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“Here’s a list of days for you to think twice about”

Prepare yourself:

Now that you have a general idea of what your vision is, what you would like and who you would like to work with, it’s time to prepare yourself mentally. As mentioned earlier that the planning of your quince was going to be an emotional roller coaster with ups and downs, yet still an adventure. It will get to a point where that’s all that anyone is talking about and all that you’re thinking about. Throughout this pages there will be tips on how to stay stress free. However, being stressed out, overwhelmed and tired are not reasons throw tantrums or be disrespectful to anyone. Celebrating this new chapter in your life comes with the privilege of having a party but also with the expectation that you carry yourself in a lady-like way. All eyes are on you, and you never know whose watching, who’s looking up to you or how much work behind the scenes is taking place to make this day extra special. Be kind. Be prepared.

, y a ad

Pick ay: any


The date you choose should be a day that all of your guests can attend or make arrangements in advance if they’re planning on traveling from out of state or country. Don’t get so caught up in the planning that you accidently schedule it on a National Holiday or other event. You want to be considerate of other people’s beliefs and special days.

Photography by Estudio Innovacion/Kansas City

w o t et g s ’ Let • New Year’s Eve/Day • Mother’s Day • Father’s Day • Fourth of July Weekend • March 17th St. Patrick’s Day • Thanksgiving Weekend • Super Bowl Sunday • Valentine’s Day • Halloween • Christmas Season

k r o w

The month by month program How exciting! Family meeting: Mom, Dad, I decided I want a QuinceaĂąera and I want the best party ever! Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, QuinceaĂąera Magazine, websites... Start downloading and printing your favorite ideas. Register on quinceaneramagazine.com Go to a Quinceanera Magazine Expo in your area Set the magic date. Create a guest list. Plan a budget plan with your parents Pick padrinos Set fitness goals Pick your royal court/ corte de honor Book a place for your ceremony and reception Choose a party theme Hire quince planner (If you are using one) Start looking for a photographer/videographer Create invitations Decide what your damas and chambelanes will wear Decorations Party Gifts (recuerdos) When personalized it may take up to 3 months to deliver. Compile and determine the final guest list with names and addresses. Start looking for invitations ideas Send save the dates Hire photographer adn videogpher Start looking for your dress Find your Chambelan and dama outfit Order your quince gown Find your shoes and accessories Start inteviews on a makeup artist and hair stylist Select readings and songs for your ceremony Look for a hotel for out of town guests Negotiate group discounts.

Flowers and florist Look for a choreographer Start a basic gift registry list Book your music, if is DJ, or live band. Have your pre-quince photoshoot Order your quince invitations Chambelan and dama tuxedo and dress fittings If you will have jewelry, its time to start looking Book tent, lighting and other rentals if needed. Photography by Estudio Innovacion/Kansas City Photography by: De La Vega Studio / Salem, Oregon

Schedule meetings and a cake tasting Book a choreographer Review invitations proofs. Look for all the accessories (tiara, ramo, tocado, etc) Rent a limo (Partybus, classic car, carriage, etc) Meet with priest or ceremony officiant Choose decorations Choose table linens Choose centerpieces phy by Car


Order cake Start choosing songs for reception Mom’s dress Siblings outfits. Dad’s outfit Make an appointment for your dress fitting Schedule a food tasting Finalize guest list Decide on waltz songs Decide on baile sorpresa song Schedule choreography practices

Time to mail invitations Choose sitting cards Arrange sitting chapter Finalize all decorations Hand out or mail out invitations Finalize all choreography Final trial run on your hair and makeup with accessories Final dress fitting Ceremony practice Confirm all of your vendors Make a timeline for your vendors

los Garcia

Photography by: De La Vega Studio / Salem, Oregon

Set up final meeting with your florist Arrange for people to help you seating and receving gifts at reception Confirm with hotel for room reservations Find out where other people will stay Have a final dress fitting

Have your dress steamed. Pick up your dress Call the limo company to confirm pick up time Get manicure and pedicure Waxing Hair color or retouch Break your heels in Practice your baile sopresa one more time Prepare a “thank you” speech Rehearse religious ceremony at location

phy by Car


los Garcia

Practice your speech Final choreography practices Write a program of your day Give guest book, cake knife, champagne bottles and party favors to a person who will distribute them Confirm with your damas all outfits are put together and ready

Have your chambelanes go pick up their tuxedos Practice your speech one more time Review and finalize seating chart If possible arrange a get Relax. Go to bed early together with your close family Feel Avoid salty the excitement foods. QUINCEANERA Check your DAY: dress for an Wake up early. additional steam Have a good breakfast Get ready Be on time Relax and Enjoy Today is going to be a magical day! THE DAY AFTER: Return rental tuxedos Return all rentals Thank all your guests If preserving gown, send it to preservation company Send a thank you note to all the people that helped you. Photography by Yalina VillaseĂąor / Las Vegas NV

e h T

t e g Bud


As I’m sure you’ve noticed planning a Quinceañera can get pricey. There are so many things to take into account: from the reception hall, to the dress, to the muñeca and jewelry. The best thing about the Hispanic culture and tradition is that whenever someone decides to have a big event like this or a wedding is that we can count on our family to contribute. In other words, your Padrinos. They contribute money or sponsorship that they don’t expect for it to be paid back. It’s a mutual understanding that in the future if they ever plan an event for themselves or their children, they can come to you and your family for help as well. Photography by: De La Vega Studio / Salem, Oregon

The budget is a financial plan to

stay with in the price range that your parents can afford. The initial budget number is a starting point for your parents to begin making financial arrangements.

nt want to Will be things you'll wa party details in indulge in, and other t back on. which you'll need to cu Two of the best ways to stay stress free and Before you get ahead of yourself by looking up places for your reception, dresses and photographers, you and your parents should really sit down and talk about a planned budget. A budget is a planned amount of money that can be spent on your party. It could be that your parents have been saving for this day since you were 10 years old, or they just recently decided to start putting money aside. Remember that all Quinceañeras come in different sizes and budgets.

What are “Padrinos”? Padrinos are Godparents, not just the ones who baptize you but also the ones who present you with sponsorship, gifts and blessings on your special day. Remember in the beginning when we talked about building a team for your event? Padrinos are a big part of this team. A padrino or madrina can volunteer or be assigned a particular item(s). They can contribute with money towards the total for that category or the full amount.

Here are three things to consider before you make a list of possible candidates for padrinos: • Do you and your family have a close relationship with them? • Are they reliable and you can count on them • Are they able to contribute financially?

Approaching Padrinos Communication is probably the most

important part when requesting help from a madrina or padrino. You want to be clear about what you would like and what you are requesting from them. You and your parents can set up a meeting .

Dont’ be shy. They are expecting you • Fewer guests means more funds to use towards decorations and party gifts • Make your party "By Invitation Only" • DIY (Do It Yourself): if you're creative consider making your own decorations instead of having them made. • Padrinos can share the cost • Some (not all) prices can be negotiated

to ask. Padrinos play a major role in a Quinceañera. Not only are they contributing financially to your party, but they are also sacrificing their personal time to join your celebration. When talking to friends and family members about possibly being a padrino, consider starting off with something like this:

1.- Begin the conversation by

acknowledging and thanking them for the role they’ve played in your life. Example: “I want to thank you for being like a second father/mother to me and always supporting me”.

2.- Then, let them know that you’ll be having a quinceañera and would like their personal blessing. Example: “As you know, I turn 15 years old next year and we’ve decided to celebrate with a Quinceañera! And, of course, we couldn’t celebrate this without you.”

3.- Finalize by asking for their contribution. Example:

“Because you are such an important part in my life, I was wondering if I could count on you to be my padrino of _________________.”



MUSIC: Ceremony (Misa) Church Decorations Musicians RECEPTION: Venue Food Cake Catering Staff Music DJ Servers Bar tenders STATIONERY: Invitations Save the date cards Postage CLOTHING/ ACCESSORIES: Dress Alterations Shoes Tiara/Headpiece Jewelry Tuxedos Dama Dresses Baile Sorpresa Outfit PHOTO AND VIDEO: Photographer Albums Additional Copies Videographer Additional video copies



MUSIC: Banda DJ Mariachi TRANSPORTATION: Limo Party Bus Carriage DECORATIONS: Table Settings Centerpieces Lighting Party Favors Reception RENTALS: Tables Chairs Chair Covers Dance Floor BEAUTY: Hairstylist Makeup Artist Manicure/Pedicure Facials OTHERS: AFTER PARTY Other entertainment Special Gifts CAKE:

Here is a common breakdown on how a Quinceañera budget works: The most important part about planning a budget is to spend the most money on what matters most to you.

Photography by: De La Vega Studio / Salem, Oregon Photography by Estudio Innovacion/Kansas City

• 40% Reception & Food • 20% Photographer • 10% Flowers and decorations • 10% Music • 10% Invitations, transportation • 10% All other expenses: dress, beauty, etc. and payments

s s e r D e


The Quinceañera dress is perhaps one of the most important traditions, very distinguishable and somehow everything ties back to the dress, the center of it all. The silhouette is standard ball gown princess style, but the necklines and sleeves are up to whatever you feel comfortable with. Traditionally the quince dress was white, to stand for purity, as the years progressed, there were colored pastel designs added to it and now it has progressed in to any and every color under the sun! It can have bling, embellishments, glitter, lace or even multiple colors and prints. Although there are many trends and prints that come and go, it’s important to remember that you don’t want to look back in 15 years and say what was I thinking?! Sometimes less is more and it’s all about the fit of the dress that makes it extra beautiful no matter how simple it is.

DO’S, DONT’S, AND WHY’S on selecting the perfect dress according to your body shape. DO

If you are shortie


Choose simple styles. Not to busy. Voluminous skirts. They will make Corset and skirt the same color. you look shorter. So you don’t create a visual division in To much ornaments on the waist area . your body. You’ll look taller. Corset must end in peak shape. Your upper body will look larger. Corset with a heart shape. To show more neck and create the illusion of a larger torso.


If you have big chest

With a few ornaments on the chest. To avoid directing attention to this area. We suggest you a “halter” style . So you can move and dance with confidence. Darker colors in the chest area.


If you have a straight body


Two piece gown. Wide skirt. V neckline. Corset with a heart shape. Strapless dresses One shoulder dresses.

If you are tall and skinny


Drapped textures. Lots of applications and beading on the chest area Extra cushion in the cups Light colors


Use voluminous skirts Multi layered skirt Heart shape corset Detailed designs with lots of ornaments Two tone colors in corset and skirt

Strapless styles. Heart shape “V” neckline.

If you are A cup



Details in the waist line. Straight neckline Details in shoulders Flat skirts

Flat skirts One color dress. Dark colors

If you have wide hips



Straight cut Simple designs Dark acents in the chest area

Two pieces dress. Corset ending with a peak shape. Skirt a little bit wider than your shoulders Strappless dresses

IMAGES: Phoenix QM /Marco Vinicio / Nebraska QM/ Elite Studio


Voluminous skirts Very detailed and ornamented skirt. Skirt with lots of tulles Balloon type skirts


WHERE TO BUY YOUR QUINCE DRESS There are stores that specialize in Quinceañera dresses and others that have a combination of wedding, Quinceañera and special event gowns. Here are the most popular places where you just might find your perfect dress.


Most dress stores have many gowns in stock for you to try. They also have catalogs of dresses from where you can order. Many boutiques have in-store seamstresses that can tailor-make a gown specifically to your liking. If this is something you choose to do, you be involved in the entire dressmaking process, from selecting the fabric to the style and embellishments. The advantage of getting your dress made at a local boutique is that it’s convenient for you to communicate with the designer directly. WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO BUY YOUR DRESS AT A LOCAL BOUTIQUE .

OTHER ALTERNATIVES: SEAMSTRESS: Many skilled seamstresses create quince gowns from the comfort of their own home. Since they don’t have to worry about the overhead costs of running a shop, their prices are typically lower than if you were buying a dress elsewhere. DESIGNER: If you want a popular designer to create a custom gown for you, you need to research their prices. You should know that this type of quince dress is the most expensive and that it might take longer to receive once ordered—depending on the popularity of the designer. RENT A DRESS: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with borrowing a dress from a friend or family member. If they happen to have a dress that you absolutely love and that happens to fit you, or if you really don’t want to make a fuss over your dress, then perhaps this is the best option for you.


The most common terms used to describe a Quinceañera gown. CORSET: the top piece of the dress used to create a smooth silhouette. APLICATIONS: patches of intricate details that can be sewn into your dress . BOLERO: a cropped, cardigan-like garment with short or long sleeves. SWEETHEART NECKLINE: a neckline that is shaped like the top of a stylized heart. HALTER TOP: a strap extended from

the bodice of a sleeveless dress that is then fastened or held behind at the neck, leaving the shoulders and back bare. STRAPLESS DRESS: a dress that stays put around the upper body without shoulder


CHIFFON: a fabric made from cotton, silk or synthetic fiber. ORGANZA: a thin, sheer fabric traditionally made from silk. SHANTUNG: fabric made of silk. TAFETA: considered a highend fabric, suitable for used in ball gowns such as Quinceañera dresses. TULLE: a thin and transparent fabric most commonly used for veils and dress skirts.


Shopping online is a relatively new way of finding a quince dress. When you browse a trusted site you have access to view every color and style by various designers, which are way more dresses that you can see at a local boutique. You can even view and order dresses from another country. You should have your measurements professionally taken before you purchase a dress online. This will eliminate the guessing work into filling out your dress size.

Mass-Market Chains: Much like shopping online where you have a huge selection of dresses to view, mass-market chains also have large inventories of dresses. Every season they host sales events to make room for new inventory, which means big savings for you. online is having to guess your size, wait for it to be shipped and risk the idea of not liking it.

The Venue The location for both your ceremony and reception play a vital role in setting the ambiance of your quinceañera. They are also important in helping execute the ideas you have for decoration and theme.

A few of the most common places where you can host your quince are hotels, reception halls, restaurants and someone’s backyard. All of them have details that work for and against your favor. To help you decide which is Since both locations will depend greatly on whatever your best for you, here is a side-by-side comparison of a few budget allows, you’ll need to consider the benefits and disadvantages of each venue you visit. A few things to consider of the details you need to consider. are distance, space capacity, special accommodations, rental permits and fees, outdoor/indoor spaces, décor limitations, additional costs.

Pros & Cons of Venue Locations PROS





• They have lots of space •More strict on vendors and guests • Lobby space •Outside hotel guests • Rooms for your out of town guests •May not allow outside vendors • Ballroom options • They have their own setup • They’re fully staffed


•They will set everything up for you •They clean up after the party •Lots of parking •Party Packages


•May not allow outside vendors •Limited space •You are on a strict time schedule •May charge extra for additionals


• Great food • No decoration needed • Great service • Less expensive than renting a reception hall or hotel


• Limited space • Small dance floor (if there is one) • Your guests may have to sit in different rooms






• May need to decorate more • No time restrictions • Set-up/Clean everything yourselves • You can pick all of your own vendors • You can serve your own food and drinks • Limited space • May not be as formal as you’d like • Guests feel comfortable to be in a • Weather may affect your party place they’re familiar with • Neighbors may not like all the noise and guests



• They offer a combined ceremony/ reception • Could be a golf club, a private mansion, a church or any other facility with event space • Less stress • You don’t have to find any of your own vendors

• Cookie-cutter quince; hardly any room for creativity. • A big challenge to transform the event room. • Sometimes they hold multiple events

Photo courtesy of Eduardo’s Reception Hall / Phoenix, AZ

Finding the perfect venue Now that you’re close to finally deciding where to have your quince, it’s time to start narrowing down your top choices. Use this list of questions to help select the best location for you. Ask each venue representative the questions below and see how their answers measure up to one another’s. Then, select the venue that best fits your needs. QUESTION Location name, address phone number How many guests can this locatio hold? Is my Quince date available? Do they haveall-inclusive packages? Can I bring my own vendors? Can I bring my own food and drinks? What time frame would be available? Can I bring my own DJ/Banda/Mariachi?

Do they have designated parking? Can I practice my waltz and baile sorpresa here?

Do they provide tables and decorations? What is your cancelation policy? Any restrictions I should be aware of? How do I make the payments? Do I need additional insurance? $ Price Range Deposit Required




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Quinceanera Magazine Arizona 2020 January Danna  

Quinceañera Magazine is the perfect guide to planning unforgettable celebrations. Inside each edition is everything you need to plan the per...


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