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July 12, 2012

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Still Allies

SEN. PAT TOOMEY thanks Oneida Nation representative Ray Halbritter, left, before announcement on grounds of US Capitol. Gerry Lenfest, center, is chairman of American Revolution Center and has pledged to donate $40 million if other donors will match his fundraising challenge. Oneidas were only member of Iroquois League to side with Americans in Revolutionary War.


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Jul. 13Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell celebrates her birthday h osting and feeding city’s homeless at Holmes School, 5429 Chestnut ST. from noon till 4 pm. Jul. 16Phila. Tea Party Patriots and So. Philly/CC group meet at Prudential Bank Bldg., 1843 Oregon Ave., 7 p.m. Parking and entrance in back. Jul. 21Fundraiser for State Rep. John Taylor in N. Wildwood at Coconut Cove, 400 W. Spruce Ave., N. Wildwood, N.J., 2-6 p.m. , $25. Cash Bar. For info (215) 545-2244. Jul. 219th Annual Healthy Hoops Program, 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., at St. Joseph’s University Michael J. Hagan Arena, 5400 City Avenue. For youngsters 3 to 16 with asthma, heart or weight problems. Hosted by Amerihealth Mercy Foundation, Keyswtone Mercy Health Plan and Charlie Mack Party 4 Peace. Call 215-8636666 to register. Jul. 21Rep. Gary Williams’ 32nd Ward’s 5th annual Fee Summer Day Trip to Wildwood, NJ, hosting seniors and children at no cost for full day of fun, water park rides, and beach frolic. Three Buses leave


from 16th and Berks sts. at 8 a.m. and return at 8 p.m. Jul. 27Former Sheriff Barbara Deeley hosts evening with Councilman Bob Hewnon at 270 Seabreeze Court, Anglesea, NJ. 6:30 to 9 pm. Contribution $100. Make checks payable to Bobby 11, POBox 22614, Phila. 19110. RSVP or call 215906- 0339. Jul. 28Brady Bunch Beach Party at Keenan’s in Anglesea, Wildwood, N.J., 4 p.m. Tickets available at door. Aug. 18Barrett Rec Ctr. Advisory Board Community Day, 8th & Duncannon Sts., 11 a.m.-3 pm. No charge. Family fun day. All invited. For info Sheila Bellamy (215) 457-4079. Aug. 1847th Ward Crab & Shrimp Fest to Baltimore leaves Progress Plaza, Broad and Oxford Sts., 1 p.m. Open bar, massive menu. $150. For info George Brooks (267) 971-5703. Aug. 19Annual Bill Meehan Clam Bake at Cannstatter Volksfest Verein, 9130 Academy Rd., 4-8 p.m. Ferko String Band entertains. For details call Republican City Committee (215) 561-0650.


Philly, Pgh. Mayors Join In Obama Pitch Following President Obama’s “Betting on America” bus-tour stop in Pittsburgh today, Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia joined in with his peer and Mayor Luke Ravenstahl of Pittsburgh, along with two Pennsylvania small-business owners, to discuss the President’s commitment to middle-class families and businesses. During the recession, Charles Overholser of Mt. Airy was forced to lay off workers; but as the economy recovered, his clients, many of them small businesses around Philadelphia, returned.

Thanks to increasing demand and the small-business health-care tax credits from Obama’s healthcare law, Overholser’s Philadelphia business was able to rehire all of its staff following the recession. On the call, Mayors Nutter and Ravenstahl highlighted the contrast between President Obama, who has bet on the American middle class with important investments and tax breaks, and Mitt Romney, whose economic plan they said is based on the idea our economy grows from the top down.

Unmarried Voters Give Obama His Edge Driven by a yawning marriage gap, and a 2-1 lead among single women, President Barack Obama gets 46% of American voters to 43% for Gov. Mitt Romney, largely on the support of singles, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released yesterday.

Married voters back Romney 51-38%, while unmarried voters back President Obama 54-34%, the independent poll finds. Among married voters, Romney leads 54-35% among men and 49-42% among women. Among single voters, Obama leads 47-38% among men and 60-31% among women. • PHILADELPHIADAILYRECORD.COM




Daily Waffles From Joe Sbaraglia (The Waffleman) HOAGIES - Pronounced hoe geys, are possibly named for the sandwiches that were once eaten by the workers on the farms on Hog Island. These workers were called hoggies. The hoggies would purchase one of those sandwiches from a local deli-

catessen. It would be their lunch. These sandwiches were soon associated with the hoggies. Somewhere along the way hoggies came to be proÂŹnounced hoagies. In South Philadelphia, they are not called submarines, torpedoes, heros, grinders or


zeps (short for zeppelins). To make a good hoagie: use fresh lunchmeats (never use Coteghino), good provolone cheese is essential. Use fresh Italian bread or a hoagie roll to make a good hoagie. Never use mayonnaise. The lunchmeat and cheese must be sliced thin - very thin. Make sure to cut the finished hoagie in half. How else are you going to eat it? There are tuna hoagies, steak hoagies, tuna fish hoagies and egg salad hoagies. You can get it with or without oil, stuff it with pickles, onions, lettuce, tomatoes and/or hot peppers or any combination of these condiments. Have a soda, coffee or even milk to drink, it doesn't matter. Red's, at Ninth & Mifflin Streets was and still is, a place to get a great hoagie. The prices were great then. A tuna hoagie using imported tuna fish cost 30 cents. Ham and cream cheese cost 25 cents and pressed ham and cream cheese cost 15 cents.

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Casey Intros Bill To Fight Teen Cough-Syrup Abuse US Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) introduced bipartisan legislation yesterday to prevent the abuse of cough syrup to get high, a particularly worrisome trend among teens.

lation will prevent kids from purchasing a drug that has dangerous consequences when abused to get high, while also ensuring it is available to those with a legitimate need for it.”

The active ingredient in many over-the-counter cough and cold medicines dextromethorphan (DXM) is safe when taken as recommended, but 5% of teenagers report having intentionally taken large doses of DXM for effects that include hallucinations, confusion, blurred vision and loss of motor control. Casey’s Prevent Abuse of Cough Treatments (PACT) Act will make it harder for teens to purchase the drug for this dangerous use.

The PACT Act will: Restrict the sale of dextromethorphan to those over the age of 18 (unless presenting a prescription or meeting emancipated status); and Ensure that only legitimate entities registered with the FDA or comparable state agencies can purchase raw, unfinished (bulk) dextromethorphan.

“By addressing easy access to purchasing cough syrup for teens, the main cause of the harmful trend of its abuse, my bill will help keep our children safe and lessen the strain cough syrup abuse has put on families, hospitals and law enforcement,” said the Senator. “My common-sense legis-

Across Pennsylvania, emergency rooms have seen an uptick in overdoses of DXM. For example, the Sunbury Community Hospital recently reported a doubling of cases of DXM abuse in the past year. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alsk.) joined Casey in introducing the PACT Act.

Hold Off On Voter ID, Coalition Urges Corbett A growing broad-based coalition of 100 statewide, regional and local organizations is strongly urging Gov. Tom Corbett to delay implementation of Pennsylvania’s new voter-ID law, which requires all state voters to show photo identification each and every time they go to the polls. Speaking on behalf of several members of the coalition, Barry Kauffman, executive director of Common Cause PA, said the plea for delay follows

this week’s stunning revelation that 9.2% of the state’s 8.2 million registered voters – nine times more than state officials originally estimated – do not have photo-identification cards issued by PennDOT, the most-common forms of identification voters will bring to the polls on Nov. 6, when the law goes into full effect. In Philadelphia, 18%, or nearly one in five (186,830) of the city’s just over one million regis• PHILADELPHIADAILYRECORD.COM



THE PHILADELPHIA DAILY RECORD tered voters, do not have PennDOT-issued photoidentification cards. Between 10% and 12% of voters in nine other Pennsylvania counties are similarly impacted. County-by-county data are available at:

Olivia Thorne, President of the League of Women Voters of PA, added that urging Governor Corbett to delay implementation of the law – at least for one year – will give state and local officials sufficient time to ensure that the dramatically higher number of affected voters will not be stripped of their fundamental right to vote.

Kauffman also expressed deep concern that state lawmakers who passed the voter ID law in March relied upon inaccurate information that 99% of voters would not be negatively impacted.

Kauffman, McElroy and Thorne underscored that the new voter-ID law impacts all state voters, regardless of party affiliation or the candidates they support. “Every voter in Pennsylvania needs to know what the new law requires,” Kauffman concluded. “But four months until the presidential election in November is a very short time frame to reach what we now know are hundreds of thousands of voters who will actually need to get photo identification in order to vote.”

According to Elizabeth McElroy, secretary-treasurer of the Philadelphia AFL-CIO, the 100 members of the PA Voter ID Coalition are conducting an aggressive nonpartisan statewide campaign to educate voters about the voter ID law and to help them obtain acceptable forms of photo identification. “The new data shows there is a significant hurdle to over three quarters of a million Pennsylvanians who do not already have valid forms of photo identification,” said McElroy.

This coalition consists of the Advancement Project, ACLU of PA, Committee of Seventy, Common Cause/PA, League of Women Voters PA and Philadelphia AFL-CIO.

Youngblood Cheers 2nd Casino License… State Rep. Rosita C. Youngblood (D-Northwest) commended the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board for its decision to follow existing law and open up the application process for the remaining Category 2 slot machine license, which is required to be located in the city of Philadelphia. Youngblood said the announcement, made by the PGCB yesterday, will hopefully put an end to the controversy surrounding previous attempts to build the second casino in Philadelphia and remove the pressure by several of her colleagues in the General Assembly to change the original intent of the Gaming Act and move the license to another location in Pennsylvania. Legislation to move the li6|


cense out of Philadelphia stalled in the General Assembly this session. “I am disappointed that the original investors selected to build the second casino failed to make it happen, but, the taxpayers and residents of Philadelphia should not be left holding the bag and punished for the errors and sins of private business,” Youngblood said. “It is time we move forward from what was done years ago and I applaud the Gaming Board for doing what is in the best interest of all Pennsylvania’s taxpayers.” Youngblood has been the leading proponent of keeping the remaining Category 2 license in

THE PHILADELPHIA DAILY RECORD Philadelphia and has led the fight to oppose any legislative action that would limit job opportunities, economic development and additional local tax revenue for the city that comes with hosting a second casino. “The truth of the matter is Philadelphia has been counting on the revenue from this second Category 2 license since the original Gaming Act was established in 2004,” she said. “And the people of this city have been eager to apply for the full-time, high-wage jobs, most of which come with medical and pension benefits, that were promised from two licensed facilities. This announcement puts to rest the uncertainty of where this casino should be built and once again provides Philadelphia with an opportunity to infuse our communities with significant economic development funding and thousands of good paying jobs.”

“The key to a successful economic recovery is job creation,” Youngblood added. “While the need to create jobs is obvious, the policies that will get us there are not. The policies behind Pennsylvania’s gaming industry has a proven track record of creating jobs and generating revenue, and the Board’s decision today to open up the application process for Philadelphia’s second casino will have a significant positive impact on the people of our city.” “Once again I want to commend the Board for moving forward and opening up the application process for the remaining Category 2 license,” Youngblood said. “It takes a significant amount of time, sometimes up to a year or so, to fully vet all applicants and ensure they are suitable candidates for licensure. Applications are very detailed and require specifics about the proposed casino plans. That is why I am pleased the Board has acted to immediately open the application process.”

…While Gaming Foes Decry Cost Of Gambling Addicts “A second casino would be no less predatory then SugarHouse” said Dan Hajdo, board member of Casino-Free Philadelphia. “Casinos profit off people suffering from gambling addiction. Rather than another application process, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board needs to step up and provide real protection from the practices that create and stoke gambling addiction.” Having long maintained casinos cost more than any potential benefit, Casino-Free Philadelphia released a report last year showing citizens of Philadelphia lost 10 times the amount of money at SugarHouse that the City gained from its share of casino revenue in the casino’s first year. The group has also called for changes in casino practices to protect patrons of the casino. “They could eliminate Quicksand Credit (the practice of

the casino loaning credit to players for unlimited amounts) for one thing,” said Hajdo. “But instead they only promote the industry, rather than regulate it.” Casino-Free Philadelphia has cited research showing the harms of casino, and notes that there are many things, such as offering free alcohol and remaining open 24/7, casinos do specially to take advantage of people with gambling addiction. One possible protection, the Self-Exclusion list (a form that allows gamblers to exclude themselves from casinos) could be useful. Yet casinos do not make this known and Casino-Free Philadelphia maintains that their contact with patrons shows few if any likely know about this provision. “Even easier then banning quicksand credit,” • PHILADELPHIADAILYRECORD.COM



THE PHILADELPHIA DAILY RECORD Hajdo adds, “the PGCB could allow patrons to sign up for the Self-Exclusion List right at the casino, require the casino to post that information,

and require gaming board representatives to seek out an help those showing signs of gambling addiction.”

Fattah, Nutter, LaHood Tout Wayne Junction Work Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-Phila.) joined US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood and Mayor Michael Nutter at the 80-year-old Wayne Junction Substation in North Philadelphia yesterday to launch $12.8 million in critical infrastructure work that will improve service and safety for half of SEPTA’s regional rail grid.

SEPTA’s riders we would get help. Today Secretary LaHood is in North Philadelphia delivering on that promise.”

The grant comes from the Dept. of Transportation’s TIGER 4 (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery) program. The four rounds of TIGER grants have generated $55 million in job-creating infrastructure projects for the Philadelphia region.

LaHood returned the favor: “A big thanks to your Mayor and your Congressman, both very good friends,” he said. “They make a difference to get things done. This delegation that speaks for Philly really does a great job.”

“Philadelphia is the only city in the country that has received grants in all four rounds of the TIGER program. But this is the one I’m most proud of,” Fattah declared during ceremonies against the backdrop of rusting but still functioning power facilities in the SEPTA Wayne Avenue yards. “Since 1930, nothing has been done here. Some of the patents go back to 1919.” Fattah, whose 2nd Dist. includes the neighborhood surrounding the substation, noted. “A year ago, I toured Wayne Junction Substation and promised



Fattah called LaHood the greatest Transportation Secretary ever. He added, “We can do better, and because of Secretary LaHood we will do better.”

Nutter talked about the jobs-generating aspect of the Substation project and said, “President Barack Obama gets credit for fighting for these programs.” Also participating were City Councilwoman Cindy Bass and SEPTA General Mgr. Joseph Casey. The Wayne Junction Substation, which serves half of SEPTA’S commuter-rail grid, is adjacent to Wayne Junction Station and provides power for six commuter rail lines, impacting 17.5 million passengers.


Goode’s Tax Credits Spur Job Growth City Councilman at Large W. Wilson Goode, Jr. has been the primary sponsor of economic-development tax credits since taking office in January 2000. During his first term, he created the Community Development Corporation Tax Credit in 2001 and the Job Creation Tax Credit in 2002. The City’s Revenue Department recently released updates on both programs. The Community Development Corp. Tax Credit Program allows businesses to receive tax credits of up to $85,000 per year against business tax liability for each year the business contributes up to $85,000 in cash to a Qualifying CDC. Each business is required to enter into a contribution agreement with the City under which it agrees to contribute up to $85,000 in cash per year for 10 consecutive years to a Qualifying CDC designated by the business. The program allows two businesses to apply jointly for the credit. During calendar year 2011, five new partnership slots were created, expanding the number of partnerships to 35. The Job Creation Tax Credit Program was established in May 2002 to encourage businesses to expand employment within the City of Philadelphia. It is based on the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Job Creation Tax Credit program and offers a credit against the firm’s business tax liability for each new job created. The program can be utilized

by companies of any type or size located anywhere in the city. Through 2011, 85 firms have participated in the program, promising the creation of 5,619 jobs. The five year period allowed by the initial ordinance to create new jobs has expired for 38 of these 85 firms. As a result, the promised job creation may be reduced from 5,619 to 2,119. To date, 1,043 jobs have been certified as created, resulting in the issuance of $1,652,890 in tax certificates, of which $1,537,020 has been claimed. Following certification of job creation, participating firms are awarded certificates for the tax credit, either $1,000 or 2% of the annual wage for each job created (the credit is either $3,000 or 2% of annual wages paid for each job created in 2010 and 2011, or $5,000 or 2% of annual wages paid for each job created in 2012 and 2013). The Councilman said, “The economic-development tax credits have proven to be useful tools. The CDC Tax Credit Program has been successful in attracting private investment to disadvantaged neighborhoods for economic development. The Job Creation Tax Credit Program has had 1,043 jobs certified as created, with the promise of over 2000 new jobs under the program. The tax credit has been enhanced for 2012 and 2013, offering $5,000 for each job created.”





Prom Photographer Fêted At Art Museum Gala PHILA. MUSEUM OF ART held an opening reception for world famous Philly native, photographer Mary Ellen Mark at Perelman Gallery this week. Photos from book she published, PROM, are on display. Mark and her filmmaker husband Martin Bell spent four years attending 13 proms across the country – starting with her alma mater Cheltenham HS. Mark is seen here in front of one of her amazing portraits while Curator Peter Barberie joins her at reception. Photos by Bonnie Squires

HON. CONSTANCE WILLIAMS, right, chair of Art Museum board of trustees, was delighted to see one of prom couples pictured in book and exhibition show up at reception for artist. Michael Glorioso and Eliza Wierzinska posed in front of their portrait. Art museum is the first to exhibit PROM’s photos. 10 |



ART MUSEUM trustee Lynn Honickman, who hosted cocktail reception with her husband Harold and Art Museum CEO Timothy Rub, enjoys talking with Martin Bell, documentary filmmaker and husband of photographer Mary Ellen Mark, and Rub. Bell accompanied his wife to all 13 proms around country and he produced a documentary interviewing prom dates selected to pose for portraits.

JOSEPH J. RISHEL, the Gisela & Dennis Alter Senior Curator of European Painting before 1900, and Senior Curator of John G. Johnson Collection and Rodin Museum; and Gail Harrity, museum’s COO, joined in the celebration for Mary Ellen Mark, Penn alumna who has won worldwide acclaim for her photo portraits.





Mayfair’s Native Son Announces His VP Bid Saying government has become too isolated from the reality most American families face today, Scott Cummings, a longtime Northeast Philadelphia resident, threw his hat in the ring for consideration as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate. “I have watched as hard working people have struggled with the poor economy, high gas prices, a healthcare system in crisis and government policies that hurt more than they help. It’s time we sent real people to Washington. People who understand the true meaning of ‘public service.’ People who know what a loaf of bread costs. People who can identify with the problems and struggles we all face today,” said Cummings. Cummings pointed to his extensive community involvement along with his experience in the international arena as the perfect mix of experience needed for this important position. “I have spent years helping to make our neighborhoods cleaner and safer, provide recreational and learning opportunities for our children, and look after our elderly and those less fortunate. 12 |


“I’ve also travelled in circles at the highest level of international diplomacy with Dr. Henry Kissinger and with one of the greatest business minds of our generation – Donald Trump.” Scott looked to Former Mayor Frank Rizzo as a mentor and spent many hours assisting his campaigns. I am uniquely qualified and can serve with distinction,” said Cummings. Scott has served as a chief, Bench Warrant Unit, Family Court and Domestic Relations, City of Philadelphia. He has provided security services to the NFL and NHL, including Peyton Manning. He is a former senior corporate investigator, Trump Taj Mahal & Casino; and former president, Mayfair Civic Association. Scott has received certificates of appreciation from both The White House and United States Marshall Service. He is a graduate of Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, with a bachelor of arts in criminal-justice administration.


Amoroso Is Assigned To SC Disciplinary Panel Margaret J. Amoroso of the Pennsylvania labor-union and employment law firm Willig, Williams & relations, consumer law and criminal defense matDavidson has been appointed as a Hearing Comters. She has served as an Assistant County Solicimittee member serving the Disciplinary Board of tor for Delaware Co., Pa., since 1991. In that the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Her threeyear appointment became effective Jul. 1, 2012. capacity she handles dependency matters for the County’s Children & Youth Services, as well as The Disciplinary Board’s four hearing committees appeals for the Dept. of Public Welfare. review cases and files concerning attorney disciAmoroso, a dedicated member of the community, pline matters within their respective districts. currently sits on the Delaware Co. Children’s Committee members, who serve on a voluntary, unpaid basis, are nominated by Disciplinary Board Roundtable, the Pennsylvania Children & Youth members based upon reputation within the legal Solicitors Association Bylaws Committee and the community. Delaware Co. Bar Association Fee Dispute Committee. In April 2012, she was elected as a member of the Township Council of Middletown Township The managing attorney of Willig, Williams & Davidson’s Media, Pa., office, Amoroso has been in Delaware Co. - after serving as an interim member and filling a vacancy in the Township’s 2nd practicing law for more than 25 years. She counDist. sels and represents clients in real estate, domestic • PHILADELPHIADAILYRECORD.COM



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