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Will Democrat Senate Candidate Joe Sestak Pick Up Mayor Bloomberg's Baggage As Well?

August 19, 2010

We’re 15th On ‘Most Dangerous’ Cities List Page 12

Why SEPTA Is Quick Draw In A Crisis! Page 10

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PA Tells Inmates, ‘Welcome to JPay!’ Page 2

State Lists Its Deadbeats On Line Page 2

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Page 2 The Public Record • Aug. 19, 2010

Will Bloomberg Hurt Or Help Joe Sestak? by Joe Shaheeli New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg came to town to endorse Joe Sestak’s US Senate candidacy. He did, and the two later had lunch at the new Fresh Grocer in Sullivan Progress Plaza at Broad & Cecil B. Moore Avenue. The luncheon and endorsement might be creating some “agita” in Sestak’s tummy now. Bloomberg has been identified as the guardian angel of a mosque proposed to be built near Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan, the site of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. His is a highly controversial position and it has elevated him to more national attention. That reputation, some Sestak supporters worry, could rub off on Sestak, who, until Bloomberg endorsement, could not even remotely be involved in the controversy surrounding the mosque construction. Sestak’s campaign team must think it is a good idea. Otherwise, why would they allow Sestak to possibly get

caught up in the mosquebuilding controversy at the center of 9/11, which Bloomberg has approved and publicly supports? They could have calculated the distance between New York and Philadelphia would have mitigated the association with the mosque controversy, which, however, continues to have a life of its own. That controversy grew into a national conversation following President Barack Obama’s decision to support the construction of the mosque. Countless individuals have stepped forward and shared their position on this issue, including Hamas’ cofounder, Mahmoud al-Zahar, who said Muslims “have to build” the mosque. The contentious issue has splintered national leaders of President Obama’s party, including Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman US Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey, who suggested those who oppose the construction of this mosque don’t understand “what the Consti-

tution is all about.” Facing an uphill reelection battle in November, US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sought to distance himself from Obama and Menendez as his campaign issued a statement asserting, “The mosque should be built some place else.” Reid’s political maneuvering comes on the heels of statements from the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Tim Kaine, who claimed Democrats who distance themselves from the President are “crazy.” With more and more polls showing more and more Americans are being caught up in the controversy, the Democrat Senate hopeful needs to make his position known. The Allentown Morning Call commented this week, “US Senate candidate Republican Pat Toomey’s campaign made clear his opposition to it.” Especially riled by Bloomberg’s support of the mosque construction are New York and local Greeks, who

Penna. Inmates Told, ‘Welcome’ To JPay! Bewilderment has seized the Commonwealth’s prison populations with the introduction of JPay into their lives. Effective Sep. 1, unless prisoners and their families use JPay, bank checks and money orders will be returned to the senders. That has left many prisoners in a quandary. Many of them come from poor family backgrounds, without much of an education. Their families now must resort to computers to open up to print out a copy of a money-order deposit form. That slip then needs to be filled out and mailed to JPay, 12884 Biscayne Blvd., Box 221, Miami, FL 33181. The selling pitch is, “Want your inmate to receive funds faster? Visit today and make your money transfer online.” The Pennsylvania Dept. of Corrections refers all queries as to why it

signed up with the Florida firm to the JPay internet site for answers. Prisoners are already writing letters to this paper and other media complaining about the change. They and their families were used to the fact a postal money order sent directly to the inmate would be retrieved by the prison mail room and deposited to the credit of the inmate’s commissary account. It was the fastest way to get funds to an inmate in prison. Now it goes to Florida first, then to the Pennsylvania prison via email fund transfer. A deposit slip “must be filled out and submitted with every money order,” procedures affirm. The State’s various prisons are now making deposit slips available in their visiting rooms. Unlike the previous method, which permitted mail to be sent to the inmate along with the money order, JPay will not accept any mail whatsoever.

NEW YORK CITY Mayor Michael Bloomberg gladhands first row of spectators at his endorsement announcement for Congressman Joseph Sestak for US Senate. point out New York City government has made it impossible for a Greek Orthodox church to be rebuilt on the site it occupied when the twin towers collapsed and

crushed it. Despite multi-million dollar grant approval from the Feds, Bloomberg’s administration has held back its approval. Notably missing from the

event, which drew about 70, were local political figures who were normally expected to attend. Only State Sen. Shirley Kitchen was seen in the audience.

State Revenue Lists Deadbeats On Line The Pennsylvania Dept. of Revenue has released an online list detailing more than 39,000 state tax liens against individuals and businesses that owe $233 million in State taxes. The expanded tax-delinquent list includes more than 10 times the number of tax delinquents offered in previous versions. The list previously detailed only employer withholding and sales-tax liabilities, but the new list includes information about all State tax liens filed since July 2009. The revised list will be updated monthly, rather than quarterly, to include newly filed liens and remove satisfied liens. About half of all states use internet lists to help collect unpaid taxes, including Delaware, Maryland, New York and Virginia. Publicly identifying tax delinquents can be a successful tax-collection incentive. “Before tax amnesty ended in June, we promised to step up enforcement efforts against anyone who did not take advantage of that generous, yet

limited-time offer, to settle back taxes without having to pay all the penalties and interest,“ stated Revenue Secretary C. Daniel Hassell. The Pennsylvania taxdelinquent list debuted in April 2006. The prospect of

appearing on the list encouraged delinquent taxpayers to pay $127.3 million and enter into deferred payment plans for an additional $12.6 million in previously unpaid taxes through June 2010.

High School To Compete In Food Drive Foundation High schools throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania are invited to join Shire’s The Great Food Fight!, the first regional student food drive to fight hunger. The goal: to collect 25 tons of food – the equivalent of 50,000 meals – for Philabundance and the thousands of local families who rely on the food services they provide. Shire will present the school that collects the most food per student a grand prize of $10,000. “With their unbridled energy and ‘we can do it’ mindset, teenagers can accomplish great things,” said Mike Cola, president of Shire Pharmaceuticals. “We be-

lieve high schools in every county will step up and show how their students can put food on the table for parents struggling to feed their children, seniors who can’t make ends meet and all the hungry people Philabundance serves. “The winning school can use the $10,000 prize for any school-approved project, event, activity or equipment.” The registration deadline for Shire’s The Great Food Fight! is Aug. 31. High schools located in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Cos. are eligible to participate in the collection drive which runs Oct. 1-15. Philadelphia

"Representing injured workers in Pa. for over 30 years.�

The Public Record • Aug. 19, 2010

If you have been injured on the DOCKS, PIERS, or SHIPS doing loading or repairing work. You need our free advice....We fight for your right to benefits and we never ask you to pay a fee.... We have successfully helped get money for thousands of injured workers over the last 30 years.

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Injured At Work!

Page 4 The Public Record • Aug. 19, 2010

Zogby Shows Congress Polls Close The last Zogby International poll shows Republicans lead Democrats, 42%-41%, among likely voters on the question of which party's candidates for Congress they intend to support. This is a tightening of the GOP margin from Jul. 29, when Republicans led, 46%-38%. President Barack Obama's approval rating remains as it was at the end of July at 43%. These results are from an Aug. 9-11 interactive survey of 2,067 likely voters. Compared to its Jul. 29 interactive poll, Democratic candidates gained four percentage points among Democratic voters and two percentage points from independents. Support for GOP candidates among Republican voters slips three percentage points. Will Onorato Keep His Word?

State Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams is a hard bargainer.

R EP. A NGEL C RUZ DISTRICT OFFICE 2749 N. 5th St. • 215-291-5643 Staffed by

Joe Evangelista • Debbie Toro Ready to Serve you

Councilman Wm.


Room 580 City Hall P. 215-686-3446/7 F. 215-686-1927

He endorsed his one-time Democratic gubernatorial rival, Dan Onorato, but in turn got an Onorato pledge he would support the educational choice program promoted by the Senator. Odds are, if elected Governor, Onorato will keep his pledge. There are enough prochoice advocates in Allegheny Co. to support that effort. When both men spoke at their Philly press conference, Onorato, the Allegheny Co. Executive and 2010 Democratic gubernatorial nominee, echoed Williams’ thoughts. Uneducated students continue to find no place for them in the job market, which is constantly being strained to find qualified employees ... meaning those who can read, write and add. According to the Pennsylvania Dept. of Education, 78.4% of the state’s schools made adequate yearly progress as outlined by federal guidelines - about a “C” or Councilman Bill

Green Room 599 City Hall P. 215.686.3420/21 F. 215.686.1930

“C+” in most academic circles. In real terms, that equates to 672 schools in the Commonwealth designated as neither making adequate yearly progress. Whatever Happened To Positive Campaigns?

It's tit for tat in the US Senate race in Pennsylvania. GOP nominee Pat Toomey has been slinging mash at Congressman Joe Sestak for three weeks now. Now it’s Sestak’s turn. His first TV campaign ad went negative. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee sponsored the ad, which portrays Republican Pat Toomey as a champion of Wall Street and the financial instruments that toppled some financial institutions beginning in 2008. Leach To Carry Campaign Ball

State Sen. Daylin Leach will assume the chairmanship of the Democratic State Senate Campaign Committee on Aug. 24. Leach will oversee the Democratic State Senate election efforts this year. “Sen. Leach came into the State Senate with a landslide victory in a District that had

State Rep.

State Rep.

ROBERT C. DONATUCCI 185th District

William Keller 184th District

1809 Oregon Ave, Phila., PA 19145


been — up until recently— a ‘safe’ seat for Republicans,” said his colleague Jay Costa. “He will bring fresh ideas and bold leadership to the DSSCC, as well as firsthand experience winning elections.” “Sen. Leach is the best choice to put the DSSCC on trajectory towards a Democratic majority in the State Senate,” said State Sen. Mike Stack. “Daylin’s political acumen is unmatched, and I am eager to watch him use his talents to elect Democrats across Pennsylvania to the State Senate.” Where's Pat Meehan?

If Republican nominee for the7th Congressional Dist. seat Pat Meehan has a friend in the District, that friend should call him about his nonexistent race. If he has a press office, they don't seem to be at work. His campaign may be visible somewhere in the District, but no on the internet where half the campaigns are waging their battles. Banging away at him in every way is State Rep. Bryan Lentz, whose campaign team

floods the airwaves, the internet, and the local press with reasons why he’s the best man for Congress. Lentz this week reported he,s unveiled a new website designed to educate voters “about Pat Meehan’s record as an insider, corporate lawyer, etc.” It's . Challenges Shake Off Third Party Candidates

Third parties, facing court challenges to their nominating petitions this week, are finding it tough to withstand those challenges. Two have already withdrawn their petitions. Green Party Senate candidate Mel Packer said he was not surprised by Democrat Joe Sestak’s challenge to his nominating papers. Also, Tea Party gubernatorial candidate John Krupa says he’s withdrawing from that race. Challenges have also been filed against Libertarian Senate candidate Douglas Jamison and Libertarian lawyer Marakay Rogers, who's running for Governor. Minor parties just have too many signatures to get — approximately 10 times as many as major parties.

Constituent Service Office

1610 S. Broad St. Phila., PA 19146 (215) 952-3378

1531 S. 2nd Street


State Senator

Larry Farnese First Senate District Tel. 215-952-3121 1802 S. Broad St.• Phila. PA 19145

Senator Tina State Sen.

Shirley M. Kitchen 3rd Sen. District 1701 W. Lehigh Ave.Ste 104 • Philadelphia, PA 19132 215-227-6161 •

Tartaglione 2nd Dist. 127 W. Susquehanna Ave. 1063 Bridge St. Philadelphia, PA 19122 Philadelphia, PA 19124



REP. BRENDAN F. BOYLE 7215 B. Rising Sun Ave. Phila. PA 19111 • P (215)-342-1700

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MEDIA consultant Bonnie Squires is seen here with, from left, Congressman Patrick Murphy, Bruce Hulick or The Arc of Phila. and State Rep. Jim Roebuck.

Photo by Bonnie Squires

TOM CORBETT portrayed his foe Dan Onorato wearing a football jersey from … this being a family newspaper, we cannot mention the team.

Sheriff Green’s Important Steps to Saving Your Home Step 1:

The Public Record • Aug. 19, 2010

HOST STU BYKOFSKY gives comedian Congressman Bob Brady a hug after Brady charmed audience at Stu’s annual fundraiser for Variety Club.

Page 5

Comedy Night Success

Assemble your current financial information, and call your lender.

Step 2: Visit to learn more about borrowers’ rights, loss mitigation and abusive servicing practices. Contact the Sheriff’s Office at 215-686-3525 for more information

Step 3: If you feel uncomfortable handling mortgage negotiations, consult a professional housing Counselor

Step 4: Take time to carefully investigate the offers you receive to avoid becoming a fraud victim Sheriff John D. Green Philadelphia

PEOPLE lined up outside Finnigan’s Wake to get in for Variety benefit comedy hour, among them Loyal Opposition heavyweight Matt Wolfe and Denise Furey.

Radio Show For Vets Veterans and active-duty armed-service personnel have a radio show they can call their own. Its moderator and producer is Dan Sickman and it airs monthly on WURD 900 am and every Saturday from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. on WHAT 1340 AM. Sickman says the broadcasts will inform and discuss

veterans’ issues and benefits and invites commentary, adding, “If anyone would like to be a guest on our show and discuss veterans’ issues and benefits or what you are doing to help our fellow veterans please give me a call at (215) 953-9100 week days or (215) 953-1801 after hours and weekends.”

5TH WARD Republican Leader Mike Cibik’s jokes are generally unprintable, but that didn’t stop him from trying them out on a couple of friends. CONTROLLER Alan Butkovitz sponsored a table at Finnigan’s Wake, skippered by his aide Lisa Deeley.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offers mortgage assistance programs through the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA). PHFA has three programs to help homeowners avoid foreclosure through its HEMAP, REAL and HERO programs. To learn more about these programs or to apply for assistance please call toll-free 1-800-342-2397 or visit

State Representative


(215) 468-2300 STATE REP. JOHN

RONALD G. WATERS 191st Leg. District 6027 Ludlow Street, Unit A


State Rep. Cherelle

174th District 8100 Castor Ave Phila, PA 19152 T: 215-342-6204

200th Legislative District 1536 E. Wadsworth Ave. Phone: (215) 242-7300 Fax: (215) 242-7303


State Rep.

Frank Oliver 195th District 2839 W. Girard Ave. Phila. PA 19130



1555-D Wadsworth Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19150 (215) 242-0472 Fax: (215) 753-4538 WEB SITE

Parkwood Shopping Center 12361 Academy Road, Phila., PA 19154, 215-281-2539 8016 Bustleton Avenue Philadelphia PA 19152 215-695-1020 Open Mon. - Fri. 9:00 AM - 5 PM





Paid for by Friends of Alan Kurtz

CONGRESSMAN Chaka Fattah got in some choice digs at Candidates Night Comedy Hour.

Page 6 The Public Record • Aug. 19, 2010

Paul Robeson House’s 1st Fundraiser Will Honor Three Freedom Fighters The West Philadelphia Cultural Alliance’s Paul Robeson House Museum will hold its 1st annual Fundraising Golf Outing and Banquet on Monday, Oct. 4 at Bala Golf Club and will confer the Paul Robeson Freedom Fighter Award on W. Cody Anderson, ACG Associates; James Harper, senior business manager,

LIUNA Local 413; and Lynanne B. Wescott, Esq. The primary mission of the Paul Robeson House is to heighten awareness of the life, legacy and philosophy of Paul Robeson and his historical significance. Funds raised at this event will aid in the efforts currently underway to restore this historical landmark in

Philadelphia. WPCA also provides quality educational programs for students and adults; provide excellent visual, performing, media and literary-arts programs for all ages; and continue the tremendous legacy of this extraordinary man. “We are truly dedicated to preserving a record of Paul Robeson’s struggles in

advancing racial harmony and justice for all Americans,” said Fran Aulston, executive director of WPCA. “The recipients of the Paul Robeson Freedom Fighter Award this year have shown concern on behalf of disadvantaged people and their advocacy is a tribute to the legacy of Paul Robeson.”

HONORING America’s Unions and their members who bring the benefits of Organized Labor into all communities! Deadline To Participate in A Special Supplement on 8/31/2010

A portion of the revenue from your advertisement in this supplement will go to help the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO defray expenses of this Annual Celebration and Salute to the American Labor Movement!

“Bad” Bennie Briscoe thrilled Philly boxing fans for two decades at the Spectrum, Blue Horizon, Convention Hall, and the old Cambria. The North Philly middleweight showed such toughness and determination throughout his remarkable career that he became a symbol of Philadelphia boxing. His legacy continues with the awarding of the “Briscoe Awards”, in which Philly boxers are honored with a likeness of “Bad Bennie” to recognize their accomplishments in the ring. Next to receive the prestigious award will be Teon Kennedy and Franciso Rodriguez, for their epic slugfest at the Blue Horizon. The electrifying

gency brain surgery. Sadly, he was unable to recover from his injuries and died two days later. Franciso’s brother Alex will accept the award on the family’s behalf. Also receiving a “Briscoe Award” will be South Philly’s Rogers Mtagwa for his unbelievable world-title challenge against Juan Manuel Lopez. Although he didn’t win the championship, his performance will surely be remembered by boxing historians. The “Briscoe Awards” will be presented on Oct. 4 at the Veteran Boxers Association Clubhouse. For more information, visit

WORLD-RENOWNED artist Carl LeVotch created original sculpture of “Bad” Bennie Briscoe. bout was overshadowed by the tragedy that followed and was a harsh reminder of the realities of boxing. Rodriguez had to be rushed to Hahnemann Hospital after the bout, where he underwent emer-

The Public Record • Aug. 19, 2010

Fallen Boxer To Be Honored

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Ringside With The Shadowboxer


Philadelphia Regional Port Authority A Promising Future By Championing the Channel-Deepening Project And Substantial Port Expansion

Once Again, We Thank Gov. Ed Rendell For Giving Our Port A Great Opportunity And

John H. Estey, Esq. Chairman

James T. McDermott, Jr. Executive Director

John F. Dempsey

Deputy Executive Director Administrative Offices: 3460 N. Delaware Ave. 2nd Fl., Phila., PA 19134 (215) 426-2600 • Fax (215) 426-6800

Robert C. Blackburn

Senior Deputy Executive Director

Page 8 The Public Record • Aug. 19, 2010

“How to Tap into Your Intuition” classes Back by Popular Demand Upon completion of these 4 classes, you will be able to Tap Into Your own Intuition. You will: Sense, feel and read energy around a person’s body (scanning the aura). Read energy off an object (psychometry) Exploration at a distance (remote viewing) Learn Psychic and Spiritual Healing techniques

Pajil Battle Honored Maria Pajil Battle, senior vice president, public affairs and marketing, Keystone Mercy Health Plan, will receive one of the Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2010 Minority Business Leader Awards at today’s event in the Crystal

Tea Room, Wanamaker Building. Pajil Battle will be honored, among other diverse business and community leaders from throughout the region, and profiled in a print supplement in the August 6 edition of the

PDDC Group Visits Eagles Eagles safety Quintin Demps shows Avery Jones, a client of Phila. Developmental Disabilities Corp., at training camp his gloves which he actually gave to him. Mike Barnes, marketing director of PDDC, took a group of clients (adults with intellectual disabilities) to visit Eagles Training Camp at Lehigh University, arriving for 8:15 practice session. A number of Eagles players have participated in events which benefit The Arc of Phila. and PDDC. Annual visit to Training Camp is one of PDDC’s calendar highlights.

Visit For more dates, times, and locations about this and other classes. New classes are being added weekly. You can find romance, financial security, and confidence in your decision making. Learn to guide yourself, look within and find the answers that have been evasive to you. Several fun, hands on classes teach you to find your way around the psychic realm in a safe friendly environment.

Photo by John Alexanian

Michael A. Cibik, Esquire American Bankruptcy Board Certified Question: Planning bankruptcy, stop paying creditors? Answer: You might file bankruptcy, well, for sure, so

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We are a debt-relief agency 1500 Walnut Street • Suite 900 Philadelphia, PA 19102


Philadelphia Business Journal. This is the Philadelphia Business Journal’s second annual MBLA ceremony, an event that was created in 2009 to honor top-level business, ethnically diverse business executives and advocates.

water bills, gas, electric, cable, internet. If you are behind on these, those have to be listed as debts on your bankruptcy schedules, like anything else. However, stop paying credit cards immediately. Next week’s question: Can the bankruptcy trustee take my tax refund?

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Practice Areas: Workers Compensation Divorce and Family Law Personal Injury Social Security Disability 206 West State Street Media PA 19063


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Our Opinion ... Hassles Of Public Life

Letters • Letters • Letters Can’t We All Get Along?

The Republican City Committee rewrote bylaws to make it harder to elect its own committeepersons in the May primary and declined to recognize

many of its newly elected ward leaders. It is turning away people who want to serve their community and to help the Republican Party to see a better future for the City.

Festival hosted by Phila. Veterans Multi Service & Education Ctr. Top entertainers include Little Isidore and the Inquisitors, Cornerstone and The Chantels. Admission is free. For more info Sep. 16- Sam Katz’s documentary film “Phila.: The great experiment” shows at Franklin Ct. Underground Museum, 316 Market St., 6:30-9:30 p.m. For info (215) 861-4971. Sep. 18- State Rep. Jim Roebuck sponsors Energy Conservation Workshop at W. Regional Ctr. of Community College, 4725 Chestnut St., 10 a.m.-12 m. Each attendee receives free energy kit, including efficient light bulbs, shower heads and weather stripping. RSVP by Sep. 11 (215) 307-4917. Sep. 18- Phila. Hero Thrill Show outside Wells Fargo Center, 3601 S. Broad St.,

11:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Rain date, Sunday, Sep. 19. Tickets $10, $25 for families, available from police, fire stations or online at For info visit Sep. 20- Tri-State Labor & Management Council and City of Hope host Spirit of Life Awards to Larry Christenson and Ralph J. Teti, Esq. at Hyatt Regency at Penn’s Landing, Columbus Blvd. & Dock St., 6 p.m. For info Harry Giordano (800) 344-8169. Sep. 21- Al Stewart hosts 11th Ward Fish Fry at Lou & Choo’s, 21st & Hunting Pk. Ave., 5-9 p.m. Donation $10. For info Tutie Edwards (215) 228-3134. Sep. 24- 65th Republican Ward Exec. Committee hosts Fall Bash at Ashburner Inn, 8400 Torresdale Ave., 7-10 p.m. Tickets $20. For info (215) 298-2251.

The Republican City Committee bylaws stated a Committeeman must receive 10 write-in votes to win. it’s worth noting these bylaws conflict with State law, which states a candidate only needs a plurality of the vote to win. There is no mandatory 10-vote law. If we are going to unite the Republican Party to be strong, the Republican City Committee needs to drop the City’s bylaws and let people who wants to serve their Party and community. William Walters N.E. Republican Executive Committee

Drop the DROPees Back in 1999, then-Mayor (Fast Eddie) Rendell started the DROP program, with Nutter and Street as Councilmen. Then, in 2004, Mayor (his way) Street tried to do away with the DROP program and was shot down by Council. Then he opted to sign up for the same program he wanted to do away with. Now, in 2010, Mayor Nutter wants to do away with it. So far, two Council Members have dropped and come back with a big payday.

Now six more City Council Members have signed up. Frank DiCicco said if he decides to run again, he will donate his lump-sum payment back to the City. I’m sure between now and the time he receives it he’ll find some City ordinance that disallows him from doing so. How many elected officials or mayoral appointees have received this so far? This is supposed to be for the working man, not appointed or elected people. Camille Barnett worked for two years and through a loophole could buy into the pension plan and collect for a lifetime. How many others have done this without being detected? Remember, next year all Council Members will be up for reelection. Vote them out, or go along with their program. They would rather lay off police and close firehouses than trim the fat from those offices that could afford to lose a few. Now we have to wait till September when Council comes back from their long summer vacations to deal with this issue. It’s time for the citizens of Philadelphia to speak up. Mario Marchetti

Aug. 26- GLBMA Business Breakfast at Warnock Housing Development, 2862 Germantown Ave., 8-10 a.m. Members free, nonmembers $25. Pre-registration required. Mayor Michael Nutter and PHA Executive Director Carl Greene to speak. Aug. 26- State Sen. Shirley Kitchen and State Rep. Mark Cohen host older citizens at Senior Day in Memorial Hall at St. William’s Ch., Robbins & Argyle Sts., 10 a.m.-2 p.m. For info (215) 227-6161. Aug. 28- Universal Family of Schools Celebrates “Education is a Family Affair” at Universal Daroff Campus, 5630 Vine St., 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Free and open to families who attend Universal Institute Charter School,

Universal Daroff Charter, Universal Bluford Charter. Aug. 28- State Rep. Rosita Youngblood hosts Back to School Community Resource Fair at Burgess Ctr., rear parking lot, 200-220 W. Chelten Ave., 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Free school gifts, lunch and entertainment. For info Cherise All (215) 849-6426. Aug. 28- Fundraiser for State Rep. John Taylor at Shawcrest Pointe, Wildwood, N.J., 2 p.m. Tickets $40. Aug. 29- Billy Meehan Clambake at Cannstatter VolksfestVerein, 9130 Academy Rd., 4-8 p.m. Great food, top entertainment. Tickets $100. For info Republican City Committee (215) 561-0650. Sep. 10- Fundraiser for David Oh at Zarwin Baum DeVito Kaplan Schaer Toddy PC, 1818 Market St., 13th fl., 6:30 p.m. Sep. 11- Annual DooWop

The Public Record • Aug. 19, 2010

Perception is key to the longevity of an individual in public life. Whatever persona created by the individual through his or her actions in office, just one little idiosyncrasy, or a slip of any kind in their personal lives, makes them fair game for all sorts of innuendoes and charges. Such is the case seen this week with the revelation that PHA Executive Director Carl Greene was facing a mortgage foreclosure on his condo. That brought a press frenzy that has done everything except touch on the excellent progress made by the Philadelphia Housing Authority under his aegis. He got rid of the bad old days, when the only way to get a toilet repaired, a window fixed, a flooded sewage system corrected immediately was for the beleaguered resident to first call an elected official. That official, in turn, hopefully followed up with a call to whoever the executive director was at the time in order to put corrective action into motion. He took government money, merged it with private funding, and literally was able to triple that money into millions more, to allow him to change the face of public housing forever in this city. Carl Greene stood up to HUD when he decided to use Section 8 vouchers for the construction of additional housing units. Greene was the first executive director able to stand up to the vested interests of politicians and some tenants and get them to march in order with him as he blazed new developments across the cityscape. Gone are the hellholes that once spawned crime, while their tenants were unable to get truly decent housing. He has done this and much more, seeding, through his developments, the creation of new private housing and commercialproject opportunities. He has been working out of the box since his arrival, and we are all the better for it. We have a Philadelphia Housing Authority that has made decent housing for its residents a reality, has made tenants responsible for the upkeep of those magnificent properties, and has reclaimed whole neighborhoods back to society. Yet none of his accomplishments have been reported as the media rampage to rip down the reputation of this hardworking public servant.

Page 10 The Public Record • Aug. 19, 2010

SEPTA’s At The Ready In Any Crisis

SEPTA’s Control Room, which instantly monitors all of its operating lines as well as its major terminals, is key to Authority’s ability to cope with any delays incurred by any of the lines. Wall and individual monitor screens, such as above, are seen throughout Control Room. SEPTA riders took it for granted when SEPTA General Mgr. Joseph M. Casey announced SEPTA is offering instant alerts to riders through ReadyNotifyPA. The new alerts are now providing SEPTA riders with another avenue to receive real-time information on delays and service interruptions. Casey explained SEPTA is so far on the cutting edge of instant communications with

all its operations, ReadyNotifyPA was the next logical step in rider convenience. Making this possible is the huge control center on the 19th floor of SEPTA headquarters, a floor inaccessible to those without the proper clearances. Running this nerve center is Ron Hopkins. Every wall is lined with huge screens running from wall to wall and monitored by SEPTA employees, each with similar screens on monitors

before them. Each wall-length screen is dedicated to a specific lines operated by SEPTA, from buses to subways, the El, and to regional lines. Should a breakdown or congestion appear on the monitors, SEPTA alerts go out from the Control Room. Crews spring into action in seconds. No time is lost in assessing the causes and recommending the necessary actions to handle the problems.

On The Campaign Trail

STATE SEN. Mike Stack was joined by Congressman Bob Brady and other Democratic State Sens. Mike O’Pake, Shirley Kitchen, Lisa Boscola, Tony Williams, Andy Dinniman, Larry Farnese and Daylin Leach to cheer on Phillies and to wish Mrs. Dinniman a happy birthday. Stack is running for Minority Leader in Pennsylvania Senate.

$100.00 per ticket • Call 215-561-0650

Page 11

The Public Record • Aug. 19, 2010

Page 12 The Public Record • Aug. 19, 2010

This was a busy week for local Elephants. First, the Philadelphia GOP Victory Office celebrated its grand opening at 2nd & South Streets. In attendance were former 65th Ward Leader and Victory Director PHIL INNAMORATO, State GOP operative JOE DeFELICE, WARD LEADERS MATT WOLFE and MIKE CIBIK, and columnist ADAM LANG. State Rep candidate MARC COLLAZZO was a hit along with Lieutenant Governor candidate JIM CAWLEY, 2nd Congressional Dist. candidate RICK HELLBERG, 13th Dist. candidate DEE CARSON ADCOCK and 8th State Senatorial Dist. candidate RHASHEA HARMON. Former 13th Congressional candidate BRIAN HAUGHTON was also in attendance. City Council at-Large candidates ELMER MONEY and MIKE UNTERMEYER began their candidacies early by working the room. Standing in for STATE REP. DENNY O’BRIEN was his aide DAVE KRALLE. This office is expected to surprise local Donkeys with the activity it’ll generate. Innamorato has already put Cawley out knocking on doors in the Northeast. That same evening was a beef and beer for Collazzo at SmokeEaters. Many folks from the Victory Office opening took the trip up 95 to show their support for Marc. In addition, City GOP boss VITO CANUSO came. The City Party must show support for the Northeast, where the GOP must win in order to regain some traction in this city. With one open Council at-Large seat, the GOP fears a bloodbath next year, as those of you who’ve heard my previous trumpeting know by now. With speculation about AL TAUBENBERGER, former STATE REP. GEORGE KENNEY and O’Brien, many potential candidates are holding off declaring a potential uphill battle against any of them. Wolfe is pushing for O’Brien or JOHN TAYLOR to declare for Mayor. Intriguing…

Yo! Here we go again with these fascinating facts about myths. Things that you absolutely, positively know as true are frequently wrong. Here are some examples of things you may believe –but just aren’t true. For example, watching TV in a dark room is bad for your eyes. This myth was created in the early 1950s on behalf of a client who manufactured lamps. Great public relations almost made this myth into a fact. And the fact that all flamingos are naturally pink – right? – wrong. Flamingos are grey when chicks and turn pink as adults because of the sea creatures they eat which turn pink during digestion. The pigment is absorbed by the flamingo, coloring the flamingo’s body and feathers pink. If flamingos were fed a different diet, they would be white. How about Johnny Weissmuller’s famous Tarzan yell – that is his own voice, right? Nope. His voice was combined with a high ‘C’ sung by a soprano and a hyena’s howl – recorded and played backward. Tonto’s nickname for the Lone Ranger – Kemo Sabe – means “faithful friend” right – nope. In Apache Kemo Sabe means “white shirt’” and in Navaho it means “soggy shrub.” George Trendle, the creator of the Lone Ranger, didn’t know that. He took the name from a summer camp he attended as a boy. Hens cannot lay eggs without a rooster, right? – nope. Almost all the eggs we buy in the Ack-a-me are unfertile eggs laid by hens with no help form a rooster. I wonder how they do that. This is an absolute fact – Vincent Van Gogh, the artist, cut off his entire ear – nope. After months of hard work, hard drinking, and arguments with his friends, he was despondent. (Cont. Page 14)

According to Forbes magazine, we’re number 15. If you’re wondering what Forbes list the City of Philadelphia has landed on this time, it is the Most Dangerous Cities in the Country. Using the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report and the statistics contained within, the folks at Forbes looked at all of the nation’s cities and decided which ones you shouldn’t be walking around after dark in. Philly, as I said, was number 15. While some of the usual suspects such as Miami, New Orleans, Las Vegas and Detroit were on the list, there were also a few surprises. For example, I never thought West Palm Beach or Orlando, Fla. would be on this list. I mean, hey, how much crime could be going on in the World of Pure Imagination? I also never thought I’d see Stockton, Cal. or Charlotte, N.C. on this list. But here they are. According to Forbes, they made the list because the folks in the Mexican cartels are using them to mule their drugs. I guess the reason why the City of Brotherly Love and Put the Damned Gun Down ended up all the way at number 15 was because the Mexicans haven’t discovered us as a drug transit route yet. Personally, I hope they don’t. But while who was on the list was a surprise, I was also surprised by who wasn’t on the list. New York and Los Angeles didn’t make it. I can’t understand that. I may not have the Uniform Crime Reports in front of me, but I do get updates from both the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times on my BlackBerry every day. And where’s Washington, D.C.? (Cont. Page 14)

SNOOPER’S QUESTION OF THE WEEK: For those of you who may be unaware, THE SHERIFF, HON. JOHN GREEN, and the PUBLIC PROPERTY COMMISSIONER are both involved in a controversial dispute. QUESTION: Who is responsible for MONITORING TV CAMERAS, and who installs them? The Sheriff, HON. JOHN GREEN, feels it is the obligation of the PUBLIC PROPERTY COMMISSIONER and his department. What’s happening here is both sides are putting THE BLAME on each other, so as the result of this controversy, THERE’S NOTHING BEING DONE! SNOOPER’S “BREAKING NEWS” Philadelphia: Hey, MR. MAYOR, I have BAD NEWS for you, and it’s going to get worse as this year goes along. In a recent report of a SPECIAL POLL taken regarding YOU and how you are running the City, you received the lowest rating any Mayor of this City ever received – check this out: 6% APPROVED; worse yet, 94% DISAPPROVED. I still predict You, Sir, are going to be A ONE-TERM MAYOR. I also predicted many of your “high-priced” DEPUTIES will be deserting you. YES, even they can see the WRITING ON THE WALL. You could have been GREAT! SNOOPER’S “Relief”: The Governor, HON. ED RENDELL, in his efforts to reform THE D.R.P.A., has appointed COUNCILWOMAN MARIA QUINONES SANCHEZ to be a MEMBER of The Delaware River Port Authority and, I might personally add, she is an absolutely great choice. Yes, she will step in to make sure WE all will know what’s really going on at The D.R. P. A. This will be a welcome reform, hopefully, as she promises to have all of its meetings OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Relax, she’s not “double dipping”. She is (Cont. Page 17)

Mayor Mega? Say it ain’t so. WILL MEGA’s persona, combined with a little hard work and a lotta big ego, has carried him far through the years, but is he really mayoral material? Well, the answer may surprise you. Most politicos will line up behind MAYOR MICHAEL NUTTER; he may not be popular, but incumbents stick together. On the other hand, Mega, with the right strategy and campaign team, could reach the disgruntled voters, angry over waste, higher taxes and the City’s slow or no response to their issues. With the Mayor wanting to drop DROP, union support will be questionable at best (and don’t even mention that DC33 and 47 are still waiting for their turns at the table). Any other contenders? Better make yourselves known now, before Mega wraps this thing up. He’s a hungry young man! The Philadelphia Inquirer’s recent article on legislators’ budgets seemed to be aimed at one person – DWIGHT EVANS. He and his friends enjoy eating at a scrumptious buffet provided by the public, while non-friends like ROSITA YOUNGBLOOD barely seem to eat at all. It seems although there may be some credence to the point of balancing out the budgets of all legislators and not picking and choosing favorites, our local paper of record may be going after Evans, à la VINCE FUMO. What gives? First, there was the piece on North By Northwest, and then there was the jazz-festival fiasco, now this. Oh, did I forget to mention the editorial page piece about WAMs that quoted Evans, too? What’s next? Hmmm. Last week’s visit by PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON to help out our favorite Democrat for Governor, DAN ONO(Cont. Page 14)

The Saint Joseph’s University Alumni Association will honor STATE SEN. MIKE O’PAKE, who is a graduate of the class of ’61. A gala at the Hyatt Bellevue will be held on Nov. 5. Mike has represented his constituents in the ReadingLehigh Valley area for over 20 years. He has also been a great supporter of the university and the award in the form of The Shield of Loyola is much deserved. The Friends of John Paul II Foundation of Philadelphia Inc. is having a fundraiser for the benefit of the foundation. It will also be an opportunity to meet FATHER CHRISTOPHER WIELICZKO, who is the new president of the John Paul II Foundation in Rome. The reception will be given at the Center City offices of well-known legislative lawyer STEVE WOJDAK. It is scheduled to take place Tuesday, Sep. 14, commencing at 5:30 in the evening. MIKE STACK is president of the local foundation. A long-time supporter of the foundation is RICHARD KRZYZANOWSKI, who was a personal friend of the late Pope. TOM NARDI, who has worked on the successful campaign for CONGRESSMAN PATRICK MURPHY, moved on from there to the congressional campaign of DOUG PIKE in Montgomery Co. He is currently working a congressional campaign in South Dakota for an Incumbent CONGRESSWOMAN STEPHANIE HERSETH SANDLIN. Nardi received the coveted political-science award as the top student in the graduating class of Villanova University. His sister MEGAN has been admitted to the Temple University Nursing School after Graduating from Nazareth Area HS in Philadelphia.

Page 13 The Public Record • Aug. 19, 2010

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The Public Record • Aug. 19, 2010

Page 14

Lucky (Cont. From Page 12) RATO, had a Who’s Who list of invitees. Powerhouse Congressmen BOB BRADY and CHAKA FATTAH opened up the program, before running off to do double duty at the Comedy Night event. Attendees waited and waited, but it was worth the wait as Clinton, GOV. ED RENDELL and Onorato delivered the fiery get-out-the-vote message needed for a victory. Those who came out included DAVID L. COHEN,

Out & About (Cont. From Page 12) Those cities contain more than a few dead bodies in them. In fact, every time that I go on the LA Times website, they’re doing a story about some poor unfortunate person

Waffleman (Cont. From Page 12) He did cut off only a small part of his earlobe, not his entire ear. And this guaranteed fact:

who was found dead in their home, an unmarked grave, or in the middle of a city street due to being on the wrong end of the CripsBloods-MS13 debate. I read the story connected to the slideshow that details the Most Dangerous Cities in the Country list on and found it re-

ally lacking from a detail standpoint. For example, we don’t know what year of UCR they’re using for reference. We also don’t know exactly what the numbers are from this story. I guess we can’t be too upset, because Philadelphia didn’t get hit nearly as hard as the cities in the top 10 of

this list, but a little detail would be nice if we’re to correct our failings. By the way, Detroit, the former stomping grounds of former Mayor and current felon Kwame Kilpatrick, led the list at number one. Somewhere, Camden is smiling.

Air fresheners remove offending odors from the air. Nope, not even close. They either cover up smells with a stronger scent or numb your nose so you can’t smell the bad odors. The only way to

get rid of odors is with absorption agents like charcoal or silica gel. The world’s largest pyramid is not in Egypt; it is near Mexico City. The Egyptian pyramid is much smaller.

Here is a fact, not a myth. The leading cause of death in Papua New Guinea is falling out of trees. This is very important to know. If you go to Papua New Guinea – don’t climb trees.






5 197




• Residential • Commercial • Industrial 36ivtehrsary Ann



• New Roofs • Repairs • Hot Asphalt • Rubber & Modified Systems • Shingles • Slate & Tile • Skylights • Siding • Gutters & Downspouts


12260 Townsend Road




STATE REP. Ronald G. Waters family festival at Myers Recreation Center, 58th & Kingsessing Avenue, brought out the crowds in Southwest Philadelphia … and some special guest visitors.

STATE REP. Ron Waters is joined inside special bus at Festival by Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell, WDAS Radio host Patty Jackson and Sharif Street.

PHIL JENKINS and his 3-year-old granddaughter Ce Ce Jenkins enjoy face painting at “Kids Zone” section at Ron WDAS RADIO HOST Patty Jackson gets Waters’ Family Fun Day at Myers a huge hug from number one fan, State Recreation Center on Saturday. Rep. Ron Waters.

DEMOCRATIC SENATORIAL candidate Joe Sestak thanks State Rep. Ron Waters for his invite to S.W. Phila. Village Family Reunion & Festival.

TEAM “Ron Waters” shows off ball skills in the gym, as team took part in basketball tourney during Village Family Reunion & Festival at Myers Recreation Center.

The Public Record • Aug. 19, 2010

REV. AL SHARPTON was special guest speaker at Ron Waters’ Village Family Re- FLIPPING BURGERS for thousands of STATE REP. Ron Waters is joined by Conhungry festival-goers is State Rep. Ron Wa- gressman Joe Sestak, Ward Leader Ann Brown union & Festival in S.W. Phila. and WDAS radio host Patty Jackson. Photo by Marty Regusters, Leaping Lion Photography ters, who joins volunteer chefs here.

Page 15

Rep. Ron Waters’ Family Day Record Crowd

Mothers Aid Women Inmates WATCHING THEIR SONS play in basketball competition are Sandra Opher, Evelyn Jordan and Concetta LEGENDARY Frank Johnston Band Jordan. They are joined here by host was one of many performers at Ron WaRon Waters. ters Village Family Reunion & Festival.

VOLUNTEERS FROM Keystone Mercy Health Partners test blood pressure of S.W. Phila. residents … with help from State Rep. Ron Waters.

GOP Opens Campaign Office

ENJOYING festivities at grand opening GOP HQ were Peter Wirs, Randy ALL SMILES at turnout were Robinson and 2nd Dist. congressional Candace Ward, Kevin Kelly and candidate Rick Hellberg. Marc Collazzo.

25 INMATES graduated from 12-week intensive program to improve educational level and life skills, designed by Mothers In Charge, so as to help them readjust to commuPhoto by Donald Terry nity on their release.

STATE GOP Phila. organization opened “Victory HQ” in Olde City at 507 S. 2nd Street. It’s second in the city, the other, a Tom Corbett for Governor HQ at 21st & Sansom. Making it official were lieutenant-gubernatorial candidate Jim Cawley, 8th Senatorial Dist. candidate Rhashea Lynn Harmon, Michael Untermeyer and, in rear, Elmer Money and Skip Henry, who runs Corbett’s campaign.

MOTHERS IN CHARGE founder Dorothy JohnsonSpeight is congratulated by State Rep. Ron Waters, left, and Warden Kenneth Brown at graduation of “Thinking For A Change” program which she instituted at Riverview Photo by Donald Terry Prison.

The Public Record • Aug. 19, 2010

Page 16

Hot new bistro, Adsum, defies the economy by Len Lear If you walked into Adsum, a bistro that just opened July 14 at 700 S. 5th Street in Queen Village, you’d never know there’s a recession going on or that we are the middle of one of the hottest Philadelphia summers on record or that almost all restaurateurs are crying the blues.

We walked into Adsum on Thursday evening, Aug. 12, and we were shocked to find the place more crowded that most restaurants are on wekends these days. In fact, the din from the bar and dining room was so deafening that I could not hear most of what the hostess was saying to us. We asked to be seated in one of the sidewalk tables, even though I normally would not choose to have dinner on the sidewalk at 5th & Bainbridge

Streets. (It turned out to be quite pleasant.) I should add that most young diners (to me, that’s anyone under 50) do not seem to mind the ear-attack thunder one confronts in Adsum and so many other restaurants these days, so we are clearly not the norm. Ironically, in a press release for Adsum, co-owner Kar Vivekananthan is quoted as saying, “Instead of a formal dining room, Adsum will feel more like a comfortable library, a great place to linger over good food rather than good books.” Now, Adsum may be a fascinating place,

Len Lear but the supersonic noise makes it as much like a library as lightning is like a lightning bug. The 46-seat space is

Walk In’s Welcomed

A.J. Sbaraglia & Toni

festooned with a plethora of kitschy antiques, including beakers, microscopes, books and typewriters. Custom red oak woodworking anchors the backlit bar, while all tabletops are dark gray soapstone from a high-school science lab (because Vivekananthan says chef Matt Levin is “something of a mad scientist in the kitchen”). An eight-foot countertop near the bar offers drinking space overlooking Bainbridge Street and the restaurant’s 20 outdoor seats. But my guess as to why Adsum (my three years of Latin in high school have finally paid dividends, because I know that the word means “I am here”) is already one of Center City’s hottest culinary performers is the presence of co-owner/chef Levin, who previously earned a coveted “Four Bells: Excellent” review from Philadelphia Inquirer restaurant critic Craig LaBan during his tenure at Lacroix at the Rittenhouse. At the end of 2008, Levin

left Lacroix to open his own restaurant, as high-profile chefs invariably do these days. (Cont. Page 17)

pared and esthetically presented, but portions are small and prices are high. For example, grilled rock octopus with black pepper caramel was chewy and delicious with the flavor of barbecue, but four small pieces with nothing else on the plate were $12. An appetizer of Tater Tots with whiskey, bacon, and green-goddess dressing was seductive, but five tiny tots are $8, and a salad of finely sliced roasted beets with chunks of creamy goat cheese and walnut pieces was perfectly executed, but the portions of each ingredient were tiny for $10. Also, no bread is served during the meal. We tried the fried chicken entree ($18), because the Inquirer’s Rick Nichols recently called it “indisputably number one.” However, we found the two pieces of chicken dry and underseasoned, although it was accompanied by collard greens that were divinely spicy. An entree of halibut ($22) was sublimely moist and

flavorful and accompanied by tasty beet relish. Again, skimpy portions. Two desserts, crème brûlée and brown-sugar bread pudding with caramelized bananas, were both exquisite but pricey at $9 each. The bar at Adsum features craft and imported beers, although there is no description of any of the selections on the beer list. An interesting innovation on the wine list is that each selection is available by the glass, half bottle and bottle. We tried a Mojito, which was too bitter and sour for our taste. Our experience at Adsum was significantly enhanced by the presence of our server, Jessica Fells, who is also a student at Moore College of Art. Adsum is open seven days a week from 4 p.m. until 2 a.m. Brunch service is available on Saturdays and Sundays. For more informawww. tion, visit or call (267) 888-7002.

(Cont. From Page 12) VOLUNTEERING to do this job for NO MONIES, or at NO COST to the taxpayers! SNOOPER’S “MAILBAG” (EMAIL FILES): Young lady from the HOLME CIRCLE area wants to smother the ridiculous FIRE DEPT.’S BROWNOUTS. She stated, “Closing even ONE FIRE STATION for ONE HOUR could place a family in very serious and severe danger, and possibly even result in the DEATH of a resident, or even A FIREFIGHTER. Don’t believe THE MAYOR or THE FIRE COMMISSIONER when they tell you, ‘EVERYTHING IS WELL COVERED’.” SNOOPER’S “KUDOS” DEPT: Oh yeah, I’m so proud of the article that was written by one of our own, JOE SHAHEELI, regarding the controversy over THE D.R.O.P. PROGRAM. Yes Boss, he hit ‘the nail right on the head’, and then some. He stated, “Used correctly, the tool of D.R.O.P. PROGRAM could SAVE the City MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.” The Mayor and the City failed to give the proper

2400 E. Somerset Street Philadelphia, PA 19134

SNOOPER’S “BLUE WARNING” BUREAU: This is for all our fine POLICEMEN and POLICEWOMEN … you had better take heed, because The Police Commissioner, CHARLES RAMSEY, really means business, and he won’t hesitate for one minute to get rid of any of you who decide to go bad. Don’t pay any attention to your “BLUE CODE” that protects these POLICE OFFICERS to do what they do, and then lets them get away with it. The end result: Everyone gets painted with the same brush, and that’s not fair. Don’t be afraid to tell on these “BAD COPS” who tarnish their badges. BE SMART – EXPOSE THEM NOW!

The Public Record • Aug. 19, 2010

(Cont. From Page 16) Levin had planned to open a restaurant in Northern Liberties, Masano, in late 2009. However, the deals for Masano and then another restaurant, Rubb, which was supposed to be a barbecue place in Manayunk, both fell through. (It’s not the easiest thing to open a restaurant in Philadelphia these days.) “I’ve dreamed for years about opening my own restaurant, and I couldn’t be happier to debut Adsum here in my hometown of Philadelphia,” said Levin, who has also worked at New York City’s Aureole and Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago as well as Le Bec Fin and Striped Bass. (Several years ago, we had a great meal at the now-defunct Moonlight in New Hope when Levin was the executive chef there.) There are some similarities to the haute cuisine Levin used to serve at Lacroix and the “progressive American cuisine” at Adsum. In both cases, the food is imaginatively pre-

materials to those performing the study that The Mayor paid them over $80,000 to do. Something wrong here! JOE SHAHEELI, your piece was very factual. Yeah Joe, tell them, “THIS AIN’T YOUR FIRST RODEO.” SNOOPER’S “CERTIFIED” ELECTION POLL: I went to SCRANTON to find out how these people are going to VOTE in the upcoming GENERAL ELECTION. Here it is. I asked 100 people. I asked them, “Who would you VOTE for as Governor?” Write this down: 43 said TOM CORBETT, 31 for ONORATO while 26 were still undecided. Next, “Who would you VOTE for as SENATOR?”

Page 17

Adsum Has Really Arrived


Phone: 215-423-2223 Fax: 215-423-5937

SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PHILADELPHIA Sealed proposals will be received by the School Reform Commission at the School Administration Building located at 440 North Broad St., 3rd Floor, Office of Capital Programs, Philadelphia, PA 19130-4015, until 2:00 P.M., on Tuesday, September 14, 2010. A non-refundable fee for each set of bid documents is as scheduled. The School District will only accept bids from companies that have been placed on its current Pre Qualified Contractors List as shown at All School District Project require MBE/WBE participation as shown in the specifications. FEE BUDGET B-045 (C) of 2009/10 Electrical Contract A. B. Anderson ES $1,400,000.00$ 200.00 Relight 1034 South 60th Street *A pre-bid conference and site tour will be held at the project location, on August 26, 2010 at 12:00 p.m. BUDGET FEE B-048 (C) of 2009/10 Electrical Contract Widener MS $350,000.00 $ 100.00 Elevator Alterations 1450 West Olney Ave. *A pre-bid conference and site tour will be held at the project location, on August 27, 2010 at 12:00 p.m. FEE BUDGET B-065 (C) of 2009/10 General Contract Samuel Fels HS $300,000.00 $ 100.00 Field/Parking lot Improve. 5500 Langdon Street *A pre-bid conference and site tour will be held at the project location, on August 25, 2010 at 9:00 a.m.

Everything For Your Car Let’s meet and discuss the best ways of helping you find the best solutions for your car problems! Imad Dawara

6815 Essington Ave. • Phila. PA 19153

Unbeatable Introductory Specials


Information as to contract documents, etc., may be obtained at the above address, or telephone 215-400-5225. Make checks payable to the School District of Philadelphia. The School Reform Commission reserves the right to reject any and all bids and make the awards to the best interests of the School District of Philadelphia.


Specifications and/or plans and contract documents may be examined and copies thereof obtained from the School Reform Commission, 440 North Broad Street, 3rd floor, Philadelphia, PA 19130.

er m m Su s g n i Sav

The Public Record • Aug. 19, 2010

Page 18

Oct. 5-7, in Chicago, Ill. The Lose to Win Type II Diabetes/Obesity Program, which is jointly sponsored by Keystone Mercy and the YMCA, was selected by a distinguished panel of judges out of entries from across the nation. Finalists are invited to present their winning programs at the Annual Quality Summit which will

showcase best practices in two categories: Consumer Decision-Making and Consumer Health Improvement. Both Keystone Mercy Health Plan and the YMCA of Philadelphia & Vicinity decided to start the Lose to Win Type II Diabetes/Obesity Program because of a significant rise in the number of diabetic patients in

the Philadelphia region over the past few years. During the program, Keystone Mercy members participated in cooking demonstrations led by nutrition experts, activities to learn about how to live a healthy lifestyle, and support group meetings to help with losing weight through healthy eating and increased physical activity.

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Drivers: Home Weekends. Lots of Miles up to $.54/mile Excellent Benefits. 401k, Pd Vac CDL-A 2yrs Exp.

Also owner-operators Wanted

888-880-5912 BARRY FISHER

LICENSED ELECTRICIAN Over 42yrs experience low prices, fast service 100-amp Circuit breakers $65+ ceiling fans $25+ • Outlets $6+ AC/WD Lines $10+ lic/ins* FHA/VA Cert


AUTOS FOR SALE STOP Paying the Mechanic! 130,000 Miles or Less? 100% Covered Repairs PAID! Roadside Assistance, Rental Cars, Towing, etc! Auto Protection as low as $1/day* Free Quote 888364-1679 AUTOS WANTED AAAA** Donation. Donate Your Car, Boat, or Real Estate. IRS Tax Deductible. Free PickUp/Tow. Any Model/Condition. Help Under Privileged Children. 1-800597-8311 FINANCIAL CASH NOW! Get cash for your structured settlement or annuity payments. High payouts. Call J.G. Wentworth. 1-866SETTLEMENT (1-866-7388536). Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. HELP WANTED TRAVEL, WORK, PARTY, PLAY! Now Hiring 18-24 guys/gals to travel w/fun young biz group. NY LA MIAMI. 2wk PAID training. Hotel and transportation provided. Return guaranteed. 1-877-259-6983 Independent Sales Agent For Collection Agency! Sell Collection Services To Business Owners. Earn Lifetime Commissions Per Sale. Set Your Own Hours FT/PT. Full Commission. Independent Agent Position. B2B Sales Experience Required. Call Jim:800-922-1505 HELP WANTED DRIVER TRUCK DRIVERS WANTED! MORE HOMETIME! TOP PAY! EXCELLENT BENEFITS! NEWER EQUIPMENT! Up to $.48/mile company drivers! HEARTLAND EXPRESS 1800-441-4953 CDL drivers needed to deliver trucks from PA to surrounding area. Set your own schedule. Call 1-866-764-1601 or go to for information.

The Public Record • Aug. 19, 2010

Keystone Mercy Health Plan and the YMCA of Philadelphia were selected as one of 30 finalists for the Best Practices in Health Care Consumer Empowerment and Protection Awards. URAC, the nation’s leading accreditation organization, will honor the finalists during their 11th annual Quality Summit,

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Keystone Mercy and YMCA Named Award Finalists

The Public Record • Aug. 19, 2010

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Philadelphia Public Record

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