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MAYOR Michael Nutter hosted over 100 centenarians at annual birthday luncheon to honor Philadelphia residents who are at least 100 years old. With more than 400, city is home to one of nation’s largest populations of 100year-olds. Photo by Tony Webb,

May 27, 2010

Another Speaker From Philly? Rep. W. Curtis Thomas

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Office of the City Representative.

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Our Centenarians

Not A Kosher Budget! Brett Mandel

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Page 2 The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Rep. Thomas To Seek House Speakership Philadelphia will be making another run for the speakership of the House in the General Assembly. The prestigious seat will be up for grabs with the announcement current Speaker Keith McCall is retiring when his term ends in December. Moving to give Philadelphia a presence in the race for that position is State Rep. W. Curtis Thomas, who has represented the 181st Legislative Dist. for the past two decades, and will begin his 12th term in January. In the past, Speakers have held their positions for several two-year terms, elected by the majority of the 203-member body of the House. The speakership of the house is the Commonwealth's oldest elected statewide public office, having been established in 1682. It has been held by 136 persons to date. Though the Speaker has only one vote, it is he who convenes and recesses ses-

sions, appoints committee chairpersons, directs bills to committees and signs all passed bills and resolutions. The House is not a constituted body if it lacks a Speaker and a session can’t be held without the Speaker presiding at the rostrum. United States history is replete with famous early Speakers, including Andrew Hamilton who was the 18th; Ben Franklin, the 23rd; and Thomas Mifflin, the 32nd. Philadelphia speakers have included Herbert Fineman, Robert O’Donnell, John Perzel and Dennis O’Brien. Thomas announced his campaign this past week at his Girard Avenue District office. “Given the importance of that office,” said Thomas, “I want to start early seeking the seat.” Thomas has a “safe” District. He proved that this Primary when he decisively beat challenger Lewis Thomas, despite sharing the same last

name and the fact the challenger had been prepping for the race for two full years. His campaign will be based on restoring stability to the House. Going through five Speakers in the last decade, he believes, has contributed to the inability of the House to complete a budget on time. He also revealed, “The House has carried millions of dollars in surplus – money that can be turned over to the general fund. I hope to make the changes to make that possible. There has been no continuity of policy and the House has been slow to respond to issues of trust and behavior.” Thomas also said he wants to “bring the House closer to the people of Pennsylvania and operate it in a way that engages the public at large. The operation of the House should not be a mystery to the people of this Commonwealth.” He expects to get a good

Mandel Charges His Honor Hides True Money Figures The proposed City budget sought by Mayor Michael Nutter has been labeled a “fraud” by Brett Mandel, former City Controller candidate. Mandel, a former director of financial and policy analysis for former Controller Jonathan Saidel, has long been critical of the City’s tax policies. He said the budget passed by City Council to raise property taxes for two years only “is completely unfair and potentially illegal,” adding what has been announced as spending “cuts are not true reductions. “What’s worse,” he stated, “is the budget is still out of whack in the short term and potentially doomed in the long term.” Mandel believes the City is almost certainly still hiding money by underestimating future revenues, adding, “the current budget and future Five-Year Financial Plan only

balance if we assume, somehow, negotiations with the City’s firefighters, white-collar workers, and blue-collar employees will conclude with the unions accepting no raises and making concessions worth $25 million each year over the next five years.” This week Controller Alan Butkovitz projected a City deficit of over $50 million, well over the $37.9 million projected by the City itself. Butkovitz noted while sales-tax collections have gone up from one year ago because of the 1% increase, the $18.3 million in sales collections for April was lower than expected. Also down were wage, earnings and netprofits taxes, by -1.07%. Mandel earned a reputation as the city’s “economic conscience” when he launched a web page in 2004 called “Philadelphia Forward”, whose function was targeting reforms in budget-

ing, taxing, and ethics and won numerous awards. He has been nonpartisan in his judgments. Mandel said the Council 9.9% Real Estate Tax increase comes at a time when the voters were being asked to vote the end of the Board Of Revision Of Taxes with “fatal flaws in real-estate assessment in Philadelphia. The increase would be based on this unfair, and almost certainly illegal, tax. This is the third year in a row, that Mayor Nutter and City Council have increased taxes. “Unable to come up with the juice to avoid tax increases, the City’s tobacco purveyors will get hit with a tax on cigars and chewing tobacco,” concluded Mandel, “which is why I munch on sunflower seeds when I play baseball – they remain blissfully untaxed as food.” Mandel has written two books on baseball.

deal of Republican support, citing his effectiveness in working both sides around good policy issues. Thomas has worked in bipartisan partnership on issues such as breast-cancer research and treatment, the Philadelphia Housing Trust Fund, the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, firefighter and police health issues and the National Conference of State Legislators. Even if Thomas gets the support of his fellow Democrats, his Party will need to hang onto a majority after the General Election in November for him to accede to the speakership. Presently they

ENCOURAGING State Rep. W. Curtis Thomas on his House Leadership run is N.J. Westhampton Township Councilman C. Andre Daniels, who attributes his political success to mentoring from Thomas. hold a five-seat majority in Committee and a member of the Speaker’s Bipartisan ReChamber. First sworn into office in form Committee. He has co 1989, Thomas is currently authored legislative reports majority chair of the House including the “Digital ExcelUrban Affairs Committee, a lence Blueprint for the Pennformer chair of the House In- sylvania House of tergovernmental Affairs Representatives.”

City Opens Workforce Program The City of Philadelphia, in partnership with the Philadelphia Workforce Investment Board and the Philadelphia Workforce Development Corp., has launched Way to Work Philadelphia! This program, funded by the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act through the Dept. Of Health & Human Services, aims to provide eligible individuals with subsidized employment experiences. “I want to thank Pennsylvania Labor Secretary Sandi Vito, Dept. Of Public Welfare, & Acting Secretary Harriet Dichter for approving Philadelphia’s application for the Way to Work! program,” said Mayor Michael A. Nutter. “We will work hard to take advantage of every possible program to get Philadelphians back to work. We do not want to leave a single dollar on the table that could help Philadelphia's economy grow.” Way to Work Philadelphia! will currently last through Sep. 30, 2010, when Federal funding will end. Positions created by the program must pay at least minimum wage, with Way to Work Philadelphia! subsidizing wages up to $13 per hour. Jobs must employ

PHILA. Workforce Investment Board CEO Sallie Glickman, left, Mayor Michael Nutter, center, and SEPTA General Mgr. Joseph Casey on Wednesday May 19 announced launch of Way to Work Philadelphia! program. The program is designed to subsidize jobs for both adults and youths this summer in hopes many become permanent jobs. workers between 25 and 40 area’s small businesses, which hours of work per week. This are credited with providing a program cannot be used to fill significant portion of the net positions from laid-off employ- job creation in this region,” ees, displace current employ- says Ernest Jones, president & ees or impede promotional CEO of PWDC. “First, this opportunities. program can reduce a signifi“This program is another cant portion of the costs associimportant tool on our road to ated with hiring new full economic recovery,” said employees. This will add to the Sallie A. Glickman, CEO of bottom line and help the Philadelphia Workforce In- strengthen a company’s finanvestment Board. cial condition. Secondly, the SEPTA, a long-time user of program will provide candiPhiladelphia’s workforce sys- dates who are pre-screened for tem, plans to participate in job compatibility and who are Way to Work Philadelphia! work-ready and reliable.” “For many years, SEPTA has This effort will be managed benefited from the public locally by PWDC and operate workforce system,” said Gen- through Philadelphia’s EARN eral Mgr. Joseph M. Casey. Centers and the City’s five Ca“It has provided us with great reerLink Centers. To find out people, and training to make more, individuals should stop them even greater. I encourage by their local CareerLink Cenemployers across the City to ter or call (215) 557-2625. explore the multiple benefits of Businesses interested in hirWay to Work – it’s great for ing workers through this proyour company, great for the gram should visit the Way to employee and great for our Work Philadelphia! website at community.” or “Way to Work should be call the Employer Hotline at particularly helpful to the (888) 557-2535. Philadelphia

"Representing injured workers in Pa. for over 30 years.�

The Public Record • May 27, 2010

If you have been injured on the DOCKS, PIERS, or SHIPS doing loading or repairing work. You need our free advice....We fight for your right to benefits and we never ask you to pay a fee.... We have successfully helped get money for thousands of injured workers over the last 30 years.

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Injured At Work!

Page 4 The Public Record • May 27, 2010

IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS PHILADELPHIA COUNTY CIVIL ACTION - LAW Term No. 100403769 NOTICE OF ACTION IN MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE CITIMORTGAGE, INC. Plaintiff vs. The Unknown Heirs of Howard C. Bolden, Deceased & EDNA COLEMAN, Solely in Her Capacity as Heir of Howard C. Bolden, Deceased Mortgagors and Real Owners Defendant TO: The Unknown Heirs of Howard C. Bolden, Deceased MORTAGOR AND REAL OWNER, DEFENDANT whose last known address is 6007 North Warnock Street Philadelphia, PA 19141. THIS FIRM IS A DEBT COLLECTOR AND WE ARE ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT OWED TO OUR CLIENT. ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED FROM YOU WILL BE USED FOR THE PURPOSE OF COLLECTING THE DEBT. You are hereby notified that Plaintiff CITIMORTGAGE, INC., has filed a Mortgage Foreclosure Complaint endorsed with a notice to defend against you in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, docketed to No. 100403769 wherein Plaintiff seeks to foreclose on the mortgage secured on your property located, 6007 North Warnock Street Philadelphia, PA 19141 whereupon your property will be sold by the Sheriff of Philadelphia County.

NOTICE You have been sued in court. If you wish to defend against the claims set forth in the above, you must take action within twenty (20) days after the Complaint and notice are served, by entering a written appearance personally or by attorney and filing in writing with the court your defenses or objections to the claims set forth against you. You are warned that if you fail to do so the case may proceed without you and a judgment may be entered against you by the Court without further notice for any money claimed in the Complaint or for any other claim or relief requested by the Plaintiff. You may lose money or property or other rights important to you. YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS PAPER TO YOUR LAWYER AT ONCE. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A LAWYER OR CANNOT AFFORD ONE, GO TO OR TELEPHONE THE OFFICE SET FORTH BELOW. THIS OFFICE CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH INFORMATION ABOUT HIRING A LAWYER. IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO HIRE A LAWYER, THIS OFFICE MAY BE ABLE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH INFORMATION ABOUT AGENCIES THAT MAY OFFER LEGAL SERVICES TO ELIGIBLE PERSONS AT A REDUCED FEE OR NO FEE. PHILADELPHIA BAR ASSOCIATION One Reading Center Philadelphia, PA 19107 215-238-6333

COMMUNITY LEGAL SERVICES, INC. Law Center North Central Philadelphia, PA 19140 215-227-2400 or 215-981-3700 Michael T. McKeever Attorney for Plaintiff Goldbeck McCafferty & McKeever, PC Suite 5000, Mellon Independence Center 701 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19106-1532 215-627-1322

AFTRA Honors Sen. Mike Stack

STATE SEN. Mike Stack, center, receives “Friend of AFTRA” award. With him, from left, are Catherine Brown, president of AFTRA Phila.; Stephen Leshinski, executive director of AFTRA Phila.; Tim Lake, NBC10 broadcast anchor; and Chuck Varesko, VP for Freelance of AFTRA Phila. State Sen. Mike Stack was honored as a “Friend of AFTRA” by the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists this week for his efforts to protect broadcasters who change jobs in the same media market. Stack authored the Broadcast Employment Free Market Act (SB 1141), which would make it unlawful for a broadcast industry employer to use non-compete contract clauses against a former employee. The bill is currently in the Senate Labor & Industry Committee.

“Like any other profession, television and radio workers should be able to seek work at competing stations when they are terminated through no fault of their own,” Stack said. “Philadelphia is a huge media market, and it’s not uncommon for TV and radio broadcasters to move from one station to another. There are a lot of opportunities for media personalities in this region, so it’s important they have the right to seek employment without the threat of a non-compete clause held over their heads.”

We service Big & Small We’ve got it all! We offer rapid response to your request and to your construction needs. 1600-1630 Washington Ave. Phila., PA 19146-3019

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The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Page 6 The Public Record • May 27, 2010

82nd Airborne Keeps Memory Of Veterans Sacrifices Alive The Hajdak/Mokan Philadelphia Chapter of the 82nd Airborne Division Association continues to serve the memory of those who have served in the military from the Philadelphia area. It is one of the region’s largest and most active veteran’s organizations. The Chapter raises money for disabled veterans, surviving families of deceased servicemen and women, provides Honor Guard for funerals, marches in parades, assists returning veterans, and donates to local charities. Memorial Day, May 31, will be busy as usual for the 82nd Airborne Division Association, Hajdak/Mokan Chapter. Its Honor Guard will march in the Bridesburg Me-

R EP. A NGEL C RUZ DISTRICT OFFICE 2749 N. 5th St. • 215-291-5643 Staffed by

Joe Evangelista • Debbie Toro Ready to Serve you

Councilman Wm.


Room 580 City Hall P. 215-686-3446/7 F. 215-686-1927

morial Day Parade which starts at 9:00 a.m. From there, the Honor Guard will travel to the Vietnam War Memorial at Penn’s Landing to participate in its ceremony at 12 noon. Chairman David Oh and Vice Chairman Judge Patrick Dugan are both members of the Board of Trustees of the Korean War Memorial at Penn’s Landing and they already be attending the ceremony there at 11:00 a.m. Well received and attended by the general public is its annual “All American Dinner and Award Ceremony”. The Awards Dinner this year honored two distinguished veterans, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery and Walter Councilman Bill

Green Room 599 City Hall P. 215.686.3420/21 F. 215.686.1930

State Rep.

ROBERT C. DONATUCCI 185th District 1809 Oregon Ave, Phila., PA 19145


“Dan” Bosak, VP of Teamsters Local 107. Justice McCaffery retired from the US Air Force Reserves as a Colonel and had prior service in the US Marine Corps. He has established an innovative, diversionary program for veterans, especially those returning from combat, which will link veterans with veterans services by having those resources right in the courtroom. Bosak served with the 82nd Airborne Div. He is a founding member and served as Chairman of the Philadelphia Chapter for 22 years. Under his leadership, the Chapter has performed an enormous amount of charitable acts on behalf of veterans and local communities. The keynote speaker was State Rep. Bryan Lentz who served in the 82nd Airborne Div. and is a Ranger. Lentz served in the Sinai Peninsula, Bosnia and most recently Iraq

where, as a Major, he commanded a Civil Affairs Battalion. Other dignitaries participating in the program included District Attorney Seth Williams (Major, US Army Reserves), Congressman Patrick Murphy (former Captain, 82nd Airborne Div.), State Sen. Anthony Williams, Councilwoman Maria Quiñones Sánchez, Judge Roxanne Covington and Judge Patrick Dugan (Captain, US Army Reserves). Adding to the festivities were Timmy Kelly, who sang the National Anthem, and the 2nd Street Irish Society Pipes and Drums. The evening started off with a salute to Chapter member and Congressional Medal of Honor holder, David Charles Dolby. The Gold Star mothers of Robert Dembowski and Colby Umbrell were honored, as well. Paratrooper of the Year was awarded to Chapter Chaplain,

82ND Airborne Div. Association Chapter Chairman David Oh and members at Korean War Memorial at Penn’s Landing. Leon O. Anderson, Jr. CyberSoft Operating Corp., Funds were raised from Firefighters Local 22, and US contributions and from the Army Recruiting Command. generous donations of spon- The US Army donated sports sors Zarwin, Baum, DeVito, memorabilia for auction. Kaplan, Schaer, Toddy, P.C.,

Military Families Go Free To Acad. Of Nat. Sciences Active-duty military and their families are invited to enjoy free admission to the Academy of Natural Science, 19th & the Parkway, all summer.

State Rep.

William Keller 184th District

Constituent Service Office

1610 S. Broad St. Phila., PA 19146 (215) 952-3378

1531 S. 2nd Street


State Senator

Larry Farnese First Senate District Tel. 215-952-3121 1802 S. Broad St.• Phila. PA 19145

Senator Tina State Sen.

Shirley M. Kitchen 3rd Sen. District 1701 W. Lehigh Ave.Ste 104 • Philadelphia, PA 19132 215-227-6161 •

Tartaglione 2nd Dist. 127 W. Susquehanna Ave. 1063 Bridge St. Philadelphia, PA 19122 Philadelphia, PA 19124



REP. BRENDAN F. BOYLE 7215 B. Rising Sun Ave. Phila. PA 19111 • P (215)-342-1700

14230 Bustleton Ave. Phila.PA 19116 • P (215) 676-0300

From Memorial Day, Friday, May 28, through Labor Day, Monday, Sep. 6, active service members and their families (up to five family members) will be admitted free. “Members of the military always get a discount on regular admission, but this offer of free admission will hopefully encourage even more families to come and visit,” said Acting Academy President & CEO Ted Daeschler. “We are proud of our military and are pleased we can do something to show our appreciation for their service.” The offer, part of a national initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts, comes just in time for the opening of a new, highly interactive exhibit for both adults and children on the mysteries of the deep ocean and the extraordinary creatures that live there. “Creatures of the Abyss” makes its US debut at the Academy from Jun. 5 through Sep. 6. Founded in 1812, the Academy is the oldest natural history museum in the Americas and a world leader in biodiversity and environmental research. The mission of the Academy is the encouragement and cultivation of the sciences.

ing for the kids and vessel tours. Delaware River Day includes participating maritime organizations from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware and is the only event of its kind in the area this season. Some of the exciting activities include a Blessing of the Fleet, starting on the new RiverStage at Penn’s Landing at 1:00 p.m., hourly sailings aboard the Schooner Northwind sponsored by Gloucester City Sail, US Coast Guard manoverboard demonstrations and a Tug Boat Competition. The Tug Boat Competition, 2:003:00 p.m., will take place off the South Quay at the Penn’s Landing Marina and will include the McAllister Tug, the K-Sea Tug and the Tug Jupiter (2009 winner for “best decorated”) and Tug Wilmington, who took home the trophy for “toughest tug” last year. A number of vessels will be participating in Delaware

River Day, including the WWII SS John Brown and the USCGC ship William Tate. The SS John Brown is a maritime museum and a memorial to the shipyard workers who built, merchant mariners who sailed, and the US Navy Armed Guard crews who defended the Liberty ships during World War II. It is one of only two surviving ships from the Liberty Fleet. It will be offering tours for $5 per person May 29-31. Since her commissioning in 2000, CGC William Tate and her crew have been responsible for the maintenance of 250 buoys in the Delaware Bay and River, and the Upper Chesapeake Bay. The William Tate is designed, constructed and equipped to ably perform other Coast Guard missions such as domestic ice breaking, marine environmental protection, and maritime law enforcement.

The FOP Salutes All Our Veterans This Memorial Day

The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend not only marks our commemoration of our Armed Service men and women who gave their lives in our defense, but also the official start of summer. In Philadelphia, it marks the weekend when hundreds of boaters in this area region put their vessels in the water. This is marked by Delaware River Day on Sunday, May 30 from 12:00 m. to 6:00 p.m., sponsored by the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Delaware River Waterfront Corp. Delaware River Day takes place at the Penn’s Landing Marina, located directly behind the Independence Seaport Museum on Columbus Boulevard at Walnut Street. Delaware River Day is a free event with fun and interactive activities such as free kayaking, life-jacket fitting, musical entertainment, free face paint-

Michael G. Lutz Lodge # 5 Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police

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Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend By The River


Honoring The Members Of Our Armed Forces Monday, May 31st, 2010 John J. McNesby, President

Lest We Forget! Saluting All Branches of the Military, Active and Retired! HAPPY

MEMORIAL DAY Congressman 1st District Paid for by Committee to Elect Bob Brady

Robert Brady

Page 8 The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Honoring Veterans At Juniata Golf Course

ATTENDING Veterans Memorial dedication at Juniata Golf Course were AOH County VP Brian Coleman, State Rep. John Taylor, 82nd Member Charlie Mac, Judge Pat Dugan, David Oh, Doug Barron, Local 1823 Carpenters and UnionsFight For Life and State Sen. Christine “Tina” Tartaglione. Memorial plaque is on right.

Living Flame Memorial Adds Two More Names

Two officers, one a policeman and the other a fireman, had their names added to the more than 400 from both services who lost their lives on duty at annual Commemoration at the Living Flame Memorial Service held in Franklin Park. Included in the observance this year was the recognition of Fire Capt. Stephen Michael Cospelich and Police Officer John Pawlowski. Capt. Cospelich, 56, a 23year veteran of the Philadelphia Fire Dept., died after fighting a stressful dwelling fire on the 6300 block of Ogontz Avenue. At the time of his death, Cospelich was a lieutenant. He was posthumously promoted to the rank of captain in July 2009. Officer Pawlowski was fatally shot while foiling a cab robbery in February 2009 at Broad Street & Olney Avenue. The 25-year-old was a Northeast Philadelphia resident. Their names were added to the Memorial Plaque, which includes all those in both services who have lost their lives since the 1800s.

Attending were Mayor Michael A. Nutter; Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Everett A. Gillison, Esq., who mc’d the event; Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey; Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers; various police and fire groups; and elected members of City Council and Federal, State and other law-enforcement and fire-service agencies.

Memorial Day Schedule 9:45 a.m.- Port Richmond Parade - at Allegheny & Richmond area. 10 a.m.- Bridesburg Parade - at Richmond & Orthodox area. 11 a.m.- Veterans - at the Korean War Memorial. Judge Dugan will be Master of Ceremonies and 2nd Street Irish Society Pipes & Drums will perform. 12 p.m.- Veterans - at the Vietnam War Memorial. 12 p.m.- Somerton Parade - at George Washington HS.

GOV. ED RENDELL was often at all Memorial Day functions in Philadelphia. Here he is in Washington Square at Tomb of Revolutionary War Unknown Soldier. Photo by John J. Kline

STATE REP. Bryan Lentz is seen here in 2004 in Mosul, Iraq, with General Waleed Kashmoula, Mosul Security Chief, an ally who was slain by insurgents.

The Public Record • May 27, 2010

JUDGE Pat Dugan with Philadelphia 82nd Airborne Member Brian Powers in Iraq saluting their 82nd hero Ed Mokan,on t-shirt, who jumped into Normandy, along with two Iraqi allies (Photo taken in Northern Iraq).

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Remembering Our Past And Present


KOREAN WAR Memorial attendees will include this Korean War Veterans Association. Photo by John J. Kline

MISSING FROM THIS scene at veterans dedication at Moyamensing & Reed is Municipal War Veterans’ longtime Commander George Chavanne, who died recently. Photo by John J. Kline


Page 10 The Public Record • May 27, 2010

PGW Closed Memorial Day The Philadelphia Gas Works’ six Customer Service Centers will be closed Monday, May 31 in observance of Memorial Day. The Commercial Resource Center will also be closed. The Residential Customer Call Center will remain open on Memorial Day for emergency calls only. On Tuesday, Jun. 1, the Residential and Commercial Customer Call Centers will resume normal hours.

Daddy’s Poem For Memorial Day

Her hair was up in a pony tail, her favorite dress tied with a bow. Today was Daddy’s Day at school, and she couldn’t wait to go. But her mummy tried to tell her she probably should stay home. Why the kids might not understand, if she went to school alone. But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say. What to tell her classmates of why he wasn’t there today. But still her mother worried, for her to face this day alone. And that was why once again, she tried to keep her daughter


But the little girl went to school eager to tell them all. About a dad she never sees a dad who never calls There were daddies along the back wall, for everyone to meet. Children squirming impatiently, anxious in their seats. One by one the teacher called a student from the class. To introduce their daddy, as seconds slowly passed. At last the teacher called her name, every child turned to stare.

Each of them was searching, For a man who wasn’t there.

‘Where’s her daddy at?’ She heard a boy call out. ‘She probably doesn’t have one,’ another student dared to shout. And from somewhere near the back, she heard a daddy say, ‘Looks like another deadbeat dad, too busy to waste his day.’ The words did not offend her, as she smiled up at her Mum. And looked back at her teacher, who told her to go on. And with hands behind her back,

slowly she began to speak And out from the mouth of a child, came words incredibly unique. ‘My Daddy couldn’t be here, because he lives so far away. But I know he wishes he could be, since this is such a special day. And though you cannot meet him, I wanted you to know all about my daddy, and how much he loves me so. He loved to tell me stories he taught me to ride my bike. He surprised me with pink roses, and taught me to fly a kite. We used to share fudge sundaes, and ice cream in a cone. And though you cannot see him. I’m not standing here alone. ’Cause my daddy’s always with me, even though we are apart. I know because he told me he’ll forever be in my heart.’

With that, her little hand reached up, and lay across her chest, feeling her own heartbeat beneath her favorite dress. And from somewhere in the crowd of dads, her mother stood in tears. Proudly watching her daughter, who was wise beyond her years. For she stood up for the love of a man not in her life. Doing what was best for her, doing what was right. And when she dropped her hand back down, staring straight into the crowd, she finished with a voice so soft, but its message clear and loud.

‘I love my daddy very much, He’s my shining star. And if he could, he’d be here, but heaven’s just too far. You see, he is a soldier and died just this past year when a roadside bomb hit his convoy and taught brave men to fear. But sometimes when I close my eyes, It’s like he never went away.’ And then she closed her eyes, and saw him there that day. And to her mother’s amazement, she witnessed with surprise a room full of daddies and children, all starting to close their eyes. Who knows what they saw before them, who knows what they felt inside? Perhaps, for merely a second, they saw him at her side. ‘I know you’re with me Daddy,’ to the silence she called out. And what happened next made believers of those once filled with doubt. Not one in that room could explain it, for each of their eyes had been closed. But there on the desk beside her, was a fragrant long-stemmed pink rose. And a child was blessed, if only for a moment, by the love of her shining star. And given the gift of believing that heaven is never too far.



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State Representative

RONALD G. WATERS 191st Leg. District 6027 Ludlow Street, Unit A


cide to go to war; it just answers the call of our nation. The numbers of those who have died answering that call continue to rise. Consider: 4,388 and counting in Iraq ... 1,054 and counting in Afghanistan ... 58,151 in Vietnam ... 36,516 didn’t return from Korea … 405,399 gave their lives in World War II.... There have been over 1,314,000 military personnel (and counting) who have given their lives for this nation since 1775. A huge number. But Memorial Day is not about the numbers. It’s about the individual human being, the American, the man, the woman, the father, the brother, the spouse, the friend, the son, the uncle and the daughter who answered the call of our nation to deploy into violence, into war. It’s about Upper Darby High graduate LTC Mark

Patrick Phelan, a 47-year-old father, uncle, husband and brother who went to Iraq with the 416th Civil Affairs Battalion (Norristown Pa.), to win the “hearts and minds” of Iraqis. His remains now lie in Arlington Cemetery, with fellow heroes such as Philadelphian Vietnam Veteran Medal Of Honor recipient Corp. Michael Crecenz and President John F. Kennedy. LTC Phelan was an Army Reservist killed by a “homicide bomber” who rammed his explosives-filled car into the humvee Phelan was riding in. Memorial Day is about many young Americans, such as 19-year-old infantry paratrooper Robert Dembowski Jr., graduate of Council Rock High, who was killed in Baghdad in a smallarms attack. Memorial Day is about 49-


JOHN MYERS 201St Legislative District Room 305, South Office Bldg. House Box 202020 Harrisburg, PA 17120-2020 Phone: (717) 787-3181 Fax: (717) 783-8724

year-old Roger Haller, a Maryland National Guard Command Sergeant Major whose helicopter was shot down in Iraq. It’s about 19year-old Nicole Frye, a Civil Affairs soldier from Wisconsin, who was killed in Iraq by an IED as she drove an un-armored humvee with a plastic tarp for a door. Memorial Day is for 19-year-old Bradli Coleman from Ford City, Pa. who was killed by a mortar as he slept on his bunk in Mosul, Iraq after working the night shift in Task Force Olympia HQ. Memorial Day is about 42-year-old Marine Maj. John Spahr, a former Philadelphia All-Catholic quarterback at Saint Joseph’s Prep whose F18 went down in Iraq. Memorial Day is about 21year-old Patrick Ward from Fairmount, a helicopter machine gunner who did not return from Vietnam. Every day is Memorial Day for the fallen’s families, friends and comrades-in-arms. Look into the eyes of Mr. Robert Dembowski, Sr. or a Gold Star

Mother and you will see the immeasurable price that some pay for our freedoms. Memorial Day is about the infinite void that each deceased hero leaves. It’s about the Phelan, Cresenz, Dembowski, Frye, Spahr, Haller, Coleman, Ward and countless other families and friends and their everyday pain as they continue through life as their loved ones are now names on marble monuments. As you enjoy your Federal holiday, I urge you to include in your festivities a time to remember what Memorial Day truly means. Put down your barbecue tongs and join the families and comrades-inarms, and taste, for just a short time, the sacrifice that the numbers on the walls really mean. I urge you to take your children to a ceremony honoring those who have fallen. Take them to a Memorial Day Parade. Put a flag on your lawn. I urge you to help a veterans group or, better yet, help a “survivors group”. Through-

out the region, find a service honoring our war dead. You don’t know of one? Well, on Memorial Day, the Philadelphia Korean Memorial will hold a memorial service at 11 a.m. and the Philadelphia Vietnam Memorial will hold a service at 12 p.m. The Korean and Vietnam Memorials are across the street from each other near Penn’s Landing at Spruce & Front Streets. The Vietnam Memorial has 646 Philadelphian fallen on their wall and the Korean Memorial has 610 fallen from our fivecounty area. Remember, they are not numbers. They are your fellow citizens who died in your name. (Judge Patrick Dugan is a Captain in the US Army Reserve. He sits on Philadelphia Veterans Court. An Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran, he is Vice Chairman of 82nd Airborne Association Philadelphia Chapter, member of Veterans’ Advisory Commission and PA AOH Veterans Committee Chair.)

The Public Record • May 27, 2010

by Judge Patrick Dugan Memorial Day is not about politics. Whatever your feelings are about the current war or former wars, remember this: All military personnel take an oath. The fallen swore and gave their lives honoring the following promise: “I DO SOLEMNLY SWEAR THAT I WILL SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC; THAT I WILL BEAR TRUE FAITH AND ALLEGIANCE TO THE SAME; AND THAT I WILL OBEY THE ORDERS OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES AND THE ORDERS OF THE OFFICERS APPOINTED OVER ME, ACCORDING TO REGULATIONS AND THE UNIFORM CODE OF MILITARY JUSTICE. SO HELP ME GOD.” They gave Uncle Sam a blank check with their life offered to answer our nation’s call to arms. The military does not de-

Page 11

Memorial Day Honors Those Who Kept Their Oath

5847 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19144 Phone: (215) 849-6591 Fax: (215) 560-1824

State Rep.

Frank Oliver 195th District 2839 W. Girard Ave. Phila. PA 19130


State Rep. Cherelle


Parkwood Shopping Center 12361 Academy Road, Phila., PA 19154, 215-281-2539 8016 Bustleton Avenue Philadelphia PA 19152 215-695-1020


SABATINA JR. 174th District 8100 Castor Ave Phila, PA 19152 T: 215-342-6204

Open Mon. - Fri. 9:00 AM - 5 PM


200th Legislative District 1536 E. Wadsworth Ave. Phone: (215) 242-7300 Fax: (215) 242-7303

The Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty Program is available to all individuals, businesses and other entities with Pennsylvania tax delinquencies as of June 30, 2009. The program is accepting applications until June 18. Taxpayers can access the Tax Amnesty application at For more information, call 1-877-34-PAYUP (1-877-347-2987) from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., weekdays, and from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays June 5 and June 12.

Page 12 The Public Record • May 27, 2010

LDC Golf Classic To Honor Staten, Jr.

The Laborers’ District Council Charity Fund, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, will hold its 11th Annual Charity Golf Classic Jun. 1 at Spring Mill Country Club in Ivyland, Pa. The event will honor long-time labor leader Samuel Staten, Jr.’s longstanding commitment and dedication to the Laborers’ District Council Charity Fund. Proceeds from this event will benefit, among others,

the Fox Chase Mesothelioma Fund, the Jenkintown Day Nursery, and the Q’aid Staten Memorial Scholarship Fund. LDC Charity Fund’s goal is to raise funds to assist charitable organizations that provide services to the needy in the five-county area of Philadelphia. The Laborers’ District Council Of The Metropolitan Area Of Philadelphia & Vicinity has been helping members and their families and the community

enjoy a better standard of living by providing jobs and benefits since their charter in 1937. LDC believes in the principles that unionism was founded on: a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, and workers’ rights. LDC also believes that next-generation unionism must vigorously pursue workers’ rights based on management and union cooperation and the advancement of member education.

Marines Honor Rep. Murt Aide

Schedule of Events: 8:00 a.m.: Breakfast and Registration. 10:30 a.m.: Golf Begins! Shotgun Start. 12:00 p.m.: Lunch is served on the course while you play! 4:30 p.m.: Cocktails, Dinner, Awards and Auction. Silent Auction will take place throughout the day with winners announced at dinner. For more information contact Dana A. Brady at (267) 757-0725 or

HEATHER SALAZAR, aide to State Rep. Thomas P. Murt, is recognized by Commandant of Marine Corps’ Quality Citizen Recognition Program for her support of Marine Corps and local recruiters. From left are Capt. Peter Morales, USMC; Salazar; First Lt. Matthew Cowher, USMC; and Murt.

Page 13

The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Page 14

‘No Mas’ Says Challenger Ramos

The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Of all the local legislative fights that took place this past Primary, the one still destined to be decided is that of the 180th Legislative Dist. Predominately Latino in its voter makeup, attorneys last Tuesday filed an injunction in Common Pleas Court. It was signed by Judge Dennis P. Cohen after hearing from a multitude of witnesses, who shared stories of people entering the polls and voting for elderly voters, blocking the polling places from credentialed individuals, and using the information in the polling books to retrieve voters. “This is no longer about the election, but about the election process,” states Jonathan Ramos, who is making his second bid to unseat incumbent State Rep. Angel Cruz. He is currently trailing by 141 votes with 93% of the votes counted. “I am not intimidated by these thugs and the people of the community are tired of them.” The complaint charged Cruz, who is also the ward leader of the 7th Ward, of entering many polling places

without appropriate credentials. The community held a protest rally outside Cruz’s office at 2749 N. 5th Street. According to a spokesman from the Ramos campaign committee, a request for an “I feel like I had been slapped in the face and betrayed,” exclaimed Hector Lugardo, of The Hispanic Leadership Social Network. “The actions that I witnessed on Tuesday were not the actions of community leaders, statesman’s nor of a professional. It was like watching a street fight: no rules, and no prisoners. Let’s not be losers, but instead all win together with respect and pride!” Ramos is asking anyone who witnessed anything illegal or was intimidated by someone at a polling place to call (215) 425-5421. For further information, contact Jonathan Ramos at (215) 768-6816 or at

Polls Show Sestak Ahead Of Toomey The latest Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of Likely Voters shows Sestak picking up 46% support over Republican nominee Pat Toomey’s 42%. Only 3% prefer some other candidate while 9% are undecided. It’s obvious Sestak’s primary performance fueled the polls. Sestak’s support is up six points from earlier this month and is at its highest level yet measured in the race. Two weeks ago, Sestak and Toomey were in a virtual tie. In surveys conducted in April, March and February, Sestak’s support fell within a narrow range of 36% to 38%. During the same period, Toomey’s support ranged from 42% to 47%. (Cont. Page 15)



CyberSoft Operating Corporation This Memorial Day Holiday we honor all the brave men and women of the Armed Forces who served and continue to serve and protect the freedom of this great country and many other countries around the world. CyberSoft Operating Corporation would like to offer all members of the Armed Forces a Free 30 Day Trial of our Windows Anti-Virus Security for your Computer

Download your free trial below Ph. 610-825-4748



who strongly approve of the President’s performance and 39% who strongly disapprove. Eighty-six percent of those who strongly disapprove of Obama’s job performance support Toomey, while 90% of those who strongly approve of the President’s performance support Sestak. Sestak is viewed very favorably by 20% of Pennsylvania voters, while 13% view him very unfavorably. Another 14% are undecided. For Toomey, 21% share a very favorable opinion and 10% hold a very unfavorable impression of him. Another 19% share no opinion on Toomey. Sixty-one percent of Pennsylvania voters favor repeal of the health-care law, which is slightly higher than results found nationwide. Thirty-five percent oppose repeal of the law. Those numbers include

State Senator

Christine M. Tartaglione Proudly salutes all the veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country.

son released the following statement regarding Joe Sestak and The White House’s continued refusal to come clean about the details surrounding the Obama administration’s efforts to buy him out of the race for the US Senate. “How much is a US Senate seat worth to the Obama administration, and why is Joe Sestak protecting a White House that attempted to bribe him out of the US Senate

47% who strongly favor repeal and 25% who strongly oppose it. Seventy-three percent of Pennsylvania voters who strongly favor repeal of the bill support Toomey. Sestak earns support from 86% of those who strongly oppose a repeal of the bill.

Gleason Roasts Sestak’s White House Deal Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Glea-

race?” Gleason said. “For months, Joe Sestak has garnered national media attention by claiming that the White House offered him a job if he left the US Senate race, only to clam up when the media asked him to explain these explosive allegations. “President Obama came into office promising an administration built upon openness and transparency, but his administration’s inability to answer these simple questions

raises serious questions. Both the White House and Joe Sestak owe it to the American people, especially the people of Pennsylvania, to explain exactly what happened in ‘Jobgate’. It also begs the question, who would Joe Sestak rather protect: the White House or the people of our Commonwealth?”

Lentz And Meehan To Debate Soon State Rep. Bryan Lentz, (Cont. Page 32)


The Public Record • May 27, 2010

(Cont. From Page 14) This statewide telephone survey of 500 likely voters in Pennsylvania was conducted on May 19. The margin of sampling error is +/-4.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology. Support for Sestak among Democrats in Pennsylvania jumped from 64% to 80% since the Primary election. Toomey’s support among GOP voters in the state has changed little over the past two weeks. Among voters not affiliated with either major political party in the state, Toomey leads 41% to 32%. Forty-seven percent of Pennsylvania voters approve of the job President Obama is doing, while 52% disapprove. Those numbers include 27%

Page 15

Sestak Climbs Over Toomey In Pols






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• Residential • Commercial • Industrial

Page 16 The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Wal-Mart Gives PHA 430,000 Bottles of Water It's been a chilly spring but summer is not far off. But as the temperatures soar, Philadelphia Housing Authority seniors and children will have plenty of cool bottled water on hand, thanks to a donation of 430,000 bottles from Wal-Mart. The retailer delivered one of 13 trailer loads of bottled water to PHA's Passyunk Ave. Warehouse, where the water will be stored until the heat kicks in. The rest of the trailers will arrive one per day for the next two weeks. Then PHA site managers will distribute the bottles to thou-

sands of older adults in the agency's senior buildings. With such a large supply, there will be plenty of water left over for children and teens. "When the heat rises, we always do everything possible to make sure that our most vulnerable residents – our seniors and our children – are cool and hydrated," said PHA Executive Director Carl R. Greene. "This donation will make our job easier." When Wal-Mart officials learned just about a week and a half ago that they had a

large bottled-water surplus, the company looked to donate the product to a local partner who could utilize it in a way that benefited low-income members of the community. "Not only was PHA in a position to accept such a large donation – a total of 17,916 cases of water – but it had a system in place to distribute this product during the excessive-heat warnings we frequently face in July and August," said John Mims, Wal-Mart Philadelphia region market manager. PHA board of commissioners member Nellie Reynolds, herself a senior living at a PHA site, accepted the donation on behalf of residents. "We appreciate WalMart’s generosity. This is another way that private industry and public agencies can work together for everyone's benefit,” she said. The bottled-water donation is worth about $150,000.

“REFRESHING,” says PHA Executive DiPHA Board member and long-time resident rector Carl Greene as he samples one of Nellie Reynolds thanks Wal-Mart for its gift thousands of bottles of water delivered to to residents. residents of PHA.

Last Year At Vietnam War Memorial

CONGRESSMAN Bob Brady with Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, seated, gave PENNA. Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery gives keynote speech to crowd ateulogies at Veterans Memorial last year. Photos by John J. Kline tending Memorial Day Services.

Ringside With Shadowboxer

TYRONE CRAWLEY and Mike Everett congratulate each other on induction into 2010 Penna. Boxing Hall Of Fame class.

DWIGHT MUHAMMED QAWI, 2nd from left, is congratulated on induction into Hall of Fame by Veteran Boxers Association’s Fred Druding, Jr., former IBF Jr. Middleweight Champion Buster Drayton, and Penna. Boxing Hall Of Fame Chairman John Gallagher.

IRONWORKERS ED SWEENEY joins his fellow Local 401 members in welcoming legendary Philly boxer Stanley “Kitten” Hayward to Penna. Boxing Hall Of Fame banquet.

THERESA SGRILLO, center, is congratulated by entire Sgrillo family after receiving “Person Of The Year” award by Penna. Boxing Hall Of Fame.

in South Philadelphia

The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Airport Auto Mall

Page 17

Come On Down To the

for Memorial Day Weekend Specials In New and Used Automobiles and share in the festivities planned by each of the dealerships

Over Four Decades of Dedicated Full Service to Delaware Valley

We Have a History of Family Referrals!

Special Discounts to City, State and Federal Employees Showing IDs

Over 500 new and 300 used cars at one location

The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Page 18

One of the first things that anyone, especially a politician, ought to learn is you shouldn’t say or write anything you’re not prepared to back up when you’re challenged on it. Someone needed to pass that message on to Congressman Joe Sestak, the Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat. In an interview that Sestak did in February, he claimed folks within the Obama White House tried to get him to rethink his challenge to Sen. Arlen Specter, the newly Democratic incumbent. As part of that rethinking process, Sestak says folks within the White House tried to offer him something else within the White House like, say, Secretary of the Navy, to keep his powder dry. Folks within the Obama Administration admit the conversation, but say that nothing funny went on. During the campaign, no one really questioned Congressman Sestak on what kind of job this could possibly be, what he was asked to do, or when he was given the job as an option. That he said it gave him serious cred among Democratic partisans resentful of the overbearing nature of the Democratic Party’s attitude on the Specter issue. Plus, my guess is most of that lack of questioning was because no one thought Sestak had a shot of taking Specter down. But now that Sestak’s the nominee, folks are suddenly real interested in knowing what White House gig he turned down. From Illinois Sen. (and friend of Barack) Dick Durbin to Republican operative Ben Stein, everyone’s been in front of a live microphone over the last few days wondering aloud what Sestak gave up to take Specter down. (Cont. Page 34)

SNOOPER “ELECTION UPDATES”: What happened in the recent PRIMARY ELECTIONS is going to make THE GENERAL ELECTION very interesting too. I’ll bet not too many of you voters were upset over the actual outcome of all THE VOTES. The Senate Race was really the one everyone was watching, and the outcome was no surprise to the PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS. How about the race for Governor? NO SURPRISES! The Republicans had no surprises and I can now predict with certainty TOM CORBETT, Republican candidate, will be the next GOVERNOR of this State. ARLEN SPECTER and ED RENDELL both will be supporting JOE SESTAK in his bid to become our next SENATOR. Yes, PAT TOOMEY, the Republican candidate, will be a formidable foe for SESTAK. We will have to wait for the outcome of both of these races in November! SNOOPER’S SIGHTING: Riding down the expressway, I spotted VP Joe Biden’s motorcade. I couldn’t believe he had 10 other cars following him, as he was heading towards Jefferson Hospital to visit his son. It was refreshing to learn there would be NO POLITICKING on this particular day. The Vice President was obviously concerned about the health of his son, Joseph, Jr. He was glad to know his son was doing very well and soon would be leaving the hospital. We learned from a good source HIS SON suffered a minor stroke. SNOOPER SCOOPER: have just learned, as far as The Lieutenant Governor’s Race goes, there will be a RECOUNT because of its closeness. We all thought JONATHAN SAIDEL from Philadelphia was going to be the eventual winner. However, after the “election dust” settled, State Rep. (Cont. Page 27)

Yo! Here we go again with this question – do you remember Kilroy? I too have often wondered about Kilroy; now I know. Anyone born in the mid-’30s knew Kilroy, but who the heck was Kilroy? He was James Kilroy from Halifax, Mass. Kilroy was a 46-year-old shipyard worker during World War II. He worked as a checker at the Fore River Shipyard in Quincy, Mass. His job was to go around and check on the number of rivets completed. Riveters were on piecework and got paid by the rivet. Kilroy would count a block of rivets and put a check mark in semi-waxed lumber chalk. When Kilroy went off duty, the riveters would erase the mark. Later on, an off-shift inspector would come through and count the rivets a second time, resulting in double pay for the riveters. One day Kilroy’s boss called him into his office. The foreman was upset about all the wages being paid to riveters, and asked him to investigate. It was then that he realized what had been going on. The tight spaces he had to crawl in to check the rivets didn’t lend themselves to lugging around a paint can and brush, so Kilroy decided to stick with the waxy chalk. He continued to put his checkmark on each job he inspected, but added KILROY WAS HERE in king-sized letters next to the checkmark, and eventually added the sketch of a guy with the long nose peering over the fence. Once he did that, the riveters stopped trying to wipe away his marks. Ordinarily the rivets and chalk marks would have been covered up with paint. With war on, however, ships were leaving the Quincy Yard so fast that there wasn’t time to paint them. As a result, Kilroy’s inspection “trademark” was (Cont. Page 34)

Winners and losers share one thing in common: luck. Whether it’s good luck, bad luck or dumb luck, when combined with timing and fate, anything can happen. With this in mind, my list of the ultimate winners and losers from the May 18 primary are as follows: Ultimate loser: the Philadelphia Daily News made it to the top of the heap, not because of anything they did on Election Day, but because of the incorrectly published post-election results which were quite interesting, to say the least. The results gave large victories to obscure unknown candidates, or gave wins to incumbents, but with very slim margins. A simple mistake or wishful thinking on their part? Although this blunder may seem trivial on the surface, incorrect election results can be embarrassing for candidates and readers who repeat what was written. Bad, bad, bad. Biggest loser: The City of Philadelphia can sum up May 18, 2010 with one word: Ouch! Specter’s loss wasn’t just a loss to our Senior Senator; it will translate to the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in Federal funding to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. All our favorite and much-needed programs are at risk without our guy delivering the goods. You think Philadelphia will get the same attention from Sestak or Toomey? Don’t need a crystal ball to answer that one. Super winner: J.J. Balaban, from Neil Oxman’s The Campaign Group. He’s been on the scene for a long time, but just getting the attention he deserves. You’ll want him on your team if you’re a candidate, but you should be worried if he’s on the other side against you. Pay attention to this one. The ‘no surprises here’ winners: (Cont. Page 34)

The successful Democratic Primary candidate for the US Senate in Pennsylvania, CONGRESSMAN JOE SESTAK, should hire a detective of the quality of Sherlock Holmes to see if he could determine what caused the mysterious disappearance of the avalanche victory Sestak enjoyed over the incumbent SEN. ARLEN SPECTER. When SEN. BARACK OBAMA defeated his colleague JOHN McCAIN for the presidency, it was by a margin of 54 to 46 (eight points), which, in the opinion of most pundits, was a “runaway” victory for Obama. In the Senate election in Pennsylvania, Sestak defeated Specter by a margin of nine points – a crushing defeat. Sestak also won 63 of the 67 counties, losing only in Allegheny, Lackawanna, Luzerne and Dauphin. When LYNDON JOHNSON had his runaway victory in 1964 over the Republican BARRY GOLDWATER, Goldwater won only three counties: Lebanon, Wayne and Snyder – another measure of the enormity of the victory for Sestak. Yet for at least 10 days before the election, the pollsters were strangely silent when it came to putting numbers on the difference in the share of the vote which each of the candidates had. The phrases “neck and neck” and “to close to call” were repeated in different parts of the state by different pollsters. Whether the pollsters lost confidence in their own numbers or couldn’t believe the magnitude of the impending defeat, most of them didn’t underline the wide gap between the candidates. It was peculiar that the pollsters all seemed to have missed the enormity of the defeat. (Cont. Page 27)

Page 19

The election is over and there were a few big surprises. In the races that mean little but were the priority to Elephants throughout the city, City Committee won – big. They took all but two State Committee slots. JIMMY DINTINO, you are Da Man – or perhaps I should say, Da Elephant! Silver-medal Kudos go, however, to JOE DeFELICE and KEVIN KELLY, the only two State Committee-endorsed candidates to win a spot on the Philadelphia County delegation. Had it not been for their prime ballot positions, however, City Committee likely would have swept the races. As for City Committee posts, what does it matter? A rules change a few months back made it virtually impossible for the State Committee team to make any progress. That said, those folks did recruit numerous candidates in minority areas which will be a big boost to the party. An extra few committeepersons in these previously empty divisions could help significantly. The ward battle to watch, however, is in the Northeast’s 65th River Ward. Incumbent WARD LEADER PHIL INNAMORATO took a stance against the status quo several months ago. Ever since then, there’s been a target on his back. City Committee leadership recruited committeepersons in many divisions and found TIM MICHOWSKI to run against Innamorato for leader. Word on the street is at present, Michowski has two more elected committee members. People are waiting on several write-in races where Innamorato has been excelling. This won’t be over anytime soon, but it looks as if it may be the only bright spot for the State Committee supporters. In other news, DEE ADCOCK won nomination to take (Cont. Page 34)

The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Page 20 The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Pacifico Family Continues Scholarship Tradition The Kerry Pacifico family, owners of the well known Ford, Mazda and Hyundai dealerships at the Airport Auto Mall, has again demonstrated its willingness to support area high-school seniors with $1,500 scholarships. This year the selected schools awarded over 35 students partial or full scholarships based on the single criteria requested by the Pacifico Family: the neediest of the smartest. Marking their 46th year of scholarship grants, the Pacifico Family has contributed well over $1.5 million. Making the awards at the Ford agency showroom last week were Kerry T. Pacifico, Sr., president of Pacifico Automotive Organization and Pacifico Family Foundation; his brother Joseph; and his daughter Marie Shorr. The following Philadelphia-area high schools were represented: Academy at Palumbo, John Bartram HS,

SS. John Neumann & Maria Goretti, Communications Technology HS, South Philadelphia HS, Philadelphia HS for Creative & Performing Arts, Philadelphia HS for Business & Technology, Edward W. Bok Technical HS, Motivation HS, Girard Academic Music Program, Horace Howard Furness HS, West Philadelphia HS, Lower Merion HS, University City HS and Overbrook HS. The ceremony was attended by students, parents and school representatives. The scholarships are awarded based upon academic excellence and financial need. The Pacifico Organization, founded in 1954, is located at the Philadelphia Airport Auto Mall and operates Ford, Hyundai and Mazda franchises. The organization also owns Pacifico Airport Valet. Pacifico, who also serves as an honorary director of

Aspite, Inc. Auto Auction Center

7000 State Road • Philadelphia, PA 19135

(215) 335-4884 Fax (215) 333-7793 In accordance with Chapter 73 of the Vehicle Code and authorization of the Department of Transportation, there will be a public auction of the below listed vehicles, THURS, May 27, 2010 @ 10:00 AM. The location: 7000 State Road, Philadelphia, PA. All sales final. Cash only.

STOCK# YEAR MAKE US-3059 US-3173 US-3186 US-3187 US-3196 US-3203 US-3208


2000 1997 1997 1999 1996 1999 1997


V.I.N. 4N2XN11TXXD822644 1GNDT13W8V2213778 4E3AK44Y9VE115057 1G4CW52KOX4617551 1G2HX52K5T4220021 1FTZR15X3XTA03198 KNDJA7234V5542598

KERRY PACIFICO, Sr., announces awards to students and family as Marie Shore and Joe STUDENTS AND PARENTS wait to hear their names called for scholarships granted by Pacifico Family. Pacifico look on. the Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia and is on the Board of THESE kids from Trinity Trustees for the Auto DealPreschool took part in ers CARing for Kids FounPhila.’s Celebration of Law dation, said,”I never cease to Week, learning about jurors. be amazed by the fact these Over 300 students from preyoungsters are so appreciaK through 3rd grade particitive of these grants. After pated as jurors in mock trials every award year, my desk of Fairy Tale stories. Judges gets flooded with letters in the photo include, from telling us how they welleft, Judge Marlene Lachcomed the grants and how man, President Judge Pamela important they were to them Dembe and Administrative to help them in their college Judge D. Webster Keogh. years.”

Drivers: Home Weekends. Lots of Miles up to $.54/mile Excellent Benefits. 401k, Pd Vac CDL-A 2yrs Exp.



Drivers:Owner Ops

868867 871598 871593 871592 871558 871595 872190

Avg $1.15 mi. & Fuel Surcharge. Tractor Trailer. NE Reg. plus OH and Carolinas. Lease on avail. 800-334-1314 X1178.


Never Too Young To Serve

Page 21

The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Page 22 The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Our Opinion ...

We Remember Them All This Memorial Day weekend, we remember particularly two Philadelphians with whom we associated this day and the other patriotic days celebrated by this great country of ours. One was Judge Bill Lederer. A veteran, he served in the State House for several terms and then as a Judge on the Philadelphia Courts. Through his lifetime, he and his wife Marie, who succeeded him in that legislative seat, he initiated and maintained and supervised many of the memorial salutes not only to our service people, but also to the flag we fly. Never was a Flag Day celebration held without the two Lederers being participants. The other was Municipal War Veterans Association Commander George Chavanne, Sr. George, a veteran of World War II, served for over 30 years in Family Court, most of that time in a supervisory role. George was the main force behind the Municipal War Vets which once had a membership in the thousands, limited to only City employees, active and retired, who had served in past and present wars. Though membership ebbed as War II and Korean vets retired or died, Chavanne kept the organization vibrant, each year honoring outstanding political and civic leaders. He also set up several memorial sites, including the one he tenderly nurtured at Moyamensing & Reed. He and his board were everywhere at veterans’ events, side by side with the Lederers. This holiday weekend they will sorely be missed.

Letters • Letters

Who won the Primary Election? We have completed the 2010 Primary Election, but there is still some doubt as to who won. This problem is caused by our current method of determining the winner of an election. In Pennsylvania, we now use a plurality system for deciding who wins. This means a candidate may be able to win an election without earning the vote of at least a majority of the voters. For example, in the Primary Election for a Democratic Party candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania, there were four candidates. On May 18, one candidate was declared “the winner”

with only 45% of the votes. A majority of the voters cast their ballot against “the winner.” In many other countries, including Australian and Ireland, this never could have happened because their “winners” must have at least 50% of the vote. Those countries use a system called Instant Runoff Voting, in which each voter ranks their top three candidates for each elected position. If none of the candidates earns a majority (50%) in the first round, the candidate with the least votes is removed from the ballot and their votes are awarded to the candidate chosen as second by the individual voter.

This process continues until a candidate has earned a majority of votes. Perhaps we should look at another election, which just concluded with even more disastrous results: the Primary Election for a Democratic Party candidate in State House Dist. 194. In this primary, which had five candidates, a winner was declared with only 33% – one third of the votes. This raises a serious problem because two thirds of the voters desired a candidate other than the declared winner. Was there a real winner here? Chris Robinson


May 27- MARC Fundraiser at Curran’s Irish Inn, 6900 State Rd., 6-10 p.m. Tickets $225. Prizes, food, discounted drinks. May 28- PRO-ACT offers free Message & Media Training at 444 N. 3rd St., Suite 307, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. May 29- Special Feast Day Mass featuring music by Italian composers celebrated by Msgr. Charles SanGermano of Norristown at St. Mary Magdalene De Pazzi Ch., 7th & Montrose Sts. 11 a.m, followed by meetand-greet in Columbus House, 712 Montrose St. May 31- Memorial Day Commemoration and wreath laying BODY AND FENDER REPAIR TIRE SERVICE SIMONIZING

A.C. AUTO REPAIRS 2400 E. Somerset Street Philadelphia, PA 19134

Phone: 215-423-2223 Fax: 215-423-5937


PHONE 215-634-9517 BODY SHOP 215-427-0550 FAX 215-427-9296

at Washington Sq. Tomb Of Unknown Soldier, 4 p.m. Jun. 1- Laborers District Council 11th Annual Charity Golf Classic in honor of Samuel Staten, Jr. at Spring Mill C.C., 80 Jacksonville Rd., Ivyland, Pa., 10:30 a.m. shotgun follows breakfast. Proceeds benefit Fox Chase Mesothelioma Fund, Jenkintown Day Nursery and Q’aid Staten Memorial Scholarship Fund. Several levels of competition. For info Dana Blackman Brady (267) 757-0720. Jun. 2- PAPSA Business Expo by 7 large government agencies for minorities/women/disabled at Convention Ctr., 12th & Arch Sts., 8 a.m.-12 m. For info Blair Shaw (215) 6844211. Jun. 3- Seth And The City Reception for DA Seth Williams at Residences at 2 Liberty Pl. Penthouse, 5:30-8 p.m. Contribution levels $50, $100, $250. Dress sharp! RSVP by May 28 to or (610) 8040552. Jun. 3- PRO-ACT hosts Family Program families with addiction problem in a spouse, parent, child or other loved one office at 444 N. 3rd St., 3 consecutive Thursday evenings, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Sessions are

free and confidential—first names only. For info 1 (800) 221-6333. Jun. 3- Sheriff John Green hosts ward leaders at Democratic City Committee, 1421 Walnut St., 12 m. Jun. 5- Bazaar at St. Matthew A.M.E. Ch., 215 N. 57th St., 10 a.m.-4 p.m. For info Frances McBride (215) 7249297. Jun. 5- Elfreth’s Alley’s 75th Annual Fête Day, a celebration of our nation’s oldest residential street, 12-5 p.m. Visitors will be able to tour the Alley’s private homes. Adults $25 in advance, $30 at the door. Jun. 6- Welcoming Center hosts fundraiser celebrating McGillin’s Olde Ale House with ‘Creative Black Tie’ beef&-beer dinner at 1310 Drury St., 6-8 p.m. Tickets $45. For info Katie (215) 557-2845. Jun. 9- Shomrim of Phila. and the Delaware Valley (Police and Fire Org.) hosts 73rd annual Banquet at Har Zion Synagogue, Hagys Ford Rd., Penn Valley, Pa., 6:30-11 p.m. Honoring Joey Vento as “Person Of The Year” and Mindy Marynowitz “Humanitarian Of The Year”. Tickets $75. Hors d’oeuvres, dinner and open bar. Contact Mitchell Spritzler (267) 235-1287.

satisfied customers, provide immediate service to their new- and used-car patrons. Several of them operate their own collision shops, all located adjacent to the dealerships. MAACO is the only independent body repair shop in the mall. Other services supplied include fast oil change, new brakes, tire rotation and other accessory needs. The Auto Mall is also the home of several airport valet services. The most notable among these is Winners Airport Valet. Pete Carrear, Jr., said, “We are lucky to be located so close to the airport and to have the available extra land space needed to service the cars left behind by airport travelers.” Carrear prides himself on the personal valet service offered airport travelers. They get chauffeured to the airport within minutes after arriving at Winner and their vehicles are delivered to them directly within 15 minutes after they notify Winners of their arrival at the gate. Coming to join the Auto Mall dealerships, expected to draw additional thousands to the modern highway, is the long-anticipated Food Distribution Center, which will claim the title of being the largest of its kind in the world. That will open this October.

Not found at the Airport Auto Mall are Cadillacs, Buicks, Lincolns and Mercuries. In fact, not a Cadillac agency can be found in Philadelphia, though Lincoln and Mercury models are available at Chapman Auto Group. Individuals seeking those brands can reach out to Jim Stevenson at (215) 6987000 for quick service.

The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Nestled along one side of Essington Avenue, which begins at the end of the Passyunk Avenue Bridge and proceeds south to the Philadelphia International Airport, is the Airport Auto Mall. The first such mega-auto mall in the history of automobile sales, the Auto Mall will soon be marking the completion of its fourth decade at this site. It is home to 15 major car brands serviced by seven agencies, the oldest of which are Family Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep 5-Star and Pacifico, which has Ford, Mazda and Hyundai. This weekend, each of the agencies will turn their dealerships into a family picnic outing, offering all sorts of refreshments. “It’s the big weekend for car sales,” said Greg Gentile, of Family Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep. “We work here to make the visits of families a fun event, with holiday foods served fresh from the grill.” Other agencies include Piazza Honda, Faulkner Saturn, Suzuki, Value Kia, Chapman Chevrolet and Nissan, and Mitsubishi Acura-Volkswagen. The Auto Mall employees over 1,500 and its taxes to the City and State run well over $1 million each year. The dealers, with long histories and even longer lists of

FAMILY Dodge Chrysler Jeep Agency at Auto Mall delivered an insider’s view of FIAT’s plans for its cars in America at Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum at Airport Auto Mall. Hosting gathering was Italy America Chamber of Commerce of Greater Phila. Speaking to guests was Greg Gentile, left, seen here with Italian Member of Parliament Amato Berardi, Dr. Fred Simeone, and partner Paul Sottile of Family.

Page 23

Philadelphians Enjoy Plenty Fiat Cars Are Coming Soon Of Airport Auto Mall Deals

DiGregorio Top Salesman

PACIFICO FORD ace salesman Rocco DeGregorio will be on hand to welcome visitors to Airport Auto Mall at Pacifico Ford dealership. Rocco and other key salespersons from various agencies will be on hand throughout weekend. Each agency plans picnic fare and other tidbits for those visiting Mall for its new- and used-car special deals this weekend.

The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Page 24

sensus is the City is not business friendly,” said Councilwoman Miller. "I want to change that perception. Small businesses play a major part of Philadelphia’s economy. They create new jobs at a faster rate than their larger competitors. They are a vital part of each and every neighborhood throughout the City.” The first town-hall meeting

was held at Lutheran Seminary. The others are scheduled for: Jun. 7 for businesses in and around the Germantown-Chelten Business District, including Chew Avenue, Wayne

Avenue, Lower Germantown, from 6-8 p.m. at 1st Presbyterian Church of Germantown, 35 W. Chelten Avenue. Jun. 14 for businesses in and around the 22nd & Lehigh

business corridor, 6-8 p.m. at McDonald’s, 2nd Floor Conference Room, 21st & Lehigh. Jun. 28 for businesses in and around the Nicetown/Logan area including all Broad Street busi-

nesses south of Belfield Avenue (within the 8th Council District, 6-8pm, at Porter’s Day Care, 1437 W. Belfield Avenue. Call Michael QuinteroMoore at (215) 686-3424.

Five Wards In Tussle Election wars are not over, as far as five wards are concerned. With claims from both sides they will wind up victorious, the decisions won't be handed down until the City Commissioners rule on which committeepersons were elected in the Primary election. The five wards are all Democratic. They are the 1st, led by Joe Hoffman, Sr.; the 2nd, led by Ed Nesmith; the 33rd, led by Donna Aument; the 51st, led by Vivian Miller; and the 63rd, led by Bernice Hill. Seen leading the challenge

The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller is using town hall meetings throughout the 8th Council Dist. to address the needs of the small businesses owner/operator in regards to working with the City of Philadelphia. “There is an air of frustration in parts of the business community when it comes to dealing with certain City agencies; and the general con-

Page 25

Councilwoman Miller To Meet With 8th Dist. Businesses

in the 1st Ward is Karen Brown, in the 2nd Nick Schmanek, in the 33rd Candido Silva, in the 51st, Gregory Benjamin or Vernon Brown, and in the 63rd Fred Mari. Ward meetings to elect new leaders and ward committees will take place at 8 p.m. around the City at their individual regular meeting places on Monday, Jun. 7. The following Monday, all those elected ward leaders will gather at both the Democrat and Republican City Committee headquarters to elect their leadership.

Freedom is not Always FREE. Please remember Our Men & Women of the Armed Forces this

Mike Stack

Memorial Day. Senator

Page 26 The Public Record • May 27, 2010

od Bless all our Veterans of all our wars. Their willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice has allowed all of us the opportunity to live in the greatest country the world has ever known.


od Bless all our Firefighters and Police whose job it is to protect the fabric of the American way of life. Their dilligence and patience in performing their day to day jobs let us all move about freely without regard to our safety and well being.


od Bless all Americans who live by the thoughts that good is better than evil and right will prevail over wrong.


emorial Day is a Day to remember why, as a country, we are so great and a day and the time to thank the people that made us so great. IN UNITY, THE INTERNATIONAL LONGSHOREMEN’S ASSOCIATION - LOCAL 1291

Sincerely and In Unity, President- Boise Butler III Vice- President — Jack Hatty Secretary Treasurer — Martin Mascuilli Business Agents - John Lafferty / Darryl Larke / Sonny Howlett Recording Secretary — Rozell Randolph Trustee — Michael Brennan and John Mulgrew Sargent-at -Arms — Virgil James and Keith Browning

Attorneys are both board certified by the American Bankruptcy Certification Board. Chapters 7/13 & Stop foreclosures, creditors harassments, lawsuits, garnishments, and sheriff sales.

We are a debt-relief agency 1500 Walnut Street • Suite 900 Philadelphia, PA 19102


WWW.MRCHUBBYS.COM – now! Hey, if it’s going to be “A FREEBEE”, I’ll go with you! He wants to know if you wrote any more of your books; he’d like to buy them. SNOOPER SCOOPER: This comes from a very reliable source and it concerns our former District Attorney. Get READY FOR HER once again, because she will definitely be running for A TOP OFFICE very soon too. Question – would I be too far wrong if I were to suggest A RUN FOR MAYOR? Someone else who was with me suggested possibly our next ATTORNEY GENERAL.

This would be a great choice for her; after all, look at all the judicial experience this young woman possesses. BOSS, help me out here, because I know you know more about it than I do, especially all the politics involved. The ‘bottom line’ is she is definitely ready to go. The only question is what OFFICE will she be seeking? Tell me BOSS! SNOOPER’S HARRISBURG BUREAU: Watched my favorite State Representative, HON. JOHN TAYLOR, very busy co-sponsoring a very important piece of legislation. I found out he wants to establish a HUMAN TRAFFICKING

HOTLINE because whether you know it or not, human trafficking also exists here in PHILADELPHIA. Taylor stated, “This hotline allows callers to report all tips, connect with local anti-trafficking services, request training and technical assistance and, finally, receive very important general information. Not only does this exist here in our City, but also in many of our Nation’s Cities and smaller Communities”. Victims of these human traffickers experience both physical and emotional abuse and, I might add, are raped; even their family members may be threatened.

City Hall Sam

SEN. TONY WILLIAMS received most of his campaign money from five individuals who were interested in charter schools. In the Northeast wards in Philadelphia, Williams, who was endorsed by the Democratic organization, made a decent showing among white voters. The Northeast ward that was the top vote-getter for Williams was STATE SEN. MIKE STACK’S 58th Ward. In the case of Specter, Stack’s ward was second only to

JOHN SABATINA’S 56th Ward, by 59 votes. Sestak ran very well in the Northeast wards. In fact, in several of the wards only 100 to 200 votes separated the two candidates. Popular Philadelphia exCONTROLLER JONATHAN SAIDEL ran very well in the Northeast where, once again, Mike Stack’s ward was his number-one vote producer. In the race to oppose STATE REP. JOHN PERZEL, KEVIN BOYLE handily defeated TIM KEARNEY and

DANIEL COLLINS. His total exceeded the combined total of the other two. For US Congress, PATRICK MURPHY, candidate for reelection got approximately 1,200 votes in the 66th Ward and 800 votes in 58th Ward for a total of slightly over 2,000 votes. CONGRESSWOMAN ALLYSON SCHWARTZ, who was running in the balance of the wards in the Northeast, obtained almost 19,000 votes.

(Cont. From Page 19) On another subject, namely the Governor’s race, once again the Democratic Party candidates from the western part of the state all did well. For Governor, both DAN ONORATO and JACK WAGNER ran quite well. The newspapers in the western part of the state are anxious to speak in positive terms of candidates from their neck of the woods, whereas newspapers in the eastern parts of the state seemed to be taking a negative position with regard to candidates from their end. It is understandable that the media, which makes a nice dollar from political advertising, is not going to be critical of the fact STATE Phone: 302-475-4040 Email:

Nora Truscello is a psychic consultant, lecturing and teaching in the paranormal field. Integrity is Key to my reputation.

“How to Tap into Your Intuition” classes Upon completion of these 4 classes,you will be able to Tap Into Your own Intuition. You will: Sense, feel and read energy around a person’s body (scanning the aura). Read energy off an object (psychometry) Exploration at a distance (remote viewing) Trust your instincts and find ways to use these gifts in your daily life Given the intensity of these classes the size is limited to 8 people. Four Thursdays in June 7:00-8:30 PM join me, in my Wilmington DE home, for a basic down to earth training that will leave you understanding and being able to use your own psychic ability. Tuition: $95.00 My home is within 5 minutes of I-95 and Naamans Road To Register call 302-475-4040 or email Provide your name, contact number and a brief description of why you are interested in taking these classes. I meditate upon all applicants names before making a decision on who should participate. This helps to insure those most ready for this experience are chosen. All important decisions are best done with meditation.

Termination of Parental Rights in the Court of Common Pleas of PHILADELPHIA County, Pennsylvania Family Court Case May Term, 2010, No. 90006 To: Luis Rivera (or any unknown birthfathers oft Bryan Amir Santana, Jr. A petition has been filed asking the Court to put an end to all rights you have to your child Bryan Amir Santana, Jr., who was born on May 13, 2008 in Temple Hospital, Philadelphia, PA. The Court has set a hearing to consider ending your rights to your child. That hearing will be held in Courtroom No. “O” before Hon_Olszewski at PHILADELPHIA County Courthouse, 1801 Vine Street, Philadelphia, Pa, on June 1, 2010 at 11:00 am. You are warned that even if you fail to appear at the scheduled hearing, the hearing will go on without you and your rights to your child may be ended by the Court without your being present. You have a right to be represented at the hearing by a lawyer. You should take this paper to your lawyer at once. If you do not have a lawyer or cannot afford one, go to or telephone the office set forth below to find out where you can get legal help. You are also warned that if you fail to file either an acknowledgment of paternity or claim of paternity pursuant to 23 Pa. C.S.A. Sec. 5103, and fail to either appear at the hearing to object to the termination to your rights or file written objection to such termination with the Court prior to the hearing your rights may also be terminated under Pa. C.S.A. Sec. 2503(d) and Sec. 2504(c) or Sec. 2511 (a )(#J of the Adoption Act. Contact immediately the Law Offices of Jay H. Ginsburg, at 527 Swede St., Norristown, PA 19401 (610-277-1999), or: Lawyer Referral & Information Service 1101 Market Street, 11th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19107 Telephone: 215-238-6333

SNOOPER’S SPECIAL MEMO: Chief, this one is for the popular WAFFLEMAN. Yo Waffleman, I got to meet one of your ardent fans. In fact, he told us he bought all your books and guess what? HE LOVED THEM – ALL OF THEM! Chief, he calls himself “MISTER CHUBBY”. This is actually the name of his little restaurant, located at 8312 State Road. Mr. Waffleman, this gentleman would like you to stop by and see him. He’ll even BUY you breakfast while you are there. Hey, make sure you call him at (215) 708-8601 or

The Public Record • May 27, 2010

(Cont. From Page 19) Scott Conklin came out the winner, but by the smallest margin ever. SAIDEL got over 35% of all the votes, while Conklin came in with 35.4%; doesn’t get any closer than this one. The winner, whoever comes out of the RECOUNT with more votes, will team up with DAN ONORATO, who is his Party’s Gubernatorial Candidate. More to come SNOOPER’S EMAIL SERVICES: This comes from a very upset individual and he is particularly upset

with the Mayor (get in line). He wants to know who the Mayor thinks he is; after all, he is NO DOCTOR. Why do we all need him, of all people, to tell us what to drink, or not to drink? I suggest he look at himself before he tries to tell others what to do. I told you before his so-called “soda tax” would not fly, even City Council wasn’t going to buy it (excuse the pun). I’m sick and tired of his constantly threatening us with cutting our services that we pay for, and I think it’s about time HE just shut up. Mr. Mayor, why don’t you just practice what you preach? The city has a budget, and it’s YOURS!

Page 27


The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Page 28

Page 29

The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Page 30 The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Lyme Disease Season Starts Now

More than 3,000 Pennsylvanians get Lyme disease every year. To get the disease, you have to be bitten by an infected deer tick. Watch where you walk. Ticks prefer wooded and bushy

areas with high grass and a lot of leaves. Take extra precautions in May, June, and July. This is when ticks that transmit Lyme disease are most active. If you do enter a tick area, walk

by Michael A. Cibik, Esq. American Bankruptcy Board Certified Question: Adversary proceedings in bankruptcy: What are they? Answer: An adversary proceeding is essentially a case within a case. It’s a lawsuit within your case about something related to the bankruptcy case. All this is a little abstract, so let me give you a common example of a typical adversary proceeding in a consumer bankruptcy case. Let’s say that you obtained a large cash advance prior to filing your case. Maybe you didn’t know you’d be filing bankruptcy and were trying to get some money to pay your mortgage, or to prevent your car from being repossessed. The card issuer, however, might not see it that way if you borrowed $5,000 in the form of a cash advance only a few months prior to filing bankruptcy. The credit-card issuer would then have to make the decision whether to file a complaint – an adversary proceeding – to ask the court to determine whether you incurred the debt fraudulently. The litigation following would be the adversary proceeding. Like any other litigation, there would be a

complaint, an answer, discovery – where documents, witness lists, and information are exchanged, and perhaps even depositions. And after all that, there would be a trial. At the trial, the Judge would determine if you committed fraud when you obtained the cash advance.

in the center of the trail to avoid contact with overgrown grass, brush, and leaves. Keep ticks off your skin. Use insect repellent with 20%-30% DEET on exposed skin and clothing to prevent tick bites. Wear long pants, long sleeves, and long socks to keep ticks off your skin.

Check your skin and clothes for ticks every day. If a tick is attached to your skin for less than 24 hours, your chance of getting Lyme disease is extremely small. But just to be safe, monitor your health closely after a tick bite and be alert for any signs and symptoms of tick-borne illness.

(215) 908-1963

Roofing, Siding and Windows

FICITIOUS NAME NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN FICITIOUS NAME NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to the provisions of Act of Assembly No. 295 effective March 16, 1983 of intention to file in the office of the Department of the State of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at Harrisburg Pennsylvania an application for the conduct of a business in Montgomery County Pennsylvania, under the assumed fictitious name style or designation of Real Property Capital, Inc. with its principal place of business at 75 E. Butler Pike, Ambler PA 19002. The names and addresses of all persons owning or interested in said business are: Robert B. Green, 8303 Crittenden Street Philadelphia PA 19118. The application has been filed on or after the 7th day of May 2010.

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The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Page 32 The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Gleason Bugs Sestak’s White House Deal (Cont. From Page 15) Democratic nominee for Congress in the 7th Dist., has challenged his opponent, attorney Pat Meehan, to honor his word and schedule a “vigorous series of debates.” Meehan has told his supporters in an email he looks forward to setting up “a vigorous series of debates” with Lentz. “I will debate Pat Meehan any time, any place, anywhere,” said Lentz.

Local Tea Party Credits Toomey With Beating Specter

The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC, the only Federally registered Tea Party PAC in the tri-state area, has claimed victory in the Pennsylvania Primary for its endorsements of Pat Toomey and eight other winning Congressional candidates. “Pat Toomey’s victory was solid,” said PAC VP for Pennsylvania Sean Carpenter. “Toomey should also be given credit for Arlen

Specter’s defeat last night. “When Toomey announced his intentions to seek the Republican Nomination for US Senate last year, Specter became unhinged and quit the Republican Party. That sealed his fate,” said Carpenter. “Toomey literally chased Specter out of the US Senate.” The PAC endorsed 11 Congressional candidates, nine of whom survived the Primary. They are Pat Toomey, Jim Gerlach (PA-6), Pat Meehan (PA-7), Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-8), Lou Barletta (PA-11), Tim Burns (PA-12), Charlie Dent (PA15), Dave Argall (PA-16) and Joe Pitts (PA-17). In the 12th Congressional Dist. Special Election, Tea Partier Tim Burns lost to Democrat Mark Critz but he did win the Republican Primary. “The 12th was a mixed bag for us,” said Carpenter. “We endorsed Burns and contributed to his campaign. He won and lost. We’ll have a

second shot at that race in November. “The important thing is we are poised to pick-up four Congressional seats in the Southeast region of this state,’” he said. “If Meehan, Argall, Fitzpatrick and Barletta win in the fall, and we hold the Gerlach and Dent seats, we will be well on our way to ‘taking back Congress’ and firing Nancy Pelosi.” The PAC will be endorsing candidates in both the New Jersey and Delaware Primaries to be held later this year. The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC’s Board is comprised of representatives from 15 Congressional Districts in the tri-state (Penna./N.J./Del.) region.

Rooney Sounds Hopeful Note Pennsylvania Democrat Party Chairman T.J. Rooney released the following statement regarding the gubernatorial primaries:

“I’m excited to congratulate Allegheny Co. Executive Dan Onorato on winning the Democratic primary for Governor. We had a great field of candidates this year – a true testament to the strength of the Democratic Party in Pennsylvania. Dan has demonstrated solid leadership in Western Pennsylvania, and I look forward to him leading Pennsylvania ahead next year. “As for the Republican primary, it’s no surprise Tom Corbett won after the Republican establishment all but cleared the field for him, but Pennsylvania Republicans certainly haven’t chosen the principled candidate. If Corbett is willing to politicize his position as our Attorney General for his own personal gain, I shudder to think what he would do as Governor. It’s amazing he was able to get this far in the election process with little more than empty rhetoric and generic talking points. I just have one question for Mr. Corbett: Will we get to see your plan before

November or will you be ‘still investigating’ every issue until after Election Day?”

Dems’ Strategy Hang Wall St. On Toomey New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez, who heads the national Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, was quick to hail the nomination of Sestak to oppose Toomey in the fall General Election. “Tonight Pennsylvania Democrats nominated Joe Sestak, a former Naval Officer who has proven he takes a back seat to nobody when it comes to shaking-up Washington and taking on the establishment. Joe, an energetic campaigner, has a compelling personal profile and a message of change that resonates with voters, especially in this political environment,” said Menendez as Sestak’s victory became clear. “Democrats enter the General Election season with a number of advantages. Democrats enjoy a 14% partyregistration advantage, with

1.2 million more Democrats than Republicans. Four million new Democrats registered in 2008. President Obama carried Pennsylvania by double digits. Gov. Rendell and Sen. Casey remain well liked. “With far less fanfare, Republicans today nominated a former Wall Street executive who made his money trading derivatives.”

Correction Dintino Winner Jim Dintino, longtime Republican Leader of the 26th Ward, and recently appointed Executive Director of the Republican City Committee, was among the 12 who won Delegate seats to the Republican State Committee. An earlier story, last week, based on first results from the Dept. of State, had him in the losers column. His vote total was 5,174.

Page 33 The Public Record • May 27, 2010



The Public Record • May 27, 2010

Page 34

Out & About (Cont. From Page 19) To be honest, I’d like to know that too. Personally, I don’t care what kinds of inducements folks made to get Sestak out of the race, or at least I wouldn’t have if he didn’t bring it up. But since you brought it up, Mr. Sestak, you should let us know if for no other reason but Republicans are going to bring it up every chance they get now the November Senate race is set. Otherwise, you probably shouldn’t have brought it up. Let that be a lesson to you, Joe: Don’t let your mouth write a check that your butt can’t cash. I’ll end this column with a little bit about how I spent my birthday. One of my friends from my WRTI days, Jeff Winokur, is, of all things, an assistant principal at the Forrest ES in Northeast Philadelphia. I got a note from him via my Facebook page inviting me to the school’s annual Career Day. During the Career Day, the students get exposed to people who do all kinds of things from farmers, to nurses, to zoologists, to dentists to, well, me.

Elephant Corner (Cont. From Page 19) on ALLYSON SCHWARTZ in the 13th Dist. and MIKE FITZPATRICK was easily successful in his attempt at a rematch with CONGRESSMAN PATRICK MURPHY. There is little exciting in our State House races other than STATE REP. JOHN PERZEL’S taking over 70% of his Primary vote in spite of his looming corruption trial. STATE REPS. DENNY O’BRIEN and JOHN TAYLOR both avoided write-in

Waffleman (Cont. From Page 20) seen by thousands of servicemen who boarded the troopships the yard produced. His message apparently rang a bell with the servicemen, because they picked it up and spread it all over Europe and the South Pacific. Before the wars end,”Kilroy” had been here, there, and everywhere on the long haul to Berlin and Tokyo. To the unfortunate troops

The Career Day was scheduled for 8:30 a.m. on May 24, this past Monday, which was also my birthday. Normally, I try to do as little as possible on my birthday. I sleep in, watch any totally mindless thing that I can on television, and hang out with friends and my Significant Other for dinner, a movie, or any other fun pursuit we can come up with. But since I couldn’t think of a better way to start my birthday than spending it discussing journalism and why I love it with a bunch of kids, I decided to accept Jeff’s invitation. I had a blast. It was great talking with the kids and telling them about my adventures in journalism. They were especially interested in (a) did they x-ray my glasses at the Inauguration? and (b) is Ryan Howard as big as he looks on television? (That’s yes on both questions, by the way.) So, I want to say a big thank you to Jeff, to the teachers and staff at Forrest, and especially to the kids. Hanging out with all of you for a few hours was probably the best birthday present that I could have given myself.

City’s Home To 400 Centenarians

ELDEST of seniors attending annual May celebration of Centenarians in City is Anna Henderson, 110, seen here with Mayor Michael Nutter. Born in Georgia, she was joined by her sister Lillian McClammy in 2008 Mayor’s Centenarians Celebration. She loves city politics and votes Photo by Tony Webb, Office of the City Representative regularly.

OLDEST man in attendance at Mayor's 10th annual Centenarian Celebration was Lazar Ayzman, 105, from Mayfair. He was highly decorated captain in Russian military, participated in Russian Revolution, and in 1936 was imprisoned by Joseph Stalin. Photo by Tony Webb, Office of the City Representative


races for the Democratic nominations and will run opposed in the November General Election. PAT TOOMEY and TOM CORBETT easily fought off challenges from the right to become our nominees for US Senate and Governor respectively. Oh, and “…my change in party will enable me to get reelecteeeeeed” SEN. ARLEN SPECTER lost! That fellow was getting to be a big bug in my big ear. How nice to flap him out at least. See some of ya down the Shore this weekend!

(Cont. From Page 19) Louise Williams Bishop. Was there ever any doubt against Will What’s-HisName? Name-dropping and campaign work from 20 years ago don’t count. Neither does saying you have endorsements from prominent politicos (who were actually backing the other candidate). This is a textbook example for future candidates under the ‘don’t let this happen to you’ chapter. Vanessa Brown. Sharif, Sharif, Sharif. We like you, but voters don’t seem to. We’re starting to lose track of races and offices, but have just one piece of advice: If you’re going to do it again, it’s got to stick! Vanessa was no slouch (as some assumed), and although you did take her seriously, it wasn’t enough. We wish you both well; there is room for

outbound in those ships, however, he was a complete mystery. All they knew for sure was that some jerk named Kilroy had “been there first.” As a joke, US servicemen began placing the graffiti wherever they landed, claiming it was already there when they arrived. Kilroy became the US super-GI who had always “already been” wherever GIs went. It became a challenge to place the logo in the most unlikely places imaginable. It is

said to be atop Mt. Everest, the Statue of Liberty, the underside of the Arc De Triumphe, and even scrawled in the dust on the moon. And as the war went on, the legend grew. In 1945, an outhouse was built for the exclusive use of Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill at the Potsdam conference. The first person inside was Stalin, who emerged and asked his aide (in Russian), “Who is Kilroy?” So now you know!

everyone under our tent! Michelle Brownlee and Pam DeLissio. Stevie Wonder saw these wins coming, but our advice to both is simple: No more being a wallflower. If you’re going to represent, then represent! Chaka Fattah. Largest vote-getter in the Common-

wealth of Pennsylvania, and (we hope) our very own Appropriations Chairman in Congress. This may be our answer to losing Specter. Pay attention to this one, people. Bob Brady. Our Chairman Congressman kept the party unified; those wanting

to do other candidates were welcome to do so, but with only a small part of the Chairman’s funds. No more full payout for partial loyalty, as it should be. Winners and losers don’t just happen on Election Day…. Stay tuned, as there is more to come!


Philadelphia Regional Port Authority

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY A Promising Future By Championing the Channel-Deepening Project And Substantial Port Expansion

Once Again, We Thank Gov. Ed Rendell For Giving Our Port A Great Opportunity And

John H. Estey, Esq. Chairman

James T. McDermott, Jr. Executive Director

Robert C. Blackburn

Senior Deputy Executive Director

John F. Dempsey

Deputy Executive Director Administrative Offices: 3460 N. Delaware Ave. 2nd Fl., Phila., PA 19134 (215) 426-2600 • Fax (215) 426-6800

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The Public Record • May 27, 2010

The Public Record • May 27, 2010

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Philadelphia Global Beer Expo: Featuring a host of great beers from around the world, the global beer expo brings the best of non-local beers to Philadelphia. $45 per person; 12 noon to 3 p.m. and 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.; Simeone Automotive Museum, 6825 Norwitch Drive. Saturday, Jun. 5: International Great Beer Expo: An international beer tasting event that highlights more than 50 brewers and more than 100 beers from such diverse countries as Belgium, Japan and the U.S. $45 per person in advance; $60 per person at the door; 12:30-4 p.m. and 5:30-9 p.m.; Philadelphia Cruise Terminal at the Navy Yard, 5100 S. Broad Street. Saturday, Jun. 5: German Bierfest: A familyfriendly day of outdoor beer tasting with a host of German and German-style beers. $30 per person; 12 noon; German Society Of Pennsylvania, 611 Spring Garden Street. Sunday, Jun. 6: Smoke

‘Em If Youse Got ‘Em: An indoor/outdoor beer-andBBQ extravaganza hosted by Yards Brewing Co., with 30+ smoked beers, food from 15 amateur BBQ chefs and additional catered goodies from Tommy Gunn’s and Percy Street Barbecue. The Jazz Horses and the Kevin Hanson Trio will provide musical entertainment. $50 per person; 1 p.m.; Yards Brewing Co., 901 N. Delaware Avenue. Thursday, Jun. 10: Forum Of The Gods: An informal panel discussion featuring some of the biggest names in beer culture. $25 per person; 3 p.m.; Johnny Brenda’s Upstairs, Frankford & Girard Avenues. Friday, Jun. 11: East vs. West Exotic Beer Tasting: A sampling event that pits East Coast and West Coast breweries against each other, with limited vintage aged brews and brewers’ favorites featured. Live music and hors d’oeuvres will round out this event. $60 per person; 7

Len Lear p.m.; Stoudt’s Brewery, 2800 N. Reading Road, Adamstown, Pa. Saturday, Jun. 12: 20th Annual Michael Jackson Tutored Tasting: This year’s “Beer as Art”-themed tastings will be led by renowned expert Randy Mosher and will include a one-hour tutored tasting followed by open sessions with 50+ beers. $50 per person; 12 noon-3 p.m.; also 4-7 p.m.; also 8-11 p.m.; HeadHouse Restaurant, 122 Lombard Street.

Sunday, Jun. 13: 2nd Annual Zythos America: Belgium’s greatest beer event comes to Philadelphia for the second year, with more than a dozen of that country’s top brewers scheduled to appear. $65 per person; 12 noon-3 p.m. and 4-7 p.m., Penn Museum, 3260 South Street. PBW is an annual celebration of beer culture that includes tastings in neighborhood taprooms of locally crafted brews, educational offerings such as guided tastings and lectures and prix-fixe beer-pairing dinners across the region. The largest event of its kind in the nation, it was spawned a host of similar events across the country and remains, in its third year, the premier beer festival in America, set in “America’s Best Beer-Drinking City.” For general information about Philly Beer Week, including the ever-expanding schedule of events and list of participants, visit

The Public Record • May 27, 2010

by Len Lear The third annual Philly Beer Week, which celebrates the region’s rising beer culture, has just announced this year’s list of beer festivals – nine in all — from Jun. 4 to 13. New this year is the “Forum of the Gods,” a spirited afternoon of beer talk, beer drinking and big names in brewing, with all proceeds going to benefit PBW. Over 180 bars, restaurants and breweries will host over 865 events during Philly Beer Week this year. The Forum will be held on Thursday, Jun. 10, 2-5 p.m., at Johnny Brenda’s, Frankford & Girard Avenues in Fishtown. Tickets are available now online at and are $25 per person, which includes beer from

each of the four participating speakers. The panel will include: Jim Koch of Boston Beer and Samuel Adams; Phil Markowski of Southampton Publick House; Tom Kehoe of Yards Brewing and Wendy Yuengling of D.G. Yuengling & Son. The forum will be moderated by PBW Executive Director Don “Joe Sixpack” Russell. Other major events will include: Friday, Jun. 4: Opening Tap: The kickoff to Philly Beer Week. This is the best — and only — way to experience the region’s incredibly diverse beer-drinking culture in one place at one time; representatives of 31 area breweries will showcase their best offerings and beers made for Philly Beer Week. $40 per person; 7:30 p.m.; Independence Visitor Center, 6th & Market Streets. Saturday, Jun. 5:

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Head to hoppy-est Philly Beer Week yet

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Happy Memorial Day

The Public Record • May 27, 2010

From The Staffs of the Philadelphia Public Record and The South Philadelphia Public Record

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The Public Record • May 27, 2010

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