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Inside Llewyn Davis

American Hustle

Dallas Buyers Club

The Invisible Woman

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12 Years a Slave / Monuments Men / Jeune & Jolie / Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer

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February at a glance

August: Osage County p4

Inside Llewyn Davis p5

Inside Llewyn Davis p5

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Welcome 12 Years a Slave p4

The Wolf of Wall Street p4

12 Years a Slave p4

Big Bad Wolves p5

Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer p5

Project Wild Thing p6

Jeune & Jolie p5

There Will Be Blood p7

Phoenix is on the road to the Oscars and the contenders are certainly a worthy bunch this year. We have a sneaky feeling it won’t be a clean sweep for one or two movies this time round – with so many strong movies to choose from, it’s going to be a tight race. We’ve already shown Philomena and Captain Phillips and have brought back fellow Best Picture nominee Gravity this month, which is sure to be just as impressive the second time round. Matthew McConaughey is tipped to win Best Actor for Dallas Buyers Club; potentially beating notable performances by Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street and Chiwetel Ejiofor for 12 Years a Slave. We’re also showing con-man caper American Hustle, Bruce Dern in Nebraska and – proving the Academy doesn’t always get it right – Inside Llewyn Davis. The Coen’s current effort was only nominated for sound and cinematography whilst Ralph Fiennes stirring new drama The Invisible Woman only picked up one nod for Best Costume. Of course, if all this talk of awards season is getting too much, we’ve got plenty of other things for you to look forward to this month, including comedy festival shows and half term movies for the kids.

Nebraska p6

The Monuments Men  p7

American Hustle p6

Nymphomaniac  p10

The Invisible Woman p6

American Hustle p6

Coming in March

The Grand Budapest Hotel p10

Phoenix is a registered charity. Our aim is to bring inspirational film and art to all. Made possible with the support of:

The Book Thief p10

Her p10


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Continued From Last Month 12 Years a Slave

Inside Llewyn Davis

slavery. Trapped on a plantation run by the monstrous Edwin Epps (an incendiary Michael Fassbender), Northup confronts the heartbreaking tyranny and injustice with his intelligence and dignity. British lead Ejiofor is outstanding, with the excellent supporting cast including Paul Giamatti, Paul Dano and Benedict Cumberbatch.

' ' – It's the nobility of this remarkable film that pierces the soul’ – The Daily Telegraph

Adapted from Nothup’s own 1853 autobiography, Steve McQueen’s (Hunger, Shame) new film is a brave, unforgettable and excoriating vision of slavery.

The Wolf of Wall Street 18 Fri 31 Jan – Sun 2 Feb Dir: Martin Scorsese Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jean Dujardin USA 2013, 2hrs 59mins

August: Osage County 15 Fri 31 Jan – Thu 13 Feb Dir: John Wells Cast: Meryl Streep, Benedict Cumberbatch USA 2013, 2hrs Based on Tracy Lett’s Pulitzer prize-winning play of the same name, Meryl Streep stars as Violet,


Dir: Ethan & Joel Coen Cast: Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, John Goodman USA / France 2013, 1hr 44mins

Fri 31 Jan – Thu 20 Feb

Solomon Northup (Ejiofor) is a free black man in upstate New York, 1841, making a living as a skilled carpenter and fiddle player. One morning he finds himself drugged, in chains, and kidnapped into


Fri 7 – Thu 20 Feb


Dir: Steve McQueen Cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender USA / UK 2013, 2hrs 14mins

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the drug-addled matriarch of the Weston family. As her estranged family gather at her home after a family crisis, what should have been a sombre gathering soon explodes into a feast of backbiting arguments as Violet and her grown-up daughters vent years of pent-up anger. Streep is on award-worthy form (when isn’t she?) in this grand drama, with superb support from a hugely talented cast including Benedict Cumberbatch, Julia Roberts and Ewan McGregor.

Will this finally be Leo’s year to win an Oscar? With his incredible performance in Martin Scorsese’s new film – based on the tell-all autobiography of former stockbroker Jordan Belfort – we think he’s a strong contender. We follow Belfort’s (DiCaprio) meteoric rise to the heights of Wall Street, and the inevitable fall as his world disintegrates in a storm of corruption, crime and some very angry FBI agents.

The Coens return with another beguiling and brilliant masterpiece, this time set in the 1960s as singer Llewyn Davis navigates the Greenwich Village folk scene. Having enjoyed some success with writing partner Mike, Llewyn finds himself alone after Mike commits suicide, and his solo record is not

Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer


Mon 3 – Tue 4 Feb Dir: Maxim Pozdorovkin Russia / UK 2013, 1hr 28mins, subtitled Following their recent release from prison, we thought it would be the ideal time to screen this fierce documentary from last year. After storming a Moscow Cathedral to perform their obscenity-filled song ‘Punk Prayer’ in protest at the Church’s support for Vladimir Putin, the members of feminist punk group Pussy Riot were imprisoned in Siberia. This film, made during their incarceration, looks at the origins of the group, their reasons for protesting and the global calls for clemency that aided their release.

selling. Crashing on the couches of eccentric friends, a series of bizarre encounters leaves him travelling across the country to audition in Chicago with only a bad-tempered jazz musician (John Goodman) and ginger tom-cat for company.

Superbly written and performed, very, very funny and with one of the best soundtracks we’ve ever heard.

Big Bad Wolves

Jeune & Jolie


Wed 5 – Thu 6 Feb

Sat 15 – Tue 18 Feb

Dir: Aharon Keshales Cast: Tzahi Grad Israel 2013, 1hr 50mins, subtitled

Dir: François Ozon Cast: Marine Vacth France 2013, 1hr 32 mins, subtitled

Dubbed the best film of the year by none-other than Quentin Tarantino, this new movie from Israel might be the world’s first horror-thriller-torture-comedy. After a series of violent murders in their small village, a disgraced cop and a grieving father team up and capture the main suspect – a local religious studies teacher. But now they have to make him confess. Expect pitch-black humour, violence and edge-of-the seat tension. “ - A thriller which bites deep” - EMPIRE.

Films marked


This new film from François Ozon (In the House) is a complex and explicit work, exploring the sexual awakening of young Parisian girl Isabelle, played by newcomer Marine Vacth. Told across 4 seasons, we first meet Isabelle at the height of summer as she loses her virginity to a holiday fling. Unsatisfied, she further experiments by becoming an escort to wealthy gentlemen – meeting them in the city’s expensive hotels. A bold and thrilling look at sexuality, desire and innocence lost.

are available as Silver Screenings – see page 11

Box office 0116 242 2800

American Hustle


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The Monuments Men



Fri 14 – Thu 27 Feb Fri 28 Feb – Thu 13 Mar Dir: David O. Russell Cast: Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper USA 2013, 2hr 17mins

Dir: George Clooney Cast: George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray USA / Germany 2014, 1hr 58mins

Christian Bale (The Fighter) and Amy Adams (The Master) star as a pair of con artists forced by FBI agent Richie (Bradley Cooper) to use their infamous abilities to bring down the corrupt mayor of New Jersey (Jeremy Renner). Jennifer Lawrence supports with an electric performance as Bale’s

unpredictable wife who threatens to blow the whole caper. From the writer-director of last year’s multi award-winner Silver Linings Playbook, David O. Russell’s dynamite script explodes off the screen with infectious energy; his exceptional cast sparking off each other backed by a cracking soundtrack.

Project Wild Thing

The Invisible Woman 12A Nebraska



This new film from the producers of last year’s Oscar winner Argo is based on the unlikely true story of an Allied platoon during the closing months of World War II. Commanded by President Roosevelt to rescue art pieces stolen by the Nazis, Lieutenant

Stout assembles a rag-tag group of ageing museum curators, sculptors and art historians and heads to the front line. George Clooney directs and leads alongside an all-star cast including Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray, and John

Goodman. A sharp, funny, boy’s own adventure story of a band of brothers prepared to die in defence of mankind’s greatest achievements.

There Will Be Blood

Gravity 3D

Dallas Buyers Club




Wed 19 – Thu 20 Feb

Fri 21 Feb – Thu 6 Mar

Sun 23 – Wed 26 Feb

Tue 25 Feb, 7.30pm

Fri 28 Feb – Mon 3 Mar

Fri 28 Feb – Thu 13 Mar

Dir: David Bond Documentary UK 2013, 1hr 23mins

Dir: Ralph Fiennes Cast: Kristin Scott Thomas UK 2013, 1hr 51mins

Dir: Alexander Payne Cast: Bruce Dern, Will Forte USA 2013, 1hr 55mins

Dir: Paul Thomas Anderson Cast: Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Dano USA 2007, 2hrs 38mins

Dir: Alfonso Caurón Cast: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney USA / UK 2013, 1hr 31mins

Dir: Jean-Marc Vallée Cast: Matthew McConaughey, USA 2013, 1hr 53mins

The screening on Wed 19 Feb will be followed by a panel discussion with representatives from Leicester City Council and Parks Department. Come along and get involved! David Bond is a filmmaker and a father; things have changed since he was a kid. His children are hooked on screens and don't want to go outdoors. They want iPads, TV and plastic toys. The marketing departments of Apple and Mattel control his children better than he can. Determined to get them up and outside, David appoints himself as the ‘Marketing Director for Nature’.

Ralph Fiennes directs and stars in this lavish biopic about Charles Dickens’ secret mistress Nelly, a young actress. Beginning with Nelly’s later life as a school teacher, we flash back to their first meeting in London where Charles is immediately infatuated with her beauty. In return Nelly finds herself seduced by his talent and charisma, but doesn’t want to live the rest of her life as the ‘other woman’. Superb support comes from Kristin Scott Thomas, Tom Hollander and a heartbreaking performance from Joanna Scanlan as Charles’ scorned wife Catherine.

Back by popular demand, this enchanting melancholy comedy comes from Alexander Payne, the director of Sideways. Convinced he’s won a million dollars in a sweepstake, Woody (Dern) persuades his sceptical son David to drive him to the company’s office in Nebraska, staying with various odd-ball (and all of a sudden, money-grabbing) members of their extended family. Beautifully shot in black and white, Nebraska garnered Bruce Dern the Best Actor award at Cannes; perhaps he’ll pick up the Oscar too?

Screening in partnership with the DMU Film Society, Paul Thomas Anderson’s incendiary tale of corruption and greed in the Californian oilfields is a parable on faith, sin, and the battle waged between commerce and the church for man’s soul. Daniel Day-Lewis is oil magnate Daniel Plainview whose latest drilling operation is stalled by fanatical young preacher Eli Sunday. Perhaps the best American film of the past two decades, There Will Be Blood is a masterpiece.

Films marked with a rosette are our award winner recommendations

Back by popular demand, the multi award-winning Gravity sees the long overdue return of Alfonso Cuarón (Children of Men). George Clooney (Solaris) and Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side) star as two astronauts carrying out routine maintenance on their shuttle when disaster strikes leaving them adrift in outer space. It’s breath-taking, mind-bending cinema, revelling in the spectacle of the big screen. Cuarón never lets up the suspense with heart-thumping action and inventive plot jumps. Gravity is a science fiction tour de force.

Films marked

Matthew McConaughey gives the performance of his career as Ron Woodroof, a rodeo hustler diagnosed HIV positive who starts smuggling medicine across the border from Mexico. At first only looking out for himself, the homophobic Woodroof gradually has his eyes opened to the ongoing AIDS crisis in America thanks to his friendship / business partnership with transsexual Rayon (a sublime performance from Leto). Hardhitting, heartbreaking and at times surprisingly funny, it’s a film that pulls no punches and deserves every award it’s garnering.

are available as Silver Screenings – see page 11

11.30am 1.30pm 1.45pm 4.30pm 5.30pm 7.30pm 8.15pm 11am 12pm 1pm 3pm 3.45pm 6.30pm 6.45pm 1pm 1.30pm 3.45pm 4.30pm 6.15pm 7.30pm 8.45pm 1pm 1.30pm 4.15pm 4.10pm 6.15pm 7pm 7.30pm 8.30pm 11am

Moshi Monsters: The Movie 12 Years a Slave The Wolf of Wall Street 12 Years a Slave August: Osage County NT Live: Coriolanus 12 Years a Slave Moshi Monsters: The Movie Lazy Sunday - 12 Years a Slave August: Osage County Bolshoi Ballet: Lost Illusions 12 Years a Slave 12 Years a Slave The Wolf of Wall Street August: Osage County 12 Years a Slave Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer 12 Years a Slave August: Osage County 12 Years a Slave Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer 12 Years a Slave August: Osage County 12 Years a Slave Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer The Art of Screenwriting 12 Years a Slave - subtitled August: Osage County Silver Screening August: Osage County

1pm August: Osage County 1.30pm 12 Years a Slave 3.45pm Big Bad Wolves 4.30pm 12 Years a Slave 6.15pm August: Osage County 7.30pm 12 Years a Slave 8.45pm Big Bad Wolves Thur 6 3.45pm August: Osage County 4.30pm 12 Years a Slave 6.30pm Big Bad Wolves 7pm Understanding Film 7.45pm 12 Years a Slave 8.50pm August: Osage County Fri 7 3.15pm 12 Years a Slave 3.45pm Inside Llewyn Davis 6.15pm August: Osage County 6.15pm Inside Llewyn Davis 8.30pm Inside Llewyn Davis 8.45pm 12 Years a Slave Sat 8 10.30am Moon Man Autistic Friendly Screening 11.15am Moon Man 1.30pm August: Osage County 2pm Inside Llewyn Davis 4.15pm 12 Years a Slave 4.30pm Inside Llewyn Davis 7.30pm How to make a Movie for 43 Pounds 7.45pm Inside Llewyn Davis Sun 9 12pm Lazy Sunday: Inside Llewyn Davis 12.15pm Moon Man 2.30pm Inside Llewyn Davis 2.30pm 12 Years a Slave 5pm Inside Llewyn Davis 5.15pm August: Osage County 7.30pm Inside Llewyn Davis 7.45pm 12 Years a Slave Mon 10 1pm 12 Years a Slave 1.30pm Inside Llewyn Davis 3.45pm August: Osage County

Wed 5

Tue 4

Mon 3

Sun 2

Sat 1

Feb '14

8pm 8.30pm Sun 16 11.30am 12pm 2pm 2.50pm 5pm 5.15pm 7.15pm 7.30pm Mon 17 11am 1pm 1.30pm 4pm 5pm 6.15pm 7.30pm 8.30pm Tue 18 11am 1pm 1.30pm 3.15pm 4.30pm 6.15pm 7.30pm 8.15pm Wed 19 11am 1pm 1.30pm 3.50pm 4.30pm 6.15pm 7.30pm 8.30pm Thur 20 4pm 5pm 6.30pm 8pm 8.30pm

Social Cinema: The Apartment Inside Llewyn Davis Moon Man Lazy Sunday: American Hustle American Hustle Inside Llewyn Davis Jeune et Jolie Inside Llewyn Davis 12 Years a Slave American Hustle Frozen 2D 12 Years a Slave American Hustle Jeune et Jolie Inside Llewyn Davis Inside Llewyn Davis American Hustle 12 Years a Slave Frozen 2D Jeune et Jolie American Hustle 12 Years a Slave American Hustle Jeune et Jolie American Hustle - subtitled Inside Llewyn Davis Silver Screening Inside Llewyn Davis American Hustle 12 Years a Slave Inside Llewyn Davis Frozen 2D Inside Llewyn Davis Project Wild Thing + Q&A American Hustle Frozen 2D American Hustle Project Wild Thing 12 Years a Slave Inside Llewyn Davis

4.30pm Inside Llewyn Davis 6.15pm August: Osage County 7.30pm Inside Llewyn Davis 8.45pm 12 Years a Slave Tue 11 1pm Inside Llewyn Davis 1.30pm 12 Years a Slave 3.30pm Inside Llewyn Davis 6pm 12 Years a Slave 6.15pm Inside Llewyn Davis - subtitled 8.30pm Inside Llewyn Davis 8.45pm August: Osage County Wed 12 10.30am Silver Screening A Matter of Life and Death 1pm August: Osage County 1.30pm Inside Llewyn Davis 3.30pm 12 Years a Slave 4.30pm Inside Llewyn Davis 6.15pm August: Osage County 7.30pm Inside Llewyn Davis 8.45pm 12 Years a Slave Thur 13 3pm 12 Years a Slave 4pm Inside Llewyn Davis 6pm 12 Years a Slave 6.15pm Inside Llewyn Davis 8.30pm Inside Llewyn Davis 8.45pm August: Osage County Fri 14 2pm American Hustle 3pm 12 Years a Slave 5pm American Hustle 6.15pm Inside Llewyn Davis 8pm American Hustle 8.45pm Only Lovers Left Alive Preview Screening Sat 15 11am Moon Man 1pm Inside Llewyn Davis 1.15pm American Hustle 3.20pm Jeune et Jolie 4.30pm Inside Llewyn Davis 5.30pm 12 Years a Slave 7.15pm American Hustle

Short Courses Stage on Screen Season Access Cinema Screening Dave's Leicester Comedy Screening

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Fri 28

Thu 27

1.30pm The Invisible Woman 3.30pm American Hustle 4.30pm The Invisible Woman 6.15pm Nebraska 7.30pm The Invisible Woman 8.45pm American Hustle 3pm American Hustle 4.15pm The Invisible Woman 6pm American Hustle 7pm NT Live: War Horse 8.45pm The Invisible Woman 2.15pm The Monuments Men 3.45pm The Invisible Woman 5pm The Monuments Men 6.15pm Gravity 3D 7.45pm The Monuments Men 8.20pm Dallas Buyers Club

2pm Despicable Me 2 2D Audio Described 2.30pm Frozen 2D 3pm The Invisible Woman 5pm American Hustle 5.30pm The Invisible Woman 8pm The Invisible Woman 9.30pm DLCF - Comedy in the Dark 11.45am Thor: The Dark World 2D Sat 22 1pm The Invisible Woman 2.15pm American Hustle 3.30pm The Invisible Woman 5.30pm The Invisible Woman 6.15pm Nymphomaniac Volume I & II 9.30pm Comedy in the Dark Lazy Sunday: The Invisible Woman Sun 23 12pm 12.15pm Thor: The Dark World 2D 2.45pm The Invisible Woman 3pm English National Opera: Peter Grimes 5.15pm Nebraska 6.45pm The Invisible Woman 7.45pm American Hustle American Hustle Mon 24 1pm 1.30pm The Invisible Woman 3.50pm Nebraska 4.30pm The Invisible Woman 6.15pm Nebraska 7.30pm The Invisible Woman 8.45pm American Hustle The Invisible Woman Tue 25 1pm 1.30pm American Hustle 3.30pm The Invisible Woman 4.30pm Nebraska 6.15pm The Invisible Woman - subtitled 7.30pm There Will be Blood 8.40pm The Invisible Woman Silver Screening Wed 26 11am The Invisible Woman 1pm Nebraska

Fri 21

Box office 0116 242 2800



Comedy Festival

Coming in March

The Grand Budapest Hotel TBC The Book Thief 12A All hail the return of Wes Anderson with another wonderfully quirky movie. Ralph Fiennes stars as Gustave the concierge of the aforementioned hotel, alongside Anderson regulars Bill Murray, Owen Wilson and Ed Norton.

Based on the beloved internationally best-selling novel by Markus Zusak. During WWII a young refugee becomes friends with a Jewish man being sheltered in her adoptive parent’s basement.

An Alternative Valentine If love hearts and red roses aren’t your thing, why not take in a film on Valentine’s Day? The perfect antidote to traditional Valentine's fare, we'll be screening Only Lovers Left Alive, or you can choose from two other films on the night. We’ll also be offering tasty ‘meals to share’ in our cafébar – so go on, make a night of it!

Only Lovers Left Alive

Book online


Fri 14 Feb, 8.45pm Preview Dir: Jim Jarmusch Cast: Tom Hiddleston, Tilda Swinton UK / USA 2013, 2hrs 3mins An exclusive preview of the new film from Jarmusch (Dead Man, Ghost Dog) starring Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton. Vampires Adam and Eve have been lovers for several hundred lifetimes and are growing sick of the modern world, and a visit from Eve’s blood-hungry younger sister Ava threatens to tear their relationship apart. This gorgeously-shot look at the effect of immortality on the soul is a melancholy love song of a film.

Her 15 Spike Jonze’s (Being John Malkovich) new film stars Joaquin Phoenix as Theodore, a lonely writer who develops an unlikely relationship with his new electronic organiser.

Nymphomaniac Volume 1 & Voume ll

Phoenix and HIVE Films present:

How To Make A Movie For 43 Pounds 18 Preview 18

Sat 8 Feb, 7.30pm Tickets: £7.60, £5.85 conc, £5 students

Sat 22 Feb, 6.15pm Preview Dir: Lars Von Trier Cast: C  harlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård Approx running time: 5hrs (incl. intermission and Q&A) Denmark / Germany / France 2013, subtitled (parts) The highly anticipated new film from the legendary and controversial director Lars von Trier. Nymphomaniac is an explicit sexually-charged odyssey told in double bill format. An epic, groundbreaking cinema experience with a jaw-dropping all-star cast including Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jamie Bell Stellan Skarsgård, and Shia LaBeouf. Selected members of the cast will be introducing the film's two volumes live via satellite and taking part in a Q&A.

One man. One dream. No budget. Rhys has quit the day job to live the dream. But can a former logistics process manager really direct an epic romance in just 12 months? Helping him are a paranoid writer, a scheming producer and actors who don’t need to act because they’re really in love! What could possibly go wrong? Our documentary crew followed him to find out. Shot on location in Leicester.

The Social Cinema Valentine’s Special

The Apartment


Sat 15 Feb, doors open for food from 8pm, film 9pm Tickets: £6, £7 sofas Bringing you a more twisted take on romantic movies, The Social Cinema returns for a unique Valentine’s screening of the comedy masterpiece The Apartment. With sizzling dialogue and iconic performances from Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine, Billy Wilder’s 1960 multi-Oscar winner is sharper, sweeter and considerably darker than most love stories. Join us in the Phoenix café bar where we’ll have a special Valentine’s menu, cocktails, music, sofa seats for early birds and much more.

Big Difference Company presents:

Comedy in the Dark


Fri 21 Feb, 9.30pm & Sat 22 Feb, 9.30pm Tickets: £10, £8 conc Comedy in the Dark returns to Leicester after sell-out shows in the UK and Europe. Big Difference Company presents what is a truly unique comedy experience where comedians take on the challenge of performing in the pitch black. Your favourite stand ups, one hour, no lights!

Box office 0116 242 2800


Access Cinema

Frozen 2D PG

Thor 2 2D 12A

Mon 17 – Fri 21 Feb USA 2013, 1hr 48mins

Sat 22 – Sun 23 Feb USA 2013, 1hr 52mins

Disney’s stunning winter wonderland returns to enchant and amaze with a little help from hilarious snowman Olaf.

Chris Hemsworth returns as the lord of thunder, battling an army of dark elves in this epic Nordic fantasy.

Sat 8, Sun 9, Sat 15 & Sun 16 Feb France / Germany 2012, 1hr 35mins The bored Man in the Moon hitches a ride on a comet to explore a fantastical new world… Earth, but all is not what it seems.

Moshi Monsters: The Movie U

For anyone who is deaf or has hearing loss, we’re now showing subtitled versions of the latest English language movies in our main cinema screens.

English National Opera’s intense Peter Grimes production is a must-see this month, plus we still have a few remaining tickets for the final encore screenings of Coriolanus and War Horse. Advanced booking recommended.


Great prices! Adult + child Adult + 2 children 2 adults + 2 children

Price £9.50 £14.25 £19.00

12 Years a Slave 12A Tue 4 Feb, 7.30pm Inside Llewyn Davis 15 Tue 11 Feb, 6.15pm American Hustle 15 Tue 18 Feb, 7.30pm The Invisible Woman 12A Tue 25 Feb, 6.15pm

Sat 1 – Sun 2 Feb UK 2013, 1hr 21mins Based on the phenomenally successful internet game, the Moshi Monsters now have their own movie! Join Diavlo, Luvli, Katsuma, Poppet, Zommer and Furi as they try to protect the Great Moshling Egg from evil Dr. Strangeglove.

Audio Described For our customers who are blind or have sight loss, these monthly screenings feature audible descriptions of the action on screen. Despicable Me 2 2D U Fri 21 Feb, 2pm

Silver Screenings Matinee screenings for just £4.60 including refreshments!

Autistic Friendly & Supported Environment

A Matter of Life and Death Wed 12 Feb, 10.30am Screening in partnership with The University of the Third Age (U3A)

For children and adults on the autistic / Asperger’s spectrum as well as those with learning disabilities.

Inside Llewyn Davis Wed 19 Feb, 11am The Invisible Woman Wed 26 Feb, 11am


Stage on Screen Winter Season

Children's Films

Moon Man U

Book online

Moon Man U Sat 8 Feb, 10.30am August: Osage County Wed 5 Feb, 11am


Henry IV – Part 1

Thu 30 Jan – SOLD OUT Sat 1 Feb, 7.30pm

Wed 14 May, 7pm (live)

Shakespeare’s tale of manipulation and revenge, starring Tom Hiddleston and Mark Gatiss.

Wed 18 Jun, 7pm (live)

War Horse

Wed 3 Sep, 7pm (live)

Henry IV – Part 2 The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Sat 12 Apr, 7.30pm

Peter Grimes

King Lear

Sun 23 Feb, 3pm (live)

Thursday 1 May, 7pm (live)

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Lost Illusions

Thu 22 May, 7pm

Sun 19 Jan, 3pm (live)

Following its smash-hit live broadcast in 2012, the National Theatre production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time returns.

Live from Moscow, this stylised adaptation of Honoré de Balzac’s novel features thwarted love, ambition and disillusionment with 19th century Paris as its backdrop.

Day Menu Night Menu

Brought to the big screen live via satellite: the stunning expressionist vision of Benjamin Britten’s masterpiece Peter Grimes. Lead Stuart Skelton delivers an intensely passionate performance as Grimes. ‘ ‘ ‘

’ – The Guardian ‘ – The Independent ‘ – Sunday Telegraph

Our cafebar is proving so popular, we’re replacing our single menu with two new versions – one for the day, the other for the evening – enabling us to concentrate on preparing fewer tasty dishes at any one time. And whilst these regular menus may be a little shorter, there will be a greater variety of seasonal dishes on our daily specials board – created using the best local ingredients our chefs can find. Encore screenings

are recordings of the first night's live performance.

Box office 0116 242 2800

Digital Arts


Book online Phoenix Interact Labs is a space designed to help people be creative with technology and includes a regular programme of talks and workshops. More at

Site Exploration Cube Gallery 10 – 28 Feb, Free Site Exploration is a new exhibition looking at the way artists use technology to explore our relationship with the environment and the physical world. From the earliest maps to our increasing reliance on sat navs and smartphone GPS, how we perceive the world around us is heavily influenced by the technology and media we use to navigate and understand it. In parallel artists are using new technologies and the huge array of data we produce about our surroundings to imagine environments that normally lie beyond our realm of experience. Site Exploration brings together local, national and international artists working across a range of media, including print, sculpture, animation and sound.


CAS Talk: Elaine O’Hanrahan

MSHR Artists’ Talk

Tue 11 Feb, 6.30pm Free

Fri 21 Feb Time, 6.30pm Phoenix, Free

Elaine Ohanrahan will talk about the life and work of Desmond Paul Henry, one of the most important early pioneers in the field of art and technology. Henry was a key figure in the development of computer art and its evolution from the mechanical to the digital age.

MSHR will talk about their practice, which blends digital media, sculptural installation, electronic instrument design, sonic recording and performance.

During the 1960s he converted analogue computers from WW2 aircraft into a series of mechanical drawing machines that pre-empted the features of modern graphics software by two decades.

From Portland, Oregon, USA, MSHR have performed at venues across the world, including Transmediale festival in Berlin and Tate Modern, London.

Short Courses MSHR Two Queens Gallery Sat 22 Feb, from 7pm, Free Phoenix and Two Queens present an installation and performance by Oregon-based artist duo MSHR. MSHR create improvised performances within a landscape of organic and technological fragments, immersing the audience with sound from hand-made electronic instruments. Using sound, organic material and light, MSHR merge high and low tech with the primal and intuitive to conjure transformative psychedelic experiences.

Find out full details at under short courses. To book, call 0116 242 2800 or enquire at the box office.

Film Appreciation Talking Pictures Tuesdays, 1 Apr – 3 Jun (10 sessions) 10.30am – 12pm Tutor: Alan Seaman Cost: £80 / £70 conc.

A Day in the World of Wes Anderson Sat 15 May (1 day) 10.30am – 4pm Tutor: Alan Seaman Cost: £26 / £22 conc. (including 1 screening)


Understanding Film

Ten Great British Directors

The Art of Screening Writing

Thursdays, 6 Feb – 10 Apr (10 sessions) 7pm – 8.30pm Tutor: Blake Goddard Cost: £65 / £55 conc. (including 1 screening)

Fridays, 7 Mar – 16 May 2pm – 3.30pm (10 sessions) Tutor: Alan Seaman Cost: £65 / £55 conc.

Tuesdays, 4 Feb – 25 Mar (8 sessions) 7pm – 9pm Tutor: Richard James & Kenton Hall Cost: £96 / £88 conc.

Follow us on Twitter Keep right up to date @phoenixleic

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A temporary pay and display car park is available next to Phoenix. Parking costs £1 for 1 hour, £1.50 for 2 hours, £2 for 3 hours and £4 all day. Parking after 6pm and on Sundays is free.

Humberstone Gate





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Wharf St. South

Circle Lee

Parking is also available around Phoenix. On single yellow lines, parking is free after 6pm. In pay and display bays, parking is free after 6pm and all day on Sundays. Please always check the signs as circumstances may change.




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Rutland Street NCP on Halford Street (LE1 1TQ) is a short walk from Phoenix and costs £4.20 all day for Phoenix customers (with tickets stamped at the Phoenix box office).



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Train Station

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Access Parking in front of building & Halford Street NCP

Hearing loops in building

Wheelchair spaces

Baby changing facilities

Guide dogs are welcome

Toilet & washing facilities

Litho and Digital Printers T 0116 246 1717 F 0116 246 1575 E

Waterside Road Hamilton Business Park Leicester LE5 1TL

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