WISDOM & NATURE: Fundraising Auction in aid of Le Ciel Foundation

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ABOUT US Le Ciel Foundation is a London based not-for-profit organization whose mission is to help find solutions to the numerous crises humanity is currently facing. These solutions are currently inspired by the knowledge held by wisdom practices and indigenous cultures around the world. For more than a year now, Le Ciel Foundation has been actively paving the road to create a new paradigm in the form of four complementary events, Wisdom and Nature exhibition being one of these.

THE TWELVE AND ABOVE COUNCIL In November 2017, Le Ciel Foundation will host a meeting between twelve elders from cultures across the globe, in New York City. Men and women from Ethiopia, Botswana, Gabon, Siberia, Alaska, Japan, Australia, Colombia, Mexico, Nepal, Indonesia and Brazil will come together to share a particular parcel of wisdom that they hold. Combining their individual qualities, attributes and insights they will meditate on humanity’s disconnect from itself and nature, and deliver a concrete road map for the symposium participants to follow in 2018.

THE WISDOM AND NATURE SYMPOSIUM Bringing together the elders’ knowledge with the expertise of over a hundred innovators, investors and influencers, the symposium will address the fundamental tenets of a more balanced, ecologically-minded society. By combining ancient wisdom with modern scalability, the end goal is to immediately put into action innovative and practical solutions to twelve of the most significant issues humankind is facing at the moment, to regenerate, protect and nurture both humanity and the Earth.

THE DOCUMENTARY, THE TWELVE To promote the beauty and importance of ancestral wisdom, Le Ciel Foundation will release a feature length documentary about the knowledge, practices and cultures of the twelve elders participating in the council. They will share perspectives with the modern world that are essential for man and nature’s peaceful co-existence and we will witness their journey as many leave home for the first time.

THE WISDOM AND NATURE EXHIBITION Le Ciel Foundation and PHILLIPS are hosting Wisdom and Nature Exhibition in London, Paris and New York, in honor and celebration of Nature and ancestral wisdom. Inspired by the beauty of our planet and the wisdom of its people, Wisdom and Nature captures both humanity’s and the Earth’s natural splendor. The beauty of this planet and man’s imprint on nature are depicted in a collection of forty contemporary artworks that have been generously donated by artists and galleries. All of the participating artists’ pieces vibrate with the theme of Wisdom and Nature, as they work with, and are connected to, nature through different mediums and approaches. The wisdom practices and indigenous cultures of the twelve elders are portrayed through film clips from Lucy Martens’ upcoming documentary “The Twelve”, and photography by Tinko Czetwertynski, who have both spent the last year discovering and documenting these cultures as they joined Le Ciel Foundation’s team in its search for the elders for the wisdom council. All together, the exhibition provides an insight into cultures rooted in ancestral traditions and knowledge, where people have maintained a mystical relationship to the land and one another, and depicts the awe-inspiring Earth on which we all live as one global ecosystem.

To find out more about these projects, receive regular updates via our newsletter, or support us by making a donation please visit lecielfoundation.com

VIEWING DATES AT PHILLIPS London, 4 – 8 September 2017 30 Berkeley Square London W1J 6EX Monday to Friday, 10am – 6pm Paris, 18 – 22 September 2017 46 Rue du Bac Paris 75007 Monday to Friday, 10am – 6pm New York, 27 – 29 November 2017 450 Park Avenue New York NY 10022 Monday to Wednesday 10am – 6pm

A FUNDRAISING AUCTION IN AID OF LE CIEL FOUNDATION Wednesday 29 November 2017 7.30 pm PHILLIPS 450 Park Avenue New York NY 10022 Inquiries Carla Bamberger carla@lecielfoundation.com +44 7767 422 152 Nannette Balfour-Lynn nannette@lecielfoundation.com +44 7799 636 786


In the Yanomami world, Yano-a is home of large families. It is also the venue of the festivities, shamanic healing, of fraternization between communities, and, of course, it is the place where families live and raise children who grow up and learn to live. But it is also the link with ancestral life, where the spirits communicate with ours. It is the place where the shaman keeps communication with the beyond. The challenge of maintaining the myths, beliefs, living human minds.


b. 1931

Yamomami from The House series, 1974-1976 Inkjet print, printed by Photoimagem5 Ltda, 2008 Signed and titled on front, Inventory label on back Edition A 39 x 56 cm (15 3/8 x 22 in.) Estimate $ 6,000 Donated by the artist and Galeria Vermelho

Gilles Bensimon began to create his Watercolor series in 2011. Fascinated by the natural beauty of flowers, and by their intimate associations with cultural expression around the world, Bensimon submerged freshly cut blooms into pools of water to create blossoms of color. The resulting images present a range of palettes, each created from three key elements: the bouquets, his swift movements, and the chance reflections of light, filtered through a gauzy, watery surface.


b. 1944

Untitled Number Eight, 2011 Fujiflex print Signed on typewritten title, numbered, and copyright credit label on back of mount Edition of 15 70 x 90 cm (27 5/8 x 35 3/8 in.) Estimate $ 7,000 Donated by the artist, courtesy of Hamiltons Gallery, London

Over the last two decades Guariglia has developed a unique transdisciplinary art practice which often involves collaboration with scientists, philosophers and journalists in order to develop a more informed, holistic, ontological world view. In doing so, his art has become a research practice to investigate the world, and an attempt to forge a deeper understanding of important ecological issues of our time. Beginning in 2015, Guariglia joined NASA flight missions over Greenland, capturing the morphing topography of the rapidly changing glacial ice sheets. An enormous all-white and yet endlessly varied surface, the glacier’s scale and age embody permanence, even as Guariglia’s work painfully reveals its fragility. Fixed in hyper-archival materials, his images of a dying planet act as fossils of our age. In Guariglia’s works, the world’s impermanence is intensely felt. Time is measured in millions of years rather than the nanoseconds of the information age.


b. 1974

UUNARTEQ 1, 2015/2017 Acrylic, Polystyrene, Raw Steel Artist’s Frame Edition of 3 + 1AP 163 x 122 (64 x 48 in.) Estimate $ 16,000 Donated by the artist

The Emberá people are indigenous to Panama and Colombia. Emberá men Gustavo and Celso stand next to a colossal Breadfruit tree. They are painted with a dye made from berries of a species of the Genip tree. This black dye is used to repel insects and the designs are known as Jagua Tattoos, characteristic of this particular tribe. Hugo Burnand photographed this image at Llano Bonit, Darien, Panama.


b. 1964

Breadfruit Tree, 2016 Fine Art Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper Signed and embossed with Royal Warrant on front Edition 1 of 10 57 x 66 cm (22 1/2 x 26 in.) Estimate $ 3,200 Donated by Panama Wildlife Conservation Charity

Freddie Child-Villiers, who had long felt compelled to document Africa’s diverse culture and traditional customs, traveled for six weeks through northern Namibia, spending time and living with various Himba tribes. Kakoke, the subject of the photograph, is a young Himba boy. He and his two older brothers had been tending to the Chief’s cattle from the shade of this Sycamore Fig tree. The Himba are nomadic people who settle in areas where there is adequate grazing and water for their cattle. At the time of this photograph, the region had been going through a terrible drought, and this particular river was almost entirely dry; all but a small watering hole. The artist presents each person that he photographs with a print made using a printer in the back of his Land Rover. For this reason, all subsequent prints in the series start at edition 2 of 10.

5. FREDDIE CHILD-VILLIERS Kakoke, 2013 Giclée print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta 315gsm Signed, titled, dated on front with stamp and edition Edition 2 of 10 76 x 59 cm (30 1/4 x 23 1/4 in.) Estimate $ 5,200 Donated by the artist at FCVPhotography

b. 1990

Cyano-Collage is a form of Cyanotype photography collage, which simulates Shan Shui (traditional Chinese Landscape painting). Rice papers with photosensitive coating are wrinkled and exposed under sunlight to record the lighting and shading on the paper. A selection from dozens of pieces of Cyanotype photographic paper is reorganized and edited before mounting on a canvas. The work is displayed in a style resembling Shan Shui and photomontage. Cyano-Collage substitutes ink and brush strokes used in traditional Chinese Shan Shui with experimental photography to interpret the imagery of landscape in Eastern culture.


b. 1981

Cyano-Collage 012, 2017 Cyanotype, paper, acrylic gel Original work 75 x 175 cm (29 1/2 x 68 7/8 in.) Estimate $ 10,000 Donated by the artist

Tinko has focused his recent work on nature. This ongoing series, 64T, takes its name from an expired tungsten film which is out of production and somewhat of a rarity. The more the film is expired the more is shifts the colors to purple, the color of the divine, and in doing so appears to accompany the gentle decay that inevitably occurs to the plant subjects.

7. TINKO CZETWERTYNSKI 64T Series, 2012 – 2017 9 Digital prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 gm2 All 9 are APs – Editions of 12 This is a special edition. Each: 80 x 60 cm (31 1/2 x 23 5/8 in.) Estimate $ 20,000 Donated by the artist


Odyssée Dao’s work questions truth and fiction, artificiality and nature. Her work has taken on a new dimension with the Tree Sample series where she diverged from drawings into two-dimensional installations. Beneath the apparent harmony of these composite trees, Tree Sample evokes the madness of mimicry where what is fake sometimes supersedes what is real. These installations also draw upon the urgency of the ecological crisis in which we find ourselves and the question of a hybrid nature where what is organic mixes with what is the artificial, co-existing in symbiosis.


b. 1970

Tree Sample, 2017 Ecoline, pencil, lacquer, laser printout Installation of approx. 130 A2 sheets of paper Dimensions depend on installation, approx. 3-6 meters (118 1/8 – 236 1/4 in.) Estimate $ 8,000 Donated by the artist

Known for collecting and producing more than 130,000 photographs of over forty-three indigenous peoples, Pierre de Vallombreuse lived alongside the Punan people, on the island of South-East Asia Borneo. From then on, he documented the lives of many remote cultures over long periods, sometimes over several years. He also lived with the Palawan, an eponymous people settled in the southwestern island of the Phillipines.


b. 1962

Enfant RĂŞvant sur un Arbre (Philippines), 2011 Barite paper, numbered print Edition 2 of 10 38.9 x 25.5 cm (15 1/4 x 10 in.) Estimate $ 2,300 Donated by the artist

True anthropologist of today’s contemporary world, Anne de Vandière continues to work on her quest recording endangered cultures by seeking out the last tribes weakened by globalization. A genuine worldwide archivist, Anne de Vandière is reconstructing the history of the world before modernity makes it disappear. (by Jérôme Sans )

10. ANNE DE VANDIÈRE Aïlo Waddo, 2013 Cartoline paper, Silver print Edition 1 of 5 – Tribus du Monde/ Tribes of the World 60 x 80 cm (23 5/8 x 31 1/2 in.) Estimate $ 4,500 Donated by the artist

b. 1959

“In a world of soulless materialism and thirst for profit, the voice of the elders seems wiser and more astute than ever. These people rooted at the edge of the world are the sanctuaries of our planet. Our ultimate luxury, through their story, their philosophy, their knowledge…”

11. ANNE DE VANDIÈRE Algo Oita, 2013 Cartoline paper, Silver print Edition 1 of 5 – Tribus du Monde/ Tribes of the World 60 x 80 cm (23 5/8 x 31 1/2 in.) Estimate $4,500 Donated by the artist

b. 1959

“Nest” was created during a residency at the NIROX Sculpture Park in Maropeng, and directly referencing the site of all human origin at the famed Cradle of Humankind, these works examine animals as totemic forces, the process of making precious, as well as the presence of gold as the catalyst for the establishment and growth of Johannesburg. Echeverría’s work is a persistent and bold reminder that we do not always see things exactly as they are, that we are sometimes willfully blind and at other times overly sighted.


b. 1981

Nest from Cradle Series, 2015 Photographic c-print, Archival mounting and framing Edition 1 of 3 120 x 180 cm (47 1/4 x 70 7/8 in.) Estimate $ 14,000 Donated by the artist

Alain Ernoult is an adventurer. He travels the planet, never aimlessly. He captures light, harnesses movement and blends color for us to enjoy. Head in the clouds, feet on the ground and heart on his sleeve, always off for a dalliance with the unknown, he is ready to evoke emotion and vibration at a moment’s notice. He enchants us by capturing the transcendence of beauty and freedom in an uplifting spirit on his eternal quest to lead us towards both distant and near horizons as we move beyond all boundaries.


b. 1955

Light of the Earth, 2007 Standard Digital Hahnemühle Photo Rag Giclée print Edition 1 of 8 + 2 AP 80 x 60 cm (31 1/2 x 23 5/8 in.) Estimate $9,500 Donated by the artist

Eliane Fattal works with antique estate jewels from the archives of SJ Phillips re-imagining them into contemporary unique pieces. “My work is inspired from Nature and to be able to translate its wisdom into a wearable piece is a privilege.� An emerald-colored frog sits on a gold lily pad, its stem winding around the finger. The frog representing rebirth and transformation, with the lily pad emerging from the mud beneath signifying our own metamorphosis into the light. This is her first signed edition of 6.


b. 1971

Frog on Lily Pad Ring, 2017 Gold, demantoids and diamonds Inscription: EF 2017 1/6 Edition 1 of 6 4 x 3 cm (1 5/8 x 1 1/8 in.) Estimate $20,500 Donated by the artist

The Higher Ground photograms are the results of a dialogue between the artist and Nature, specifically fireflies. His large format images document the interaction of energies with the natural elements at night directly in the countryside, fixing the natural light of the firefly. This event in the landscape, captured in early summer, provokes a universal meditation on who we are and where we are. The macro and micro worlds meld into a picture of mystical and magical moments. Flomen makes photographs of things we do not see, but know are there. “I am trying to take something quite ordinary and make people look at it again”. “I make pictures of realities. The images are born from memory, images that have been examined and melded with inner revelations. The photographs become a runway to the void, where infinite deepening to the openness might lead oneself into grace”.

15. MICHAEL FLOMEN Higher Ground, 2004 Gelatin silver-toned print Signed, titled, dated with studio stamp on back Edition 3 of 4 107 x 87 cm (42 3/8 x 34 1/4 in.) Estimate $ 15,000 Donated by the artist

b. 1952

The Vanity series is a continuation of Australian photographer Murray Fredericks’ renowned Salt series. In this next cycle of the project, Fredericks introduces a mirror into the previously undisturbed landscape of Lake Eyre. With the mirror being the symbol of narcissism, and vanity its driving force, Fredericks considered that the mirror be used not to reflect “ourselves” and petty obsessions, but to draw the gaze outwards to the immediate environment and the cosmos; poignant given our position as humans in our current social context.

16. MURRAY FREDERICKS Mirror 10, 2017 Pigment print Signed on back of mount Edition of 7 119 x 147 cm (47 x 58 in.) Estimate $ 11,000 Donated by the artist, courtesy of Hamiltons Gallery, London

b. 1970

Fuss believes that in order for any photographic technique to work, it should be personalized and transfigured into a greater metaphor, engaging processes that take place in the natural world. Best known for life size photograms of water, Fuss’s evocative imagery is imbued by the spiritual and poetic. His deliberate distillation of the essence of photography – a flash of light on a sensitized surface – emphasizes themes of transformation and perception. Intentionally avoiding the detailed clarity of traditional photography, Fuss’s works are ghostly manifestations of light and shadow.

17. ADAM FUSS Untitled, 2002 Iris Print Signed on the back Edition 30 of 30 35 x 28 cm (14 x 11 in.) Estimate $ 1,500 Donated by the artist

b. 1961

Esther Giles grew up in the Australian desert living the traditional nomadic lifestyle. Her artworks represent the traditional homelands associated with her people’s ancestral heritage. Her works are detailed in symbolism. The iconography depicts sand dunes known as “tali” and rock escarpments known as “puli”, as well as waterholes and food sources. The artworks depict the physical markings that the ancient ancestors have provided to give evidence of their activities during the time of creation.


b. 1946

Purrungu – Python Story, 2014 Acrylic on canvas “Art Centre Stock No.” on back Original work 179 x 148 cm (70 1/2 x 58 1/4 in.) Estimate $ 11,000 Donated by Jennifer Guerrini-Maraldi, JGM Gallery, London.

In the course of a journey, cultures reach out for each other, people meet, sacredness resurfaces, time evolves… The journey turns into a time of silence and sounds. From the series “Time and Silence” these photographs depict a journey into the human soul, into ancestral cultures. The power of a culture and the memory of its people, even a minority, explain its survival throughout time and history. While exploring the world, Halley des Fontaines has gathered a collection of key pictures, icons, representing ancestral civilizations that are part of the world heritage. Neither time nor history have spoilt these civilizations, thus enabling them to survive in time, silently, and to disclose their soul beyond any border.

19. CAROLINE HALLEY DES FONTAINES b. 1971 The Buddha Tree, 2001 Gelatin silver print (collection quality) Dated and signed on the back Edition 5 of 10 50 x 60 cm (19 3/4 x 23 5/8 in.) Estimate $ 3,400 Donated by the artist

Béatrice Helg creates monumental spaces in which sculpture, painting, environment, staging and most of all light are constantly interwoven. Light is the real material without which her work would not exist and the contradiction between light and darkness, ultimately giving way to infinity, to a quest for the absolute, or rather to a boundless search for inner mystery.


b. 1956

Cosmos XII, 2015 Archival pigment print. Ultrachrome on Hahnemühle FineArt Bartyta paper Signed, dated, titled, editioned in pencil on back Signed label from artist studio on back of mounted print Edition 6 of 8 115 x 95.2 cm (45 1/4 x 37 1/2 in.) Estimate $ 11,500 Donated by the artist

“He & She”, a large-scale photographic aluminum diptych, invokes the balance of masculine and feminine energies as one entity. Exposing both the beauty of simplicity and the power in vulnerability, Israni’s work references the language of nature and man, highlighting their homogeneity through her use of subject, scale, texture and light. A reflection of nature, “He & She” accentuates notions of “animism” and “spiritual reality”, and its relevance within and beyond indigenous culture.

21. ARANKA ISRANI He & She, 2017 Diptych Vibrachrome Metal Prints Signed on back Edition 1 of 1 Each: 76 x 101 cm (30 x 40 in.) Estimate $ 13,400 Donated by the artist

b. 1982

Siberian-born photographer Alexander Khimushin has traveled to 84 countries capturing the diversity of the world through portraits of indigenous people and landscapes. On his quest to inspire greater tolerance and respect between all people, his project “The World in Faces�, depicts the beauty and individuality of countless ethnicities, cultures and religions that have maintained their own unique traditions and ancient practices.


b. 1970

Siberia. Reflection of the Autumn, 2015 Standard digital Fuji crystal archive gloss c-type print with reverse perspex mount Edition 1 of 26 60 x 91 cm (24 x 36 in.) Estimate $ 3,500 Donated by the artist

Daniel Kukla’s practice is motivated by the constantly evolving narrative between humans and nature. How can this interaction, tension, and history be imagined in a new way in light of the monumental changes and growing destructive forces that humanity exerts upon the Earth? His training in biology and ecological sciences has greatly shaped how he approaches the research methodology in his art practice. His working process shares some of the same core principles of sciences: immersive field research, interviews, observations and balancing these tasks with a freedom of exploration that takes into consideration accidents and chance.

23. DANIEL KUKLA Meltwaters, 2011 C-print Signed on back Edition AP 81 x 81 cm (32 x 32 in.) Estimate $ 2,500 Donated by the artist

b. 1983

THAW is more than just a photography project – it is a collaboration between photography and science. Timo Lieber visited the Arctic polar ice cap, working alongside several scientists who study it, and was overwhelmed by the scale of the landscape and the enormity of associated problems. All of which he brought together in THAW. THAW highlights the rapidly growing number of blue lakes and rivers that form on the Greenland ice cap – one of the most inaccessible areas on earth. Here, in the pristine landscape, stripped to the bare minimum of colors and shapes, the dramatic impact of climate change is more obvious than anywhere else in the world.


b. 1979

Thaw #1, 2016 Pigment print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Artist Proof Edition of 6 + 2AP Custom-made frame by Darbyshire/London 142 x 140 cm (55 7/8 x 55 1/8 in.) Estimate $ 20,000 Donated by the artist

This photograph is from Charles March’s most recent series of pictures entitled “Seascape”. All of the photographs were shot over four years on one short stretch of the Atlantic coast off the Bahamian island of Eleuthera. As March says himself: “The “feeling” of a place is what I am most interested in. The sea and the seascape view, looking out across the horizon, never changes – it is an eternal view looking out to infinity”. In these photographs he explores the liminal space between sea and shore.


b. 1955

2016-04-06 09:59:37, 2016 Giclée print sealed on aluminum dibond Edition 1 of 3 (large edition) 150 x 224 cm (59 x 88 1/2 in.) Estimate $15,400 Donated by the artist

Denise Milan is an interpreter of nature. Contemplating Earth’s creativity, she searches for how its processes can take our consciousness to unknown places where we can learn about realities that exist but we don’t see. She reads the invisible lines that are written in stones and meditates on the systems that they create. These systems are translated into art, so that we can be inspired by them. They allow us to connect to creation in its origins, where differences and the different coexist and find unexpected possibilities of survival. They inform us on ways to reinvent our daily lives. They also become an inspiration for the existential path of our species in its own contemporary quests.


b. 1954

Journey of the Soul, 2017 Methacrylate with Gold Leaf Signed on back Edition 2 of 5 40 x 60 cm (15 3/4 x 23 12/18 in.) Estimate $ 2,300 Donated by the artist

Karma Milopp is the artist name created between Carla Talopp and Thomas Millet. The artists use this name to express the human body in love. Their self-portraits in the nude meld the contours of the landscapes they cross. The Love series awakens the original myth. Everything begins with a love story. Celebrating nature as she appears to us, in all her power and nudity. To feel, for a moment, this earthy and ancestral energy, carnal and sensual. An experiment of nature as if they were alone on Earth.


b. 2011

Love, 2011 Silver print on Lambda classic satined paper Edition 1 of 5 60 x 80 cm (23 5/8 x 31 1/2 in.) Estimate $ 1,500 Donated by the artists

Cristina Mittermeier, co-founder of SeaLegacy, an organization dedicated to propelling people to take action to protect our oceans, is a marine biologist, photographer and writer who specializes in conservation issues. She centers her work on the delicate balance between human well-being and healthy ecosystems. She says about Under the Bath taken in the village of Kubenkrajké, Para, Brazil: “I love making images that tell the story of nature’s familial hold on the human spirit; images that remind us that a thundering waterfall is much more than a commodity to exploit. For people like these Kayapó girls, it is a source of eternal inspiration for mankind’s artistic creativity and personal spirituality.


b. 1966

Under the Waterfall, 2010 Archival Pigment Print Edition 1 of 15 91 x 137 cm (36 x 54 in.) Estimate $ 11,800 Donated by Cristina Mittermeier Photography and SeaLegacy

Standing as the earth’s largest and oldest living monuments, Beth Moon believes these symbolic trees will take on a greater significance, especially at a time when our focus is directed at finding better ways to live with the environment, celebrating the wonders of nature that have survived throughout the centuries. By feeling a larger sense of time, developing a relationship with the natural world, we carry that awareness with us as it becomes a part of who we are. Moon cannot imagine a better way to commemorate the lives of the world’s most dramatic trees, many of which are in danger of destruction, than by exhibiting their portraits.

29. BETH MOON The Yews of Wakehurst, 1999 Hand coated platinum and palladium metals on 100% cotton paper Edition 2 of 25 56 x 76 cm (22 x 30 in.) Estimate $ 3,200 Donated by the artist

Ernesto Neto has produced an influential body of work that explores constructions of social space and the natural world by inviting physical interaction and sensory experience. Drawing from Biomorphism and minimalist sculpture, the artist both references and incorporates organic shapes and materials – spices, sand and shells among them—that engage all five senses, producing a new type of sensory perception that renegotiates boundaries between artwork and viewer, the organic and man made, the natural, spiritual and social worlds. In 2014 Neto began collaborating with the Huni Kuin community from the Brazilian Amazons on creating sculptural and architectural installations that explore the rituals and shamanistic traditions of the tribe, and embody the community’s desire for harmony with nature. In combining Neto’s biomorphic shapes with the Huni Kuin’s spiritual lexicon, Neto’s practice accumulates to an alluring experience of color, texture, smell and tactility—at one collapsing the distance between viewer and artwork and re-shuffling pre-conceived cultural conceptions.


b. 1964

Vamos ouvir as folhas (Let’s hear the leaves), 2017 Cotton voile crochet and bay leaves Edition of 5 + 2 AP 10 x 20 x 20 cm (4 x 8 x 8 in.) Estimate $ 3,500 Donated by the artist, courtesy of Tanya Banakdar Gallery, New York

In the photography of Sidney Regis, champion free diver-cumunderwater artist, the ocean is akin to Newton’s camera obscura. Water, the transformative medium that Regis considers to be the protagonist of his work, serves as dispersive prism instead of glass. Suspended natural and man-made detritus are sublimated into dazzling abstract forms, materializations of refracted light. The undulating water that animates these images illustrates the essence of color itself, the perception of light in different wavelengths. Through the physically demanding feat of free diving, Regis submits himself to the same potent, literally oceanic forces that form his images, and in so doing, he enacts the romantic notion of discovering the laws of nature by surrendering to it in all its violence. (by Akilo Tommasino)


b. 1979

Hibiscus – SL #12, 2012 Pigment print on Japanese kozo paper 70 gm Signed on back Edition 2 of 5 82.9 x 82.9 cm (32 5/8 x 32 5/8 in.) Estimate $ 5,800 Donated by the artist

Working with the fluid and unpredictable qualities of painting and printmaking, Relly’s work presents impressions of contemporary landscapes that explore our relationship to nature and the fragility of the Earth’s ecosystem. Relly’s practice reflects on the increasingly disrupted weather conditions of a shifting global climate and explores notions of wilderness, erased or constructed for industry or leisure. In response to a visit to The Las Vegas Strip, Banana Party, painted in veils of faded neons and acid greens, hints at the superficiality of a world of bright lights and excessive distractions.


b. 1981

Banana Party, 2014 Water soluble oil on gesso and aluminum Signed, titled, dated with medium on back Original work 50 x 60 cm (19 3/4 x 23 5/8 in.) Estimate $2,300 Donated by the artist

Early in his career, Stuart Rome was fortunate to have found work on projects documenting tribal cultures and their artifacts. Some of this work included various forms of trance rituals. These ceremonies communed with a personality in nature and this in particular allowed him to see patterns of imagery within landscape. Oculus is his most recent series that he has been working on for the past seven years. The photographs are made from within living giant redwoods and sequoias that had been hollowed out by millennia of lightning strikes and forest fires. These apertures permit an entrance to crawl inside of and view the living canopy above from the dark burned interior.


b. 1953

H12-Wells-1-6 from Oculus series, 2012/2017 Digital pigment print Signed on back Edition 1 of 3 AP + edition of 15 55.8 x 55.8 cm (22 x 22 in.) Estimate $ 3,000 Donated by the artist

Photographs for Camera in Motion: From Chur to Tirano were taken from a moving train, challenging the viewer to experience this journey in an unexpected way that documents the changing seasons and light in a unique combination of abstraction and photo-realism. Traveling along the landscape of the UNESCO World Heritage Rhaetian Albula/ Bernina Railway line, this year long photographic exploration captures transient impressions of landscape and speed forming a breath taking collection of works that blur the boundaries between abstract art and landscape photography.


b. 1955

Camera in Motion: From Chur to Tirano “18.03.2013 – 10:23:29”, 2013 Digital Chromogenic print mounted on Dibond Framed in white washed maple wood Edition 1 of 3 + 1 AP 93 x 140 cm (36 5/8 x 55 1/8 in.) Estimate $ 17,500 Donated by the artist

Photographer, writer, filmmaker and sound-explorer, Priscilla Telmon has crossed the world inspired by adventurous travels. As a Member of the Society of French Explorers, she dedicated herself to long trips combining history and adventure, paying homage to the wisdom traditions, the sacred and mystery of the cultures she visited. Since 2013, Telmon has been based in Brazil, engaged in the project: “Híbridos, The Spirits of Brazil”, a trans-media project and ethnographic study of current day spirituals practices in Brazil. Through hundreds of recording from all over the country, their films portray the heart of Brazilian culture as a constant flux and mix of tradition and modernity, spirituality and music. “Samaúma” is part of this adventure, during a long journey with the Yawanawá tribe in the forest of Acre.


b. 1975

Samaúma, the sacred tree, 2015 Fresson print, drawing paper 250g, quadrichrome, coal process Numbered, titled, signed and dated on front Edition 1 of 7 60 x 80 cm (23 5/8 x 31 1/2 in.) Estimate $ 2,300 Donated by the artist

Black River Fairies 1, is from Janaina Tschäpe’s recent work The Ghost in Between. For the indigenous people who make up the basis of the local population in the Amazonia region of Brazil, the invisible world is as real as the visible one, informing a vibrant and hybrid Amazonian mythology. This portrait of a child, evolving from a style of ethnographic images, makes fantasy visible through the painted dots adorning the body of the young girl. Her modern clothing places her in today’s world, yet we sense she does not, and perhaps we do not, live fully in either the real nor the imaginary but in some fluid exchange between the two.

36. JANAINA TSCHÄPE Black River Fairies 1, 2017 Archival inkjet on paper Signed on label Edition 1 of 5 50 x 76 cm (20 x 30 in.) Estimate $ 8,000 Donated by the artist

b. 1973

David Yarrow has built an unrivaled reputation for capturing the beauty of the planet’s remote landscapes, cultures and endangered animals. This image of a large bull bison was captured near Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming which is the most geothermally active park in the world. To work with ground level radio controlled cameras and a prime wide angle is very much his signature style and was challenging in this difficult environment to capture the splendor of this iconic animal.


b. 1966

American Idol, 2017 Digital Photo, archival pigment print Signed, editioned, dated on front Edition 9 of 12 95 x 93 cm (37 1/2 x 37 in.) Estimate $ 22,500 Donated by the artist

The characters 光・愛 literally means Love and Light. I wrote this with the image of Light showering from the heavens, and our souls shining brightly, receiving this Love.


b. 1954

Hikari * Ai (Light * Love), 2014 Calligraphy Ink on Nishijin Textile Silk Scroll 180 x 85 cm (70 7/8 x 33 1/2 in.) Estimate $ 4,500 Donated by the artist

A tiny drop of water on the water surface creates a ripple, a new ring of wave emerges around it, resonates with one another, and the ripple continues to expand across the water. Dr. Ervin Laszlo says, “What humans need is neither authority nor wealth, but a more expanded sense of awareness. We are to complete a big change in the world that connects us together in mutual and collective unity with the entire world as a whole.” I wrote this word “波連 (Sazanami)” hoping to be a part of such a wave.


b. 1954

Sazanami (Ripple), 2016 Calligraphy Ink on Nishijin Textile Silk Scroll 244 x 174 cm (96 x 68 1/2 in.) Estimate $ 5,000 Donated by the artist


Henry Allsopp

Béatrice Lanson-Villat

Mirian Badaró

Caroline Le Bigot

Leslie Balfour-Lynn

Sacha Lichine

Lady Bamford

Lord and Du Plooy Framers

Melissa Bouygues

Lucy Martens

Lord Chadlington

Émilie Melloni Quemar

Zoë Christensen

Sophie Monpeyssen

Tala Cingillioglu

Alain-Dominique Perrin

Tinko Czetwertynski


Jackie de Botton

Valerie Reinhold

Victoria de Rothschild

Emmanuel Rengade

Andrea & Quinten Dreesmann Johnny Roxburgh Designs – Party Architects Olivier Girard

Guy Sangster

Ayten Gracco

Anne Singer

Susie Graves – PHILLIPS

Morty Singer

Catrina Guerrini-Maraldi

Priscilla Telmon

Jennifer Guerrini-Maraldi

Joseph Turner – Downey Printers

Tim Jeffries

Johanna Zuleta

Jessie Krafft – CAF America



Nannette Balfour-Lynn Carla Bamberger


Jackie de Botton Victoria de Rothschild Tala Cingillioglu

Photo credit for photos in catalogue not in the sale to Tinko Czetwertynski All measurements of artworks in the catalogue are unframed sizes


Nannette Balfour-Lynn Sebastian Curtis Peter Giblin Olivier Girard Lucy Martens Sophie Monpeyssen Mattijah Sedlak


Carla Bamberger

Conditions of Sale

1. The lots offered in this sale and listed in this catalogue will be sold with proceeds going to CAF America for the Le Ciel Foundation Fund.

6. CAF America and Le Ciel Foundation will not accept any cancellations from the buyers and CAF America will not refund any amounts paid in respect of the lots.

2. There will be no seller’s commission or buyer’s premium added on to the hammer price for the sale of any of the lots listed in this catalogue. CAF America will apply an administrative fee to each purchase that will be deducted from the purchase price as follows Administration Fees (charged per gift): $0-$15,000*: 3% $15,001-$100,000: 5% The next $200,000: 3% Over $300,000: 1%

7. By bidding at the auction, whether in person, through an agent, commission bid, or otherwise, the buyer of property is deemed to have read, understood, accepted and agreed to these Conditions of Sale.

3. The highest and last bidder shall be the buyer at the hammer price at which time a contract of sale and purchase will be formed between the highest bidder and CAF America. The buyer will then sign a confirmation of purchase of the lot, assume all risks and responsibilities of the lot and be obliged to pay the full purchase price as a charitable contribution to CAF America, providing their name and permanent address.

8. After payment, the buyer shall promptly remove the property from the auction venue as soon as possible. All lots will be entirely at the buyer’s risk from the moment of either payment or collection, whichever comes first. Neither PHILLIPS, CAF America nor Le Ciel Foundation will be responsible for any damage to or loss of any purchased lot in the transfer or while in storage. Reasonable storage charges may apply following the auction and the buyer will be liable for payment of all such storage charges in addition to the purchase price. 9. PHILLIPS is donating the services of the auctioneer who acts as a third party auctioneer for CAF America in aid of Le Ciel Foundation.

4. Neither shipping, delivery, nor storage costs are included in the price at which the lot is sold at the hammer price.

10. Neither PHILLIPS, CAF America, or Le Ciel Foundation assumes any risk, liability or responsibility for the authenticity of any property listed in this catalogue.

5. Payment for lots bought must be made in US dollars by check payable to CAF America, or by credit card filling in the CAF America Gift Form. Le Ciel Foundation will not release the lot to a successful buyer until payment of the total amount has been made.

11. Catalogue illustrations are for guidance only. All property is sold as is with all faults and imperfections and errors of description. In no event shall PHILLIPS, CAF America or Le Ciel Foundation be responsible for the

condition of the property or the correctness of any description of property. Should the auctioneer make a verbal announcement before or during the sale, in contradiction with part or all of a catalogue description, the verbal announcement will take precedence thereby rendering that part of the catalogue description invalid. 12. Some lots will be offered on condition that their reserve prices are met. 13. CAF America and Le Ciel Foundation may request the auctioneer to make oral announcements or post amendments during the auction. 14. The lots shall be submitted to the buyers in New York City from a 3rd party storage facility in New York following the auction. Shipping costs shall be made directly to the chosen transport company by the purchaser. 15. The decision of the auctioneer on all matters concerning bidding for the sale of the property shall be final. 16. All enquiries concerning purchases and lots should be directed to Le Ciel Foundation and CAF America.


Le Ciel Foundation and PHILLIPS are hosting Wisdom and Nature Exhibition in London, Paris and New York, in honor and celebration of Nature and ancestral wisdom. Inspired by the beauty of our planet and the wisdom of its people, Wisdom and Nature captures both humanity’s and the Earth’s natural splendor. The beauty of this planet and man’s imprint on nature are depicted in a collection of forty contemporary artworks that have been generously donated by artists and galleries. All of the participating artists’ pieces vibrate with the theme of Wisdom and Nature, as they work with, and are connected to nature through different mediums and approaches. The wisdom practices and indigenous cultures of twelve elders are portrayed through film clips from Lucy Martens’ upcoming documentary “The Twelve”, and photography by Tinko Czetwertynski, who have both spent the last year discovering and documenting these cultures as they joined Le Ciel Foundation’s team in its search for the elders for the wisdom council. All together, the exhibition provides an insight into cultures rooted in ancestral traditions and knowledge, where people have maintained a mystical relationship to the land and one another, and depicts the awe-inspiring Earth on which we all live as one global ecosystem.

© MURRAY FREDERICKS Murray Fredericks Mirror 10, 2017 Pigment print 119 x 147 cm (47 x 58 in.)


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