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4 Los Guardianes de la Libertad

6 Southern Province

-Thanksgiving Adoption -Salute to Greatness Award -World Cultural Festival

6 Cost of Education 10 Domestic Violence 11 Phiotas at the Animo

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Winter 2011

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The PHIOTA! is a quarterly professional magazine based on the ideals of the pillars of Fi Iota Alfa. It is the official publication of Phi iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the oldest existing latino fraternity, establish in December 26, 1931 at Troy, New York, with its roots beginning at 1898. All articles express the opinions of the authors, and not the fraternity, unless stated otherwise. Phi iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc., 9322 3rd Avenue, Suite 412, Brooklyn, New York 11209

Winter 2011

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Kappa Chapter of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc Snowflake Ball with UNICEF By: Jairo Sanchez-Chavez On December 1st, 2011 the Kappa Chapter of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. partnered with UNICEF and Pratit international to host the second annual Snowflake Ball in the Goldstein Auditorium inside the Schine Student Center in Syracuse University. The event was a major success, with speakers and performers showing perspectives from various parts of the world.

Afterwards, Ankit Sethi a representative from Two Degrees, a food company whose mission is to feed 200 million hungry children, through means of their nutrition packs. These nutrition packs are endorsed by World Health Organization and treat chronic and severely malnourished children with success rates up to 95%.

Sethi spoke of the efforts being made to treat malnutrition in various countries in East AfThis year, the Kappa Chapter of Phi Iota Alpha rica, specifically Malawi. In addition, he also Fraternity, Inc. made it their mission to raise showed a video that dictated the struggles of at least $300, for UNICEF and Phi Iota Alpha these children suffering from malnutrition, but Fraternity, Inc. on a nationwide scale made it also displayed the efforts made by Two Detheir mission to raise at least $4,000 for UNIgrees in treating this condition through their CEF. Both goals were achieved beyond expec- involvement as well as their nutrition packs. tation as the Kappa Chapter raised $650, and Sethi closed by listing various ways we can the fraternity nationwide raised $10, 564.87. help support Two Degrees in their mission, Such efforts would not have been possible if which are all dictated in their website, twodeit were not for all the effort of all the ers nationwide who fundraised for this worthy cause and those who supported us with their Afterwards, Middle Eastern speaker Mogenerosity. hammad spoke from a Middle Eastern perspective as well as showed a video dictating The ball began with all three organizathe struggles faced by children in the Middle tions introducing themselves and also giving East showing the importance of organizations acknowledgement that December 1st is World like UNICEF that make it their mission to help Aids Day. these children by any means necessary. After



Winter 2011

the first performance of the night the Raices Dance Troupe. Raices Dance Troupe was established during the fall of 1997 by a group of students who wanted to educate the SU community about the richness and diversity of the Latino culture through music and dance. Since its inception, it has remained as the only Latin dance group on the Syracuse University Campus.

Mary Nell Cummings was the keynote speaker of the night from UNICEF headquarters. She spoke of how good our lives are compared to those struggling each day and how it is imperative that we assist them. She also spoke of her own life-story and how being a part of UNICEF has changed her perspectives and also how working so closely to UNICEF has made her seen with her own eyes the struggles impoverished children go through everyday After their stellar performance, Two Bars increases her dedication to UNICEF on a daily speaker Kevin Phu came to speak, and next basis. She concluded her speech by thanking followed a performance by Syracuse Orange UNICEF, Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and Bhangra and Zinda. Syracuse Orange Bhangra Pratit International for all the hard work done is the co-ed Bhangra dance team at SU. by all three organizations in helping with this Bhangra is a traditional style of dance from the matter and finished her speech by saying that Punjab region of northern India. Zinda is the every little bit of contribution makes a differofficial Syracuse University competitive Garence. ba-Raas Dance team, dedicated to promoting South Asian culture through their innovative On behalf of the Kappa Chapter of Phi Iota choreography. Both teams put on stellar perAlpha, Fraternity Inc. we would like to thank formances to bring in the concluding speaker UNICEF, Pratit International, and all the chapof the night, Mary Nell Cummings. ter nationwide for helping in this event. Without all you, the success of this event would not have been possible.

Winter 2011

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Los Guardianes de La Libertad: Commemorating Latino Veterans in the US Military By: Jesus Coronado This year the Alpha Xi Chapter at The University of Texas at Austin hosted an event that sought to commemorate Latino veterans in our community who have served in the United States Military. This evening consisted of a dinner prepared by chapter brothers, awards ceremony, and a special presentation by keynote speaker: Ernesto Nieto, founder of the National Hispanic Institute.



Winter 2011

Honorable veneration was given to veterans who participated in the Vietnam War, Korean War, and WW II. All invited guests experienced an emotional commemoration as we honored one of our own brothers, Enrique Martinez from the Alpha Eta Chapter at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Now an established tradition at the University of Texas at Austin, the Alpha Xi chapter seeks to program future events such as this one for years to come. Keep an eye out as we seek to make a difference in our community!

The idea for this event was originally developed by the Gamma line back in Spring 2009 and finally became a reality this November.

Winter 2011

Phiota! 5

Southern Province

Phiotas adopt a Family for Thanksgiving Dinner Every year the Alpha Xi Chapter of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity Inc. at The University of Texas at Austin hosted hosts an annual thanksgiving dinner for a family that does not have the funds or resources to have such dinner during the holidays.

comes of graduating high school and attending college. We had the opportunity to meet four individual teenagers, each with their own personal problems that involved school, conduct, and law issues.

Past dinners have been hosted for families with single mothers, parents who have lost their jobs, and for families that don’t know about the tradition of Thanksgiving. Since Christmas is around the corner, gifts are also given to each family member that attends.

All of these individuals definitely have the opportunity to succeed in life all they need is the guidance and motivation to be steered in the right direction. We spoke about different career possibilities and are now in the process of shadowing several individuals who work in their desired profession.

This year the Alpha Xi Chapter hosted a dinner, fully cooked by brothers, to two families that live in Austin area. One family consisted of a teenager who recently lost his mother in the past year and the other family included a single mother of five children.

This event certainly works to remind us about being thankful for the things that we have in life and as a remembrance that it’s never to late to continue to pursue a career. We look forward to programming several events that benefit the community.

As professional Latino men, we tend to use this event as a method to provide mentorship and guidance to the children. We try to motivate them and show them the positive out6


Winter 2011

Southern Province

Phiota receives: 2012 Salute to Greatness Award Rafael Arciga Garcia, Director of Membership Services for Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc and a founder for the Alpha Lambda chapter at the University of Arkansas was among the 2012 Salute to Greatness Award recipients. Bro. Rafael, was selected to receive the Ernestine White-Gibson Individual Achievement Award in recognition of an individual who has given to his community though service, leadership and commitment. The awards are sponsored by the Northwest Arkansas Martin Luther King Jr. planning committee and the ceremony will take place at the 16th Annual Recommitment banquet on January 16th, 2012 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Bro. Rafael Arciga Garcia also serves as the Arkansas state Director for the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and currently works for the University of Arkansas office of Admissions and office of Diversity as

an admissions counselor. The mission of the Northwest Arkansas Martin Luther King Jr. Planning Committee is to continue to advance and promote the dream, life, and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. which emphasizes love and action. For more information on the NWA Martin Luther King Jr planning committee visit:

World Cultures Festival On October 8th, 2011 the Alpha Lambda chapter of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. along with the city of Lowell, Arkansas hosted the first ever World Cultures Festival in Lowell. The event was a vibrant multicultural festival. The festival’s goal was to encourage understanding, appreciation and respect as well as to embrace the cultural diversity of the Northwest Arkansas’ community. The festival was a fun-filled day of activities, traditional music, dances, food from across the globe. Among the different co-sponsors and participants were La Z Spanish radio station, La Prensa Libre Spanish newspaper, La Mas Mexicana Spanish radio station, Univision Arkansas, the Zumba Ladies, Torres Tours, Latinas In Action, the Gamma chapter of Gamma Eta, the city of Lowell, Hmong singers, Flor Morena, Alejandro Fonseca, the Raices Latinas Ballet Folklorico and the University of Arkansas. Winter Fall 2010 2011

Phiota! 7

The Cost of Education By: Reymundo Gamino

Today’s Lesson:

-Benito Juárez -Simon Bolivar -José Martí -Bernado O’higgins -José de San Martín 8


Winter 2011

With the recent budget cuts going on throughout higher learning institutions students have lost countless programs and facilities. Here at University of California San Diego (UCSD) students have been dealt a huge blow by these budget cuts. Over the last year, the school has closed three main library facilities: the Medical Center Library (April 2011); the Center for Library & Instructional Computing Services (CLICS) (June 2011); and the International Relations & Pacific Studies (IR/PS) Library (July 2011).

With tuitions fees being raised every year it doesn’t make sense why all of these libraries are being shut down. It would make sense that our dollars be used to better our library facilities as well as other programs. We, the students, are paying top dollar to attend a school of higher learning that should do its best to provide us an environment that promotes learning. In order to create a more academic environment the campus administration has to understand that closing libraries is the last thing that should be on their lists to go when managing the budget. The libraries are the Cutting funding towards our schools libraries way in which we accomplish our mission here should be the last option that should be as students. implemented when looking to save money. Libraries serve as safe havens for students in As of a couple days ago all three libraries have search of a quiet and peaceful environment to remained closed and see no signs of opening. study in. Located about a hundred yards away In recent news students began to camp out from Revelle, UCSD’s oldest college (UCSD of CLICS starting finals week in an effort to is divided into 6 different colleges), CLICS open the facility. CLICS used to remain open was an icon for high-academic achievement. twenty four seven during the week of finals. With its closure Revelle students are left Students were able to force themselves in and without a convenient close-by place to study able to temporarily convince administration and are forced to traverse a long distance to get to keep it open for the remainder of finals to the nearest library. Moat students resort to week. In the end this can serve as hope for our studying in their rooms which are inadequate diminishing libraries throughout campus. places at best for anyone trying to seek wisdom and knowledge. I have personally faced this problem and have found it really troublesome to find a good place to study. CLICS was my “to go” place to study. It had it all: computers, books, study rooms and presentation rooms.

Winter 2011

Phiota! 9

Domestic Violence Awareness By: Jordan Owens

As the day’s fly by and winter approaches at a rapid pace, The Brother Of Phi Iota Alpha have been hard at work. The brothers of the Umass Amherst chapter pride themselves on their campus involvement, and making it their prerogative in spreading awareness on relevant issue. With the help of the sisters of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, and the Every Woman's Center on Monday, October 24, The Alpha Iota Chapter brothers successfully hosted their second annual Domestic violence event. For the event a film titled “Enough” Staring Jennifer Lopez was played, follow by an in depth discussion on domestic violence in the world today. Domestic violence occurs in every culture, country and age group. It affects people from all socioeconomic, educational and religious backgrounds and takes place in same sex as well as heterosexual relationships. Even those who do not directly witness it, such as children, can be affected. As Umass students filled the Every Womens Center, the room quickly became a safe zone, in which students were given the chance to express their feelings on the issue. Many students spoke in detail on the subject, some from personal experience or just stories they have heard.



Winter 2011

In addition to the discussion the Every Women’s Center took it a step further by providing Domestic Violence hotline numbers, and ways to help someone in such an ordeal. We have to realize that we can in fact change the world in which we live in, simple things like discussing with your peers, and hearing others views can help a tremendous amount. All in all, the domestic violence event went exceptionally well, and was just one more step in the fight to end domestic violence. Domestic violence should not happen to anybody. But unfortunately it does, and when it does remember, there is help.

Phiotas at the Animo:

Young Men’s Conference On December 3, 2011 The California State University Long Beach Colony of Phi Iota Alpha participated in the 8th annual Animo: Young Men’s Conference. The conference provided the young men with mentorship, motivational speakers, live entertainment, empowering activities geared to inspire young Latinos. When first hearing about this event, the colony decided to jump on the idea of mentoring and volunteering at Animo. Most of the young men who attended were from La Puente High School, Afterschool Homework House program in Azusa, children of migrant farm workers, and an at risk boarding school for young men.

enrolled at La Puente High School. Now he returned to the conference as and undergrad at Villanova University. He spoke to the young men and showed them that achieving a college degree is possible. The Colony was also in attendance at the conference. Their intentions were to show the young men support and possibly become their role models. The colony believes that young Latinos need a sense of direction and this was an opportunity to help guide them. They did not only give back to the community but they help out their fellow Latino men. Animo!

With over 150 young men present on the day of the conference financial assistance was neededed. With the sponsorship of Walt Disney, ABC 7, California State University Fullerton, and Family success by design the conference was free of charge to all attendees. The conference had some celebrity speakers like Tattoo from 92.3 K-Day radio station, Jesse Flores lead singer of Vudu Café, and ABC 7 news reporter Sid Garcia. One of the guest speaker was Martin Garcia, a brother from Alpha Kappa Chapter, whom flew from Pennsylvania to attend the conference. He has been participating in the conference for 4 years and counting. Martin Garcia first attended the conference while he was Winter 2011

Phiota! 11

Forgotten Piece of History

One idea for a classroom assignment quickly developed into an opportunity for students to learn more about a piece of history that seemed to be forgotten.

Bilingual Education Student Organization.

Nathan Salazar, criminal justice senior, said he wanted people to know the importance of the Bracero history, the people affected by On November 5, 2011—Students, community the program and how it still affects the Latino members and professors filled room 105 of Al- community today. kek Library of Texas State University Thursday night for the presentation and screening of “I feel like that part of history is forgotten and the film Harvest of Loneliness: The Bracero is not really taught well because there isn’t a Program, which focused on the history of the lot of knowledge on it,” Salazar said. Bracero program. Gloria Velasquez, senior lecturer of modern languages, presented a lecture on the history of The Bracero program, which ran from 1942 the Bracero program to start off the event. through 1964, allowed Mexican natives to Velasquez, whose father was a Bracero workparticipate in temporary agriculture work in er, had personal experience with the Bracero the United States. These men took over the program. jobs of workers who left to fight in World War II, helping the United States prosper during its Velasquez said Bracero workers were looking time of need. More than 4.5 million men were for a better life. She discussed the negative aslegally contracted to work, travelling to and pects of the Bracero program – the abuse and from Mexico during crop seasons. neglect the workers suffered as they tried to improve the lives of their families and themThe film event was a collaboration between selves. the Alpha Omicron Chapter of Phi Iota Alpha, Omicron Chapter of Kappa Delta Chi SororVelasquez said the owners of ranches where ity, Inc., Sigma Delta Lambda Sorority, Texas the Braceros worked inspected people to deterLeague of United Latin American Citizens and mine if they were worthy of even participating 12


Winter 2011

in the program. Upon the arrival to the United States the Braceros were taken to a center where they were searched for vegetables, weapons, marijuana or similar contraband by the Department of Agriculture.

using lollipop sticks off the ground to create callouses on their hands.

During his third or fourth time of being contracted, DeLeon arrived in Piedras Negras, Coahuila. He was referred by a friend there to “Can you imagine arriving to the border or labor for a man who gave his workers better where you’re going to be processed and people opportunity compared to other ranch owners. asking you to take off your clothes because Men would pick cotton from sunrise to sunset, they were going to spray you with insectioften not being able to sleep comfortably at cide?” Velasquez said. “That’s worse than night. prison.” Deisy DeLeon, international studies senior, is Following the lecture, the film Harvest the grand-daughter of Jose DeLeon. of Loneliness: The Bracero Program was She uses the stories her grandfather tells her screened, giving attendees insight to the peras a motivation to inform other students on the sonal stories of the men in the program. importance of Bracero history. DeLeon said her grandfather tells her he wants to see his Jose Ruperto DeLeon, San Antonio resident, grandchildren be successful and not repeating presented his story of time in the Bracero pro- what he did when he was younger. gram after the film, DeLeon said he could not complain about the places he worked. He only “My grandfather and my father always tell me, wished there had not been a lack of food. ‘Mija, you don’t want to be like us, working out in the fields or out in the sun. I really want DeLeon began working as a Bracero at the age you to finish school and put your studies beof 22 in 1995, picking cotton in Barrancas. fore everything,’” DeLeon said. He said during the times he was inspected to become a Bracero, it was common to see men Winter 2011

Phiota! 13

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Winter 2011

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La Familia of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is a brotherhood composed of undergraduate, graduate, and professional men internationally, es...

Winter 12 - Phiota Magazine  

La Familia of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is a brotherhood composed of undergraduate, graduate, and professional men internationally, es...