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September 18, 2008

Columbus Day’s Alive And Well! Notwithstanding rumors to the contrary, the annual Philadelphia Columbus Day Parade will be held on Sunday, Oct. 12. Making that announcement were City Council President Anna C. Verna and State Sen. Vincent J. Fumo, co-chairs of the 51-year-old parade, and Parade Marshal Cavaliere Severino Verna. The parade is the highlight of festivities commemorating explorer Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America. It was reported the parade might face a cancellation due to the fact a State grant had not come through. However, when the word got out, donations began coming in to make up the shortfall, said President Verna. “Everyone is proud to be an Italian on Columbus Day,” said the President. “What would Columbus Day be without the Parade?” Her husband, Cavaliere Sevy Verna, has marshaled the

CONNIE STEVENS star on Broad street

parade from its inception, insuring its orderly and entertaining progress down S. Broad Street. Daily media stories reported the Columbus Day Parade was facing the ax due to loss of State funding, threatening a unique Philadelphia tradition that began in 1957. It has been literally the kickoff fall campaign for both Republican and Democratic city and State elected officials and candidates, all who march at the head of the parade after convening at JNA Catering School at Broad & Federal Streets. Connie Stevens (born Concetta Rosalie Anna Ingoglia), distinguished actress, television, Broadway and recording star, and successful entrepreneur, has agreed to serve as grand marshal of this year’s parade. (Cont. Page 17)

Port Sets Day Tonnage Record Rubin Is Endorsed For Pension Board The Port of Philadelphia has been setting tonnage records over the past decade, but this week shattered the one for a single ship’s tonnage of import and export cargo. Setting the new record was the Rickmers New Orleans v 237, which accounted for a total tonnage of 9,770.037 metric tons. Handling that cargo were Tioga Pier and the Delaware River Stevedores, the terminal’s operator, which is celebrating its 100th year of service. The ship unloaded 5,671.878 metric tons and took on cargo totaling 4,098.159 in metric tons. According to Robert Palaima, CEO of Delaware River Stevedores, “This is a record we intend to break and it’s a sign the Port of Philadelphia is surely becoming the ‘other port’ for shippers seeking to transport cargo in a hurry.” “Our turnaround time is phenomenal,” said Palaima, whose DRS traces its lineage over the past 100 years to some of the Port’s legendary shipping companies, back in the days when over 4,000 longshoremen worked the river front. Palaima, now 54, took (Cont. Page 17)

RICKMERS New Orleans set new tonnage record last week for Port of Philadelphia at Tioga Pier, as DRS stevedores unloaded and then reloaded ship with export cargo.

The one election that has the City’s thousands of employees talking and casting their ballots is not the Presidential election. On their front burner is the election for the Philadelphia Board of Pensions and Retirement. Ballots have gone out by mail to the almost 25,000 City employees who qualify by virtue of the fact they are civil-service employees. Those ballots must be returned by Oct. 10. The employees are represented by DC 47 and 33 as well as FOP Lodge 5 and Firefighters Local 22 and members of DC 47 and 33. However, they (Cont. Page 17)

Bill Rubin …Board Vice Chair

Stack Closes Office Because Landlord Hires Non-Union State Sen. Michael Stack has closed his Bridesburg office to show his support for union labor. The Senator found his landlord had contracted nonunion labor to do a major refurbishing of the building at 2644 LeFevre Street in which his Bridesburg office is located.

Stack, who has authored and cosponsored 46 pro-union bills during his tenure as Senator of the 5th Dist., said he immediately contacted the landlord, urging him to rescind the contract and go with union labor instead. The landlord refused and Stack

ordered the closing of his office. “I found I still was stuck with a lease, but I closed the office anyway. I definitely will not renew with a landlord whose actions indicate he is against hiring union contractors.” Stack has instructed his staff to

find another location to relocate his office in Bridesburg. The Senator, who is on the short list as Democratic chair on the Appropriations Committee, has long been considered to be among the strong union supporters in the State Senate.

Taubenberger Vs. Value Assessment, FOP Endorses Brendan’s Crime Plan

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The Public Record • September 18, 2008

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Republican legislative candidate Matt Taubenberger has pledged to "oppose any attempt by the city's Board of Revision of Taxes to conduct a full-value reassessment of all residential properties in Philadelphia." His opponent in the hotlycontested race for the 170th House Dist. vacated by retiring State Rep. George Kenney, Democrat Brendan Boyle, has picked up support for his plan to curb crime. During a press conference where he was joined by a number of local homeowners, Taubenberger said, "a fullvalue reassessment will send

property taxes through the roof in Northeast Philadelphia. Already-overtaxed homeowners – many of them seniors on fixed incomes – will have to make tough choices in order to keep their homes. "With joblessness on the rise and food and fuel prices going up, and Mayor Nutter's recent announcement of an anticipated $450 million deficit for the next five years, we must be very careful not to do anything that could plunge us into a citywide economic downturn," he said. Taubenberger continued, "If it is not broken, why are we trying to fix it? Nothing

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MATT Taubenberger, joined by homeowner Barry McTough, promises to fight full-value assessment increase. could do more harm to our current economic situation – our current quality of life in our neighborhoods and our future progress – than a fullvalue reassessment of all residential properties in Philadelphia." According to an analysis conducted by the City Controller's office, a citywide fullvalue reassessment will send local property taxes through the roof in every neighborhood in Northeast Philadelphia. In Somerton the current average tax bill of $2,137 would jump to $4,395. In Rhawnhurst property taxes would double from $1,701 to $3,635. Fox Chase homeowners would see their taxes increase from

BRENDAN BOYLE is “the man we need in Harrisburg,” says Mayor Michael Nutter, right, as he endorses Boyle for his House District race at FOP Senior Home in Somerton, backed by FOP President John McNesby, left.

$1,852 to $4,200. In Bustleton property taxes would increase to $4,496 from the current average of $2,109. Pennypack would go from $1,734 to $3,818 and in Mayfair property taxes would more than double from $1,230 to $2,711. State Rep. Candidate Brendan Boyle is promoting a comprehensive 3-point plan to fight crime. It calls for hiring more police officers, increasing the budget for the Witness Protection Program and ending parole for repeat violent offenders. “I put together this proposal after extensive talks with the police, other law enforcement officials, and the DA’s

Please join me on Friday, October 3 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. for the 2008 Senior Expo. The Senior Expo will take place at the PA Army National Guard Armory located at 2700 Southampton Road (corner of Roosevelt Boulevard and Southampton Road), Philadelphia, Pa. Representatives from many state agencies and community organizations will be present to provide you with information. The organizations include SEPTA, the PA Lottery, City Agencies, Hospitals, and many other health and housing organizations. Refreshments will be provided. If you have any questions, please call my office at 215-695-1020.

Parkwood Shopping Center 12361 Academy Road, Phila., PA 19154, 215-281-2539 8016 Bustleton Avenue Philadelphia PA 19152 215-695-1020 2644 LeFevre St. • Phila., PA 19137 215-744-5361 Open Mon. - Fri. 9:00 AM - 5 PM

Sen.Mike Stack

office,” said Boyle, who has already been endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police. “The plan is comprehensive and will help us tackle the crime problem from many different angles,” Boyle asserted. The Boyle Crime Plan has already won the backing of the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police. In announcing its support for the Boyle Plan, John McNesby, president of the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police, said, “It’s a great plan. It is wellthought-out and makes sense.” McNesby added, “We were very impressed with Brendan’s knowledge of the issues when we interviewed him. Brendan will be a great State Representative when it comes to fighting crime.” Building Trades Endorse Wagner The Pennsylvania State Building and Construction Trades Council announced its endorsement of Auditor General Jack Wagner for reelection to a second term. The Council, an affiliate of the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, represents 96,000 active and retired construction workers and their families across the Commonwealth. Thanking the union, Wagner said he was excited about continuing to fight for Pennsylvania families.

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No one forgets when someone admitted to having a psychiatric diagnosis – especially when it is made into a public record.


The hard truth is that no one will look at you as mentally stable anymore, Anthony. A psychiatric diagnosis can limit your rights and can be used against you in the future.

To City, State and Government Employees, Union Members, Hospital Employees. Must Show ID and Copy of Ad. Space Available For Office And Holiday Parties

Vern Anastasio stated under oath that your psychiatric condition ‘will continue.” The Philadelphia Police and every local mental health center will be notified by this very troubling admission.

The Public Record • September 18, 2008

No one’s mental illness should be made public, but this is what your brother and lawyer, Vern Anastasio did when he filed a $100,000.00 lawsuit on your psychiatric problems. You, Anthony admitted in this public document that you have “mental anguish” and ‘severe emotional trauma – this puts your family, employees and customers at “Anthony’s Coffeehouse’ and “Anthony’s Chocolate house’ at the Italian Market AT RISK.

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page 4 The Public Record • September 18, 2008

Parole System Is Starving by Tony West Probation and parole are the starved sisters of the criminal-justice system. Although 70% of the “prison” population at any given time is actually on probation, parole offices get only 10% of the funding. Pennsylvania’s prison population has increased fivefold since 1980. At any given time, most offenders are on probation or parole. Spending on police and prisons, which are extremely costly per offender, has skyrocketed to keep pace. Spending on probation officers, by contrast, has been pinched even as their caseloads exploded. This is bad for public safety, a group of Senators in Harrisburg argue. By spending pennies instead of dollars, they say, effective probation and parole programs can help break the vicious cycle of recidivism and rearrest. At a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee in City Hall last week, State Sens. Shirley Kitchen, Jay Acosta, Stewart Greenleaf and Mike Stack heard testimony from budget experts, lawyers and seasoned probation officers. What they heard dismayed them. Probation officers are in crisis, Kitchen charged bluntly. “Unmanageable caseloads lead to inadequate supervision and poor services,” she said. “If we are to improve the prison system, we must look at every aspect of it.” High caseloads are part of the problem. The average probation officer’s caseload statewide is 163, estimated Angus Love of the Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project. Those numbers would be tolerable only if all were low-risk offenders. But offenders whose lives are complicated by substance abuse or lack of education, employment and housing – which are common problems in this population – need much lower ratios of supervision, 20:1 or 50:1, Love testified. Even worse than high workloads is the high turnover in most parole offices. The cause is simple, said AFSCME Local 810 President

‘OUTSIZED probation caseloads lead to increased revolving-door costs in the prison system,” charged State Sen. Shirley Kitchen in hearing at City Hall, where she was joined by colleagues Jay Acosta and Stewart Greenleaf. Louise Carpino: lousy pay for officers. That’s especially true in Philladelphia, she said. “The starting pay is not bad,” she explained. “But probation officers max out at $49,800. There’s no career track here.” They are paid less than City social workers, although they tend to have more education. As a result, officers routinely defect to the Federal system or to other publicsafety careers. That leads to constant staffing gaps and uncovered caseloads, as well as huge and costly training budgets. In the process, admitted Carpino, “Many offenders slip through the cracks.” Philadelphia also suffers from a misguided centralization into one Center City parole office. Parolees may only be seen there 10 minutes a month. Its cramped cubicles and hideous lines make meaningful supervision next to impossible. Judith Slagoff, a probation

officer with decades of experience, movingly urged the reestablishment of neighborhood offices. There, she related, officers develop an intimate knowledge of local treatment and employment resources; they get instant feedback from the community; they can visit and check up on their cases. It all comes down to money. Here enters a mystifying fact: under law, the State is supposed to pay 80% of the costs of county probation offices – but never has. Philadelphia gets only 50% of its funding from the State and other counties fare even worse. Strapped local governments typically place probation far down the totem pole when funds are dished out. Fixing the problem may be surprisingly cheap. If the State lived up to its legal obligation to fund probation at 80%, that would cost it about $18 million. That’s a drop in the bucket of the total corrections budget of $1.3 billion.

Union Labor... Building it right for a better and stronger community! Laborers' District Council of the Metropolitan Area of Philadelphia and vicinity is comprised of four unions:

Local 135, Daniel L. Woodall, Jr., Business Manager Local 332, Samuel Staten, Jr., Business Manager Local 413, James Harper, Sr., Business Manager Local 57, Richard McCurdy, Jr., Business Manager Laborers’ District Council promotes a safe work environment, jobs completed on time and on budget, and represents union members, who are well trained, productive, professional, and take pride in their work. Union labor…building better and safer communities in Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties. Laborers’ District Council of the Metropolitan Area of Philadelphia and Vicinity, Samuel Staten, Sr., Business Manager.

This ad is presented by LECET The Laborers Employers Cooperation and Education Trust. Administrator, Richard Legree

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The Public Record • September 18, 2008

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page 6 The Public Record • September 18, 2008

Torresdale Loop Pleases SEPTA’s Mayfair Riders The new Torresdale Loop, which opened recently, is proving its worth in better service to Northeast riders. SEPTA has transformed the Torresdale Bus Loop into a fully modern, ADA-accessible facility for customers utilizing bus routes 28, 56, 70 and 84, partnering with multiple community groups during the construction project. The Bus Loop has numerous customer-focused upgrades, including four new islands for customer use as waiting areas. They feature newly-installed benches and trash receptacles. The islands also provide each bus with an individually-assigned lane for customers from which to board and exit. In addition, the Bus Loop now features a freshly-paved vehicle surface with crosswalks highlighted with an artistic outline and SEPTA logo. New signage is also visible and has been posted around the facility to enhance identification of bus locations

Speaker Wants To Save ‘4Cs’ House Speaker Dennis O’Brien says ensuring continued operation of a State agency that collects and analyzes health data is unfinished business that must be accomplished by the legislature this fall. “The Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council is a small but highly effective agency. It has enriched and informed the dialogue about health care in our state,” O’Brien said. PHC4 was created in 1986, reauthorized in 1993, and again in a 2003 law that expired on Jun. 30 this year. Gov. Edward Rendell extended its operation until the end of November, but the agency will expire then if a new law extending its life is not passed. Rendell’s temporary extension also had the effect of protecting necessary privacy interests in the sensitive healthcare data retained by the Council until a permanent solution is achieved by the legislature.

DEDICATING new Torresdale Avenue SEPTA Bus Loop were State Rep. Michael McGeehan, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, State Sen. Mike Stack, and Councilwoman Joan Krajewski with SEPTA officials Asst. General Mgr. Jeffrey Knueppel and General Mgr. Joseph Casey.

TORRESDALE Bus Loop proves to be passenger friendly, meeting a great response from SEPTA riders. and travel information, while new lighting creates a brighter atmosphere for riders. In an effort to preserve the community’s historical design, SEPTA matched the design of decorative light posts and crosswalk patterns to the rest of Torresdale Avenue through a collaboration with the Major Artery Revitalization Committee and Tacony Civic Association. A modern, pre-fabricated crew building; protective fencing along the perimeter; and reinforced retaining walls

2400 E. Somerset Street Philadelphia, PA 19134

are other major architectural improvements to the facility. Members from the City Of Philadelphia’s Community Life Improvement Program helped coordinate the western perimeter landscaping details. SEPTA and the Philadelphia Mural Arts Commission also worked together to include a mural along the bus loop’s retaining wall entitled “SEPTA Through The Years” – a tribute depicting the pivotal role SEPTA provides the people and places of Tacony.

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Remember – Do It right, Do It Safe, Do It Union Administrator, Richard Legree Director, Juan Bacote

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I have a question I’m hoping one of the folks who read this column can answer for me. When did we become a nation so entitled that we believe that we not only can, but should, expect to get something for nothing? When did we get to the point that we want the best schools, the best roads, the best of everything, but have no desire to contribute to it either monetarily or in any other way? I started thinking about this issue as I was listening to the Big Story on Action News: the mess on Wall Street. Lehman Brothers is gone. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are only standing because the government is giving them money. Merrill Lynch is now owned by Bank of America. I was talking with a friend of mine about the failures in the financial sector, the fact people are losing their homes to foreclosure, the price of chicken wings (yes, I’m still stuck on that) and the price of the wars America is currently engaged in. But I also kept it local. The City of Brotherly Love is going to take in $450 million less than it expected this year in revenues. Because of this, City departments are being told to break out the machetes. In fact, the Managing Director’s new press secretary was just told her services were no longer required, and she hadn’t even shown up for work yet. Let’s face it. Our public and private sectors are poorer than Tom’s housecat. (Cont. Page 19)

Snooper Scooper: I must tell COLLEEN McGRATH, MC Court, her husband, STEVE McGRATH was on WIP RADIO with Howard Eskin. He was talking to him about his FANTASY FOOTBALL PICKS, in which, I have been told, he is a ‘wizard’ at picking the right teams. Colleen, Eskin doesn’t agree with his picks, but then, Eskin knows nothing. Steve is a big C.E.O. at MORTON’S STEAKHOUSE, and I want him to know I agreed with him! Snooper’s “Political News”: In case you haven’t heard, or been keeping up with what is going on between OBAMA/BIDEN and McCAIN/PALIN, you had better pay attention. Today, the McCAIN/PALIN ticket has pulled ahead of OBAMA/BIDEN, and this has the interest of the National Media. I told you all earlier, there are going to be quite a few surprises in this one before it’s all over. Yes, Sarah Palin is really making a huge difference and all her “SOCCER MOMS” have a lot to say about this election. They’re going to learn a ‘McCainful’ lesson before this one is over. WATCH! Snooper’s Mailbag: Here’s a poem I received from Betty Fuller of the 35th Ward. “TEARS OF PHILLY”… Tears of Philly falling down on me/ our City is not safe, as it used to be./ It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you go/ it could happen to a stranger, or someone you know./ There’s always someone out there somewhere,/ with a GUN IN HAND, who doesn’t care/ whether a woman or man. Yes, he doesn’t care/ (Cont. Page 21)

The Public Record • September 18, 2008

The ebbs and flows of the Presidential sweepstakes are many. First you get the OBAMA pick of SEN. JOE BIDEN and they have their big party in the open-air stadium, where it looks like everyone in the USA is there ready to vote for them. Then you get the head-scratching pick of McCAIN in GOV. SARAH PALIN, and that turns out to look like a genius move after she delivers big time in Minneapolis. Now the worst-case scenario comes full circle for the McCain-Palin team: the virtual collapse of Wall Street, where some of the biggest financial institutions in the US are on the ropes or actually on the canvas. This makes the economy the big issue once again, and that’s not exactly what the Republican team wants right now. Stay tuned; something could change in this roller-coaster race. In earlier columns I had mentioned Biden’s selection by Obama had a few risks to it. Biden can be a little aggressive at times and he also is known to commit the occasional gaffe here and there. Well, last week he uncorked a doozy on the campaign trail. In front of a huge crowd, he recognized a popular local State Senator in the crowd, continuously shouting the Senator’s name and screaming, “Stand up! Stand up!” Biden then realized the Senator was in a wheelchair and said, “Oh, in the name of God.” He told the crowd to all stand up for the Senator. I’m sure with all the speeches to come, all four of the contenders will make their gaffes; it’s part of the (Cont. Page 19)

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The turnout for the funeral service for GENE TARTAGLIONE, the husband of the Chairman of the City Commissioners MARGE TARTAGLIONE and the father of STATE SEN. TINA TARTAGLIONE, was overwhelming. It seemed every politician in Philadelphia went to the wake or to the church. The chairman of the Democratic Party CONGRESSMAN BOB BRADY was there, as was former Jury COMMISSIONER MIKE McALLISTER. The President of City Council ANNA VERNA was in attendance and, in fact, most ward leaders and elected officials paid their respects. Many of them went directly to the house and extended their condolences to the family before the service began. MAYOR MIKE NUTTER was one of those in attendance. JUDGE HARRY BRADLEY, former president judge of the Delaware Co. Common Pleas Court, departed this life after a long illness. He was also a former president of the Brehon Law Society, which is comprised of lawyers in the Delaware Valley with antecedents that are Irish, at least in part. Judge Bradley will be remembered more for his compassion in dealing with the problems of the people before him then for his legal scholarship, although that was considerable. He was first in his class at Temple Law School. But his ability in dealing with problems on a “common-sense” basis was legendary. He always treated litigants and lawyers before him with the utmost courtesy. Undoubtedly due to his Irish background, he had a keen sense of humor which he used when the litigants before him let their anger run away with their good judgment. The 58th Ward held its first meeting following the summer vacation at the Philadelphia Quartette Club and the meeting was well attended. TOM NARDI from the CONGRESSMAN PATRICK MURPHY campaign staff spoke to the ward and updated them on Pat Murphy’s campaign for re-election. Also in attendance was the Democratic candidate for State Repre(Cont. Page 19)

Yo! Here we go again. This is the story of some of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers who lived only 91 years ago. It was forwarded to me by a friend, Norm F., but was originally written by a woman. It was not until 1920 that women were granted the right to go to the polls and vote. The women asking for the right to vote – ‘suffragists’ – were innocent and defenseless, but they were jailed nonetheless for picketing the White House, carrying signs asking for the vote. And by the end of the night, they were barely alive. Forty prison guards wielding clubs and their warden’s blessing went on a rampage against the 33 women wrongly convicted of ‘obstructing sidewalk traffic.’ They beat Lucy Burns, chained her hands to the cell bars above her head and left her hanging for the night, bleeding and gasping for air. They hurled Dora Lewis into a dark cell, smashed her head against an iron bed and knocked her out cold. Her cellmate Alice Cosu thought Lewis was dead and suffered a heart attack. Additional affidavits describe the guards grabbing, dragging, beating, choking, slamming, pinching, twisting and kicking the women. Thus unfolded the ‘Night of Terror’ on Nov. 15, 1917, when the warden at the Occoquan Workhouse in Virginia ordered his guards to teach a lesson to the suffragists imprisoned there because they dared to picket Woodrow Wilson’s White House for the right to vote. For weeks, the women’s only water came from an open pail. Their food – all of it colorless slop – was infested with worms. When one of the leaders, Alice Paul, embarked on a hunger strike, they tied her to a chair, forced a tube down her throat and poured liquid into her until she vomited. She was tortured like this for weeks until word was smuggled out to the press. So, refresh my memory. Some women won’t vote this year because – why, exactly? We (Cont. Page 21)

Walk In’s Welcomed

page 8 The Public Record • September 18, 2008

Keystone Mercy Wins Major Health Award

Keystone Mercy Health Plan, the largest Medicaid managed-care plan in Southeastern Pennsylvania, has been awarded the prestigious “Recognizing Innovation in Multicultural Health Care Award” by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. The award recognizes the 40-Day Journey, a component of the company’s

Health Ministry Program, for its success in reducing health disparities and helping African American women and their families receive appropriate services. “Keystone Mercy Health Plan’s innovative efforts to improve the lives of African American women and their families is a model for health plans across the country,”

said Margaret E. O’Kane, president of NCQA. “As a nation of diverse cultures, languages and lifestyles, it’s essential for health plans to recognize the health risks and vulnerabilities of special populations and design programs that reach out and improve the quality of those members’ lives.” In 2000, Keystone Mercy

Health Plan created a faithbased wellness program for African American women called the Health Ministry Program for Women. A component of the program, the 40-Day Journey, focuses on the family through a sixweek educational series emphasizing nutrition, exercise, medication compliance and water intake.

Participants with diabetes who followed the program showed major improvements. In a post-program survey, participants reported an improvement in pain as well as in mobility and flexibility. They also reported an improvement in their attitude and hope for the future. “It is an honor to have our work recognized by the

NCQA,” said Daniel J. Hilferty, president and CEO of the AmeriHealth Mercy Family of Companies. Keystone Mercy will be recognized at a ceremony in San Francisco, Cal., today. The award is part of NCQA’s efforts to improve the quality of health care in the US through development of a truly multicultural health-care system.

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Visit to learn more about borrowers’ rights, loss mitigation and abusive servicing practices. Contact the Sheriff’s Office at 215-686-3525 for more information

Step 3: If you feel uncomfortable handling mortgage negotiations, consult a professional housing Counselor

Step 4: Take time to carefully investigate the offers you receive to avoid becoming a fraud victim Sheriff John D. Green Philadelphia

ATTENDING 9/11 Remembrance ceremonies at MBVM Church were candidates Rich Costello and Brendan Boyle, Al Taubenberger and State Rep. John Sabatina, Jr. Photo by Donna DiPaolo.

Philadelphia Archery & Gun Club Presents

“Smith & Wesson Day” Saturday Sept. 20th Test fire all models • Free Range Time Targets & Rentals

Membership Special Only $79.00 (Normally 150.00) All S&W’s at the lowest price ever - One day only! Free food, Beverages and give-aways Purchase a membership and enter to win a S&W Pistol

831-33 Ellsworth St 215-551-4544 Free Parking



Auctioneer’s Notes: To Consign Your Boat Call Ed or Jerry-215-739-1021 or Visit Web Site For Details

NOTICE You have been sued in court. If you wish to defend against the claims set forth in the following pages, you must take action within twenty (20) days after the Complaint and notice are served, by entering a written appearance personally or by attorney and filing in writing with the court your defenses or objections to the claims set forth against you. You are warned that if you fail to do so the case may proceed without you and a judgment may be entered against you by the Court without further notice for any money claim in the Complaint of for any other claim or relief requested by the Plaintiff. You may lose money or property or other rights important to you. YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS PAPER TO YOUR LAWYER AT ONCE. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A LAWYER OR CANNOT AFFORD ONE, GO TO OR TELEPHONE THE OFFICE SET FORTH BELOW. THIS OFFICE CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH INFORMATION ABOUT HIRING A LAWYER. IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO HIRE A LAWYER, THIS OFFICE MAY BE ABLE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH INFORMATION ABOUT AGENCIES THAT MAY OFFER LEGAL SERVICES TO ELIGIBLE PERSONS AT A REDUCED FEE OR NO FEE. COMMUNITY LEGAL SERVICES, INC. Law Center North Central 3638 North Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19140 215-227-2400 or 215-981-3700 PHILADELPHIA BAR ASSOCIATION One Reading Center Philadelphia, PA 19104 215-238-6333 Michael T. McKeever Attorney for Plaintiff Goldbeck McCafferty & McKeever, PC Suite 5000, Mellon Independence Center 701 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19106-1532 215-627-1322

Power, Sports Fishing, Luxury Boats, Trailers, P/U Truck, Car, ForkLift. Tools, Gas Generators, Trex Decking, Antique 65 Chevy Convertible. Sampleof Boats-Aqua King. Grady White, Wellcraft, Four Winns, Centurey, Pacemaker, Chris Craft, Sport Craft. Over 40 Boats & More

TO: Unknown Heirs of Jean A. Woods, Deceased Mortgagors and Real Owners, Defendant(s) whose last known address is 5244 Upland Street Philadelphia, PA 19143. THIS FIRM IS A DEBT COLLECTOR AND WE ARE ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT OWED TO OUR CLIENT. ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED FROM YOU WILL BE USED FOR THE PURPOSE OF COLLECTING THE DEBT. You are hereby notified that Plaintiff FINANCIAL FREEDOM SENIOR FUNDING CORPORATION, A SUBSIDIARY OF INDYMAC BANK, FSB, has filed a Mortgage Foreclosure Complaint endorsed with a notice to defend against you in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, docketed to June Term 2008 No. 4545 wherein Plaintiff seeks to foreclose on the mortgage secured on your property located, 5244 Upland Street Philadelphia, PA 19143 whereupon your property will be sold by the Sheriff of Philadelphia.

The Public Record • September 18, 2008

DR. MOSHE GOLDMAN, rabbi from Temple Beth AMI, and Reverend Paul S. Quinter, pastor of Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church, prepare to conduct 9/11 Remembrance Services. Photo by Donna DiPaolo.


Page 9

Remembering 9/11’s Heroes

The Public Record • September 18, 2008

page 10

Taylor Flies With The Eagles SURVEYING the crowd at State Rep. John Taylor’s Monday Night Football fundraiser are a smiling Taylor, left, with his ace operative Carl Ciglar. AMONG 100 fans who turned out to cheer on Eagles and State Rep. John Taylor at Romano’s Catering in Juniata Park were former GOP Mayoral standardbearer Al Taubenberger, left, and Fran Kelly.

Dems Relax At Burholme Pk.

PARTY UNITY was evident at N.E. Democratic Picnic in Burholme Park as, from left, Ward Leader Bob Dellavella of the 55th, Bill Dolbow of the 35th and Bill Rubin hung out together.

THERE’S friendship in politics, as these pals will testify: from left, Democratic 55th Ward Leader Bob Dellavella, Bill Rubin and party organizer 56th Ward Leader John Sabatina, Sr.

NOTED attorney Diane Thompson, who’s done her share of party work, dropped by to say hi to 35th Ward Leader Bill Dolbow.

McCain Visits Reading Terminal Market Fighting Her Cancer

5TH WARD Republican Ward Leader Michael Cibik, Esq., takes GOP Presidential candidate Sen. John McCain on tour through Reading Terminal Market which is in his ward.

ELIZABETH EDWARDS was featured speaker at National Constitution Center Tuesday, at event sponsored by Dan Berger of Berger Montague, talking about state of 5TH WARD Chairman Kevin Kelly health care in America and what needs to and Mike Morrison of Phila. Young Re- be done. Mrs. Edwards, wife of Sen. John publicans, join up with Sen. John Mc- Edwards, is currently battling recurrence of Cain on Reading Terminal Tour. Photo by Bonnie Squires breast cancer.

Krajewski Hosts On The Delaware FOOTBALL and politics took turns as old friends chewed the fat at Romano’s Catering like, from left, Republican Chairman Vito Canuso, Rich Levins and Philadelphia Regional Port Authority leader James McDermott.

City’s A Friendly Port COUNCILWOMAN Joan Krajewski, right, welcomes Lori & Martin Bednarek and Walt Kowalski to her annual Day on the River at Wissinoming Yacht Club.

THE MAJOR GEN. Robert Smalls, a 313' Army Reserve Logistic Support Ship, was recent visitor to Penns Landing. Ship is named for a prominent Black Civil War General.

SHARING A MOMENT with their favorite Councilwoman are Ward Leader Matt Myers and Veterans lobbyist John J. Kline.

GOP fans of Councilwoman Joan Krajewski include Dr. Joseph Toland, Ward Leader Bill Ivers and Mrs. Helen Toland.

Airport Remembers 9/11

Photos by Joe Stivala

CHIEF Warrant Officer Steven Brown, Sr., Master and Commander of Army Vessel Major Gen. Robert Smalls and Penn's Landing Military Ship Operations Officer Monica Santoro, thank Idearc, a Verizon subsidiary, for the donation of Philly Yellow Pages for visiting Army and Navy ships to help crew members locate theaters and restaurants.

AMONG VIPs at Joan’s affair were Judge Pat Dugan, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, and State Rep. Mike McGeehan. PHILADELPHIA International Airport Executive Director Charles Isdell addresses crowd attending commemoration of 9/11 attack as Airport custodial officers, City police and employees look on.

Page 11 The Public Record • September 18, 2008

Our Opinion ...

Prisons Remain Turnstiles

Sep. 18- State Rep. Dwight Evans and House Democratic Campaign Committee host fundraiser at Sheraton Phila. City Center, 17th & Race Sts., 5:30-7 p.m. Tickets $500 ($1,000 VIP). Sep. 20- Hero Thrill Show rescheduled at Wachovia Center, Broad & Pattison Ave., 12-5 p.m. Sep. 20- Phila. Outreach Ministries produce Bike Ride For Peace & Obama Day at Mantua Haverford Community Ctr., 631 N. 39th St. Bike ride organizes 9 a.m.; free food, toys, civic info 12:30-3 p.m. For info contact Bishop R. W. Brown (215) 477-2590. Sep. 20- (rain date Sep. 27) State Rep. Ronald G. Waters and State Sen. Anthony Williams hosts Pride and Passion of Yeadon Jazz on the Lane, at Church La. & Guenther Ave., near Post Office, 2-9 p.m. Loads of talent. Free. For info (215) 748-6712. Sep. 23- Mike Cibik hosts fundraiser for Matt Taubenberger for State Representative at 334 S. Front St., 5:30 p.m. $100. Sep. 24- Sen. Arlen Specter’s Satellite Office Hours hosted by State Rep. John Taylor, 2901 E. Thompson St., 10 a.m.-1

260 S. Broad St., 6-8 p.m. Suggested contribution $250. For info (215) 545-1401. Oct. 2- State Rep. Rosita Youngblood fundraiser at Finnigan’s Wake, 3rd & Spring Garden Sts., 6:30-9 p.m. Tickets $100. For info (215) 745-4306. Oct. 3- Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown’s Senior Citizens & Caregivers Expo 2008, New Courtland Community Education Ctr., 6950 Germantown Ave., 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Workshops, continental breakfast and lunch. Free to public. Oct. 3- State Sen. Mike Stack’s Senior Expo at Northeast Armory, 2700 Southampton Rd., 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Oct. 13- Jerry Segal Golf Classic hosts Race Cars For Rehabilitation at Simeone Foundation Museum, 6825 Norwitch Dr. behind Airport Auto Mall, 6-9 p.m. For information call (215) 5873090. Oct. 23- 66A Ward Democratic Executive Committee. Annual pre-election gala at Chickie’s & Pete’s, 11100 Roosevelt Blvd. $35. For info Shawn Dillon, (215) 637-6360. Oct. 28- Republican City Committee fundraiser at Cannstatter Volksfest Verein, 9130 Academy Rd., starting at 5:30 pm. Tickets $100. For info call City Republican Committee (215) 561-0460.

Letters Back Health Bills This fall, the Pennsylvania Senate could pass substantive groundbreaking health-care legislation – with our help. Reform for Pennsylvanians is within reach. Waiting to be passed by the Pennsylvania Senate is Bill 1137, which creates PA Access to Basic Care. It will enable over 275,000 currently-uninsured people to purchase good health insurance at an affordable price. This legislation would reduce costs for those of us who have insurance as well. Also awaiting passage is House Bill 2005, the Health Insurance Reform bill. This legislation will stop insurance companies from denying affordable coverage to people with existing medical conditions or women in their childbearing years. It will guarantee 85% of premiums go to providing health care, not administrative costs and advertising, which lowers costs for existing health plans. Within five years, 365,000 new people will be covered by the ABC program. If we all talk to our Pennsylvania Senators, this is the kind of insurance we could have. Jeff Hornstein, President Penna. Jewish Labor Committee

It’s in for six months or more, then out, then back in again after a month or more for many inmates in the City prisons. That’s the pattern experienced year round by the Philadelphia Prisons System, whose six facilities house both longand short-term prisoners. Ask seasoned guards and they laugh cynically at the fact they have come to know many of these returnees by their names, their neighborhoods and their buddies. Mayor Michael Nutter knows the shortfall in taxes is putting a major crimp in his ability to deliver the kind of services he has envisioned for the city. Among them have been efforts to find decent-wage work for prisoners coming out of the system. The rationale is if they have jobs, they won’t go back to doing what they normally do – which pops them back into the prison system. May we suggest to the Mayor he reevaluate all the money spent in his budget on recidivism efforts? Several City programs fall under this umbrella. Add to them several anticrime programs which do create an awareness of the murder rate on our street, but accomplish little else. Total those dollars and we have a bundle of money the Mayor can save or use. If he wants to be more effective in his handling of the recidivism crisis than he has been with his Reentry for Ex-Offenders office, he could set aside some of that money to provide a Prisoner Reentry Work Program. It can be handled by his managing director, which would directly employ these prisoners, much as the Federal government funded additional employees in the old CEPA program. That program enabled the Mayor, then Frank Rizzo, to hire additional workers for a period of time, after which the city was to assimilate them into its basic work force. Possibly additional money can be raised from the private sector, especially our local universities which are being forced to hire additional personnel in order to insure the safety of their campuses, if the program shows some success. Just a suggestion, but little else in the City’s ex-offender programs seems to be working.

p.m. Sep. 25- Tom Knox’ campaign kickoff for Governor at Park Hyatt at the Bellevue ballroom, 5:30 p.m. For info Hadji Maloumian (215) 6360600. Sep. 26- Councilwoman Marian Tasco’s Party for the People at Temptations Restaurant, 220 W. Chelten Ave., 8 p.m.-12 a.m. $30 advance purchase required. Call (215) 843-8482. Sep. 26- Smithsonian’s National Museum of African Art hosts reception honoring Congressman Chaka Fattah. For info (215) 701-6189. Sep. 26- Major Artery Revitalization Committee hosts annual Free Movie Night at 7 p.m. at Pennypack Pk. on the Delaware, Rhawn St. & State Rd. on river, 7 p.m. Rain date Oct. 3. Sep. 27- Annual 5K Run and Walk down 2nd St. in S. Phila. Starts at Moyamensing (3rd & Reed), 9 a.m. Ends at same place. Carnival follows. Sep. 27- Jannie Blackwell Appreciation Day. Parade leaves 45th & Kingsessing Ave., 11 a.m., to 56th & Chester. Street festival, 12:30-6 p.m. Many civic leaders; free food, entertainment. For info call Kevin Horne (215) 307-8350. Oct. 1- Nat’l Italian American PAC hosts Cocktail Reception for State Senate candidate Lawrence Farnese at Ruth’s Chris Steak House,

page 12 The Public Record • September 18, 2008

65 Prison Guards Graduate Koreans Host The Philadelphia Prisons System welcomed 65 correctional officers with a graduation exercise yesterday at Eakins Oval in front of the Art Musuem. This brings the prison staff up to 1766 officers. Commissioner Louis Giorla has pledged to hire a new class of Officers every five weeks until the authorized goal of 1904 Officers is reached. To help reach that goal, the City has re-opened the re-

cruitment of correctional officers, and will begin accepting applications for the $32,816 position beginning Sep. 22. Promotions were given at the graduation ceremony to Capts. Juanita Goodman and Norman Williams to the rank of Deputy Warden. Goodman, a 24-year veteran, is assigned to Riverside Correctional Facility; Williams, now in his 22nd year, is assigned to Alternative & Special Detention.

Folk Festival WON Community Service Center is sponsoring its 12th annual Korean Folk Festival for Children on Sep. 28, 2008 from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. at John Russell Field, 7420 Penrose Avenue in Elkins Park, Pa. Everyone is welcome. Admission is free! For more information call (215) 8848443 or visit The event will be held rain or shine.

Nile Swim Club To Host Ellis The Nile Swim Club, the nation’s first and only African American-owned private swim club, announced James O. Ellis III, nationally-renowned swimming instructor and inspiration for the 2007 movie Pride, will deliver the keynote address at its 50th anniversary Gala on Oct. 10. The event will be held at The Oaks Ballroom, 511 Oaks Lane, Glenolden, Pa.






5 197




• Residential • Commercial • Industrial 33nivrerdsary An



• New Roofs • Repairs • Hot Asphalt • Rubber & Modified Systems • Shingles • Slate & Tile • Skylights • Gutters & Downspouts


12260 Townsend Road




at 6:30 p.m. Commenting on the Nile’s 50th anniversary, the organization’s President Thomas M. Gary said, “It’s about pride, history and core family values. Those are the only reasons this club has survived … because of the people who want to see it prosper and grow and who, themselves, want to prosper and grow through its presence in the community.” Ellis, a 37-year veteran swimming instructor and founder of the Philadelphia Dept. of Recreation Swim Club, is credited with training and developing more than 10 US National Swim Team members. The Nile Swim Club, based in the Philadelphia suburban borough of Yeadon, Pa., got its start in 1958 when African American residents banded together to incorporate the swim club, acquire two

acres of land and open the swimming pool in 1959, after being denied admission and membership to the racially-exclusive, but now defunct, Yeadon Swim Club. Today, the club owns a 4.5-acre parcel of land and claims a membership of 210 families. The $5 million capitalexpansion project will include, among other amenities, the construction of three heated pools, an 18-hole miniature golf course, a 150-seat banquet facility, a fitness center and basketball and tennis courts.

Cheesteaks With Brady Washingtonians will be treated to Philly Cheesesteaks at a fundraiser in his honor today in Washington, D.C. Inquiries can be made by calling Helen Milby at (202) 548-0021.

Indian state of Goa and accompanied by basmati rice and mango chutney. A dish like this will obliterate the subtle flavors of any good wine, but it’s a perfect match with a cold craft beer. I looked at several restaurant blogs to see what customers had to say about the original Tiffin, and they had a

Len Lear sionate cheerleader for Tiffin. “I went down there (to Northern Liberties) and loved the food, so I went back to eat about six or seven times. I also had the food delivered to my house every so often on Mondays and Thursdays, sometimes for private parties, and I have told all my friends about it.” Tiffin, by the way, is a British word that refers to any lunch or light meal. It has also come to refer to the insulated multi-chambered metal containers that are used to deliver hot lunches to workers in office buildings in India. Unlike many ethnic restaurants, Tiffin does not tone down the hot spices for the generally tame American palate. “We cook the dishes the way they’re meant to be cooked,” said Narula, “and the fact that we are BYOB increases the value factor. At our Girard Avenue place, we’ve had groups come in with cases of beer or up to six bottles of wine.” Most appetizers at Tiffin are under $5, and most entrees are between $8.95 and $11.95. There are 10 vegetarian entrees, all under $10, as well as several monthly specials. You can’t go wrong with any “tandoor” items baked in a traditional clay oven fired by charcoal, and you simply must get one of the “naan” (unleavened white flour) breads used to scoop up almost any of the dishes. My own favorite dish was the shrimp vindaloo — jumbo shrimp cooked in an incendiary sauce from the Western

lot to say — almost all positive. The comment that really stood out was from Sarah on aurant-review/tiffin-an-Indiansurprise-in-northern-liberties: “Tiffin’s a wonderful spot. We had them cater our wedding! And at the wedding, some friends of ours from Bangalore liked the food so much that

they asked us to drive food from Tiffin up to New Jersey for their anniversary party. (And they live a few minutes from Edison!) We all stopped in to eat in the dining room, and my friends declared it the best North Indian food they’ve had in the US. (And they’ve been here for about 15 years.) I’m addicted.”

And on July 24 of this year Narula opened a second Tiffin, also BYOB, at 7105 Emlen St. in West Mt. Airy. About 60% of the business there has been takeout and delivery. For more information, call 215-922-1297 or visit or

by Len Lear When Philadelphia magazine published its first-ever “Top 50 Restaurants in Philadelphia” article in its February 2008, issue, there were lots of surprises, as when Le Bec Fin, long regarded by critics as the best restaurant in the city and one of the best in the country, was named number 26. But possibly even more shocking was Tiffin, a tiny Indian BYOB storefront at 710 W. Girard Ave. along the seedy northern border of Northern Liberties, being named number 30, far ahead of many multi-million dollar palaces in Center City. Interestingly, Tiffin wasn’t even supposed to be a dine-in restaurant when Munish Narula, 37, opened it in December 2006. Narula, who previously founded an Indian restaurant in Old City named Karma after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, originally planned Tiffin as a strictly takeout operation, using deliverymen equipped with GPS tracking devices. They delivered meals to Center City, Fairmount, Fishtown, Queen Village and University City, but because of the demand in Northern Liberties, they also opened the storefront BYOB at the Girard Avenue site. Now I have to admit that even though my wife and I love spicy Indian food, especially with cold beer, I am not very discriminating when it comes to Indian restaurants. Possibly because the spices dull my palate, we have eaten in many Indian restaurants, but the food always tastes pretty much the same to me — always enjoyable but not different. On the other hand, Chuck Gupta, a 70-ish resident of Chestnut Hill and retired chemist who was born and raised in India, has eaten in many Indian restaurants, finds them quite different from one another and has become a pas-

The Public Record • September 18, 2008

Tiffin the biggest surprise in ‘Top 50 Restaurants’

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page 14 The Public Record • September 18, 2008

CitiLife Philadelphia Orchestra concert free, outdoors at City Hall

by Ruth R. Russell When our community learned that the Philadelphia Orchestra would present one of its free Neighborhood Concerts last year, everyone was delighted. However, there was a concern about attendance at an unscheduled performance on a weekday evening. Never fear. An overflow crowd came, a typical response to these concerts, which have been presented throughout the area for the last five years with the support of Wachovia. Now the Orchestra is planning a first time appearance at City Hall on Tuesday, September 23, at 7 p.m., according to an announcement by Mayor Michael Nutter and Orchestra President and CEO James Undercofler. Rossen Milanov, associate conductor of the Orchestra, will lead a program that will include music of Leonard Bernstein, Giuseppe Verdi, Aaron Copland and George Gershwin on the Dilworth Plaza, 15th St. and

JFK Blvd., on the west side of City Hall. Admission to this Neighborhood Concert is free and everyone is welcome. To learn more, call 215-893-1955 or visit Fun Fishing Fest Sport fishing has come back to the Schuylkill River as a result of revitalization efforts, and the Philadelphia Water Dept. is hosting its annual Philly Fun Fishing Fest along the Schuylkill on Saturday, September 20, from 7 to 11 a.m. Fishers of any age and skill level are welcome. (A fishing license is not required.) There will be prizes, activities for kids and instruction in fishing. Don’t forget to bring something to eat with you. Call 215-685-0723 for complete details. This will be a watery weekend as a Water Walk is planned by the American Philosophical Society Museum on Saturday and Sunday, September 20 and 21, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 215-440-3440 to

find out about this self-guided, informative walk in Old City. Also, Coast Day will be celebrated on Saturday, September 20, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., on Penn’s Landing, with activities for families and free shuttles running during the day between Penn’s Landing and the Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center. To learn more, visit. 40 years for CIP Forty years is a ruby anniversary for happily married couples. Forty years for Center in the Park (CIP) is three-day celebration this weekend. CIP, which provides older adults with activities, classes, services and special events, will have an open house on Friday, September 19, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., at 5818 Germantown Ave, with food, workshops and tours. A CIP Jazz Concert will take place that evening at 7:30 p.m., at Germantown Friends School, 31 W.

Ruth Russell Coulter St. (admission is charged). As a grand finale, a CIP Community Festival will be staged on Saturday, September 20, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., outdoors at Vernon Park (where CIP is located), featuring food, entertainment, arts and crafts and a silent auction. There will be a kids pavilion, the public is invited, and admission is free. To learn more, visit or call 215848-7722. Bon voyage pirates A gala farewell is being

planned at the Franklin Institute as its popular exhibit, ‘Real Pirates,’ prepares to lift anchor. ‘International Talk Like a Pirate Day’ will be celebrated on Friday, September 19, starting at 6 p.m., with visits by Cap’n Slappy and Ole Chumbucket. Visitors may tour the ‘Real Pirates’ exhibit, see Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl at 8 p.m., take part in a book signing for a new publication on pirate life, and enjoy an evening of games, contests and prizes (and pirate talking). In addition, on Thursday, September 25, at 7 p.m., an art curator will explore pirate paintings and stories by artist Howard Pyle who set the tone for piratical images over the years. Admission is free but registration is needed. Call 215448-1254 for reservations and information. ‘Greatest Hits’ Family Gallery Tour is scheduled for Sunday, Septem-

ber 21, at 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, 26th Street and the Parkway. ‘Greatest Hits’ is the theme of this tour in which parents and their kids (ages 6-10) discover works of art related to the theme. “Sameday walkup” tickets, which may be obtained at the Visitors Service Desk, are required and availability is limited. For more information about family programs, call 215-2357469. StarFish to surface. Radio Disney welcomes StarFish to Dodge Caravan Peanut Butter & Jams at World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St., on Saturday, September 20. The show starts at 11:30 a.m.; doors open at 11. This ensemble will present a rock concert with “low volume and high energy” for a fun program. Admission is charged. To learn more, call 215-222-1400. Email news for CitiLife to

We Accept Food Stamps - Free Delivery $25.00 or over!


Meats Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast

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Whole Filet Mignon $6.99 Lb Avg. Wt. 5 to 7 Lbs While Supplies Last

Cooked Meat Balls



10 Lb Box

Tavern Ham Coteghino Pepper Ham Cooked Salami Bologna VA Baked Ham Turkey Breast Sauerkraut

2 lb Bag (Kissling’s ) 1 lb Package $


Ready to Cook Breaded






American Provolone Hot Pepper Mozzarella CV Cooper Ricotta Cheese

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3 lb Container


3 Lb $3.49 Lb $3.49 Lb $3.49 Lb $3.49 Lb

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3 Lb $2.99 Lb $3.99 Lb $1.99 Lb $1.99 Lb $3.99 Lb $3.99 Lb

Smithfield Bacon

Shredded Mozzarella 5 Lb Box

$ .99

The Public Record • September 18, 2008

2024 S. 10th St. 215-468-5363

Prices As of Sept 18th To Sept 25th

Page 15

Store Hours: Mon-Sat: 10-5 Sun: Closed

page 16 The Public Record • September 18, 2008

Everyone's Italian On Columbus Day! Join the Philadelphia Public Record as we honor this city's Italian Americans, active in the fields of politics, business, religion and community life. Our Special Edition marks the 516th anniversary of the great explorer's discovery of America. This year's parade Grand Marshal will be Actress Connie Stevens.

Last Year’s Coverage Found Many Happy Celebrants

COUNCIL PRESIDENT Anna C. Verna, Columbus Day Parade Chair, left, welcomes Ann Brown, Controller Alan Butkovitz, Dr. Anthony Colavito and Columbus Day Event Chairman Mike Ziccardi to pre-Columbus Day reception at JNA Institute of Culinary Arts.

AMONG dignitaries attending Columbus Day Parade and Festival in South Philadelphia were Emile Buc- VIPs in attendance included Jerry Blavat, Parade co-chair ceroni, Judge Matt Carrafiello and his wife, and Ed Council President Anna Verna, Congressman Bob Brady and Superior Court candidate Ron Folino. Wright.

NIA-PAC Chairman Amato Berardi and his nephew, left, welcome to Columbus Day Parade Stefano and Gabriella Mistretta, Italian Consul General Hon. Salvatore Ferrigno, Alex Chairo and George E. Kearns.

VETERAN marchers Nick and Mark and Domenic Rago confer with Council President Anna Verna as Emile Bucceroni, left, looks on.

This is your chance to salute Italian Americans and promote your business at the same time. Call John David or Jim Tayoun at 215-755-2000 for details

Brady Scores For Vet Voters House Administration Committee Chairman Robert A. Brady has endorsed a policy reversal by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, which will now allow local election officials and nonpartisan groups to access VA facilities to assist officials in registering veteran voters who are receiving care. The newly-announced policy revises a prior VA directive that prohibited these groups from providing registration assistance to VA facility residents. “The recent policy change implemented by the VA and Secretary James B. Peake acknowledges the importance of ensuring that every reasonable effort is made to ensure that our veterans have full and unrestricted access to the electoral process,” said Brady. “State and local election officials and non-partisan groups play an invaluable role in empowering and enfranchising voters. Prohibiting their access was a terrible misjudgment and I am pleased that it has been cor-

to 3:00 p.m. Channel 6 reporter and South Philadelphia native Cathy Gandolfo and Anna Forte will provide television commentary while radio anchor Paul Perrello provides reviewing-stand commentary. The parade is the crown jewel in the weekend celebration which includes a banquet Saturday evening sponsored by the Sons of Italy, a Memorial Mass on Sunday, followed by the Parade and the festival afterward at Marconi Plaza, where the parade ends. For more information on the 2008 Philadelphia Columbus Day Parade, please contact the parade coordinator, Kathleen Murray, at (215) 686-3412.

Pension Board Ballots Out

(Cont. From Page 1) know the men and women elected to that board are the people responsible for protecting their retirement security, insuring their pension investments are well grounded. Four positions are open on the board. Seeking to fill those seats are 10 city employees, of which three are incumbents enjoying the endorsement of all four unions. Not an incumbent, but endorsed is William James Dougherty of DC 47. The endorsed incumbents include Bill

Rubin, acting supervisor of elections, and presently the Board’s Vice Chairman. The others are Ronald Stagliano Moon Reilly and Dougherty. Expected to win handily is Bill Rubin, whom Controller Alan Butkovitz lauded, saying, “Bill takes his fiduciary responsibilities in being a warrior for the city’s labor force very seriously. I credit him for being one of the best-educated members of that board.” Rubin, who has had extensive pension leadership and fiduciary

training, has been a City employee since 1988, a board member since November 2004 and vice chairman since January 2007. He is also treasurer of AFSCME DC 33, Local 696, a position he has held since 1997. The board’s chairman is City Finance Director Rob Dubow. Rubin, who holds ballot position #5, said, “I’ve spent the last four years fighting for the retirement security of City employees. My background in accounting and my financial training has stood them in good stead.”

Resales @ The Reserve At Packer Park 2009 W. Reserve Dr. 3BR-2.5BA, Interior approx.. 1600sq. ft. on two Levels. Driveway, Corner Lot, Hw. Flrs Thru-Out 1st Level $389.900.

2034 W. Reserve Dr. 3BR-2.5BA, Interior-approx. 2400sq. ft. on two levels, Driveway, Plus Garage, Hw Flrs Thru-Out 1st Level. Many Amenities, approx.. 6yrs remaining Tax Abate. $515,000.00

Check out email to or call

215 551 5100

3400 Tuscany Dr. 5BR-3.5 BA, Interior-approx.. 3000sq. ft. on three levels Gourmet Kitchen w/Stainless Steel Appliances including Double Ovens, Many Customized Upgrades included, approx.. 7yr remaining Tax Abate. $624,900.00

Pennsport 119 Mifflin - Great Location Bright 3BR - 1 BA $215,900.

MARKING 100TH anniversary of service in Port of Philadelphia is DRS, headed by President Bob Palaima, seated, and VP Dennis Latino, standing. blood,” he admits. It wasn’t Palaima attributes the long until I was asked to join growing activity along the Port Lavino at Packard Terminal. to the “fact we have a great When Lavino folded into labor force, strong support from the Philadelphia Regional DRS, I went with it.” Port Authority, and the fact we go after business.” He just returned last week from Chile while his VP Dennis Latino had come back from Argentina. “We make sure our customers are happy,” he said, rected.” “and we scout for more shipThe new policy requires pers on our travels.” voter registration information He says the Port is buffeted be posted in VA facilities. It by competition, size of crops, also requires that patients re- currency shifts and the vaceive documentation outlining garies of the international their voting and registration economy. “That’s why we are rights upon their admission. constantly seeking new and Brady and other Congres- satisfying old customers.” sional leaders have spearDRS employs over 500 headed efforts to encourage stevedores along the river, inthe revision of the VA’s reg- cluding those who work at istration policy. In addition, a Broadway Terminal, better bipartisan cross-section of known as Del Monte Pier. Secretaries of State had ex- “Here at Tioga I call the 400 pressed strong opposition to stevedores who work for us, the VA prohibition. The ‘my children’. I know most of House Administration Com- them by name.” mittee, chaired by Brady, rePalaima said he enjoys the sponded to their concerns on fruits of a good labor force and Jul. 30 when it passed out of his employees are members of Committee HR 6625, the the International LongshoreVeteran Voting Support Act. men’s Association. This Brady-introduced legisHe is proud of the fact his lation designates VA facilities terminal handles all sorts of as voter-registration agencies freight: steel, lumber, projectand prohibits the Secretary of heavy cargo and break-bulk Veteran Affairs from restrict- cargo. “We are versatile, litering non-partisan organiza- ally universal in our ability to tions and state election meet the demands of shippers,” officials from providing voter he says proudly. “We have to information and assistance to maintain that 100-year tradition veterans at VA facilities. which we’ve inherited.”

ditions of the Delaware Valley. More than 5,000 marches will gather on S. Broad Street to celebrate Italian heritage and culture, and twice that to watch the annual parade and attend the Italian Festival which follows at Marconi Plaza. The parade will kick off from Broad & Reed Streets at 12:15 p.m. and proceed south on Broad Street to Oregon Avenue & Marconi Plaza where the Italian Festival will be held. The Italian Festival features food, dance and music from the many diverse regions of Italy. The parade is broadcast live on local ABC affiliate WPVI-Channel 6 from 1:00

The Public Record • September 18, 2008

(Cont. From Page 1) over the helm of DRS in 1990. He succeeded Arthur Boyle, who was its first CEO when DRS was formed in 1987 as the result of a merger with Lavino and another company. Palaima traces DRS back through famous port names such as Lavino, ITO A&G, and McCarthy that once emblazoned warehouses, terminals and even ships. “It’s a proud history,” he proclaims, “and I’m pleased to have become a part of it.” Palaima wasn’t always a port person. He was leaning toward international relations, taking a degree in that subject at Tufts University. From his first job in Chicago, he gravitated to International Great Lakes Co., which was then owned by Lavino. “Shipping gets into your

(Cont. From Page 1) In a career soanning four decades, Stevens has gained worldwide popularity as a multi-talented performer, producer, and most recently, as a major force in the business arena with her successful cosmetics company. A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., Stevens has remained an active and vocal supporter of national and local Italian American causes. The Philadelphia Columbus Day Parade tradition includes many of Philadelphia’s world-famous. Mummers’ string bands, as well as outstanding highschool and elementary-school marching bands, and many other marching groups representing the various ethnic tra-

Page 17

DRS Marks 100th Year Columbus Day Parade Is On In Service To The Port

page 18 The Public Record • September 18, 2008

Stack, Taylor Dedicate Port S.W. Philly Comes Together Richmond Catholic School Three parochial schools have been merged into one regional school in Port Richmond by the Catholic Archdiocese. The three are St. Adalbert, Nativity BVM, and Our Lady Help of Christians. Their combined total of 600 students will now attend Our Lady of Port Richmond Regional School, at the former St. Adalbert site. Helping launch the dedication of the new school were State Sen. Mike Stack and State Rep. John Taylor. “These parishes have a lot of history. Grandparents have watched their grandchildren sit in the same classrooms and receive the same sacraments,” Stack said. “So this consolidation reminds us some traditions have ended. “But it’s also a new beginning,” he said. “It’s a chance to bring together three fine schools and open an institution that will provide even more resources and better opportuni-

STATE SEN. Mike Stack speaks to students, faculty and community members at dedication of Our Lady of Port Richmond Regional Catholic School. ties so that our children have B.V.M. and Rev. Dennis the best education.” Fedak of Our Lady Help of Stack and State Rep. John Christians — ensured the stuTaylor presented the school dents and parishioners endured with State citations. The Con- a smooth transition into the nelly Foundation and the Sulli- new school. van Foundation partnered to “The history of these contribute to the school’s sci- parishes does not go away with ence and technology lab. The the merger of its schools,” Connelly Foundation also con- Stack said. “The parishes symtributed toward capital im- bolize Port Richmond’s hisprovements to the school, tory. But together, they also including a new entrance, stor- symbolize of the strength of age space and renovations to this community’s Catholic classrooms. faith. Our Lady of Port RichThe faculty and the pastors mond will provide a quality from each parish — Rev. education while demonstrating Francis Feret of St. Adalbert, the unity of Port Richmond’s Rev. Anthony Orth of Nativity Catholic population.”

REJOICING at another successful Woodland Avenue Reunion were, from left, WAR organizer Barbara Turner, Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell, Council aide Marty Cabry, Democratic 27th Ward Leader Carol Jenkins and WAR organizer Chris White.

Kal, Bob Fill CHOP Coffers ANOTHER successful WOGL fundraiser was wrapped up this weekend by DJ legend Bob Pantano, left, and philanthropist Kal Rudman. Pantano and Rudman teamed up to jumpstart Children’s Hospital fund drive with $30,000 of their own money, which radio listeners matched with $530,000 more. “Love Our Kids” drive has raised $3.4 million for CHOP over seven years.

Elephant Corner (Cont. From Page 7) business and the rigors of the campaign. The local races continue to move along. STATE REP. JOHN PERZEL continues to work hard in his reelection

those soldiers who are out fighting not one, but two wars we’re paying for on credit, or the multi-trillion dollar deficit for that matter. If I could tell the folks running for President one thing, it’d be this: Instead of pandering to me and telling me you’re gonna cut my taxes because that’s what I want to hear, tell me the truth. Everyone’s gotta pay their fair share.

City Hall Sam (Cont. From Page 7) sentative in the 170th Dist., BRENDAN BOYLE’S brother KEVIN, who spoke on behalf of his brother. STATE SEN. MIKE STACK filled the ward in on the Harrisburg scene. DR. JOE TOLAND, renowned ophthalmologist who is also Republican chairman of the 61st Ward, held his

annual end-of-summer get-together at his summer home in Sea Isle City. It’s always a fun affair with lots of good conversation, food and song. BILLY IVERS, ward leader of the 61st Ward, was in good voice as usual. Also among those in attendance were JIM McGINLEY and his brother DAN, and JERRY MULLEN, a leading fundraiser for the Republicans.

race. In all fairness, I haven’t seen much activity to date from challenger RICH COSTELLO. That doesn’t mean he’s not working. The Taubenberger-Boyle race is in full throttle; young MATT TAUBENBERGER is leaving no stone unturned and nei-

ther is BRENDAN BOYLE. The Palin bounce was good for Taubenberger but like I said earlier, the economic crisis is not good for the incumbent team. We will see who’s where when the crazy roller-coaster comes to a stop!!


) ) No. 2008 - 1556 ) )

TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS OF MICHAEL HARRIS TO: Michael Harris You are hereby notified that a Petition to Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights has been filed against you, asking the Court to terminate all rights you have to your child, Baby Born Simons (born December 17, 2007). The Court has set a hearing to consider ending your rights to your child. That hearing will be held in Court Room No. 6 (Orphans’ Court Room), on the Third Floor of the Lancaster County Court House, situate at 50 North Duke Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, said hearing to be held on October 9, 2008 at 10:20 o’clock a.m. If you do not appear at this hearing, the court may decide that you are not interested in retaining your rights to your child and your failure to appear may affect the Court’s decision on whether to end your rights to your child. You are warned that even if you fail to appear at the scheduled hearing, the hearing will go on without you, and your rights to your child may be ended by the Court without your being present. You are also notified that following the hearing to consider ending your rights to your child, an adoption hearing may be held, as a result of which the Court may decree that an adoption take place whereby your child shall be adopted by another and all parental rights with respect to the child shall be placed in another.

Court Administrator Court Administrator’s Office Lancaster County Court House 50 North Duke Street Lancaster, PA 17602 Telephone No. (717) 299-8041

some wage tax. You’re making enough money to afford it and I worked in Bucks. It’s not a cheap place to live. I don’t mind paying my fair share if I think you’re doing something that benefits the citizens. I’ll pay more for better schools, better roads and bene-

fits for soldiers. I’ll pay more for kids trying to get Pell Grants to go to college. Just don’t tell me I can get something for nothing by promising to cut my taxes. That’s selfish … and we as a nation have been allowed to be selfish for too long.

IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS PHILADELPHIA COUNTY CIVIL ACTION - LAW MARCH TERM 2008 NO. 1785 NOTICE OF ACTION IN MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS INC. Plaintiff vs. The Unknown Heirs of Nicolette Martin a/k/a Sarah Nicolette Martin, Deceased, Dollie Kekane, Solely in Her Capacity as Heir of Nicolette Martin a/k/a Sarah Nicolette Martin, Deceased & Nellie Ramoabi, Solely in Her Capacity as Heir of Nicolette Martin a/k/a Sarah Nicolette Martin, Deceased Mortgagors and Real Owners Defendant(s) TO: The Unknown Heirs of Nicolette Martin a/k/a Sarah Nicolette Martin, Deceased, Dollie Kekane, Solely in Her Capacity as Heir of Nicolette Martin a/k/a Sarah Nicolette Martin, Deceased & Nellie Ramoabi, Solely in Her Capacity as Heir of Nicolette Martin a/k/a Sarah Nicolette Martin, Deceased, MORTAGORS AND REAL OWNERS, DEFENDANT(S) whose last known address is 1743 East Tulpehocken Street Philadelphia, PA 19138. THIS FIRM IS A DEBT COLLECTOR AND WE ARE ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT OWED TO OUR CLIENT. ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED FROM YOU WILL BE USED FOR THE PURPOSE OF COLLECTING THE DEBT. You are hereby notified that Plaintiff COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS INC., has filed a Mortgage Foreclosure Complaint endorsed with a notice to defend against you in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, docketed to No. 001785 MARCH 2008 wherein Plaintiff seeks to foreclose on the mortgage secured on your property located, 1743 East Tulpehocken Street Philadelphia, PA 19138 whereupon your property will be sold by the Sheriff of Philadelphia. NOTICE You have been sued in court. If you wish to defend against the claims set forth in the following pages, you must take action within twenty (20) days after the Complaint and notice are served, by entering a written appearance personally or by attorney and filing in writing with the court your defenses or objections to the claims set forth against you. You are warned that if you fail to do so the case may proceed without you and a judgment may be entered against you by the Court without further notice for any money claim in the Complaint of for any other claim or relief requested by the Plaintiff. You may lose money or property or other rights important to you. YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS PAPER TO YOUR LAWYER AT ONCE. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A LAWYER OR CANNOT AFFORD ONE, GO TO OR TELEPHONE THE OFFICE SET FORTH BELOW. THIS OFFICE CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH INFORMATION ABOUT HIRING A LAWYER. IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO HIRE A LAWYER, THIS OFFICE MAY BE ABLE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH INFORMATION ABOUT AGENCIES THAT MAY OFFER LEGAL SERVICES TO ELIGIBLE PERSONS AT A REDUCED FEE OR NO FEE. COMMUNITY LEGAL SERVICES, INC. Law Center North Central 3638 North Broad Street • Philadelphia, PA 19140 215-227-2400 or 215-981-3700 PHILADELPHIA BAR ASSOCIATION One Reading Center • Philadelphia, PA 19104 • 215-238-6333 Michael T. McKeever Attorney for Plaintiff Goldbeck McCafferty & McKeever, PC Suite 5000, Mellon Independence Center 701 Market Street • Philadelphia, PA 19106-1532 • 215-627-1322


That means you, Mr. Multi-Millionaire with the penthouse at Two Liberty Place, give up some money. And you, Miss I Live In Bucks Co. But I Take Advantage Of Everything Philly Has Even As I Put It Down To My Suburban Friends, give up

The Public Record • September 18, 2008

(Cont. From Page 7) Now, Government 101 says the way a government runs and provides such things as paved roads, good schools, healthcare and the like to its citizens is through tax collection. If everyone pays their fair share in taxes, the government will have enough money to take care of the least among us while making sure everything works. But when you turn on the television and listen to the Presidential candidates, what’s the first thing you hear? “I wanna cut your taxes.” Huh? If you go around cutting taxes, and tax monies are what you need to keep things going, isn’t something going to get missed? Like, maybe, the kids in the School District that are in schools that are falling

apart, with facilities so outdated, I was a kid the last time they were new – but are still expected to kick butt under No Child Left Behind? How about those old bridges like the South Street Bridge that really, really need to be fixed before we end up with a situation like those poor folks in Minnesota? And don’t get me started on the needs of the families of all

Page 19

Out & About

page 20 The Public Record • September 18, 2008

Pennsylvania! Meet ‘Joe & Jill’

by Tony West The campaign stop in Northeast Philadelphia by Democratic VP standardbearer Sen. Joe Biden two weeks ago introduced a secret weapon against his Republican rival, overnight celeb Gov. Sarah Palin. It was the female side of his own family ticket, Dr. Jill Biden. Dr. Biden, who teaches English at Delaware Technical & Community College,

STATE SEN. Mike Stack is brought on to address partisan throng at Iron Workers Hall by Father Joe Campellone of Father Judge HS, who delivered nonpartisan invocation.

warmed up the audience right before her husband came on. The result was a seamless narrative about Biden the family man – and Mrs. Biden, the successful careerist with a family – that just happens to mirror Palin’s story, which had dominated campaign coverage for a week. Palin was undoubtedly selected as Sen. John McCain’s running mate in large part to pry away from the Democratic base a few supporters of a third career woman, Sen. Hillary Clinton. Clinton had been running strongly with white blue-collar voters who are a key demographic in battleground states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio. Jill Biden represents a counterpunch in the Vice Presidential contest. By adding a feminine and family touch to a Biden appearance, she makes it easier for her husband to be a forceful point man in debate without appearing to bully his female foe Palin.

Poised, well-spoken and attractive, Jill Biden has what it takes to make a campaign speech. And while a Vice President’s home life might not rightfully be the crux of government, Palin’s family story has burned its way into national awareness. Jill can tell Joe’s family story in a way that’s harder for him to do, and it too is appealing. As a suddenly-widowed father of two small boys, the Senator commuted home from Washington every evening to be with them. Jill came on the scene years later as a wholesome and supportive second wife and second mom. Jill also represents key Democratic issues and constituencies. Like her husband, she was born to a workingclass family. The fact she was a longstanding union member as a teacher went over well in Iron Workers Hall, where the rally was held. Palin’s connections to Alaska’s oil-energy industry are being used by the Repub-

lican campaign to shore up that Party’s energy platform. Similarly, Teacher Jill can serve as an effective spokesperson for the Democratic Party’s education platform, with which leaders believe theyj can outpoint the Republicans. If Jill Biden’s pitch catches on, look for this joint “Joe & Jill” appearance to be repeated at many a whistlestop. That’ll be particularly true in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Jill was born in Willow Grove and has spent much of her life in Philadelphia’s suburbs, where she attended West Chester and Villanova Universities. Female voters in these suburbs are crucial to Barack Obama’s hopes for corralling Pennsylvania’s 23 electoral votes. The Obama team will be throwing all they’ve got at that demographic. And they’ve got Jill. Sure enough, Joe and Jill were back in the area earlier this week, barnstorming Delaware Co.

DR. JILL BIDEN, wife of Democratic VP nominee, gets welcoming hand from Congressman Bob Brady and Gov. Ed Rendell. It won’t be her last visit to Penna.

SEN. JOE BIDEN premiered his post-convention message – about jobs, health care and social security – at Iron Workers Hall in N.E. Phila. to enthusiastic crowd of workers and seniors.


Philadelphia Regional Port Authority A Promising Future By Championing the Channel-Deepening Project And Substantial Port Expansion

Once Again, We Thank Gov. Ed Rendell For Giving Our Port A Great Opportunity And

John H. Estey, Esq.


James T. McDermott, Jr. Executive Director

Robert C. Blackburn

Senior Deputy Executive Director

John F. Dempsey

Deputy Executive Director Administrative Offices: 3460 N. Delaware Ave. 2nd Fl., Phila., PA 19134 (215) 426-2600 • Fax (215) 426-6800


(Cont. From Page 7) have carpool duties? We have to get to work? Our vote doesn’t matter? It’s raining? I went to a sparsely-attended screening of HBO’s new movie Iron Jawed Angels. It is a graphic depiction of the battle these women waged so I could pull the curtain at the polling booth and have my say. I am ashamed to say I needed the reminder. All these years later, voter registration is still my passion. But the actual act of voting had be-

come less personal for me, more rote. Frankly, voting often felt more like an obligation than a privilege. Sometimes it was inconvenient. Women are not voting in the numbers that we should be, and I think a little shock therapy is in order. Go to m/collections/suffrage/nwp/p risoners.pdf. It is jarring to watch Woodrow Wilson and his cronies try to persuade a psychiatrist to declare Alice Paul insane so she could be permanently institutionalized. And

it is inspiring to watch the doctor refuse. Alice Paul was strong, he said, and brave. That didn’t make her crazy. The doctor admonished the men: “Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity.” Women need to get out and vote and use this right that was fought so hard for by these very courageous women. Whether you vote Democratic, Republican or independent – remember to vote. Please, pass this on to all the women you know. History is being made. Thanks, Norm.

ready lining up against him. Snooper’s Person Of The Week: I apologize to CYNTHGIA GREGG, #2, because she had recommended this gentleman quite a while ago. He is quite a gentleman and, I’m told, is also a hard

worker. KEN SNYDER, one of MC Court’s great TRIAL COMMISSIONERS, is truly one of The Court’s great employees. He will do anything for anyone, no questions asked, and, get this, all he wants in return is a THANK

YOU. I personally got to meet this gentleman and I must admit I too was very impressed with him. Cynthia, Alice, Lisa, “Troublemaker” and Janet, you’re fortunate to have a gentleman of this caliber working for all of you.

CITY OF PHILADELPHIA Public Hearing Notice The Committee on Commerce & Economic Development of the Council of the City of Philadelphia will hold a Public Hearing Wednesday, October 1, 2008, at 10:00 AM, in Room 400, City Hall, to hear testimony on the following item: 080262

Resolution authorizing the Committee on Commerce and Economic Development to hold hearings to inquire and investigate the missions, agreements, funding, policies, structure, business plans, operating and capital budgets, coordination efforts and effectiveness of various economic development departments, authorities and agencies operating in the City of Philadelphia.

The Public Record • September 18, 2008


sick of seeing our youngsters being killed for the lack of SAFETY BELTS. Please WAKE UP! Snooper’s “FUMO WATCH” Bureau: This trial is one that everyone is watching. In fact, it’s one of the biggest here in Philadelphia. I spotted a lot of “politicos” and wannabee “celebrities” going into The Federal Court House. Talking to a lot of the people here, their general consensus is he, FUMO, will be going to JAIL. The ‘Feds’ also made sure to put a lot of charges against him, hoping to get him on at least one that will put him in JAIL. Yes Boss, as was predicted, I’m told, this trial will be a long one, about three months. Candidates are al-

Page 21

(Cont. From Page 7) who his next victim will be/ TEARS OF PHILLY falling down on me.” Thank you Betty! Snooper’s “I Told You So” Files: Yes Philadelphia, it’s with great sadness I tell all of you another fine POLICE OFFICER has been killed in the line of duty. This young woman served in the Police Department for 18 years – she was OFFICER ISABEL NAZARIO, a beautiful person. She was the Mother of two, and comes from a POLICE FAMILY, including her fiancé, OFFICER CARLOS BUITRAGO of the 25th Police Dist. She also has a wonderful Sister, MARITZA MO-

HAMAD, and we all grieve with them too. Yes, another senseless KILLING, and The Snooper asks, “WHY?” God bless her! Snooper’s Special Alert: This is a very serious ALERT, and it comes to us from LT. HUGH LYNCH of the Highway Patrol. He is concerned about ALL OF YOU, especially ALL YOU PARENTS. Yes, you parents who drive around this City without strapping your youngsters in a SAFETY SEAT is what is really troubling us, The Police. In case you didn’t know, it’s now THE LAW and you must put all youngsters in a SAFETY SEAT. If not, you can be arrested, fined and even taken to Court. I am so

Immediately following the public hearing, a meeting of the Committee on Commerce & Economic Development, open to the public, will be held to consider the action to be taken on the above listed item. Copies of the foregoing item are available in the Office of the Chief Clerk of the Council, Room 402, City Hall. Patricia Rafferty Chief Clerk

CITY OF PHILADELPHIA Public Hearing Notice The Committee on Commerce & Economic Development of the Council of the City of Philadelphia will hold a Public Hearing Wednesday, September 24, 2008, at 10:00 AM, in Room 400, City Hall, to hear testimony on the following items: 080573

An Ordinance amending Chapter 19-2600 of The Philadelphia Code, entitled “Business Privilege Taxes,” by expanding the program under which a credit against business privilege taxes is given to certain businesses that contribute monies to community development corporations undertaking economic development activities within the City of Philadelphia; all under certain terms and conditions.


Resolution authorizing City Council’s Committee on Commerce and Economic Development to investigate, and to hold hearings on, the issue of diversity within Philadelphia’s Building and Construction Trades, and further authorizing the Committee to issue subpoenas to compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of documents and other evidence.

Copies of the foregoing items are available in the Office of the Chief Clerk of the Council, Room 402, City Hall. Patricia Rafferty Chief Clerk

Immediately following the public hearing, a meeting of the Committee on Commerce & Economic Development, open to the public, will be held to consider the action to be taken on the above listed items.

page 22 The Public Record • September 18, 2008

Tuesday: 2535 S. Swanson St.

Thursday: 6801 Essington Avenue

October 7, 2008 • October 14, 2008 October 21, 2008 • October 28, 2008

October 2, 2008 • October 9, 2008 October 16, 2008 • October 23, 2008 October 30, 2008

Saturday: 3201 N. Delaware Avenue October 4, 2008 • October 11, 2008 October 18, 2008 • October 25, 2008


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The Public Record • September 18, 2008

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Public Record Classifieds:

Aspite, Inc. Auto Auction Center

7000 State Road • Philadelphia, PA 19135

(215) 335-4884 Fax (215) 333-7793 In accordance with Chapter 73 of the Vehicle Code and authorization of the Department of Transportation, there will be a public auction of the below listed vehicles, Thursday, September 18, 2008 at 1:30 PM. The location: 7000 State Road, Philadelphia, PA. All sales final. Cash only. STOCK# YEAR MAKE SPV-7549 US-1300 US-1310 US-1497 •••

2004 1993 1992 1997




2G1WF52E549458541 1FACP5244PA275788 1FMDA11U9NZB43873 1FMDU35P9VZB350500

834853 830253 830197 836180



Clip & Fax This Classified Coupon Classified Advertising: You name your category. We'll make a listing for you! Make it pay off for you! Advertise Sales, Services, Fund Raisers... etc. Our rates: 1 - 15 words = $9.00 16-20 words = $11.50 21 - 30 words = $14.00 same ad on our Web Page $2.00 _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________ _______________


_______________ _______________ _______________

_______________ _______________ _______________ _______________


3- By phone 215-755-2000. Have your credit card ready. Payment can be made by check, cash or credit

Name: ______________________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________City/State/Zip________________________ Phone: ________________ Check [ ], MO [ ], Visa [ ], MC [ ], Discover [ ] Card # ________________________________ Exp.Date: __________ Total Words: ____________________________ Total: $: ___________

Send us your ad in one of the following ways: 1- B y f a x t o 2 1 5 - 6 8 9 - 4 0 9 9 2 - B y m a i l t o T h e P u b l i c R e c o r d , 1 3 3 0 R i t n e r S t . , P h i l a . PA , 1 9 1 4 8

The Public Record • September 18, 2008

page 24


Philadelphia Public Record

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