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October 14, 2010


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Bipartisan Support

TOP: From left, Leslie Anne Miller, executive VP, Penna. Breast Cancer Coalition; Pat Halpin-Murphy, president and founder, PBCC; and Shelly Onorato, wife of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Onorato, at annual statewide conference in Harrisburg yesterday. One thousand people attended day-long series of workshops. BOTTOM: Pat Halpin-Murphy also welcomed Sue Corbett, wife of Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett, to PBCC conference. Both potential First Ladies were introduced at huge Pink Ribbon Award luncheon. Photo by Bonnie Squires.

Perzel Bill Shoots For Slot Revenue To Cover Phila. Police, Fire Budget Shortfalls tate Rep. John Perzel (R-Northeast) has introduced HB 2774 which would direct a portion of the revenue generated by slot ma-


chines in Philadelphia to help the City cover shortfalls in its police and fire budgets.

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“Like the rest of the nation, Philadelphia is facing a very difficult budget crisis,” Perzel said. “To deal with the crisis, the city’s police and fire budgets are being cut. The threat to public safety as a result of those cuts is totally unacceptable.” Under current law, counties hosting casinos receive 4% of the gross terminal revenues generated by slot machines. Perzel’s bill would direct that the local share from Philadelphia’s casinos be used to make up the shortfall in Philadelphia’s police and fire budgets. Any remaining funds would be placed in the city’s general fund. “When both casinos are up and running in Philadelphia, it is estimated the local share of the slots revenue will be about $14 million,” Perzel said. “Rather than giving the city a free hand to spend those funds any way they want, my bill will ensure public safety by directing the funds be used to cover the shortfalls in the police and fire budgets.”




14 OCTOBER, 2010

REMAKING NORTH PHILLY: Cecil B. Moore Homeownership Zone Is Finished ayor Michael A. Nutter and Councilman Darrell Clarke cut a ceremonial ribbon to celebrate the completion of the final 33 homes in the Cecil B. Moore Homeownership Zone, a cornerstone in the revitalization of North Central Philadelphia. The Homeownership Zone development has brought nearly 300 affordable new homes to the formerly blighted area.


“Today marks a significant milestone for this neighborhood. Over the past 15 years, it has been transformed into a sustainable, safe and vibrant community. The partnership between the city, state and federal governments, the private and nonprofit sectors, and community advocates has ushered in a new era in this North Philadelphia neighborhood,” said the Mayor. The Cecil B. Moore Homeownership Zone was created to provide affordable homeownership opportunities and to redevelop North Central Philadelphia. In 1990, the area bounded by 17th and 20th Streets and Master Street to Montgomery Avenue was 60% vacant buildings and lots with one of the highest rates of poverty in the city of Philadelphia. The neighborhood has been revitalized through over 14 OCTOBER, 2010

$80 million in public and private investments, transforming 16 acres of formerly blighted land into a viable community. Twins at Oxford Commons, the third and final phase of the Homeownership Zone, totaled 151 new homes and was built in three stages. Stage 1 consisted of 64 homes; Stage 2 consisted of 54 homes; and the just-completed Stage 3 consisted of 33 homes. Twins was developed by the Housing Enrichment Renaissance Board and OKKS-Michael’s Development Corporation Joint Venture, LLC. “This development sought to promote and strengthen the quality of life for neighborhood residents. We were able to include our neighbors in the planning and gain their feedback along the way. This was a real community effort and the payoff is huge,” said Ken Scott, president and CEO of HERB. The new homes are two-story twins with front lawns and large rear yards. 10% of homes in the Twins are accessible to people with disabilities and all units are “visitable.” They feature energy-efficient HVAC units, modern kitchens and private driveways with garages. Trees and walkways THE PHILADELPHIA DAILY RECORD

are located throughout the development for a sense of walkability and a clean, green environment. All the homes are located within a one mile radius of a recreation center, schools, police and fire station, library, grocery store, retail shops and entertainment centers. Councilman Darrell Clarke said, “This development has created affordable and accessible housing options for hardworking families. I applaud the partners involved in the hard work over the past two decades that made this a reality.” Units are priced at $110,000.At least 51% of the units will be sold to households with incomes at or below 80% of area median income. Remaining units are available to households up to 115% of AMI. A family of four at 80% of AMI earns $62,650 per year; at 115% of (Cont. Page 6 )

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Casey: Delaware River Water Needs Strong Protections Against Fracking S Sen. Bob Casey today sent a letter to the Delaware River Basin Commission as it considers regulation of natural-gas wells in the Delaware River Basin. The Senator expressed concern for water quality and the need to have public input and review of any new regulations.


“Natural gas has played, and will continue to play, an important role in our energy portfolio as we transition to a new energy future, and we are fortunate to have domestic resources to help meet our growing needs,” wrote the Senator. “However, we must develop the Marcellus Shale using the best practices to protect our communities, our people and our environment.” Casey also called on the DRBC to implement some of the measures 4|

he has proposed at the Federal level including public disclosure of chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing and enhanced emergency response measures to protect workers and the community in the event of a well blowout or other emergency. Casey also wrote: “I urge the Commission to institute strong measures to continue to protect water quality and quantity in the basin. I further encourage the Commission to move deliberately and to provide ample time and opportunity for public input and review.” Casey introduced the Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals Act (S.1215) to repeal an exemption provided for the oil and gas industry and would require the disclosure of the chemicals used in their hydraulic fracturing THE PHILADELPHIA DAILY RECORD

processes. Casey has introduced legislation to help prepare Pennsylvania workers for jobs in the natural gas industry. The Marcellus Shale On-theJob Training Act of 2010 (S.3720) will authorize grants to strengthen On-the-Job Training programs to help ensure natural gas drilling jobs go to Pennsylvanians and not workers from out-of-state. Casey also plans to introduce legislation to improve emergency response at oil and gas wells. The Faster Action Safety Team Emergency Response (FASTER) Act of 2010 provides the Occupational Safety & Health Administration with the ability to draft regulations that will enhance emergency response procedures at oil and gas wells. 14 OCTOBER, 2010

Senators Decry AG’s Call For A Charter-School Moratorium alling Auditor General Jack


that some in the public-education es-

only between 70-80% per pupil fund-

Wagner’s report, which urges

tablishment believe the charter school

ing than do school districts – and still

a moratorium on charter

funding formula is flawed, but we

outperform district schools 2 to 1 in

schools, a threat to the right to public

should not punish kids, families and

AYP scores, including cyber charter

school choice, Pennsylvania State Sens.

communities from starting new charter

schools, which met 86% of bench-

Anthony Hardy Williams (D-W. Phila.)

schools over these grievances. I have

marks this year, states Ciarrocchi. “In

and Andrew Dinniman (D-Chester),

introduced comprehensive legislation

addition, districts are reimbursed ap-

Democratic Chairman of the Senate

to overhaul our charter-school law. An

proximately 60% for each student that

Education Committee, expressed con-

important component of that legislation

leaves for a charter school—taxpayer

cern about the impact of a moratorium

would create a balanced State commis-

money for students those districts no

on the ability of Pennsylvania students

sion, putting all parties in the same

longer educate. Charter schools provide

to receive a quality education.

room to try to hammer out a more equi-

more for less, educating students with

table funding formula.

70-80 cents on the dollar. We respect-

“The Auditor General’s report is flawed

fully submit that the AG may wish to

at best and if implemented will prove

“One of the fundamental problems with

look at ensuring that Pennsylvania tax-

devastating to the prospects for many

this dialogue is the continued hostility

payers availing themselves to their

children to receive a quality education

from the public-education establish-

right to school choice are not penalized

in the Commonwealth,” said Williams.

ment toward charter schools. Charter

by receiving a lesser degree of funding

“The basis of his call for a moratorium,

schools are an important segment of

for CHOOSING to enroll in one of the

which is a funding discrepancy, is erro-

our public-education offerings for fam-

commonwealth’s PUBLIC charter

neous, incomplete and flies in the face

ilies and students, and they deserve fair


of the facts.”

funding.” “The right of parents to choose and

State Sen. Jeff Piccola (R-Dauphin),)

According to the Executive Director of

have access to as many quality educa-

Republican Chairman of the Senate Ed-

the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public

tion options as possible for their chil-

ucation Committee, released the fol-

Charter Schools, Guy Ciarrocchi, the

dren is a civil rights issue,” said

lowing statement. “I do not support

Auditor General’s report is deeply

Williams. “We will continue to fight

Wagner’s call for a moratorium on new

flawed. “Auditor General Wagner fails

vigorously to expand and defend that

charters and cyber charters. I recognize

to point out charter schools receive


14 OCTOBER, 2010




Rmaking North Philly (Cont. From Page 3) Oct. 1321st Ward GOP Holds Reception at Keenan’s Valley View Inn, 468 Domino La., 6:30-9 p.m. Beer, wine, food, friends. Donation $40. For info (215) 4822834. Oct. 14State Rep. Kenyatta Johnson Hearing on Blight and Abandoned Property, at Church of the Redeemer, 1440 S. 24th St., 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Attendance free. Info (215) 952-3378. Oct. 14Fundraiser for Cindy Bass for City Council 5 to 7 p.m. at Public House, 18th and Cherry. Tickets $50-100. For info call Rosa Woods at 215-844-5443. Oct. 14Matt Myers hosts 39B Fall Fundraiser at EOM Club, Front & Moore Streets, 6 p.m. Tickets $50. For info Matt Myers at (215) 467-4643. Oct. 15State Rep. John Taylor’s Golf Outing at Torresdale Frankford C.C., 3801 Grant Ave., shotgun start 12:30 p.m. For info (215) 545-1013. Oct. 1526th Ward Republicans host Fall Festival at Swan Caterers Waterfall Rm., 2015 S. Water St., 6:30 p.m. For info (215) 468-2300.


AMI, a family of four would earn $90,045. Twin at Oxford Commons was made possible by strong support from the City of Philadelphia. The City supported the final stage with $260,000 in city capital funds, and by directing $1 million in Dept. of Community & Economic Development and $533,000 in HOME funds to the development. Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency is financing $1 million and $3.6 million is being financed through sales proceeds. The City’s total investment for the Homeownership Zone has


been approximately $34 million. The Cecil B. Moore Homeownership Zone’s first two phases received a $23 million award from the US Dept. of Housing & Urban Development. The funds were awarded as part of HUD’s pilot Homeownership Zone program, which was created in 1997 to help turn blighted inner-city areas into thriving neighborhoods. “This is a significant development that has made a huge impact in North Central Philadelphia,” said Deborah McColloch, director of the Office of Housing & Community Development.

14 OCTOBER, 2010

PECO Pushes Energy Saving Before Its High Rates Fall Due PECO has come up with a smart ideas team to help convince its cus-

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tomers, its higher new rates due Jan. 1 are a necessity. It has partnered with Legacy Pathways to spread its price-hike message. From left are PECO’s Doyle Beneby, Liz Finocchio, Pathways’ Joi Spraggins, Gov. Ed Rendell’s



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rep Peter Speaks, Thom Webster, Thomas Brubaker, Mike O’Leary and Frank Jiruska. Photo by Martin Regusters, Leaping Lion

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