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with ska legends

the toasters! chaplins spring beer festival

Award winning beer & garden!

behind the scene : mr kyps, poole Kyp talks Bonamassa and More

“Rock n’ Roll is what get’s me off” - Joan Jett

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MARC H 2017



This month we catch up with Geoff from Chaplins ahead of their live music packed spring equinox beer and cider festival, as well as an exclusive interview with US ska legends The Toasters.


with ska legends

the toasters!

l chaplins spring beer&festiva garden!

Award winning beer

: mr kyps, poole behind the sceneassa and More Kyp talks Bonam

Jett get’s me off” - Joan “Rock n’ Roll is what

It’s becoming clear that 2017 will bring upon us an unrelenting swathe of excellent music across the county. Every venue in the region seems to have an incredible calendar booked up already and festival lineups are being pored over, with every outdoor event seemingly booking a better lineup than ever before.

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We take a look at The Bournemouth Academy of Modern Music open day being held at Absolute Music. We also chat to Poole live music stalwart Mr. Kyp about the trials and tribulations of running one of Dorsets longest standing independent venues. Chinners from Rock Regeneration reviews the latest E.P from The Villanovas and D-tox keeps us up to date with the drum’n’bass world in The Sub-Section. This plus all the usual listings and previews that you need to get your fill of music this March.

This month’s contributors are:Harry ‘D-Tox’ - GET IN TOUCH - David Chinery @ D o rs e t M u s i c M a g Craig Gray /dorsetmusicmag Bert Burnell Dan Sullivan

2017 UK TOUR


Once upon a time The Cellar Bar was a secret local gem. Tucked away in Boscombe, it has always been a hub for creative types and always has a well stocked bar. This secret began to leak in 2009 when the pub won the first of what was to be many awards. Runner Up Community Pub in 2009 was bested in 2010 when Cellar Bar won the category outright. Chaplin’s was named the Best Bar None National Award Winner in 2012. This national recognition soon lead to a flurry of further awards, including; Best South West Community Pub, CAMRA Pub Of The Year and national winner of The Great British Pub Awards. The embracing of nature is championed throughout the venue, with four important

times of year especially marked at Chaplins with special beer festivals; the summer and winter Solstice and the spring and autumn Equinox.

no doubt by the inspired Green Man artwork on the walls. The pagan diety looks down upon the garden with a beard sculpted from naturally growing ivy. The Green Man,

“Crammed full of as much beer and cider as possible”

Manager of Chaplin’s Geoff Popple explained, “We love Beer & Cider and so do our customers, a few years back we decided to start having beer festivals to celebrate every Equinox/Solstice” 2016 saw Chaplins claim the national prize for Britains Best Beer Garden, helped

Photograph; Cellar Bar Garden by Grant David Read

both in history and folk lore has been entwined with the celebration of the solstice and equinox. The garden forms a central part of the forthcoming Equinox Beer Festival. Geoff remarked “We have a bar at the back of our garden” and he assured us it will be “crammed full of as much beer

Of The Bands, reaching the final. Born after the hiatus of local favourites Pachango, they’ve carried the flag of upbeat gypsy swing music and have already become firm favourites in venues across the region.

and cider as possible” With all the awards, the secret was out. Geoff let us know how they get so many exclusive beers; “As an award winning independent venue we are lucky enough to be seen as a place some of the UK’s best breweries want their beers to be showcased.” With only the best beers making the grade, it should be no surprise that music also has to pass certain criteria to make it on the Beer Festival lineup. What’s the booking policy? Its simple, Geoff says; “For the live music I try and make sure the acts we choose are great drinking bands who get the crowd up and moving.”

This explains why this year’s event features the likes of Harlequin & Fog / Mother Ukers / The Bomo Swing and Musique A Trois. All these acts live up to what Geoff told us he expects from bands at the Beer Festival. “A great live show with a lot of energy and a ton of passion” The Mother Ukers are renowned for their covers of popular songs, of course all performed on Ukulele’s. They call it Ukular Fusion and it’s won them acclaim far and wide, Chaplin’s being somewhat of a home show for the travelling trio. The Bomo Swing also stand out, they perfomed excellently in the recent Skirmish Battle

With four beer festival’s a year, it’s no doubt that some experiences stick in Geoff’s mind than others. When pressed for a specific highlight from previous years he described a very wet winters night. “the weather was horrible and I was expecting a complete wash out but to my surprise I ended up with the garden bar packed full of people and me essentially DJing behind the bar in there all night with several electric heaters to keep everyone warm.”

Spring Equinox Beer Festival 16th - 19th March

Formed on the Lower East Side of NYC in 1981 the band is the longest running US SKA formation. They bridge the gap between England’s 2-Tone movement and the American Ska explosion of the 90’s which they are rightfully credited with starting. The Toasters have been playing since 1981, how have you kept it up for such an impressive amount of time? The trick is not stopping! The band realized as early as 1998 that the future of the industry - as far as the artist was concerned - lay in the live medium so we tooled up for that earlier than most. Correspondingly we have our international network down and a well-developed touring circuit of independent agents and promoters. It’s totally DIY. How do you keep the experience of touring exciting for that long, or has there been points where it’s seemed like another day in the office? Sometimes it gets difficult but the alternative would be to have that 9-5 and so that’s stimulus enough to keep doing this since it removes us

from the mainstream. There’s much to be said about having the opportunity to travel, sometimes to exotic places, and be welcomed as a guest rather than a tourist. Being an independent musician though is like being a high-wire performer with no safety net, so you have to work hard, be frugal and keep it tight. How does it feel to be described by many as ‘legends of ska’? I try not to feel too ancient :) however it’s gratifying to get that respect. Sometimes it’s referred to as being a heritage act but I would rather give those accolades to a band like the SKATALITES who are still going strong after 50 years, or to THE SPECIALS, BEAT and SELECTER who are on 40


How has the Ska scene changed over the years you have been active? In a myriad of ways. Fortunately it seems to have survived the SKAPUNK epoch, which took the music somewhat in the wrong direction in my view. There seems to be a high tide for the genre about once every ten years and so I am hoping that this next surge will return to some of the core socio-political values that 2-Tone championed as opposed to the more party (and flippant) orientation that it took in the USA in the 90’s. Let’s not forget that SKA was originally rebel music from the Trenchtown ghetto and the backing track to Jamaican independence from British colonial rule.

The Toasters

I would like to see the genre recapture that politicization, it would be perfect for this new age of authoritarianism we have here in the USA at the moment.

artists after years of investment of time, money and good faith then I hardly see how that is good for the sector at the end of the day.

One of the most notable changes in music in my memory has the been the advent of the internet and the decline of music being sold in physical format, do you think this has been a positive change and how has it affected The Toasters? Depends on which way you look at it. What has been a boon to the consumer is anathema to the artist. We have an industry model now (SPOTIFY) rolled out by a P2P pirate, which essentially gives away our music for virtually free whilst we share not a whit in the advertising revenues that piggyback on the give-aways.

Tell us how your label, Moon Ska records, came to be, and what the experience has been like? Moon was started in 1983 as an outlet for our own releases as the label bosses in the USA at that time didn’t understand SKA music nor take it seriously.

Certainly not very fair and what that has meant is that the traditional retail side of the industry has withered away to practically nothing. Sure there are some sales generated by the resurgence of vinyl, however this in no way replaces the physical sales of 20 years ago where indie labels could support themselves on CD releases.

You must interact with a lot of new bands on your travels, any acts we should be keeping an eye out for? Interruptors from the USA. The Talks from UK,

What you have seen with digital delivery, first MP3 and now live streaming, is a steady erosion of the ability of the smaller artists to support themselves, the consolidation of the industry into just a few major labels, the collapse of indie distribution and downward pressure on most aspects of the business including live touring. None of these things, in my view, are healthy. On the other hand people are harping on about the promotional aspect of the internet, which is true to an extent, however if at some point there is no financial payoff for

I was told by one label troglodyte that I would get nowhere playing that circus music. I wonder if HE still has his job thirty years later? Moon was a snowball that ran down the hill, sold 1.5 million records and had to close in 2000 at it’s zenith as we saw what was coming

How do you prepare for, and stay sane on a long tour? You have to be physically fit to tour, but mental fitness is far more important. We plan everything well in advance, take care of the creature comforts, make sure we touch base with as many

old friends as possible. Kindle, laptops and gaming consoles help!! What advice would you give to a new band just breaking into the scene? In all seriousness? “Don’t quit your day job” Expectations must be extremely low and be prepared to work very hard and for a long time. Billboard magazine assesses longevity and a career at 7 years so be prepared to be chewed up and spit out by an industry that doesn’t care less about you Does playing in the US and mainland europe differ much from playing in the UK? Totally different experiences. The UK has a much older core audience and Europe, especially Eastern Europe has the newer scenes, Everywhere is distinctly different. What is next for The Toasters? Last year was 227 live shows and this year should be about the same. We will release a new single on 7 inch vinyl at some point but the emphasis is on live touring because that’s what we do. Looking forward to coming into Bournemouth for the first time and my mate there ,Parmi Phull , better get a curry ready!




drum&bass | jungle | bassline

by Harry D-Tox

Back in December I had the pleasure of being invited to an event called “Up the Anti” held at Bournemouth’s Eden Live. Headlining the event was non-other than highly respected DJ, Producer and Big Boss Man of the legendary Good Looking Records, LTJ Bukem. This is an artist who doesn’t just play anywhere, hand picking his bookings very carefully, so needless to say I jumped at the chance to witness this master at work. Support on the night came in the form of local veterans, Carlos, M-Ocean (the artist formally known as Emotion) and DJ Dream with MCs Shadow and Skydro on mic duties. The event was heaving from the get-go and had a really good atmosphere throughout. I think the combination of seeing so many faces I had not seen out in years, some for almost 10 years, and the fact all the DJs were strictly playing vinyl, really brought an authentic Oldskool sound and feel to the night. They’ve kept it on a liquid/rolling flex for their next event in March with two of Bournemouth’s biggest exports, Krakota and Aquasky. Rumours of a Cocoshebeen reunion to be held in May have also been heard on the grapevine so I fully look forward to that as it was the first event to give me a proper DJ set, which led to me being one of the residents there. For those of you that don’t know, Cocoshebeen


Dorset Jungle/D&B Listings MARCH 3rd – 2Wicked @ Le Chic, Bournemouth 3rd – iRate/Homegrown @ The Boombox, Weymouth 3rd - Dreemy Daze @ The Winchester, Bournemouth 4th – Dubz & Big Nangz Birthday Bash @ Freestyle Studios, Holton Heath 4th - Breakout @ The Bunker, Bournemouth 4th – Drum & Bass @ The Black Bear Hotel, Wareham 11th - Beta Sounds @ The Bunker, Bournemouth 17th - Back to Bass:ics @ Halo, Bournemouth 25th – Enter/Drumfunk @ The Old Firestation, Bournemouth 30th – Resonance @ The Bunker, Bournemouth

was a very successful weekly event that ran the upstairs room of Slinky at the O2 Academy, Boscombe, when it was known as the Opera House. If you weren’t on the Bournemouth clubbing scene in the late 90’s early 00’s then I strongly recommend you check Up the Anti out. - Written By D-Tox


The Sub:Section

MARCH 2017 PROGRAMME Thursday 2nd 8:30PM - 1AM Free entry


The World Is Ending is the first track to be released from the sessions at Gamma Studio produced by Diego Garcia (Hinds – Leave Me Alone) and previews what we can expect of SEA READ’s charming style of upbeat, yet melancholic, acoustically driven alternative-pop in 2017, beginning with a handful live shows throughout March. Friday 3rd 9PM-2AM Free entry

Saturday 11th 9PM-2AM Free entry


Hi, we’re Spec. We play music you like and music we like. We’ve been doing this for years, it makes people dance & no-one’s been injured. Thursday 16th 9PM-2AM Free entry


WBF are hell bent on providing Bourenmouth with the best new and up and coming music, across genres

Friday 17th 9PM-2AM Free entry



Another locomotive of DJs travelling to all stations from The Wag to The Loft via the Bronx, Brooklyn, Brixton and Bournemouth. Expect to get lost in the Groove with Illicit DJs. Saturday 4th 2PM-9PM Free entry


South West Artwork return with Paper Jam 8, selling their artists original, unique designs in their regular monthly print sale.

Saturday 4th 9PM-2AM Free entry


After our huge Kanye only night back in January, we thought we’d give some other Chicago big hitters some air play, but only as much as Kanye would allow.... Heard ‘em say... It’s gonna be a great night. Expect all things Chicago;If y’all don’t know by now, we talkin’bout Chi-Town! Monday 6th 8PM Free entry


The Pointhouse Cinema Club is back again with it’s latest film night, The People’s Choice. We can’t wait to see you! Get online now and vote for what you want to see or let us choose for you! VOTE NOW

Thursday 9th 8PM-1AM Free entry


The R.A.W Project in collaboration with We Broke Free will be bringing you a free night of eclectic live music. Acts TBC - donations are welcomed and will go towards funding the new mural at 60 Million Postcards. #realartwins

Friday 10th 7PM-1AM Free entry

BE BOLD FOR CHANGE Will you #BeBoldForChange on International Women’s Day 2017 and beyond by taking groundbreaking action that truly drives the greatest change for women? For this evening we will be showing a exhibiton from local female artists celebrating change. Music will be supplied by female dj’s playing songs by women, for everyone. Head down early to have the chance to purchase local artist work.



We didn’t want to go full cheesy on this. But we can’t not “nod” at one of the most famously celebrated day’s across the world. So, we’re having a party in the small disco and might play The Cranberries and The Pogues, but probaly not U2. Saturday 18th 9PM-2am Free entry


Grab your dancing shoes, strap yourselves in and prepare to speed into a horizon of hits as these DeLorean DJs lead you through a musical journey spanning sixty years. Let them be your tour guides as they stop for a prolonged tour of each decade, rocking your musical socks....around the clock!

Thurs 23rd 9:00PM-1AM Free entry WBF presents:


If Micheal Eavis likes it, we do too. Playing tracks from thier new EP released this month Sleeptalking will be supported by local alt-rockers Imbuim, for another Free show. See events page for more info. Friday 24th 9PM-2AM Free entry


Another night of Cold Krushin Hip Hop, Funk n Breaks with special guest TBC Saturday 25th 9PM-2AM Free entry


The all female collective laden with glitter, sequins and arms full of party pleasers. The ladies often feature at nights up and down the country including ‘Applebum’ and ‘Bitch! Please’, as well as their own resident nights. Thursday 30th 7PM-1AM Free entry


Celebrating bringing 4 years of the best new music to Bournemouth WBF are having a birthday party at their first love. Featuring The Modern Stranger’s (Live) and local guest’s TBC and WBF DJ’s this is the perfect time to see what they’re all about. Friday 31st 9PM-2AM Free entry



19-21 Exeter Rd, Bournemouth BH2 5AF


攀 欀 漀 氀 戀   攀 栀 琀   琀 攀 洀   攀 圀 眀栀漀 椀渀瘀攀渀琀攀搀 挀爀漀猀猀眀漀爀搀猀 琀漀搀愀礀⸀ 爀 攀 戀 洀 攀 洀 攀 爀   ᤠ琀 渀 愀 挀   圀攀 栀椀猀 渀愀洀攀⸀⸀⸀  䰀 最 椀渀 琀栀 攀 洀 漀 猀 Ⰰ  最 椀渀 琀栀 攀 洀 漀 ⸀⸀⸀椀琀ᤠ猀 倀 猀 猀愀洀昀洀⸀挀漀⸀甀欀

HEAVYO FIRE O TOURO 2017 PLus very speciaL guests



New ALbum ‘Heavy Fire ’ in store s earLy 2017

2017 starts as a great year for the Bournemouth Academy of Modern Music also known as BAMM. Relaunching with brand new facilities, new tutors joining the rota and stronger connections with the music industry, the South coast is fast becoming a central hub developing the next generation of musicians, DJs and songwriters. Ideal for 15 and 16 year olds looking to pursue a career in music after their GCSEs, BAMM is encouraging potential students to get in touch for details of their full-time BTEC courses. The relocation in September to award winning superstore and rehearsal rooms, Absolute Music in Wallisdown gains direct access

to industry brands such as Abbey Road Studios, Marshall, Global entertainment, Yamaha and Pearl drums. These major players have already confirmed to engage with BAMM visiting as guest speakers for events in the New Year. Former BAMM student Lizzie Proctor, now Lionsgate Films (Hunger Games) comments “BAMM was a great place to start

“toBAMM was a great place start my career. I would recommend it to anyone.”


my career. I would recommend it to anyone and I made loads of great friends and contacts”. BAMM is also connecting with local live music venues such as BH Live, Canvas and O2 Academy Bournemouth. With a brand new live performance room opened in January and students attending the sell out music conference CMI which takes place in April at Absolute Music, BAMM is growing from strength to strength. Fatboy Slim does it, David Guetta does it, even Howard from Take That does it. They all earn a living from DJing. BAMM, is launching a brand new DJ Skills course for 15 and 16 year olds. It could well be the first full-time BTEC in the area and aiming to attract teenagers keen to work in the music industry. The course includes business skills, mixing and mastering and is endorsed by some of the top equipment brands in the industry

BAMM Open Day Saturday 25th March 10am til 4pm Held At Absolute Music For further details, simply contact the team on 01202 572948, email info@ or visit Facebook and search for Bournemouth Academy Of Modern Music.



With Kyp ; Mr Kyps Live Music Venue

For the past 17 or so years Mr Kyps has been a cornerstone of the local live music scene. Tucked away between Bournemouth and Poole in the depths of Ashley Cross, Kyps is one of the best and most well respected music venues around.

In the early days the venue did develop a reputation for primarily hosting tribute acts, a double edged sword if ever there was one. ‘We couldn’t, and still can’t, only take chances on original stuff, and the tributes have paid the rent and rates for a long time... people have this theory that all we ever do is tribute bands though, which really winds us up, it isn’t fair.’

Having worked there myself a few years ago, and had the chance to become good friends with the eponymous Mr Kyp himself, I relished the chance to sit down and With a back catalogue of shows made up of fully interview the man behind one of the longest running legitimate original acts, from The Levellers, Toots And local venues in the South. The Maytals, Peter Doherty, and even Adam Ant beginning a latecareer comeback at Mr Kyps, you can see his point: ‘We’ve got more things in the book now than ever before, and it’s nothing short of fantastic’ he adds. In September 2000 snooker table fitter Mark ‘Kyp’ Kyprianou was running a pool club in a grade two listed I asked Kyp what’s changed in the 17 years since first school house behind the Bermuda Triangle pub in putting on live music: ‘Not much has really changed, the Ashley Cross. ‘We had about ten or eleven pool tables in bands themselves change... there are very few loyalties, place...we were approached by a colleague that worked very few Joe Bonamassas’ he says, referring to a for the local college who asked if we could move the promise the now superstar blues guitarist made to Kyp tables around and have a karaoke night... we had the back at the beginning of his career, 10 years ago now. night, it brought us 300 people’. Joe Bonamassa played Mr Kyps on three occasions With the old stage cleared and repaired, and snooker before hitting the big time. ‘Morning of the last gig he and pool clubs on the wane, over the next five years Kyp made a promise to me. He said “I don’t know when it’ll and the staff put on more and more live bands, with a be, but we’re gonna come back, we’ll bring the whole focus on the best tribute bands the UK had to offer, and band, and thank you” and he fulfilled that promise...’ an increasing number of up-and-coming original acts to Indeed, on 1st November 2015, 10 years after first boot. coming to the UK, and deep in the middle of a full European arena tour, Joe played a very special, and free, ‘I’m no muso’ Kyp admits in typical fashion. ‘So I got show to 300 people in Ashley Cross. staff in, the likes of Bert (Burnell, current in-house promoter) and Romin (Aliabadi, previous promoter)’. And it’s that kind of camaraderie, between artists, Bringing in local promoters allowed Kyp to concentrate agents, promoters, and staff, that keeps Mr Kyps going. on the tried and tested ‘bread and butter’ tribute That and the continued support of the punters. ‘It’s all bands, and keeping monthly lineups fresh with quality about keeping music original bands. Only last night I saw the fantastic live, support Gentleman’s Dub Club at Mr Kyps, one of the most live music, wherever it original, entertaining and down right fantastic dubis, here or anywhere else... reggae bands going. If the pub across the road puts a band on, people who never experience the power of live music will love it and go “that was great, I heard Kyps does live music, lets go there sometime...”’

“I don’t know when it’ll be, but we’re gonna come back, we’ll bring the whole band, and thank you” Joe Bonamassa

-Article by Craig Gray

Joe Bonamassa



Craig Gray and Mr Kyp


One man folk punk

Slack Bird is a folk punk act from Jyvskyl, Central Finland, consisting of one man with a banjo or more people with other noisy instruments, depending on the occasion. Returning to Bournemouth as part of his 2017 UK tour, after an awesome show at The Four Horsemen last year, he combines a traditional folk sound with poignant punk lyrics, and a rough edge perfected with relentless european touring. Slack Bird is a unique act and as DIY as they come, definitely worth a Wednesday trip out to the pub.

MARCH 8TH | FIRKIN SHED, BOURNEMOUTH Album Launch from Bournemouth psych fuzz


Praised for their unique, edgy sound, original songwriting and dark lyrics, TWF deliver raw, distorted guitar, grizzled vocals, swathes of haunting pedal steel and psychedelic synth, taking you from fragile beauty to a full tilt wall of sound in the blink of an eye. TWF’s distinct sound merges elements of Americana, fuzzed-out psychedelia and all-out rock, delivered through energetic and exciting live performances. Support from Burg and The Back Porch Band. MARCH 10TH| CHAPLINS



Legendary British soul group

The Real Thing are a legendary British soul group formed in the 1970s. In addition to a string of British hits, the band charted internationally with their song “You to Me Are Everything”, which reached No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart. By number of sales, they were the most successful black rock / soul act in England during the 1970s. Still going strong this dynamic threesome are looking forward to an intimate live show in the Canvas Live Lounge. This will be one to remember, Real Showmen; The Real Thing!

MARCH 17TH| CANVAS, BOURNEMOUTH Gun’s Don’t Kill People ....

With more razzle-dazzle jewellery than Mr T, this novelty rap act from South Wales manage to make The Streets’ Mike Skinner appear positively middle-class. The 15 chavs that make up GLC were somehow signed to independent label EastWest on the dubious strength of a handful of tracks that had been burnt to CDR and passed around the pubs of Newport. Now, armed with songs about smoking weed, shagging monkeys and, erm, ‘cider enemas’, they are headlining gigs around the UK.



Intimate show from deathcore heroes

Riverside natives Suicide Silence have set the metal world on fire since their formation in 2002, bringing their brutal deathcore sound to fans all over the world playing pretty much every major metal festival going. Hot off the release of their self titled album and second release with new singer Hernan Hermida, suicide silence are in the UK for only 6 dates, and the intimate setting of Southampton’s’ Engine Rooms seems like the perfect venue to see one of the most relevant metal bands of the 2000s live.




PREVIEWS Raucous rock up and comers

Bristol five-piece with a refreshingly unique psychedelic sound that nods to such greats as David Bowie, The Doors and Jane’s Addiction, but reinvented with modern punk attitude and a dark yet positive energy, which is reflected in their live shows. SleepTalking released their first single ‘All Hope Is Lost’ in January ‘17 with a dynamic video, showcasing their raw sound and attitude, with an astonishing vocal performance being a personal highlight. Support from Imbium, free entry.




Reggae legends performing full album

Following the success of their huge sell-out tour last year, legendary reggae artists The Wailers return to stages across the country. Performing their Legend album in its entirety, the group will also play other greatest hits including ‘Three Little Birds,’ ‘I Shot the Sheriff’ and ‘Jamming’.The anchor of the band is Aston ‘Family Man’ Barrett, who, in addition to being Marley’s most trusted lieutenant, played on countless other classic reggae hits throughout the ‘70s. The authenticity he brings to the timeless Wailers’ sound is indisputable.

MARCH 23RD | O2 ACADEMY BOURNEMOUTH Acoustic roots & blues masterclass MARTIN HARLEY AND DANIEL KIMBRO Supremely talented acoustic roots and blues guitarist Martin Harley and stand up bass player Daniel Kimbro hit the road following the success of their acclaimed album ‘Live At Southern Ground’, an album described by The Observer as “…a spellbinding 50 minutes”. Martin’s ‘British Americana’ sound is influenced by Delta Blues and Gypsy Swing. Renowned for his prowess as a slide guitarist, he has honed his craft into a road-worn style of songwriting that Guitarist Magazine describes as “…staggeringly good - no one is making music like it”.


MARCH 25TH | DORCHESTER CORN EXCHANGE Canadian female fronted gore metal punk Fresh off a massive tour with metal veterans Alien Ant Farm, Sumo Cyco are set for big things. They have taken a novel approach to putting out music, having recorded and released 10 singles accompanied by glorious grindhouse-esque movie themed videos – all produced and directed themselves. It did not take long for Sumo Cyco to garner the attention of music fans in their homeland, winning “Best Female Fronted” band at Toronto Independent Music Awards in 2012.

MARCH 26TH| THE ANVIL UK emo / rock on the biggest stage in Dorset

The Surrey quintet and Kerrang! favourites have made a name for themselves over the past few years with their catchy melodies, snappy lyrics and hip-wriggling instrumentals. Their brand of emo rock with poppy hooks has perhaps made them the UK’s answer to Incubus. Fourth album, 2014’s ‘Cavalier Youth’, catapulted them to their biggest wave of success, reaching the number one position on the UK album chart. Support from Black Foxxes and Tonight Alive.





Wed 1 Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : Albert Lee Wed 1 Hop Inn, Bournemouth : My Generation GB Wed 1 The Belvedere Inn, Weymouth : Jam Session Wed 1 Lord Nelson, Poole : Hugh Budden & The Blue Chords Thu 2 Various Venues, Swanage : Swanage Blues Festival Thu 2 Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : Dorset Blues Night: Featuring : Hannah Robinson + Scott McKeon + Amy Mayes + Red River Hogs Thu 2 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Greyside+ Edd Harris Thu 2 Smokin’ Aces, Bournemouth : Plug & Play .: Jam Night Fri 3 The Dudsbury Country Club, Ferndown : Rowetta Fri 3 Sound Circus, Bournemouth : Diamond Days+ The Fools Paradise Fri 3 Langton Matravers Village Hall, Swanage : Daria Kulesh+ Support Fri 3 Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : Nine Below Zero Fri 3 Winchester Pub, Bournemouth : Black Water County+ Lady Winwoods Maggot + Mikey Ball and the Company + Wikkaman Fri 3 Anvil, Bournemouth : Grifter+ Elephant Tree + Dirt A-Go Fri 3 Mr Kyps, Poole : Dreadzone+ Support Fri 3 Eden, Bournemouth : Wikkaman Fri 3 The Royal Portland Arms, Fortuneswell : Shakespearos Fri 3 Admiral Drake, Portsmouth : Trevor John Sat 4 Anvil, Bournemouth : Polar+ Giants + To the Wind + My Only Sat 4 Old Fire Station, Bournemouth : Absolute Bowie Sat 4 Barrington Theatre, Ferndown : Viva Neil Diamond Sat 4 Forest Arts Centre, New Milton : Amy Mayes Sat 4 London Tavern, Ringwood : The Defectors Sat 4 Grove Tavern, Bournemouth : Stomping Boondocks Sat 4 Firkin Shed, Bournemouth : Jake Watson Sat 4 Square and Compass, Swanage : Flakey Jake Sat 4 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Jack Grace Sun 5 Old Fire Station, Bournemouth : A Shot at Discovery! Competition: Featuring: Romeo and Whats Her Face + Soulhole + DD Allen + Sirpico + Endea + Towers + Jawbone Sun 5 Anvil, Bournemouth : Nick Oliveri (Ex Queens Of The Stone Age)+ Dead Lettuce + King Fu Chicken Fighters Sun 5 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Ian Ellis and Friends Sun 5 Bermuda Triangle, Poole : The Rolling Drunks Tue 7 Sound Circus, Bournemouth : Trash Talk+ Youth Man Tue 7 Thomas Tripp (Christchurch), Christchurch : Stan’s Blues Jam Wed 8 Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth : Elbow Wed 8 Firkin Shed, Bournemouth : Slack Bird Thu 9 Lighthouse, Poole : Sam Bailey Thu 9 Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : The Barron Knights Thu 9 Inferno, Bournemouth : Freestyle Showcase Fri 10 Mr Kyps, Poole : Wreckless Intent+ Divine Chaos + Furyborn + Joda Cema + Empty Cage + Taranis Fri 10 Sound Circus, Bournemouth : Rite Off + All of This Fri 10 Electric Palace, Bridport : Paul Lamb & the King Snakes Fri 10 Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : The And Finally Big Band Fri 10 Reef Encounters, Boscombe : Krista Green Fri 10 Lord Nelson, Poole : Lady Winwood’s Maggot Fri 10 Square and Compass, Swanage : Mikey Kenney & The Saltcutters Sat 11 Dorchester Corn Exchange, Dorchester : Beverley Craven Sat 11 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Guns Of Navarone Sat 11 Hop Inn, Bournemouth : The Defectors Sun 12 Square and Compass, Swanage : Dirty Bourbon River Show Sun 12 Lord Nelson, Poole : MI3 Sun 12 Framptons, Ringwood : Gentlemen Groove Tue 14 Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : .:tin Harley+ Daniel Kimbro Tue 14 Ye Olde Starre Inne, Christchurch : Folk and Roots Night Tue 14 Dean Park Inn, Bournemouth : Stan’s Blues Jam Thu 16 Weymouth Pavillion, Weymouth : Abba Mania Thu 16 Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth : Yes: feat Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman (ARW) Fri 17 Canvas, Bournemouth : The Real Thing Fri 17 Allendale Centre, Wimborne : Quinns Quinney Fri 17 O2 Academy, Bournemouth : James Arthur+ Support Fri 17 Mr Kyps, Poole : Saiichi Sugiyama


Fri 17 New Inn, Poole : 4 Go Mad In Dorset Fri 17 Victoria Cross, Parkstone, Poole : The Other Guys Fri 17 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : The Mother Ukers Sat 18 The Exchange, Sturminster Newton : Georgie Fame Sat 18 Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth : Frankly Sinatra (Tribute) Sat 18 Mr Kyps, Poole : Goldie Lookin Chain+ Support Sat 18 Lord Nelson, Poole : Loose Connections Sat 18 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : The Bomo Swing Sun 19 Square and Compass, Swanage : Rag Mama Rag Sun 19 Old Fire Station, Bournemouth : Dodie Sun 19 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Musique a Trois Sun 19 The Gloucester, Weymouth : The Average Wyke Band Tue 21 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Charlie Bateman (Thinker) Wed 22 Lord Nelson, Poole : Tim Somerfield(Afro Ninja) Thu 23 O2 Academy, Bournemouth : The Wailers+ Support Thu 23 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Conrad Barr’s Rubber Soul:: Featuring : The Subwave Network Fri 24 Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth : Mike & The Mechanics Fri 24 Electric Palace, Bridport : Dub Pistols+ Support Fri 24 James and White, Christchurch : Krista Green Fri 24 Mr Kyps, Poole : Lady Winwood’s Maggot+ Solarbird Fri 24 Quay Inn, Wareham : Rich Baxter Sat 25 Lord Nelson, Poole : Phoenix Sat 25 New Inn, Poole : Skinful Sat 25 Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe : Wikkaman Sat 25 Quay Inn, Wareham : The New Beats Sun 26 Taphouse, Wimborne : Jo Carly and the Old Dry Skulls Sun 26 Lord Nelson, Poole : Trouble In Mind Sun 26 Four Horsemen, Bournemouth : Joe Mccorriston+ Joe Edwards + Matt JR Hurley Sun 26 Penn Central, Poole : Freestyle Showcase: Hosted by Dave Griffiths (Contact Dave if you wish to perform at this event) Tue 28 Anvil, Bournemouth : Jesse Lawson (ex Sleeping With Sirens)+ Support Tue 28 Bournemouth International Centre, : Olly Murs Wed 29 Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth : The Bootleg Beatles Wed 29 The Owl’s Nest, West Parley, Ferndown : Stan’s Blues Jam Wed 29 Lord Nelson, Poole : Darren Hodson Wed 29 The Belvedere Inn, Weymouth : Jam Session: Full backline supplied....supporting local talent and original music- Any Skill level welcome.. Thu 30 Lighthouse, Poole : Oysters 3 Fri 31 The Dudsbury Country Club, Ferndown : Rat Race Fri 31 Regent Centre, Christchurch : Oye Santana (Santana Tribute) Fri 31 Anvil, Bournemouth : Hundredth+ Landscapes Fri 31 Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne : Limehouse Lizzy Fri 31 James and White, Christchurch : Phil Dewhurst (Jinder) Fri 31 Mr Kyps, Poole : Garland Jeffreys and Band Fri 31 Lord Nelson, Poole : Rock U Fri 31 Quay Inn, Wareham : The Hardcore Troubadours


d I can imagine that this tune gets really extended live, as the guitars could so go on for much longer. Over the past year Bournemouth band The Villanovas have had some unbelievable times playing gigs that they could have only dreamed about since forming in 2014. The band have just released a brand new 5 track EP titled ‘Bitter Seeds’. The band’s influences are taken from the early guitar pioneers of the 60’s and 70’s and here they flourish with some great original material. The Ep kicks off with ‘If You Wanna Get Ahead’; an infectious twin guitar assault with equally catchy chorus, a song that delivers from all areas. ‘When I Told You’ is a little smoother and benefits from Joe Reeves clinical ear

with bubbling drums and Brett’s super vocal delivery. The title track is a clear Rocker from the start with full-on heavier guitars, hard hitting drumming and pulsating bass lines that show these guys are really capable of a full range of styles. Things really get moving with ‘Honest Man’ as the band continue their stride with a bit of revisiting the past, as well as bringing things up-to-date with their own take on tried and tested methods. ‘Last Week’ demonstrates that the boys have really mastered harmonies and cleverly put their voices to good use. Together with yet more outstanding guitar work;

Though The Villanovas have not reinvented rock n’ roll they have certainly sharpened their pencils putting together something that is well written, cleverly put together and expertly engineered. They are already starting to make waves within the music industry. Could they just be the band to finally put Bournemouth on the map? Certainly all the ingredients are in place, only time will tell.

Chinners recommends Black Water County - Taking Chances (Debut LP) The Villanovas - Bitter Seeds Ep Chloe Glover - Turn Back Time (Single) chloeglovermusic Palms & Pelicans- Drowzy (Single)

Gigs of the Month Wed 1, Four Horsemen, Bournemouth: The Acoustocalypse: Featuring: Shannon White + Toby Janes + Choppers Children + Mikey Ball and the Company Thu 2, Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne: Dorset Blues Night: Featuring: Hannah Robinson + Scott McKeon + Amy Mayes + Red River Hogs Fri 3, Sound Circus, Bournemouth: Diamond Days+ The Fool’s Paradise + Pump Action Radio + The Atkinsons Fri 3, Winchester Pub, Bournemouth: Black Water County + Lady Winwoods Maggot + Mikey Ball and the Company + Wikkaman + The Villanovas Shannon White Sat 4, Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe: Jack Grace If you would like to find out more about the gigs and artists Fri 10, Drift Micro Bar, Poole: Jonny Phillips + Matt Underdown mentioned in my blog please go to Fri 17, Anvil, Bournemouth: Dead Witches+ Thuum + Wallow Sun 19, O2 Academy, Bournemouth: Black Star Riders + Backyard Babies + Gun If you would like your band or gig featured here or on the Rock Regeneration website contact me: Tue 21, Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe: Charlie Bateman (Thinker) Sat 25, Queens Park, Bournemouth: Self Abuse+ Kickin’ Bambi + Meat Sweats Each Wednesday listen to local music show “Livewire Live” Sat 25, Shelley Theatre, Bournemouth: Bournemouth Folk Club: between 7-9pm on 90.1 Hope FM or listen online via the TuneIn Featuring Tinderbox (Album Launch) + Support app CHINNERS Sun 26, Taphouse, Wimborne: Jo Carly and the Old Dry Skulls


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'High Rez' album launch Featuring Vanessa Freeman PLUS

Friday 28 April th

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