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The Reporter • October 2011

Photo by Ayla Fedor

Seniors Seth Roberts and Brandon Cole lead the JV boys cross country team at the Paola Invitational Sept 10. The boys and girls team finished fourth.

Speed, pace intertwine Haefele and Boyer say a good meet requires good speed and pace caleb hecker sports editor Senior Matt Haefele uses the hills to his advantage in a cross country race. “Speed is a factor when on the hills but overall pace is needed to

run a good race,” he said. “Pace allows a runner to obtain a good time, while speed helps runners get in the lead.” Runners can work on speed and pace in different ways said cross country head coach Leslie Wilson.

“We do runs with short rests to work on speed,” Wilson said. “Pace workouts usually consist of runners having to meet a time which I give them.” Sophomore Regan Boyer says she needs to get better at pace. However, Boyer said sometimes how an athlete runs is out of their control. “Weather can affect how a runner does because if it is cold then

you feel stiffer, and if you are going up a hill wind can slow you down,” Boyer said. Rain is another weather factor that can prevent a runner from running a good time of about 16 minutes, Hafele said. “If it’s rainy and wet when we start a meet, the ground is slippery and we have to watch our step so we don’t fall which can slow a runner down by a minute or two,”

he said. A good running time for guys and girls differ, said Boyer “The boys run a 5k in about 17 or 18 minutes and the girls run 4k in about 15 or 16 minutes,” she said. Pace holds more weight than speed said Wilson. “Pace is better for distance running because you have to keep going at a good speed if you want to finish first,” Wilson said.

Making the transition Freshmen enter different level of competition carl schmidt reporter Three years of the same faces, teammates, and coaches is all altered when a student enters high school. New coaches, different levels of intensity and a new team with experienced players. Freshmen volleyball player Kenna Haley said that middle school sports are just a starting block for a student that gives them a sense of confidence and a feel for the game. “Playing middle school sports definitely helped because I have an idea of what is going on in the game, but I still have a lot to learn in high school,” said Haley. Football coach Stuart Ross said middle

school and recreational teams can make a world of difference. He said seeing players develop is one of his favorite things about coaching. “I still go and watch my former high school players, like Brittney Miller and Rachel Hanf, just to see how much they have improved, and to look back and remember how they started,” said Ross, “I remember that at first Brittney was not ready, but she worked hard and developed into a fine player.” Some sports that are available at PHS aren’t available at PMS, like soccer and baseball. Freshman soccer player Nick Hermes

played soccer in a recreational league until this year. “There is a huge difference between an hour, laid back recreational practice, and two to three hour difficult and continuous high school practices,” Hermes said. “The whole team relies on you. You have to work hard every day because if you slack off it lets your whole team down.” Junior volleyball player Elizabeth Edwards remembers when she was a freshmen in sports. “It was a nerve-wracking and exciting experience,” said Edwards. “I try to help the freshmen because I remember how hard

it was and the way the upperclassmen act shows the freshmen how to act.” How a person adapts to a new situation can change the way they play and learn. Ross said that many stud high school players in any sport don’t start their first year of college because of such the big playing level and that it can be applied to the transfer from middle school to high school. “Even though I think I have adapted well to the new atmosphere, I still have a lot to learn but when you get that block or good hit it makes it all worth it,” said Haley.

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Senior Matt Haefele uses the hills to his advantage in a cross country race. “Speed is a factor when on the hills but overall pace is needed...

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