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The Public Record • March 8, 2012 • 215-755-2000

Ronald Donatucci Public Servant of the Year 2012

Page 12 The Public Record • March 8, 2012 • 215-755-2000

Hon. Ronald Donatucci Public Servant Of The Year - 2012

Register of Wills Ronald Donatucci has set the hallmark for Row Office holders in this city and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. For over three and half decades he has carried out extremely well his responsibilities as custodian of family estates, marriage licenses, and a host of court related responsibilities that impact the lives of all Philadelphians. During that time his office has never suffered a deficiency in any of the audits made by the City Controller or other city and state agencies. When he first took office he had over 80 full time employees. Despite the increasing demands made on his office since then, he has reduced personnel by 25%. His self-effacing demeanor has earned

him the plaudits of all who have come to know him, as evidenced by the fact he was elected President of the Board of City Trusts. He has willingly contributed his services and time to many public service positions. He is chairman of the Board at Wills Eye Hospital as well as a member of the Board of Temple University and the Temple University Health System, to name a few. Ronald Donatucci is a dynamic political leader, credited with helping many of the city’s past and present officials get elected, by supporting them as Leader of the 26th Ward, a position he has held for 37 years. He heads a family which has contributed its members to public service in the House of

Representatives and to City Service, himself serving as State Representative prior to assuming his present post. A leader sought by all communities, Mr. Donatucci has earned the respect and support of the major Labor unions in this City and State. These are but a few of the many credits posted by Ronald Donatucci throughout his public career. They are but the tip of his hallmark career – one to be emulated by all in service – and why he has been chosen by the readers of The Philadelphia Public Record to be its “Public Servant of the Year – 2012”, an honor reserved for those whose influence has benefited all Philadelphians in every walk of life and in every occupation.

Politically, Ron has mittee. He continues to Firm. Over the years, held the position of serve as a Ward Leader he has lent his legal Register of Wills & to this day, and as a expertise to a wide vaClerk of the Orphans’ Super-Delegate for the riety of community Court for the City of State of Pennsylvania. and charitable causes. Philadelphia since As an attorney, Ron To name a few, or1979, being reelected is a member and Spe- ganizations such as the to that position an un- cial Counsel to the American Heart Assoprecedented nine Mattioni, Ltd. Law ciation to UNICO, the times. Prior to his 32 years as a citywide elected official, he served as a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, and at the age of 26 became one of the youngest Ward Leaders ever elected to a on the RON DONATUCCI, right, was in mix of things back position Demo- IN MORE recent times, Register of Wills Ron Dothen as he is seen here with Lynne Abraham, Debbie Philadelphia and Bob Brady in welcoming President Bill Clinton to cratic Executive Com- natucci escorts Hillary Clinton to Temple University Philadelphia.

Central High School, Temple University and the University of Baltimore School of Law, he has spent his entire adult life serving the people and the communities of Philadelphia.

Potter’s House Mission, and Programs for Exceptional People, the Lions Club, DVAC, Order Sons of Italy in AmericaLodge #2217, South Philadelphia Lions Club, Chapel of the 4 Chaplains, NIA-PAC, Regional Sicilian Association, PAL, the South Philadelphia Business Assn., and numerous veterans’ organizations which have recognized his time, his knowledge, and his generosity over the years by honoring him for his untiring service.

The Public Record • March 8, 2012

For over 37 years, Ronald R. Donatucci, Esquire has served the people of greater Philadelphia as a politician, an attorney, and a tireless advocate of the medical community. A graduate of

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His Record Speaks For Itself



Ron Donatucci Public Servant Of The Year

Robert Brady Congressman 1st District Paid for by Committee to Elect Bob Brady • 215-755-2000

From Your Friend

Page 14 The Public Record • March 8, 2012

Busy Helping Others (Cont. From Page 13) In April 2011, Lubavitch of Bucks Co. honored his integrity and commitment as a dedicated public servant with the “Leadership Award” at their Annual Gala. As committed as he is to politics and his love of the law, Donatucci is equally known for his support, dedication and vision for the overall betterment of healthcare is known in the medical community.

He was recently elected President of the Board of City Trusts, which is charged with the administration of 113 trusts left to the City of Philadelphia for charitable purposes. The Board also oversees Girard College and the world renowned Wills Eye Health System, where he also serves as Chairman and oversees the operations of the Health System. In 2006, Ron was ap-

pointed as a Trustee for his alma mater, Temple University. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Temple University Health Systems, Inc., and the Arthritis Foundation, Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter Board of Directors, where in October 2008, was recognized by the Foundation as the “2008 Community Leader of the Year.” Ron is happily married to Stephanie, and is the proud father of

Congratulations To Public Servant Of The Year

Ron Donatucci Your Friend Craig Sabatino • 215-755-2000

Intech Construction, Inc. 3001 Market St. • Phila., PA 19104

Ron, Jr., Michael and Ava Marie. Ron, now 64, is a graduate of Central High School, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a law degree from University of Baltimore in 1974. He has set a record in the annals of elected state and city history by being reelected to his post as Register of Wills and Clerk of Orphans’ Court, Philadelphia Co, for nine four-year terms. Throughout that time, his office has never failed to pass any audit by the City Controller's office or any other auditing agency. His duties impact on every citizen. They include sole jurisdiction over probate of wills and granting of letters to executors or personal representatives designated by law to administer the estates of deceased persons, and any other matter provided by law. Agent of the Commonwealth of Penna. for the collection of inheritance tax. The Register of Wills is ex officio Clerk of the Orphans’ Court. His first elected office was as a member of the 186th Legislative Dist. from January 1977 to (Cont. Page 18)

RON DONATUCCI with long-time friend Saverio Celia.

FRIENDS of Ron Donatucci look forward to his annual summer cruise on the Delaware. He’s seen here with long time friend Dominic Sabatini.

LATE World Boxing Champ Joe Frazier is flanked here by fans Ted Kirsch and Ron Donatucci.

BACK IN THE DAYS of Walter Mondale, greeters included Dominic Sabatini, Ron Donatucci and his late brother Rep. Bob Donatucci.

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Ron’s Public Record in Our Lenses

The Public Record • March 8, 2012

MAYOR Michael Nutter happy to have had support of JOY OF HIS Life is Ron's wife Stephanie, enjoying Register of Wills Ron Donatucci for both of his election river outing with her husband. campaigns. ATTENDING a Ron Donatucci party were Con- GOV. ED RENDELL often called on Ron Donatucci gressman and Democrat for election advice. Party chair Bob Brady, Union Leader Joe Ashdale and PPA’s Rick Dixon.

SHARING summer cruise were former Controller Jonathan Saidel and host Ron Donatucci.

POLITICAL old-timers will identify the man with a younger Ron Donatucci as Mayor Jim Tate.

MAJOR CONTRIBUTOR to civic and social programs, Register of Wills Ron Donatucci is an active member of Temple University’s Board of Trustees.


"Congratulations, Ron. This honor is well-deserved and a long time coming.


Our city owes you a debt of gratitude, and we look forward to your continued leadership here in Philadelphia."


Sen. Larry Farnese

PAST CHANCELLOR, 215.665.3511

Paid for by Friends of Farnese • 215-755-2000


Page 16 The Public Record • March 8, 2012

On Camera With Ron

ROBERT DE NIRO thanks Register of Wills Ron Donatucci and his wife Stephanie for help in filming scenes in City Hall from one of his movies.

ENVY OF her brothers was R o n ’ s daughter, Ava Marie, as she s h a r e d photo with President Barack Obama.

PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON joins up with 26th Ward Leader Ron DoPENSIVE reflection as Register of Wills Ron Do- natucci at luncheon meeting of Denatucci attends of many proclamation ceremonies. mocrat City Committee at City Hall.

Congratulations To 2012 “Public Servant of The Year • 215-755-2000

Ron Donatucci

Congratulations to

Ron Donatucci 2012 Public Servant of the Year Your Friend Councilman

Mark Squilla

FORMER Supreme Court Justice Russell Nigro MEET Ron Donatucci family: wife Stephanie, daugh- shares moment with Register of Wills Ron Donatucci ter Ava Marie, Ron, Jr. and Michael. at event they attended.

For Your Years Of Wonderful Service

The Public Record • March 8, 2012

Ron Donatucci

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Congratulations To

Your Friend

EVER-POPULAR Ron Donatucci shares photo with Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery, Marion HAPPY to have prayers of Sister Paula Beierschmitt is Register of Wills Ron Donatucci. Wimbush and State Rep. Frank Oliver.

To Ron Donatucci Public Servant of the year

T zÜxtà câuÄ|v fxÜätÇà tÇw tÇ xäxÇ zÜxtàxÜ UÜÉà{xÜ@|Ç@_tã

Paid by friends of Rep Maria Donatucci

Ron Donatucci From All Of Us At CATCH • 215-755-2000

Rep. Marie P. Donatucci 185th Legislative District

“Congratulations” Public Servant

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On Camera With Ron

The Public Record • March 8, 2012

SHARING THIS photo with Ron Donatucci are Matt JUDGE Angelo Foglietta was one of recent new judges Myers, Bill Dolbow and Traffic Court Judge Michael NEW JERSEY Councilman Al Frattali joins Congress- elected to bench thanks to efforts of Ward Leader Ron man Bob Brady and Register of Wills Ron Donatucci. Donatucci. Lowry.

TOMMY ST. HILL, Judge Jimmy Lynn, Kenny Adams and Ron Donatucci make election luncheon scene at Famous Deli. RON DONATUCCI shares photo with Vince DeFino, Congressman Bob Brady, Lou Galdo and Anthony DeFino.

Congratulations To

Ronald R. Donatucci, Esq. Register Of Wills Public Servant of The Year - 2012

Ron Donatucci Always A Friend First

Kaufman & Kaufman, P. C. 21 S. 12th Street - Suite 777 Philadelphia, PA 19107 215-564-6060

-- Michael ‘Ozzie’ Myers

Ron Donatucci For His Many Years Of Service To The City Of Philadelphia And The Democratic Party

Friends of 39B Matt Myers Ward Leaders • 215-755-2000

Andrew R. Kaufman, Esqire Elizabeth A. Kaufman, Esquire

We Join In Honoring

Page 20 The Public Record • March 8, 2012

The Petrongolo Family At

J. P. C. Group Salutes Our Good Friend

FLANKING Ron Donatucci at river cruise were Councilman Jim Kenney and soon-to-be 6th Dist. Councilman Bob Henon.

Ron Donatucci

2012 Public Servant Of The Year DONATING his help to Vendemmia charity, Ron Donatucci confers with Giovanni Pantani on rules for wine-tasting contest. • 215-755-2000

Fred Druding, Jr. From One South Philadelphian To Another

Congratulations To

Ron Donatucci 2012 Public Servant of the Year

Page 22 The Public Record • March 8, 2012 • 215-755-2000

PRESENTING CITATION to Italian Member of Parliament Amato Berardi, center.

RON THANKS President Judge Pam Dembe and Judge Holly Ford for their participation in marrying off scores of happy couples at his annual Valentine’s Day Tradition.

JUDGE Joseph Waters and John Ramondi, Esq. and REV. RALPH WYNDER joins with Congressman Santa Claus' Helper Ron Donatucci helped give out Bob Brady and Ron Donatucci at Democrat City Comittee election rally gifts to needy youngsters.

LOCAL 98’s Brian Stevenson shows his support for Ron Donatucci.

PHILADELPHIA PUBLIC RECORD publisher James Tayoun is out of breath chasing Ron Donatucci to get Ron’s pictures taken.


The Public Record • March 8, 2012

Ron Donatucci

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CHRISTMAS gala brought together Mr. & Mrs. Ron Donatucci and their daughter Ava Marie with John Dougherty.

26th WARD LEADER Ron Donatucci lines up here with fellow ward leaders.

Barnes & Noble Stores and • 215-755-2000

#1 Best Seller Available At All

Page 24 The Public Record • March 8, 2012

BILL GREEN hams it up for this group of ward leaders and judicial candidates and Ron Donatucci, on far right.

SAYDE LADOV shares moment with Mayor Nutter and Ron Donatucci.

Congratulations To My Friend

Rob Donatucci Charles M. Golden, Esq. 1617 J.F.K. Blvd. • 19th Floor Philadelphia PA, 19107

Congratulations To

Ron Donatucci • 215-755-2000

For Your Dedication

Oliveri Famly And Congratulations


Ron Donatucci

2523 S. Broad St. Phila. PA 19148 215-336-1130

2012 Public Servant Of The Year

REGISTER Ron Donatucci chats with new Commissioner Stefanie Singer before both were sworn in for new terms at Academy of Music.

The Staff of Philadelphia Public Record Adds its Congratulations to Honorable

Ronald Donatucci

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Camera’s On Ron

The Public Record • March 8, 2012 • 215-755-2000 • 215-755-2000

The Public Record • March 8, 2012

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Capturing Ron Donatucci And Friends

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The Public Record • March 8, 2012 • 215-755-2000 • 215-755-2000

The Public Record • March 8, 2012

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Roving Around City With Ron Donatucci

The Public Record • March 8, 2012

Congratulations To Honorable

Ronald Donatucci On His Public Servant Of The Year Award “It is Well Deserved!”

Taylor 177th Leg. Dist. • 215-755-2000

Rep. John • 215-755-2000

The Public Record • March 8, 2012

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Ron Donatucci