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Serving Citywide Political, Labor, Legal and School Communities of Philadelphia Vol. XII. No. 29 (Issue 547)

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July 22, 2010

Who Stands To Lose If ‘70 Succeeds? Page 2

GOP Leads Dems By 10% In Statewide Races

PHA Executive Director Carl Greene hands keys for one of new PHA handicapped-accessible units to Steven Quarles, who has never had a home of Page 2 his own.

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Celebrating With Homeless


City Will Take Your Hazardous Waste Today

Jannie Blackwell celebrates another of her Page 7 birthdays with homeless citizens.

ATTENTION!! Candidates considering entering 2011 races for City Government are encouraged to check in with Advertising Director John David (215-755-2000) to plan their media and advertising campaign coverage.

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Page 2 The Public Record • July 22, 2010

What Drives Zach’s New Committee Of 70? by Joe Shaheeli Birds of a feather flock together! That proverb has been an axiom to every past generation. So what makes the Committee of 70 believe itself to be the only exception? Under its current President Zachary Stalberg, Committee of 70 has gone from its original mission of keeping election irregularities to a minimum on Election Day to becoming a champion for people who would stand the most to gain from its new goal: eliminating the City’s row offices. He’s targeted four of them: Register of Wills, City Commissioners, Sheriff and Clerk of Quarter Sessions. All perform duties related to a county government. Philadelphia is a city and also one of Pennsylvania’s counties. Stalberg scored an early victory with the last of these, simply because the Courts long ago had moved and succeeded in taking jurisdiction over the office of the Clerk of Quarter Sessions. Its director Vivian Miller resigned under pressure of bad press, which focused on her department’s inability to collect bail money forfeited by court defendants who jumped bail. Back when, before Philadelphians elected Miller to the post of Clerk of Quarter Sessions, the City had eliminated bail bondsmen, who had long

requested from defendants 10% of the bail required of them by the court in arraignments. In return, they guaranteed the courts their defendant would show up for their court trial or they would forfeit the full bond, whatever the bail set. Bail bondsmen had the means and the motive to track down bail skippers. They knew how to get their money. This is the normal way of handling the bail business in most cities. Philadelphia replaced bail bondsmen with the Clerk of Quarter Sessions – but completely neglected to equip this office, whose primary mission had always been record-keeping, with the tools for its new trade. It quickly became obvious to criminal defendants their freedom was worth more than the 10% they turned over to the Clerk of Quarter Sessions. The Clerk of Quarter Sessions had neither the manpower nor the cyber-equipment to determine who needed to be chased to get the bail that had been set and was now forfeited to the Courts. And the City had few other resources with which to chase down bail jumpers. For the majority of those defendants, it was a cheap way for many of them to escape the court sentences they knew would be coming their way. What now makes the remaining row offices into impediments to “good

government”? All are well run; all have a minimal number of employees; all have records of excellence, especially when compared to similar agencies in other jurisdictions. Simple, say some! To eliminate those offices from the City Charter would, according to the Committee of 70, and its coterie of followers (including some quasi-government agencies), save a couple million dollars. Stalberg, with an excellent resumé as former editor of the Philadelphia Daily News, which earned journalistic awards under his helm, well understands the publicity game. It calls for finding a “hook” to entice the press and others to publish stories or fund a mission for him. Stalberg put this stratagem to good use. “Eliminating these offices will save money” became a successful fundraising catchphrase. That did attract bankers, lawyers and others. His fundraising efforts succeeded in netting $1,259,817 in 2007 and $1,379,480 in 2008. Under his leadership, the Committee of 70 has risen from a small Election Day watchdog group with a budget under $200,000 donated by good-government proponents, to a multi-million-dollar nonprofit with handsome salaries for at least two of its execu-

tives. But who truly stands to gain from the elimination of these offices? After taking over the duties of the row offices, the City administration would immediately discover it had opened a Pandora’s box. It might need more employees than those now used by by row offices. Much of the expertise those offices have accumulated over the years could easily be lost. So what is the good City administration to do, except go to the private sector and deal? Private-sector players are already anticipating windfalls from such contracts. There is little doubt some of those contract bids will be submitted by some of the firms donating heavily to Stalberg. Nowhere has Stalberg explained exactly how staffing levels will be changed by eliminating the row offices. He has been careful, in his news releases, not to note the preponderance of the employees in two of those offices -- the City Commissioners and the Sheriff -- already have civil-service status. They can’t be furloughed out. The City will need to put in place in each of these agencies its own appointees to replace those elected by the people. These new executives, in turn, will need aides of all sorts. Stalberg doesn’t know, nor

does he probably care, if the City will have to add more employees than it can presently afford. Who gains the most? Not the administration, whose chronic budget needs will increase noticeably. Who stands to lose the most? The voters of this city.They will lose complete control over three government offices that impact greatly on their lives. Now a look at the other birds who are part of the Committee of 70 flock. Many are luminaries, if not to the voters, but to those who flit about the Philadelphia business world. The Committee of 70’s Board of Directors, in 2008 and 09, was chaired by Howard L. Myers, Esq., of the prestigious law firm of Morgan, Lewis, & Bockius LLP. Vice Chair is Howard B. Flaxman, Esq., of one of the city’s the top law firms, Fox, Rothschild, LLP. Its Board Secretary was Dianne L. Semingson, president of DLS International, and Treasurer in 2008 was Michael Nadol, managing director of Strategic Consulting. The “Executive Committee”, in the 2008 financial report, included executives from almost a dozen law firms and at least two banks, several of which can easily fill some of the tasks handled by the row

offices. Earlier this month, five new members were elected to 70’s Board of Directors. They include a banker, Evelyn Smalls, president of United Bank of Philadelphia; a real-estate magnate, Brad Molotsky, executive VP and general counsel of Brandywine Realty Trust in Radnor; a Big Pharma executive, Fritz Bittenbender of Cephalon, Inc.; the top dog at Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Francis McGorry; and Cheyney University Dean Barbara Simmons. Although expanding the Mayoral administration with a row-office takeover may wind up busting future Mayors’ budgets, it will make Mayors feel good in other ways.That may explain why Mayor Michael Nutter has come down on the big-business side of the good-government equation: He sees a spread of his power base by the elimination of these offices. He knows he gets to decide if he keeps the departments intact, or if he should issue contracts to absorb the duties now handled by these offices’ staffs. On the other side of that equation are the losers: the voters of this city, who continue to discover their role in government is being quietly narrowed down and even squeezed out -- all in the name of “good government”.

PHA Welcomes Disabled Residents To New Accessible Home The Philadelphia Housing Authority is taking a major step in providing quality accessible housing for the lowincome disabled community. Last week, 38-year-old Steven Quarles and 54-yearold Marshall Gibson, both wheelchair-bound, moved into the first of 75 scatteredsite homes that PHA is currently renovating as handicapped-accessible housing. “We are grateful for the Federal stimulus dollars that enabled us to complete this project and provide a fitting home for Mr. Quarles and Mr. Gibson,” said PHA Executive Director Carl Greene. “As an agency, we be-

lieve it is vital to meet the needs of our disabled residents. I am proud that our housing developments go well beyond Federal requirements in the number of accessible apartments we provide.” “Finding affordable rental housing in Philadelphia is difficult. Finding affordable housing to meet the special needs of our disabled clients is almost impossible,” said Tom Earle, CEO of Liberty Resources, an agency that advocates for the disabled. “We are grateful PHA is creating affordable, accessible housing, and we are happy to [partner with them in serving our clients.”

Quarles was thrilled with his new home and recounted that he had spent the weeks before move-in buying furniture for the first time. “I am just so happy. I never had a house of my own before,” said Quarles, who was shot in 1995 and has been living with family members. Gibson also said he was looking forward to living in an accessible home. In addition to the wheelchair, Gibson requires oxygen, and it was difficult for him to get all his equipment into the elevators at PHA’s Harrison Plaza, his previous residence. In the coming months, PHA will finish converting

the remaining 73 scatteredsite homes. PHA is also building 100 fully accessible efficiency apartments in 25 quad-plexes throughout the city, again providing an opportunity for people living in nursing homes or with their families to move out and live independently. These buildings will feature a common laundry and space for a caretaker. They are being built on vacant parcels owned by PHA. In addition, PHA is adding accessible units at two new sites that will open early next year: 30 units at the new Mantua Square in West Philadelphia and 14 at the newly rebuilt Plymouth Hall sen-

ior building in North Philadelphia. “Citizens with disabilities

are our most-vulnerable population. We want to be sure we are meeting their needs.”

Get Rid Of Your Dangerous Hazardous Waste Today! Streets Dept.’s Training Center at State Road & Ashburner Street is collecting citywide Household Hazardous Waste today from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The City will take old and unused cans of oilbased paint (latex- or waterbased paint is not hazardous), solvents, pesticides, flammable liquids such as old gasoline and kerosene, used oil, antifreeze and brake fluid.

These items contain elements that are potentially hazardous when disposed of in the trash. Over 1,900 Philadelphia residents dropped off over 70 tons of potentially hazardous material and 15 tons of computer equipment so far for the City’s 2010 Household Hazardous Waste program. No waste materials generated by a business will be accepted.

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The Public Record • July 22, 2010

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The Public Record

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Getting Ready To Run?

‘TEAM BASS’ VOLUNTEERS join their leader Cindy Bass as they celebrate successful fundraiser in Montgomery Co. Bass is rumored to be taking a run for City Council. “Team Bass” volunteers have been swimming in and out of Northwest Philadelphia recently, garnering support and raising funds for their leader, Cindy Bass. Bass, a key staffer for Congressman Chaka Fattah, is making waves with her fundraising efforts, that make it clear to many political insiders, she is about to make a run for a political office. Her team celebrated another successful fundraiser last weekend in Montgomery Co. Bass and her growing number of volunteers met to talk strategy, and raise some money at the same time, at a breakfast fundraiser in Jenkintown. “We might be out of Philadelphia, but I will go anywhere to raise money,” Bass told the Public Record to “watch this space” with regards her rumored City Council interest. Another person whose name has been bruited about as having an interest in a

Council run is Latrice Bryant, Councilman Wilson Goode, Jr.’s chief aide.

GOP Leads Dems The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the state shows Pat Toomey with 45% support, while Joe Sestak earns 38% of the vote. Six percent prefer some other candidate in the race and 12% are undecided. With this latest result, the race seems to be shifting from “Toss-Up” to “Leans Republican” in the Rasmussen Reports Balance of Power rankings. Sixty-one percent of Pennsylvania voters favor repeal of the new national health-care bill which Sestak voted for as a member of the House, while 35% oppose repeal. This is a bit higher than support for repeal nationwide. In the Keystone State, this includes 46% who Strongly Favor repeal and 24% who (Cont. Page 6)

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Assemble your current financial information, and call your lender.

Step 2:

Visit to learn more about borrowers’ rights, loss mitigation and abusive servicing practices. Contact the Sheriff’s Office at 215-686-3525 for more information

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The Public Record • July 22, 2010

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Injured At Work!

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Page 6

For Lentz, Was Pelosi Good Or Bad? (Cont. From Page 4) ‘Strongly Oppose’ it. Toomey holds modest leads among both male and female voters. He captures 78% of the GOP vote and 19% of Democrats, while Sestak gets just 62% support in his own party. Voters not affiliated with either party prefer the Republican by a two-to-one margin. Forty-five percent approve of the job President Obama is doing in the White House, while 54% disapprove. Rasmussen has Republican Attorney General Tom Corbett holding a 10-point lead over Democrat Dan Onorato in Pennsylvania’s race for Governor as well. The latest poll of likely voters in Pennsylvania shows Corbett picking up 48% of the vote.

R EP. A NGEL C RUZ DISTRICT OFFICE 2749 N. 5th St. • 215-291-5643 Staffed by

Joe Evangelista • Debbie Toro Ready to Serve you

Councilman Wm.


Room 580 City Hall P. 215-686-3446/7 F. 215-686-1927

Onorato, the chief executive of Allegheny Co., earns 38%. Five percent prefer some other candidate in the race and 10% remain undecided. This new poll comes in the wake of a report from AP‘s Liz Sidoti, who notes crucial independent voters are flocking to Toomey in the swing state of Pennsylvania less than four months from Election Day. This trend benefits Corbett as well. Democrat Sestak, a product of Philadelphia suburbia, needs a heavy turnout from Southeastern Pennsylvania. But Independents have been turning away from President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, frustrated with the economic downturn and administration initiatives. Councilman Bill

Green Room 599 City Hall P. 215.686.3420/21 F. 215.686.1930

State Rep.

ROBERT C. DONATUCCI 185th District 1809 Oregon Ave, Phila., PA 19145


Even in Pennsylvania, where Obama won by double digits two years ago, Sestak, a twoterm Congressman, has his work cut out for him. Although Democrats outnumber Republicans by about 1.2 million in Pennsylvania, independent voters, especially those in the so-called collar counties around Philadelphia, have proved decisive in elections in this swing state. They are seen as key to victory in the competitive Senate race between Republican Toomey, a former Congressman who once headed the anti-tax Club for Growth, and Sestak. The same scenario favors Republican gubernatorial candidate Corbett. His campaign team reports their polls showing him with a 10% lead as well, and for basically the same reasons. A Quinnipiac University survey showed Obama’s approval under 50% in the state. The president has lost considerable ground among

Pennsylvania independents. Freed from a GOP primary this year, Toomey has amassed far more money. He raised $3.1 million in the most-recent fundraising quarter and ended with $4.65 million available. He has four offices open, is running TV ads and is getting help from deep-pocketed groups like the US Chamber of Commerce. Sestak emerged from his Democratic primary with Specter all but broke; he raised $1.95 million last quarter and had about $2 million on hand. He has yet to run TV ads but has 10 campaign offices. If independents side with Republicans this fall in Pennsylvania, Democrats could lose both a Senate seat and a governorship in an important presidential state, two years before Obama is expected to seek re-election. Underlining this trend is a new poll by Zogby Interactive poll, which shows President Obama’s approval rating

among likely voters slipped to 45% this week, his lowest rating ever. Obama’s positive ratings are even lower than his overall approval on a number of questions about handling of issues, including 32% on the economy and 27% on the War in Afghanistan. The Jul. 16-19, 2010 interactive survey of 8,487 voters has a margin of error +/- 1.1%. The poll also found that: Republicans lead Democrats, 43%-41%, on the question of which party’s Congressional candidate respondents intend to vote for this year, which is identical to a similar poll done Jun. 28. A total of 56% of voters say the US is headed in the wrong direction, with 35% choosing right direction and 9% not sure. This is an improvement from the Jun. 28 poll that showed 60% choosing wrong direction, and a return to the mid-50% levels found earlier in the year.

State Rep.

William Keller 184th District

Constituent Service Office

1610 S. Broad St. Phila., PA 19146 (215) 952-3378

1531 S. 2nd Street


State Senator

Larry Farnese First Senate District Tel. 215-952-3121 1802 S. Broad St.• Phila. PA 19145

Senator Tina State Sen.

Shirley M. Kitchen 3rd Sen. District 1701 W. Lehigh Ave.Ste 104 • Philadelphia, PA 19132 215-227-6161 •

Tartaglione 2nd Dist. 127 W. Susquehanna Ave. 1063 Bridge St. Philadelphia, PA 19122 Philadelphia, PA 19124



REP. BRENDAN F. BOYLE 7215 B. Rising Sun Ave. Phila. PA 19111 • P (215)-342-1700

14230 Bustleton Ave. Phila.PA 19116 • P (215) 676-0300

Big Guns Good Or Bad For Lentz?? It was good for Congressional Candidate Bryan Lenz when heavy guns VP Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi came to a luncheon fundraiser last weekend spoke at his fundraiser lunch, bringing in big bucks. But the other side of the coin may prove to be a negative for the 7th Congressional Dist. candidate. These big names’ poll numbers are low. At this time, they have no coattails other than the ability to raise money.

Kevin Boyle Earns DC47 Endorsement Kevin J. Boyle, candidate for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, has received the endorsement of District Council 47, the union representing City “white-collar” workers. The endorsement decision was made at a People Committee meeting. Boyle commented on their support, “Organized labor can count on my support. Unions created so many of the working conditions that all workers enjoy, union and non-union alike. The eighthour work day, the five-day work week and so many worker-safety requirements are in place because of unions. I will never forget their importance to the betterment of society.” In November, he faces Republican incumbent John Perzel.

Evans Hosts Friday Nights State Rep. Dwight Evans will host six more Fridaynight neighborhood events through the end of summer as part of a broader effort to raise awareness about the importance of residents knowing their neighborhood end of August, will be held at businesses and on blocks throughout the West Oak Lane neighborhood located in the 203rd House Dist. which Evans has represented by for the last 30 years.

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

PHILA. HOUSING AUTHORITY picked up costs of this year’s party, amounting to $7,000, and its employees volun- AS A D.J. played merry music, guests kicked out the jams teered in droves to prepare an outdoor feast for homeless in Dilworth Plaza at Councilwoman Blackwell’s party. Philadelphians.

Partying In White

Page 7

For Councilwoman Jannie’s Birthday, Party’s For Homeless

PHA staffers help ply homeless Philadelphians from heaping tables of grilled sandwiches with a delicious picnic lunch. Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell sits on Board of PHA. State Representative


(215) 468-2300

Paid for by Friends of Alan Kurtz

BY 12 NOON, line was already 100 people long, wrapping around City Hall. On Jannie’s b’day, presents are for others.

ANYONE for cake? Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. celebrated his birthday with party in Manayunk last week.


DECKED out in their best white linen for Councilman Curtis Jones’ birthday are Mary Arthur, Sandra Dungee Glenn, Linda McGwire-Brock, Councilwoman Marian Tasco, Patricia Clifford and Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown.


1555-D Wadsworth Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19150 (215) 242-0472 Fax: (215) 753-4538 WEB SITE

RONALD G. WATERS 191st Leg. District 6027 Ludlow Street, Unit A


State Rep. Cherelle




174th District 8100 Castor Ave Phila, PA 19152 T: 215-342-6204

200th Legislative District 1536 E. Wadsworth Ave. Phone: (215) 242-7300 Fax: (215) 242-7303

State Rep.

Frank Oliver 195th District 2839 W. Girard Ave. Phila. PA 19130

215-684-3738 Check out all of the things to do and places to see in Pennsylvania at This website contains a number of great trip ideas and tools to help you plan a vacation. Pennsylvania is home to numerous state parks, tourist attractions and other natural treasures and historic sites that are ideal for a day trip, weekend getaway or a one week vacation. You can also call 1-800-VISIT-PA for more information. Parkwood Shopping Center 12361 Academy Road, Phila., PA 19154, 215-281-2539

Open Mon. - Fri. 9:00 AM - 5 PM COUNCIL Colleagues Marian Tasco, Blondell Reynolds Brown and Bill Green join “Birthday Boy Jones” for this picture in Manayunk.


8016 Bustleton Avenue Philadelphia PA 19152 215-695-1020

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Get Health Check At Rec

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

AMERICHOICE of Penna. unveiled a new concept in medical care at Mander Recreation Center, 33rd & Diamond Streets, as Mayor Michael Nutter accepted check for $60,000 for City’s Summer Splash program that keeps public pools open during summer. Mobile clinic uses satellite technology to connect patients with medical providers at distant locations. Unit reduces health disparities in hard-to-reach locations. Pictured are, from left, Sue Schick, Darrin Johnson, Eva Watts, State Sen. Shirley Kitchen, Councilman Bill Greenlee, Nutter, Keith Millner, State Rep. Ronald Waters, Rec Commissioner Susan Slawson, State Rep. Vanessa Brown, and Parks & Recreation Commissioner Mike DeBerardinis.







5 197

36thary s



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The Public Record • July 22, 2010

KONDAUR CAPITAL CORPORATION PLAINTIFF vs. JAMES W. PALMER, JR., Solely in His Capacity as Heir of Delores M Palmer, Deceased and UNKNOWN HEIRS OF DELORES M. PALMER, DECEASED, and DAVID J. PALMER, MORTGAGOR(S) AND RECORD OWNER(S), DEFENDANT(S) THIS LAW FIRM IS A DEBT COLLECTOR AND WE ARE ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT. THIS NOTICE IS SENT TO YOU IN AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED FROM YOU WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. NOTICE OF SHERIFF’S SALE OF REAL PROPERTY TO: UNKNOWN HEIRS OF DELORES M. PALMER, DECEASED and DAVID J. PALMER, 2511 South Felton Street, Philadelphia, PA 19142. Your house at 2511 South Felton Street, Philadelphia, PA 19142 is scheduled to be sold at Sheriff’s Sale on Tuesday, September 14, 2010, at 10:00 AM, in 3801 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA to enforce the court judgment of $57,511.41 obtained by KONDAUR CAPITAL CORPORATION against you. NOTICE OF OWNER’S RIGHTS YOU MAY BE ABLE TO PREVENT THIS SHERIFF’S SALE To prevent this Sheriff’s Sale you must take immediate action: 1. The sale will be cancelled if you pay to KONDAUR CAPITAL CORPORATION, the back payments, late charges, costs and reasonable attorney’s fees due. To find out how much you must pay call our office at 2158256329 or 1-866-413-2311. 2. You may be able to stop the sale by filing a petition asking the Court to strike or open judgment, if the judgment was improperly entered. You may also ask the Court to postpone the sale for good cause. 3. You may also be able to stop the sale through other legal proceedings. 4. You may need an attorney to assert your rights. The sooner you contact one, the more chance you will have of stopping the sale. (See notice below on how to obtain an attorney). YOU MAY STILL BE ABLE TO SAVE YOUR PROPERTY AND YOU HAVE OTHER RIGHTS EVEN IF THE SHERIFF’S SALE DOES NOT TAKE PLACE. 1. If the Sheriff’s Sale is not stopped, your property will be sold to the highest bidder. You may find out the price bid price by calling the Sheriff of Philadelphia County at 215-686-3534. 2. You may be able to petition the Court to set aside the sale if the bid price was grossly inadequate compared to the value of your property. 3. The sale will go through only if the buyer pays the Sheriff the full amount due in the sale. To find out if this has happened, you may call the Sheriff of Philadelphia County at 215-686-3534. 4. If the amount due from the Buyer is not paid to the Sheriff, you will remain the owner of the property as if the sale never happened. 5. You have a right to remain in the property until the full amount due is paid to the Sheriff and the Sheriff gives a deed to the buyer. At that time, the buyer may bring legal proceedings to evict you. 6. You may be entitled to a share of the money which was paid for your house. A schedule of distribution of the money bid for your house will be filed by the Sheriff within thirty (30) days from the date of the Sheriff’s Sale. This schedule will state who will be receiving that money. The money will be paid out in accordance with this schedule unless exceptions (reasons why the proposed distribution is wrong) are filed with the Sheriff within ten (10) days after the schedule of distribution is filed. 7. You may also have other rights and defenses, or ways of getting your house back, if you act immediately after the sale. 8. You may contact the Foreclosure Resource Center: YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS PAPER TO YOUR LAWYER AT ONCE. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A LAWYER OR CANNOT AFFORD ONE, GO TO OR TELEPHONE THE OFFICE LISTED BELOW TO FIND OUT WHERE YOU CAN GET LEGAL HELP.

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Page 10 The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Governor: Lack Of Federal Funds Will Lead To Layoffs It should be no surprise if Gov. Ed Rendell commands cuts across the board in order to make up for $850 million promised Pennsylvania in federal money for Medicaid. Rendell, now doubting the Federal money that should have balanced this year’s State budget will be coming, has announced layoffs at all levels of government, as well as teachers and emergency workers. The figures, still tentative, show cuts could

soar far above the 1,000 layoffs Rendell said would likely come under the State’s $28 billion budget. During budget negotiations last month, Rendell remained steadfast in saying he believed the Federal money for Medicaid would be approved. “As time has gone on, other concerns have surfaced in Washington,” said Gary Tuma, a spokesman for the Governor. “It appears that

some of the support for passing that has faded, and what he has heard recently does not make him as optimistic.” Tuma said the Governor has talked to Sens. Bob Casey Jr. and Arlen Specter, both Democrats, as well as other Federal lawmakers, almost daily, trying to persuade them that Pennsylvania and other states badly need the money. Congress is not expected to act on extending the Medicaid payments until early Oc-

tober, but Tuma said the administration is developing several scenarios it would take to legislative leaders by the end of the month if the money is still uncertain. “It’s likely further layoffs of State workers will be a part of the mix,” Tuma said. “There will be other things that have to be done as well. We don’t know the exact number.” Legislative leaders said Friday they have not begun

making contingency plans and have not been contacted by Rendell’s office. “We are operating under

the assumption that Congress will pull through,” said Brett Marcy, a spokesman for (Cont. Page 47)

Termination of Parental Rights in the Court of Common Pleas of PHILADELPHIA County, Pennsylvania Family Court Case May Term, 2010, No. 900090005 To: Jeffrey Coleman or unknown birthfathers of Jaison Jackson A petition has been filed asking the Court to put an end to all rights you have to your child Jaison Jackson, who was born on August 31, 2009 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The Court has set a hearing to consider ending your rights to your child. That hearing will be held in Courtroom No. “O” before Hon. Judge Waloter Olszewski at PHILADELPHIA County Courthouse, 1801 Vine Street, Philadelphia, PA, on August 18, 2010. You are warned that even if you fail to appear at the scheduled hearing, the hearing will go on without you and your rights to your child may be ended by the Court without your being present. You have a right to be represented at the hearing by a lawyer. You should take this paper to your lawyer at once. If you do not have a lawyer or cannot afford one, go to or telephone the office set forth below to find out where you can get legal help. You are also warned that if you fail to file either an acknowledgment of paternity or claim of paternity pursuant to 23 Pa. C.S.A. Sec. 5103, and fail to either appear at the hearing to object to the termination to your rights or file written objection to such termination with the Court prior to the hearing your rights may also be terminated under Pa. C.S.A. Sec. 2503(d) and Sec. 2504(c) or Sec. 2511 (a )(6) of the Adoption Act. Contact immediately the Law Offices of Jay H. Ginsburg, at 527 Swede St., Norristown, PA 19401 (610-277-1999), or: Philadelphia Lawyer Referral & Information Service 1101 Market Street, 11th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19107 Telephone: 215-238-6333

We service Big & Small We’ve got it all! We offer rapid response to your request and to your construction needs. 1600-1630 Washington Ave. Phila., PA 19146-3019

2 1 5 - 4 62 - 05 05

SNOOPER’S “SPECIAL”: This is for all our CITY OFFICIALS and THE POLICE DEPT.! Beware – there will be more “FLASH MOBS” and they were not too happy with their last attempts. I met one who spoke to me, and she told me, “IT AIN’T OVER YET.” She stated, “We will ‘outsmart them’ next time”. This scumbag was still upset with THE POLICE’S breaking up their ‘social event’. She went on to say, “We’ll use the same tactics they use, only this time, ours will be in a SPECIAL CODE. We started out just to meet other kids, but like anything else, there’s always those who want to take it a step further, and that’s where the trouble begins.” She told me, under a promise not to reveal her name, there will definitely be more. Watch! SNOOPER’S “DEBATE”: The IMMIGRATION DEBATE is starting to ‘warm up’, and thanks to JOE VENTO (of Geno’s). I agreed 100% with him and all the people who came out to support ‘his ‘cause’. They want what we paid for, what we worked so hard to get; these “FREELOADERS” feel they’re entitled to all of it F-R-E-E! Let them come here ‘LEGALLY’. I don’t know about all of you, but I am sick and tired of paying for them. I agree with everything that has been said regarding these “ILLEGALS” and, yes, learn our language. It is ENGLISH! SNOOPER’S “HATS OFF” DEPT: Finally, I must admit, I’m so proud of our CITY CONTROLLER HON. ALAN BUTKOVITZ. He is going after that lucrative TRASH CONTRACT. This is one that was given without any other bids. ILLEGAL! He is 100% correct, and I sure hope he doesn’t back off, after all, it is OUR MONEY they are spending. I re(Cont. Page 45)

Many moons ago, there was quite a competitive race between then State Senator and now Congresswoman ALLYSON SCHWARTZ, and former Congresswoman MARJORIE MARGOLES MEZVINSKY (anyone remember the US Senate race of 2000?). Even now, Allyson holds the seat once held by Marjorie, who was known back in the day as ‘Triple M’. Word among Allyson’s supporters is she thought she had scored the final triumphant victory by being elected to Congress in this seat, in a District she didn’t live in. Not only was she on her way to a long career in the 13th District, but she was the biggggg winner, as MMM was mired down in personal issues that became fodder for public gossip. While Marjorie’s cross to bear was a heavy load, Allyson was all smiles, a victor in an unnamed and unknown war. But wait…. Up from the ashes…. Who could it be but Double M!!! Her son MARK MEZVINSKY’S marriage to CHELSEA CLINTON is the ultimate in one-ups! Marjorie, you won, hands down. Checkmate! This is a power move that can’t be beat. Your son’s upcoming nuptials are being called the wedding of the century, and will be forever compared to the likes of PRINCESS DIANA, PRINCESS GRACE of MONACO, etc. The guest list includes the likes of PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA and Hollywood royalty. Marjorie, did you add Lucky Glenwood to your guest list? my invitation must have been delayed by the mail. I thought there wasn’t supposed to be politics in the DA’s office? Has anyone bothered to tell the director of one of SETH WILLIAMS’ new departments? MAYOR MICHAEL NUTTER’S recent cuts to the Po(Cont. Page 45)

The vacancy created recently with the resignation of STATE SEN. ROBERT MELLOW as minority chairman of the Appropriations Committee has renewed interest in that office in the eastern part of the state. STATE SEN. MIKE STACK is currently a member of the Committee and his duties there include any legislation having to do with Philadelphia Co. Stack is believed to be a natural to fill the vacancy. For next year, it looks like STATE SEN. TONY WILLIAMS may be casting his eye on running for Auditor General. Although JONATHAN SAIDEL has said he will not run for statewide office again, he would be a natural with his years of training as Controller in Philadelphia. Of course, if in fact Saidel did say he would not run statewide again, he is free to change his mind about any statements made in the immediate aftermath of an election defeat. Williams ran well in his campaign for Governor, but did not poll as many votes as Saidel did in running for Lieutenant Governor. Just to make things more interesting, Williams is already on record saying he will support MAYOR MICHAEL NUTTER for reelection in the year 2011. CONGRESSMAN BOB BRADY, the Chairman of the Democratic Party, is good friends with both Williams and Saidel. In light of his strong statements about Williams when he was running for Governor, it seems likely, if there is a primary fight for Auditor General, he would support Williams. A good candidate to run against BRIAN O’NEILL, the incumbent in the 10th Councilmanic Dist., would be Saidel, who lives in that District. As GOV. ED RENDELL reaches the end of his term in (Cont. Page 45)

Now there’s a new way for columnists to come up with ideas. I went on my Facebook page and asked the 668 people I call my friends for story ideas. Some of them will appear in future columns, others I don’t know if I’d touch with a 90foot pole, and still others I’m not quite sure what to do with yet. Here is a sampling. Many of them concerned the economy. For example, my friend Karl thought I should write about the plight of young, articulate, educated people who find themselves both homeless and jobless. He got that idea from watching someone who fit that description panhandling near the Free Library. Ross, a friend who just graduated from Temple in May and is looking for a job that will allow him to pay for his Master’s degree in education, suggested I write a column about how tough it is to find a job during the worst economy in decades. My brother Jack, who is also my friend on Facebook, suggested I write about how tough it is to be an African American serviceman trying to raise his family and serve his country against a backdrop of racism and economic hardship. (In other words, he wanted me to write about my parents’ struggle to raise a family of five during the Vietnam War and his own struggle to raise his kids while having a career in the Air Force.) And another friend, who is also named Jack and has also had a career in the military, suggested I write about the resilience of the American people in light of our myriad of financial hardships these days. (Cont. Page 45)

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Yo! Here we go again with some facts about the 1500s from the internet: They used to use urine to tan animal skins, so families used to all pee in a pot and then once a day it was taken and sold to the tannery. If you had to do this to survive, you were “piss poor”. But worse than that were the really poor folk who couldn’t even afford to buy a pot. They “didn’t have a pot to piss in.” Most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath in May, and they still smelled pretty good by June. However, since they were starting to smell, brides carried a bouquet of flowers to hide the body odor – hence the custom today of carrying a bouquet when getting married. Baths consisted of a big tub filled with hot water. The man of the house had the privilege of the nice clean water, then all the other sons and men, then the women and finally the children – last of all the babies. By then, the water was so dirty you could actually lose someone in it. Hence the saying, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!” The floor was dirt. Only the wealthy had something other than dirt; hence the saying, “Dirt poor.” The wealthy had slate floors that would get slippery in the winter when wet, so they spread thresh (straw) on floor to help keep their footing. As the winter wore on, they added more thresh until, when you opened the door, it would all start slipping outside. A piece of wood was placed in the entryway. Hence: a thresh hold. Bread was divided according to status. Workers got the burnt bottom of the loaf, the family got the middle, and guests got the top, or the upper crust. England is old and small and the local folks started running (Cont. Page 45)

Page 11

The biggest news this week revolves around a story we broke in this column. STATE REP. DENNY O’BRIEN announced he is seriously considering a run for Council at Large, barring intervening circumstances (like, say, being elected Speaker of the House again). Judging by conversations with many in the know, the likelihood of an O’Brien Speakership revolves around the possibility of an extremely fractured GOP caucus with a GOP majority. But Ole Trunker is betting, should the GOP regain the majority, a united front will emerge in support of a Party stalwart. That would lead us to an O’Brien Council run. Certainly, he would be the frontrunner. Look at the last candidate to win: JACK KELLY. Kelly won on loyalty from his Northeast Philadelphia neighbors. O’Brien would certainly do much better in the Northeast, considering his longtime service in the 169th Legislative Dist. One would be hard-pressed to deny his connections to the Democratic Party and organized labor, which would pay dividends in other parts of the city. The only other top-tier candidate is DAVID OH, who is not likely to be pleased by an O’Brien candidacy. If you remember, Oh won on Election Day in 2007 and to have another race pulled from his fingertips could not appeal to him. In other 2011 Council news, it looks like STATE REP. MIKE McGEEHAN is poised to take the seat of outgoing COUNCILWOMAN JOAN KRAJEWSKI. The buzz has long been local business leader MIKE DRISCOLL would take on McGeehan in a primary, but rumors of late have him running for McGeehan’s vacant State House seat. This leads to two openings among local Elephants who could hopefully get their act together. Former Congressional can(Cont. Page 45)

Page 12 The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Networking Philadelphia Around The World

ROBERT PALAIMA, left, president of Delaware River Stevedores, and Ricardo Maldonado of Chilean-American Chamber of Commerce, welcome Mayor Michael Nutter to NETWORKING away, Leonard Karp of Phila. InternaInternational Business Networking Reception at Pennsylva- tional Medicine may be passing on a tip to Robert Blackburn, a top executive at Phila. Regional Port Authority. nia Academy of Fine Arts.

DIVERSE business interests mingled at International Business Networking Reception; for instance, from left, Roger & Sharon Youngren of Delaware River Stevedores; attorney Stephen Gould of Mattioni, Ltd.; Janet Warner of Wells Fargo; and Bob Palaima of DRS.

Page 13

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Page 14

Dedicated To Keeping Facilities Safe, Secure, Serviceable The Delaware River Port Authority has an approved five-year $1.2 billion capital program with the stated goal to keep its facilities safe, secure and

serviceable. The Authority performs in-depth inspections on all facilities in accordance with the National Bridge Inspection

Standards to ensure they remain safe and in good working order. This is a comprehensive, complex inspection effort as we have multiple facilities

serving various needs including highways, bridges, viaducts, transit stations, tunnels, parking facilities and port facilities.

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge is the oldest of its facilities. Construction began on Jan. 6, 1922 and was opened to traffic on Jul. 1, 1926. Currently, it provides three modes of transportation: vehicular lanes, the PATCO transit line and a pedestrian walkway. The de-leading and painting project was recently completed at a cost of $87 million over five phases, which began in 2000. The deck-truss rehabilitation project includes structural repairs, bearing replacement, drainage improvements, electrical improvements and under bridge lighting. The approximate cost is $16 million. Track rehabilitation, structural modifications and electrical improvements to the PATCO tracks across the Benjamin Franklin Bridge are currently being designed. Ancillary work will include trackdrainage improvements on the bridge approaches, electrical-enclosure improvements and PATCO stringer replacements as necessary. The approximate cost is $49 million. In addition to the redecking project that will take place on the Walt Whitman Bridge, which will involve lane closures beginning in June 2011, there will be a de-leading and painting project following the completion of the deck replacement which should take place in 2014 at an estimated cost of $46 million. The Walt Whitman Bridge is over 50 years old and the time has come for a

major overhaul on the span which connects South Philadelphia with Gloucester City, N. J. The Commodore Barry Bridge has a total length of 13,912 feet, making it the fourthlongest cantilever bridge in the world and the longest in the United States. Over the last few years, the DRPA and PennDOT have worked together to build two new exit ramps that will allow drivers to access the Chester waterfront. Also, there will be miscellaneous repairs and security improvements costing about $21 million beginning in 2011. Following those repairs, the Commodore Barry Bridge is scheduled to be de-leaded and repainted at an estimated cost of $45 million. There are major projects scheduled for the Betsy Ross Bridge, including miscellaneous structural repairs costing over $14 million, which also includes repaving of the surface deck. The Betsy Ross Bridge is also scheduled to be the first bridge in the region that will have Express EZPass available to drivers beginning in August 2011. PATCO’s fleet is one of the oldest in the industry. PATCO will have its existing train-car fleet overhauled at a cost of $200 million. Other major PATCO projects include the rehabilitation of the Collingswood viaduct and the replacement of Power Cable and Pole Lines between Lindenwold and Camden.

Page 15

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Page 16 The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Our Opinion ... A Look At The DRPA Odds are, when asked what they know about the Delaware River Port Authority, few will be the dwellers in the Delaware Valley who can answer that question. The handful who do are likely to say something like, “It runs the bridges” – and that’s about all. The Philadelphia Public Record is pleased to present a special supplement in this issue which will give our readers a better understanding of DRPA, its role in the economic life of this city, and its contributions to rider convenience and safety. The Delaware River Port Authority of Pennsylvania and New Jersey is a regional transportation agency serving the people of Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. DRPA owns and operates the Benjamin Franklin, Walt Whitman, Commodore Barry and Betsy Ross Bridges. All four bridges are part of the E-ZPass Electronic Toll Collection Network. The Port Authority Transit Corp., a subsidiary of DRPA, runs the High-Speed line. DRPA also owns the RiverLink Ferry and the Philadelphia Cruise Terminal. DRPA traces its roots to 1919, when leaders from Pennsylvania and New Jersey began planning for a bridge across the Delaware River between Philadelphia and Camden. When built, that bridge, now known as the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, was the longest suspension bridge in the world. More than 80 years after its opening, it remains a key transportation artery and a regional landmark. DRPA is self-sustaining, operating without tax support. It is administered by a 16-member Board of Commissioners, eight each from Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They are appointed by their respective Governors, except the Auditor General and Treasurer of Pennsylvania who are ex-officio members. All Commissioners serve without compensation. All DRPA Commissioners also serve as PATCO’s Board of Directors. Since it is a creature of political parentage, DRPA periodically finds itself the subject of criticisms. Despite these, the dedication of all those associated with it remains marked by the dedication to serve the public interest. That commitment is underlined in a recent decision by DRPA to use a Federal grant to add eight officers specially trained to spot trouble for commuters on the platforms, at the parking lots and on the trains of the ever-busier PATCO High-Speed line. Congressman Rob Andrews, who announced the grant, said, “Transit is absolutely essential to our economy. It can’t function without transit and that transit cannot function without safety.” The DRPA security force is now up to 160 officers, working in uniform and plain clothes. Riders careening over the bridges or riding the rails or taking the ferry links should know their safety remains at the top of the priority list of this important agency. We hope you will enjoy this special supplement with as much pleasure as we had putting it together.

Kudos Go To Jannie… Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell who each year uses her birthday to celebrate with the hundreds, and often thousands, who live in the city’s shelters and on the streets. Over the many years she has done this, she has become the spokeswoman for a class of Philadelphians often ignored by the bulk of citizens who are busy tending to themselves. She has literally become a saint to these unfortunates. Her

keeping their plight in front of the public keeps our consciences irritated, to the point we may eventually see government fully address their needs.

…And To Butkovitz We pleased to note the major media in this town are beginning to acknowledge the excellent work City Controller Alan Butkovitz has been doing through his tenure. They are beginning to understand his audits of various departments and are no longer disregarding his efforts to save every penny possible. Several of his audits have uncovered irregularities in departments that should, by now, be corrected. These corrections will save additional needed monies yearly. We are also proud of the fact we make it a point to ensure his messages get across to the general public. He is truly a working City Controller, keeping an eye on and helping eliminate waste in government.

Jul. 24- Tribute to Samuel Staten, Sr. at Convention Ctr., 12th & Arch Sts., reception 5:30 p.m., dinner 7 p.m. For info Jul. 24- Brady Bunch at Keenan’s Irish Pub in Angelsea, N. Wildwood, N.J., 5 p.m.???. Tickets available at door or Democratic City Committee. Aug. 2- Vaird Foundation, a Police Dept. initiative, hosts fundraising golf outing and banquet at Spring Mill C.C. For info DanaBradyPR@aol. com or call (267) 757-0726.

Aug. 7- Sister Clara Muhammad School’s 1st annual Community Festival at Muhammad Park, 46th & Wyalusing Ave., 10 a.m.-7 p.m. For info Wayne Rahman (267) 252-5547. Aug. 14- State Rep. Ronald G. Waters hosts 2010 Village Family Reunion and Festival at Frances Myers Rec Ctr., 58th & Kingsessing Ave., 12-8 p.m. Enjoy and enter “So You Think You Got Talent” contest. Entry forms at For info (215) 745-6712. Aug. 29- Billy Meehan Clambake at Cannstatter VolksfestVerein, 9130 Academy Rd. Great food, top entertainment. Tickets $100. For info Republican City Committee (215) 561-0690.

Letters • Letters • Letters Blazing Idiots Isn’t it ironic? On the same day the Mayor announces the police and fireman cuts, three idiots are pulled over for being suspected of having guns. They come out of their car and start firing on the police. Thank God no police officer was killed. This just shows you what could happen if these cuts are implemented. Do you think if he announces cuts in any other department, for example, they would be bombarded with requests for services? Not! We’re going through a trial

right now for the murder of one police officer, and these scumbags try to reenact the same scenario. Its a shame they weren’t killed, but then again, you would have friends and neighbors telling the media they were such great men and there would be protests saying the police were wrong. As these positions with the Police and Fire Depts. are eliminated through retirements and attrition, and the services are reduced, will the citizens of this city protest? No. But if something happens and the police or

firefighters don’t respond quickly enough, then they’ll complain it took too long. These will be the same people who sit on their steps and see the crime being committed, but when the police arrive, they I didn’t see anything. If it doesn’t involve you or your family, you stay quiet. So don’t bitch if you won’t snitch. Mr. Mayor, the sad part of this that the citizens of this city will probably reelect you like they did Goode after he firebombed Osage Avenue. It won’t matter that you raised taxes or

cut services. And the same goes for Council, I guarantee you you’ll see and hear all the promises over and over again, as we do every time they’re up for reelection. Stop spending money on remodeling and giving out ridiculous raises. I have an idea how to raise money for the police and firefighters, the same way they did for the pools: Sell the same 7 o’clock specials that people sold for the rec centers. Do that once a month and you’ll raise money. Mario Marchetti South Philadelphia

Page 17

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The Public Record • July 22, 2010

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The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Page 18

Page 19

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Page 20

Chairman of Delaware River Port Authority


an area now seeing significant development. The other is the plan to implement light-rail service to better connect Center City with the waterfront. Riders who use any of our four Center City subway stations, 8th & Market and 9th/10th, 12th/13th, and 15th/16th & Locust,

will notice significant improvements to the concourse areas. Eighth & Market is a prime example of what our riders can expect to see at our other three stations. The improvements include stateof-the-art upgrades designed to improve the appeal of the stations. In keeping with the Authority’s Green Initiative, the improved lighting will use low-energy and very minimal LED light fixtures. What you will see and read about in this supplement is really a snapshot of what takes place on a daily basis at the Authority as “We Keep The Region Moving.”

The Delaware River Port Authority of Pennsylvania and New Jersey is a regional transportation agency serving the people of Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. DRPA owns and operates the Benjamin Franklin, Walt Whitman, Commodore Barry and Betsy Ross bridges. All four bridges are part of the E-ZPass Electronic Toll Collection Network. The Port Authority Transit Corp., a subsidiary of DRPA, runs the HiSpeed line. DRPA also

owns the RiverL i n k Ferry and t h e Philadelp h i a Cruise Terminal. DRPA traces its roots to 1919, when leaders from Pennsylvania and New Jersey began planning for a bridge across the Delaware River between Philadelphia and Camden. That bridge, now known as the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, was once the longest susp e n s i o n bridge in the world. More than 80 years after its opening, it remains a key transportation

artery and a Delaware Valley Landmark. The DRPA is self-sustaining, operating without tax support. It is administered by a 16-member Board of Commissioners, eight each from Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They are appointed by their respective Governors, except the Auditor General and Treasurer of Pennsylvania who are ex-officio members. All Commissioners serve without compensation. All DRPA Commissioners also serve as PATCO’s Board of Directors.

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

As Chairman of the Delaware River Port Authority, I believe the regional transportation needs served by the Authority are a major force in the local economy. Whether it’s using one of our bridges or PATCO to get to work, watch a local sports team, or enjoy one of the many cultural attractions our region has to offer, those who live and work in the Delaware Valley have come to rely on the services we provide. I am also very enthused about several projects that will improve transportation in Philadelphia. One is the planned reopening of PATCO’s Franklin Square Station, which will serve

What Is DRPA?

Page 21

Message From: John H. Estey,

Celebrating and Commending The Work and Achievement of The Men and Women Who Manage, Run and Work At The

Delaware River Port Authority Your Efforts Help Improve Our Region

Congressman 1st District Paid for by Committee to Elect Bob Brady

Robert Brady

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Page 22

Page 23


The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Are you being forced to treat with a doctor you don’t know? You have the right to pick your own doctor to treat your work injury. If you’re not seeing your own doctor you need our advice.


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The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Page 24

Jeff Nash, DRPA Vice Chair for special events, as was the case in 2008 when over 110,000 people rode PATCO to help the Phillies celebrate their World Series victory. As part of our 40th anniversary celebration last year, we instituted Rider Appreciation Thursdays at all our PATCO stations. Our riders appreciated receiving a token of our appreciation.

PATCO is also the first in the region to implement smart-card technology for fare collections with our state of the art FREEDOM Card. Not only does the FREEDOM Card make it easy to ride PATCO, but also an affiliated program, FREEDOM To Save, allows FREEDOM Card holders to enjoy exclusive discounts and special offers with over 100 participating businesses in our region. Visit www.ridepatco,org to learn more. This has proven to be a very successful program for merchants in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey. Jeff Nash, DRPA Vice Chair

I know I speak on behalf of our Board of Commissioners and staff in saying we take our responsibility to the region and its residents to very seriously, including the stewardship of our bridges, PATCO line, cruise and ferry operations. We know our assets serve an important role in our region’s transportation infrastructure with over 110 million vehicles crossing our bridges annually, over 10.5 million annual PATCO customers and an estimated 200,000 RiverLink Ferry and cruise passengers in 2009. In following our motto, “We Keep the Region Moving”, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of fiscal responsibility and customer service for the people of Southeastern Pennsylvania and South-

John J. Matheussen ern New Jersey and beyond. Our philosophy is that we are committed to maintaining our core facilities to serve the region indefinitely. The approved Capital Plan, many projects about which you will read more in this supplement, includes both ongoing and new projects planned for 2009 through 2013 and calls for an investment of $1.2 billion into our assets, ensuring they will remain safe, secure and serviceable for decades to come.

While we are maintaining our core facilities to the highest standards, our capital program is also contributing to the quality of life of our residents and the regional economy through job creation. According to the Chief Economist at the US Dept. of Transportation, every $1 billion in capital spending on infrastructure supports 27,800 direct, indirect and induced jobs. We are proud to be an organization on which the public can rely for efficient and convenient service and pledge to continue to do all we can to support the vitality of our region which is a great place to work, enjoy leisure activities and raise a family. John J. Matheussen CEO of DRPA, President, PATCO

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

As Vice-Chair of the Delaware River Port Authority, it is both my pleasure and honor to work with people on both sides of the river as “We Keep The Region Moving.” The daily tasks performed by Authority employees, along with our $1 billion, five-year capital-improvement program, provide a catalyst for the region’s economy. Our job is to link the region with a seamless approach that benefits those on both sides of the Delaware River. I am always proud to point out the reliability of PATCO as it gets people to and from their jobs in Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia while it also brings the region together

Page 25

Message From DRPA Message From John J. Matheussen, Vice Chair, Jeff Nash DRPA CEO And President of PATCO

Page 26 The Public Record • July 22, 2010

PATCO Subway Stations Getting Improvements Two PATCO stations in Camden and all four in Philadelphia are getting a new look. It’s all part of a $9.6 million program to improve the concourses in Camden’s City Hall Station and the Walter Rand Transportation Center as well as in the stations at 8th & Market and 9th/10th, 12th/13th, and 15th/16th & Locust in Philadelphia. The concourse improvements at City Hall and 8th & Market are nearly complete. According to DRPA Chairman John H. Estey, “The concourse improvements are designed to keep PATCO as one of the premier transit systems in the country.” DRPA Vice Chair Jeff Nash says, “PATCO service has always been superior and reliable. Now the esthetics of our stations will also be of the highest quality.” Nash adds, “In addition to the esthetics, the new lighting will be energy-efficient and provide a pleasanter environment

for our customers.” PATCO President John J. Matheussen says, “The goal is to enhance the PATCO experience for our customers. This project will make the subway stations even more secure and serviceable through the installation of special flooring, lighting and wall material. The stations will also be easier to navigate with new signage.” PATCO General Mgr. Bob Box points out, “The improvements include state-of-the-art design and upgrades designed to minimize installation, maintenance and operational costs while also improving the appeal of the stations. In keeping with the Authority’s Green Initiative, the improved lighting will use low energy and very minimal-maintenance LED light fixtures.” The remaining four subway stations, one in Camden and three in Philadelphia, should be upgraded by late spring.

SIX PATCO stations will soon experience renovations designed to increase rider satisfaction. These pics show what riders can soon expect.

Walt Whitman Bridge Modifies When Rail Comes To Waterfront ‘Overweight’ Requirements The Delaware River Port Authority continues to enforce a change to its Overweight and Wide Load Permit process for the Walt Whitman Bridge. Due to construction activities, vehicles are no longer being permitted to wait for a DRPA police escort in the area between westbound I76 and northbound I-676. All Overweight and

Wide Load permit vehicles need to travel northbound on I-676 to Exit 3/Morgan Boulevard, in Camden. The vehicles should then take Morgan Boulevard to southbound I-676. The next step is taking Exit 2 (left-handed exit) to the Walt Whitman Bridge (I-76 westbound) and wait in the THIS IS what the Pier 70 Station will look like, enpull over area on that ramp hancing waterfront line in City when new project is for a DRPA police escort. completed.

PATCO Train Fleet To Get Overhauled PATCO’s transit-car fleet is in line for a makeover that will give the train cars a modern and cleaner look and replace and/or upgrade many of the systems that are integral to the performance and reliability of the cars. There are 120 cars in the PATCO fleet, 75 of which date back to the opening of PATCO in 1969. The remaining cars were put into service in 1980. Many of the car components and systems are no longer supported in the industry and, for years, PATCO has had to either

produce parts in house or obtain them from agencies retiring similar technology in order to keep the fleet operational. About six years ago, PATCO began a program to upgrade its transit-car fleet by retaining a consultant to evaluate the condition of the existing fleet and determine if rehabilitation was an option. Also evaluated was the cost of replacing the fleet with new vehicles. The study revealed the existing car bodies were in good condition and the truck assemblies could be

reused, given the program PATCO has in place for rebuilding them. It also concluded many of the systems on the cars need to be replaced or upgraded in order to achieve an acceptable level of service and reliability. The study determined the fleet could be rehabilitated for about half the cost of procuring a new fleet. Specifications for rehabilitating the transit cars have been developed and PATCO is now in the vendor selection process. The goal is to have a company under contract to do the

PATCO Cars will look newer, more modern when upgrades are finished on all rolling stock. work by the end of this ment providing about $70 customers will be greatly year. million.” He also points out enhanced. The cars will PATCO General Mgr. all the work will be done in have all-new interiors and Bob Box says, “it will take the United States. that includes seats, lightabout five years to rehabiliPATCO President John ing, passenger-messaging tate the entire fleet. The es- J. Matheussen says, “Once systems and upgraded airtimated cost is $220 million, the work is completed, the conditioning and heating with the Federal govern- riding experience for our systems.”

Page 27

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Page 28

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission honored DRPA/PATCO with its 9th annual “Regional Transportation Program of the Year” award at DVRPC’s Annual Celebration of Regional Excellence. The award recognizes the efforts by the DRPA and PATCO to develop two regional light rail services in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey. One system

would enhance the connection between Center City Philadelphia with the Delaware River waterfront while the other would provide service between Glassboro and Camden in Southern New Jersey. Board Chairman John Estey says, “the DRPA and PATCO are honored by our selection and recognition by DVRPC.” Estey adds, “I would like to thank our part-

ners, including the City of Philadelphia, SEPTA, Delaware River Waterfront Corp. and others, for assisting us.” DRPA/PATCO anticipates the Philadelphia Waterfront Transit Expansion Project will begin operating in 2016. According to Estey, “The ultimate goal is to implement a world-class transit asset Philadelphians and visitors will be proud to use.”

The New Jersey Project involves an 18-mile corridor from Glassboro to Camden, primarily along existing Conrail right of way. Board Vice Chair Jeff Nash says, “Recent public hearings have shown the people of South Jersey stand behind this project. It is gratifying to see DVRPC believes the Glassboro-Camden Line will provide significant benefits to the region.”

Scheduled To Reopen The PATCO Franklin Square Station in Philadelphia is set to reopen again. The Delaware River Port Authority has hired a professional design consultant which is the first step that needs to be taken to reopen the station. The design process includes a pedestrian traffic study and concepts for surrounding residential areas adjacent to the square which would include the ease of walking access to the Franklin Square Station entrances. First opened in 1936 as one of two Philadelphia stations on the Camden Bridge line, the station has opened and closed several times over the years. A refurbished Franklin Square Station opened to cater to Bicentennial traffic on May 14, 1976 and on Jul. 4, 1976, 23,000 people exited the Franklin Square Station en route to Bicentennial events. The Franklin Square Station was closed in 1979 because of low patronage and has remained closed since then. DRPA Chairman John H. Estey says, “Substantial economic and demographic changes near Franklin Square have increased the viability of the station.” Estey adds, “PATCO riders could use Franklin Square to visit the National Constitution Center and the African American Museum as well as the planned Pres-

ident’s House and National Museum of Jewish American History. In addition, further enhancements and amenities are being added within the park to make Franklin Square a destination in itself.” According to DRPA Vice- Chair Jeff Nash, “Reopening Franklin Square Station should increase ridership among intra-city and reverse-commuting customers. The station is also expected to result in increased weekend ridership.” Franklin Square itself now attracts 750,000 visitors a year. An online survey on PATCO’s website,, asked riders their thoughts about reopening the Franklin Square Station. Of those responding, 77.3% believe reopening Franklin Square is a good idea. In addition, 50.5% of those responding said if Franklin Square were to reopen, they would use PATCO more frequently for recreational travel. PATCO President John J. Matheussen says, “A refurbished Franklin Square Station will keep with the Authority’s Green Initiative by incorporating lowenergy and very minimal-maintenance LED decorative light fixtures.” Franklin Square could be ready for passengers in early 2012.

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

DRPA/PATCO Rail Projects Earn Award Franklin Square Station

A FERRY BOAT ride, an ideal place to cool down this Summer

Page 29 The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Fax (215) 785-0873

1500 River Road Croydon, PA 19021

An Equal Opportunity Employer

Paul Tsourous


Page 30 The Public Record • July 22, 2010


Philadelphia Regional Port Authority The DELAWARE RIVER PORT AUTHORITY Does In The Region

The Philadelphia Regional Port Authority Acknowledges The Important Work

John H. Estey, Esq. Chairman

James T. McDermott, Jr. Executive Director

Robert C. Blackburn

Senior Deputy Executive Director

John F. Dempsey

Deputy Executive Director Administrative Offices: 3460 N. Delaware Ave. 2nd Fl., Phila., PA 19134 (215) 426-2600 • Fax (215) 426-6800

DRPA’s four bridge facilities and its headquarters One Port Center in Camden in implementing single-stream municipal waste recycling.

DRPA Deputy CEO Robert Gross says, “The Authority is making daily choices to minimize potential environmental impacts.

Our plan is to integrate environmental considerations in all aspects of our operations at all of our facilities.” DRPA CEO and PATCO

President John J. Matheussen says, “The New Jersey Dept. of Transportation recently began a coordinated and continuing cleanup campaign

called Beautiful New Jersey. We are pleased to be part of this quality-of-life issue and will move forward with other activities in the future.”

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

PATCO is now helping its riders to go green. It is enabling users of its facilities to recycle newspapers, glass and plastic with the placement of special trash receptacles at the Lindenwold, Ashland and Woodcrest Stations. The special green receptacles with a recycling decal will be located mostly on the station platforms, although they will be available in other locations. The program will be expanded to include all other PATCO stations including the four subway stations in Philadelphia. According to PATCO General Mgr. Bob Box, “Public transportation provides a very friendly environmental way to travel and this recycling program represents yet another way that PATCO and its customers can take part in our go green initiative.” PATCO now joins the

Page 31

PATCO Goes Green Urging Riders To Recycle

Page 32 The Public Record • July 22, 2010

PATCO’S 'Freedom Card' Proves Popular

Paper Supplies • Food Service • Janitorial • Maintenance • Chemicals Safety Supplies & Equipment • Commercial, Industrial Abatement Regulatory Signs & Labels • Traffic Control Supply


Phone: (215) 535-3100 Cell: (609) 209-7660 5019 Mullberry Street Fax: (215) 535-3106 Philadelphia PA 19124 E-mail:

The region’s first and only smart-card fare-collection system continues to gain in popularity with PATCO riders. The FREEDOM card is a convenient way for PATCO riders to pay their fares, buy SEPTA transfers or gain access to PATCO parking lots without using cash. The FREEDOM card is used by over 65,000 PATCO riders. Nearly 70% of PATCO fares are paid for with a FREEDOM card. The FREEDOM card can be purchased at the automated machines located at each of the 13 PATCO stations along the 14.2mile line through South Jersey and Philadelphia. Special Reduced Fare Program FREEDOM cards are available through PATCO’s FREEDOM Card Service Center. Medicare card holders, seniors, and disabled passengers who enroll in the program enjoy significant discounts on offpeak travel.

The FREEDOM card will soon be even more convenient. PATCO President John J. Matheussen says, “web-based ticketing is coming, which will allow FREEDOM card holders to check account transactions, add value to their cards, register cards, enroll in autoload/automatic replenishment and edit account information online.”

There is another benefit to having a FREEDOM card. Card holders, at no additional cost, are automatically members of the FREEDOM to save program. Simply by showing the FREEDOM card at a participating location, PATCO riders are eligible for discounts or other benefits says PATCO Assistant General Mgr. Cheryl Spicer.

DRPA Significantly Cuts Its Carbon Imprint, Saves $ Delaware River Port Authority CEO John J. Matheussen has announced a significant reduction of the Authority’s carbon footprint as well as financial, thanks to a fleet management program that continues to move forward. According to Matheussen, “This is one of the Authority’s ‘Go Green’ programs which, in addition to the ‘Green Ports’ initiative, is designed to make our operations more environmentally friendly.”

Matheussen says the fleet management program has resulted in fewer vehicles, smaller vehicles and the use of hybrids which has significantly reduced Authority fuel consumption resulting in a reduction of harmful vehicle emissions. It is expected fuel usage will be lowered by over 4,000 gallons this year and by at least 6,000 gallons in 2011. The fleet management program is under the direction of DRPA COO Tim Pulte. Pulte says, “The program is proving to be a win-win operation.”

Page 33 The Public Record • July 22, 2010

The Philadelphia Public Record Salutes The An Agency That Never Sleeps!

Delaware River Port Authority

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Page 34

Express E-Z Pass Soon For Betsy Ross

PATCO effectively brings surburban workers to Philadelphia speedily and with ease and comfort.

Express E-ZPass, sometimes referred to as “open road tolling”, is coming to the Betsy Ross Bridge connecting Pennsauken, N. J., with Philadelphia and it could be ready for drivers in July 2011. The DRPA Commissioners approved a contract with Stantec Consulting Services of Mount Laurel, N. J., to provide Design Services for Express EZPass at the Betsy Ross Bridge. The final design is nearly complete and it is expected construction would begin early next year. Express E-ZPass allows E-ZPass customers to pay the toll without having to slow

down through the toll plaza. The express lane is equipped with a tag reader mounted on an overhead gantry and is usually located on the left side of the toll plaza. DRPA CEO John J. Matheussen says, “Express EZPass will reduce vehicle emissions, which means less air pollution, lower travel times and provide an added convenience for our customers.” The Authority also plans to implement Express E-ZPass on the Commodore Barry Bridge which connects Bridgeport, N. J. with Chester, Pa. A final design consultant could

be selected as early as October, with Express E-ZPass operational on the Commodore Barry Bridge in the summer of 2012. In addition, the possibility of utilizing Express E-ZPass on the Walt Whitman Bridge is currently in the concept phase. Many factors need to be taken into consideration before it can be determined if Express EZPass, or a modified version, would be feasible on the Walt Whitman Bridge. Express E-ZPass lanes are now in operation throughout major arteries. They can be seen on toll roads throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

tion is everything. The ferry business is not much

Walt Whitman Bridge Re-Decking To Begin term lane closures for 35 months, starting in the spring of 2011.” According to Matheussen, “We will be working hard to minimize inconvenience to our customers during the entire project, with specific emphasis placed on the long-term lane closures.” Matheussen continues, “To keep the public informed, the Authority is developing a website, It will also provide notices in E-ZPass bills and handouts to drivers using the bridge.”

different. This winter, the Delaware River Port Authority will break ground to begin construction on a new ferry terminal to be more centrally located to venues on the Camden waterfront. This prime location will provide RiverLink Ferry passengers with easy access to the entrances of both the Adventure Aquarium and the Camden Riversharks Stadium. The new terminal, presently referred to as the North Ferry Terminal, will be located along the Camden Waterfront near the entrance to the Adventure Aquarium. The existing terminal will still be used for express concert service and other major events on the waterfront.

FERRY SCHEDULE will increase with refurbished Terminals. Designed by New York architectural firm, William Nicholas Bodouva & Associates, the North Ferry Terminal will be ADA compliant and consist of two new ferry slips, a covered loading area and walkway, and a ticket/attendant booth. “The new ferry terminal provides the RiverLink Ferry System with a modern terminal putting us in a

better position to meet the demands of the evolving Philadelphia and Camden Waterfront,” says Acting Chief Engineer Michael Venuto. Construction cost for the project is estimated to

be $5 million, 80% of which will be funded by the Federal Transit Administration. The project duration is one year. DRPA engineering staff is currently finalizing contract specifications.


Philadelphia Regional Port Authority A Promising Future By Championing the Channel-Deepening Project And Substantial Port Expansion

Once Again, We Thank Gov. Ed Rendell For Giving Our Port A Great Opportunity And

John H. Estey, Esq. Chairman

James T. McDermott, Jr. Executive Director

Robert C. Blackburn

Senior Deputy Executive Director

John F. Dempsey

Deputy Executive Director Administrative Offices: 3460 N. Delaware Ave. 2nd Fl., Phila., PA 19134 (215) 426-2600 • Fax (215) 426-6800

The Walt Whitman Bridge, connecting South Philadelphia with Gloucester City, N. J., is in line for a major facelift as the largest capital-improvement project ever undertaken by the Delaware River Port Authority is on the horizon. The DRPA Commissioners have approved two contracts totaling nearly $140 million to both re-deck the Walt Whitman Bridge and monitor the project’s progress. A $128.1 million construction contract has been awarded to the American Bridge Co. of Coraopolis, Pa., while an $11.7 million construction monitoring contract has been awarded to the joint venture of Urban Engineers Inc, URS Corp. of Philadelphia. According to DRPA CEO John J. Matheussen, “Re-decking the Walt Whitman Bridge is one of the cornerstones of our fiveyear, $1 billion capital budget. This project will result in an entirely new deck over the Delaware River, using state-of-the-art technology.” The bridge is 53 years old, first opening to traffic on May 16, 1957. The typical lifespan of a suspension bridge deck is 50 years, which is the reason it is now being re-decked. DRPA Acting Chief Engineer Michael Venuto says, “Preliminary work will begin in August and the entire project should be completed by the end of the summer of 2014.” Venuto adds, “There will be long-

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Location. Location. Location. In real estate, loca-

Page 35

RiverLink Ferry System To Get New Terminal

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

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Page 37

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Page 38

Page 39

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Page 40

Page 41

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Page 42

Page 43

Bargains Galore Available Through Sheriff Sale!

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Page 44

Get ‘cued’ in to rib-tickling bargain prices by Len Lear One of the best bargains in Center City these days is on Wednesday nights at Pub & Kitchen, 1946 Lombard Street. For just $17 per person, guests are served a ribsand-grits dinner, featuring a half-rack of ribs that have been braised for more than seven hours and then slathered with Pub & Kitchen’s own ‘Blue Label’ BBQ sauce. The dinner is accompanied by a side of South Carolina’s Anson Mills sweet corn grits and house-made coleslaw. An optional pint of Tröegs Sunshine Pils, a beer that complements the meal, is also included. “How can you beat $17 for a half-rack of ribs, grits, coleslaw and a cold one? It doesn’t get more affordable than that,” said man-

aging partner Ed Hackett last week. Owner Dan Clark and H a c k e t t opened Pub & Kitchen in 2008, and you might say it has been the soup of the day since then. It was ranked among Philadelphia Magazine’s “50 Best Restaurants,” and Craig LaBan, the Philadelphia Inquirer’s attimes brutal food critic, wrote, “[Chef Jonathan Adams] is the real deal, from his mastery of the beer batter to the house-cured bacon that gives his burger luster, to what might be the best gnocchi in town.…” For more information, visit or; call (215) 545-0350, or you can follow chef Adams on Twitter @ChefJonnyMac. Trolley Car Café in gear The Trolley Car Café, a BYOB sister to the 10-yearold Trolley Car Diner in Mt.

Airy, opened in June at 3269 S. Ferry Road in East Falls, a few pancakes’ distance from Kelly Drive. According to owner Ken Weinstein, “My pride and joy is our kitchen garden. We are using fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden in many of our menu items … and we are going to have movie nights every Saturday, 9 p.m., for the remainder of this month on our giant outdoor movie screen. This Saturday we are screening Up.” For more information, call (267) 385-6703 or visit Burger-delphia So many places have opened in and near Center City in recent years specializing in burgers that Philly could easily be renamed Burger-delphia. Here are just a few of the hottest choices: •Bobby’s Burger Palace, a newcomer in University City, has burgers slathered with geographically themed toppings (Philly: Cheese Whiz, onions and hot peppers; Miami: ham, Swiss,

pickles). The sweet-potato fries, beer-battered onion rings and vanilla caramel bourbon shakes are also nothing to shake a credit card at. 3925 Walnut Street, (215) 387-0378, •Fishtown’s art-themed Sketch has the burger bases covered with sirloin, Kobe, turkey and vegan options, plus the signature smashedonion beef burger. Inventive toppings like horseradish cheddar and salsa verde might make you sign up for Weight Watchers. 413 E. Girard Avenue, (215) 634-3466, •Though barbecue is its namesake specialty, Smokin’ Betty’s also happens to have an impressive lineup of burgers, including the Betty (pickled jalapeño and grilled corn relish, smoked mozzarella and smoked tomato jam topped with crispy leeks) and the Tur-duck-en (duck rillette surrounded by chicken and turkey, with cranberry orange relish topped with crispy

Len Lear sweet-potato ribbons). 116 S. 11th Street, (215) 922-6500, •Diners can wash down that Fat Boy Monster (two patties, cheddar, bacon, onion rings and special sauce on a potato roll) or Shroom Burger (two deep-fried, beer-battered portabellos) with a milkshake cocktail or Yuengling lager at the quirky PYT at the Piazza in Northern Liberties. 1050 N. Hancock Street, (215)

964-9009, •It set the bar high for local burgers when it opened more than 10 years ago, and Standard Tap continues to wow the gastropub, beerswilling crowd with its sevenounce, all-natural grilled patty topped with lettuce, tomato, sautéed mushrooms, grilled onions and the guest’s choice of cheese. 901 N. 2nd Street, (215) 238-0630, •The Roquefort-stuffed, onion-fringed burgers at Center City’s Good Dog tavern, which even inspired a song by Inquirer critic Craig LaBan, could get you arrested by the Cholesterol Police. 224 S. 15th Street, (215) 985-9600, •A sandwich with a swagger is the Royal Tavern burger, which is eight ounces of Angus dressed up in caramelized onion, pickled long hots, bacon, smoked Gouda and chile mayo on a brioche bun. 937 E. Passyunk Avenue, (215) 389-6694,

(Cont. From Page 11) the Governor’s Mansion, speculation is beginning as to where the very popular Governor can best use his talents. He seems well equipped for a position in the Obama Administration. His experience in education will stand him in good stead as secretary of Health, Education & Welfare or in one of its top administrative spots. As a former DA, he would qualify for a high policymaking position in the Justice Dept. Is it too soon for him to accept an appointment as Ambassador to a US ally?

(Cont. From Page 11) It’s this last one I’ll focus on right now. For the last few months, my Significant Other and I have been hosting some friends of ours who are about to move to Europe. Over the

Lucky Glenwood (Cont. From Page 11) lice Dept. are unacceptable. We will lose even more of our tax base if crime continues to frighten away citizens. Let’s start by cutting your staff, Mr. Mayor! Your payroll and staff seem to grow exponentially with offices and experts that

Waffleman (Cont. From Page 11) out of places to bury people. So they would dig up coffins and would take the bones to a bone-house, and reuse the grave. When reopening these coffins, 1 out of 25 coffins were found to have scratch marks on the inside and they realized they had been bury-

Captain Jesse G. For the Finest In Seafood

(Cont. From Page 11) didate BRIAN HAUGHTON lives in both the Council and House districts. His resume includes local business owner (a popular one at that) and a fireman. Who betwe don’t need, as you listen to people who tell you how to ‘right-size’ the City with little or no forethought to the uniqueness that is Philadelphia. Is anyone else running for Mayor next year? Maybe if he thought we had options, he’d think twice about giving less to us while adding more for himself. ing people alive. So they would tie a string on the wrist of the corpse, lead it through the coffin and up through the ground and tie it to a bell. Someone would have to sit out in the graveyard all night (the graveyard shift) to listen for the bell; thus, someone could be “saved by the bell” – or was considered a “dead ringer”. GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS STATE INSPECTION LUBRICATION

Snooper (Cont. From Page 11) ally wonder whose friend it is, and how something like this happened. The Controller is diligently going after them and, hopefully, will ‘stick to his guns’. SNOOPER’S SPECIAL

nasty for large chunks, or even small chunks of people, we find it within ourselves to at least try and help. Sometimes we’re even successful at it. So while I occasionally look at this country with a jaundiced eye, it’s because I know that we can do better by ourselves, and each other. JOE DeFELICE is going to take on City Committee loyalist and incumbent City COMMISSIONER JOE DUDA for his spot as the minority Commissioner. Given Duda’s close election results in previous years, could a DeFelice challenge be successful? CHIEF, whom I had spoken to earlier, I learned was killed trying to get all his people out. I thank all those men and women who did what they could, it was horrible, and I’m also proud of all our NEW YORKERS; they too were great.”

Carl Jeff & Barbara



Chicken - Chicken parts - Turkey - Turkey parts Ribs - Bacon - Eggs - Hamburgers - Hot Dogs - Sausage Roasters - Box Lots Available In the Heart of Philadelphia’s Italian Market • 1031 South 9th Street (215) 925-9059 • 1037 South 9th Street (215) 629-1796


24 HOUR TOWING & ROAD SERVICE PHONE 215-634-9517 BODY SHOP 215-427-0550 FAX 215-427-9296

Walk In’s Welcomed A.J. Sbaraglia & Toni

SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PHILADELPHIA Sealed proposals will be received by the School Reform Commission at the School Administration Building located at 440 North Broad St., 3rd Floor, Office of Capital Programs, Philadelphia, PA 19130-4015, until 2:00 P.M., on Tuesday, August 17, 2010. A non-refundable fee for each set of bid documents is as scheduled. The School District will only accept bids from companies that have been placed on its current Pre Qualified Contractors List as shown at All School District Project require MBE/WBE participation as shown in the specifications. FEE BUDGET B-041 (C) of 2009/10Electrical Contract Pastorius ES $1,500,000.00 $ 200.00 Relight 5650 Sprague Street *A pre-bid conference and site tour will be held at the project location, on July 30, 2010 at 12:00 p.m. Specifications and/or plans and contract documents may be examined and copies thereof obtained from the School Reform Commission, 440 North Broad Street, 3rd floor, Philadelphia, PA 19130.

8th & Washington. Ave. (SE Corner) Philadelphia, PA 19147 215-336-8333 • 215-463-1813

You Can Park Easier In Front of Our Store!

Nation Under God, but we don’t show it nearly as much as we should. We have no problem bombing other countries that haven’t done a darned thing to us. We let our businesses run amok at the expense of the people who will be directly impacted by the pollutants they dump. But when things get really cent developments in both men’s careers, the possibility is not remote. Finally, there are rumors 2011 will setup a rematch between the State Committee and City Committee. Trunk Man has been hearing some trumpeting, far off in the jungle, that State Committeeman THE 911 incident that saw THE TOWERS hit by two terrorist planes. He stated, “I really wasn’t sure what was happening, but I knew, because it was a clear day, it was no accident. We, at this time, had no plans as to what we should do. The FIRE

We Gladly Accept Food Coupons


doctor or my orthodontist for months due to an extreme lack of funds. But in the end, one of the good things that America has brought to the world is its tradition of helping others when we can … and even sometimes when we can’t. We talk a good game in this country about being One dents need to do is look to neighboring districts represented by O’Brien and JOHN PERZEL, to see neighborhoods not free of extreme urban blight. Speaking of which, what happens to the O’Brien and Perzel seats should the incumbents leave? Given reSIGHTING: Hey Chief, here’s one even I didn’t believe. I actually spotted HON. RUDY GIULIANI, former great MAYOR OF NEW YORK, heading for Drexel University’s TV studios to be interviewed by PAULA COHEN. He told all about

Information as to contract documents, etc., may be obtained at the above address, or telephone 215-400-5225. Make checks payable to the School District of Philadelphia.

2400 E. Somerset Street Philadelphia, PA 19134

Phone: 215-423-2223 Fax: 215-423-5937

The School Reform Commission reserves the right to reject any and all bids and make the awards to the best interests of the School District of Philadelphia.

Live & Cooked Crabs. Live Lobsters. Fish Shrimp Scallops Clams Mussels

Elephant Corner

last few years, we’ve taken in a lot of people who need a place to stay for a night here and there and given them somewhere to sleep, a home cooked meal, and a place to plan their next move. And we’ve done this while being partially employed as freelance writers ourselves. I haven’t been able to visit my ter to make the case for the GOP in a Council race where the issues involve cutting firehouses and the enormous tax burden local businesses face? As for the State House race, there are currently no rumored candidates on the horizon. This is a shame, considering all District resi-

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Out & About

Page 45

City Hall Sam

er m m Su s g n i Sav

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

Page 46

heard nothing new. If the Federal money does not materialize, Rendell has said virtually every budget line would be affected. That could mean slashing the $250 million increase in basic education he fought for this year. School boards statewide would have to find ways to balance their budgets if State spending winds up being less than expected, said David

Salter, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania School Boards Association. School boards “know if that money doesn’t come through, they’ll have to go back to the drawing board,” Salter said. Larry Smar, Casey’s spokesman, said it is unclear whether Casey’s office can overcome the opposition to the added Medicaid money.

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$.42/mile to Start in Milton, PA! Professional OTR Class-A CDL Drivers Needed! Practical Mile Pay. Guaranteed Home-Time. Strong, Stable & Safe. Short Positions also available. 1 Year OTR experience required 800-333-9291 Driver-COMPANY Experienced OTR drivers and Teams. Consistent Miles, Excellent Health Benefits. 6 mo. OTR exp. & current CDL 888-463-3962 EOE M/F/H/V CDL-A Drivers: Work Hard, Earn Big! Van & Flatbed Divisions. New Equipment Coming! $500 Sign-on for Flatbed Drivers. CDL-A, 6 mo. OTR, Good driving record required. Western Express 888-801-5295 LAND FOR SALE Can’t Wait Until Fall! New York Land for Sale! Our Best Deer Tract: 97 acres Surrounded by Stateland- $119,995. Our #1 Camp Deal: 40 acres w/ Camp & Stream- $59,995. Our Best All-time Deal: 5 acres w/ Wilderness Cabin- $19,995! Call TODAY and receive FREE CLOSING COSTS! Private fi-

nancing offered. 800-229-7843 MISCELLANEOUS AIRLINES ARE HIRING: Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - Housing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (888)834-9715 Is Limescale Clogging your Appliances, spotting dishes, leaving residue? HYDROCARE Solves ALL of this and MORE! No Salts. No Magnets. Easily Clips to Main Water Pipe. Maintenance Free. Guaranteed! The Hard Water Solution 1-888-7210129 VACATION RENTALS OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND. Best selection of affordable rentals. Full/ partial weeks. Call for FREE brochure. Open daily. Holiday Real Estate. 1-800-6382102 Online reservations HELP WANTED DRIVER **EAST REGION ONLY: Drivers - Hiring Regional Van Drivers. 41.5 cpm with 2 years experience. Great Benefits. Home EVERY Week. 1 year

tractor-trailer experience required. Call 888-967-5487, or apply online at Equal Opportunity Employer. HELP WANTED DRIVER **EAST REGION ONLY: Professional Drivers! Class-A CDL Drivers Needed! Practical Mile Pay. $2,400 Bonus. Guaranteed Home-Time. Strong, Stable, & Safe. 1 Year OTR experience required. 800-333-9291

DRIVERS: LOCAL Excellent Salary/Benefits Physically fit. Operators License w/clean driving record R+L Carriers

The Public Record • July 22, 2010

(Cont. From Page 10) House Democrats. “If Congress fails to act, the Governor has said he’ll meet with legislative leaders to discuss options for addressing that shortfall.” State agencies are going through their new budgets to determine how to carry out

services while making cuts, Tuma said, and it will likely be weeks before the State has a firm number of how many employees will be laid off. On Monday, Rendell sent union leaders the required 30day notices that an unspecified number of layoffs would come. Kathy Jellison, the president of Service Employees International Union Local 668, said since then she had

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The Public Record • July 22, 2010

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