off to college after high school, some would rather spend their next few years in a very different scene, the military. Saying one needs to be cut out for a lot of hard work to join the military is an understatement. It takes a special type of person who has the will and the devotion to push themselves in every aspect mentally and physically. “Once in the military, Navy most likely, I’m expecting to be pushed beyond any limit I’ve been pushed to before. Many know the Navy for their boot camp and how grueling it is,” said Sobotka. One student, committed to serve after high school, has his sights on a branch more less travelled: the Air Force. Jack Schneider, junior, has piloted

many different aircrafts, and has trained for years participating in clubs specific to guide young pilots into the Air Force. “I joined and have worked my way up in the Civil Air Patrol, an auxiliary of the Air Force. It provides an incredible opportunity to learn leadership while also introducing military drill and ceremony. If I do end up going into the military (as planned), I will be well prepared and I have Civil Air Patrol to thank for that,” said Schneider. Although the thought of joining the military is scary for some, for others it is a thought they have grown close to. In many families there have been generations of men and women who have served; military blood runs so deep it is seen as the next generation’s destiny. “My dad is open to anything I’d like to do, and he stresses that I shouldn’t feel as if I have to enlist just because he’s a veteran,” said Sobotka. Fortunately, joining the military isn’t all guts and no glory. It has its benefits, rightfully so. “Serving comes with lots of benefits. ROTC is always a viable and respectable option where one can get $180,000 in tuition for school. The applicant then uses the education for a career in the branch they’re affiliated with. Not only that, but all the branches offer different opportunities within their branch. The main attention-getter is all branches pay for education after your service if one doesn’t choose the ROTC route,” said Sobotka. November 11 inspires feelings of patriotism and bravery. A day to recognize our troops is well deserved as too many times their courageous acts go unnoticed.

you look at a “Ifveteran, they

have this wisdom that nobody else has. Nobody has experienced what they’ve experienced.



Veterans day means something different to every student at South by SAGE NORSWORTHY



A Whole Lot of Spamalot “H

South theatre department takes the stage for their Fall musical Spamalot.

ysterical.” “Different.” “A show for all!” “For those who need a laugh.” “Magical.” South’s theatre department took the stage this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday for their performances of Monty Python’s Spamalot and everyone has a different way to describe it. “Spamalot” is the tale of King Arthur’s quest to find the Holy Grail. It’s a combination of Monty Python’s movies and skits, including Monty Python the Quest of the Holy Grail and The Life of Brian. “Choosing Spamalot was a decision made by me, Mrs. Brockhoff and Mrs. Markley. When we look at scripts, we figure out which one will fit every element of the show with the kids we have right now,” said Kyle Lackey, Director. From younger cast members, to a dance captain, to a homosexual couple, this year’s musical introduces new elements to South’s theatre department. Grace Atchison, sophomore and Dance Captain, has always loved theatre, dance and singing. Being a Laker Girl was the perfect role to incorporate all the things she loves into one. The Laker Girls are the backup singers for the Lady of the Lake, Anna Preuss, senior. “We all get along really well. We all love the same things, same goals, and we aren’t afraid to be ourselves in front of each other,” Atchison said. As Dance Captain, Atchison had to be at all the choreography rehearsals and learn and write all the Laker Girls’ parts. One part that Atchison believes wowed the crowd the most was the company number, Knights at the Round Table, which features most of the cast. “It’s really high energy! Most people in the show are featured in certain parts of it and overall just a really fun number,” Atchison said. Cole Bracken, freshman, was the lead role of Lancelot in “Spamalot.” Lancelot is one of the Knights at the Round Table in the musical. He has a romantic relationship with Prince Herbert, played by Maxwell Flanigan, senior. “I think it’s really cool that we have a homosexual couple in the show, because it’s a good way to

represent the community and it’s in a fun, lighthearted way,” Anna Lettera, junior, said. Bracken has had experience in theatre for five to six years before the musical. He auditioned for musicals around Kansas City, such as Gladstone Theatre in the Park and theatres in Atchison, and was thrilled to get a lead role as a freshman. He said, “I can’t believe it. I still can’t believe it. I’m very shocked, but at the same time very happy with myself.” But Bracken wasn’t the only young cast member. According to senior Colton Richards, who played King Arthur, this year’s show was filled with younger members, which had its perks. “We have a really young theatre department this year. There is a huge f lood of new people and we are having to focus on basic a lot more. It grounds us to build from the ground up, rather than having precedence of bad habits. We are starting fresh and making new habits that I hope will improve the department,” Richards said. Learning basics would not have been possible without cast, crew and pit working together to make the learning process and musical successful. According to Elizabeth Brockhoff, Choral Director, it’s easier to work with a cast and crew when they have the same vision of “we want to put on the best show.” Without crew, there’s no cast or vice versa. “When people are supportive of each other, there’s this good vibe of, ‘We are struggling here, but we are going to get it,’ or ‘Oh that was great! We should do it again.’ It’s a lot of time and work to put together a show of two hours for a performance that we do three times,” said Brockhoff. The cast and crew of “Spamalot” described “Spamalot” as: “Hysterical.” “Different.” “A show for all!” “For those who need a laugh.” “Magical.” And if you saw the show, you probably feel the same way.

People should come to see all the hard work to make this moment happen.






Jerseys. They represent teams, players, and cities throughout countries around the world

Every Thursday,

students at South wear jerseys for “Jers-day Thursday”. Some students wear their jerseys to represent a home team or a favorite player, while others wear them for the certain designs that they have. Antonio Ortiz, junior, is a huge supporter of quarterback Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts football team. He purchased his jersey during Luck’s rookie season, and has been wearing it ever since. “I bought the jersey because I’m a Colts fan, and so I could wear something for Jers-day Thursday,” said Ortiz. Ortiz has worn the jersey every Thursday this year to support his favorite player and team. The style of the jersey is a basic blue with a few white stripes on the shoulders. The jersey is made by Nike, as all of the others are in the NFL. Josh Donaldson is a third baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays. Jack Smoyer, senior, bought the jersey last year, not because he is a fan of Blue Jays, or Donaldson, but because of how the jersey looked and how it was represented in rap culture.


Sophomores Cole Bromstedt and Sadie Franklin

“The jersey looked dope, and The Game was wearing it in a music video with Drake, so it was a must buy,” said Smoyer. Some students have one or two jerseys, but Tucker Horn, junior, owns six different basketball jerseys. Horn has a Dikembe Mutombo, Allen Iverson, Michael Jordan, Penny Hardaway, and two Kevin Durant jerseys. Horn has bought most of the jerseys because of the player on the back. A majority of the jerseys Horn owns are retired players in the Basketball Hall of Fame. His favorite jersey out of the bunch is the Denver Nuggets Mutombo jersey. Horn’s favorite was Kevin Durant but after his move to Golden State he plans to burn it. “I haven’t really thought about the price, I just see the jersey and think that I need to get it before someone else does,” said Horn. Jers-day Thursday is a fun day celebrated every week at South, although it is not mandatory students of all grades wear jerseys on Thursday. Hopefully this day will carry on into a South tradition and have many glorious years of celebration.

Special Education Teacher RYAN HARRIS

Quick Expanding

Kansas City is starting to become more popular by creating more shops that will attract people Whether it’s new restaurants or apartments, Kansas City is expanding. There have been so many places in Parkville and the KC metro that have opened just recently. There are some popular places that are creating some buzz on social media and at school. Dunkin Donuts, a long time donut chain opened at the end of October right near Papa Murphy’s and Hen House on Chatham Avenue. Also, QuikTrip, a popular gas station is still under construction, but is expected to open in about a month near Graden Elementary School serving some of the finest food and beverages. There has never been a donut shop open or a gas station near Parkville and a lot of students are looking forward to this happening. “It’s a great move because both are closer to my house,” said Noah Brizendine, senior. Some other students had positive opinions about


this move. “I am super excited and it will definitely bring in more people,” said Katie Kramp, junior. There has also been an expansion with housing in Kansas City. More luxury apartments are being added in Burlington Creek and beyond to make sure that people have a nice, affordable place to live. “I have an indifferent opinion about this happening. The downside is it causes more traffic, but creates more houses for people to live in,” said Grace Cunningham, senior. There are more apartments near Burlington Creek that are still under construction and hoping to be finished soon. Some other students also mentioned their thoughts. “I think this is a good move. It will create more density and it will be more spread out,” said SophiaDominguez Heithoff, junior. This is getting so much hype around the school. Students are looking forward to these things and hoping it will be very convenient to everyone.

Which coffee shop suits you? 38%



Parkville CoffeE




Dunkin Donuts




start a


Kindness: one of the most underrated acts in all of the world. It doesn’t take much to change someone’s day, someone’s week, someone’s month, or someone’s life. The philosophy of the Dalai Lama was to spread kindness wherever, and whenever you can. The definition of kindness is “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate”. Someone who understands this concept well is 2016 South graduate, Jesse Stamper. Stamper recently started a club (outside of the school) called the Butterf ly Effect. The Butterf ly Effect is a group that met every Tuesday at 6 p.m. in English Landing Park, but unfortunately, Stamper has run into conf licts in scheduling and has decided to postpone the meetings until the summer. For most, The Butterf ly Effect was whatever they needed it to be,

Do you compliment people you don’t know? 46% - Yes 54% - No


As many students may remember, an assembly was held at the beginning of the year highlighting an important cause called ‘Rachel’s Challenge’.The club provides students to find some common ground with another. It tells us that everybody is going through a battle that we don’t know about and gives us opportunity to be open about it. This allows the club for students to understand and be more compassionate to one another. “ There’s so much negativity going on, and we think that small acts go a long way,” said sponsor Lindsey Diepenbrock

whether they needed something to do, someone to talk to, or just felt like engaging in with kind people, in a kind environment. “When I started it I didn’t really realize how much of a big thing [spreading kindness] was. I was thinking of specific friends that would maybe start showing up, maybe needed it, but then more and more people started coming to the meetings, and I saw the difference the club was making,” she said. The importance of spreading kindness is greater than people realize. You don’t have to change your life to be kind, but it might end up changing someone else’s. There are a lot of examples of kindness at South, and how it has spread, consisting of specific things set up by teachers and or students, or just totally random acts that continue to be noticed every single day.

Do you open the door FOR strangers? 77% - Yes 33% - No

Do you smile AT people who walk pasT you in the hallway? 50% - Yes 50% - No


The Benjamin Franklin Effect describes the human behavioral phenomena as favoring or liking someone more than others after they have done a favor for you. This tends to be the case because we justify our action to ourselves that we did them a favor because we like them. The opposite is true, as this helps to explain wartime atrocities. We demonize the enemy, which is why we do heartless and brutal things in a time of war.


One of way people are taking initiative on the mission of spreading kindness, is by making a “Kindness Tree.”If you have ever gone to the nurse’s office you might have seen a tree with leaves; Kathy Cole, nurse, said she was so inspired by another nurse from the district that she decided to implement her kindness tree in her office. “It’s easy for us to be negative but having something that inspires people is important,” Cole said. The leaves were created by staff and are used to represent what they are grateful for.

“There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.”- Dalai Lama



On the Job Risks


sk yourself this: each and every day when you say goodbye to your parents as you go to school, or they go to work, do you have an additional worry of never seeing them again? “I try not to think about it,” said Joey Ford, junior. Multiple students at South live with this fear every day. Most of you are going to probably say no, you’ve never really had to think of that. Although everyone has that risk, these students go through it every day. “It’s hard, but I know he’s helping others,” said Allie Loy, sophomore. The life of a cop is very difficult. With recent protests, and people saying things like, “cops don’t matter,” or “Blue lives don’t matter,” the police of the community are getting a bad wrap, that can have major backlash on innocent students, and police. Also, low wages, and long hours add to the poor conditions of performing such a stressful job. “It was never a childhood dream, but I wanted to be able to help people when they needed me,” said Riverside police officer, and South School Resource Officer, Matt Westrich. Yes, this world has seen a major spike in police violence, and yes, in some cases the police are in the wrong, however, remember, most cops like Westrich have one goal in mind: to help people when they are in need. Police are there to defend our communities, and keep citizens safe, according to Chron magazine. Home life changes for these students as well. With recent protests, all interviewed students said school life wasn’t effected directly; however, that’s not the same case with home life. A lot of students

Living with a cop

Death, assault, home safety and hate crimes are all in a day’s work for these special sudents


get to see their parents quite a bit throughout the day, whether they work from home, or have set hours; students with cops as parents don’t get to experience that luxury. “My dad isn’t home a lot,” said Loy. However, home life isn’t just affecting the student, or child; it affects the officer as well. “Dad can be really nervous , [his] friend got shot, and [it] made him nervous at home,” said Ford. Recently students have said things like “cops are KKK with badges.” Statements like this add fire to protests leading to innocents getting shot, and producing a boost in fear at home with incidents like these. However, the danger doesn’t stop right when the officer is off the job. This job carries additional dangers to families at home, and the cop himself. According to a story by Police Mag, a police officer in New York City, who was off duty, was stabbed to death with a meat cleaver by an African American male. This was believed to have motives involving recent racists claims, and protests. “There was a time when a man showed up at our house to hurt my dad because he found out my dad was undercover and tried to arrest him during an undercover narcotics bust,” said Amelia Raspberry, sophomore, whose father is a retired KCK Police Officer. Every day the country is kept in order by law enforcement officers. Although there have been multiple incidents of violence, with the police in the wrong, we have to remember as a school that we have peers who live with a constant fear of after saying goodbye in the morning to their mom, or dad, that they might not walk back in.



A Feastfor Friendship by NATALIE MASTERS

When people are asked what they’re thankful for,“friends and family” is always a popular answer. Most of us show thanks to our family each year by celebrating Thanksgiving surrounded by them. But what about friends? They deserve a celebration of thanks too. That’s why “Friendsgiving” has become a popular idea, especially among millennials. Much like a regular Thanksgiving with family, a Friendsgiving consists of the regular Thanksgiving foods--turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, etc. Laura Richey, senior, attended a Friendsgiving with her friend in Wisconsin. “A lot of the friends brought side dishes to help out, but my friend’s mom cooked most of the food,” Richey said. Reece Wurzer, junior, attended a Friendsgiving last year also. Wurzer said they planned ahead on who was bringing what food. “What we did was we all made one dish and brought it to the Friendsgiving, and we all figured out what we were going to bring beforehand,” said Wurzer. As explained, Friendsgiving is a celebration of thanks centered around friends rather than family. Richey explained in her own words what Friendsgiving

meant to her. “The purpose of Friendsgiving to me is to celebrate all of the things you’re thankful for with your friends and to be surrounded by company that you love and enjoy, outside of your family,” Richey said. Most families have their own tradition that they practice on Thanksgiving. For some it may be breaking the wishbone, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade, or as we know in Kansas City, a lot of families go to watch the lights at the Country Club Plaza get turned on. Wurzer shared a bit of a traditional act they did at the Friendsgiving she went to. “We went around the table and all said what we are thankful for. I think it brought more meaning to the Friendsgiving, and it was interesting to hear what everyone had to say,” said Wurzer. Friendsgiving is becoming more and more popular each passing November, and remains a way to show gratitude to friends who stick by your side.

How to Throw a Friendsgiving Party:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

Select the people you want to attend and send them an invite. Figure out food options, and what dishes people are bringing. Buy supplies and decorate. Cook and clean up before guests arrive.

While You Were Sleeping


Last night while you were sleeping, your mind journeyed to a place constructed entirely by your greatest emotions. In other words, you most likely dreamed last night, whether you remember it or not. According to, most people over the age of ten dream at least four to six times per night during a stage of sleep called REM. REM sleep is defined as sleep that occurs at intervals during the night and is characterized by rapid eye movements, more dreaming and bodily movement, and faster pulse and breathing. Even more impressive is the fact that during these periods, your brain is as active as when you are wide awake and walking. According to an article on dreams in Scientific American, what we experience in our dreams might not necessarily be real, but the emotions attached to these experiences certainly are. On the surface, it is hard to see the purpose of dreams, but each dream actually has a very specific reason behind it. Dreams are meant to help process strong emotions, and, in this way, they reveal things going on subconsciously. The dream key to the right includes the most common types of dreams and what they mean.


The One Where You Are Falling

A dream where you feel as if you are falling might mean that something relating to your finances, relationships, or career may be off track.

The One Where You Are Being


Dreaming that you are being followed or chased could be hinting that you are avoiding something, such as a confrontation.

The One Where Your

Teeth Fall Out

This kind of dream relates to your speech, it may occur because you have recently been gossiping, talking about people behind their backs, or just talking too much in general.

The One Where You Can Fly Experiencing this type of dream often means that you have felt relief recently and a weight has been lifted in some aspect of your life. The success of your attempt to f ly corresponds with the control that you feel you have over your life.

The One Where You Are Late People who are incredibly busy or feel overwhelmed often have dreams about being late. This kind of dream is usually a hint that you might be missing out on an important opportunity.


Paige Snider, Freshmanhas a recurring dream that she is walking through Zona and a giant arc crashes through the shops and then a Siberian Tiger chases her

WEIRD DREAMS Nicole Gardner, Senior-

dreamed that her house was on fire and a giant Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch) was fighting a T-Rex



Educate Yourself !


A different perspective on rape


culture and how it affects society and future generations



Rape culture is real. It’s not a made up, men-bashing

tool that the feminists came up with to make you feel bad. Rape culture is not what you think it is. It doesn’t mean simply that rape happens. Rape culture is real. Rape culture means that society has a tendency to make light of rape and/or sexual assault. We blame the victims for what happened to them. This appears in our justice system, as victims get questions like or “Well, what were you wearing?” and in our daily life, as it has become common to say “You just got raped!” Even Urban Dictionary defines the word “raped” as “having been completely and utterly decimated.” Rape is not rare. People may think this because it has never actually affected them in their life, and/or they may not see it on the news regularly. 377 rapes happened in Kansas City in 2013. 3,276 in the last 14 years, as reported by Kazzie Christy, sophomore, is a victim of rape. Christy was sexaully assaulted by her boyfriend when she was 15. Her assaulter was taken to prison for other crimes, before she got the chance to bring him to court. Christy is constantly blamed by his friends for what happened. They blame her for being around him as much as she was, and for being his girlfriend. Christy is subject to jokes and belittlement almost daily because of what happened to her. She reports that even people fully aware of what happened to her have unceasingly mocked her. She gets very upset by “harmless” banter. “It really bothers me, because it’s a very serious topic. You could be sitting next to someone and they could be a victim of rape and sexual assault and you would never know, because we hide it really well,” said Christy.

“Why didn’t you just try to keep your legs closed?”

54 percent of rape and sexual assault goes unreported, according to, and it is

all due to the disbelief victims are commonly faced with when telling their story. According to Jill Hazell, social worker, rape cases are described to be the hardest cases to prove in court. “There’s a lot of fear in the minds of the people impacted by it, as far as the victims, and coming forward with information. I think they don’t know necessarily if they’re going to be believed, so they keep it quiet.” said Jen Mattson, social studies. A rape case that has been subject to debate on a national level is Brock Turner’s. Turner was the Stanford swimmer who was caught raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. Turner served only three months in prison, and had to register as a sex offender as punishment for his crime, while his victim has received a life sentence of trauma and grief. “It shows a huge insensitivity because the reality is 1 in 4 females and 1 in 6 boys are going to be sexually assaulted by the time they are 18. That’s a huge percentage of our population.” said Hazell. People have agreed that the reason the Turner’s judge sentenced him so lightly was because he deemed his potential and future more important than his crime. Turner was an All-American star swimmer and the judge decided that that was more relevant than the life he destroyed. “I think it says a lot to us, as women, that the majority of the

legal system and the majority of people believe that a sexual assault or a sexual crime doesn’t impact us for the rest of our lives, and it does,” said Deanna Koelliker, communication arts. Turner’s victim released a letter to the judge, and directly addresses Turner and other victims of rape and/or sexual assault. Turner’s victim said, “Someday, you can pay me back for my

But you cannot give me back my sleepless nights.” ambulance ride and therapy.

Rape culture is real. It’s crystal clear in the form of the judge and the defendant, who pointedly asked her questions that blamed what happened to her on her clothing, which was a cardigan covering a dress, and her supposed “promiscuity.” Mattson used to teach Women’s Studies at South, and issues about rape and rape culture frequently came up in the class. Mattson thinks the problem is caused by lack of education. “People need to be educated about why it happens, how often it happens, and why it’s not a more readily reported,” said Mattson. Koelliker agrees the issue is caused by lack of education and maintains that students should have mandatory classes teaching kids about awareness, safety and self-defense for all girls and boys. “Part of the reason we are in this mess, this strange, bizzaro rape culture, is that we spend all of our time trying to educate girls and we don’t talk to boys as well. If we really want to thwart off situations where weaker people are being hurt we need to make sure we are educating men as much as women,” said Koelliker. It has been common to categorize men talking about women into this phrase“locker room talk.” It is describing the way some athletes, or men in general, have talked about women in lewd or offensive ways. Noah Salsbury, senior, thinks otherwise.

“I think it’s pretty harmless,

but you have to know who’s around you. Don’t make those comments just to anybody,” said Salsbury. Salsbury also says that professional athletes that are frequently in trouble for sexual assault and the things some of them say while in their locker rooms is put in too negative a light because they are famous. Daniel Gunderson, senior, disagrees and believes athletes should be held the same standards as everybody, regardless of their talent and fame, especially in the case of Brock Turner. “He needs to be punished as if he was just some regular Joe on the street,” said Gunderson. Rape is not exclusive to men. It is statistically higher that women are more subject to sexual assault, but not by much. This is not misandry, or prejudice against men. Koelliker maintains that education about rape culture needs to be universal, regardless of sex. “People say that this is men-bashing. This has nothing to do with men-bashing. Men I know don’t want their daughters, their sisters, their moms, spoken to or treated like that. This is a handful of gross men that have been doing this unchecked for a long period of time and it makes everybody think that it’s okay,” said Koelliker. Christy voiced that as a victim of sexual assault, she feels that rape culture and the people perpetuating it are fairly common in the media and on the news, but do not gain enough recognition and care. In her letter to the judge, Brock Turner’s victim gave a powerful statement at the end of the letter saying, “And finally, to girls everywhere, I am with you. On nights when you feel alone, I am with you. When people doubt you or dismiss you, I am with you.”



A holiday to die for

Dia de los muertos is a celebration between Nov. 1-2 to honor family members who have passed away Halloween? Thanksgiving? No, Día de los muertos. “It’s celebrating the life of family members, and close friends who have passed away,” said Nancy Park, Spanish teacher. As of 2014, the United States Census recorded about 55 million hispanics and latinos; as population has grown people from different backgrounds have brought their cultures as well. From originally being celebrated in Mexico in the late 20th century to now being celebrated in the United States, Day of the Dead has become a worldwide holiday. Every year on Nov. 1 and 2, people from all over set up altars, make pan de muertos (dead bread), eat foods like tamales, Calaveras de Azucar (Sugar Skulls) and Calabaza en Dulce (Candied Pumpkin), and play music. Family members go to the ones who have passed and clean their graves and decorate them with marigolds usually placed in arches. Then after that, the families put the person’s favorite foods or drinks. Why do they put these on their graves? These gifts and offerings are meant to attract


the dead, but it is also to help guide them back to their loved ones who are on Earth. People also help the dead by lighting candles and burning incense. “My dad has an altar. We usually put a picture of who we’re celebrating,” said Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff, junior. Since a young age, Dominguez-Heithoff has celebrated Day of the Dead by setting up an altar, and putting up a picture of the person who they would be celebrating. Laying out bread is a way for her family members who have passed to come back and eat. She also lights candles and puts rosaries on the altar. “The altar will sit there for a week just for symbolism, and a reminder to respect our loved ones and to remember them,” said Dominguez-Heithoff. Día de los Muertos is a way to remember and honor family members who have passed away, yes you might think that it’s crazy but instead of mourning over the person,you remember the wonderful moments that this person lived. It’s a beautiful way of celebrating the dead. “This is something that any mexican can celebrate, this is something that I am proud of” Dominguez-Heithoff.

“Just because we are the united states’ doesn’t mean you have to say ‘adios’ to your culture and to who you are in your background”

Go to see how to make your own Day of the Dead DIY !

Papel picado is an extra decoration that many people put on altars to honor the dead. Marigolds have a strong fragrance, it is to help lead the dead back to their altars


The pan de muerto also kown as “bread of the dead” is a symbol of the departed Candles are placed to help guide their way back to earth A picture is plaved on the altar to show who is being remembered

Division I athletes around the country work as hard as professionals. Do they deserve to paid like one?


ollegiate athletes pour everything they have into their craft. Between practices, film and school, athletes devote nearly every minute of their time to their teams and universities. As college sports become more and more of a business, some athletes think that payment for the services they provide for their school need to be recognized monetarily. Not to say that universities haven’t payed their athletes before, but currently it is against the rules to pay athletes in order to “maintain amateurism”, according to the NCAA’s Rules and Regulations. Many universities have been investigated for suspicion of handing out cash or gifts to their players or athletes. Football and basketball are the most common sports in which athletes receive gifts or cash rewards. Universities that have been found guilty in the past few years of paying players via cash or gifts include Ohio State, Miami (FL), USC and Louisville - just to name a few. A few athletes at South have the opportunity to compete at a Division I level in their sport. Jacob Springer, senior, is a football player for South and currently holds multiple Division I offers. Springer said, “I don’t think that college



holds an offer from Indiana Tech. Kline said, “Players should get paid based on the number of their jerseys are sold because people are buying it knowing who it represents even if there is no name on the back.” This idea of player likeness is the reason for the discontinuance of the popular NCAA Football video game series. “Although the video games did not use their names, the former college athletes alleged EA Sports used the same jersey numbers, heights, weights, skin tones, hair colors and home states in the in-game bios, not only without their permission, but without compensation,” wrote Darren Rovell, ESPN Senior Writer. As long as the NCAA rules on compensation remain the same, it will be extremely difficult for a company to produce another NCAA videogame because of the controversy. On top of that, there is concern that only players of popular sports would be the ones getting paid. Sadler said, “Volleyball players definitely wouldn’t make us much money because colleges take more pride in boy’s sports like football and nobody pays attention to volleyball as much.” Is that a reasonable reason for

pay for play


athletes should be paid because in a sense they already are by getting their expensive tuition paid for.” A lot of Division I athletes are already on a full scholarship program. This means their tuition, room and board and even food are being provided for them. Allison Sadler, senior, a volleyball player committed to the University of Washburn, “They [athletes] shouldn’t have to worry about food or money because their colleges are providing practically everything they need for them,” said Allison Sadler, senior. Although some people think it isn’t okay for athletes to be paid for their play, they believe that they should be given a cut of merchandise. Many universities sell jerseys with the player’s number, but withhold player’s last name on it. Jacob Kline, senior, is a basketball player at South and currently

certain college athletes to be paid over others? Kline said, “Division I athletes bring in so much money for their schools, so they definitely deserve to be paid.” On the other hand, these major sports that bring in millions of dollars are also the sports that have opportunities to make big money at the professional level. Springer said, “If you are good enough to be paid in college, than you will get paid eventually when you go pro.” The idea of college sports would be tainted if athletes were paid. The NCAA would turn into just another professional league. They are called student-athletes for a reason. By paying collegiate athletes, you would be putting the athlete in front of the student, and that is not what the NCAA is about.



BOUNCI NG Back Into The Season by RAQUEL REID

Basketball season has already begun and the boys

and girls basketball teams are starting to perfecting their game. New coaches and players are just some of the new things this basketball season has to offer. The Lady Panther basketball team is going through an extreme change this year. Once the season ended last year, Coach Jenny Orlowski retired, leaving the team with a new coach. Coach Joshua Dorr is from Clinton, Mo., and taught at Clinton High School. Coming from a class 4 school, it can be a big transition coming to South. South is a Class 5 school which means better competition and better knowledge of the game. “There is not much I will have to change from past teams I have taught. The greatest change will be that I will allow more offensive freedom,” said Dorr. Dorr has been preparing for this season since the moment he was hired. “Off season is where the players make the most improvement because they can refine all of their fundamentals and learn new things to help their game,” said Dorr. All coaches have different ways of developing their team and Dorr has expectations of his own. “I expect three big things: For everyone to work hard at all times, including practice, games, weightroom and in the classroom. The girls need to work as a team and put the team first. Finally, I expect commitment,” Dorr said. He plans to transform the Lady Panther basketball team into a first place team. “Last year, we made improvement throughout the year, but this


2 3

year I expect everyone to put in their best effort so we can reach our full potential,” Senior Grace Cunningham said. Cunningham looks to have fun, but also to be more serious when the team needs to be and focus when it really matters. “It is my senior year and I want it to be the best year yet,” Cunningham said. On the other hand, the boys basketball team has been working their way to get back to State. Last year, Ryan Welty was the center for South but unfortunately his time came to an end. Losing Welty, the team was left with mostly guards, but gained Saadique Perkins, junior, who is new to South this year. “Saadique is coming into a position where we need him, and to be good for us,” says Coach Dan Parra. Perkins transferred from Sumner Academy. Joining the team, he was expected to get some more height inside. “It’s a different experience but I appreciate all the people who have been helping me,” said Perkins. Coach Parra pushes his boys during the season and during the off season. As soon as last year was over, he was already thinking about the next upcoming season. Parra has five or six seniors this year and expects them to be leaders on and off the court. “The seniors have been here through a lot of success and I think we can reach our full potential by the end of the year,” said Parra. Parra has led his team to multiple championships and hopes to have another substantial team. “I expect to be competitive and to be playing great by the time districts comes around and hopefully advance,” said Parra. “I think when the end of the season comes we will be just as successful as two years ago when we went to State finals.”

1. Set your feet


2. Bend knees and jump

3. Release ball with shooting hand

4. Follow through


Many people want to play sports in college, but do they know how hard it truly is?


o you think you have what it takes to be a collegiate athlete? If so, then strap on your seat belts. Lots of people today overlook the fact that it is truly difficult to play a sport in college, from knocking heads on the football field to mastering a turn section as a dance team member. The first and biggest difference is the amount of practice. Most high school teens who are involved in sports have practice every day after school during the season. Some sports in college, take football for example, can have up to three practices a day lasting from 2-4 hours a piece. “High School was a responsibility and time commitment. But in college they pay for your education so the coaches expect you to treat it like a job,” said Shaefer Shuetz, 2015 graduate and Benedictine football player . Another difference is the level of competition. There are no “easy” weeks, as every team is good. Also, every player is hand picked by the program to put forth their best effort in representing their school.

Hours of Golf per day Hours of Tennis per day Years of Tennis


Years of Golf

athlete, because

7 2

Hours of Homework Hours of free time

3 3 State finishing 71 State finishing 3 Eva Hours of Homework Hours of free time


Girls Cross Country

not everyone has what it takes. Miranda Steczak


Hours of Golf per day

2 2 2


“It is a whole new level of commitment and competition at the college level,” said Anna Courtney, 2015 graduate and Kansas soccer player. Some people believe that if you’re an athlete in college that you don’t have to worry about your education because people do your work for you and give study guides that look exactly like the test. In some cases this may be true, but you are expected as a “student-athlete” by NCAA sports to be able to handle your classes and your sport. “Just because you play for the school doesn’t mean you’re going to get special treatment. Teachers still expect you to do your work and most students don’t even recognize you,” said Andrew Richards, 2015 graduate and Benedictine baseball player. According to the NCAA, out of the 8 million people that play sports in highschool, only 480,000 continue on to play in college. So, it is quite the accomplishment to be a collegiate

Sadie Franklin 10

s t a t e


Hours of Tennis per day Years of Tennis Hours of Homework Hours of free time


Years of Golf

5 2

Hours of work Hours of free time

3 State finishing 5 Chloe Norris 9

-Qualified as a team -Placed fourth overall (best in South history) -Lexi Maddox & Jasmine Crawford: All-State

4 5


State finishing


Hours of Tennis per day


Years of Tennis

6 3

Hours of Homework Hours of free time

1 State finishing 5 Abby Norris 11

Boys Cross Country

Brendan Briody, Eli Guzman and Trey Rouse Qualified for State

A t h l e t e s




Boys Swim All-State Honors for Cody Beeler, Jackson Garrett, Isaac Lee and Daniel Miller



Complete Fantasy Guide

You started out strong in fantasy, but now your team is starting to crumble. Don’t worry, there are many other people who started out 3-0 and are now 3-3. I had a rough start to my season and I’ve had to add many people and start from scratch. Not to worry though, I’m going to give some tips to help you get your team back on track. The key to building your team is to get a quarterback. You need a good quarterback that will score around 20 points every week. Matt Ryan has definitely surprised everyone in Fantasy. Ryan, the Atlanta Falcons’ starting quarterback, wasn’t even drafted in my fantasy football league. He is averaging 23.3 fantasy points per game. “Matt Ryan is definitely the best quarterback in the league at the moment.” said Jackson Dixon, sophomore. A few other quarterbacks who are doing well and are on the waiver wire are: Blake Bortles, Jameis Winston, Philip Rivers and Tyrod Taylor. Just to name a few, but if you have Eli Manning or Alex Smith, I think it is time to look for another quarterback. Manning and Smith are not expected to be started in leagues for a while. David Johnson, for the Arizona Cardinals is easily the best running back in the league. Johnson is averaging 20.5 fantasy points per game. Johnson is one of my favorite players to watch and if the person you’re playing has him, good luck. “My first pick in fantasy was David Johnson, and looking back, I’m glad I picked him. He is carrying my team, I would not trade him,” said Stephen Personelli, junior. The NFL is filled with running backs this year; there are so many good running backs to choose from. I would strongly advise adding Spencer Ware, Jay Ajayi and James White. These players have started to grow to the game and have started showing potential in the last few weeks. “My favorite add from the waiver wire has been Le’Veon Bell and T.Y. Hilton,” said Moti Sarbessa, sophomore. Julio Jones had also had a tremendous year so far and his quarterback is Matt Ryan, so that’s even better. Jones has had a breakout year and is possibly looking at one of his best seasons of his career. “Jones is unbelievable, I love to watch him. Could be put down as one of the best wide receivers ever,” said Sarbessa.

Fantasy guide to get your team back on the road


I don’t think that there aren’t very many good receivers in the league that are on the waiver wire, but I have a few people in mind who I would add to help you out. Mike Wallace, Stefon Diggs and DeVante Parker would help you out greatly. Honestly, I think Odell Beckham, Jr. is one of the best receivers, even though he acts like he’s six years old,” said Dixon. There are a few wide receivers who are good, but haven’t been playing well, for example Willie Sneed, Travis Benjamin, and Steve Smith Sr. They are usually listed as questionable and don’t see a lot of targets. “I’ve played Sneed and he puts up 25 yards, then I sit him, and then he gets 85 yards and a touchdown. I don’t see any stellar wide receivers this year,” said Personelli. Tight ends, I don’t care for. There aren’t any standout tight ends that are doing great, so it is judgement picking up a tight end. You can pick up any tight end and be fine. But if I had to pick a tight end to pick up, it would be Zach Miller, Gary Barnidge, and Zach Ertz. Defenses don’t really get a lot of a points either. But I would add the Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens. I advise dropping the Buffalo Bills defense and Miami Dolphins. They can’t stop the run and their corners aren’t the best. Kickers can be crucial. I try to pick a kicker that is on a team that gets close enough to score, but can’t convert so they have to kick the field goal. Or you can pick a team that scores a lot. I would pick up Steven Hauschka, Dan Carpenter and Matt Prater if you need a kicker. If you follow these helpful hints I could help get your fantasy team back on track. I could help you get your 3-3 team to 11-3 and maybe I could even get you into the championship. These simple adds could help your fantasy team tremendously.

“Ezekiel Elliot, best rookie running back in the game right now.”-Jackson Dixon


Running Back

Wide Receivers

Tight End



Matt Ryan

David Johnson

Julio Jones

Greg Olsen


Adam Vinateri



you Need to know Approaching The College Basketball Season



The preseason rankings have just been released by USA Today, and yet again KU, Duke and Kentucky have found their way in the top five. Feeling a bit of Deja Vu? Probably because these teams have been ranked in the top five for the past three years with no sign of stopping.


The Jayhawks look to make history this season, as they attempt to tie UCLA’s record for most is much more than just three programs. The talent is cycled consecutive conference titles with out as the best players leave to be replaced by new ones, so 13 in a row. KU did lose a few key players from last year such as Perry Ellis you are constantly getting new faces each year. There is still and Wayne Selden, but with the acquisition of potential #1 pick in the draft much that makes this season just as unique as any other one. Josh Jackson, you will have forgotten all about them by December. With veteran guards Devonte Graham and Frank Mason III returning, Kansas will have one of the most lethal backcourts in the country. KU’s lockdown defense and stacked roster should allow them to win the Big 12 yet again and Topping most of the preseason ranking polls, you can expect Coach K and the Blue Devils to do some make a long run in March. damage this upcoming season. Duke came up huge this offseason landing the #1 and #3 recruits in the country Harry “ I think KU will be the team that will stand out and ultimately do the best. They have a lot of returning talent especially in Guards Devonte Graham Giles and Jayson Tatum. The teams mix of new talent as well as returning p layers such as Luke Kennard and Grayson Allen and Frank Mason which should help Josh Jackson develop into the Superstar should make them serious title contenders.The health of Harry everyone projects him to be.” said Mandy Brewington, social studies. Giles should be the key factor that sets this team apart from the rest.

Why this year won’t be like the rest- What people tend to forget is that College Basketball



Kentucky has yet again mastered the recruiting process reeling in three of the top ten players in the country. With the help of John Calipari, we could see the freshman duo of De’Aaron Fox and Malik Monk develop into the most exciting backcourt in all of college basketball. With the talent is obviously there for big things to happen, I think that Kentucky’s biggest competition is themselves, with their youth and lack of experience serving as roadblocks to the national title.


With every team that exceeds the expectations, there are also some that cannot meet theirs and bust. A team I think is suspect this year to bust is Virginia. In the past years Virginia has found their way to high seeds in the tournament because of their plethora of talent and their well known defense. Even though they have a talented coach in Tony Bennet, I think the absence of key offensive players on their team will end of being the reason they do not do as well as they have in the past.

Returning Players-

Most players are not ready after one season to just jump straight into the NBA. There are many returning players looking to have a great year such as Carlton Bragg of Kansas and Melo Trimble of Maryland but, I think the returning player to Every year has its own overlooked teams that come from under the radar and take the improve the most from last year will be Ivan Rabb of California. With the departure of #3 overall pick in the draft Jaylen Brown and two of their other league by surprise with their success. I personally think this best players, look for Ivan Rabb to be carrying the majority of the load. year two sleeper teams to come out and surprise everyone will be Arizona and UCLA. With the addition of a couple nice recruits and returning talent, Sean Miller’s Wildcats should be back to normal after a down year last season. A key game to prove themselves will be against Michigan St. on Nov. 11. The name doesn’t do justice in describing how crazy March Madness can actually get. Each year holds UCLA landed the top point guard in the country in Lonzo Ball it own surprises as we have witnessed some of the most insane upsets along with another five star recruit T.J Leaf and I anticipate they will do big things for the bruins. Ball’s massive 6’6” frame and big shots of all time. Look at last year’s National title Game with back to back buzzer beaters in the dying seconds of the game for an example of the for a point guard should allow him to have an immediate madness that puts us sports fans on an emotional rollercoaster. impact as he is the clear leader of that team. UCLA will go as far as Ball takes them.


March Madness-

“For most players that go to those weaker colleges it doesn’t work out but I wouldn’t say Lonzo Ball is like most players. I could see him going off this season and helping UCLA do some work” said Dominic Scudiero,junior.




This outfIt was less than 20 dollars



“People don’t understand that you can actually find name brand clothes inside a thrift store. It’s in a thrift store which means it’s so much cheaper,” said Ian Cassidy, senior. “Most people don’t have the funds to be dropping close to $200. My mom works for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and Companies like Goodwill and Savers actually donate to my mom. I get 50 percent off when I shop there,” said Jessie Carolan The great part of being in the Kansas City area is how many places we have to choose from. “Savers, Goodwill, HillCrest, and Plato’s Closet are the ones that I know,” said Christina Buckmaster, junior. If you go to all of those places, before you know it your whole closet will be full of other people’s clothes. “My wardrobe is about 50 percent stuff I have thrifted,” said Mara Peak, junior. Whether you’re looking for a new look, or just don’t have the money to afford top dollar items, everyone can thrift shop. The fact that people believe the clothes are ratty, worn down, and frankly unwearable. Thrift Stores offer certain styles, have actual name brand items and the best part? Inexpensive. Give it a try, and before you know it you will be coming to school looking as rad as you.

“Savers, Goodwill, HillCrest, and Plato’s Closet are the ones that I know,” said Christina Buckmaster, junior.


Pants. $50. Shirt. $25. Sweatshirt. $65. Shoes $75. $215. Congratulations, you have successfully completed one full outfit. You only had to spend two weeks worth of a paycheck, but you have it. Don’t worry, you’re “stylish” now. There has to be a way to get your clothes for a reasonable price, while still tricking people into thinking you spent top dollar for them. Welcome to the world of thrift shopping. Whether you’re cheap, looking for a specific style, or it’s all you’ve ever done, thrifting attracts a certain type of person. It’s quite a unique process. People can come in and recycle their clothing that they do not want anymore. One man’s trash really is another man’s treasure. Thrift stores offer clothing gems that you can’t find at normal retail stores. “Name brand stores overprice everything. You get the vintage look if you buy your clothes from a thrift store”, said Mitch Pyles, junior. “Thrift shops add a certain style that I wouldn’t find at a brand name store.” The average person isn’t very informed about things in thrift stores.

at Savers...



Throughout the past eight years, I can’t honestly say that a lot has happened. Looking at our current situation, I can see how many would be on board with getting Obama back for another four years. However, this lets people unfairly view Obama as a great president. In reality, he’s at best an inconsequential one being compared to one of the most hated candidates ever getting ready to take office. When Obama was on the campaign trail in 2008, he was seen as a beacon of hope, someone who would leave the office of the presidency forever changed, would stand for individual liberties and run the most transparent administration in history. Sadly, for all of America, none of these promises came to fruition, as Obama failed to live up to the grandiose expectations he had set for himself and our nation. Obama’s biggest accomplishment in the eyes of many was passing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a bill that in my eyes failed to live up to its name and encompassed his overall weakness as a president. The ACA was supposed to be a groundbreaking piece of legislation that would set a precedent for universal healthcare in America by creating a public option in which the private industry would have to compete against. However, Obama somehow failed to get the ACA passed despite having a Democratic majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, an almost impossible feat. He had to take out the public option, turning the bill into a simple mandate to buy private health insurance. Today, healthcare in America remains relatively expensive compared to other western nations, and millions still remain uninsured. In 2012, thousands of NSA documents were released revealing tens of millions of Americans were being unconstitutionally spied on. This was a blatant violation of our fourth amendment rights, and a total stab in the back to his supporters who were told their right to privacy would be respected. While Obama disregarded the constitutional rights of Americans, that’s nothing compared to the negligence he showed to the lives of innocent Muslims living in the Middle East. Under Barack, the drone strike program has been drastically increased, but hasn’t gotten any better at its job. According to a report from The Intercept, 90 percent of drone strikes performed in Afghanistan don’t hit their intended target. You would think that calling in a drone strike would be a moral debate considering the high probability of innocent civilians being killed, but this isn’t the case with Obama. As of January, the New York Times said Obama had conducted 506 drone strikes, showing his lack of concern for the lives of innocent women and children living in war-torn nations. Barack Obama came into office as a symbol of hope, but after eight years hasn’t changed much to leave a lasting impression on the US. I’m afraid he’s simply going to be remembered as the first African-American president in United States history. Which is a shame, because he could’ve, and should’ve, been so much more.




Obama approved the operation that killed one of the most hated terrorists of all time. He made it legal for citizens to marry whomever they chose, regardless of gender. He is responsible for the over nine million jobs created. All of this, and more, he achieved in just eight years. On Sept.11, 2001 our country was forever changed. Over 6,000 were injured and almost 3,000 were killed. The group that claimed responsibility for this terrible day was a group known as Al Qaeda (no, Bush did not cause 9/11), and their leader, Osama bin Laden, became the world’s most wanted man. On May 2, 2011, bin Laden’s reign would come to an end. Even though Obama didn’t personally kill bin Laden, he still authorized the mission that did. After bin Laden was declared dead, further investigation of the site where he was killed revealed evidence of plans to assassinate President Obama, as well as another series of terror attacks on the anniversary of 9/11. Essentially, killing bin Laden was probably one of the best things that’s ever happened to this country. Killing the most wanted man in the world isn’t Obama’s only success; he also lessened the oppression of LGBT couples. Up until June of last year, same sex couples could only marry if it was legal in their state. Obama believed that not having the right to marry someone you love simply because of their body parts is unconstitutional, and it is. So, Obama fought to change this, and the Supreme Court agreed. On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court made a decision in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges. The Court decided in a 5-4 ruling that the 14 Amendment includes the right to marry freely, regardless of gender. This was a huge victory not only for Obama, but also for America, allowing the country to travel further down the path of equality for all. Obama also made serving in the military as a gay or lesbian easier by repealing the policy which restricted soldiers from being open about their sexuality. It is completely absurd to deny people the right to serve their country because they wish to be open about themselves. Another victory was reducing our forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Even though our involvement in the region eventually went back up because of the terror group known as ISIS, it is still substantially lower than before. This saved countless American lives as well as reduced federal deficit spending. Also, Obama ended policies allowing inhumane torture that Bush had made legal during his term. The majority of Americans agree that Obama was a great president. His approval rating is averaging 55 percent. Even Ronald Reagan averaged only 52 percent and George W. Bush averaged 49 percent. As his term has come to an end, we as citizens should all be thankful for a president who took equality a step further, expanded jobs and health insurance, and made being a single parent a little bit easier. We owe it to ourselves to maintain the successes Obama has made, not reverse them. In Obama’s own words, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

edispilF Flipside

8 YEARS OF OBAMA 2009 2011



The Osama bin Wins Obama Normal Obama wins Nuclear deal Affordable Laden is re-election announces relations with is reached the Nobel against he will seek communist Peace Prize Care Act is killed in allowing Republican approval to controlled sanctions on and accepts signed into a raid in law Pakistan Opponent use military Cuba are it in Oslo that Iran to be Mitt Romney force in resumed December lifted Syria




BABIES Act requires baby changing stations in men’s restrooms





Vinyl has a very unique sound compared to other forms of music. According to Garrett Dixon, junior, an avid vinyl listener, all of the sound from the original recording gets put on the record. In other forms of music, they cut out some of the sound. This leaves the overall sound of a record much crisper than CDs or electronic music players. Another benefit to vinyl is the aspect of physically collecting music. Many fans of music want to be able to have a tangible copy of the music they love


Vinyl can be very expensive, around $30 per record. An investment of at least $100 for a record player is required before you even begin listening. Records are also easily damageable if not properly stored/taken care of. Minor scratches and warping (when records become bent or twisted out of shape) will make the record not play properly, but they also add to the records unique sound. You also can’t practically play records in your car or on the move.



Explore three different ways to listen to music by ADAM FRAZIER

CDs +

Many people overlook CDs because of the cost, but they are a viable option for car rides. You can download songs onto blank CDs to reduce the overall cost. They have sound quality better than a lot of music played through auxiliary cords. You can always play CD music in the car, even if you have no connection/reception. While you can also collect CDs, vinyl collecting is far more prominent among avid listeners.


CDs can be damaged sometimes as easily as vinyl. They cost around $10 per album, so if you like a lot of artists the cost can add up. The only practical use for CDs at this point is car rides.

Almost every song ever recorded is at your disposal electronically for at most $10 a month, which is a lot less than CDs and vinyl. You can download music to your phone and play it even when you have no connection. Electronic played music is the most portable type of music. You can play music from your phone in your car with the use of an auxiliary cord or bluetooth. You can essentially listen to music anywhere.


You can’t really collect electronically played music like you can vinyl or CDs. If you don’t have a connection and if you don’t have music downloaded then you can’t play any music. The sound quality of a phone playing music in a car is sometimes lesser than that of a CD.





The Weston Red Barn Farm This time is of the year is perfect for apple picking, corn mazes, and hayrides. Or so I thought. I was excited to visit the Red Barn Farm because I’ve always heard glowing reviews about it. The first thing I noticed was that the information desk was vacant. I was confused because I thought that was the location where you purchased the activities you wanted to do for the day. Although, I later learned that the hayrides and all the other activities are only open during the weekends. Natalie Masters and I decided to wander around and started walking down the trail to where the corn mazes were. We were the only ones down there and there was a reason for that. The corn was either dead on the ground or barely holding up anymore. We couldn’t even find the apple picking area, as it didn’t look like there was any area for that at all. We strolled around a little more and noticed the animals, that was at least interesting to see. There was a whole barn of them playing around, and if you don’t mind the animal smell it’s pretty fun to watch. They had a whole bunch of pumpkins that were in great shape so I picked out a small one for myself. Their food store was filled with homemade jam, fudge, and other neat crafts. I wouldn’t come back on a weekday but I definitely would on a weekend to see the different opportunities I can experience.

Carve into the pumpkin

Cider Hill Family Orchard While the Red Barn Farm are still selling various types of pumpkins in healthy shape, Cider Hill Family Orchard lacks just that. The pumpkin patch there had only a few to choose from and they were looking pretty sad. The worker there notified us the apple picking season had just ended and they only had a few trees with apples left; unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to pick from the remaining trees. There was no doubt the scenery of this Orchard blew the Red Barn Farm away. There was a big pond with ducks and duck food to feed the ducks with. I never felt bored because I was always doing something there: walking a trail to the pumpkin patch, swinging on the swing set, or picking out something delicious from their homemade goods. From candy apples to fudge bars to apple cider their store was loaded with amazing treats and I just wanted to buy them all. I ended up deciding on the milk chocolate peanut butter fudge bar which tastes just as savory as it sounds. You can even take what you buy and bring it to the tables and benches that overlook the pond. It’s an extremely peaceful place with beautiful aspects to it. Overall, I’m glad I decided to visit this Orchard and experience the natural beauty that came with it. Even though pumpkin patch season is basically over I’d highly recommend everyone to visit here next year earlier in the season.

Scoop the seeds out

Clean the seeds and let them dry Cook them for 20 minutes, add oil, put them back in the oven for another 20 minutes


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