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August 18, 2011

Philadelphia Daily Record

Rethinking Mantua

ONCE-BEDRAGGLED Mantua neighborhood is taking on a new lease on life, fueled in part by Mt. Vernon Manor affordable apartment complex. Article by State Sen. Vincent Hughes page 3.

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Aug. 18State Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown holds Job Fair at HS for the Future, 4021 Parkside Ave., 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Job-seekers come with resume in appropriate business attire. For info Josh Parsons (717) 772-9946. Aug. 18Congressman Bob Brady and Ward Leader John Dougherty host fundraiser for Democrat 1st Dist. Council candidate Mark Squilla at La Veranda, 31 N. Columbus Blvd., 5:30-7:30 p.m. For info Aug. 18Stu Bykofsky’s 21st Candidates Comedy Night at Finnigan’s Wake, 3rd & Spring Garden Sts., 7:30 p.m. Tickets $75. Order by calling Variety (215) 735-0803.

Aug. 20State Rep. Rosita Youngblood hosts 2011 Back to School Community Resource Fair at Burgess Ctr. (rear parking lot) at 200-220 W. Chelten Ave. (cor. of Wayne), 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Register K through 8th-graders for free school supplies by calling her office (215) 8496426 before Aug. 12 while supplies last. Aug. 20State Sen. Shirley M. Kitchen hosts Community Health Fair on Master St. from 15th to 17th Sts., 1-5 p.m., in partnership with Shiloh Apostolic Temple, National Temple Baptist Ch., AME Union Ch., Bible Fellowship Ch. of God, Holy Trinity Deliverance Ch., Hope Matters, 10th Memorial Baptist Ch. and Juanita Rowe Foundation. All invited free.


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18 AUGUST, 2011

All To Help In Community Programming Mayor Nutter Invites by Mayor Michael Nutter The safety of all Philadelphians is my number one responsibility and my highest priority. We’ve focused heavily on improving public safety since I took office in January 2008. As a result, homicides are down 22% and we have reduced violent crime by 16% Recently, our city has seen an outbreak of random attacks by groups of misguided, violent youths on innocent people. This mayhem requires a swift, specific, targeted response. As part of that response, we have imposed an earlier, 9 p.m., weekend curfew in the parts of the city where we’ve seen these incidents take place, in neighborhoods throughout Center City and in University City. And we extended the

hours of 20 recreation centers across the city to 10 p.m. in order to provide more positive opportunities for teens. Youth violence is not just a matter for the Philadelphia Police Department. The entire community has a role to play. That’s why iPledge and Town Watch volunteers have been patrolling areas of Center City providing extra eyes and ears to keep our streets safe and to keep kids out of trouble. Most importantly, as I said in my speech to the congregation at Mount Carmel Baptist Church, parents must step up and take responsibility for their children. Which is why we will impose fines on parents whose children repeatedly break curfew. Looking back to my childhood I

know that things are vastly different today. But some things should never change – respect for others, minding your manners, obeying your parents. Every day I talk to young people from our communities who are following those rules and are making a success of themselves. I refuse to let their stories be overshadowed by this nonsense, and I refuse to let the actions of a few endanger the safety of all of us. That’s why I will continue to work every day to reduce crime and make Philadelphia the safest city it can be. I hope you’ll join me be signing up as an iPledge volunteer today. Call (215) 686-2181. Thank you for your generous support and for everything you do for Philadelphia.

Sen. Hughes Pushes Mantua Development by State Sen. Vincent Hughes I was pleased to announce this week generous awards totaling almost $16 million for the Mt. Vernon Manor apartments as part of the reinvestment program in the Mantua section of Philadelphia. The revitalization of Mantua is im18 AUGUST, 2011

portant – it is a distressed community in need of assistance. If you look around, it is not unlike a lot of other distressed communities in the city. So, yes, the revitalization is important for this neighborhood, but its importance is much greater than its neighborhood boundaries. Doing projects like renovating Mt. THE PHILADELPHIA DAILY RECORD

Vernon Manor is solid evidence of success – success showing government, local businesses, stakeholders and communities working collaboratively together, success showing people investing in an area instead of ignoring it and success showing that even in challenging environments, it can be |


done. Successful projects like this provide solid evidence for future undertakings of this nature. The story of the Mt. Vernon Manor apartments is multi-layered. Mantua is being transformed as a result of significant funding from a few different sources, and it is an incredible sign of collaboration and success during a challenging financial climate. The apartment complex is being renovated to include updated apartments, landscaping and courtyards. The 125 Mt. Vernon Manor apartments were built in 1980 and are encompassed by a nine-building, housing complex that is assisted by the federal Dept. of Housing & Urban Development. In April, HUD awarded the Mt. Vernon Manor Apartments and the Mantua neighborhood one of 17 nationwide Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grants for $250,000. The project was one of 119 applicants vying for the grant.

The grant was a significant win for an area looking to improve, and opens the project up for the potential to receive an additional $20 million from HUD once the planning stage ends. The goal of the grant is to support a comprehensive approach to revitalization that brings housing improvements together with various incomes and links them to quality education, transportation and jobs. This grant is also being supported with additional financial and inkind services from the Philadelphia Foundation, Drexel University, the Philadelphia Housing Authority and One Economy Corporation. An additional $3.7 million in funding for the redevelopment will be coming from the city of Philadelphia through its Neighborhood Stabilization Program. NSP identifies neighborhoods that are most in need of going from vacant, foreclosed properties to

owner-occupied dwellings. Mantua is a target area for the city’s investment from the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, also known as stimulus funding. Finally, PHFA supported the federal and City efforts by awarding $12 million in Low Income Housing tax credits to support the $15.6 million first-phase renovation, which includes six of the nine existing buildings for a total of 75 apartments. Mt. Vernon Manor joins Mantua Square and Union Hill as affordable-housing developments in Mantua as the area continues to undergo a dramatic transformation attracting new development and businesses – a dramatic transformation that will tempt others to replicate in communities across the city that need assistance. Investment in our neighborhoods and people works, and the revitalization of Mantua is just the beginning.

Casey Announces $43 Million For Pa. To Help Small Businesses Create Jobs US Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) has announced four Pennsylvania community banks received $43 million through the US Treasury Dept.’s Small Business Lending Fund to help small businesses access capital and create jobs. “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy,” said the


Senator. “I urged Treasury to expedite this funding because it is essential to helping Pennsylvania businesses grow and create jobs.” The Pennsylvania banks receiving funding as part of today’s announcement include: AmeriServ Financial, Inc. (Johnstown) – $21.0 million; DNB Financial


Corp. (Downingtown) – $13.0 million; Jonestown Bank & Trust Co. (Jonestown) – $4.0 million; Valley Green Bank (Philadelphia) – $5.0 million. There are over 275,000 small businesses in Pennsylvania that employ over 3.2 million people.

18 AUGUST, 2011

Councilwoman Sánchez: Get City Out Of Immigration Enforcement Following Tuesday’s release of a new report documenting a pattern of unjust deportations, Councilwoman Maria Quiñones Sánchez renewed calls for the end of the City’s controversial involvement in federal immigration enforcement, urging: “Our true priority in local government is the safety of our residents. It has become clear that federal immigration enforcement is at best haphazard and is often unconstitutional. Entangling the Philadelphia Police Department with this broken system has made us all less safe.” The report by the American Immigration Lawyers Association, “Immigration Enforcement Off Target: Minor Offenses With Major Consequences,” was released Aug. 16. It dramatically shows how federallocal partnerships have failed their stated goals, leading to the deportation of many who pose no threat to public safety or national security.

18 AUGUST, 2011

AILA’s member attorneys nationwide submitted examples of cases where their immigrant clients had been stopped, questioned, or arrested by local police leading to the initiation of removal proceedings. Over 200 cases were analyzed, including 9 from Pennsylvania, revealing disturbing trends. In 82 cases, deportation was initiated after arrest or citation for minor offenses (66 cases involved only minor traffic violations). In 41 cases, local police never pursued any criminal charges. In 87 cases, the individuals had no criminal history. In 61 cases, there is evidence the primary reason for the stop may have been to assess immigration status. In 79 cases, deportation was sought against individuals with family members who are US citizens or lawful permanent residents. In 21 cases, the individuals have pending asylum claims or should be protected by


special visas for crime victims or witnesses. The Councilwoman condemned as counterproductive programs encouraging local involvement in federal immigration enforcement, such as “Secure Communities” and Philadelphia’s agreement to grant real-time access to the City’s PARS arrest database. She stated, “These programs are not just ineffective, they are destroying individual lives and community trust.” City officials including the Mayor, District Attorney, and 1st Judicial Dist. will decide before Aug. 31 whether to renew the PARS contract. In June, Council Members Sánchez and James Kenney co-introduced a resolution in opposition to the contract, which was adopted unanimously by City Council.



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