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January 3, 2013


If you have been injured on the job site, work site, waterfront doing loading or repairing work. You need our free advice....We fight for your right to benefits and we never ask you to pay a fee.... We have successfully helped get money for thousands of injured workers over the last 30 ALSO OFFICES IN PHILADLEPHIA, years. Photo and Illustration: Ror y McGlasson MEDIA, LANCASTER Do you want your claim settled for Maximum Value? Are you being bullied by your employer and need the real facts about your rights?

Page 2 The South Philadelphia Public Record • January 3, 2013 • 215-755-2000

South Philadelphia Business Association Oldest Business Association in South Philadelphia – Chartered in 1897 To join as a member of the SPBA, please call: (215)-336-1108

P. O. Box 31425• Philadelphia, PA 19147 (215)-336-1108 (215)-336-1149 (fax) Executive Board- President: Daniel Olivieri Treasurer: Jackie Fitzpatrick

Vice-President: Vince DeFino Esq. Secretary: Gaeton Tavella

Board Members John Savarese Mark Rago

Louis Galdo Dr. Jim Moylan Vince Giusini Bill Ciampitti

How-U-Doin’ Deli A Popular Place On New Year’s Day by Rory McGlasson The busiest person on New Year’s Day doesn’t wear sequins or satin slippers. She wears a white apron and sneakers. Meet Josie Barone. She cooks and nourishes Mummers on New Year’s Day from her deli, How-U-Doin, 2400 Hicks Street. She’s famous for her organic meatballs. New Year’s Day is the first of 365 days she spends in her kitchen. “I love America. I love Philadelphia. I love the Mummers. I love my family,” she repeats cheerfully. Customers love her meatballs. Her roast pork sandwich. Most of all, though, customers love Josie. There is a lot of love in Barone’s deli and kitchen. Josie, 82, has worked seven days a week for the last 50 years. Nine years have been spent inside the corner rowhome deli. Tuesday was the start of her 10th year at How-U-Doin’. “If you move here and think you don’t have to work hard, that’s a big mistake, honey. You have to work to make it.” Sage advice from a immigrant who came here with a family cookbook and sewing skills. Chef, singer-songwriter, entertainer, sewing teacher – Barone is multi-talented. She speaks with a broken Italian accent of RomanAbruzzi descent. She makes you feel at home. Her use of the English word “honey” is endearing, especially peppered as it is with her Italian lilt. “Big companies come to

me,” Barone says. “They want my meatballs left and right. I have been offered big cash, honey. Big cash. “But I tell them: I cannot mass-produce my meatballs. They need love and attention. My meatballs are organic. Quality you cannot buy in quantity, honey.” She has lived and ran the How-U-Doin’ deli with her family for nine years. Before that, she lived in Ocean City, N.J. beforehand. How-U-Doin’ is the home of the South Philly omelet and the Badabing: a spicy Italian hoagie, with every ingredient of which is imported from Italy. But it’s the meatballs that have Mummers and other New Year’s revelers lined up

HOW DO YOU LIKE these meatballs? Josie Barone is famous for her Italian meatPhoto by Rory McGlasson balls.

outside in sequins on Jan. 1. Last year, Josie was the star on the Wendy Williams day-time talk show. Producers of the show had heard of her meatballs and her Badabing hoagie. She sent Williams and her crew her famous meatballs, Italian pretzels, Badabing hoagies and all kinds of unique trimmings. She was invited on the show, but couldn’t leave her kitchen for a day in New York, she said. “My grandma has the ability to cook up anything anyone orders,” said her grandson, Anthony, who works the store front, deli slicer and register. Barone is a singer and songwriter, too. She performed in the original Tony and Tina’s Wedding. Cooking is where her heart is, though. It’s why her family business is successful. “I do it all for my family,” she says. Four kids and many grandchildren, she works to help each one. She is meticulous in her kitchen. “When you cook, you don’t touch your hair or your face. Nothing on your face.” Josie uses soap and then organic white vinegar to sterilize her hands. “I love to cook. I love people,” she says. Barone attends St. Monica parish. “When we believe in God, honey, we are in a good place.” Sue Petro, of 2400 Juniper Street, stops by most days on her way home from work. She works at Little Pete’s. “I come for the conversation and the food,” she says. Josie’s grandson, Anthony, slices cold cuts and cheese in

The Philadelphia Public Record (PR-01) (ISSN 1938-856X) (USPS 1450) Published Weekly Requested Publication ($30 per year Optional Subscription) The Philadelphia Public Record 1323 S. Broad Street Phila., PA 19147 Periodical Postage Paid at Philadelphia PA and additional mailing office POSTMASTER: Please send address changes to: The Public Record 1323 S. Broad Street Phila. PA 19147 215-755-2000 Fax: 215-689-4099

HOW-U-DOIN’ DELI, home 2400 Hicks Street. the front, while grandmom cooks up lunch or dinner in the back. People wait patiently for their order, such is the quality of the food. It’s a small, crowded kitchen with only one stove, but well stocked with Italian authenticity. And it has plenty of room for Chef Barone, though, who, at 4 ft. 11 in., resembles a pintsized master chef. She’s busy; still, it’s the

of the Badabing, is located at Photo By Rory McGlasson

start of a New Year. She draws an empty bottle of whiskey and fills it with homemade Chianti, which she hands to a customer. “Happy New Year,” she says. “Thank you, Josie,” the customer replies. Barone has a question printed in red on the front of her apron that reads: “HowU-Doin’.” We are all doing well, says Josie thankfully.

JOSIE BARONE, owner of How-U-Doin’ Deli, 2400 Hicks Street, works the kitchen seven days a week. Photo by Rory McGlasson

EDITORIAL STAFF Editor & Publisher: James Tayoun Sr. Managing Editor: Anthony West Associate Editor: Rory G. McGlasson Social Media Director: Rory G. McGlasson Editorial Staff: Joe Sbaraglia Out & About Editor: Denise Clay Contributing Editor: Bonnie Squires Columnist: Hon. Charles Hammock Dan Sickman: Veteran Affairs Creative Director & Editorial Cartoonist: Ron Taylor Photographers: Harry Leech Kate Clarke Leona Dixon Production Manager: William J. Hanna Bookkeeping: Haifa Hanna Webmaster: Sana Muaddi-Dows Advert. Director: John David Controller: John David Account Exec: Bill Myers Circulation: Steve Marsico The Public Record welcomes news and photographs about your accomplishments and achievements which should be shared with the rest of the community. Contact us by phone, fax, e-mail or by dropping us a note in the mail. If you mail a news item, please include your name, address and daytime telephone number so we can verify the information you provided us, if necessary. The Public Record reserves the right to edit all news items and letters for grammar, clarity and brevity. ©1999-2011 by the Philadelphia Public Record. No reproduction or use of the material herein may be made without the permission of the publisher. The Philadelphia Public Record will assume no obligation (other than the cancellation of charges for the actual space occupied) for accidental errors in advertisements, but we will be glad to furnish a signed letter to the buying public.

out the city. To its credit, the Committee of 70 is hyping the division (district) races for electionboard positions as an excellent opportunity to get involved – while getting paid, once elected – to either the position of Judge of Election or Inspector. Its campaign now is to interest voters in competing for those slots in the city’s 1687 districts. Though one judge of election will win in November, the contenders for Inspector won’t lose, only trading titles, with one assuming the title of majority and the other as minority. Smart ward leaders will ask their Inspector candidate to make sure they lose, since the loser is the one with the authority to appoint the Clerk. Not in contention is the position of Machine Inspector, which traditionally is filled by the city’s majority party, vesting its ward leaders with that responsibility. To be duly noted, nomination petitions for all positions can be circulated during a three-week window between Feb. 19 and Mar. 12, the last of filing for any of the offices on the ballot. GOP Wants Superior Court Candidates To Check In

General Assembly Leadership Set

For your info, you may want to know who is who in Harrisburg. So here are the House and Senate Leaderships: House Democratic Leadership: Leader Frank Dermody; Whip Mike Hanna; Caucus Chairman Dan Frankel; Policy Committee Chairman Mike Sturla; Appropriations Committee Chairman Joe Markosek; Caucus Secretary Ron Waters, and Caucus Administrator Neal Goodman. House Republican Leadership: Sam Smith, Speaker Of The House; Majority Leader, Mike Turzai; Whip, Stan Saylor; Appropriations Chairman, William Adolph; Caucus Chairman, Sandra Major; Policy Committee Chairman, Dave Reed; Caucus Administrator, Dick Stevenson; and Caucus Secretary, Mike Vereb. Senate Democratic Leadership: Jay Costa, Democratic Leader; Vincent J. Hughes, Appropriations Chairman; Anthony H. Williams, Democratic Whip; Richard A. Kasunic, Caucus Chairman; Christine

GOP (215) 468-2300 State Rep.


Taylor (R) 177th Dist. 4725 Richmond St. Phila., PA 19137


It doesn’t happen that often, but the Pennsylvania Constitution requires state lawmakers to be in session on the first Tuesday in January in odd-numbered years, and that sometimes means – like this week’s New Year’s Day – lawmakers must be in session on New Year’s Day. So lawmakers were in Harrisburg on Tuesday for session, which consisted simply of the swearing-in of all the Representatives and Senators elected in the November General Election.

Larry Farnese

SABATINA JR. 174th District 8100 Castor Ave Phila, PA 19152 T: 215-342-6204

Stivala At Union League

MEMBERS of Benjamin Franklin Post 405 American Legion, of Union League, held their holiday meeting, learning of post history. Public Record columnist Joe Stivala spoke of post during his terms as commander and adjutant.

Iraqi Vet’s Family Gets PGW Gift

Pa. Legislature Met On New Year’s Day

State Senator


First Senate District Tel. 215-952-3121

1802 S. Broad St.• Phila. PA 19145

ANTHONY SAUNDERS FAMILY, presently residing at Veterans Comfort Home due to losing their home, receives $10,000 check from PGW. They lost their home when their 18-month-old son was in need of heart transplant and medical bills piled up. Son Dante lost both his legs due to poor circulation from his heart condition. Dad served in Desert Photo by Karen Brown Storm and Panama.

Winter is here, and with the cold temperatures comes hazardous driving conditions caused by snow, sleet, and ice. Before you get on the road this winter, be sure to check out for live traffic cameras, information on road construction, accidents, and traffic speeds.

State Rep.

]|ÅÅç W|Çà|ÇÉ

M. Tartaglione, Caucus Secretary; Lisa Boscola, Democratic Policy Committee Chairman; and Wayne D. Fontana, Caucus Administrator. Senate Republican Leadership: Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi; President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati; Appropriations Committee Chairman Jake Corman; Majority Whip Pat Browne; Majority Caucus Chairman Mike Waugh; Majority Policy Committee Chairman Ted Erickson; Majority Caucus Administrator John Gordner; and Majority Caucus Secretary Bob Robbins.

Brendan F.

Boyle 170th Dist. 14230 Bustleton Ave. Phila., PA 19116

215-676-0300 R EPRESENTATIVE


3503 ‘B’ St. 215-291-5643 Ready to Serve you

Parkwood Shopping Center 12361 Academy Road, Phila., PA 19154, 215-281-2539

State Representative

RONALD G. WATERS 191st Leg. District

8016 Bustleton Avenue Philadelphia PA 19152 215-695-1020

6027 Ludlow Street, Unit A




City Hall 215-686-3464

Open Mon. - Fri. 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Sen.Mike Stack SERVING THE 5TH DISTRICT • 215-755-2000

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania is encouraging all candidates for Superior Court to contact the Party immediately for information on upcoming party events. Starting the first week of January, State Party members have a series of meetings around the state which will allow candidates to meet grassroots activists and pres-

ent their qualifications. PAGOP’s Winter Meeting is scheduled for Feb. 8-9 at the Harrisburg Hilton. Interested candidates should send a resume or CV to Executive Dir. Mike Barley at or call for more information (717) 234-4901.

The Public Record • January 3, 2013

by Joe Shaheeli The May 21 date set for the primary election is always viewed by newcomers and challenges as a blessing. It gives them a longer period in which to campaign and to get their messages across, especially as the weather warms up and they can reach voters more readily. There will be two arenas seeking the attention of voters this year. In the first will be those aspiring to be judges, whether they run statewide or for the 1st Judicial Dist., which is the Philadelphia Court system and includes Common Pleas, Municipal, and Traffic Courts. The biggest field of challengers will be for the three Traffic Court vacancies despite the efforts behind the Supreme Court’s and the Feds’ efforts to demean all Traffic Court judges, seating or removed, as unfit and need to be replaced by lawyers, who would be “more educated and trustworthy”. That won’t happen, since Traffic Court is a District Court and by its very nature remains the local people’s court. It is doubtful legislators would heed any attempt to change the City’s Traffic Court into one requiring a JD degree and bar certification. To do that would open a Pandora’s box for legislators in other counties. However, if further aggressive investigations lead to more resignations from Traffic Court over the next six weeks, more slots could open up on the May ballot for Traffic Court. The second arena drawing voter attention will be the race for City Controller. For whatever the reason, incumbent Alan Butkovitz, though a ward leader and continuing to build a strong track record, will have at least three challengers by filing deadline. As far as he is considered, the more the better, especially since those challengers will need deep pockets to create an image among voters through-

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Late Primary Help To Challengers

The Public Record • January 3, 2013

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Protecting your Security & Privacy

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year From DCC

by: John Featherman By the time you are reading this, Christmas will be over, and you may be pondering what to do with the various gift cards you received. Do you use them immediately – whether you need something or not – so that you don’t have to worry about expiration dates? Do you stockpile them, and use them for a rainy day? Do you “regift” them, and give them to someone else? Do you sell or trade them (yes, there are outlets for doing that)? New Federal Protections For Gift-Card Users Before you make your decision, you should be armed with the law regarding gift cards. New rules for gift cards went into effect on Aug. 22, 2010 – designed to protect consumers. Here is a summary of the three primary components. First, money on a gift card can’t expire for at least five years from when the card was purchased or from the last time any money was loaded onto the card. If the expiration date listed on the card is earlier than these dates, the money can be transferred to a replacement

card at no cost. Second, the expiration date of a gift card must now be clearly disclosed on the card, and any related fees must be clearly disclosed on the card or its packaging. Third and finally, inactivity fees can only be charged if the card has not been used for at least a year, and you can only be charged once a month. However, you can be charged a fee to buy the gift card or to replace a lost or stolen card. Special Protections In Pennsylvania Under Pennsylvania law, businesses have to report unredeemed gift cards to the Pennsylvania Treasury two years after their expiration date, or if they only have service fees, but no expiration, five years after the date they were issued. Gift cards with no expiration date and no service fees are not reportable to the Pennsylvania Treasury. What does this mean for you? It means you should search today to see if you have any unclaimed money due to you. It’s easy to do, and the

STAFF AND VISITORS at new Democratic City Committee, 219 Spring Garden Street, wish all Public Record readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy 2013 New Year! Seen from left are Pena Manilas, Lou Farinella, Hon. Frank Oliver, Anna Brown, Steve Kaplan, Esq., Charlie Bernard, Ernie DeNofa, Shirley Gregory, Bo Amen, Lonnie Richardson and William Dell. Photo by Joe Stivala Pennsylvania government spends your taxpayer dollars to advertise the website, so you might as well use it! The website is Two Different Kinds Of Gift Cards There are primarily two different kinds of gift cards. “Retail” gift cards can only be redeemed at the retailers and restaurants that sell them. “Bank” gift cards – which carry the logo of a payment

card network such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa – can be used wherever the brand is accepted. Tips For Buying Gift Cards Do your homework before you purchase. Purchase from a reliable source. I will give you advice that runs counter to conventional wisdom: You can include online auction sites – but only if the website offers a full money-back guarantee if the card was counterfeit, stolen, or doesn’t include the amount of


LEANNA M. WASHINGTON • 215-755-2000


1555-D Wadsworth Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19150 (215) 242-0472 Fax: (215) 753-4538 WEB SITE

the purchase. Read the fine print before you buy, so you are aware of the fees and conditions. With retail cards, consider the financial position of the merchant. If the company closes for whatever reason, the card could be worthless. Tips For Using Gift Cards When you get the card, check for terms and conditions. Also, verify the amount with the merchant or bank. If you have an iPhone or another smartphone, it’s a good idea to take a photo of the front and back of the card – particularly if you lose the card or left it at home. If you’re making a purchase online, the photo will provide you with all the information you need to make the transaction. Keep your balance

Rep.Maria P.


D-185th District 2115 W. Oregon Ave. Phila PA 19145 P: 215-468-1515 F: 215-952-1164

State Senator

Senator Tina

Tartaglione 2nd Dist. 127 W. Susquehanna Ave. 1063 Bridge St. Philadelphia, PA 19122 Philadelphia, PA 19124



State Rep.

Kevin J.

Boyle 172nd Dist. 7518 Frankford Ave. Phila., PA 19136


State Rep. Cherelle


Anthony Hardy Williams

200th Legislative District 1536 E. Wadsworth Ave. Phone: (215) 242-7300 Fax: (215) 242-7303

8th Senatorial District

2901 Island Ave. Suite 100 Philadelphia, PA 19153 (215) 492-2980 Fax: (215) 492-2990 Always Hard Working .. . for You!

updated in a “notes” file on your smart phone. Parting Advice There are websites where you can buy, sell or trade gift cards. There are too many to list here, but suffice it to say that you want to read independent reviews online to determine which Websites are best for you. Some sites do not offer guarantees, and you should steer clear of such sites. It’s a good idea to also check out their rating with the Better Business Bureau, which you can do free online at Send fanmail to Come visit him at Copyright© 2012 by John Featherman.

Councilman Wm.


Room 506 City Hall P. 215-686-3446/7 F. 215-686-1927

State Rep.

William Keller 184th District 1531 S. 2nd Street


by: Floyd Wedderburn

With the playoffs around the corner and teams fighting for a chance to get to the big game, it makes us wonder about what the teams which are not going to the playoffs are thinking about. When I was a player, I never thought about anything but winning. I would put injuries aside if tolerable and focus on what was going on in the game. It’s almost like having a separate memory bank for every injury endured during game week. Broken fingers? Check! Torn rotator cuff? Check! Bum knee? Check! Concussion? Triple check! I often ponder about the Eagles’ players. What happens when the players know for sure they’re no longer in playoff con-

tentions? Every team’s, every coach’s and every player’s intention is making it to the big game, the Superbowl. That’s it! In order to get to the NFL, you have to work extremely hard at one of the most-physical sports in the world. Before stepping into the arena, you have to review your opponent’s strength and weakness as well as mentally and physically prepare for the game. Every day, the week leading to a game, you have to detach yourself from any outside distractions and only focus on the game. Every practice, every scrimmage, every walk through, play after play, being a professional is all you can do when playing in the NFL. Do players play to win or

PHA And Operation Warm Distribute Coats To Kids

MORE THAN 200 PHA children will stay warm this winter with new coats and hats donated by Operation Warm and PHA. After picking out a coat, kids were also able to enjoy hot chocolate, cookies and a free toy, which helped to make season bright. During next few weeks, 500 coats will be given out to children to help fend off Old Man Winter.

pride to children and relief for struggling families during this holiday season. “It’s very heartening to see our children so happy during the holidays and to know PHA contributed in this season of giving,” said PHA Interim Executive Dir. Kelvin Jeremiah. “We’re thrilled to be able to hold events like this to support PHA families.” “We want to ensure that kids from our developments are prepared and have what they need. The coat giveaway directly impacts a child’s ability to regularly attend school and also alleviates a financial burden on the family,” said PHA’s Deputy Executive Dir. for Resident and Community Services Dr. Samuel Little. “It’s partnerships with great organizations like Operation Warm which make all of this possible.”

Building it right for a better and stronger community! Laborers’ District Council of the Metropolitan Area of Philadelphia and vicinity is comprised of four unions: Local 332, Samuel Staten, Jr., Vincent Primavera, Jr. Business Manager/Co-Chairman L.E.C.E.T. Co-Chairman Local 135, Daniel L. Woodall, Jr., Damian Lavelle Business Manager L.E.C.E.T. Management Trustee Local 413, James Harper, Jr., Fred Chiarlanza Business Manager L.E.C.E.T. Management Trustee Local 57, Walt Higgins Harry Hopkins Business Manager L.E.C.E.T. Management Trustee Laborers District Council, Ryan N. Boyer, Business Manager. Laborers’ District Council promotes a safe work environment, jobs completed on time and on budget, and represents union members, who are well trained, productive, professional, and take pride in their work. Union labor…building better and safer communities in Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties. This ad is presented by LECET The Laborers Employers Cooperation and Education Trust 319 N. 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107 Telephone: 215-922-6139 Fax: 215-922-6109 Web: Juan F. Ramos Administrator • 215-755-2000

Five hundred public-housing schoolchildren will stay warm this winter, thanks to a winter-coat giveaway sponsored by the Philadelphia Housing Authority. PHA partnered with Operation Warm, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit providers of brand-new winter coats, to hold the giveaway, which benefited children in need just in time for the holidays. Families facing financial hardship were invited to a festive event held at PHA’s John F. Street Community Center in North Philadelphia. Children had the opportunity to try out coats in a variety of styles and colors and select the perfect coat for themselves. Beyond warmth – one of the most basic necessities – PHA and Operation Warm hope a new coat will bring

Union Labor…

The Public Record • January 3, 2013

Draft-Pick Strategy

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Inside The NFL

do they play for a better draft pick? It’s still to be determined. Even though I’ve never heard it from a coach’s mouth not to win or play hard, I often wonder if there’s subliminal message that coaches send out to their players during a losing season in order to get a better draft pick. When you see teams making a run for the playoffs with their top draft picks and the impact they’re making, it makes you wonder why more teams don’t opt to continue losing in order to move higher in the draft. Is it in a player’s DNA to continue to play to win, or is it just a mental thing when they are having a losing season? The continued decline and the poor play makes you wonder if the players have bought into the subliminal message to play for a better draft pick. Or could it be the other way around, where most players begin to think that there is an “I” in “team” and start playing for new contracts or a spot on next year’s roster?

Can ‘King’ Become King?

The Public Record • January 3, 2013

Page 6

Ringside With The Shadowboxer • 215-755-2000

USA BOXING official Wendell Douglas wishes North Philly’s “King” Gabriel Rosado good luck in his upcoming shot at the title. North Philly’s “King” good old-fashioned hard work Gabriel Rosado can up the and determination. Now after many years of hard way in boxing. No easy fights, no mega-promoter, just blood and sweat in Philly box-

ing gyms, the man who has the nickname of “King”, will have a chance to be just that, King of the Middleweight division. Rosado will get a shot at the WBA & IBO Middleweight Championship on Jan. 19 at the Theater in Madison Square Garden in a bout which will be aired by HBO. It won’t be an easy task, as the champ, Russia’s Gennady Golovkin, is considered by most as a potential superstar. While it certainly will be a challenge, Rosado’s trainer, Billy Briscoe believes it’s one they can overcome. Briscoe, known as an old-school Philly boxing trainer, has Gabe watching tapes of some of the old-time greats to prepare for biggest bout of his career.

Sabatina, Local Lawmakers Ponder Methadone Abuse State Rep. John Sabatina (D-Northeast) and our local

Bonnie’s Beat

BONNIE SQUIRES, host of local cable-TV show, “BONNIE’S BEAT” at Radnor Studio 21, interviews Elizabeth Vale, senior advisor to Mass. Sen.-Elect Elizabeth Warren. Vale previously served as executive director of White House Business Council and served many years with Morgan Stanley as managing director.

state delegation are working to come up with an effective methadone-abuse curtailment program. The growing abuse has them figuring ways to authorize the Pennsylvania Dept. of Health to develop a Methadone Death & Incident Review Team. This task force will conduct reviews for all deaths where methadone was either a primary or secondary cause of death. The team will be responsible for developing best practices to prevent future methadonerelated deaths. Deaths from methadone have exponentially increased over the past decade and Sabatina believes the review team will serve the Commonwealth well in combating this prevalent problem. Sabatina and other state legislators heard testi-

mony from a mother who lost her son to methadone abuse at one of the committee hearings on the subject. “I supported the law from its inception and am eager to see the review team put it into action,” Sabatina said. “I have no doubt it will save lives and help raise red flags in scenarios of abuse.” The review team will be composed of the secretary & Alcohol programs, or designee, who will act as chairman; the director of the Bureau of Drug & Alcohol Programs; and representatives from a narcotics-treatment program, a licensed drug-andalcohol-addiction program, law enforcement, the medical community, a district attorney, a medical examiner or coroner, a family advocate and the public.

Kinsey (D-N. Phila.) as Secretary; and State Rep. J. P. Miranda (D-N. Phila.) as Treasurer. Brown succeeds State Rep. Ronald Waters (DW. Phila.) who was elected House Democratic Caucus Secretary. She is the second woman to serve in this capacity. Brown said, “It is going to take patience to get this job done.”

ocal 3





Over A Quarter Century of Experience



ocal 3

The Public Record • January 3, 2013

The Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus held a special ceremony at the Forum Building to swear in its leadership team for the new legislative session. State Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown (D-W. Phila.) took the oath of office to serve as Chairman along with State Sen. LeAnna Washington (D-Northwest) as Vice Chairman; State Rep. Stephen



Brown Named To Lead Penn. Leg. Black Caucus

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having. We have an easy way to make an appointment right on our website at If you would like to bring your vehicle in, we would be happy to help further! Tom has been serving automotive customers in the Philadelphia area for over 20 years as a salesman and then General Manager of Pacifico Auto Group. Rocco is a top automotive consultant.


ing motor. But it could be could be a fuse or a relay. Have you checked those? It could also be the switch itself. I would start by checking the fuses, then turning the wiper on and checking for voltage at the new wiper motor. If you have voltage going to the motor, there is a chance the new motor was defective, or there could be a bad ground. You might need to find a wiring diagram.


by Tom Flynn and Rocco DeGregorio Question: My rear wipers are driving me crazy. I can’t get them to work! Rear wiper motor has been changed and still the rear wiper still does not work. Answer: I do not think the cause of your no-wiper is electrical. I believe the wiper motor could be running but the pivot is bad and the wiper arm is really not connected to the mov-

When you turn on the rear wiper and you listen, do you hear the wiper motor running even though the wiper arm is not moving? This could be a lot of work for yourself unless you are quite adept with your vehicle’s wiring. Depending on what kind of vehicle you have, there could be various other answers. I am sure you want your wipers working with the weather we have been

Attorneys are both board certified by the American Bankruptcy Certification Board. Chapters 7/13 & Stop foreclosures, creditors harassments, lawsuits, garnishments, and sheriff sales.

We are a debt-relief agency 1500 Walnut Street • Suite 900 Philadelphia, PA 19102



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The Public Record • January 3, 2013

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Our Opinion ... General Assembly NY’s Day It doesn’t happen often, but it did this Tuesday past when the General Assembly had to be sworn in on New Year’s Day. That meant many of this city’s members had to forgo marching in the New Year Parade or visiting time-honored New Year’s Day gatherings around the city. Or, if they celebrated the arrival of the New Year at the stroke of midnight or past it, they had to jump into their automobiles and motor to Harrisburg in time for swearing-in ceremonies. We wish them well and trust they will do right in this coming year. We’ll be expecting shenanigans as the gubernatorial election sheds its influence on their actions. But what we ask of our guys and gals from both sides of the aisle in the Philadelphia caucus, is to make sure you keep the city’s needs in mind.

Photo IDs An Agenda Item Whether we like it or not, photo voter-ID legislation will continue on the agenda, since the judge in charge has pushed it forward. Regardless of the outcome, we trust most of those who worked it to their credit, will take it easy this time around. No doubt there are few citizens out there who do not now have a photo voter ID, or know they can get one at any PennDOT station if they still need one. Those championing the cause did as much damage the last election as they did good. How else could you account for 60,000 duplicate registrations? • 215-755-2000

About Us! Wherever you go in this city and even into some of suburbia, the light blue boxes carrying weekly editions of the Philadelphia Public Record and South Philadelphia Public Record continue to appear with ever-increasing frequency. If you like a box placed in your immediate neighborhood, give our Circulation Mgr. Steve Marsico at (215) 755-2000. We have many extensive routes and no doubt your request will fit in easily into one of those. For ward leaders from both parties, this is the time to advise us which of your committee people you would like to receive free copies from us. We’ll need their addresses as well as names and postal zips, with your name as signatory requesting they be added to our control list.

Smart Candidates! Seeking a run in the primary for a judicial or any citywide position, then do what the winners have been doing for over the past 13 years of our existence: Let our audience of “get out the vote” experts – ward leaders, committee people, community activists, etc. – know you are running. It’s easy and inexpensive, especially when one considers our costs compared to other media. We also can guarantee you the biggest bang for the buck. So, aspiring primary candidates, reach out to our Advertising Dir. John David at (215) 755-2000; he’s a soft touch!

Another Opinion ‘Right To Work’ by Dick Miller Editor, Organized labor continues to lose the fight for America’s workers, sometimes in spectacular fashion. With Republicans providing all the votes, Michigan lawmakers, in a lame-duck session, quickly passed and Gov. Rick Snyder immediately signed legislation that made the state the 24th where “Right-to-Work” is legal. Unfortunately, this blow to organized labor was deserved. Labor in Michigan adopted a proactive strategy earlier this year. Leaders promoted passage of a referendum that would have made union protectionism part of Michigan’s constitution. Gov. Snyder, a Republican moderate, warned labor of the consequences of their attempt to lock in unionism. The referendum went down to a crushing defeat. Michigan business groups

promoted Right-to-Work because an adjoining state, Indiana, had adopted this provision in January. Economists claim Indiana showed near-instant results in companies expanding in the Hoosier state, lowering unemployment. There was fear employers first enticed to invest in Michigan would instead go to Indiana. However, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett has eased suspicions Right-to-Work will become the law of the land here despite both House and Senate controlled by the same Republican Party. Corbett is less than a year away from rallying his troops for a reelection campaign in 2014. He first has to convince his party that he is worthy of renomination. Usually such a case is made by building a record on issues of interest to Republicans. In that regard, Corbett began his reign in 2011 with

Unlikely In Pa.

an unprecedented attack on public education. He has convinced legislators in two fiscal budget years that Pennsylvania should cap its funding of 503 school districts as well as state-supported Universities. Right-to-Work was on the table when Corbett took office, but clearly not a priority. Likely the votes are available in the House but too many GOP Senators, some of them in leadership, have moderate leanings. Corbett has also failed to deliver on school vouchers and privatization of the liquor-control system. Corbett is attempting to enhance his conservative credentials by putting the management of the lottery with a private company. This road is rocky, however, because the leading candidate is not an American company; the contracting process seems

more difficult than first observed; and finally, there is little support for the move. Right-to-Work is even lower on Corbett’s list, far below underfunded pensions and fixing roads and bridges. To solve these two financial problems, Corbett may have to break a campaign pledge to not raise taxes. He may also have to rely on some Democratic votes in the legislature. Fear of organized labor as a political force in Pennsylvania – at this junction – does not enter into Republican deliberations. Labor is not together. Industrial workers are not happy with government employees and teachers, believing their high taxes support pay and benefits no longer available in the private sector. True, labor helped President Barack Obama capture a (Cont. Page 13)

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The Public Record • January 3, 2013

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Page 10 The Public Record • January 3, 2013

we have seen, as the tax collectors. In this case, the hotels actually see some direct benefit. This is probably the reason some but not all tourism service providers were not opposed to the increase. However, I do question the fairness of the tax, as it is tied to lodging but the promotions benefit others in the hospitality sector also. The bill’s sponsor COUNCILWOMAN BLONDELL REYNOLDS BROWN said every dollar spent on promotion creates $100 in visitor spending and $5 in city tax revenue. If this this the case, then perhaps the City should be using some of the tremendous tax revenues this industry is already creating rather than going to the trough again. Some will say this tax increase, which on average is expected to be roughly 50 cents per night, is peanuts. But incremental increases to taxes over time have contributed to the City’s overall onerous tax structure. As we move into 2013, the Republican Party must start to retool and rebuild on both the national and local levels. This spring, the party will have the opportunity to put forth candidates for local municipal positions, including District Attorney, City Controller and a number of Philadelphia judicial positions as well as at least one statewide position for Superior Court. (Cont. Page 12) • 215-755-2000

One of the last acts the City Council did in 2012 was to raise the hospitality promotion tax from 1.2% to 1.5%. The new law would take effect Jul. 1. The proceeds from the tax increase will be used for advertising to promote tourism. This elephant believes this tax increase is less offensive than many of the others

My Top Five Things That Don’t Have To Show Up In 2013: 1) Negative Campaigning: Don’t get me wrong. I know the idea of winning an election is to make sure the voters know why you’re a good choice and your opponent is a bad one. But there are ways to do it that don’t involve lying or throwing mud … two things that any reporter with half a brain can ignore or refute. 2) “Dark Money” and the other legacies of Citizens United: A group of multi-millionaires shouldn’t be able to influence the political process with their money because the Supreme Court says corporations = people. We have a gubernatorial election coming up this year and if you don’t think the natural-gas folks and others aren’t going to try to throw money … both on the books and off … into it, I have some land I’d like to sell you in Brooklyn. Has a bridge and everything. 3) The Tea Party: Probably the best example of what happens when you let “Dark Money” play too much of a part in the political process is this group. Since allowing the GOP to take over the House of Representatives in 2010, they’ve done nothing but obstruct, propose crazy legislation, and say really dumb things in front of live microphones. They don’t like “guvment”, so why be a part of it? It’s time for them to go! 4) Gov. Tom Corbett’s CYA in the Jerry Sandusky scandal: Before he became Governor, Corbett was Pennsyl(Cont. Page 12)

Yo! Here we go again with these sayings by Will Rogers, sent to me by a reader. Will Rogers, who died in a 1935 plane crash, was one of the greatest political sages this country has ever known. Here are some of his sayings: Never slap a man who’s chewing tobacco. Never kick a cow chip on a hot day. There are two theories to arguing with a woman. Neither works. Never miss a good chance to shut up. Always drink upstream from the herd. If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. The quickest way to double your money is to fold it and put it back into your pocket. There are three kinds of men: The ones that learn by reading; the few who learn by observation; the rest of them have to pee on the electric fence and find out for themselves. Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. If you’re riding ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it’s still there. Lettin’ the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier’n puttin’ it back. After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so good he started roaring. He kept it up until a hunter came along and shot him. The moral: When you’re full of bull, keep your mouth shut. About growing older. Eventually you will reach a point when you stop lying about your age and start bragging about it. The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for. Some people try to turn back their odometers. Not me; I want people to know why I look this way. I’ve traveled a long way, and some of the roads weren’t paved. When you are dissatisfied and would like to go back to youth, think of Algebra. You know you are getting old when everything either dries up or leaks. I don’t know how I got over the hill without getting to the top. One of the many things no one tells you about aging is that it’s such a nice change from being young. One must wait until evening to see how splendid the day has been. Being young is beautiful, but being old is comfortable. Long ago, when men cursed and beat the ground with sticks, it was called witchcraft. Today it’s called golf. And finally: If you don’t learn to laugh at trouble, you won’t have anything to laugh at when you’re old.

I HOPE your New Year’s Day was a GOOD ONE! Wasn’t it great not to hear from GRINCH investigators and PULITZER-seeking dweebs over the holidays? If they were unhappy keeping quiet, and having to look only into their own hearts; then rest assured, they would look elsewhere very soon — like at judge or Commissioner.... I read the PUBLIC RECORD feature: “A Factual Look At the Much-Touted, Expensive CHADWICK REPORT.” “Touted” by whom? It’s garbage. WHY DO we taxpayers HAVE TO PAY for it? The Chief Justice ordered the probe; let him find a way to pay for it. LET HIM run for retention “touting” the cost of it. I talked with a North Philly Ward Leader over the holidays about the Traffic Court conundrum. He wondered what the so-called government-by-press-release reformers wanted in a judge of that court. “Maybe a NUN SHOULD RUN,” he theorized. I laughed it off, then thought again. WHY NOT! Accordingly, I nominate and encourage Sister James Anne FEERICK, I.H.M. Really. A lovely, smart person. She was 2011 Parade Marshal of the St. PATRICK’S Parade, and was cheered by many thousands as she walked up the Ben Franklin Parkway, And picture the daily media perplexed at finding nothing in the closet but integrity. The story recently broke that Mel HEIFETZ gave $1 million to the Obama campaign. HAL ROSENTHAL, Esq. told us two months ago. If OBAMA wants to hire someone from Philly based on votes brought out for him, or money donations, or enthusiasm, or symbolic reasons – then the list of (Cont. Page 13)

Seen doing the Mummers strut on New Year’s Day were COUNCILMEN JIM KENNEY and MARK SQUILLA. The fancy brigades battled later in the day at the indoor venue in South Philadelphia. Naturally, one of the key sponsors was IBEW Local 98, otherwise known by their powerful and politically savvy leader, JOHN DOUGHERTY. Many locally elected officials were not to be found at the Mummers Parade. They were in Harrisburg because the legislature was sworn in on New Year’s Day. Among those taking the oath for four more years in the Senate were STATE SENS. SHIRLEY KITCHEN, LARRY FARNESE, VINCE HUGHES and MIKE STACK. The Democrats in the Senate amazingly picked up three new seats. The newest Senators were MATT SMITH from Western Pennsylvania, ROB TEPLITZ from Harrisburg and SEAN WILEY from Erie. Democrats now have 23 members to the Republicans’ 27. Conventional wisdom is Senate Democrats will now turn their attention to competitive races in the Southeast. Some of the targeted seats may be in Bucks, Montgomery, and Delaware Cos., where voting patterns have been trending more Democratic. Republicans JOHN RAFFERTY, CHUCK McILHINNEY and TED ERICKSON are resourceful and moderate voices. But prognosticators will see what the next few months bring with regards to challenges to these Senators. If they continue to vote the Corbett way, they could face some very tough reelection races. Among the dignitaries attending the State Senate swearing-in were Allegheny Co. EXECUTIVE RICH FITZGERALD; former Senate PRESIDENT PRO TEM BOB JUBELIRER; and FRANK SNYDER, secretary-treasurer of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO. STATE SEN. JOE SCARNATI was reelected to another term as term as Senate President Pro Tem. STATE SEN. DOMINIC PILEGGI was reelected to another term as Majority Leader and STATE SEN. JAY COSTA was reelected to another term as Minority Leader for the Democrats. The great thing about politics is that there is an election every year. For Philadelphians, this means they will vote for candidates for District Attorney, Controller, Register of Wills (Cont. Page 12)

OH, DEM Soggy Slippers. Mummer shows his comic side as he sends Hurricane Sandy message during New Year’s Day. Photo by Rory McGlasson

REPUBLICAN leader Joseph J. DeFelice strutted his an- THIS RESPLENDENT nual best as he performed Pharaoh beams his royal with comics. reign over Philly.

GARNISHING a lot of beaded necklaces, wheelchair-bound Mona and her mom Mona Mason as they watched Mummers Parade with James Henderson.

JAMES “FROGGY” Carr’s Tommy West and Kevin Kinkel stop at Two Street Judges Stand to wish Dan “Spider” McCallion a Happy New Year.

WECCACOE CDC Community Liaison Fred Druding, Jr. joined Third & Ritner Hair Designs proprietor Tricia Lassiter in welcoming Mummers to Two Street judges stand.

O’MALLEY PRESIDENT TWO GENERATIONS of John Burke always makes Jon Fagleys, Jr. & Sr., strutsure his club marches down ted down Two Street in 2013. Two Street.

CHALIE MCKENNA and his Riverfront Mummers always entertain Two Street crowd.

JOE HOWLETT, JR.’s Saints NYB continues its family tradition as Matt Boyd marches with his 2year-old son Sonny.

24TH ANNUAL Mummer’s Mass at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel held in heart of Mummery Land at 3rd & Wolf saw presentation of Symbolic Gifts of Mummery CWA’S Ed Mooney and Local 98’s George placed at altar prior Stewart were among those in this picture who to Mass. marched with Pirates NYB.

STRING BANDS made their way down to Two Street judges stand, including Pennsport String Band which brought delight to neighboring Whitman residents. • 215-755-2000

TYPICAL Mummers’ families span generations in participation in annual welcome to New Year’s Day. Here 55-year veteran Joe Sbaraglia, our columnist, escorts 13-monthold grandson Conner in his first parade, and son Robert, who has not missed parade for 38 years, even though he now has to come up from Florida.

TWO STREET Judges Bud Zarnowski and Weccacoe CDC Director Frank Cuthbertson flank former South Philadelphian Kelly Wil- UNDER tutelage of icon Mummer “Pop son who flew in from Seattle to be part of Bryson”, Bryson NYB performs in front of the Two Street festivities. Two Street judges.

The Public Record • January 3, 2013

WILLIAM COSKEY – Honorary Captain of Finnegan Comic Brigade – struts in Mummers Parade. Hours earlier, Coskey was in hospital receiving chemBEDROCK of Broad Street. Mummers dressed as otherapy treatment. Despite illness, this Flintstones characters strut down S. Broad during New S.W. Phila. resident marched with famYear’s Parade celebration. Photo by Rory McGlasson ily, including son Anthony Coskey.

Weccacoe ... Where Parade Ends

Page 11

With The Mummers

The Public Record • January 3, 2013

Page 12

CITY HALL (Cont. From Page 10) RON DONATUCCI and last, but not least, Judge. So far, SETH WILLIAMS appears to be unopposed, but it’s early. ALAN BUTKOVITZ will likely see opposition from BRETT MANDEL, MICHAEL WILLIAMS and others. But for Butkovitz, a crowded field is better than a one-on-one matchup. Judicial candidates are already starting to work the city. Both SIERRA STREET and JIM CRUMLISH have gotten an early start. The judicial races are usually heavily ward-leader influenced, so aspiring judges attend countless ward functions. The ward meetings, parties and functions will be fast and furious

and begin in January. One of the youngest ward leaders ever elected in Philadelphia was CHRIS DRUMM, leader of the 63rd Ward. Several years ago, Chris left the glamorous world of ward politics to become a Vice President for health insurer AmeriHealth Mercy. He is on the fast track at this Independence Blue Cross subsidiary and may someday be CEO at one of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies. This would be another great story of an individual going from Ward Leader to a prestigious perch. Another example is former WARD LEADER TIM SAVAGE, who went on to become a federal judge. Unlike other cities, ward leader here is actually a significant stepping stone to other positions.

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ELEPHANT (Cont. From Page 10) No one has stepped up to date to run for District Attorney against incumbent Democrat SETH WILLIAMS. However, there is a Facebook page that has been set up to “Draft LINDA KERNS”. Retail executive TERRY TRACY is interested in running for City Controller. The fact we are so late in the game to produce candidates for these positions is not good. We should have been grooming people (and raising money) for candidates for these positions over the past two years. We look to see three open positions on Traffic Court. We would hope, given the recent investigation into ticket-fixing by Democratic Traffic Court judges, that the people of Philadelphia might give the Republican candidates a more-serious look; but we are doubtful.

As in the other city judicial races, a Republican’s best change to get elected is to crossfile in the Democratic primary and to luck into a superior position in the ballet lottery. The Republicans rumored to be interested in Traffic Court are WARD LEADER LEWIS HARRIS, Executive Director of the New Majority Council ELLA BUTCHER, WARD LEADER CHRIS VOGLER, GARY GRISAFI and party activist JIM DiVERGILIS. Attorney ANN MARIE COYLE and JUDGE KENNETH POWELL will both be running for positions on the Court of Common Pleas. Powell is currently on the Court of Common Pleas. He has been appointed to fill out unexpired terms of judges who resigned by both Democratic and Republican Governors and is rumored to have been praised by his fellow judges, including the President of the Court of Common

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Pleas. Yet he has run for judge but could not get elected. Is this because the voter knows something Powell’s fellow judges do not? Or is it that the typical voter knows nothing about the individual judicial candidates and votes for the top names on the ballet of their party? What is particularly comical about this process is judges are prohibited from being involved in politics while on the bench, making his or her political affiliation almost irrelevant. Perhaps we should move to a process akin to that for federal judges, where the executive branch nominates a judge and a legislative body approves them with input from the legal community. Currently there are three federal judicial positions open in Pennsylvania and one of the three nominees recommended by the Obama Administration is a Republican. Last Saturday there was memorial service for LINDA

WOLFE BATEMAN at St Vincent’s Roman Catholic Church in Germantown. Linda passed away shortly before Christmas from complications from her longstanding fight against cancer. She is survived by five children, MARIA, MICHAEL, MATTHEW, MAURICE and MARGARET and her sister LORAINE. Bateman was the Republican leader of the 12th Ward and a veteran political activist. Her loyal friends were there to pay their respects including FRED HESS, SUSAN SEGAL, AARON FIRESTONE, DENISE FUREY and CAROL MACK. Fellow WARD LEADERS MATT WOLFE, FRANK HENDRIE and JOE DeFELICE also paid their respects. Bateman ran for Philadelphia Register of Wills in 2011 and for Pennsylvania State Representative 194th Dist. in 2012.

OUT & ABOUT (Cont. From Page 10)

too much to ask. Two, there is state business you haven’t finished that needs your attention, Governor. Things like funding schools and creating the healthcare exchanges mandated under ACA. Oops, I’m sorry. You didn’t want to take the time to do that and now the feds are doing it for you. Might be better off for those of us who need them anyway. Three – and this is most important – all this is an attempt on your part to look like you didn’t totally drop the ball. The time to have done that was when you were presented with the information on what Sandusky was up to in the first place. Not now. You screwed up. Don’t expect the taxpayers to keep new Attorney General Kathleen Kane off your back by paying for you to file this nonsense lawsuit. And last but not least…. 5) Guys who wear their pants with the underwear showing: I’m as into fashion and self-expression as the next person. But words cannot express just how tired I am of seeing boxer shorts on the bus, in the subway … and in my classroom! Pull your pants up! Hope you’re having a great New Year so far!

vania’s Attorney General. In that office, he investigated crimes around the state and took time out of his busy schedule to sue President Barack Obama to try and get the Affordable Care Act. But there’s one crime he missed. And it was a big one. It was the one that led to Penn State Coach Joe Paterno getting fired, several school administrators getting indicted, and Sandusky going away for life because he was sexually abusing kids in the showers of the football locker room. Well, Gov. Corbett has decided to use his power to sue the National Collegiate Athletic Association for the nasty set of sanctions that the collegiate athletic governing body put on the Nittany Lions in light of the report by former FBI head Louis Freeh. He says the sanctions are too harsh and the NCAA overstepped his authority. I call it shenanigans! If the legislature lets him file this lawsuit, impeachment proceedings need to start immediately for the following reasons: One, the cost of filing this lawsuit will rest on the state, which, for a non-state-owned university, is


LANZA’S MUSIC Unlike Famous Mario, Adam Loved Noise Part 101/110

Rap was born in New York City Godless town shorn of pity. Grew to be the child of porn Devils came to blow their horn. Tonal beauty Essence of great art Jerky utterances Good taste fall apart. From Nat King Cole To Pavarotti and Lanza Elongating sound values An artiste's bonanza. Who, is behind this Global disgrace? Modern progressive leaders The United States. 5.14.12

NEW YORK, N.Y.: "Rap Star Charged With Murder in Stabbing...The rap star known as Tru-Life has been charged with murder in the fatal stabbing last week of a man in an apartment lobby... The rapper, whose real name is Robert Rosado, 33, and who was signed to a six-figure deal by Jay-Z in 2005, was arrested on Monday and charged with second-degree murder, gang assault and other charges in the death of the man, Christopher Guerrero, 20, at 330 East 26th Street on June 15. By Al Baker, The New York Times, Friday, June 26, 2009 NEW SOURCE: Newton, Conn. resident ADAM LANZA, (a person responsible for twenty-eight 928) murders, including himself) However, the 20-year-old was expressive with guns by using to speak for himself, and against society. —Nicola Argentina (c) 2012 Framer of TEA PARTY MOVEMENT

(Cont. From Page 8) significant vote in November, but it has little to show elsewhere. Democrats won all three state “row” offices, but that party has had a virtual lock on two of those offices for decades. In the Attorney General campaign, Democrat Kathleen Kane defeated labor’s endorsed candidate in the primary. The wife of the owner of a non-union trucking company, she campaigned against corruption in an office controlled by Republicans for 32 years to garner more votes than anyone else on the ballot. Both Houses of the state legislature remained in Republican control. There are two fewer Democrats from Pennsylvania in Congress. Labor starts losing “Rightto-Work” battles at the outset by allowing that title to incorrectly dominate the issue. The measure does not guarantee an individual’s right to work at all. Actually, the law allows workers to opt out of paying dues even if the workplace is represented by a union. Workers will continue to get all benefits and improved working conditions there without contributing. The idea is to make the

union unpalatable to all workers at a business. This is the problem facing Pennsylvania unions today.

WHOPPING $189 to the $35 level of Traffic Court. It is not due process when $189 will deter ordinary people from seeking an appeal for tickets of lesser, equal or higher amounts. You can do it pending legislative remedy. Equity demands a fair and reasonable fee for ordinary people, not the MASSIVE $189... THERE is something strikingly different about Gov. CHRISTIE. Notice it since Hurricane SANDY? The bluster is gone. A caring guy seems to emerge. That article on our mayoral cussing was such a LIGHT tap

on the wrist, some say it proves the Mayor is the media’s darling.... Closing the PORN palace at 2200 Market Street means development of that gateway area can proceed. The City must ensure ADDITIONAL PARKING for Fire Dept. personnel is PART of the plans! For too long there have been issues with neighbors over fire equipment and fireman POVs. Our visit to a fire station in New York City which was embedded in a highrise proves it can be done. Managing Dir. Richard NEGRIN, please look into this.

Another Opinion

2400 E. Somerset Street Philadelphia, PA 19134

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Current rhythmic syndrome American rap invention Sprung from New York Inflicts violent tension.

out a view to meeting City spending plans. Then they ganged up and destroyed the BRT, so they now can raise tax revenue to meet spending goals.... When you go to a parking hearing at the CITY B.A.A., at 9th & Filbert, and park outside, you can only pay to park for ONE HOUR! The WAIT for your hearing can take OVER an hour. You could get a ticket. BAA used to give you an hour or two of FREE parking upstairs in the PPA Garage. Now, you can pay to park, and be found GUILTY. So the City gets your money TWICE! PROTHONOTARY Joe Evers, please make a New Year resolution to administratively REDUCE the filing fee for a parking-ticket appeal to Common Pleas Court from a

The Public Record • January 3, 2013

(Cont. From Page 10) PROSPECTS should be as follows: (1) Bob BRADY, (2) Mel HEIFETZ, (3) Pat EIDING and Johnnie DOC, (4) Kathy HUGGINS and Dave SHADDING, (5) Mike NUTTER.... The DEMS made hay describing the release of GOP lawmakers to go home for the holidays, instead of working on resolution. GREAT PEOPLE are having birthdays – it is a gift to have them around us for 2013! Lynn FARRELL has hers on the 7th. Then resolute Chris BRENNAN on the 10th. Incredible Councilman BOBBY HENON is on the 11th. Rosanne PAUCIELLO of Ward 39 is on the 17th!... CORRECTION: Lovely Tuti EDWARDS, extraordinary civic and political leader; took

brain around.) He completed a report for Congress on improving VA care to disabled vets – just two years ago!! He divides his year between East Falls, Arizona and Guatemala.... A lot of good retired war vets passed in December: Sen. Dan INOUYE, Gen. Norm SCHWARZKOPF and Charles DURNING. If you ever heard Durning’s talk on the PBS Memorial Day concert from Washington, you are moved. He was in on the D-Day Landings. The Mayor says YOUR A.V.I. REAL-ESTATE TAX INCREASE is about fairness. How can fairness be CRUSHING, as Councilman Jim KENNEY notes (?). It NOT about fair; it is ABOUT MORE MONEY. The BRT used to value properties with-

Page 13


the Register of Wills holidayparty photos in last week’s Public Record. Tuti, of Ward 11, has a New Year’s resolution for more computer time. So many rumors circulate around real-estate expert and consultant Joe RUSSO. One has him as a candidate for 1st Ward Leader, another for Traffic Court judge.... EVER GET those letters with your Xmas cards outlining what the sender did for that year? The best is from the world’s leading wry wit, and former Navy jet pilot, Mike SEIDER, of East Falls and Virginia! Holiday Best wishes to his lovely Navy daughter doing the nation’s work in an undisclosed location. ANOTHER VET I wish well is 94-year-old Cedric Melidosian who once ran the VA in Philly, and went on to big VA tasks in Washington. (Mel uses his body to carry his • 215-755-2000

The Public Record • January 3, 2013

Page 14

Wishing You A Blessed New Year

3 1 20

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MISCELLANEOUS AIRLINE CAREERS begin here-Become an Aviation Maintenance Tech. FAA approved training. Financial aid if qualified-Housing available. Job placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 888-834-9715 ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from Home. *Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice, *Hospitality. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV authorized. Call 888-220-3984. ADOPTION/PERSONALS ADOPT: A loving, secure, married couple wishes to adopt. We promise to provide unconditional love, faith, joy, education, extended family. Expenses paid. Kathleen/ Gerard; 1-


We Buy Junk Cars

$300 to $400 Cash Paid Free Towing Same Day Service

Newer Model Cars & Trucks in need of repair. Up to $5,000 in cash. Same day pick-up

‘IF IT’S ELECTRICAL, WE DO IT” 100 & 200 AMP Service Specials



“Also Highest Prices Paid for Junk Cars”

215-783-3844 24-Hr. Emerg. Service

Discounted Specials


LI. NO. 18313 PA LIC # 053919

K-Squad Auto Salvage Batteries: $35.00

We Buy Junk Cars! 4087 Richmond St. Phila., PA 19137

(215) 288-9500 (215) 688-0949

Drivers: Start up to $.40/mi. Home weekly. CDL-A 6 mos. OTR exp. Req. 50 Brand New Coronados’s you’ll be proud to drive! 888-406-9046

Highest Cash Paid Instantly For Junk Cars No Keys - No Title No Problem!!! Call: 215-715-9316 Class A CDL Drivers Seeking Professional Drivers. Starting at 45 cpm loaded + Benefits. 877-261-2101

in your area. Call Jim 866317-6556 x 4 or apply at

Drivers: Dedicated DayCab Work! Full benefits! OTR regional work available. Call

800-456-7885 x:3289

The company for women and a few good men TO BUY OR SELL contact:

MARY IERO Independent Sales Representative

National Recruiter


Titanium Construction Group For All Phases of Construction Residential • Commercial • Industrial And Maintenance Work

• All Electric • HVAC • Tilework • Stucco/Drivit • Painting • Carpentry

• Plumbing • Dry Wall • Cement • Brickwork • Cleanouts

267-275-8631 Get an Insider’s Look at Politics in Philadelphia For $30 a Year, Get Yourself a Weekly Digest of the Activities of State and City Political Leaders and Behind the Scenes Reports. Subscribe to the Public Record Name: __________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Signature:_________________________________ [ ] Check/MO enclosed [ ] Bill me [ ] Charge My Credit Card: ________________________ Expiration: ______/_______ Visa: [ ] MC: [ ] AX: [ ] Today’s Date: _____________

1999 ford escort LXauto., 56,000 original miles, runs & looks excellent, great gas mileage, cloth int., ice cold a/c, one owner,perfect carfax! $3,950. 267-939-5888


Cost is $30.00 yearly 1321 S. Broad Street Philadelphia PA 19147 • 215-755-2000

7 Days a Week • 9AM-5PM

800-829-1976. HELP WANTED DRIVER Drivers- Pyle Transport (A Division of A. Duie Pyle) Needs Owner Operators. Regional Truckload Operations. HOME EVERY WEEKEND! O/O Average $1.84/Mile. Steady, YearRound Work. Requires CDL-A, 2 Yrs. Exp. Call Dan: 877-910-7711 DRIVERS REGIONAL FLATBED. HOME Every Weekend, 40-45 CPM. Class A CDL Required. Flatbed Load Training Available. 1st Seat Sign On Bonus. 1-800-992-7863 ext. 160 HELP WANTED DRIVER Gypsum Express, Class A CDL Flatbed Drivers. Hiring Road & Regional Positions

The South Philadelphia Public Record • January 3, 2013

HELP WANTED DRIVER Driver - $0.01 increase per mile after 6 months and 12 months. Choose your hometime. $0.03 Quarterly Bonus. Requires 3 months recent experience. 800-4149569 CRST offers the Best Lease Purchase Program! SIGN ON BONUS. No Down Pay-

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Public Record Classifieds: small ADS BIG Deals • 215-755-2000

The South Philadellphia Public Record • January 3, 2013

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South Philadelphia

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