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Tough Men and Women Fighting Tough Times!

RANK AND FILE turned out in almost-record numbers for the annual Labor Day Parade along Christopher Columbus Boulevard, with the prevalent theme “Decent Family Wages.” Major demonstration took place against Del Monte at Parade’s conclusion, as ILA members threw pineapples into Delaware River to protest company’s breaking long-time union contract. MORE Pictures next week.

A Union Buster!

A LOT OF Pineapples Were Found Floating In Delaware River On Labor Day.

Fighting Back!

INTERNATIONAL Longshoremen’s Association’s Local 1291 President Boise Butler demonstrates his union members outrage by heaving a pineapple at Labor Day Parade and Family Festival into Delaware River to show disdain for Del Monte’s breaking of union contract. Story Page 2.

September 9, 2010

Let’s Avoid Confusion! Time To Change DRPA’s Name! Page 13

Will You Help Plant Ten Free Trees? Page 13

Teamchildren Needs Your Vote! Page 6

PGW Wins National Award Page 6 SEPTA Adds Improvements To Paratransit Page 2

Story Page 2


Jim Stevenson 9371 ROOSEVELT BLVD. PHILADELPHIA, PA 19114 215-698-7000

Page 2 The Public Record • Sept 9, 2010

Holt Family Seen Behind Del Monte Move To Bust Union Wages In Port by Joe Shaheeli The sudden action by Del Monte to sever its contract with the International Longshoremen’s Association Local 1291 and pull its incoming ships to a “below union wage” pier in Gloucester City hasn’t come as a surprise to the unions and terminal operators familiar with the operations of the Holt family. The Holts, whose affiliation with the ports of Philadelphia and South Jersey spans over four decades, have made it obvious they seek to control all the major shipping terminals servicing the Ports of Philadelphia and Camden. One of their trademarks has been their continued efforts to reduce union involvement on the piers. The latest outburst came over Labor Day weekend, when hundreds of members of ILA Local 1291 staged a protest against the Del Monte Corp., one of the world’s largest food brands, by dumping dozens of Del Monte pineapples into the Delaware River at Penn’s Landing near the conclusion of Philadelphia’s annual Labor Day Parade. The union was demonstrating over the international food

conglomerate’s plans to terminate its 20-year relationship with Local 1291 and instead employ unskilled “scab” labor associated with an unrecognized union, Dockworkers Local 1 at the New Jersey dock. Over 200 family-sustaining ILA jobs will be lost according to Local 1291 Business Manager Boise Butler. He said, “For 20 years, ILA Local 1291 has enjoyed a good working relationship with Del Monte. Now, virtually out of nowhere, they informed us that they plan to end our agreement as of Oct. 1, 2010. What makes their betrayal even worse is our International Union met Del Monte’s demand for $6 million in contract concessions, yet it is apparent this wasn’t enough. They turned around and dumped us anyway. That’s why we are urging the public to boycott all Del Monte products. “The public needs to be aware,” Butler continued. “Del Monte is saying they’re simply giving the business to another union, when, in reality, Dock Workers Local 1 is a sham union. They pay their unqualified workers slave wages and

little or no benefits.” Butler noted, “The Teamsters, with whom this rogue group was initially associated, has since severed ties with them. It’s a union-busting scam. Del Monte is trying a similar union-busting tactic in other large US ports.” As a “call to action” to invite public support of its efforts, ILA Local 1291 is launching a new website – – where the public can learn more about the issue. The Gloucester Terminal is operated by the Holts, who provide office space to Local 1. Reduced wages make it more profitable for the terminal operator and those shipping lines using that facility. Del Monte is obviously seeking low-wage employees. It is already advertising on Craig’s List offering supervisory jobs at its facility in Gloucester, N.J. for salaries ranging from a low-low $8.50 an hour, going up to $10. This is more than a reduction by half of legitimate union wages. It has added a “must” stipulation to its help-wanted listing. Potential “employees must be bilingual,” the other

language understood to be Spanish. The ad reports, “Hours are from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. but must be flexible … with the employee willing to work overtime.” Union officials suspect many hired will be “illegals”. The Holt family has been the beneficiary of strong public funding since it was awarded a sweetheart contract to run Packer Terminal, presently the city’s busiest and largest. It was negotiated and signed into existence by the administration of the late Gov. Bob Casey, Sr. Since then, it has benefitted from the efforts of the Commonwealth and a State agency, the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority, both of which are committed to insuring the Port here remains the Commonwealth’s “gateway to the world”. Hundreds of millions of dollars have gone into refurbishing the piers owned and managed by PRPA, which several years ago spent over $15 million to purchase two panamax cranes to enable Packer Terminal to speed the loading and unloading of huge container ships. The dredging now under-

way has brought about an increase in shipping lines eyeing and discussing contracts with the PRPA to bring more ships here. Benefiting again is the Holt family. The Holt family, through one of its many corporations, recently wrote to PRPA Executive Director James T. McDermott it wished to acquire Tioga Terminal, which is efficiently operated as a total union facility by Delaware River Stevedores. Several years back, the Holts, using their long-term relationship with Gov. Ed Rendell, attempted to take over Tioga Pier, popularly known as the “Fruit Pier” since it docks two or more ships weekly laden with Chilean fruit during the winter season. After strong union and public opposition, the Governor approved the renewal of DRS’s lease. The Holts continue to be seen as an anti-organizedlabor force in the port by the ILA and other unions. This is confirmed, they report, by its continued support of nonunion gangs in Philadelphia and especially so on the New Jersey side.

The Holts proposed to Gov. Jon Corzine they be given control of port operations in Camden, Salem, and Paulsboro, replacing the South Jersey Port Corp. Martin Mascuilli, secretary-treasurer of Local 1291, charged, “Local 1 was set up by the Holts in 1993 at the Gloucester Terminal, which sits on a 124-acre site.” Mascuilli said, “They brought in scabs and put hundreds of people out of work. It is not good business to give somebody that much power.” The Holt family, which employs about 1,000 people on both sides of the river, has a lock on key piers on the New Jersey side of the river and operates the Packer Avenue Terminal in South Philadelphia, which presently is this city’s largest. The South Jersey Port Corp. owns about 300 acres of prime real estate in Camden which is coveted for upscale waterfront housing, recreation and marine services. That port corporation employs about 140 direct workers, though it generates thousands of jobs for ship(Cont. Page 11)

TWU Head Seeks A Clear Mandate in Sep. Election by Tony West If Willie Brown wins election as president of Transport Workers Union Local 234, it will put an end to a cloud of acrimony that has hung over the SEPTA workers’ union since its last election in 2007. Brown was elected vice president then, on the Unity Team slate with then-President Jeff Brooks. When Brooks took a job with the international union a year later, Brown acceded to the presidency. But the incumbent Unity Team had been challenged by an insurgent slate headed by John Johnson, Jr. The local’s election committee disqualified Johnson’s slate, however, because one of its 13 members, Mitch Ostrowski, was listed for two different offices on different petitions, in violation of the local’s rules. Ac-

TWU PRESIDENT Willie Brown, right, was greeted by Councilman Bill Green at 2010 Labor Day Parade. cording to this committee, any slate had to have a full complement of candidates; therefore, when Ostrowski was disqualified, it pitched the rest of Johnson’s slate out as well. Johnson’s slate appealed this ruling to the local’s Executive Board but lost. It then sued in court to overturn the

election. At the same time, it appealed to TWU international and to the Federal Dept. of Labor. Judge Legrome Davis denied Johnson’s request for relief, saying the insurgent slate’s “wounds were self-inflicted.” The international union did not support the local’s rule against partial slates. It did, however, find that one of Johnson’s candidates held a management job and supported disqualification on that ground. In the meantime, an appellate court sided with Johnson. On Jul. 19, 2010, it ordered the case back to Judge Davis, who appointed a mediator to resolve the case. The Dept. of Labor negotiated a settlement between the two factions – one that “neither voids nor validates the

2007 election,” as Brown puts it. DOL agreed to supervise the regularly scheduled Sep. 24, 2010 election. It will be a steamy election for the local’s 200 members. Johnson’s New Directions Team is again challenging the Unity Team as Brown seeks a free and clear election to the presidency. This time, with the Feds on the case, there is no talk of irregularities. Brown believes he can win the election on his merits. The chief accomplishment of his presidency is conclusion of a new contract with SEPTA last fall, following a brief strike. “The members gave me a difficult task: to go into negotiations in the height of a recession,” Brown recounts. But he is proud of the results. “We got the same five-

year deal that the Fraternal Order of Police did; but we got an 11.5% increase while the FOP got 7.5%. We got an 11% increase in pensions, at a time when other pension plans are folding. We have

the best medical coverage in the public sector,” Brown states firmly. Brown predicts victory. “People will look at the end results,” he says. “My opponent has to run on promises.”

SEPTA Paratransit Service Gets Better SEPTA CCT has implemented a new reservation and scheduling software to customers in a portion of its Philadelphia service. The new scheduling software, coupled with other changes and upgrade improvements, will help improve overall service for CCT customers. The software will combine with other new communication features, such as new mo-

bile data computers with automatic vehicle locators and turn-by-turn directions for drivers, to make the operation of SEPTA’s paratransit service more efficient and to improve the overall quality of the service provided. Customers experiencing service problems or wish to obtain more information should call CCT customer service at (215) 580-7145.

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The Public Record • Sept 9, 2010

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Page 4 The Public Record • Sept 9, 2010

With the general election moving onto center stage with the conclusion of Labor Day and the official ending of the Summer holidays, more and more of the local political activists are turning their attention instead to next year’s May Primary. From the scuttlebutt that has been making the rounds among ward leaders and political campaign managers, it is expected there will be at least 30 entering the race for City Council at Lodge. At least 20 will be in the Democrat Primary, with a minimum of 10 in the Republican Primary. The numbers on the Democrat side are expected to increase as the city’s two dailies begin to pound away at their misconceived anti-DROP program. The negative publicity they will dish out will also awaken ambition in some political wannebees. Making her intention known early to replace her day as a Councilwoman at Large is Sherrie Cohen, the daughter of the late David Cohen, who was known as the “conscience of the city”. Her last effort failed, but not by

Councilman Wm.


Room 580 City Hall P. 215-686-3446/7 F. 215-686-1927

2011 Primary Moves Early Into Pols’ Focus

Sherrie Cohen …Shades of David much. She can be reached at or by telephone (215) 6203396. She hopes to get labor support and began her campaign at the Labor Day Parade. Other positions attracting attention will be judicial candidates for vacancies in the Court of Common Pleas and Municipal Court as well as Traffic Court. At least a half dozen will be going through this gauntlet for the second time, which often has proven to be successful.

AFL-CIO Endorses Rep. Brendan Boyle State Representative Brendan F. Boyle (D-Northeast) has received the endorsement

of the AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest labor organization. The endorsement was given to Boyle due to his support for working families and organized labor. “Working families know they have a strong supporter in Brendan Boyle,” said Rick Bloomingdale, president of the AFL-CIO for Pennsylvania. In accepting the endorsement, Boyle said, “Today families are fighting just to get by and keep bread on the table. Unions like the AFLCIO fight for those working families and I’m proud to have their endorsement.” Boyle added, “Both of my parents have been hardworking union members for decades. So I’m proud to fight for workers like them.” Boyle’s father Frank works for SEPTA and is a member of the Transport Workers Union Local 234. Boyle’s mother Eileen is a crossing guard and has been a member of AFSCME District Council 33 for the last 25 years. Boyle is currently running for reelection in the 170th House Dist. In 2008, he was

State Rep.

State Rep.

ROBERT C. DONATUCCI 185th District

William Keller 184th District

1809 Oregon Ave, Phila., PA 19145


elected with 59.2% of the vote, becoming the first Democrat ever to represent the District.

Supporters Purchase Billboards For Giordano Publicist Carol McLean reports Hugh Giordano, Green Party candidate in the 194th Dist. for the State House of Representatives, has received enough donations to purchase billboard space at three locations in the District.

Giordano is hosting a spaghetti dinner Sunday, Sep. 19 at the Hattal-Taylor VFW Post, 376 Lyceum Avenue (at Pechin Street) in Roxborough. Cost is only $10 per person (kids eat free). Beer and wine cost a little extra. There will be a live DJ and door prizes as well. Tickets via PayPal at . For more information, please call (215) 243-7103 or email

STATE REP. Brendan Boyle, in white shirt, left, and his brother Kevin, also running for office, brought Team Boyle to Labor Day Parade.

R EP. A NGEL C RUZ DISTRICT OFFICE 2749 N. 5th St. • 215-291-5643 Staffed by

Joe Evangelista • Debbie Toro Ready to Serve you

Councilman Bill

Green Room 599 City Hall P. 215.686.3420/21 F. 215.686.1930

Constituent Service Office

1610 S. Broad St. Phila., PA 19146 (215) 952-3378

1531 S. 2nd Street


State Senator

Larry Farnese First Senate District Tel. 215-952-3121 1802 S. Broad St.• Phila. PA 19145

Senator Tina State Sen.

Shirley M. Kitchen 3rd Sen. District 1701 W. Lehigh Ave.Ste 104 • Philadelphia, PA 19132 215-227-6161 •

Tartaglione 2nd Dist. 127 W. Susquehanna Ave. 1063 Bridge St. Philadelphia, PA 19122 Philadelphia, PA 19124



REP. BRENDAN F. BOYLE 7215 B. Rising Sun Ave. Phila. PA 19111 • P (215)-342-1700

14230 Bustleton Ave. Phila.PA 19116 • P (215) 676-0300

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REPUBLICAN CITY COMMITTEE General Counsel and host Michael Meehan chats with Ed Kirlin, former member of Rendell Administration.

MARIE DELANEY, expected to be a candidate for Council at Large, center, is flanked by Ward Leader Bill Pettigrew, State Rep. John Taylor, Lieutenant Governor candidate Jim Cawley and Kathy Widmer.

ENJOYING festivities with Republican City Committee Chairman Vito Canuso were these South Phila. 36th Ward committeepersons Conrad Fuller, radio personality Khalil—the Entertainer and Byron Johnson. Photo by Ed Jenkins

The Public Record • Sept 9, 2010

RECORD TURNOUT at Billy Meehan Clam Bake kept GOP’s statewide candidates busy shaking hands. From left are lieutenant gubernatorial aspirant Jim Cawley, gubernatorial hopeful Tom Corbett, and welcoming committee members Mike Meehan, his son Michael, Jr., Bill Ivers and John Giordano.

Page 5

Record Crowd At Annual Clam Bake

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SHERYL PERZEL sets up lunch for her youngest grandson.

ATTORNEY and Republican Council at Large candidate David Oh in 2011 Primary shows off, with his wife, their latest edition. •

Paid for by Friends of Alan Kurtz

BUSY REPUBLICANS included Adam Lang, and Nathan & April Shrader.

NOT MAD at each other, just sitting across the picnic table for this picture, are Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Aspite with Dominick Cippollini.

Office: 215-441-3777 Cell: 267-872-5011

KENNY ADAMS shares moment with gu- THE CORN was delibernatorial candidate cious, notes Debbie & Councilman Frank Rizzo Tom Corbett.

REPUBLICAN City Committee Executive Director Jim Dintino finds himself flanked by Republican and Democrat Committeemen.

FORMER PUBLISHER Skip Henry joins these GOP heavyweights: Vito Canuso, State Rep. John Taylor, Carl Ciglar and Counsel Mike Meehan.

Residents of the 5th Senatorial District are invited to attend a Senior Expo on Friday, October 1, 2010 from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. at the National Guard Armory in Northeast Philadelphia. The Armory is located at 2700 Southampton Road (on the corner of Roosevelt Boulevard). Many federal, state, and city agencies, and community organizations will be present to provide information. Refreshments will be served. For more information, please call my office at 215-695-1020.

State Representative


(215) 468-2300 STATE REP. JOHN

RONALD G. WATERS 191st Leg. District 6027 Ludlow Street, Unit A


State Rep. Cherelle 200th Legislative District 1536 E. Wadsworth Ave. Phone: (215) 242-7300 Fax: (215) 242-7303


SABATINA JR. 174th District 8100 Castor Ave Phila, PA 19152 T: 215-342-6204

State Rep.

Frank Oliver 195th District 2839 W. Girard Ave. Phila. PA 19130



1555-D Wadsworth Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19150 (215) 242-0472 Fax: (215) 753-4538 WEB SITE

Parkwood Shopping Center 12361 Academy Road, Phila., PA 19154, 215-281-2539 8016 Bustleton Avenue Philadelphia PA 19152 215-695-1020 Open Mon. - Fri. 9:00 AM - 5 PM




Page 6 The Public Record • Sept 9, 2010

The Laborers’ District Council of Philadelphia & Vicinity & Democrats of Oak Lane Team Invite you To a Fundraiser for

Ivy Staten For Democratic City Commissioner Saturday, September 11, 2010 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

The Philadelphia Gas Works has received the American Public Gas Association’s prestigious 2010 Marketing & Sales Award after a nationwide competition. The company was recognized for the effectiveness of its 2009 advertising campaign and its focus on educating the customer about the value of natural gas. Jeffery Tuttle from CPS Energy said, while presenting the award, “PGW is the oldest municipal gas system in the US and on the eve of the 50th anniversary of APGA, it is an honor to recognize PGW with this Marketing and Sales award.” PGW’s Marketing Dept. launched an advertising campaign for radio, print, billboards and transit stops, athletic arenas and cable television. The campaign focused on the economic and

environmental benefits of natural gas, while conveying a positive image of PGW’s legacy of safe reliable service. Join the Revolution, the Energy Revolution and Be Green, Burn Clean were two of the Department’s awardwinning tag lines.

APGA is a national association of municipally and publicly owned local distribution systems. About 1,000 public gas systems serve more than five million customers. These utilities are not-for-profit retail distribution entities.

Teamchildren Needs A Vote Teamchilden, a nonprofit which has distributed over 10,000 low-cost refurbished computers to families, schools and organizations in Delaware Valley needs your vote. Eighty-five percent of the computers the organization has distributed have gone to families with low-income women raising children in poverty. According to its founder and president, Bob Toporek, “We need votes in our efforts to win a $50,000 grant from Pepsi. This will help us distribute another 1,000 computers to those

in need. We just put 120 computers into Stetson MS.” To vote for Teamchildren, one needs to link to Toporek notes, “You can vote every day in September for us and nine other projects. Every vote counts.” It’s an uphill battle for this small but vital organization. It must finish in the top 10. “It is now at 304. Please help us spread the word,” said Toporek. For more information he can be reached at (484) 7441868.

Laborers’ Local #332


1310 Wallace Street Philadelphia, PA 19123

195th Legislative District Saluting All

Host $5,000 Underwriter $2,500 Friend $500 Supporter $100 Office (215) 224-9410 or (215) 514-7544

PGW Wins National Award

Please make all checks payable to: Friends of Ivy Staten 6521 North Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19126 PAC & Personal Only. No Corporate Contributions Labor Donated Paid For by Working Family PAC

Democratic Candidate For

Union Members and Their Families

Happy Labor Day

AD Correction In the Labor Day Issue Mr. Darryl Larke’s Name Was Inadvertently Left Out Of The Ad He Is A Business Agent For I. L. A. 1291

Summer Salute With Sid Booker

DAN ONORATO, Democratic nominee for Governor, spent a few hours walking in shoes of Shanrika Dukes, a Certified Nursing Assistant at Somerton Center nursing home in N.E. Phila. He’s seen here with Richard Morgan, president of Residents Association. Event was sponsored by SEIU Healthcare Penna., state’s largest union of healthcare workers.

STATE REP. Tony Payton, Jr. helped Democratic nominee for 163rd Dist. and former Army Capt. Shannon Meehan campaign the old-fashioned way, door to door in Lansdowne.

The Public Record • Sept 9, 2010

STATE SEN. Shirley Kitchen hosted health and community fair at Lenfest Recreation Center in N. Phila. Joining Senator are Brenda Lewis, Linda Esaridge, Cheryl Balgar and Sherry Hill.

Taking Nothing For Granted

Page 7

Kitchen Hosts Health, Fun Day

DONALD “Ducky” Birts, Councilman Bill Green, restaurateur Sid Booker, State Sen. Shirley Kitchen and State Rep. Mark Cohen were guests at Booker’s end of summer Photo by Robert Mendelsohn cookout at his house.

A PLEASANT WAY to say goodbye to summer! Sid Booker shares photo with contestants of bathing-suit competition during his end-of-summer cookout at his home.




Photo by Robert Mendelsohn



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Page 8 The Public Record • Sept 9, 2010

Bloody Urine? Not To Panic


Few health symptoms are as unsettling as blood in the urine. Should you freak out? Not necessarily. The technical term for the condition is “hematuria,” and experts at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

say it’s likely the result of one of several health conditions, only one of them serious. “The first thing I’d say to a patient is, ‘Don’t panic,’” says Dr. Jeremy Smith, an internist and assistant professor of medicine at UW. “The majority of the time, blood in the urine is not dangerous.” It could, however, be an indication of several annoying health conditions, including a urinary tract infection, a kidney stone, an enlarged

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prostate gland or some kind of minor injury to the bladder or kidney — maybe even caused by something as innocuous as vigorous exercise. A handful of simple tests can usually shed light on the situation. “The good thing about the hematuria workup is it’s pretty standard,” says Dr. Tracy Downs, a bladder-cancer surgeon. The process can involve simple urinalysis, a CT scan, or a cystoscopy, a procedure in which physicians insert a small camera into the bladder. If the hematuria is caused by an infection — this is more commonly found in women than in men — antibiotics can usually resolve it. In a handful of cases, the cystoscopy may reveal the one medically concerning condition for which hematuria is also a symptom: bladder cancer. Only about 10% of hematuria cases are linked to cancer, and it’s more

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common in patients over age 50. “Blood in the urine can definitely be a red flag for cancer,” notes Dr. Downs. “For some patients it’s one flag, while for others it’s one of two or three flags.” Cancer cells can lurk in the lining of the bladder, or a tumor can be imbedded in the organ itself, increasing the risk that the cancer will spread elsewhere in the body. Some can be surgically removed or treated with chemotherapy. While hematuria can be a sign of serious cancer, it can also indicate nothing at all. “It’s also frequently the case that people have blood in their urine for unexplained reasons,” says Smith. “We do extensive testing, the tests are normal, and the bleeding doesn’t happen again. We and the patients are left wondering what caused it, but it obviously wasn’t anything serious.”

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Page 9

Our Opinion ...

What’s Happening To Us?

Sep. 10- Fundraiser for David Oh at Zarwin Baum DeVito Kaplan Schaer Toddy PC, 1818 Market St., 13th fl., 6 p.m. Sep. 11- Annual DooWop Festival hosted by Phila. Veterans Multi Service & Education Ctr. Top entertainers include Little Isidore and the Inquisitors, Cornerstone and The Chantels. Admission is free. For more info Sep. 12- C o u n c i l w o m a n Joan Krajewski’s Picnic On The River at Wissinoming Yacht Club, Devereaux Ave. & Delaware R., 2-6 p.m.

Tickets $30 For info Kathy Price (215) 514-8728. Sep. 13- President Bill Clinton stumps for Dan Onorato at 52nd & Market Sts. Sep. 15- C o u n c i l w o m a n Donna Reed Miller hosts 8th Dist. Business Conference at 1st Presby. Ch., 35 W. Chelten Ave. For info Michael Quintero-Moore (215) 6863424. Sep. 14- Congressmen Bob Brady and Pat Murphy are special guests at fundraiser for Shannon P. Meehan, candidate or 163rd House Dist., at The American Pub, 1500 Market St., 5:30 p.m.. For info (484) 469-3706. Sep. 16- Sam Katz’s documentary film Phila.: The Great Experiment shows at Franklin Ct. Underground Museum, 316 Market St., 6:30-9:30 p.m. For info (215)

Letters • Letters

It is important to remember that democracy is more fragile than communism, socialism, oligarchy or a totalitarian government because democracy can dissipate in a

whisper when those at the seat of its government are inept and corrupt. Democracy will become extinct if we continue to misinterpret it by spreading derision, hate and destruction of freedom of speech and of religion among our citizens. Anthony P. Johnson

861-4971. Sep. 18- State Rep. Jim Roebuck sponsors Energy Conservation Workshop at W. Regional Ctr. of Community College, 4725 Chestnut St., 10 a.m.-12 m. Each attendee receives free energy kit, including efficient light bulbs, shower heads and weather stripping. RSVP by Sep. 11 (215) 307-4917. Sep. 18- Phila. Hero Thrill Show outside Wells Fargo Center, 3601 S. Broad St., 11:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Rain date, Sunday, Sep. 19. Tickets $10, $25 for families, available from police, fire stations or online at For info visit Sep. 20- Tri-State Labor & Management Council and City of Hope host Spirit of Life Awards to Larry Christenson and Ralph J. Teti, Esq. at Hyatt Regency at Penn’s Landing, Columbus Blvd. & Dock St., 6 p.m. For info Harry Giordano (800) 3448169. Sep. 21- World Premiere, Barrel Of A Gun, Merriam Theater, 260 S. Broad St., 7 p.m. For tickets Sep. 22- DA Seth Williams

fundraiser at Phillies Ball Game. Free drinks and appetizers from 5 p.m. at McFadden’s. Ticket for Ball Game included. For details contact Zeli (610)-804-0552. Sep. 23- Kickoff fundraiser for Michelle Brownlee at Level Rm., 2102 Market St., 5:30-7:30 p.m. Donation levels $25-$250. For info Wayne Johns (215) 913-2429 or Clay Mason (215) 684-1919. Sep. 23- Fundraiser for State Rep. Kenyatta Johnson at Warmdaddy’s, 1400 S. Coumbus Blvd., 6-8 p.m. Donations $75-$250. Sep. 24- Reopening of Centro Claver, 3552 N. 6th St., 1 p.m. In attendance is Puerto Rican singer and activist Danny Rivera. For info Altagracia (215) 626-6502. Sep. 24- Al Stewart hosts 11th Ward Fish Fry at Lou & Choo’s, 21st & Hunting Pk. Ave., 5-9 p.m. Donation $10. For info Tutie Edwards (215) 228-3134. Sep. 24- 65th Republican Ward Exec. Committee hosts Fall Bash at Ashburner Inn, 8400 Torresdale Ave., 7-10 p.m. Tickets $20. For info (215) 298-2251. Sep. 25- State Rep. Jim Roebuck sponsors Energy Conservation Workshop at West

Regional Center of Community Coll., 4725 Chestnut St., 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Each attendee will receive free energy kit, including efficient light bulbs, shower heads, and weather stripping. Attendees RSVP by Sep. 18 to (215) 307-4917. Sep. 25- Democrat 56th Ward Picnic, joined by 35th, 53rd & 55th Wards, Cottman & Central Aves., 1 p.m.dark. Tickets $35. For info (215) 742-8600. Sep. 26- Phila. Ass’n of Black Sports & Culture hosts annual Awards Luncheon at Swann Ballroom, 2015 S. Water St. (off Snyder Ave.), 12-4 p.m. Contributions $55 or $500 for table. For info Jay Norman (267) 290-6374. Sep. 29- Friends of Elmer Money fundraiser at SmokeEaters Pub, 7681 Frankford Ave., 7-9 p.m. Donation $20. Sep. 30- State Rep. Rosita Youngblood Chicken/Fish Fry Fundraiser at Lou & Choo’s, 21st & Hunting Pk. 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.Ave. Tickets $10. For tickets and info Sheila (267) 581-0025. Oct. 1- State Sen. Michael Stack hosts Senior Expo at Nat’l Guard Armory, 2700 Southampton Rd., 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Residents of 5th Senatorial Dist. can seek info from

government agencies, businesses and community organizations. Free refreshments. For info (215) 695-1020. Oct. 2- 50th anniversary of Phila. Council AFL-CIO at Sheraton City Ctr., 17th & Race Sts. Details in future issues. Oct. 2- Fishtown River City Festival at Penn Treaty Park, Delaware & Columbia Aves., 10 a.m.-12 midnight. Oct. 4- 1st annual fundraiser golf outing and banquet hosted by West Phila. Cultural Alliance’s Paul Robeson House Museum at Bala G. C. Lunch and registration at 11 a.m. Dinner banquet will honor three freedom fighters. Oct. 8- Golf Outing for State Rep. John P. Sabatina at Island Green C.C., 1 Red Lion Rd. Cost $125 per player. Includes golf, lunch, dinner and party after event. Registration noon. For info Steve Campanile (215) 4604697 or (215) 742-8600. Oct. 30- Town Meeting for Jobs, Community College, Bonnell Hall (BG-10), on 17th St. between Spring Garden and Callowhill, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Political and civic leaders to attend.

Mosque Controversy Is Troubling

The Public Record • Sept 9, 2010

We, as a nation, are now fighting among ourselves over the placing of a mosque near Ground Zero in Manhattan, over whether Korans should be burned by a preacher with a church of 50 members, over who is responsible for the recession we are in, over who speaks for which group … the sorry list goes on and on. Where has our purpose gone? What has happened to our dedication to flag and country? Nine years later, Ground Zero remains a target still – attacked by ourselves, buried in division by an inept New York City administration crippled by egos. Our servicemen and women are still engaged in a war that could have been over a long time ago, had it been left it to the military, whose hands have been tied since the beginning by our politicians who look to the polls for their decision-making. Our government “leaders” continue to make decisions they feel will bear fruit for them at election time. Regardless, the citizenry more and more realizes we have drifted away from the resolve that identified as a leader nation. Our editorial cartoon this week, thanks to Ron Taylor, whose contributions in that space have captured our moods and moments on the local and national political scenes, captures this moment in our nation quite clearly. Need we say more?

Page 10 The Public Record • Sept 9, 2010

Williams’ Baltimore Avenue Festival Draws A Merry Crowd

THOUSANDS enjoyed annual Neighborhood to Neighborhood Street Festival hosted by State Sen. Anthony Williams and W. Phila. Coalition of Neighborhoods and Businesses.

STATE SEN. Anthony Williams pays tribute to police officers from 8th Dist. who double as soldiers, serving in the ALL WHITE IN THE NIGHT! State Sen. Anthony sands of wars abroad. Sgt. Kamil Jasinski, Sr. Airman Williams, dressed in white, kicks things off in style on stage. Thomas Brown, Staff Sgt. Christopher Thompson and Sgt. Sean Dwight Cave receive loud ovation as Williams presents each to the crowd, as Congressman Joe Sestak, State Sen. LeAnna Washington and State Rep. Ron Waters look on.

STATE REP. Kenyatta Johnson is joined by Raymond Pure, Clifford Grant, Sabrina DeVose, Diane Hamilton-Mitchell and Lois Clayton at festival.

STATE REP. Vanessa Brown is joined by Native Indian leaders Yemasee Blackfeet and David “Walking Bear” Johnson.

COMMUNITY ACTIVIST Ducky Birts joins Sen. Williams’ staff Marlene Henkin, Dave Scott, Patty Scott and Kevin Fassett.

In August, Tom Holt, Jr., wrote PRPA stating Packer is under severe capacity restraints and requesting assistance in looking for additional alternative acreage. Outside of Southport, which is at least five years away from being developed for terminal use, the only terminal suitable immediately would be Tioga. Sailing wasn’t always smooth for the Holts. When the now-defunct Holt Group filed for bankruptcy in 2001, it reported annual revenues over $300 million and more than $350 million in debt. The Holts lost ownership of the Gloucester Terminal in bankruptcy, along with holdings in Puerto Rico and Wilmington, Del. It bought the Gloucester Terminal back from bondholders and its corporate headquarters has a 99year lease on a former Coast Guard building. The ILA understands total Holt control over the terminals in the Ports of Philadelphia and South Jersey will

lead to the eventual disenfranchisement of legitimate portrelated unions. Philadelphia was declared a military strategic port by the Defense Dept. after much lobbing by its unions and political leadership. After that designation, the ILA developed training programs for its rank and file so they could easily and without delay load and unload military cargoes of all descriptions. Boise Butler, whose union is among the largest along the River, said, “Unionism provides well-trained longshoremen and women while guaranteeing wages well above the slave rates now being proposed by Del Monte.” The ILA hopes the public will join them in a boycott of Del Monte products. Its label is seen on fresh and canned fruits and includes a number of top-selling pet foods, including Meow Mix, Milk-Bone, Kibbles ’n Bits, Gravy Train, Nature’s Recipe and Pup-Peroni.

The Public Record • Sept 9, 2010

(Cont From Page 2) pers, longshoremen and truckers. Thomas J. Holt, Sr. staked his claim in Gloucester City in 1967 when he bought half the site of the former New York Shipbuilding Co. The State bought the rest, across the border in Camden, and turned it over to South Jersey Port Corp. With a heavy infusion of public money from New Jersey and the Feds, Holt expanded the half-mile waterfront property into one of the larger refrigerated and dry-warehouse facilities on the East Coast. The family hopes to expand operations on either side of Packer Avenue as that terminal has benefited from PRPA efforts to increase demand from international trade. It has made known it wants to be the key player in the new Southport Terminal, which has been carved from river frontage along the former Naval Base in South Philadelphia.

Page 11

Holts Seek More Space

Brighten Your Car’s Colors For The Holidays





6717 Essington Ave. Commercial vehicles by estimate. Body work, rust repair, and stripping of old paint extra. Not valid with any other offer. MAACO® Auto Painting & Bodyworks centers are independent franchises of MAACO® Enterprises, Inc. Prices, hours and services may vary.


Page 12 The Public Record • Sept 9, 2010

With all these candidates surfacing for Council at Large, why cannot we find a top-tier candidate to run for Mayor? Philadelphians have proven they are willing to take a look at a Republican. How quickly do we forget 1999, when we came ever so close to running City Hall! If we ran a candidate who already had a base in place, we could have had a better chance at that office. DENNY O’BRIEN, JOHN TAYLOR, FRANK RIZZO…? Come on, guys! We have the unpopular Democrat – now let’s add a popular Republican to the mix. Remember CHRIS WRIGHT, the aide to COUNCILMAN JACK KELLY who was sent to the slammer on a “corruption” conviction that troubled many fair-minded people? Wright was recently released from prison pending an appeal. WARD LEADER BILL PETTIGREW, among others, has been doing some vigorous lobbying on Wright’s behalf, which has led to Kelly’s promise if Wright’s appeal is successful, he will get his old job back. That would make a lot of Elephants happy. Some Elephants, on the other hand, are still picking at old wounds. My big ears tell me some of the notaries public who signed off on the most-dubious petitions during the bruising Primary fight will be subject of a formal complaint to the Dept. of State. This past week, we learned 8th Congressional Dist. candidate MIKE FITZPATRICK is leading his Democrat rival by 8 points! Should Fitz pull this upset off, it could be a sign of a much larger swing in the GOP’s favor in the region. Of course, fellow Elephants, we cannot let this one pass like we’ve gotten good at doing! We’ll need to start finding good candidates for each row office, District Council seats, as well as the Mayoralty and the following year’s State legislative races. If we’re able to be on the offensive, let’s take advantage!

Yo! Here we go again with these laws of ultimate reality. They were sent to me by Ginger, one of my readers. I think she found them on the internet after she experienced some of them. Law of Mechanical Repair: After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch and you’ll have to pee. Law of Random Numbers: If you dial a wrong number, you never get a busy signal and someone always answers. Variation Law: If you change lanes, the one you were in will always move faster than the one you are in now. Law of the Result: When you try to prove to someone that something won’t work, it will. Law of Biomechanics: The severity of the itch is inversely proportional to the reach. Law of the Theater: At any event, the people whose seats are furthest from the aisle arrive last. Law of Logical Argument: Anything is possible if you don’t know what you are talking about. Brown’s Law of Physical Appearance: If the shoe fits, it’s ugly. Nick’s Law of Public Speaking: A closed mouth gathers no feet. Wilson’s Law of Commercial Marketing Strategy: As soon as you find a product you really like, they will stop making it. Annie’s Law of Shopping: As soon as you buy something, someone will advertise it cheaper. Doc Schnee’s Law: If you don’t feel well, make an appointment with your doctor; by the time you get there, you’ll feel better. If you don’t make an appointment, you’ll stay sick. Law of Probability: The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act. Now, I don’t claim to be invincible against these laws of ultimate reality, for I know I have been trapped by a few of these laws. Which ones? Well, that’s my business, but I am sure you too have been caught by these laws. Am I right? Think about it – but don’t tell me; it would be too embarrassing – to you.

Baseball season is nearly over. Football season starts today. But the season that’s most important to Public Record readers would have to be Campaign Season, which is about to start, now Labor Day is in our rearview mirror. We’ve all seen the occasional political ad over the last few weeks, but it’s nothing compared with the tsunami of stuff we’re about to get hit with. Because Pennsylvania is one of them there “battleground” states, meaning everyone wants a shot at owning us politically, from the Democratic National Committee to the Tea Party, is going to be up in our faces. Because of this, my friends who are political consultants, particularly those in the African American community, have been getting a lot of phone calls asking one very important question: How can I get connected to the Black community? Tom Corbett, Pat Toomey, Dan Onorato and Joe Sestak are trying to find out what buttons they can push to make Black folks run to the polls on their behalf. And while they’d love my consultant friends to give them the benefit of their wisdom gratis, they’re being asked to pony up some serious coin to get the low-down on how to be down. (“How Can I Be Down?” is the name of a famous conference designed to help people connect with record producers for the purpose of becoming rich and famous hip-hop artists, by the way.) That’s because these guys know that as Southeastern Pennsylvania goes, so goes the nation. Corbett and Toomey, Onorato and Sestak have been in the suburbs priming the pump, but now they seem to realize they need to work on the voting block that is Philadelphia. Took you long enough. Here’s a piece of free advice, (Cont. Page 16)

SNOOPER’S ‘OOPERS’: Two weeks ago, in discussing a misidentified PHOTO that appeared in the Daily News, I ‘inadvertently’ reported the Person whose picture was actually used, the Historic Councilwoman GUSSIE A. CLARK, was deceased. Apparently I was misinformed; this beautiful person is still Alive. The information I received was of a Person with the same name, only she was from the South. My heartfelt APOLOGIES to you, Madam Councilwoman; and, as the Italians say, “Cent’ Anni!” SNOOPER’ S “SPECIAL MESSAGE”: Get ready, all of you, because this is a very important message from the District Attorney, HON. SETH WILLIAMS and you all had better take notice. Here it is. “I want ANY and ALL VICTIMS of CRIMES, as well as those who may have WITNESSED them, to know anything you may tell us regarding your SPECIFIC CRIMES will be held in the strictest CONFIDENCE and PRIVACY. This also goes for all those who WITNESS CRIMES and let us know about it. We will pursue any and all information my office receives, or is told, by those who have actually WITNESSED A CRIME. Absolute PRIVACY, this is my promise!” I urge all our Citizens here in this City, don’t be afraid; come forward! SNOOPER’S EMAIL SERVICES BUREAU: This comes from the VAIRD GIRLS & BOYS CLUB in FELTONVILLE. This gentleman, MR. RIVERA, thanked The PUBLIC RECORD for the story we did on their “FUN DAY”. JOHN GONZALEZ, Director, told us we were the only newspaper that did this story. He also told us about their SPECIAL SCHOOLBAG GIVE-AWAY. Over 200 children (Cont. Page 17)

Poor MAYOR MICHAEL NUTTER! What a fiasco at the Labor Day Parade. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Mayor give such a short speech, but I guess when you’re being booed so loudly, the only thing to do is be quick! His approval ratings continue to decline, and one-time Republican candidate SAM KATZ looks like he’s going to give it a go once again. Believe it or not, this may be Katz’s time! STATE SEN. ANTHONY WILLIAMS had his annual Neighborhood to Neighborhood festival last weekend, and what a crowd! What fun! What entertainment! And of course, the most important question of all: What’s the cost and who’s footing the bill? Is this yet another taxpayer-funded event (à la DWIGHT EVANS/OARC/Jazz Festival) we can’t afford? Festivals need to be primarily self-supporting. Some public support is okay, but the public trough needs to pay for public safety, public education, etc. With relief, then, I heard the Senator’s staff hustled up 40 different sponsors to help defray this popular event’s expenses. Many Philadelphians have been getting on board for CONGRESSMAN CHAKA FATTAH’S fight for the chairmanship of the Appropriations Committee. Knowing the financial windfall that awaits the region should he be victorious, folks have been lining up to buddy up to the nine-term Representative. Recent fundraisers by GOV. ED RENDELL, as well as CONGRESSMAN BOB BRADY, Mayor Nutter and STATE REP. DWIGHT EVANS have secured every dollar available in this region. Even some of his critics were there, wanting to make sure their faces (and checks) were registered Come what may, it’s all roses for Fattah as he’ll still end up in a significantly moresenior position as one of the “Cardinals of Congress”, even if the Approps thing doesn’t work out.

It was somewhat unusual for Philadelphia politics for the Chairman of the Democratic Party, CONGRESSMAN BOB BRADY, to endorse, over a year in advance, the candidacy for reelection of the incumbent MAYOR MIKE NUTTER. That seems to be a response to general unrest in the Party with regard to the Mayor’s handling of the power of his office. His frequent trips outside city limits to obtain high-level personnel for the many high-priced City jobs that attract young professionals to city government, has left some noses out of joint. ARLENE ACKERMAN was recruited in Washington, D.C. with an annual base salary of four times that of City Council members. Although CARL GREENE was recruited by former MAYOR JOHN STREET, he too is receiving a salary four times that of an elected Councilman. Philadelphia is the home of some outstanding professional schools, such as the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Jefferson University and Drexel University. You wonder why it is necessary to go outside Philadelphia to find qualified professional people. The Nutter Administration’s plans to develop the waterfront have yet to touch on the most important subject – cost. It would seem to be not millions but billions of dollars that will be required to follow through on the proposals announced by the commission studying the waterfront. The news SAM KATZ has registered as a Democrat and that Street seems to be supporting him should be a cause for alarm for Nutter. To complicate things even further, COUNCILMAN AT LARGE BILL GREEN has given every indication of suffi(Cont. Page 17)

Real control of the Port of Philadelphia can be seen in the activities of the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority, legislated into existence by the Pennsylvania General Assembly. That agency owns many of the industrial and commercial piers, the buildings and warehouses on those piers, and much of the ground adjacent to the Port’s active and dormant piers. PRPA has invested millions

Will You Plant 10 Free Trees? Day Foundation also receive The Tree Book, which includes information about tree planting and care. To receive the 10 free trees, send a $10 membership contribution to Ten Trees, Arbor Day Foundation, 100 Arbor Ave., Nebraska City, NE 68410, by Sep. 30, or join online at

the dredging, could not send their ships to the Port of Philadelphia. Another boon to the Port of Philadelphia is the recently announced acquisition by PRPA to a portion of the old Naval Base which will become a major terminal for international shippers known as “Southport”. Opposing the dredging were North Jersey politicians who saw the Philadelphia Port as major competition to their ports as well as those of New York, both of which are now deepening their channels to 50 feet, and have, in many areas, completed that goal. Unwittingly, State Sen. Larry Farnese, whose District covers some of the Port, recently urged the joining of the political entities responsible for the Port of Philadelphia and Camden, N.J. be merged. In effect, such an action would give veto control to the New Jersey politicians, through their Governor, over actions such as those which made dredging a reality. In 1988, Govs. Christie Whitman and Bob Casey toyed

with the idea of creating one overall supervising agency supported by funding from both States. However, further study made them understand each State would be at the mercy of the other, both Governors realizing they would not have any say in Port development without the approval of the other. DRPA is such an example. Pennsylvania has sunk hundreds of millions of dollars into the development and, most recently, in the soon-to-be-opened the world’s largest Food Distribution Center, on Essington Avenue. This will bring additional shippers to the Port of Philadelphia. In comparison, the Port of Camden or New Jersey has seen little financial involvement by its Governors

or its legislative body. There are privately owned terminals on the Camden side, who will continue to do business as they see fit, whether their activity serves as a detriment or a boon to the other terminal operators. This is not the case on the Philadelphia side of the Delaware. Such an agreement would have hobbled the future growth now anticipated by the Port, which has begun to show a growth in new shipping lines signing up with the PRPA to use its facilities. Camden gains as a result. The similarity of Authority names is not similar to their mission statements, which may explain why Farnese thought to support a merger of both States.


Philadelphia Regional Port Authority A Promising Future By Championing the Channel-Deepening Project And Substantial Port Expansion

Once Again, We Thank Gov. Ed Rendell For Giving Our Port A Great Opportunity And

John H. Estey, Esq. Chairman

James T. McDermott, Jr. Executive Director

Robert C. Blackburn

Senior Deputy Executive Director

John F. Dempsey

Deputy Executive Director Administrative Offices: 3460 N. Delaware Ave. 2nd Fl., Phila., PA 19134 (215) 426-2600 • Fax (215) 426-6800

Everyone from Pennsylvania who joins the Arbor Day Foundation in September will receive 10 free trees as part of the Foundation’s Trees for America campaign. Trees for America is a program of the Arbor Day Foundation that encourages anyone to help the environment by planting trees. The Arbor Day Foundation is the largest nonprofit organization in the United States dedicated to planting trees. Everyone who joins will receive an eastern redbud, white pine, sugar maple, white flowering dogwood, pin oak, red maple, river birch, silver maple, northern red oak and Colorado blue spruce. “We selected this group of trees to provide benefits during all four seasons in Pennsylvania: lovely spring flowers, cool summer shade, spectacular autumn colors, and winter berries and nesting sites for songbirds,” said John Rosenow, chief executive of the Foundation. “These trees will also add to the proud heritage of Pennsylvania’s 111 Tree City USA communities. For 34 years, Tree City USA has supported community forestry across Pennsylvania, and planting these trees will enhance this tree-planting tradition.” The trees will be shipped postpaid at the right time for planting, between Oct. 15 and Dec. 10. The 6- to 12-inch trees are guaranteed to grow or they will be replaced free of charge. Easy-to-follow planting instructions are enclosed with each shipment of trees. New members of the Arbor

in the refurbishing of those terminals as well as in constructing more modern facilities. These include state-of-the-art cranes designed to shorten turnaround time for ships unloading and loading at its busy piers. In turn, the PRPA is landlord to a host of terminal operators as well as those conducting port affiliated businesses. The New Jersey side of the Delaware has several quasigovernmental agencies, none of which are similar in their operation to the PRPA, which owns its piers and terminals. If it were not for DRPA and the push of Gov. Ed Rendell, Sen. Arlen Specter, Congressman Bob Brady and State Rep. Bill Keller, as well as the International Longshoremen Association union and Port terminal operators, dredging would not have been approved. The essential need to deepen the Delaware River channel from 40 to 45 feet is now underway. This effort is already spawning additional shipping interests who, without

The Public Record • Sept 9, 2010

by Joe Shaheeli It’s time for the Delaware River Port Authority to change its name to more-correctly identify its primary mission, which is to oversee the bridges under its mandate. Correctly renaming itself as the Delaware River Bridge Authority would clarify its mission to the public as well as to avoid continued confusion among the citizenry as its true role in port activities.

Page 13

Rename DRPA:Time To Change Port To Bridge!

The Public Record • Sept 9, 2010

Page 14

Perrier still on top — with a bargain $40 dinner

by Len Lear Georges Perrier is the contemporary restaurant world’s version of Captain Ahab, the sea captain who was obsessed with destroying Moby Dick, the legendary Great White Whale in Herman Melville’s

immortal novel. Captain Ahab raged against Moby Dick and virtually the entire universe, which gave him a reason to persist against insuperable odds. He and his men were always hungry, exhausted, thirsty, sick to their stomachs, buffeted by winds, rain and every manner of physical, mental and emotional suffer-

ing that made life miserable. But then there was always the thought of the bête noir, the whale, to propel them forward. In the case of 66-year-old Chestnut Hill resident Georges Perrier, the universe has conspired to turn a perennial champion into an underdog. For decades Georges was the undisputed king of haute cuisine in the Philadelphia area. His spectacular, incomparable, expensive excess

— the endless courses, the almost decadent gluttony of the cheese cart and the dessert cart — gave Georges and his protean personality a national, perhaps even worldwide, reputation. There may be some new heavyweights on the culinary block, most notably Stephen Starr, Marc Vetri and José Garces, but Georges will have to be dragged kicking and screaming before he will give up his title as Philly’s top

Len Lear chef. “I’ve had some of their food, and it’s not very good,” said Georges last week, obviously stung by all of the pretenders to his throne. Georges, who puts the “tank” in cantankerous, also uses a howitzer when discussing those who still say his signature restaurant is too expensive, thinking of the old seven-course, $135 bacchanalian feast for which Le Bec Fin became a local culinary legend. After all, the economy is now so bad that some straight guys are applying for gay marriage licenses just so they get some gifts. “It’s ridiculous,” explodes Georges, who has definitely initiated what might be called ‘Bistronomics.’ “We are part of Restaurant Week, where you get a three-course dinner for $35, and we have a four-

course dinner now for $40. Where can you possibly get Le Bec Fin quality at those prices? Butcher & Singer, right down the block, and the other steakhouses in town charge much more than we do, and yet people still have this image of us as the most expensive restaurant. It’s outrageous!” We all ordered from the four-course, $40 menu, which is being offered as part of the current 40th anniversary of Le Bec Fin. And choosing from even a limited menu at Le Bec Fin is so difficult, it would be easy to sweat as much as the cast of “Jersey Shore” while taking an I.Q. Test. Three of the four courses were astounding. A chilled pea soup with toasted almond ice cream sounds more like a dessert than an appetizer, but the flavors were incandescent. The roasted Spanish octopus and chorizo prepared two different ways was not exactly a huge portion, but every taste was pure gold The only joker in the deck was the “cheese course,” which was one minuscule piece of cheese (and a tiny piece of bread) that would leave a mouse hungry. The (Cont. page 16)

We Gladly Accept Food Coupons

Carl Jeff & Barbara



Chicken - Chicken parts - Turkey - Turkey parts Ribs - Bacon - Eggs - Hamburgers - Hot Dogs - Sausage Roasters - Box Lots Available

In the Heart of Philadelphia’s Italian Market • 1031 South 9th Street (215) 925-9059 • 1037 South 9th Street (215) 629-1796

Page 15

The Public Record • Sept 9, 2010

The Public Record • Sept 9, 2010

Page 16

Out & About (Cont. From Page 12) guys: All of the suburbs around here get serviced by the Philadelphia media market. If you’re not smart enough to realize you should have been throwing all kinds

of money at this market from the very beginning so you wouldn’t look so smarmy when you come here hat in hand asking Philadelphians to put their trust in you, you’re not smart enough to hold office. And that goes double for Philadelphia’s Black community. If Black folks here don’t know who you are, you’re not going to get out vote. We’ll stay home. (You might also remember that when it comes to white folks here in Philly too. I’d be willing to bet that if you walked up to some random person and asked them who was running for office this time around, it would turn into an episode of Jay Leno’s

“Jaywalking”, complete with clueless citizens.) There are a lot of things that crack me up personally when mostly white, mostly suburban politicians show up at my friend’s doorsteps asking for advice on Black Community Outreach. But what cracks me up the most about this question is the timing. It seems that politicians and elected officials are only interested in visiting my community when it’s time to take a vote. We could use a visit when violence overtakes our communities and a kid gets shot (and when I say, “visit,” I don’t mean a high-profile, look-at-me-I-care, put-me-onAction-News march).

GIVE THE GIFT OF NOSTALGIA Give the 5 Waffleman Books Memories they’ll always Cherish. They will remember you everytime they read them!

Call: Joe “Bag-A Donuts”


It would be nice of you to stop by when a business or business district shuts down and we need ideas on how to revive it so that our people can work. It would be good of you to come by when we call you for help with our schools so that

our kids can learn what they need to know to be competitive in a tough world. And most importantly, it would be good of you to recognize you’re supposed to represent us, and not just when it’s Election Time. For the most part, the Black

community, a community that makes up 45% of Philadelphia’s electorate, is ignored, even by those politicians who allegedly represent it. But while many of usare optimistic people who remember people fought and died to (Cont. Next Page)

Perrier’s Price Is ‘Bec’oning

(Cont. From Page 14) looks on our faces would have made a good “Candid Camera” segment or sketch on “Saturday Night Live”. So we spent an extra $25 for some cheese that was actually visible. But the entrees we tried — olive-oil poached salmon and roasted flatiron steak — were absolutely sublime and were accompanied by ambrosial sauces and vegetables. And there is nothing like Le Bec Fin’s dessert cart. We were told we were entitled to two desserts each, but some of us were actually given (those offered by the glass) three. And there were some wonderful selections on the $40 wine list, such as the subtle, smooth Les Fontanelles Pinot Noir. When the server, a tall,

charming guy who looked like a model, asked for drink orders at the outset, my sisterin-law wasn’t sure which glass of wine she wanted, since she ordinarily orders Pinot Grigio, and Le Bec Fin, not being an Italian restaurant, does not offer it. “Would you like to try them (those offered by the glass) out?” asked the server. Eventually he brought out about two ounces of four different white wines before she finally settled on one she liked, a white Côtes du Rhone. “That was a very classy thing to do,” said one of the six diners at our table. “I’ve never been to a restaurant where they let you try out a few wines before deciding on the one you want.” (One can also have as much bread

as one wants from the buspeople who come around with trays containing three different types of just-baked bread.) I was so impressed that I asked the waiter, “Can I try out samples of all the appetizers before deciding which one I want?” Needless to say, even though the servers are extremely accommodating at Le Bec Fin, they’re not quite at the stage where they’ll let you sample all of the appetizers. A front-page article in the Inquirer Jul. 24 said Georges would be closing Le Bec Fin “next spring,” but when we asked him for a specific date, he replied, “Maybe June or maybe even later than June.” For more information or reservations, call (215) 567-1000 or visit

great and he told him about a new program known as “KIDS CROSS CROSSROADS.COM”. Steve is always interested in helping kids. SNOOPER’S SPECIAL MESSAGE: To: ALL OUR READERS, this is for you. First, we hope you all had a great LABOR DAY and ALL of you made it SAFE and SOUND. Second, now it’s time for SCHOOL and we must all get our “LITTLE ONES” ready for it. Please keep a close eye out for them as they cross the streets; after all, many of them do not pay attention. Teach them RESPECT for all their ELDERS and especially their TEACHERS. Pack them up a nutritious LUNCH and be sure they eat it. Dress them appropriately, and send them off to school. Keep in touch!

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(Cont. From Page 16) get us the right to vote, some of us are under the impression no matter what we do, even if we elect one of our own to the highest office in the country, nothing is going to change. Some of that hopelessness comes from the fact we only hear from the political class when they want to keep their current jobs or get new ones. Not cool. But since Rome wasn’t built in a day, it’s safe to assume the thinking of the political class isn’t going to change overnight. And because of this, it’s going to be the same old “How can I reach out to the Black community?” thinking. Remember to vote on Nov. 3 … no matter how cynical the behavior of politicians makes you.

(Cont. From Page 12) cient dissatisfaction with the current administration that it would not be surprising if he were to become a candidate for Mayor in the election to be held 2011. To complicate matters still further, TOM KNOX, who ran a credible campaign in 2007, has indicated he has been considering making a second run. He has the money that would take, and the fact he finished second to Nutter Could be an inducement to make a second try. The interesting thing is all of these candidates have backgrounds well known to the average voter. Thus, the importance of Party support is

diminished. All are well qualified and the City can’t be anything but a winner from next year’s election. So far, the Republicans have not produced a candidate and depending on the quality of their ultimate choice, that could complicate things still further. So the friendly relationship that exists now between Brady and Nutter could turn into an endorsement by the full City Committee. It would be all to Nutter’s advantage to nip any secessionist movements in the bud early. As the legendary political humorist Will Rogers, when asked, responded, “I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.”

The Public Record • Sept 9, 2010

(Cont. From Page 12) showed up to get their school bags that were loaded with various school supplies. I’m told, by many of the Parents, this is one of THE BEST Girls & Boys Clubs in the City. THEY REALLY CARE! SNOOPER’S TV NEWS DEPT.: Watched as HON. BABETTE JOSEPH, State Representative, was being interviewed by a local TV STATION. She stated, “I’m here today as a State Representative, because I came here to cause TROUBLE, and that’s really the reason I ran for this Office.” She has the SMALLEST DISTRICT here in Philadelphia, and any one of my Constituents could easily find me in one of our local GROCERY STORES. One of my ‘goals’ here is to make it EASIER for ALL my constituents TO VOTE. I came here thinking I’d be here for ONE TERM. Many years later, I am still here doing what I love to do: HELPING PEOPLE, no matter who they may be. That’s what I’m really all about, and I’ll continue to do it.” SNOOPER’S EMAIL BUREAU: Chief, sit down for this one because it comes from a very irate CITY EMPLOYEE (recently retired).

THE D.R.O.P. PROGRAM doesn’t cost THE CITY anything, because the monies in this program are actually monies taken from the employees PENSION MONIES. THE MAYOR was given three reports from the Boston D.R.O.P. report, but he chose the one that would suit him best, as far as him wanting to drop this program. What’s wrong with the D.R.O.P. PROGRAM is very simple. Keep out the CITY OFFICIALS who have taken advantage of it, and yet get to keep their jobs after their four years are up. We have seen four examples to date. How about the former Mayor, who garnered over a QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS from this program; yes, the very same program he didn’t want? SNOOPER’S LOCAL NEWS DEPT.: Yes, it was about a year or so, I told you about a gentleman teaching at The Penn Treaty M.S. I had the pleasure of meeting him in JOE FRAZIER’S BOXING GYM on Broad Street, and he was telling me about being a TEACHER who takes care of “delinquent” kids. Today, one of my associates met him; he still remembered the item we did on him. He tells me STEVE FLEISHER, “The Teacher”, is doing really

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Sheriff Green’s Important Steps to Saving Your Home Step 1: Assemble your current financial information, and call your lender.

Step 2:

Visit to learn more about borrowers’ rights, loss mitigation and abusive servicing practices. Contact the Sheriff’s Office at 215-686-3525 for more information

Step 3: If you feel uncomfortable handling mortgage negotiations, consult a professional housing Counselor

Step 4: Take time to carefully investigate the offers you receive to avoid becoming a fraud victim Sheriff John D. Green Philadelphia

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1744 E. Passyunk Ave. • 215-334-0990

CITY OF PHILADELPHIA Philadelphia Gas Commission - Public Notice This is to inform the public that the Philadelphia Gas Commission will hold regular meetings during fiscal year 2010-2011 on the following dates:

These meetings will be held in the Commission’s hearing room, on the 18th Floor, 1515 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania beginning at 10:00 A.M. Copies of the agenda to be considered at each meeting, will be available on request, prior to each meeting, at the Gas Commission office, 1515 Arch Street, 9th Floor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These meeings are open to the Public. Marian B. Tasco, Chairwoman

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 Tuesday, October 26, 2010 Tuesday, November 16, 2010 Tuesday, December 7, 2010 Tuesday, January 11, 2011 Tuesday, February 8, 2011 Tuesday, March 8, 2011 Tuesday, April 12, 2011 Tuesday, April 26, 2011 Tuesday, May 24, 2011 Tuesday, June 7, 2011

er m m Su s g n i Sav

The Public Record • Sept 9, 2010

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2400 E. Somerset Street Philadelphia, PA 19134


The Public Record • Sept 9, 2010

WATERFRONT PROPERTIES Great Land & Spectacular Oceanfront- Absolute buy of a lifetime! Surf & turf, the best of all worlds at OCEAN VIEW on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Spectacular 1 to 3 acre lots, on the seaside (the mainland) overlooking pristine oceanfront barrier island 1 mile away. Each lot includes deeded ownership of nearby private island oceanfront beach. Sun, sail, swim, fish, clam, and play on the islands secluded beach during the days and dine at nearby quaint restaurants at night. May remind you of the Jersey shore many years ago. Unique situation makes these lots available at 1/3 of original cost. Waterfront pond lots $65,000 and view lots at $40,000. Every lot has spectacular ocean, bay and marsh vistas. Community dock planned. Owner (757)665-4410, e m a i l : ADOPTION OR PERSONALS ADOPT: Warm, loving, financially secure woman longs to adopt newborn. Promises lifetime of unconditional love, happiness, financial security. Expenses paid. Barbara 1-888-


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Public Record Classifieds:

Phone: 215-423-2223 Fax: 215-423-5937

CITY OF PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEMENT The City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia International Airport, is requesting PROPOSALS for “ON CALL AUDIO VISUAL SERVICES”. All proposals are to be submitted to by 5pm SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 and also as directed in the REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS. Interested firms are invited to download the rfp directly from (click under “eContract Philly”) or request the RFP by email to .

SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PHILADELPHIA Sealed proposals will be received by the School Reform Commission at the School Administration Building located at 440 North Broad St., 3rd Floor, Office of Capital Programs, Philadelphia, PA 19130-4015, until 2:00 P.M., on Tuesday, September 21, 2010. A nonrefundable fee for each set of bid documents is as scheduled. The School District will only accept bids from companies that have been placed on its current Pre Qualified Contractors List as shown at All School District Project require MBE/WBE participation as shown in the specifications. BUDGET FEE B-007 (C) of 2010/11 General Service Contract Trailer Modernization $75,000 $ 25.00 Various locations throughout the School District BUDGET FEE B-025 (C) of 2009/10 Electrical Contract Kensington HS $2,000,000 $200 Electric Service 2051 E. Cumberland Street *A pre-bid conference and site tour will be held at the project location, on September 2, 2010 at 11:00 a.m.

Information as to contract documents, etc., may be obtained at the above address, or telephone 215-400-5225. Make checks payable to the School District of Philadelphia. The School Reform Commission reserves the right to reject any and all bids and make the awards to the best interests of the School District of Philadelphia.

Specifications and/or plans and contract documents may be examined and copies thereof obtained from the School Reform Commission, 440 North Broad Street, 3rd floor, Philadelphia, PA 19130.

The Public Record • Sept 9, 2010

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