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COVER IMAGE: Jorge Santos; Phiota! Undergraduate Brother Highlight. Do you want to have an image taken by you as the next cover? Submit your image to The PHIOTA! is a quarterly professional magazine based on the ideals of the pillars of Fi Iota Alfa. It is the official publication of Phi iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the oldest existing latino fraternity, establish in December 26, 1931 at Troy, New York, with its roots beginning at 1898. All articles express the opinions of the authors, and not the fraternity, unless stated otherwise. Phi iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc., 9322 3rd Avenue, Suite 412, Brooklyn, New York 11209

Spring 2010

Phiota! 1

Phi Chapter’s Aide to The Americas

By: Carlos Martinez

As we brothers know, living and being educated in the United States makes us some of the most privileged individuals in the world. As Phiotas, we have all made a commitment to academic excellence and social responsibility. This social responsibility is something that our chapter feels should be acted upon on every opportunity we have. Being that we are in a position as both brothers and university students to implement aide efforts, our commitment as of late has been geared towards helping our communities in Latin America. It is something we refer to locally as our “Aide to the Americas.” The past has seen funds raised for housing projects in Honduras, buying books for Bolivian children, as well as projects in Costa Rica, Peru, and Mexico.

The largest project we have worked on this year has been the funding and building of a playground in Potrerillos de la Laguna, Coatepeque, Departamento de Santa Ana, El Salvador. In short, we just referred to it as La Comunidad. This community is located on a small mountain next to the large and beautiful Lake Coatepeque. It was project organized between our chapter and another Phiota! 2 Phiota!

S prin pr ingg 20 in 22010 10 Spring

excellent student organization on our campus named Latinos On The Move. We knew this organization undertakes yearly projects to build infrastructure in Latin America and thus we decided to approach them to work together on the next one. This proved to be a great decision as both of our organizations worked well together in ensuring the project comes to fruition. A major difference the past few years has been our physically going to Latin America in order to help our people in person. This year has been no different and what an eye opening experience it was! All the brothers who went have been to Latin America in the past through study abroad programs and to visit families, but a more humbling experience is tough to find. Along with Latinos On The Move members, three brothers went to El Salvador in order to help build the playground in person. We had contacts on the ground since we worked through one organization called the InterAmerican Development Fund and a local one named Fundacion Coatepeque.

need.Two and a half days later of hard work from stages of what our chapter would like to accomplish morning until sunset left us with a park many of us in the future. We are planning a project next spring break that will take place in the Dominican doubted could even be completed. Republic and we hope can cover three areas in Everyone was very grateful, but none more different points of the country. Individual brothers than the leader named Don Chu since this was his also do what they can when possible as was done 63rd birthday. Children could be seen playing and recently through university alternative spring break loving the former dirt pit, turned playground. In projects. One brother went to Merida and the other addition to our efforts, different projects like the went to Puebla, which are both in Mexico. They completion of a community clinic so doctors may worked with two children’s orphanages helping visit once a week still need to be completed. We remodel the buildings. left La Comunidad tired, but invigorated with a Ultimately, the goal of this chapter is to renewed sense of why we joined our brotherhood. We can put all our efforts together, but Latin make our mark through helping our communities America’s current state demonstrates helping is a whenever we are able to. Working together with commitment that will still last a lifetime. Our local other organizations and utilizing all of our resources contact, Jose Roberto asked us to let the fraternity is the key to making these sorts of projects become as a whole know they are very thankful for our a reality. We would like to give a special thanks to help and would love to see a larger Phiota project the president of Latinos On The Move Crystal Stoll organized in the El Salvador. Specifically, he would Alvarez who was an integral part of coordinating love to see any Salvadoran brothers who might visit all parties involved with the Coatepeque efforts. Our efforts as a chapter are small in comparison family or would like to help in any way possible. with all the help Latin America needs, but we just Projects like this are only the beginning hope to help as much as possible.

Arriving at the base of the mountain we found out hiking would be our way to reach the community since the car couldn’t hold all of us on the way up. A few breaks and forty minutes later we made it; a tired but motivated group. The beauty here was that we would be living in the community while we helped build the park. Women, men, and even the elementary school children who the park was built for aided in the efforts showing us the strength and Corazon present all over our beloved Latin America. As a group, we were able to turn a pile of dirt into a playground with swings, a miniature soccer field, and planted multiple trees children would take care of. This experience renewed the brothers’ commitment to working hard and providing resources to help communities in Spri Sp ring ri n 2010 ng 2010 Spring

Phhio Phio iota ta!! 3 ta Phiota!

Northeastern Province

Northeastern Province

America’s Best Dance Crew Stoony Brook Edition

By Edgar Artiga On Friday, March 12th, 2010, the Distinguished brothers of the Beta Chapter along with the Lovely Latin Ladies of Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha Incorporada brought to the Stony Brook University community and the Long Island Region (NY) the biggest event on campus of the Spring Semester. "America's Best Dance Crew: Stony Brook Edition". The event was modeled after the popular MTV show, America’s Best Dance Crew, as the best Stony Brook Dance Teams battled it out on the stage and danced for a cause in hopes of winning the title of Stony Brook’s Best Dance Crew. During the event, each dance crew competed for a trophy and half of the total ticket sales that went directly towards the charity previously selected by the team. The other half of the money went to the charities of the Direct Relief Fund (Phi Iota Alpha's chosen philanthropy) and the Red Cross (Sigma Iota Alpha's chosen philanthropy) as a result of the recent earthquakes that have struck and destroyed many lives, homes, and towns in Haiti. The event took months of hard work and preparation. The dance crews practiced their best routines and their dedication and commitment was evident during their performances. It was very rewarding to see that during the night of the event the tickets were sold out as more than 300 Stony Brook students, family and friends gathered in the Student Union Auditorium for the show. Since the Philippine Dance Crew known as PUSO won the title, they took home the winning trophy an a $800 dollar check to donate to the Philippine Red Cross and UNICEF. Therefore, Phi Iota Alpha and Sigma Iota Alpha donated $400 to our charities (previously mentioned). The event won such popularity that we even had people representing MTV wanting to see the show because they heard about our great success. Finally, I would like to thank the mastermind and main organizer of the event, our brother, Nicholas "Anlucero" Figueroa. He was the one who created the event and decided to take it upon himself to make sure it was something that people would love watching. The Beta chapter is trying to motivate others to become aware of the social issues that affect us around the world, and also to take an active approach by making a difference. We also want to emphasize the fact we can always help others in a creative and entertaining way. In the case of our event, our slogan always was "Dancing for a Cause". 4


Spring 2010

Books For PERU By: Daniel Vigil

My name is Daniel "Tu:nal" Vigil from Pace University - NYC, I pledged in Spring 2008. At Pace PhiA has a probation status because we don't have enough members, currently we only have 2 brothers on campus. Although we have had brothers at Pace since Spring 1996. We are not allowed to throw events or have a budget.

We also caught the attention of a photographer who worked at the Pace magazine. We told him about the charity we where doing and he told us he wanted to do a spread of us with holding the book-bags and put it in the Pace magazine. Since we only have two members we invited a couple of sororities to join us in the photo shoot.

The only thing we are allowed to have are informationals and fund raisers. So within our boundaries we participated in the Metro/Long Island fund raiser which was to raise money and collect book-bags to send to the school in Peru that Alpha Gamma chapter rebuilt 2 years ago. We set up tables throughout Pace and we got a large donation of drawstring bags from a student at Pace who worked at Dell.

We invited sisters from Sigma Sigma Rho (a South Asian Sorority), Sigma Lambda Gamma, Sigma Iota Alpha, and some girl from Nu Zeta Phi (she was a friend of a friend I personally don't know her). We took the photo shoot and it was put as a double page spread in the annual Pace magazine that they send to students, alumni, and potential students.

Spring 2010

Phiota! 5

Southeastern Province

Phiota! Brother Highlight

FSU Takes on Latin America Issues

By: Marco Blanco

The second lecture explored the differences between capitalism and socialism; what they are, what they aren't, and gain a new perspective and insight into the contemporary political changes that are affecting Latin America and the Western Hemisphere.

This Spring semester the Florida State University Colony redesigned the idea of a seminar by creating the “Latin American Lecture Series” with the FSU Colony of Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha Incorporada. The series of 3 lectures covered aspects of terrorism, socialism, and human rights Lastly, the final seminar dealt with human rights and in Latin America. invited guest speaker Terence C. "Terry" Coonan, executive director of Florida State University The first series touched upon the different aspects Center for the Advancement of Human Rights. He of terrorism and how it has been affecting Latin discussed the issues that have arisen from civil wars, America economically and politically, and also dictatorships, and racism within Latin America. He created an understanding of the different types of also captured the audience by talking about how terrorism that exists not only in the Latin America each country within Latin America has had some but worldwide. Professor Audrey Heffrom, Director influence in the cause of advocacy of human rights of the Center for Disaster Risk Policy, touched and hit home with reminding us that human rights upon these topics and more. issues can arise right under your nose. 6


Spring 2010

Name: Jorge Santos Brother Name: Mesiah Semester Pledge: Spring 2007 University: St. John’s University Degree: Legal Studies Highest Fraternal Position: Chapter President Awards/Recognitions: Greek Man of the Year President of the Year Other Accomplishments: Vice President of A.L.F.S.A

2010 National Convention Dallas, TX

For more info visit Spring 2010

Phiota! 7

UTSA Alumni Weekend By: Mark Melchor

The weekend of February 19-21, the Alpha Eta Chapter at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) hosted its Alumni Weekend. The event was free to all alumni brothers whom attended, with the main goal to allow new and older brothers to meet each other. The chapter would like to thank alumni whom attended the weekend from the different Chapters (Chi, Pi, Tau, UNT Colony, Texas A&M Colony).

MLK Day of Service Volunteering at the Peace at Home Family Shelter On January 18th, 2010 members of the University of Arkansas’ Alpha Lambda chapter of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity Inc., joined forces with LULAC council 761 and Gamma Eta Sorority to honor Martin Luther King’s legacy during the national holiday; MLK Day of Service.

Love for Chile &Hope For Haiti

The three organizations volunteered for three hours at the Peace at Home Family Shelter, a shelter for victims of domestic violence.

On March 31st, 2010 during an event titled Love for Chile & Hope for Haiti at the University of Arkansas, the members of the Alpha Lambda chapter of Phi Iota Alpha donated a check for $200 to the American Red Cross.

There they re-organized the shelter storage room to facilitate access to materials, food and accessories for the victims and the staff at the shelter. After the service members attended a MLK Vigil that took place at the University of Arkansas’ Campus. 8


Spring 2010

The weekend was also held in conjunction with the Chi Chapter of Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. The two chapters have a long history of friendship timing and individuals from out of town having together, which dates back to the chapter's founding to leave back home early, the teams where mixed in Spring 2001. with both Alumni and Undergrads, so there was no true winner. The weekend included a reunion dinner at a local restaraunt, tailgating at UTSA's homecoming Althought the Alumni of Alpha Eta would like to basketball game, free tickets to the UTSA Game note that they have won all three of the past three and finally a kickball game. sporting events, 2 football games and 1 basketball game, against the Undergrads. The last event of the weekend was the kickball game between alumni and undergrads. Due to the Overall the weekend was a great success.

The money was donated to help in the relief efforts for Chile and Haiti after the earthquake on January 12 and February 27, 2010. The money was raised after the members conducted a dance fundraiser. Spring 2010

Phiota! 9

Southern Province

Southern Province

Pizza & Mojos for a Good Cause Phiota Comedy Night With Midterms Around the Corner, the Phiotas are here to make you laugh. Students at Cal State Dominguez Hills had a reason to be happy on March 17th. Not because it was St. Patrick’s Day or because midterms where fast approaching, but because the Distinguished Dons of the Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc., were hosting a comedy show with local comedian Jose Velazquez along with six other comedians. With a sellout crowd, the ballroom was full of students and fans laughing at the top of their lungs as the six comedians kept the crowd roaring and asking for more. For over two hours the comedians touched on topics from immigration to Michael Jordan, sex, and smog checks with the audience yelling in unison.

TWO COLORS ONE STRUGGLE A Workshop to Break the Barriers presented by Alpha Phi Alpha and Phi Iota Alpha. The Alpha Epsilon Chapter Brothers of Phi Iota Alpha, Fraternity Inc., along with Alpha Phi Alpha hosted a workshop at California State Dominguez Hills in Carson, CA dedicated to bringing awareness to an urban issue that surrounds Latino and Black minorities in the streets of Los Angeles. Two Colors, One Struggle was a workshop with the focus on breaking barriers between two colors with the same struggle in which members from both organizations voicing their opinions and concerns with solutions on how to solve the stereotype and take that message and deliver it to the communities. 10 10 Phiota! Phiota!

Spring Spring 2010 2010

Raising funds by having fun the Puzzle Solvers along with the Brothers of the Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Autism speaks to millions of families across the Unites States who have a family member who suffers from Autism. And for Eduardo Choza it speaks very close to home. As a brother of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Choza has made it his mission to create awareness for autism and with the support from the brothers in Southern California he successfully hosted his Shakey’s fundraiser, the first of several fundraisers, to help raise funds for AUTISM SPEAKS, an organization dedicated to funding global biomedical research into the causes, prevention, treatments, and cure for autism; along with raising public awareness about autism and its effects on individuals, families, and society; and to bringing hope to all who deal with the hardships of this disorder. The Shakey’s fundraiser had a great turnout with tons of pizza and mojos, laughs and donations for a good cause. For more information or to make a donation visit:

New Year, New Site The California Phiotas website gets a makeover. With nearly a decade of being the central hub of information for the west coast, got a facelift thanks to Jonathan Guzman and Daniel Estrada The new site is updated to make it more interactive and user friendly. Also the site has a link for the Alpha Epsilon Chapter’s 10 Year Anniversary banquet taking place on May 1st at QC’s 20/20 in Montebello, CA. For more information or to browse the site visit:

Spring 2010

Phiota! 11

Western Province

Western Province



Spring 2010

Spring 10 - Phiota Magazine  

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