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Celebrating Marine Corps’ 235th B-Day

Call Of Duty Seniors Raise $ For Military Phone Cards

A group of South Philadelphia seniors raised over $1,000 in phone cards for veterans. Members of the Marconi Older Adult Volunteers held a three-month fundraising drive of their own to raise money for “Operation Touch of Home,” a collaborative effort spearheaded by State Sen. Larry Farnese (Cont. Page 2)

HUNDREDS CAME OUT to celebrate Marine Corps’ 235th birthday party at annual party along Oregon Avenue. More pics page 10) SENIORS Joanne DeLollis and Kathleen “Cass” Taylor join Shawna Lispresent; State Sen. Larry Farnese; and Joe Brooks, president and CEO of United Service Organization of Penna., to give phone cards worth $1,150 to “Operation Touch Of Home” project at Fels Senior Center, Broad & Ritner Streets.

Photo by Maria Merlino


Activist Seeks 2 Council Seats Vol. IV No. 46 (Issue 163)

The Only Union Newspaper Reporting South Philadelphia The Way It Deserves

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November 18, 2010

Local Students Help Paint Road Safety Mural In Only One Day! by Thomas James

STUDENTS of Universal Charter School rejoice at finishing safety mural last week at 15th & Catherine Streets. Photo by Marty Regusters


Claymont, Delaware

(302) 798-7079 5 Minutes from Comm. Barry Bridge, Naaman’s Rd, Turn Left, Next to K-Mart

Jim Stevenson




PHILADELPHIA, PA 19114 215-698-7000





























Liggett $ 45.15


(Prices Subject to Change) • SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Quitting Smoking Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks To Your Health

Members of the SOSNA Pedestrian Advisory Committee, and students of Universal Charter School have created a one-of-a-kind street mural at the intersection of 15th & Catharine Streets. Kids and professional artist combined to create the mural, which was designed to help beautify the neighborhood while bringing awareness to pedestrian and bicycle safety. (Cont. Page 3)

Soutwark civic leader Karen Brown will run for 1st Dist. Council, and for City Council at Large in ’11..........2

Bullying Is No Laughing Matter Local Artist Van Stone has teamed wiith a local leghislator to create a Comic Strip To Fight Neighborhood Bullying..........3

Ron Panepinto Jewelers 700 Sansom St. 215-923-1980 We Buy Gold & Diamonds

Maria Merlino…..............10 Author’s Homecoming…......2 Reading at Audenreid HS…..2 Honoring Vets…..............15

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South Philadelphia Business Association Oldest Business Association in South Philadelphia – Chartered in 1897

The South Philadelphia Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

To join as a member of the SPBA, please call: (215)-336-1108

1904 S. 30th Street • Philadelphia, PA 19145 (215)-336-1108 (215)-336-1149 (fax) Executive Board: PresidentDaniel Olivieri Secretary/Treasurer- Reggie Lozzi

Vice-President- Vince DeFino Esq. Past-President Louis Lozzi, Sr.

Board Members Denise D'Eletto Louis Galdo Dr. James Moylan

Marge Mariziani John Savarese Mark Rago

Jackie Fitzpatrick Vince Guisini Esq.

Community Activist Karen Brown Announces Candidacy by Rory G. McGlasson A South Philadelphia community activist has her sights set on a City Council position in 2011. The problem for Southwark resident Karen Brown is she is not sure to run with her head or her heart. That is why the committeewoman will file a petition to run as a candidate in the 1st Councilmanic Dist., and as candidate for one of five at-large Democratic seats, in 2011. Brown, 49, is a former School District math teacher. She is likely to face some fierce South Philadelphiabased testosterone in the shape of City Councilman Frank DiCicco, and at-Large Councilman Jim Kenney next year, but she is unfazed by

her competition. “I am filing for both because my passion is my District, but my friends are all citywide,” Brown said at a fundraiser at Witch restaurant Monday night. “Running in both races simply means I will be running twice as hard all the time. People will think I have a clone,” she said. It will come as no surprise to political insiders the 49year-old Brown is the first to officially announce her candidacy for City Council. Brown, who is president of the Southwark Civic Association, has been out in the Philadelphia wards, at various fundraisers and politic cal shindigs, gathering support. She has also spent each Thursday in City Council,

LABOR LEADERS Sam Malone and Eddie Penna of the Reinforced Ironworkers Local 405 were among a packed house to support City Council candidate Karen Brown, center, on Monday. studying the issues and finding out just what constituents want from their Council Member. Brown has also been holding many small fundraisers, oftentimes hosted by South

Philadelphia businesspeople, and also in Northeast Philadelphia, hosted by union and labor leaders. Brown denies she is the only union-backed candidate, but calls herself a “real

friend of labor.” “I am running with the support of Unions such as Ironworkers 401, Reinforced Ironworkers 405 and TWU, and construction companies, and with the backing of friends such as Joey Vento,” Brown said. “I have the confidence to tackle the challenge of being the first to run for two Council seats simultaneously.” Brown will file petitions for both 1st Dist. Council and Council At Large in the spring. “I have done my homework and checked with the City Commissioners and the Committee of 70, and there is no law stopping me from running for both. “The fact is, I have been running for this my entire

life,” said Brown. Brown said, “We need City Council representatives who fully understand the true meaning of what constitutes a constituent servant. I will be out there on the trenches fighting in City Hall, and in the neighborhood communicating face-to-face with constituents.” Brown said she has spent the last two years putting together a team, which has built a strategy she believes will see her win in the Primary election and beyond. “Anyone that underestimates my candidacy will be doing me a huge favor,” she warned. “I look forward to debating the real issues with all the respected candidates as we move forward in 2011.”

Author Catches Up With Old Friends Audenreid Reads It was like a South Philadelphia homecoming at a local book store last night, as a local author signed copies of his new book last night at Borders in center city. SuperGlue: Bonding for Life reunites key South Philadelphia players in a local writer’s early life. Former classmates and long-time friends of author Joseph A. DiLeonardo got together last night to celebrate a book that they are all a part of. That said, the members of this close-knit gang originally from South Philadelphia are anything but amateurs at staying in touch with one another. The 1948 65th-grade class of the Francis Reed ES has

kept in close contact over the years by holding reunions and learning about each other’s outstanding accomplishments. Super Glue: Bonding For Life is filled with dozens of stories and photos centered on their grade-school class. The school, originally located at 11th & Moore, is long gone but the memories are as fresh as ever. DiLeonardo, an advertising executive in Old City, writes with pride of the accomplishments that he and his class achieved. Many went on to become successful doctors, lawyers, diplomats, entrepreneurs and musicians, such as the gang’s first “rock star.” Charlie Gracie topped the American and British charts with hits like “Butter-

fly,” which sold over 3 million copies. Gracie often appeared on “Dick Clark’s American Bandstand.” Many of Joe’s friends also contributed to the book including Bill DiCiurcio, who recalls the time he and his buddies rented a room one summer in Wildwood. Joe and pal Artie Michaels managed to get a couple of girls to give them their phone numbers. The two lost a bet on the authenticity of the numbers and wound up being subjected to an ice bath while being pelted with raw eggs. “It’s an emotionally packed, inspirational memoir about a small group of friends that banded together for life to overcome the hurdles of growing up in the

post-depression era,” says DiLeonardo. “It’s the best subject matter you could find.” Super Glue: Bonding For Life is available at area bookstores, including Borders and Barnes and Noble on online. For more information or to purchase a copy, visit

Phone Cards (Cont. From Page 1). The group raised $1,150 to buy the phone cards for men and women of the armed forces, who will use them to call loved ones while on duty. The group presented its check to members of USO and to Farnese at A Fels Community Center ceremony.

A local politician, famous Basketball coach and local two local authors will be at a local high school to read to students tomorrow. State Representative Kenyatta Johnson will be the featured guest speaker at the parent and community event “Navigate the Age of Information: Celebrating Libraries, Literacy, and the Age of Information” at the Audenried High School Library tomorrow. Additional speakers will include basketball star Sonny Hill, Nakea Murray of Urban Teen Reads, poet and author Will Little, urban fiction author Daaimah Poole, author Dashaun Taylor, and commu-

nity resident Meeka Outlaw. For more information, please contact Rachel Williams (parent ombudsman) or Alice Lee (librarian) at 215-952-4801.

The Right of Way (Cont From Page 1) Students from the Universal Charter School and employees from Universal Cos., along with neighborhood children volunteers, participated throughout the day, laying out and painting this colorful mural.

“Bullying is a depressing situation for sure,” Stone said. “Rep. Johnson is interested in conveying hope for the problem though across the board for legislative leaders in Philadelphia. He is taking a unique approach to help address not only the victims of

bullying, but also aid in intervention and services for the families of the bully. As a producer of the strip, Johnson is focusing on what the main cartoon strip star Roger Robbie, the Hip-hop raccoon character, is doing to help even the harshest bully to

reform. Bullies will look at the cute raccoon and decide not to be a tormenting monster. And U7, the superhero character, could be used also to speak out against bullying, according to Stone “It is based on values such as respect, hard work, and car-

Stop Losing Jobs

FRIENDS of Marconi: Sam Curry, Brian Douglas, Bruce Stranix, Dave Lombardo Complete fall clean up last Photo by Maria Merlino weekend.

…Rep. Kenyatta Johnson

James (Sharief) Byard and Iteal Jones supporting negotiator Ray Bailey For President

On Thursday Dec. 9, 2010 Elect

RAY BAILEY For President ILA Local 1291 Paid for by Members for Change

TheSouth Philadelphia Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

State Rep. Kenyatta J. Johnson has joined a local artist to produce a Family and Fun Bullying Prevention comic strip for students and parents. The comic strip “Monster TEAM Values” co-created by local activist Van Stone, tries to relieve the problem of bullying.

Fall Cleanup Success AT Marconi

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Local Artist Finds Creative Way To Tackle Bullying

ing,” says Stone. “We are teaching positive values using rhymes, poetry, and artwork. Preventing bullying, fostering animal care, and promoting recycling are three of the issues we will deal with in the strip.” He said, “Too many people hear the term “bullying prevention” and have visions of victims of bullies slowly turning to leaders for help. But what “bullying prevention” really means is being able to live in a Bully-Free town or city in which all are welcomed to a Bullying Prevention Family where they work and play. State Rep. Johnson’s comic strip support story is good for our city. What he is doing helps to provide bullying prevention for everyone.”

Page 4 The Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

Dem Caucus Turns Philly From Queen Into Cinderella Philadelphia has lost its clout in the Pennsylvania General Assembly – so much so, it may well be treated like Cinderella for at least the next two years. Philadelphians missing from leadership roles are outgoing Gov. Ed Rendell, House Appropriations Chair Dwight Evans, and House Democrat Caucus Chair Mark Cohen. Gov.-Elect Tom Corbett’s team will now be setting the agenda, with Allegheny Co.’s needs and priorities on the front burner. Philadelphia, long considered a city with a gorilla appetite, is now an orphan in the House of Representatives, made more bedraggled by the fact the Democrats are

Councilman Wm.


Room 580 City Hall P. 215-686-3446/7 F. 215-686-1927

now in the minority. What reportedly did Evans in was the circulation of a report showing he had appropriated $17 million in “walking around money” for his District, some going to the successful Ogontz Jazz Festival and the Ogontz Avenue Revitalization Corp. That area was beginning to take off, using Evans’ financial muscle. It now looks as if belt-tightening will be in order. Several Philadelphia members of the Democrat Caucus joined the opposition, supporting State Rep. Joe Markosek of Allegheny Co. They felt some of their projects were put on hold for long periods of time, ignored by Evans. State Rep. Angel Cruz (D-Kensington) said he was among those voting against Evans. He said, “I did not get funding for projects for which I had worked hard. I have been waiting for $1.5 million in funding for a project for Councilman Bill

Green Room 599 City Hall P. 215.686.3420/21 F. 215.686.1930

five budget cycles which Evans refused to approve.” Evans, unseated without a Philadelphia replacement, ends a tradition that saw Philadelphians holding the leadership in that all-important Appropriations Committee. Even the suburbs took a hit, as State Rep. Mike Gerber of Montgomery Co. lost in his bid to become minority whip. Also elected to leadership positions were State Rep. Frank Dermody, Allegheny Co., as minority leader; State Rep. Mike Hanna, of Clinton Co., minority whip; State Rep. Jennifer Mann, Lehigh Co., caucus secretary; State Rep. Ron Buxton, Dauphin Co., caucus administrator, and State Rep. Mike Sturla, Lancaster Co., as policy chair. The Republicans already have their leadership posts in order. Speaker of the House is

The Public Record Samuel Smith; majority leader, Mike Turzai; William Adolph, appropriations; Stan Saylor, whip; Sandra Major, chairman; Mike Vereb, secretary; Richard Stevenson, administrator, and Dave Reed, policy. The Republican-controlled State Senate saw few changes. In the Democratic minority, Jay Costa (D-Allegheny) beat out Michael Stack (D-Northeast) for leader. Vincent Hughes (D-Northwest) took over the minority appropriations chair.

Wife To Seek Donatucci Seat Maria Donatucci, the widow of State Rep. Robert Donatucci, is being drafted to run for the 185th Legislative Dist. seat left vacant by her husband, who died in his sleep Nov. 8. Should she agree, it is expected she will be an easy winner in the special election backed by her brother in law, powerful Democrat 26th Ward Leader Register of

State Rep.

Wills Ron Donatucci. The special election won’t be held over until the Primary, according to some officials. Though that would save money, the law calls for the election to be held at least 60 days after a writ is issued declaring a vacancy. That is due to come down this week or next. Speaker Keith McCall is expected to issue that writ Nov. 30, just before the legislative term ends. With a strong Democrat registration that includes Darby Township, Donatucci won his 185th Dist. for a 15th term with a five-to-one margin over his Republican opponent. A special election would give Mrs. Donatucci an edge in seniority over those who will be elected in November.

Big Donors Working Corbett Transition Gov.-Elect Tom Corbett’s transition team will be made up of 10 people, most of whom were big-time supporters. (Cont. Page 6) R EPRESENTATIVE

William Keller 184th District

Constituent Service Office

1610 S. Broad St. Phila., PA 19146 (215) 952-3378

1531 S. 2nd Street


A NGEL C RUZ DISTRICT OFFICE 2749 N. 5th St. • 215-291-5643 Staffed by :

Joe Evangelista Debbie Toro

Ready to Serve you

REP. BRENDAN F. BOYLE 7215 B. Rising Sun Ave. Phila. PA 19111 • P (215)-342-1700

14230 Bustleton Ave.

Phila.PA 19116 • P (215) 676-0300

Senator Tina State Sen.

Shirley M. Kitchen 3rd Sen. District 1701 W. Lehigh Ave.Ste 104 • Philadelphia, PA 19132 215-227-6161 •

Tartaglione 2nd Dist. 127 W. Susquehanna Ave. 1063 Bridge St. Philadelphia, PA 19122 Philadelphia, PA 19124



State Senator

Larry Farnese First Senate District Tel. 215-952-3121 1802 S. Broad St.• Phila. PA 19145

(USPS PP 109) Weekly Publication Published by:

The Phila. Public Record The South Phila Public Record 1323 S. Broad Street Phila., PA 19147 ISSN 1938-8551 (Application to Mail At Periodicals Postage Rates Is Pending At Philadelphia PA and Bellmawr NJ) Postmaster: send address change to: The Public Record 1323 S. Broad Street Phila. PA 19147 215-755-2000 Fax: 215-689-4099 Subscription Rate: $ 30.00/Year EDITORIAL STAFF Editor & Publisher: James Tayoun Sr. Managing Editor: Anthony West Associate Editor: Rory G. McGlasson Medical Editor: Paul Tayoun M.D. CitiLife Editor: Ruth R. Russell Editorial Staff: Joe Sbaraglia Out & About Editor: Denise Clay Contributing Editor: Bonnie Squires Dan Sickman: Veteran Affairs Correspondent: Nathaniel Lee Creative Director & Editorial Cartoonist: Ron Taylor Photographers: Donald Terry Harry Leech Steven Philips Production Manager: William J. Hanna Bookkeeping: Haifa Hanna Webmaster: Sana Muaddi-Dows Advert. Director: John David Controller: John David Circulation: Steve Marsico The Public Record welcomes news and photographs about your accomplishments and achievements which should be shared with the rest of the community. Contact us by phone, fax, e-mail or by dropping us a note in the mail. If you mail a news item, please include your name, address and daytime telephone number so we can verify the information you provided us, if necessary. The Public Record reserves the right to edit all news items and letters for grammar, clarity and brevity. (C) 1999-2010 by the Philadelphia Public Record. No reproduction or use of the material herein may be made without the permission of the publisher. The Philadelphia Public Record will assume no obligation (other than the cancellation of charges for the actual space occupied) for accidental errors in advertisements, but we will be glad to furnish a signed letter to the buying public.

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The Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

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Page 6 The Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

Councilwoman Krajewski Gets Tribute Party (Cont. From Page 4) The team members are unpaid, but will influence much of the new hiring needed to replace Democrats in key administrative positions. The list included many who helped raise big dollars for Corbett’s campaign. The team includes Christine Toretti, CEO of S.W. Jack Drilling Co., co-chair along with Bob Asher, of Asher Candies. The other co-chairs on the transition team are Jack Barbour, CEO of Ingersoll & Rooney and Bill Sasso, chairman of the law firm Stradley Ronon, based in Philadelphia. Laura Ellsworth, the other cochair of Corbett’s inauguration committee, is partner-in-charge of the Jones Day law firm’s Pittsburgh office. The firm contributed more than $23,700 to Corbett’s gubernatorial campaign. Leslie Gromis-Baker and Tom Paese were named by Corbett as co-directors of the transition. Paese served as Secretary of Administration for Gov. Tom Ridge. Gromis-Baker was campaign manager for Ridge during his successful reelection campaign in 1998 and was the state director of the 2000 election campaign of President George W. Bush. Traffic Court Candidate

Democrat Marnie Aument-Loughrey May, 2011 Paid for by Candidate

Brian Nutt, who served as Corbett’s campaign manager and chief of staff of the State Attorney General’s office, will be the transition team’s chief of staff.

Commissioner Joe Duda’s Support Strong In GOP

3 Candidates Seen For 6th Council Dist. 6th Dist. Councilwoman Joan Krajewski was hosted at a party in the Northeast last week, where she was told by those in attendance her years as their Councilwoman were a hallmark in the progress of good things for that area. She made them understand her decision was final. She is getting out to make room for another. Those close to Joan say she’s already put her mantle of leadership on State Rep. Michael McGeehan, because she sees him “as a busy, responsive legislator who would do well for the District.” Hoping to enter the primary are Ward Leader and former School Reform Commission member Martin Bednarek and Dennis Kelly, formerly of Traffic Court. The way things are shaping up, it’s believed McGeehan has it sewed up and is readying his campaign team for the Council race. He’s been in the State House since 1991, representing the 173rd Legislative Dist.

Another Candidate For Sheriff’s Office This notice could possibly be the first and last for Devon Cade,

The deadline to apply for Property Tax/Rent Rebates is Dec. 31. The rebate program benefits Pennsylvanians who are 65 and older, people with disabilities 18 and older, and widows and widowers 50 and older you meet income requirements. To obtain Property Tax/Rent Rebate claim forms (PA-1000), information, and to check the status of already filed claims go online to, call 1-888-222-9190, or call my office.

IT WAS obvious from the size of crowd attending City Commissioner Joseph Duda’s fundraiser in Northeast he’ll have little trouble winning the Republican nomination for that post. With Duda, second from right, are Joe Bongiovanni, Dave Jordan, Joe Gembala and Dr. Joe Toland. who is announcing his intention to run for the office of Sheriff in the Democrat May Primary. He believes he can motivate the youth. He presently serves as student advisor for the School District. Devon kicks off his campaign at 822 N. Broad Street from 5 to 8 p.m. on Dec. 10. His campaign manager is Dawn McClary.

Brady Honors Firms Aiding Autistic Kids Congressman Bob Brady introduced a resolution this week in Congress applauding the Einstein Healthcare Network, Southwest Airlines and Philadelphia International Airport for instituting bestpractices procedures for helping families with autistic children when they are traveling. The three groups have collaborated with the Transportation Security Administration, the University of the Sciences and the Gray Center, in Michigan, to help

CITY COMMISSIONER Joe Duda Gets smiling approvals from judicial candidate Anna Marie Coyle and RCC chairman Vito Canuso.

families better navigate airports. “This teaming up on behalf of families with autistic children certainly deserves to be honored,” Brady said. While a simple outing to a public place may become a highly charged and traumatic experience for an autistic child, travel may also trigger an emotional reaction. So to ensure that there is sensitivity and support for these families, The Autism Accessibility Program at Einstein reached out to Southwest Airlines and enlisted the support of the Philadelphia International Airport to help the airline become more orientated to the needs of autistic children. Training sessions for airport employees are ongoing and families now have the opportunity to take part in simulated flights to help them prepare their children for the flight experience. In addition, Einstein has placed preparatory materials for families on their website.

8016 Bustleton Avenue Philadelphia PA 19152 215-695-1020 Open Mon. - Fri. 9:00 AM - 5 PM


Rallying Around Oh

JOINING ATTORNEY David Oh, 2nd from left, in Chinatown for fundraiser were Kevin Fei, Ken Wong and GOP Ward Leader Jason Brehouse. Attendance indicated Oh’s increasing support for his run for Republican nomination to City Council at Large seat in coming primary.

State Representative



1555-D Wadsworth Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19150 (215) 242-0472 Fax: (215) 753-4538 WEB SITE

Parkwood Shopping Center 12361 Academy Road, Phila., PA 19154, 215-281-2539

ADDING their support for Commissioner Joe Duda, left, are Tony Malkowski, Al Taubenberger, and Bill Ivers.

State Senator

Anthony Hardy Williams 8th Senatorial District

6630 Lindbergh Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19142 (215) 492-2980 Fax: (215) 492-2990 Always Hard Working .. . for You!


RONALD G. WATERS 191st Leg. District 6027 Ludlow Street, Unit A

(215) 468-2300



State Rep.


Frank Oliver

174th District 8100 Castor Ave Phila, PA 19152 T: 215-342-6204

195th District 2839 W. Girard Ave. Phila. PA 19130


Cause of 9/11 Part 1 of 25

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the facts.” --Abraham Lincoln. “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time. But you cannot fool all the people all the time.” -- Abraham Lincoln --The Philadelphia Oboe Sound System

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The Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

Page 8 The Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

Teens More Sexually Responsible Than Adults Sex education is working, and that’s exactly what is needed around the world to stop the AIDS epidemic.That’s the opinion of Robert Fai, who has seen the ravages of AIDS in Africa and around the world, and is encouraged by a new study that shows how increased awareness can result in better personal responsibility. Released only a few weeks

before World Aids Day on December 1, the Indiana University survey of more than 5,000 people -- more than 800 of them under 18 -- discovered that nearly 80% of all teens use condoms when they have sex, compared to their adult counterparts aged 25 and up who use condoms fewer than 20% of the time. “As startling as those statis-

Can Diet Help Treat And Prevent Autism? Dr. Shauna Young is a believer in the words of German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, who related the three steps of truth: “First, it is ridiculed; second, it is vigorously opposed; and third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Dr. Young has been living through the first two stages of that evolution with regard to

her views on how diet can affect autism-spectrum disorders, but feels the third stage is just around the corner. “When it comes to our research, we’re a bit like the square peg in the round hole,” said Dr. Young, Chief Medical Advisor for the NoHarm Foundation (www.noharmfounda(Cont. Page 9)

tics may be for Americans, it sends a strong message to the global community trying to fight AIDS,” said Fai. According to the Health Protection Agency, the two groups most affected by HIV include gay and bisexual men and Black African heterosexuals. Threequarters of people diagnosed were among these two groups. Fai believes that education, plus a greater emphasis on family, are the two best weapons in the global fight against the disease. “Millions of people all over the world are still about to die from this disease, either because of ignorance, poverty or both,” Fai said. Fai holds a Bachelor's Degree in economics and a Master’s Degree in public policy. He has worked both in the African nation of Cameroon and in the United States with notfor-profits and advocacy groups.

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It’s more that the medical community just isn’t accustomed to something this new, and the established protocols for publishing findings just don’t fit when dealing with something truly

1416 S. Broad Street • Phila. PA 19146

215-755-2010 Fast and Courteous Service Free Pickup and Delivery In South Philadelphia We accept Most Insurance Plans Open Mon. - Fri. • 10-5 (Italian Spoken)

unique like this. “Traditionally, findings like ours would be an offshoot of previous research, and publishing an article about it would include lots of references to other articles, which is the standard. But what we’re doing has both the virtue and the vice of not having ever been tried before, and there is just no mechanism in the bureaucracy set up for what we’ve discovered. “At face value, we’re using our Spectrum Balance Protocol Diet to control disorders that have baffled researchers for decades. How do you present results like that to an established medical community without a chorus of disbelief, especially when our research isn’t based on anything that’s come before? So, in spite of the resistance from the medical community, I’m taking the track record we’ve accomplished over the past five years out directly to the families of autistic children because they deserve to have this information.” Dr. Young’s approach to helping autistic individuals primarily using just food, does not involve expensive drugs or large amounts of supplements, and it does not promote specific products or treatment services. Instead, it (Cont. Page 23)

The Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

(Cont. From Page 8) “It’s not that other doctors aren’t gaining interest in what we’re doing with regard to diet and autism, and it isn’t that the results aren’t remarkable.

Page 9

Another Crack At Autism

Page 10 The South Philadelphia Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

235th Marine Corps Birthday Party Draws Crowd Happy Birthday, Marines! The weather held up beautifully as thousands of Marines surrounded Cookie’s Tavern at 10th & Oregon Avenue on

November 9th to celebrate the 235th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. With a twinge of sadness, Tom “Pittsy” Pitts, a Marine

who was killed flying a mission of mercy and his best friend, Marine Jim “Jimmy the Pilot” Donahue, who was severely injured in the same crash, were remembered and honored by friends and family. Marion Wagner, whose father, James “Daddy Wags” Wagner started the tradition more than 30 years ago, was presented a plaque by Bill “Bravo Lima” Latta in honor of these brave men. Latta, who sorely missed his friends, told me, “Daddy Wags and Pittsy are together again in the wild blue yonder.” Former CBS-3 meteorologist

and Air Force Officer Tom Lamaine was master of ceremonies and Judge Jimmy Lynn sang the Marine Corps hymn a Capella. There were many more women enjoying the festivities and I was pleased to meet Brigadier Gen. Marcela Monahan, who was recently promoted to one-star general. Monahan is married to a local chap, John Monahan. Even though it was her first time at the party, Gen. Monahan spoke too many of the revelers with ease. Since she is one of only three female generals in

the Corps, I was curious about high-ranking women in the military and asked about her journey. “I’ve been in the Marines for 26 year years,” she begins. “I could have retired at 20 years but I love it so much! I have a need to take care of Marines.” Monahan, who was commissioned in 1984 where she was assigned various platoon commanders and officers, transferred to the Marine Corps Reserve in 1990 and had many field assign-

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Inspector Tony Boyle with daughter of late James” Daddy Wags” Wagner, Marion Wagner. Photos By Maria Merlino

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ments. In 2001, she was assigned Regimental InspectorInstructor in support of Operation Enduring Freedom until August 2003. She then held billets of Transportation Officer and Staff Training Officer. In November 2008 she returned to active duty as the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-7 Engineers, II MEF (Fwd). She served in Iraq with Multi National Force-West (MNF-W) from January 2009 to January 2010. Monahan, the assistant chief of staff of the inspector general for II Marine Expeditionary Force at Camp Lejeune, was one of four Marine Corps Reserve colonels to have been nominated by President Obama for promotion to the rank of brigadier general. I ask her if she would encourage girls to join the military. “I would encourage it if that is something they’re interested in,” she answered. “But you don’t have to be in uniform to serve your country. The greatest sacrifice is families, praying for their son or daughter. Every Marine’s job is to serve the Marines in conflict on the ground.

Marine Billy “Bravo Lima” Latta holds plaque honoring James “Jimmy the Pilot” Donahue

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We are a debt-relief agency 1500 Walnut Street • Suite 900 Philadelphia, PA 19102


Marine Billy “Bravo Lima” Latta, Brig.Gen Marcela Monahan and her husband John Monahan

However, as amended by the Senate, the bill expanded the so-called “Castle Doctrine.” The bill allows people to use deadly force without having to retreat or move away from a would-be attacker even if they can do so safely. It also expands the locations encompassed under the "Castle Doctrine" to include the porch, yard, public locations and vehicles. Thomas noted that the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association also opposes the expansion of the Castle Doctrine. The association is concerned this bill would give people involved in unjustified shootings an open door for claims of self-defense. District Attorneys from across the Commonwealth have warned that the legislation will make it much more difficult to try murder suspects. Ed Marsico, president of the association and the District

Attorney of Dauphin Co., has called the Castle Doctrine expansion a “defense attorney’s dream.” He further stated it will “change what happens in the street. Someone can claim self-defense if they shoot someone who looks at them the wrong way. By eliminating a duty to retreat, you are encouraging someone to potentially take a life.”

The needs of the homeless are most keenly felt during the holiday season. This year, Betty Harris, founder of Betty Harris Homes, Inc., will again provide food and comfort for those in need of both. Along with the children of Betty Harris Homes and a host of concerned members of the community, Thanksgiving meals will be distributed on Wed. Nov 25. She invites volunteers to join her at 6:00 p.m. at the clothespin at 15th & Market.

Sheriff Green’s Important Steps to Saving Your Home Step 1: Assemble your current financial information, and call your lender.

Step 2:

Visit to learn more about borrowers’ rights, loss mitigation and abusive servicing practices. Contact the Sheriff’s Office at 215-686-3525 for more information

Step 3: If you feel uncomfortable handling mortgage negotiations, consult a professional housing Counselor

Step 4: Take time to carefully investigate the offers you receive to avoid becoming a fraud victim Sheriff John D. Green Philadelphia

Marathon Adds Events An enhanced weekend experience of activities features four races, more than 20 Cheer Zones, free Health & Fitness Expo, volunteer opportunities and family fun will all be part of the 2010 Philadelphia Marathon Race weekend beginning Friday, Nov. 19 through Sunday, Nov. 21. “We are excited to show our runners and visitors that we are striving to be marathon’s

best host city through an expanded schedule of activities,” said Mayor Michael Nutter. He added, “We think Philadelphia is definitely a premier destination city, with a scenic, runner-friendly course, enthusiastic spectators, more than 2,000 friendly volunteers, community involvement, special deals and discounts around the city and weekend-long activities for the entire family.”

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY The Pennsylvania Behavioral Health & Aging Coalition is seeking older adult volunteers age 60+ for our Aging Coalition Trainers (ACT) Program. The ACT Program is a new training project that trains older adult volunteers to provide information to other older adults in group settings. Information will include: behavioral health concerns, substance abuse, suicide prevention, the normal issues of aging, development of advocacy skills, and knowledge of the availability of resources in the local community and statewide level. This one-day training will be held in the West Chester area. Please respond by December 1, 2010. For more information or to apply to become an ACT Volunteer Trainer, please contact: Jill Parisi, LSW PA Behavioral Health & Aging Coalition Regional Coordinator 717-649-0452

The Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

Despite No votes by State Reps. W. Curtis Thomas, Cherelle Parker, Ron Waters and other members of the Philadelphia Democrat House caucus against legislation that would expand the use of deadly force in Pennsylvania, HB 1926 passed. "Unfortunately, the Senate's amendments to this legislation gave me no other option but to vote no," Thomas (D-N. Phila.) said. "This measure creates a Wild West mentality in Pennsylvania, where people can shoot first and ask questions later." When it was passed by the House, the bill originally provided additional requirements for the registration of sex offenders who are homeless, transient, or lose a permanent address during their registration period. It also provided for registration of certain outof-state offenders who relocate to the Commonwealth.

Volunteer For Thanksgiving

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Lawmakers And DAs Castigate ‘Castle’

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Page 12 The Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

Philadelphia lost a key ally in the Pennsylvania State House with the recent passing of STATE REP. RONALD DONATUCCI. He will truly be missed, as the attendance at the funeral mass would suggest. The turnout included all of the Philadelphia delegation and many others from throughout the Commonwealth. Included in the mix was STATE REP. DWIGHT EVANS, who was working hard to hold onto his minority chairmanship. Sadly, Dwight lost (which equals a loss for our region). Any local State Rep that wasn’t on board to preserve our city’s stake in Harrisburg should expect a challenge next time out, as the stakes are too high and Dems can’t afford to take any prisoners in 2012! Meanwhile, STATE SENS. VINCENT HUGHES and TINA TARTAGLIONE appear to be headed toward victories in key Senate leadership positions. Both are expected to post big wins on the scoreboard for Philly! These wins are crucial to maintaining the clout we not only need from Harrisburg, but deserve! A recent article listing various members of the legislature and their past criminal misdeeds was less of a new revelation and more like entertaining reading. Some of the charges and answers were hilarious! How do you forget being arrested? I think most of us would never forget (unless it happened so often you just don’t remember this specific incident)! City Controller ALAN BUTKOVITZ’S plans to run for Mayor should be on hold. We love his hard work and commitment to accuracy throughout the city, but he’s ruffled (Cont. Page 22)

There are certain things that have been constants in my time as a columnist here at the Public Record. I know the publisher of this fine newspaper, Jimmy Tayoun, is going to get mad at me about writing about the Phillies and Opening Day of baseball season, so that’s a constant. There’s going to be at least one or two stories in either the Philadelphia Inquirer or Daily News that touches on one of the following topics: a public agency run amok, police brutality, or Mumia Abu Jamal. And that Dwight Evans is going to end up on the news a whole bunch of times during the Commonwealth’s dysfunctional budget voting process because as chair of the House Appropriations Committee, he has a big stake in the outcome. Well, as of Tuesday night, one of these things is no longer true. Unfortunately for Philadelphians, it’s the last one. State Reps. Dwight Evans and Mark Cohen were ousted from their offices as Democratic Appropriations Chair and Democratic Caucus Chair respectively on Tuesday. Evans had been Appropriations Chair for 20 years and Cohen was Caucus chair for 21. To add insult to injury, this marks the first time since 1956 there will be no Philadelphians in a position of Democratic leadership, as all of the city’s representatives that ran for leadership posts were defeated. According to my sources, four Philadelphia-area representatives helped State Reps. Joe Markosek and Dan Frankel, both of Allegheny Co., win these leadership positions. My sources also say Cohen was collateral damage. Evans (Cont. Page 18)

Yo! Here we go again with this ‘hot’ tale for my good friend Barry L. It’s about McIlhenny Tabasco Sauce. The pepper sauce was created in the mid-to-late 1860s by Edmund McIlhenny from Capsicum fructescens pepper seeds that had come from Mexico or Central America. On Avery Island in Southern Louisiana, he sowed the seeds, nurtured the plants, and delighted in the spicy flavor of the peppers they bore. The word “Tabasco” is of Mexican Indian origin, believed to mean “place where the soil is humid” or “place of the coral or oyster shell – Avery Island.” He created this pepper sauce to give food some spice, flavor and some excitement. Selecting and crushing the reddest peppers from his plants, he mixed them with Avery Island salt and aged this ‘mash’ for 30 days in crockery jars and barrels. McIlhenny then blended the mash with French white-wine vinegar and aged the mixture for at least another 30 days. After straining it, he transferred the sauce to small cologne-type bottles which he then corked and sealed in green wax. His pepper sauce was concentrated and best used when sprinkled, not poured. The pepper sauce proved so popular with family and friends that McIlhenny, previously a banker, decided to embark on a new business venture by marketing it in 1868. By the late 1870s he sold his sauce throughout the US and even in England. Today, just as then, when the peppers reach the perfect shade of deep red and are at their juiciest, they are carefully picked by hand, gauging the color by comparing it to a small wooden dowel, “le petit baton rouge” painted the preferred hue of Tabasco red. After the peppers are picked, they are mashed with a small amount of Avery Island salt, extracted from the salt mines that lie beneath the island, mixed with high-quality distilled vinegar for up to three years in white oak barrels. When approved, the fully aged mash is then blended with high quality distilled vinegar. Numerous stirrings and about four weeks later, the pepper skins, pulp and seeds are strained out using three different-sized screens. Then the “finished” sauce is bottled by modern methods. It is labeled in 22 languages and dialects, sold in over 160 countries and territories, added to soldiers’ rations, and put on restaurant tables around the globe. It is the most famous, most preferred pepper sauce in the world. And will probably remain a ‘hot’ addition to almost any food – except ice cream.

THE SNOOPER’S “BADGES OF DISGRACE”: How many more “ROGUE COPS” are there? Today, they got another one; this time it’s an INSPECTOR. The count so far is up to 15 ROGUE COPS and here are some of their names; CASTRO, MAKUCH, ALIVERA, SNYDER, CROCKETT, HARVEY, VENZIALE, GARY, WILLIAMS, LUCIANO, WIGGINS, MELBANE, WEEMS, WALTO and last but not least, FRANK TEPPER. One of the Commanders told me about a special MEMO that was sent to all the POLICE COMMANDERS. He told me the Police Commissioner, CHARLES RAMSEY, wrote, “RESPECT the VALUES we live by, make them a part of who you are, because this is how WE will RESTORE our REPUTATION and, I might add, our FUTURE depends on it.” This has got to S-T-O-P and N-O-W. I heard from many COPS who tell me TEPPER will be the first to go to Prison! SNOOPER’S WARNINGS BUREAU: We want to warn all our SOUTH PHILADELPHIA readers of this newspaper, BEWARE, thieves have invaded your area. We have already seen a pattern of burglaries, house break-ins and also robberies. These thieves are coming in through back doors, windows, or whatever methods they need to break into your homes. Please check all your windows and doors, make sure they are secured and locked. Neighbors must look out for each other; after all, this is the only way we can stop it. The Police Dept. is also going to step up their patrols; however, they’ll need your help more than ever. I spoke with LT. McCANN and he agrees something must be done to stop this “CRIME WAVE” that has hit us here in SOUTH PHILADELPHIA. We need Y-O-U! (Cont. Page 18)

Long-time employees of City government were saddened with the news of the demise of STATE REP. ROBERT DONATUCCI and MORTON KRAUS. Bob was a veteran representative and did an extremely capable job of representing his people in Harrisburg. He is the brother of REGISTER OF WILLS RON DONATUCCI, who is also the Democratic Ward Leader in the 26th Ward. The Mass of the resurrection was held at Saint Monica’s Church. Among the mourners were former Chairman of the Board of Revision of Taxes DAVE GLANCEY and former President Judge of the Municipal Court ALAN SILBERSTEIN. Kraus, a judge of the Municipal Court for many years, departed this life after a long illness, which he was able to work through. Mortie, as his friends knew him, was remembered for his common-sense approach to resolving disputes before him and his love of the Phillies. He had a great sense of humor which he occasionally expressed from the bench. He is survived by his wife of many years, VICKY. SEAMUS McCAFFERY, SR., the father of Supreme Court JUSTICE SEAMUS McCAFFERY, departed this life on Nov. 10. In addition to the Justice, McCaffery is survived by son DAN McCAFFERY, a successful lawyer who had just run a very competitive campaign for District Attorney. Justice McCaffery had risen from the ranks of the Philadelphia Police Dept. to become Administrative Judge of the Municipal Court before running successfully for Supreme Court Justice. McCaffery is also survived by wife of 64 years, RITA; daughters MOLLY, NOEL, COLLEEN and KATHLEEN; son GARY; 20 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren. Former Commissioner of Public Records PAUL McSORLEY was the subject of a memorial service at Saint David’s Roman Catholic Church in Princeton Junction. Paul came from a remarkable West Philadelphia family. He was one of 15 children. Four of the boys went on to become priests and five of the daughters to become nuns. The mother was Catholic Mother of the Year and was a great example to all her children. Paul’s father RICHARD was a Philadelphia lawyer who specialized in adoptions. The Brehon Law Society is holding its annual Christmas party on Dec. 1 at Tír Na Nóg on 1600 Arch Street. The Brehons are planning a legal symposium in Ireland in May of 2011. CHARLIE GARUFFE informs us that the Old Buzzards are having their annual Christmas party at Tony’s on Frankford Avenue. Book your tickets for Dallas, because the Eagles are going to the Super Bowl!

SIDNEY & CAROL Kimmel were lead donors in creating new National Museum of American Jewish History

LYNNE & HAROLD Honickman join Boad Member Joe Zu- RHONDA & DAVID Cohen ritsky at festivities opening were among VIPs in attendance. night.

The Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

CBS 3 anchors Chris May and Susan Barnett STATE REP. Josh Shapiro and his wife Lori were greeted by Lynne & Len Barrack at US SEN. Arlen Specter and his wife Joan were delighted to see classmates Margie & STATE SEN. Daylin Leach and his wife museum opening. Barrack is president of Brian Wargron at cocktail reception. were among 1,000 who attended gala. Jen enjoyed historical evening. Jewish Federation of Greater Phila.

Page 13

Thousands Attend Jewish Museum Opening

WHO’S WHO of Jewish Phila. and American attended National Museum of American Jewish History gala opening night. On hand was our own Bonnie Squires, who covered many of the VIPs in attendance, taking photos and other tidbits for Public Record readers.

GEORGE ROSS, co-chair of NMAJH Board of Trustees, is joined by Anne LEW & JANET Klein arrived with their McNulty, Lynn Ross and Leslie Anne friends Jerry Blavat and Larry & Mickey Magid. Miller.

Clover Club Hosts Tigre Hill At Lunch TEAM that created The Barrel of A Gun, a documentary about Mumia Abu Jamal’s conviction for murdering Officer Daniel Faulkner, discussed making movie for annual Clover Club luncheon at Union League. From left are Editor and Producer Violet Mendoza, Executive Producer Kevin Kelly and Director Tigre Hill.

CLOVER CLUB President Mike Wallace, left, chats with his VP the Hon. Ed Bradley before an- BRIAN PRESKI, left, hangs out with old nual autumn lunch. Clover Club bears a proud friends Republican Ward Leaders Walt and tradition of entertainment dating back to 1882. Chris Vogler.

Two Firms Donate 500 St. Joe’s Honors O’Pake Thanksgiving Turkeys nize the hardships that working men and women and their families are experiencing in these difficult and harsh economic times. Managing partner Sam Pond said, “We are grateful and thankful for the opportunity this Thanksgiving season to give this small gift to our community.” The two firms have found the neediest of families who will receive the turkeys this Saturday.

Kitchen On Domestic Abuse

LEADING WORKSHOP on domestic violence at Honickman Learning Center in North Central, State Sen. Shirley Kitchen is flanked by cohost Gwendolyn West-Sutton of Lady-G Enterprises, left, and Valerie Moore, Miss Black Penna.

The Law Firm of Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano, The Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability Law Firm, together with Union Services Access, a consulting services network for unions and their members, are donating 500 turkeys to local families in need this Holiday Season. The attorneys and staff at Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano recog-

LEGISLATORS gathered to honor State Sen. Michael O’Pake for receiving honors from St. Joseph’s University alumni at Bellevue Hyatt over weekend. From left are State Sens. Michael Stack, honoree O’Pake and LeAnna Washington; union leader Wendell Young; State Sens. Larry Farnese, Shirley Kitchen, Anthony Williams and, seated forefront, Tina Tartaglione; and Peggy La Rose.

JUDGE Ed Bradley, left, shares lively conversation with Tom Darcy and Mike Cibik, who organizes shindigs for Clover Club.

Page 14 The Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

Our Opinion ... Who’s Kidding Whom? State Supreme Court Justice Ronald Castille has become one weird cat, so much so the Philadelphia Inquirer editorially called for his resignation when he was caught with holding the bag as judicial overseer of the projected Family Court Building. He claims he didn’t know the man he vested with the responsibility of overseeing the construction would be making big bucks as one of the developers of the building – until the Inquirer broke the story. At the very least, there wasn’t much oversight there. Now, thanks to the same daily, his latest action in throwing out 19,400 criminal cases has been exposed. If the big chief says to do it, you do it – if you are the District Attorney and if you are the President Judge in the 1st Judicial Dist. Castille obviously has given no consideration to the victims of the 19,400 criminals to whom he’s given a free pass. One excuse was they were on the lam, and couldn’t be found. Yet Inquirer staff managed to quickly find six – some clear across the country – whom its staff interviewed. They were all pleased to learn they were no longer on the lam and could easily come back to City Hall for a tour without worry. Among them rapists, drug dealers, prostitutes, gun toting armed robbers – but, thank God, as DA Seth Williams pointed out – no murderers. The big excuse was it would free up the logjam of cases. Who’s kidding whom? Does that mean everybody on the court calendar for trial today in the Criminal Justice Center will find a resolution, one way or another to his or her case ... found guilty or freed? Heck, no! The jam is still there, created by the system that long ago needed to be fixed. The Inquirer, the Philadelphia Public Record and other parties have studied the system, disclosed the problems, and even came up with simple solutions to speed the process alone. Yet the Sheriff of Philadelphia dutifully continues to transport over 1,500 prisoners weekly from the prisons to the courts and back, and still less than half of them get to see their case heard that day. There is always some excuse, be it the defending attorney, the ADA, or the Judge, as to why the case had to be continued. This contributes to the backlog. It would have been prudent, at the least, for the Chief Justice to explain more clearly to a touchy public exactly how these dormant cases prevent active cases from being worked on. So who’s Castille kidding? Why hasn’t he spent his time during his tenure as Chief Justice truly working out the kinks, some of which he helped develop when he first served as our District Attorney three decades ago? We think it’s time someone challenge his competency, as was done with other justices in the past.

Editorial Warning!! Letters from an unidentified informant without any contact information cannot be considered for publication, no matter how valid their contents.

Nov. 18- Friends of Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown host reception at Sande Webster Gallery, 2006 Walnut St., 6 p.m. For info (215) 847-5264.

Nov. 19- Mayor to raise 20 more nations’ flags on Parkway and swear in 20 new citizens between 20th and 21st streets, 11 a.m. If rain, Mayor’s Reception Rm., Rm. 215, City Hall. Nov. 20- UNICO, Italian American Charitable Association, will be stuffing 175 turkey baskets at parking lot on west side of Turf Club, 700 Packer Ave., 9 a.m.-12

m. President Guy Ciabattoni invites everyone interested to join and help. For info Guy (215) 774-9866, ext. 11. Dec. 3- Phila. FIGHT marks 20th anniversary gala at Ritz Carlton. For ticket and other info (215) 525-8628. Dec. 5- 73rd Annual Rev. George Feider Memorial Communication Breakfast hosted by Millay Club alumni of Goretti-Neumann HS, at

LETTERS • LETTERS 70’s a PAC The Committee of 70 essentially operates like a political action committee, and it should register itself as one. Trying to masquerade as a government watchdog doesn’t cut the mustard when its leaders act like political pundits. Where are you, Fred Voigt? John Featherman

American Jobs For years, America’s consumers have been helping to create jobs for workers overseas at the expense of American workers. It has now reached a point that American-made products are hard to

find, especially in America’s major retail stores. In order to change this situation and help create Jobs for Americans, I urge you to go out of your way to purchase products with a made in the USA label. Through our purchasing power we can help create a demand for American made items; support products made in the USA by small and large companies, non-union and union and the self-employed; maintain the jobs presently employing Americans; expand employment opportunities as businesses see a demand for products made in the USA; revitalize America’s

economy; and restore a morereasonable balance between imported and American-made items in stores across the USA. Imported items will always be available in America; however, imported items should not be almost 90% of what is available at most stores where we shop. Until we see a fair balance between American made and imported items in all our stores, I urge you to direct your purchasing power to products with a made in the USA label. If we want positive change to happen, we as America’s consumers have to be the driving force. Michael Blichasz

Hyatt Regency at Penn’s Landing, 201 S. Columbus Blvd., 9 a.m. Honored will be Penna. State Secretary Basil Merenda and others. Tickets $30. For info (215) 389-0925. Dec. 8- Fire Fighters Local 22 and Police FOP Lodge 5 host plaque dedication honoring 100th anniversary of largest loss of life which killed 13 firefighters, one police officer and two fire horses at Plaza Complex on 2nd St. south of Girard Ave., 11 a.m. For info Jerry Kots (267) 549-6326.

Send the city your best

HOLIDAY GREETINGS in our Dec. 23 Special Issue Place Your Ad! Call John David 215-755-2000

MOUNTED reenactors provide honor guard at Veterans Day commemoration at All Wars Memorial to Colored Soldiers & Sailors on Parkway.

MARKING Nov. 10th Birthday of US Marine Corps at annual celebration by Cookies Bar were Judge Joe Waters, Pat Ghegan, Ralph Powers, Judge Jim Lynn, Mike Driscoll and John J. Kline.

The Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

OFFICIALS including Mayor Michael Nutter, Controller Alan Butkovitz, DA Seth Williams, Judge Pat Dugan and Councilman Bill Greenlee listen as Veterans Center Director Ed Lowry addresses crowd at Washington Square.

COMMEMORATION at Historic Eden Cemetery in Collingwood, Pa. honored colored Civil War troops who lie buried there. From left are Albert El, Judge Lydia Kirkland, Margaret Dupree, Clarest Campbell, Israel S. Ray, Kenneth Dupree and Norman L. Johnson.

Page 15

Honoring Veterans Around City

CROWD outside Cookie's Tavern, 10th and Oregon, included many Marine Veterans. Photo by John J. Kline

FRANK SILEO, left, congratulates Joe Eastman, Edd Conboy of Broad Street Ministry and Chris Hill, organizers of BSM’s outreach program for homeless veterans, at fundraiser for their cause at Swanky Bubbles in Old City.

POLITICALLY active Philadelphians reached out across party lines to ease tragic plight of city’s population GOLD STAR family attended of homeless veterans, including from fundraiser to honor their lost son and left, Councilmanic aspirant Lou brother: from left, Young, Ki & Crystal Lanni, Sheriff candidate Alan Kurtz Moon. and Ward Leader John Sabatina.

AT Washington Square commemoration for Veterans Day were Joe Stivala, Hank Yanelli and Garrett Smith. Photo by John J. Kline

HAVING FUN while doing good are, from left, Erik Jacobs, attorney Andy Cole and columnist Adam Lang at Swanky Bubbles, a posh lounge on Front Street whose owner John Frankowski donated space and supplies to help veterans in dire need.

FILM-MAKER Tigre Hill, left, greets veterans outreach organizer Joe Eastman at fundraiser. Eastman’s ministry has been helping homeless vets get VA benefits as well as finding them homes and household furnishings.

STATE REP. Mike McGeehan (D-Northeast) was privileged to join members and friends of Tacony Memorial American Legion Post 735 for their annual Veterans Day service. Solemn wreath-laying ceremony was held to honor those brave men and woman who made ultimate sacrifice in their service to America to ensure our safety and freedom.

MAYOR MICHAEL Nutter keynotes ceremony at Vietnam Veterans Memorial as Judge A. F. Reynolds and Congressman Pat Murphy look on. Photo by John J. Kline KOREAN American David Oh, Esq., Republican primary candidate for Council at Large, thanks veterans for saving his parents in South Korea 60 years ago. He lost two sisters in that war. Photo by John J. Kline

JUDGE Joe Waters and Paul Keller in wheelchair are among Police Dept. veterans gathered for Police No. 937 Veterans Day ceremony in N.E. Phila. Photo by Harry Leech

HONORING Veterans Day in Northeast are Kathy Wersinger, retired firefighter Charles Dixon and Bill Dolbow. Photo by Harry Leech

Page 16 The Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

Inside Your Computer

Espionage, Cyber War, And You! by Peter Radatti Everyone hears about “cyber war”, but only a few people know what it means. Actually, we have been in small-scale cyberwar skirmishes with the Chinese government, Russian organized crime, American organized crime, Islamic fundamentalists and even some of our allies for years. Not many people seem to notice unless they get hurt, and it does help us sharpen our skills. Many personal computers in the United States are infected with someone’s

cyber-war product, usually a virus, worm or zombie. When the product is from organized crime, the goal is money. A “virus” may wait for you to login to your online bank then transmit the information. If this happens, you are out of luck and out of money. Another common possibility is a small attack program that only activates when its masters want to do something on the internet and don’t want the finger pointing to them. Instead, it points to you. These are called zombies, because it’s

like the living dead. Zombies are often used to send unsolicited bulk email. You always wondered where all those advertisements for pills and other junk came from? Maybe it’s from your own computer. Another use for zombies is to attack servers on the Internet. That can be for espionage or just to destroy something important. What would happen if a denial-of-service attack was made against one of the Internet phone services? My guess, millions of phones stop working. Remember that millions of zombie computers can all be contributing a little bit to the attack, but millions of attacks are still hard to overcome. Many government and emergency services

Stack Funds Tioga Pier Rail Changes

also rely upon the internet. It’s efficient, effective and inexpensive. What would happen if millions of zombie computers attacked all of these at the same time? Basically, things would stop working and mostly the Internet would suffer from the same effect as a traffic jam. How do you protect yourself? In some ways, immunization of your computer by installing and using a good antivirus product before you need it will help you. The internet may still go down, but you won’t be contributing to it. In addition, new laws are needed to give government the legal and technical ability to deal with a cyber-crisis of this nature.

The Philadelphia Regional Port Authority has received significant State funding to fix rail infrastructure at Tioga Marine Terminal in Port Richmond, says State Sen. Mike Stack. The $420,000 grant will be used to rehabilitate a portion of rail at the terminal, including removing paving and replacing ties, and correct the reverse curve at the Westway Terminal, located at Delaware & E. Allegheny Avenues. “Tioga Marine Terminal is a major global port, but it is currently at a competitive disadvantage due to the conditions of the rail infrastructure,” Stack said. “This project will allow the terminal to accommodate various types of cargo that are being handled by competing ports in Newark and Baltimore, as well as make the terminal more at-


Philadelphia Regional Port Authority A Promising Future By Championing the Channel-Deepening Project And Substantial Port Expansion

Once Again, We Thank Gov. Ed Rendell For Giving Our Port A Great Opportunity And

John H. Estey, Esq.


James T. McDermott, Jr. Executive Director

Robert C. Blackburn

Senior Deputy Executive Director

John F. Dempsey

Deputy Executive Director Administrative Offices: 3460 N. Delaware Ave. 2nd Fl., Phila., PA 19134 (215) 426-2600 • Fax (215) 426-6800

tractive for development.” In 2009, the facility handled 94 vessels, 30 of which were from a shipping line that focuses on “project cargo,” which is an over-dimensional shipment that requires specialized handling and transport. Project cargo requires rail access that is not limited by either turning radiuses or vertical and horizontal clearance restrictions. Currently, Tioga Marine Terminal has turning radius and clearance limitations that prevent access by six-axle rail locomotives. “These clearance limitations are preventing the terminal from providing customers with the access they may need,” Stack said. “By making structural improvements, we are inviting more shipments, which will subsequently retain and grow jobs at Tioga Marine Terminal.” The funding for this project is part of a $32.5 million investment in 38 rail projects in 28 counties to upgrade and add capacity, stimulate local economies and provide as many as 2,500 jobs across Pennsylvania.

CINDY BASS hosted successful fundraiser for her City Council bid at Public House in Center City. Turning up for occasion, from left, are David Forde, Lorraine Bell Dennis, Kareem Thomas, Robert Bell, Shoshana Bricklin, Kris Soffa, Bass and Ivy Staten.






• Residential • Commercial • Industrial 975




36ivtehrsary Ann



• New Roofs • Repairs • Hot Asphalt • Rubber & Modified Systems • Shingles • Slate & Tile • Skylights • Siding • Gutters & Downspouts


12260 Townsend Road




Termination of Parental Rights in the Court of Common Pleas of PHILADELPHIA County, Pennsylvania Family Court Case No. CP-51-AP-0000169-2010 To: Louis (or any unknown birth fathers) of Baby Boy Waters, a/k/a Anthony Edward Waters A petition has been filed asking the Court to put an end to all rights you have to your child Baby Boy Waters, a/k/a Anthony Edward Waters, who was born on May 12, 2010 in Bucks Co., PA. The Court has set a hearing to consider ending your rights to your child. That hearing will be held in Courtroom No. “O” before Hon. Walter Olszewski at Phila. Family Court 1801 Vine St., Phila. PA, on Thur., Dec. 9, 2010 at 11:00 am. You are warned that even if you fail to appear at the scheduled hearing, the hearing will go on without you and your rights to your child may be ended by the Court without your being present. You have a right to be represented at the hearing by a lawyer. You should take this paper to your lawyer at once. If you do not have a lawyer or cannot afford one, go to or telephone the office set forth below to find out where you can get legal help. You are also warned that if you fail to file either an acknowledgment of paternity or claim of paternity pursuant to 23 Pa. C.S.A. Sec. 5103, and fail to either appear at the hearing to object to the termination to your rights or file written objection to such termination with the Court prior to the hearing your rights may also be terminated under Pa. C.S.A. Sec. 2503(d) and Sec. 2504(c) or Sec. 2511 (a )(6) of the Adoption Act. Contact immediately the Law Offices of Jay H. Ginsburg, at 527 Swede St., Norristown, PA 19401 (610-277-1999), or: Phila. Lawyer Referral Serv. 1101 Market St., 11th Fl. Phila., PA 19107 Telephone: 215-238-6333

Bass Declares Early

The Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

know you are going to be on short- term disability for a while. You take your savings and use it to pay your mortgage payments (or even car payments) ahead, for the time you won’t be drawing a regular paycheck. You might well think that is sound financial planning. The problem with your plan is the mortgage company may not apply the money as you intended. Many banks

you are worried you’ll fritter the money away, put it in a wholly separate savings account; or write the checks out, but wait to send them until the payment is due. Even if your mortgage company seems willing to apply the payments as you intend, I would be cautious. Many of these practices are driven by regulation or language in the mortgage documents, and the lender may not be flexible at all. Next week’s question: Bankruptcy planning – 7th dumb thing NOT to do.

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by Michael A. Cibik, Esq. American Bankruptcy Board Certified Question: Bankruptcy planning – 6th dumb thing NOT to do. Answer: Be careful of trying to pay mortgage payments ahead. Sometimes what looks like smart financial planning turns out to be a problem. One example is an attempt to pay your mortgage payments ahead. Let’s say you

and mortgage companies will apply any excess over your current payment (and any escrow shortages) to principal. So if you send them three payments this month, they will apply the money to any the current month first, and then to principal. Next month, they will still look for you to make a payment. The problem is that once they have applied the funds in that way, it is almost impossible to get them to reverse it. A better idea: leave that money in savings until it’s time to make the payment. If

The Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

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Out & About (Cont. From Page 12) was the target. Seems some members of the Democratic caucus didn’t feel he was distributing the WAM (walking around money for the uninitiated) fairly. So they decided it was time for him to go. I don’t feel sorry for Evans. But I do feel sorry for the city. It was bad enough Philadelphia was looking at being treated like a redheaded stepchild by the Corbett administration, but now the city doesn’t even have anyone watching its back in

the legislature. And to know that this was done over money that folks shouldn’t have had anyway, because it’s money that could be best used to do the Commonwealth’s business, makes me just that much angrier. So what can we expect, now Philadelphia doesn’t have a say on either side of the legislative aisle or in the Governor’s mansion? I think it’s gonna get more than a little ugly. First of all, Mayor Michael Nutter is going to have a much-tougher time

getting a meeting regarding the City’s budgetary needs. Having lived in Pennsylvania’s Alabama Section, my experience is they think all Philly does is take. They fail to realize we’re only coming for a small percentage of the millions we generate in taxes, and without those millions the Commonwealth would grind to a halt. (How much does the Farm Show bring in, really?) Because of this, I also see a whole lot of things getting cut that we’re not going to

like. Libraries? We may not be able to save ’em this goround. Dedicated transportation funding? Ain’t gonna happen. A lot of other things that this city could really use … we’re not gonna see ’em for at least the next two years, if not the next eight. So the next time someone tells you it doesn’t matter if you vote or who you vote for, I want you to remind them of this moment. I guarantee they’ll change their tune as soon as January rolls around.


(Cont. From Page 12) SNOOPER’S SNOOPING FILES: I stopped in at the 56th Ward, met one of their committeeperson named MARVIN BARRISH. He tells me the word around his Ward is THREE people will run for HON. JOAN KRAJEWSKI’S Council seat. Here are those names that are being bandied about around: DENNIS KELLY, MARTY BEDNAREK, and HON. MICHAEL McGEEHAN, the STATE REPRESENTATIVE. The Councilwoman is leaving at the end of her term, thus creates a vacancy for her Councilmanic seat. Very interesting will be the race between Brian O’Neill and BILL RUBIN – the Northeast will be watching! SNOOPER SCOOPER: Here we go Chief, and this one you can “put in the bank”. Next election, there will be at least 10 to 12 vacancies in The Court of Common Pleas. Here are a few of the names being mentioned to run for these COMMON PLEAS COURT Judgeships: THOMAS FITZPATRICK, Esq., and one we all know as the Chancellor of The Bar – SADIE LADOV, Esq. I have been also told there will be a “slew” of other prominent ATTORNEYS who will run for one of these JUDGESHIPS. Like I always say, “LET THE GAMES BEGIN”! Question: I was asked, can HON. FREDERICA MASSIAH JACKSON, the President Judge “emerita”, be THE PRESIDENT JUDGE again; if so, how is it done? SNOOPER’S “UPDATE”: Last week I mentioned the name of DAN McCAFFERY, who, I’m told, is considering RUNNING for ATTORNEY GENERAL. I have spoken to quite a few “POLITICOS” and they stated, “WHY NOT”? He did make a good showing in the prior election for DISTRICT ATTORNEY and I’m told he was a very credible CANDIDATE. Question: Boss, how do you think he would fare UPSTATE? McCAFFERY does have one thing going for him: NAME RECOGNITION. SNOOPER’S “REMORSE” FILES: I’m sure by now, many of you heard about a very good friend of mine –

CHARLIE O’DONNELL. He was the announcer for the WHEEL of FORTUNE, also the announcer for AMERICAN BANDSTAND with DICK CLARK. I first met him years ago, when DOLLY BANKS, who owned both WHAT and WWDB Radio stations, introduced me to him and IRV HOMER. I will never forget him and how nice he was to me through all these years. CHARLIE did the news for both of these stations, and I also met his friend, SID MARK of Sinatra fame. You may not have known, my friend CHARLIE O’DONNELL was a true 100% PHILADELPHIAN. SNOOPER’S CITY HALL NEWS DEPT (Prothonotary’s Office): HON. JOSEPH EVERS, the PROTHONOTARY of PHILADELPHIA, informed us of his annual EMPLOYEES OF THE YEAR AWARDS CEREMONY. This event will take place on NOV. 20 at the famous SWAN CATERERS in South Philadelphia. This year’s choice will be a very difficult one, because there are fantastic nominees to pick from for this prestigious award. HON. CHARLES NAPP tells my associates, as far as he is concerned, these NOMINEES are all WINNERS. They’ll be plenty of great food also plenty of REFRESHMENTS and PRIZES, also the usual OPEN BAR too! SNOOPER’S MAILBAG: Hey Chief, I just received a personal letter from our great Police Commissioner, HON. CHARLES RAMSEY. He thanked me for my generous contributions to THE POLICE ATHLETIC LEAGUE, also known as P.A.L., and their special program “COPS HELPING KIDS”. He stated, “Your generous donations to the P.A.L. program help us to purchase various SPORTS EQUIPMENT for all our BOYS and GIRLS. Every donation, no matter the size, makes a BIG difference to all of us here at the Police Athletic League of Philadelphia. Please make your decision to remain A SUPPORTER and FRIEND to all our YOUTH”. He tells me all the CITY EMPLOYEES have been very generous to them, and he THANKS ALL OF THEM too!

STRONG P.F.T. turnout benefited Youngblood, as this delegation shows: from left, Denise & Donald Kirby, Jacquelyne Scott, Youngblood, Cyndi Bolden and Stacia Parker.

TV Goes Public

CELEBRATING PhillyCam, group that succeeded in opening two public-access channels on television, marked its 27th anniversary with celebration at Painted Bride. In group, from left, are Vick Ananthan, Terry Johnson, Keith Brand, Shelly Hill, Gretjen Clausing, Asnula Shetty with baby Anika, Debbie Rudman and Albo Jervons.

THEY CAME from Southeastern Penna. to Americans For Prosperity Rally in D.C.: local leaders, from left, Bernadette Bachich Repisky of Loyal Opposition with David Adamski and Diane Canney of Valley Forge Patriots Photo by Adam Taxin assembling before Capitol.

Johnson Warms Up

The Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

FINNIGAN’S WAKE hosted fundraiser for State Rep. Youngblood. Showing support for Youngblood, center, were City Commissioner candidate Ivy Staten and Laborers District Council Business Mgr. Ryan Boyer.

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Youngblood At Finnigan’s Tea Partisans Rally

STRONG SUPPORTERS of State Rep. Kenyatta Johnson turned out for an intimate balcony soirée at Warmdaddy’s on Columbus Boulevard. From left are Scott Freda, Leonard Bentley, David Krain, Johnson and Andy Toy.

The Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

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that he decided to make it a career. After graduation, he traveled the world for four years, usually staying in one location for a few months and paying the bills by working as a bartender in local restaurants. Eccleston sees as part of his mission an effort to help diners get over the mystique about wine that intimidates many lay people. “I’m not into showing off how much I know about wine,” he explained. “My goal is to keep it simple and encourage people to experiment and have

fun with wine. That’s the reason for the ‘flights’ we offer.... For the serious connoisseur, I say, ‘Relax and don’t be so serious.’ Wine is supposed to be fun, after all, and it won’t be fun if you take it too seriously. “When people ask what the house wine is, I try to encourage the waitstaff to explain to guests that we actually have 60 house whites and 60 house reds.… Wine is one of life’s great pleasures. All you really need to enjoy it is a little curiosity and a sense of adventure. With a glass of

Len Lear wine, there is a celebration in every day.” A refrain that is repeated over and over by food blog-

gers, like a drum backbeat in a rock song, is the fun that wine buffs have with Panorama’s “flights.” Instead of getting one glass of wine, you get a tasting of 1.5 ounces of each of five different wines in a select group, like five different Chardonnays, for example, from lightbodied to medium to full-bodied. As impressive as the wine list is at Panorama, however, the food is not exactly a neglected orphan. Executive chef Rosario Romano, who has (Cont. Page 21)

The Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

by Len Lear Ristorante Panorama and Il Bar, tucked comfortably in the Penn’s View Hotel, Front and Market Streets in Old City, is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, which is certainly impressive in an industry with such a high mortality rate. Among other eye-OK features is a spectacular bar made of mahogany millwork salvaged from razed churches in the area. The dining room is as well manicured as a Main Line debutante, but the centerpiece is a see-worthy, custom-made Cruvinet which, believe it or not, is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being “The Largest Winekeeper/Cruvinet System in the World.” The Cruvinet pours wine from 120 open bottles and

stores three closed bottles behind each open one, adding up to a total of 544 bottles. The Winekeeper is able to pressurize each bottle with a nitrogen-gas mixture to keep the wine in optimum condition. According to owner Luca Sena, a native of Naples, Italy, “The Winekeeper is like an anchor in a big shopping mall. People come to see the machine as much as they come for the wines. In fact, a lot of winemakers come to the hotel, and we have a special rate for them. They want to see if their wines are here.” Panorama is also one of the few restaurants in the city that have a full-time sommelier (wine steward). Its sommelier, William Eccleston, majored in pre-med at the University of Virginia, but he thoroughly enjoyed the inexpensive wines he would have nightly for dinner, so much so

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20-year-old Panorama in Guinness Record Book

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2400 E. Somerset Street Philadelphia, PA 19134

Phone: 215-423-2223 Fax: 215-423-5937

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Pacifico Ford Good Credit • Bad Credit No Credit • Don’t Sweat it!

6700 Essington Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19153 ______________________ 215.492.1700 Rocky has been in the auto business since 1994. He has been recognized by Ford Motor Company with numerous achievements including Master Certified in car and trucks. He’ll use his experience to help you maximize your benefits and reduce your expenses!

(Cont. From Page 21) been there for the entire 20 years, is as fine a chef as ever straddles a skillet. There’s never a worm in the apple. It’s worth a visit to Panorama just for his sublime, tangy sauce that puts an exclamation point on the sautéed escargots in mascarpone cheese and roasted garlic butter. This appetizer ($11.75) could also qualify for the Guinness Book of World Records. I usually devour their three-pasta appetizer more quickly and silently than the beat of a bird’s wing. The Sena family also owns and operates La Famiglia at 8 S. Front Street and Le Castagne at 1920 Chestnut Street. And if that is not enough to keep them busy, Luca Sena, the captain behind the entire ship, is also opening Revolution House (American, not Italian, food) at 2nd & Market Streets, where the Snow White Diner used to be, in late January. “We will have the biggest outdoor space in the city, in addition to seating

160 indoors,” Luca said last week. The competition will be madder than a bat in a suitcase. Lunch at Panorama is served Monday through Friday, and dinner is served seven days a week. There are four dining areas, including the barroom and a wine cellar, with a combined capacity of 295. Dinner salads and appetizers start at about $8.75, entrees (including pasta dishes) at about $13. Valet parking is offered at $14, and there is a public lot adjacent to the restaurant. For information, call (215) 922-7800 or visit

Lucky Glenwood (Cont. From Page 12) some feathers lately, mainly BARBARA DEELEY, Chief of Staff and Sheriff in waiting. Don’t underestimate Deeley’s influence or connections…. She could end up being Mayor before Butkovitz! The affable CHIEF OF STAFF CLAY ARMBRISTER is still hanging in there, trying to keep the SS MICHAEL NUTTER

afloat. When is he going to call it a day a bail out of this disaster? The Mayor’s recent statements there aren’t any minority business people that can handle City contracts send blood pressures racing in the African American community. The Mayor went on to further imply his intention to hire outside contractors to ‘teach’ minorities how to do business. Does this guy want to get elected?

THE SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PHILADELPHIA The School District of Philadelphia’s Office of Capital Programs is currently accepting Prequalification Applications for the following services: Professional Design Consultants All professional design service consultants and professional service sub-consultants are required to be pre-qualified with the Office of Capital Programs in order to pursue Capital Improvement work with the School District. The application process is an open enrollment; however, formal School Reform Commission approval occurs every six months. The current application due date is as follows: Professional Services Prequalification Application Submittal Deadline – 3/18/11 by 2:00 P.M. SRC Approval Date – 6/15/11* Prime Construction Contractors All prime construction contractors are required to be pre-qualified with the Office of Capital Programs in order to pursue Capital Improvement work (excluding emergency work) with the School District. The application process is an open enrollment; however, formal School Reform Commission approval occurs every six months.

Brighten Your Car’s Colors For The Holidays



The current application due date is as follows: Prime Construction Contractor Prequalification Application Submittal Deadline – 12/17/10 by 2:00 P.M. SRC Approval Date – 3/16/11* * Prequalification approval typically occurs three months after the scheduled due date. Firms must receive written approval from the School District prior to pursuing work with the School District’s Office of Capital Programs.





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To obtain a Prequalification application go to the following website and click on appropriate application If you have any questions regarding the pre-qualification process, please contact Gerald C. Thompson, Contracts Manager, Office of Capital Programs at Please Note – The above Prequalification Process applies to Professional Service Firms and Prime Construction Contractors wishing to pursue Capital Improvement work with The School District of Philadelphia, Office of Capital Programs. Vendors wishing to provide goods and other services to the School District should visit The School District of Philadelphia, Office of Procurement’s website at: Drivers- 100% Tuition Paid CDL Training! Start your New Career. No Credit Check, No Experience required! Call: 888-417-7564 CRST EXPEDITED CDL-A Drivers: Drive In Style! New 2011 Freightliner Cascadias Plus The Best Miles, Pay & Performance Bonus. $500 Sign-On for Flatbed. CDLA,6mo.OTR. Western Express. 888-801-5295 Drivers- Flatbed OWNER OPERATORS. Up to $1000 Sign on Bonus. Earn $1.85/mi or more! No age restriction on tractors /trailers. CRST Malone 877-277-8756 CLASS A CDL DRIVERS: *Excellent Equipment! *Consistent home time *Great pay/benefits. SMITH TRANSPORT, INC. Call 877-432-0048 HELP WANTED MISCELLANEOUS Between High School and College? Over 18? Drop that entry level position. Earn what you’re worth!!! Travel w/Successful Young Business Group. Paid Training. Transportation, Lodging Provided. 1877-646-5050. ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from Home. *Medical, *Business, *Paralegal, *Computers, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. Call 888-220-3984. MISCELLANEOUS AIRLINES ARE HIRING: Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - Housing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (888)834-9715 ADOPTION / PERSONALS ***EAST REGION ONLY: ADOPTION: Loving couple wants to share our life and love with your newborn. Call Liz & Geoff Toll-Free: 1-866762-7821; Email: HELP WANTED ***EAST REGION ONLY: NOW HIRING: COMPANIES DESPERATELY NEED EMPLOYEES TO ASSEMBLE


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(Cont From Page 9) simply suggests a highly specific diet that is designed to reduce the unwanted symptoms of autism. “The problem we have theorized has actually been indirectly supported with plentiful historic third-party research. We have located many studies that attribute manganese sensitivity as being one of the root causes of various neurological disorders, which looked suspiciously to me like the symptoms of autism. Since the problem occurs most specifically within the brain chemistry, neither blood nor hair testing alone will necessarily reveal and/or confirm this condition,” she said. “Specifically, we are talking here about individual sensitivity to manganese, and not a syndrome that can be applicable or susceptible to all children or adults. “I often use the analogy of a person being allergic to a food such as peanuts. As one person could eat a pound of

peanuts and have no ill effects and the next person may experience a violent allergic response to a miniscule exposure, it is obvious that the response produced by the peanuts is far more important in the equation than the amount of peanuts that might be measured and quantified in one’s body.” She acknowledged there is much disagreement and conflicting information in nutritional/toxicology research fields as to what actual levels of ingestion and retention of manganese is even considered safe above very trace amounts. However, she said her team has found numerous studies internationally that have pointed to negative consequences suspected from manganese levels that are currently considered to be within acceptable standards. That means that children eating what could be considered a healthy diet could still be ingesting enough manganese to affect their brain chemistries in a negative fashion.

“We’ve designed a diet based on food choices that are healthy and inviting, inexpensive and simple to prepare that limit the amount of manganese and specific anti-nutrients in the body,” Dr. Young added. “It is this diet that we supply in detail for free on the Foundation’s website, which is helping many people – not all – achieve better outcomes than their current regimens on medications. We’ve seen it and we’ve documented it, and now we want to share those results, no matter how unlikely they may seem, with the families of autistic children. As these protocols involve no drugs or medications of any kind, they do ‘no harm’ whatsoever. There is nothing to lose and no medical risk involved with this regimen. “And for the families all around the world who have seen the differences in their children from applying these methods, we know the very least these protocols offer is new hope.”

The South Philadelphia Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

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The South Philadelphia Public Record • Nov. 18, 2010

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