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April 4, 2011

Philadelphia Daily Record

Voting Lesson

SOUTHWEST PHILLY residents came out SW Concerned Citizens’ Voting in Philadelphia 101 civic event. Featured was Committee of Seventy’s Luke McKinstry, here seen with 2nd Council Dist. candidate Tracey Gordon, who discussed role of his group and distributed their booklets. He also gave out important election statistics stressing how a large number of Philadelphians came out for the Presidential election but this significantly dropped off for local elections like the upcoming May 17 primary.

Fattah Cites Good News For Jobs, Manufacturing Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-Pa.), a leading advocate on the House Appropriations Committee for innovation in American manufacturing, hailed Friday’s brightening employment picture as the latest indicator the economy is on the rebound. “The good news on jobs is no fluke. We have just experienced the 13th straight month of private job growth, and it’s the strongest two-month jump in private employment since 2006,” Fattah said. “The Obama Administration’s economic policies are working, even as we continue efforts to get more Americans back to work more quickly. Fattah said, “That improvement is evident in Philadelphia in a number of small- and medium-size businesses as well as nationally, where recovery efforts in the auto industry have generated big returns.” Fattah cited positive indicators here, where manufacturing production reached a 27-year high in March, based on new orders, according to a report by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. Fattah got a close-up at innovation on the factory in his District on Mar. 21 when he toured CoverSports

USA at 5000 Paschall Avenue in Southwest Philadelphia. President Ronald B. Nissenbaum, part of a three-generation family ownership team, demonstrated for the Congressman new equipment that allows it to reclaim business from Asian factories. CoverSports, with 77 employees, manufactures large tarps and specialized coverings for athletic fields including major-league baseball stadiums – where some of its products will be visible to fans on this Opening Day weekend. “Factories like CoverSports are homegrown, underthe-radar success stories,” the Congressman said. “They are the face of tomorrow’s American manufacturing base. We need to employ every tool at our disposal, at the Commerce Department, in universities, laboratories and industry incubators, to stay at the top of a highly competitive global economy.” Fattah, as Ranking Member on the House Appropriations Committee’s Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science and related agencies, he has been pushing for resources of Commerce Dept efforts to encourage and promote innovation.

Farnese Goes After The Bedbug Infestation State Sen. Farnese (D-S. Phila.) has introduced SB 908, a freestanding act that will address the growing health concerns regarding bedbug infestations in multi-unit buildings and hotels. “Bedbugs are a public nuisance, and it is a matter of public welfare to protect the citizens of Pennsylvania from this insect,” said the Senator. He is concerned by the 500% rise in bedbug infestations nationwide and in Pennsylvania, particularly in Philadelphia. “This legislation is designed to allow Pennsylvania to continue as 2|

a competitive tourist destination and also to ensure the health of our residents is protected,” said Farnese. “The aim of my proposed legislation is to establish procedures to prevent and eradicate bedbugs in certain residential properties and hotels.” SB 908 will require an owner or landlord of a multi-unit building to maintain a clean and safe living environment free of bedbugs. It provides property owners are responsible for the maintenance of a bedbug-free facility and must remove bedbugs at their own expense upon notification of their THE PHILADELPHIA DAILY RECORD

presence. This bill will also require certification that no more than 30 days prior to a new lease term or a new tenant commencing occupancy of a dwelling unit that the unit has been inspected by a professional pest control specialist and is bedbug-free. This will be done at the owner’s expense. They must also have the common areas of the property inspected by a professional pest control specialist every six months at their own expense and include the date of the most recent inspection in the lease. 4 APRIL, 2011

The legislation would also provide for additional legal rights and responsibilities for both owners and tenants in ensuring bedbug infestations are mitigated. This would include tenant liability if they have not notified the owner of a known infestation.

The bill would also require written certification to hotel guests upon check-in that the facilities, including a percentage of bedrooms and common areas such as lobbies, restaurants and lounges, have been inspected by a professional pest control specialist for and are free of bed bugs. The inspections will

be required on a quarterly basis. The legislation provides for civil penalties for owners who fail to comply with the law. Fines would range from $300 for each affected unit to $1000 for each affected common area in a hotel or multiunit building.

New Organization Plan is Unveiled For Parks & Rec

Effective Mar. 28, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation has transitioned into eight new geographic operating and program districts. (Cont. Page 4)

4 APRIL, 2011




Previously, Recreation Dept. operated in nine districts, Fairmount Park in five. In order to best manage and serve PPR’s assets and constituents, the eight new districts were formed with a number of factors in mind – including number, type, size and use of facilities, acres of parkland, watershed and neighborhood

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boundaries, among others. The City is divided into two regions – each led by a Regional Manager – North (Sue Buck) and South (Paul Dignam). Each District (except #5) has a Program Manager. Each pair of Districts (1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8) has an Operations Manager.

PHA Is Back In The Law Business

2024 S. 10th St Philadelphia PA 19148


When You Want Your Roof To Be Done Right The First Time


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Translation/Interpretation Arabic, Hebrew, English, French For more information, call William Hanna

267-808-0287 4|

PHA ADMINISTRATIVE RECEIVER Michael P. Kelly gives Mayor Michael Nutter a first-hand look at PHA’s new Legal Dept. at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for both their staffs. Kelly has reestablished the Legal Dept. under his plan to use less outside counsel. PHA is recruiting for a permanent general counsel and other attorneys to handle labor, employment and litigation. THE PHILADELPHIA DAILY RECORD

4 APRIL, 2011

The Philadelphia Public Record Calendar Apr. 7-

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4 APRIL, 2011

Oak Lane Team introduces primary Democrat Candidates to residents of York House, 5325 Old York Road, 6 to 8 p.m. State Rep. Rosita Youngblood sponsors Career Fair at 1st Presbyterian Ch., 35 W. Chelten Ave., 10 a.m.-3 p.m. For info Dayne Cofer (215) 849-6426. Join Jerry Blavat “Geater with the Heater” at Beef & Beer for Common Pleas judicial candidate Fran Shields at Emerald Rm. of Sprinkler Fitters Union Ha., 14002 McNulty Rd., 7 p.m.-12.a.m. $45 per person, $80 per couple. For info Wayne Miller (215) 671-1692 or Tony Yanni (610) 8251121. Send contributions to Committee to Elect Fran Shields, Constitution Place, Suite #515, 325 Chestnut St., Phila., PA 19106-2614. Mark Squilla for 1st Dist. Council Fundraiser at Shooting Stars Club, 1931 S. 3rd St., 7 p.m. Tickets $30. For info Josh Cohen (267) 290-8836. Citizens for Jewell Williams for Sheriff host fundraiser, 6 to 9 p.m. at Dockside Condominiums/Community Room, 717 South Columbus Blvd. Contributions range from $50 to $1000. For More information call 267-351-0709. Democrat 42nd Ward Candidates Night at Local 6 Bakery Hall, 5416 Rising Sun Ave. (enter on Lima St. through parking lot), 7-11 p.m. Music, food, dancing. Tickets $20, $25 at door. For info Elaine Tomlin (215) 457-4024. Fundraiser for 2nd Council Dist. candidate Barbara Capozzi at La Stanza, 2001 Oregon Ave., 5-7 p.m. Portion goes to Pa. Breast Cancer Coalition. Sponsor $200, Guest $75. For info Stacey Goldman (267) 888-6045. Women for Barbara Capozzi host fundraiser at LaStanza Restaurant, 2001 Oregon Av. Portion of proceeds go to PA Breast Cancer Coalition. Sponsor $200, Guest-$75. Foar info

Apr. 13-

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call Stacey at 267-888-6045. St. Patrick’s Day Parade Awards Ceremony at Finnigan’s Wake, 3rd & Spring Garden Sts., 6-9 p.m. Tickets $25. For info Mike Callahan (215) 983-7224. World Trade Ass’n of Phila. fundraiser for Autism Speaks, honoring 2011 Company of Year, at Cescaphé Ballroom, 923 N. 2nd St., Reception 6 p.m., dinner 7 p.m. Ticket $100. Call Deborah Ingravallo for information at 1 (856) 642-3957. Fundraier for Jeff Hornstein, candidate for 1st Council District, at AFSCME/Distreicdtr 1199C Hall, 1319 Locvust. Hosted by Marty Tuzman, DC 47’s Cathy Scott and Rita Urwitz, and Wayne MacManiman, JR., SEIU Local 32BJ. RSV Dave O’Hara bvy calling 257-603-1480 or emailing Fundraiser for 2nd Council Dist. candidate Barbara Capozzi at Chickie’s & Pete’s, 15th & Packer. For info (267) 888-6045. Beef and Beer Night with Marty Bednarek, 6th District Democrat Council candidate, 8 p.m. to midnight at St. Dominic’s Marion Hall 8504 Frankford Avenue. Tickets $25. Live Music by “Formerly known As”. Temple Law Class of ’95 Fundraiser for Joe Grace at Dark Horse Pub, 421 S. 2nd St., 6-8 p.m. For info Ducky Birts Foundation’s Medallion Scholarship Banquet, 1st Dist. Plaza, 3801 Market St., 6 p.m., sponsored by Brown’s ShopRite. For info (215) 2421220. Women Organized Against Rape hosts Community Walk & Speak Out rally at 16th & JFK Blvd., registration 11 a.m. Ends at Visitors Center, 6th & Market Sts. For info Carrie (215) 985-3315, ext. 169. |


A Friendly New Website Greets Housing-Agency Users The Philadelphia Housing Authority launched a new and improved website featuring a customer-focused and user-friendly redesign. It also includes valuable, up-to-date information for applicants, residents, and the public.

Interested individuals can also submit an application for public housing, update their information on the waiting list, and track their status online. Each page features a button that links to the Apply for Housing page.

“The new website is very much in line with our efforts to make PHA a more transparent organization,” said PHA Administrative Receiver Michael Kelly. “It will serve as a great resource for people interested in learning more about PHA and what we do. We’re committed to improving our communications tools and making information available to everyone.”

For current residents, the website offers a wealth of information regarding resident services and training opportunities to improve their quality of life.

One of the new features is an interactive map of Philadelphia which shows the locations of PHA developments. Applicants will be able to search by type of development, number of bedrooms and availability of accessible units to find the site that best fits their family’s needs.

“We know a lot of our residents are technologically savvy. The website will allow us to promote resident programs and events in a timely manner,” said Kelly. “I strongly encourage all PHA residents to go online and see what we have to offer.” The website was also designed with other visitors in mind such as Housing Choice Voucher landlords, vendors, and job seekers.

Honkala To Protest Sheriff’s Sale With ‘Sleep Out’ Members of the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign will be holding a “Sleep Out” demonstration today to protest the restart of Philadelphia Sheriff’s sales slated to begin the next morning.

Emergency Home Loan Program can be used to help eligible homeowners stay in their homes. Demonstrators will then ride in caravan to sleep outside of 3801 Market Street, where Philadelphia Sheriff sales take place.

round of Sheriff’s sales Tuesday Apr. 5.

National Director of PPEHRC Cheri Honkala will begin the demonstration at the Sheriff’s Office at 100 S. Broad Street at 4:30pm demanding the Sheriff to place a stay on Philadelphia Sheriff sales until the $105 million worth of U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) funds for Pennsylvania’s

The demonstrators aim to shed a light on the release of EHLP funding outlined by the HUD office Apr. 1. Pennsylvania is expected to take EHLP applications in “early April.” The release of this expected funding means Philadelphia homeowners who are eligible for emergency relief are in danger of having their homes sold in the first

The $105 million allocated for Pennsylvania is estimated to help over 2,000 homeowners who have had over a 15% drop of income through no fault of their own due to underemployment, medical emergency, adverse economic conditions and involuntary unemployment.



PPEHRC members also plan to be first in line to bid a penny on each of the properties up for Philadelphia Sheriff’s sale.

4 APRIL, 2011

Savage Will Not Support Any Elected Official Who Takes DROP Danny Savage, a Democratic candidate for the 7th Councilmanic Dist., announced he will not support any elected official for office if they participate in the Deferred Retirement Option Program. This pledge includes elected officials who are seeking r-election with a plan to “retire” for a day in order to collect a six-figure payout before returning to work, as well as any DROP participants who would seek the Council presidency. “It is not only unacceptable that elected officials participated in DROP, but it is unconscionable that some want to take a six-figure payout only to ‘retire’ for a

Winning Votes Through Family Smiles

day before coming back to work at their full salary,” said Savage.“When I look around the City and at neighborhoods in the 7th Dist. that could use support, it sickens me to think elected officials are using this loophole.” “If these elected officials would give back their DROP payments, we could open every pool in the City and keep recreation centers open,” closed Savage. “They choose their pocket books over real neighborhood needs and that disqualifies them for office – including the Council presidency.

REPUBLICAN CITY COMMISSIONER candidate Al Schmidt brought a smiling entourage to opening of his campaign office in Mayfair, which drew a huge crowd. Wife Erin holds daughter Maggie, whose expression has to reveal her thought, “Wow, what a crowd!”, as daughter Gracie grins for cameraman.

Bar Ass’n Releases Ratings For Judicial Candidates Rudolph Garcia, Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association, has announced the first round of results of the Association’s investigation into the qualifications of candidates for the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas and candidates for Philadelphia Municipal Court in the May 17 primary election. The investigation was conducted by the Association’s Commission on Judicial Selection & Retention. Garcia noted that the list of “Recommended” and “Not Recommended” candidates is still incomplete. Additional names and ratings will be announced as investigations are completed on the remaining candidates. Garcia said the ratings provide the results for candidates who are on the ballot who submitted to the Association’s evaluation process by the Bar’s announced deadline of Dec. 8, 2010. “We wanted to get these names and ratings out as soon as possible and invite people to learn about these candidate ratings. They can do this by visiting our 4 APRIL, 2011

website at,” Garcia said. The Chancellor pointed out the Association’s Campaign for Qualified Judges has launched a banner on the homepage of the Association’s website which links to print the candidates’ ratings, so voters can bring the list to the polls. Garcia said the Association wants voters to know “not just who to vote for but why the judicial elections are so important and why we invest so much time and energy in reviewing and rating these candidates.” The Commission on Judicial Selection and Retention is independent and nonpartisan. It includes lawyers and non-lawyers. Among the members of the Commission are community leaders, officials including the District Attorney, Chief Public Defender, City Solicitor, and the President Judges of Common Pleas Court and Municipal Court, and representatives of minority legal groups and various sections of the Bar. The ratings by the 30-member Judicial Commission




follow extensive study and investigation by the Commission’s own 120-member investigative division. Candidates found “Recommended” satisfied a cumulative review of criteria including qualifications such as legal ability, experience, integrity, temperament, community involvement and judgment. “The Commission will complete more than 40 evaluations of candidates for the 11 open seats on Common Pleas Court and Municipal Court,” said Commission Chair Richard S. Seidel. “That is an enormous undertaking involving many hundreds of interviews by the investigative division and careful review, consideration and deliberation by the Commission.” The following judicial candidates, listed alphabetically, were found “RECOMMENDED” for election to the Court of Common Pleas: Drew Aldinger, Anne Marie B. Coyle, Charles Ehrlich, Michael Fanning, Angelo J. Foglietta, Vince Giusini, Roger F. Gordon, Jr., Jonathan Q. Irvine, Vincent L. Johnson, Sayde J. Ladov, Harry J. Levant, Christopher Mallios, Jr., Barbara A. McDermott, Maria McLaughlin, Carolyn H. Nichols, J. Scott O’Keefe, Kenneth J. Powell, Jr., Fran Shields, Joseph

C. Waters, Jr. The following judicial candidates, listed alphabetically, were found “RECOMMENDED” for election to Municipal Court: Michael Fanning, Kenneth J. Powell, Jr., Vincent L. Johnson The following judicial candidates, listed alphabetically, were found “NOT RECOMMENDED” for election to the Court of Common Pleas: Martin S. Coleman, Jim Divergilis, Tom Fitzpatrick, Beverly Muldrow, Lopez T. Thompson, Ted J. Vigilante.

The following judicial candidates, listed alphabetically, were found “NOT RECOMMENDED” for election to Municipal Court: Martin S. Coleman, Jim Divergilis, Anita Smith Additional names and ratings will be announced soon.

Largest Container Ship Ever To Call Arrives On The Delaware The MSC Laura, the largest container vessel ever to call at a Delaware River port, arrived at the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal in South Philadelphia at 7 p.m. Saturday. The mammoth MSC Laura is more than 1,000 feet long and is a 6,750 TEU vessel, the largest container ship ever to call at a Delaware River port. When fully loaded, the MSC Laura requires a depth of 45 feet of water, making it too big to navi8|

gate the Delaware River’s 40-foot shipping channel. When it arrives tomorrow, however, the MSC Laura will not be fully loaded. The arrival of this giant ship offers a glimpse of the opportunity that awaits Delaware River ports when the deepening of the Delaware River is completed. If dredging is not completed, ships like the MSC Laura – ships that provide the greatest business opportunity for Philadelphia and other ports – cannot do business here.


“Delaware River ports will continue to lose business as lines phase in these larger vessels like the MSC Laura due to draft restrictions,” said David Whene, general manager of the Greenwich Marine Terminal, an arm of Philadelphia Holt Logistics Corp. “The river needs to be at 45 feet to be competitive with ports like New York and Baltimore, which are dredging to 50 feet.”

4 APRIL, 2011

Community Quarterback Nomination Deadline Is The Philadelphia Eagles and Teva Pharmaceuticals have extended the deadline for Community Quarterback Award nominations until this Friday, Apr. 8. Individuals, as well as charitable organizations, are encouraged to submit an application recognizing an exceptional volunteer by visiting All applicants should exemplify leadership, dedication and a commitment to the community. Through their partnership with Teva Pharmaceuticals, the Philadelphia Eagles will honor 10 local volunteers with a total donation of $100,000. The overall winner receives $50,000 for their nonprofit organization while two runners-up receive $11,000 each. The re-

maining seven finalists will receive $4,000 donated in their names to their organizations. This year’s awards will be presented at the NovaCare Complex on May 18. Information and nomination forms can be found at Nominations must be postmarked by Apr. 8, 2011. Residents within 75 miles of Philadelphia, age 18 and over, who provide volunteer services for nonprofit (501(c)(3) or 509 organizations are eligible for nomination. Nominees may only serve in a volunteer capacity and may not receive any compensation – monetary or otherwise – for their efforts.

‘Memories Of Japan’ Will Show At Center City Gallery Just in time for the Cherry Blossom Festival, Hal Robinson will have an exhibit of thirty of his most recent oil paintings, entitled “Memories of Japan”, opening on Wednesday, Apr. 6, and running through Thursday, Apr. 17 at the CSA Gallery, 1818 Callowhill Street, first floor. This exhibit was planned long before Japan was hit by tragedy. The artist’s receptions will be this Saturday, Apr. 9, 4-7 p.m., and Sunday, Apr. 10, 1-5 p.m. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of his paintings will be donated to relief efforts for Japan, which is trying to recover from the triple whammy of the earthquake, the tsunami, and the nuclear crisis. Robinson has always loved Japan, ever since he was in the Army (a long time ago), after earning undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, and he has an extensive collection of Japanese antique figurines. Original oil painting, “Noodle Maker,” a 16x29” oil on canvas The paintings in this series are also acby Hal Robinson. Photo by Bonnie Squires 4 APRIL, 2011




companied by original Robinson haiku. The haiku poem accompanying “Noodle Maker” is this: Absorbed in his work, He’s as gentle with noodles As with a woman.

reer as cardiologist, having served as head of cardiology at Bryn Mawr Hospital, Robinson plunged fulltime into his second career, that of a serious artist. He earned a degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, as well as studying at Fleisher and in Italy.

The exhibit consists of 30 new oil paintings, including a series on bamboo, with original haiku, also by Robinson. After retiring from a success medical ca-

Robinson’s paintings have been exhibited in a number of juried shows and are in private collections in major cities.

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4 APRIL, 2011

SHERRI XANTHOPOULOS RUSSO will be representing Collegeville, Pa. in pageant.

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