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The Reporter • May 2012

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Rosalyn, Riley, Hope, Jessica and Chrystal for your senior leadership -The Reporter Staff

Year. In addition to being considered for state, she said she will be recognized at some banquets. Besides this reward, Collier said daily things make her feel good. “[It is memorable] seeing kids who don’t do well in math finally grasp it,” Collier said. Collier said she decided to become a teacher because she wanted to work with numbers, but didn’t want a desk job because it would be boring. She wanted things to be changing. “I may teach the same subject, but the kids are different,” Collier said. Bressler and Collier both agreed the key to being a good teacher is caring about the students and making time for them. Ham said this is exactly the way Collier teaches. “She teaches the right way,” Ham said. “She’s interactive; she helps you a lot.”

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It was a normal morning in teacher Lisa family. Collier’s college algebra class. The bell work “There are tons of teachers in my family, was complete, the new lesson was started. so they’re all very excited,” she said. While she was teaching, a group of adminis- Juniors Rachael Cleaver and Joshua Ham trators and her husband, Troy Collier, came said Collier deserves the award. quietly into the room. “I like how she works with her students,” Then they Cleaver said. announced Lisa “She’s always Collier as the there to help.” new secondary Ham agreed level Teacher Collier’s interof the Year. The action with her class applauded, students makes pictures were it easier to taken and then learn. class resumed. “I learn more Though the from her than whole thing any other [math] happened withPhoto by Marissa Bergman teacher,” Ham in 10 minutes Lisa Collier, math teacher, was awarded the title Teacher of said. and then things the Year. Collier has been teaching for 12 years. Principal Phil were back to Bressler said normal, Collier Collier deserves said it was very unexpected. In the past six the award. He said he nominated her because years, middle school teachers have gotten the she focuses so much on learning. award, so it caught her off guard. “She has complete clarity of where her “I knew I had been nominated,” she said. students are throughout the learning pro“I had also been nominated last year but cess,” Bressler said. didn’t get it.” While she is excited, Collier said she had Collier said she has received a lot of posi- to write six essays and fill out other papertive feedback from everyone, especially her work to be considered for state Teacher of the

very excited. - Lisa Collier, math teacher

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in my family, so they’re all very excited. - Lisa Collier, math teacher Rosalyn, Riley, Hope, Jes- sica and Chrystal for your senior leaders...

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