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July 12, 2012

Newsboxes In And Out

Have You Gotten Your Rewards?

NEWLY arrived from New Haven, Conn., is this group of 101 newsboxes for Philadelphia Public Record newspapers. Once coin-operated, boxes will lose their coin collectors and red paint and take on light blue in Phila.'s colors. They will soon join over 500 Public Record newsboxes distributed around city and suburbs.

g n i t it r F A no Ho Ali For age 7 See


WITH recycling an obvious city success, now come the questions: What happened to the rewards program and why haven’t homeowners received any information on how many coupons or points their efforts have earned. Who is messing up? Story Page 2

Can You Spare A Pair Of Shoes? Page 7

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Page 2 The Public Record • July 12, 2012 • 215-755-2000

What Happened To Our Recycling Rewards? by Sarah WhitesKoditschek Two summers ago, Philadelphia launched a much-celebrated rewards program to bolster Philly’s meager record on recycling. The program offered points and prizes for homeowners willing to sort glass, paper, metals and plastic out of their trash. Special stickers were distributed so their individual blue bins could be scanned by recycling trucks. Supposedly, the total volume of recycling scanned in your neighborhood will be added up and you will become eligible for goodies based on that total. Yet while recycling has increased in the city in recent years, reward values have dwindled. The effectiveness of the program has not been measured and willing recyclers complain they can’t get through the red tape at Recyclebank, the company which

administers the program for the City. Philadelphia’s record on recycling has significantly improved in recent years. Since adopting single-stream recycling in 2008, the city has gone from a 5-6% waste-diversion, or recycling not wasted, rate to 20%. Starting in 2010, the city added a new range of #3 through #7 plastics to its recycling system; it had started out with just #1 and #2 plastics. This year it added carton recycling. Yet the city’s overall diversion rate still lags significantly behind national average of 34%. And recycling advocates say the city’s recyclingrewards program has major weaknesses. Colleen Meehan, program organizer of Clean Water Action, hears complaints about discouraging online-registration glitches. “People will sign up and they won’t get the stickers, or they won’t get the

stickers for like months later. I know people have been calling the customer-service line and they don’t find it as helpful as it could be.” Meehan says Recyclebank, based in New York City, is understaffed in Philadelphia. Recycling is a moneymaker for the City, but the

See Editorial Page 9 City doesn’t kick back any of this revenue for household incentives; it all goes instead to the City’s general fund. Businesses donate awards as a form of advertising. According to Brady Russell, Eastern Pennsylvania director of Clean Water Action, this means rewards amount to coupons. “If the City is going to choose to continue to operate under this “recycling pays” model for encouraging folks to recycle, then they need to pay for some of the

rewards. If it’s nothing more than another way for Acme and Whole Foods to do a bit of marketing, it’s never going to be that great of a reward.” Despite a lack of municipal funding, Recyclebank operates much of the city’s recycling education online, and through staff outreach. Denise Diorio McVeigh, Philadelphia account manager for Recyclebank, says the program, is a “win-win-win-win.” “We know it’s good for the environment. We know it’s good for the city: The more materials we are able to divert out of the landfill, the more savings the city is going to see and that’s good for all of us. It’s good for the resident because you feel good about your recycling efforts and you’re getting something back for your recycling efforts. And lastly, it is good for the businesses that participate with us because it drives traffic through their doors.”

Residents get confused about registration and cashing in points, says McVeigh, mostly because they assume rewards will arrive in the mail. In actuality, they must choose them on-line. “We’ve got over 10 categories and it ranges from museums to restaurants, to your grocery store to Philly Car Share. It really runs the gambit, so we like to say there’s something for everyone.” Incentive-based recycling may motivate people in theory, but at this point recycling rewards may be helping more with appearances than with progress on the street. That’s the problem. Recycling here remains rewardless. This is the first part of a two-part story. The second will appear in next week’s edition. For more information on Recycling Rewards go to

World’s Largest Car Carrier Unloads At Port The world’s largest roll on/roll off (RO/RO) vessel, the MV Tysla, discharged Hyundai and Kia vehicles during a port call at the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal last week. Nearly 250,000 vehicles have been unloaded since Hyundai Motor Co. and its logistics affiliate, Glovis of America, began local operations in August 2010, said David Whene, president of Greenwich Termi-

nals, which operates PAMT. The MV Tysla is 265 meters long and has a cargo volume of 138,000 cubic meters. It has a capacity of 8,500 car-equivalent units (CEU). There are six fixed and three hoistable decks. Norwegian shipping firm Wilh. Wilhelmsen said the ship has more flexibility to carry high and heavy cargo, and also

was built to be environmentally friendly, using nearly 20% less fuel than older RO/RO ships. “We’re excited to be handling the unloading of such massive ships,” Whene said, noting that a similarly sized sister ship, the Tonsberg, visited Philadelphia in April 2011. “These ships are a sight to behold.” “We’re always working to improve our facilities

and capabilities in order to successfully compete in an increasing complex and challenging global world,” said Thomas J. Holt, Jr., President of Astro Holdings, Inc., which leases PAMT under a long-term concession with the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority. “Bringing in massive ships such as the MV Tysla shows that our efforts are working, and we

expect to attract additional new business in the months and years ahead,” noted Holt The vehicles that arrive at PAMT are processed at a 100-acre auto finishing facility at Pier 98 Annex at Columbus Boulevard and Oregon Avenue by the Walt Whitman Bridge. Once completed, those cars leave the facility by truck and, possibly in the future, by rail.

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PENNA. SUPREME COURT Chief Justice Ron Castille joins Chancellor-Elect Kathleen Wilkinson in talking politics with Dr. Mary Frances Berry. Photo by Bonnie Squires

The Public Record • July 12, 2012

by Bonnie Squires Dr. Mary Frances Berry, former chair of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, delivered the Judge A. Leon Higginbotham Jr. Memorial Public Interest Lecture at the June Quarterly Meeting and Luncheon, delighting the hundreds of attorneys who filled the Hyatt at the Bellevue ballroom with her personal stories about her friend and colleague, Judge Higginbotham, and their joint efforts at eradicating racism in America. First appointed to the Commission by President Jimmy Carter, Dr. Berry was subsequently fired by President Reagan for criticizing his civil-rights policies. She then sued Reagan and won reinstatement. President Clinton then named her chairperson of the Commission in 1993. She served until 2004. Jane Leslie Dalton, who has served as chancellor, chair of the Board of Governors and co-chair of the Women in the Profession Committee, was presented

Page 3

Bar Association Hosts Dr. Berry

AMONG those inducted into 50-year club is Marty Weinberg, Esq., of Obermayer Rebman Maxwell & Hippel, seen at event with grandson Alex Weinberg. Photo by Bonnie Squires with the Association’s Sandra Day O’Connor Award at the event. On the dais were a number of prior winners, in-

cluding Judges Marjorie O. Rendell, Norma Shapiro, and Deborah Willig, first woman chancellor.







Page 4 The Public Record • July 12, 2012

by Joe Shaheeli WhoM can you trust to have the correct set of statics as to how many voters could possibly be turned away at the polls this November because of the state’s new voter-ID law? The opposition? The press? PennDOT? Or how about Carol Aichele, the Secretary of the Commonwealth, who is in charge of all things do to with elections in Pennsylvania? The Daily News’ Monday editorial headlined “You Can’t Vote — State Voter ID law could shut out more than half million citizens” was full of bull. It said her statements belie the actual facts. We suspect their agenda. Reporting the political field better than any other print media, we see it different. We put our money on Aichele. She says state registration stats show few, if any, will be excluded from voting because of the voter-ID Law now in place in this state. This poses two questions: why the push to get it passed and why the objections to it as law?

The vast majority of registered voters in Pennsylvania have identification that can be used for voting, according to a recent comparison of the Dept. of State’s voter-registration rolls and PennDOT ID databases. “This thorough comparison of databases confirms that most Pennsylvanians have acceptable photo ID for voting this November,” Aichele said. “This comparison takes into account only voters with PennDOT IDs, and does not include voters who may have any of the other various acceptable forms of ID.” All voters identified as not having a PennDOT ID number will be contacted by letter this summer, reminding them of the new voter-ID law, what IDs are acceptable for voting purposes, and how to get a free ID if they don’t have one. County election directors will also be provided with the names and addresses of voters in their counties who did not match any record in the PennDOT database. The database comparison shows: 91% of Pennsylvania’s STATE REP. JOHN

]|ÅÅç W|Çà|ÇÉ GOP (215) 468-2300

SABATINA JR. 174th District 8100 Castor Ave Phila, PA 19152 T: 215-342-6204

Who’s Behind Fuss Over Voter ID?

City Republicans Hobnobbing At State Meeting

KIBITZING with State GOP Chairman Rob Gleason at State Committee meeting in Hershey were LaTasha Martin, Ella Butcher, Annie Havey and Norma McNeil.

8,232,928 registered voters have PennDOT ID numbers. Of the 758,939 voters who could not be matched between the Department of State and PennDOT databases, 22 percent, or 167,566, are inactive voters, most of whom have not voted since 2007. Philadelphia has 136,182 voters who did not match with a PennDOT ID number and another 50,648 inactive. One of the reasons a voter can be put on “inactive” status is if he or she has not voted in five years. A notice must be sent asking if the voter is still at the listed address. If the voter does not respond to this

SHARING this photo were Ella Butcher, Lewis Harris, Jr. and National GOP Committeewoman Renee Amoore.

notice, the voter is placed on “inactive” status. Federal and state law require keeping an “inactive voter” on the registration list until he or she has not voted in two consecutive general elections for federal office after the date of the notice. “Even though many voters identified in this comparison as not having PennDOT IDs are ‘inactive voters’, most of whom have not voted since 2007, we will err on the side of caution and include them in this mailing,” Aichele said. Other registered voters may not have matched Pen-


Vincent Hughes 4950 Parkside Ave. Suite 300 Phila PA 19131 215-879-7777

PHILLY roll call included Dan Day, Andew Gourlay, Nick Callais, Thermon Spence, Anne Havey, Norma McNeil and Joe DeFelice.

nDOT’s list due to a variation in names between the voter registration and PennDOT databases. For example, an individual who is registered to vote as Jon Smith but whose driver’s license name is Jonathan Smith, would not show as a match, and be reported as not having a PennDOT ID number. This list also does not take into account voters without PennDOT identification who have other acceptable forms of identification. Such other acceptable forms include identification from accredited Pennsylvania colleges or uni-

State Rep.

State Rep.

Brendan F.

Kevin J.



170th Dist. 14230 Bustleton Ave. Phila., PA 19116

172nd Dist. 7518 Frankford Ave. Phila., PA 19136




State Rep.

Mark B.


6001 N. 5th St.



COHEN 202nd District • 215-755-2000

1555-D Wadsworth Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19150 (215) 242-0472 Fax: (215) 753-4538

Senator Tina

Tartaglione 2nd Dist. 127 W. Susquehanna Ave. 1063 Bridge St. Philadelphia, PA 19122 Philadelphia, PA 19124



8th Senatorial District

2901 Island Ave. Suite 100 Philadelphia, PA 19153 (215) 492-2980 Fax: (215) 492-2990 Always Hard Working .. . for You!

James 1610 S. Broad St Phila PA 19145 P: 215-952-3378 F: 215-952-1411

Rep.Maria P.


D-185th District 2115 W. Oregon Ave. Phila PA 19145 P: 215-468-1515 F: 215-952-1164

Parker 200th Legislative District 1536 E. Wadsworth Ave. Phone: (215) 242-7300 Fax: (215) 242-7303


Anthony Hardy Williams

State Rep. Harold

State Rep. Cherelle

State Senator

versities, Pennsylvania care facilities, military identification, valid US passports, other photo identification issued by the federal or Pennsylvania government, or employee identification issued by the federal, Pennsylvania, or a county or municipal government. All identification used for voting must have an expiration date and be current, except for Pennsylvania driver’s licenses or non-driver photo identification, which are valid for voting purposes one year past their expiration. Retired military identification with an (Cont. Page 5)

Councilman Wm.


Room 506 City Hall P. 215-686-3446/7 F. 215-686-1927

State Rep.

William Keller 184th District 1531 S. 2nd Street

215-271-9190 PhiladelphiaPublicRecord @phillyrecord


Singer Discusses Voter ID On TV City Commission Chairwoman Stephanie Singer has taken her stand against the State’s voter-ID law to television, first appearing this past Monday on Current TV’s Political “War Room with Jennifer Granholm” and again this Sunday, Jul. 15, on NBC 10’s “@Issue with Steve Highsmith.” She said she has a “new way to explain why the law is Councilman Bill

Room 312 City Hall P. 215.686.3420/21 F. 215.686.1930

Fifth Ward GOP Leader Mike Cibik is to be congratulated for working a Tuesday happy hour at Paddywhacks, 2nd & South Streets, into what has become a rallying point for politicos with a Republican bent. He has elevated his weekly website notice with music and animation, inviting GOPers to attend last night’s Republican Happy Hour where all heard City Commissioner Al Schmidt discuss the success of local GOP efforts to increase registration.

Black GOPers Plan Registration Drive North Philadelphia ward leaders have scheduled a registration drive and flea market Jul. 21 over the whole block in front of the Wharton Center at 22nd & Cecil B. Moore Avenue. The event, which includes a live DJ and a bouncy for kids, will run from 1 to 4 p.m. Tables to sell are being made available for $10 and can be reserved by calling (215) 469-4648.

Are We To Redraw Redistricting Maps?



DUCKY BIRTS, aide to Congressman Bob Brady, right, joined retired Court Officer Ron Pleis and Ruth Magee, president of St. Williams Seniors, as Lawndale group tripped to Wildwood for a day. Photo by Jean Pleis

challenge in the state Supreme Court to a Republican-drawn map of Pennsylvania’s legislative districts after challenges to a prior plan six months ago won a stunning victory from the divided high court and forced this year’s election to be held on boundaries drawn in 2001. Republicans’ new version of the legislative map was designed to address the Supreme Court’s criticism when it struck down the previous plan in January. That criticism targeted what it said were splits of municipalities and districts that were unnecessarily drawn into unusual and tortured shapes

DeLissio Schedules Town Hall Meetings State Rep. Pamela A. DeLissio (D-Northwest) will hold two town-hall meetings, Jul. 19 and Jul. 24, with con-

stituents. Both meetings start at 7 p.m. The Jul. 19 event will be at Wolfington Teletorium, Mandeville Hall, St. Joseph’s University (entrance from the parking lot on 54th Street, off City Avenue) and Jul. 24’s at Wolcoff Auditorium, Roxborough Memorial Hospital, 5800 Ridge Avenue. Anyone with questions about the meetings can contact DeLissio’s constituent service office at (215) 482-8726 or (215) 879-8533.

Schwartz Aiding Boockvar Campaign Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz will be the special guest at breakfast fundraiser in honor of 8th Dist. Congressional Democrat nominee Kathy Boockvar Tuesday, Jul. 17 at 401 Elm Street in Conshohocken. Committee includes Jen-

State Sen. Shirley M.


ROOM 134

City Hall 215-686-3464

Larry Farnese First Senate District Tel. 215-952-3121 1802 S. Broad St.• Phila. PA 19145 State Representative


3503 ‘B’ St. 215-291-5643 Ready to Serve you

WATERS 191st Leg. District 6027 Ludlow Street, Unit A


3rd Sen. District 1701 W. Lehigh Ave. Suite 104 Phila., PA 19132


nifer Bragg, Karen Davidson, Lee Doty, Julia Gabis, Judi Mackarey, Peggy McCausland, Trish McCausland,

Lynn McHenry, Mandy Rosenblum, Jane Ruddell and Dameron Stoddard. For info call (215) 839-9383

Artistic Splash Of Paint JANE GOLDEN, executive director of Mural Arts Program, adds a splash of paint to a mock-up of soon-to-becompleted “Trades and Unions” mural, which will grace a wall at intersection of Ridge Avenue, Spring Garden Street & 12th Street. The fundraiser, hosted by John Dougherty, business manager of IBEW Local 98, and Council President Darrell Clarke, was held at IBEW Local 98 headquarters. Photo by Rory McGlasson

Thanks to a new state law, homeowners may be eligible for property tax relief under the Homestead Exemption. Although the exemption may not take effect for at least another year, the city has said it will honor any application filed this year. The deadline to apply is July 31. Please contact or visit one of my offices to obtain an application. Parkwood Shopping Center 12361 Academy Road, Phila., PA 19154, 215-281-2539 8016 Bustleton Avenue Philadelphia PA 19152 215-695-1020 Open Mon. - Fri. 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Sen.Mike Stack SERVING THE 5TH DISTRICT • 215-755-2000

State Senator


LITTLE-KNOWN New Jersey Pinelands, a millionacre protected wilderness amid East Coast megalopolis, was made easier to understand by Cathy Antener’s book Discovering the New Jersey Pine Barrens. She captures history of Pinelands which was born in 1967 with state protection given by Gov. Brendan Byrne. Tracts contain 17 trillion gallons of pure water. Area is now a United Nations Biosphere, reports columnist Joe Stivala from his place in Franklin Parker Reserve.

Kudos To Mike Cibik For Paddywhacks Meets

Not only State Senate Democrats, but Amanda Holt, the piano teacher who spurred the redistricting-map controversy, have mounted a new


About The Pinelands

so un-American, using some household tools as a visual aid.”

The Public Record • July 12, 2012

(Cont. From Page 4) indefinite expiration date is also valid for voting purposes. Voters who do not have an acceptable form of photo identification for voting can get one for free at any PennDOT driver license center. “We are committed to helping any eligible voter who does not have an acceptable ID get one to be able to vote in November,” Aichele said. “We are continuing our outreach to get the word to voters about this law. The goal of this law is to allow every legal voter to cast a ballot, but detect and deter anyone attempting to vote illegally.” But we do share the advice ending the Daily News editorial which urges Pennsylvanians without current PennDot identification to begin the process to apply for it.

Page 5

Brady Aide Shares Lawndale Trip

Page 6 The Public Record • July 12, 2012 • 215-755-2000


1700 Market Street Suite 3100 Phila., PA 19103 215.563.2400

Henry J. Donner

Donner Team Scores Awards

Stanley B. Edelstein

B. Christopher Lee

Margaret M. Underwood

Liam Y. Barber

Jacoby Donner PC, 1700 Market Street, has announced shareholders Henry J. Donner, B. Christopher Lee, Stanley B. Edelstein and Margaret M. Underwood have each been chosen for inclusion on the 2012 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers List by Super Lawyers® Magazine. All have been selected for several years running. Super Lawyers® is a national publication that spotlights the top 5% of

practicing attorneys in the major practice areas in the region. Associate Liam Y. Braber, for the second consecutive year, has been chosen for inclusion on the 2012 Pennsyl-

vania Rising Stars List. No more than 2.5% of lawyers in Pennsylvania are named to the Rising Stars List, who are either 40 years old or younger, or in practice for 10 years or less.

Continuing his program to increase community participation in Sheriff’s Sales, Sheriff Jewell Williams hosts his monthly free seminar at his office on the 5th floor of 100 S. Broad Street Tuesday, Jul. 10. There will be two sessions: One in Spanish, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., RSVP to (215) 6863948, and 1-2:30 p.m. for English Speaking, RSVP to 686-3539. This free seminar will provide information on: The amount of money and documents required to secure a winning bid; how to pay for the property if you have the highest bid; how long the process will take for the winning bidder to actually receive the deed for the property; how to recognize, and research, the type of property you are seeking to purchase. Future seminars will be held on Aug. 14, Sep. 18,

Oct. 8, Nov. 13 and Dec. 11, 2012.

Learn How To Buy At Sheriff’s Sales

DRPA Honors Officers The Delaware River Port Authority conferred its Second Annual Christopher Milito Awards upon 25 police officers and public-safety support staff for heroism and meritorious service. Acting Sgt. Steven Hogan was selected as the 2012 DRPA Police Officer of the Year for his leadership, work ethic and consistently superior professional performance. Awards for Heroism were accepted by Officers Joseph Graziano, Sean Longfellow, John T. Hogan, Hugh McIntyre, Robert Crean, Larry Goodwin, Matthew Murray, Sergeant Christopher Bell and Corporal Tim Hoagland for selfless dedication to duty during separate 2011 incidents involving fire in a train and an automobile.

We service Big & Small We’ve got it all! We offer rapid response to your request and to your construction needs. 1600-1630 Washington Ave. Phila., PA 19146-3019

2 1 5 - 4 62 - 05 05

around the city calling attention to the useless loss of lives through violence. Founded in 1998 by Shirley Boggs, who lost her own son to street violence, MUTT rallies around those whose family members continue to fall under a knife blade or a gun bullet. Because of major surgery, Boggs has not been able collect the shoes as she has in the past. She is asking readers to call and let her know if they have shoes to donate. They can deliver them to her at 3619 N. Percy Street or have them picked up by MUTT member

Philly To Honor Ali

LEGENDARY BOXER Muhammad Ali will forever be linked to Philly boxing for his epic trilogy with our beloved “Smokin” Joe Frazier, and on Sep. 13, he will be in his old foe’s town to receive Liberty Medal at Independence Mall. Ali will become the first boxer in history to receive Phila.’s most-prestigious award and will join an impressive list of past winners that includes former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, and former Secretary of State Colin Powell among others.

volunteers by calling Shirley at (267) 266-4121. MUTT’s website is and its Facebook page is A. Boggs again reminds readers, “We continue to cry out, ‘how many more of our children must die before we unify. Let’s embrace each other, not erase each other’.”

The Public Record • July 12, 2012

The goal is 632 pairs of shoes, new, slightly used, men and women’s, which will go on display on the steps of the Art Museum on a date to be set in August. The shoes are to commemorate the lost lives of Philadelphians who were victims of homicides in 2010 and 2011. After the display, they will be sent to city shelters and given to those in need. They are being gathered by Mothers United Through Tragedy under the slogan “Stolen Dreams”. The event is one of many scheduled by the group throughout the year

Ringside With The Shadowboxer

Page 7

Can You Spare Pair Of Shoes?

PBPRS Award Winners

RECIPIENTS of this year’s PBPRS Awards winners were shown here with PBPRS officers. From left are Sunday Sun Publisher J. Whyatt Mondesire, Melissa Thompson, PBPRS President Darisha Miller, WDAS-FM radio personality Patty Jackson and PBRS VP Vincent Thompson.


Photo by Dawn Angelique Roberts, KD Communications Group





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37ivtehrsary Ann



• New Roofs • Repairs • Hot Asphalt • Rubber & Modified Systems • Shingles • Slate & Tile • Skylights • Siding • Gutters & Downspouts

12260 Townsend Road

Anthony Armando 2601 South Hutchinson St. Philadelphia, PA 19148 (P) 215-271-1282 (F) 215-271-6127 (C) 215-778-6554




FAX # 215-624-9263 WE DO OUR OWN WORK • NO SUBCONTRACTORS • 215-755-2000

Gateway Electrical & Fire Alarm Specialist, Inc.





• Residential • Commercial • Industrial

Page 8 The Public Record • July 12, 2012

Learn What To Do From The Professionals by Michael P. Boyle, Esq. Last year, SSA implemented Social Security Ruling (SSR) 11-1p. The Ruling details the changes in how SSA handles new claims that are filed while a request for review is pending before the Appeals Council (AC). With limited exceptions, SSA will not process a new claim for benefits while a request for review is being considered by the AC. The exceptions to this policy include situations where a claimant has additional evidence of a new critical or disabling condition with an onset

after the date of the hearing decision, the claimant wants to file new application based on this evidence, and the AC agrees the claimant should file a new application before it completes its action on the request for review. SSR 111p does not bar filing a new claim if your request for review has been denied by the AC, nor does it bar the filing of a new application while an appeal to federal court is pending. Prior to the implementation of SSR 11-1p, attorneys routinely advised their clients to file new applications with Attorneys are both board certified by the American Bankruptcy Certification Board. Chapters 7/13 & Stop foreclosures, creditors harassments, lawsuits, garnishments, and sheriff sales.

We are a debt-relief agency 1500 Walnut Street • Suite 900 Philadelphia, PA 19102



MICHAEL P. • 215-755-2000


No Fee Unless You Win

215-546-7035 123 S. Broad St. Ste. 2140 Philadelphia, PA 19109

SSA pending AC review of an unfavorable decision. For the most part, this is no longer possible under SSR 11-1p. SSR 11-1p notes that SSA regulations permit claimants to file a written request for withdrawal of the request for review. 20 C.F.R. sections 404.971(a), 416.1471(a). As a practical matter, SSR 11-1p compels attorneys and their clients to weigh the benefits of proceeding with a request for review versus proceeding with a new application. Withdrawing or foregoing AC review means giving up lump sum benefits and medical coverage to which you may be entitled and which may go back several years. If your insured status for disability benefits has expired, your entitlement to these benefits will lapse if you do not request AC review. Going forward with AC review means you may face a substantial wait until the AC issues a decision. The average processing time for the AC to act on a request for review is about a year.

We Invite You To Capitalize On The 20 Years Of Experience And Skill Of Attorney

Deborah M. Truscello Call and schedule a free initial consultation. Practice Areas: Workers Compensation Divorce and Family Law Personal Injury Social Security Disability 206 West State Street Media PA 19063


Michael A. Cibik, Esquire American Bankruptcy Board Certified Question: Friends and family cosigned for you. a bankruptcy trap for the unwary? Answer: Having a cosigner is a good way to get more credit. It’s a special issue when you are filing bankruptcy, though. There are a lot of ways to address these debts, but you have to be careful. A cosigner is often helpful in getting more credit or better terms on loans. After all, the bank has an-

other warm body to go after if you don’t pay. When that happens, obviously you feel more strongly about protecting your friend or family member who cosigned for you. There are special issues that can come up in this situation, though. First, it is very important that your lawyer knows a debt is cosigned. There are a lot of special issues and disclosure requirements in that situation. And your cosigner has a right to know you filed bankruptcy – because they are a creditor of yours too (you said

you’d pay the debt and now you might not). But there are other issues. Your bankruptcy discharge will not typically wipe out the obligation of your cosigner. So they are still obligated to pay the account if you don’t. Of course, sometimes you can use bankruptcy to get rid of the other debt so you can focus on repaying the cosigned debt – even if you wiped out your legal obligation already. Next Week’s Question: Do both you and your spouse have to file for bankruptcy?

by Tom Flynn and Rocco DeGregorio Question: I am in a longdistance relationship and put a lot of wear and tear on my car. (I drive about 500 miles at least once a month) in addition to my daily commute. Could this have any effect on my engine life? That really should be reasonable, depending on how old your vehicle is. Most engine manufacturers these days account for that sort of usage. Just be sure to keep up with regular maintenance on your vehicle as recommended by the manufacturer.

A few things to keep in mind when scheduling your service: Be sure you tell them about your traveling so you can get the right viscosity oil for your amount of driving. Have regular oil changes and be sure to check all fluid levels before leaving on your long drives. By keeping up on regular main-

tenance, you should be able to get the most out of your engine life even with your amount of travel. Tom has been serving automotive customers in the Philadelphia area for over 20 years as a salesman and then General Manager of Pacifico Auto Group. Rocco is a top auto consultant.

Citizens CEO Wins PAL Award

The International League of Musilm Women, Inc. Annual meeting will take place on Sat., July 14, 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel located 260 Mall Blvd. in King of Prussia PA., time from 9:00-10:00 am.

PAL honored Dan Fitzpatrick, right, president & CEO of Citizens Bank, with its 2012 PAL award at annual award dinner. Mayor Michael Nutter, left, said PAL is now in its 65th year of “Cops Helping Kids” making a positive impact on their lives.

Recycling Makes Money

Another Opinion Educating The City by Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell Chair, City Council Education Committee Sometimes, when I look out upon the City of Philadelphia, I see the words of famed poet, writer and playwright, Langston Hughes: So I hope the day is coming When there won’t be any more Houses where the steps are creaking And rats gnaw at the floors, And a dozen names are sticking In each doorbell at the doors.

and restructuring of the School District of Philadelphia and the School Reform Commission and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania legislation relevant to our schools. In addition, members of the Committee on Education attended countless meetings and informational sessions at 440 N. Broad Street and other various locations throughout the city. We thank the students. They are what we all are fighting for. They are the future of the city. They are Hughes’ hope. I look towards the future graciously resolute. Shortly, the City Council Committee on Education will disseminate a comprehensive report on the state of education in our fair city. Thank you. Have a wonderful, blessed day.

Letters • Letters • Letters Ups And Downs I read of the subway-station improvements in North Philadelphia – as I rode the subway to City Hall. This hub station has two escalators that have never worked. It is a tough slog (and breathless) to the street for seniors. And not recommended for handicapped. (Walnut Station with its elevator is a pleasure to use.) An elevator cannot be installed due to the station configuration. But the City Hall station of the fourth-largest city ought to be handicapped-accessible. Why is it ignored by SEPTA? Joe Stivala Trunkman Wrong! I thank Trunkman for mentioning my contributions (Ward Leader Manual) in your recent article (“Elephant Corner”. I take issue, however with

Trunkman’s reporting “Harris was elected to the chair ... by a clear majority of the minority ward leaders.” I am a “minority Ward Leader”. There are more minorities in Ward 51 than any other ward in the City. Yet I was not invited to the meeting that Lew Harris rigged to get elected. Trunkman needs to be more careful with this Harrisburg group. They are basically a bunch of Philadelphia lawyers who can’t build anything except a case. There are currently 35+ minority wards in the city. That group got 20 ward leaders together. Question to Trunkman: If 20 ward leaders came to their meeting, where do they get a “clear majority” to elect Harris? Andrew Gentsch • 215-755-2000

While Hughes spoke of a different city – of the city he loved – I apply his words to this city – the city I love, Philadelphia. For, you see, each aspect of a city is multifaceted and intertwined. Jobs and the economy influence public safety, which influences health and welfare, all of which influence education In other words, neither the success nor the failure of a student rests solely on their shoulders; it is up to all of us to provide them with the best

possible environment and with the best possible tools to succeed. So when Hughes’ hope of a city where stairs don’t creak and where each house is a home comes true, we know that each student will be a scholar. But we, the City of Philadelphia, City Council Committee on Education, know that achieving Hughes’ hope will take much work. We know there is much work to do, because in the past few months we have held 11 briefings and hearings concerning educational issues including but not limited to: budget and finance, school nurses, school safety and zero-tolerance, arts and culture, catchment areas, vacant buildings, special education, English Language Learners and English for Speakers of Other Languages, charter-school policy and charter-school expansion, student and school achievement including the School Performance Index and Adequate Yearly Progress, governance

Jul. 13- Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell celebrates her birthday hosting and feeding city’s homeless at Holmes Sch., 5429 Chestnut St., 12-4 p.m. Jul. 20- Joe & Juli Stampone and John & Jackie Hagan host fundraiser at Shore for State Rep. John Taylor, 7 p.m. at Stampone home, 6806-08 Park Blvd., Wildwood Crest, N.J. To RSVP call (215) 545-2244. Jul. 21- Fundraiser for State Rep. John Taylor in N. Wildwood at Coconut Cove, 400 W. Spruce Ave., N. Wildwood, N.J., 2-6 p.m. , $25. Cash Bar. For info (215) 545-2244. Jul. 21- Healthy Hoops Program at St. Joseph’s Univ. Michael J. Hagan Arena, 5400 City Line Ave., 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m. For youngsters 3 to 16 with asthma, heart or weight problems. Hosted by AmeriHealth Mercy Fdn., Keystone Mercy Health Plan and Charlie Mack Party 4 Peace. Call (215) 8636666 to register. Jul. 21- State Rep. Gary Williams’ 32nd Ward’s free Summer Day Trip to Wildwood, N.J., hosting seniors and children at no cost for full day of fun, waterpark rides and beach frolic. Buses leave from 16th & Berks Sts. at 8 a.m. and return at 8 p.m. Jul. 22- C o n g . A l l y s o n Schwartz hosts 5th annual Friends and Family Barbeque at Shwartz Headquarters, 201 Leedome St., Jenkintown, Pa., 3-6 p.m. For info (215) 881-9202. Jul. 24- Night At The Ballpark Fundraiser for Controller candidate Brett Mandel at Citizens Bank Pk., 5 p.m. tailgate party, gametime 7:05 p.m. Jul. 24- State Rep. Pam DeLissio hosts town-hall meeting at Roxborough Mem. Hosp., 5800 Ridge Ave., 7 p.m. Jul. 26- State Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown hosts Beat The Heat In The Street at Kelly Pool, 281 N. Concourse Dr., 1-5 p.m. Jul. 27- Former Sheriff Barbara Deeley hosts evening with Councilman Bob Henon at 270 Seabreeze Ct., Anglesea, N.J., 6:30-9 p.m. Contribution $100. Make checks payable to Bobby 11, POBox 22614, Phila. 19110. RSVP or call 215- 906- 0339. Jul. 28- Brady Bunch Beach Party at Keenan’s in Anglesea, Wildwood, N.J., 4 p.m. Tickets available at door.

The Public Record • July 12, 2012

Our page-one illustration and the story explaining it on page two leads us to one question: Who is responsible for making sure Philadelphians, diligently involved in recycling, are aware of the rewards program? So few conscientious recyclers are even aware a rewards program exists, let alone how to apply for it. And, we ask, if they do apply, what happens then? When first declared as an incentive to get more citizens interested in recycling, the rewards program sounded good. When they sent personal bar-code labels to be affixed to recycling buckets, it sounded even better. People were then told the individual codes would be lumped together in the block and neighbors would be apprised of how many points they had earned and then turn them in for food, treats, etc. Since then, going way back, there has been an ebb in the flow to citizens about the availability of program rewards, how specifically to apply for them, and the steps they need to take to share in the rewards due them. The program has not been living up its promises. What started us along this investigation was our noticing week after week those picking up the recycled material from the blue containers failed to record, in any manner whatsoever, the bar-code information. Without that information, how can the system work? Maybe it’s time for a City Council Committee to delve into finding answers as to why a win-win moneymaker for the City does not return a fair share to the citizenry.

Page 9

Mark Your Calendar

Our Opinion ...

Page 10 The Public Record • July 12, 2012 • 215-755-2000

Monday night PhillyROC (Philadelphia Republicans of Color) met at the Wharton Center in North Philadelphia. LEWIS HARRIS, the chairman of the group, led a conversation about developing literature to support and promote the Republican Party to African Americans and other minorities. Attendees included WARD LEADERS ANNIE HAVEY, VICKIE FREEMAN MATT and MATT WOLFE as well as the Chairperson of the 13th Ward LINDA DIGGS and other activists ERIC QUICK and CARL SPENCE. Tuesday there were dueling Governors’ meetings at the Union League. Former GOV. ED RENDELL had a reception on the first floor highlighting his new book A Nation of Wusses: How American’s Leaders Lost the Guts to Make Us Great. Immediately above him on the second floor, Wisconsin GOV. SCOTT WALKER was speaking at for a fundraiser for the Romney campaign. Walker discussed his campaign to remain Governor during his June recall vote. He captured 53% of the vote in the recall, which was a wider margin than he had won by in the general election. He believes if the recall had been held last year, before the effect of his policies could be seen, he may not have survived the recall. He and the state’s Republican-led legislature passed laws that limited the collectivebargaining abilities of most public-sector unions to salary issues (not benefits) and increased the contributions of public-sector workers to their pension and benefit plans. Although these policies appalled many unions and union supporters, the cost savings improved the finances of the state and Wisconsin municipalities and helped avoid layoffs. Walker made it clear while he plans to help Romney as best he can, he has no interest in being Vice President. He (Cont. Page 12)

Last week, we found out that according to the Pennsylvania Dept. of State, the folks who gave us the voter-ID law that will be making the voting process just that much more interesting come November, about 90% of all Pennsylvanians have the proper state-sponsored ID they’ll need to vote. That’s a nice number on paper. But here’s what it doesn’t say…. It doesn’t say that 10% of all Pennsylvanians don’t have the proper ID. And it really doesn’t say 18% of all Philadelphians don’t have it. That’s 186,000 Philadelphians, if you’re playing at home. About 6% to 8% of folks in the Philly burbs are also ID-deficient. In one of those stories that shows Republicans are still pretty media-savvy despite the fact the adults no longer run things, the Philadelphia Inquirer published a piece with the facts I just shared with you. Or at least some of them. The statistic about 18% of all Philadelphians not having ID came from the folks at the Pennsylvania Voter ID Coalition, a nonpartisan group of voting rights advocates who want to make sure everyone who wants to has what they need to vote in the November elections. I went to a Voter ID Coalition meeting on Tuesday and these folks heard the same numbers I just gave you. Because of this, they’re mobilizing and getting ready to take to the streets and make sure that you know what you’re gonna need to get your vote on. A new Pennsylvania Voter ID Coalition office will be opening at 310 W. Chelten Avenue on Jul. 21, according to Joe Certaine, the City’s former managing director, head of (Cont. Page 14)

Yo! Here we go again these interesting thoughts from the internet as Abbott and Costello discuss the unemployment rate. COSTELLO: What is the unemployment rate in America? ABBOTT: Good Subject, these are terrible times. It’s 9%. COSTELLO: That many people are out of work? ABBOTT: No, that’s 16%. COSTELLO: You just said 9%. ABBOTT: 9% Unemployed. COSTELLO: Right, 9% out of work. ABBOTT: No, that’s 16%. COSTELLO: Okay, so it’s 16% unemployed. ABBOTT: No, that’s 9%... COSTELLO: Wait a minute. Is it 9% or 16%? ABBOTT: 9% are unemployed. 16% are out of work. COSTELLO: If you are out of work, you are unemployed. ABBOTT: No, you can’t count the “Out of Work” as the unemployed. You have to look for work to be unemployed. COSTELLO: BUT THEY ARE OUT OF WORK! ABBOTT: No, you miss my point. COSTELLO: What point? ABBOTT: Someone who doesn’t look for work can’t be counted with those who look for work. It wouldn’t be fair. COSTELLO: To whom? ABBOTT: The unemployed. COSTELLO: But they are ALL out of work. ABBOTT: No, the unemployed are actively looking for work. Those who are out of work stopped looking. They gave up. And, if you give up, you are no longer in the ranks of the unemployed. COSTELLO: So if you’re off the unemployment rolls, that would count as less unemployment? ABBOTT: Unemployment would go down. Absolutely! (Cont. Page 14)

CITY CONTROLLER Allan Butkovitz was correct in challenging the school budget. The Mayor was upset, but BUTKOVITZ sees problems on the horizon that need correcting, and it is his job to look out for us taxpayers.... EDGAR “SONNY” CAMPBELL, Democrat Leader of the4th Ward, is celebrating his 39th birthday. EDGAR is a man of strong caring and compassion for his constituents. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Court Administrator JOE EVERS. EVERS’ tenure has been marked with mostly good modernity. Best regards!...WHAT are Justice CASTILLE and Judge HERRON doing to resolve the shortage of electronic ankle bracelets??? Why encourage judges to order house arrest and watch demand exceed supply? Attorneys and citizens calling to inquire why their loved one is still in jail could hear, “We are waiting for a bracelet.” And the requirement that the home have a LAND LINE, and no callforwarding in the 21st century?? A Verizon executive told me land lines are fast-diminishing with increased cell-phone use. If house-arrest-ordered citizens languish in jail, then it is JUSTICE DENIED. Come on Judge HERRON, find the money!! Funds are budgeted to seat ROGER GORDON, SCOTT O’KEEFE, FRANCIS SHIELDS and KENNETH POWELL as city jurists!!! Justice CASTILLE seems rebuffed.... ANNIE BERNARD, great-great-granddaughter of BOB BRADY aide CHARLIE BERNARD, returned from a whirlwind tour of Florida, and even swam in a hurricane. A letter from a Commissioner says to supporters they took on the MACHINE and Marge Tartaglione. First off, there is NO MACHINE in Philly! Philly Political parties (Cont. Page 14)

CLAY ARMBRISTER, the former chief of staff for MAYOR MICHAEL NUTTER, became the president of Girard College. The Board of City Trusts hired Clay. In addition to serving as Mayor Nutter’s former Chief of Staff, Armbrister has served in senior executive positions with Temple University and Johns Hopkins University. The outgoing president is AUTUMN ADKINS. COUNCILMAN BOB HENON continues to be a workhorse. He has been a whirlwind since winning election. He has continued to fight for neighborhoods. He has held hearings on slum landlords and fought Mayor Nutter on the Actual Value Initiative. And Henon has played well with the other kids. Along with STATE REP. MIKE McGEEHAN and STATE SEN. MIKE STACK, he has been one of the three amigos of the Northeast. They have worked together to transform the former Liddonfield Homes public housing site into an extension of the Holy Family University campus. McGeehan has been a fierce opponent of PHA. He believes the scandal-ridden agency should remain under federal supervision. He successfully passed legislation that guarantees this, but he still has a good relationship with ESTELLE RICHMAN, the federal supervisor who is serving as the sole board member and Chair of PHA. Although she will still retire soon, her reputation as the goto person in the city and state remains. When there is a tough job to do, everyone calls Estelle. She is the only person that everyone always agrees is the right person. She gives PHA credibility. Speaking of credibility, City CONTROLLER ALAN BUTKOVITZ said the School District’s revenue projections are comically optimistic. He believes the School District is approaching 1990’s disaster levels. Nutter said Butkovitz’s assessment is politically motivated. But in the political world, isn’t that true of everyone? “Mayor Butkovitz”. It still doesn’t roll off the tongue, but it’s getting easier to say. STATE SEN. ANTHONY WILLIAMS is not everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes he is too conservative, like when he is pushing school vouchers. Other times he is too liberal, like in cases of gun control. But he’s not getting enough respect on taxes. Although he was unable to do the heavy lifting for the city on AVI, he was able to pass tax-saving legislation. His homestead-exemption bill may save Philadelphians a bundle. It’s rare for politicians to be able to campaign on reducing taxes. Williams now has credibility on that issue. KEN POWELL, FRAN SHIELDS, SCOTT O’KEEFE and ROGER GORDON got confirmed on the last day of the State Senate’s June Session. The four judges are on their way to Philadelphia in the nick of time.

STAGEHANDS Local Union 8 President Mike Barnes leads theatrical workers on march from Suzanne Roberts Theatre, Broad & Lombard, to Philadelphia Theater Co. offices, 230 South Broad Street on Monday. Union leaders want to obtain want collective-bargaining rights for non-unionized theater workers who are employed full time, but receive no Photo by Rory McGlasson benefits.

LOCAL theatre workers march with signs such as “No Pay No Play” and “Set the Stage for a Fair Wage” during protest in Center City Monday. Stagehands are the only workers in the League of Resident Theaters who work without the benefit of collective bargaining, according a news release from Photo by Rory McGlasson Stagehands union.

The Public Record • July 12, 2012

AMERICAN Diabetes Association of Greater Phila. honored local business leaders with Father of the Year Award for balancing highly successful careers with demand of being an exemplary role model for their children. Shown here are Dr. Anthony J. Cannon, president of American Diabetes Association of Greater Phila. & Southern New Jersey; Father of the Year Award Recipient Harold Epps, president and CEO of PRWT Services; his daughter Kathryn Epps; and Dr. Cannon’s son.

Page 11

Stagehands Rally For Fair Deal At Roberts

Waters States Youth Violence At Epidemic Levels State Rep. Ron Waters (DW. Phila.) reports the House Health Committee unanimously approved his resolution, HR.659, addressing youth violence in Pennsylvania. The measure declares youth violence is a public-health epidemic and seeks to raise awareness of the impact trauma related to violence has on a child’s life. “Young people across this

state are committing acts of violence against each other and against their communities,” Waters said. “Youth violence leaves physical and emotional scars that last a lifetime.” According to a survey by the Centers of Disease Control, about 1.5 million incidents of violence were reported to be committed by those between the ages of 12 and 20.

“Violence erodes communities,” said Waters. “It reduces productivity, decreases property values and disrupts social services.” Waters added that in 1985 and 2000, two former US Surgeon Generals declared youth violence a public-health issue and called for prevention, intervention and public-education programs.

Tartaglione Scores For Trooper Training lice protection. SB 237 will deny distribution of traffic-fine revenue from the Motor License Fund to any municipality that does not provide locally for at least 40 hours of coverage per week through its own force or a regional contract. Municipalities with fewer than

3,000 residents are exempt. The bill, first introduced by Tartaglione in the 2009-10 session as SB 225, passed the Senate Transportation Committee unanimously more than a year ago. It is expected to affect about 1,200 municipalities across Pennsylvania.

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SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PHILADELPHIA Sealed proposals will be received by the School Reform Commission at the School Administration Building located at 440 North Broad St., 3rd Floor, Office of Capital Programs, Philadelphia, PA 19130-4015, until 2:00 P.M., on Tuesday, July 31, 2012. A non-refundable fee for each set of bid documents is as scheduled. The School District will only accept bids from companies that have been placed on its current Pre Qualified Contractors List as shown at All School District Project require MBE/WBE participation as shown in the specifications. BUDGET


B-043C of 2010/11 Electrical Emergency Generator and Lighting $255,000.00 $100.00 Horace H. Furness HS 1900 South 3rd Street Philadelphia, PA 19148 * A pre-bid conference and site tour will be held at the project location, on July 12, 2012 at 12:00 p.m. Specifications and/or plans and contract documents may be examined and copies thereof obtained from the School Reform Commission, 440 North Broad Street, 3rd floor, Philadelphia, PA 19130. Information as to contract documents, etc., may be obtained at the above address, or telephone 215-400-4730. Make checks payable to the School District of Philadelphia. The School Reform Commission reserves the right to reject any and all bids and make the awards to the best interests of the School District of Philadelphia. • 215-755-2000

More than three years after her first bill was introduced, State Sen. Christine M. Tartaglione (D-Kensington) this week praised House passage of a measure that will raise revenue for State Police training classes while creating a fairer fine-distribution system. SB 237 passed the House with an overwhelming majority and heads to the Governor’s desk. The bill is expected to raise as much as $4 million for cadet training, while municipalities that provide less than 40 hours of local police coverage will lose their share of fines collected through State Police traffic stops. “More and more municipalities have ended local police coverage to depend on state police,” Tartaglione said. “We have not been training enough new troopers to keep up. The House action tonight begins to reverse that trend.” Under current law, half of the traffic-enforcement fines collected through State Police patrols in a local municipality are returned to the municipality through a Motor License Fund formula – even if the municipality relies only on the state for po-

“This issue has never gone away. We need to confront youth violence systematically,” said Waters. “The peak ages of offending are from 15 to 18, so we need to reach these young people in their early and formative years. “The impact of trauma brought about by violence has a ripple effect on a young person’s academic performance, personal relationships and their role in society. School-based violence prevention programs are where we need to be focusing our efforts as a means to stopping this epidemic.” • 215-755-2000

The Public Record • July 12, 2012

Page 12

Elephant Corner (Cont. From Page 10) stated he put in too much effort to remain the Governor of Wisconsin. He did give a plug for a fellow Wisconsinite, CONGRESSMAN PAUL RYAN, for the vice presidential slot. He also answered questions from the audience of which the last related to voter fraud. He was asked for advice, as this elephant believes we have voter fraud in Philadelphia. The problem in Milwaukee is similar if not worse, as Wisconsin has day of election registration. Walker believes voter ID will help erase some but not all of the fraud. The situation was so bad in Milwaukee that it warranted a whole chapter in John Fund’s Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy. Much of this chapter was based on a 2008 report by the Milwaukee Police Dept. that included page after page of election irregularities including inaccurate and fraudulent registrations that were added to the voter rolls. Last week the Secretary of

State of Pennsylvania stated over 9% of registered voters in Pennsylvania were not in the PennDOT system, including 180,000 in Philadelphia. Immediately Democrats claimed this is why we should not have voter ID. Of course, they are ignoring the fact there are other valid forms of ID such as passports, government-employee IDs and student IDs. Please note we have a large number of university students in the city who are registered to vote here but hail from other states and have driver’s licenses from those states. (Of course those are their legal licenses, not the ones they use to get drinks.) Also, we do live in a city with fairly good public transportation, which should mean many people do not drive. What the Democrats did not mention was the flip side of the argument. Maybe the problem is not with registered voters not being in the PennDOT system. Maybe the problem is with the voter rolls. As noted above, fraudulent voter registrations were rampant in Milwaukee. In one recorded instance, over 5,000

students were registered as living in a Marquette University dorm that could only house 2,600 students. Fraudulence is not the only problem with the voter rolls. The nonpartisan Pew Center for the States published a report that stated that one in eight voter registrations nationwide are bad. The study noted that 2.75 million people were registered in more than one state, roughly 2 million dead people remain on the roles and over another 12 million registrations included inaccurate information. If you have read this column before, you may recall the issue of JOE CHEESEBORO and JOE CHEESEBOROUGH, both of whom are registered in Philadelphia to vote – one at an address on a street that no longer exists and the other at a store where no one heard of him. I am sure these errors jumped of the page because of the unusual names to JOE DeFELICE, Philadelphia director of the Pennsylvania Republican Party, who identified the problems. What would we find if we took a deeper dive?

Judge Dempsey: An Honorable Man

CONGRATULATING Joel Perez and Georges Perrier on first anniversary of their Art of Bread French bakery and cafe in Narberth are, from left, Walter I. Hofman, MD, Montgomery Co. Coroner; Perez, partner and manager; Patti & Michael Scullin, Esq., Honorary French Consul of Philadelphia and Wilmington; Liz Rogan, chair of Lower Merion Board of Commissioners; and Perrier. Photo by Bonnie Squires Advertisement

GOD & COUNTRY Part 81/90

RE: "And so my fellow Americans... ask what you can do for your country." --President John F. Kennedy, Inaugural Speech, Jan 20, 1061

From: Republican National Committee. 310 First Street SE Washington, DC 20003. 1. January 6, 1976: "Dear Mr. Argentina: I would be most interested in any proposal that would increase Republican votes in those that favor conservative philosophy, especially if it would not increase production costs...I should look forward to hearing from you soon." --Norman Bishop, Director of Communications Republican National Committee

--Bruce Hildebrand, Editor FIRST MONDAY, RNC

3. September 27, 1976: "Dear Mr. Argentina: This is to thank you for taking the time to drop by the Republican National Committee and for giving me the opportunity to review your portfolio, "Issues and Illustrations."... --Mary Louise Smith, Chairman, RNC —Nicola Argentina (c) 2012 Framer of TEA PARTY MOVEMENT

In The Court of Common Pleas Philadelphia County Civil Action – Law No. 111201641 Notice of Action in Mortgage Foreclosure FV-1, Inc. in Trust for Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital Holdings LLC, Plaintiff vs. Unknown Heirs of Michael Shields, Deceased, Louis O’Donnell, Known Heir to the Estate of Michael Shields, Deceased, Lisa Marie Baron, Known Heir to the Estate of Michael Shields, Deceased, Michael Shields Jr., Known Heir to the Estate of Michael Shields, Deceased & Carmelia Shields, Known Heir to the Estate of Michael Shields, Deceased, Mortgagor and Real Owner, Defendants To: Unknown Heirs of Michael Shields, Deceased, Mortgagor and Real Owner, Defendant(s), whose last known address is 1408 Lindley Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19141. This firm is a debt collector and we are attempting to collect a debt owed to our client. Any information obtained from you will be used for the purpose of collecting the debt. You are hereby notified that Plaintiff, FV-1, Inc. in Trust for Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital Holdings LLC, has filed a Mortgage Foreclosure Complaint endorsed with a notice to defend against you in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, docketed to No. 111201641, wherein Plaintiff seeks to foreclose on the mortgage secured on your property located, 1408 Lindley Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19141, whereupon your property will be sold by the Sheriff of Philadelphia County. Notice: You have been sued in court. If you wish to defend against the claims set forth in the following pages, you must take action within twenty (20) days after the Complaint and notice are served, by entering a written appearance personally or by attorney and filing in writing with the court your defenses or objections to the claims set forth against you. You are warned that if you fail to do so the case may proceed without you and a judgment may be entered against you by the Court without further notice for any money claimed in the Complaint for any other claim or relief requested by the Plaintiff. You may lose money or property or other rights important to you. You should take this paper to your lawyer at once. If you do not have a lawyer or cannot afford one, go to or telephone the office set forth below. This office can provide you with information about hiring a lawyer. If you cannot afford to hire a Lawyer, this office may be able to provide you with information about agencies that may offer legal services to eligible persons at a reduced fee or no fee. Community Legal Services, Inc., Law Center North Central, 3638 N. Broad St., Phila., PA 19140, 215-2272400 or 215-981-3700. Phila. Bar Assoc., One Reading Center, Phila., PA 19104, 215-238-6333. Michael T. McKeever, Atty. for Plaintiff, KML Law Group, P.C., Ste. 5000, BNY Independence Center, 701 Market St., Phila., PA 191061532, 215-627-1322.

In The Court of Common Pleas Philadelphia County Civil Action – Law No. 120303708 Notice of Action in Mortgage Foreclosure Polonia Bank, Plaintiff vs. Unknown Heirs of Joseph M. Battistelli, Deceased, Joseph Battistelli, Solely in His Capacity as Heir of Joseph M. Battistelli, Deceased & Thomas Battistelli, Solely in His Capacity as Heir of Joseph M. Battistelli, Deceased, Mortgagor and Real Owner, Defendants To: Unknown Heirs of Joseph M. Battistelli, Deceased, Mortgagor and Real Owner, Defendant(s), whose last known address is 864 North 27th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130. This firm is a debt collector and we are attempting to collect a debt owed to our client. Any information obtained from you will be used for the purpose of collecting the debt. You are hereby notified that Plaintiff, Polonia Bank, has filed a Mortgage Foreclosure Complaint endorsed with a notice to defend against you in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, docketed to No. 120303708, wherein Plaintiff seeks to foreclose on the mortgage secured on your property located, 864 North 27th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130, whereupon your property will be sold by the Sheriff of Philadelphia County. Notice: You have been sued in court. If you wish to defend against the claims set forth in the following pages, you must take action within twenty (20) days after the Complaint and notice are served, by entering a written appearance personally or by attorney and filing in writing with the court your defenses or objections to the claims set forth against you. You are warned that if you fail to do so the case may proceed without you and a judgment may be entered against you by the Court without further notice for any money claimed in the Complaint for any other claim or relief requested by the Plaintiff. You may lose money or property or other rights important to you. You should take this paper to your lawyer at once. If you do not have a lawyer or cannot afford one, go to or telephone the office set forth below. This office can provide you with information about hiring a lawyer. If you cannot afford to hire a Lawyer, this office may be able to provide you with information about agencies that may offer legal services to eligible persons at a reduced fee or no fee. Community Legal Services, Inc., Law Center North Central, 3638 N. Broad St., Phila., PA 19140, 215-2272400 or 215-981-3700. Phila. Bar Assoc., One Reading Center, Phila., PA 19104, 215-238-6333. Michael T. McKeever, Atty. for Plaintiff, KML Law Group, P.C., Ste. 5000, BNY Independence Center, 701 Market St., Phila., PA 191061532, 215-627-1322. • 215-755-2000

2. July 1, 1976: "Dear Mr. Argentina:...I have shown your materials to several other members of our staff. Each of them has responded positively to their tone and quality.. .we will be unable to use generic materials of this type at this time... Please feel free to send me any additional ideas you might have."

Photo by Martin Regusters, Leaping Lion Photography

The Pacifico Ford Auto Group invites all to a free summer barbecue and $5 off on oil changes. Bring in appetites and your cars tomorrow from 12:30 ROBERT Toporek, whose Teamp.m. to 2 p.m. at the Pacifico Children has distributed over 11,000 Ford Sales Lot, 6701 Essingcomputers to needy families and ton Avenue. schools, is also a Master Rolfer, Public Record whose efforts have kept former FlyClassifieds ers pro Mark Howe, left, agile and 215-755-2000 in health despite serious injuries.

The Public Record • July 12, 2012

Perrier Keeps ‘Rollin’ Them Out

AKA Sorority, Inc. Omega Omega Chapter marked its 17th Annual Day of Sharing at Independence Blue Cross. Sixteen grant awards went to various local community groups. AKA 18 scholarships were presented to deserving young ladies and men, bringing total donated to $492,500 during past six years.

Pacifico Hosts BBQ

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JUDGE TOM DEMPSEY was bade farewell at retirement ceremonies as result of illness, only to succumb last week to cancer. Joining him on that occasion were Judges Charles Cunningham, Dan Anders, Paul Panepinto, Dempsey, Rosemarie DeFino-Nastasi, Anthony DeFino, Jimmy Lynn and Photo by Joe Stivala Annette Rizzo.

Sharing Scholarships Keeps ‘Em Going

Page 14 The Public Record • July 12, 2012

Big Brother

Walk The Beat

CONGRESSMAN Chaka Fattah receives National Leadership Award of Big Brothers Big Sisters during their 2012 National Leadership Summit. From left are Ted Qualli, VP of external affairs, BBBS S.E. Penna.; Fattah; and Max Miller, BBBS chief administrative officer.

2400 E. Somerset Street Philadelphia, PA 19134

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(Cont. From Page 10) evolved in families long ago. The writer was a ward leader was part of that family who campaigned at every ward meeting I attended. I do not believe she gets credit for the Tartaglione defeat. Other forces were at work…. How about Gov. CHRISTIE recalling the legislature? More bluster and showboating as the legislature does not have to act. The state is in deep debt. The Democrats rightly do not feel that a tax cut is timely. (Shades of George W. BUSH? He began an un-

Out & About (Cont. From Page 10) the coalition, and one of the most-organized men I’ve ever seen. To make sure that everyone can vote this fall, there’s going to be some serious outreach needed, Certaine said. “We’re going to need as many volunteers as we can get,” he said. “This is a call for all hands. The work isn’t done at these meetings, it’s done in the field.” And there’s a lot of field

necessary war with Iraq and tax cuts. His budget expert who complained was sacked. Iraq cost us $10B a month minimum.) Thanks to Assemblyman LOU GREENWALD, who stands toe to toe to disagree. And Christie should not take credit for the Wisconsin win. Another man who would be President (or Vice Prez), Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, was upset over the Supreme Court OBAMACARE decision. He was a bit too dramatic, talking of freedom to choose in a state that is noted with one of the most-repressive prison systems.

(Cont. From Page 10) COSTELLO: The unemployment just goes down because you don’t look for work? ABBOTT: Absolutely it goes down. That’s how you get to 9%. Otherwise it would be 16%. You don’t want to read about 16% unemployment, do ya? COSTELLO: That would be frightening. ABBOTT: Absolutely. COSTELLO: Wait, I got a question for you. That means there are two ways to bring down the unemployment number? ABBOTT: Two ways, that

work that’s on the horizon as organizations including the AARP, the League of Women Voters, the Committee of 70, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Advancement Project and the Pennsylvania NAACP go out and mobilize their individual constituents and city residents overall. On Friday, the Advancement Project holds a press conference to make people aware some natives of Puerto Rico might find voting difficult because the Federal Government invalidated their birth

certificates a while back. (Puerto Ricans are Americans, just in case someone wants to say, “Illegal aliens shouldn’t be allowed to vote” here.…) AARP is having a rally on Jul. 19 to try and mobilize seniors and get information to them about how to preserve their voting rights. And on Jul. 24, the day before the lawsuit filed against the voter-ID law is scheduled to go to court in Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania NAACP is holding a rally to dramatize their opposition to the law …


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is correct. COSTELLO: Unemployment can go down if someone gets a job? ABBOTT: Correct. COSTELLO: And unemployment can also go down if you stop looking for a job? ABBOTT: Bingo. COSTELLO: So there are two ways to bring unemployment down, and the easier of the two is to just stop looking for work. ABBOTT: Now you’re thinking like an economist. COSTELLO: I don’t even know what the hell I just said – do you understand, reader? a rally that may or may not feature some of the national heavy-hitters the NAACP is known to attract. The NAACP has taken these voter-ID laws kind of personally because of their perception the laws are aimed at a very specific pool of voters, said John Jordan, director of Civic Engagement for the Pennsylvania NAACP. “This is strategic, wellfunded and targeted at the populations that came out in high numbers in 2008: students, senior citizens and women,” he said. “If you want to control the election, you disenfranchise these groups. This is a direct attack on voting rights.” Now despite the fact State Rep. Mike Turzai let rip a remark that might be perceived as evidence the state’s voter-ID law is one that’s designed to do one thing: cost President Barack Obama Pennsylvania, no matter who gets hurt in the process – there’s no telling how the court will rule on the lawsuit. So all of the groups are getting ready to mobilize, get folks to the polls, and, as Jordan put it, have a team of election lawyers on hand to protect voting rights. I’ll be at the rally in Harrisburg on the 24th for no other reason but I’m interested in seeing who shows up. But I’m more interested in seeing how the state is going to continue to spin the fact that 186,000 people in a predominantly minority area that came out heavily for President Obama in 2008 don’t have ID to vote, and will thus be disenfranchised. And I’m really interested in seeing who among our state leaders really thinks that’s okay.

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The Public Record • July 12, 2012

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Public Record Classifieds: small ADS BIG Deals



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The Public Record • July 12, 2012

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