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June 17, 2010

These Ladies Have The Muscle

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Honoring The Real Brady Bunch

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In The Rain

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At It Again...

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Coming July 24th

The Delaware River Port Authority

All candidates on the 2010 primary election ballot are required to file cycle 3, 30-day post-primary reports, by Jun. 17 at 5 p.m. at office of the City Commissioners County Board of Elections, Documents Unit, Delaware & Spring Garden by 5 p.m. The reports, required, begin with closing date of last report filed up to and including Jun. 7. 2010.

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Special Supplement On

Attention 2010 Primary Candidates

Race for Sheriff Already Crowding Up

Claymont, Delaware


(302) 798-7079 5 Minutes from Comm. Barry Bridge, Naaman’s Rd, Turn Left, Next to K-Mart






























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Page 2 The Public Record • June 17, 2010

Police Investigator First To File For Sheriff’s Office First official candidate to seek the nomination to replace John Green as Sheriff of Philadelphia on the Democrat ticket in the May 2011 primary is Michael Mormello, who has served 40 years in law enforcement, 24 as a policeman and 16 with the Pennsylvania State Attorney General’s office. Mormello feels his knowledge of law enforcement and the rolls played in the criminal-justice system by the courts, the police, the District Attorney, the Feds and the Sheriff’s Dept. has prepared

MIKE MORMELLO ...declares for Sheriff him well for the job of Sheriff. As a result, he has a jump start on his campaign with the

formation of the “Friends of Mike Mormello.” “I know of several areas in the Sheriff’s Dept. upon which I can improve. Sheriff John Green has done a very creditable job,” said Mormello, “But the continuing rapid changes in the economy, in the burgeoning crime rates that pack the courts and the continuing foreclosure epidemic necessitate making changes in the Sheriff’s Office to stay atop those changes.” Mormello remembers when he and Sheriff John Green were “rookie cops to-

gether in the 3rd Police Dist., located a 11th & Wharton. “I enjoyed working with John. He was earnest and conscientious and a quick learner.” Sheriff Green, who announced he is not seeking another term, has indicated he may retire before his term ends. Should that happen, the Sheriff has already placed Barbara Deeley, his chief deputy, to serve in an acting capacity until the new Sheriff takes office. That interim appointment requires the approval of Gov. Ed Rendell. The Democrat City Com-

mittee is reportedly solidly behind State Rep. Jewell Williams, poised to give him the endorsement when he confirms his intention to become the Sheriff’s successor. That was made obvious at a luncheon of the Ward Leaders sponsored by Sheriff Green and authorized by Chairman Bob Brady. Another contender, who has not officially announced though he is handing out cards confirming his entry into the primary, is Jack Kurtz, former Police Inspector, who is reported to have the backing

of IBEW Local 98 business manager. Also indicating an interest in running for Sheriff is Rodney Little, president of the Fraternal Order of Housing Police. All four have extensive backgrounds in the criminaljustice system. Not sure if he is running at this stage is John Kromer, a former director of the Office of Housing and Community Development. It’s doubtful he’ll get much support, since he wants to put an end to the Sheriff’s Office.

City's GOP Remains Split Over Leadership

Both the Democrat and Republican Parties have reorganized. It’s been four years since they last did so. The Democrat City ComTHERE'S vote-getting power behind these ladies, who are mittee unanimously approved members of Democrat City Committee. Ward Leaders, from the continuation of Congressleft, are El Amore Brawne Ali, Helen Farrell, Councilman Bob Brady as its chairwoman Jannie Blackwell, Vivian Miller, City Commission man and the slate he Chair Margaret Tartaglione, Margaret Rzepski, Lorraine recommended. The RepubliBednarek and Chris Solomon. can City Committee elected Attorney Vito Canuso as its chairman with his recommended slate of officers, but that election has been challenged by members of the Loyal Opposition. Kevin J. Kelly, whose claim to the 22nd Ward GOP leadership was rejected by the Republican City Committee, has filed a petition to the Republican State Committee to THREE GOP Ward leaders, opposing Republican City Committee leadership, found themselves out in the rain outside Republican unseat Republican City ComClub in Kensington. From left are Lamont Ebron, Donald Garecht mittee Chairman as a State Delegate and to unseat him as and Kevin Kelly. Their elections were ruled invalid by RCC.

NEWLY CROWNED leader of the 43rd ward Emilio Vazquez is congratulated by members of his ward committee.

the chairman of the Republican City Committee. The brief was filed through his attorney and Republican ward leader J. Matthew Wolfe. Though the petition was filed and has been sent out via the internet, Chairman Canuso said he "has not been served a copy of the petition." In discussing the matter with State Committee Chair Rob Gleason last weekend, Canuso indicated he was not interested in how the State Committee would rule on the challenge. "The next most important decision State Committee has to make will be in 2018 and that will be who the nominee is to be for Governor, whether or not we win this year’s gubernatorial general election." Observers of the feud between the two groups indicate the Republican City Committee can suspend its rules and make decisions contrary to standing rules. Kelly, in his brief, stated the RCC had erroneously ruled out 24 ward leaderships. According to the brief had those ward leaders been recognized, “Vito Canuso would have received only 18 valid votes at the Reorganization meeting and that Al Schmidt had 21 ward leaders at the meeting to vote for

AT DEMOCRAT reorganization meeting, State Sen. Anthony Williams thanks Congressman and Chairman Bob Brady and State Sen. Michael Stack for their support in his gubernatorial primary race. him as chairman.” The brief wants the State Committee to validate those ward leaders. The Republican City Committee does not have to adhere to its recommendations. Republican Candidate Tom Corbett is expected to weigh in on whatever decisions the State Party makes. He needs the city’s Republican Party to start focusing on winning Democrats over to his campaign instead of continuing the feud ad infinitum. Brady is now the longestserving City Chairman in the Party’s history. This is his 11th term. The only major change in his slate of officers was the replacement of the vacant position of secretary left by the death of Ward Leader Carol Ann Campbell. Her replacement was her brother Edgar Campbell, who replaced her as ward leader of the 4th

Ward after her death. The other officers include Council President Anna C. Verna as first vice chair, followed by State Rep. Rosita Youngblood, 2nd vice chair; Mike McAleer, 3rd vice chair; and 4th Vice Chair Ann Brown. State Rep. Angel Cruz is assistant secretary, State Rep. Frank Oliver treasurer, and Shirley Gregory assistant treasurer. The Democrat City Committee earlier heard ward leadership disputes. They voted in favor of Ed Nesmith in the 2nd Ward, who had been challenged by Nick Schmanek in what had been a tie vote, and in favor of Emilio Vasquez over Tom Logan in the 43rd. Several new ward leaders were introduced and welcomed. They include John J. Dougherty, Jr., Bernadette Wyche, Mark Green, Lee Schwartz and Sharon Lozier.

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The Public Record • June 17, 2010

Page 4 The Public Record • June 17, 2010

Perzel Trial Seen Starting In 2011 Former House Speaker John Perzel and eight other Republicans will go on trial ... but not until next year. District Judge William Wenner has ruled there is enough evidence to try the defendants in Common Pleas Court. Lawyers say a trial isn’t likely until 2011. In the race for Governor, that decision is seen as a positive break for Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett, currently Attorney General. He would have had to prosecute the case while campaigning. The news of an ongoing trial of such importance would have eclipsed his chances. Wenner dismissed four charges each against former House GOP counsel Brett Feese and his former legislative aide, Jill Seaman. The dismissed charges are for obstruction of justice. Other ob-

R EP. A NGEL C RUZ DISTRICT OFFICE 2749 N. 5th St. • 215-291-5643 Staffed by

Joe Evangelista • Debbie Toro Ready to Serve you

Councilman Wm.


Room 580 City Hall P. 215-686-3446/7 F. 215-686-1927

struction charges remain against Feese. Defense lawyers argued prosecutors showed no evidence their clients knew about certain activities or intended to commit crimes. Wenner held a 10th defendant, John Zimmerman, for trial on charges of obstructing justice. Zimmerman, the former open records officer for House Republicans, is accused of concealing evidence. Perzel, 60, faces 82 criminal charges accusing him of spending $10 million in taxpayers’ money for sophisticated computer programs and software designed to give Republicans an advantage in elections. He maintains his innocence. Voters in his district this primary handily nominated him to serve another term, despite the charges. Elected to the House in 1979, Perzel has Councilman Bill

Green Room 599 City Hall P. 215.686.3420/21 F. 215.686.1930

State Rep.

ROBERT C. DONATUCCI 185th District 1809 Oregon Ave, Phila., PA 19145


been a powerful force in getting legislation approved — including the 2004 law legalizing slot machines and a 2003 income-tax increase that Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell pushed. Prosecutors allege Republican staffers did campaign work on State time and with State resources. The Republicans are among 26 lawmakers, former legislators and staffers charged as a result of a threeyear public-corruption investigation by the AG’s office. Ten Democrats have been convicted and two were acquitted. Two former top aides of Perzel’s were also held for trial: ex-chief of staff attorney Brian Preski, a former Philadelphia assistant district attorney; and Feese, a former Lackawanna Co. District Attorney and ex-House member. Others facing trial include Jill Seama; Paul Towhey, Perzel’s current chief of staff; Samuel “Buzz” Stokes, Perzel’s brother-in-law and a former legislative aide; Elmer “Al” Bowman, a GOP com-

munications staffer; Perzel’s former campaign aide Don McClintock; and Eric Ruth, Perzel’s nephew and the former deputy director of information technology. Perzel’s attorney Brian McMonagle told Wenner Perzel committed no crime. In fact, he had a policy to move aides off staff when they worked on campaigns. McMonagle said Perzel wants a trial before the November general election, to clear his name. But he said he doubted it will happen this year, largely because of the logistics in coordinating the schedules of 12 defense attorneys for the 10 defendants. “It’s my belief the only conspiracy they proved is that good people engaged in hard work and did not profit from the people’s money,” McMonagle said. William Winning, Preski’s attorney, said there isn’t evidence Preski personally benefitted. “There certainly is no evidence of intent to commit a criminal act,” Winning said. A statewide grand jury, in the meantime, has invited the

State House majority leader, the man he displaced in that job, and the State Secretary of Revenue to appear before the panel, a move that has presaged charges against others who received such letters in the present corruption probe. The letters went to State Rep. Todd Eachus; State Rep. H. William DeWeese, who served as majority leader until Eachus succeeded him in a caucus shakeup; and Stephen Stetler, a former eight-term Democratic House member from York.

Brady Pays Off Stanley Cup Bet Calling himself a faithful Flyer until the end, Congressman Bob Brady donned a red, white and black Blackhawks jersey last week on the Capitol steps. Brady and colleague Congressman Dan Lipinski, of Illinois, had entered into a friendly wager re the outcome of the Stanley Cup Finals. Brady also delivered South Philly cheesesteaks to Lipin(Cont. Page 6)

State Rep.

William Keller 184th District

Constituent Service Office

1610 S. Broad St. Phila., PA 19146 (215) 952-3378

1531 S. 2nd Street


State Senator

Larry Farnese First Senate District Tel. 215-952-3121 1802 S. Broad St.• Phila. PA 19145

Senator Tina State Sen.

Shirley M. Kitchen 3rd Sen. District 1701 W. Lehigh Ave.Ste 104 • Philadelphia, PA 19132 215-227-6161 •

Tartaglione 2nd Dist. 127 W. Susquehanna Ave. 1063 Bridge St. Philadelphia, PA 19122 Philadelphia, PA 19124



REP. BRENDAN F. BOYLE 7215 B. Rising Sun Ave. Phila. PA 19111 • P (215)-342-1700

14230 Bustleton Ave. Phila.PA 19116 • P (215) 676-0300

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The Public Record • June 17, 2010

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Page 6 The Public Record • June 17, 2010

A Late State Budget; Toomey Back Up (Cont. From Page 4) ski’s office, as part of the wager. “The series was a rollercoaster,” Brady said. “The Flyers and Blackhawks played great hockey and no matter what color jersey I have to wear, I bleed orange and black.”

General Assembly Faces Summer Budget Ballot State Rep. Samuel Rohrer, minority chairman of the House Finance Committee, summed up the State’s fiscal crisis by saying, “If Pennsylvania were a private company, it would be staring State Representative

RONALD G. WATERS 191st Leg. District 6027 Ludlow Street, Unit A


bankruptcy in the face. We now have debts that exceed our ability to pay – the definition of insolvency.” Last year’s budget deficit was filled by the Governor and General Assembly by exhausting the MCare Fund. The Commonwealth Court has since ruled this year that financial move was illicit. The State must pay back $800 million. Add this to a $1.2 budget shortfall, and Pennsylvania faces a $2 billion hole. This has all the makings of a crisis that will force the General Assembly to spend summer on the Hill. It is hoped Congress does extend the Federal Medical Assistance Percentages. Its $850 million is included in Gov. Ed Rendell’s proposed budget. If not, the hole grows to almost $3 billion.

Saidel Saves State Election $ Recount Former City Controller Jonathan Saidel has saved the State an estimated $500,000 by canceling an automatic recount that would have taken place as a result of the closeness of his second-place finish for Lieutenant Governor. Saidel trailed by fewer than 4,000 votes out of 900,000 cast. It would have meant an automatic recount. But Saidel said no to the recount, making State Rep. Scott Conklin of Centre Co. the Democrat nominee. Conklin becomes Allegheny Co. Executive Dan Onorato’s running mate against Republican Attorney General Tom Corbett for Governor and Bucks Co. Commissioner Jim Cawley for Lieutenant Governor.

Sestak Again Behind Toomey In Polls

The Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty Program is available to all individuals, businesses and other entities with Pennsylvania tax delinquencies as of June 30, 2009. The program is accepting applications until June 18. Taxpayers can access the Tax Amnesty application at For more information, call 1-877-34-PAYUP (1-877-347-2987) from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., weekdays, and from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays June 5 and June 12. Parkwood Shopping Center 12361 Academy Road, Phila., PA 19154, 215-281-2539 8016 Bustleton Avenue Philadelphia PA 19152 215-695-1020 Open Mon. - Fri. 9:00 AM - 5 PM


As predicted in a previous issue of the Philadelphia Public Record, the post-primary bounce that put Joe Sestak over Republican Pat Toomey in the race for the US Senate seat in Pennsylvania has ebbed away. The immediate flood of Sestak appearances on national and local television appearances, along with features in the daily media, resulting from his upset victory over Sen. Arlen Specter, vaulted

him above Republican rival Toomey. But that surge appears to have ebbed, and he now trails Toomey by seven points. A Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Pennsylvania shows Toomey with 45% support, while Sestak earns 38%. Five percent prefer another candidate in the race, and 12% are undecided. The current polling shows 19% of Democratic voters are undecided or prefer some other candidate. Only 7% of Republicans fall into this category. That suggests Toomey has some work remaining to unify his party following the primary battle. Fifty-six percent of all the state’s voters favor repeal of the national health-care bill that Sestak voted for as a member of the House, while 38% oppose repeal. This is slightly lower than support for repeal nationally. In Pennsylvania, this includes 42% who Strongly Favor repeal of the bill and 28% who Strongly Oppose. Toomey earns 81% support from those who Strongly Favor repeal. Sestak picks up 80% of the vote of the smaller group that is Strongly Opposed. The Republican now holds similar modest leads among both male and female voters. Voters not affiliated with ei-

State Rep. Cherelle

State Rep.

Frank Oliver 195th District 2839 W. Girard Ave. Phila. PA 19130


Parker 200th Legislative District 1536 E. Wadsworth Ave. Phone: (215) 242-7300 Fax: (215) 242-7303

Sheriff Green’s Important Steps to Saving Your Home

ther party strongly prefer Toomey but 34% of the unaffiliated remain uncommitted to either candidate. Sestak, a former Navy admiral who is currently a firstterm Congressman from the Philadelphia suburbs, is viewed Very Favorably by 16% of Pennsylvania voters and Very Unfavorably by 16%. For Toomey, a conservative activist and former Congressman, Very Favorable are 21% and Very Unfavorable 13%. Forty-eight percent of voters in Pennsylvania now approve of the job President Barack Obama is doing, while

52% disapprove. This is basically unchanged from two weeks ago.

Libertarians Need Petition Circulators The Libertarian Party is asking its members to volunteer to gather signatures on nomination papers for its candidates in Pennsylvania so they can appear on the Commonwealth ballot. In Pennsylvania, these nomination petitions must be submitted in mid July. To volunteer, Libertarians are asked to email for nomination forms and instructions.

MARC Celebrates 5th Get-Together

DEPUTY Managing Director Thomas Conway, to left of Mayor Michael Nutter, welcomes Mayor to MARC outing. Photo by Harry Leech

MAJOR Artery Revitalization Committee marked its 5th annual Summer Get-Together bringing out political and community leaders. Among those were Traffic Court Judge Michael Lowry, Billy Hurd, Dan McCaffery, Connie Rogers Photo by Harry Leech and State Rep. Michael McGeehan. STATE REP. JOHN

SABATINA JR. 174th District 8100 Castor Ave Phila, PA 19152 T: 215-342-6204

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1555-D Wadsworth Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19150 (215) 242-0472 Fax: (215) 753-4538 WEB SITE

The Public Record • June 17, 2010

WITH TARGET of reaching 10 tons of collectable foods, SEPTA has launched its 2nd annual Philabundance food drive. Containers are set up at SEPTA stops for canned and boxed goods. Drive will end Jun. 28. Last year’s drive provided food for 18,500 meals through Philabundance, region’s largest hunger-relief organization. Joseph Casey, general manager of SEPTA, is seen here with Mayor Michael Nutter, Bill Clark of Philabundance and SEPTA employee volunteers.

Page 7

SEPTA Seeks Food Donations

AACC Workshop Draws 55 Firms

AFRICAN-AMERICAN Chamber of Commerce of Penna., N.J. & Del. hosted free workshop to assist disadvantaged-, and minority- and women-owned small businesses in identifying potential business opportunities under American Recovery & Reinvestment Act. Fifty-five companies attended. Among attendees were Oslwen Anderson; Kathryn WatersPerez; Curtis Burwell; Harold Levy of Penna. Dept. Of General Services; Glen Garth, VP Garth Solutions-AACC Board Member; Patrick Regan, Constellation Energy; Peter Speaks, Penna. Dept. Of General Services; Nicole Giles, executive director of AACC; Gar Giles, Alinea, LLC.; and Nathanial Doyno, The Ecolibrium Group.

Page 8

Keystone Seals Pacts MEDICAL With Two Hospitals RECORD

The Public Record • June 17, 2010

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Keystone Mercy Health Plan have reached an agreement on the terms of a new, three-year contract. Under the agreement, Keystone Mercy members will be able to continue using Children’s Hospital and its providers through Jun. 30, 2013. The contract is effective Jul. 1, 2010. Keystone Mercy has also signed an agreement with Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children which will keep Nemours as a participating provider in Keystone Mercy’s network. As a Phone: 302-475-4040 Email:

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result, Keystone Mercy members will be able to continue seeing Nemours providers and use the Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children. “Nemours is pleased that an agreement was quickly reached with Keystone Mercy and that the care we provide to our patients and their families can continue without interruption,” said Bernard J. Clark, III, MD, Chief Executive of the Practice, Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children. “We are delighted to extend the relationship with Keystone Mercy Health

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We are a debt-relief agency 1500 Walnut Street • Suite 900 Philadelphia, PA 19102


Plan,” said Madeline Bell, executive VP and COOat The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. “This agreement provides children and families continued access to expert clinical care at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and throughout the CHOP Care Network.” Keystone Mercy is the largest Medicaid managed care plan in the Philadelphia area serving more than 300,000 members. Children’s Hospital is one of the leading pediatric hospitals and research facilities in the world. “adversary complaint” against someone else. Then the administrative process turns into “litigation”. Suing and perhaps suing back (called a “counter complaint”), as well as depositions, interrogatories, requests for admissions, and subpoenas might all be part of the adversary proceeding. And for all that, you’ll need a Judge. The Judge will also be the “finder of fact” in most instances. That means he’ll determine who wins and who loses after a trial. Next week’s question: Afraid to file bankruptcy? You might already be there.

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The Public Record • June 17, 2010

Page 10 The Public Record • June 17, 2010

NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND FORECLOSURE SALE WHEREAS, on March 14, 1997, a certain Mortgage was executed by ALICE HUNTER, as mortgagor in favor of Lincoln Mortgage Company as mortgagee and was recorded in Office of the Recorder of Deeds of Philadelphia County in Mortgage Book JTD 547; Page 369; and WHEREAS, the Mortgage is now owned by the Secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (“Secretary”), pursuant to an assignment recorded on 9/4/2008 in Document ID # 51961503, in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; and WHEREAS, a default has been made in the covenants and conditions of the Mortgage in that the payment due on November 30, 2009, was not made and remains wholly unpaid as of the date of this Notice, and no payment has been made sufficient to restore the loan to currency; and WHEREAS, the entire amount delinquent as of November 30, 2009 is $54,954.33 plus interest, costs and other charges through the sale date; and WHEREAS, by virtue of this default, the Secretary has declared the entire amount of the indebtedness secured by the Mortgage to be immediately due and payable; NOW THEREFORE, pursuant to powers vested in me by the Single Family Mortgage Foreclosure Act of 1994, l2 U.S.C. 3751 et seq., by 24 CFR Part 29, and by the Secretary’s designation of me as Foreclosure Commissioner, recorded on GOLDBECK COMM REC DATE in Misc. COMM BOOK AND PG, in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, notice is hereby given that on July 9, 2010 at 9:00 am at entrance of the James A. Byrne Federal Courthouse located at 601 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106, all real and personal property at or used in connection with the following described premises (“Property”) will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder: ALL THAT CERTAIN lot or piece of ground with the buildings and improvements thereon erected. SITUATE on the North side of Morse Street at the distance of 288 feet 3-5/8 inches Westward from the West side of 54th Street in the 42nd Ward of the City of Philadelphia. CONTAINING in front of breadth on the said Morse Street 16 feet and extending of what width in length or depth Northward between 76 feet 6 inches to the middle of a certain 15 feet wide driveway extending Eastward into the said 54th Street. BEING No. 5437 Morse Street BEING BRT Account number 522027200 TOGETHER with the free and common use, right, liberty and privilege of the aforesaid driveway as and for a passageway, driveway and watercourse in common with the owners, tenants and occupiers of the other lots of ground bounding thereon and entitled to the use thereof, at all times hereafter, forever. The sale will be held on July 9, 2010 at 9:00 am at entrance of the James A. Byrne Federal Courthouse located at 601 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106. The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development will bid $54,954.33 plus interest, costs and other charges through the sale date. Ten percent (10%) of the highest bid is the deposit required at the sale. The amount that must be paid to HUD by the mortgagors or someone acting on their behalf so that the sale may be stayed is the total delinquent amount of $54,954.33 as of November 30, 2009, plus all other amounts that would be due under the mortgage agreement if payments under the mortgage had not been accelerated, advertising costs and postage expenses incurred in giving notice, mileage by the most reasonable road distance for posting notices and for the Foreclosure Commissioner’s attendance at the sale, reasonable and customary costs incurred for title and lien record searches, the necessary out-of-pocket costs incurred by the Foreclosure Commissioner for recording documents, a commission for the Foreclosure Commissioner, and all other costs incurred in connection with the foreclosure prior to reinstatement. There will be no proration of taxes, rents or other income or liabilities, except that the purchaser will pay, at or before closing, his prorata share of any real estate taxes that have been paid by the Secretary to the date of the foreclosure sale. When making their bid, all bidders, except the Secretary, must submit a deposit totaling ten percent 10% of the Secretary’s bid as set forth above in the form of a certified check or cashier’s check made out to the Secretary of HUD. Each oral bid need not be accompanied by a deposit. If the successful bid is oral, a deposit of ten (10%) percent must be presented before the bidding is closed. The deposit is nonrefundable. The remainder of the purchase price must be delivered within thirty (30) days of the sale or at such other time as the Secretary may determine for good cause shown, time being of the essence. This amount, like the bid deposits, must be delivered in the form of a certified or cashier’s check. If the Secretary is the high bidder, he need not pay the bid amount in cash. The successful bidder will pay all conveyance fees, all real estate and other taxes that are due on or after the delivery of the remainder of the payment and all other costs associated with the transfer of title. At the conclusion of the sale, the deposits of the unsuccessful bidders will be returned to them. The Secretary may grant an extension of time within which to deliver the remainder of the payment. All extensions will be for fifteen (15) days, and a fee will be charged in the amount of $150.00 for each fifteen (15) day extension requested. The extension fee shall be paid in the form of a certified or cashier’s check made payable to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. If the high bidder closes the sale prior to the expiration of any extension period, the unused portion of the extension fee shall be applied toward the amount due. If the high bidder is unable to close the sale within the required period, or within any extensions of time granted by the Secretary, the high bidder’s deposit will be forfeited, and the Commissioner may, at the direction of the HUD Field Office Representative, offer the property to the second highest bidder for an amount equal to the highest price offered by that bidder. There is no right of redemption, or right of possession based upon a right of redemption, in the mortgagor or others subsequent to a foreclosure completed pursuant to the Act. Therefore, the Foreclosure Commissioner will issue a Deed to the purchaser(s) upon receipt of the entire purchase price in accordance with the terms of the sale as provided herein.

Cleopatra Exhibit Opens

ABOVE: Marsha Perelman, Board president of Franklin Institute, and Bill Avery welcome Cleopatra exhibit. RIGHT: Archeologist Franck Goddio points to All photos by Bonnie Squires 16-foot statue of pharaoh.

HON. Constance Williams, left, Sophie & Phila. arts czar Gary Steuer chat with attor- joins event chair Esther Schwartz ney Charisse Lillie at Cleopatra opening. at opening.

Unions Help Debut NE Chevy Dealer Hundreds of area union members rallied last week at the site of the new Frederick Chevrolet Auto Dealership at the intersection of Bustleton Avenue & Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia. The rally was a celebration of the “soft opening” of the new Frederick Chevrolet Auto Dealership and “green” service center, both of which are being built exclusively with Philadelphia union labor. The event also featured remarks from recently appointed United Auto Workers Regional Director Scott Adams, who lauded the UAW’s historic new partnership agreement with General Motors in which UAW workers now own 20% of the venerable American auto manufacturer. In addition to Adams and Frederick Chevrolet owner Fred Laurenzo, the other attendees included State Rep. Tony Payton, Philadelphia City Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller and various local

labor leaders. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provided an economicdevelopment grant to help fund the project. “Unions built this great country and unions will help to rebuild our national economy,” said Laurenzo. “This rally to unofficially open our Philadelphia location, coupled with General Motors’ historic agreement with the United Auto Workers, provides further evidence that the economic recovery is happening and America’s unions are leading the way back. “I am delighted to have relocated my base of operations from Lebanon, Pa. to Philadelphia, which remains one of the great union cities in the country. The labor workforce here is second to none and this event was our way of paying tribute to these hardworking men and women, who built us a stunning new showroom and will soon complete work on a state-of-theart, environmentally friendly

service center next door. I also wish to thank the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the important grant, as well as all of the State and City political leaders who have made the Frederick’s Auto Group’s extended family feel so welcomed here in Philadelphia.” The Frederick Chevrolet dealership will employ between 125 and 150 people and feature an array of more than 700 new GM automobiles. The showroom features floorto-ceiling windows for ample natural sunlight and a bright, clean, and comfortable interior. The adjacent service center will set a new standard for environmental protection features, including waste-oil heating technology, which will allow used engine oil that would normally be discarded to be reused to heat the building; a green roof to conserve cooling costs; and a new energy management system to reduce overall consumption of electricity.

SNOOPER SCOOPER: We have been told BILL McMONAGLE, former ‘CHIEF’, suffered a house fire. We also have learned this fire was caused by an accidental barbecuepit malfunction. We spoke to one of his relatives, who provided us with all this information concerning this awful accident. BILL McMONAGLE was the former CHIEF of DOMESTIC RELATIONS who has recently retired. We have been told this awful house fire occurred a few weeks ago. We sincerely hope ALL HIS FRIENDS will get together to see what can be done to help this gentleman in ‘his hour of need’. THE SNOOPER is asking all of you to see what you can do to help him in this recent crisis. NOTE: If we here at The PUBLIC RECORD NEWSPAPER can help, PLEASE don’t hesitate to let us know by calling (215) 755-2000 or EMAIL me at Thank You! SNOOPER “UPDATE”: I have been informed by The Revenue Dept., all of you still have time to take advantage of THE TAX AMNESTY PROGRAM. Yes, it will definitely end on JUN. 25 and I would suggest you contact them as soon as possible. After all, you know they will be COMING AFTER YOU. They will take you to Court, this you can bet on, and, I might add, it will be a very costly affair. I sincerely hope those of you who do work for THE CITY get your act together, because they can deduct whatever amounts of monies are owed to them from all your PAYCHECKS. Please take heed, because these people are not selling any “WOLF TICKETS”. Remember, you have ONE MORE WEEK – take care of it NOW. NOTE: They can also put LIENS and JUDGMENTS on any properties you may own. (Cont. Page 22)

The election of ward leaders in Philadelphia is like the running of the bulls in Spain; scary, yet exhilarating. Dangerous, yet all-consuming. And in both places a whole lot of bull before, during and after the main event. It’s the car crash on the side of the road that you can’t turn away from, looking for something gruesome, and then being thoroughly disgusted when you see it. Predictions: JOHNNY DOC will rise again; he’s smart and knows how to maneuver. RON COUSAR, that ward grab from CINDY BASS was beyond disgrace and thuggery (who’d have thought it could happen in the 22nd?), but don’t count her out yet. SHARON LOSIER will end up being one of the most progressive and independent ward leaders in the city … the 61st Ward is the one to watch with Judge, um, I mean Sharon Losier at the helm. JOHN CONNELLY – we have to wait and see. Will he align with the Northwest ward leaders? Will he be an independent voice? I’ve not a clue. The West Philly wards are fighting it out; JANNIE BLACKWELL vs. TONY WILLIAMS. Is Tony trying to do a fullscale takeover? Does Jannie have the muscle like she used to? Can she still rise to the occasion, or will the younger gun prevail? Not to be missed; more to come in the future. In other thoughts … LOU AGRE, how great you would have been in the State House. Your biggest mistake was in trusting any aspect of your campaign to AL. VANESSA, where is the stuff? Rumors are twirling; Haitians are waiting … KEN TRUJILLO for Mayor? A sizeable minority population in Philly can make it happen, as discontent grows with the Nut(ter). How could this Democratic stronghold not bid (Cont. Page 22)

Democratic City Committee reorganized on Monday night and CONGRESSMAN BOB BRADY was elected to his tenth term. His 25 years of continuous service make him the longest-serving city chairman in the history of the Democratic Party in Philadelphia. There was no opposition. Prior to the meeting of City Committee, which was held at the party headquarters on Walnut Street, two disputes over leadership were resolved by the Contest Committee. In the 2nd Ward, ED NESMITH and NICK SCHMANEK were both claiming to have been successfully elected as the ward leader. In the 43rd Ward, the contest was between TOM LOGAN the incumbent and EMILIO VASQUEZ. The Contest Committee is chaired by MIKE McALEER, the ward leader in the 66th Ward, in the Parkwood section of Philadelphia and is composed of members COUNCILWOMEN JOAN KRAJEWSKI and MARIAN TASCO, STATE REP. FRANK OLIVER, SONNY CAMPBELL and ANN BROWN. Former ward leader attorney MIKE STACK is the lawyer for the committee. After hearing testimony from both sides, in both wards, the committee commended Nesmith be seated in the 2nd Ward and Emilio Vasquez in the 43rd Ward. Surprisingly for the Democratic Party, all of the contest and the reorganization meetings moved along in an orderly fashion. The mood in the room was very upbeat. Most experienced ward leaders are looking forward to a Democratic victory in the fall. Sonny Campbell, the son of former COUNCILMAN AT LARGE EDGAR CAMPBELL of happy memory, and the brother of CAROL CAMPBELL, who departed this life after a long illness, was elected to replace her as secretary of the Philadelphia Democratic Party.

Sunday is Father’s Day. For those of you who are fathers, that could mean a variety of things. It could mean a breakfast in bed that has a very strong candy component because it was prepared by your kids. It could mean you’re only a few days from your latest bottle of Old Spice, given once again by your younguns. It could also mean a dinner involving a backyard barbecue grill, or a local steakhouse is also involved. I know The Pub on the Airport Circle in Pennsauken, N.J. was one of my Dad’s favorite places. (I’ve had the largest piece of veal parmesan I’ve ever seen there.) But if you don’t have enough money for a trip to the Chima Brazilian Barbecue House in Center City or you think Dad needs a celebration bigger than Old Spice and candied pancakes, the Father’s Day Rally Committee will be holding its annual Father’s Day Picnic at Belmont Grove in Fairmount Park from noon to 6:00. District Attorney Seth Williams is this year’s honorary chairperson. Also tonight, as part of the organization’s celebration of Father’s Day Weekend, the Father’s Day Rally Committee will honor Philadelphia’s fathers at its annual Fatherhood Awards Reception at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Penn’s Landing. The reception begins at 6 p.m. and you can call (215) 236-3372 for tickets. I’m glad the Father’s Day Rally Committee makes this effort, because being a dad is not the easiest thing in the world to be these days. I know folks who are very active dads, folks who have had to slog their way through the courts to be able to be active (Cont. Page 14)

The Public Record • June 17, 2010

Yo! Here we go again with some wonderful information from the internet. I came across these hints while searching for something else and was fascinated by these ideas. I cannot guarantee or certify that they will work, but they just might. Who knew? 1. To remove a bandage painlessly, saturate the bandage with vodka. The stuff dissolves adhesive. 2. To clean the caulking around bathtubs and showers, Fill a trigger-spray bottle with vodka, spray the caulking, Let set five minutes and wash clean. The alcohol in the vodka kills mold and mildew. 3. To clean your eyeglasses, simply wipe the lenses with a soft, clean cloth dampened with vodka. The alcohol in the vodka cleans the glass and kills germs. 4. Prolong the life of razors by filling a cup with vodka and letting your safety razorblade soak in the alcohol after shaving. The vodka disinfects the blade and prevents rusting. 5. Spray vodka on wine stains, scrub with a brush, and then blot dry. 6. Using a cotton ball, apply vodka to your face as an astringent to cleanse the skin and tighten pores. 7. Add a jigger of vodka to a 12-ounce bottle of shampoo. The alcohol cleanses the scalp, removes toxins from hair, and stimulates the growth of healthy hair. 8. Fill a 16-oz. trigger-spray bottle with vodka and spray bees or wasps to kill them. 9 Pour one-half cup vodka and one-half cup water into a Ziploc freezer bag and freeze for a slushy, refreshing icepack for aches, pain or black eyes. 10. Fill a clean, used mayonnaise jar with freshly packed lavender flowers, fill the jar with vodka, seal the lid tightly and set in the sun for three days. Strain the liquid through a coffee (Cont. Page 22)

Page 11

Ward leader elections: check. City Committee elections: check – sorta. In the ward-leader elections, the State Committee team took about 12. With one exception, all of them were in weak wards where their votes will mean little in City Committee elections. The incumbent Ward Leaders who swung to the reform movement, MIKE CIBIK (5th), MATT WOLFE (27th) and PHIL INNAMORATO (65th), were all reelected in their respective wards. They also made small gains with the election of AL SCHMIDT, JOE DeFELICE and others in areas with little in terms of GOP registrations. The most hotly contested election was in Innamorato’s 65th Ward. The 20-something leader of the northeasternmost River Ward in the city fought off a challenge from MIKE MEEHAN and VITO CANUSO in their handpicked candidate TOM MATKOWSKI. Rumors on the street are that some well-known Donkeys in the ward got involved in the race against Innamorato in order to help themselves in future electoral battles. That plan seems to have backfired. Innamorato won by just one vote, with two committeepersons opposing him locked out of the meeting after they allegedly arrived several minutes after the election began. By the time you are reading this article, City Committee will have had a hearing on the legitimacy of locking them out. Should Innamorato’s election stand, he becomes the mostpowerful reform ward leader in the city based on new city GOP rules giving Northeast wards more sway. Trunk Man’s prediction is Innamorato wins, considering the rules clearly stipulate a meeting time is to be set for an election. But then again, stranger things have happened. As for the City Committee chairman’s election, under(Cont. Page 22)

invite you to participate in the

1st Annual Special Supplement promoting the Delaware River Port Authority, its vital role, and its benefits to the entire region. The Delaware River Port Authority is a bi-state port authority located within the State of New Jersey and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The agency links the two states with four bridges, a ferry, and a mass transit line across the Delaware River.

(Turn the page over for details)

Delivering Prosperity To The Region

Ben Franklin Bridge

Call John David at 215-755-2000


To Participate In This Supplement And Show Off The Services And Work You Deliver To The Residents Of Our Area

Page 12 The Public Record • June 17, 2010

DELAWARE RIVER PORT AUTHORITY of Pennsylvania & New Jersey

1 Lb Hormel American Cheese

The Public Record • June 17, 2010


Page 13

June 17th 2024 S. 10th St. 215-468-5363 to June 24th We Accept Food Stamps - Free Delivery!

Store Hours: Mon-Sat: 10-5, Closed: Sun.

$ .99



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RITA BRAND Blended Oil


Page 14 The Public Record • June 17, 2010

Our Opinion ... Is Jun. 30 Untenable? It’s rough being a Governor when your party does not have full control of both chambers of the Pennsylvania General Assembly. You know you are in for a good deal of armtwisting (your arm, that is) and a lot of give and takes that allow individual legislators to have bragging rights back home, especially at budget time. Gov. Ed Rendell, finding himself straddled with two years of State income shortfalls, despite an in flux of Federal stimulus dollars, could well be setting an unintentional record. That is, over his two terms, the passage of the crucial State budget has been consistently late. That seems to be where this budget impasse is heading. Neither chamber’s leadership nor the Governor wants to see this happen. Election time is around the corner. No one wants to see angry nonprofits, and other organizations fed by the State budget, banging at their District office doors ... and sometimes their homes. A great deal of that kind of protest took place last year, with the result that the poorest of the poor beneficiaries hit the hardest, are wary about going through the same motions. They are deciding to take their plight to the polls. All would be well if the budget passes on time. These two weeks are critical for the leadership of both chambers to come to agreement. If not, depending on the length of the crisis, we could see some new names in the victory column in November.

Good Dads Make Kids Right

(Cont. From Page 11) dads, and even folks who have been so discouraged from being active dads that their kids wouldn’t know them if they tripped over them on the street. But being a good father, being an actual dad, is something very, very necessary these days. Statistics show kids without a connection with their fathers have a much tougher time getting through high school, staying out of jail, and staying away from violence than those of us who grew up with our dads. Not having a father in the home can also impact how young women choose the men they date. If you don’t have a really, really good role model

of what a man is supposed to be to look at on a regular basis, you can end up with some real losers. I had my Dad. And if you look up “man” in the dictionary, and don’t see his picture, you need a new dictionary. My Dad was in the Army for 32 years, rising to the level of Command Sergeant Major. Now, I’m not going to say that Dad wasn’t hard on me. Heck, he was hard on everyone. You didn’t even have to be his kid for him to discipline you. All that you had to do was be around his kids. That was because Dad believed, and I really hate to use this sentence because it has been so grotesquely overworked over the years, that it

really did take a village to raise a kid. And as all of my friends will tell you, the group of military men, entrepreneurs, truck drivers, community organizers, corrections officers, nurses, x-ray technicians and police officers who lived on Dartmouth Avenue ran that village. And we all benefited from it. The kids I grew up with went on to become lawyers, corrections officers, military officers, computer programmers, nurses, doctors, photographers, musicians, marine biologists and, well, journalists. My Dad left us 15 years ago, on May 8. I miss him and it hurts. He wasn’t real crazy about the whole journalism thing initially, but once I

started doing radio and he could hear me every Saturday on WRTI, he would make everyone in the area he was working in stop what they were doing so he could hear my newscasts. I don’t know how he’d feel about the borderline-Communist live-in boyfriend, but I know he’d be happy to see me back in school and getting my Master’s. I understand dealing with your parents can sometimes be difficult. I especially understand dealing with your Dad can be really, really difficult. But if your dad is still around on Sunday, no matter where your relationship is right now, go check him out. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

Letters • Letters • Letters• Letters Still Dangerous HIV and AIDS are ravaging Philadelphia. When Philadelphians are contracting these infectious diseases with such regularity, it appears poor judgment and a lack on intelligence have

convinced many that HIV and AIDS is not as lifethreatening today as it was in the 20th century. HIV and AIDS are just as powerful in the 21st century as they were 25 years ago. Believe it! Parents, teachers, medical professionals, and

elected officials must increase education and provide additional resources to the masses, specifically in impoverished communities, about implementing a rigid regimen of abstinence and/or safe sex. We must sound the alarm

loudly to inform the public that HIV and AIDS in Philadelphia is steadily increasing, not decreasing. Increasing! It is time to place HIV and AIDS back at the forefront of our conscience and in our sexual behavior. Anthony P. Johnson

Jun. 17- Father’s Day Rally Committee holds Fatherhood Award reception at Hyatt Regency Hotel at Penn’s Landing, 201 S. Columbus Blvd., 6-8 p.m. For tickets and info (215) 236-3372. Jun. 18-20- W. Oak Lane Jazz & Arts Festival celebrates New Orleans Jazzalong, 7100-7400 blocks of Ogontz Ave. Admission is free. Jun. 19- Juneteenth Celebration along 6300 block of Germantown Avenue, starting 10 a.m. Jun. 24- State Sen. Anthony Williams hosts Supporters at Convention Ctr. 12th & Arch Sts., 6 p.m. Jun. 26- Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. hosts 300 block captains in his District for Boot Camp at St. Joseph’s University, Erivan Haub School of Businesss, Mandeville Hall, 54th St. & City Line Ave., 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Jun. 26- State Rep. Jewell Williams hosts Susquehanna Community Festival on

Susquehanna Ave., Broad to 22nd St. National performers, vendors, celebrity basketball game and much more. Jun. 27- Pastor Stacey W. Roberts hosts Three Tenors Of Zion at Community Bible Tabernacle Church, 5220 Wynnefield Ave., 4 p.m. Sponsored by Anointed Creations, Paula D. Tompson Director (215) 222-6986. Jun. 28- CATCH, Inc., Golf Classic at Island Green C.C., 1 Red Lion Rd. For info Joann (215) 735-7435. Jul. 7- Fundraiser for State Rep candidate Marc Collazzo at Paddy Whacks, 150 South St., 5:30-8 p.m. Jul. 17- Lucrezia Minitti announces 79th anniversary of Da Vinci Art Alliance, 704 Catherine St., 6-9 p.m. Tickets $25 ($50 at the door). For info and reservations (215) 829-0466. Jul. 21- Laborers’ Local 135 Charity Golf Classic at Jeffersonville G. C., 2400 W. Main St., Jeffersonville, Pa., shotgun 8 a.m., lunch 12 m. For info (267) 757-0720. Jul. 24- Tribute to Samuel Staten, Sr. at Convention Ctr., 12th & Arch Sts., reception 5:30 p.m., dinner 7 p.m. For info DanabradyPR

LUCILLE & KAL RUDMAN found themselves on the receiving end at St. Christopher’s Hospital ‘Health Tech’ program graduation after presenting scholarship checks to graduating students. Here Nadiyah Young presents thankyou commemorative to the two philanthropists. Tech almost since its inception. day on Fridays and up to eight The students who sign up additional hours through the for the program spend Fridays week. Many work at the hospiat the Hospital, being mentored tal over the summer. in a variety of medical regimes Program director Barbara by the Hospital’s staff. Many Liccio says, “We go out to have gone on to careers in seek the average student. We medicine, some as doctors and know they can excel if mennurses. Begun in 1994, Health tored.” Tech has helped expose 229 Applicants must have at inner-city students to health ca- least a C average, keep an 85% reers. It puts students in direct attendance record, and pass a contact with working doctors, drug screening and a criminal nurses, and hospital adminis- check. Once accepted, they betrators. During the school year, come full employees of the seniors work a full eight-hour hospital.

Sixty-three affordable rental units for disabled veterans and their families were dedicated in Southwest Philadelphia. Called HELP Philadelphia Homes/ Robert Brady Sr. Veterans Center, the units will be available to families and disabled veterans by the fall. Brady and HELP USA National Chair, Maria Cuomo Cole, who attended the ceremonies, said dozens of local veterans and their families will soon call this new rental community home. The Robert G. Brady Veterans Center is named after the father of the Congressman, who has been a strong supporter of this project and, at a national level, a supporter of the need for additional housing and services for veterans. Robert Brady, Sr. served as a Sergeant in the US Marines during WWII. He retired a decorated veteran who then served for 18 years in the Delaware River Port Authority

ORIGINAL Brady Bunch, Congressman Bob Brady’s family, gathered for this memorial photo at dedication. Photo by Harry Leech

Police. “I am tremendously proud to pay tribute to my father, who served as a Marine in WWII, and to be a part of this project that will help anchor families returning from war,” said Brady. “As soldiers, particularly women, find their way home from overseas combat, they often face unique challenges finding a place to bring their families back together, and all too often the added pressure leads to broken families. My hope is that this home and community center will help ease

The Public Record • June 17, 2010

Changing the life pattern of at-risk students is a major achievement, but it happens every year when St. Christopher's Hospital for Children's Health Tech program graduates another class. Forty one at-risk students, all from Olney East HS, graduated, many of them bound for higher education. This is special, since Health Tech has a 98% graduation rate from its program, while the average public high school is 57%. Making it possible for the past 14 years have been Kal & Lucille Rudman, whose foundation has contributed almost $400,000 in that time to the graduates and the program. The Rudmans distributed over $26,000 this time to the 41 graduates, enabling many to pursue their careers in higher education. Humanitarian Kal Rudman, a publisher of music trade magazines, local radio legend, and a philanthropist, has been a supporter of Health

Page 15

Rudmans Give Scholarships Vets Rental Units Named To 41 Health Tech Graduates For Congressman’s Dad

their burden just a bit, and help bind their families once again.” The project is being developed by HELP USA, a national nonprofit developer and service provider with significant experience in developing and operating affordable housing for low-income families, veterans, survivors of domestic violence, and homeless populations. HELP is based in New York City, and operates similar projects in the New York area, Newark, Buffalo and Las Vegas. (Cont. Page 16)

Page 16 The Public Record • June 17, 2010

Veteran Rental Units Named For Brady’s Deal (Cont. From Page 15) This is HELP USA’s third project in the City of Philadelphia. HELP opened its initial project in 1998, and since that date has provided housing and services to almost 600 homeless and low-income families from throughout Philadelphia. "HELP USA is proud to announce HELP Philadelphia Homes as a national model of housing and services for veterans,” said Maria Cuomo Cole, HELP USA, Board Chair. “This innovative hous-

ing program is part of HELP USA's national initiative to develop affordable housing with on-site supportive services for veterans across the country. Our new Philadelphia development will provide 63 apartments and the services disabled veterans and families need to lead productive lives.” The project is a townhousestyle development with seven buildings with brick facades, off-street parking, and garden areas. There are 49 family rental units and 14 additional

apartments that will provide permanent housing for veterans. The development also features the Robert G. Brady Veterans Center, a multi-service center that will provide office space for supportive services for veterans and families, a community meeting room that can be used by tenants and by local neighborhood groups, and an outdoor patio. HELP’s local service partner for this project will be the Philadelphia Veterans MultiService & Education Center.

PVMSEC has been working with veterans throughout Philadelphia for the past 28 years, and has experience designing and delivering a range of supportive services that meet the unique needs of homeless and disabled veterans, particularly female veterans. PVMSEC is also a national leader in providing residential & supportive services to female veterans, and the HELP project will focus on serving this important veteran population.




CONGRESSMAN Bob Brady shares a happy moment with retired Army veteran Joe Stratten. All photos by Harry Leech

CITY COUNCIL President Anna Verna happily proclaims topping-off ceremony for new veterans homes and community center.

AMONG VIPs in attendance were Councilmen Bill Greenlee, Jim Kenney and Frank DiCicco. “HELP is providing the vet- is proud to be a partner in this erans of Philadelphia a tremen- project, working to provide asdous housing opportunity with sistance to the veterans who will the construction of these come to call this place 'home.’ homes,” said Marsha Four, ExIn addition, HELP is also ecutive Director, Philadelphia collaborating with the Veterans Multi-Service & Edu- Philadelphia Veterans Admincation Center. “The PVMSEC istration Medical Center,

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Page 17

Interning At City Council NASA Chief Acknowledges West Philly’s Auto Team

COUNCILWOMAN Blondell Reynolds Brown, seated, hosted Baldwin school Senior Morgan Dawkins as threeweek intern so she could complete her senior project, which was learning about City government.

Labor Shows Support

CONGRESSMAN Chaka Fattah introduces his guest, NASA Chief Technologist Robert D. “Bobby” Braun, to members of West Philly Hybrid X Team at West Philadelphia HS on recent visit. Joining him was State Rep. James Roebuck. Prize-winning team has drawn international recognition as only high school among 22 finalists in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize competition to develop cars that Photo by NASA/Bill Ingalls achieve over 100 MPG.

The Public Record • June 17, 2010

Oh Warns Against Kim

DAVID OH speaks on behalf of Korean Unified Advisory Committee at Municipal Services Building . Group held rally against North Korea President Kim Jong-Il, who they believe ordered attack that sank a North Korean ship recently.

LABOR OFFICIALS showed their support for City Controller Alan Butkovitz at fundraiser. From left are Chris McInerney, Steamfitters; Mike Fera, Cement Masons; Butkovitz; Jim Walls and Mike Meil, also of Steamfitters.

Binns Donates Motorcycles To Police

Photo by NASA/Bill Ingalls


Philadelphia Regional Port Authority A Promising Future By Championing the Channel-Deepening Project And Substantial Port Expansion

Once Again, We Thank Gov. Ed Rendell For Giving Our Port A Great Opportunity And

John H. Estey, Esq. Chairman

James T. McDermott, Jr. Executive Director

Robert C. Blackburn

Senior Deputy Executive Director

John F. Dempsey

Deputy Executive Director Administrative Offices: 3460 N. Delaware Ave. 2nd Fl., Phila., PA 19134 (215) 426-2600 • Fax (215) 426-6800

Twenty-one new police motorcycles, along with their equipment, plus 212 Smith & Wesson bicycles and 100 new shotguns, will be handed over to Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey by attorney James “Jimmy” Binns, chairman of the annual Hero Thrill Show, today on the steps of the Art Museum at 11 a.m. They were donated through the fundraising efforts of Binns and patrons of the CopWheels initiative. Binns is the founder and president of CopWheels, established in 2007 to support the efforts of local law enforcement, and president of the Hero Cop Plaque Program designed to memorialize fallen police officers. Scheduled to attend are 300 policemen, families of fallen police officers and police chiefs from tri-state area as well as Sen. Bob Casey and Congressmen Bob Brady and Patrick Murphy.

CONGRESSMAN Chaka Fattah, joined by NASA Chief Technologist Bobby Braun, left, listens to Azeem Hill, member of West Philly Hybrid X Team at West Philadelphia HS.

The Public Record • June 17, 2010

Page 18

Modern-day by Len Lear If there is such a thing as a modern-day Job (of Old Testament fame), Carlos Melendez might be a candidate for the (unelected) position. Three years ago Carlos, now 41, was the owner of the two Coyote Crossing restaurants — in Conshohocken and West Chester. They were easily as successful as any Mexican restaurants in the Delaware Valley. Then the roof fell in. Carlos’ son, Alex, now 14, was diagnosed with both stomach and testicular cancer. Carlos himself then came down with liver failure, usually a death sentence, although prompt

medical intervention and a strict regimen of diet and exercise brought him back from the brink. Then the economy collapsed. Melendez, who had opened Coyote Crossing in Conshohocken in December of 1996 and a second Coyote Crossing in West Chester in January of 2004, lost 50% of his business in West Chester and 33% of his business in Conshohocken. In addition, he had structural problems in the West Chester property which he could not afford to fix. (He had already mortgaged his own house and his former wife’s house and cleaned out his kids’ college funds to get the West Chester property off the ground.) Melendez tried to get his

bank to restructure his mortgage loan based on the horrific economy, but that request was rejected. “It’s infuriating,” he insisted. “The government bails out the big guys who caused this mess in the first place, but those same big banks won’t move an inch to help the little guys who work 24/7 and provide jobs to local people. The little guys get screwed!” Carlos finally closed his West Chester restaurant in September of last year and was faced with complete financial devastation because he still owed millions on his 15-year mortgage in West Chester. But luck finally smiled on this modern-day Job. The owners of the Kildare’s Irish pub chain (and Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House in West Chester) (Cont. Next Page)

Oak Lane Diner

FREE FREE G PA N Since 1944 P A R K I The Land Mark of Philadelphia R K I N G 6528 N. Broad St. • Philadelphia, PA • 215-424-1026 Breakfast Served all Day! PRIVATE MEETING ROOM FOR 40 PEOPLE, PARTIES - BUSINESS - PRESENTATIONS

2 Eggs Home Fries or Grits, Toast & Coffee $ .95



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Mon. - Thurs.

enough), Mas Cantina, in Carlos’ old location last December. And Carlos’ first location at 800 Spring Mill Road in Conshohocken is again doing gangbusters business, aided by the most beautiful patio in the region — filled with trees, flowers, plants, sparkling tiki lights, water fountains and stylishly dressed customers. During our dinner visit last Thursday, the “outdoorable” patio was as crowded as most places are on a Saturday

night. Some of the dishes on Carlos’ new spring menu are the grilled catch of the day salad, a delicate balance of marinated fresh grilled fish with roasted peppers, sweet corn and black beans ($14.95); and crab stack enchilada, two house-made jumbo lump crab cakes layered between corn tortillas, topped with two sauces and the best melted cheese on the planet, Chihuahua cheese ($26). Cute dogs are not all they make in

Chihuahua province. Some of the other entrees, priced from $15 to $25, that Carlos can’t take off the menu because customers will not let him are: fresh shrimp coated in specially seasoned bread crumbs, served with a smoky dipping sauce; Carlos’ late grandmom’s recipe for poblano chilis stuffed with an exotic mixture of shredded pork, pecans, almonds, raisins, cinnamon, olives and Mexican herbs, baked with a gentle roasted garlic tomato sauce; and a variety of nachos, burritos, quesadillas and fajitas. If you go to Coyote Crossing and are lucky enough to have Barry Ravenell as your server, you are in for a treat. Barry, who has been with Carlos for 17 years, even before he opened Coyote Crossing, is extremely personable, efficient and knowledgeable about every aspect

Len Lear of the menu. By the way, concerning his liver condition, Carlos has been symptom-free for two years, and his son has also made a full recovery. In another fascinating note, Melendez has a personal relationship with his executive chef, Chris Lazorcheck, which I am willing to bet is unlike that of any owner/chef relationship in the Delaware Valley, if not the country. Chris, who opened the Desmond Hotel in

Malvern a decade ago, then worked at the Union League of Philadelphia, where he met Carlos’ ex-wife, Jennifer. The two cooked up a chemistry, and they have now been together for 11 years. “It’s pretty funny,” said Carlos. “My chef, Chris, is married to my ex-wife, and the wellbeing of the children is our first priority, so we make it work.” In response to the atrocious economy, Melendez has made some price adjustments. For example, guests are invited to enjoy one complimentary Margarita at the outdoor bar. Many entrée prices have been reduced, and Happy Hour — Monday through Friday, 5 to 7 p.m. — brings reduced drink prices and ½-price appetizers. More info is at (610) 8253000 or

The Public Record • June 17, 2010

(Cont. From Prev. Page) agreed to take over the mortgage and open their own Mexican restaurant (oddly

Page 19

‘Job’ rescues Coyote Crossing from a crisis

Page 20 The Public Record • June 17, 2010

PHA’s Mantua Square Wins Honor Even Though Unfinished Construction at the Philadelphia Housing Authority’s Mantua Square is still underway, but the West Philadelphia site has already gained recognition for its smart development and design. 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania, an environmental group devoted to sustainable growth across the state, recognized Mantua at the 2010 Commonwealth Awards with a Bronze Award. The organization received a total of 29 submissions and named 10

semi-finalists. All of the projects were described as “catalytic or transformative.” “Mantua Square reflects PHA’s commitment to not only revitalizing neighborhoods but building homes that include the most modern, energy-saving features such as photovoltaic solar panels. We’re honored to receive this award in recognition of our ongoing work,” said PHA Executive Director Carl Greene. The new low-rise development replaces Mantua Hall,

an 18-story high-rise building that PHA imploded in March 2008. The former development featured an outdated design with cramped apartments and antiquated utility systems. The revitalized site will feature 101 spacious rental units: 92 on-site with nine units located just off-site, adjacent to the main development. The design also includes 10,000 square feet of commercial space on Fairmount Avenue, providing convenience to residents and economic opportunity to the area.

Apartments above the commercial space are singlefloor units, which are served by elevators and can be used by families with elderly relatives or persons with disabilities. In fact, 30 of the units at Mantua are accessible for residents with limited mobility. The main complex surrounds a gated courtyard with parking and a private, landscaped green area that will provide a safe recreational space for residents. Mantua Square will feature

some of the latest “green” technology including solar panels, which will reduce energy consumption and cut costs, and a rainwater-harvesting system. A gutter system on the roof will collect rainwater and fill a large underground tank in the parking lot. Water from that tank will then be used to irrigate the main complex’s recreational green space, effectively reducing water consumption

and minimizing stormwater runoff into the city’s overtaxed sewer system. “Mantua Square is an impressive affordable housing project that integrates good design with environmental attributes,” said Don Carter, chairman of the awards committee and the director of the Remaking Cities Institute at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture.

Public Record Classifieds Drivers: Home Weekends. Lots of Miles up to $.54/mile Excellent Benefits. 401k, Pd Vac CDL-A 2yrs Exp.


WATERFRONT PROPERTIES Great Land & Spectacular Oceanfront- Surf & turf, the best of all worlds at OCEANVIEW on


LICENSED ELECTRICIAN Over 42yrs experience low prices, fast service 100-amp Circuit breakers $65+ ceiling fans $25+ • Outlets $6+ AC/WD Lines $10+ lic/ins* FHA/VA Cert

215-927-0234 DRIVERS Regional Opportunity Tanker Freight.

Limited Positions available! Great Pay & Benefits, Assigned Trucks, Pd. Orientation, Fuel Card, PrePass. Must Have: TWIC Card, CDL-A w/Tanker & Hazmat End. 18mo Current TT Exp. HIGHWAY TRANSPORT CHEMICAL. EOE/M/F/V/D Call Tony Today! 800-764-4034

Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Spectacular 1 to 4 acre lots, many with deepwater frontage on the mainland overlooking pristine oceanfront island less than 2 miles away. Each lot includes deeded ownership in private oceanfront parcel with crashing surf. Sun, sail, swim, fish, clam, and play on your private island during the days and dine at nearby quaint restaurants at night. May remind you of the Jersey shore many years ago. Unique opportunity makes these lots available at prices last seen in 1986! Waterfront lots $100,000, pond lots $65,000 and view lots at $40,000. Every lot has DIRECT Ocean Views. Owner (757)665-4410, email: oceanlandtrust@yahoo .com or FOR SALE NEW Bed $100. Twin, full or queen. Delivery available. Call 215-3071950loving teacher hopes to adopt newborn. Financial security, unconditional love, extended family for your baby. Expenses paid. Denise @ 1-877-3095298 Adoption: Loving parents and their 9 year old adopted daughter would love a baby brother or sister. Stay at home mom, professional dad. Expenses paid. Please call Becky/Mike 800-4721835 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES ALL CASH VENDING! Do you earn $800 in a day? Your own local candy route. Includes 25 Machines and Candy All for $9,995. 1800-460-4027 FINANCIAL CASH NOW! Get cash for your structured settlement or annuity pay-

joyed a wonderful day of scramble-format golf, with lots of contests and prizes along the way. Following the outing, a banquet was held in honor of Samuel Staten, Jr., business manager of Laborers’ Local Union 332. His father and last year’s honoree, Samuel Staten, Sr., retired labor leader, proudly presented his son with a beautiful award acknowledging Staten, Jr.’s dedication and commitment to the charity.

“There was a time when he was young that I never imagined I would be this proud of my son. But, today I am bursting with pride to present him with this award that I was honored with last year,” remarked Samuel Staten, Sr. ” I am so happy that my father is proud to have me as his namesake. I am so proud of The Laborers’ District Council Charity Fund because it is unique. We give to

a multitude of causes and help a vast amount of individuals and groups,” said Samuel Staten, Jr. as he accepted his award. “I would also like to thank you all for keeping the memory of my little brother Q’aid Staten alive through the Q’aid Staten Memorial Scholarship Ad Book.” Proceeds from this event will benefit, among others, the Fox Chase Mesothelioma Fund, the Jenkintown Day Nursery, and the Q’aid Staten LEO MEDWID and John Cooper join Northeast PhiladelMemorial Scholarship Fund. phia Ward Leaders Robert Dellavella and Bill Dolbow on the golf cart at LDC Golf Classic.

The Public Record • June 17, 2010

The Laborers’ District Council Charity Fund raised over $130,000 at its 11th annual Charity Golf Classic at Spring Mill Country Club in Ivyland, Pa. The event honored long-time labor leader Samuel Staten, Jr.’s longstanding commitment and dedication to the Laborers’ District Council Charity Fund. Despite a few rain showers, the over 150 golfers en-

Page 21

Staten, Jr. Honored; Laborers Raise $130G At Golf Classic


SAM STATEN, Sr. presents son Sam Staten, Jr. award for his longstanding commitment and dedication to the Laborers’ District Council Charity Fund at Golf Gala SUITED UP and ready to hit some greens are Roc Irey, Ryan Boyer, Sam Staten, Sr. and Dan “Tiger” Woodall. last week in Ivyland, Pa.

SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PHILADELPHIA Sealed proposals will be received by the School Reform Commission at the School Administration Building located at 440 North Broad St., 3rd Floor, Office of Capital Programs, Philadelphia, PA 19130-4015, until 2:00 P.M., on Tuesday, June 22, 2010. A non-refundable fee for each set of bid documents is as scheduled. The School District will only accept bids from companies that have been placed on its current Pre Qualified Contractors List as shown at All School District Project require MBE/WBE participation as shown in the specifications. BUDGET FEE B-057(C) of 2009/10* General Contract Rudolph Blankenburg ES $200,000.00 $ 100.00 Yard Repaving 4600 West Girard Ave. *A pre-bid conference and site tour will be held at the project location, on June 10, 2010 at 9:30 p.m.

Information as to contract documents, etc., may be obtained at the above address, or telephone 215-400-5225. Make checks payable to the School District of Philadelphia. The School Reform Commission reserves the right to reject any and all bids and make the awards to the best interests of the School District of Philadelphia.

FEE BUDGET B-055(C) of 2009/10* Mechanical Contract Various Locations $525,000.00 $ 200 New IT Core Site Room *A pre-bid conference and site tour will be held at the following project locations on June 16, 2010: Address Time Location University City High School 3601 Filbert Street 9:30 a.m. Martin L. King High School 6100 Stenton Ave. 11:00 am Strawberry Mansion High School 3133 Ridge Ave 1:00 pm B-056(C) of 2009/10* Electrical Contract Various Locations New IT Core Site Room

FEE BUDGET $1,500,000 $ 200

*A pre-bid conference and site tour will be held at the following project locations on June 16, 2010: Address Time Location University City High School 3601 Filbert Street 9:30 a.m. Martin L. King High School 6100 Stenton Ave. 11:00 am Strawberry Mansion High School 3133 Ridge Ave 1:00 pm Specifications and/or plans and contract documents may be examined and copies thereof obtained from the School Reform Commission, 440 North Broad Street, 3rd floor, Philadelphia, PA 19130. Information as to contract documents, etc., may be obtained at the above address, or telephone 215-400-5225. Make checks payable to the School District of Philadelphia. The School Reform Commission reserves the right to reject any and all bids and make the awards to the best interests of the School District of Philadelphia.

Specifications and/or plans and contract documents may be examined and copies thereof obtained from the School Reform Commission, 440 North Broad Street, 3rd floor, Philadelphia, PA 19130.

Sealed proposals will be received by the School Reform Commission at the School Administration Building located at 440 North Broad St., 3rd Floor, Office of Capital Programs, Philadelphia, PA 19130-4015, until 2:00 P.M., on Tuesday, June 29, 2010. A non-refundable fee for each set of bid documents is as scheduled. The School District will only accept bids from companies that have been placed on its current Pre Qualified Contractors List as shown at All School District Project require MBE/WBE participation as shown in the specifications. FEE BUDGET B-054(C) of 2009/10* General Contract Various Locations $175,000.00 $200 New IT Core Site Room *A pre-bid conference and site tour will be held at the following project locations on June 16, 2010: Address Time Location University City High School 3601 Filbert Street 9:30 a.m. Martin L. King High School 6100 Stenton Ave. 11:00 am Strawberry Mansion High School 3133 Ridge Ave 1:00 pm


The Public Record • June 17, 2010

Page 22

(Cont. From Page 11) SNOOPER’S “UPDATE”: Many of you who read this column will remember my telling you ‘MAYOR NUTTER’S FOLLIES’ would not fly in City Council, and I’m pleased to tell you it didn’t. His VETO was overwhelmingly voted down; this meant his “PA-


Rocky has been in the auto business since 1994. He has been recognized by Ford Motor Company with numerous achievements including Master Certified in car and trucks. He’ll use his experience to help you maximize your benefits and reduce your expenses!

(Cont. From Page 11) filter, then applies the tincture to aches and pains. 11. To relieve a fever, use a washcloth to rub vodka on your chest and back as a liniment. 12. To cure foot odor, wash your feet with vodka. 13 Vodka will disinfect and alleviate a jellyfish sting. 14. Pour vodka over an area affected with poison ivy to remove the urushiol oil from your skin. 15. Swish a shot of vodka over an aching tooth. Allow your gums to absorb some of the alcohol to numb the pain. You can swallow the vodka; it will help relieve the ache. And silly me! I used to only drink the stuff!

RADE TAXES” were G-O-NE. He then proceeded to allot over $300,000 to THE WELCOME AMERICA celebration. Hey, tell me what monies WAWA and SUNOCO have put up. They both profit from this celebration, never mind all the FREE ADVERTISING they get. Tell us, MR. MAYOR, in view of our present financial disasters, how can you justify giving away $300,000 of TAXPAYERS’ monies? My arithmetic tells me we can get at least 10 more Police Officers with this money! SNOOPER’S SPORTS ALERT: It’s true Chief! Look out SOUTH PHILLY, NORTHEAST PHILLY, WEST PHILLY, and NORTH PHILLY, they’re coming to your section. Are you ready for THE ROLLER DERBY? Many of you may remember one of our local Roller Derby teams, THE WARRIORS, with names like JUDY ARNOLD, BUDDY ATKINSON, JIM “The King” TROTTER, and how about JUDY SOWINSKI? Let me tell all of you ROLLER DERBY is back and is presently in NEW JERSEY. They’ve already ‘stored’ a brand-new 96-foot-long and 50foot-wide banked track, right

Lucky Glenwood

Brighten Your Car’s Colors For The Holidays





(Cont. From Page 11) for the Democratic convention, even after they extended the deadline just for us! Reminds me of that Dad Vail mess all over. CARLOS registered to vote? No. Ward leader? Yes. Go figure. LORI DUMAS, we wish you well. Whatever happened to SHAWN FORDHAM? Did he leave town? Not missing him; just wondering. Who doesn’t love DAVID FORDE, JR. from City Council’s staff? Sorry to hear about the loss of his dad, David, Sr. Had to have been a great guy to have such a great son.

here in PHILADELPHIA. By the way, I mentioned JUDY SOWINSKI earlier. Guess what? She is involved once again. SNOOPER’S SIGHTINGS: Spotted JUSTICE SEAMUS McCAFFERY going into the 34 SOUTH 11th ST. complex … hmm … I wonder what this was all about, Sir. I finally got to meet ‘the real’ American Hero, JOEY VENTO, from the famous GENO’S STEAKS. Chief, this place down here is unbelievable. I actually got to meet one of The Flyers and I must admit I’m still very proud of them; after all, they did win THE LORD NELSON CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY. There goes RYAN HOWARD past me. Who cares? What has he been doing lately for THE PHILLIES? I got to go now! SNOOPER’S YEARLY EVENT: This one takes place ‘down the shore’ and once again, it will be held at KEENAN’S IRISH PUB in ANGLESEA, N. WILDWOOD. Chief, you know I’m talking about the famous “BRADY BUNCH” and its annual get-together with HON. ROBERT BRADY, U.S. CONGRESSMAN. This year promises to be ‘bigger and better’. We welcome ALL OF YOU; call (215) 241-7810. SNOOPER’S ALERT: Here we go once again – FLASH MOBS, and it’s getting a lot

Elephant Corner (Cont. From Page 11) ground ward leader KEVIN KELLY and Wolfe filed a challenge asking the State GOP to void the election citing irregularities. Considering incumbent chairman Canuso won reelection with 44 votes vs. 12 for opponent Schmidt, it is hard to imagine any drastic changes. Congratulations to Canuso on his win – he worked very hard for this one.



6717 Essington Ave. Commercial vehicles by estimate. Body work, rust repair, and stripping of old paint extra. Not valid with any other offer. MAACO® Auto Painting & Bodyworks centers are independent franchises of MAACO® Enterprises, Inc. Prices, hours and services may vary.

2400 E. Somerset Street Philadelphia, PA 19134

Phone: 215-423-2223 Fax: 215-423-5937

worse. First they caused mayhem on SOUTH STREET. The FLASH MOBS have now taken their acts over to LOVE PARK. This time it was somewhat subdued, only because THE POLICE were right on the scene to quickly disperse them and send them on their way to their homes. The Police told me what really freaked them out was most of these people involved were very young, as young as 12 YEARS of age. Where the heck are their PARENTS? When is all this madness going to end? SNOOPER’S EMAIL SERVICES: This comes from someone I know very well, but I promised I would not reveal his name. “Mr. Snooper, you write about everything else but you seemed to forget a very important news item. Yes, they’re closing my high school, NORTHEAST CATHOLIC H.S., at the end of this month. I was one of the students in their last big graduation class – over 2,000. Did you know, at one time they had over 4,000 students come to NORTH CATHOLIC? Ask JOE HAND, he’ll confirm it. Frank “Bucko” Kilroy, one of the great players for The Eagles, went here to this great school, as well as many other famous sports figures. It’s true”: once a FALCON, always a FALCON. Please print this, all of us Thank You for doing it!” The wonder going forward, is if there will be any peace accords between these two groups. The dust has mostly settled and now is time to stand together with a united front. Our incumbent GOP legislators and one non-mandated Councilman have all been in office for quite some time. If our Party is not together when it comes time to replace those men, we will surely lose any chance we ever had at keeping those seats. Highest-taxed city in the nation – an out-of-control crime rate – corruption investigation after corruption investigation – all have been the fruits of one particular party in this city. When will the GOP wake up, play nice with each other and unify against the downward spiral we are experiencing? Come on, fellas, we Elephants are supposed to be herd animals! See ya next week.

Page 23 The Public Record • June 17, 2010

NOTICE You have been sued in court. If you wish to defend against the claims set forth in the above, you must take action within twenty (20) days after the Complaint and notice are served, by entering a written appearance personally or by attorney and filing in writing with the court your defenses or objections to the claims set forth against you. You are warned that if you fail to do so the case may proceed without you and a judgment may be entered against you by the Court without further notice for any money claimed in the Complaint or for any other claim or relief requested by the Plaintiff. You may lose money or property or other rights important to you. YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS PAPER TO YOUR LAWYER AT ONCE. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A LAWYER OR CANNOT AFFORD ONE, GO TO OR TELEPHONE THE OFFICE SET FORTH BELOW. THIS OFFICE CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH INFORMATION ABOUT HIRING A LAWYER. IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO HIRE A LAWYER, THIS OFFICE MAY BE ABLE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH INFORMATION ABOUT AGENCIES THAT MAY OFFER LEGAL SERVICES TO ELIGIBLE PERSONS AT A REDUCED FEE OR NO FEE. PHILADELPHIA BAR ASSOCIATION One Reading Center Philadelphia, PA 19107 215-238-6333 COMMUNITY LEGAL SERVICES, INC. Law Center North Central Philadelphia, PA 19140 215-227-2400 or 215-981-3700 Michael T. McKeever Attorney for Plaintiff Goldbeck McCafferty & McKeever, PC Suite 5000, Mellon Independence Center 701 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19106-1532 215-627-1322

IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS PHILADELPHIA COUNTY CIVIL ACTION - LAW Term No. 100501996 NOTICE OF ACTION IN MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE BANK OF AMERICA, N.A., Plaintiff vs. The Unknown Heirs of Alexander Deutsch, Deceased & ZELDA DEUTSCH, Solely in Her Capacity as Heir of Alexander Deutsch, Deceased, Mortgagors and Real Owners, Defendants TO: The Unknown Heirs of Alexander Deutsch, Deceased, MORTGAGOR AND REAL OWNER, DEFENDANT(S), whose last known address is 2431 North Natrona, Philadelphia, PA 19132. THIS FIRM IS A DEBT COLLECTOR AND WE ARE ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT OWED TO OUR CLIENT. ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED FROM YOU WILL BE USED FOR THE PURPOSE OF COLLECTING THE DEBT. You are hereby notified that, Plaintiff BANK OF AMERICA, N.A., has filed a Mortgage Foreclosure Complaint endorsed with a notice to defend against you in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, docketed to No. 100501996, wherein Plaintiff seeks to foreclose on the mortgage secured on your property located, 2431 North Natrona, Philadelphia, PA 19132 whereupon your property will be sold by the Sheriff of Philadelphia County. NOTICE You have been sued in court. If you wish to defend against the claims set forth in the following pages, you must take action within twenty (20) days after the Complaint and notice are served, by entering a written appearance personally or by attorney and filing in writing with the court your defenses or objections to the claims set forth against you. You are warned that if you fail to do so the case may proceed without you and a judgment may be entered against you by the Court without further notice for any money claim in the Complaint of for any other claim or relief requested by the Plaintiff. You may lose money or property or other rights important to you. YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS PAPER TO YOUR LAWYER AT ONCE. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A LAWYER OR CANNOT AFFORD ONE, GO TO OR TELEPHONE THE OFFICE SET FORTH BELOW. THIS OFFICE CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH INFORMATION ABOUT HIRING A LAWYER. IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO HIRE A LAWYER, THIS OFFICE MAY BE ABLE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH INFORMATION ABOUT AGENCIES THAT MAY OFFER LEGAL SERVICES TO ELIGIBLE PERSONS AT A REDUCED FEE OR NO FEE. PHILADELPHIA BAR ASSOCIATION One Reading Center, Philadelphia, PA 19104 215-238-6333 COMMUNITY LEGAL SERVICES, INC. Law Center North Central 3638 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19140 215-227-2400 or 215-981-3700 Michael T. McKeever, Atty. for Plaintiff Goldbeck, McCafferty & McKeever, P.C. Suite 5000, Mellon Independence Center 701 Market St. Philadelphia, PA 19106-1532 215-627-1322

IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS PHILADELPHIA COUNTY CIVIL ACTION - LAW Term No. 100501011 NOTICE OF ACTION IN MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE CITIFINANCIAL SERVICES, INC. Plaintiff vs. The Unknown Heirs of Anna Kinash, Deceased & WALTER KINASH, Solely in His Capacity as Heir of Anna Kinash, Deceased Mortgagors and Real Owners Defendant TO: The Unknown Heirs of Anna Kinash, Deceased MORTGAGOR AND REAL OWNER, DEFENDANT whose last known address is 3286 Aramingo Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19134. THIS FIRM IS A DEBT COLLECTOR AND WE ARE ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT OWED TO OUR CLIENT. ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED FROM YOU WILL BE USED FOR THE PURPOSE OF COLLECTING THE DEBT. You are hereby notified that Plaintiff CITIFINANCIAL SERVICES, INC., has filed a Mortgage Foreclosure Complaint endorsed with a notice to defend against you in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, docketed to No. 100501011 wherein Plaintiff seeks to foreclose on the mortgage secured on your property located, 3286 Aramingo Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19134 whereupon your property will be sold by the Sheriff of Philadelphia County.

Page 24 The Public Record • June 17, 2010









Philadelphia Public Record

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