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Parent Handbook 2018–2019

Summer 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians, Greetings from Andover! I hope that your break from the school year includes wonderful time spent with family and friends. As we prepare to welcome new and returning students to campus in September, I write to share important information related to the opening of school.

Welcoming New Students This year’s incoming class earned admission during another exceptional season. Andover received a record number of applications representing youth from every quarter. The Academy’s “admit rate” was 12 percent, while the number of students who accepted Andover’s offer of admission was 80 percent. We will officially welcome new students during our annual matriculation ceremony on Thursday, September 6. Please note that this event is for new students, student leaders, and faculty only. (Day students should bring dress clothes to campus that morning so they can change for the evening ceremony.) Cluster and Dormitory Assignments The Dean of Students Office will email cluster assignments to all students in late August. For boarding students, the assignments will include the names of their dormitories, clusters and deans, house counselors, academic advisors, and roommates, as well as in-room phone numbers. For day students, the cards will include their cluster assignments and the names of their deans and day student advisors. Our cluster deans bring terrific experience, dedication, and versatility to their roles; their primary role is to support students in their cluster and build a distinct sense of community. They partner with your child’s point person (primary house counselor for boarders and day student advisors for day students) to form your child’s core team. The deans and I oversee a campus-wide support network for both day and boarding students in each of the five residential clusters:

Abbot Cluster

Tedd Parker, dean | 978-749-4557,

Flagstaff Cluster

Sheena Hilton, dean | 978-749-4555,

Pine Knoll Cluster

David Gardner, dean | 978-749-4551,

West Quad North Cluster Martha Fenton, dean | 978-749-4554, West Quad South Cluster Anny Candelario Escobar, dean | 978-749-4552,


Cover photo by Ellen Hardy

Keeping You Informed Returning parents are familiar with The Hive, a password-protected website that includes your child’s schedule, campus updates, and end-of-term grades. We recently emailed usernames and passwords to new parents/guardians for access to The Hive. Please contact the Technology Help Desk at 978-749-4357 or if you did not receive this information. The Hive also includes periodic reports related to your child’s progress. Our goal is to provide timely information that keeps you connected to your child’s Andover experience. Of course, we also invite you to contact us directly. Your child’s point person and cluster dean are the best people to contact first when you have a specific question or concern. If you need assistance during the summer months, please call the Dean of Students Office at 978-749-4175. Throughout the academic year, you will hear from the school in a variety of ways. The Parent Bulletin contains “news you can use,” such as important deadlines and campus events. You will also receive Andover eNews, which includes a selection of student, faculty, and alumni headlines. Another important resource is the PSPA (Parents of Students of Phillips Academy), an active association whose goals are to promote communication, to organize events, and to raise funds to support students and the Academy. On page 10 is a schedule of meetings and presentations. You are welcome to attend PSPA meetings or to view them online.

Campus Improvements The Snyder Center, a 98,000-square-foot facility that includes a 200-meter track; 12 squash courts; and training rooms and multipurpose areas for dance, yoga, and group fitness, opened in early 2018. We just began a renovation of the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library (OWHL); work will continue through summer 2019. OWHL construction activity will necessitate a few new traffic patterns, and we will create new places for access to library resources and study for the year ahead, including areas of Paresky Commons, the Underwood Room, and the ground level of George Washington Hall. Academic Year Calendar The calendar is posted on ( and on The Hive. Please enter important dates into your own calendar, and note departure and arrival dates surrounding holiday breaks and some long weekends: Students must depart by the time noted and must not return to campus early. We cannot allow students to stay in dormitories without adult supervision. Community Standards: The Blue Book The 2018–2019 Blue Book, which outlines Andover’s expectations and policies with respect to academics, student safety, behavior, and community governance, will soon be available on The Hive. The Blue Book and other materials, such as the Course of Study, are updated annually and should provide answers to most of your questions. If you would like more information throughout the school year, please contact your child’s cluster dean, house counselor, or day student advisor. Teachers, coaches, deans, and advisors work to foster a nurturing, inclusive, and respectful living and learning environment, providing every student with the resources and support they need to thrive. We look forward to partnering with you to support your child’s intellectual development and personal growth. With much enthusiasm for the year ahead,

Jennifer Karlen Elliott ’94, P’22 Dean of Students and Residential Life



For New and Returning Students:

For Students Required to Arrive Early:

The following applies to all students who have not been asked to arrive early.

Some students will be required to arrive on campus prior to the new and returning student registration days. The arrival dates and times for these students are as follows.

NEW Students—Tuesday, September 4 Arrive and register in George Washington Hall, located on Chapel Avenue, from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. We suggest that all new day students plan to register after 11:30 a.m.

Proctors, Prefects, Day Student Mentors, Endeavors Program Seniors, School Copresidents, Cluster Copresidents— Thursday, August 30 Register in George Washington Hall from 2 to 4 p.m.

Late Arrivals: We realize that individual travel plans will prevent some students from arriving within these suggested hours. However, all students should plan to arrive before 1 p.m. If you cannot arrive on campus by 1 p.m., please contact the registrar’s office at 978-749-4030.

Varsity Football Team Candidates Invited by Coach— Saturday, September 1 Register in George Washington Hall from 9 to 10 a.m. All medical forms must be returned to Sykes Wellness Center before players arrive on campus.

RETURNING Students—Wednesday, September 5 Register in George Washington Hall from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Varsity Team Candidates Invited by Coach (BV & GV Soccer, GV Field Hockey, GV Volleyball, BV Water Polo, BV & GV Cross-Country), Outdoor Pursuits SOLOs— Saturday, September 1 Register in George Washington Hall from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Late Arrivals: Students flying a considerable distance who cannot arrive on campus by 1 p.m. should notify the registrar’s office at 978-749-4030 in advance of the delay and should come to the registrar’s office in George Washington Hall immediately upon arriving on campus.

World Partners and Blue Key Heads—Sunday, September 2 Register in George Washington Hall from 1 to 2 p.m.

Do NOT Arrive Early: Early arrival is not permitted. Students may not occupy their dormitory rooms prior to the date they are scheduled to return. Students who return early without permission from their cluster dean will face a disciplinary response and be charged $250 per night. If you are unsure as to when your child is supposed to arrive on campus, please call the Dean of Students Office at 978-749-4175.

Community Engagement Coordinators, Blue Key Orientation Leaders, CAMD Power Play Leaders— Monday, September 3 (Labor Day) Register in George Washington Hall from 9 to 11 a.m. New International Students—Monday, September 3 (Labor Day) Sign in with Susanne Torabi, international student coordinator, in the Gelb Gallery from 10 a.m. to noon, then register in George Washington Hall.

Parents needing overnight accommodations should make reservations well in advance.

Dormitory Furnishings

Theatre and Dance Leaders, Techmasters— Monday, September 3 (Labor Day) Register in George Washington Hall from 1 to 2 p.m.

Students are expected to supply their own wastebaskets and may wish to bring scatter rugs and curtains (see “What to Bring to Campus” on page 13). All decorations and electrical items must meet safety standards. Certain electrical appliances (such as hair dryers and stereos) are permissible; others (televisions, cooking and heating appliances, refrigerators, sun lamps, halogen lamps, water coolers, humidifiers, and irons) are not allowed. Some items, such as hot plates, water heaters, and coffee makers are allowed in the dorm kitchenette, but students should check with the house counselor first. Students are permitted to keep personal computers in their rooms, but may not use the monitors as television sets during study hours. Students are allowed, at most, one monitor of 30 inches or less. Requests for a refrigerator for medical needs should be directed to the Sykes Wellness Center. Approved refrigerators can weigh no more than 40 pounds.

Tuition Payments and Enrollment Agreements Students will not be permitted to register for Term 1 in September unless their fall tuition bill, as well as any prior year balance, has been paid and each parent/legal guardian has completed an Enrollment Agreement. If you have student billing questions, contact the bursar at bursar@ or 978-749-4504. If you have Enrollment Agreement questions, please contact the enrollment coordinator at or 978-749-4518. 4

Sending Items to Your Student

Students may not bring or have shipped to campus large or bulky furniture. A small upholstered chair is allowed, but it must be labeled flame retardant to meet Andover Fire Department regulations. Please note that the Academy does not have summer storage space; storage of excess furniture with a commercial storage facility is very expensive.

All items sent to students should be addressed as follows: [Student’s Name] Phillips Academy 180 Main St. Andover MA 01810-4161

Students are expected to provide their own towels and bedding, including pillows, blankets, sheets, and pillowcases. Please note that extra-long twin sheets are necessary for mattresses, which are not of standard twin size. There is no school-supplied linen service, but there is easy access to coin-operated washers and dryers on campus. Privately arranged linen supply and laundering service also is available; information about this service is available online on The Hive. (Note: If bedding has been shipped to campus in boxes or trunks, it may not be available to students for the first couple of nights; students should keep this in mind when planning what to carry with them.)

We will begin accepting shipments for the 2018–2019 school year on August 20, 2018. Items arriving prior to this date may be returned to the sender(s).

Technology Phillips Academy’s primary online resource is PAnet, the Academy’s intranet. PAnet is an integral part of student life, providing a virtual community in which students, faculty, and staff can collaborate. PAnet offers links to online courses (available on mobile devices), streaming media, web-based email, campus information, announcements, discussion groups, and document storage services. It is mandatory for students to be aware of Campus News items posted on PAnet.

Students should bring no more clothing or belongings than they reasonably will need. Extra clothing and belongings create clutter and are expensive to ship home. The school cannot store personal items over the summer.

All students are provided with a Phillips Academy network account for access to all of our online resources and public computers on campus. In May, the Dean of Studies Office emailed all new students their username and password, along with information on placement exams. Students are reminded that account information is confidential and should not be shared with anyone. Parents should not use the student account.

Mailboxes and Packages The Central Services department accepts all incoming mail, packages, and deliveries for students. Each student is assigned a mailbox in Central Services, located on the lower level of George Washington Hall. Mailbox numbers and combinations are distributed at registration. All students are expected to check their mailboxes daily for mail, announcements, and items dropped off by faculty.

Network access is provided via wired and wireless options. Students are required to have updated virus protection software on their computers when connecting to the Academy network. Student computers must remain free of malware and viruses at all times, or else the student’s network access will be suspended. During the first week of school, assistance is available to get student computers onto the network.

Small parcels will be placed in student mailboxes whenever possible. Larger items that exceed the mailbox size will be held for pickup at the mail services window, and an email message will be generated to inform the student of the package’s arrival. The mail services window is open most weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; on Wednesdays it opens at 9 a.m. Students are expected to retrieve items promptly. Items that are not picked up within 10 days of receipt may be returned to the sender.

During orientation, information sessions will be held to explain the school’s technology offerings and answer questions about internet/intranet access.

When shipping items to students, please note that the Academy does not receive Saturday deliveries from the U.S. Postal Service or third-party carriers, including UPS and FedEx. Items sent requesting Saturday delivery will not arrive on campus until Monday morning. When ordering items for a student via online merchants, please be sure to indicate the student’s formal name in the shipping address. Shipments received under a parent’s name or labeled with a student’s nickname may be delayed in processing. Perishable items—including flowers, fruit baskets, cookies, and balloon arrangements—that are not retrieved by the student within 72 hours of email notification will be discarded.

Phillips Academy’s online resource keeps parents informed of school events and provides personalized information about their children, including end-of-term grades. It also links to campus support services, Academy publications, and videos of All-School Meetings.



The BlueCard

All dormitory rooms have one telephone for boarding students to share. Voice mail is not provided, but parents/guardians can request a personal extension and voice mail service by contacting the Help Desk at or 978-749-4357.

The BlueCard is your student’s official Phillips Academy ID. It is used to gain access to academic and administrative buildings (and dorms for boarding students), to borrow material at the library, and as a stored value card to make purchases. The BlueCard can be used off campus at the following businesses: CVS pharmacy, King’s Subs & Pizza, and Mr. Takeout. On campus, the BlueCard can be used to pay for tickets to theatrical and dance performances; to make purchases at Central Services (mailroom), the art store, pro shop, and snack bars at Susie’s and the ice rink; and to make purchases from select vending machines. Be aware that the BlueCard is the only form of payment accepted at many on-campus locations. We recommend that parents add a minimum of $100 to $200 to their child’s BlueCard. Note: The BlueCard is not a debit card and cannot be used to withdraw cash.

When calling boarding students from off campus, dial 978-623 and then the room’s four-digit extension starting with 6. To reach teachers, house counselors, and academic and administrative departments from off campus, dial 978-749 and then the appropriate four-digit extension starting with 4.

Spending Money Students are advised not to carry large amounts of money or to keep large amounts in their rooms or lockers. For convenience and safety, there is an ATM in the lower level of George Washington Hall near the student mailboxes. This is a Bank of America debit machine that accepts valid CIRRUS, PLUS System, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, NYCE, and MAESTRO cash cards. Students should be cautioned never to reveal their cardaccount password to anyone, even a close friend or roommate, and not to carry a copy of their password in their wallet.

Parents can view their student’s BlueCard account and deposit funds through the BlueCard web page, which can be accessed via The Hive or the Phillips Academy website. Parents of new students are given an account, and this information is sent to parents in mid-summer.

For the sake of convenience, parents may want to open an account in their child’s name with a bank that offers a CIRRUS or PLUS System cash card before school begins. The account may be opened either with your home bank or with a local Andover bank. There are cost advantages to opening an account in Massachusetts. Under Massachusetts law, savings/checking accounts for children younger than 19 years of age are exempt from fees. Banks will assess charges on any student account with an additional signer 19 years of age or older (including parents and older siblings).

Textbooks Phillips Academy partners with Follett Virtual Bookstore to purchase textbooks for the school. The Academy currently purchases textbooks for English, religious studies and philosophy, History 100, History 200, History 300, German, and certain Classics courses and delivers them directly to classrooms so they are available on the first day of classes. To cover the cost of the books and other course materials, the Academy will include a Course Materials Charge of $600 on the first student tuition invoice. This $600 will be placed in a separate Course Materials Account; the account will also be used to cover art fees, PSATs, and Advanced Placement Exams. The Follett Virtual Bookstore site will indicate which course materials will be provided by the departments at the start of the courses and which books students will need to purchase. Any balance in a student’s Course Materials Account will be refunded upon the student’s departure from the Academy.

Bank of America representatives will be available at registration to assist students and parents who wish to open accounts. Students will need a Social Security number and a current Phillips Academy ID (BlueCard). You can also contact the Bank of America Andover branch for information. Only withdrawals may be made on campus. Deposits may be made either by mail (check or money order) or in person (check, money order, or cash) at the Bank of America branch in downtown Andover.

All other required textbooks will be listed and available from the Follett Virtual Bookstore or from another vendor of your choice.

Students Must Bring a Laptop/Tablet! All students are required to have a portable electronic device—either a laptop or a tablet—for class activities and assignments. Recognizing that students have varied preferences, we leave the choice of device to the students and their families. That said, we often are asked what laptops we recommend. We have found that the following two work well for both students and teachers on our campus: Dell Latitude 14—7000 series, with solid state HD, 8GB memory MacBook Pro—13", with flash storage, 8GB memory


Personal Property Insurance

Airline Restrictions

Phillips Academy insurance does not cover loss of student-owned property.

Information for parents of children 14 years of age or younger: Airlines have varying and often strict regulations regarding children 14 years of age or younger who are traveling alone. A child who is considered an “unaccompanied minor” (UAM) will need to be accompanied by an adult to the airport and to the gate. The adult must remain in the gate area until the “wheels are up.” In addition, the child must be met by an adult at the receiving gate/airport. The Dean of Students Office asks you to be aware of this issue so that you can make appropriate plans for your child’s travel. Here are some points to consider when booking air travel:

The Academy’s insurance agent has advised that standard homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies generally “cover personal property owned or used by an insured while it is elsewhere in the world.” This coverage includes loss if the property is stolen, vandalized, damaged by fire, etc. However, the standard policy does not cover accidental damage. If a student’s computer is accidentally knocked off a desk and is damaged, or if a valuable instrument is broken, a standard homeowner’s policy will not cover the loss unless the item is specifically scheduled on the homeowner’s policy. If your child is bringing a valuable item to school, we urge you to speak with your insurance agent to be sure the item is adequately insured.

• Airlines have different age minimums and requirements for UAMs. We strongly suggest you visit airline websites first and speak directly to an airline representative when booking travel to avoid any surprises at the airport. It is important to note that some airlines will only allow UAMs to travel on nonstop flights. • Airlines have different fees for children traveling as UAMs.

Planning Transportation to Meet Schedule Requirements Efficient operation of the school requires that students not straggle back from vacations, weekends, or other out-of-town excursions. Because of the possibility of last-minute changes in flight times, missed connections, etc., students traveling by air should take flights scheduled to arrive at Logan International Airport, Boston, or Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, Manchester, N.H., at least two hours before the reporting time at school if they are booked on reserved-seat flights, or three hours before reporting time if they are taking shuttles and other unreserved flights. To avoid delays and other consequent conflicts with the academic year calendar (to which we are unwilling to make exceptions), parents are urged to make airline reservations for their child well in advance, particularly for the crowded holiday seasons. A copy of the academic year calendar is available on The Hive and will also be available at registration.

If your child needs an adult to chaperone them to the gate at the airport and remain in the gate area, you need to make those arrangements. Suggested chaperone options: • Ask a local friend or relative. • If you are an international family whose student has a “host family,” ask your host family. • Arrange identical travel with an older PA student who can serve as the “adult” chaperone. • Hire a car service, such as Grace Limousine, 800-328-4544.

Important Phone Numbers BlueCard Office 978-749-4124 Central Services (Mailroom)

Dean of Students & Residential Life (Questions regarding housing, student life, cluster deans, and student travel)



Comptroller’s Office (Student Billing)

Dean of Studies/Registrar


E&R Laundry 800-890-7273

Public Safety 978-749-4444

Paresky Commons

Sykes Wellness Center 978-749-4455

(Dining services)

978-749-4397 PSPA

(Questions regarding academics, class schedules, records requests, and enrollment)

(Parents of Students of Phillips Academy—an association of parents and guardians)






Friday–Sunday, October 12–14, 2018

Day students are encouraged to participate fully in the life of the school and in the activities of their cluster.

A preliminary Family Weekend schedule will be emailed to all parents in early September and posted on The Hive. The full schedule will be available at registration on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

Cars on Campus: Day students should refer to The Blue Book for special information regarding driving motor vehicles on campus, special permissions required by boarders to ride in day student vehicles, and parking rules. The campus Public Safety office will provide maps that designate student parking areas to day students who drive.

Highlights of the Weekend • Saturday morning mini-classes that reflect your child’s schedule • College Counseling sessions by class • Student performances • All-School Meeting with remarks from head of school • Parent receptions by class • Athletic events on Saturday afternoon • Jazz brunch on Sunday morning • Religious services on campus on Friday evening and a community-wide interfaith service on Sunday • Sunday morning mock admission committees with college deans (for 11th-graders and their parents/ guardians)

Paresky Commons: Day students are welcome to take all their meals in Paresky Commons. Daily Schedule: Day students are expected to follow the same daily schedule as boarding students, including attending classes on Monday holidays. Illness/Injury: A day student who must remain home on a school day because of illness/injury should have a parent contact Sykes Wellness Center at 978-749-4455 before 8 a.m. each day the student will stay home; the wellness center will note the illness/injury and enter the excuse into the electronic attendance system. Students may not call the wellness center to excuse themselves. Extended or frequent absences may require medical documentation or consultation with the medical director or a designee. Students are encouraged to communicate with teachers, as appropriate, regarding missed class time or assignments.

Monday, October 15, 2018, is a holiday for students. Boarders are asked to return to campus by 8 p.m. We suggest you make your hotel reservations as soon as possible.

Absence: In the case of a nonmedical absence, parents should call a student’s cluster dean in advance to request an excuse from classes and other obligations. Medical excuses are granted through Sykes Wellness Center; religious holiday excuses are granted through the chaplaincy. Advisors: Each day student is assigned a faculty member who acts as a mentor and academic advisor. Students should take the time to become acquainted with their advisor and keep them informed of their progress during the year.

Hotel Accommodations Right on Campus Featuring 30 rooms and suites, the Andover Inn offers luxurious style and New England charm. Every room enjoys a gorgeous view of the surrounding Phillips Academy campus.

Day Student Lockers: Each day student is assigned a locker in the lower level of George Washington Hall. The lockers are located just outside the Dean of Students Office. Locker numbers are assigned at registration.

If you’d like to reserve a room, call 1-800-242-5903 or visit

End of Day for Day Students: Day students are asked to leave campus no later than 10 p.m. on nights before classes, 9:30 p.m. on Thursdays and Sundays, and 11:30 p.m. on Saturdays. On Fridays, day students must leave campus by 10 p.m., except for seniors, who must leave by 11 p.m.


VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Phillips Academy is committed to educating and caring for the whole student. Accomplishing this requires the combined efforts of families, faculty, and staff. Andover values parents and considers you an integral part of our community. We encourage you to take an active role in your child’s education by participating in our volunteer programs: • Serve as a Parent Fund Committee volunteer. • Host a parent event in your region. • Host international students. • Participate as an Ad Hoc Committee representative.

The Parent Fund Committee The Parent Fund provides annual unrestricted support to the Academy. Parent Fund volunteers are integral to our fundraising efforts. Volunteers are responsible for contacting a small group of their peers to discuss support of the Parent Fund. The Parent Development team provides training for our volunteers on the Friday of Family Weekend, shares periodic Fund progress updates, and is available for support throughout the year. For more information, please call Shannan Clarke, associate director of Parent Development, at 978-749-4583.

Host in Your Region


If you would like to host a parent event in your area, please call Shannan Clarke, associate director of Parent Development, at 978-749-4583.

The PSPA (Parents of Students of Phillips Academy) is an independently run organization of Andover parents and guardians that supports student activities, parent programming, fundraising events, and the Campus Closet. There are many volunteer opportunities for parents both near and far. For more information, please contact the PSPA at or visit

The Andover Parent Network The Office of Admission relies on a network of parent volunteers to help prospective families in their home communities decide whether Phillips Academy is the right “match” for their student. Parent Network volunteers answer questions about their students’ experiences, explain school traditions, and offer a friendly welcome to new families. Some volunteers may offer to host a summer picnic or event as a way to bring Andover families together in their home communities. For more information, please call the Office of Admission at 978-749-4050.

International Student Hosts Many families in the greater Andover, Mass., area enjoy serving as host families for international students. This may involve helping an international student get settled at the Academy, answering questions throughout the school year, and/or hosting a student over a holiday or vacation. For more information, please contact Susanne Torabi, international student coordinator, at or 978-749-4254.


Grandparents Many grandparents appreciate receiving news and communications from Phillips Academy. If you would like your child’s grandparent(s) to receive the Parent Bulletin, Andover eNews, and other Academy messages and invitations, please contact Robbie Heath at or 978-749-4303 with their mailing and email addresses. Note: Grandparents’ Day is held in mid-May each year.

PSPA—PARENTS of STUDENTS of PHILLIPS ACADEMY Parents of Students of Phillips Academy (PSPA) is an active association that welcomes participation from parents and guardians near and far. The PSPA has two primary goals: 1. To promote communication among parents, faculty, staff, and administrators 2. To organize events and raise funds that support students and the Academy All parents and guardians are welcome as members of the PSPA.

How you can get involved: Attend monthly PSPA board meetings at 5:30 p.m. and/or monthly Speaker Series programs at 7 p.m. (For dates, see the calendar at right.) The Speaker Series features guest speakers who discuss topics of interest to PA parents/ guardians. You will not want to miss these events! Visit to: • Join our mailing list. • Purchase PA merchandise. (All profits support student and campus activities.) • Volunteer at merchandise sales and campus events. • Keep up-to-date with our calendar of activities. • Watch videos of past Speaker Series presentations. Join our Facebook Group, Parents of Students of Phillips Academy. • Ask the PSPA board questions and communicate with other parents. • Receive notifications of events and volunteer opportunities. Join the Parent Directory, a passwordprotected, searchable directory available through The Hive. Email us at

PSPA 2018–2019 Calendar of Events September 4 1–1:40 p.m.

PSPA Welcome and Information Event Parents and guardians of all Phillips Academy students are warmly invited to attend to learn more about PSPA and how to become involved. Elson Art Center, Kemper Auditorium

September 27 7 p.m.

Speaker Series: PSPA Fall Opening Event PSPA welcomes new and returning parents, featuring Head of School John Palfrey P’21. Kemper Auditorium

October 11 7 p.m.

Speaker Series: Gems of the Curriculum Learn about interesting, unique course offerings and get tips on scheduling these courses. Kemper Auditorium

October 12 3:30 p.m.

Parent-to-Parent Forum An invaluable program and resource for all Phillips Academy parents. Hear from a panel of experienced parents and support faculty about parenting PA students from far and near. Kemper Auditorium

November 8 7 p.m.

Speaker Series: The Student Groups at CAMD Learn more about the Community and Multicultural Development Office (CAMD) and the incredible student groups and organizations they sponsor. Student members from several CAMD groups will lead the event. CAMD Office, Morse Hall

January 17* 7 p.m.

Speaker Series: The Phillips Academy Wellness Programs Learn more about Phillips Academy’s wonderful wellness programs and offerings, featuring Sykes Wellness Center staff members. Kemper Auditorium

January 20* Noon–3 p.m.

Summer Opportunities Fair Smith Center

February 21 7 p.m.

Speaker Series: An Evening with College Counseling Dean of College Counseling Sean Logan provides an update on college trends and an overview of the college counseling process, and discusses how to prepare for a successful experience. Kemper Auditorium

March 21

Annual Meeting—PSPA Board Members

April 10* 7 p.m.

Speaker Series: Addison Gallery of American Art—Presentation & Tour Please join us for a presentation and tour of the amazing Addison Gallery. Addison Gallery

May 16 7 p.m.

Speaker Series: Lessons Learned from the College Application Process “Expert” seniors share their experiences and advice. Moderated by Phillips Academy’s College Counseling Office. Kemper Auditorium

Interested in becoming more involved with PA and the PSPA? Please join us for a PSPA board meeting. Unless otherwise noted, meetings will be held at 5:30 p.m. in the Underwood Room (next to Kemper Auditorium) on September 13, October 11, November 8 (CAMD), January 17, February 21, April 10 (Addison Gallery), and May 16. *Final date subject to change; please check the PSPA website for any updates.



Weekly Worship Schedule Dear Andover Families, The aim of our interfaith ministry is to respond to the many and varied spiritual needs of the Andover community. Our staff includes chaplains from the Jewish, Protestant, and Roman Catholic traditions. Our programming includes such traditional fare as regular worship services and weekly fellowship gatherings. In addition, the chapel sponsors community engagement projects, guest speakers, discussion groups, the guided study of sacred texts, and many opportunities for interfaith dialogue. In recognition of the growing religious diversity of our campus, the chapel also organizes services and programming for those outside the Judeo-Christian tradition, in addition to marking important secular holidays. Through our commitment to all faiths, we hope to promote spiritual development and understanding.

Jewish Shabbat Service—Friday Jummah Prayers—Friday Protestant Worship Service—Sunday Roman Catholic Mass—Sunday

Student Faith Organizations Andover Christian Fellowship Catholic Student Fellowship Culture, Politics, and Religion Hindu Student Union Jewish Student Union Muslim Student Association

Students who would like to be placed on our mailing list should visit; filling out the form at that link ensures they will receive updates on chapel programming. Members of our office will be available in September to greet families and answer questions. Enjoy the rest of your summer! —Rev. Anne Gardner Director of Spiritual and Religious Life and Protestant Chaplain —Dr. Mary Kantor Roman Catholic Chaplain —Rabbi Michael Swarttz Jewish Chaplain

Join the Spiritual and Religious Life Mailing List To be kept informed about gatherings and events, please visit 11


Read all about it in The Phillipian: News, Sports, Arts, Commentary, Satire... First printed in 1857, The Phillipian is Andover’s weekly student newspaper. Entirely uncensored and student-run, it is published most Fridays from September until June. The paper is a 12- to 16-page broadsheet covering campus news, sports, the arts, and student opinion. Plus, every week you’ll find original humor in the satire section and terrific photographs by staff photojournalists. The student newspaper tells the campus’s story every week. Be a part of it!

Established in 1873 at Abbot Academy, which merged with Phillips Academy in 1973, The Courant is Andover’s literary and arts magazine. In 1992 it subsumed Phillips Academy’s The Mirror, which was founded even earlier, in 1854. As such, its storied past (Robert Frost published one of his first poems in The Mirror) lives on.

The Phillipian is free to all students and faculty. For parents and alumni, now is the time to subscribe to stay up to date on Andover life! Subscribe for the year and The Phillipian will be mailed to your home every week. The student newspaper is not only a record of an Andover year, it’s a keepsake as well.

The Courant publishes selective poetry, short fiction, artwork, and photography twice a year: the fall issue appears early in winter term and the spring issue comes out in May. Submissions are drawn from the student body; the magazine hopes to serve as a creative outlet and showcase for student work and as inspiration for the community at large.

Thank you for supporting The Phillipian! If you have any questions, please contact Ekan Belo-Osagie ’19, chief financial officer, at

—The Editors

—Helen He ’19, Editor in Chief, vol. CXLI Off-Campus Subscription(s) to The Phillipian: $185 U.S. or $225 International

Off-Campus Subscription(s) to The Courant: $10 (U.S. subscriptions only)

 Off-campus subscriptions to our student publications are available by mail. To order, please send a check payable to Trustees of Phillips Academy to Student Subscriptions, Attn.: Dean of Students, Phillips Academy, 180 Main Street, Andover MA 01810. One check, in the total amount of your order, may be written for subscriptions to The Phillipian and The Courant. Please print, complete, and include with your order the slip below. Thank you! Please process my order for:  The Phillipian [$185 U.S. / $225 International]

 The Courant [$10—U.S. subscriptions only]

Number of subscriptions *: __________

Number of subscriptions *: __________

Amount enclosed for The Phillipian: $ __________

Amount enclosed for The Courant: $ __________

Name(s) Address Apt. City State Zip code * To order more than one subscription, please enclose additional addresses on a separate sheet.

WHAT to BRING to CAMPUS APPLIANCES …… Fan …… Reading lamp, energy-saver light bulbs (no halogens) BATH SUPPLIES …… …… …… …… …… …… ……

Towels Shower tote Flip-flops for shower Toiletries, shampoo, razor Soap Handheld hair dryer Mirror

BEDDING …… …… …… ……

Pillow and pillowcases Twin sheets (extra long) Mattress pad (extra long) Comforter, quilt, or bedspread

COMPUTER SUPPLIES Please consider purchasing tracking software for mobile devices so that they may be located if misplaced or lost. …… …… …… ……

Computer Power strip with surge protector Mouse/mouse pad Memory stick

OPTIONAL: Printer, printer paper, cables, ink cartridges

Reminder! All students are required to have a laptop or tablet for class activities and assignments. For recommendations, please see page 6.

FURNITURE AND DECORATIONS CLOTHING We recommend labeling all clothing, shoes, athletic equipment, etc. …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… ……

Casual clothes for class Jeans, T-shirts, shorts, sweaters Underwear, socks Athletic socks Sneakers Bathing suit Rain jacket Umbrella Hat, gloves, scarves, boots, winter jacket, one or two pairs of heavy socks One or two dressy outfits Pajamas, bathrobe Slippers

…… …… …… …… …… …… ……

Desk lamp, energy-saver light bulbs (no halogens) Alarm clock Posters Pictures Wastebasket Plastic storage bins/crates Collapsible bookcase

STUDY SUPPLIES …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… ……

Assignment book Backpack or schoolbag Bulletin board Calendar Dictionary/thesaurus Subject notebooks/organizers Texas Instruments calculator (TI-84 or TI-84+ models) Paper, pens, pencils Pencil sharpener Ruler, compass Stamps, envelopes


LAUNDRY SUPPLIES …… …… …… …… …… ……

Laundry bag/basket Eco-friendly laundry soap Clothes hangers Fabric softener Quarters for machines (approx. $1.50 per load) Drying rack for clothes

ODDS AND ENDS …… Bowl, plate, travel mug …… Utensils …… Paper towels …… Tissues …… Flashlight …… Cell phone wall and car chargers …… Helmet required for bike, scooter, or skateboard use OPTIONAL: Rechargeable batteries, large tote for carrying groceries, stuffed animals, small bookcase, area rug PLEASE DO NOT BRING

• Cinder blocks • Halogen lamps or sun lamps • Candles, combustibles, matches, or lighters • Utility knives • Refrigerators or water coolers • Cooking appliances or irons • Any type of electric grill • Weapons, including toy or decorative weapons • Decorative lighting • Posters with salacious or alcohol- or drug-related messages • Televisions • Air conditioners or heating appliances • Adhesive hooks • Furniture, except small bookcases • Wireless hubs or other network electronics • Excessive amounts of anything

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Parent Handbook 2018–2019  
Parent Handbook 2018–2019