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January 7, 2011


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Race To The River

PUNCHING A HOLE through barrier of I-95 between Old City and Delaware River, a new Race Street Connector aims to open waterfront to pedestrian access. See Page 2


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Race St. Connector Leads New Round Of Waterfront Improvements Mayor Michael A. Nutter and the Delaware River Waterfront Corp. announced plans for the next generation of waterfront projects. With initial early-action projects either completed or well underway, DRWC prepares to transition into the next phase of work, which will be greatly facilitated by a new twoyear, $5 million grant by the William Penn Foundation. The grant will be used for ongoing development projects on the waterfront and will aid DRWC in realizing the goals outlined in the Master Plan for the Central Delaware. DRWC will leverage this grant to utilize existing capital reserves and actively seek additional grants.

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“The development of the Central Delaware is a project that will reinvent Philadelphia’s relationship with its waterfront in 10, 20, 30 years from now. The plans we make today will result in a lasting monument of our dedication to green space, recreation and the value of community input for the next generation of Philadelphians,” said the Mayor. “DRWC has made a very impressive beginning in implementing this community vision for the waterfront, and I’m delighted that they are being recogTHE PHILADELPHIA DAILY RECORD

nized for their hard work.” As the Master Plan nears completion, DRWC will be identifying the next set of waterfront projects to be undertaken within the next two years. These projects will include key initiatives such as improving connections between the City and the River, enhancing or creating more public/green space along the waterfront and extending the Delaware River Trail. As its first new project, DRWC plans to connect Philadelphia and Old City to the new Race Street Pier, now under construction, beginning with the Race Street Connector. The Race Street Connector will be built in conjunction with the Race Street Pier. A combination of design elements are proposed to enhance connectivity to the river and to improve the pedestrian and bike experience, including a dedicated bike lane, signage, benches, bollards, curb realignments, increased sidewalk widths, crosswalks, plantings and a dramatic light screen along the right-side wall of the underpasses. An interactive light screen will unify the spaces underneath the expressways above and draw people to the waterfront. The screen is to be made of expanded metal with colorful lighting and bold signage. A pair of markers – one in the city and one at the river – will provide additional markers to further em7 JANUARY, 2011

phasize the closeness of the city to the river. “These funds from the William Penn Foundation will not be sitting in a bank account,” said Tom Corcoran, president of DRWC. “For example, $650,000 will be dedicated immediately to complete the Race Street Connector.” DRWC’s Master Planners have identified 34 streets that already run under I-95 to Columbus Boulevard/Delaware Avenue. DRWC will prioritize 10-12 key connections and undertake, within the next two years, two or three new OVERPASS IMPROVEMENTS will turn a dark, forbidding concrete connector projects to enslip into a welcoming pathway to waterfront. hance and improve access to the waterfront, addressing how a great city undertakes a major access to the River by creating the perceived physical and esthetic urban redesign.” green public spaces along the barrier created by I-95. The Master Delaware River, which included Plan will also detail a series of new Two years ago, Nutter called for Washington Avenue Green and the public parks/green spaces at key smart development of the Central Race Street Pier, and the thoughtful locations along the waterfront Delaware Waterfront and created development of a comprehensive which DRWC will begin to pursue. DRWC to carry out this initiative. Master Plan for the Central He empowered this new organizaDelaware River Waterfront. “What’s really special about this tion with a strong independent DRWC either has or will complete work is the fact that it grew diboard and charged it with an uneach of these projects on time and rectly from public input,” said precedented level of transparency on budget. Feather O. Houstoun, president of to insure that the public would “A commitment like this from the the William Penn Foundation. have a strong voice in any future William Penn Foundation demon“People said they wanted better planning. strates strong support of the City's public access and more tangible vision for an accessible and green links between their city and the waEarly actions included the first waterfront designed by community terfront. The Race Street Connecstages of a new waterfront bike and input,” said Councilman Frank Ditor is a tremendous example of recreation trail, improving public Cicco. 7 JANUARY, 2011




City Officials Urge Winter Weather Caution

and has established an Office of Citizens are urged to employ the

Court Compliance to monitor and

following tips:

direct the FJD’s comprehensive

collection campaign.

Clear a sidewalk path of at

least 36” wide within six hours of the end of the storm.

The Court is actively seeking pay-

Mayor Michael A. Nutter urged

ment on 400,000 accounts with

caution today to all motorists and

to your stairs and sidewalks early

outstanding balances totaling $1.5

pedestrians on Philadelphia’s

to prevent icy conditions.

billion (this includes $1 billion in

streets during winter weather con-

bail judgments). Those who do not

ditions. The Streets Dept. started

the corner as possible. Cars parked

voluntarily make payments to bring

snow operations on Thursday and

too close to the corner impede the

their payment plans up to date by

will continue throughout Friday

turning radius of salting vehicles.

Feb. 28, 2011, will face substantial

until conditions improve. There are

To report a street in need of salting

collection costs and interest on top

currently 100 trucks on Philadel-

or plowing or for more information

of the balance already owed, exe-

phia’s streets dispensing 3,000 tons

on any Streets Department program

cution and sale of their property by

of road salt. Last night at 10:00

or service, call 3-1-1. You may also

the Sheriff, and a warrant for their

a.m., Streets crews began applying

visit online at

arrest for failure to comply with a

a brine solution to prevent icing on

court order. To make arrangements for payment

black ice on them. Also, check on

Courts Seek Outside Aid To Rake In Monies Due

your elderly neighbors and family

Officials of the Philadelphia Court

to make sure they’re safe and pre-

system (the 1st Judicial Dist. of

pared for the weather,” said Mayor

Pennsylvania) announced today

Nutter. “I would like to thank our

that it is seeking attorneys who are

Streets Dept. crews for being out

specialists in collections practice to

there early and clearing our streets

execute, and collect, on court judg-

quickly and efficiently for the

ments for outstanding fines, fees,

morning rush hour.”

costs, restitution, and bail judg-

Apply commercial de-icer

Park your car as far from

roadways. “I want to urge all drivers to use caution while on the road today. Even after the snow stops this afternoon, the roads could still have

ments owed to the City of PhiladelFriday’s trash collection has not

phia, Commonwealth of

been impeded by winter weather

Pennsylvania and victims of crime.

conditions. Residents should leave

Working closely with the Mayor’s

out their trash for Friday pickup.

Office, the FJD developed the RFP



of court ordered financial obligations, email the court accounting unit at payment.inquiries@courts.phila.go v, or call (215) 683-1482. Emails are preferred. President Judge Pamela Dembe declared, “Time is up for those who owe restitution to their victims and court costs to the City. We have encouraged folks to step up and take responsibility for their debts. Lawabiding citizens are not willing to let these debts slide. We take seriously our role in helping the City survive these very difficult financial times. We also believe that victims are entitled to be made 7 JANUARY, 2011

financially whole.” Defendants can check the amount

Farnese Lauds Approval Of Airport Expansion

Sheets/CP.aspx (Search Type: “Par-

State Sen. Larry Farnese said yes-

ticipant Name” – and entering their

terday he is pleased the Federal

name and Date of Birth)

Aviation Administration has ap-

Pay on-line on the secure web ap-

proved plans to expand Philadel-

plication at

phia International Airport.

“The expansion of the airport is

The monies collected through the

the right direction for the Philadel-

effort will be paid to the City of

phia region,” said the Senator.

Philadelphia, Commonwealth of

“The airport is recognized as a

Pennsylvania, Crime Victims, and

huge economic generator, and the

other statutorily-required recipi-

expansion will mean thousands of



For additional program informa-

Farnese said that he hopes the city

tion, contact David Wasson Es-

can work out the financial details

quire, chief deputy court

involved in acquiring the necessary

administrator, at

properties in Tinicum Township as

well as the impact on residents.

they owe by reviewing the Docket Sheets on the Pennsylvania’s Unified Judicial System’s Web portal at

Farnese is a strong proponent of a

School District In The Bulls-Eye?

first-class airport as vital to the fu-

The School District of Philadel-

the March opening of the new

phia, often at the center of spend-

Convention Center,” he said.

ing controversies, may soon be

Additionally, the airport has been

facing a high-powered investiga-

consistently plagued by delays.

tion by an important public body.

“The two new runways will allow

ture of the city and the region. “Progress means having the capacity to attract more regional business, more international business and more tourism as we prepare for

for more takeoffs and landings to Look for further information on

ease these delays,” he said.

Monday. 7 JANUARY, 2011


Jan. 7Lunch with Judge Jimmy Lynn at Vesper Club, 216 S. Sydenham St., 12:30 p.m. Jan. 14Fundraiser Reception for Council candidate Lawrence Clark at Chart House, 555 S. Columbus Blvd., 6-9 p.m. Tickets $15. Jan. 17MLK celebration and Awards by American Legion Henry Hill Post 385 and McDonald’s at Grays Ferry, at Mtg. Zion Pentecostal Ch., 122628 Point Breeze Ave., 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Commander William Denny host. Jan. 17Phila.Tea Party Patriots NW meeting at Kendrick Rec Ctr., 5800 block Ridge Ave. by Roxborough Mem. Hosp. at 7 p.m. Speakers are Commissioner candidate Al Schmidt and Council candidate Sandy Stewart. For info Mike Lodise (2115) 4870118 or Pat Haraburda (215) 4827991, or Jan. 19Reception for GOP 1st Council Dist. candidate Lou Lanni at home of 5th Ward Leader Michael A. Cibik, Esq., 334 S. Front Street, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Jan. 27Edward J. Lowry, founder of Phila. Veterans MultiService & Education Ctr., will be honored on retirement at Waterfall Rm. in Plumbers Local 690 Union Hall, 2791 Southampton Rd., Cocktails 6-8 p.m., followed by Tribute Program. Tickets $65. Order by phone (215) 238-8050. Event Chair Ed Keenan, Board Chair Jim McNesby and Exec. Dir. Marsha Four. |


Latest Poll: Only Christie Can Beat Obama President Barack Obama appeared to be on the ropes after the beating his party took in November and his under 50% approval rating. But until the Republicans find someone who can defeat him, Obama has to be considered a favorite to for reelection. The GOP may have the person who could beat Obama, but New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie still insists he will not be a candidate for president or vice president next year. A recent Zogby poll found Christie was the only one of seven possible Republican candidates leading Obama in a hypothetical 2012 match-up. It would be an intriguing matchup between two men of very different personal and governing styles. A poll conducted Dec. 30-Jan. 3 found Christie was the top choice for 27% of Republican voters to be the 2012 nominee, putting him ahead of Mitt Romney (17%), Sarah Palin (16%) and Mike Huckabee (14%). Christie led among


conservatives and Born-Again Christians, and only trailed Romney by a few points among the few moderate Republicans. In head-to-head polls against Obama, Christie led, 43%-40%. Romney tied Obama at 40%-40%, and all the other Republican names we offered (Palin, Huckabee, John Thune, Mitch Daniels and Tim Pawlenty) trailed by from three to seven points. Despite those results, Christie still says he won’t be running for national office. Responding to news of our poll, Christie said: “I’m sure


the president is resting easy as we speak right now knowing that the only person who’s beating him in a poll will once again declare that I’m not running for president of the United States.” Polling two years out from an election is far from definitive, and most candidates poll much better before the campaigning actually begins and weaknesses are exposed. That certainly applies to Christie, who was a US Attorney before he beat John Corzine in 2009. Now, he is well-known among the politically involved as the guy who took on New Jersey public employees. Christie cut the State budget to its smallest total in five years, with major cuts to schools, municipalities, mass transit and other areas. He did this after months of conflict with a Democratic-controlled legislature.

7 JANUARY, 2011

Philadelphia Daily Record  

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