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The Reporter • May 2012 Students congregate in the senior hallway to take home books and assignments after school. Photo by Libby Rayne

Talking‘bout my generation Language, slang always changing libby rayne reporter

English is thought to be one of the top three most difficult languages to learn said French teacher, Sara Allison. And with that, it is constantly changing with each generation. New slang terms seem to find their way into our everyday conversations frequently. Learning these terms can be difficult for non-English speakers to understand. “I don’t speak English so it takes me time to learn the different terms,” said Nikki Neira Not everyone finds the terms to be worth while. “I hate when people say ‘that’s vague!’” said Trenny Morris, senior. Morris said he does not like the word

vague because it is “sketchy”. Certain individuals hate the phrases right off the bat, while others, like science teacher Karl Schmidt, just get tired of the repetition and general overuse. “It’s like this: the word ‘like’ is like way overused. Like, it is just used to, like, avoid silences, “said Schmidt. Schmidt said the word ‘like’ has become a sentence filler. Sometimes slang terms show up suddenly as the term ‘YOLO’ did. ‘YOLO’ came about in a rap song called ‘The Motto’ by Drake when he rapped, “…you only live once that’s the motto [brotha] YOLO.” “A while ago I heard the phrase ‘YOLO’ in a song. It has just kind of stuck with me since. Now, ‘YOLO’ has become my motto” said Seth Slayman, sophomore. Where slang words and phrases spurn from is not always known by everyone.

“Donut carrot” seemed to come about abruptly. Those such freshman Keith Peuser, did not know its orgin “It was my brother,” said Morris. “He was trying to text my mom ‘don’t care’ but it autocorrected to ‘donut carrot’.” Some terms remain in use for long lengths of time, while others do not. “It’s hard to tell what will stick around and what won’t” said Hunter O’Brien, junior Some words seem to have been around for a much longer time than others. “Cool was pretty cool [in my youth] – it was a very cutting edge word.” Schmidt said. Words like ‘cool’ seem to be here to stay. “I use the word ‘cool’ fairly often when I speak,” said Mitchell Gilliand, junior.

You used to say... 2011

Epic Man up


Wow factor

What’s up? My bad Show me the money



Bromance Chillaxin’ Random

Get a life. Like/I’m like Talk to the hand. You go, girl. Whatever.





2008 Dawg LOL



2001 Diva Dude

Source: The Lake Superior State University website

Sounds of summer rosalyn lucas co-editor-in-chief

Rockin’ rags

Attending a concer this summer? Here are some suggestions on attire:

“I would say not to dress to impress because you're most likely to become all gross and sweaty.”Savannah Bushnell

Concerts invade music scene

Senior Mitch Franklin plans to go to the Vans Warped Tour and possibly the Van Halen concert this summer. He said the Vans Warped Tour has genres ranging from alternative to rock to metal. Artists include Rise Against, Breathe Carolina, Senses Fail and We The Kings. Franklin said he had a T-shirt/ Tank top great time last year, which is and shorts why he wants to go back. “Wear enough not “It was a good experience,” to be risque, but he said. “But like any other enough to move concert you have adults that around como- aren’t quite sober. If you want fortably.” - Deonna to go to a concert and not have Jacobson any distractions, go to a lighter concert, but if you think you Closed toe shoes can handle being maimed by “Don’t want to get random mosh pits that form, your feet stamped then Warped Tour is one for on.”- Luke Larson you.” Summer is a prime time for students and faculty members to attend concerts. Which ones they attend depends on the individual’s choice of genre, cost Photo illustration by Rosalyn Lucas and preference. For those who

haven’t been to a concert and want to, it never hurts to get advice from some experienced concert-goers. Sophomore Luke Larson went to the 2008 Warped Tour and a Bon Iver concert in December 2011. His favorite bands, Bon Iver, The Decemberists and Deadmau5, fall under the alternative or electronic genre. Larson said his advice for new concert goers is “don’t let people push you around and don’t get run over.” “If you’re small, keep out of mosh pits,” he said. Junior Deonna Jacobson also offered advice. “Definitely go with a buddy,” she said. “Never go to a concert by yourself. It’s an easy way to get snatched.” Jacobson attended Rock Fest after winning the tickets off the radio two years ago. She plans on going again this summer because she had a fun experience. Though, Rock Fest, she said, isn’t for everyone. “It all depends on the strength of your stomach and your morals,” Jacobson said. “There’s quite a bit of inappro-

priate stuff.” Senior Jessica Drews said she is going to the Country Stampede in Manhattan, Kansas through June 21 -24 and possibly the Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw Brothers of the Sun concert in Kansas City, MO on June 10 at Arrowhead Stadium. “It’s my senior summer and I want to focus on having fun,” Drews said. “I love music. Outside of school I’m always listening to music.” English teacher, Stuart Ross, said he has been to hundreds of concerts. While in college he went to as many as possible even if the bands were good or “terrible.” Recently, however, he hasn’t gone to as many as he used to. He’s attended concerts by Bruce Springsteen, Foster the People, the Black Crows and Sublime, some of them two or three times. “It used to be every week when I was younger,” he said. “Now I have to work instead.” Art teacher Susan Blankenship said she only goes to a concert if it’s an artist she really likes. In the past she’s been

to Elton John and John Mayer concerts. “I don’t go to concerts on a regular basis because I have sensitive hearing and I hate crowds,” Blankenship said. She would have also attended another John Mayer concert on May 3, but the artist cancelled because of throat surgery. She said she’s bummed, but next time she’ll get the tickets she really wanted. Senior Savannah Bushnell plans to go to several concerts this summer including 311, Foster the People, Iwrestledabearonce, metric and several more she couldn’t remember. “I recommend any concert that 96.5 The Buzz promotes because all of their concerts are usually laid back and fun,” Bushnell said. “I would say don’t dress to impress because you’re most likely to become all gross and sweaty.” Franklin made his recommendation based on price. “Warped Tour is the best to go to,” Franklin said. “It’s pretty cheap and you get to see up to nine or ten bands in one day as opposed to seeing only one or two.”

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1990 1940s What’s up? My bad Show me the money Random Wow factor Dawg Epic Man up Diva Dude Get a life. Like/I’m like Talk to the hand. You...

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1990 1940s What’s up? My bad Show me the money Random Wow factor Dawg Epic Man up Diva Dude Get a life. Like/I’m like Talk to the hand. You...